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what do you think about RWBY as an anime


It was made by a japanese fella so it's an anime, simple as.


And Aeon Flux is manhwa


Not an anglo so I'm not autistic about categories.


What if RWBY was anime?


I dislike Rooster Teeth as a company, was always indifferent about RWBY but RIP Monty.


File: 1626514824006.png (1.87 MB, 1264x1862, 1574974397885.png)

It'd be better with screenwriter who knew how to do their job, but I have nothing but respect for Monty.


It's basically an anime because it's made bya a jap with weebs as his assistants, it's more than an imitation of japanimation style/jokes like ATLA has.
As a show/anime it's alright, not my favorite, but the memes and fanfiction are fun.


How did machinima become anime?


rwby was made in poser originally so its not machieama


File: 1626670064519.jpg (204.06 KB, 908x2480, w null_e09i8o2vx6871.jpg)


>final panel is autistic screeching
Classic RWBY memes.


LOL is that the guy from vid related?


I find RWBY to be largely boring despite its interesting ideas. Ironically like Fairy Tail however, its rather ripe for fanfiction crossovers.

Imma be honest… who gives a damn? It follows anime aesthetics, it's in this board, ergo anime, no need to be technical.


The way they do the white fang is such a lib take. A completely discarded subplot. And after The fall of Beacon Ruby basically gets fucked over as a character. White Fang is done poorly but not inaccurately. It's supposed to be a rebellion but it just acts like shit a lot of the time. What they really don't explore is WHY there is anti-faunus sentiment. They're not that fucking different and if the cultures evolved at similar times and close proximity there ought to be no racist concepts in it. There's a reason why Orcs and elves are portrayed as very different in physical and cultural aspects to humans.
>inb4 "but black racism"
Racism towards black people did not just arise because "dem negros are too dark skinned" But because of a multitude of reasons - cultural differences, stage of socio-economic development differences, etc. After modern chattel slavery and modern politics took the stage and people were already used to racism as a concept, THEN we get discrimination solely because of skin-color (and the associations that come with them). The same applies to Faunus, except more so, they didn't randomly arise on another continent away and get discovered by humans, they arose WITH humanity, so where did the racism come from? IMO they should have made a much stronger emphasis on animal traits (a la Monster Girls).

Miles and Kerry said themselves that they couldn't accurately write discrimination because they were white males and didn't know how to properly represent the oppression of minorities, but really it’s just laziness on their part. Being a "White Male" has nothing to do with it. Irish were an oppressed minority in the British Empire, and I've sure as hell read some good depictions of minority oppression written well by whites (To Kill a Mockingbird anyone?).

Adam was definitely nazbol. The White Fang's violence over-all isn't the issue, but Adam's portrayal seemed to make him a borderline sadist because "muh villain!!!". I'd be ok with him being a sadist, what I can't stand is that he went from extremist leader of a terrorist group to stalking, abusive ex-boyfriend. I'd say his character is too irrational to be the leader of a revolution ever, but he's the villain of a badly written cartoon show. They made him a sadist because it's the only way for the writers to show he's the villain since everyone who watched the show came to realize White Fangs are in the right (did they seriously expect people to sympathize with a corporation that uses slave labor just because the heir of said corporation is one of the main characters?).

But then Edgy Sadist Adam only made him cooler, so the writers to decide to make him even more obsessed with Blake. I'd have preferred a more level-headed villain, but heh, it's still a lib show that makes a horrible job in portraying minorities. I'm more surprised there aren't any money obsessed not-jews in Remnant. Then again making Adam a sadist is a bit of a libtard thing if you know a lot about the liberal mindset. Liberals dont think that people who hold beliefs outside "Muh window" are acting rationally or in good faith and are just acting out their personal problems on society as a whole. Obviously this actually does apply to some people (/pol/yp's) but not pro-civil rights revolutionaries. Also making Adams ideology that he wants to murder all humans indiscriminately makes him more like Idi Amin then say Mandela, Malcolm or MLK jr.

This is a fairly common sentiment too: https://old.reddit.com/r/RWBY/comments/b4a21i/adam_was_always_a_flawed_character/


For the first 3 seasons, RWBY was dumb fun with a bit of intriguing, mysterious, promising worldbuilding. Then it got loathsomely slow and self-serious with at least 2 major plotholes and out of character moments an episode. The worldbuilding was largely squandered or retconned. I finally dropped it because it just got just too retarded. Later seasons RWBY is fractally, holistically flawed. It's the anime equivalent of The Last Jedi. You cannot fix any one flaw because every flaw depends on every previous flaw, which intersect to create a resulting even greater flaw. Attempting to "fix" it would create something so drastically different as to bear no resemblance.


>Adam was definitely nazbol. The White Fang's violence over-all isn't the issue, but Adam's portrayal seemed to make him a borderline sadist because "muh villain!!!". I'd be ok with him being a sadist, what I can't stand is that he went from extremist leader of a terrorist group to stalking, abusive ex-boyfriend. I'd say his character is too irrational to be the leader of a revolution ever, but he's the villain of a badly written cartoon show.
IMO, Adam has barely any characterization before he becomes "el nightmare ex". He's just a generic edgy cool dude. You can infer that he might be an activist/driven revolutionary from his social position, but you can't really see it because he has like 5 lines of dialogue in the first 3 seasons. I was actually surprised when I first came across the "Adam is Lenin/Fred Hampton!" take, because I didn't recognize that as what the writers were trying to do with him. I really feel like people are reading what they wish they saw into him, which, I completely understand as I wish they had gone much further in that direction.

>I'd say his character is too irrational to be the leader of a revolution ever, but he's the villain of a badly written cartoon show. They made him a sadist because it's the only way for the writers to show he's the villain since everyone who watched the show came to realize White Fangs are in the right (did they seriously expect people to sympathize with a corporation that uses slave labor just because the heir of said corporation is one of the main characters?).

Correct. The need to spell out everyone and everything as explicitly good or explicitly evil is a pervasive problem with the Miles+Kerry's writing and screams immaturity.



>screams immaturity.
Yep, I honestly think that RWBY started off with some really good concepts and new takes on "le magical girl fighting team" idea (such as the concept of Aura, which acted as a plausible excuse for characters to survive otherwise impossibly fatal attacks) and then just ruined it because they had no long-term plan after Beacon's Fall. This really shows in fanfictions, where people can sometimes really expand and remove the initial flaws and so prevent that "Last Jedi"-tier muckup you described.


File: 1630873388178.png (1.9 MB, 1996x1123, 1575057261210.png)

I keep watching it because it's like watching a trainwreck, but I honestly can't recommend it to anyone. There are so many dumb things, it's like the writers have no idea how to do their job.

Speaking of Adam and White Fangs: I always thought it was weird that Weiss, a porky racist, never apologized to Blake for her racism. Part of Weiss growth as a character is that at some point she realized that racism against faunus is wrong and that maybe if she wasn't part of the fantasy equivalent of a Virginian landowner, no faunus would have attacked her family business. I guess it's a bit awkward to say "Hey Blake, sorry for being racist and for using your kind as cheap labour", but still.
Another weird thing is the secondary villains are the White Fangs, a group that fights for the rights of faunus. They want to make a point how racism is wrong, yet when the main characters aren't busy killing monsters they beat up faunus who dared to attack a corporation that uses them as slaves. What RWBY is showing isn't exactly subtle for Americans and for people who know a bit of American history, but the writers are handling it with the usual "the path to hell is paved with good intentions" bullshit: sure faunus are oppressed and stuff, but maybe they should fight it with online petitions instead of taking up arms to fight those who work them to death. Oh and the fact that Huntsman are basically supercops doesn't help. No character is really bothered by racism against faunus, with the exception of faunus and maybe their human friends.
Adam was supposed to be an edgelord who wants to take revenge on humans, but it was later rewritten as a stalker obsessed with his ex. The more fans thought that white fangs were right, the more the writers tried to paint them as stupidly evil. And let's not talk about the lesbian faunus who was in love with Blake…


>Weiss, a porky racist, never apologized to Blake for her racism
I'd reckon because that would be even more hollow and cartoonish, than them instead simply becoming friends.
>the lesbian faunus who was in love with Blake
Oh no, not that…


To me it seems they simply swept under the rag the fact that one of the titular protagonists was racist.


Well not really, Weiss herself wasn't racist so much as her Father and his company. Regardless of her attitude, she was raised a snobby rich girl which is where most of her prissiness comes from. It's less her character being racist and more the writers not having her address and confront anything about the company, they didn't even pull an Asami Sato situation.


File: 1630914690170.jpg (56.73 KB, 1024x581, 1579989018779.jpg)

In the first season, before Blake reveals she's a faunus, Weiss said a lot of racist things about faunus like how they're terrorists, how she doesn't trust them and so on. Is it because she was born into a porky family that exploits faunus? Of course, and she eventually realizes she was wrong, etc. The point is she never apologized to Blake, you might say it's not necessary to do it because they're now bros 4 life, but I think even a small "Hey Blake, sorry for being a cunt" would have made a difference. Is it cheesy? Is it clichè? Maybe, but it'd fit the show.
> It's less her character being racist and more the writers not having her address and confront anything about the company
And in the latest season she used her company's unlimited power FOR GOOD. Checkmate commies!


>company's unlimited power FOR GOOD. Checkmate commies!
based and wholesome


>Hurr muh charity!!!
Begone filthy capitalist


For real though I haven't actually watched this show so I won't judge too much but I think the racism against people with animal ears thing is one of the most hilariously stupid ideas I've ever seen in this kind of work


>Hurr muh charity!!!
I didn't say charity
I said based and wholesome owo


it like da fire emblyums


It's even worse if you watch it.


I absolutely LOVE Salem's character design but I'd rather not watch the thing.


File: 1631008929878.png (476.99 KB, 1000x1126, 1580031639961.png)

She's nice, but it doesn't make sense that she has human minions, except maybe for Cinder.


Volume 1 had the best action but the animation in every other area suffered. The plot was obviously an afterthought. Then the creator dies and the fight scenes suffered until volume 7 when they finally (along with the animation in general) got better. The story in the recent volumes is also better than the nonexistent filler in the first 2 and the poorly paced and thought out mess of 3-6 but that's not saying much. Blake's character is the most mishandled of the main cast. The white fang/faunus shit in general was laughably bad and even the writers were aware of it with how hastily they wiped out the WF and Adam from the plot, but others ITT already went in on that. Disappointed Ciel never showed up in the last 2 volumes, but there's no way they'll acknowledge the sea of characters they introduced in volume 3 beyond the two they did.


Didn't RWBY come out before Fire Emblem?


>Didn't RWBY come out before Fire Emblem?
no u


Never mind, I'm a dumbass, Nobody talked about Fire Emblem until recently when a lot of rule34 started popping up on Twitter in the past year, so I assumed it was new.


>The plot was obviously an afterthought.
lol yes, they never properly explained dust.,


Semblance either. I also hate how when magic was introduced it was treated as this completely different thing in a world where everyone and and their dog can have any superpower under the sun.


Actually I liked that Magic was differentiated from Aura and Semblances. The latter seems to be pretty obvious to me; everyone has an aura, it's the same thing, a Semblance is a soul's individual ability, that distinguishes it's soul from others. Those who are similar (or maybe related) will have similar semblances.


That too, and some of them are simply absurd. For example, Qrow and Clover have a semblance that grants bad luck/good luck. This means they have a reality altering semblance that's able to influence things to go in their disfavor/favor, which is, in theory, very powerful. Of course since nobody wants to see Qrow slipping on banana peels all the time, the semblance activates only when the writers think it's convenient which is extremely lazy.


I thought they said that Qrow's bad luck only affects people around him (thus him being a loner)


Yeah, he still occasionally makes Manwhore videos but his other stuff is pretty good too.


Kek, a blast to the past this is


>Miles and Kerry said themselves that they couldn't accurately write discrimination because they were white males and didn't know how to properly represent the oppression of minorities

What, they couldn't pick up a fucking book?


> I think the racism against people with animal ears thing is one of the most hilariously stupid ideas I've ever seen in this kind of work

I could see it being a thing in a world where you have these fucked up monsters running around. Even without that, if you've got capitalism, you're going to need a section of the workforce to hyper-exploit, ala the Irish, Africans, Jews, etc. I could see some rich, powerful people choosing the faunuses as that, making the argument that their animal features made them sub-human, and thus okay to exploit. Or if they had some kind of connection to the monsters (Hollows?), or were scapegoated as such.

But yeah, people not liking them just because they have cute anime ears or tails or whatever? No, not really. I mean, just look at Blake, a stereotypical kawaii-nekojin waifu. I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone's going to discriminate against that. Enslave and make into harem fodder? Sure. Make sit at the back of the bus? Not so much.

I've only seen the first season though because that's all that's dubbed in Japanese and I can't stand the English voices.


like I said later in the sentence, yes - it's literal laziness on part of them, as well as a convenient cop-out if someone dislikes some detail about it.

>I can't stand the English voices.
Really? I get Sub is usually better than Dub, but I found the show to have reasonably good voicing, especially later as the team grew in experience.


