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File: 1619644473296.jpg (78.22 KB, 700x350, Nagatoro.jpg)

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I heard Nagatoro was adapted recently is it worth watching?


File: 1608528802355.jpg (22.79 KB, 347x419, hisenpai.jpg)

Today is Nagatoro day

Just notifying that the new chapter has been released in english now.

You can use this thread to talk about the manga in general too if you want



File: 1608528802415.jpg (47.19 KB, 452x509, 4 (1)-1.jpg)

Oh, how cute. Superior manga coming through.


I want to fuck senpai *gently*!


I really don't tget the appeal of this shit. Like at least the nigga from this >>781
got his dick wet at the end


Its basically Simp-the-manga.


File: 1608528802616.png (136.03 KB, 505x550, what is this crazed.png)

Post Nagatoro reaction images


File: 1608528802699.png (159.24 KB, 329x461, nagatoro lock.png)


Someone get me a high-quality edit of Nagatoro's face in that image


File: 1608528802823.jpg (189.23 KB, 869x1248, 1563226682709.jpg)







File: 1608528802932.png (178.9 KB, 462x450, Smug Anime 17.png)


File: 1608528803013.png (287.48 KB, 3658x3606, i tried.png)


File: 1608528803254.jpg (30.18 KB, 465x438, thanks senpai.jpg)

Thank you comr8




[774] Yupiel-sama no Geboku | Lady Yupiel's Servant (Towako Ichi) [English]
I will just post the name since it's lolicon.


>smug bitch thread
Will probably get more posts


How long until we get a confession? 3 years?


Hopefully not long as the series can be milked?


File: 1608529124236-0.png (333.46 KB, 598x611, nagatoro no react.png)


File: 1608529124444.jpg (124.28 KB, 868x850, nagatoro glasses.jpg)


File: 1608529124516.jpg (88.01 KB, 500x614, gaben nagatoro.jpg)


How come glasses make girls cuter?


Pol pot want to know your location


File: 1614128104219.png (104.83 KB, 402x270, 1614029072353.png)

new chapter is out


File: 1614128380415-1.jpg (216.62 KB, 800x800, 1613768550413.jpg)



She has based taste


File: 1614321188488-0.png (3.3 MB, 1920x2756, nag ski.png)

File: 1614321188488-1.jpg (779.98 KB, 3072x3072, nag wife.jpg)

File: 1614321188488-2.jpg (605.5 KB, 867x844, nag glasses2.jpg)


Depends on how much you're into underage girls stepping on your balls


I rather not answer that question




amogus anime lol


It's a very good adaptation and Nagatoro's VA is literally perfect.


Oh wait, I've heard of this before. Isn't she just a hobbyist communist or something.


>Accidentally listened to USSR anthem when 16 years old, russiaboo since then
>Degree in Russian Literature in one of Japan's top university obtained with a thesis about the red army's tank divisions during WW2
>Big fan of Molotov (Vyncheslav, not the bottle)
>Calls her fan "doushi" (comrade)


All I can think of is uyghatoro


How's senpai (forgot his name) in this adaptation?


It will only make you depressed and long for the childhood you never had.




I saw thethingnoticer was somehow mad about this animes translation whats up with that?


The translators used the word "sus" a couple of times, autists on twitter went on a meltdown because it's a meme from among us.


For some reason localizing something with a western meme made a few retards go on a meltdown about trans black SJWs subverting the industry.


Shitty translations are a tradition


thats pretty funny tbh


It's not like it was bad per se, it's that it's probably gonna age very bad.


uyghatoro lol






I miss commiesubs.


File: 1619730395493.png (542.53 KB, 1781x362, 1619730267546.png)


Why? Childhood/adolescence are overrated, especially by the Japanese.


"Bully" shit is probably the most autistic of the vanilla fetishes


tell me more

what is the demo for this anime


File: 1619798561082.jpg (134.44 KB, 486x566, 1619249485596.jpg)


File: 1619799014687.jpg (61.99 KB, 853x480, mewkle.jpg)


Why would anyone watch this? She is so fucking mean. Not that I wouldn't prefer a sadistic gf to no gf, but come on. This isn't nice and isn't wholesome.


