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"The strength of art is greater than that of a nuclear bomb" - Kim Jong-Un
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Yes, it's me. Thanks.


You have good artistic ability, really good at drawing


How long would it take a /beg/inner to draw commission level digital art and make some side money? What's the most lucrative way to make money, porn/hentai?


It will take a year and that's the best case, I think it makes more sense to aim for making 100 a month after 2 years of every day practice. Don't hope to get any good just after year, 99% fail there. In theory even beginners can draw for money, it's just that you have to work for 5$ per drawing.
>What's the most lucrative way to make money, porn/hentai?
Furry porn. Then humanoid porn. It's IMPOSSIBLE to earn money in SFW without having thousands on followers. I am friends with several obscure SFW artists whose skill dwarfs mine >>1979 and they don't get commissions.


I see, what should you use to maintain anonymity while you facilitate transactions? Do people use Paypal? I don't want to reveal my name for drawing furry scat shit.


PayPal is basically the only thing that 90% of customers use. If you draw some illegal shit like lolicon, customers may be afraid for their own safety and use crypto or fake PayPal accounts. PayPal doesn't work in Ukraine and at first I tried to get my customers use SWIFT transfers but I only lost clients this way, Don't make them put any effort for your ass, a customer is more
likely to find other artist than set up crypto wallet or use any other paying system he didn't use before.


How did you get around to using PayPal in your cunt? It's asking for my real name and shit.


File: 1644568048883-2.png (2.41 MB, 1935x1620, Ilya Kuvshinov-2.png)

Also, regarding dangers of being cancelled, it's hard to get under fire unless you try to be provocative. I drew lots of forbidden stuff and handle is my real surname, nothing happen to me so far. I know lots of greats that did some dirty stuff and nothing happened to them either. Miura was most likely a pedophile, he didn't have a girlfriend, he spent years playing and watching Idol Master and he defended lolicon hentai in public.
Frank Frazzetta drew porn with a negro raping a white woman.
Ilya Kuvshinov aka Kronprinz was very uncreative with some of his works, picrelated. /ic/ tried to cancel him for years. He went on to become a lead character designer for Ghost in the Shell the Netflix adaptation and self-insert in the series as the main villain in the first episodes. The show was critically panned but Netflix announced 2nd season anyway. /ic/ tried to cancel him for years and they failed miserably. No one cares about this shit and no one will care about you.


Is regular human anime styled hentai profitable?


I have a circle of foreign friends and they receive money for me. This is the only way for 3rd freelancers worlders to receive PayPal money from individuals. We are severely limited with other things as well. For example, IKEA simply doesn't exist in Ukraine.


That's cool you have people you know you can trust with your money, sadly that's not possible for everyone I guess.
As a side question, why is everyone on /ic/ either a permabeg or a crab, nobody serious posts there, maybe people just leave once they get good.


All porn is profitable but the more depraved you are, the better. And no one, no one' can beat the furry porn income. You better draw what you enjoy though because if you try to cash in, you might burn out. I tried to draw furry porn initially and it just destroyed my soul, I do not enjoy it. I do not enjoy humanoid porn either but this stuff is still miles ahead of NSFW furries.
There are serious people but they rarely reveal themselves. I have very professional looking acquaintances from /ic/, unfortunately it's hard to establish true friendship with people from there, I tried hard and I failed to befriend people around my skill level or higher. Maybe I would have more success if I had a hole between my legs.
Among the prominent /ic/ artists that post regularly there are Ortamaw and Pantsuripper. Not gonna lie, I am jealous as hell of Pantsu, he got 60 000 followers on Twitter while I am still stuck at 320 despite all the art gains I made. I earn more $ off commissions each month than I have total followers currently, I am seriously considering just finding some semi-prominent artists and pay them to retweet my ass. My last "Nice dick bro" gif received 2000 likes on Reddit but I got only 4 retweets and 15 damn followers on Twitter, this shit is driving me insane.


Jeez, where the fuck do these furries get all that money from? So it's mostly due to supply and demand, i.e. less artists and more demand for furshit so they pay you more?


my theory is that these "hobbies" tend to attract autists and autists tend to work on well-paying stemlord jobs


Any tips on growing your social media? Twitter is fucking cancer but I think you can get a lot of normies to fetch you commissions right?

