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Just give me your anime hot takes. I don't care if they're retarded.


most fighting shonen fucking sucks and I do NOT mean "I don't like it" I mean it is genuinely shit and a lot of people don't enjoy them but just watch to not be "left out" socially, or as a kind of cargo cult to try and relive their childhood back when their taste wasn't developed even an inch to realize how fucking awful fighting shonen actually is.


Eh 10 years ago I would disagree, but the past decade of spammed 1-2 season garbage shonen has ruined it for me. Naruto was the last anime to even fucking try and even that wasn't always good and Boruto straight up fucks that over.


Fullmetal alchemist is incredibly boring and childish.


I'm actually curious as to what you'd consider to be good fighting shonen. Oldschool stuff like OG Dragon Ball or Yu Yu Hakusho? Higher end budget stuff done by Gainax or whoever? Stuff with actually good fight choreography?
Honestly, even though I indulge in the genre from time to time, I'd happily throw it all under the bus as far as objective quality goes, it's fully a guilty pleasure for me. I mean, some of it is definitely well drawn/animated, but more in regards to everything else.


Holy fuck this. Finally. I never found it to be interesting (the king Bradley thing just made me roll my eyes), but you can't say shit because instantly fans start saying


Not that anon, just some input: TBH Dragon Ball was never well choreographed. It had some good fights, (the tournaments were decent) but it stopped trying a lot of times and after Super-Saiyan was introduced most fights became repetitive "ooh ah, hah!" shit.


File: 1608528887232.jpg (103.68 KB, 1024x768, kazuma-kun.jpg)

Not that poster, but S-Cry-Ed is to me a good example of a shonen fighting animu that tells a complete story and then [b]ends[/b]. It's angsty as heck and has some pretty loathsome female characters but it's my guilty pleasure. Just watched it again for the like the eighth time this week.


Eva - trash
FLCL - trash
Gurren Lagann - trash

When I see "Gainax", I tune out.


Oooh damn that is a downright thermonuclear take.

S-Cryed is fun but it took a while for me to get into it. Ironically it helped inspire Highschool DxD.




There is no historical materialist anime, so they're all trash.


>if something isn't historically material its trash
LOL no.


How the fuck do you make historically materialist fiction?


You can but it has to be drastically realistic or at least apply dialectical materialism to the world built. AN example of the former is the soviet film The Communist, another is Officers and Mirror for a Hero. Those are all blatantly realistic. A less realistic one is harder to find, since you would have to account for humanity developing differently with the presence of factors that our reality does not have (like magic perhaps).


eva sucks


I can't get through any of it. I tried watching both the anime series multiple times and I always lose interest befoer the half way point. I manage to get through much trashier shit without much issue, but FMA just feels like a drag to watch. Maybe I could just burn through the manga real quick to see what the big deal is.


What I hate the most about it is how anything remotely related to trade, alchemy, crossbreeding or experimentation is filled with the simply ebin comments about "equivalent exchange ecksdee" or "edwaaaard"


Madoka Magica is massively over-rated


File: 1608528891391.jpg (133.05 KB, 716x615, 1587502684697.jpg)

Madoka is actually AOTD.


Evangelion is a good show but 90% of the fans think its deep for the wrong reasons.



Most anime is trash.
Some kids anime, such as tengen toppa, death note, etc are good but aren't "works of art" people make them up to be. They're entertaining but that's it.

Ghost in the Shell movie and season 1 and 2 and cowboy bebop are the GOAT.


Ignoring the abysmal art style and awful first episode the second series of Gunslinger Girl is superior to the first.


I think the above average shonen anime is the greatest work of art ever comes from the audience being primarily made up of people that have not read or watched much beyond pure low effort entertainment. If you have little of quality to compare against then an above average anime is going to seem like a masterpiece compared to the SoL anime and marvel films you usually watch.


Ugh, I couldn't get through the attrocious change of art style.


Lol, I actually dropped the second series like half way through the first episode. I should give it another chance since that season was a long ass time ago.


End of Evangelion should have had the Misato theme play


Dunno how much of a hot take this is but Kill la Kill is extremely annoying, couldn't make it past the third episode.


A lot of its best parts are largely lost in translation (such as the title being a double entendre in Japanese).


File: 1608528893712.jpg (33.9 KB, 540x460, Naruto lesson.jpg)

Hot Take: Naruto is actually good but most fillers and the forced gags (needed for runtime) caused a drop in quality over-all and long-running time meant the story got out of hand.

The reason it REALLY gets a bad rep is retarded wankers who created the whole Narutard meme (see >>>/hobby/12466 for an example of such idiots) that created a knee-jerk reaction of irrationally hating on the series out of spite.

>Inb4 NOooooo! ITS SHITIIT!!

I'm not saying Naruto is some masterpiece. Far from it, as a fan I can say it's flawed for sure, BUT it tells a good story, has good animation and artstyle for the most part and has consistent thoughtful themes that I appreciated. It was a fun show with an upbeat character and interesting meanings beneath its simplistic surface.


Honestly I wrote "most" only because there must be something worthwhile in there due to the sheer number of works pumped out, however out of all the ones I've watched (and remember) I can assure you they're all really bad:
>dragon ball, z and gt
>naruto and shippuden
>boboboubo boubobo
>rave master
>kinnikuman second generation
>rurouni kenshin though this one is a guilty pleasure for me despite the rampant liberalism that permeates it

Also a shit ton of mecha series including most gundam and macross but idk if these count as fighting shonen. They should, probably.


Oh and some one piece, this one was the king of awful.


>death note is good
holy shit i'm shitting my pants laughing


not them, but death note's second opening and ending have a special place in my heart; maximum the hormone is great:



what are your thoughts on yu yu hakusho


I almost did the same, the first episode managed to completely miss the point of the series and turn into generic action. Then the second episode suddenly shifts back to what it was but less episodic and also following the viewpoint of the antagonists which makes it thematically more poignant.

No fucking clue what they were thinking with the first episode though.


Reposting a thermonuclear take from leftypol

There's more theory in a single episode of K-On! than in the entire collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin.


I'd love to see an effort post on this, whether it masquerades as serious or not.


boring and stale joke
lurk more


>boring and stale
no u


I generally agree, and I think it's still far better than the other two of the Big Three. But Kishimoto really lost the plot near the end. Total asspull of a resolution.


Not that poster, but it was an interesting premise that gets pissed away some ten episodes in when it turns into a Dragonball clone.


>Total asspull of a resolution.
Do you mean Kaguya or the whole Madara Ten-Tails Uchiha bullshit in general?

I think Kaguya was an ass-pull BUT it could have worked with some prior hints.

Like most fans I think that Naruto's best moment was at the Pain arc and the whole Madara-Obito bait n switch was dumb as fuck (despite being ironically predicted by some fans literally months before Obito was even revealed.


Angel's Egg is over-rated as hell
I don't care about how people talk about "le themes" or whatever, it just bores me TBH. The concept itself isn't bad and the artstyle and animation is interesting, but to me personally SOMETHING was lacking, some kind of life within it was not there. It's hard to put into words exactly.


Kaguya and the sage coming at just the right time to give our hero superpowers for nothing.


I think most haven't even seen Angel's Egg and most that do just get confused by the time it's over.


I watched it, and just felt mildly depressed and annoyed at the end. As in I (sort of) understood the themes but it was so 'meh' to me I couldn't appreciate the ideas fully, and usually I like this kind of strange art-house content when its made by such talented people.


The sage was mentioned enough so that his character was of interest, but frankly the decision that "lets split le SoSP power) was asinine IMO.
Honestly The Pain Arc should have ended with Nagato offering his eyes to Naruto after he dies reviving everyone to keep them safe and give Naruto the power to stop Madara (and would be a good parallel to Itachi giving Sasuke his Mangekyou for the EMS). The whole Rinnegan evolved from Sharingan (but not really) is also annoying as fuck (especially given that most of the Rinnegan Paths aren't used by Madara, Obito or Sasuke. The SoSP power doesn't have a definitive difference to Sage Mode except that its got more power labeled as "divine" which is a fun power-wank for crackfics but clashes with the powerscaling.


Well, that's enough to convince me. Downloading both seasons now for a rewatch.


I really enjoyed the first cour, but the pacing of the second cour really killed it for me. I should probably rewatch it to make sure it was the show and not just some shit I was dealing with when it was airing.


Flat chest is best.


File: 1608528897585.png (225.4 KB, 640x400, k-on raid-on.png)

Moe slice of life literally ruined anime. A ton of talent is wasted on ultra softcore porn of 11 year old school girls. They're all the fucking same thing, and 20 new ones come out every year. Every time I try watching one I just get bored as shit and feel like I'm wasting time watching a fictional life even more boring than my own. There's literally millions of dollars and hundreds of gallons of dead, liquefied dinosaurs spent into showing a near still image of an anime girl on a TV washing dishes going "nya" for 20 minutes.


Fucking this. People love K-On and other stuff, but frankly, outside of 1-2 seasons and some AMV content, this shit gets boring and cancerous as fuck. The reason Japanese seem to like it is (I think) they don't experience anything really positive in school, so they instead pretend to, through anime.


There have been some good SoL anime, but I do agree they were way overproduced. I don't know why you would complain now though. They stopped making a dozen SoL a season to do isekai instead a while back.


They haven't stopped, Isekai is just more popularly spread right now


SoL didn't ruin anime. Modern anime is a product of production committees and their finance schemes.


Blue Birds is the most over-rated Naruto opening. Size of the Moon is way better.


I kinda enjoyed the Bocchi anime but after reading the manga it feels like there's no point to it at all other than cuteness.

Also Bocchi is not lonely at all so the title is also misleading.


File: 1608528899312.jpg (87.94 KB, 1280x720, kyubey.jpg)

Kyubey was an eco-fascist


Here's a hot-take for this chan: Leftist "weebs" who over-analyze anime and shit themselves over a show not being politically correct or treating X-social problem properly are losers who need to get a life and either enjoy things as they are, or make something better.

An example Mo-Black from the reddit community: Mo-Black is a self-centered liberal idiot who can't stop talking or writing like a trashy teenage white-girl while reviewing shows. Or rather reading into things from shows that aren't trying to be deep or meaningful at all in regards to the themes being bitched about. And because they can't separate real life politics from the literal imaginary fantasy of anime, they end up bitching about how anyone who tells them to get a life and stop, is just "le dirtbag left".

Just an example of one of their "brilliant" paragraphs from a PUBLISHED article on Medium.com:
So a long time ago there was a witch named the Witch of Envy. Get it? Envy? Like the Seven Deadly Sins? I know what the Seven Deadly Sins are. That makes me smart. I’m smart because I can reference the most popular book in human history. Please acknowledge my brilliance. She has a real name too that I could go look up but no, fuck you actually.
Okay fine it was Satella. And Emilia sometimes goes by Satella even though she maintains she’s not the Witch of Envy. And the wiki says Satella and the Witch of Envy are like, separate. But also the same person. But not really. See, they have different Witch Factors. What’s a Witch Factor? Well it’s a mystical power that, once absorbed into yourself, can manifest into an Authority. There are seven Authorities in total, one for each of the Seven Deadly Sins. Only the Pride Authority remains vacant as of oh my God who cares I’m bored already.

This amalgamation of schizophrenia is what it looks like if low-effort youtube movie reviews were written out.
1) it shows a literal lack of interest in understanding the media. If it is so boring and 'stoopid' then why are you bothering? Everyone knows that Re:Zero is garbage that just has a few fairly interesting concepts in it. Nobody looks at the 'racist' themes and goes, "Yes, this is exactly how I view race issues".
2) When trying to criticize a show and explain something concisely, self-important fake self-deprecation, and mockery is a waste of time. State the main points concisely and stop fucking beating around the bush
3) comparing things to real life is a liberal cop-out that ignores the context of the series. The world Subaru is in, is not earth, it does not have "muh niggers and muh crackers" It has its own society, its own world-building and its own races and racism that is different and incomparable past the basic idea that "racism bad". This is like the idiocy where "muh Tolkien orcs represent blacks" which speaks more about the inherent racism of the liberals, than the supposed racism of Tolkien.

Seriously I have seen MANY effort posts on leftypol, leftyweebpol, hobby and anime with much better coherence and criticism than this toxic mophead.

FYI this is the same faggot who got butthurt because Konosuba is "chauvinistic". FFS, that's the fucking point. He's a perverted, narcissistic, asshole loser who has some good qualities, and is the "hero" of his show, and his entire gang of friends are in some way or form losers with some good qualities. This all has consequences too. His childish, "I'm going with Sylvia now, fuck you" got turned around on him when the Chimera woman, like a genuine chimera, turned out to be a futa and now he's fucked because he jumped into her arms like a perverted asshole. That's it. It is a subversion of typically heroic heroes or edgy heroes or smart heroes. He tries to imitate those qualities, but they turn out to be utter failures because that's not how it works and his abrasive attitude backfires often, its not deep or political, its simple subversion and gag-comedy. Nothing to interpret here except projections of liiberal illness.


I didn't say they stopped completely. I said they stopped making a dozen new SoL anime a season. There is nothing wrong with a two or three a season when we generally get a couple dozen shows to choose between.


Kyubey isn't really bothered about ecology, just slowing down the heat death and getting energy. He's a cosmic horror alien in disguise, the destruction of Earth is acceptable because it meets his energy quota slightly faster.



all moe SoL anime is pedoshit and anyone who watches it should be put on a list


>PUBLISHED article on Medium.com
Thats like saying a published article on blogspot, medium is a blogging platform that hides the fact its a blog so that readers will think that the article they are reading is actually important and not just the equivalent to an article on bigjugslover.blogspot.com.

Not that I disagree with the rest.




I know Medium is a glorified blogspot, but it is a glorified blogspot that gets regular attention from all sorts of people.


anime is embarrassingly awful and i have no idea why i keep checking my rss feed hoping for something good to come out, just for me to immediately drop it in episode 1 please help


Its just the way you used the word published as if it means anything on a blogging platform.


anime is embarrassingly awful because you watch shitty anime, because you are a shitty person.


no u


Try watching the 2003 version. It still might not meet your expectations but I found it so much more thematically engaging


It was really fun watching it with /a/ while it was airing.


no it's because there are like 10 anime worth watching + some movies and the rest is garbage, you just like to consume shit


t. nonce


What anime do you like?


Cardcaptor Sakura > Sailor Moon


Nanoha > Cardcraptor


You can't drop a take like that without explanation. Elaborate!


Moe slice-of-life didn't ruin anime any more than the CGI-fest action blockbuster ruined cinema or the dystopian YA novel ruined literature. Every commerical medium produces trash that exists solely to satisfy our basic emotional needs and if it is successful it eventually gets replicated until we have the most uncreative, uninteresting variation possible. SoL isn't even the only example within anime, it's just one for a particular demographic. The good shit is always diamonds in the rough.


This is not even that hot of a take. It's more objective fact.


There is a lot more than ten worth watching. Not that you will get any good recommendations from most of the retards that watch it.


Manga is way, way, way better than anime and will remain that way until some magical technology is invented that minimizes anime production costs/labor-intensiveness. Too many things you can't do, say, or show in anime (including leftism) because of what it costs to produce and therefore the business interests involved.


Zetsubou-sensei is alright but it should have been more black comedy and less typical homeroom hijinks.


>you just like to consume shit
no u, and then complain anime is shit.


There are enough good shows from the past and in the present for your entire life. Unless you do nothing but spend all days 24h watching anime. In that case quality of animes isn't really your first problem.


Same for visual novels.


If theres one thing I've learned from spending so long in various anime communities its that most avid anime watchers have utterly shit taste, doubly so if they watch seasonals.


This is true. I can count on one hand the anime adaptations I've seen that were better than the manga/VN they were based on.


It's because they are new fans that have yet to burn out on seasonal shit. I watch maybe one or two shows each season. I just don't have the energy to watch every new piece of garbage even if they are fun talk about.


You keep bitching about how shit everyone's taste is, but I have yet to see list examples of good anime. Lay them down, nigga.


I'm a different guy to the other one bitching about how shit all anime is. Theres plenty of good anime out there.
I found the fun to talk about it wore off when I found myself forcing myself to watch slop quickly so I could feel part of the discussion.


> good but aren't "works of art"
Every anime is a work of art, even the shit ones. That's how art works.


No, that's exactly NOT how art works. THis is the kind of PoMo bullshit that makes modern art-schools worthless "everything called art is art, even when its literal shit on canvas!" There are objective metrics that an art-form is measured that determined whether it is actual art, or just an attempt, or just a shoddy parody.


Language is use, faggots. You have to be extremely autistic to actually have this argument instead of acknowledging that the term "art" is used as both a catchall term for creative human expression and a qualifier of value ("so good it's art"). So don't start this shit and go back to talking about how much you want to mating press the Evangelion girls.


Fuck off, you're borderline incoherence is in no way or form a good argument
>mating press evangelion girls
Ok Mogudan, now go to the Eva thread.


I mean from the context the usage was in the second form of a qualifier of quality and value.


Don’t know about that but I prefer manga cuz I think it’s more accessible, faster to read and has great art. Whereas with anime there’s shit like openings, endings, filler dialogue, annoying voices, terrible animation etc


Openings and Endings are one of the best things about anime though


Filler episodes can be good sometimes.


For most anime that's where the best animation will be.


They're just there to sell CD's. Most of them are the usual annoying Japanese woman singing in ultra high pitch


nobody here actualy likes anime and we just pretend to like it to look cool on internet forums.


the welcome to the nhk anime fucking sucks. its like 90% filler episodes that dont go anywhere and usually are just one off characters that you never see again basically saying to satou "yknow… being a hikikomori is bad/you shouldnt kill yourself." the other 10% is somewhat interesting stuff taken from the novel, which was way more interesting and emotional and actually felt like a nuanced depiction of characters rather than a bunch of events happening for no reason with random morals sprinkled in


Worst take on the thread by far; liking anime never makes you look cool no matter where you are.


I read the manga and couldn't understand the hype.


Its Watamote if Watamote took itself too seriously while trying to imitate Serial Experiments Lain and failing utterly


This. I didn't choose to be a cringey faggot that uses anime avatars and says uwu.


you're not a cringy faggot anon don't say such things about yourself uwu


the recent style of anime art fucking sucks, it looks too samey for me


I would be very interested in a version of Berserk set in the 1920s-40s with Guts as a more a badass gun guy, hell they can still be mercs too


That's actually a rather popular take m8


Post an example. I haven't seen any recent, seasonal anime, but if you mean late digital-era anime; I do admit; anime done with cels do have an appeal which modern anime doesn't replicate. Although I always thought that the majority of analogue anime is worse at portraying vivid colours, so there are certain trade-offs. I can't say that the samey-ness of the art is a new problem.


I'm not sure how you would adapt this, but if you keep the angle modern Guts was a child soldier and has been fighting all his life, it could be pulled off well. I'm not sure how you would pull off some of the other motifs though like the big weaponry and the magic though.
You could easily put it in the context of the Vietnam war, or the Indochina Wars in general, since it took place in such a long time span.


I don't think that is really a problem unique to recent times as there is a distinct look to different periods of anime where everything looked close to the same.

If anything I think we have been seeing more unique styles if only because we are getting dozens of new anime a season instead of like 20 years ago when there were much fewer anime coming out.