>Rooster Teeth
>Achievment Hunters
>Xbox 360 achievments
<Fire Emblem 9 (GameCube)


Faunus are badly done in general: what's the point of having two sets of ears like Blake? Horns and tails are alright, but two additional ears? What's the point? I guess it was hard to hide Blake's real nature in S1 if she only had her cat ears, so now almost every faunus has both human and animal ears.


See >>9913

>2 pairs of ears
Yeah that is anime tier dumb stuff


The voice acting wasn't universally terrible but Ruby's was especially grating to me.


TBH Ruby didn't annoy me, but the side characters and mooks often had annoying voices, like the bad German accent mook from episode 1 of Season 1.


File: 1632262940262.png (1.46 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone remember back in 2014-15 people dicussed
>Why do faunus have only one trait from an animal, and why do they still have human ears if they already have cat or bunny ears?
And the main ideas seemed to be something related to Grimm, to provide a legitimate motivation for why humans tend to mistreat them.
Humans tried to create better humans through genetic engineering. That created 3 distinct groups: humans, faunus and Grimm. Humans and faunus had souls/consciousness, and thus were deemed "acceptable". Grimm didn't, and were deemed "disposable". Unfortunately, the ruthlessness and numbers of the Grimm caused massive casualties among the humans and faunus, forcing them into a small number of cities and villages contained by natural barriers. Cut off from the rest of the world they once controlled, the humans and faunus became the remnant of the civilization they once were.

Of course the grimm origins are no longer a question in the fandom (although the Silver-Eye Grimm sorta dangled more idea bait for fans


Someone should draw Blake as Alunya and then we never talk about this show again


File: 1633276315272.png (772.22 KB, 1334x750, ClipboardImage.png)

>that fist


>draw Blake as Alunya
Sounds cool, pic related
>then we never talk about this show again
*angry cat noises*


>I keep watching it because it's like watching a trainwreck, but I honestly can't recommend it to anyone. There are so many dumb thing
The motto of the fandom is "Love it, hate it, just don't tell us it's good" for a reason


File: 1634176658023.png (811.06 KB, 1398x1235, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1634176745615.png (6.53 MB, 2880x1618, ClipboardImage.png)

>Cuddle with
Which one and why, /rwby/? (Not limited to the characters pictured).


When I watched new live Gyakuten Saiban episodes with /a/ on Japanese TV streams, they'd air RWBY before it.
Apparently, RWBY is massive in Japan.


>Ripoff amateur discount-anime from "Ze Vest" using mediocre CG is popular in Japan
Surprising but not unexpected, lel.


That's funny, I've often been told that the reason shows like Teen Titans and Avatar weren't as big in Japan as they were over here is that the Japanese audience just saw them as inferior Western knockoffs.
I guess this proves RWBY IS the real deal.


I want Yang to spoon me every day. The rest can live


>Teen Titans and Avatar weren't as big in Japan
ATLA is by far superior to most single season Jap productions and so is Teen Titans. The latter is probably disliked because DC superheroes are not very popular in Japan, but ATLA IDK the reason for the lack of Jap popularity.


File: 1634188227558.png (Spoiler Image, 36.5 MB, 4755x6000, 580ad9326e2f07c364a06f8b67….png)

>I want Yang to spoon me every day.
<The rest can live
Not quite the response I expected but ok, lel though I wouldn't complain at that either.


File: 1634196764183.png (531.02 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like Salem's aesthetic is definitely ripped from Kaguya (Naruto) even her relation and attitude to (her) children and humanity is similar.


You're probably right but I do think Salem's design is cooler.


I prefer Kaguya and Hagoromo, Salem is pretty cool looking though.


File: 1635923424132.jpg (72.56 KB, 1125x833, 942jb51uybg71.jpg)

I know that the fandom loves to rag on the show, but to be honest it's still a pretty good attempt for something made initially by amateurs. It at least tried to create a new world and have some clever ideas and concepts or play on old tropes. It tried to have stakes and didn't shy from having characters die or be maimed or turn traitor. This is among many reasons it's superior to ripoffs like High Guardian Spice.

That spectacle of failure is like someone took the most annoying parts of Ruby and the gang, hung that out on the same basic story frame as RWBY but in a DnD e5 setting and topped it off by smacking on some liberal idpol:
- Team of Girls (including a black-haired catgirl)
- Heavy Magic Focus (most of it being combat related)
- MCs travel to an academy to become the warriors of their dreams
- All main characters are specialized
- Protagonist's mother went "missing" on a mission
Seem familiar?
TV Tropes on HGS: https://archive.ph/2PtUf

The stupidest thing is that a much more original and much better animated Crunchyroll product called Onyx Equinox came out and despite being obscure has high ratings and an original plot that actually IS diverse, based on traditional Latin American mythology and culture, produced in joint with Mexican members.

As an aside Oddity Illustrations did a video on improving the design of HGS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzF987ytWFs


File: 1636039603165.jpg (354.56 KB, 2600x896, Yes pillo.jpg)

Which RWBY girl will have the most kids? Why and with whom? Who'd be the better mother?


>High Guardian Spice
nah, High Guardian Spice based :^)


I tried watching onyx equinox and it's mostly bad. The mc and supporting cast really suck. It's also hard to give a shit about the world ending because the world is pretty shitty anyway, so who cares about the little weiner mc or the asshole panther that's always bullying him or the two soccer playing chinlets that are also pieces of shit.

Some of the ideas are pretty metal but overall it's a wet fart.


Blake probably because cats tend to have litters of multiple kittens


none because they will all end up lesbos.


Have you watched High Guardian Spice?


File: 1636299056990.png (523.15 KB, 516x485, ClipboardImage.png)

>copy-pasta corporate shilling

Isn't her being an only child a disproval of that?

I didn't think it's that bad, certainly better than some "muh demonology" shite I've seen animated in the West in recent years.

lel no.


>copy-pasta corporate shilling
Nah, the show is just based :^)(PLEASE STOP POSTING AND RESPONDING TO BAIT)


>>copy-pasta corporate shilling
Nah, not copypasta, and it's just to make you seethe :^)


Nah, i just like based show :^)


This is janitorial overreach. If people aren't responding to obvious bait is it even leftypol?


File: 1636319713536.png (34.9 KB, 1266x114, false reports.png)

>fake reports when the anon failed to make bait
The only who took any bait was you, with the fake reports

More like how about you sneed :^)


>couldn't pick up a fucking book? >>>/edu/4212
Why People Don't Read Anymore: https://archive.is/w1f30


Do futanari count as lesbians


File: 1636424629609.jpg (183.11 KB, 916x400, skipping-class-016.jpg)

That'd be a good question, but as far as I know, none of them are hermaphrodites. Hypothetically, given that they're technically mainly female, simply featuring additional male genitalia, it is probably closer to lesbian than straight, though a real penis over a fake kind of makes is uncertain.

What brought this question on anon?


This thought-experiment elucidates fundamental flaws in the binary model of sexual orientation and its derivatives..


Can you not derail? This is an RWBY thread, not a thread about "muh sex spectrum" based on some false equivalence to the political compass.


Fair enough.


Yang does NOT have a penis ok


I think that this might be becuz of >>10826

Sorry if I sound hostile, it's just this kind of stuff turns into idpol shitposting REALLY fast and I try to avoid that.


Can you prove it


>What brought this question on anon?
The equipment factors into the outcome of the mission. If they're all just equipped with vaginas, then presumably they'll only be able to get pregnant, but if there are penises involved then in theory they can get each other pregnant.

But if they're futa that identify as penis-averse lesbians then that's going to add further variables into who gets pregnant and has the most kids, whether they're giving birth to them, or injecting their progeny into other hosts.

It's all very technical.


>The equipment factors into the outcome of the mission.
What mission anon?! The heck kind of hunting are you doing?
>if they're futa that identify as penis-averse lesbians

>prove it
NTA but kek


File: 1636682977001.png (648.01 KB, 828x692, ClipboardImage.png)

Comedy aside Bumblby ship is kinda cringe, and Season 7+ having hints of that relationship is kinda pathetic. I could see Yang being bisexual, she's a Rough and Tough Gal; in Volume 1 she literally made a comment during the sleepover (the night she met Blake) that she liked sleeping in the same room with the boys, and clearly her character loves to tease others, and sexual relationships are often a common source of teasing between friends and siblings, that's not a sign of sexual attraction. But Assuming Yang is a pendulum, Blake is an arrow, having obviously straight fantasies and attractions in early Seasons; she likes a trashy romance novel about Ninjas (Icha Icha?) and had a thing for Adam and later Sun.

But that doesn't stop shippers. Still they're not important, most people thought that Yang and Blake interactions as “Yang misses Blake so much.” in Volume 5. They held hands and Yang comforted her after the fight with Adam. Straight girls do this sometimes, it’s not a big deal. Of course they missed each other. They are best friends because they have been through a lot together. But then in Volume 7 you have subtle-unsubtle yuribaiting because Roosterteeth's management clearly thinks that they're not diverse enough and so incline to the shippers.

So the questions to have are "What’s wrong with two girls being best friends?" and "Why do some fans of the show focus more on the ships than the actual show itself?"

Anyhow this' been my TED talk, come again soon and have a good night.


>What mission anon?!


>Hungtress mission: Breeding
kek, sounds hot.


SO hot


Has anyone seen Gen:LOCK? The trailer is pretty dynamic but I've seen nothing about it.


File: 1637295458816-0.jpg (440.92 KB, 1288x885, Leviathan.jpg)

File: 1637295458816-1.png (2.9 MB, 2048x1460, ClipboardImage.png)

Looking at Monstra and its design of a cachalot, I speculate that it may have been inspired by the HMS Leviathan from Scott Westerfeld's rather brilliant steampunk trilogy.
https://rwby.fandom.com/wiki/Monstra (pic 2)
https://leviathanscottwesterfeld.fandom.com/wiki/Leviathan (pic 1 from the book)


The hell actually happened to Machinima tho?


The "medium" or the company?
The medium probably just lost its novelty. I'm sure there's some of it out there that just isn't as popular. I think even RvB still has a decent following.
The company went through that usual stupidity where they got bought out by some huge conglomerate, merged and then terminated.


File: 1637630016196.jpeg (65.75 KB, 700x700, FEG7E2uUUAEO3g9.jpeg)



>The "medium" or the company?
The Youtube Channel, I'm confued by th meaning of "medium".


File: 1637713180300.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1954, ClipboardImage.png)

I feel like the show gets unfairly criticized too much, yes it has problems, especially after the passing of Monty Oum, but people jump on the creators for every little thing to an autistic level. Recently the official account for the series made 2 reaction image replies to the Fortnite Naruto Shippuden skin announcement; of Blake being disapproving and Ruby saying hi, implying an offer to also be used for skins that had ben denied. There had been no text and it'd been an innocuous response at worst. The Naruto fandom itself has been split between hating and liking the announcement and so has everyone else on social media. Yet the moment the team for RWBY make a single post, people go bananas and start making clickbait videos and posts about them being pathetic and so on. Frankly the sheer toxicity of the response is far more pathetic than the post being dramatized: the hypocrisy and whininess really demonstrates that most "fans" and social media users are very negative people seeking any excuse to bitch about something or someone. I don't do social media - have next to no account and don't use them, but shit pops up on my RADAR on occasion, so I thought I'd post about it here.

This little debacle makes me think: If you hate something this much why are you going to kill time bitching about a small social media post unless your life is so meaningless and empty as to need it?


Your life must be pretty empty and meaningless if you have to waste it rushing to defend a Chinese girl cartoon on the internet


>[disingenuous snark]
I'm not defending anything or anyone if you notice, I merely pointed out just how ridiculous it is to make a mountain out of a molehill over a single nonverbal post on social media, and be cancerous enough for this to pop up on my rather isolated self. I commented on it in this thread since it is on topic and I felt like it.


There's a whole ecosystem ranging from small accounts simply fishing for likes to content creators with actual money to make who are just desperate for any little slip-up like this that they can mercilessly dunk on until it's not even fun anymore. RWBY is such an established punching bag at this point that it just encourages stuff like this.
I do think the show is mostly terrible but you're right, this is pure autism. I mean, fuck's sake, it's a social media brand account. You're not even really dunking on anyone at that point.


>I'm confued by th meaning of "medium".
Y'know, just the general act of using game engines to make videos.
The Youtube Channel was completely purged of content as part of the aforementioned merger and termination.


>general act of using game engines to make videos
Oooh ok, yeah. Thanks.


File: 1643681207293.png (119.11 KB, 738x1600, ClipboardImage.png)

VOLUME 9 *should* come out this year. https://twitter.com/JoeyBC/status/1430953189063471108
Third RWBY Book is about Roman and Neo https://booksamillion.com/p/Rwby/E-C-Myers/9781338760866
V8 Soundtrack: https://mega.nz/folder/bgtWFJBZ#cZG_gW0RB7_XYr3Fql5tdw

Also RWBY Japan is preparing an announcement for Feb 1 - (Apparently the translation they provided was fucky and the actual translation implies that whatever it is they’re specifically waiting till Feb 1st to announce) - I. E. The anniversary of Monty’s death.


spoiler the nudes and lewds, thanks.


It's a barely visible nipple, it's not really lewd, but ok


how is she a tankie beside being russian themed?


