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File: 1608529015542.jpg (138.25 KB, 1100x440, hxh_orig.jpg)


Is it the best Shonen?
I like to think so. What are your opinions about HxH and Shone in General


Over-rated show. It's interesting, but to some extent I just can't get into it.


I was the same tbh, but the second time I gave it a try, I came to learn why it was so hyped up.
Ofc, it's not so deep as most weebs like to think. I mean which Anime is really, but it is definitely the best among the shonen animes


I am a manga chad, and yes, this is the best manga of this generation shonen


i think its the best shounen too, maybe jojos steel ball run will be on par if they animate it in a few years


What's so great about it?


it starts good and gets better and better and better lol, basically never stops at getting better which is pretty hard to achieve

-best fighting system, its pretty complex but awesome
-main characters are underpowered and have to use their intellect often, especially in the beginning
-arcs are rich in diversity


I also like the Fact that the main 4 are seperated a lot of the Time, because everybody has his own goals.
Also that Togashi kills off likeable characters whenever it is needed, is good writing.
Makes this Shonen a bit more realistic


Read the plot synopsis one time and burst out laughing at the random bug people in one of the arcs. Its world seems to have no consistency. Is it supposed to be a comedy like Bobobo or Gintama? Because if not, then it's an embarrassing joke of bad writing and you should feel bad.


>read the synopsis
There is your first mistake, but apparently you didn't even do that right


LOL ok stay mad.


If you don't like the Anime that's fine. If you don't like shonen, it's fine too.
I just don't get why you make shit up and claim there is a Logical inconsistency with the Chimera Ants, because there isn't.


It is basically deconstruction of other major shounens. Hunter exam is naruto's chuunin exam arc, greed island is yugioh, chimera ant is cell arc from dbz. It deconstructs those things and remakes them to be less nonsensical. It is quite good but it is doubly good if you know your shounen anime.


So it is supposed to be a parody then? A parody is acceptable. Sure seemed to take itself pretty seriously though from the anime clips I've witnessed.


Deconstruction, not a parody.


It's really good but who cares if it's the best? Hxh fags are insufferable


File: 1610946638562.jpg (131.96 KB, 1200x800, fanart_kurapika_in_a.jpg)

hxh is worth 2 watches and a readthrough


I prefer yuyu hakusho because of how perfect the dark tourney arc is, but HxH is extremely good.

current on manga arc that will probably never finish


The amount of people saying its overrated and that it is full of asspulls is growing. Are they right?



I’m more of a one piece man, personally.


One Piece sucks ass since the Timeskip and is straight up unreadable till Wano. Wtf are you doing Anon


One Piss has always sucked ass though, can you honestly say that anything has changed?


But SBR is seinen




What makes it better than other Shonen?


The fact that it stars a young boy beating up adults.


It stars a boy who gets his ass kicked all the time. Contrast this with naruto, that stars a boy who always wins, and nobody ever dies.


I honestly don't get why it's liked so much, granted I haven't watched any of it passed the game arc since I got so tired out of it, but it's just nothing special. I hear all about that it doesn't fall into shoenin traps and is less predictable but it doesn't substitute it with anything interesting.

Example that comes to mind is the Killua "save" arc. It starts with the previous arc teaser with Killua killing someone being potentially controlled by his brother. It then builds up that he's in chains with him needing to be "saved" and presenting all the strong family members.

Then the arc happens, the only fight is just Gon being beaten up by a black chick, Killua walks away from his prison, and the arc just with them walking away. I didn't expect any of it sure, but it just felt empty and pointless. I know the counter is that it's a "deconstruction" but it should still replace with something interesting. Like look at ygo abridged, deconstructs the series and replaces the bits with comedy (going farther than the game arc went).

And I don't get the magic in the series, sure it makes "sense" seeing the base level and seeing its application, but it's still magic, it's all nonsense. Imagine in Naruto they explained chakra, then explained 10 different stages of it, then finally explained jutsus .


The first chapters are still very "timid" and lead you to believe that it is another cookie-cutter shonen, but I recommend you to watch it till finish to form a picture. Maybe even watch it twice, because that's when I realized that "hey, the show is quite nice actually".