File: 1608528911846.jpg (229.22 KB, 412x600, 1433244647284.jpg)

I prefer the balance between yaoi and bara. Masculine men with generally less musculature than bara stuff.


Slice of Life anime has roots in Iyashikei which is a genre that emerged in the 1990s emphasizing a kind of "healing" or "relaxing" atmosphere. Yokohama Shopping Log is everyone's go-to example; something more recent might be Laid-Back Camp. Girls' Last Tour, too. I implore you all to give these a try.


Yaoi and Yuri fags are the most cancerous fucking weebs. 90% of this content is the most disgustingly shit, that seems to think that any friendship = cock/pussy lust.


>People who like fluffy shows objectively want to fuck a human child because God speaks through my mind, anyone who disagrees with my vile alienated anger post is a pedophile too.

Take your meds or at least go back to pol and give a hand. I hear they are getting close to finding the hidden thread that links George Soros to Epstein Island. Then they will realise billionaires are bad because they all molested an aryan youth.

The socialist-fascism pipeline will link up thanks to you. What's one more Jewish butchering if it means the end of schizophrenics like yourself?


I'd make a type of socialist All Might comic. His whole thing about beating the fuck out of villains would be much better served taking on society, as currently being a villain (criminals bad) in that world would be nightmarish because that 7 foot tall brick shit house would put you in the ground for robbing a chip shop.


Most 'yurifags' don't even read yuri they just pseudo-ironically meme about it because the thought gets them hard. Actual yuri is generally written for women so doesn't appeal to these people.
I assume a lot of the yaoifags are the same but with more of a fujo flavour.


Casually watching anime on a free streaming service like kissanime is fine.


Given the amount of autism this opinion usually sparks on 8/leftypol/ its remarkable how little reaction there has been.


The people panicking at kissanime's demise, demanding there be some kind of "archive" restored have already been ridiculed. At the end of the day, streaming is no proper substitute for torrents, xdcc, dc++, etc. They have only themselves to blame for not learning the ins and outs of media piracy.


>Learning the ins and outs of piracy
You mean going on nyaa and clicking the link for whatever you want to download?


Believe it or not but I witnessed zoomers struggling to use qbittorrent on twitter last week; it was kinda sad but also endearing? Some of them didn't know private trackers existed either.


How is that even possible, could they not wrap their heads around what a link was or something?


Lmao we live in an age where if you don't know something you can just google it. What's the point of crying on twitter when the answer is 2 clicks away?
I don't blame them for the private trackers part tho.


>Kissanime's demise
It's still up though
kissanime.nz is working fine for me.
True, it's just I'm too lazy to bother downloading something I just want to view casually. If I wanted something that much I'd get a DVD version instead


I remember back when qbit didn't exist, so people just pirated mu-torrent and then torrented everything else.


It's extremely easy to download a torrent when you know where to get it.


I thought it was always free? The big switch away from it was when one of the big corps bought it out.


Private trackers are somewhat pointless now, public trackers have pretty much everything with a decent amount of seeders and good for torrenting VPNs are so cheap now that the reduced risk of getting a letter from your ISP is hardly a selling point anymore considering how much of a hassle it is to get in and stay in a good private tracker.


My hot take is that the term iyashikei (like "moeshit") is a practically meaningless descriptor, and what it does indicate is largely artistically illegitimate. There's a reason you never see Jiro Taniguchi stuff pop up in these discussions, and it's not because it's any lesser to these mediocrities you mentioned.

Girls Last Tour and other tkmiz works are ONLY interesting in light of the author's pathology. And YKK is just pure shit. A pleb's misshapen, hazy impression of what an Artistic Work is like. They're content with limited movement and action as long as a cute girl is depicted somewhere, but put even something relatively accessible like a Tarkovsky film in front of them and they'll be crying and screaming in minutes from the lack of stimulation. Utter trash, utter trash.


>It's extremely easy to download a torrent when you know where to get it
Yeah, but the you have to wait 6 some days for a torrent to download and be off the computer so it'll allow it to download in the predicted time. Would be easier to just order it and wait a month or so for it to come in while you can use the internet for something like Online Jobs.


What is the author's pathology?


People were using a variety of free torrent applications before qbittorrent. utorrent was the big one before it went to shit.

I haven't had a torrent take that long in 15 years. The anime torrents on nyaa are well seeded enough that shouldn't be an issue at all. If you have the bandwidth for streaming anime then you should be able to download at reasonable speeds too.


Well, I don't have the bandwidth for streaming anime so that makes two of us. where do you live? in the middle of a city?


>There's a reason you never see Jiro Taniguchi stuff pop up in these discussions, and it's not because it's any lesser to these mediocrities you mentioned.
Yeah, it's because he's a gekiga artist and the licenses to manga in that genre have been split up across multiple indie publishers over the years, making him a "literally who?" for the vast majority of American readers.
>but put even something relatively accessible like a Tarkovsky film in front of them and they'll be crying and screaming in minutes from the lack of stimulation.
Cool, we're talking about animation here; not film. I'm not interested in arguing between the two. There is artistic "legitimacy" in limited animation. If you can't learn to appreciate that, then maybe this medium just isn't for you.


Not them but I've lived in a semirural, midwestern town for most of my life. A decade ago I was torrenting seasonal anime within minutes on a 5Mbps connection. Since then I've "upgraded" to 15Mbps and still don't have much of a problem. Lately though I've been torrenting a lot of blu-ray rips of old ass anime so some downloads have indeed took a couple days to complete; this isn't helped by the lack of seeders. So I sympathize, but you just gotta have patience. The longest I've had to wait for a download to complete was three months and it was an archive of the the Japan Animator Expo, lol; another was Otaku no Video which took just under a month.


File: 1608528919573-0.png (5.5 KB, 1148x30, Selection_844.png)

File: 1608528919573-1.png (5.26 KB, 1118x21, Selection_843.png)

File: 1608528919573-2.png (5.68 KB, 1112x27, Selection_834.png)

Here's some of mine to give you perspective.


I don't know how you can foot the ISP bill with the stuff you're downloading.


I live in suburb my connection speed is so slow that sometimes I have no internet at all, evn with clear access and boosters. A lot of dead-zones exist and ironically the 5G towers they put up nearby have made it worse, since the mobile connection seems to fuck with the local routers.


Fucking why did that happen to my post?


It looks like you're having trouble connecting to seeders. There are potential solutions to that, you just have to google them.
AT&T waives data caps if you get their DirectTV bundle. I've been trying to get my housemates to switch us over to the independent fiber company that set up shop in town not too long ago, though.
That sucks; I try to do everything I can over a wired connection so I don't have to deal with the problems of wireless as much. Just get like a comically long ethernet cable and slink it through your house or some shit.


For a 1gb anime episode it takes less than 5 min.
>I don't have the bandwidth for streaming anime
More reasons to download.

Holy fuck, I didn't know the internet was so bad in the USA. That's what you get for not living in the city I guess.
>Having a data cap for your domestic connection.


File: 1608528919924.jpg (50.27 KB, 500x365, average leftypol user.jpg)



How the fuck is that historical materialist?


In the veil of not being individualistic, of not defining everything by one character, but by a huge cast who even in death leave a print in the personalities of the characters.Also Reinhart destroying the empire´s nobility, and constantly trying to rule for the people was very jacobinist mind you.So stop being a whiner and watch it, really the only good japanese cartoon out there, and i´ve seen close to 900 of these fucks, oh god i wasted like 10000 hours of my life in which I could´ve read theory goddamit


1. You can enjoy loli anime without being a pedophile.
2. You can enjoy loli anime without wanting to be a loli.
3. Watching loli anime instead of watching short gag anime makes you a scrub, as well as any other genre. So you loli-loving autists still need to kill yourselves.


the manga is p good in my opinion, except for the first 10 or so chapters because its slow and just introducing the characters. the novel is an amazing masterpiece, literally my favorite novel ever. both are p good, but the anime was p boring. i liked the last 4 episodes because it was from the novel and it was nice to see it adapted onto the screen, but also they rly crammed half the book into like an hour of tv so it left out some of the stuff i liked from it. also the ending was nice in the anime because it was actually happy compared to the manga and novel. but you should read the novel anyway,


Why were they banned for this post?


I didn't even know this place had mods.


I think its the username. they've been posting on /gulag/ and /leftypol/ and so somemod could of gotten assmad.


>short, gag anime
stfu and gtfo


>oh god i wasted like 10000 hours of my life in which I could´ve read theory goddamit
Why not compromise and read the novels instead? I hear they count as theory-fiction, :^)


See watching LoGH made me stop watching most other anime because it made me think of how shit they all were in comparison. I'm amazed you managed to then watch 900 more.


Nigga what the fuck, even people who like anime don't usually watch that many


What counts as loli anime? The only show I like that might be described that way is Non Non Biyori.


Actual mental illness.


I guess where the focus is to elicit a feeling of moe from the audience due to loli characters. Wataten is a good example, but Kodomo no Jikan definitely counts.


Non Non Biyori has moe and is about a group of young girls. I don't get any sexual or pedo vibes from it though like other shows. The feeling I get is more so nostalgia for my childhood.


Kodom no Jikan is actually a very introspective anime on child psychology beyond its moé presentation. Like, the loli wants to fuck the MC, but it gives a reason grounded in her environment and mental development. It's pretty jarring if you come in with the expectation the show would only mindless fanservice. It's a great show in spite of subject, and that is no less thanks to the writing of Mari Okada.


Oh, that's why KnJ is good. If it was just loli fanservice, people wouldn't still talk about it. The manga was a great read specifically because of that.


File: 1608528923152.png (3.02 MB, 1200x862, Cover_545.png)

Bit of a rant on Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail had a lot of good concepts and potential (and knew how to really build up hype*) but squanders it every time by using literal Plot Magic to beat otherwise unbeatable Hax abilities and never having a clear goal in mind. This also fucks up the story line as later arcs make the first ones have much different contexts. It's like the villain scaling problems of Naruto Shippuden but much, MUCH worse.


The Etherious Demons were hyped up beyond measure, but later Bloodman, who has the combined power of all Tartarus Demons and more, gets beat by Gajeel.
The Macro curse alone can control people and objects yet is somehow not an instant hax despite it removing any need for excess power-battles when it can control almost anyone of similar power or weaker (mentally/physically)
Later August Vermillion-Dragneel is so overhaxed that his lack of Dragon Slayer magics and use against Acnologia is unbelievable pre Rift of Time.
Later with the sequel 100 Century quest we get 5 Dragons supposedly as strong or stronger than Acnologia (with size and feats comparable to low-end Biju feats) yet somehow Acnologia never found them despite craving a fight to challenge him.
Or for that matter the wasted durability of Celestial Spirits
Hell numerous times we're told that 'X' Magic is unbeatable and this assertion remains, despite the user being beaten.
God Slayers are also just brushed past like the whole God>Demon>Dragon tier-system doesn't exist.

One of the few strong abilities that isn't straight hax is Heavenly Embodiment Magic

The Manga is still bearable, but the anime does what One Piece does stretching out fights, screwing pacing and spamming gags and gag-faces (not to mention making many post-time-skip characters look like goofy exaggerations of themselves (which is why it was often and inaccurately called a ripoff of various works by Oda by some newbies). The problem is it tries to combine the work of Rave Master and other concepts

And then Zeref's plans are just schizophrenic:
I wanna revive my brother… Nah I want my own demons to kill me despite being much weaker… nah I wanna take over the world with infinite power… nah I wanna kill my revived brother… nah I wanna travel back in time and start again and fuck everyone else…. wait no I wanna help the future kill Acnologia… never mind back to the past it is. And in between all that shit we have the mess with Mavis.

Just look at filler-tier writing for https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Eclipse_Gate arc
And FFS there are magics that are reality warping and yet the significance is brushed aside.

On the other hand I don't quite mind the quiet ending despite it being underwhelming. I let other weebs handle that issue.

Ironically fanfiction tends to be better written and consistent than the original work unfortunately… and frankly it's a little depressing.

TL;DR: Fairy Tail is a wasted fantasy that abandoned its original principles and suffered for it and retains popularity due to mastery of hype and cool flashy abilities, go for Rave Master instead and stop reading after the Tenrou Island Arc.


it's hard to end a series where the end goal isn't expressed in the beginning. For example One Piece, Naruto, and My Hero Academia. We know Luffy wants to find the One Piece and be king of the pirates, we know Naruto wants to be Hokage, and we know Deku wants to be the greatest hero. But with productions like Bleach and Fairy Tail, where a goal is never expressly stated, how and where does it end? It's really hard to end a show where a goal is never set for the main cast of characters.


I have never seen people talk about it outside of "that one loli show." The connotation is kind of synonymous to Boku no Pico, so its merits are never given proper justice.


Is the anime not mostly fanservice? I doubt most people who have heard of Kodomo no Jikan have read the manga.


Are you asking because you haven't watched it yet?


Fairy Tail seems to have a bit of thought put into the setting but fucked up it's plot, and I think the artstyle is kind kitsch


The Pain vs Kyuubi-Cloak Naruto fight is overhated and actually has good animation, that comes off as goofy because it over exaggerated the "puppet" effect and viscosity the Kyuubi chakra form.



Hetalia Axis Powers and all related media is fucking garbage


Is that really a hot take, though? Pretty much only fujoshits like that stuff, and I would have watched it if there was any history in it, but it's all surface level stuff. Honestly, who thought it had any value to begin with?


Given that Hetalia is rather popular in both fanfiction, r34 and more, I'd say that it would a fairly hot take for a large number of people.


Furries have say much more coverage, yet hating their very existence is common, to give a comparison.


Yeah, so just fujoshits. I don't think anyone ever praised it as more than schlicking material.


Eh… I guess… you're probably right, I just see it fucking everywhere and it's irritating.


90% of anime is trash but people who are pretentious about it are also trash.


True… but this gets shared on communist subreddits and is also on youtube so a lot of people see this garbage.


I remember not recognizing a a Hetalia cosplay at a convention 10 years ago and the fujoshit going off on me. Because of that I swore to never look into or figure out what the hell Hetalia is.


And this is why Eromanga Sensei is a masterpiece…of trash.


Honestly, I've met nice fujoshi, but a lot of them are a stereotype. A lot of the stuff in yaoi porn is pretty scary, though. I wonder if this is what women feel when they watch lesbian porn aimed at men. I'm sure some of that stuff can't be comfortable.


It's basically the same feeling if you put yourself in their place. Especially when you see stuff where it starts off with "I'm straight" "So is spaghetti before it's wet" pics/vids


I thought I made S-Cry-Ed up in my head, because none of my friends have never heard of it.


Orange ninja bad


Yeah I thought so too. It was pretty weird
Good one


Killing Bites is garbage that uses it's cyberpunk setting to pretend to be deep, and not a literal dime-a-dozen competition anime with gore.


>Acnologia never found them despite craving a fight to challenge him.
Not to mention one of them killed itself accidentally by using Copy and releasing Zeref's death magic (which didn't have an affect on Acnologia).


Naruto is shit
DBZ is shit (Dragon Ball was based)
Bleach is shit
Attack on Titan is shit
Full Metal Alchemist is shit
Death Note is shit
Blue Exorcist is shit
Cowboy Bebop is overrated


Seems like a perfectly normal take for an oldfag.


Nice copy-pasta


Any "leftist" who obsesses over weebshit is a massive faggot and should not be taken seriously.




>Everyone knows that Re:Zero is garbage

Objectively incorrect and cringe take the rest is fine.


This is probably orthodoxy at this point, but: original Dragon Ball was a perfectly enjoyable and quirky adventure with colorful characters and decent humor. Z was just screaming and power level autism and even within the realm of shonen holding it as some sort of masterpiece should immediately invite ridicule.


Well to be honest I don't think anyone claims there is some great intentional depth to DBZ but it certainly is fun for many people. DBZA is just great.

I mean the anime is comparable to SAO in how much it squanders its own potential.

Heh, reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jItEnE8VFA


Z was fun up to Frieza and a decent series finale if you cut out the filler. Everything afterwards is stupid though.
t. someone that watched both shows on TV as they came out


File: 1608528994544.png (583.43 KB, 860x970, Genos punch Sonic.png)

I personally hate 90% of yaoi
1) Because I'm not gay
2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever
3) Because its always done obscenely

All that said an interesting doujin is Victory by Ellen Chain for One Punch Man, depicting Genos and Speed o' Sound Sonic


cbr.com and its anime articles are 90% garbage written by idiots who either have not seen the anime they're talking about or have a shallow understanding of them.

An example of this idiocy is
Rin Nohara is ranked higher than Ino Yamanaka because she was briefly a host to the 3-tailed beast. Meanwhile Yugao isn't even on the list despite being an Anbu with sill. Tenten is also ignored despite being a more notable appearance than even "Muh Ubermaki" Kushina.
If we're really going for obscure/filler powerful women, the fucking all-women's ninja village was a clear demonstration of strength as well.
Or what about Tayuya? Her abilities were pretty kickass.
But no Kushina Uzumaki and Rin Nohara are the ones on the list, despite the latter having no actual feats onscreen or otherwise, and the former being a late-ass add-on character with few feats outside of her OP asspulled Kekkei Genkai.

Ironically CBR seems to be worst with Naruto the other Big Threed Shonen anime while newer shonene like Black Clover and BnHA is not as shittily covered.


Most Naruto Part I fillers weren't all that bad. Some of the comedic ones like the Ostrich one was shitty, but small arcs after the Sasuke Retrieval canon were fairly fun and let side characters shine more, while remaining within the theme of the show. It also presented Sakura as someone other than an abusive cunt.


If the Uchiha were such hot shit, why didn't Kabuto revive clan members during the war… or those of the Hyuuga, or other such big clans. The psychological damage would probably be quite effective.


>I personally hate 90% of yaoi
I don't think this is a hot take though. Everybody knows the few good yaoi shows and manga are only the exception. But I'll occasionally watch/read some of that garbage (original, not doujins), in the way you would occasionally eat an entire bag of chips or a burger, and feel disgusted with yourself. Or just go straight for the porn.
>1) Because I'm not gay
&ltstill reads it
Interesting, I'd never heard of a straight guy who liked that stuff.
>2) Because most writers make it the most contrived fujoshi shite ever
>3) Because its always done obscenely
Of course I don't disagree, but could you give some examples? Just for laughs

Hot take: the Buu saga is fun.

Hot take: I don't give a shit about its quality or fans, I just like the characters. Actually, I think a million teenagers liking it is actually useful for them (particularly burgers since they tend to be so ignorant) to get introduced to world history and other cultures, with the drawback that they're getting a cutesy, whitewashed and extremely simplified interpretation of events, but fanworks could potentially help them learn more (and in fact there's many examples of this, though the most "serious" are usually of the edgy kind). Aside from that, the series is basically the same as any other "funny history told through anthropomorphized countries" comic/video and the fans are basically the same as any other annoying fandom of 14-year-olds, and just as easy to avoid/tolerate IMO. Actually, I didn't know it had gotten so big, until a couple days ago I was reminded of its existence. I thought its peak was 10 years ago and would never be that popular again.


