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What is the consensus on Girls und Panzer?


Hard-right propaganda to promote the remilitarization of Japan.


No tits.
No Australians.

It's shit.


Seems like rightoid propaganda and cult to war



Unfortunately I must agree with the other posts in this thread. Very heavily traditionalist too, but I still enjoy the series by itself.


The only good thing about GuP is the doujins. The show is boring as fuck and pandering to nationalists.


File: 1608528776269.png (507.24 KB, 637x720, asfdasd.png)

Das Finale (Parts 1 and 2, the rest are upcoming) have both.


I find it kind off insulting that the spaniard team dresses like sluts, but even worse is that they had to choose a fascist division.



Nice jpg bro, although the text is slightly legible. I give it 8 gottdang hot dogs out of 10.


I like the yuri doujins.


File: 1608528776595.jpg (58.08 KB, 554x423, spanish legion.jpg)

Slutty or not, the uniforms are accurate.


I'm not sure about that, I mean the "Japanese" team is shown to be filled with retards.


Some of the most degenerate garbage to ever grace anime. You're literally watching a show based on a concept a 4-year-old thought up.


What about Strike Witches?


File: 1608528776781.png (338.14 KB, 663x595, 1560423992963.png)

I don't know about you guys but I liked it.


That's only the uniform for the spanish legion. Fun fact, members have gotten caught multiple times trying to smuggle drugs. Last year it was 320kg of hash during some war games.


Post better quality or GTFO with this "nice quality bro" shit


The show is asinine and is basically what happens when you mix WoT players with waifu-loving weebs.

The only part I liked was the communist group because of the sheer meme material.
They operate on a Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier and have iconic WW-2 Soviet tanks. Katyusha is too cute, and Nonna is a great compliment to her.


Honestly, I kinda like it, despite the valid criticism of it as some anons have said

But here's a review of it from Posadist Pacman


I don't think any of the criticisms in the thread are wrong, but I enjoy watching it. I rewatched the TV anime recently and had enough fun watching it that I decided to give War Thunder a try.


I only wish they had a 5 pointed star instead of that intergalactic-looking thing.


You mean their hammer and sickle? It's just two square rulers and a T-square.


The red 'star' is 4 pronged instead of 5 pronged because, like the Hammer and Sickle, its a controversial symbol in the West.


Post the full picture!


I'm leaving it for an appropriate effort post.


Too bad I am an expert sauce seeker, trained on the ancient texts of +Fravia.


Haha I am victorious


File: 1608528837087.jpg (297.55 KB, 824x1200, x3.jpg)

>Implying anime companies give a fuck about what's controversial in the west
(Pic not related)


They do. The Western Market is an important cashcow for some of them, its why soviet aesthetic is not directly referenced (Japan is the USA's largerst aircraft carrier after all).


What about their boner for german ww2 military aesthetic, loli shit and incest baiting?
Only a handful of shows are marketed to the west and I doubt GuP, a show featuring cute school aged girls doing cute things, is one of them.


>incest baiting
Meh, wincest
Japanese are repressive of their sexualities, until such paraphilias worm their way into the culture (loli, MILF, trap, futa)
>ww2 military aesthetic
Something quite popular in the West. Tanya the Evil was VERY popular for its fashie shit, until the author pointed out that she was supposed to mock fascism and capitalism and its insanity.

Girls und Panzer ANIME is reliant on the Western market, since Japanese people more readily consume Manga and LN.


>until the author pointed out that she was supposed to mock fascism and capitalism and its insanity.
I still wonder how much of this was damage control. The anime really seems to enjoy itself in its depravity.


Considering before this book he wrote a book where the a former nationalist in notyugoslavia is send back after having destroyed nottitos stability and realising communism wasn't so bad after all, and how to reconcile ethnic tension and self determination with communism. His username has the word for comrade in it (commie connotations), he said he is a hobby communist and shits on capitalism on twitter, I'm inclined he is at the very least left leaning.
The anime is more more pro Tanya than the books I've heard. Check out the Tanya thread.


