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Hello I created this thread for people who like flag design and maps and herlady please enjoy posting creations I will be posting my Creations as well.


File: 1636759175439.png (18.46 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

you gannot out do dis flag


File: 1636817303161.png (35.29 KB, 1740x1077, islas_de_vinico_flag.png)

well i made this


Hm, wasn't there already a Vexillology thread on /hobby/? Maybe it could be moved here


I am making an anarchist Poland concept >>1514


File: 1636819547524.jpg (80.02 KB, 983x656, IMG_20211113_145309.jpg)

Here is the preview of the flag of the anarchist Poland


If you want you can make a better one because I couldn't think of a perfect anarchist Polish flag


So I modified the Polish Congress flag and added some anarchist/socialist symbolism


File: 1638413735865-0.jpg (109.08 KB, 1049x987, EzqKYQWXoAA6jHr.jpg)

File: 1638413735865-1.jpg (2.3 MB, 4096x3931, EaKnYlQXQAQOvbq.jpg)

I've been wondering what a socialist American flag could look like (or what American socialists could use in lieu of party flags or flags of affinity groups), and was surprised to find flags used in the Revolutionary War that haven't already been appropriated by right-wingers. For instance there's the Forster and Brandywine flags; they're both square-shaped with 13 stripes on their cantons. I think this symbolism: 13 stripes, when placed on a red field, makes it very modern for its time. Some people think 13 is an unlucky number, but here, it fundamentally represents the instantiation of popular sovereignty in America, and ostensibly a mass of people taking up arms against imperialism.


This is the flag Daniel Shay flew right?


File: 1638414422526.jpg (222.8 KB, 1000x752, arsenal_regulators.jpg)

Looks like it! I honestly didn't know that until now; interesting factoid.


There's also the Bucks of America flag, which was originally designed to honor black patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War. I thought this was interesting because it offers a template similar to the, "let's put socialist heraldry on everything" kind of designs that left-wing vexillologists love to make so much. This led me down another rabbit hole:


I stumbled upon this book published in 1876 titled, "State Arms of the Union"—it contains high quality reproductions of US state coat of arms. Another thing that surprised me is that we used to have these. Some of the symbolism used in them can actually be found in our contemporary state seals; hell, some have barely changed at all (as is the case with Missouri)!


But what I found really interesting about these coat of arms is just how many used picture frames in their designs; I haven't looked for examples of this elsewhere yet, but it seems like a uniquely American phenomenon. When we hear 'coat of arms' we usually think of European royalty: shields, crowns, mantles, etc. But here, it's like you're looking through a window into another world, full of opportunity; I feel like I could jump through like it's Mario 64.


And the more abstract they get the more they sorta begin to resemble socialist state emblems of the 20th century, with their emphasis on the means of production.


File: 1638419670116.mp4 (6.34 MB, 1280x720, wake up.mp4)

Fascinating how in presenting the American Dream imagery it's also representing it as an image. You are not meant to fall in love with the real place or even a mere representation of the place. It is the representation of the representation. As if you are supposed to be aware on a subconscious level of the fictitiousness of the object of fascination. In a similar way to how Americans pledge allegiance to the flag and the "republic for which it stands" there is a fixation on worship of representation of something abstract. Not merely a representation nor an abstract idea, but rather specifically a symbolic representation of the abstract ideal. It's a meta-worship, a worship of symoblism itself. The act of representing is ritualized and sanctified. American "civil religion" is the worship of abstraction itself, the idea that a nation can be built on an idea. It is the highest stage of idealism.


>what a socialist American flag could look like
no stripes
13 stars
either a blue canton with blue stars or all red with gold stars


File: 1638429777443.png (698.71 KB, 1086x630, synchronicity.png)

>they sorta begin to resemble socialist state emblems of the 20th century, with their emphasis on the means of production.