>still read it
I didn't know it was yaoi until I'd gotten through it, cause tagging is unreliable on e-hentai. I thought it was Rule 63.
A bit hard, since I almost always click away as soon as I know something's yaoi, but a good example is Naruto-Sasuke shit, where half the time the latter fucks the former in his Sexy Jutsu before it dispels and ends up fucking him as a guy… usually as part of a plot to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru… with sex.


File: 1608529047986.png (629.55 KB, 652x939, Seal Beastars.png)

Also another good example is Beastar's content. That shit has so much hilarious Yaoishit with Legoshi


File: 1608529048491.gif (952.72 KB, 320x320, 1593180361189.gif)

Dragon Ball Z is actually pretty shitty compared to Dragon ball GT and Dragon ball and Dragon ball super is even worse.

Dragon ball GT was actually really good.


File: 1608529048579.gif (37.61 KB, 178x120, good one.gif)

>i trol u


Go watch Dragon Ball and then watch Dragon Ball Z after that. DragonBall Z sucks. Dragon ball is a fun story about a group of misfits who go around collecting the magic dragon balls to fulfill their own selfish (yet ultimately interconnected) interests were the real lesson isn't what they get from the Dragon Balls themselves but then fun and People they met along the way. That's the real lesson.

Now watch DragonBallZ -

>Oh no super powerful dude better just train in 1billion times gravity.

>oh no the worlds gonna get blown up…


It's boring. We only liked it as children because we didn't know any better and we liked the flashing colors.


We both know the part you have to justify is "GT was actually really good"


It was. GT attempted to return to the adventurous roots of dragon ball while still mixing the battle shonen elements of GT. It was not as good as dragon ball, but, better than dragon ball Z and Super and was over all bretty good.


File: 1608529052480.png (185.74 KB, 1201x663, 1483479857549.png)

Anybody who likes GT and shits on canon DB should be sent to the fucking gulags permanently

t.lying revisionist scum
Only the first saga of GT was the adventure stuff

Everything that you whine about Z and Super was what eventually GT became and carried out even worse.


Someone ought to make an edit of that.




fuck naruto
fuck clannad
fuck SAO
fuck boku no hero

death note was meh
gintama isnt funny
steins gate is good but doesnt deserve the hype
same for fullmetal alchemist (this is probably where you lost me kek)
watched anohana till the end and it was boring af

more of a personal thing, but why do people watch sports animes, i think they are boring af…


Ippo is pretty good but kind of loses steam when he becomes too strong.


ive seen some of it, i can get why people like it but… the genre is just not my thing i guess


you can't shit on fullmetal alchemist and not nominate your version of good work. go on I'm eagerly waiting


File: 1608529064619.jpg (520.9 KB, 1280x720, portada_moriarty-4.jpg)

Is James P. Moriarty- dare I say- /our/guy? Yes.

>removes the corrupt nobility

>seeks to destroy the class system
>uses the higher status he aquired to help people of lower class
>is intellectual yet not afraid to use violence to deal justice


Reinhard was a true revolutionary. Yang was a stupid revisionist republican.


hunter x hunter is my favorite shounen so far


Explaining Detective Conan Syndrome
An interesting explanation I read

Detective Conan is one of the most popular manga in Japan and it's been around since like 1994. It's a mystery series that has an overarching plot (easily the most interesting part of it) and did start out having actual cause and effect and logical observant characters but as the story went on it became more and more… phoned in?

The Japanese fans are tasteless clowns (these are the same people who hated Gohan and who loved Sasuke so much) that only care about the "murder of the week" stuff (*) and that's all Aoyama writes about. Every time the plot looks like it might go somewhere he goes back to random murder mystery with no plot relevance #8012 or he adds yet another character to the already ridiculously bloated cast (even after 1000 chapters and after the author has gone on hiatuses for health reasons and was supposedly going to kick the plot into overdrive he obviously didn't). Once upon a time the characters all got adequate focus but now if they appear at all it's probably just for that one 3 chapter arc and who knows when you'll see them again (someone else somewhere else on the internet said it better than me but just look at Haibara's relevance as the manga goes on). And no matter how much it looks like the plot will actually move along don't get your hopes up because Aoyama will find a way to maintain the status quo.

*that's fine when there's like 900 chapters left to read and you're binge reading it all but when you're reading it week to week you realize it's the same cookie cutter stuff every time

One Piece is honestly the same song and dance. The first 100 chapters are the best written in the entire manga and it was still great to varying extents up through Amazon Lily** (Impel Down and Marineford are fun but they do irrevocably change the nature of the series, especially with Oda's perpetual need to one-up himself). At the start of the series characters feel more real and they all had focus but as the series goes on they become little if anything more than catchphrases. Characters either never grow or they revert backwards after achieving character growth. Fights used to be drawn out and fully shown and now perspectives shift all the time and only Luffy's fights are ever shown.

In both mangas the best character (Shiho Miyano and Robin Nico) is totally wasted and the main plot never makes any progress. Remember when they were about to ask Reyleigh about the Void Century and Luffy shut that down because Oda wanted to milk the manga forever (when the manga was already close to 600 chapters in and probably longer than Dragon Ball's entire run)? …Yeah.

**Water 7 / Enies Lobby made what was a unique adventure series (seriously go look up how many actual adventure anime/manga there are they're rare) into a much more generic power level based shonen battle gauntlet, set the precedent for the "cheetah on a treadmill" sort of pacing and solidified Sanji (previously one of the coolest characters) into a joke character. But it also had stuff like Usopp leaving the crew which you'll never see again. Thriller Bark was the last time One Piece felt like old One Piece and is the last time you ever see the Strawhats fight together as a crew. Haki (particularly Armament Haki) ruined One Piece. I would argue that Franky and Brook were superfluous additions to the crew that cluttered the manga, that the crew should never have split up in the first place and that Ace and Sabo are worthless superfluous characters but no one asked. Whole Cake Arc was surprisingly good after the previous few arcs at least until Big Mom started chasing them and the Reverie (all five seconds of it we saw) was the best most interesting thing anyone had seen in the manga for years but Wano killed One Piece once and for all.


File: 1608529076852.jpeg (25.4 KB, 243x300, taste.jpeg)

This is my only anime hot take but every time I bring it up I get great debates over it:

Yoshikage Kira should absolutely not have gotten sheer heart attack, Dio only got a stand from stealing a Jo-body, and it's very clear that
one body = one stand
Just because Kira changes his appearance up doesn't mean that he should get another fucking stand, this is the ONLY rule for stands that Araki actually sticks to but then he fucks it up be letting Kira get two.


Shit take. Kira isn't the only one who gets multiple stands in Diamond is unbreakable. Jotaro gets the world, Koichi gets three acts, and the stray cat gains more abilities as it grows (controlling air, resurrecting itself in another form).

Kira isn't the only one who breaks this magical rule of yours and that rule is shit anyways.


>and Jojo is shit anyways


File: 1608529079136.gif (1.35 MB, 498x498, heckuwu.gif)

I don't care if your retarded op &lt3




How do you misread that so badly


Anime is discount animation.

You can debate that the writing and plot is overall superior, but it might as well be a manga with more frames and voice acting.


>spiky cock and atheism mascot.jp
the fuck!?

>discount animation

depends on the show and scenes TBH. If you look at DBZ that's definitely true; with monotonous kick-punch sequences that only change in background. If you look at fight scenes in Naruto or HxH however there is a difference. For example the Kakashi and Obito fight is handicapped in the manga, while the anime makes it incredibly dynamic and well animated. Of course there is the fuck up with Pain vs 6-tails Naruto, but that's an outlier given the many good fights.


Well they are using like 1/8th the resources your typical western cartoon is using and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads.
If you want to generalize of course, I love me some western cartoons when they are good but…most aren't good.


>the fuck!?
Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock.
And the legged-fish is named Darwin.

True, although…
>and they have actual character designs to them that they have to move around instead of abstractions of people with bean heads.
This conversation may turn into a '90s cartoons' lecture very quickly. The 'bean head' phenomenon is mislabeled 'CalArts' style on /co/ and it's a shameful cancer. Western TV animation is well past its golden age.


Koichi's evolving stand I don't see as multiple stands, it's just able to turn into different forms like King Crimson.

Now Jotaro getting the world on the other hand I have no defense for.


>Well they censor the cat so I admit I'm guessing about the anatomically-correct cock.
And the legged-fish is named Darwin
Ah, that makes sense.


Naruto is actually great until the last few arcs. After Sasuke vs Itachi the series went downhill fast.


I thin shit went downhill after the 5-kage summit IMO. Pain Arc was fucking kino and between Jiraiya's final mission, Naruto's sage training, the Pain attack and the final confrontation of Nagato and Naruto, it was top-tier stuff.


I can see that argument. My main problem with the Pain arc is the ending when Naruto beat Nagato with talk-no-jutsu, everything before that was quality.


and without the shitty speedlines so all shounen get legitimized kek


Goblin Slayer is Leftist.


People keep talking bout talk-no-jutsu like it's a bad thing and forget that Naruto never just talks, he beats the shit outta them first.


I forgot to talk about the final feats before the 100 Year Quest sequel Erza pulls off a one-handed jump into the stratosphere to cut a meteor to pieces all while magically exhausted and with busted limbs… it is the most transparent attempt at one-upping War-Arc Naruto feats that I had to laugh. Even fans of the series couldn't take it seriously.

TL;DR: All of Erza's bones were broken, and she destroyed a meteor with her sword, while performing a Saitama-tier jump.



File: 1608529110371.jpg (81.82 KB, 353x500, Killing Bites.jpg)

Does anyone think Killing Bites is massively over-rated on /a/? Like the hype has died now, but last year the threads were going like fucking wild-fire about how awesome and bloody it was and how it was totally DEEEEEEP and cool. Like the idea of people selling their bodies to be experimented on and turned into animal-mutants to fight gladiator battles is quite dystopian (its actually an idea I also had years before the manga was even started). However its such a background thing to the weird bloodlust, that is reminiscent of Berserk, yet does little to actually give proper motivations. The loss of limbs being trivially re-attached makes sense in the context of the technology, however it lacks the detail and struggle that a show like Evangelion had when an EVA gutted or tore apart the more humanoid Angels. The animal fact abilities are taken way too literally which makes it weird given the whole emphasis on biological closeness and belongs more in a show like Shiiton Gakuen than on Killing Bites.Over-all its just a spectacle of blood pinatas with animal features slapped in, and a shallow attempt at dystopian background added in.

The anime is slightly better because it adds in a lot of fluffy filler material that ironically fleshes it out a bit more.


a wrong take is not a hot take newfriend. goblin slayer is a reactionary exploitation series in the spirit of death wish

that's where the fun is


if you're open to broadening your horizons you can start sampling some donghua (chinese anime). for some reason they ooze with homo vibes


File: 1608529111261.jpg (24.62 KB, 364x330, Racist_Santa.jpg)

1. "Japan is the most superior country desu!"
2. "It's Inch! Not Ichi!" (mispronouncing "one" in Japanese)
3. "It's DE-SOO! NOT DESS!"
4. "You're a fake Asian if you're not Japanese, you bakas!"
5. "Japan is the only real Asian country there is!"


I think that the Japanese government has control on certain types of anime like ones that glorify the highschool setting.
It feels like it's just used to indoctrinate the youth into keeping the status quo going and to never question authority.


In short, anime is inherently fascistic. Better to realize that late than never


Speaking of Naruto fights, something people like to do are VS battles and other stuff - pitting 1 character or group of characters against another. Part of this is, of course power scaling, statements, feats and calcs. This harks back to power levels in DBZ and other media.
Among the common issues of such debates are inconsistencies in a narrative or a character
- PIS = Plot Induced Stupidity, this is when something happens because of plot i.e. Goku getting a sudden power up for no reason
- WIS = Writer Induced Stupidity i.e. Batman KO's superman with a single punch. No other reason is present other than it being batman.
- CIS = Character Induced Stupidity, basically things that happen because of a characters personality. i.e. Flash getting tagged 99% of the time by very slower opponents aka street level guys.
- Gag feats i.e. A character having a huge head or a loud sonic scream for a joke
However one of the biggest problems is that a lot of people take DBZ type power scaling (something also seen in Yu Yu Hakusho with Demon ranks) and apply it to all fandoms, regardless of the type of media. In Fairy Tail, Boku no Hero, One Piece and Naruto there are limitations or complexities 0 power alone has to be significant to make an impact.

Naruto does this really well for a large portion of the story. The 5 elements are set up in such a way that one counters or assists another - wind beats lightning, water beats fire and so on. And then different elements can combine to synchronize; wind empowers fire or kekkei genkai like ice release (water + wind) - and thus, as mastery of all elements was rare, one ninja's strength was another's weakness and vice versa. Moreover Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu focuses meant that masters of one art could be vulnerable to others.

Problem is due to how flashy and powerful one character may seem, another character that ought to be able to beat them due to skill differences is disregarded.

An example of this is the 4th Raikage. Often when compared to someone like Jiraiya, people seem to assume the Raikage would win mid-low diff. The problem is that Jiraiya ought to be a rather good counter to the Raikage - though not quite a hard counter like Kisame was to Killer Bee - mid-diffing him instead.
The feats/statements are what is usually looked at, but lacks important info. The most important part is styles. The Raikage uses Nin-taijutsu, which is why he is backed up by Darui and Cee, to handle long-range combat and genjutsu. His lightning armor defends him against most attacks and boosts his speed to lightning levels, allowing ordinary strong blows become bludgeons with cutting, electrifying ability. Still, he is a close-range fighter
Jiraiya specializes in ninjutsu and a firm taijutsu to back that up. Immobilization and long-range striking would therefore be a major option Example: Swamp of the Underworld, while vulnerable to lightning jutsu, (lightning > earth) would slow done or even halt the Raikage, as it is essentially a bottomless pit capable of swallowing up titanic snakes even when Jiraiya was drugged and weak. Blasting through it would hinder the Raikage's movements and expose him to follow-up strikes - such as a giant rasengan.
This is important because stat-wise Jiraiya matches the Raikage in pure physicals and chakra quantity, meaning that how they use those stats is important in fights, yet people seem to forget that because "lightning beats earth!!!"

You see the same shit with other vsbattles as well, but this exemplifies it well.


Japanese work life isn't very appealing, and so the nostalgic depiction of times of youth are popular.


File: 1608529123250.jpg (131.14 KB, 1400x787, aot.jpg)

Attack on Titan could have been great, but it became just another edgy anime the moment characters started turning into titans.


I believe this.
Also, nostalgia for friendship, self-realization, growth in general, recognition, etc.

Hot take:
A lot of anime preys on a-social behavior and social mal-adaptations of its audience for profit. This in turn leads to the normalization of such behavior. This is also increasingly true in western cartoons ("having anxiety is normal" kind of shit). This, together with the "identity as a collection of commodities" has led to the infantilization, increased isolation, and more severe and frequent identity crisis, of a huge swath of the millenial and zoomer generations.

What this means is that whatever politics will be from now on will be mediated as commodities. Showing off books, jewelry, fashion, etc.

Another hot take:
Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the best pieces of media ever produced. Its implications on Hegelian and psychoanalytic thought are not explored enough (or at all, afaik). Whomever thinks the anime is not good, or that it's about robots, it was unironically 2deep4them. The season finale was indeed perfect, regardless of whether it was "supposed" to be or not.

Final hot take:
Ghost in the Shell SAC 1 and 2 are one of the best leftist anime series.


Why you're not wrong exactly, it seems to me nostalgia for youth is a part of most cultures, and probably for the same reasons.
>Hot take:
>A lot of anime preys on a-social behavior and social mal-adaptations of its audience for profit. This in turn leads to the normalization of such behavior. This is also increasingly true in western cartoons ("having anxiety is normal" kind of shit). This, together with the "identity as a collection of commodities" has led to the infantilization, increased isolation, and more severe and frequent identity crisis, of a huge swath of the millenial and zoomer generations.
>What this means is that whatever politics will be from now on will be mediated as commodities. Showing off books, jewelry, fashion, etc.
Good post.


Based post, very true.

Basically this.


>This is also increasingly true in western cartoons ("having anxiety is normal" kind of shit).
very astute


War movies are anime for boomers. Similar to otaku oriented anime it often has little bearing to reality and turns people into weeaboos. Anime, however, just encourages hyper consumerism instead of warring.


>War movies are anime for boomers
&ltmuh boomers
please stop, this twitter-tier language is getting cringey as hell
>it often has little bearing to reality
Depends on the movie and on the country the movie is from. If you mean something Rambo II-V, yeah no shit, it was part of the CIA's promotion of US imperialism and anti-communism.
If you mean something like First Blood, then it's different.
>Anime, however, just encourages hyper consumerism instead of warring
have you seen Tanya the Evil and GATE fans? >>4825


the deb8 around NGE on imageboards can be reduced to a clash between two retarded extremes, one side having the guys who overanalyze every single word of the dub, line by line vs /m/orons who willfully refuse to see it as anything other than cool, barely-animated tokusatsu.

I'm an enlightened centrist on the matter, personally.


GT had very cool ideas and a great soundtrack but the execution was really shitty.

Goku being a kid was actually a neat gimmick and even a necessary one since he'd easily overpower everything otherwise, but why is he brown tho.
Pan however was an absolute waste of a character; we're stuck with her for the entire run and she never develops into anything at all, and only serves to waste time with her canned reactions. Also how come Gohan and Videl seemingly don't give a single shit about her after the first episode?

The planet of the week format in the first arc was weak not because it lacked epin fights but because it simply wasn't entertaining. Enemies were either some dumb animal Goku could evaporate in a second but somehow didn't, or incredibly unfunny weirdos because most anime writers are unable to write anything resembling comedy.
Moving forward, that one guy made of metal was an okay enemy but he goes away in order to make space for Baby.

The Baby arc was sort of alright, actually. Nice fights all around, the matchups were seemingly inspired by old internet posts like "who wud win gohan vs vegeter???? XD" and that's a good thing. SSJ4 looked incredibly badass and unique; sure it's a huge asspull but DB is not stranger to them, starting with King Piccolo downright killing Goku only for him to shrug it off by the next episode lol.
As a personal pet-peeve of mine, Majuub getting his hype moment denied for no reason is both stupid and disappointing.

Super 17 was rock bottom trash tier, good thing he goes away quickly. It's even worse than the Garlic Jr. filler arc in Z despite having both Frieza and Cell (and Nappa) in it; at least the filler in Z had big Maron tiddies flopping around the screen.

Lastly, the Shadow Dragon arc had incredible potential, it could've easily been a top 3 hype arcs in the entire franchise but it ended up being a boring monster of the week shitshow with some cool stuff happening somewhat sparsely near the end.

Now regarding Super, I actually went and watched the first arc (the one with Goku rojo) after seeing people praise it in here, and all I have to say is that I'd much rather rewatch the Baby arc again and pretend Super ends right there.

I can't believe I wrote all this crap, I didn't even know I cared about Dragon Ball this much lol.
I've been playing too much FighterZ I think.


>Now regarding Super, I actually went and watched the first arc (the one with Goku rojo) after seeing people praise it in here, and all I have to say is that I'd much rather rewatch the Baby arc again and pretend Super ends right there.
You mean the Beerus saga? When it came out that one was universally panned. The second arc, Frieze resurrection, too, from what I remember. Most people agree that Super got good in Future Turnks saga. Personally I disagree, I found it to be overly self-serious. Actually dropped the series there for couple months. The tournaments are the true highlights, just pure distilled Dragon Ball.