The character is a typical LARP of the "COMRADE WE KILL THE CAPITALIST EXPLOITER" klyukva.




>barely visible nipple
yes, the visible nipples in your cp that you masturbate too


>loli bad
Ok and?
>the visible nipples in your cp that you masturbate too
Nice projection closet-pedo-kun.


The fact that the first thing you thought of when you saw a non-serialized presentation of a perceived little girl is sex says alot about you. (Also what children are that developed? You would have to be thinking about children constantly to come to this conclusion, pedo).


moralfaggotry is just white noise at this point


Loli is shit IMO, but unless it's blatant porn it's a moot point on an imageboard.


LMFAO how is this loli you blatant newfag


File: 1650143435133.png (1.47 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

First post in this thread, but aren't the kids in Camp Camp, well, all kids? She only looks a bit taller than the other kids, not nearly enough to look like an adult.


who cares


They're drawings on a screen lmao


pedoshit is banned


its actually embarrassing that a mod deleted 2d porn of a girl with big tits and wide hips lmfaoooo


Yes, it is. But
A) It's fictional
B) the depiction is not a child
C) it's not blatant porn - that'd actually deserve to be deleto'd.

Polite Sage for off topic.


File: 1650249091631.png (Spoiler Image, 778.77 KB, 2362x2420, 4849697 - Camp_Camp Vera d….png)

Reposting 13566 (spoilered as per request) so people know what was being talked about.
>Rooster Teeth has a little known show called Camp camp
>Has a literal Tankie character called Vera
actual link to the uncensored image from the booru I found it on: https://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/4849697#search=Vera


lol get a load of this authority worshipper


Nothing makes me think of "sexualization of minors" more than a drawing of a voluptuous curvy naked fictional character, man.


sry m80, no visual bush on her, so it's still pedophilic.


File: 1650255850950.png (2.61 MB, 2893x4092, ClipboardImage.png)

You do realize adult women shave/pluck right? Also stop derailing.


pedoscarefags are being racist against short women again


File: 1666195545095.png (287.36 KB, 880x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Considering the finale, is there gonna be another time-skip? Because shit has gotten grim-dark enough with Penny's permanent death


File: 1666196355911.png (484.51 KB, 3500x2851, ClipboardImage.png)

who 'members?


File: 1666196766340.jpg (298.24 KB, 1920x1080, penny.jpg)

Ice Queendom wasn't bad but they went lazy with the animation at parts and I don't think I would have cared if I did not see the original show, that three recap episodes were rushed.


>cringe dialogue
>creative ambitions bigger than its budget can possibly allow
>stiff, awkward animation
>cringe chuuni character designs
>characters are kinda just trope salads
<the actual anime adaptation by an actual Japanese studio isn't much better


Ice Queendom was really fun. I liked the Nonbinary Inception Ghostbuster character and all the dream stuff.


Volume 9 when?


this saturday


wow i posted this 2 years ago. I forgot i posted it already


the animation gets better later on, and i think the fighting choreography and animation even early on by monty is very impressive. Like look at the nevermore fight, or Yang vs Mercury, or perhaps take a gander at the red trailer.


Where will I be able to pirate it? It won't be on nyaa, right?


i thought the show was free, but they took it off of youtube, fuck rt

i will not be telling where to get it for free, sorry to say it. but i didn't know volume 9 would be coming so soon, so this will be interesting to watch it.



So I watched the first episode of vol. 9 and it's going to be Alice in Wonderland??



the animation was weird


File: 1677527583230.jpg (392.87 KB, 1920x1080, y.jpg)

Why are they so surprised about being in a fairy tale? Didn't Ozpin/Oscar/Ozma already tell them once that fairy tales are real?


This thumbnailing thing knows what's important.


It's a new fairy tail, & hearing about fairy tales being real isn't the same as experiencing them. Magic alone isn't a fairy tale material, aura, semblances & dust make magic only slightly unbelievable compared to a crazy new world.

Yes, it's at least a change of pace from the grimm-dark story Vol.8 concluded on.


File: 1679637690229.png (950.1 KB, 1918x1079, To Serve Man.png)

Me. At least some of the projects continue on to this day… dare I say… Remnants?

Now that I think of it, why don't the faunus have tails, all of them ought to, & it'd make them more separated from human visage without going full-furrytard.

On a tangent, have we ever gotten a more solid confirmation of the origin of Dust? Is it the souls/bodies/magic of the original humanity crystallized into being? Is it fragments of magic infused moon-rock from the shattered satellite?


File: 1679637954480.png (43.46 KB, 952x1083, 1679364472512.png)

4chan pirates it
The pastebin: https://rwbyg.com/
Volume 9 Episode 1 for example https://mega.nz/file/7VQxQa5J#cxKK-crriY-T22nIThM0zXS148olvwEoHy86KH54bms

In other news
New RWBY ANIME SERIES “RWBY: Ice Queendom” by studio SHAFT out now in both Sub and Dub.
RWBY x Justice League Crossover movie Part 1 coming April 25th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fKpdtyoLJE


File: 1679639297141.png (312.32 KB, 614x716, R (23).png)

The problem I have with Adam/White Fang/ Faunus potential isn't even necessarily with Adam and his death like some people say. Its the fact that he was supposed to be this super popular leader of this fraction of the Faunus and by the time he's dead, we don't really see that influence at all. Like especially in Atlas/Mantle, which is supposed to be the place where the Faunus are treated the worst, forced to take these dangerous mining jobs. You would think that Adam's ideology would be the most prevalent. But instead, we have Robyn Hill, which is basically a baby version of Adam." We will do bad things to get our way, but fundamentally, we strive to be non violent". And yes, Adam did get more sadist as the show went on but, that could play into the ideology no. Fundamentally, the difference between Adam and Robyn is that Robyn uses violence as a last resort while Adam, its a tool. So it would have been interesting if Blake and the rest had to deal with the fact that "hey, Adam may be gone but his ideas aren't and are in fact super fucking popular". And maybe theres a radical faction within Mantel called the Adamist or Blood Fang, and they go around basically doing terrorism while wearing grimm masks like Adam. The problem I think ultimately, is they were just all out of juice in the Faunus department. You already had to deal with Faunus shit basically from Vol 4-5 and then Adam shit in Vol 6, which was barebones lets be honest, he "showed up" to scare Blake and Yang a few times and then the final confrontations and then death. They had to deal with all that, and maybe redoing Faunus shit would have been seen them retreading ground. Which is why they don't really acknowledge it, just refering it all as "Mantle", without specifying that Faunus probably make up a good chunk and the most shit on


Exactly. Speaking of his influence that should be prevalent (especially at the mines, reminiscent of redneck mining town uprisings in the 1890s USA), his death should have made him a martyr for even more extremism.


Sorry Yang is too busy making sure that everyone can understand that the authors have no spine and made the most boring ship canon due to fan pressure. No time for her little sister.


Ice Queendom was pretty good. B+


File: 1679699076856.jpg (141.78 KB, 1280x720, cringe.jpg)

>Yang is too busy making sure that everyone can understand that the authors have no spine and made the most boring ship canon due to fan pressure.
Ah Yuribaiting, fucking up yet another series by making characters toxically OOC to their original selves, by making friendships horny to the point of ignoring everything/one else, all for the sake of the schlick.

The comics get even worse.


>Ice Queendom
Every time I read/hear that, all I can think of is femdom fetish featuring Weiss.

As a side note Vol.9 is such a breath of fresh air compared to the last 3 seasons. It feel like the series originally did.

It's kinda disappointing that most fanfiction treats Yang better than the actual show at this point. FFS Yang & Weiss have better chemistry, because they, at least, compliment one another.

Forgot to add that the Novels just massacre the characters as characters.


The Penny x Ruby stuff in Chibi was adorable though.


Blake and Yang get the cuddles while Ruby, Weiss and Jaune get the struggles.


Chibi is playful fun, so yeah.

>Blake and Yang get the cuddles while Ruby, Weiss and Jaune get the struggles.


File: 1679782475594-0.png (217.43 KB, 935x1000, nu logo.png)

File: 1679782475594-1.png (195.35 KB, 1000x1140, Corn-Flakes.png)

File: 1679782475594-2.jpg (51.26 KB, 900x900, Logo og.jpg)

Rooster-teeth has announced a new logo for its 20th… it's shit. looks like a bad ripoff of the Kellogg's cereal logo. The trend of aggressive oversimplification of logos using basic shapes, no shading and 2-3 colors pisses me off as a graphic designer, the blue text on red background. Yet another reason for Monty to turn over in the grave.
>Last year, Rooster Teeth approached Austin-based creative agency Guerilla Suit to create a new visual brand identity that was “as dynamic, playful and unconventional” as the organization itself
Complexity watered down past simplicity, real representative of the current company, as if the Warner Bros meddling isn't enough.

The original logo goes back to RvB & the cockbite gag, thus the Rooster (Cock) & chattering teeth (bite + a comedic prank item).
https://rvb.fandom.com/wiki/Cockbite The logo isn't too complex or too simple, it's just right. But with the original cadre leaving this former indie studio it's become the same as any other corp, shitty modern logo criteria included.


File: 1679782752856.png (40.42 KB, 636x315, 7p9h7hs3sepa1.png)

Addendum: Apparently it even rips off the logo of the Aussie restaurant chain Red Rooster.


I guess the idea is that the Ever After responds to how people feel, but it still feels a bit too cruel that it offers free couple's therapy to some while it keeps reminding others of their failures and losses…


File: 1680070755019.png (1.73 MB, 1326x2193, rwby stuff.png)


File: 1680372261654.jpg (111.52 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

I'm scared…


The paper pleasers were cute.


File: 1680503251567.png (1.16 MB, 2876x1586, ClipboardImage.png)

It's another (the 5th) 'chapter' about character trauma. (SLIGHT SPOILERS): Basically the issue at hand is the same as in the pics posted in >>18762 & >>18796
Thing is, is this PTSD should have come to head way earlier than Volume 9, at least for Ruby. The entire group keeps forgetting that in spite of being an accomplished fighter… she's 2 years younger than any of them & honestly just a kid that has gone through the wringer emotionally, yet has had to man-up to support her friends every time they suffer, & they all seem to forget that she's suffering too. Honestly ever since Volume 3 the series has felt like it's become the "Break Ruby's Soul" show, with her positive attitude an initial naïve innocence being brutally stamped on over & over again with little hope to look forward to. It's honestly depressing.


After all they have been through, I don't think that two years matter that much. The responsibility of being the leader is way worse. The others are not holding up much better either, Jaune had his own meltdown and to me it seems like Weiss is close to her limit too. Blake and Yang… I guess they cope by distracting themselves with each other.


i feel like the writers of this volume are the same types of people who think evil super man is the greatest thing since sliced bread


File: 1680615819323.jpg (73.2 KB, 1170x638, edd6copabfra1.jpg)

>I don't think that two years matter that much
It does in the context of maturity, schooling, enjoyment of childhood etc. Ruby is not only engaged in battles that she shouldn't need to be engaging in until she's 4 years older (than current), but is also responsible in leading a battle team of older girls that are supposed to be more mature during a bunch of worst-case scenarios. Remembering my own teens, the mental change from 15-16 to 17-18 can be significant.
>The others are not holding up much better either
- Jaune: He's clearly gone off the deep end because of his guilt over Penny & Pyrrha. But for him it's been a lot longer since his failures.
- Weiss: She honestly seems to be the closest to fine, the lack of close family bonds seems to have made the SDC's fall not so impactful as it ought to be. Its the reason that she's been more of a sister to Ruby than Yang in recent episodes.
- Blake n' Yang: These 2 are honestly the least mature of the group, it's irritating to see them behave like a poor parody of a couple, with Blake trying to run from every hard situation, & Yang throwing herself into them, dragging the team into this crappy teen drama. RT should have kept the idea of team RWBY being about sisterhood and friendship & not attempted this terrible ship. But nah, Yang & Blake kill a bovine together so apparently they're married in all but paper.

However the issue is that the other characters recognize & support the other… except for Ruby; she's just getting ignored, then after breaking down, treated like SHE'S the inconsiderate one. Except even in her own rant, Ruby admits everyone else's issues, she just wants some support of her own this time. After all for Ruby (unlike Jaune) it's been barely 1 week since the bomb plot, the fall of Atlas, Penny's second (likely permanent) death & the failure of another Hail Mary plan against Cinder/Salem, all under her presumed leadership. Adult military commanders have shot themselves in shame over the guilt of such failures, it's little wonder a girl like Ruby is falling apart.


File: 1680617043218-0.png (Spoiler Image, 521.08 KB, 640x636, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680617043218-1.png (Spoiler Image, 170.63 KB, 320x403, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of Superman, There's a crossover with DC that people are going apeshit over, mostly because Blake tells batman not to wok alone & to stop being negative. She's not incorrect… except for this coming from Blake. & then right after Yang inserts some horny comment… that makes no sense & isn't even a pun FFS.

Funniest thing is that the TMNT x Batman movie had the same situation, one loner (Raphael) telling another loner (Batman) to not abandon everyone to do the impossible by yourself. See, Raph used himself as an example and admitted that fighting alone isn’t always the right option; sometimes you need a team (a major theme of RWBY).