Is it so bad?


The original was even worse, she got nicer in the manga and she stops being so mean after a few chapters.


I only read a few chapters because I like seeing guys like that being teased/tormented. I dropped it shortly afterwards because I knew it would get boring. But yeah I agree.


I watched the first episode and know I have to urge to read Rape hentai
Someone have a link to Nagatara rape hentai?


Don't know if you mean Nagatoro being raped or doing the raping


beeing raped


there's a couple of them on ExHentai
also shit taste


she's cute so yeah


I tried Nagatoro out, and it's surprisingly fun despite its' premise.

However, Manga is objectively better than Anime all round.


It's worth watching, It does the love story + teasing better than Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (show with the forehead chick).

You could read the manga instead, but years of reading manga has taught me the lesson that: reading manga sucks.


Take your meds (Adderall).


File: 1620475750108.jpg (415.19 KB, 3000x1900, E0DkAIUXIAAIMaI.jpg)




File: 1620568569278-0.png (837.64 KB, 2600x1900, E0YJgTDX0AEgwqz.png)

File: 1620568569278-1.png (524.49 KB, 2300x1900, E0DkAIRXIAMzw9n.png)

Great guy
If somehow you want a manga where a girl is EVEN MORE abusive,I know Tonari no Idol-san.
It's pratically unreadable.


Why Molotov?


Why not?


So, does she likes the guy?


Obviously, but she's terrible at dealing with those emotions, so she expresses it through teasing an bullying.


File: 1621223889154.mp4 (10.3 MB, 1280x720, EP.6.720p_Trim.mp4)


I feel bad for people who enjoy watching this


I don't think it's even worth watching for the guy. Why did you make me watch this?
Me too.


I'm surprised this stayed, it's such a weird scene since it doesn't really fit in the story even in the context of the manga.

Yea, she's just trying to help him grow confidence. Granted though the earlier parts of the story were probably created without that the idea in mind, but the bounce into the motive was smooth (mostly)


Hot, maybe I should pick up this animu


I fucking hate femoids so much


This is fiction.


Go whine somewhere else


So is my hate


Just two people living in the moment.


File: 1621303452305.png (641.21 KB, 1135x1600, sus.png)



File: 1621422922935.mp4 (10.96 MB, 1280x720, EP.5.720p_Trim.mp4)


he's too cute
but I don't like his voice, it's super "average anime boy"


So what is this anime even about, some guy who is popular with girls despite wearing glasses?


It's a nightmare Nagatoro is having


What’s nagatoro about?


Some dumb bitch


It's about a girl who has a crush on that nerd but she can't express her feelings properly so she bullies him instead, and they slowly fall in love with each other apparently. It was made by a hentai artist, that's why it's so retarded.
I didn't know that. And I thought something good had actually happened in this trash series for once.



I've read the manga dumbass
and what little I've watched of the anime is just the clips that have been posted here


File: 1621714354896.jpg (206.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1621709664265.jpg)


I've kept up with the manga. I read the first chapter at behest of a friend, I read a few more going WTF, then it grew on me and now I'm invested.

I haven't watched the show yet. I don't really like Senpai's voice. I know he's supposed to be meek but…

This is amazing.

Commiesubs is just a fansubbing group. I don't know why they call themselves commiesubs. They are often referred to as "memesubs" but their sub styling is god-tier. Symphogear (A Good Show You Should Watch) has its main cast singing a lot, and commie color-matched song lyrics to the girls so you could easily tell who was singing what.


>I don't really like Senpai's voice. I know he's supposed to be meek but…
Me neither, he sounds super plain. They obviously cared more about Nagatoro and the girls.


>I've kept up with the manga. I read the first chapter at behest of a friend, I read a few more going WTF, then it grew on me and now I'm invested.

Do they ever fuck each other’s brains out? That’s usually the pay off. Because if it doesn’t happen it’s nothing but an over dawn out blueball and tease.


