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Which 2hu wud u hug?


Tf is a 2hu


Is this the Touhou thread?


File: 1608528805158.jpg (257.99 KB, 1430x956, 1578602485462.jpg)



File: 1608528805227.jpg (1.14 MB, 1592x2000, fire of my loins.jpg)

I love Cirno!!!


File: 1608528805305.jpg (161.6 KB, 1256x1500, youm.jpg)



File: 1608528805372.jpg (1.57 MB, 1200x1600, 81308918_p0.jpg)


File: 1608528805454.gif (11.78 KB, 220x213, pepe.gif)

Is that a fucking rat


Nazrin is a mouse, not a rat!


File: 1608528805575.jpg (204.14 KB, 855x681, 1495318254523.jpg)



File: 1608528805650.png (31.47 KB, 225x225, nz.png)

I'm going to murder all of you including myself.




File: 1608528805818.jpg (33.23 KB, 425x512, elephants foot reiuji.jpg)


File: 1608528805883.png (1.36 MB, 1593x1128, 71027382_p0.png)

I don't wanna hug anyone but Tenshi is one of my favorite 2hus. She's so cool!


File: 1608528806016.jpg (92.81 KB, 500x500, 1456889591023.jpg)

>I don't wanna hug anyone
Why not?


File: 1608528806079.jpg (438.98 KB, 2152x1704, hakurei_reimu-887400.jpg)

I would definitely hug Reimu honestly.



I don't feel that way towards them. At most, Yuugi is probably the one that I'm closest to being attracted to. Rinnosuke, though…


File: 1608528890200.webm (2.48 MB, 1280x720, asspull.webm)

The queen of the asspull.


That's Tohsaka Rin from F/SN isn't it? I don't think that's a 2hu.


Which game is a good one to start off on?


The first Windows one, Touhou 6 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
It's the most basic of the Windows ones, without one-off gimmicks
Then if you want you can play them all in release order


who doesn’t?!

but I’m sad about Touhou fandom being so horny and pedo, sexualizing all the cute girls in their cute dresses

I’d rather have a tea party with them and be good friends


hug all the 2hus!


The vampire chick that says kaka


File: 1626953625085.jpg (7.69 MB, 3000x3000, 75427728_p0.jpg)

I'm gonna go off the board and say either "Imperishable Night" (TH08) or "Undefined Fantastic Object" (TH12).

I do admire "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" (TH06), but it's a bit too cliché to answer with that and the game doesn't even have a hitbox when you focus, while "Imperishable Night" (TH08) is the most polished of the early Windows trilogy and has a wide cast of characters. If you absolutely suck at danmaku games, I believe that the community consensus is that "Undefined Fantastic Object" (TH12) is the easiest game.

Overall, ZUN tries to make each Touhou game standalone and avoid continuity (even though there is some if you dive deep enough) so it'd be easy for newcomers to simply jump in at any point.tankieTankie


File: 1626964938585.png (119.42 KB, 640x480, Hellsinker logo.png)


Although be warned: once you try it you may find yourself extremely disappointed in the lack of effort in ZUN's games.


Cute legs and feet


I mean, to be fair, the games were made to be a backdrop for the music.


>If you absolutely suck at danmaku games, I believe that the community consensus is that "Undefined Fantastic Object" (TH12) is the easiest game.
Really? Maybe I just got used to the previous system but when I play anything post-MoF I don't get very far, which is not the case in the early games.


There's an excellent terminal based downloader, several actually, to download videos. But even that method is probably trackable. The only solution is communism, then.albaniaAlbania


File: 1644040499439.jpg (151.74 KB, 485x900, cheeeeeeeen.jpg)

Long Chen is long.


Finally a Touhou thread


File: 1644042502606.jpg (81.33 KB, 500x950, long cirno.jpg)


There was already a Touhou thread though


File: 1644083739792.gif (56.25 KB, 280x440, 1616474002083.gif)

This is a long Chen thread.


File: 1644127705915.png (779.58 KB, 933x521, 1622801188784.png)



Is there? I never located it


There's this masterpiece: >>823


This is disturbing.