>The act of representing is ritualized and sanctified. American "civil religion" is the worship of abstraction itself, the idea that a nation can be built on an idea. It is the highest stage of idealism.
Yeah I don't know if it's possible for socialists to adopt this design motif while still holding on to a materialist conception of history. I think it'd be cool if they somehow could though. You see what I mean?
>either a blue canton with blue stars


File: 1638454703931-0.png (1.58 MB, 1024x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638454703931-1.png (1.43 MB, 1024x680, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638454703931-2.png (480.07 KB, 655x436, ClipboardImage.png)

>Yeah I don't know if it's possible for socialists to adopt this design motif while still holding on to a materialist conception of history. I think it'd be cool if they somehow could though. You see what I mean?
Make the picture extend beyond the frame, either in front or behind it. That way you are implying that the frame is important but it does not contain what you are representing. In fact, you are now representing the relationship between the thing and its representation and the fact that your representation does not encapsulate the thing.


File: 1638661446534-0.jpg (89.94 KB, 1084x691, IMG_20211204_234150.jpg)

File: 1638661446534-2.png (957.28 KB, 1384x938, 76erez9cmpo31 (1).png)

The flag of (Battalion of death) which is an anarchist Italian Battalion of the Spanish Civil War you guys can meet the better version of the flag I would be appreciated


Isn't there a typo on that first pic?


So you're saying that I screwed up the flag??


Improved historically accurate version completed finally this flag exists on the internet


There is no reason to thank me


File: 1638674581316.png (559.6 KB, 1067x1017, 1638674499436.png)


File: 1639030666464.png (3.36 KB, 1200x600, red.png)

2:3 red flag with the exact shade of red as the canadian flag


serious drip

>The Battalion of Death (Battalion Malatesta) was an Italian anarchist unit during the Spanish Civil War. The battalion was formed by a few hundred Italian anarchist exiles in France. It was organized and funded by Diego Abad de Santillan and commanded by the Italian Camillo Berneri.

>Late March 1937, the battalion made ​​its debut parading through the Paseo de Gracia and the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona wearing their smart uniforms and brandishing the slogan “without God nor master”. It made quite an impression on the audience.

>They wore black turtleneck jerseys, olive-green uniforms with ammunition belts and a black beret with a skull and a dagger badge. The battalion consisted of both men and women.



You made the flag of the Paris commune


File: 1639186836737-0.jpg (157.05 KB, 1403x806, IMG_20211210_230557.jpg)

File: 1639186836737-1.png (117.83 KB, 944x880, 1639177268383.png)

>flag of the new ideology of (Redneck Socialism)
And also the symbol


If you want kown more about this ideology
Read this https://archive.org/details/RedneckRevolution
>>Credits to the original creator kown as shay
, because this ideology isn't my idea its shay's idea


File: 1639187011887.png (382.29 KB, 1029x1733, Untitled50_20211210194312.png)



File: 1639207805161-0.jpg (22.66 KB, 1514x744, IMG_20211211_072801.jpg)

File: 1639207805161-1.png (8.65 KB, 446x549, 1639207203817.png)

>>Fictional variant flag of the Soviet Union.


>>What do you think about this proposed flag for Socialist Republic >>of Bosnia and Herzegovina basically a member of Yugoslavia


I'm not a vexillology expert, but I really like this.




File: 1640089333877-2.png (191.7 KB, 2880x1440, 2t5yeu7w21681.png)

File: 1640089333877-3.png (72.26 KB, 1920x960, Banner of Victory.png)

Two of the biggest problems I've noticed with vexillology - especially communist vexillology - is a) a constant re-use of past symbols and b) a fetishisation of simplicity. The first point is hard to navigate. Recall that the hammer and sickle was a reflection of the main base of the Bolshevik party, the combination of the peasants and the workers. There are benefits to re-using this symbol (and others), namely upholding and respecting the sacrifices and struggles of the past. However, many other questions arise. What symbols would represent the working class today? How would it reflect their history in the particular area that's being represented by the flag? Does it encapsulate or at least acknowledge other histories, like that of minority or indigenous groups? Is it aesthetically appealing? And so on.

The second point is a problem that can be easily solved by breaking free of a particular mindset that flags, above all, must be simple. So it goes that: "The flag should be so simple that a child can draw it from memory." But why? Do we think so little of children that we do not think that they can't like something that is complex? Do have to reduce ourselves to the design equivalent of baby voice? Of course, simplicity can look good, and it can provide more than adequate symbolism which can encapsulate cultures that have been around for generations. However, it shouldn't be a commandment nor a priority of flag design. Above all, flags should not be simple, but aesthetically appealing. Of course flags can be both, but expanding the category of what a flag must be would do some good.