File: 1608528837812.jpg (666.96 KB, 1066x1491, Katyusha.jpg)

I think it's this one

Fun fact, I did quite a fair amount of typesetting for GuP pics a couple years ago


Cunt, why.


Can you translate this too?


For commies maybe they do but openly fascist shit seems to be okay?


Japan is ruled by a fascist lobby called Nippon Kaigi, don't be surprised when mangaka that add fascists crap to their works get easily published.


File: 1608528838421.jpg (556.17 KB, 1066x1491, Klara.jpg)

Actually I can't translate for shit, I just do the typesettings

But yes, I did typeset that one


A) reactionary cultural leftovers from WW2
B) The USA is also reactionary and likes such military aesthetic.


This. Watching the Tanya film in theaters was miserable. I think half the people there were /pol/yps. The LNs are a lot better than the anime. The anime movie actually came across as pro-fascist when that wasn't the case in the LNs.


>Last year it was 320kg of hash during some war games.
Damn, drug smuggling must be fun if everyone is trying to do it


File: 1608528840044.jpg (180.34 KB, 1280x1843, 1.jpg)

Same artist made "sequels" to some of them.



Pity they're Shota though


File: 1608528840164.png (189.45 KB, 379x672, Cute girl in a tank.png)

Y'all gotta admit that the soundtrack for the show is pretty fucking dope



It's trash but Katyusha is cute and Pravda is based.


File: 1608528840826.png (539.64 KB, 600x600, 68642357_p1.png)

I mean, you're wrong about it being trash, but yes, Katyusha is very cute and Pravda is based and REDpilled


File: 1608528841108.jpg (20.34 KB, 600x560, 715.jpg)


>wrong about it being trash
How? The show is genuinely dumb as has been stated or referenced by others in the thread.


Why does being dumb make it trash? Not every piece of entertainment needs to be thought provoking or groundbreaking.


Why are, like, half the doujins featuring Katyusha or Nonna or other Pravda members always abuse shit and other crap. As if "ugly bastard" wasn't prevalent enough.


File: 1608528845102.png (200.34 KB, 499x484, Blyat.png)

As a Katyushafag, yeah, it's annoying as fuck, also annoying is when the guy is a shota as well

One doujin that baffled me was one called "A book about flirting with Katyusha" now what I was expecting was some guy flirting with Katyusha and then fucking her, what actually happened was Mind Control…


File: 1608528846356-0.jpg (443.82 KB, 1200x1705, 21.jpg)

File: 1608528846356-1.jpg (428.28 KB, 1200x1705, 22 (1).jpg)

Anti-communism, of course. Speaking of which, what does everyone think of the Battle of Pravda doujin?


what the fuck they just hanged the anime like that?


half of all doujins are like that really


It tries way too hard and by the end I just stopped caring as it was just such non stop misery.


It's how Mussolini died


>Battle of Pravda doujin
While they do the whole retarded "evil soviets" thing and have Katyusha use the tank equivalent of human wave tactics, the brutality is refreshingly shocking compared to the shitty original anime/manga.


Pravda is the only group worth a damn, if for their hardcore soviet rhetoric.



Someone list me the chapters/anime episodes that Pravda appears in since the wiki page only mentions arcs without much episode details.


Since this thread is sort of slow and small, lets expand it to encompass general military-musume anime/manga/LNs. For example Kancolle / Kantai Collection.


Correction, Mecha-musume included as well


File: 1608528961055.png (4.33 MB, 1712x3280, World of Shipgals.png)

If find it rather amusing, if strange, how popular ship-girls got among weebs a few years back, before being frogotten. the popularity was enough that a anime and movie were made and ripoffs like Victory Belles, Azur Lane and other mecha-musume like Girls Frontline and Panzer Waltz. It was fairly cute, though the the strangeness of how human sized girls operate as full blown warships gave me a headache (though fan-art sometimes compromises by making them giants too). The movie was decent, if rather depressing in the end though, and the abyssals are an interesting concept of bio-ships. It also made for good meme material (and of course lewd material).