The panel makes it seem like Blake is just dunking on him without referring to herself as an example. If she mentioned how she ran away cause she figured fighting the White Fang gang alone was the only way only to realize its too much and she needed trusted help, this interaction would’ve worked a lot better.

Also the audacity of this coming from Blake who fled Beacon after her teammate had her arm cut off by her ex. If she mentioned that and realized how fucked up it was to abandon them, it would’ve made Blake a solid character who learned from her mistakes and is trying to tell Batman he can’t just solo his problems.


Weiss is obviously the strongest and best of the team but I don't think she's anywhere near fine, she's pretty clearly very frustrated and tired. It can be seen in how she behaves and she also made some comments here and there, like when they were fleeing from the market. I don't expect her to have a meltdown but her reaction to the situation seems a lot more realistic than Blake and Yang who seem to have completely forgotten just how deep the shit is that they have gotten themselves into. That's why my charitable interpretation is that the sudden discovery of their mutual attraction is how they cope and try to distract themselves. Even thought it is probably just bad writing.


File: 1680632943153.png (702.74 KB, 640x866, ClipboardImage.png)

>my charitable interpretation is that the sudden discovery of their mutual attraction is how they cope and try to distract themselves
Extremely charitable for poor ship writing. It seems to be a recent trend in lesbian ships - 2 girl characters that have no sexual chemistry are mashed into a relationship that also alienates their friends & family in its toxicity. KorrAsami is an earlier example.
They've been "mutually attracted" for some time before Volume 9 almost forcibly so to the point that they no longer resemble themselves, they're like a crappy imitation of Raven & Tai, except Raven & Tai's behaviors had real reasons (fear of Salem & Ozpin's manipulations for Raven, the loss of Summer soon after Raven left for Tai).


Yeah that's what I mean, she's mature enough (both in age & mentally) to not be out of control, but as she isn't the official leader making the decisions, she's not under that pressure.


>that makes no sense & isn't even a pun FFS
Sometimes it's arousing to get into a confrontation with someone you find attractive. She's jealous because she wants to be on the receiving end of that belligerent sexual tension.


>Sometimes it's arousing to get into a confrontation with someone you find attractive
Not in the context of the scene, nor Yang's character (originally), it's just extremely out of place. At this point Yang is just "Blake's Simp" instead of the "cool party girl"
>she wants to be on the receiving end of that belligerent sexual tension.
Ah yes, the sexual tension of a hypocrite hissing angrily at someone for being a loner… then stalking off.


Maybe I misremember but I don't think Blake was trying to solve her problems alone, she was just running from them.

Or maybe she likes the conflict because she's the Yang that wants to fight?


>I don't think Blake was trying to solve her problems alone, she was just running from them.
After she got outed as a former White Fang member & faunus, she goes out to take on the White Fang under Torchwick of theirs basically alone, Sun tries to tag along and the rest of her team go after her, but only because she leaves them behind to begin with. Then after Adam literally disarms Yang, she runs off to do… something.
>she likes the conflict because she's the Yang that wants to fight
If that were the case then she ought to have hooked up with Weisscream.


File: 1680650616666.png (417.6 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

>RWBY x Justice League Crossover movie
It's actually kinda good looking, animation is smooth, characters seem to be the right sort of peppy & best of all? It feels like old pre-Monty's-death RWBY. Of course I could be wrong, but at the very least it has some potential. Literal fanfiction come to life.


>Not in the context of the scene,

Arousal by proxy.


I'm so hyped for the next episode I can barely contain myself


Y'kno for a while I thought that this logo change was going to be a joke, because "hey April Fools is RoosterTeeth's anniversary date, that'll be a good, old school trolling!" announcement… but apparently it is not a joke, It's April 6-7th & that moronic logo is still up on their media. Christ.


File: 1680839400471.jpg (31.48 KB, 460x460, aeYvEKQ_460s.jpg)

> it doesn't make sense that she has human minions
Why not? The Grimm aren't really sentient, even in a true animal sense, & although she controls them & can see through them, she can't finely manipulate them on a mas scale, not to mention it takes time. Besides human agents are useful for infiltration & their Aura/Semblances let them fight better than most Grimm of similar size.
Besides, ancient & intelligent she may be, but she still needs people like Watts to handle technology. Tyrian, Hazel & later Mercury are her mad dogs to cause chaos.


File: 1680839661425.jpg (75.48 KB, 1024x640, DiinqkFU8AE8tgy.jpg)

>racism against people with animal ears thing is one of the most hilariously stupid ideas I've ever seen in this kind of work
So you'd think, yet racism even based on the narrowness of eyes or length of nose (not to mention tone of skin) is a long-term historical issue in real life.


Imagine being a corporate branding consultant and getting paid $50k to just steal some logo off the internet and call it a day. Reminds me of the Street Fighter logo and the shitttastic London Olympics logo that the government paid like £200m for.


File: 1680840034367.jpg (77.25 KB, 960x540, ask-raptor-jesus.jpg)

>Dance of the Manwhore
It's been a long time since I saw that, back when Newgrounds was, well, new. He's still there 18 years later


File: 1680840276354.png (189.18 KB, 500x404, ClipboardImage.png)

>Reminds me of the Street Fighter logo and the shitttastic London Olympics logo that the government paid like £200m for.
Wait, the London mess I remember, that was like some of the shitty graffiti in my neighborhood back in the 90s, but Street Fighter?



File: 1680840769990.png (145.08 KB, 328x263, ClipboardImage.png)

>Thank goodness that ridiculed Street Fighter 6 logo got fixed
Holy cow what is this mess?! They're both terrible logos. No wonder Mortal Kombat is doing better.


File: 1680843103864.png (343.8 KB, 500x875, ClipboardImage.png)

>the nonexistent filler in the first 2
I disagree. Vol 1 & 2 introduced us to the initial setting & got the team to open up to each other & the audience, bonding as they did, while preparing future plot points. Monty had an entire Bible of ideas for many volumes that is supposedly being followed, although I'm of the belief that the Bible was just his base ideas, since I'm sure he hadn't expected to die before he could write them out.
Volume 3 began the payoff of the buildup in the first 2 Volumes, establishing the stakes & essentially being the come-of-age moment for the team in The Fall of Beacon. But after they just undermined it, failed to pick up properly, not paying off hints or concepts, etc. It only got worse after. The base story is functional, but the problems that arise can be boiled down to
A) PIS - Plot induced Stupidity
B) CIS - Character-Induced Stupidity
C) WIS - Writer Induced Stupidity
D) various combinations of the above

Thus Atlas' Military is both a laughably liberal portrayal of dictatorship, while also being incompetent for some reason & the White Fang stop existing after Adam is sacrificed on the altar of Bumbleby.




Rewatched the old Red, White, Black, Yellow trailers & I found myself missing the magic of the old RWBY, its lost that heart it had originally. The cinematography and pure style of the fight scenes. The simplistic passion of Monty, the strange aesthetics etc… I miss that about the 2000s - early 2010s internet in general, and the online projects that came about in that time.


I think it'd be interesting if RT took the old Vol 1-3 episodes & reanimated them using the more detailed animation/art of the current series (Maya, use of Matte Paintings, etc.), kinda like they did for RvB years ago. A remaster of sorts.


it could be cool in some ways but i'm concerned the fight choreography that monty shane and some others did would be lost in the process

so i'd much prefer leaving them as they are now.

even if the fights are better now you can tell that its a different style and feel than the first two volumes


I think the amateurish animation is disarming. People already love to hate RWBY, if it actually looked good their expectations would be naturally higher and it would be a disaster.


Neo was cute in Torchwick's arms.


What I mean is to replicate the scenes exactly a they are, but minus the clipping & odd shading + better facial details/movement & background detail. No choreographical changes.

>I think the amateurish animation is disarming.
That's fair, it has its rough charm


Why didn't they just get a cartoonist to draw a unique rooster character with a big toothy grin? That's the obvious way to go.


File: 1681015514344.png (90.88 KB, 360x240, ClipboardImage.png)

>Why didn't they just get a cartoonist to draw a unique rooster character with a big toothy grin
I really don't know.
Maybe they thought they'd be a more serious looking company if they abandoned the humoristic name play?


File: 1681015587514.png (12.26 KB, 256x256, 38cn6cijcjra1.png)

Pic related is someone's attempt to at least improve the mess (note the shading on the white that prevents the color clashing)


Bros I can't wait another week I need to know what happened to Ruby


Embed is a spoiler.
That last episode is pure trauma, Jesus Christ. Poor Ruby is going to have her spirit broken by the end of this if it continues. Neo's a fucking psychopath she got what she deserves. Little is the only joy in this episode Little's end was heartbreaking.

This kinda reminds me of an anti-Naruto - the protagonist that makes promises to protect the people they care for… but keeps failing to keep those promises.

A really good analysis of the ep by Phoenix/Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ak7e-ZfxP4


>Poor Ruby is going to have her spirit broken by the end of this if it continues.
She just committed suicide?? How much more broken it could be!!


>She just committed suicide?
It's not clear about what ascension implies - is Jaune correct about the ascended being truly reincarnated (memories gone) or are there specific circumstances? I very much doubt that the MAIN, TITULAR character is going to die like that.


Of course we as viewers doubt it but she still drank it with the assumption that this is what will happen, so it is at least attempted suicide, and the others will also understand it as such.


>the others will also understand it as such
Kinda ironic, given the platitudes they kept saying abut it being 'just' rebirth & that meant Jaune could be wrong about the tree being death. But yeah it is in a sense Ruby's attempt to become 'an hero' Maybe she'll meet Little there.


File: 1681067855179.png (501.87 KB, 960x750, ClipboardImage.png)

>a recent trend in lesbian ships - 2 girl characters that have no sexual chemistry are mashed into a relationship that also alienates their friends & family in its toxicity.
Honestly thinking about it, the 2 "popular" yuri ships are Yang/Blake & Ruby/Weiss. But neither of those are good ships in terms of writing of characters. Yang/Blake is like every dysfunctional lesbian relationship, & the other 2 are clearly true friends. Yang had chemistry with the Schnee princess, one a brash, unfiltered rough n' tumble girl, the other a hard-ass perfectionist. Yang smoothed Weiss' sharp edges with he bluntness & penchant for humor, easily ignoring the pale girls prickly nature. If you HAD to have a dynamic that isn't pure friendship, those 2 are the ones that functioned in a Yin Yang sort of way. Instead Blake had her character become this strangely submissive person that go against her supposed character progress.
Instead we get generic bad teen drama #435

Funniest part is the Jaune reaction the writers inserted; Jaune: "Feels like I've been waiting forever for that!"
Since when has Jaune talked to Blake or Yang for more than a minute? When has Jaune been close to either of these two, let alone together? Jaune's closest connection to someone in RWBY is Ruby, hell, he knows her so well that her reaction to him giving her Crescent Rose, stops his angry rant because he can see (better than anyone else apparently) that Ruby is deeply hurt. This is like if I went back to my highschool in 20 years, saw two of my sister’s friends kissing and I was like "I've been waiting forever for that!"


They are uploading RWBY Chibi S4 on youtube


File: 1681166900341.png (1.46 MB, 1209x1209, 1660183075860.png)

>Blake, daughter of Sienna
>A pacifist, as rebellion from her extremist mother
>Adam kills Blake’s mom
>Now she has a more legitimate reason to kill him, but it still hurts to do so
>He was her ex-mentor and friend, after all
>The cycle of violence and revenge
Would be kino


they squandered Sienna so bad.


Yeah utterly wasted like a lot of characters in the show An actually morally gray figure whom even Ghira can't bring himself to condemn, only respectfully disagree with, and a "villain" who honestly raises a valid point whether you like her methods or not. She was great, unfortunately, she wasn't what the plot needed by the time she showed up, so she got the faunus version of Et Tu Brute.


I don't get it, what's wrong with having minor characters that only appear for moments?


>hat's wrong with having minor characters that only appear for moments?
Nothing. But Sienna isn't (in the actual world) a minor character. She's an extreme counterpart to Ghira, & one of the leaders of the Faunus, & THE leader of the White Fang. Her plotline is just nixed because, outside of Monty's concept of her character the rest of CRWBY just made her a throwaway to toss aside, because they didn't feel like finishing the potential.

She should have been a key into letting us see a new and morally grey side to the WF arc (thus the posts ITT talking about Adam & the Faunus being poorly implemented). Otherwise what is Blake even trying to save? If all we see are extremists; what have we been shown that indicates there is even anything there other then a terrorist organization filled with unrepentant bad guys. Introducing a character for the first time that has serious prior impact and ties to the proper story (In this case Sienna does, being the leader of the White Fang) only to have them talk for a few minutes then have an already bad character kill them to speed along the story without any build-up is the definition of lazy writing. Sienna wasn't Tuskon, a simple named informant that is offed to set the tone for Emerald and Mercury, who were also being introduced at the same time. She was the declared leader of the Fang that - with no real explanation (aside from being told Adam is popular) - has everyone, including her own personal guards turn on her, and then die like fodder, despite being an experienced fighter.