See Dragonball thread


Unruhe should be the board mod here.


Replace the characters in moeblob SoL shit with shotas.




There should be more representation of older persons' lives in anime.burkina_fasoBurkina Faso


Yes, based


File: 1626720313347.jpeg (49.75 KB, 957x621, R (1).jpeg)

I give something like 20% of anime fans are unironic pedophiles and hebephiles

Anime girl PFPs are a huge giveaway




I wouldn't know what percentage, but you're right.


aku no hana adaptation was better than the manga


The facial expressions of Anime characters are uncanny and unsettling being one of the main reasons why I couldn't watch it past childhood when I thought of it as just more cartoons on TV.


Depends on the art style being used. Very true for chibi / SD stuff and hentai with the extreme end of ahegao. Not so true for more realistic art styles.


Or wait never mind i posted prematurely. Did you mean the more realistic stuff hits uncanny valley for you? Then i cant relate but get what you mean.


Young Defiant is the only good anime youtuber.


yuri manga does a better job portraying romance then basically everything else
nips kinda suck at romance tbh


I assume it has something to do with their hellish lives. They want fantasy and escapism.


Most anime is for teens and young adults who are nostalgic about an idealized version of high school because being an adult in Japan sucks ass. That's why almost everything is about high schoolers going on adventures and/or falling in love.


>Most anime is for teens/youths looking for idealized SoL
>Most anime is SoL
If this was 10 years ago I'd disagree, but at this point you're not wrong.


File: 1626816189843.webm (2.62 MB, 480x360, Yuri Rape.webm)

I disagree, Yuri romance in Japan feels rather awkward and forced to me (just like their yaoi shit) because it essentially biols down to "iya rin-san not there!" webm related.


But it's same with manga and it's fair to say a large portion of adults in all age groups in Japan read manga.


FLCL has insane animation that is studied by other animators, plot-wise it’s trash

I treat FLCL like REDLINE which is pure eye-candy


That's news to me, because I remember thinking FLCL looked like crap.


HxH is trash because it's just UGH because the author is a lazy fuck because he's a psuedo.


yes I'm phone posting and I meant YYH


Looks and animation aren't the same. Go check the first Haruko appearance when she hits the protagonist while riding Vespa – it's wacky as fuck. May look a bit try-hard nowadays but it was 2000, before the Internet and the rise of Newgrounds.

> Avatar director Giancarlo Volpe also claims the staff "were all ordered to buy FLCL and watch every single episode of it".



A wise man once said: finding your favorite hentai artists on YouTube is like running into your drug dealer at the grocery store. I wish I could remember who originally said it.


How do people like AOT? Dropped it 15 episodes in.


It's got good animation and it's edgy with some thematic potential that made it popular with /pol/ (because nationalism and monarchism and fascism and other tripe).


Supposed to link to the FairyTailDragonSlayer post on the Fanfiction and Writing thread on hobby


This is why Symphogear is worth it.


High Guardian Spice is garbage and looks like Steven Universe 2.0 mixed in with the recent She-Ra wokeshit. Also it's not an anime because It's not actually Japanimation or even Asian animated.


>High Guardian Spice is garbage and looks like Steven Universe 2.0 mixed in with the recent She-Ra wokeshit. Also it's not an anime because It's not actually Japanimation or even Asian animated.
that's not a hot take, everyone on /co/ said that already


High Guardian Spice is anime and based



>awkward and forced
just like how every other is romanced in there soft-core porn ecchi/fan service based anime and yuri still does it better then the rest

>iya rin-san not there! XD

again, 75% of romance or ecchi anime is like this

>Yuri Rape.webm






there's only like 3 actually great anime ever. there's monster, berserk and im sure something else.


>yuri still does it better then the rest
Not really, every Yuri Romance I've seen is even blander than any straight romance because they just jump right into lesbian lust, there is no emotions
>75% of romance or ecchi anime
Source: Your ass
Yes, the character forcibly stripped and is left crying, that's not consensual. If it was a boy doing it to a girl you'd certainly here it called rape and not "a gag"


NGE is overrated. I feel like people actively promote is as high art spitefully, as if to say "Look! Anime can be good too!" When in reality it is equivalent to a YA novel.


File: 1628784137291.png (338.77 KB, 715x864, a75.png)

<the cringe show that has flat art-style, unremarkable-to-poor animation (seriously someone hire Telepurte), uninspired generic designs (basically minor redesigns of the shit NuShe-Ra designs) and radiates liberal idpol.
I've seen single-season Fantasy anime that are better than this shit (Rune Soldier Louie anyone?). Heck the central premise is a cross between Little Witch Academia and DnD, even CBR already pointed this out now that I look it up.

I wouldn't give a damn if it was just another dumb cartoon - I've given up on modern Western cartoons having any sort of quality a while ago - but it's calling itself an anime, specifically to attract weebs AND the entire premise has been "It's made by women and trans and its really diverse and cool and makes cultural references too!"

I've seen people talk about Castlevania and seen the previous animated series - it's got anime elements of design and dialogue and has a diverse and varied cast of characters, but it's first and foremost a story and concentrates on that instead of virtue signalling. It stands on its own as a cultural piece and not a political mouthpiece. Even a mid-tier Isekai like Louise the Zero had a diverse cast without being pretentious about it, AND made sense (Ex. Kirche Zerbst is from Germania and so fit her attitude and exotic looks OR The owner of the Inn being flamboyant, yet not overbearing).

I don't go on /co/ so I'd have no way of knowing that.


File: 1628784664012.gif (434.19 KB, 500x720, Rei blink.gif)

>NGE is overrated
<thinking that saying this is a Hot Take in 2021
Jokes aside, it is overhyped but I wouldn't say over-rated, it's a bit specific of a show and if you're not willing to observe basic human psychological issues as part of the story, then you're not going to be interested, it's like Madoka - the show is well made but I can't for the life of me sit through it and feel interested; it's just not my cup of tea.
>actively promote is as high art spitefully
<"Look! Anime can be good too!"
I'm not sure I follow your meaning; They praise it to spite it?
>it is equivalent to a YA novel
If it was literary book MAYBE, but it's not - it's a visual medium and moreover an animated and voiced visual medium (this is another reason why the Manga version sucks). Even if it were a YA novel however, the way it is written in terms of characters and story surpasses things like Hunger Games, Maze Runner and other typical YA novels of a similar (sort of) post-apocalyptic genre.

Now the rebuilds on the other hand are 90% shit.


When I say that it's promoted spitefully I mean that it's used as a representative of the height of anime - it is waved around in spite of other media so as to prove itself to others. It has this additional cultural cache thats been plastered on for over 20 years. Admittedly this is more due to its fans rather than the show itself, but I could never understand the motivation to do such a thing.


>it's used as a representative of the height of anime
Yes that is true. I do consider NGE one of the best anime out there, but it's not beginner material or a good example of introducing people to high quality anime - because it needs to be palatable to a more general audience like Miyazaki films.
>has this additional cultural cache thats been plastered on for over 20 years
Do you mean the fandom's waifu-wars? Because yean, it's gotten pretty autistic in places like 4chan. /leftyweebpol/ was a good place to discuss, and the old 90s/2000s sites like Apartment 402 were nice, but over-all we have a mess in that regard.


>I don't go on /co/ so I'd have no way of knowing that.
i'm sure you don't need to if look or search

also High Guardian Spice is anime and based


File: 1628858709360.png (261.68 KB, 680x763, e fremegachadriech.png)

Hentai content should be less misogynistic.


File: 1628869853191.png (292.5 KB, 680x697, ClipboardImage.png)

>less misogynistic
I mean define how it is? If you mean depictions of Non-con or whatever, femdom and other stuff exists. If it's fucked up shit in general there's no argument there.

>don't need to if look or search
THe fuck are you talking about?
>based… anime
it's fake and gay, pic related


>THe fuck are you talking about?
>I don't go on /co/ so I'd have no way of knowing that.
>I don't go on /co/
>i'm sure you don't need to
>THe fuck are you talking about?
you don't need /co/ to know lel




Ok, sorry, the way you said that threw me for a loop, I couldn't tell if it's sarcasm or not.


>If you mean depictions of Non-con or whatever
Even hentai where there is consent is often extremely misogynistic, the girls are protrayed as immoral sluts, used for nothing other than sex, etc. Even when this is not the case there may be some small misogynistic elements here and there (which to be honest isn't that bad, it would be better if this was the default), or sexual violence which is portrayed as a good thing that makes women feel good. Hentai which is devoid of any of that is quite rare, in fact. Hentai authors often have a pretty fucked up worldview as a result of their alienation.
>femdom and other stuff exists
Femdom hentai is made by and for men and it's just an inversion of the maledom shit. Meaning that instead of women being raped and used, it's men, but the focus is still on the girl whose coldness and psychopathy are supposed to be hot. In femdom porn made by and for women, it's the same though the focus is on the guy as a sex object that is to be taken advantage of, which is, of course, not any better than misogyny.


Made in the Abyss is overhyped and pretty shit TBH. The only saving grace it's smooth animation and somewhat interesting ideas, but the weird overly round artstyle and the excessive need to show all the gory or sexual details of things is just annoying and made for fetishists to jack of too.


>instead of women being raped and used, it's men, but the focus is still on the girl whose coldness and psychopathy are supposed to be hot.
Most femdom I've seen is mostly a more aggressive girl taking what she wants from a shy guy, or occasionally showing dominance over a macho too big for his britches. It comes off quite different to Maledom.

But yeah Hentai artists are fucked in the head, you have to look specifically for wholesome content to find anything approaching a normal sexual interaction.
Also is it just me or are they obsessed with women rimming guys? It's such a gross thing to me personally.


>Most femdom I've seen is mostly a more aggressive girl taking what she wants from a shy guy,
Oh, sorry, I was talking about "traditional" femdom, not just assertive girl/shy guy kind of stuff. I've been reading about "gentle femdom" recently and apparently it doesn't mean what I thought it meant either so I don't see "femdom" as a shorthand for "women taking the initiative" as much as I used to.
>occasionally showing dominance over a macho too big for his britches
Never seen something like this but would love to.

>Also is it just me or are they obsessed with women rimming guys? It's such a gross thing to me personally.

I know, rimming is kinda disgusting. There's been an obsession with anything involving the anus in recent years. I doubt most women actually like to do that, whereas men tend to like more disgusting things, and hentai addicts of course love the humiliation implied in gross sex acts.


>Never seen something like this but would love to
Can't name it off the top my head, but there's a few in nhentai, mostly tomboy stuff.
>an obsession with anything involving the anus in recent years
I think it has to do with capitalist decadence, people are so over-saturated by sex that normal stuff doesn't cut it for them anymore.
>I doubt most women actually like to do that
Not even the sluttiest girls I knew of in my high school would do something like that. Hookers usually state upfront that they don't do any of that kind of mouth to ass shit either.
>men tend to like more disgusting things (in sex)
I think this is more of a modern generation thing, because back in the day the most daring and 'gross' thing for a guy to be into was some BDSM stuff and even that was mostly just leather and whips.
>hentai addicts of course love the humiliation implied in gross sex acts


File: 1631806351234.png (364.86 KB, 768x768, zi42pfxphw551.png)

The Konosuba Movie adapted the LN story arc better than the original LNs by cutting out unnecessary parts, adding in details about the school for Megumin and Yunyun's backgrounds, and adding in a final fight for Sylvia, the latter giving her a much more heartfelt end-speech and creative power boost for it. This made it feel a bit more distinct from the Final Bosses endings of the other Demon Generals.
The reason I think this is a 'hot take' is because so many weebs complained about the movie's parts that weren't in the LN or the parts of the LN that didn't get adapted.
Also if it weren't for her plan to destroy a village, Sylvia would be based and wholesome.


File: 1631836087313.png (2.94 MB, 1800x900, ClipboardImage.png)

I preferred the first cell design; the perfect cell was too humanized, the semi-perfect was fish-lipped etc


Panty&Stocking is garbage that I stopped watching and Kill la kill is garbage that I wished I had stopped watching.




also Madoka was watchable but nothing to write home about.


Totally agree. Outside of clips and memes both anime are insane trash.
Megabased - weebs hype up Madoka like the second coming of anime-christ.


File: 1632680486238.jpg (256.42 KB, 1080x1748, NeZha poster.jpg)

IMO X/CLAMP 1999's initial plot reminds me of the recent Ne Zha movies, especially the recent steampunk one.
X/CLAMP: https://archive.ph/VSeWo
>a young man with extranormal abilities who returns to his old home in Tokyo. However, he soon becomes embroiled in the affairs of the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, two groups seeking to either save the Earth and humanity or to wipe out both in an apocalyptic cleansing.

>Three thousand years after Nezha fought the sea, Li Yunxiang, a young motorbike rider in Donghai City, discovers that he is Nezha reincarnated. Before he has mastered his powers, his old enemies appear, and he must settle a 3,000-year-old grudge with the Dragon Clan



100% based


This is about the only site where I can say this without getting flooded with the most thoughtless responses possible so I'll just say it: I think the main reason I find most current anime unwatchable, moreso than the general blandness, is how shamelessly reactionary it tends to be.
It's wild how stuff like Rance or Overfiend, actual pornography which uses rape as something to stimulate the audience, is still better than your average isekai where the pure hero gets a harem of subservient mentally retarded women and achieves glory for slaughtering all the inferior "races", because in the former stuff there's never any sense that the writers actually think anything they portray is righteous. The new stuff is unpleasant for the same reason listening to a reactionary ramble on about his fantasies would be.
There was always perversion and violence in anime but rarely with these values codified into it. Go Nagai probably has healthier views on sex and romance than the people writing shitty light novels today


Never seen the former but I agree with the latter.


File: 1633021977351.png (1.43 MB, 1421x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Just os you knoq feel free to make suggestions on the Isekai thread >>373
>shamelessly reactionary
<generic haremshit
Ohohoho then you'll be mad as fuck about Attack on Titan. >>6734
I agree that reactionary stuff is blatant, but that's fine in say a fantasy setting that has generic demon troops. In recent times most popular LNs and isekai have subverted this (Realist Hero or Konosuba). That said I think it'd be less annoying if they didn't literally celebrate the slaughter and rapey/murderous sexual gratification (Redo of Healer, pic related).


>Ohohoho then you'll be mad as fuck about Attack on Titan
Yeah, I've stayed far away from AoT even though I don't necessarily mind some over-the-top senseless slaughter now and then.
>but that's fine in say a fantasy setting that has generic demon troops
That really depends. A lot of generic high fantasy tropes are arguably reactionary in nature but don't really bother me most of the time. But sometimes the codified values are really blatant and annoying even if no one's saying that "the goblins actually represent x".
>That said I think it'd be less annoying if they didn't literally celebrate the slaughter and rapey/murderous sexual gratification (Redo of Healer, pic related).
Yeah that kind of thing is really the problem for me, from what I've read some of the rape in Redo of Healer is supposed to be outright "moral", which is retarded.
>Just os you knoq feel free to make suggestions on the Isekai thread >>373
This is a different matter but at this point I really don't care about "saving" isekai tbh. If someone has a genuinely interesting idea for a story that happens to be isekai they should go ahead and do that, but parodies and subversions, while they may at least avoid the problems we've been talking about, won't save the genre from how repetitive it's become.
But anyway, that's enough out of me.


>sometimes the codified values are really blatant and annoying even if no one's saying that "the goblins actually represent x".
Yeah that's true. That's the reason is prefer Goblin Slayer over most goblin depictions - they're immoral from a human perspective but also from the perspective of many other various fantasy races.
>some of the rape in Redo of Healer is supposed to be outright "moral"
The fact that this shit has a 7/10 rating says a lot about otaku I think.
>I really don't care about "saving" isekai
<parodies and subversions, while they may at least avoid the problems we've been talking about, won't save the genre from how repetitive it's become.
True, but most people can't actualize the creation of a genuinely interesting (isekai) story.
>that's enough out of me
Feel free to come again ;D


Hot Take: Most Naruto Fillers were kinda good and had interesting world building and plots.


>Redo of Healer
The MC only raped one character by physical force and it was a bloodthirsty imperialist leader that abused him for years as a slave including sexually abusing him and the other was rape by coercion against another bad person iirc. The rest was just him being sleazy or involved other people doing the raping. Just because the MC thinks he's in the right doesn't mean the narrative said that. I didn't get that impression at all and only see it as showing how people can lose their mind from trauma of being abused by those in power. They clearly depict him as insane not a normal rational well balanced guy. Only virtue signaling liberals think it's problematic.


File: 1633708506704.jpg (98.65 KB, 980x600, ri6dzhmml0d61.jpg)

>The MC only raped one character by physical force
<It is only 1 person your honor! Yeah the defendant raped and destroyed her mind and identity but it's totally justified because revenge is good!
I applaud your excuses.
>a bloodthirsty imperialist leader that abused him for years as a slave including sexually abusing him
That is not a justification to stoop to their level. The Ural Soviet shot Tsar Nicholas and his family without being pigs despite having suffered exactly the same as you described in Imperial prisons and Imperial rule.
>rape by coercion
That's still rape.
>The rest was just him being sleazy or involved other people doing the raping.
Dirlewanger did not rape everyone his atrocities are committed to, but people under his authority did and are under his control.
>Just because the MC thinks he's in the right doesn't mean the narrative said that
<The people he raped and mind broke become his harem members and have moeshit scenes… despite being the subject of his horrendous 'revenge'.
The narrative is seen from a Third-person + perspective, leaning to the MC, meaning that it is taking HIS view.
>showing how people can lose their mind from trauma of being abused by those in power
There are better ways and he is portrayed and positioned positively in the story. Also even if your claim about the narrative is correct (it is not) the leagues of /pol/ incels that love this shit celebrate it as good. The fact that the rape is done with gratuitous soft-core hentai-tier fanservice only confirms my point. link related is an example of these fans and prior mentioned moe-shit: https://archive.ph/cJhIx Yeah what a CHAD huh?!
>Only virtue signaling liberals think it's problematic.
<If you think a portrayal of rape in animated media in detail is disgusting you're a lib!
There is a difference between outrage over boob-size (Uzaki-Chan) and outrage over a protagonist being a fucking rapist psycho. Trauma or not that doesn't mean he's justified. Also it's a terrible and shallow depiction of trauma and rape. https://archive.ph/NPmM8
But then again there are people that couldn't comprehend Sasuke Uchiha's rampage, so it's no surprise that all but remotely nuanced depictions are tossed aside.

At least Shield Hero, though I'm not a fan of the edginess, actually does it's revenge story in logical fashion. He took revenge against entitled nobles but did not commit atrocities to do so. All this is ignoring the fact that Redo is just plain lazy fucking writing. "We only kept you alive so we could use you for healing you know" is fucking inane. The Shield Hero makes sense; the hero historically supported Melomarc's enemy and has no real attack power, meaning that he is a liability in the view of Autcrey… where does this factor in to ReDo, there existed no reason for it and it's just abuse for shock value. Even Game of Thrones didn't have this level of inane murder/rape for no reason.


so much anime is so degenerate hahahaha


He didn't just rape her, he basically murdered her by erasing her memory and changing her personality.