File: 1619445142457.jpg (35.66 KB, 740x370, ⭐ -_- 💧.jpg)

It's the greatest piece of literary fiction since the Iliad


File: 1619988515747-1.jpg (300.85 KB, 810x1200, DrlONemVYAAvA7c.jpg)

File: 1619988515747-2.jpg (275.98 KB, 747x1200, DW_RHjgWAAA1DMe.jpg)

Greed island is the training arc. Nobody likes them, so I can understand skipping it imo.
The chimera ant arc is my favorite src by far. Without spoiling anything, hxh doesn't Peter out like YYH did.

After the chimera ant arc, you have to read, and there you will see hxh has been slowly maturing into a sort of seinen with shounen characteristics


>Peter out like YYH did
YYH didn't peter out, it started with an interesting premise and then shat the bed almost immediately by transforming in Dragonball power wank.


togashi had a mental break and ended it after writing himself into a corner


the best shounen came out 35 years ago


Different anon and I just finished Chimera ant arc and it was amazing. I'm probably gonna read the manga (from the start) after the anime runs out. I actually liked all the training arcs it has because it feels more real.


There are some gems in the "holy shit I have to release SOMETHING" chapters


File: 1620111350286.jpg (896.42 KB, 3104x1700, A guide to hxh.jpg)


togashi name dropped hegel a few times so throw in spirit as wellaccelerationAcceleration


File: 1621524425968.jpg (563.03 KB, 1660x1331, 1621511992002.jpg)



based, I got in a long reddit chat over the religious and spiritual imagery in hunter x hunter, you can't do that that for any other manga really. EVA will never be as deep as Hunter X Hunter because its creator literally admitted to doing so because its cool.


File: 1623071090259.png (793.39 KB, 800x784, 0.png)

Let’s begin with Hegel’s theory of self-consciousness. For Hegel, the most primitive form of consciousness is certainty at the level of sense experience. It is the experience of “this” or “here” rather than classifications like red or round. Such sense-certainty’s utterance, Hegel argues, is incoherent. For example, suppose I uttered the sentence “here is nighttime,” wrote it down, woke up the next day, and read it aloud. How is here nighttime? This is indeed very peculiar. Why does the truth of sense-certainty disappear when written down? Hegel explains that sense-certainty cannot be expressed because it is knowledge of the particular, and language expresses knowledge of the general or universal. (71) Here, there, and now cannot express sense-certainty, because there is more than one here or now – it is a universal. Wait! How do we then make sense of proper names one might ask? Aren’t they particular? Hegel’s answer to this question was that proper names are meaningless because they only refer to the name itself. One could push further on this issue; but I won’t pursue it anymore since this essay’s aim is to draw a parallel between Hegel’s theory and Meruem’s character rather than to criticize Hegel’s philosophy.

At the next level of perception, consciousness classifies objects according to their universal properties; this proves inadequate and so at the level of understanding, consciousness imposes its own laws on reality. Such laws include Newton’s laws. They classify raw sense data under concepts like gravity and force. They “are not things we see existing in reality, but constructs made by our understanding to help us grasp reality.” (74) Beyond this level of perception is the level of understanding in which consciousness begins to reflect upon itself. However, Hegel noted that, “self-consciousness…cannot exist in isolation. If a consciousness is to form a proper picture of itself, it needs some contrast.” (75) This means that we must be aware of something other than ourselves. Hegel explains that we have a desire to possess that other entity of which we are aware. We want to “transform it into something that is [ours], and thus strip it of its [sovereignty].” (76)

This all sounds similar to those who have witnessed Meruem’s character arc, as he first began as a being that merely satisfied his basic desires – sense-certainty and the particular rather than the universal. This is evident in the way he forcibly ripped himself out of his mother’s womb and immediately embarked on a search for food. According to Hegel, Meruem would be in the first stage of self-consciousness at this point. It is interesting to take note of the fact that Meruem did not speak very much during the first few days after his birth. He was simply performing whatever action seemed to satisfy his desires rather than reflect upon his actions or himself through language, which Hegel believes is juxtaposed with desires – desires are subjective and language is universal.

Sure enough, when we begin to see more of Meruem’s inner dialogue and conversations with other people he isn’t merely focused on his primal desires anymore. He has arrived at the next stage of self-consciousness. This is when we see him classifying human beings and chimera ants according to their properties. He is now interested in the differences between those who possess Nen and those who do not. Such contemplation eventually leads him to impose universal laws unto the world as we can witness from his rather extreme form of social darwinism – power is the only thing that matters. He tries to organize his underlings and the food he eats according to this philosophy. However, it is quite obvious that this mode of thinking is immature. It resembles a caricature of Nietzsche’s übermensch that people often tout as profound and enlightening. Such immaturity begins to be expressed through the desire to possess and destroy another entity. This can be seen in Meruem’s battles against chess masters and Komugi. But even such relationships are unstable as we see Meruem destroy the chess masters and grow agitated by the fact that he cannot best Komugi.