When you think about it, it's kind of fucked up that they wrote a "you can't get out unless you fuck" doujin contrivance into the story so that Yang and Blake would end up together. Like wowzers talk about your toxic relationships, once more Blake gets the trophy wife without ever having to actually do anything on her own, and the trophy wife gets thrown into a compromising situation where her own personality and wishes don't matter. Pretty easy to develop your characters when you literally yeet them into another dimension that shapes around the specific arcs you need them to go through. Even then you can't think of any reason why Yang and Blake actually like each other.
>huh….??? did you just think of something and not say it???? :33333333
>yeah blake but im kind of hesitant, i have some people issues and shit to work through, i'd like it if we could talk about this when we aren't dangling above an infinite chasm risking falling to our deaths
>nahh say it :3 <3
>look seriously blake i'm feeling a bit coerced here
>do it bitch :<3 :3;3 your feelings dont matter only my demure self-insert isekai fanfic fantasy about getting the top-tier girl without having a personality
No wonder Ruby An Hero'd


It's a story, not a documentary. Just because she's important in the world does not mean that she has to be important in the story too.


Except its important to the story - it's like having Ozpin or Ironwood barely get any screentime then killed off by their underlings casually instead - y'know - an actual fight. Like I said, it's lazy, poor writing that ended up going nowhere, even though the Fang are literally one of the important players in the plot, but instead just got shunted out.


Her only relevance was that there had to be someone to coup, it could have been a dark silhouette from volume one, it wouldn't have mattered. Ozpin and Ironwood are actually relevant to the plot, she was not. It's a pretty silly thing to be upset about. If you want to see more of her I'm sure you know where to find the porn.


File: 1681249607711.gif (1.7 MB, 470x280, Sienna moves.gif)

>Her only relevance was that there had to be someone to coup
Yeah no, this right here is exactly the mindset the writers had & is a perfect example of crap planning & ignoring your worldbuilding & basic good story telling.
> it could have been a dark silhouette from volume one
If that had happened, it'd still be better than introducing a character in flesh to then kill them off. It's inane.
>you know where to find the porn
Relying on porn & fanfics to tell a better story proves my point.
> Ozpin and Ironwood are actually relevant to the plot, she was not
Yes, she is, because SHE is the Fang's leader who replaced Ghira as a radical, but one that balanced it for the self-interest of the movement, unlike Adam's bloodthirsty extremism. Her role in the story gets cut off & in turn makes the White Fang irrelevant - one of the main antagonists of the story beheaded & made into fodder. FFS this literally provides an entire avenue of factional conflict in the Fang that just gets left behind, even though the faunus aren't just going to vanish from the storyline.

This is crap writing, & has little to no defense.


File: 1681361432763-0.png (1.17 MB, 1899x2509, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681361432763-1.png (108.64 KB, 376x350, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681361432763-2.png (509.12 KB, 786x528, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681361432763-3.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

A BIT off topic, but since HGS sort of appeared ITT (& in /co/'s RWBY threads) I thought I'd mention that the character Parsley (I had to look the name up) - the blonde, no-nonsense hammer-carrying dwarf feels like a combination of Nora Valkyrie & Jaune Arc.
- Blonde, & lots of siblings like Jaune.
- Hammer user, perky & no-nonsense (& short) like Nora.

Leads me to think that at least one of the people on HGS is a RWBY fan.

Also an actual review of HGS from a person that tried to give it a chance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mefTINTQDFk&ab_channel=EquesTron


I miss Nora I liked her character before she turned all emo.


what would it take to really fix rwby? just replacing the hack fraud pedophiles that call themselves its writers?


File: 1681406305475.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

It's interesting that Death Battle is still a popular series - I guess people are always going to love a character fight match, even if the calcs are terrible at times.


At this point? Nothing. The story would have to get overhauled completely to address all the characters and plotlines they fucked up/dropped.


In the past? Monty Oum not dying. Not saying it would be perfect, but the guy knew what he was doing & the general direction to take things (most concepts, plotlines & ideas in the series are his, but the further from Vol 2/3 you go, the less development had been given to them & the more freedom to write for CRWBY). RWBY as a series is influenced by Shonen anime & Final Fantasy, the latter in part because of Oum's enjoyment of it, & hi use of characters like Tifa in Dead Fantasy. In the shonen aspect (for example) Jaune particularly was a Cloud inspiration.
And although Ruby's character & the teams make up is more like various Naruto characters (originally), the story itself has no concrete goals at the start; Ruby is not looking to become Pirate King, Hokage or reconstruct the Shikon jewel. Like Bleach* the story lacks a stated end goal the main character seeks to achieve from the start, other than a vague sense of being a hero that saves people something that's getting dismantled in Vol 9 thus the story & characters meander, & if the original author isn't there to point the direction… it's likely not going to be very good

At this point like >>18975 says, nothing can really save the series short of maybe just going full memelord.

(*)Hell if you think about it the Grimm are like the Kingdom Hearts' Heartless or Bleach's Hollows. After The Hound I always expected some Grimm-human hybrids like you see in fanfiction like an Arrancar or Nobodies group.


let Ruby say "fuck"


Maybe that's what they should do then, just give this one as good a finale as they can, then start working on a sequel/spinoff series, 2wby. Cut their losses, keep what worked, dump what didn't, and hire some actual writers that know what they're doing.


That's just RWBY Chibi.


Why is it so short I can't wait another week


Well, it looks like Ruby's tea party did not bother them a bit.


File: 1681658422804-0.png (174.37 KB, 1785x431, are you not ascended.png)

File: 1681658422804-1.jpg (55.07 KB, 599x615, crying Yang.jpg)

>"Remember what you said to me about the paper-pleasers? They thought they had no-purpose left, so they wanted to 'ascend' *points at the teacup* and you all said that i should just let them because it's 'what they wanted'. So i suppose since Ruby also thinks there's no point in her being alive…"
>"Then why should we even go to the tree to try and save her from whatever 'rebirth' is?"
>"Who knows maybe losing all her memories and being 'reborn' as something else will be just what Ruby needs!"
>"So you actually do care. O.K., Let's go."


Since we saw the herbalist turn beautiful, does that mean that Ruby will come back looking like Weiss?

Actually, my prediction is that Ruby will come back stronger and better but is still easily defeated by Neko (a portmanteau of Neo and Neko (nihongo for cat), get it?), but when the cat leaves Neo's body to enter Ruby's, leaving Neo to regain consciousness and notice that Ruby is still alive, so she tries to finish the job, but the cat would not like that and tries to stop her before she can enter Ruby and they fight to death while the gang sneak home behind their backs.


File: 1681835785131.png (23.38 KB, 661x521, 1681252588437215.png)

>Ruby will come back looking like Weiss
I'm not sure I follow the logic. Is the implication here that Ruby is ugly?
>Neko (a portmanteau of Neo and Neko (nihongo for cat), get it?)
I prefer NeoPet. Honestly I hope that the cat makes it to Remnant just to team up with Salem in his quest to pursue the Brother Gods.
>the cat leaves Neo's body to enter Ruby's
There's no reason for that, he just needs a Remnant body to possess Ruby had been a target for her broken psyche. After Ascension she's not even going to be herself (some people are claiming she'll become Summer, though that's nonsense) she's not going to be broken anymore, so CopyCat isn't going to be able to do anything.
>they fight to death
That's so pointless Neo('s ego) is all but functionally dead as it is, the hell is the point of BFRing the character AGAIN?

I'm thinking Little is going to ascend to fuck that kill was brutal


Did you miss the last episode? The cat can't return in Neo's body because Neo has nothing to return for. It wants Ruby again. Whether ascended Ruby will work or if it has some way to stop ascension is another thing…


By last I mean the latest, episode 9.


File: 1681838403655.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.92 MB, 1920x1080, NeoVore.webm)

>The cat can't return in Neo's body because Neo has nothing to return for.
Huh, but the cat also can't possess someone unwilling/unable to spiritually resist though, thus the fixation on Ruby & later taking of Neo. Making the cat just a Vol9 character is going to be pretty lame if they have that. Also if Neo has nothing to return for, & has essentially a shattered ego, then why would she fight the cat after it possibly releases her? It'd be strange but more likely Jaune might save Neo.

Yeah I figured.

RWBY Arrowfell Trailer (Out Now): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBtc7gWpOHE


Neo thought she got her revenge. If she saw that Ruby returned, her revenge failed and maybe her will to kill could return too. Since the cat wants Ruby alive and she wants her dead, they would get in conflict. So if the cat left her body, Neo could fight it over Ruby's destiny. Or maybe they could do that thing where the possessed person regains control over their body just for a short second but at the decisive moment, saving the heroes by giving them time to get away or something. It would be a way to make Neo help them without actually helping them, a way to "redeem" her without having to actually change her ways. But I don't think it will actually happen, you are right that it wouldn't work if Ruby got mended by the blacksmith.


File: 1681845563120.png (79.87 KB, 638x582, neo chair transparent.png)

>If she saw that Ruby returned, her revenge failed and maybe her will to kill could return too.
That's like Sasuke seeing Itachi arise again & trying to have revenge AGAIN. The entire point is that she's got nothing left & her 'revenge' was just an excuse to keep going, having achieved it there's nothing left.
>the possessed person regains control over their body just for a short second but at the decisive moment, saving the heroes by giving them time to get away or something. It would be a way to make Neo help them without actually helping them, a way to "redeem" her without having to actually change her ways.
I guess, but I'm not holding my breath

Spoiler prediction:
The Summer Rose bait at the end of ep9 is going to be a bait n switch; Ruby has the thing Naruto does with Kushina in the seal - talking to her mother's spirit before overcoming herself - then finding her strength to be reborn as a better self. Jaune, because of him being the buttmonkey of CRWBY, is going to probably be a hero one last time, taking a killing blow or something to let the rest of RWBY leave the EverAfter. Hopefully Ruby's catharsis is going to be a la Gurren Lagan "Be the best version of yourself that you can be".


File: 1681877432697.png (974.11 KB, 1024x832, ClipboardImage.png)

>Still no official RvB x RWBY crossover
Fuck it
[RWBY/RvB] - Infiltration (GMod Machinima)

RT Recap - The Animated Recap


File: 1681891959570.jpg (121.68 KB, 800x1200, FHkGjyDXMAQuUOm.jpg)

Nobody seems to mention how shes a Bengal Tiger Faunus with a hindu pottu and a Muslim last name. It's real organic representation, as she is a radical civil rights activist who takes action, and comes from a mixed religious/cultural reference (a combination of Bengali, Hindu, and Islam) and encompasses the "war borne from love and necessity" motif that Indians are known for and are proud of. Khan specifically means "ruler", and the concept is a reference to Shere Khan from The Junglebook, and the fact she's based off the jungle book only strengthens her being representative of India, because as far as I'm aware she's the only Indian character in the show.

She's the Boba Fett of RWBY; Awesome character idea SUPPOSED to be a background character. Yet the fans love her a lot more than what was expected. If she WERE to be alive, then we would've gotten a lot more of her


I want to breed the cat


File: 1682132331242.png (1.41 MB, 1854x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

Everyone does anon.

12 hours to go to Episode 10 of Vol-9, possibly the last Volume.


File: 1682139431446.png (1.17 MB, 1276x715, Christmas Knight.png)

>Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes and Huntsmen Part One
>Part 1

Enjoy on soap2day(dot)to

Best Jaune x Jess moments https://litter.catbox.moe/d3175v.mp4


I thought her tits were a lot bigger than they are.


File: 1682147954006.png (1013.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1682104493428.png)

>I thought her tits were a lot bigger than they are.
Porn does that to characters.

I REALLY enjoyed this, even if its not perfect.
Since they age down the super-heroes when they 'go to remnant' are they gonna age up RWBY+JNR when they go to the DC comics verse for Part 2?


Your link expired.


It's over


File: 1682201222534.png (579.23 KB, 1920x1080, 1682137229083082.png)

Just watch the movie on soap, it was a temporary 870+Mb file.

Also all Volumes https://9anime.to/watch/rwby.r93o/ep-2

Shut up, Volume 10 IS going to happen it has to, 10 fucking years can't end like this


File: 1682202871378.png (282.33 KB, 500x522, YangMosquito.png)

>Get BJ from Yang
>She won’t stop
>Tell her to stop
>She keeps going
>Starting to hurt now
>Smack her head to stop
>She goes HARDER
>Wake up in hospital
>She went so hard you almost died of exhaustion and nutrient deficiency
>Bitch done sucked the life outta you
>She’d suck you off as an apology but that might kill you



The Yang/Blake parts of the movie were objectively Ok, if you ignore the context of the actual series… so like most fanfic depictions of ships.

Ren, Nora & Cyborg got memed to hell though, even if its overblown


Didn't the Green Lantern used to be a black man?


There are several green lanterns, one of them a black man


File: 1682272201312.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1310x745, JL x RWBY 2 cap.png)

The original from the comics is Hal Jordan, but later came other human Green Lanterns, including the black man Jon Stewart, that you refer to. Jessica Cruz is more recent, latina if I recall correctly. Kinda disliked because of her character being poorly written, but this movie certainly makes up for it, making her a qt tomboy. The short-hair with green highlights i also a better look than her usual long-hair, like Season 1 Detective Beckett from Castle.

