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there hasn't been a single korean comic that I've read, regardless of genre, where korea isn't depicted as the worst shithole imaginable with seemingly the worst aspects of western and eastern cultures
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recently binged "my life as a loser" and a similar thing happened as well, basically due to time travel shenanigan's MC managed to make his friend's family rich and the dad and mom start buying expensive brand clothes and going on foreign trips and in any other series this would have been presented as a cynical thing about wealth correcting people, but instead its shown in story to be positive


To get rich is glorious tho.


>Park Chung-hee was obesseded with korea being a "western Caucasian" nation and wanted to uproot all previous of Korean culture and identity to make Korea like that
>Park Chung-hee did hate traditional korean aesthetics cause he thought korea was a backwards nation that had to be forcefully modernized/westernized
I mean this was an incredibly common in sentiment through Asia during the era, in China because of the century of humiliation as well as Korea because of all these foreign powers constantly trampling over sovereignty and near colonizing them. Even Liu Xiaobo thought something like this.


I daid during his rule of korea…………but to answer your question even when he was part of the labor movement I wouldnt be surprised he still secretly idolized the showa restoration. I don't recall reading anything that said he renounced his former beliefs meanwhile a lot of his manchuko buddies joined the same organizations. Hell south korea was a hot bed of former japanese collaborators including the military so the guy was surrounded by pro japan people. And during his rule in Korea while he ruled as a pro us American right wing dictator his interpretation of right wing was basically showa statism with korean characteristics. the dude was an opportunist but he was an opportunist that at its core admired Japanese fascism. He even went to kishi and straight out told him post coup that I liked manchukos economic and political practices and seek to copy them


not to act like a giant obnoxious retard though, I mean look at this guy



I have literally never seen a Korean with tits larger than a D cup. Ridiculous.


flat is justice you fucking mongrel


Never seen a korean


File: 1680179030554.png (667.99 KB, 885x741, ClipboardImage.png)

Asian D or Western D(not a bra expert but I know the sizes for the same letters are lower in Japan.) Western D is considered pretty big.




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Reverse image search says Steffy Moreno.



It looks like korea is going through a 1960s and 70s moment with rising labor costs, suffering industry, increasing competition and etc. The next 20 years will be interesting.

Despite a surge in orders over the past two years, the South Korean shipbuilding industry is facing mounting pressures due to rising costs and labor shortages. Faced with the continuing competition from China and the industry’s exposure to Russian shipping, several South Korean shipbuilders are struggling to strengthen their positions.

The Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy yesterday highlighted the strength of the industry in the first half of 2022 saying that South Korean shipbuilders received the most order volume and highest value of orders so far in 2022 beating out their Chinese rivals. According to the figures, the South Koreans received 45 percent of the volume measures in gross tonnage, and with their focus on higher value ships such as LNG carriers received 47 percent of the value of orders placed this year.

While the Ministry was highlighting the order success, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) one of South Korea’s leading shipbuilders announced mounting problems in a regulatory filing. The company’s financial losses increased by more than 120 percent with management citing rising costs and the Ukraine war. The mounting losses have driven DSME's debt to equity ratio to 547 percent as of the end of March.


In case of Hyundai Motor, Kim said, labor costs are higher than Toyota and Volkswagen but labor hours per unit are 11 percent to 26 percent higher than Toyota, Ford and GM. On the other hand, Korea ranks low among major countries in labor management cooperation (24th) and labor flexibility (21st). The price gap between the Hyundai Elantra (the Avante in South Korea) and Toyota in the U.S. market dropped from 7 percent in 2005 to 1.3 percent in 2018.

As the car industry is falling, its employment is also on the decline. The number of employees in the auto industry decreased from 401,000 at the end of 2017 to 385,000 as of April this year. The workforce of first-tier suppliers was reduced by 8,000 from 294,000 to 286,000 last year because 20 first-tier component producers went bankrupt last year.

Experts say that domestic auto parts companies are being pushed out of the market due to a lower level of technology. The research & development (R&D) expense to revenue ratio of South Korean component producers stands at only 2 to 3 percent which is one third to fourth compared to that of advanced countries’.

The country is also short of experts. Demand for workers with skills in both automobiles and information technology (IT) is growing, but there are not enough experts.

