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>1000 episodes
The absolute madmen. They actually did it. They made 1000 episodes of this show where literally nothing ever advances, no characters ever change, and it's not even a sitcom. Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think? What are their hopes and dreams?


My only exposure to Detective Conan is through that Lupin III crossover they did a while back.


I remember watching Detectiv Conan on TV when I was a kid really liked the dark atmosphere
I even noticed the complete abscense of development in the meta story back then


Isn't the fanbase much, much bigger in Japan? It's probably some weird cultural divide.


What do they even do for each episode nowadays? Regurgitate the same plot for the 50th time?


According to Wikipedia, the entire Law and Order franchise has had 1,180 episodes produced. They've managed to get away with that because they frequently just rip stories from real news and then alter them for drama. Maybe Conan does something similar? Though obviously Conan's focus is much narrower on simply solving mysteries.


Actually, from what I remember, there's been some L&O episodes that have been based on the same news story as a previous episode.
Maybe a Conan fan would be able to answer this question, but I doubt those exist at all in the West anyway.


conan is cute and they change things up enough with settings and everything to keep it interesting


An awful long time for characters to show no sign of aging.


What's cute about it?


cute boy


whats insane is the entire manga has taken place over ~6 months, which means the gang solves 3-4 cases a day


shota gang


How do we know days are 24 hours in Conan's world?


I have never seen it but if it has 1000+ episodes then logic says that they must have mentioned 24 hour days at least once


Is this still quite popular.





Just listen to this iconic music.
It's been stuck in my head since I was a kid.


it's a kids show
I wouldn't even classify it as a shounen, it's more similar to scooby doo


back in my day, we called it case closed


>Have you ever wondered what Detective Conan fans are like? How do they think?
I would know how they think for I am one. I saw the entire anime at the time (900 episodes), 18 movies, and 150 chapters – finally now dropping the series.

I checked it out since Gravity Falls ended too soon, I now have gained a deep respect to anti media.

>What are their hopes and dreams?

Conans side bitch blows her brains out and it's just a 30 minute slide show of him being depressed with hyper realistic eyes.

More like experience 20 years of time in 6 months.


>anti media
What's that?


Idk about that. From the earliest episodes until now, they absolutely massacre some victims and show it. Not really kids friendly, innit? Or maybe japanes kids are just weird


I mean, death note is a shonen


only 9 months have passed in the universe despite going on for over 25 years


How does that work?! There number of individual days in 25 years is so vast that there is literally no time for all the episode events to occur.


File: 1654439697320.png (121.24 KB, 500x366, ClipboardImage.png)

>They made 1000 episodes of this show
It's garnered itself its own name, Detective Conan Syndrome >>4680


Why do you care? They're boring people. Stupid people. Unthinking people. Do you think it's impressive if a baby stares at youtube's algorithm for hours on end? This is the same shit. Just people that have nothing else going for them. They think it means something that they've seen X amount of episodes. But what does that mean? Notice they only have seen them once, so can you really call that watching something? You have to remember that at least half the population is dumber than you are. Normal people catch a couple of episodes on TV, and move on with their lives. Maybe some people watch but the best episodes. But that's just Japanese people, it makes zero sense, with the decades of TV serials made prior, to focus on a poorly animated, children's TV show. TV watching people watch something simply because it's there. Rather than watch something because they want to see it.

>What are their hopes and dreams?

They might lack the cognitive ability to dream. I hope we can all ignore the fujoshi in this thread calling conan 'cute' That's the type of audience that watches this show. They can't go a minute without mentioning something so offputting because they literally don't have anything else to say about this show.

there's nothing wrong with this, though. Putting a twist on a known story, or changing things up is fine. Nobody is expected to watch 1000 episodes of something. Cops has 1074 episodes. You really got to have a screw loose if you decide to pick a 'detective' show aimed at children, watch enough of it to call yourself a fan, and ignore the plethora of other detective shows out there enough to consider conan anything worth watching. I can't even get through 30 episodes of Gintama (it's supposed to 'get good' afterwards)


Ironically, it's precisely these sorts of anime that normal people, those with decent lives outside of online Oriental flipbook circlejerks, who aren't elitist or pretentious degenerates, can easily be into with the family, and it is the family fare which the Japanese populace holds in high regard. Fools that believe themselves to be so more enlightened than the masses are oftentimes the real mediocrities in the room. Everyone is consoomer all the same in the end, so don't pretend to have any superiority.