And even if she was an abusive imperialist rapist, that doesn't make raping her back and enslaving her okay


Sorry to break it to you but as stupid as it sounds Redo of Healer ironically is a relatively realistic portrayal for what is passed off as some harem fantasy for certain people. Reality isn't all about good versus evil it's about different shades of grey. No one is perfect and fate doesnt always care if you're a good person or a bad person you just get what you get. It's sad but true. You really need to get some perspective and realize fiction isn't reality. It's just so out of touch to be outraged at a fictional character like they are a real person and only focus those feelings at the MC as if somehow they are the worst when the others dont even have excuses. Touch some grass.

She lost memory of who she was but retained traits of her own personality so basically he erased things that corrupted her. Literally no one here said in reality doing those sort of things is a good idea (though i do commonly see people endorcing rape of males that are rapists a lot)…reminder it's fiction. It's there for entertainment. Nearly everyone has thoughts of doing murder or maybe rape in some form at some point whether consciously or unconsciously but it's not same as actually doing it or even same as planning on doing it. Next you're going to tell me slasher horror film fans are evil psychopathics just because they like seeing how people die in those sort of films. I think the show did a good job at exposing how hypocritical a lot of people are about their idea of morals.


File: 1633937591264.jpg (165.55 KB, 933x1138, E_vnwluXoAAeGi2.jpg)

> Reality isn't all about good versus evil it's about different shades of grey.
Yeah I know, but ReDo isn't try it's portraying clearly immoral shit as "grey" it's just a poorly done revenge fantasy; moreover 2 wrongs do not make a right.
>no one is perfect and fate doesn't always care if you're a good person or a bad person
Fate is bullshit and that is a generic and vague argument, that essentially revokes all responsibility of an individual and their actions.
>so out of touch to be outraged at a fictional character
I'm not a social media faggot, it's not about the fictional character's rights, I couldn't care less about that. It's because fictional characters and stories are a representation of something and fictional portrayals influence those that see them. There is a reason things like stochastic terrorism are real phenomena. In other words the point is that the portrayal is garbage because it does not hold up in cultural, literary or ethical ways and attempts to present a horrific and frankly pointlessly vile story. In Russia this shit is called Чернуха or Blackness - dark, ugly content for no purpose other than the sake of having it.
>only focus those feelings at the MC as if somehow they are the worst when the others dont even have excuses
<Pointing out the focus of the show and it's main character means you're ignoring the atrocities of others
I applaud you, knave
>touch grass
fuck off and get a shrink you fucking psycho.

>she was but retained traits of her own personality so basically he erased things that corrupted her
<"he just cleaned her of the bad parts after raping her! She just needed to be 'fixed' with some raping and brain-washing! and still using a red hot poker in the LN "
You are a sociopath or a psychopath trying to justify your shit taste and lack of ethics because your shit edgelord show got taken apart for the shlock it is.
>no one here said in reality
You are extremely defensive for someone not being directly attacked in the post you are replying to. Also I'll point out that incels especially on 4chan and including /a/ CELEBRATE the MC as a "chad" for doing this and voice their opinion of doing the same or worse if they were in his position.
>Nearly everyone has thoughts of doing murder
No, no they don't. Not randomly.
>or maybe rape in some form at some point
No, nobody that isn't sick in the head fantasizes about raping ANYONE. Stop trying to pretend your projections are genuine. Seek help, FR.
>people endorcing rape of males that are rapists a lot
This comes from burger culture that makes it into a joke and bourg-lib feminists, this is not something majorly present outside the USA.
>it's fiction
<muh not-real fallacy
Holy fuck are you for real right now? It being fictional is not a fucking excuse you retard.
>It's there for entertainment
Blood Sport is some of the scummiest kinds of "entertainment" and is the kind of shit that porky revels submerging people into because mindless violence, fictional or not, trivializes the action for them, desensitizing them and even evoking dopamine as seen by people video taping horrendous "fights" that have a person stomp another' head into a bloody pulp, as people excitedly laugh and cream "World Star". Typical Westernoid shit.
>it's not same as actually doing it or even same as planning on doing it
You actually bought into the "haha thought crime" joke didn't you? You do realize there is a difference between a passing thought that horrifies you, and having that thought and reveling in the fantasy of it.
> you're going to tell me slasher horror film fans
There is not comparison because Slasher horror films aren't making justifications for the killers, and if they do, they are panned by critics and fans alike.
Stealing lines from Nux Taku is not an argument. Just because social media has a ton of virtue signaling ethots, doesn't mean that moral condemnation of this crap is automatically disqualified.

Yeah, in the past decade anime really has become dumping ground that really demonstrates (and normalizes) the worst qualities of these degenerates.


the main character is a rapist and a murderer and it doesn't make it okay just because he was sexually and physically abused



>all this outrage over a fucking edgy anime using Shocking themes to get moola.
you know the reason this more-generic-than-placebo-pills anime has explicit sexual violence is to make an outrage thus notoriety and money, if people wanted to beat off to megarape they would get some VN,hentai or game with those tags, this drama means it is working like the autor/studio wanted.


>U-ur just triggurd
<People expressing their opinion and discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of an anime on an anime board are just "outraged"
uygha I couldn't give less of a fuck, hell Nux Taku literally talks about the anime being so trash that it's not getting the exposure that Tate no Yuusha or Goblin Slayer did.
>this drama
<they're making money if you call out their bullshit
Nice try faggot. 1) Most people that hear about this shit are going to pirate it, bringing no profit to those sick fucks
2) People don't care about authors and their other works unless one work already gets a big following. The biggest fandom on /a/ is Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and NGE. Out of those things, and that is for those individual shows nobody is going to look up other Kishimoto media or Anno media, because people are there for a specific produc. ReDo has nothing that could make it last long and it since most people pirate Isekai it's not going to get much profit. People also are so overall indifferent to the content outside of 4chan that no large group even actively campaigned to #Cancel it because it is that fucking generic and unlikeable to all people outside of incel Self-Inserters.
>if people wanted to beat off to megarape they would get some VN, hentai or game with those tags
Not an argument. None of those things are public products made for mass-consumption and the appeal of fetishes put in non-private media exists. The end-all-be-all of the show is revenge rape haremshit fantasy, that's it.


>all these words
jesus what a waste of time you could waste on twitter, it still an outrage bait anime to get money for edge but you do you.


File: 1634009237101.png (1010.25 KB, 1580x1569, saying words.png)

>muh twitter
<implying I use that shit site
>bait anime to get money for edge but you do you.
You really missed the point. I have a feeling you're just salty people are picking on this anime for being shit so you're trying to frame any criticism as "muh outrage" and "muh bait" as if this board isn't dedicated to discussing anime. Get over yourself.


But it is grey. Revenge is stupid but that doesn't mean it's not understandable why someone would have such feelings and it's not an environment where he could just be really civil about everything because he has no power and is up against imperalist leaders and armies. When I was talking about fate I didnt mean determinism just the flow of events that occur the way they do. Just couldn't think of a better word for it. Your thought process is the epitome of Twitwit's cancel culture. These sort of things can serve as outlets for people where they can keep it fantasy not reality. Only a very small portion of people would actually be made more likely to do an act of murder or rape because of media while more it reduces their liklihood as various studies have suggested. It acts both as an outlet and as a way of exposure if the portrayal is realistic. Just because it's not framed in a moralistic narrative doesnt mean it's not realistic in depiction. By portrayal of that rape that is realistically brutal rather than cherry coated fetishism it allows for empathetic reaction. I found it uneasy to watch but I see that as a good thing not a bad thing. The MC also although hypocritical had multiple times shown a very negative view about rape so it would be pretty absurd to suggest this encourages rape and murder. I spend a lot of my time for at least a decade trying to helping out and console people with problems including rape victims.

Literally not an argument. No one said it was okay rather it's more understandable and not equally bad as if he had no reason and if he raped and killed overall good people. Ethics are grey abstractions not black and white objectivities. Also do all you watch children's shows? Pretty much every action type show outside of shounen and shoujo for younger audiences the MC kills people. As I told the other poster it's not like he has much choice on using violence. Yes the rape is not necessary for that but the violence is.


Understanding someone's motivation doesn't make rape and murder any less wrong or the perpetrator any less wrong for doing it.


>But it is grey. Revenge is stupid but that doesn't mean it's not understandable why someone would have such feelings
That doesn't make it Grey, Grey =/= understandable even if understandability is part of it. Zabuza's death and his philosophy of being a ninja tool in Naruto is understandable but the man killed an entire class of children before he even graduated the academy and had no qualms about killing Team 7 and the Bridge Builder despite being aware that the bridge is important for the Land of Wave. He is in terms of story, a villain and that's undeniable, there is no grey area in saying "even a monster can have humanity".
>it's not an environment where he could just be really civil about everything
Count of Monte Cristo, Shield Hero and any other revenge stories do not resort to this kind of shit behavior, because that is tasteless. Could revenge rape occur? Yes, but that's not really necessary to convey a story unless you're setting up a villain.
> the flow of events that occur the way they do
Sure, life can take you in unexpected directions, but as I said, this is fiction, the point of fiction is to present a story and the story presents concepts, ideas and thoughts - if it does not there is no point to it, like in Balabanov's Cargo 200, and so you just get pointless rape fantasies from the sick mind of the author.
>Your thought process is the epitome of Twitwit's cancel culture.
No, no it is not, your hyperbole indicates a lack of comprehension of what Twitter cancel culture states and what I am stating. It is not about sexism or other virtue signaling, it's about it being a disgusting fantasy that has no point except to promote a rape revenge fantasy and normalize the concept, desensitizing people.
>Muh fantasy realistic
Game of Thrones's best episodes were not from "muh realistic plunder and rape" but from the machinations and plot of squabbling nobles, and the more the show got worse the more they resorted to gratuitous violence and rape, because that's what the uninspired and immature consider to be "mature and realistic"
>These sort of things can serve as outlets for people
I've heard this excuse a dozen times and never seen convincing proof. Playing FPS video games has done nothing to curb gamers from having spastic tard rage if they lose, to the point that you see children swearing like sailors and saying "get shit on" or other crap like that. The Chr*stCh*rch shooter did a FPS camera angle and the video is presented as a fucking videogame mission. The US army hired video-gamers to fly their drones etc.
I once made an effort post detailing the dozens of studies that demonstrated that media violence depicted gratuitously and without censure INCREASES violent tendencies in viewers. Nobody says seeing this makes most people go out and kill others, but it does increase aggression, it does increase violent thoughts and the self-justification of them and this can result in shit like antagonism and brutal fights. I really don't think you've seen a street fight gone bad over pointless aggression. Obviously Superstructure reflects the Base, but the Base is also influenced by Superstructure - otherwise things like Red Scar propaganda wouldn't have worked.
>Just because it's not framed in a moralistic narrative doesn't mean it's not realistic in depiction
<portrayal of that rape that is realistically brutal
1) It's not realistic, it's a fucking fantasy that has him use a hot poker on hre and rape her beaten body and then magically turn her into someone different and lacking a single scratch because "fuck consequences, let the MC do everything and have no blowback". And its not any more brutal than any other rape/abuse hentai you can dig up, heck it's fucking vanilla as fuck even in the LN compared to the shit you can find easily
2) As I said before realism =/= good product or good story
>it allows for empathetic reaction
You sound like that brony fucker that needed Rainbow Dash edited into a holocaust picture to "truly empathize" with the events on the photo. If THIS is the kind of shit that you REQUIRE to empathize, you don't need an excessively edgy anime, you need psychiatric help.
>I found it uneasy to watch but I see that as a good thing
It isn't a good thing, a movie should make you interested and to think, but not that you want to leave
>multiple times shown a very negative view about rape
Hitler and numerous other heinous people in Nazi Germany expressed moralistic views, that they oh so hypocritically gave no regard to in the face of their actions.
>would be pretty absurd to suggest this encourages rape and murder
It does, by having the rape have no long-term consequences, it being a "justified revenge" and it being done so explicitly, it does encourage these things. Writing in a story matters.
>I spend a lot of my time for at least a decade trying to helping out and console people with problems including rape victims.
Even taking this at face value, this is an utter nonsequitur.
>Ethics are grey abstractions
just saying "it's grey" doesn't make it so. There are many things that lie in grey areas but there are black and white ethical concepts.
>Pretty much every action type show outside of shounen and shoujo for younger audiences the MC kills people.
Rarely in great detail and as in GoT the more gratuitous it is, the less justified.
A good example of excessive violence done right is Omni-man and Invincible, because it makes sense and presents it as horrific to the extreme and no magical device or person fixes this. It's also a good story because the violence proves a point (such as the people maimed by Invincible trying to save them from the falling building).
>not like he has much choice on using violence.
It's HOW it is used that's the point, the portrayal is just edginess for the sake of it.


They both suffer from the same problem which is that they pretend to be wacky and intense by simply being "loud" but they're really not that funny or exciting underneath it all. Most of the jokes in P&S are just the characters screaming and swearing


It's kinda like bad stand-up comedy but adding in fantasy elements


File: 1635618350099.png (910.14 KB, 1600x1036, 537539536.png)

The greatest Shonen of all time hasn't been made/published yet, few have come close


I think that the golden-age of shonen is the 1990s -2000s and died after 2 of the Big 3 ended and sequel cashgrabbing got turned up to 11.
>few have come close
which ones do you consider coming close?


I'm inclined to agree with you on the golden age, I will say however that new age shonen is amazing and has the quality and potential reach the same level as previous era. JJK, Chainsawman, Juujika are looking good, the future is bright.

>which ones do you consider coming close?

my opinions are contrived but I like to go by: overall consistency, arc quality, stretches of greatness, along with all the other popular markings of what makes an entertaining series. I'll put down what made them come close but not why they didn't.

Those that come/came close :

DBZ - Raditz Saga up to end of Cell Saga is one of the best runs of all time.
One Piece - Has delivered consistent quality for almost 20 years
Naruto - Almost delivered consistent quality while having one of the best runs, Chunnin up to End of Pain invasion
Rurouni Kenshin - Contains of the best arcs of all time (Kyoto), One of the best villains of all time (Shishio) and an enticing villain group (Juppongatana)
HxH - Highly entertaining arcs and contains one of the best arcs of all time, Chimera Ant. Also could potentially contain The greatest arc of all time, The Dark Continent arc.
Haikyuu - Entertaining sports manga with quality content
Death Note - Overall a great series, deserves it's praise
Attack On Titan - Has a great and ambitious arc, the rumbling, combined with the turn in quality from "basic" to political suspense thriller.
YYH - Has two amazing arcs combined with compelling villains, one of the few that had even more potential to be the best compared to it's contemporaries if the series wasn't as "basic" as it become from it's premise.

*Others* - Some series that are considered classics or great in their own right are not included as I have not read/watched them all, however I will add a few of them due to what i've personally know, and from what i've seen from general opinion. Could they already be the best shonen? maybe, however going off the genre as a whole and what you can expect from them, probably not.

JJBA - Apparently contains one of the best arcs and compelling villains, has stood the test of time
Ashita no Joe / Slam Dunk - Hailed as the best sports manga
Saint Seiya / Fist of the North Star - SS apparently contains of the best arcs of all time, FOTNS considered a classic and has stood the test of time.

As an ending note, this take could have not been made, but the biggest problems concerning these series usually comes to a drop of quality and writing. DBZ turns into a mess, Togashi was fed up with publishers so YYH has a noticeably bad and rushed ending, Naruto folds into itself with glaring plot problems during the biggest Arc, etc etc.


What do you think of the promised Neverland? I thought it was alright when I read it a year or so ago, thought it had more potential than MHA


File: 1635629713735.png (209.6 KB, 685x649, based.png)

High Guardian Spice is out and it's anime and based



File: 1635632366377.png (Spoiler Image, 182.67 KB, 462x455, 4332566.png)

TPN was amazing for good amount of time. From the escape to Norman's return, it was consistently great and intriguing. I actually think it gained unnecessary criticism after it's first arc when it started to transition towards Goldy Pond. People thought the quality dropped so far down or became bad, when in reality it's just extremely hard to follow up on an arc like the first one, the next arcs were really good in their own right, it just wasn't the escape. That being said the manga falls to absolutely shit almost directly after pic rel, it's almost comical how the author fumbled. After they meet up again, it fluctuated from bad to mediocre.

I dropped MHA like 30 chapters or so in when it first came out, i knew where it was headed.


File: 1635633971213.jpg (103.4 KB, 640x1224, 45e.jpg)

>It's out but not even most otaku ecelebs mention it
>terribly rated (even pirate sites don't have it)
>fake anime ripping off better anime and DnD
>cringe liberal ideology and flat style that hasn't looked good since the 2000s if ever.
LOL, enjoy it if ya like it but don't say it's "based" or "animu" if it isn't. Even ATLA is more of an an anime than this.


>Naruto folds into itself with glaring plot problems during the biggest Arc
Sort of, I think the problems of Naruto are fine if they ended the story there as a happy final end, it's the Boruto sequel that really just kills it.
And yeah you've got pretty good taste amigo.

I dislike Chainsa but the rest are pretty based.


Nah, High Guardian Spice is based


Just saying that doesn't make it true


keep coping, HGS is pretty good.


But it was already true :^)


Saying "cope" doesn't make it true either ツ
>already true
In a backwards universe


I disagree :^)


Takt OP.Destiny is just Evangelion's "Dance Like You Want To Win" scene but using magical girls and tech instead.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIvDySmp5pM Now THIS is Music! | takt op.Destiny


Yeah it looks like there is some entertainment value in it. People seem to love this character, for example, even if they hate the anime


Glasslip is 10/10. I've seen it 3 times.
Jap VA mostly sucks despite what people might claim and no 30 year old idol trying to sound 14 is ever going to convince me.
Japanese is not a language worth learning and this obsession with Japan some peopple have is undeserved and just part of consumerist identity politics.

Also on the whole Dragon Ball debacle; I've only read it, in color, but I agree that I much prefer the original, the Z just gets stale after a while. Though Toei anime in general are not worth watching they never do the source material justice.


Not that anon, why is it good?
All the reviews I've seen say that every main character is unlikable and the animation is a giant flop.


lmao what an uncultured peasant.


The only anime genre worth watching is CGDCT and slice of life, anime is extremely cringe when trying to talk about serious subjects.

Also anyone still enjoying Evangelion is an absolute retard, not even Anno likes that shit and I'm sure he's so fucking glad he's finally free from those shackles.


I just said that to make the other guy seethe. This, however, is an honest post: >>11803

How many "serious" anime have you watched and which series specifically?


File: 1638572221596.png (54.78 KB, 367x360, pretending_anime.png)

>I just said that to make the other guy seethe.


What does culture have to do with it?


They like the character because he's inoffensive and his VA just mumbled his lines, not giving a fuck.


yeah but that doesn't contradict the post.


Uh yeah, am I disagreeing? Not everything posted is an argument m8


oh ok


File: 1638944190441.jpg (21.59 KB, 240x263, 1492045747890.jpg)

There are zero (0) good light novels


File: 1638975211917.png (23.48 KB, 200x201, bait of babylon.png)

LMAO This is true for a good 90% of LNs NGL


90% is being generous.