I already know this because I'm a vexillologist but I do sometimes I break some of the rules just for aesthetics


File: 1640189675247.jpg (32.68 KB, 1148x574, IMG_20211222_161346.jpg)

==I made a better flag for the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina=


What is program you guys use to make these?


i'm not him but I use GIMP and/or Inkscape


>"The flag should be so simple that a child can draw it from memory." But why?
Easier to recognize, reproduce and spread.


Blue canton with white stars
Sorry just remembered I made that post


File: 1640632591550.png (11.54 KB, 665x444, coq flag.png)

From an older thread on Bunker.


File: 1640632691587.png (17.7 KB, 665x444, coq flag 2.png)

>>1850 (me)


File: 1640636798841.jpg (31.85 KB, 290x512, gmsd44vbhru61 (1).jpg)


>That is actually a pretty good design well done


File: 1640685951550.jpg (46.59 KB, 1192x778, Ausfalia.jpg)

I tried and it's very meh :\


File: 1640749833348.png (42.85 KB, 1693x1107, bitmap.png)

wtf is going on with the star


I used MSpaint :(

look I'm trying to learn Gimp etc., but I'm mostly just talentless so knocking something out in paint is about as far as I can go current.

Thank you for cleaning it up though, looks miuch clearer and tighter.

I've used too many colours perhaps, but it's a crappy fusion of Australia's flag, the eureka, and Aboriginal and PNG schemes.


File: 1640755268907-0.png (51.5 KB, 1956x1282, bitmap1.png)

File: 1640755268907-3.gif (1.51 KB, 324x216, au}ab72.gif)

File: 1640755268907-4.png (57.95 KB, 600x407, MM-Flag-pic.png)

The problem i reckon is just with the yellow, and I've noticed this with other modifications of the aboriginal flag as well. Its an ugly yellow that clashes with the colours that surround it. Just removing it you can maintain the symbolism while making things more balanced i think.

I cleaned the flag up in InkScape which isn't as intuitive as GIMP but because it's vector based you get cleaner images. I'm talentless as well, the only way I've learnt is by dicking around for a few hours and looking at youtube videos.

There are other Australian flags which might be of use to you if you need some inspo.


Remember when the British Labour Party used have a cool logo and insignia

The first logo of the British Labour Party originally was red and gold and contained a shovel a quill and a torch and to be honest it is a much better design than the modern version which is nothing but the social democratic Rose

And in my opinion is one of my favourite left wing symbols


Very nice try

Looks pretty OK I would give it about a 7 out of 10


Thanks comrade for ur words of encouragement and cool flags :')


>Looks pretty OK I would give it about a 7 out of 10


Please learn how to use vector graphics software. Inkscape should still be free, right? I've always used pirated copies of Adobe Illustrator.


I should clarify that the other flags I posted are not mine, but are flags found in Australia (historically or otherwise)

First flag: Adnyamathanha flag

Second flag: Ngarrindjeri Nation Flag

Third flag: Spear flag flown at the Aboriginal tent embassy

Fourth Flag: Monster meeting flag


File: 1640913991257-0.png (57.39 KB, 2560x1663, ausflag1.png)

File: 1640913991257-1.png (123.98 KB, 2525x1663, ausflag3.png)

File: 1640913991257-2.png (124.27 KB, 2525x1663, ausflag4.png)

File: 1640913991257-3.png (124.49 KB, 2525x1663, ausflag6.png)

made some flags


The white should be yellow




Represents the yellow of the indigenous flag.