&ltthe strangeness of how human sized girls operate as full blown warships
Speaking of, there are a lot of fanfiction that explore this concept, with quite some grimness.


Not a big fan of these shows or their fanfictions (mostly out of how ridiculous they are), however I do enjoy some of it casually.

However one fanfiction of Kantai Collection that I enjoyed very much was a rather unique fanfic called Kancolle: Exodus Initiative, a sadly incomplete fanfiction where the main character is a Soviet battlecruiser of experimental nature, The Stalingrad, the first ship of the Stalingrad Class Project 82 battlecruisers*. The Abyssals take over most of the world and rule in collaboration with the countries of the world, but there are groups of shipgirls and people who are fighting back in a revek struggle). The fic begins in a bit of a confusing way (intentionally mirroring the chaos of the situation) but eventually clarifies a bit more. One of the interesting aspects is how they address Shipgirls. They physically embody their ships, so removing and replacing ribs and taping together organs or losing arms is treated as normal for them. Another unique part that reflects a bit of the Kancolle movie, is that they retain the memories of war that their soldier's and crew fought in. A unique aspect of the main character is that, the Soviet Navy, whose forces were often stuck fighting on land, since the Germans did not seek to engage in direct naval confrontation and tried to lock them in port with mines and nets, thus Stalingrad (the shipgirl) retains vivid and horrendous memories of the war. Her soviet perspective and ideology is also an influence and interesting aspect. (SPOILERS) Her mannerisms and ideology are initially treated with jocular quality, but it becomes a bit of a plot point in the last chapters. Part of this is seen with her hidden split personality 'Koba', who enunciates her position and is more dangerously and direct (SPOILERS). I think this is so appealing to me because my Great-grandfather fought in the war and my own appreciation of the USSR.
TL;DR: I liked the commie ship and the way it was done

Original fic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11720694/13/Kancolle-Exodus-Initiative
Russian Translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/9269278/24003647#part_content

*These ships are insane compared to any other battlecruiser and their internal systems honestly would be a good study for future warships and the range on the experimental guns was impressive.
- http://www.e-reading.club/chapter.php/1002749/11/superlinkory-stalina-sovetskiy-soyuz-kronshtadt-stalingrad.html
- http://archive.is/VQJd8
- Cannons http://archive.is/rLmz


I'm rather surprised how little posts there are in this thread considering the recent activity. Does nobody have an opinion?


Sauce on this pic?



That's old AF but quite cute nontheless


only one i read was abt if the tank fighting was lethal and Oorai getting slaughtered


Under-rated post


It's just aesthetics, no politics at all.


One of the few times this is true with this kind of moe anime


I can't get into this anime at all, even for the aesthetics of Pravda. Even the fanfics are boring or nonsensical (or both).


Anyone know the origin of this meme? I've seen the same video with different captions in relation to all sorts of fandoms.


>What is the consensus on Girls und Panzer?
Когда весь день смотрел аниме и вечером пил и слушал историй Деда о войне и уснулб вот такой превиделся и сон.

>Нонна: Кать а почему мы так странно пели песню?

>Катя: Потому что русские актеры у нас появятся во 2ом сезоне


File: 1631588443563.jpg (114.47 KB, 1200x1200, leningrad class destroyer.jpg)

>Mecha-musume included as well
Based and mecha-pilled

>Victory Belles
I don't know about the game, but the art for it was pretty good, pic related.