>Since they age down the super-heroes when they 'go to remnant' are they gonna age up RWBY+JNR when they go to the DC comics verse for Part 2?
Leaks confirm, pic rel


OK someone explain to me about the last episode, why did seeing her mom lie fix Ruby? Did she want to become her mom that much? I mean I know she was an influence but I wouldn't have been able to tell that this was her issue.


I'm still as confused as you, but its generally supposed to be that Ruby is no longer using her mother as the benchmark of unassailable honesty & heroism as she has before, & so accepted herself for being who she is.


File: 1682443104163.png (103.23 KB, 231x203, NEOrgasm.png)

Lana Rain - Cinder Fall punishes Neopolitan


Do people here only like RWBY because of the porn?


File: 1682453749565.gif (1.67 MB, 446x472, mercurypopcorn.gif)

It's not that simple. I mean yeah porn is an appeal, but to be honest RWBY is something that originates from old-school machinima & internet in general. A passion project of a small group of people that became something fairly popular. It's a mess of a story but still sucks you in if you get on the ride. The memes, the potential of the worldbuilding, the varied characters are all attractive for people, even if its not always executed well in Canon.
TL;DR: It's fun to watch, imperfections and all.

Mega https://mega.nz/folder/nPY30KYC#7vN9Cn0Xv2qD1ijKxdKOYQ


File: 1682618762959.png (446.14 KB, 563x554, Ruby in a chair.png)

Reminder that she [Ruby] died.
The tea WAS poisonous.
If whatever emerges in her place from the tree is ‘ascended’ or ‘altered’, it will be little more then a look-alike, with the features [if even] and memories [if even] of a dead girl. Like a Blade-Runner replicant.
Yang failed her.
Blake failed her.
Weiss failed her.
Even Jaune failed her.
Everyone she was expected to trust failed her.
RT failed her.
They let their protagonist die in a filler volume because they couldn’t write thorough character arc.


>Some ESL predicted Ruby's suicide before V9 in a gachalife short


File: 1682621102583.png (117.2 KB, 636x1117, Ruby theology1.png)

Spoilers for Vol 9 Ep10!

So this most recent volume confirms that the Brothers were in fact second generation gods and the Tree was the Primordial (albeit, indifferent) deity of the RWBY-verse. The Dragons are basically Demiurges who keeps creating worlds and fill it with 'people' only for their works to slowly degrade and fail to function.

Remnant (Definition: a part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed.) is itself a case study in this. Humanity was once capable to cast magic, but after rebelling against their creators each individual was left with a single spell, called a Semblance (Definition: the outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.).

The Blacksmith makes it clear the door between worlds was left open for the Brothers to return, but they clearly haven't. So they aren't in the Everafter and they aren't in Remnant. They are out in the cosmos, once again trying to build world that won't break.

Maybe it's a never ending daisy chain of universes that are empty or abandoned, that get occupied by the Brothers, structured after their whims or experimental desires and either destroyed or abandoned as they move on to the next.

Honestly I preferred that the Ever After be another of their creations rather than the Brothers' origin.


>Some ESL
Why are native speakers like this?


>Offended over an acronym
>on a Korean Nuclear Energy Forum
Go back.


Velvet's weapon is pretty lame.


what is it. I've only seen the hbomberguy video.


She uses her camera to take pictures of other weapons and she can use the picture to summon a copy of the weapon but it only last for a few hits.


Are you kidding? It lets her create temporary copies of any weapon using only a photograph, that combined with her semblance lets her replicate almost any fighting style at a whim.



Yes, and it's lame. She's been building up her repository for who knows how long and then she uses it up in a minute without even winning the battle. They act like it's some ultimate trump card that can only be used in dire situations but when it is actually used it's a huge disappointment.


File: 1683938458808.png (333.25 KB, 600x747, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's lame
No, you're just a killjoy
>She's been building up her repository for who knows how long and then she uses it up
You realize that she utilizes like maybe half a dozen photos for hardlights right? A Camera holds a lot more than that & she's been collecting all year, from all sorts of students.
>act like it's some ultimate trump card
No merely that its not something to use pointlessly
>without even winning the battle
She singlehandedly cut apart 2 paladins that took all of Team RWBY + Sun & Neptune to take out. You know, the insane warmachines built to fight armies? I'm sorry it wasn't DBZ power levels enough for you.


Happy birthday Weiss



Okay I take it back but only because she's really cute in that picture.


File: 1686019479550.jpg (120.55 KB, 1083x500, 1681814518362.jpg)

>literal plot contrivance.png
PSA: You are now being made aware that Blake and Yang being romantic was a literal product of the "Suspension Bridge Effect". In what is quite possibly the most on the nose and blunt manner, I've seen. It's as though MKEK read about it and thought it had to unironically and absolutely be a suspended bridge in order to work. The suspension bridge effect is a scientific and psychological term used to describe a biological reaction in our psychology when we are under pressure. When we experience external stimulus that ignites our adrenal response, it plays a strange role in our minds and interpreting our environment.

The Suspension Bridge Effect is also known as the “misattribution of arousal.” It’s a phenomenon stating that something looks better when under a pressure environment, like standing on a suspension bridge.

"You spent 5 minutes with an animal on a rickety bridge and now you've convinced yourself it's true love" - Ruby "The Gaybasher" Rose


Fuck, it's like a black hole.

Anyway, Ruby Rose would be bananas for Mimi-Sentry. She'd be nerding out over her like nobodies business.


I don't like cel-shaded CG unless it's like in Guilty Gear Xrd.


It's not really cel-shaded CG, that wold be more the Spiderverse movie, this is just how it looks in Poser.

Also post links to videos, Embed dies all the time here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7D7OTfa-a4


>It's not really cel-shaded CG
Are you referring to RWBY or Pootis Engage? If the latter then of course not, it's just a demonstration of proper 2D-imitating animation techniques. When it comes to RWBY, the later seasons are cel-shaded while the first seasons don't even have proper lighting. Which is worse actually. Like, the quality of lighting, textures and models leaves much to be desired.


>Also post links to videos, Embed dies all the time here
I wouldn't advice posting direct YouTube links instead of Invidious ones.


File: 1686500997217.gif (893.65 KB, 480x269, Listen little shit.gif)

RWBY is almost literally taking Video Game graphics and turning it into an anime. It's sort of the reverse of what a lot of the 3D Playstation games were doing for anime, to make them into video games.
>the first seasons don't even have proper lighting
Yes, because of the constraints of Poser.
>Which is worse actually
To each their own, it's janky, yes, but considering that it's a bunch of people in the early 2010s using free software to make an indie project for fun, it's decent work, far above the likes of many SFM videos being made at the time. It has a flawed charm to it. Later they switched to Maya from V4 onward and have been improving animation and art quality ever since. The main thing about RWBY that attracted people wasn't how high res the animation was, it was the concept of Cute Girls Fighting and the amazing choreography of Monty Oum in a brand new, non-manga based animated series.
>Guilty Gear Xrd

Just use adblock for youtube, they don't get monetization and as for tracking, that's kind of inane, I doubt the NSA is going to charge you for watching TF2 shitposts.


>To each their own
Yes. I'm very picky when it comes to animation quality.
>using free software
More like "giveaway software" (I hate the term "free software" with a burning passion, thanks, RMS).
Have an issue with GGXrd? It set the standard of animation in cel-shaded games and animation, no matter if it's actually a good game or not. I personally never played it (I suck at fighting games).
>Just use adblock for youtube
Anyone who doesn't have some surveillance blocking solution set up is either a noob, a self-righteous useful idiot or a retard. That said, it is nice to help the noobs and decrease the amount of identifiable traffic going to YouTube, as well as to prevent others from running YouTube's proprietary JS code or logging into their Google accounts by accident.


>>19727 (cont.)
Also, the adblocker should be enabled all the time, not just for YouTube. It's way more essential than having a freaking antivirus, if you don't have it enabled 24/7 then WTF are you even doing on the Internet? It's a basic privacy and security measure. Privacy and Security 101.

P.S.: Why doesn't the embed field get automatically cleaned up after sending a reply? This site, SMH.


>I'm very picky when it comes to animation quality.
You must not have grown up with the 90s early CG animation. I think RWBY improved a lot after V5 in the animation aspect, and prior to that there is at least a valid reason for the animation problems. I was having fun watching the series to nitpick on animation issues.
>Have an issue with GGXrd
Not really, it's a private joke.
>Anyone who doesn't have some surveillance blocking solution set up is either a noob, a self-righteous useful idiot or a retard
No shit.
>Why doesn't the embed field get automatically cleaned up after sending a reply?
Dunno, that's a question for >>>/tech/
As would be a question about the fuck ups with Embed errors.


>Dunno, that's a question for >>>/tech/
It would be a question for >>>/meta/, not /tech/.


Penny ;~;



>You must not have grown up with the 90s early CG animation
Yes but I hate nostalgia in general, it wouldn't matter either way.


File: 1686610107456.png (447.46 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Hate nostalgia
Oh you youngsters, give it a decade.

Ruby and Penny are friends you sick fuck.


I watched this show when it was on youtube for a while. It was like I wanted to hurt myself. It was so bad. The animation was poor. The voice acting was the worst of Americanizing weeb shit. The writing was god awful. The fight scenes were cool at first (duh, it was animated by the dead guy known for fight scenes) but no one ever died. All the episodes were like one scene long.

I can't think of anything else I'd watch if I wanted to cause myself more pain.

Why is anyone here a fan of this? Why does this thread have so many posts? Is there anyone that watches this show for any reason other than they hate themselves?


a friend showed me one scene of rwby to demonstrate good action scenes and I was like… really? it's just typical anime where they spend the whole time talking at each other. this is my definition of a good action scene

but people like what they like so no hate, just wish more grounded action was more common


File: 1686636795117.gif (2.49 MB, 540x309, Penny dies V3.gif)

>nobody dies
>I can't think of anything else I'd watch if I wanted to cause myself more pain.
Melodramatic rubbish
>The voice acting was the worst of Americanizing weeb shit.
<An amateur group of people making youtube animations aren't up to the standard of full blown studios, who'd have thunk!
Yeah this post is just bait. Stay mad


File: 1686637081741.gif (1.94 MB, 410x230, Mercury Kicking CY.gif)

>just typical anime where they spend the whole time talking at each other.
<I saw one scene so I know the show
Uh, no. The vast majority of fights in RWBY have limited talking. What scene did your friend show you?
>my definition of a good action scene
>Children of men
1) It's an animated fantasy show it being super realistic is counter to the point, your complaint makes more sense in regards to something like Weiss Kreuz Eternal, where they use CQC, even when it makes more sense to use firearms, and half the conflicts/deaths wouldn't happen if the main characters fought realistically.
2) That's not typically what is meant by "action", yes it is technically an action scene, but it's not a fight scene, or even a proper firefight by the main characters, but more like a "person in a chaotic scenario" type situation. There's some Chinese military films that actually are realistic action, but that's a different matter entirely. It's not really fair to compare what is essentially a martial arts + swords + guns + "magic" fighting series to a grounded realistic fight, it's like comparing a fight from ANY cartoon ever and complaining about superhuman fighting, like that's the point - it's cool looking, there's not much more to it than that.

I enjoy grounded action, but I'm not looking for that in a show that clearly is not meant to be about that, you can like 2 wildly different things, I can enjoy a cheesy action flick by Jackie Chan yet also appreciate his more serious films, because they're different genres of interest.

RWBY is by no means a great show, it's got tons of flaws, but it's fun because taking it seriously is just as retarded as taking Dragon Ball seriously or treating capeshit seriously; you're meant to enjoy the entertainment, and if it's not for you, there's no point bitching about it, there's a million other properties that you may enjoy instead.


>Oh you youngsters, give it a decade.
Define "youngster." Like, I need to be 40 to stop being a youngster or something?
>[fictional characters] are friends you sick fuck
You're taking all this too seriously.


>they use CQC, even when it makes more sense to use firearms
When you pick the Warrior class in an RPG.


File: 1686677061932.jpg (149.34 KB, 800x1542, Ozpin Oscar.jpg)

>I need to be 40 to stop being a youngster
When you get to a full adult (not just a young adult) you start to look back on things with fondness.
>taking all this too seriously
Yes but also no.

>when you pick Melee in a realistic FPS


File: 1686729209230-0.jpg (386.78 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

They are friends, more accurately girlfriends.


I really don't like shipping characters, it's completely pointless. Really distracts from the enjoyment of the show as a story.

Why is it necessary for every story to have a romantic subplot? Every character has to have some romantic or sexual attraction for who knows what reason other than wish fullfillment perhaps. It's all due to the fetishization of love prevailent within our culture, love becomes not just a regular part of one's life but something that should be activily sought for, without which the life is thought of as unfullfilling and meaningless (unconscious egoists, SMH).

On second note, is Ruby x Penny canon?


It's not canon, that scene is from RWBY Chibi which is explicitly stated as non-canon, and even then it is not really a real confession. Although people saw confirmation in less for Blake and Yang…


Is it by Rooster Teeth too?


Yes. It's free on YouTube, but it probably does not make much sense without knowing the characters.


Then it counts I think. That's already more canon than most fanfiction, that's for sure.


