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File: 1608528807022.png (139.02 KB, 725x770, ARMSLAVE_Rk-92.png)

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This is a red-blooded Soviet mech. Say something nice about it!
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Why are they stupid? They don't (all) sound stupid to me.


File: 1639451296842.jpg (179.19 KB, 1512x1080, mp.jpg)

Macross Plus is getting a one-night only US theatrical release tomorrow, December 14th.


>10 Minute Preview

Shinichirō Watanabe co-directed it, Yoko Kanno scored it; RIP Keiko Nobumoto. Go watch it!


Just finished watching the 3 original Gundam movies (thanks >>10597 btw). Goddamn, I really enjoyed them. Now I'd like to see more of the same main cast before moving on to the couple of series that I originally wanted to watch.
So which one should I watch next?


lol, virtual idols, can you imagine?


Wow, the preview is gone.


Apparently Shōji Kawamori was very smug about that in the accompanying video.
That's fine I guess; the OVAs are pretty much the definitive way to watch it.


File: 1643591776454.png (524.97 KB, 793x696, we can live-2.png)

>thinking about uprising again
>scene of raijin pinning a jaeger to a building, using that to push itself up and dropping the biggest k-punch in the history of the kaiju war pops into my head
It's so beautiful.

It's alright tbh. I think the two/three posts were my thoughts on the jaeger and kaiju designs plus what I would change and then the earlier part of the lighting changes before >>4695.


File: 1643600739738.png (1.39 MB, 1280x758, ClipboardImage.png)

Glad to see you back, got any analyses for Godzilla v Kong?
>It's so beautiful
You really love the genre, don't you?
>It's alright tbh
It's no problem, the posts are still archived so I'll try to recover them when I'm free. The pics are hard to find, delaying my effort.


srw 30 is unexpectedly really good, but I bet most of you beat ir already

>descartes shaman


File: 1643839320146.png (97.44 KB, 599x1115, ClipboardImage.png)

just deleted and reposted twice cause i couldn't get a good screencap


Sacred Giant Gorg


File: 1644639192801.jpg (162.14 KB, 2560x1065, Es2E2hRXAAIzAQO-scaled.jpg)

I have other scenes and ideas still floating in my head all these years.

>Glad to see you back

Heya. Been hanging out in /GET/.
>any analyses
>love the genre
I guess so. I grew up more on the kaiju/toku side and my mecha exposure was mostly through vidya plus said toku. Tbh, it feels kinda weird to call myself a mecha "fan" because I don't really watch much anime by myself. I have seen little to none of the oldies. I have not kept up with new stuff. But I like it. I think that's part of why PR had such an impact on me. It really was the first "humanity bands together against alien threat using giant mechs" thing for me, and it's a concept that not too far off from the ultramen of my childhood.
>pics are hard to find
I still have some of them but zzzzzz……


>I have seen little to none of the oldies. I have not kept up with new stuff. But I like it.
That is true, pure love of the genre, obsessively viewing every mecha content to exist is just that, obsessive compulsion.
>still have some of them but zzzzzz


Gundam AUs are at their best when they're not trying to copy the UC.

G is entertaining martial arts schlock.
Wing is a complete clusterfuck just like World War 1 which it takes inspiration from.
00 S1 is a decent commentary of post 9-11 america interventionism.
IBO is a great mafia story - with robots. And yes, cops = bad.

X was indirect UC wankery that bored new viewers and kids to death leading to cancellation.
SEED was the original MSG with everything wrong with the anime industry in the 00s taped on top: bright colored hair titty monsters by the dozen purely for sex fanservice, unsubtle yaoi pandering for fujo bucks, inserts songs out the ass to sell CDs, story indirectly written by fan polls, etc.
00 S2 dropped everything that made S1 interesting and replaced it with a Zeta rethread but with particles that cure cancer because ""fans"" were outraged that season 1 was not "gundam" enough and the suits got scared.
AGE attempts to condense the first 3 UC series into 50 episodes going through a gundam checklist and is widely considered to be mediocre and poorly paced.

The neo-UC fanfiction stories are absurdly terrible and commit every single sin AU gundam is derided for. But the japanese fans love it thanks to nostalgia so /m/ has to pretend they're good or else their 2ch gunota senpai will wwww at them and we cannot have that.

>muh gendum



You for got destiny.


Seed and feeDestiny share the same points imo, so I'll copypaste and slightly edit it to make my point:

SEED Destiny was Zeta Gundam with everything wrong with the anime industry in the 00s taped on top: bright colored hair titty monsters by the dozen purely for sex fanservice (meer being lacus with hueg cowtits is the most cynical fapbait fanart pandering I've ever seen, stella's nude scene(s) too), more unsubtle yaoi pandering for fujo bucks, inserts songs out the ass to sell CDs, story indirectly written by fan polls except this time they affect things even more, etc.


kek, yea pretty much this


>Seed and feeDestiny


>Zeta Gundam with everything wrong with the anime industry
Ah yes, you mean Double Zeta Gundam.


Double Zeta was just training for new in-betweeners at Sunrise while all of their veteran animators worked on CCA.


But that's a sequel to Zeta, and mostly follows its own plot structure instead of trying to go for the same plot beats of Zeta.
IMO Tomino really did pour his autism into that one, especially towards the end. Also Chara and to a lesser extent Roux can also be considered fapbait too and Glemmy is one of the most nonsensical characters in a franchise that has MISTAH BUSHIDO in it.

I don't like ZZ


File: 1647341633425.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, Elssetsuna.PNG)

We should fuse with ELS like Setsuna F Seiei in order to archive true internationale galactic Posadism.