>not everything needs to be [high quality]
True, but the show itself is pretty generic moe-shit and the only thing that makes it any different is some of the girl variations and the technical CGI of the vehicles. It's just boring because the stakes are kinda retarded… too retarded to be good, and not retarded enough to be "so good it's bad" though feel free to include that in >>2551


Kancolle clone that became an Azur Lane clone. One of their Italian ships was named after a colony, so they thought it would have been a good idea to make her black and dressed like a savage. In addition, her voice actress speaks Italian very badly and sounds like the Italian version of a minstrel show.


Pic, I gotta see this



Here it is.
I'm not sure who's the second one, but she speaks (correct) English.


File: 1631643832481.png (224.72 KB, 700x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Oooh you're talking about the submarine… it's consistent for the actual boats themselves, after all Victory Belles art design goes for a look based on attire and aesthetic archetypes of the World War II era. As for the VA, I think that's probably a coincidence TBH, the same can be said about the Russian VA for the Kirov (youtube link related). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzi3UjYjTmM&ab_channel=BlackChickenStudios
Regardless that's a pretty silly reason to not like a game, especially since those aren't mainline playable characters.

The design for the Axum isn't really that bad, it's no more realistic than any of the other shipgirls in the game TBH. Pic related is a Soviet submarine - not very Soviet or Russian… though other Soviet ships like the Svetlana class Profintern are pretty cool looking.

If you actually look at Axum's character introduction (link below) you'll see that they approach the character as an actual 'Italian Patriot' of that time containing rather surprising historical accuracy.
I have no stake in this, for the record, I just like the art design and found this pretty refreshing compared to Kancolles lazy moe-shit.

The other image you posted I don't even know what those are since I haven't seen either character anywhere in Victory Belles media, not even as topics for discussion, what are the ship names, cause those look like Gunboats.


lol what the fuck is this?


An accurate portrayal of an actual fascist Patriot of Italy sounds like? Just like the interviews with Soviet ships had Soviet ideology and the American ships have America ideology etc. Is it politically correct? No. Is it accurate to the time? Yes. Is it interesting, I think so. I don't play the game so I don't know is that material is in there.

See the archive.md link for a list of all the ship interviews as of 2017


>I have no stake in this, for the record, I just like the art design and found this pretty refreshing compared to Kancolles lazy moe-shit.


I mean, it does look unique at least, and semi-realistic judging by her clothes (the black character in the second pic)


Embedding error.
KV-2 Hardbass Adventure


File: 1632535651871.png (569.68 KB, 352x550, ClipboardImage.png)

Related post on GATE >>9763
and another soviet GATE fic.


File: 1632541985572.png (1.02 MB, 1216x1236, ClipboardImage.png)

>Victory Belles
Speaking of obscure mecha musume anyone heard of Panzer Waltz and Steelblue Mirage?


File: 1632631880437-0.png (400.43 KB, 500x707, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1632631880437-1.png (478.26 KB, 500x707, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1632631880437-2.png (337.2 KB, 500x707, ClipboardImage.png)

Can anyone tell me the sauce on anime grill pics related? Reverse image searches give me Company of Heroes 2 links. Are they characters in game? Anime OCs? Anime spinoffs from the game?

Pics found at https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=zhainan_s-jun+soviet


File: 1632644726036.png (249.84 KB, 500x500, 79299863_p0.png)

Tags say it is OC inspired by that game. Pretty cute if you ask me!


Thanks! pixiv kinda just doesn't work for me for some reason


File: 1632762946063-0.png (182.84 KB, 584x839, negevxkar98_1.png)

File: 1632762946063-1.png (411.09 KB, 829x830, negevxkar98_2.png)

There's worse
>girls frontline nazi holocaust yuri
>Last chapter has some futa…
>It's pretty long for a porn doujin
<Soviets make a cameo appearance
So yeah, I guess it's a real shame that it's drawn decently too




I remember seeing this for the first time on /pol/

I was expecting a short and retarded gif but it got better and better and I was hooked for like 20 minutes watching the gif.


Honestly it has this fascinating human/inhuman aspect despite being nauseating and confusing (and impossible).