Hegel argued that, at this stage of self-consciousness, one needs to observe another self-conscious entity to grow. He believes that this allows one to see what self-consciousness is like. He believed that social interaction was crucial, for an isolated child would never develop mentally beyond the level of mere consciousness without social interaction. (77) We can observe such growth from Meruem as he interacts with Komugi. He begins to notice the majesty and complexity of other self-conscious beings. He wishes to be recognized as a worthy adversary and he becomes angered when he mistakenly believes that she does not consider him as one. Hegel explained it could destroy one’s identity if others fail to recognize his or her self-consciousness. Like nations that need to be acknowledged by other nations to be a full-fledged state, self-consciousness needs to be recognized for what it is, which peculiarly makes it what it is. A nation was already there, but recognition makes it more complete. (78)

Nonetheless, even such interactions can be toxic. Hegel believed that self-consciousness tries to be pure – detached from material objects – yet it is very attached to its body and others’ bodies. In order to show that they are not attached to such bodies, they try to kill each other. (79) One can observe this from Meruem’s bid to wager his arm and Komugi’s life over a game of gungi. Surely, such violence is pointless. If the loser dies, then the victor kills the person by whom they need to be recognized. Such insight led Hegel to write his famous master-slave dialectic. The victor keeps the loser alive so that he can have someone by whom he can be recognized – the master is dependent on the slave. This concept is quite revolutionary as it turns the usual thoughts regarding this relationship upside down – the master is the one who needs the slave, but the slave does not need the master. The slave shapes her ideas into objects and labor. Through this process, she becomes more aware of her own consciousness that is poured into her labor and the objects of her labor. Through such labor, she learns that she has a mind of her own. (80) On the other hand, the master sees the slave as a thing; therefore, he doesn’t get the recognition he needs.

Analogous to Hegel’s master-slave dialectic, Komugi the slave is confident in her own identity through her labor: gungi. We see her crying over the product of her own labor – her original gungi move– for it represents her essence. Meruem is destabilized by such confidence, since he had seen her as a mere thing rather than a self-conscious being. And once he begins to treat her as a self-conscious being he begins to contemplate his own identity – What is his name? What does it mean to be a King? In other words, he becomes more self-conscious.

Unlike Hegel’s odyssey, Meruem’s journey doesn’t end with the recognition that Mind or Geist is the essence of all reality and that our individual minds are parts of a whole that shapes and constitutes reality. His journey ends with the recognition that he can choose to be human, that he wishes to spend the rest of his life with Komugi. This decision isn’t so surprising if one realizes that Komugi herself is an existentialist figure. She embodies Heidegger’s argument that a worker who is absorbed in their work is more in touch with their Being. Komugi, as we have surveyed, is very in touch with her Being. She looks ahead to her death and believes her life to be finite, which Heidegger insisted was the essential nature of our relationship with Time. She sees her life as a series of choices that she makes for herself rather than what they tell her; hence, she sets up her own principles for her own life as we see from her vow to take her life if she loses a gungi match. It is all the more meaningful to take this into account and witness Meruem’s choice to be with Komugi rather than fulfill his genetic and socio-cultural destiny as a Chimera Ant King who must procreate with another female to continue the prosperity of his race. Instead, he chooses the person who is dearest and this very choice itself is a lesson she taught him – that life is a choice rather than what they tell you to do.


I originally posted this pic → >>7278 to mock hunterfags, but it seems you just took it as a challenge lmao


File: 1623103295813.png (282.11 KB, 602x301, zoldyck.png)

It's too late, you have got us talking. if you aren't a hunter x hunter fan you will never know the bliss of writing a galaxybrain essay on why Hunter x Hunter applies to (philosophy here).

What a great analysis, I've never read Hegel so I'll just say based and redpilled.

Now here is one of my Hunter X Hunter takes:

The world of Hunter X Hunter is a fascist eugenical hellworld and here's why.

