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what do you think about RWBY as an anime
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At this point? Nothing. The story would have to get overhauled completely to address all the characters and plotlines they fucked up/dropped.


In the past? Monty Oum not dying. Not saying it would be perfect, but the guy knew what he was doing & the general direction to take things (most concepts, plotlines & ideas in the series are his, but the further from Vol 2/3 you go, the less development had been given to them & the more freedom to write for CRWBY). RWBY as a series is influenced by Shonen anime & Final Fantasy, the latter in part because of Oum's enjoyment of it, & hi use of characters like Tifa in Dead Fantasy. In the shonen aspect (for example) Jaune particularly was a Cloud inspiration.
And although Ruby's character & the teams make up is more like various Naruto characters (originally), the story itself has no concrete goals at the start; Ruby is not looking to become Pirate King, Hokage or reconstruct the Shikon jewel. Like Bleach* the story lacks a stated end goal the main character seeks to achieve from the start, other than a vague sense of being a hero that saves people something that's getting dismantled in Vol 9 thus the story & characters meander, & if the original author isn't there to point the direction… it's likely not going to be very good

At this point like >>18975 says, nothing can really save the series short of maybe just going full memelord.

(*)Hell if you think about it the Grimm are like the Kingdom Hearts' Heartless or Bleach's Hollows. After The Hound I always expected some Grimm-human hybrids like you see in fanfiction like an Arrancar or Nobodies group.


let Ruby say "fuck"


Maybe that's what they should do then, just give this one as good a finale as they can, then start working on a sequel/spinoff series, 2wby. Cut their losses, keep what worked, dump what didn't, and hire some actual writers that know what they're doing.


That's just RWBY Chibi.


Why is it so short I can't wait another week


Well, it looks like Ruby's tea party did not bother them a bit.


File: 1681658422804-0.png (174.37 KB, 1785x431, are you not ascended.png)

File: 1681658422804-1.jpg (55.07 KB, 599x615, crying Yang.jpg)

>"Remember what you said to me about the paper-pleasers? They thought they had no-purpose left, so they wanted to 'ascend' *points at the teacup* and you all said that i should just let them because it's 'what they wanted'. So i suppose since Ruby also thinks there's no point in her being alive…"
>"Then why should we even go to the tree to try and save her from whatever 'rebirth' is?"
>"Who knows maybe losing all her memories and being 'reborn' as something else will be just what Ruby needs!"
>"So you actually do care. O.K., Let's go."


Since we saw the herbalist turn beautiful, does that mean that Ruby will come back looking like Weiss?

Actually, my prediction is that Ruby will come back stronger and better but is still easily defeated by Neko (a portmanteau of Neo and Neko (nihongo for cat), get it?), but when the cat leaves Neo's body to enter Ruby's, leaving Neo to regain consciousness and notice that Ruby is still alive, so she tries to finish the job, but the cat would not like that and tries to stop her before she can enter Ruby and they fight to death while the gang sneak home behind their backs.


File: 1681835785131.png (23.38 KB, 661x521, 1681252588437215.png)

>Ruby will come back looking like Weiss
I'm not sure I follow the logic. Is the implication here that Ruby is ugly?
>Neko (a portmanteau of Neo and Neko (nihongo for cat), get it?)
I prefer NeoPet. Honestly I hope that the cat makes it to Remnant just to team up with Salem in his quest to pursue the Brother Gods.
>the cat leaves Neo's body to enter Ruby's
There's no reason for that, he just needs a Remnant body to possess Ruby had been a target for her broken psyche. After Ascension she's not even going to be herself (some people are claiming she'll become Summer, though that's nonsense) she's not going to be broken anymore, so CopyCat isn't going to be able to do anything.
>they fight to death
That's so pointless Neo('s ego) is all but functionally dead as it is, the hell is the point of BFRing the character AGAIN?

I'm thinking Little is going to ascend to fuck that kill was brutal


Did you miss the last episode? The cat can't return in Neo's body because Neo has nothing to return for. It wants Ruby again. Whether ascended Ruby will work or if it has some way to stop ascension is another thing…


By last I mean the latest, episode 9.


File: 1681838403655.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 1920x1080, NeoVore.webm)

>The cat can't return in Neo's body because Neo has nothing to return for.
Huh, but the cat also can't possess someone unwilling/unable to spiritually resist though, thus the fixation on Ruby & later taking of Neo. Making the cat just a Vol9 character is going to be pretty lame if they have that. Also if Neo has nothing to return for, & has essentially a shattered ego, then why would she fight the cat after it possibly releases her? It'd be strange but more likely Jaune might save Neo.

Yeah I figured.

RWBY Arrowfell Trailer (Out Now): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBtc7gWpOHE


Neo thought she got her revenge. If she saw that Ruby returned, her revenge failed and maybe her will to kill could return too. Since the cat wants Ruby alive and she wants her dead, they would get in conflict. So if the cat left her body, Neo could fight it over Ruby's destiny. Or maybe they could do that thing where the possessed person regains control over their body just for a short second but at the decisive moment, saving the heroes by giving them time to get away or something. It would be a way to make Neo help them without actually helping them, a way to "redeem" her without having to actually change her ways. But I don't think it will actually happen, you are right that it wouldn't work if Ruby got mended by the blacksmith.


