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Which 2hu wud u hug?
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No please don't kill yourself you're so sexy ahahah




Byakuren is much better


Whichever one buys me cigarettes in exchange


That would be mokou


Sooo is /anime/ the appropriate board for touhou stuff? Or is it /games/



Thanks man


So it's /anime/ ?


Yes please, but >>>/games/ is also perfectly acceptable since it's on topic there as well

You might even get a friendly reception in >>>/tech/




Does /tech/ love touhou?


They used to a while ago


Amd what happened?


I dunno maybe ask about 9front on there avatar fagging as the ice fairy


Sorry for my ignorance, but who the fuck is 9front?


9front is /tech/ shit https://9front.org/
Used to use the touhou ice fairy as a mascot a while ago
What was her name?


File: 1684593369386.jpg (172.16 KB, 640x934, Cereali_di_Cirno.jpg)

She's called cirno and i find it funny how they tried to use her as their mascot lmao


Inciting the Warth of the Touhou Glowies. All While Yukari does Yukari things.


Yukari is a glowie


Well if Yukari is a Glowie then Reimu herself is a cop then for Yukari to make sure everything is in order.


yes actually, this is especially true in th17


File: 1684630273262.jpg (225.76 KB, 877x1110, IMG_20221030_183637.jpg)

I always knew reimu was counter-revolutionary scum


Rinnosuke makes my dick hard


File: 1684662280061.jpg (151.03 KB, 1280x1280, 1684662256691.jpg)

me on the left


Based choice my friend


She would literally snap you two the moment you touch her



Ah yes i forgot that yuukabros are masochists


the ultimate fantasy of the yuukachad is comically falling into yuuka's punch, yelling ACK! and flying off screaming like it's a cartoon


I thought it was getting stepped on


Don't let them lie to you, they would enjoy getting stepped on by their Queen Yuuka, and thus completing their life's Dream. Unless you are the guy that wants to Hug Okuu despite being a living Nuclear Reactor.


Nah i don't wanna hug okuu


Well that's good you Value your life unlike the Masochists in this thread funnily enough.


File: 1684832741821.png (297.63 KB, 476x514, 1684702665946161.png)




Every 2hu!!!!


And this thread is dead. Might make another 2hu thread if i feel like it


You Greedy bastard, you are going to die from hugging every 2hu.


File: 1686031571558.png (546.76 KB, 640x480, Th19title.png)

Anyone tried the demo of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost yet?


Is this the new 2hus? What are the new 2hus in this that you want to hug?


this wasnt funny in /jp/ 10 years ago and it isnt funny today


i just hope the netcode doesnt suck ass


I have absolutely no dog in this fight, I don't care about tohou or this thread, I've never posted in it before in all the years its been up, but why the hell do you care about someone's shitpost? What does it matter to you? Go be the fun police on /leftypol/


It's not finished yet, I don't think there are any new characters revealed yet.


It's not supposed to be funny


It's not even a joke lmao, OP is just asking a question


Eheh lol


I've seen people playing from two opposite sides of the world and the game played ok.


So multiplayer actually works? Thank god!

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