Why do they call them "light novels" in instead of novellas anyway? Is it because they have no respect for them?


It's technically a novella, but from Japanese (due to being a Japanese subtype of literature) is translated as "Light Novel"; a small novel containing images, and sometimes having simplified writing style.


Why do they call them LIGHT novels when they're fucking excessive with words? From what little I experienced of them I can safely say real literature takes less time to read. Ignoring even the recapping, just straight up every single fucking chapter goes on forever just to get the point across.


It's becaus of how wasei eigo words work, most of the time they don't make sense to an English speaker or they have a different meaning from the original. They're "light" because they're meant to cater to younger audiences. A fitting translation would be "Young Adult Novel".


>they're fucking excessive with words
>safely say real literature takes less time to read.
I can get through 20 volumes in less than a day, I've done the same with Moby Dick unabridged, you probably took a longer time because you're not into it and so reluctance make it stretch out more (TBF most LNs are boring as fuck).
>even the recapping
That happens?! The LNs I've read don't have that


>when they're fucking excessive with words?
You know they're written so even a kid can understand them, right
They're called light novels because they use pretty basic language lol


> Is it because they have no respect for them?
yes, and anybody who disagrees or tries to correct me is wrong and a japanese shill


>look how fast I can read
Yet you fail to comprehend the basic gestalt of my postings, which, admittedly, weren't written in the most fashionable of manners. Try to actually read, not speed and feel free to attempt a reply at my initial postings once more.
>and so reluctance make it stretch out more
Why even have conversations if you're speedreading them? Filthy ESLs have no respect. You're projecting an emotion upon me while I simply list basic facts.
>that happens?
>they're for kids
If you mean Young Adults then I'd like to compare them to YA novels written in other languages. The excessiveness of words has to do with writing skill. With tension, lacking in LN translations, not with easy of reading. This excuse 'YA' or 'kids' is tired. It's not a novel argument, nor a convincing one.


>ook how fast I can read
If that's the meaning you got from my post you are the speedreading retard and not me, capiche Kizaru?
>Filthy ESLs
And yet you're the ignoramus unable to read into a sentence, as your response to the other anon further proves.
>projecting an emotion
No, no I am not. It's a basic fucking fact that the more reluctant you are to do something, the less likely you are to do it, unless an outside motivator is pushing you. If you are not into a style of writing and its contents you are going to be far less able to read it fast, unless you skim it. THOSE are basic facts you caustic faggot. Take a chill pill and get off the internet for a day.


Okay. Feel free to respond to the contents found within my initial post any time though. I don't care how fast you can read.


File: 1639352200712.png (891.27 KB, 1080x1077, ClipboardImage.png)

>not linking to the post
>ignoring the replies you got


You're still allowed to respond to the contents found within my initial post. As I said before, you misconstrued the premise.


It is a vengeful exploitation series in the spirit of death wish but calling it reactionary doesn't make sense



hating shonen isnt a hot take

which one

this isnt a hot take, its just pseudery

again, disliking incredibly popular media isnt a hot take

being a weeaboo ashamed of himself isnt a hot take

liking flat chests isnt a hot take either but its still quite brave of you to say that when everyone likes cowtits these days

>ultra softcore porn of 11 year old school girls
<a slice of life with literally ZERO sexualization
youre so fucking stupid, are you an american christian?


>I don't know why you would complain now though. They stopped making a dozen SoL a season to do isekai instead a while back.
retards who love to complain about how everything sucks are always ahistorical
even isekai isnt overproduced in anime these days also

you can like both and they arent very similar besides both being mahou shoujo

read the manga, youll enjoy it more

do NOT read the manga, its very different from the novel

nobody here likes anime and they pretend to be disillusioned weeaboos who only now hate anime for cool points because old good and new bad

you shouldve seen 2000s anime then

unlike moeshit, iyashikei isnt a term meant to be insulting

why does a friendship become bad the moment sex is involved if they remain friends after fucking
the answer is because youre deeply conservative

using services filled with ads is never fine, even if you block them because page visits also give them money
torrent will always be king, go seed seed seed


old people also struggled and still struggle with torrents
the bittorrent protocol has never been largely popular and the average person went for easier p2p software like kazaa or soulseek

they arent americans so no data caps

im tired of every joke in anime being a manzai skit

finally a detailed explanation instead of a one-liner dumb opinion

hetalia has always been hated and associated with le fujos so this is not a hot take

you arent cool for blindly hating most anime

killing bites never pretended to be anything but a silly gorefest like most gorefests in the medium

you hate a genre that doesnt appeal to you and you hate that a porn genre is "obscene", amazing


this doesnt even qualify as homoeroticism let alone "yaoishit", do you even know what the page is saying

not a hot take

i think the threads were popular because the girls were hot, thats all

you arent funny

hating high guardian spice is probably the coldest take in the entire thread

not a hot take, theres hundreds of pseuds exactly like you on 4chan

and thats a good thing

this isnt a hot take but i agree with it nonetheless

the government doesnt control anime directly but the people in the committees tend to have values closely aligned with the government


File: 1644384240271.gif (434.19 KB, 500x720, Rei blink.gif)

>even isekai isnt overproduced in anime these days also
Kind of true, but there are still at least half a dozen made every year, and the post of mine is from 2020, during the big boom of it.

>you shouldve seen 2000s anime

NTA but I grew up on 90s and 2000s anime (among other things) and the reruns of 80s anime, the 2000s have similarity to one another, but that's more a style of the era, every decade had it, the 2010s hover are literally the same computer models often enough.

>why does a friendship become bad the moment sex is involved

<ur conservative
LOL no. putting aside the fact that you're blatantly ignoring the context (fetishized samesex shipping of straight friend characters of an anime/manga), the dynamics of a friendship change, because, like it or not, sex is intimate and a different kind of love than that which you hold for a brother/friend. Changing it from friends to sexual-interest decontextualizes very interaction the characters have into vulgarity.
This is beside the fact that the dehumanizing and disgusting samesex fetishization is unliked by gay people too.

>even if you block them because page visits also give them money

NTA but who cares? We aren't losing money that they gain, we're not paying anything to them, companies that put up ads pay the site to place the ads up, the audience's mulla is untouched.

>finally a detailed explanation instead of a one-liner dumb opinion
Glad you liked it, though there's parts I'd like to revise, 2 years later.
>hetalia has always been hated
The big fandom and tons of fanart indicate the reverse.


File: 1644384856536.jpg (1.16 MB, 4058x2553, kanon.jpg)

while many shows from the 2010s may be "samey" when i think of the 2000s i think of this


>disgusting samesex fetishization is unliked by gay people too
lol seethe more breeder


So any depiction of homosexual sex is fetishized? Even when most of the artists doing it are homosexuals themselves?

>the dynamics of a friendship change, because, like it or not, sex is intimate and a different kind of love than that which you hold for a brother/friend

Like Bane would say: "For you."


File: 1644385678358-0.jpg (82.98 KB, 546x490, FIRST_NARUTO.jpg)

File: 1644385678358-3.png (1.44 MB, 1500x785, ClipboardImage.png)

>when i think of the 2000s i think of this
Then you really did not watch a lot of anime of the era, because that moefag look is the poster child of cheap SoL anime that ripped off other SoL anime of the time, literal Turkish Star Wars tier crap. Pics related are closer to the general style of the time.


File: 1644385811040.gif (501.82 KB, 490x371, drink wave misato.gif)

>seethe more breeder
<U-ur mad not me, s-seeth c-cope! Ccan you tell I'm a terminally online 4chan fag yet?
Ok faggot.


shows from the 2010s dont look any more samey than shows from 2000s, 90s or 80s, this nostalgia shit has got to stop


File: 1644387068483.png (199.17 KB, 680x604, ClipboardImage.png)

>Even when most of the artists doing it are homosexuals themselves
Most yaoi and yuri art gets done by (often straight) women expressing their voyeuristic paraphilic fetish; thus the term Fujo for it, don't be obtuse.
>"For you."
No, not "for me", for anyone that isn't terminally porn-addled.


You're really going to post a quote from a fucking Christian conservative? What's next, fucking nofap infographics?

>for anyone that isn't terminally porn-addled

Stop universalizing your own experiences. "Friends with benefits" have been a thing since ever.


>shows from the 2010s dont look any more samey
Yes they do, UNLIKE shows from 2000s, 90s or 80s, BECAUSE the industry reuses animation models, and just adds differing hair to make it slightly different unless specific detailing is needed for a character. This is best seen in SoL anime


> calling an anon terminally online and mad
not the anon that is calling it 'inhumane' to headcanon drawn characters you reactionary cunt.


File: 1644387813070.png (1.3 MB, 1200x1066, ClipboardImage.png)

>a fucking Christian conservative
<hurr Imma ignore the fair point and the fact that this is the author of classic benchmarks of literature to attack them personally cuz I got no argument!
Ok fag, cry me a river.
>Stop universalizing your own experiences.
No, because this has been generally social opinion for decades or more
>"Friends with benefits" have been a thing since ever.
Again ignoring the entire argument to make a strawman, truly good fallacy-bending


Honestly reported and ignored. Go fuck yourself.


File: 1644388105868.jpg (37.68 KB, 600x557, Laughing DnD elf.jpg)

>calling it 'inhumane' to headcanon drawn characters
<It's just a drawing!
Every Time, LMFAO.
Nice scarecrow there BTW, too bad anyone can scroll up and se the context being these shallow coomer depictions being considered like that by actual gay people online.
> reactionary
And yet another moron doesn't comprehend the term and uses it as an ideological substitute for "person i don't like"

Touch Grass


>reported and ignored
Actually calling the mods because you can't actually defend your claim and then announcing it… wow, /pol/ really has become the cucks they project onto leftypol.


No energy to justify my own humanity to some porn is bad retard online.


>justify my own humanity
LMAO nobody attacked your humanity you dramaqueen
>porn is bad retard
It's scientific fact, jack. No argument.


> disgusting
> dehumanize
> no concept of friendhsip

Youre so actually malicious towards gay people while arguing under the false pretense that you are somehow on their side its disgusting.


Anime has always been largely uniform but the infamous Key cockroach style was by no means the norm


File: 1644389727338.png (616.26 KB, 590x775, ClipboardImage.png)

>Youre so actually malicious towards gay people
No, no I m not because nowhere do I attack gay people or gayness, I attack a very shallow genre of waifufagging (and already shallow activity) that makes gay people a cute little fetish for fujo girls to squirt over and completely disregard the human aspect for lasciviousness.
>false pretense that you are somehow on their side its disgustin
This right here is gaslighting and slander. You are cringe, deal with it.


wtf is that abomination


> This right here is gaslighting
You are very good at being smug
Well as a gay man the only person disregarding my humanity in this thread is you


File: 1644390430194.png (545.26 KB, 894x708, laughing owl.png)

>ou are very good at being smug
Nothing to be smug about, you're just being fallacious at every turn.
>as a gay man
Don't believe you and you are one person, and a clear coomer that can't bear to see any mean words threaten your fapmaterial, so you attack it and hide behind "muh gayz" to virtue signal yourself a shield from criticism.
>the only person disregarding my humanity in this thread is you
Nobody is doing that, you're just crying wolf cuz you're a sore loser.

Touch Grass and good night.


Also I read this very level-headed take: https://archive.ph/vBdo7
I agreed with it largely, fujoshi in certain contexts can be very uncomfortable especially when the behavior is done irl, however if you go through your replies we find much more general comments:

> (fetishized samesex shipping of straight friend characters of an anime/manga

< plenty of gay people do this, it's not disgusting or dehumanizing and it's not just 'rotten girls'
< it's not that weird to view romance in a media form that has for years kind of forgotten about gay people while often known for writing some pretty crazy subtext
< even legitimate BL shows due tonot wanting to be criticized never draw more than 'stare longingly at the other guy'
> CS Lewis critique
< this is straight up offensive, headcanoning fictional characters isnt a lack of ability to make or understrand friendship. The gay community is usually much better at maintaining a sense of community than pretty much anyone else (except for some minorities)
< denying gay men do this in yaoi and yuri
> see bara
> Don't believe you
Again youre just kind of a bully,


>All this
<literal contrarian nitpicking
Yeah I'll leave that for tomorrow, I got work in 6 hours
>youre just kind of a bully
No, you're just a snowflake, this is a chan, not your nitter account


Anyone reading this thread can tell you're kind of a piece of shit.
> muh slander


It also helps that it treats the source material seriously.
There is a noticeable tonal shift when you watch Brotherhood after the original series that’s jarring. Characters have way more over-the-top reactions for the sake of comedic relief, but it really undercuts the drama to an obnoxious degree.
I just wish the manga was finished so they could have used that ending instead of the convoluted mess it became.
Maybe it’s personal preference, but I also think the music is better.


File: 1644450399274.gif (890.45 KB, 500x541, scarecrow gentleman.gif)

<projecting this hard

> plenty of gay people do this
<continues to ignore the specific context to argue a strawman
>for years kind of forgotten about gay people
*cough* bullshit *cough*
> legitimate BL shows due tonot wanting to be criticized never draw more than 'stare longingly at the other guy'
LMAO stop making up crap trying to present PG and PG-13 rating restriction as censorship of "muh geys" it's disingenuous. Inb4 "muh R" For a long time, R-rating did not include ANY blatant sex or nudity of any orientation.
>this is straight up offensive
No, you're just playing victim over a critique of fetishim not even addressed at gay people at all during its writing, moron.
>headcanoning fictional characters isnt a lack of ability to make or understrand friendship
It is when the headcanon is blatantly counter to the actual canon, it's not exclusive to fujocrap.
>The gay community is usually much better at maintaining a sense of community
You're just making an assertion not actually relevant to literature, or again to my specific point.
>denying gay men do this in yaoi and yuri
The fuck are you on about?
> see bara
*pfft* that's your evidence? A genre of gay hentai that encapsulates the hilarious memery of Van-sama?
Also, again, you're arguing a strawman - I specifically talked about taking non-gay characters of non-hentai manga and making them gay for the purpose of appealing to other fujo.
>fujoshi in certain contexts can be very uncomfortable especially when the behavior is done irl
Yeah, that is my point
<however if you go through your replies
Replies to what? Nothing you greentexted is a reply to my point or a quote of a reply to my post.


You haven't even defined fetishization and then claim you have a coherent point. If we are talking about fetishizing the concept of gayness in yaoi then that is as you point out disrespectful - whether it is really all that destructive I'm skeptical of. The same fetishization does not necessarily apply to yuri, where significant readership is queer and has out lesbian writers. There are of course gay males writing yaoi and gay male readers but certainly the minority.

Also your scientific anti porn thing (there is no scientific consensus, porn compulsion is different than addiction) and generality of statements implies a condemnation of kink or sexual nature in the community. Such as saying Yuri authors are drawing their own voyeur Which is ridiculous because so many of them are in fact queer. Or dropping a christians take that is so monstrously disrespectful to how gay people experience their own relationships. If you're going to retreat to just a mild condemnation of fujos sure whatever, but a greater part of your arguments is clearly rooted in moralistic condemnations of sexuality especially those common in queer communities.


>You haven't even defined fetishization
goalpost shifting, not to mention the fact that you're being blatantly obtuse about a very simple concept.
>If we are talking about fetishizing the concept of gayness in yaoi then that is as you point out disrespectful
<whether it is really all that destructive I'm skeptical
It is in regards to taking non-gay characters and making them gay because "close friends are totally closet homos and fucking, uwu"; vulgar and crass to any normal person AND exploitative at best.
>The same fetishization does not necessarily apply to yuri
Yuri is also often trash, but because it is done by women usually it has at least decorum and not just blatant lust trying to pretend to be a good story or character interaction, but that's not the topic at hand.
>gay males writing yaoi and gay male readers but certainly the minority
That's my point
>there is no scientific consensus
You can claim that about almost anything, not an argument
>porn compulsion is different than addiction
Don't play a fool, it's impact on the brain is similar and comparable to HEROIN, the main problem of which is the addictiveness.
>enerality of statements implies a condemnation of kink or sexual nature in the community
Because it is a vocal minority for people, most people do not want to know or see your fetishes and many fetishes are the result of sex-obsession; a primarily burger problem that plagues the culture.
>uri authors are drawing their own voyeur
Never said that Kizaru, try again.
>dropping a christians take
Not an argument, you are attacking the source (based purely on ideological lumping at that) and ignoring the argument.
>disrespectful to how gay people experience their own relationships
Fucking horseshit; you're doing it again, virtue signaling a shield from criticism by crying "homophobe" at a literary analysis from 1960 addressing male fetishism of women and fictional straight relationships, but in a manner that applies to ALL relationships. Being gay doesn't make your relationship magically much different, hell that is the platform gay rights activists have repeated for decades; you're being blatantly hypocritical and fallacious.
>a greater part of your arguments is clearly rooted in moralistic condemnations of sexuality
Nope, you are projecting your victim complex onto me and my criticism of a specific genre of (fan)fiction. Are you fucking 12 that you cannot comprehend the difference between fiction and reality? Fuck off.

PS erotica =/= porn in the modern sense; a scantily clad girl is erotic, a gangbang is porn.


Theres no point arguing, your entire argument comes down to some finger wagging moralism that every queer person has had shoved in their face for their entire life. You'd be hard pressed to find a single gay person that wouldn't knock out your teeth if you said any of this nonsense to them.


Trying to "convert" /pol/tards to leftism has been disastrous to online discourse.


File: 1644459201137.png (847.36 KB, 1728x1100, ClipboardImage.png)

>finger wagging moralism
<every queer person
Nonsequitur and false, you have no argument and keep falling back to "homophobe!" ven though I have never attacked gays or their relationships in any posts; I directly addressed an unhealthy exploitation of a specific subculture of fiction.
>has had shoved in their face for their entire life
Are you really trying to engage in liberal oppression olympics directed at an argument I never made? Go back to reddit.
>You'd be hard pressed to find a single gay person that wouldn't knock out your teeth if you said any of this nonsense to them
<If this weren't de darn internetz I'd beat u up!
<My projected conception of gays is universal!
Funny how I HAVE met MANY gay people, that live their lives freely being themselves, that are extremely uncomfortable by fujoshi and their "fiction" and depiction of relationships, if you genuinely think that depicting sex-obsessed and often abusive closet relations are good depictions of gay relationships… man you are fucked up.


You have no arguments except being a moralizing religious cuck and using a random picture to every post of yours because you're that desperate for attention.


File: 1644460971180.jpg (129.76 KB, 532x858, растрилять.jpg)

>no argument
<N-no u!
>moralizing religious
Religion nor theology is never mentioned in any of my posts, you keep bringing it up
<cuck cuck cuck
Ok /pol/
>using a random picture
<t.can't read
>desperate for attention
<which is why I sage my post (sarcasm)
And yet you keep replying…


No you



kek I love you anon


File: 1645410301242.png (2.3 MB, 1900x1008, ClipboardImage.png)

The story of Gray and Silvers Fullbuster are kind of a reference to the Luke-Vader dynamic.


I love those 2 hour long podcasts talking about anime more than I enjoy the anime themselves. They're always fucking wrong and have low standards but they do note things about shows that I find interesting to learn. Those podcasts go over every anime of the season.

