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The highest form of Japanese experimental literature, it is a disruptive, subversive entry into the incestuous world of culture.


File: 1608529024479.jpg (226.7 KB, 1920x1080, attachment.jpg)

I am actually addicted to the anime and dodgy psp game.
I know it's a pretty degenerate series, but I love how both brother and Kirino are pretty fleshed out, charismatic and likable characters. The dedication and support that MC shows actually makes him a pretty good brother aside from the whole incest thing. It's not like most siscon series where the MC is just a bumbling perverted bastard that has girls throwing themselves at him left right and center for no reason.
How is the Manga? Is it as good as the show? I heard that the author didn't back down at the end, like in the anime?




Really nigga?


Who is best girl?


File: 1608529025472.jpg (493.95 KB, 1125x1600, 002.jpg)

best thing about this show are the doujins


File: 1608529025542.jpg (33.88 KB, 640x480, I see a pedo.jpg)



>noticeable post-puberty breasts and body proportions
>muh pedo, pedos everywhere, pedooo
I see a retard


&ltA-cups or less
nigga are you serious? She is 14 in the anime and her body development is obviously that of an under-age teen. post pubertal is someone who is at least 18 or older.
Take a seat nigga and shut your dumbass up


>A-cup or less
fuck off, they're B at least
>She is 14 in the anime
her anime age? really?
>at least 18 or older
pure liberal ideology


>They're B at least
Have you ever seen a woman?
>anime age
Given that's her character is that age, yes. a doujin saying "she's 18" is retarded shit 1 step away from the 900 year old vampire bullshit
>liberal ideology
Biology is now liberal or ideology


>Have you ever seen a woman?
have you? she's not wearing a bra in that image
>her character is that age
because you say so? what's the difference between you and that retarded doujin?
>post pubertal is someone who is at least 18 or older
you seriously think the body works like this?
&ltOHH turned 18 today guess it's time to finally finish that puberty thing
pure ideology


That's yet more GETs for this thread.


>turned 18 today guess it's time to finally finish that puberty thing
That's not what I said retard. Puberty ends around 18 years old though it may continue into the 20s. It's only beginning in 14 year olds
>have you
Yes, yes I have
>not wearing a bra
a bra typically does not increase the bust size unless it's made of really fucking thick fabric.
>because you say so
No because the canon material says so you dipshit
>between you and that retarded doujin
The doujin is non-canon work made by a hentai mangaka, not the original creator, and the canon character is 14 years old.


File: 1608529028964.jpg (266.97 KB, 1626x2399, a5efb31acf8113a5e8e87c4538….jpg)

>Puberty ends around 18 years old though it may continue into the 20s
can't you spend at least 10 seconds to research this before spouting bullshit out of your ass?
check the sources before whining about wikipedia like a conspiratard
>muh canon material
you really think there aren't canon 18 year olds that look 8? lmao
>the canon character is 14 years old
pure retardation, you're arguing just about a number, it's exactly the same argument as saying it's okay because she's a (canon) 1000 year old vampire


>wikipedia is inaccurate
1) It says girls begin puberty at ages 10–11 and complete puberty at ages 15–17. So your still wrong about her being post-pubertal
2) This ignores the fact that there are 3 stages of adolescence, which the third being roughly 18-21
3) This ignores the fact that 15-17 is the average end of puberty not the definitive age. Are you seriously telling me that every 18 year old looks like their adult self at 20? Are you kidding me? Go outside
>posts lucky star
&lthurr look at dis
A literal inhuman blob is incomparable to a relatively accurate physiological drawing faggot
>really think there aren't canon 18 year olds that look 8?
*Facepalm* You have the reading comprehension of a soggy waffle. I stated that the whole "she's really an adult even though she looks like a kid" is literally "muh 900 year old vampire loli" mental gymnastics
>you're arguing just about a number
&ltage is just a number dude LOL
Contradicting yourself in your own post, bravo.


you retreated awful quickly from your 18 years old puberty statements
so you're taking my statement about what your argument was as my own argument, and accuse me of no reading comprehension and contradiction, nice one…
gonna stop here, arguing with retards is pointless


the show is actually pretty great with the exception of the ending which i didnt get spoiled when i first saw it and i was like

"ao that's why its so notorious huh?"

the emo girl is cool but i prefered Ayase overall the yandere or whatever it is she is i just like her vibe idk what to tell ya

>>3966 the dojins are so fuckin hot god damn


I didn't though? Are you blind?
>my statement about what your argument was as my own argument
Your post is inane, and your resulting 'argument' is nonexistent.


Talk about incest not loli, which already has a thread.


File: 1608529039616.jpg (279.65 KB, 1101x1600, stfu bro pls.jpg)

Oh my god bro stfu bro pls pls just shut up no one fuckign care nigga like we dont give a shit pls stop talking about puberty


I don't give a shit about the underage aspect, just the incest


funno thread




What are you trying to say?


what would lenin think of this anime?


Stay mad incestuous pedocon


That it's a waste of time and he'd probably be disgusted TBH.