The price of hot-rolled steel stood at 1.1 million won ($773) per ton on Sept. 23, up 10 percent on month. The price of imported hot-rolled steel also jumped 24 percent to 1.2 million won on month. Hot-rolled steel is commonly used to make components in vehicles.

A ton of H-beam steel traded at 1.3 million won, up 7.5 percent, during the same period. H-beam steel is the major material at construction sites.

The price of stainless hot-rolled steel rose 10 percent to 4.4 million won while the prices of steel plates, which are the main materials for shipbuilding, rose 14 percent in just two weeks.

Prices are expected to rise even more rapidly in coming weeks as Hyundai Steel employees are planning more strikes.

Hyundai Steel’s four labor unions went on strike for eight hours on Sept. 24 and 25. They said they will stage strikes unexpectedly until the company accepts their demands.

Hyundai Steel unions are demanding a base monthly pay raise of 165,200 won and 15 percent of last year’s operating profit as incentives. It also requested 4 million won of bonuses, arguing that employees of Hyundai Motor, Kia and Hyundai Mobis received that amount.


File: 1680860329922.gif (1.95 MB, 270x480, 1680764566590996.gif)

>flat is justice you fucking mongrel
Never in real life, but I have online.
Western D I guess? Those look tiny lmao


File: 1681136249454.png (1.46 MB, 920x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


At least they have free healthcare and good public transit. Also their crime rate is way lower


Kpop is cancer. It’s just ripping off black American music. They’re also ripping off Italian and American fashion. There is nothing unique about it. It’s just simping for westernoids.


>>21447 (me)
It honestly reminds me on how whites would steal music from black artists from the 1900s to the 1970s. It’s really no different


>>Park Chung-hee was obesseded with korea being a "western Caucasian" nation and wanted to uproot all previous of Korean culture and identity to make Korea like that
Jesus Christ that’s like 99% of KPoop


But Americans don’t have bean-shaped heads


what are you talking about?


Look up “cal arts style”


She's going to stab him to death.


File: 1682791009893.png (71.12 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

well "my life as a loser" ended, it had all the designated good characters being fabulously wealthy business owners and influencers and the bad guys end up working at subway(I'm not making this shit up)
I get wanting to be comfortable but what is this obsession with being a rich internet celebrity, say what you wanna say about Japan but I have never read a Japanese martial arts series which rides so hard on the concept of being a millionaire celebrity


>They just get all their clothing at the mart.
Burger thriftiness comes from that Calvinist thing I think in which making a lot of money as a businessman is praiseworthy but we're not allowed to truly enjoy it because that makes us feel guilty. We can never be truly decadent like Italians or Gulf Arabs.


>Jesus Christ that’s like 99% of KPoop
I watched this one video that was a song about being independent and doing whatever you want but they spend the whole time shaking their butts like total prostitutes in front of record executives in Los Angeles.


south korea is a cyberpunk dystopia




File: 1689463668386.jpeg (48.92 KB, 400x444, 61326.jpeg)

>Burger thriftiness comes from that Calvinist thing I think in which making a lot of money as a businessman is praiseworthy but we're not allowed to truly enjoy it because that makes us feel guilty.
Hold on. Everytime I hear about "Protestant work ethic" and such things, I'm always very doubtful. To give context to this, keep in mind I'm a Wop - a Wop-Wop, not a Burger-Wop - and I've been hearing to this silly story that the woes and faults of this fucking country - Wopistan - resides mainly in the fact that Catholicism remained always dominant here and Protestantism has never been a relevant thing, religiously, ideologically or otherwise. We are lazy, dirty, vulgar, noisy, rude, unreliable, poor and so on while the fantastic Anglomen, Germanomen and Nordomen are industrious, productive, civic, polite, discreet, well mannered, tasteful and wealthy because at some point they started following the liturgy and the church organisation proscribed by some Monsieur Calvin or Herr Luther while we sticked to the fuckin' pope and all the holy mass and yada yada yada.
Bullshit. Crap. Rubbish. Nonsense.
And you know the origin of all of this? Some Herr Weber in the early 20th century. He was a German guy who wrote many books. Very boring, because German books are in German, which has a very complicated grammar and style. One of those books was about this "Protestant Ethics" and what not. Years ago I downloaded a copy of it. An Italian translation, obviously, because I'm lazy and unreliable and I couldn't study German. After a few pages I couldn't carry on. So, I remembered a line by Billy Crystal early in "Harry meets Sally". He says that when he gets a book, he always read the last page first, so if he died suddenly, at least he would have known the end of the story! Billy Crystal is a Jew and they are definitely the most clever of all! Many amazing Jewish comedians too, obviously!
So, getting back to this Weber guy's book, I went full Billy Crystal and I found out at the last page something like "but after all my entire idea is but an hypothesis and further enquiry could be needed" or some stuff to that effect.
Well, that day, aside from having found a little jewishness in me, I also found that many libs and cons and intellectuals and all the dog and pony show never actually read that fucking book… Or at least they didn't get wise the same way Billy - and I - did…
>We can never be truly decadent like Italians or Gulf Arabs.
Take us out of that. We can't afford it anymore, ffs!
It's an acquired taste…