Some tips I heard:
1. Connections with famous artists - they share your art.
2. Posting frequently.

maybe someday i'll escape /beg/ hell and we will be hentai e-frens lol


File: 1644572041471-0.png (43.98 KB, 1169x464, Buy high sell low-2.png)

I don't think it's simply due to lack of artists, the rich furries meme is well known and there's a shit ton of artists drawing this stuff. There's just one big gold rush and unlimited supply of new artists trying to profit off the trend, yet it doesn't push furry prices down by much. I think there's something with mentality of furries, they commission stuff way more often than the usual humanoid customers + their standards are low. I struggle to gain people on Hentai Foundry but every time I posted something on FurAffinity I gained a new follower
I am still small and the stuff I say may end up like with blind leading the blind. I do not recommend to count on connections to famous artists, probably a quarter of all my followers on Twitter are artists. Most of them are small, but there's 4 guys with more than 20 000 followers each one + a dozen of artists in range between 1000-19 999 followers. This stuff didn't help me much. When you are a noname, it doesn't make much sense for famous artists to promote you unless you are extremely close. You are their competition + you can't offer anything back because you don't have audience yourself. At least I have some money to offer, so I will try to bribe several artists and see how this stuff works out.
In the long run, I believe that bribing is 100% way more beneficial that advertising naturally. If my parents weren't total fuck ups, I would use their wealth to bribe myself into reaching 10 000 followers. Bribes + posting frequently is the way to go, you will make up the losses via Patreon later. Long term, it absolutely makes sense. Let's say, you pay "only" $30 per retweet from somebody with 10 000 followers. For $30 (a day/two days of commissioned work for me) you will get way more exposure than you could get by simply publishing your works into the void. I fucking wish I had a thousand of dollars to spare on this stuff. right now I do have a thousand $ in reserve, which is triple the monthly Ukrainian wage, but I need those money for new laptop + investments in stocks (I am no gambler, I have help from my British friend with a degree in finance and I have been successfully testing myself playing Investopedia stocks simulator where I managed to earn the double of S&P500 so far)


Well I assumed mutual promotion would always be good, even if you recognize an artist is underrated and will blow up someday. Though even by principle, wouldn't it make sense to not share any trade secrets since every person is your "competition" by that logic? (you on an art forum)
From what I bothered with stock gambling back then I realized you actually need a decent amount of capital to make good returns otherwise it doesn't really account for much, unless you luck out on some crypto windfalls. Good luck to you though.


I have an inherent advantage thanks to my skill, so I can afford giving some tips, though not absolutely everything I know. To be my direct competition you need to draw the same things I draw + do this at comparable skill level. Plus cooperation is more useful than competition, because, say, if all the artists from /ic/ teamed up against all the other artists on Twitter, they would achieve more because the number of artists from /ic/ is way smaller than the total number of Twitter artists, thus allowing to capture "the pond" by pushing the native fish out and still have enough audience to feed off, it makes sense financially to create cliques and push the others out, Jews are infamous for their nepotism and sticking to their people, now look how much Jews achieved with that. You gain more by advancing those who will pay you back later (the best bang for the buck is when you advance artists with good skill but no audience). But artists are incapable of thinking long term, they try to undercut each other even when cooperation benefits them. For example, lots of top artists with 100 000 followers charge only 200-70$ per artwork because they are incapable of understanding the rules of supply and demand, that their name became a luxury brand and they can charge premium for it, like Apple. By charging little they harm their own income and force competing artists to charge less, too. But as a rule of thumb artists are not the sharpest tools in the shed, so this kind of self-harming practice is widespread.
>decent amount of capital
I will have around $20000 by the end of the year, in the worst case I will get 10% annual return from SP500, which means I can count on $2000 a year. In the best case, I can pick stocks with my friend and keep growing twice faster than SP500, meaning I will have $4000 a year. Even $2000 a year is insane rate-of-return for a country where average monthly salary is $350 and the banks offer to deposit your $ at less than 0,01% a year. You read it damn right, Ukrainian banks offer you 0,01% annual return for deposit in dollars, so ANYTHING bringing me % above 0,01% a year is a bargain.


What hardware and software do you use?


File: 1644849970029-0.mp4 (3.98 MB, 834x1080, Pendora animation_3.mp4)

Ancient 11 years old laptop with I5-2410M CPU wth 2 cores, 4gb memory and GeForce 540M. I am surprised this laptop is still alive, I was using it for 24/7 for years because I don't have real life and at times I didn't leave apartment at all for half a year or even more. I intended to buy new laptop at first but I will feel better if I can buy stocks, reading articles on investment and analysis of companies is funnier than drawing.

