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File: 1608528983405.png (146.74 KB, 491x715, Light_yagami_and_ryuk.png)


I love death note. And I love light yagami as a character.

However it was very obvious that his entire worldview is extremely… reactionary I guess? Or like darwinist? Killing criminals and not trying to fix underlying problems is obvioiusly retarded. I wonder if any normalfags were able to make this obsevation


Edgy and over-rated but an interesting concept.


Psycho Pass Season 1 was better


File: 1608529008371.png (374.04 KB, 636x616, Z child abuse.png)


go back to the kindergarten


What's your problem? The person wrote a nice, solid OP about an anime and pointed out his thoughts. Do you have anything constructive?


He was trying to prevent future crimes by making people afraid to commit crimes so it wasn't as simple as just getting rid of specific people. Light was a brainlette in the end though. The Death Note's most powerful ability wasn't killing people it was controlling their actions before death but there is no rule that says you couldn't repeatedly control someone's actions and set the death to exceed the time limit. This would allow for controlling government leaders and capitalists until they die of old age or exceed usefulness thus obtaining the ultimate power for change. Instead he used it to stroke his sense of his ego filled sense of morality and kill whoever he saw as undesirable.


>Instead he used it to stroke his sense of his ego filled sense of morality and kill whoever he saw as undesirable.
I'm fairly sure that hi egoism is part of the point of the show.


I know. I'm basically saying there was a plot hole even in the manga version. The author easily could have fixed that by making the rules more specific or suggest there is another page of rules but not specify what they are.


That's true, I guess. It's probably something that doesn't come up as often because of the sheer ego of Light, he never thinks about these things and in turn it never comes up.


Yep, Light is just like me!


Judging by your half-dozen, smug, sage-posts across various threads… you're not wrong, in how similar you are to the little god-complex psychopath.



Death Note's success relied on a specific relationship more than they thought and quality plummets once that dynamic was gone.


>And I love light yagami as a character.
you missed the point of the show entirely.
also this


dude this shit was deep to middle schoolers


TBF You can like a characterization without actually saying you think the same of real life people like him.


Can I watch these if I haven't read/watched Death Note?

>you missed the point of the show entirely.
He literally said Light is retarded


>read/watched Death note
Assuming you mean the anime/manga, yes. The Netflix version of Death Note has about as much to do with Death Note as the M.Nights Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. However I do suggest reading the first 10 chapters of the manga (or episodes of the anime) before starting the reviews, if only to get some of the references E;R makes.
The only good part of the Netflix series IMO is that Willem Dafoe voices Ryuuk


true usually people's entry to 'Adult' or 'Dark' anime goes from Death Note to Evangellion and so on


File: 1608529042550.jpg (59.02 KB, 640x358, 1603720011252.jpg)


File: 1624040643846.jpg (41.23 KB, 680x500, 1580931427662.jpg)



OP has horrible tasteaccelerationAcceleration


Probably everyone who has seen it. It's just fun watching this insane fuck blindly going about killing millions of people and plus the 4d chess cat and mouse game in the show.

Thinking the show is anything but is just a losing game on the analization side.

We should ban these type of posts, all these are is you guys just declaring your opinion (generally to put yourself above others) and not elaborating on anything. These don't fuel the conversation at all, unless the conversation your having with is a wall.


Go back to reddit contempt is ubiquitous on an anime boardaccelerationAcceleration


Go back to /v/.


btw I am better than youaccelerationAcceleration


>We should ban these type of posts, all these are is you guys just declaring your opinion
No shit faggot, have you ever been on /a/? High PPH is never going to be 100% effort posts, and sometimes people just have an opinion but are only invested insomuch as to comment and leave, or lurk. And proposing these posts should get bans is utterly pathetic.


Fairly Odd Death Note a.k.a Deathly God Parents! Opening Theme - DEATH NOTE (NETFLIX) PARODY by NipahDubs. Animated from http://www.nerdragecomic.com/index.php?date=2017-03-31


Light was a faggot for killing L and I am glad he died the way he did. (Especially in the manga)


But light also made the world safer and improved the public safety of billions by getting rid of the worlds criminals, and corrupt leaders


File: 1632323809782.jpg (28.66 KB, 401x431, 20210807_092510.jpg)

>But light also made the world safer and improved the public safety of billions by getting rid of the worlds criminals, and corrupt leaders
What? Dude killed his father, crippled his sister (not to mention he would have killed her too) and his definition of justice was that of a three year old. Also don't forget that a large portion of those he killed might have been innocent in the first place because of japans shitty legal system. When you think about it, Light is essentially that what liberals actually believe about Stalin. A la mass murderer, creating a regime of fear etc..


what a retarded view. Most criminals he killed were either already in jail, or suspects only. Most criminals aren't that dangerous and are normal people. Leaders were still corrupt after he was there, given his limited access to relevant information for this (actually hed prolly be pretty ez to use as a tool to get rid of some enemies if you control medias), and the fact that you dont fix an org by killing the leadership, most problems are systemics (in fact, prolly more likely you worsen the situation).
Only a complete brainlet with baby tier understanding of the world could support light actions, even discounting his ego and god complex.