>Even Liu Xiaobo thought something like this
<Chinese "human rights activist" has the same ideas about westernization as Korean dictator

Really makes u think


I have an uncle who worked as a senior systems manager or something for Samsung before he got sniped by SK Telecom. Dude has a 100k+ company car, a luxury apartment and a line of gold diggers on his dick and he's still miserable. There's no way of winning unless you are part of the chaebol.


>There's no way of winning unless you are part of the chaebol.
Those people will be mostly miserable too anon.
That is the whole thing. Capitalism is a bad system for everyone involved.


when is south corea gonna embrace chaebolshevism aka syndicalism?


normie lib video, trash


>normie lib video, trash
Kek. Are you seriously implying that the only media you consume or should be consumed is created by non-normie communists?


Holy shit this is hilarious, it's like the worst combination of burger and east asian cultures you could get


SKorean shit is the worst crap you will ever see. Try to read some webtoons of them to see what I mean. It's not just that they look like shit and that the writing is beyond shit (Japanese isekai have that too, at least the latter), but they are outright passive aggressive and sociopathic to a degree at which you will assume the writer to be some hysteric woman from the mental ward. Unironically toxic shit and all the writers care about is fame and money, literally comics written by psychopathic gangsta rappers.


Just wanted to pop in here and say that this shit sounds like if Cromartie High School took itself seriously lmao


what's the state of current leftist in SK these days.


Honestly I keep up with Reality Quest (aka Quest IRL) because the main character actually has a reason to be in a gang. (His father was mentor to troubled youth and died under suspicious circumstances,) The others I've either skipped on or tried and didn't like.


I think the big difference with kpop and Westernartists is that kpop groups/companies are pretty open with the fact that these groups were already decided upon, there’s definitely a lot less of the “I built myself up from the bottom” that American groups/artists have. Idols regularly talk about auditioning and their days as trainees, they know that they trained to debut and aren’t really trying to pass themselves off as an organic act if that makes sense.
The tenacity of kpop fans comes from the extreme parasocial relationships formed with idols. Idols drop so much content that it might actually be intimidating for a newcomer to get into, this is something that American artists simply don’t do. Billie Eilish for example is one of the top artists right now but even I have not seen her stans move like kpop stans, the dedication is simply something that is only formed when you are barraged with content and have the constant sense that these people are being marketed as your close friend/lover.


fuck chaebols


Yes? Isn't it a good sign that normie libs see how bad worst korea is?


Yeah but it's usually "this is capitalism but worse because they're Asian" which while not entirely wrong, it sort of serves to make them grateful they have based Westoid capitalism instead.


What is the difference between a KPop Idol and the icon of Mao Zedong when he was alive directing initiatives for the red gaurds?


I think its Lev Gulimev who said that humans just have a desire for religion and something grander to believe in, which can be your religion, your specific ethnic identity, your state and in this your special kpop "group" it comes from the same place


Part-Korean Anon here; S.Korea is the most predatory place you could live in. Of course if you're a Westerner that moved there you'll have it a bit easier because colonialism and Russians often get a pass because we're crazy.


Why is so much of Manhwa webcomics full of horny stuff? Like even actually plot driven stories have anime tier gags and fanservice that sometimes disrupts the tone of the story.


It helps draw eyeballs in what is a massively super saturated market.


File: 1713894924217.png (187.5 KB, 400x181, ClipboardImage.png)

>Cromartie High School
LMAO my first association with Cromartie is the Terminator.

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