What was this supposed to be a reply to?


Wait it's pronounced 2hu? I dunno why but I always say it as Toe Hoe


no it's toh hoh


Does anyone know about the "reimu is autistic" Twitter thread? I deleted my account and now I can't find it l o l


>the "reimu is autistic" Twitter thread
wtf lol
This is what I found
The person who posted this seems to be one of those people who pretend to have several characters as split personlaities living in their head


Well, headcanon is canon with this franchise. It's the closest thing to a serious character analysis i've found


The biggest murderer in Gensokyo must be autistic? Problematic!


>Since Gensokyo was a plot of land in Japan that is separated by a barrier, it is Japan that is immediately outside of this barrier.
>As a result of the seal, Gensokyo became inaccessible from the outside world, and similarly, those in Gensokyo were unable to leave.
Huh, I wonder if that is the reason so many Xover fanfiction of the 2000s used a similar "barrier" subplot to explain 2 separate worlds coming together.


It's inspired by Brigadoon


ZUN 「チェコは建物がやっぱりいい、社会主義国家のほうがいい」 “The buildings in Czechia were nice, after all. It was better as a socialist state.”
豚 「ああ町並みが整然としてる」 “Ahh, their streets were so neat and tidy.”
ZUN 「そう、ちゃんと統一感があって」 “Yeah, it really gave off a sense of unity.”
ZUN 「旧社会主義国家ね。ああいうのを見ると社会主義国家も悪くないなと思うけど、結局狂うんだよな」 “It used to be a socialist state. It really makes you think 'socialist states aren't bad' when you look at it, but things went crazy in the end.”
ZUN 「いま社会主義に対して資本主義も狂ってないかと言われると狂ってきてるわけだから、もうちょっと考えなきゃいけないと思いますよ」 “Now, I'm not saying 'capitalism isn't crazy as socialism'. It's definitely crazy, so I think we have to reflect on it much harder.”
ZUN 「今あるものが真実だと思わないほうがいい」 “So, it's best not to take things for granted now.”
豚 「でも次に議論されてるのはベーシックインカムですからね」 “But the next thing we'd have to discuss is basic income.”
ZUN 「社会主義だね。共産一歩手前だね」 “It's socialism, one step away from communism.”

Taken from https://namelessrumia.heliohost.org/w/doku.php?id=nikenme_radio


File: 1657427422296.jpg (27.13 KB, 876x851, 1651740329383.jpg)

ZUN on China.

ZUN 「日本はもうちょっと謙虚になったほうがいいよ。ずっと中国からいっぱい学んできたんだよものを」 “Japan should be a little more modest. After all, they've learned a lot of things from China.”
ZUN 「それを中国より上に立った瞬間なんて、ここ最近だけ。近代、現代しかない。それに対して中国は怒ってるんだよまた」 “The only moment it stood above China is just recently, from the early modern period to present day. That's when China became angry with us.”
ZUN 「あんなにでかい土地があって、人がいるところをもう一回勉強しなおして、あそこのものをもう一回学び直すべきなんだよね日本も」 “It's such a vast land with a huge population that we should really study them again, then Japan would relearn some things from them once again.”
ZUN 「勉強すれば分かるよ、色々と勉強した結果日本はずっと中国から学んできたものを何忘れてるの、中国って呼び方するからややこしくなるけど、大陸から」 “The more you learn, the more you'll understand. Japan learned all sorts of things from China, but forgot about it. It's complicated because we say 'from China' when we should say 'from the continent'.”
ZUN 「大陸から学んできたことを忘れないでほしい」 “I don't want people to forget that we used to learn from the continent.”
ZUN 「別に中国を崇めろとかいうのじゃないですよ。日本の歴史を学べと。日本の歴史を学んだらそういうことにならないから。今の中国人はよくないとかそういうことにならないから」 “I'm not saying worship China, I'm saying learn Japan's history. If you learn about Japan's history, you wouldn't feel that way. It doesn't mean that Chinese people today aren't good or anything like that.”
ZUN 「観光客の中国人マナーが悪いとか思うのと、中国人はダメだっていうのは結びつかない。それをわかってるかどうかなんだろうな」 “If you think Chinese tourists have bad manners, that doesn't mean all Chinese people are bad, but many people don't understand this.”


so what ZUN is a social democrat?


