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what do you think about RWBY as an anime
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File: 1709875880670.png (347.64 KB, 613x381, ClipboardImage.png)

Red vs Blue's final season has been in the works for a while now - announced last year, with a single episode released as a teaser. The question isn't whether it was being made, but whether it would get released since it's been delayed so much (now made more prominent with Rooster Teeth getting shut down).

Still not the biggest fan of RWBY but if people are really passionate about it then let's hope that guy can buy the IP so that people who are still passionate about it can continue to work on it.


>Still not the biggest fan of RWBY
>if people are really passionate about it then let's hope that guy can buy the IP so that people who are still passionate about it can continue to work on it.
THIS. But I fear Kerry and Miles might torpedo this just out of spite.


It'd be nuts not to release the final season of RvB after Burnie and Matt came back to write and direct it.


Does this Dillon Gu represent some company with enough money to buy RWBY or how would it work?


The best thing would be to buy rwby, reboot it, and make sure those two crackers aren't allowed anywhere near the writing room.


File: 1709941121553.png (1.01 MB, 1082x565, ClipboardImage.png)

I think people are a bit too harsh on Miles - he was the lead writer and director of Red vs Blue's Chorus trilogy, which is almost universally loved and considered the "last hoorah" of the series (though here's hoping Restoration changes that!).

I can't speak for the other guy, though. Maybe he was a bad influence on Miles, or maybe there were uncredited co-writers for Chorus that helped steer Miles in a good direction for RvB, but not RWBY.

Even if you dislike Miles as a writer, if nothing else that just makes Felix's death all the more satisfying, since Miles was his VA.


RvB had well established characters and style by that point tbf.


File: 1709948115004.png (162.26 KB, 334x280, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, but it also added tons of new fan-favorites like Felix, Locus, Dr. Grey, General Doyle, Kimball, etc. and let a lot of the existing characters grow with their own arcs (Tucker, Wash, Carolina, etc.)

The Chorus trilogy is really good in its own right, it didn't just ride the coattails of earlier seasons.


File: 1709950627262.png (1.23 MB, 925x837, ClipboardImage.png)

Eddy was fine, Miles was better as a VA, his writing sucked and he sucked up to Kerry's opinions and basically let her control his portion of the writing.

It would probably return RWBY back to the basics - a youtube show funded by fans and his own income as he primarily operates on Youtube, collaborating with another RWBY exodee, Shaw.

Miles had no business writing RWBY honestly, none of them did. I remember Monty having to constantly reject some of his and Kerry's proposals during their meets, some of which got filmed and were released before being lost to the internet years ago. I might find it if I dug around in desuarchive, but I won't bother slogging through ~2600 threads to do so.


That's true, and it also gave the Reds and Blues a surprising amount of character development. What I meant was more that instead of building on something already established they felt more free to do whatever they wanted with RWBY, and maybe they needed the constraints.


File: 1709957987437.png (662.55 KB, 792x411, ClipboardImage.png)

Again, I can't speak to how well he did with RWBY, but Miles writes best when he or whoever he's working with has a clear vision. He obviously lead the Chorus trilogy, and he was brought on for a few episodes of Season 17. This leads me to believe that Kerry's writing was the issue and that Miles should've intervened or disagreed instead of sucking up, as you said.

Speaking of Season 17, that's a great example of how deferring to another writer can affect the quality of your show. In this case, Joe Nicolosi (lead writer for Seasons 15 & 16) had to work on another project, so Jason Weight (co-writer for Season 16) took over with Joe's outline for the remaining plot beats. And it turned out really well! Despite writing arguably the worst episode of the worst season (up to that point), Jason turned things around and wrapped everything up nicely. It helps that, funnily enough, he also wrote the best episode of that season (i.e. Wash learning about his cerebral hypoxia), the quality of which carried over when he helmed Season 17.

In retrospect, I think everyone was a little too harsh on Seasons 15 & 16 - they're a mess, sure, but there's a genuine and heartfelt story at the center of it that needed a proper script doctoring for it to stand out (which thankfully happened with Season 17). Honest to god, I would take them over Zero any day of the year - at least Joe and Jason bothered to follow heavy story beats and understood where they wanted to take the plot and characters.

I don't think constraints is the issue - RWBY just felt aimless and confused, it had all sorts of creative freedom but didn't make the most of it (or wasn't very competent about making something with it). I can't speak for the seasons I haven't watched, but that's definitely how it felt early on. As for why this is the case, well, Miles proved with Chorus that he can come up with original characters and plot threads without having to rely on existing material (even if he likes bringing it in to tie things together), and it sounds like he deferred to Kerry a lot, so that would leave Kerry as the root of the problem.


Yes, they absolutely needed constraints IMO, or at least someone to edit their writing so it didn't go off reservation… which is what Monty did until his death.