>just turn your brain off
Then why watch anything at all?
>working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week is a decent life bro
Japan's work life is for soulless people who think growth and consumption is the only thing in life. There's no reason a society couldn't thrive on people working 20 hours a week instead.
>but entire families watch it together
That just means it appeals to no one.
>letme explain to you the dk effect
Wow. Did Detective Conan teach you this?
>everyone is a consoomer I swear
Not me. For one there's no money involved, and secondly I don't turn my brain off. This argument that everyone is something therefore it is okay is not only demonstrably false, it's also nonsense. If you watch something on TV you can watch on demand, you do so because you keep making excuses for yourself like a fat person on a diet.


> Then why watch anything at all?
Read a book instead at that point


Welcome to leftypol where we constantly post about our open disdain for the "stupid" masses


File: 1654973357591.png (22.06 KB, 1452x125, ClipboardImage.png)

Reading books (un)fortunately is also considered an activity. Hence requires an active engagement. If you can't even decide what to watch and let the TV do it for you, then I doubt you could do research on the books you'd like to read. Speaking of which just downloaded another bunch to try out. Love reading in the summer

Stupid individuals are just as noteworthy. Don't worry.


Actually this is /anime/, a board for a specific interest where it should come as no surprise that people will balk at poor quality products.


When I criticize something, I always make sure to shoehorn in how much I despise the plebeian masses. They're stupid because they like being stupid. Unlike me, of course. Did you know I also read books? Nobody besides me does that, especially not the masses.


>a board for a specific interest where it should come as no surprise that people will balk at poor quality products
Weird, all other anonymous boards to talk about anime have actual discussion on media they enjoy rather than constant repetitive shallow criticism with leftist buzzwords and blanket statements.


The same posts on /anime/ over and over and over and o


In the end, what is any culture-industry-product fanatic who, as a grown-up, dedicates inordinate amounts of time and effort to the minutiae of cartoons that even in Japan are reputed to be mainly juvenile pastimes?

"Otaku" culture is some of the most consoomeristic, like peak postmodern lifestylism, stuff out there. But that otaku culture and anime are often hyperconsoomerist doesn't mean they can't be enjoyable or good. And no one here can truly claim to be not a consoomer, when not only is this very board >>>/anime/ dedicated in large part to the productions of the capitalistic and highly consoomerist anime industry, but also the very words that participants in this thread use, to put up pretense for their ostensible difference from the normalfag consoomers, betray their shopper mentality, in which the problem still is posed as one of "product choice".

Really now, just go off to the other boards that are dedicated to more "serious" discussion if you want to complain so badly about how you totally are a special snowflake unlike the vulgar masses; at least the silliness of such arrogance wouldn't come off so blatantly. Or don't be an anime person and read good, old public domain books. Otherwise it still boils down to your choice of identity tailored by the market, if you prefer to be a "cool" kid who consooms edgelord 2deep4normalfags "adult" shit or if you prefer to be some "ordinary" person who reads some casual shit from shounen/shoujo series that seem to never complete.


Why are you repeating yourself? I've already answered this. Just to tell me you think every book is the same?


>just go away
If all you do is make a twitter-equivalent OP then I simply will question why not do it on twitter. I won't go away.


>not only saying "consumerist" 6 fucking times but with le funny oomer meme too
The same posts on /anime/ over and over and over and o


You can count. What else did you want to convey?


this is very funny from enlightened intellectuals who can only say "but its "consoomerist"!" to, well, practically everything


>the most consoomeristic, like peak postmodern lifestylism
i bet that sounded real smart in your head


>It's not being a consoomer if you don't pay for the anime you watch
Checkmate yellow porky!


No, you just chose to reply to one of many replies made in this thread condemning anyone who gives a certain explanation for a happening yet refused to tell the person why they're not necessarily right by offering an other, better explanation all the while avoiding to respond to other comments in this thread


I'll admit it; I used to watch the show as a kid and occasionally still do so as a hobby. I never really cared about the storyline; all I wanted was to fill up my knowledge of how to kill a man in over 700 different ways.


If you truly cared. You'd find more efficient ways of getting this knowledge, rather than from a kids show. This just seems like a post-rational.



I accept your concession.


Wrong. Conan is part of the GRU spetsnaz curriculum.

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