File: 1608529040813-0.jpg (393.61 KB, 1280x1814, 0004.jpg)

File: 1608529040813-1.jpg (602.05 KB, 1280x1803, 03alt.jpg)

Fucking love incest.
>nooo you can't, it's forbidden
That's what makes it so hot, hate this society so gotta break all the taboos.


File: 1608529041089.jpg (411.35 KB, 1280x1806, owned.jpg)

not mad retard i just wish people like u would stop spamming threads with unrelated shit


>unrelated shit
well that's more reasonable I guess


I appreciate that incest gets touched upon in anime, but I'd like to see it get a more serious focus rather than just being a pornographic fetish.


Do you like VNs? Check out Love ribbon


Just fyi it was originally a light novel.


The VN Kana ~Imouto~ might interest you
If someone else has other recommendations for straight incest VNs that aren't nukige I'd like to know


Haha yeah my favorite anime is Cory in the House lol


There's a video game for this anime?


>VN Kana ~Imouto~
ohhh thanks for the suggestion I'll check it out


File: 1608529079512.jpg (165.32 KB, 1600x1018, Oreimo PSP.jpg)



I completely forgot about that despite it being my first VN like 17 years ago.


>it is a disruptive, subversive entry into the incestuous world of culture.
It didn't invent Little sister moe. Some VN in 90s caused that trend(I mean sister princess LN itself is from fucking late 90s lmao).


>I'd like to see it get a more serious focus rather than just being a pornographic fetish

The problem is that realistically it's rape most of the time and when it isn't it's a product of some serious social dysfunction. It has to be fetishistic or it's bound to go into grimdark territory most of the time.


Is there a materialist explanation for this imouto trope in anime?


File: 1608529090991.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, sisterly love.png)

Don't know bout materialist, but the simplest explanation is that because of how alienating capitalism is, it is hard to make real bonds with people, and therefore a problem making romantic ones, thus the easy out is family members, who are already close to you. With an imouto the attraction may be protective as the older, bigger person - as opposed to the Ara~Ara 'let me coddle you poor boy' of Mother-son or Older Sister-brother relations. At least that is what I think, I could be wrong, I haven't studied this as a psychologist or something. Also the taboo factor of someone younger is probably another reason people like it (as with Eromanga Sensei). Pic is a captioned example of this fetish.


did this author ever make anything good


I don't know why don't you read his works and tell us?


File: 1608529095801.jpg (765.43 KB, 1920x1080, love ribbon.jpg)

Yeah good point, its hard to treat it realistically and not focus on the inherently exploitative nature of most incest.
I feel like Love Ribbon as mentioned before strikes a pretty good balance there tho. The subject matter is mostly serious and the characters react in mostly realistic ways to the events in the story, and it's a fairly innocent relationship between the two heroines, not really exploitative at all, as they are close in age and have grown up apart until then. Not very grimdark but I was dissapointed that it was fairly short.




lazy cunt


File: 1608529141301.jpg (34.26 KB, 640x360, Koi_Kaze.jpg)

If you want something that deals with the topic in completely serious way, I recommend Koi Kaze. Its about a man in his late 20s falling in love with his 15 year old sister. Pure drama, zero fetishization.


>Koi Kaze
i.e. Lolita but with a sister instead of a daughter.


The comparison occurred to me too, but Koi Kaze is more romance and less rape.




File: 1611753416351.jpg (874.56 KB, 583x5627, WSWS.jpg)



It isn't incest by the way.


Then what's the point?


>family friendly
Those trots have really gone too far this time.
They actually have reviewed DarliFra. Why the fuck are they writing about horny garbage like that? A reputable source should only review NGE and GitS.


Documentation for the board software would be cool.


File: 1611849217815.jpg (1.36 MB, 1796x2874, d6943a9e46c734cb8b8e93ca16….jpg)

they are correct though, it's a great show to watch alone with your sister, same as Yosuga no Sora


Under communism, what would this sort of anime be like?


To be able to know that, we would also have to know what the consensus would be on sibling incest under communism.

Recently it occured to me that perhaps it's so prevalent in Japanese otaku media not only because of what >>4865 said, but also because so many Japanese youth are an only child. They didn't really get to know what having a sibling is like, and if the Westermarck effect is a real thing, that's why they consider sibling incest a relationship like any other where romance can flourish, although a taboo kind of relationship. The taboo of it turns it into a fetish, a mere sexual fantasy for Japanese otaku who either never had a "sibling figure" in their lives or are so alienated that they don't care for certain social norms and proudly (but secretly) accept their taboo fetish despite having a sibling themselves. Sometimes it's partly because they have a brother or sister that they grew up with, but their family is a bit fucked up emotionally (in this case, this can happen between other family members). Obviously the prevalence of the fetish itself in the media they consume helps.


Thank God this is just fantasy. If my little sister acted this way I'd feel repulsed.


Is there a specific filetype you want?
there's pdf, epub, mp4, webm, zip, gzip, not sure which else. You can check the github or ask the mods in the mod thread or on matrix.

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