No there are doujins for that though.


>I don't know why they call themselves commiesubs.
The most known members are leftists.


File: 1622337854449.jpg (172.01 KB, 1280x720, 1622317499623.jpg)

Ummmm, the correct modern translation says its "Pretty sus"


he's so cute!
Oh, that's pretty cool. But did they only do troll subs?


No, they do legit subs.


You are joking but ripped subs are trash, the other day I was watching something and they didn't even bother to sub a line, like wtf? I wish fansubs didn't die.


Both CR and Funi pay their translators like shit.


Learn japanese already, you won't regret it.


Then why are they known as meme subs?


Getting mad at localization is an ages old tradition by people who know a few Japanese words but otherwise don't want to bother actually learning the language.
Also back then there was this conspiracy theory that commiesubs was a "cartel" bringing down other fansub groups (see also: Daiz).


how come people do a better job for free


You know those companies hired the people who used to do it for free, right


File: 1622912806300.jpg (271.61 KB, 1920x1080, 1622911705736.jpg)



Not all of them. Sometimes they just stole the work scanlators did wholesale


And they're pretty straightforward about it. In their form for applying as a translator, they ask you if you have any experience in fansubbing. Pretty funny if you ask me.


I'd understand using that word as a translation in like 1 or 2 years, but right now? It's way tooo meme-y and cringy.
AFAIK fan translators usually have more time to do it, no?


Yep paid subbers have to pump them out in a few hours.


Why is this even a thing? "Sus" sounds stupid while "suspect" is kind of a neat sounding word phonetically. It's in same vein as "fam". Annoying as fuck.


IIn the original they use the word "kyodori" which is slang for "acting strange", "acting suspiciously" and that's why the translator went for another slang word such as sus. You can say it they did it because of the amogus meme, but it's still slang.


>Learn a dead language so you can understand what they say in le ebic cartoon


Something like fishy or sheisty could have done fine.


>language spoken by over 120million people


If you don't want to learn japanese you can't complain about subs. Them's the rules.


It depends.


Just read the manga after watching the anime, I thought it was really good


File: 1623715872058.png (827.57 KB, 815x799, 1623709637680.png)



The weird relationship people have to what amounts to softcore femdom is the funniest shit and I love how popular this seems to be with reactionaries.
But seriously what the fuck is wrong with anyone who watches this


File: 1626332494437.png (747.45 KB, 1000x2460, Bye Nagatoro.png)

>Haha abusive relationship so funny
>Haha absolute beta male because overused "senpai" roleplay joke
<TFW the manga and webcomic take it almost to NTR-hentai levels of abusiveness
Seriously Usagi-chan or Teasing Master Takagi are the same concept but done better without an annoying cunt and a wimpy simp, watch that instead. Pic related is the only appropriate end to this shitshow. Sue me.


Based post. You could describe what I couldn't put into words about this crap. There's just so much shit that I don't know where to begin, and people's overreactions (both in favour and against) are annoying as well. I read the first few chapters, got the gist of it and dropped it, because I knew it was gonna be incredibly repetitive, predictable and boring, especially as a 10+ volume manga. If you don't have a fetish for a tan flatchested bully girl, there's nothing for you in this manga. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.
<<TFW the manga and webcomic take it almost to NTR-hentai levels of abusiveness
Naoto deserves better.
Also thanks for posting that pic, I had only seen the first two panels, lmao


>If you don't have a fetish for a tan flatchested bully girl, there's nothing for you in this manga
Yep, and if you do have such a fetish you're better off with doujins that actually go all the way through.
>Naoto deserves better
Nah, he also gets what he deserves because he won't just pull himself together and stand up for himself either.
>thanks for pic
No Problem.


>Yep, and if you do have such a fetish you're better off with doujins that actually go all the way through.



I mean just look it up in nhentai or e-hentai and you'll have yourself a large set to look through. (The original creator of Nagatoro was a hentai doujin artist first, which is partly why he doesn't reveal his face).