/jp/ is not gonna like this…


That's nice. Touhou still sucks.


this may come as a surprise to (you) but japan had a very popular socialist party fairly recently and unlike ee states did not have a hard counter-revolution


Touhou is so old now that their fans had children and those children are sending their art to Reitaisai (a "Reitaisai Kids" drawing competition).


Haha cute!


File: 1657959604771.gif (1.6 MB, 400x226, 1517247398317.gif)

>Reitaisai Kids


I can draw better than that.




File: 1658363139523.png (19.41 KB, 865x145, MagicalAstronomyStory.png)





> It doesn't matter if Touhou fans won't buy it. Basically, people who praise me are my fans, and people who call my games are shit are true fans. Players have the right to judge whether a game is interesting or not, then decide whether it was fun or not after they played it, so just buy it and have fun. Anyways, I think the game will be quite interesting.
ZUN is a cool guy.


he's saying both "go crazy" so yeah he probably is a socdem which is a pretty normie stance


in Japan this is basically bolshevism.


i mean, he's still sympathetic towards it at least, he thought it went insane towards the end, which is pretty accurate. i think that he'd probably support a commie state with an actual planned economy, but saying this is basically social suicide in nippon so he could be hiding like many communists there
or i'm just coping and i want the guy who made so many cool things to agree with me, who knows


"saying you're communist in japan is social suicide" a lot of showa-era manga & anime people, esp 60s new left authors that are still worshiped today, were communist. beyond the new left era miyazaki was wildly popular when he was communist and I dunno if takahata ever stopped being one; I've never read any "ok I changed my mind lol" takes from him.

I think there's less now cuz US liberalism vs US conservatism caught on and there's less hate of US politics like there was with the anpo protests


File: 1684347597740.jpg (603.23 KB, 500x657, 1684222584976304.jpg)

Are touhoufags allowed here?


uhhhhhh thats a video game sir


Guess i should fuck off to /games/
God this is embarassing


So before this thread is moved can someone tell me what the hell touhou is all about and why its popular? (I've already read the wikipedia article)


It's a game that came out at the right moment, kinda like TF2 in the west. Japan is pretty shitty with copyright law and Touhou came out and the author was like "do whatever you want with this IP", so it blew up in popularity among indie circles, and the rest is history.


Well touhou is about a magical land called gensokyo where creatures called youkais live alongside humans. Sometimes these youkais cause incidents and it's up to the shrine maiden reimu hakurei and her friend marisa kirisame to resolve these incidents and punish the culprit
As for why it's popular, >>19323 explained it pretty well



And if you want to get the games you should go moriya shrine


Bad choice, she would probably steal your wallet while hugging you


She already stole the precious thing.


Wallet chain


I wouldn't hug almost all of them. I value my life too much.


What's the precious thing? Is it alice's virginity?


Moved? There's another 2hu thread on /anime/ and it's still up


i hate the generalfag mindset. its literally a thread just asking what touhou character you like


I know


They should make a TouHou anime so that it's both. Like how Arknights is initially a videogame, but you have stuff like Lee's Detective Agency, and from what I understand a few other anime coming up.


A touhou anime? I don't know about that


theres touhou anime made by fans and corporations alike. thats how it works here


Yeah i forgot there's already a fanmade anime


It's a mythical creature that mere mortals like us cannot understand


A 2hu is a magical land where you see mostly girls with various powers, they get into battles to solve their differences.


File: 1684390341078.png (149.56 KB, 345x399, thinking hatate.png)

How is that different from the thread that just asks if touhous can be posted at all?


I made that, sorry


None of them lol


Someone give this man a trophy


You would die of radiation


Let them die from the Radiation she basically a Fusion Reactor. Let them find out the hard way.