File: 1681845563120.png (79.87 KB, 638x582, neo chair transparent.png)

>If she saw that Ruby returned, her revenge failed and maybe her will to kill could return too.
That's like Sasuke seeing Itachi arise again & trying to have revenge AGAIN. The entire point is that she's got nothing left & her 'revenge' was just an excuse to keep going, having achieved it there's nothing left.
>the possessed person regains control over their body just for a short second but at the decisive moment, saving the heroes by giving them time to get away or something. It would be a way to make Neo help them without actually helping them, a way to "redeem" her without having to actually change her ways.
I guess, but I'm not holding my breath

Spoiler prediction:
The Summer Rose bait at the end of ep9 is going to be a bait n switch; Ruby has the thing Naruto does with Kushina in the seal - talking to her mother's spirit before overcoming herself - then finding her strength to be reborn as a better self. Jaune, because of him being the buttmonkey of CRWBY, is going to probably be a hero one last time, taking a killing blow or something to let the rest of RWBY leave the EverAfter. Hopefully Ruby's catharsis is going to be a la Gurren Lagan "Be the best version of yourself that you can be".


File: 1681877432697.png (974.11 KB, 1024x832, ClipboardImage.png)

>Still no official RvB x RWBY crossover
Fuck it
[RWBY/RvB] - Infiltration (GMod Machinima)

RT Recap - The Animated Recap


File: 1681891959570.jpg (121.68 KB, 800x1200, FHkGjyDXMAQuUOm.jpg)

Nobody seems to mention how shes a Bengal Tiger Faunus with a hindu pottu and a Muslim last name. It's real organic representation, as she is a radical civil rights activist who takes action, and comes from a mixed religious/cultural reference (a combination of Bengali, Hindu, and Islam) and encompasses the "war borne from love and necessity" motif that Indians are known for and are proud of. Khan specifically means "ruler", and the concept is a reference to Shere Khan from The Junglebook, and the fact she's based off the jungle book only strengthens her being representative of India, because as far as I'm aware she's the only Indian character in the show.

She's the Boba Fett of RWBY; Awesome character idea SUPPOSED to be a background character. Yet the fans love her a lot more than what was expected. If she WERE to be alive, then we would've gotten a lot more of her


I want to breed the cat


File: 1682132331242.png (1.41 MB, 1854x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

Everyone does anon.

12 hours to go to Episode 10 of Vol-9, possibly the last Volume.


File: 1682139431446.png (1.17 MB, 1276x715, Christmas Knight.png)

>Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen Part One
>Part 1

Enjoy on soap2day(dot)to

Best Jaune x Jess moments https://litter.catbox.moe/d3175v.mp4


I thought her tits were a lot bigger than they are.


File: 1682147954006.png (1013.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1682104493428.png)

>I thought her tits were a lot bigger than they are.
Porn does that to characters.

I REALLY enjoyed this, even if its not perfect.
Since they age down the super-heroes when they 'go to remnant' are they gonna age up RWBY+JNR when they go to the DC comics verse for Part 2?


Your link expired.


It's over


File: 1682201222534.png (579.23 KB, 1920x1080, 1682137229083082.png)

Just watch the movie on soap, it was a temporary 870+Mb file.

Also all Volumes https://9anime.to/watch/rwby.r93o/ep-2

Shut up, Volume 10 IS going to happen it has to, 10 fucking years can't end like this


File: 1682202871378.png (282.33 KB, 500x522, YangMosquito.png)

>Get BJ from Yang
>She won’t stop
>Tell her to stop
>She keeps going
>Starting to hurt now
>Smack her head to stop
>She goes HARDER
>Wake up in hospital
>She went so hard you almost died of exhaustion and nutrient deficiency
>Bitch done sucked the life outta you
>She’d suck you off as an apology but that might kill you



The Yang/Blake parts of the movie were objectively Ok, if you ignore the context of the actual series… so like most fanfic depictions of ships.

Ren, Nora & Cyborg got memed to hell though, even if its overblown


Didn't the Green Lantern used to be a black man?


There are several green lanterns, one of them a black man


File: 1682272201312.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1310x745, JL x RWBY 2 cap.png)

The original from the comics is Hal Jordan, but later came other human Green Lanterns, including the black man Jon Stewart, that you refer to. Jessica Cruz is more recent, latina if I recall correctly. Kinda disliked because of her character being poorly written, but this movie certainly makes up for it, making her a qt tomboy. The short-hair with green highlights i also a better look than her usual long-hair, like Season 1 Detective Beckett from Castle.

>Since they age down the super-heroes when they 'go to remnant' are they gonna age up RWBY+JNR when they go to the DC comics verse for Part 2?
Leaks confirm, pic rel


OK someone explain to me about the last episode, why did seeing her mom lie fix Ruby? Did she want to become her mom that much? I mean I know she was an influence but I wouldn't have been able to tell that this was her issue.