File: 1633446739732-0.jpg (669.88 KB, 2560x1600, 195711.jpg)

File: 1633446739732-1.jpg (316.52 KB, 1067x1200, D_tM2zNXYAAGd_-.jpg)

Another military cutesy anime is Sound of the Sky. I can confirm that it is moeblob and kinda dumb because of it. I can say it did pick up at the end with a few short arcs. None of them all that great mind you, but at least they were there. Which only makes the absence in the first eight episodes all the more galling - setting the stage, building characters, building the world - none of that should be an excuse to have nothing happen while you are doing it. You can have story arcs and tension even with low stakes.

The sub-genre - cute girls doing cute things - is here forced into telling a story of melancholy decay in the shadow of war. It just doesn't fit. Not gonna accuse them of doing this to feign depth, this is not a cynical work but obviously a labour of love. It just doesn't entirely work is all. Sora no Woto detracts from the message to fall into the trappings of the cute girls doing cute things genre, as if they were afraid that just having the cast be girls wouldn't be enough to sell it. The decaying post apocalyptic Spanish countryside setting is really cool though. Anime falls into this often I feel, good ideas that are hindered by sub-genre conventions rather than lifting them up. Outbreak Company also suffered heavily from this for example - a honest to god smart twist on isekai but still weighed down by all the shitty tropes.



File: 1634200524452.jpg (42.71 KB, 421x600, Girls Last Tour.jpg)

Something similar is Girls' Last Tour about a pair of girls scavenging military things from a apocalyptic city. It's anachronistic, and has tech from WW2 featured in it like the T-34-76 but also more modern ones like the Centurion tank and Tu-95 bomber (all defunct).


Two nukes weren’t enough


No use, see pic >>10546


File: 1635184641090.png (206.19 KB, 500x657, ClipboardImage.png)

How did people get interested in and enjoy Kantai Collection? The game is awful and a grindy boring autoplay mess that nonetheless keeps people around through several layers of addiction built in and the anime and movie are uninspiring at best, and lazy cashgrabs at worst. One could go on about how they're too busy to figure out what fleet setup is right for certain sorties and expeditions, wait several hours for resources to get resources, figure out how to what fleet is good for battles in a certain map, and I refuse to spend money on obvious gacha schemes.

I know the obvious answer would be "the girls are cute" and they're easy to meme, but it feels like there really has to be more to it. The boat designs in Azur Lane and other ship-girl games are better. In the end its just a soulless corporatist husk that will be abandoned by the devs as soon as there's more easy money to be made elsewhere.

This is why ZUN didn't let corporations touch Touhou.


File: 1635476313288.png (1.37 MB, 1080x608, ClipboardImage.png)

Searching for more on this kind of Post -Apocalyptic soldier school stuff I've come across High School Fleet, that has Japanese school girls go on the run at sea due to a misunderstood 'mutiny', all on the background of a flooded Earth. Kinda reminds me of Arpeggio of Blue Steel too.


"Panzer of the Lake was on the Ostfront, or what it now calls the wrong side of the Great Patriotic War, and after being reversed into a lake during Operation Bagration and seeing the glorious Soviet advance, became a sentient, Marxist, people's defense turret. Comrade Panzerkampfwagen has been cured of his fascist tendencies. After witnessing the power of the united proletariat in the form of a BR-350 AT shot out of the barrel of a T-34 he dropped his false consciousness and developed Marxism-Leninism-Panzerism while meditating in a soviet lake. Everything from keeping local kids safe on the route to school to wishing for the day it could finally pierce a capitalist or fascist hull, the Panzer of the Lake has become a internationally renowned symbol of becoming woke."




>How did people get interested in and enjoy Kantai Collection?
>it feels like there really has to be more to it. The boat designs in Azur Lane and other ship-girl games are better. In the end its just a soulless corporatist husk that will be abandoned by the devs as soon as there's more easy money to be made elsewhere.
The company behind it might have something to do with it. Plus, I'm not really sure, but I think Kantai Collection came before all those other ship-girl games.