>she basically a fusion reactor
That's why i love okuu


Well fair enough, Flandre needs hugs though she is always asking who U.N. OWEN is and was it Her.


It's indeed her tho i can't show proof or else glowies will kill me


No please don't kill yourself you're so sexy ahahah




Byakuren is much better


Whichever one buys me cigarettes in exchange


That would be mokou


Sooo is /anime/ the appropriate board for touhou stuff? Or is it /games/



Thanks man


So it's /anime/ ?


Yes please, but >>>/games/ is also perfectly acceptable since it's on topic there as well

You might even get a friendly reception in >>>/tech/




Does /tech/ love touhou?


They used to a while ago


Amd what happened?


I dunno maybe ask about 9front on there avatar fagging as the ice fairy


Sorry for my ignorance, but who the fuck is 9front?


9front is /tech/ shit https://9front.org/
Used to use the touhou ice fairy as a mascot a while ago
What was her name?


File: 1684593369386.jpg (172.16 KB, 640x934, Cereali_di_Cirno.jpg)

She's called cirno and i find it funny how they tried to use her as their mascot lmao


Inciting the Warth of the Touhou Glowies. All While Yukari does Yukari things.


Yukari is a glowie


Well if Yukari is a Glowie then Reimu herself is a cop then for Yukari to make sure everything is in order.


yes actually, this is especially true in th17


File: 1684630273262.jpg (225.76 KB, 877x1110, IMG_20221030_183637.jpg)

I always knew reimu was counter-revolutionary scum


Rinnosuke makes my dick hard


File: 1684662280061.jpg (151.03 KB, 1280x1280, 1684662256691.jpg)

me on the left


Based choice my friend


She would literally snap you two the moment you touch her



Ah yes i forgot that yuukabros are masochists


the ultimate fantasy of the yuukachad is comically falling into yuuka's punch, yelling ACK! and flying off screaming like it's a cartoon


I thought it was getting stepped on


Don't let them lie to you, they would enjoy getting stepped on by their Queen Yuuka, and thus completing their life's Dream. Unless you are the guy that wants to Hug Okuu despite being a living Nuclear Reactor.


Nah i don't wanna hug okuu


Well that's good you Value your life unlike the Masochists in this thread funnily enough.


File: 1684832741821.png (297.63 KB, 476x514, 1684702665946161.png)




Every 2hu!!!!


And this thread is dead. Might make another 2hu thread if i feel like it


You Greedy bastard, you are going to die from hugging every 2hu.


File: 1686031571558.png (546.76 KB, 640x480, Th19title.png)

Anyone tried the demo of Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost yet?


Is this the new 2hus? What are the new 2hus in this that you want to hug?


this wasnt funny in /jp/ 10 years ago and it isnt funny today


i just hope the netcode doesnt suck ass


I have absolutely no dog in this fight, I don't care about tohou or this thread, I've never posted in it before in all the years its been up, but why the hell do you care about someone's shitpost? What does it matter to you? Go be the fun police on /leftypol/


It's not finished yet, I don't think there are any new characters revealed yet.


It's not supposed to be funny


It's not even a joke lmao, OP is just asking a question


Eheh lol


I've seen people playing from two opposite sides of the world and the game played ok.


So multiplayer actually works? Thank god!


Me too!!


Hope you bakas aren't a bunch of frogs.


Nah i'm a fairy


Why is she so LONG?


Dumb cat


File: 1687729755082.png (798.36 KB, 1148x738, cat_remilia_scarlet.png)

Requesting more touhous drawn over literal cats.


Remi cat


It's a Big cat…for you




Fat cat


Honk honk. How is Chen going to ride her bike now.


File: 1687855706165.png (524.36 KB, 1100x1210, Ran_Yakumo_Vector.png)

Ran will buy a longer bike! Simple!


Using a tandem bike…


Snake cirno


Cirno is basically proto-Aqua now that I think about it.


Atleast cirno isn't a full blown retard and is actually useful


in flanderized fanworks, sure


>Atleast cirno isn't a full blown retard
You're being very rude to the goddess. Apologize.


Do you say this because I love them both?