>RWBY just felt aimless and confused
Which as I've always said, was because Monty died and RT pushed away some of its better creators. That's why the further we go, the more depressingly pointless things feel.
>how it felt early on
Well early on it was just having fun establishing itself; the characters, the world and so on, which came to head in Volume 3 and was supposed to go into a hero's journey type plot.
>Miles proved with Chorus that he can come up with original characters and plot threads without having to rely on existing material
That's the problem, RWBY wasn't really his. Chorus had direction because he was a major originator of the entire thing and so knew where he was going to take it, rather than taking someone elses world and characters and not knowing what to do with them, the White Fang and Adam for example.
>it sounds like he deferred to Kerry a lot, so that would leave Kerry as the root of the problem.
Kerry and Barb to be exact.

Also as a side note the owner of the rwbyg site >>18762
Is currently ripping every episode of RWBY, Ice Queen and RvB they can have on Blu-Ray and are going to upload it all so that the files won't be lost. I gotta talk to site-anon later to determine the exact details.


I implore you, please add the soundtracks in FLAC to this



So you've just been hired as the lead writer for the sequel to the hit online anime rwby. What are your plans for 2wby?


File: 1710058873917.gif (2.67 MB, 498x372, rly.gif)

>doing the cinema sins bit on an absurdist comedy webseries where CPR can treat a bullet wound to the head


Resurrect and kill Penny in every episode.


>all the plotholes in chorus were done intentionally, as a bit
oh i get it now. hilarious.


File: 1710548292477.png (Spoiler Image, 7.8 MB, 3240x4320, ClipboardImage.png)

Why the fuck is there so much stuff of Willow Schnee as an amazonian futanari fucking girls from other anime? It's weirdly over-specific and all feels the same, it is like one guy commissioning this?



Not seeing the problem tbh


File: 1710900717587.png (627.44 KB, 1280x720, 4 Ears Blake.png)

Ah, the old Cat-Girl Ears Question. Going by the story of the Faunus and the God of Animals in The Shallow Sea fairytale, Faunus were given animal traits on top of their human visages, rather than simply replacing them, thus Catgirl faunuses having 2 sets of ears. From a practical aspect it makes Blakes hearing even better than just having immense Cat Ears would, as human ears are located horizontally to our sides, with very slight angling towards the front (like with birds) while Cat ears, like fox ears or wolf ears, face forward more and are located higher up, like 2 close RADAR dishes. Thus, Blake's hearing would have excellent side hearing, able to hear in a greater radius around her, and also better directional hearing. It's like having 2 front-facing, really good eyes and two smaller, less precise eyes to the side that act as early warning… of course the writers forget that and Blake gets blindsided constantly, because like the rest of the Faunus, she's treated like trash.

The real answer is, it worked however Monty wanted it to work, just like how 2 different faunus types create a child with a random faunus trait, while 2 of the same create a similar child.


File: 1710901109868.png (91.24 KB, 438x399, hmmmm.png)

I'm with the Tor anon, it's kinda weird.

That's more of something to do for RWBY Chibi.

Not the Site Owner, you'll have to go to /rwbyg/ on 4/trash/ and ask them there. It depends on if they can RIP the files or not.


since when was it considered unnatural for cat girls to still have their human ears?


Would you think it was weird if they had two sets of eyes too


File: 1711349832164.jpg (18.62 KB, 300x234, Yang....jpg)

She has a villain's entry for a reason



Which OP song is the biggest banger? I vote for this, it always hypes me up.


>Irish were an oppressed minority in the British Empire
I want to expand on this some more. The Irish are a perfect example of potential source material, to the point that it literally lends itself to some of the plotlines about Extremist vs less-Extreme factions of the White Fang. The bombings and raids by the White Fang on dust facilities and civilian infrastructure is a good mirror to The Troubles. It's so easy to find allegory material to portray differing dynamics within the WF, too.
Imagine Adam Taurus with a proper NornIron steak accent. Intimidation across every single scene would have gone through the roof. He's all but a lad from Belfast, who grew up hating the Strand 'cause he can't stand the fact that he's from Auld Smoke. Dresses like a cunt from Dublin, at that.
>for more great matches for the world situation, take a look at the true allegory of the faunus being the Irish, and v7 being a massive reference to Gulliver's travels.
MKEK likely didn't accomplish this intentionally, but it's still there. They barely had to try at all to reach all this, but they just didn't. Funny thing is that RoosterTeeth's staff are libs, so all they'd have to do was look at Death Eaters, who Rowling based - in part - on the IRA because she wrote Harry Potter during The Troubles bombings ( >>>/hobby/10633 ). Hell the Irish got treated like trash in America too, so it would work even better.

