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So what's your opinion on Inuyasha and Yashahime?
T. Lad who was born on the 2000 and doesn't know jack shit.


Inuyasha (the OG series) had a very, very strong start and has some nice moments here and there but I would not say it was worth my time watching it.


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Inuyasha was a classic anime of its time, combining Japanese mythology with fairly good animation, good artstyle nd a fairly straight-forward plot. It stagnated a bit due to continuing longer than was probably intended, but still managed to pull off a decent show with a memorable cast and enjoyable story of a time-traveling/isekai romance. I enjoyed it.

The movies are free on Youtube BTW

Yasahime is like Boruto is to Naruto so far, only difference being we don't even see the main characters of the original. Animation, artstyle and plot don't seem to have much depth (yet) and to be frank the main character is just a boy who's "really a girl" rather than an actual Tomboy, >>2654
However so far it at least doesn't tamper with Inuyasha's ending, pretty smoothly transitioning to the next generation without backtracking into the prior series outside of being a spinoff.

It's also a little bit like Kyokai no Rinne


Jesus Christ is nothing sacred? Inuyasha's story was concluded, is everything going to be some disgusting fanfic sequel nobody asked for like Boruto in the future now?


It seems to be good.


Tbh this trend was started by DBS.


>by GT


So, was this any good, and can it be understood without knowledge of the other original series?


I don't know how I'd judge the anime now but I'd say it's a good weeb gateway drug. When I watched it as a kid I appreciated the creepy atmosphere it had while not scaring me from actually watching it. Some of the anime opening and ending themes are super memorable.

Maybe worth a casual, noncommital watch at the very least

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