File: 1686780140670.png (97.23 KB, 500x248, ClipboardImage.png)

LOL no. But seriously, yurishippers and yaoishippers are cancerous as hell. The Chibi scene is just a bit, there's some stuff in Chibi that's really wack, like Cinder essentially being the "candy van" meme and other things, it's non-canon for a reason, though its still fun (because it's for humor and not unironic shipping).

But as stated it's a joke bit, it doesn't count, because it's like various other chibi omakes such as Chibi Avatar or Chibi Isekai Quartet, just for gags.
>more canon than most fanfiction
Oh my sweet summer child, you have no idea how much fanfiction makes more sense and can be more canonical than the actual show, as strange as that sounds.


>you have no idea how much fanfiction makes more sense and can be more canonical than the actual show


>But seriously, yurishippers and yaoishippers are cancerous as hell
How are they different from any other shippers?


File: 1686859315393.jpg (273.88 KB, 1200x1200, Weiss ships WK v WR.jpg)

>How are they different from any other shippers?
My dude, are you new? There's a reason Fujoshi, Fudanshi and to an extent Himedanshi, are considered the worst sort of shippers in RWBY and anime in general, because
A) They tend to be fetishizers that literally represent the cringe of the "UwU/OwO" meme (far more than most straight shippers)
B) It's almost always unfounded on any sort of character interaction or story themes, and 90% of the time feels forced
C) It just comes off as vulgar modern shit; "2 people have a healthy, real friendship? THEY MUST BE FUCKING!" And you see this more with yuri ships and yaoi ships than straight ones.

Within RWBY you only have to look at the pure cancer of WhiteRose and Bumbleby shippers; it's all either lust-based fapbait or libshit. Shippers in general can be cancerous, but I will take Lancaster and RoseGarden and even WhiteKnight Shippers over any of the Yuriships.


>My dude, are you new?
No, I just don't interact much with shippers and tend not to hang out on forums (this one is an exception because it's my shelter against SJW radlibs, McCarthyists and neo-Nazi /pol/tards).
>but I will take Lancaster and RoseGarden and even WhiteKnight Shippers over any of the Yuriships
Dunno, I will take yuriships with Tracer over whatever shit Blizzard has put out. It's literally worse than any yuriship in Overwatch, holy fuck.


File: 1686891554580.png (763.81 KB, 1192x670, ClipboardImage.png)

>don't interact much with shippers
Good for you
>this one is an exception because it's my shelter against SJW radlibs, McCarthyists and neo-Nazi /pol/tards
Same, sorta.
>I will take yuriships with Tracer over any yuriship in Overwatch
What? Isn't Tracer FROM Overwatch? Tracer x Scout is the best Tracer ship, fite me


>I will take yuriships with Tracer over any yuriship in Overwatch
That's not what I meant. You don't know the official pairing Blizzard has made? They've introduced some bland gril IN A COMIC SHORT just so Tracer can be a lesbian. There are much more interesting characters in Overwatch yet they've decided to make someone write a fanfic-level story. That's some Disney-level cringe, putting out low-quality stories just to look "progressive." Typical libshit garbage.
>Tracer x Scout is the best Tracer ship, fite me
Surely you're joking, Tracer x D.VA is the best ship.


> You don't know the official pairing Blizzard has made?
Not an Overwatch player so I don't really know much about it.
>they've decided to make someone write a fanfic-level story. That's some Disney-level cringe, putting out low-quality stories just to look "progressive." Typical libshit garbage.
Sounds about right to them.
>Surely you're joking


File: 1687110035377.png (2.24 MB, 1920x1080, RK harem.png)

Bumbleby this, WhiteRose that, Nuts n Bots here, WhiteKnight there, move out of the way for true endgame ship; Knight-Harem


File: 1687111609763.jpg (101.73 KB, 1016x574, Taurus murder selfie.jpg)

Adam was wasted potential personified. Especially since he's set up to the villain that haunts Yang and Blake, since Cinder is the villain the hangs over Jaune, Ruby and Weiss. Adam going from a calm killer to an flailing murderer is inane. He should have been a terminator or slasher like figure, nearly unstoppable, his faunus senses far outstripping most of their own, his experience in weapons overshadowing theirs, his ability to disappear and mercilessly hunt them. Hell, he's a perfect candidate for someone jaded enough to get recruited directly into Salem's circle. But nah, lets just do lame drama and an absolutely pathetic fight.

A really good post on the contrasting the chilling persona of V3 and the hysteric we get after being so dissapointing.


i can take it or leave it


interesting photo edit


File: 1687411272644.gif (226.51 KB, 600x600, Rubes intensify.gif)

It's a pretty (in)famous meme in the fandom.



It is a simulacra of anime. A copy of a copy that has lost all true connection with the original object.


Sayonara, Knight-Sensei.


Anime isn't even an object, just an umbrella term.


I realized that in the lead up to that volume, they had a whole teaser short dedicated to him. Like, usually when you have these shorts, like the red/yellow/black/white trailers, it supposed to tease for the next volume and their possible points of interest and conflict. Hell, right below this trailer in recommended was the trailer for Weiss in the lead up to the next volume (5) . Whether you think its good or bad, at least she plays some role in the story and the short is appropriate to give more context to where she comes from. But with Adam, he shows up at the end, and its all about Blake and his obsession with her. Nothing of the short, which is basically about the conflicting factions of the White Fang, play a role in him confronting Blake. At best, you get the shot of him reminding Blake of what humans are capable of (aka, his branded eye). But that's less a warning to Blake and more trying to guilt trip her. Maybe it would have been better if he realized he lost his way about the mission and decided to end his obsession with killing Blake, for his own peace of mind and for betraying the White Fang. At least then, it makes sense why he decided to continue following them without making him the generic psycho stalker ex boyfriend.




File: 1687659752084.jpg (160 KB, 1280x988, Yang vs Adam P2 d3f.jpg)

>Muh anime purity
Oh it's this guy again >>20082 and >>20088 are correct.

THIS. I'd also like to clarify by the "pathetic fight" I'm more referring to certain portions of his end and his V5 face off against Blake.

Also I'd like to note that the Test Footage of Monty's Adam vs Yang fight was interesting and the fight standard Monty quality, but to be quite frank I prefer the canon fight in terms of it being a shocking, unexpected one-shot, since it set up Adam's dangerous character and his power being above the likes of Team RWBY. It's because of this dangerous and serious display of Adam's character that his character got fans and why Adamfags were so furious with his castration post V3. Going from a edgy, frightening villain with a dark presence and becoming a seething incel that was far too pathetic to be leading a revolutionary/terrorist group.

The drawn out fight is well choreographed as usual, and very cool, but it fails to have the sheer impact of the canon disarming of Yang. They took Monty's animation later and used it for the fight where Yang and Blake kill him


File: 1687811828169.jpg (271.24 KB, 1175x1098, 1502140581644.jpg)


This is bait this is bait this is bait


WTF, why is she thicc?


File: 1688072752777.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, Jug-stice League.png)

>why is she thicc?
>Asking this about Yang
For shame anon.

Don't show this to Ruby-schizo, he already tried to kill himself once to Isekai into Remnant once.


She's famously "top heavy".


>For shame anon
I don't watch RWBY, I have nothing to be ashamed of.


More on the test footage (archive.is available)

And for having a booty too - the shorts aren't or rather are for show.
Even MORE shame.


Nora has thunder thighs!


File: 1689708531608.jpg (232.22 KB, 1920x1080, Ruby Harem.jpg)

Embed is unreliable m8, post link and title.
Two Hands Revy - Ship Chase

>Spoiler prediction
Well I was partly correct although the Naruto-esque moment isn't quite her meeting her mother's soul, though she did accept herself (still wish she'd been aged up into grown Ruby, would have made for a good visual metaphor). Jaune got blasted by Weiss, but no sacrifice moment really happened.
>Hopefully Ruby's catharsis is going to be a la Gurren Lagan "Be the best version of yourself that you can be".
Unfortunately did not happen.


File: 1689710848337.png (576.36 KB, 906x673, ClipboardImage.png)

>Making another crossover between DC and RWBY only worse
The current run RWBY x DC comics began in Febuary and are still going as of July 2023 and it just keeps getting worse. It's plot is inane, the art style is just garbage and don't even get me started on the dialogue. Also ironically in Issue 4 they accidentally confirmed the joke about RWBY being the horsemen of the apocalypse.

In terms of character designs the DC folk look okay but RWBY just looks terrible; Ruby looks okayish even with the dorky goggles, and Weiss is mostly unchanged (other than that strange scar stylization) but why did they think Yang and Blakes costumes were any good at all here? Yang looks like a poorly done Silver Age (of comics) Scarlet Witch and Blake like a particularly lazy Catwoman cosplayer, which clashes terribly with the Modern Age designs of the DC-verse characters.



File: 1689711646629-0.png (Spoiler Image, 3.37 MB, 3800x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1689711646629-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 2235x2024, ClipboardImage.png)

Too cute apparently


Nora is definitely underrated - cheery, passionate, girly and pretty but strong too. Ren is a lucky guy.

THE Thunder Thighs!
>TFW she will never squeeze your head between her thighs as her active semblance zaps you

>turned all emo.
I really don't know why they did that, especially since Ren didn't even do anything that bad to Nora even if he was an arse, and they literally kissed and made up. Feels contrived. The JL crossover movies Ren/Cyborg jealousy that Nora eggs on also feels OOC, even if it leads to some funny memes.


I'm sure this is exactly what Monty envisioned way back when.

Also does anyone else remember when he died insane gamergates online accusing his wife of murdering him


File: 1689805965948.jpg (116.15 KB, 1242x1171, 1639782183189.jpg)

>I'm sure this is exactly what Monty envisioned way back when
I assume this is sarcasm
>when he died insane gamergates online accusing his wife of murdering him
Yes, honestly it was a joke in the /rwbyg/ community, amounting to "pussy killed him" but then the schizos took it seriously and created this huge incel-ish conspiracy, it was inane.



File: 1690610484342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.76 KB, 1042x586, F0dsEHPWAAAqN_B.jpg)

Part 2 got announced a few days ago with a teaser image (pic rel). It's gonna be released on Ruby's birthday (October 31st). I'm just hoping they don't exclude/side-show Jaune and the rest of JNR in this, because that would suck after the KnightLight build-up in the first one. JNR is listed to be in the film, so there's that. The RWBY-verse antagonist is probably Watts, though possibly Merlot may make an appearance instead, which would be fun.

The original comic-run is no help in guessing since Starro was the main antagonist there, it was actually a physical Justice League transplanted/merged into the RWBY-verse instead of a VR in Volume 7-8 and it actually takes place somewhere between Volume 2 and 3 sort of like Ice Queendom, evident by Pyrrha being alive, although JNPR are mostly cameo appearances instead. That being said it's still fun. I'm guessing/hoping that Part 2 is going to have the RWBY-verse physically transfer over to the DC-verse.



Speaking of KnightLight - here's a fic that got removed from FFN because of wannabe jannies on the site review-bombing over the stories not fitting the M-rating limit.
There's some others also written on fanfiction.net in the crossover section and /RWBYg/ has a dedicated TrafficLight writer that made a few KnightLight greens as well, I gotta go dig up some of the Zips.


File: 1690610949503.png (494.31 KB, 1333x756, V10 screenshot posibl.png)

>Volume 10 IS going to happen it has to, 10 fucking years can't end like this
I mean there is the leak from pic rel, which doesn't appear in Vol 9 at all, even in the deleted scenes content release, so it's very possible that they've started it, but the JL crossover is prioritized and so they're probably going to Greenlight it officially after the second film is released. Considering the arc pacing, it is logical to conclude that either Volume 10 is going to be longer to make up for V9 being shorter than usual, or they might just pull into a Vol 11.


Also RTX-2023 also showed some storyboard teasers for Vol 10 which were probably intended to be an epilogue finale for Volume 9 but clearly are going to lead into the next volume instead. Volume 10 is obviously gonna involve the Summer Maiden, since that's the only one unexplored and it's possible there'll be a Summer Rose tie-in (because names, duh). Raven is probably gonna do some self-sacrifice bullshit to "redeem" her and the power of the Spring Maiden is probably going to go to Yang, although alternatively they could have Cinder get all the maiden powers and turn on Salem… though that might just be my imagination running ahead of me. I have doubts MKEK could pull that off. CRWBY hasn't been at its best in recent times.


File: 1691711941224.jpg (204.13 KB, 1000x1000, LeafyDream Ruby chibi.jpg)

One thing I'm honestly surprised and disappointed in the lack of is Grimmified characters, it is so unbelievably hard to find a fic with a Grimm Ruby or Grimm Summer or grimm anyone (which is strange considering that it's been a fan theory/idea for a long time). Especially after the reveal of the Grimm Hound being based on a Silver-eyed Faunus and Cinder's Grimm arm which I would have thought as perfect food for fanfic material. The only contender for these would be some Grimm-turned-human fics, but even those are scarce and rarely well written. In terms of fan-art there's only slightly more than fics and not all of it is good either.

The number of fics I've found is barely 2 dozen or so and they're wildly disappointing, considering the sheer number of RWBY fanfics there are. I can only recommend 3 of them, all Jaune focused which are pretty good. If anyone knows of any others please link them.