Also we've only seen Local human militias rightfully clashing with the White Fang in Adams short, and there's the vague implication (almost never backed up) that some of the government institutions are racist to Faunus. Since any moderately sized group of people are basically just allowed to go out and try their own shot at making a town in the wilds, there ought to be a fair few towns explicitly made by Humans, for Humans, who just don't let any faunus settle in or move through them. Following the White Fang escalation and known role in the fall of Beacon, it would make sense for these towns to begin actively attacking faunus and the White Fang with their own paramilitary units and movements. What do these Militias look like, do they have a special outfit they wear like the White Fang? Has anything like this ever been explored in a story well? Obviously if this was explored in the show, they would be the bad guys and it would be botched, but it'd be an interesting parallel as well.

Also if they really were incapable of writing a story about racial oppression or something, why not hire a black person to do that?


File: 1712203732455-0.png (1005.55 KB, 3600x2800, GJnGO-gWsAA-ZBi.png)

File: 1712203732455-1.png (743.37 KB, 3097x2800, GJnGO-bW8AEcYDg.png)

File: 1712203732455-2.png (1.15 MB, 3600x2800, GJnGO-aXUAAIH58.png)

i like how weiss ended up being unapologetically racist from beginning to end now that its over


File: 1712204621254.png (69.58 KB, 429x332, Watts sees.png)

>i like how weiss ended up being unapologetically racist from beginning to end now that its over
Fucking what? I'm not the biggest fan of Weiss, but that's blatantly incorrect. Girl is a full on class traitor by the end of Volume 8.

Anyway Baal is based as usual.


yeah it's probably one person with a fixation commissioning it


That's most commissions tbh.


Why is this artist drawing bullshit like this with those skills?


File: 1712253077917.png (209.4 KB, 686x386, ClipboardImage.png)

>why is baalbuddy being baalbuddy


Because he started out as an /a/ drawfag


File: 1712291659057.gif (2.07 MB, 640x352, rwby-freezerburn.gif)

A lot of BB fans mention that Monty supposedly planned the ship. The ship being planned isn't the gotcha people think it is. If it was really the case it just makes the ship worse. 10 years of buildup and it still sucked.

The closest we get to proof of it being planned was a video of him discussing a script where they joke about Yang being lesbian and then one of them (I think Monty actually) says NO and they laugh. The other supposed proof video of Monty they like to use is an interview* where he replies to a question about if there will be queer characters and he says 'Yes probably' stating that they're currently children and that as writers they were discovering their characters over time and that it was a possibility, he didn't specify which characters, let alone team RWBY and he emphasized that it needed to be well written and natural… clearly that last part was not achieved. Honestly Freezerburn would have been a better ship, especially after Yang rescued Weiss from her Mother's bandits.




I wonder if Blake has a barbed strap.


File: 1712529762616.gif (3.38 MB, 488x352, Blake fish bowl.gif)

Cute fan-art does not absolve yittykitty

She'd be offended you asked such a faunus-profiling question but yes she does


>She'd be offended you asked such a faunus-profiling question

Good, I hope she'd get even more pissed when I make her wear the leash and collar.


File: 1712549269669.png (660.29 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

>she'd get even more pissed when I make her wear the leash and collar
Yet still be into it
<White Fang on the streets
<Domesticated in the sheets
Truly Collared


File: 1713112136480.png (2.01 MB, 1224x1840, ClipboardImage.png)


>no blake
*punches wall*


File: 1713302433862.png (899.93 KB, 1280x720, Round Cat.png)

>CTRL + F -> Curious
>Not a single post about the Curious Cat
OwO what's this?


File: 1713739082996.png (2.49 MB, 1216x1186, ClipboardImage.png)

Feel free to make one, there's instructions online.


Speaking of the Curious Cat, Only one mention of NeoPet, by me. >>19030 I'm ashamed.


File: 1713953109972-0.jpg (217.86 KB, 1280x1263, death to all nazis.jpg)

File: 1713953109972-1.jpg (1.87 MB, 1801x2014, E_skggrUcAAFx-f.jpg)

Baalbuddy is fucking based! Fuck you!

Anyway any FRWBY enjoyers here? (2nd picrel)


File: 1716177590184.png (252.7 KB, 640x359, Cinder fury.png)

Death Battle recently released a video where they're basically saying "we're not dead, just getting new management" and I believe it, hell they might just strike out on their own again like they started with Screw Attack. That's pretty great, because love it or hate it, Death Battle is pretty iconic for being its shtick of versus crossover fights.

That being said, it just makes me even more depressed about RWBY being dead. The recent "leaks" and stuff for unreleased content by Rooster-Teeth in its dying gasps have been middling and I'm genuinely pissed off at just how badly the top management has brought low a series that started as a guilty pleasure I followed from youtube and became a story and world I genuinely fell into. Yeah the writing got worse over time, but goddamn I couldn't help liking it. Monty died too soon.


File: 1716178332930.png (127.17 KB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm more pissed there's not proper Kali bot or a Sienna one for that matter.


File: 1716179015347.png (1.55 MB, 1190x1480, Blake Petplay.png)

Cursed dubs yet also based


Critical support. The ideal is really having them both together and making one watch while you plow the other, then clean you both up after you finish.

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