It would be easy to think that Hunter X Hunter is set in more or less a world like our own, considering the depth of world-building Togashi pulls off. However, if you put the basic structure of how the world works in Hunter X Hunter you could come to the conclusion that it's actually much darker than our own. Why? Nen.

Nen is Hunter X Hunters shounen anime superpower de jour, and like most shounen anime it's explained in detail, but one specific little detail of Nen does not go directly explained but is instead implied by the author - Nen powerlevel seems to be inheritable.

What do I mean by this? Consider the main protagonists Gon and Killua, they are both the sons of two of the most power Nen users in the Hunter X Hunter universe. Gon is the son of Ging Frecees, who is a top Hunter and one of the most powerful nen users ever. Killua, likewise, is the son of Silva Zoldyck, who is one of the most powerful nen users ever and also the greatest assassin in the world.

Gon and Killua just so happen to have been said to be "top talents" and at powerlevel potentials of one in 10,000,000. Now although this is not concrete proof that powerlevel is inherited in Hunter X Hunter, the latest "succession arc" features heirs to the kingdom of Kakin who of course just so happen to be super powerful high tier nen gods, their father, the king of Kakin, is also a high tier nen god.

Why does this make the Hunter X Hunter world a facist nightmare hellworld? Simple, unlike wealth Nen cannot be redistributed. You are either born a high-tier god or low tier trash and have absolutely no way of changing that. This results in the society of Hunter X Hunter becoming a facist dystopia in which the 1% of nen users have absolute control of the world and the lowest percent of nen users can do absolutely nothing to fix this or stop them.

This powerlevel distribution problem is highlighted brilliantly several times in the show. Consider the Zoldyck family who are all high-tier nen gods but all absolutely reprehensible psychopathic assassins who abuse their children, horde wealth, and care absolutely nothing for the world outside of their expansive private estate.

However, I think the worst example of this is the Hunter Association itself. The Hunter Association is supposed to guard the secrets of Nen use from people who would abuse it, but in reality that goes out the window in the first arc because they let Hisoka, a psychopathic murder pedo clown, become a hunter. Hisoka is at that point already a high tier god who knows how to use Nen, but by getting a hunting license he is given access to unprecedented resources and privileges.

However, I think the real tradegy of the Hunter Association is best embodied in Gon's dad, Ging. Ging is one of the most powerful Nen users ever. And what does he do with his power? We don't even really know. He's explored ruins and tamed powerful creatures, but other than that it's left as a vague "cool shit". Instead of taking of the mantle of responsibility in his life, Ging simply does cool shit far away from not only actual human beings who are suffering but even his own son, who he sees as more of an obstacle to his own pleasure seeking. In fact, the one time the world was truly threatened with destruction by the Chimera ants, Ging was simply "away" while his own son fought as a child soldier against absolute Nen gods. Would Ging even care if Gon died? Seemingly not, as when Gon was in critical condition after the arc he didn't even go to see Gon. Would Ging even notice if Gon died? Ging is so powerful and so wealthy that he can literally just pursue his own entertainment at the expense of not only the world but even his own son.


There sure are a lot of shounen shit where the protagonists have hereditary privilege.


>It's too late, you have got us talking. if you aren't a hunter x hunter fan you will never know the bliss of writing a galaxybrain essay on why Hunter x Hunter applies to (philosophy here)
Nah I love hunter x hunter. Doesn't stop me from occasionally shitting on the community. Let's not forget that it technically still is in the shonen demographic albeit "deconstructed"


It is supposed to arrouse power fantasies in young boys. What did you expect?


Gons mother was a hunter, and met his father in the dark continent, so i guess it could be argued gon has already been there


Yeah it's just shounen that appeals to all ages like a classic pixar movie.

This is one of the most fun things about Hunter X Hunter, you got a deconstruction of both the creepy eugenic power inheritance ( a la DBZ) and the creepy child soldier trope (a la naruto), which leads to the facist eugenics hellworld of hunter X hunter


The implication is BnHA is low IQ, correct?


File: 1630441067189.jpg (52.72 KB, 590x290, hxh.jpg)

>Gon a kid who pretty much lived in the woods his whole life wearing booty shorts / city clothes.
>Killua an assassin has noticeable white hair and noticeable normal looking clothes in a world where normal people wear wacky shit instead of normal clothes.
>Kurapika last of his clan, has scarlet eyes, those eyes a rarity and if anyone sees Kurapika's scarlet eyes they would scheme to kill him or give the info about him to someone, Kurapika doesn't bother to cover his eyes with sunglasses or something like Leorio.
>Leorio just wears a plain ass suit, you could mistake him as a one time side character.
>Whole entirety of ant designs, why are ants born with clothes for example Pitou. Meruem is a ripoff Ninja Turtle / Cell.