Not sure why people make such a big deal out of people liking it. Yes she's an abusive bitch but sometimes how she sexually teases is pretty sexy and that doesn't require being a masochist.


Putting up with everything does require it though


Not a big deal, but people who see some appeal in this anime should seriously consider going into therapy and working on their traumas.


Like I said someone doesn't need to be a masochist or have issues to like playful seductive behaviour while disliking all that crosses that line going into bullying and general cruelty.


>how she sexually teases is pretty sexy
<The washboard middle-schooler loli is sexy by acting like a brat
Go outside and meet people like her, you'll hate it unless you're a masochist on the level of Darkness, she's boring.


But you do have to have issues or be a masochist to like playful seductiveness with cruel bullying.


*she's boring
and annoying


Read >>8850
I was speaking in larger context on a specific meaning of teasing not the cruel sort. I'm not saying Id like someone like her. I'm explaining how there are different reasons people like things and was giving an example related to the topic at hand.

Yes. I'm just saying since it's fiction some people can overlook it easily focusing on aspects they do like instead.


But Nagatoro's teasing rarely falls short of actual bullying. She's really just a total cunt most of a time. If you're not an outright masochist there's maybe 10% of the manga actually left for you to enjoy
I mean I haven't read past the first few chapters but she constantly makes Senpai cry, physically hurts him, humiliates him, and it's implied the only reason he puts up with it is because it makes him hard. There's almost nothing that could be interpreted as playful teasing. It's femdom without sex
I guess I see your point if you're talking exclusively about the parts where she shows skin only to blueball him in the end but then why read the abusive bully manga and not just any hentai or romance with an assertive/seductive girl


>I'm explaining how there are different reasons people like things and was giving an example related to the topic at hand.
Ah, ok. Well yeah I agree that simple uncruel teasing is fine and fun.
>ince it's fiction some people can overlook it easily focusing on aspects they do like instead
While true, it feels dirty to me, like watching an ape throw shit at another ape, it's entertaining for a few minutes and then it just gets awful.


what was his name, asking for a comrade


uyghatoro got a 5head lmao


>I get triggered by a fictional story because it reminds me of how much of a failure I am in real life
Maybe you should go to therapy anons


>hurr u don't like a character being a wimpy faggot and another character being a mean-spirited twat, on a background of other twats?
>u must be loser
>therapy lol
<I'm totally not mad!!!
There is a difference between teasing and cruelty, a difference between being a quiet kid and a wimp. The entire show is the same thing over and over again for over a hundred chapters, the only character that isn't either a bitch or a wimp is the background character of Class President, and even then she's mostly fan service.



No guy who’s a nerd would not fuck this chick. This is what I don’t like about these animes from japan, is how seemingly “disciplined” these dudes are. Maybe it’s part of Japanese culture and I myself don’t mind some teasing, but this shit is ridiculous.


Exactly, it's funny because of the sheer absurdity of it. These types of manga would be boring if the guy just said "yes" to every girl flashing her tits in front of him. Don't take them too seriously.


It's a bullying/teasing fetish thing.


That can be entertaining in it's own way. It just depends how how it's done.


It’s not fun when there’s no pay off. Think of the 50 shades movies who’s whole thing is about teasing with a big bdsm pay off and a love story to boot. But that shit ended up sucking because the execution was shit. These kinds of shows with a nerd and a cute girl teasing him is built on the anticipation of a pay off. I think a show that played this tease shit that did it better I was that furry anime, fur stars or some shit. Anyways they played with the teasing shit but it paid off in its unique ways, in a more realistic way. Except for the werewolf shit which I have no idea what that allegory was supposed to be. Either way that show did it better. Nagatoro just seems like a cock tease all the way through, that’s not fun.


It's not just that. The oblivious and/or awkward male protagonist who won't make a move on the girl(s) that couldn't make it more obvious that she wants his dick is a cliché that has plagued anime since who knows when. Most of the time they also execute it in a shitty way and it never feels natural, always forced. You often see it in comedy and ecchi.
It's like the otaku-anime industry doesn't know any other way to create sexual tension and comedy.


