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>1000 episodes
The absolute madmen. They actually did it. They made 1000 episodes of this show where literally nothing ever advances, no characters ever change, and it's not even a sitcom. Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think? What are their hopes and dreams?


My only exposure to Detective Conan is through that Lupin III crossover they did a while back.


I remember watching Detectiv Conan on TV when I was a kid really liked the dark atmosphere
I even noticed the complete abscense of development in the meta story back then


Isn't the fanbase much, much bigger in Japan? It's probably some weird cultural divide.


What do they even do for each episode nowadays? Regurgitate the same plot for the 50th time?


According to Wikipedia, the entire Law and Order franchise has had 1,180 episodes produced. They've managed to get away with that because they frequently just rip stories from real news and then alter them for drama. Maybe Conan does something similar? Though obviously Conan's focus is much narrower on simply solving mysteries.


Actually, from what I remember, there's been some L&O episodes that have been based on the same news story as a previous episode.
Maybe a Conan fan would be able to answer this question, but I doubt those exist at all in the West anyway.


conan is cute and they change things up enough with settings and everything to keep it interesting


An awful long time for characters to show no sign of aging.


What's cute about it?


cute boy


whats insane is the entire manga has taken place over ~6 months, which means the gang solves 3-4 cases a day


shota gang


How do we know days are 24 hours in Conan's world?


I have never seen it but if it has 1000+ episodes then logic says that they must have mentioned 24 hour days at least once


Is this still quite popular.




Just listen to this iconic music.
It's been stuck in my head since I was a kid.


it's a kids show
I wouldn't even classify it as a shounen, it's more similar to scooby doo


back in my day, we called it case closed


>Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think?
I would know how they think for I am one. I saw the entire anime at the time (900 episodes), 18 movies, and 150 chapters – finally now dropping the series.

I checked it out since Gravity Falls ended too soon, I now have gained a deep respect to anti media.

>What are their hopes and dreams?

Conans side bitch blows her brains out and it's just a 30 minute slide show of him being depressed with hyper realistic eyes.

More like experience 20 years of time in 6 months.


>anti media
What's that?


Idk about that. From the earliest episodes until now, they absolutely massacre some victims and show it. Not really kids friendly, innit? Or maybe japanes kids are just weird


I mean, death note is a shonen

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