KHR is a good anime despite the censorship, filler and omitations.

Bleach is overhated.

I rather think about watching an anime than watching anime


File: 1647164993392.jpg (43.9 KB, 716x716, 1564938121272.jpg)

Eva is a 4/10 show and it overrated.


>Saying this as a "hot take"
<using generic moeshit image


The maximum limit for pages of threads on this board should be expanded.

The minimum number of characters required for the text of threads' OPs should also be increased, so that even if the board is slowed, posts are better quality.

If possible, make it possible to mark posts NSFW and to hide NSFW posts.


whats a 10/10 show for you?


Same and I hate it

You should take that to /meta/ though

t. Didn't understand Eva
Also the Monogatari series is overrated trash


Yokohama Shopping Trip is what people pretend ARIA is


if you think in the future liberated workers will just naturally of their own accord create exclusively historical materialist entertainment, you are retarded.
even your own comment wasn't historically materialist, nor your decision to make it. guess you're a liberal buddy.


Blue period was better as an anime than a manga


I don't think there's a rivalry there.


internet posters love false dichotomies


File: 1651807401671.gif (5.97 KB, 125x125, sungrrl.gif)

Actually it'd only be a false dichotomy if I said you can only like one of them, which I didn't, so ironically you're the one being reductive.
There, absolutely mind-broken by solid reasoning. Nothing personal.


I didn't claim any fallacy was committed. Just that there didn't seem to be much tribalism going on.


…and pretending everything is like cheering for sports teams, like >>14680 does. You forgot that.


>pretending everything is like cheering for sports teams
I literally said you can like both.


The Ratchet and Clank movie was pretty good IMO.


Evangelion was better before they ran out of budget in episode 16. All those animation-less, student film-tier sequences, take down the quality of the show.


I watched with an open mind and enjoyed that method of story telling. It's well done for being a spur of the moment solution to running on short time constraints which actually was the real reason not as much budget issues they just were behind schedule if I recall.


File: 1656517820921.png (2.36 MB, 1037x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

as someone who likes big boobas (although not exclusively really), High School of the Dead is no only really boring but also bad fanservice wise and I have no idea why I think that is the case.
One Piece is too fucking goofy to take seriously.



I'm kind of glad the author of HSotD died even though I was enjoying the story. One less reactionary pos.


File: 1656531391686.png (507.1 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

One Piece isn't meant to be taken seriously you idiot. It's a self-parody. Literally you have characters dying from falling of stairs. I blame anime-onlies for thinking One Piece is meant as anything but a big laf. It can't be quite more obvious.


How was he reactionary? I'm curious.


Yeah, Oda's comments on the volume extras make it clear that though he is deadly serious about the quality of his work, the nature of One Piece is not really to be taken seriously at all. Were there not so many fights it'd be just a gag manga.


my hot take is the buu arc is really good and perfectly mixes the silliness of early db and the more serious but on-the-fly storytelling of z to create a story that's not planned out but equal parts extremely funny, exciting and meaningful
oda and toriyama aren't super-serious like araki (whose manga is "just silly" too if you oversimplify it) and tend to be self-distanced - that doesn't mean their manga is not emotionally earnest
>Literally you have characters dying from falling of stairs
no one ever broke their neck falling down a flight of stairs you're right


One of the girls parents are literally fascists and the whole episode with their compound is a metaphor for Japanese politics


don't think japan really cares. kouta hirano is def more left leaning if you look at his twitter and they were good friends + hirano was crushed when he died. the artist for another manga he wrote, koukoku no shugosha (also gundam ibo character designer) is a lib and worked with him

he's def seen as more than just "the zombie gore and tits manga guy" in japan


<take 1
i love eva, but the plot was really dumb and not as deep as it was trying to be, especially in the rebuilds, since the message turns out to be
>go be a wagie and live with my forced insert waifu, lol. lmao even
<take 2
probably not a hot take on this website, but welcome to the nhk has a shit ending
it suggests that just going to work and going outside makes you feel better and gain friends somehow, when it's precisely wage labor in neoliberal capitalism that causes so many hikkineets to appear in the first place


For Evangelion the thread on Evangelion really goes into discussing the depth of the original… and shallowness of the rebuild.


I don't think he should have died, don't care about some nobody, but High School of the Dead kinda sucks as it goes on.


Yeah I gotta disagree on the Buu Arc, at least to some extent the story and characterizations are just ass, though you're correct that the actual tone and method of it is a pretty good mesh of old Dragon Ball and Z.


These posts meant for >>16002


It's a pretty common anime trope and common fiction trope in general, alluding to the classic conflict of sons and fathers. Luke-Vader is just one of the most iconic ones.


File: 1664674003545.jpg (42.83 KB, 387x400, keisuke.jpg)

people keeping having the Rei vs Asuka vs Misato discourse, when they really should be having the Kanae vs Nemu vs Natsuki-sensei discourse


the best ending of evangelion is the TV ending, fuck the lore

the best of lupin III was miyazaki's run and then TWCFM followed by the koike movies, oshii should have been allowed to make his batshit pomo pink jacket movie

UC gundam should have ended with char's counterattack

speaking of oshii, the first GitS movie was the peak of the franchise and it's not oshii's best movie, it's good but angel's egg slightly edges it out for me and patlabor 2 is a strong contender too

paprika isn't kon's best movie

imaishi is at his best when he's not doing shonen-y stuff, dead leaves and edgerunners are both great but kill la kill just came off as trying too hard to be epic bacon narwhal

konosuba stops being funny after episode 6, kazuma being a creep is not a joke in and of itself and it gets repetitive and boring real quick


>>17256 (me)

princess mononoke should have gotten miyazaki the oscar, not spirited away (yes spirited away is an excellent movie, I just found princess mononoke more emotionally involving)

the only good haruhi media is the movie

liz and the blue bird is the best thing I've seen from kyoto animation, it's kino from start to finish

they should have made more trava: fist planet

I very badly want Patlabor EZY to be good but I know it's not going to be

nagatoro isn't funny, it's just more cookie cutter high school romcom humor once the novelty of the female love interest being an abrasive asshole wears off (which happens really quick)

the best of monogatari in terms of consistent quality are bake and kizu

bryan cranston should do more anime dubs for my amusement


>imaishi is at his best when he's not doing shonen-y stuff, dead leaves and edgerunners are both great but kill la kill just came off as trying too hard to be epic bacon narwhal
i agree now but gurren is shoneny and i like it far, far more than klk
the best of lupin is the manga imo. miyazaki solo eps for red jacket were not as good as when he was working with takahata; green jacket was a collaboration and felt more monkey punch-like cuz takahata is imo less bound by a single style. you had miyazaki's technical prowerss and takahata being more open to experimentation = gold

hate woman called fujiko mine cuz it basically introduced a really bad sexist reading of fujiko then went "lol, you actually believed fujiko is like that cuz she was raped? no she's just a cool strong freewheeling woman" yeah, but I didn't LIKE it and thought it was bad. I spent a good chunk of the series arguing "that's not what they're saying" but I did change my mind when you showed the owl rape cuz you made it more and more in your face then went "lol, implanted memories". instead of making her a victim for so much of the story, even attempting suicide, why not have her just be a cool and active protag all the way? the koike films are way more "lupinlike" imo and look better too; fujiko didn't handle his designs super well and you had some episodes that were very "off model but in a bad way that makes it clear the animators were rushed", not in a loose fun way like trava fist planet.

the individual adventure episodes were good though. pyramid episode by the guy who directed the gurren hot springs ep was wonderful. if it was all like that I'd have loved it and Mari Okada could have done it; she wrote the amazing first 2000s Zorori movie.
>they should have made more trava: fist planet
I'm gonna be really hipstery and say trava was better in terms of visual style. redline is amazing and more of a technical marvel but more focused on realism and has less wacky changes from pulpy detail to cartoony and skillfully deformed drawings & motion
>nagatoro isn't funny, it's just more cookie cutter high school romcom humor once the novelty of the female love interest being an abrasive asshole wears off (which happens really quick)
i think the popularity of "my waifu is bullying me" stuff just shows otaku interests are getting sadder and sadder. I'd prefer media where both the love interest and the self insert protag are assertive and cool.
the story, ok, I get how hyping up two different solutions and neither working could bother people. but the characterization? mr. satan and fat buu's friendship, along with satan helping save the earth in his own way and everyone coming to terms with normie ignorance + needing charismatic figures to rile them up, is some of the best character writing in the entire manga and shows an effortlessly thoughtful and openminded worldview. normies who didn't get it weren't really bad people, they were just too concerned with their own personal lives, struggles & relationships to be knowledgeable about the protagonists' martial arts passion.


Everything Studio Trigger did after Gurren Lagann ranges to “just OK” to bad


File: 1664979538218-0.png (322.03 KB, 1024x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664979538218-1.png (366.44 KB, 1024x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

vegeta went through two big developments; first he realized his selfishness was holding him back, that the ideology scarred into his brain by a lifetime of slavery was wrong. so he sacrificed himself for his family, and yes, even for his lifelong rival. a lesser author would've stopped at cuz "that's what it's all about right, love is the ultimate power". instead he realized that, while goku does care for his loved ones, and that is a part of his power, there's something EVEN STRONGER deep inside of him that makes him the perfect martial artist. it's his focus on constructive fighting over domination, on pushing himself over pushing others down, on having fun seeing his firends and rivals get stronger instead of wanting them eliminated, and on dedicating himself body & soul to what brings him true joy. this is why Toriyama acknowledges Goku as a very flawed character, even saying there's some "poison" in his being, yet still ended the manga saying "approach your life the way Goku does".

that is the real core of dragon ball and why skilled athletes like Carlos Newton love it so much.
Gurren was… I dunno if peak Imaishi cuz I like him as a director more when he goes super cartoony like Dead Leaves and RE: Cutie Honey ep 1, but definitely peak Nakashima. very similar to Dragon Ball in fact, in that it's a "make shit up as you go along" story still strongly held together by its core ideas, albeit a more academic literary approach to it (he is a playwright after all) since he's def more "high brow" than Toriyama whose stuff is more "smart dumb guy" (not inherently worse or better, just different)

the themes of "moving forward", individuality, generational struggle and the final message of "past and present coming together to create a path towards the future" are excellently executed with visual metaphors that work best as a cartoon. the writing is amazing and full of "I see what you did there" stuff that layers meanings and lets you feel the joy of figuring out the meaning of every line & every thematic visual. it's the same sort of thing as FLCL or Rintaro's Take the X Train, p much peak anime.


Despite how it feels, most of GL isn't actually made up on the spot. Because 95% of it is straight up ripped out of Getter Robo. It's practically a remake.


I don't like shounen. Pretty much all the big shounen series that I know of (with maybe the exception of One Piece) have little in them that interests me enough to dedicate time to them. That's my daily hot take.


what about old pre fist of the north star stuff like ashita no joe, black jack, devilman etc
stock /m/ take w zero analytical ability beyond the surface level


Well Devilman is trash


Sonic X is actually fun and pretty accurate to the characters from the games and I enjoyed the series. I watched the UK dub version, Russian dub version and Jap English Sub so I'm fairly versed in it. The typical 90s Jetix style of the series absolutely made it for me too, even if some of the fight animation is kinda low budget. It totally embraced the zany aspects of Sonic and still included the serious story plots. I found the Human characters to be fairly decent, though that depends on your point of view I suppose. This and Sonic SAT AM are the things that introduced me to the series and are a fun throwback to my childhood and the crazy 90s that I remember and miss. Maybe this is nostalgia but I'd honestly like to go back to that pre-9/11 time period because it felt so free in a lot of areas that aren't today, and Sonic X is an example of that, since I can't imagine a series like it today, the filler/canon episode dynamic of the series exists in modern day, but it doesn't feel the same - lacking the old Saturday morning problem-of-the-week formula that had been so fun and the silliness that you suspend disbelief for.




I'm so sorry.


>I'd prefer media where both the love interest and the self insert protag are assertive and cool.

Please just give me one of these shows where both love interest are relatable, three-dimensional people not reducible to tropes and the jokes are actually funny and actual jokes and not "HAW HAW HAW A HORNY HAPPENED"


>Russian dub version
Sonic X got a Russian dub? Now I'm curious, where did you find it?
>Jap English Sub
Unfortunately, N*tflix only has seasons 1 and 2 available, so I couldn't see season 3 with the Japanese dub -_-

Anyways, I agree with you. It's a pretty fun series one of my personal favorites/guilty pleasures I have to admit. I personally don't mind the human characters at all and TBF I don't think they deserve the hate they get online. In fact, I'd say some are pretty memorable if you enjoyed it, like Topaz (the Special Forces gril). I think there are some things that could've had a better execution, however. Also, I think it's pretty crazy how they decided to turn season 3 into a space adventure, but I really liked it.
I'd even go as far as to say it's one of the most memorable pieces of Sonic media, so I guess here's my hot take?


Chris served no purpose tho, without him it would have been a lot better.


the japanese needed to be nooked 10 ten times overs


>Sonic X got a Russian dub? Now I'm curious, where did you find it
Just use adblockers and kissanime.com.ru for English subs and dubs. They have most anime there in decent 720p and sometimes 1080p
>Topaz (the Special Forces gril
Yeah, the dynamic with rouge is hilarious
>some things that could've had a better execution
True, but it's a cheap saturday morning cartoon from the 90s, so it fits the bill
> think it's pretty crazy how they decided to turn season 3 into a space adventure
Yeah it got fun and strange in the coolest ways.


anime was invented to weaken and curb the population growth of americans by japanese but their weapon was too successful that it against them


This. Don't forget that Japan was a world leader in psychological and biological warfare during WW2, no doubt the yankees allowed those programs to continue after it ended since they copied/copy their homework.


>True, but it's a cheap saturday morning cartoon from the 90s, so it fits the bill
Fair point! Just a little precision however: it's a 2000s series, it aired from 2003 to 2005 IIRC ^^
Sorry if I sounded like a douchebag


>Sorry if I sounded like a douchebag
You don't. I meant it as in the series conception began in the 90s and released in the early 2000s, similar to other anime like Naruto, One Piece and Pokemon.


like many ITT I hate the One Piss anime. But I don't just hate it, I fucking HATE it, I fucking HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE it!!!!!!!!!!! the anime started pretty great IMO, & it had some pretty magical moments where I cried because i'm a bitch boy, but then it starts getting really, really bad veeeeeeery slowly so u don't even notice it getting so awful. I watched 800 (EIGHT HUNDRED (!!!!!!!!!!)) fucking episodes of this CRAP, because the quality was getting awful so slowly that I took a long time to notice how awful it was getting. Currently One Piece is so fucking bad that it's UNWATCHABLE:
–30%, maybe 40% of each episode is a bunch of nothing: intros, outros, briefings etc
–50% of the anime is characters running from one place to another while nothing happens;
–You can't escape the filler, because every episode feels like it's being stretched veeeery thin;
–the WORST fucking animation you'll EVER see, I'm not kidding;
–really, really lazy and cringe comedy, with characters having their "funny gags" that they repeat over, and over, and over, and over, and it's not even funny the first time
–0 stakes. Good guy characters will only die literally every 500 episodes or more
–awful character design: characters that Oda want to look sexy look extremely uncanny
–countless other issues that I can't remember in the moment

I really hope that at one point someone makes a good cut of the entire One Piss anime. It needs like at least 60% of it to be removed to make it watchable. If you watch a random modern One Piece episode, you'll be unable to believe how AWFUL it is


File: 1666070294504.jpeg (104.67 KB, 1024x404, Nami tits over time.jpeg)

I don't have this much at stake but yeah you're almost entirely correct here. The One Piece thread mentions these issues (primarily Post-Time-Skip a couple times too.
Honestly the entire decline of One Piece can be correlated to the size of Nami's bust - the larger it got, the shittier the anime (and manga to an extent).
>I really hope that at one point someone makes a good cut of the entire One Piss anime.
Yeah like a One Piece Abridged (a real one and not the low effort shit currently on Youtube, something literally Team 4 Star or SomethingWittyEntertainment level of editing.


but does this spreading thin stuff critique extend to the manga as well? Because there's so many issues

what's the one piece abridged up on youtube rn and why is it bad


File: 1666075843789.png (404.11 KB, 500x507, ClipboardImage.png)

So for the newbies here, back in the 2000s/early 2010s alongside stuff like AMVs and Fanime there existed Abridgements; Abridged versions of popular anime series, mostly choppily edited, full of memes and poor voice acting and often childishly excessive swearing. A major point of abridgement is to cut down episode length and shorten stuff. Among these are several attempts to make a One Piece Abridged series that are honestly pretty shit. Then came Dragon Ball Z: Abridged, a series started by some Dragon Ball fans started in the same vein but that developed into an unironic shortened and improved version of the original Dragon Ball Z anime up until the end of the Cell Saga. The same group also did Hellsing abridged. These ended a couple years ago. Some time during DBZ:A's production a channel called SomethingWittyEntertainment, also started by a group of anime-loving friends began the project Sword Art Online: Abridged, taking the original Season 1 of SAO and improving the characterizations in satirical manner. All this happened organically, not a a deliberate attempt to improve the story, but simply to have fun.
Just look them up and you'll find them, I dare say you'll enjoy them.

>does this spreading thin stuff critique extend to the manga as well
NTA but yes it does, though it takes the manga longer to do so and it's not as bad as the anime, though it's pretty sucky too at this point.


>Honestly the entire decline of One Piece can be correlated to the size of Nami's bust - the larger it got, the shittier the anime

lmao TRUE


hot take: moeblobs aren't as bad as people make them sound, there's lots of high school girl sol gems and there were never as many horrible generic cgdct shows as any cancer trope you can think of (like isekai or harem)
the entire reason why people hate them is because they were popular and contrarians don't like looking at cute things because they're rotten inside


File: 1666125686037.gif (3.48 MB, 498x275, anime rope.gif)

>here were never as many horrible generic cgdct shows as any cancer trope you can think of (like isekai or harem)
<implying they're not linked
<implying that the shittiest harem and isekai aren't moe-shit.
I could literally look up the moe-shit genre on any catalogue and there is probably going to be more of them than isekai (an impressive feat in itself, and a large number of isekai today are also moe-blob SoL shit under a guise. All of that shit could get the axe and the world'd only benefit from it.

>he entire reason why people hate them is because they were popular and contrarians don't like looking at cute things because they're rotten inside

No. People hate them for being lazy, vapid mass-generated shit like the majority of modern anime today. And "muh cute" gets tiresome, especially since there is little to no substance past that, or if it even harms the narrative and tone of a story. If anything people that obsessively defend cgdct shit are often more rotten inside than the critics, because for them it is their life-line, their escape from "the ugly RL" Literally pic rel tier.


This board has gone so far downhill that I can't tell if this is ironic or genuine schizoposting


I miss abridgedments. Fucking youtube and the dmca killed them.


I unironically think that power scaling might be a way to introduce fascism to the populace.


3D animation is good for anime.


Some anime good…but most bad


You ain't missing much
They all devolved into the same 3 things
Character is an asshole
Loud yelling = funny
Or just constant references/bits taken from adult swim or archer
Even the ones people think are the best TFS and the SAO one suffers from those things i listed as well


I don't see the problem tbh.