>I think Kantai Collection came before all those other ship-girl games
>came out in 2013
I suppose so, but earlier doesn't often mean more popular.
>I WANT to fuck THEM ALL!!
I heard that to the Pokemon intro LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpaHR-V_R-o&ab_channel=TheOfficialPok%C3%A9monYouTubechannel
*cue Pokemon Snap XXX*


It's funny how Raita gave us both kancolle and katawa shoujo


Mediocre to bad show but gets my favor over military nazi loli magic shit like Tanya >>795


It's funny seeing you call the show asinine and then gush over the exact reasons why everyone else loves it. We both know the show is cool, just own it.


I didn't "gush" over anything, I only pointed out the minor part I liked, as a story it's trash and that's undeniable.


>Pokemon Snap XXX
Holy fuck that's an old reference… I totally forgot about that shit.


>Original fic
pdf version if it gets deletod


>the Tanya thread
As a side note I'm surprised to find little Tanya v Katyusha fanart.



>This is why ZUN didn't let corporations touch touhou
Thank fucking god he didn't


File: 1681624272685.jpg (211.86 KB, 1273x956, Poipoider attacks.jpg)

>Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Blue Submarine No. 6 & Tide-Line Blue are similar post-apocalyptic anime, though far less moefied.

also Mars Daybreak is kinda post-apocalyptic.


This is what we should do with Dolphins man, Give them exosuits to exert their dominance if we are unable to uplift them into Swolphins.


>Dolphins man, Give them exosuits to exert their dominance if we are unable to uplift them into Swolphins.
Based Posadas schizo.


Glad you thank so, because then the Dolphins can achieve their true form and purpose. Together with the Ayy Lmaos can we totally be united as a Confederation of the Earthclan and the Ayy Lmao Comrades.


Link isn't activating at all, luckily it's partially archived https://archive.is/uiacJ

Sanest Posadist.


>Very heavily traditionalist too
Just like most of the anime. Those that aren't are niche and underground stuff nobody knows about.


>how popular ship-girls got among weebs a few years back, before being frogotten
It was completely artificial. Company behind it invested a lot of money into becoming the next Touhou, even paid some Touhou circles into making content for them.


Huh, I never heard of that, got a link to it.

>Very heavily traditionalist
In what way is cute schoolgirls driving tanks and engaging in tank battles traditional?


I just realized it's a mecha anime.


I mean technically you're not exactly wrong.


Buhanochka is a gijinka of the UAZ-452 'Buhanka' (bread loaf) van of the USSR which was widely used, including in the military, even to this day. When they appeared at the beginning of the SMO February 2022, they got memed by Russian anime enthusiasts and this was quickly picked up by /chug/. It's gotten to the point where the character has hundreds of images on a booru and a VK page dedicated to her and other gijinka of the conflict.


However I digress. Why I'm posting it in this thread is because I noticed off-handedly that Buhanochka reminds me of Katyusha, especially when the latter is in her tank-helmet, which makes me wonder if the Russians that started the meme were 'inspired' by the character… or maybe I'm wrong and it's just generic battle-loli aesthetics.


I wish Jmantime finished his Soviet characters series and animations, there was some potential similar to kutsuzure sensen >>6170


File: 1697477092057.jpg (126.95 KB, 1920x1080, girlslasttour_featured.jpg)

>Hey guys I am going to make an anime about little girls wandering in a post-apocalyptic future a thousand years from now, how can I still make sure that people will know that I am a wehraboo?


I've noticed anime tends to split between wehraboos, Japanese nationalists, america-boos with a small number of Soviet-fans, hailing back to Soviet influence in the anime sphere back in the 70s/80s.


soviet influence? Is it the result of the co productions between soviet and japanese animation studios?