>it represents a color on a flag
lmao if you can't describe the symbolism of the yellow in the indigenous Australian flag, it's clearly not important to you.
I like the red earth and bright stars in a black sky. Too much colour just makes it clash.


it clearly represents the sun
the star at the center of the cross could be yellow


this MLM splinter party's new logo is really good ngl


I would very well agree


>the star at the center of the southern cross could [represent a different star, the sun]


Canada right?


yes. these ones splintered off cuz they didn't like the original PCR-RCP's (now dissolved) line on transphobia and possibly just general internal drama
you can try to decipher it here:
https://www.iskra-pcr-rcp.ca/en/2018/07/30/we-are-the-continuators/ (split statement)
http://www.pcrrcp.ca/wp-content/uploads/OntheMisrepresentationofLineStruggle.pdf (response from central committee)


I like the waves a lot


just saw these on leftistvexillology really like them


love this


File: 1641136190793-2.png (95.48 KB, 2525x1663, attempt was made.png)

>an attempt in paint was made


Sorry for the month-late reply,
>Make the picture extend beyond the frame, either in front or behind it.
I guess that's the key difference between these and their 20th century counterparts. With the Romanian example, an idyllic representation is already being framed (by the wheat, ribbon and star), not just with a literal picture frame. What if I put tools inside of the frame like some of the more abstract examples I posted here >>1681 — maybe it'd come across as something more GDR-like?


File: 1641884569259.jpg (36.49 KB, 1366x766, IMG_20220111_065741.jpg)

English national bolshevik flag


File: 1641890948867-0.png (48.79 KB, 547x542, kitty blade remake.png)

File: 1641890948867-1.png (35.83 KB, 669x401, illegalist flag png.png)

File: 1641890948867-2.jpg (59.61 KB, 1080x716, egocom flag v2.jpg)

>Antifascist catgirl flag

>Illegalist Jolly Roger

>old EgoCom flag

<not mine it was made by a trans girl in a facebook group
she sold some patches cus people liked it.
the original flag image can't be found anymore but i met someone who had it stored and asked for it


I actually like those flags


File: 1642041125978-0.png (9.17 KB, 225x225, 1641025547956.png)

File: 1642041125978-1.png (340.65 KB, 2223x2921, 1642036640739.png)

File: 1642041125978-3.png (4.11 KB, 138x364, download.png)

Did a redesign of the emblem of the Australian Communist Party. The current is on the left and my version is next to it. Although they'll probably change their policies on China before they change their emblem, just such a shame that they broke off from the CPA for a chance at more vitality and potential, and they chose such a shit symbol to represent themselves. Even the CPA's redesign looks better (although they're old symbol was awful).


Hello Antifa uwu


It's got a vibe to it, but scares people off




File: 1642278736821.jpg (188.28 KB, 1557x877, IMG_20220115_203027.jpg)

Eurasian Union flag fictional


File: 1642572204885.png (19.44 KB, 1500x1000, AUSCPFlagRedesign.png)

for anyone who gives a shit about r/leftistvexillology, a prominent mod and anarchist unintentionally exposed themselves for essentially collaborating with fascists through working with lib jannies at r/rightistvexilollogy (or whatever the fuck the subs called)

i made this redesign awhile back that retains all the elements from the ACP logo


hmmm I do like it better
Maybe sickle to the otherside of hammer so it gets the juche vibe


I like it but I admit at first glance I thought the flag was an axe/fasces lmao


One of the mods of r/rightistvexillology frequently posts there; this is unsurprising. Keep in mind that the only reason for r/leftistvexillology's existence is because the mods of r/leftvexillology (the original subreddit) banned all Rojava and Rojava-inspired flags many years ago.


Also I don't like it; if you're gonna put a flag on a flag then it better be in the form of a seal or emblem.


File: 1642953695323.jpg (51.36 KB, 1354x899, IMG_20220123_160006.jpg)

National bolshevik Feminism flag


File: 1643420192189.jpg (122.34 KB, 1005x666, IMG_20220128_232046.jpg)

Leftypol novorossiya flag


kinda lit


File: 1644822996922-0.jpg (154.44 KB, 1390x929, IMG_20220214_062721.jpg)

File: 1644822996922-1.jpg (134.24 KB, 1250x828, IMG_20220214_052512.jpg)

What are your opinions on this flag


looks like shit


File: 1645023327535.png (99.56 KB, 2084x2084, Star V1.png)

My father asked for proper sticker designs to make print and decorate his bicycles so I learned how to do some vector art with Adobe Illustrator to make tight symbols. It's his design (environment, anarchism, communism, yellow vests), pretty cool I think, I may fiddle with this software some more.


It is pretty cool




Looks very clean.