Clothes bothers you and not the fact nen is treated as some tightly kept secret no one's allowed to talk openly about meanwhile fucks are running around using their superpowers in broad daylight with hardly anyone caring in a world where cameras, tv, and the internet is a thing?


I mean I was talking about purely visual design and its relation to the plot. Nen is a lot of plot BS too though.


Hunter x Hunter is over-rated change my mind


my only problem with HxH is it's portrayal of north korea.
great anime though.


>nen as a super secret thing
THAT BOTHERS ME SO FUCKING MUCH. Especially since it's so incredibly varied and useful. You have a girl that can literally tell the future with her nen powers, and it can do all other kinds of incredible things besides–except cure radiation poisoning I guess.

At least nen isn't some super special bloodline shit and in theory anyone can use it, but the fact that everyone doesn't, or at least doesn't know about it (especially in regards to Greed Island, how the duck do they think that shit works? Fucking magic???) drives me crazy.


>great anime though.
Up until the chimera ant arc


I think the idea is that the world is mostly modern japan,with all the soul crushing that it entails,so most people are incapable of using nen because they wouldn't have the time to train it,dismiss it as nonsense etc,it's kind of an asspull that Gon and Kirua managed to get Nen that easily,just after they said it was basically the result of luck or monk-like training,and that's why all the nen users end up outside of society,used as weapons to engage in colonialism of the outer wilds. (especially since certains people are already stronger than regular human beings without having nen,as we can see in the first arcs)
But the author probably just forgot to add depth to his worldbuiling outside of the grandiose outer world,so that's just speculation.


>so most people are incapable of using nen because they wouldn't have the time to train it,
Perhaps, except they also make a point of showing that even if regular people can't perceive it or know that they're doing it, they can still use it in a rudimentary way, like when Gon noticed the nen-infused knockoff that appraiser made, and iirc the fortune teller is one of those people that were just born with nen abilities.

I guess the Hunter association is a way for governments to channel these essentially unstoppable nen users into doing socially and economically useful things, and for the average person something like Greed Island might be able to be explained away as some kind of advanced technology, but then you have stuff like the Battle Tower where you have crowds of people that see stuff like people apparently regrowing limbs or making full body doubles of themselves, and it's pretty incredible that no one starts asking questions


I'd agree with you if your talking about pacing. I remember one episode was like 10 minutes of the butterfly guy coming over the kings corpse.


File: 1639371033952-0.jpg (187.55 KB, 695x1024, Ebs2ZDCWsAAeyxC.jpg)

File: 1639371033952-1.jpg (223.79 KB, 640x1202, gqcnqjr8xtx11.jpg)

If you think the CA arc is bad, read the latest arc


It's the true Kurapika Arc™ Experience.
I actually read all of it tho,but I can't remember half of what was said.


In terms of action, yeah there ain't much. I think its paced properly as a "mind-game/political thriller", though. I still wonder what Togashi was thinking when he was decided to do a massive infodump in your picrel. Maybe he wasn't sure if he could put out a new chapter and so tried to cram as much info as he could. All the words here could be stretched out to 3-4 pages if he illustrated it so maybe he didn't think it was worth taking up so much space.


File: 1639437978476-1.png (477.17 KB, 1654x1248, WzpKAfU.png)

I think togashi just doesn't like drawing that much. He should just write a novel tbh


I binge read HxH over the span of a week and watching togashi's art deteriorate was an experience. This was with the redraws as well. He really should just get another mangaka to draw while he writes the story.


mother of god


File: 1639877700578.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x800, staystronghunterchads.jpg)

bros….sometimes I think to myself, "will we ever reach the dark continent?"

Yet I still have hope. It's only been 3 years bros. Togashi will return to give us the most anticipated and potentially the greatest shonen arc of all time. Stay strong HunterCHADS, our time will come


Togashi will drop dead before he can even push out a single chapter m8


shonen is the most boring anime/manga subgenre


that it will


File: 1644778737948.png (308.48 KB, 1866x868, Hunterfages executed.png)


Ok, I direct you to your thread >>3200


So lads, any updates, did Bleach finally restarting and finishing perhaps make HxH a possible revival too?