>zgang anime
this just as bad as wehraboo anime


>another liberal retard pulling a horshoe theory
Go back, your subreddit misses you.


No, he is absolutely right, literally sexualizing war.


>sex is le bad


File: 1698356466537.png (461.5 KB, 889x1015, marusya16470963103890.png)

>cute cartoon chibi that soldiers use for laughs like they've done for the past century of modern combat
<iTs SeXuAlIzEd!!!
Anon, I'm an anti-loli-fag, but this is just reaching, That's also not what he's bitching about. They're comparing "wehraboos" who fellate anything German and like cutesy shit of horrific SS criminals to simple silly gijinka of a Soviet van that is iconic in Russia.

TL;DR: It's neither sexual, nor about sexualization, but a implicit comparison of NAZIS with the Russian military, i.e. accusing them of being fascists.


File: 1698364480383.mp4 (2.89 MB, 476x268, loli anime PSA clip.mp4)

>U don't like sexualization of fictional minors? Must be attracted to them!
<You arachnophobic? Must be attracted to them
<You homophobic? Must be attracted to them
Any more fallacious arguments you wanna get off your chest to hide your insecure feelings of being called out by a post not directly to you? Pedo-fags and lolifags get the rope, so stop derailing with this low effort bait and go back to your GEThole. Sage for offtopic


First of all, I wasnt just refering to two pictures posted, back when the invasion started, there was whole bunch of Z anime porn on /siberia/. Second, she wears a dress with side slit going all the way to midwaist, revealing she isnt wearing panties, its fucking sexualized.


theres no fucking sexualization going on you pathological projecter


wait THIS >>20948 first pic is what you fags are calling "loli"? jesus christ youre retarded


File: 1698372530682.jpg (167.87 KB, 1000x974, Дурка Ukraine.jpg)

Repeating the same retarded shit is not an argument, especially since you clearly have no reading comprehension.

Anon 1 posted about how the popular niche Buhanka Gijinka is similar to Katyusha from Girls Und Panzer and speculated as to why.

Then anon 2 declared it the same as wehraboo-shit, which was retorted to as being liberal horseshoe nonsense. Then a third anon somehow interpreted this as "sexualization of war" which regarding the posts ITT is untrue. The first anon replied that there IS no sexualization going on in the images and added that they're anti-lolicon so as to dismiss any "muh lolicon bias" or other bad faith arguments, only to get a bait reply about "people that dislike sexualized cartoon children are projecting their sexual thoughts" which is both a strawman and bad-faith bait, to which the other anon replied.

>there was whole bunch of Z anime porn on /siberia/
None of which was lolishit. Also it's fucking /siberia/ what are you expecting from the local /b/oard? It's literally chockfull of bestiality, furry, sexual fetishes, aeromorphs and train-fucking, pirate-shitposting and any number of nonsense, that's really not an example to use.
>she wears a dress with side slit going all the way to midwaist, revealing she isnt wearing panties
1) That's not a loli, she's got clear breasts
2) You've never seen a woman wear a cocktail dress, have you?

Take meds, I'm no lolicon, but this is just pathetic handwringing of the same sort as people reeing over fanservice in schlock isekai anime.


>Lolis can't have boobs


>>Lolis can't have boobs
1) Stop derailing further and take any more loli "arguments" to >>>/siberia/
2) No, oppai loli is a deliberate contradiction, it's a meme. A "loli" is an underage little girl, they don't have developed breasts for the most part, at least in the stuff that most people that aren't sick in the head are concerned over. The context is clearly not talking about teenagers.
A petite woman =/= loli
end of conversation


>None of which was lolishit
>1) That's not a loli, she's got clear breasts
I havent said anything about any loli.

>of the same sort as people reeing over fanservice in schlock isekai anime

And of course you would be into that garbage too.