3 fics I recc:
1) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13191717/1/My-Abominable-Monster-Classmates-Can-t-Be-This-Cute The initial story prompt is basically Rosario Vampire, but it becomes something wildly different and pretty interesting
2) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13965520/1/Where-a-Heart-Once-Was This one really goes all out in branching off the canon timeline and doesn't hold back at all in terms of both imaginative Grimm and the horrific nature of battle. It also doesn't play around with Grimmification like most fics, so it's not just a 'humanoid grimm' but a monsterous grimm, built on the twisted remains of a human killed by Salem (I won't spoil who).
3) https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12778468/1/Jaune-s-Grimm-hand kinda has some aspects from the plot of Parasyte but with a well-meshed twist by making it Grimm related and impact the plot of the story, giving Jaune unexpected and unique abilities and problems.


File: 1691711985209.jpg (178.11 KB, 750x1061, Summer grimm.jpg)

>Be me
>16, F silver eyed warrior
>Come back home after saving the world
>See my dad being attacked by a grimm
>Grimm is giving dad a bearhug
>panic and activate my silver eyes
>Rush to my dad to give him a big hug
>Dad was soo scared he started crying
>Tell him everything fine and that i’ll be there to protect him
>Turn around to were the grimm was
>see my mom’s lifeless head
Would you a Grimm Summer?


File: 1691775875073.png (233.07 KB, 807x430, 7b7.png)

>go to watch RWBY for the first time
>hear Ruby's voice

does it get any better?


File: 1691776771980.png (256.44 KB, 567x750, ClipboardImage.png)

It grows on you with time, it did for me.


This reminds me of old-school RvB. It's a fun channel to check out.


File: 1692326170932.jpg (279.08 KB, 1824x1200, y2liwpdjqiy61.jpg)

>If she mentioned that and realized how fucked up it was to abandon them, it would’ve made Blake a solid character who learned from her mistakes and is trying to tell Batman he can’t just solo his problems.
Supposedly that's what the Menagerie Arc is but frankly the closest we get to that is Sun pointing out her abandonment of her friends and later after getting hurt by Illia, that her friends would make their own choice on whether they could stand behind her and shutting them out hurts them more than any wound (corny but a neat line), and then she just joins them again and then everything after that is about her Yang fetish and mending that relationship suddenly, throwing an entire 2 Volume's worth of BlackSun bait onto the rocks… not because she realized that Sun was right but because the White Fang forced her hand.


You could try the Japanese dub.


File: 1692496507134.png (191.49 KB, 1200x1000, GreatCow Chi.png)

Other RWBY /draw/ requests
Also some edit requests in the edit thread >>>/draw/3506

>You could try the Japanese dub.
Jap dub isn't very fun tbh, although that might be because I've grown tired of Japanese speaking in anime in general overall. I used to be sub > dub, but now its the reverse.


do all the seasons have a jap dub?


File: 1692556909796.png (456.96 KB, 686x386, ClipboardImage.png)

You can find it easily on 9anime (now aniwave)

>CRASH Episode 1: From The Top
Shoulda posted the link outright in case the embed dies, forgot.


Your link only has 13 episodes in Japanese.


File: 1692561103318.jpg (112.45 KB, 1200x1047, SYTOkun Yang asian.jpg)

Strange, they must have been removed. Link rel has them up to Volume 4 and Volumes 5-7 did get dubbed, but I can't find them at the moment.

On a different note, Raven should have been more Asian looking (especially considering her touhou Reimu + samurai based attire) and subsequently Yang should have been half-asian looking. Or have it be a switcharoo - make Tai the asian one with Western LARP and Raven a samurai 2hu LARPer. I still like Yang's original design, but it's just a thought that occurred to me. It would fit the "yakuza delinquent" vibe she had originally.




File: 1692592865166.jpg (321.74 KB, 1600x900, TheRogueSPiDER ATLA RWBY.jpg)

Avatar the Last Airbender has dislike among the Japanese because the Fire Nation is very clearly a depiction of Meiji era Japan, with all the fascist industrial-capitalist aspects it had. The Japanese post-1990s, have become very allergic to negative depictions of Ancient Japan and Japan in general, thus films and series that revealed the ugly side of Japan's feudal and imperial past (Seven Samurai, Zatoichi, Inuyasha, Princess Mononoke) are no longer common, and in general such works have become niche, because it's an informal taboo. For similar, nationalist reasons the Nanking Massacre (which the wiping out of the Air Nomads is similar to) is ignored. Ironically RWBY is partially influenced by ATLA according to Miles Luna.

TL;DR: ATLA reminds the Japanese of their country's past misdeeds.

ATLA thread >>>/hobby/2562


>Ironically RWBY is partially influenced by ATLA according to Miles Luna.


File: 1692597406593.jpg (195 KB, 1480x1000, Ruby and JNPR benders.jpg)

If your typically burger exaggeration of quotation marks for the sake of pretentiously overbearing sarcasm is implying the RWBY aped off of ATLA, then you've clearly seen neither.

Very little of RWBY's main features is like ATLA, you can vaguely say that the concept of 4 kingdoms of different regions that the main cast travel and visit for various plot arcs references ATLA, but even that is very vague, there are some elements glimmering through, but nothing more than that.

Found a full jap version of Ice Queendom if you were looking for that


New "volume" when?


File: 1693672831951.png (3.94 MB, 2048x1430, ClipboardImage.png)

RTX 2023 did not confirm Volume 10, but Shawcross was quoted as saying “Eddy [Rivas] and I and the writer’s team have been working on stuff for Volume 10 despite not having a greenlight,”
>Kerry: "We don't have a Volume 10 greenlight yet, but we are going to show something at the panel that is post-Volume 9."
And they showed a lot of unfinished stuff from the end of Vol 9 which would actually make for a good Volume 10 beginning, I've posted it in the thread. I think that RT is going to work on V10 a bit on the side but concentrate on the JL crossover which comes out on Halloween and is their next big project. I'm predicting an announcement for V10 around then and a release date probably in mid-late 2024, going by previous history. Likely it's a hangup in negotiations with the unnamed "partners" they mentioned (I suspect it's CR).
There are rumors it will be called Volume X.


File: 1693847650461.png (1.37 MB, 960x960, ClipboardImage.png)

On Volume 8 RN predict
I think it is pretty obvious from the opening that the final boss fight of the season is going to be Robot Gurl being hacked by Ernest Khalimov and turning against the cast and absolutely fucking wrecking them with god powers. I assume that either Ren or Nora is getting murked and / or turning on everyone else. The opening also leads me to assume this is probably the penultimate chapter of the story / the "all is lost" section of the hero's journey. with the next season probably being the final. An actual subversion of expectations would just be killing the entire main cast and then centring on a group of heroes like 50 years in the future whose names also start with R W B and Y. would be funny and daring.


Her name is Penny.


I thought it was Penny


File: 1694125685787.png (160.9 KB, 325x511, 1681871298796626 (2).png)

>I thought it was Penny
Absolutely keked and wrecked


JL crossover trailer came out a few weeks ago. Only 6 more weeks to the release.
>TFW no Jaune
If KnightLight's popularity isn't capitalized on, the studio would have to be really fucking dumb… which is quite likely unfortunately.


oh boy, I can't wait to get corpo slop in my vaguely indie anime


File: 1694939779894.jpg (62.17 KB, 713x911, rwby glare.jpg)

Who the hell cares about these spinoffs? Just continue the many story already.


File: 1694967299665.png (1013.41 KB, 1920x1080, 1682104493428.png)

>Who the hell cares about these spinoffs
Not enjoying other content with RWBY that extends the life-span of the series
Besides it's clearly a way to pull for time in regards to Volume 10.

If you mean to mock my post, it's falling flat since my expectations for JLxRWBY P2 are quite low actually, I'm just lamenting that in the face of how unexpectedly decent Part 1 was.
It would have been cool to see Jaune as the Rusted Knight again too.


File: 1695622225507.gif (350.52 KB, 657x485, yang.gif)


File: 1696522151946.jpg (307.1 KB, 1915x1947, g5vp1h735kob1.jpg)


File: 1696646286080.jpg (464.81 KB, 1800x1200, Joke a bitch.jpg)

Fucking hate Winter tbh. Biggest bootlicking bitch in the series, and only turned on Ironwood at the last moment with a shoddy excuse, even though she is as much, if not more culpable for the actions he and the Ace Ops did for most of the series.
>Literally runs away from home, abandoning her sister and brother to the tyranny of their abusive father and alcoholic mother
>Thinks the sun shines from Ironwood's Iron Wood through the entire series before her heel-face turn
>Grew up in a rich prissy environment and sees anyone not like her as lesser than her
>Absolute Jobber
Honestly the list goes on.

Seriously, fanfiction depictions of her make her a more likeable character. I know the early season depictions were just Monty following anime tropes for Weiss as the rich girl with a hard-ass older sister who's better than her, but the more we see of Winter, the less I like her. I wanted Cinder to kill her at the end of Vol 8, and giving her the Maiden powers, while expected was just such a wasting of Penny.


Yes, but she's pretty. I don't even remember what made her change her mind about Ironwood in the end.


Basically she got guilty about her sister and her possible death and suddenly decided she gave that much of a shit about her.


File: 1697496198248.jpg (46.76 KB, 933x525, Robyn.jpg)

Rewatch the Atlas arc with the idea that Robyn is an secret agent working for Salem. It's actually hilarious how much it fits.
>She knows Ironwood has something planned against Salem
>She doesn't know what it is so she tries to stall him by blockading his supply routes
>She tires to seize control of Mantle and gain a place on the council by masquerading as a freedom fighter politician in case Watts can't convince Jacques
>She feigns outrage at losing the election so that she can further disrupt Ironwood and cause mischief for the military
>We never see her try to fix the wall with the supplies she stole so that there's a hole in Mantle's defenses
>The bees finally let Ironwood's plans slip to her
>Watts tells Jacques to invite Robyn to the dinner party so that she can expose him and create more distrust in the council
>Jacques is found out, so she goes back to her role.
>She helps Tyrian escape captivity by starting the fight on the airship.
>Spends most of V8 in the safety of the prison to avoid the crossfire
>Tells Qrow not to kill Ironwood because she knows he's gone insane and will make everything worse
>She escaped Atlas and nobody even suspects her of anything, ready for her to help ruin Vacuo's defense plan.


File: 1698735716098-0.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, 1682137698020140.png)

Anyone notice that Pomni is kinda like Ruby in V9? Slowly losing her mind, and going psychotic in the crazy world she finds herself trapped in?


File: 1698794028969.jpg (98.03 KB, 1000x1012, Birthday Monster.jpg)




Happy birthday!


Any news on Volume 10?


File: 1700767818704.png (318.42 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

Last updates were in >>21062 and the screencap I thought was from V10 >>20623 is actually from the JL crossover Part II. However JL 2 does take place after Volume 9 so the mistake is understandeable. It makes the lack of Jaune in the actual crossover all the more annoying though, considering the aspect of him essentially being a middle-aged man in the body of a 19 year old and having suffered quite a bit more since his initial meeting with the Justice League and Jess.


File: 1703136902170.jpg (47.05 KB, 483x537, Monty we're sorry.jpg)

I think Volume 10 is going to be the end of the series unless Warner decides to reboot it. As seen earlier in the thread RoosterTeeth V10 story boarding exists somewhat so I think that they'll do a crowdfunding campaign to get the extra money and wrap the story up in a short Volume like #9, with some sloppy resolution probably using a Deus Ex Machina to beat Salem, then slap on a Myers epilogue book after. It's not what I'd wish for the series but realistically that's the cards we see for RWBY'd future.


File: 1705887898972.png (220.68 KB, 588x590, Jaune Angy.png)

Roosterteethis letting go creators of various branches, such as DeathBattle. The decline of the company is honestly depressing, more through how its impacting the things under their umbrella such as RWBY than anything else.


Demand them to put RWBY under copyleft or into public domain under a threat of mail delivery to the members of their board of directors.


Anon, they get death threats every day, that's not going to stop them from sinking their ship and taking all their properties with them. Both in the copyright way and in writing their stories into the ground out of sheer contrarianism.

Does she at least get a scooby snack?


I like Ruby


File: 1706029487671.gif (58.79 KB, 261x255, 1685668768367656.gif)



Is this canon?


>Turned Adam into an incel
>Turned Blake into a soft pushover and jobber
>Turned Yang into a stereotypical butch bulldyke or Blake's uguu zombie while killing her character arc about self-control and made her stop caring about her sister
>Pushed Ironwood over the edge into insanity
>Split apart team RWBY
>Its fans leaked the movie which tanked sales, meaning less money for the show
>Quite literally killed RWBY and RT
Bees and its consequences was a disaster for the RWBY IP. Truly the worst ship


But the homophobic Ruby meme made a lot of people aware of the show, that must be a good thing, right?


dang one ship can really do all that?


Catpiss has been baited ham-fistedly since Volume 6. The Ruby meme only came about in Volume 9. It was only this funny because of how tone deaf and bad the writing had become by that point.

Many such cases (KorrAsami, MaKorra, CatrAdora, StarCo, all the ships of the Voltron: Legendary Defender series, etc.)
They drove most of the plots and just killed the story, leading to retarded things happening.


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