To these people owning stocks right now, buy ZIM. This Israeli shipping company is pure gold, me and my British friend are losing our minds over how damn good the company's data is. Ultra-wonderful divident yield, high price-to-earnings ratio, no substantial debts and lots of other good stuff, too. ZIM is severely undervalued right now, it's pure value stock and it will give you the easiest 5% a month return in your life. I am giving you this advice at my expense andI did not share it with anybody else, I do not long it yet due to lack of funds but I intend to and I advice you to keep the company for 4-7 months and then sell it depending on circumstances

I use Clip Studio Paint for drawing and hand drawn animation, Premier Pro for mp4 with music like the fresh video I attached and Live2D for mesh/puppet animation. Adobe After Effects is better by far for mesh/puppet animation but it has the highest requirements I have ever seen for an art related program, it's about as demanding as Witcher 3. Live2D is a castrated AE that won't kill your PC if it's as old as mine.


>low p/e
I am very sleepy.


drawing tab?


Intuos Draw for $100. Wacom tablets are fine and prized for their quality. You can order Chinese tablets instead if you want a 50% discount. You don't need any fancy shit for $200 and more, this shit barely influences your skill and expensive tablets are more of a status symbol than a boon. iPhone for artists.


people keep shilling me screen tablets and how they're better
iphones are nice tho


Would you recommend the more mainstream sites like Fiverr for graphic design and other artwork? Why/why not?


File: 1645274751397.jpg (810.4 KB, 1440x1800, RXUZ0654.JPG)

idk what this is supposed to be tbh


You need to get approved by mods on Fiverr but I was rejected there a year ago. Twice. That's why I started drawing porn. It may be different for you because graphic design is in much greater demand than the SFW art I make. I know a Polish artist from /ic/ that draws in typical corporate vector art style and earns $2000 a month (I earn $700 a month). Working for Western corps is indeed the best work if only you can land it.


Good luck Ukrainianon, I hope you will be fine.


I will enlist into the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces, new militia and guerrilla unit
Spread awareness of the war and war crimes, this war may end up very bloody. Ukraine is a place with almost 40 million inhabitants, when Iran and Iraq were fighting each other in 1980 hundreds of thousands of people died
This is going to be way worse than Afghanistan and Chechnya
The quickest way to end it is for the entire population of Ukraine to surrender (impossible) or to sanction the Russian government and oligarchs and make them leave. Address your national deputies asking to support Ukraine and send at least humanitarian aid to the country

THOSE OF YOU WHO SUPPORTED PUTIN: you fucked up big time but you still can fix your mistakes by addressing your district's deputy to the national parliament. Ukraine will need all help it can get


Удачи, our beloved drawfriend.


wait, why are you enlisting into the army? not worth putting your life at risk, just let it be and work on moving out of that shithole man.


I wanna chime in on the draw friends topic, what if you just don't plain like the art of your friends or don't want your handle to be associated with it?


Godspeed, anon.


Ukraine is releasing prisoners to fight for its independence. The soldiers started giving away weapons to anybody willing to take them in my city, if regular army and Territorial Defense Forces fail, the normal people without commanders will have to defend themselves


Don't die in a volkstorm for your burger fascit puppet masters lad https://youtu.be/WV9J6sxCs5k

You aren't fighting for independence because your country wasn't independent anyway


>the Putin's oligarchy will be buried and time is on our side
hope you'll be alive to see it.
stay safe fam.


>>2129 (me)
Now I think about it Switzerland is probably not a good example.


I see that my posts elaborating in detail on Ukraine are getting cleaned up now, but it's okay for this retard >>2161 >>2160 to speak up? I am leaving this board, I don't see reason to remain there anymore while I get this treatment from a Putinist leftie because I said things that destroyed his infobubble. A bunch of brainwashed retards think they know more than an Eastern Ukrainian communist living in the warzone.


File: 1646492714330.jpg (34.82 KB, 768x433, идите на.jpg)

В общем, ты уходишь? Тiкай с богом!


redacting this post
you are just another glowje


File: 1646531053967.png (190.43 KB, 923x758, Screenshot_3.png)

She supports the Soviet Union !!!




ziggas really drove out one of the very few competent drawfags on this site


oh wow i hadnt seen this thread, mods are fags as always


File: 1653369323935.jpg (155.83 KB, 1536x1534, zigga gang.jpg)



Yep. Hope he’s still alive.


mods deleted an argument they started along with everyone replying to him, Not to mention you didn't read the posts he made, literal Ukrop propaganda and crying about the maidan being a response to Russia, and ya kno not a fucking color revolution that the USA all but admitted in cooking up.



its the funny twitter plushie


File: 1656186585500.png (771.35 KB, 1447x1612, Illustration115.png)

Unique IPs: 27

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