File: 1653798846402.png (Spoiler Image, 200.21 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>Kurapika last of his clan, has scarlet eyes, those eyes a rarity and if anyone sees Kurapika's scarlet eyes they would scheme to kill him
I wonder who that reminds me of… HMMMMMMMM


Don't bother about this manga. It will save you some trouble. Togashi has forgoten it at this point I am sure



Togashi confirmed to have 6 chapters done and 4 more on the way. Hunter chads can't stop winning.


I'm rereading the ship arc AND rewatching my favorite anime arcs. This shit is better than therapy.


File: 1656889069749.png (636.5 KB, 1066x1600, togashi_crossdressing.png)

togashi's dream project is a gay sports manga


File: 1657198343627.jpg (72.26 KB, 1280x800, staystronghunterchads.jpg)

Fret not, HunterCHAD, Togashi has officially returned (not only with more chapters, but new YYH art as well), and with him, the greatest set-up arc can continue until we reach the Dark Continent, the future greatest Shonen arc in history.

All we have do to is wait, as long as it takes.


HunterxHunter CHADS what were yalls thoughts on chapter 391-400. This setup arc is so fucking good but god damn we're less than halfway through T_T


File: 1692589306015.png (1.28 MB, 850x1202, ClipboardImage.png)

Meruem's design is just a Cell ripoff, fite me.


that's redundant



I fully believe that the anime adaptation is much better than the original manga. I tried to start reading but it’s just feels wrong idk, I never had this problem with other manga, maybe it’s the translation.


The only difference between the two is Gon meets Kite in chapter 1.
And I guess Togashi gets a bit lazy with the art >>11965


doesn't togashi have boneitis or something


He has some kind of arm and or spine related issues.


File: 1693211064574.png (22.89 KB, 320x265, ClipboardImage.png)

he has dragonquestitis



I disagree. Anime fucks up the tone for all arcs before Greed Island. Chimera Ants narration is better in written form.


>Is (HxH) the best Shonen?
>What are your opinions about HxH and Shone in General
HxH feels too much like a video-game later on in the series and it jumps the shark a bit too much for my taste.
Shonen is fun but it's hard to do a good shonen that isn't low-brow schlock, and in general the genre gets a bad rep from pseudo-intellectual retards.


Although I don't like HxH for several aspects, its still a series from the Big Three generation, and anime/manga of that era tended to give more detail and explanation and complexity to their lore and fighting; Naruto, Bleach and One Piece have a ton of such examples. The fact that Quirks in BnHA are waved aside sa genetic mutations means it rarely happens and often doesn't make sense from a biological perspective; like Bakugou's ability to produce nitroglycerin because of his mom's quirk evolving into his makes sense and has explanation that could feasibly make sense, but how the fuck do we get characters like Cementoss? The man is a living block of cement FFS.


wake up, togashi posting new pages


wake me up when he finishes a chapter.


File: 1720996813049.jpg (560.69 KB, 1513x2048, GAgAOCjbEAAihkA.jpg)

1999 HXH is objectively better than the 2011 vers.

1) The art and mood building is much better
2) Kite introduced at the beginning
3) Killua and Kurapika get multiple designs
4) Characters are built upon in a meaningful way through filler
5) OP/EDs are gorgeous and use amazing music

>b-but 1999 has filler!!!11!@!

Newsflash: IF THE FILLER IS GOOD THEN WHO THE FUCK CARES? The three episode filler-arc in the middle of the hunter exam arc was masterfully done and served to develop the background characters and make us actually care about them. Kurapika also gets time to shine in a role that suits him well. The brief filler scene when Killua goes to Whale Island and tries to kill a wounded animal to "put it out of its misery" instead of trying to nurse it to health was a NECESSARY scene to show some of the fundamental differences between Killua and Gon's outlooks on life, and Killua's struggle to acclimate.

>2011 has better animation

all the character art is bland as fuck, which completely detracts from any quality animation. not to mention there's plenty of AMAZING animation in the 1999 version as well, specifically the fight between Gon and Hisoka at Heavens Arena and Kurapika vs Uvogin in the york new city arc


Post-Ryodan Arc 2011 = 1999 TV anime + Ryodan OVA >>> 2011 up to Greed Island.

This is the correct opinion.


I'll admit the series has good music at least. File ver

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