>Do you say this because I love them both?
Happy accident.


Cirno (just like many other 2hus) haa been completely bastardized. She's actually the smartest fairy, hell she's probably the only fairy who knows how to count! Also she can be very strong too


*clack* Apologize.
>Cirno (just like many other 2hus) haa been completely bastardized
I remember how the fandom has made that blonde girl a murderous psycho.


>*clack* apologize
Ahem… NO!
>i remember how the fandom has made that blonde girl a murderous psycho
You mean flandre (see picrel)? Yeah, she's not a psycho, she's just weird and antisocial but still a chill person


Nah it's cool




I mean Alice is Pretty Murderous with her Dolls, being basically a puppet master.


Reminder that the woman who did Chibi Maruko Chan is dead. The guy who did Yugioh is dead. Guy who did Berserk is dead. The man who did Shin-chan is also dead. Your dream of learning Japanese is dead. The man who did Tetris on the N64 is dead. Some people who were kids when Yanderedev started with his simulator thing have kids now (and he is still going). There are several hundred thousand hours on Youtube of dead people vlogging. How depressing… Hey, I have an idea: Let's get pumped up by listening to some music! Freddy Mercury (dead), David Bowie (dead) or listen to One More Time by Daft Punk who recently disbanded, and the guy doing the voice for that particular song is dead, and the music clip was directed by Leiji Matsumoto of Captain I Am Fucking Dead fame. Hmmmmm you know what? Why not play the first two Pokemon games. Hey, did you know that the President of Nintendo himself helped out with finishing those? Yeah, I mean the former President (dead). Ah screw it, start up the Dreamcast instead. That startup jingle? Made by a dead guy. Just died this year. Was in a music group with another guy who also died this year. The boss of Sega from the time of the Dreamcast launch is dead. By the way did you know that the average lifespan has started declining recently?


zun reads deleuze confirmed




He was referring to flandre. Also alice uses her dolls to jerk off, fucking bitch


Being asocial is not the same as being a robber or a school shooter. It's like equating amoralism with immoralism or atheism and anti-theism. Similar-sounding words, completely different meanings.


>i want the guy who made so many cool things to agree with me
Yes. Yes, you do.


I wanted to write asocial but got confused, sorry


>>20183 (me)


I would go further and claim that antisocial people can actually be extraverts, they just constantly break all the rules. Dellinquents, bullies, criminals, anarchists. What have you.

Whoever refuses to integrate into living in a society can be called antisocial. Sociopathy is a subset of antisociality but isn't its synonym.


Nice observation


Ironic how Flandre has been the most flanderized character in 2hu.


I know right? IIRC the term derives from the simpsons character Ned Flanders. Btw i'm thinking about making a touhou thread


>Ned Flanders
>turning an angel into a demon
Unintentional Christian symbolism in 2hu.


>unintentional christian symbolism in 2hu
Well there's a 2hu called yumemi okazaki who litearlly uses christian crosses as weapons IIRC


>>20217 (me)
Forgot the image


>Well there's a 2hu called yumemi okazaki who litearlly uses christian crosses as weapons IIRC
I thought Touhou was Buddhist/Shinto.


Well yes almost all of its setting, characters and stories are based on buddhist/shinto stuff, but it also integrates stuff from western religions (like hecatia for example, which is based on a greek goddess)


It's (at this point) a meme of the fandom, ergo posting it is "amusing" so to speak. Also the OP post was made 3 years ago, so….


Sooooo….. i'm a retard lol


So because other 2hu threads have been merged with this one, this is now THE 2hu thread. We can have discussions about everything 2hu related


the whole point of 2hu is that all mystical beings are going to gensokyo because the outside world is becoming uninhabitable to them, even western creatures like the European scarlet devil mansion is going too.




*blocks the attack*




File: 1688159560572.jpg (66.75 KB, 600x451, 747696-bigthumbnail.jpg)





U dead lol


But she will suck your blood


He deserves getting his blood sucked by Remilia most likely enjoy the fact that vampire waifu sucks him till he is dead, but what most likely happen is getting impaled by her weapon. Better off being between the Border of Living and the Border of the Dead a Necrofantasia like Yukari.