File: 1632325451919.jpg (87.25 KB, 956x1024, Basic Light Pun.jpg)

True in a sense, but frankly Light had no method of being caught if he didn't try and reveal himself and even then L's method is bullshit TBH. He only did all those things because the moral of the story is megalomania is bad and so they needed to have him fuck up and do things that are shit, or there'd be no story. Obviously mass-murder isn't good, but the story kinda fails to prove it, as the net good that he contributed outdoes the net bad

>Most criminals he killed were either already in jail
And that's good? There's a reason the Gulag only had 10-15 years maximum sentences and had prisoners do hard labor, people sitting in jail eating food and money from the state is inefficient and if you're going to imprison people for so long to no purpose Light's idea of killing them makes sense. Mind you I'm not condoning prison murder or shit like that, just pointing out the conceptual reason.
>only suspects
Something that is called inconsistent writing - it is out of character for Light to kill mere suspects that aren't proven criminals given his analytical nature, god complex or not, (though I suppose this may also be allegory to Japan's ~90% incarceration rate of suspects).
>Most criminals aren't that dangerous and are normal people
If I recall correctly he got rid of high-security prisoners/suspects involved in armed robbery, murder and other violent crime, not pickpockets and druggies.
>Leaders were still corrupt after he was there
Probably, that is more of a V-for-Vendetta tier fantasy action than a 100% serious idea of "just kill the corrupt"
>he'd prolly be pretty ez to use as a tool to get rid of some enemies if you control medias
That's a pretty intriguing idea


File: 1632681576046.png (1.13 MB, 928x1147, ClipboardImage.png)

Does Death Note compare to Code Geass? There IS a lot of similarity in the protagonists. They’re both anime in which a brilliant school student, disgusted at the world’s current state, comes across a supernatural power with which he uses to become a faceless vigilante. Throughout the shows both Kira and Zero attempt to cleanse society whilst also trying to keep their true identities secret alongside their relatively innocent high school lives. Also keep in mind that the Death Note and the Geass power are quite similar in that you can use both to control your victims.
They’re not extremely alike, but as two incredibly popular anime, these similarities are bound to draw some comparisons.


I don't think Ledouche was trying to "cleanse society" so much as purge the Brittanian royal family, and even that seemed to be more in the name of revenge rather than in the name of purifying society. Then again, the last time I watched Chode Gayass was when it came out.


>Chode Gayass


Glad to see /a/'s hottest 2007 material still kills


old but gold


File: 1632802647472.png (61.92 KB, 260x194, ClipboardImage.png)

im bored here enjoy this cursed image


Blessed you mean


lol nice


So is L a retard merely depicted as "smart" or genuinely the high-functioning autist he is supposed to be? https://archive.ph/xvvvB


A vaguely similar and recent anime is Platinum End, though the plot is different, the focus on the (angel of) death and overall atmosphere really reminds me of Death Note, the MC even resembles bootleg Kira.


File: 1635863343865.jpg (187.34 KB, 1200x896, Western_Death_Note.jpg)

Nice pic for antz


File: 1638232031006.jpg (105.18 KB, 1400x700, death note.jpg)

>vigilante justice works
>the police only get in the way
>rule by fear is most effective
>justice is acted, not thought
>a benevolent dictator is the only way to get positive results
>you cant teach morality, you can only enforce it

i know people "liked" L but did they really go along with him?
he had to die. and he knew that.


I think you make a good point but that's only because the story presents itself like that.


File: 1638381639571.jpg (11.33 KB, 480x360, death not3.jpg)

its just facts
the whole show is just the idea of bringing back the death penalty with the efficiency of immediate results - the only moral disagreement is either the idea that killing is inherently wrong (which it obviously isnt, for violent criminals) or that violent crime should be forgiven (which costs time and money and public morality, really).
Near and L make it about the morality of holding absolute power - but if kira doesnt then who does? the state? its the same difference. near calls light a "serial killer" yet kira shows empirical improvements to civilisation - theres no real grey area, which would have improved the show's complexity - if it showed kira mercilessly slaying petty thieves who were poor or whatever, that would have been good - but i think the creators are clearly on the side of light, which is why he loses in the most autistic way possible - because he couldnt lose if he really wanted to win - but i guess you can say that he lost because of his narcissism or whatever, but nobody really thinks the ending is epic, except his evil laugh and stuff.
i support the death penalty so maybe i am biased, but not supporting it also must have its justifications, its not simply given on its own terms.
kira was cleaning up the trash - imagine if a real bad guy got the death note, a guy killing world leaders and destabilising the earth. kira is very conservative since he rules by his own self-righteousness and not by chaos.


True, but as >>10179 and >>10178 pointed out, his methods are les than ideal, and come from narcissism rather than as genuine justice.


Light doesn't kill criminals only, since he killed L and tried to kill the special task force, and they were not criminals -being opposed to Kira while doing nothing wrong is a crime in the new world?-, also he uses Misa for his own fucked up purposes, he never does the shit he does because he's "good" he does all that because he's a massive faggot with a narcissistic personality disorder that wants to be a literal god, he even says so himself multiple times.

Fuck him and fuck his simps.


Near is kind of a chad though. That motherfucker doesn't give two fucks about nothing.

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