I like lolis but I just think we should be honest with ourselves


File: 1698444438700.png (1.03 MB, 900x660, ClipboardImage.png)

>I havent said anything about any loli
Stop goalpost shifting, anyone can read the replychain and see what relevance loli has to the conversation at hand
>of course you would be into that garbage
Nice assumption, asshole. And no, I'm not into fanservice, because it's usually poorly done and for the sake of padding runtime, but I'm not a retard going "ewww icky" about some boobage.

Also, if you want to be pretentious, lets put aside that the context is clearly complaining about lolishit and focus on a little skin being "sexualization".
Soviet female troops wore skirts and leggings, often enough you could see skin. Was there some sexual element? Maybe as inherently part of being a woman, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if that's the only part you focus on in an image not blatantly being erotic, then it speaks more to YOU having subconscious thoughts about it, than the image being "sexualized"

And again, this has been done by soldiers for the better part of the past century, this isn't new; pic rel.


>Stop goalpost shifting, anyone can read the replychain and see what relevance loli has to the conversation at hand
None, because that wasnt my issue, some other poster bringing it up has nothing to do with me.


When I think of loli I think of a flat as a pancake anime girl with zero secondary sexual characteristics, not someone with tits and hips.


I don't know if you've looked at any girls age 12-18 but many of them have tits and hips


>I don't know if you've looked at any girls age 12-18 but many of them have tits and hips


Nobody would refer to 16 year old character as loli.


dude there are people that call iiniku ushijima loli and she's like in her 50s now


File: 1698722509967.png (310.46 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>there are people that call iiniku ushijima
LMAO fucking who? She's the definition of a petite woman, not "loli", and anyone calling her that is using the terminology wrong. Nobody is calling Rei Ayanami a loli even though she's under-age, because it's not just a young or underage person, it's used for a person that looks prepubescent. By that logic Jotaro is a shota.


I found it funny how they are so nonchalant in having an anime ᴉuᴉlossnW as a heroine.


File: 1699666994324-0.png (556.71 KB, 800x1248, 1692737703744529.png)

File: 1699666994324-1.jpg (747.38 KB, 1332x1416, for kachuusha.jpg)

Maybe so, maybe so. But its very CUTE hard-right propaganda!!!


File: 1702328898011.png (437.77 KB, 739x1055, Iona_Rokush_C5_8D.png)

Dunno why but these designs for Buhanka and Katyusha also reminded me of Iona Rockshow from the light novel RWBY: The Session
Her character - small and techie and fierce also relates.


File: 1702776832133.jpg (119.01 KB, 1278x721, url.jpg)

I like it


File: 1707884818698.png (6.21 MB, 2239x1491, ClipboardImage.png)

I thought this Godzilla Minus One x Shimikaze gijinka was pretty cool and related


This reminds me of a doujin some Japanese-nationalist made about a concentration camp inmate falling in love with an SS Guard in a Stockholm Syndrome type situation.
The artstyle was similar to Negev x Kar98 but the guard was male, no yuri or futa in it. I didn't save it or remember the name, and only remembered it existed because of this post tbh


File: 1713514108075.png (776.8 KB, 1236x1310, thick_katyusha_rape_time.png)

The only decent Katyusha hentai doujin is Newlywed Katyusha (219614). It's still lolicon but at least the plot is pretty wholesome, everything else is either prostitution, rape and abuse or other fucked up stuff. This tendency makes me morbidly wonder why so many mangaka are obsessed with mangling or abusing under-age girls in their doujin's…

(C92) [D-baird (BeNantoka)] Newlywed Katyusha (Girls und Panzer) [English] [S.T.A.L.K.E.R.]
(C92) [D-baird (Beなんとか)] 新婚のカチューシャ (ガールズ&パンツァー) [英訳]


File: 1713884365374.jpg (2.14 MB, 2239x1491, 1698032745.haraya_84.jpg)


File: 1715633394717.png (26.91 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Neko Arc and Katyusha have the same energy

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