I'm still as confused as you, but its generally supposed to be that Ruby is no longer using her mother as the benchmark of unassailable honesty & heroism as she has before, & so accepted herself for being who she is.


File: 1682443104163.png (103.23 KB, 231x203, NEOrgasm.png)

Lana Rain - Cinder Fall punishes Neopolitan


Do people here only like RWBY because of the porn?


File: 1682453749565.gif (1.67 MB, 446x472, mercurypopcorn.gif)

It's not that simple. I mean yeah porn is an appeal, but to be honest RWBY is something that originates from old-school machinima & internet in general. A passion project of a small group of people that became something fairly popular. It's a mess of a story but still sucks you in if you get on the ride. The memes, the potential of the worldbuilding, the varied characters are all attractive for people, even if its not always executed well in Canon.
TL;DR: It's fun to watch, imperfections and all.

Mega https://mega.nz/folder/nPY30KYC#7vN9Cn0Xv2qD1ijKxdKOYQ


File: 1682618762959.png (446.14 KB, 563x554, Ruby in a chair.png)

Reminder that she [Ruby] died.
The tea WAS poisonous.
If whatever emerges in her place from the tree is ‘ascended’ or ‘altered’, it will be little more then a look-alike, with the features [if even] and memories [if even] of a dead girl. Like a Blade-Runner replicant.
Yang failed her.
Blake failed her.
Weiss failed her.
Even Jaune failed her.
Everyone she was expected to trust failed her.
RT failed her.
They let their protagonist die in a filler volume because they couldn’t write thorough character arc.


>Some ESL predicted Ruby's suicide before V9 in a gachalife short


File: 1682621102583.png (117.2 KB, 636x1117, Ruby theology1.png)

Spoilers for Vol 9 Ep10!

So this most recent volume confirms that the Brothers were in fact second generation gods and the Tree was the Primordial (albeit, indifferent) deity of the RWBY-verse. The Dragons are basically Demiurges who keeps creating worlds and fill it with 'people' only for their works to slowly degrade and fail to function.

Remnant (Definition: a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.) is itself a case study in this. Humanity was once capable to cast magic, but after rebelling against their creators each individual was left with a single spell, called a Semblance (Definition: the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.).

The Blacksmith makes it clear the door between worlds was left open for the Brothers to return, but they clearly haven't. So they aren't in the Everafter and they aren't in Remnant. They are out in the cosmos, once again trying to build world that won't break.

Maybe it's a never ending daisy chain of universes that are empty or abandoned, that get occupied by the Brothers, structured after their whims or experimental desires and either destroyed or abandoned as they move on to the next.

Honestly I preferred that the Ever After be another of their creations rather than the Brothers' origin.


>Some ESL
Why are native speakers like this?


>Offended over an acronym
>on a Korean Nuclear Energy Forum
Go back.


Velvet's weapon is pretty lame.


what is it. I've only seen the hbomberguy video.


She uses her camera to take pictures of other weapons and she can use the picture to summon a copy of the weapon but it only last for a few hits.


Are you kidding? It lets her create temporary copies of any weapon using only a photograph, that combined with her semblance lets her replicate almost any fighting style at a whim.



Yes, and it's lame. She's been building up her repository for who knows how long and then she uses it up in a minute without even winning the battle. They act like it's some ultimate trump card that can only be used in dire situations but when it is actually used it's a huge disappointment.


File: 1683938458808.png (333.25 KB, 600x747, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's lame
No, you're just a killjoy
>She's been building up her repository for who knows how long and then she uses it up
You realize that she utilizes like maybe half a dozen photos for hardlights right? A Camera holds a lot more than that & she's been collecting all year, from all sorts of students.
>act like it's some ultimate trump card
No merely that its not something to use pointlessly
>without even winning the battle
She singlehandedly cut apart 2 paladins that took all of Team RWBY + Sun & Neptune to take out. You know, the insane warmachines built to fight armies? I'm sorry it wasn't DBZ power levels enough for you.


Happy birthday Weiss



Okay I take it back but only because she's really cute in that picture.


File: 1686019479550.jpg (120.55 KB, 1083x500, 1681814518362.jpg)

>literal plot contrivance.png
PSA: You are now being made aware that Blake and Yang being romantic was a literal product of the "Suspension Bridge Effect". In what is quite possibly the most on the nose and blunt manner, I've seen. It's as though MKEK read about it and thought it had to unironically and absolutely be a suspended bridge in order to work. The suspension bridge effect is a scientific and psychological term used to describe a biological reaction in our psychology when we are under pressure. When we experience external stimulus that ignites our adrenal response, it plays a strange role in our minds and interpreting our environment.

The Suspension Bridge Effect is also known as the “misattribution of arousal.” It’s a phenomenon stating that something looks better when under a pressure environment, like standing on a suspension bridge.

"You spent 5 minutes with an animal on a rickety bridge and now you've convinced yourself it's true love" - Ruby "The Gaybasher" Rose

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