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What's wrong with >>1430


it's not a general. it'll eventually slide off


i think no threat on /dead/ has ever slid off


It is a thread about reading Stirner, how is that not "general" enough?


I really like Art and Religion but I don't really get what the fuck he is trying to say in the False Principle of Our Education.


prob shouldnt teach kids morals cause morals are bs


"egoism" (pretending to have read stirner) is just rules but more passive aggressive


this shit is gay as fuck and not in the good way


>and not in the good way
imagine calling anyone else corny


what rules?


i found song from a hungarian band



The lyrics are from this part:
> Under the rule of a cruel master my body is not “free” from torments and lashes; but it is my bones that groan under the torture, my fibers that twitch under the blows, and I groan because my body groans. That I sigh and shiver proves that I have not yet lost myself, that I am still my own. My leg is not “free” from the master’s stick, but it is my leg and is inseparable. Let him tear it off me and see if he still has my leg! He holds nothing in his hand but—the corpse of my leg, which is as little my leg as a dead dog is still a dog. A dog has a beating heart, a so-called dead dog has none and so is no longer a dog.


The vocals are weird, dude.



Why is Stirner so popular? Is he just an excuse to be an asshole?


1) as a meme: he's fun, his image has always been a sketch, he's edgy if you come from a religious background or are around stuck up moralists - basically, kids like him and he's a good argument against all kinds of "common sense" and "morals" arguments
2) as a philosopher: he's a good example of the bourgeoisie's philosophical fight for freedom, individuality, secularism, etc. and he took the fight against humanism too, and against freedom as well so it's a good inflection point where freedom is shown to be unfreedom, and the boundaries of the individual and the inner knowability of the individual are challenged, and liberal ethics comes into conflict with its self (individualism vs humanism, individual will versus systems of social hierarchy). It's obviously not a fully fleshed out philosophy without contradiction or loose ends, but it's a really cool point between petite-bourgeois and proletarian radicalism (that is to say, the one leading into the other, albeit in incomplete fashion).



Is it Jevil moment, J'evil moment or Tevil moment?


Don't even know where you saw an apostrophe, but it's the first one.


He wrote two books


What are they?


I only know about his 20 or so articles aside from the Unique and His Property, but none of them could really be considered a book



I want to improve my capabilities as it means I am able to seize and protect more property than I would otherwise. More things become mine, as I become greater than my nature. I cannot know until I've done so that this will let me derive any greater pleasure than if I hadn't. But I'd like to try.


Nobody's stopping you, go gettem kid


I'm stopping me. I've forgotten how to have a will to live. I have become stupid, reading has become difficult, and I have forgotten how to socialize. I lack the capability to improve my capabilities. I hope to pass away soon.


File: 1678740149194.jpeg (612.93 KB, 689x1135, 1678740094792.jpeg)

Can't win every time sadly
You're talking about getting more powerful, taking stuff from others. Plenty functionally illiterate people out in the world doing exactly that. And if you really are getting dumber, maybe your will to live will come back. Or try remembering good moments like when the brits had their queen die.


read this a while back and thought it was pretty good summation. He also puts into words concepts I've had difficulty doing myself.


watched some clips of lizzie's in a box chants and felt happier

thanks anon

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