File: 1648137623223.png (3.85 MB, 3508x2397, ClipboardImage.png)

What the hell is the kaiju girls webcomic? Is it even a webcomic? All I see is pr0n


File: 1651976585073.png (1.52 MB, 1280x829, ClipboardImage.png)

I prefer pic rel from https://old.reddit.com/r/MoeMorphism/ At least it isn't just completely lazy human-shit


what the fuck is a "moe morphism", redditor newfags dont know its called gijinka


I know its called that, but I'm linking, not actually calling it that.


oh im just talking to nobody in particular, sorry


Zaku II


File: 1651986340761.png (1.67 MB, 1682x2500, Queen Kong.png)

Ah that's fine, it's fun. And nice pic, have the accompanying kong


File: 1652810785367.png (8.92 MB, 2160x1620, ClipboardImage.png)

If you mean Singular Point… it was talkd about… on imageboards and reddit. I finally took the time to see it and it honestly sucked for the most part. Some ideas and concepts were interesting but a lot of it is theoretical pseudo-science and leading up to the reveal of Godzilla-monsters in a more Lovcraftian, physics/universe defying entities or Singular Points. But the characters and story are totally blandly done. It feels like its trying to pull an Evangelion type vibe from the story but not hitting the mark. The most standout character is the comic-relief Pops and his antics, everyone else feels boring and by the numbers if they have any character at all.
Some discussion on it.

TL;DR: The show tries to be different kinds of Godzilla movie at the same time, mixing in thing from Showa, Heisei and Shin Godzillas and inevitably making them clash. It's not much better than the Netflix Planet Godzilla series either, though the animation and art design isn't as bad.


File: 1652811245815.png (1.64 MB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>The Black
I found it pretty interesting a take, and they didn't try to be kiddie and had characters die in a manner that mattered. The Second Season completes the story and it feels fairly organic to me. The various strange lore and aesthetic made it feel engrossing and made the conclusion genuinely satisfying. The only thing I might have added is let Boy say something at the end, kinda like a Nova moment in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, a hoarse cry for his adoptive mother figure Hayley. Also the English version is better IMO, the Japanese one sounds generic.


File: 1659666300322.jpg (45.8 KB, 423x600, BIG OOOOOOOO.jpg)

The Big O is about "The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living." It's not at all confusing in that context.
Crazy how Rodger's attempts to peacefully negotiate the problems of Paradigm city way always devolve into giant robots punching each other, apparently the same giant robots that gave everyone amnesia in the first place. Also "cast in the name of god ye not guilty." is just another translation of "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone" In this case big O is giving Rodger permission to act as judge over Paradigm city because it judges him as being blameless himself.
The people who think this show is weird are deliberately ignoring the class and oedipal conflicts that Rodger is incapable of actually resolving without a giant robot.


Hello old thread. So how about that Shin Ultraman thing.

Ah, I remember that existed a while ago. Thought I'd check it out but still haven't. I'm barely keeping up with JoJo.
>lovecraftian, physics/universe defying entities
Huh. I'm up for anything but I feel that sort of thing would better work with something like Ultraman, unless it's about the ayys. I like goji as the human-made abomination or ancient superbeing he usually is and having this basic hunk of flesh and nuclear power face off visually lovecraftian creatures would be cool to see. 2nd pic related. C*lt*sts mad seething, eternally coping at simple truth.
Miraculously finished this last year. I should check the 2nd season. The stuff with the drift was actually interesting and absolutely what people wanted to see played with.


Shin Japan Heroes Universe - New Item Project - Promo




Speaking of Kong Netflix has a new series called Skull Island that reminds me a bit of the old Kong Animated Series. Its being released free on youtube for some reason too


File: 1691459723962.png (259.68 KB, 449x457, ClipboardImage.png)

Not quite mechs but the Leviathan book series (mentioned in the RWBY thread >>11499 ) has some factions using mechanized warfare (Austro-Hungarians and the Germans) exclusively, with various mechs and mechanical flying contraptions, while others (like the British) used organic creatures that have life threads (DNA) manipulated to create organic vehicles and creatures meant for various civilian and military purposes, and then some, (like the Japanese and Turks) mix-and-matched the 2 technologies, combining them. All this to say there's a lot of interesting mechs in that series. Pic rel is one of the smaller 'Walkers'.


File: 1692125324564.png (1.73 MB, 1638x2015, ClipboardImage.png)

S.T.R.I.P.E is pretty cool looking and reminds me of the robot killer from the first Judge Dredd movie, even if Stargirl is a crap show.



>Its being released free on youtube for some reason too
because they never cared about piracy. they always wanted us to waste our lives on this slop instead of asking questions


I mean piracy or not, an opportunity to make a profit is strange for them to pass up.
>they always wanted us to waste our lives on this slop instead of asking questions
Oh bugger off.



they're making pewter brigador models, pretty cool


Colossal from 2017 was an interesting film, but considering I was mostly there for the monsters the human drama got boring and just felt really stupid and contrived. The main character is this mousey girl who's also really beautiful and her antagonist Ex is this utter asshole. It feels dreary tbh. Otherwise the film was pretty good especially visually.


pleasingly rotund, rubenesque even


File: 1695013579127.png (1.62 KB, 300x100, 160.png)

Mecha thread on /AKM/ btw >>>/AKM/1305


File: 1695058595696-1.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2806x3499, ATST gijinka.jpeg)

I would argue that The Paladins from RWBY and AT-AT family from Star Wars are also mechs technically.


Macross Intro



>But Mr President, Sir, you don't understand! We *need* those 10 trillion dollars to give all our 40ft tall war machines giant titties! It's a vital part of our military strategy!


Wasn't the Doshka mech a Soviet one in-story? Or am I misremembering?


critical support for the MIC

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