Yukari is the best hag, better than remi



File: 1690034777093.png (90.73 KB, 200x361, 200px-Th08Mokou1.png)

The mokk


ParuParu :^)


Not this fucking bitch please


Apologize, or you get the hammer.


Oh nopo so scary!!!! Bitch everyone knows yuugi is superior


File: 1690767522764.jpg (265.33 KB, 800x1100, ねたまちぃ.jpg)

You take that back! Bridge troll waifu is superior quality waifu.


She makes Flandre look sane.


i dont know much about 2hu, but i was always quite fond of picrel, as she quite reminds me of myself


Yeah like bitch is constantly mad for no reason
Yuuka is the best 2hu


No lol


reddit secondary thread



Fandere is sane.


Yeah that's right!






I bet at least half of the characters posted here were made up by anons to troll us, there's no way there are this many touhous.


Monk mommy!!!
They're all real, there are like 180+ characters in touhou


i love her


New 2hu babe and she's purple


Is she a plant?


Looks like an eggplant lol




I like how any interesting thread about Touhou gets merged into this shitty random thread.


File: 1692340618408.jpg (87.37 KB, 497x278, zun.jpg)

quote from Zun in the afterword of touhou 19


>Following the opening of the markets, Gensokyo's land has lost all ownership, threatening disorder.
Not even Gensokyo is safe from capitalism.


Yeah i don't why they merged them into this one


it's a question of time until the Lenin yokai waifu appears in touhou.


If only….





average EraTohoK game


LOL, is this actually real? or just AI bullshit, either way this is fucking awesome



File: 1696790924502-0.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (9).png)

File: 1696790924502-1.png (167.28 KB, 547x326, Screenshot (9) 2.png)

>Cirno in Lugansk


i hate that cirno is THE character unfunny memelords go for


M8 Cirno has been a meme in Russian subculture and military culture since 2hu came into existence.


25 years ago? Lol, sure.


god damn do you also believe russians invented gachimuchi when all they did is badly ape what niconico was doing several years earlier (ive actually talked to people who do believe this)


Yes it was a meme even in the 90s о Сырно уже в 99ом начяли говорить

The fuck are you even talking about? I've never see any Russians claim this, it's inane nonsense, the gachimuchi being a meme in subculture there as here, is also old as shit.


File: 1696882529425.png (75.29 KB, 296x249, 1696877563894577.png)

I hate secondaries so much man.


What the fuck are you talking about?


Like cirno has been basically reduced to "ahah retarded fairy ⑨⑨⑨⑨"


His post is pretty easy to understand broski

Memes were a mistake


Touhou jokes and memes aren't funny and get old fast. They were funny in like 2008 or something but i gotta give them credit for introducing many people to touhou


I think even fucking IOSYS has a more fleshed out depiction of Cirno than the average "fandom" fuck.


>Assmad samefaggotry bitching about "muh memes" because a soldier has a patch with a Cirno chibi on it
Take meds FR.


File: 1698092694645.png (235.21 KB, 469x415, 1684432334763140.png)

Dude i'm not remotely bothered by the patch, i actually find it hilarious


Ah, then we're cool. It has been a misunderstanding.


What's the joke? Just le funny reference hahaha rofl?


File: 1699161831136.png (638.16 KB, 1722x996, ClipboardImage.png)

There is no joke, not everything has to be a joke, you terminally online dolt. Take meds.


Yeah don't worry


File: 1699227559164.gif (4.61 MB, 640x480, suika-ibuki.gif)

>Just le funny reference hahaha rofl?
Yes, but the patch is so absurd and out of place it's funny


All of them, but in secret from each other.


>all of them


File: 1711108455723.jpg (126.85 KB, 1076x1108, zun.jpg)


File: 1711108575185.jpg (35.62 KB, 599x372, 1442944681270.jpg)


File: 1713923839270.jpg (33.21 KB, 425x512, elephants foot reiuji.jpg)


Unique IPs: 63

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