Eventually, they'll be a pay off. There's no doubt that nagatoro and senpai will get together, but the fun is finding out how and when.


It took hundreds of chapters to have a single actual break in the samefaced routine, this 'eventually' will get stretched out until the very limits, like Midori Days did, only it won't be any fun.


Mangaka need to eat too, that's why they stretch it as far as possible. Once a manga end you don't know if your next idea could be published or have success.


The author of Nagatoro has a long line of lo*li hentai and several other manga projects.
Even assuming that this was their only source of income, that's still no excuse for garbage character development.


This is exactly the problem with these things because the more you build shit up the higher the expectation and anticipation, eventually being so higher that the pay off could be nothing but a disappointment where you just go: “meh, it was okay”.


I finally caught up with the whole manga since I don’t really watch anime. Anyways I liked it more than I thought I would, and it more charming than I thought it was going to be. It’s playful and the dude character isn’t as insufferable as I thought he would be, what’s weird though is that the main character only began to be a bit insufferable in the later and more recent chapters. But usually it gets offset by him doing something cute with Nagatoro. What I like about it is that it’s so clear that he likes her and he knows he likes her but is too afraid to admit it to himself or her. She 100 percent likes him, no 110 percent likes him, from the beginning in fact. Her teasing is so obvious and it was so obvious she was not much different from “Senpai” except more extroverted so they’re both “virgins” except it’s the girl who’s overcompensating here. I really liked the chapter when Senpai actually challenged her by asking what she meant by lewd stuff since that’s the kind of return teasing I wanted to see senpai give her cuz it’s so obvious.

Another thing I like is that as we see friends faces in the later chapters it essentially is a development alongside the main characters. As we see more faces the relationship between nagatoro and Senpai is only more obvious but that obviousness becomes only that much more painful because it’s colored by the awareness of Nagatoros friends especially. They know she really likes Senpai and they edge them closer but not outright force it so as an outside observer you’re with the friends and become annoyed whenever it’s clear they want each other but just won’t do it. I mean they’ve been on like 4 or 5 dates by now I think, and maybe 1 “official” date.

Anyways, I like it, has gotten a bit tedious lately but I hope their relationship takes off sooner rather than later. I’m actually more interested in what they are like as an official couple acknowledging they’re a couple.


File: 1628549876906.png (1.61 MB, 1259x952, ClipboardImage.png)

A I the only one who thinks Nagatoro and that Cat-loli from Jahy-Sama look really similar?


File: 1628550116140.png (641.21 KB, 1135x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't do hentai (let alone for this show) but the memes in this were too much when I saw them posted, so have the sauce for your perusal


File: 1630378892894.png (440.4 KB, 452x509, ClipboardImage.png)

Imagine being worse than [774] Yupiel-sama no Geboku | Lady Yupiel's Servant (Towako Ichi) [English]


I like reading the manga, it's a nice SOL & Romance break from all the dark stuff and shonen that I read, but I just can not bring myself to watch it when you have stuff like >>7548 being shown. Have no problem reading it but seeing it animated is a weird barrier to get over. I feel the same way about Jahy

they have similar hair color and eye color, nice. I didn't notice.


File: 1632783060797.png (1.33 MB, 850x1041, ClipboardImage.png)

The real shame is that the author can do some actually interesting premises. One of their other works is A Tale of Being Eaten by a Man-Eating Youkai from 2019 that is much better than Nagatoro and having a cool plot and Yokai to boot. It's relatively creative and sweet, even if the basic plot is a bit unoriginal. The fact that she only reveals a humanoid form at the end also avoids Moe-shitting


Frankly I first thought the characters were from the same anime back when they first appeared in mainstream media.




I jerked off to that shit, it was amazing.


File: 1635539523784.png (210.24 KB, 748x334, EfTkyRmUMAEI2ia.png)

My Senpai is Annoying is the antithesis of Nagatoro; so wholesome


…good for you?


This looks much higher quality and not just fetish bait for masocucks and lolifags



???? >>3015


Unique IPs: 11

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