I don't care. It was a genuine expression of proletarian art that was strangled in its crib by bourgeois property rights. It's death is emblematic of the wider destruction of creativity on the internet being smothered by every increasing bourgeois control of its content.


spice and wolf is my favorite anime


That humor was the norm for 2012 and before, which obviously is seen as cringe because our humor developed. If the series were allowed to
live and not just taken down, then the standards would've gone up. Ytps for example got better over time, (granted they did see oppression).

Also adamwestslapdog, little kuribohs abridged series, and yugioh-gx hold up without doing anything you said – (well maybe the asshole character).


>That humor was the norm for 2012 and before

Something I saw a lot on the early internet was that a lot of the humor was stolen from The Simpsons. Early 2000s, it was still a huge cultural force, and most of the people actively making stuff on the internet had at least seen it, especially if they were artists, animators, whatever. Sometimes it was lines cribbed word for word, or scenes copied directly, or even just references to this or that funny Simpsons joke. Later on, the Simpsons were replaced by Family Guy, Adult Swim, etc.

But anyway, the point being that for a lot of these people that maybe knew how to draw but didn't really know how to be funny, copying the Simpsons was just the start. Sure, a lot of people probably never got past the copy-stage, but the copy-stage is an integral stage for learning anything. Ideally the people trying to master skills, you know, like comedy, move beyond the copying stage of learning, but stuff made within that category is still completely valid.

> little kuribohs abridged series

Can't spell ONGOING woutout OG


sonic x came out in 2003 you fucker


The only good Isekai is one with John Brown blasting those slaver scum's brains out.





I was talking about the 90s in general you moron, and the relatively retro aesthetic of Sonic X - Example: a lot of TV series, movies and cartoons post 9/11 did not include or removed scenes involving skyscrapers and aircraft, Sonic X didn't.


File: 1681168353444.png (290.66 KB, 500x373, ClipboardImage.png)

>Unit 731
>Bio-weapons use in Korea based on their research
Look it up


Most anime sucks with a handful of exceptions that redeem it.


>moe slice of life is pedophilia

ahh, you people never cease to amaze me.

this. Alot of fighting shonem shows are just bloodlust fests with meaningless plot lines and grunts.

The only good thing about them are the cool graphics.


name one anime that sucks


daring today, arent we


>ultra softcore porn of 11 year old school girls
amerikkkans are truly fucked


Why are a bunch of balding old men watching shows about little girls? Who is the target demo for these shows? Naturally I would assume little girls but I wouldn't put anything past Japan. Is it just a MLP type deal or is it catering to the pedos?


What's the "hot take" here?


File: 1682657771280-0.png (114.23 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1682657771280-1.png (9.49 MB, 2676x2007, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1682657771280-2.png (108.1 KB, 298x169, ClipboardImage.png)

>Oreimo,[Jp. 1] short for Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai,[Jp. 2][2][3][a] is a Japanese light novel series written by Tsukasa Fushimi, with illustrations provided by Hiro Kanzaki. The story depicts high school student Kyosuke Kosaka who discovers that his standoffish younger sister Kirino is actually an otaku with an extensive collection of moe anime and younger sister-themed eroge(porn games) she has been collecting in secret.


Huh? I don't get the question?



Yeah pretty good. How about you?


my hot take is that leftypol sucks for talking about anime and even places that get called "sjw" like hexbear have more and better discussions about anime and manga that dont devolve 99% of the time into performative fights about "pedophilia" or whatever conservatards love parading about


My bad, I guess my hot take is I agree with what the poster above is saying >>2154 that a lot of "moe" just seems to be softcore pedophillic porn like this:


File: 1682658265961.jpg (723.5 KB, 3264x2448, 1682612934231.jpg)

Hell yeah.


Good I wish you all would leave.


>performative fights about "pedophilia"
My bad said cartoon when the correct term is anime. I meant lolicon.


File: 1682659800399.jpg (86.95 KB, 532x800, junk0.jpg)

Itasha wraps are cool, and people who drive Itashas are often dripping with chad energy


so you can have an echo-chamber about how moral you and your neurothic typed are by opposing the degenerate arts ?.
you already have twitter for that and heaps of idiots there wanting all art to be wholesome to join in the choir, why Leftypol should be the same ?.


> haha old guy with gladder problems, let's make fun of them
Why are you like this


Hatred of moe is because people have been spoiled by violence fests that maks up most of shonen anime, especially the big five: Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragonball, and Boku No Hero Academia.


Did you typo o say Five or did you Miss an Anime by some Chance.


Oh yea, youre right I did miss an anime.

What would be the fifth most popular shonen anime in terms of endless violence?


You mean Naruto, Attack On Titan, Dragon Ball, Bleach and Hunter x Hunter. I wouldn't call BnHA a "violence fest", same with Kimetsu no Yaiba.


regardless, shounen doesn't get nearly enough shit as it deserves


Pretty much any weeaboo ends up disliking shounen eventually, or at least being critical of it if they spend enough time engaging with the medium.


why else do weeaboos sometimes get into moe and slice of life?

As for me, when it comes to anime, I read the manga. Its way better.

Even as a kid, I sometimes couldnt handle anime because of the social cues being so awkward.

The plot was ok amd the characters were good lookimg amd had virtues though.

But, I think the anti-moe stance from "hardcore" anime fams is because again, people are fomd of shonen/isekai violence.

Id rathermuch read the fanfiction of shonen than watch the animes.


Its not just shonen. Western action/adventure movies are also guilty.

Look at Michael Bays' Transformers series, or Fast & Furious.

I do like me some action adventure movies on occasion, but not on a frequemt basis.


File: 1683261424819.jpg (288.65 KB, 1920x802, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

Actually I liked the live action movie more than the both manga and the anime


most japanese kids dont even have a fullfilled life either. Besides, why is it so wrong to have entertainment with main characyers as kids?

Vast majority of entertainment has adult characters doing more or less the same thing.


Now this is a hot take.


>I think this is more of a modern generation thing, because back in the day the most daring and 'gross' thing for a guy to be into was some BDSM stuff and even that was mostly just leather and whips.

You are so naive. Men of previous generations were way more degenerate its just that it wasmt talked about. Modern generations have wayy less sex so most fetishes are just fictional.

Also, you underestimate the prudishness of women.


GitS isn't Oshii's best movie. it's good, but Angel's Egg, Patlabor 2 and The Sky Crawlers are better. Innocence is more ambitious but the mansion sequence kills the pacing

Miyazaki's a great director who makes wonderful movies but I think he's overhyped in the west simply due to how much his work jives more with western sensibilities re: animation.

Lupin as an animation franchise peaked early with Mamo and Cagliostro. We had the two basic extremes of what the character can be (bugs bunny psychopath vs. lovable scruffy eccentric) done as well as they could be early on and 90% of everything else has just been trying to re-capture that high, apart from a couple of interesting one-offs like The Woman Called Fujiko Mine and Koike's spinoff OVAs

I like the DBZ movies more than the show. Some people give DBZ flack compared to DB for being "too dark," but IMO the problem isn't that it was "dark", it was that it insisted upon its own pathos while dragging on and on. The movies, while aesthetically even darker than the show, have a much more anarchic sense of anything-can-happen which brings a sense of fun back, and the fact that they're not tied to anything let the creative staff go buckwild with weird concepts in some of them. Also some of the fight animation is really nice, like god damn

I like Hosoda, don't love him. I saw Summer Wars and Girl Who Leapt Through Time, I liked them, didn't feel any need to see more of his work. I feel the same way about Makoto Shinkai

End of Evangelion is a great movie but honestly the TV ending said all that needed to be said - and as I get older, the more I like the TV ending. The Rebuilds were poorly planned and Studio Khara needed to have a full story outline down cold before they even thought about making them.

0083 is an underrated Gundam show. Yes, Kou sucks but that's the point. He's the George Costanza of Gundam pilots by design. He's a mediocre pawn of history who fails upward. His dynamic with Gato is meant to be a microcosm of the differences in perspective between the federation and zeon. He's the anti-Amuro and Gato is the anti-Char, they're both losers who at best accomplish nothing and at worst do things that backfire catastrophically, and they spend the entire show being manipulated by political forces outside their control.

Kawajiri's been kind of unjustly forgotten next to other big-name directors. Sure, his stuff doesn't have the thematic weight of a Kon or an Oshii, but his best movies are well-crafted slices of pulpy fun that have a lot of eyecandy, and there's something to be said about a craftsman that can reliably deliver that.

Someone needs to drag Katsuhiro Otomo out of whatever cave he's living him and have him make more anime

Liz and the Blue Bird is a masterpiece and Naoko Yamada has the potential to be the next Takahata


0083 is actually very good. The animation is spectacular and the story is fun and engaging, taking you to some great locations like Australia in the shadow of colony wreckage to von Braun City on the moon, all while showcasing some incredible mecha designs in a lead up to a tense and satisfying conclusion. The only thing that doesn't really work for me is the relationship stuff at the end, but that's a pretty minor complaint. I can also get complaints about Kou and Gato which are more or less valid, but they work for the story. IMO if the series was longer and they had more room to breath as characters the problems might not have been as bad.

At least they aren't as bad as Quess.


I agree. they needed just a few more episodes to flesh some things out, but as it stands, it's good. And yeah, the animation and art are absolutely killer, absolutely vintage old-school 90s sunrise


File: 1688770129642.png (2.14 MB, 2048x2177, 1688714517763867.png)


My gundam rankings:
1. 0080 War in the pocket
2. 08th MS Team and 0083 tied

Original series, I need to finish. Kinda too cheesy for me and not really good animation. 08th was cheesy but had the best ground battles in the franchise. Still need to watch any Zeta.


>08th MS Team


I absolutely hate audience surrogates. I just don't understand people who collect panties, simp for a girl that is out of their fucking league and let tsundere girls walk all over them. Issei is an exception and Kasuma has earned my respect after he fucking died of a heart attack.

Seems to be a primarily shounen trend but I can be wrong, it seems to bleed into seinen as well.


Oh, and BTW, women beating men up as an attempt at humor is not funny, it makes me want to fucking die.


I do wonder why it's always the ancaps that get stereotyped as coomers who jerk off to lolicon. Like, specifically them.


If you have to ask, you need to read some of MIses' and Rothbard's quotes on children

>Issei is an exception and Kasuma has earned my respect after he fucking died of a heart attack.
This, some of the only characters I can accept as being such, almost any other character doing that is a fag.


It's the instrumentalization of everything in the context of the market. Even to an "authright" there's an inherent value to children as the future of muh nation. To the ancaps the child has to provide exchange value (as a source of labor) or use value (as something to be consumed).


Well, only if we talk about Freedman. Rothbard and Konkin are voluntaryists, prioritizing the NAP and the natural rights over capitalism. Freedmanites tho… Yeah, I see where you're coming from.

Hoppe seems to be too conservative to tolerate child prostitution (unless he utilizes some mental gymnastics to justify this position) but he would def be someone who'd advocate for child slavery. Unironically. Like, he would unironically say that the children are their parents' property and should know their fucking place. He's a patriarchy shill and a neo-feudalist. He admitted that himself.


I'm still a bit shocked at how much the Nazi cancer has infected 4chan. How could this happen? Is it because their attempts at being edgy have backfired? Are they essentially forced into this vicious cycle of ironic racism, fueling real racism and creating an atmosphere of ressentment and dishonesty? Can they even admit that they're wrong despite their entire online persona being built around being offensive and nothing more? Are 4channers simply peer-pressured into being (or pretending to be) Nazis?


Well, dark places like prisons, hoods, and even an imageboard like 4chan always reflect the hidden neuroses of our society, and in this case it is racism and class hatred against people poorer than you. This is why moralfags whinging about /pol/,anime, rap music, or whatever are stupid; the problem is not this specific cultural niche but the society we lives in


There is nothing wrong with lolicon art.


But what about the class hatred against the bourgeoisie? Is that better than class hatred against the poor?


I don't even know what's overhyped anymore because everyone who hypes something up says that they're not overhyping it. It's like infowars, you can't even know who's right or wrong. People get very defensive about their favorite anime so I hide in the corner until they leave me alone.


But what if… What if everyone else is right and I understand nothing? But isn't that an appeal to authority? Isn't the so-called "objective quality" just a form of mass brainwashing by the critics so we agree with their opinions all the time? What if the main reason we think of something as good is because others told us it is good so we constantly force ourselves to enjoy things we otherwise wouldn't? Think about how many times our opinions are shaped by those around us.

What if quality is a spook? What if Sword Art Online is actually an underappreciated masterpiece? What if Neo-Yokio is a timeless classic?


File: 1692425472718.webm (1002.25 KB, 720x544, manic laugh.webm)

>What if Sword Art Online is actually an underappreciated masterpiece? What if Neo-Yokio is a timeless classic?


Live Action anime adaptations aren't that bad.


They only work, in my opinion, in low-fantasy/sci-fi settings, or realistic settings, because live action has trouble executing complicated stuff without utilizing tons of CGI.


>>17256 (me)
>browsing this thread
>find my old post

I have seen the light. Mystery of Mamo is the best Lupin thing and Porco Rosso is Miyazaki's best


>right after the cut to black
>misato shambles out of the LCL sea like the It's Man from Monty Python

<misato's theme.mp3



1. Fairy Tail isn't that bad if the seasons are plodded through slowly or by themselves, at least some of them more precisely that is to say.

2. (not technically super anime related) Utagoe, both as social activity and as musical trend, is pretty based, and maybe anime conventions should have Utagoe Kissa someday.

3. Sailor Moon "Stars" (S5) was done quite well, and the quasi-romantic sideplot inside was lightly-subtly exquisitely sentimental even if the premise might've been slightly sketchy.

4. Haz and Rafiq (and their sort arguably were partially correct in their criticism of anime, insofar as to mix anime, with its heavy postmodern undertone, and serious politics unreservedly or unmoderatedly can easily lead to perversion and as they have claimed the super "moeblob" elements are sus, not always obviously, but there's some shit off about those.

5. (not anime but still relevant) (‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁣‌‬⁣‬‌‬⁣⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁢‍redacted‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁣‌‍⁢⁢⁢‍‌‌⁢‌⁢‍‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁣‌‬⁣‬‌‬⁣⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁢‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢‬‬‬‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁢‬‌⁣⁣‍‌‬⁢‬‌‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁣‌‍⁢⁢⁢‍‌‌⁢‌⁢‍‌⁣⁢‌‌⁢⁢‌‍⁢⁢‬‬‬‌⁢‬‌⁣⁣‍‌‬⁢‬‌‌‬⁣‌‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣‍‌‍⁢⁢⁢‬⁢‌‍⁢‬‬‬‌‍⁢⁢‬‍‍‌‍⁢⁢‍⁣⁢‌‍⁢⁢⁢‌⁢‌‍⁢⁢‍‍⁣‍‬‬‬‬‍‍‌‍⁢‬‬‌‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‬‍‍‍⁣‍‌⁢‌‍‌‍⁢‌‍‍⁢‬‌‌‍‬‬‍‌⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‍⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‌⁢‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‍‍⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‌⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‌⁣‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍‍‍‌⁣‍⁣‍‍‍‍‬‍)

6.New AI/ML technology can really be of benefit/help for the animation industry and workers, and expand the capability to produce anime or the similar sort of media more easily to the less sponsored masses.


File: 1709664566759.png (304.15 KB, 300x389, ClipboardImage.png)

Claymore is discount Berserk for Lesbians


This thread is for controversial opinions, not for recommendations.


File: 1709770286124.png (175.3 KB, 535x335, ClipboardImage.png)


I hate how this artist draws faces.


Sorry I missed your post. Why is that?


Bringing back this thread because it's the most annoying thread on this board and we all deserve to become more miserable.


>Bringing back this thread because it's the most annoying thread on this board and we all deserve to become more miserable.
<anime hot takes


nadesico is better than evangelion


Not the claymores in that image, but other characters look like weird snake people.


This. I hate gynocentrism in media.
even fanart wants to rule 63 msle.characyers but never do the same for female ones.


It's been years since I've seen scryed. I should check it and the mango out again.




GITS has dialectics.


The best anime only have one season.


The best anime are all exactly fourteen minutes long


>I really hope that at one point someone makes a good cut of the entire One Piss anime.
lol not only is there the One Pace fan edit (work in progress) but Netflix is doing One Piece: Brotherhood. chihuahuaposter will get their wish.

Anyway, on topic and related to this post - weekly format is terrible and will reduce even the best source material to slop. And even if it's not, it's makes things take too long. Who wants to watch that many episodes of a show?


Fan edits are truly a blessing. They can turn even a garbage movie into a masterpiece.


cartoons of pur time reflect the socio-ohysical laws. They dont create them.


child slavery is only one step away from child prostitution.
"Children should know their place" is jut euohemism for "children are not people". This genetic objectification of children is why kids are prome to abuse.

"Innocence" is a chauvinitic model thats imposed.

"chilfren are the futire" types are often the biggest sexual/disciplinary predators.


This is some truly schizophrenic shit. Also your post formatting is beyond asinine. Don't do that asshole.


but its the truth


The "Children should know their place" attitude absolutely leads to adultism and domestic abuse but I don't believe adults genuinely dehumanize children to that extent, the adultist attitude is a result of adults' egocentrism ("I am big-brained because I have more life experience than you, even though I learned absolutely fucking nothing from it").


I genuinely believe you have to have a genuine sexual craving to diddle children instead of just being a terrible parent with an inflated ego and anger management issues. But I understand how a pedo might rationalize their actions in the manner you described (sexual predators will rationalize their actions in any way they can in general).


> liking flat chests isnt a hot take either but its still quite brave of you to say that when everyone likes cowtits these days
Read the dates guys


ah yes. talking about the domestic discrimination against children is "pedophilia".

Even though everybody loves to talk about the vulnerability of women, elderly, disabled, and transhumanists.


Shonen nimes should have slice of life semi-canon series along with fhe main canon.

Shonen franchises should do a crossover canons.


I think when young characters are sexualized its kind of cringe.


I would have liked my hero academia a lot more if they did what you said.


What about old characters?
I dont mean middle aged, but elderly?


There isn't really "good" anime aside from a few one offs that somehow have reached beyond the mediums limitations. But it is entertaining nonetheless.
The Japanese, in general, also suck at writing anything that isn't poetry.


>The Japanese, in general, also suck at writing anything that isn't poetry.
Not true, there's plenty of good Japanese novels and a very very tiny portion of manga even has ok writing.


Something like 70% to 90% of anime adapted from manga are unquestionably worse than the source material, often for reasons no more complicated than "they had a limited budget and so had to rely on padding and simplified art". While the addition of color, sound and movement make the experience more vivid this is hardly worth it if the underlying vision has to be watered down in the process.
Which is all just to say that weebs are dumb for focusing so much on anime over manga and for constantly whining that their favorite manga hasn't been gifted a mediocre adaptation from a B-list studio.


Compared to the rest of the world, their best literature is still mid tier.


Awkward-edgy humor is the blight of postboomer humor


>xdddd i enjoy eating trash im such a garbage eater xddddd
It's another "person is so insecure they must preface any positive feeling about media they enjoy with cynicism" episode. If you like it, you like it.


Most classical works are fucking boring bro.

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