Yeah that's because I did it with vector art. Basically you use functions instead of pixels to draw stuff, but note that the softwares are intuitive, it's basically a complex version of paint: you don't have to input the math because the computer does that for you. What you can do is draw forms, fiddling with their properties trough windows etc. So even though this file is a "rasterized" png it looks clean, and if I could post a .svg file of this you could zoom toward infinity without finding any pixel.

I find this super cool and I think I'm gonna try to do clean symbols for leftypol. The "welcome to leftypol" one would benefit from some polishing.


The Soviet Union if it was Juche



I made this a while back but never put it up anywhere because the wreath got fucked up and i didnt realise, but i still think it looks dope as a flag and was my favourite out of the 2 i made


That's pretty cool fren


wow forster flag is super cool


File: 1651018608155-1.jpg (80.61 KB, 750x562, [email protected])

File: 1651018608155-2.png (210.27 KB, 8133x8133, Forster_Flag.png)

File: 1651018608155-3.png (209.32 KB, 8133x8133, forsterreprol.png)

Here's a quick reproduction; two colors (one American the other Soviet). I know there are people who've been making patches out of it.


By the way there's supposed to 7 bars on the other side, because 13; but let's just forget that lol.


File: 1651019167962-0.png (718.67 KB, 5102x1898, utpsyr2zprb41.png)

File: 1651019167962-2.png (978.73 KB, 2631x2487, c2vdthvcwbj71.png)

Here's some inspo: flag proposals for the PRC, and an unrelated image showing historical flags with a fleur-de-lis.


File: 1651019418773-1.png (128.46 KB, 5400x3600, testflag1.png)

File: 1651019418773-2.png (128.87 KB, 5400x3600, testflag2.png)

>second pic
A couple years ago I took this example and tried Americanizing it; don't think I was very successful. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a decent looking vector graphic of an M16 with a triangular handguard.


File: 1651019986993-1.jpg (535.46 KB, 1275x1712, 91ifsq24RXL.jpg)

File: 1651019986993-2.jpg (126.96 KB, 1365x911, tiqz3t8y78m61.jpg)

File: 1651019986993-3.jpg (887.95 KB, 1311x881, totheperson_125_web.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can find a 'good' reproduction of Mark Twain's proposed flag for the US annexation of the Philippines? The one that flew at Contemporary Art Museum St Louis looked really nice.



why couldn't this be post 1776 lol

anyway a socialist american flag would be Mt Rushmore with. John Brown, Harriet Tubman, Eugene Debs, Fred Hampton


File: 1651022988762-1.png (156.41 KB, 4167x2500, Kampfgruppen-gdrred.png)

All of the flags you posted are visually appealing, but I could never see them being used as a national standard. The evolution of Tuva's flag actually got worse after the 1930s, lol; and the Kampfgruppen flag without the text, wreath and dangly ceremonial bits looks so much better. It must've looked nice flying next to the national flag of the GDR. https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/de%7Dkga.html


imo don't put people's faces on flags, it's cringe and goes to far into hero worship


>hero worship
I should have said individualism, I suppose


File: 1651024233268-1.png (1.63 MB, 1500x843, bedford-jan-6.png)

Why is a flag 'post 1776' a necessary precondition for Americans to use it? Hell, there were reproductions of the Bedford flag being flown by maggots on Jan 6. The Forster flag was apparently used in Shay's Rebellion >>1678 but I haven't found much evidence to support that.
Yeah and plus Mount Rushrmore ought to be destroyed; same goes for the relief on Stone Mountain.


File: 1651071257177.png (321.35 KB, 2676x598, idk.png)

just fucking around but you get the idea


based and love it


File: 1651089207534.jpg (176.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ingsoc flag used in protest


File: 1651111727846.png (61.45 KB, 2879x1752, antifasciche flag .png)


looks very cool
would love to see an english text version


>would love to see an english text version
I don't know how to do that :(


wtf is this supposed to be


File: 1651876330443.pdf (4.99 KB, 255x153, dickblast.pdf)

And dick-blast our leader,
with faith in the people,
inspired us to build up,
the land that we love!


File: 1651892373124.png (302.03 KB, 698x713, ClipboardImage.png)



They need to add svg support to this board.


File: 1652121681367-0.png (227.24 KB, 4320x2592, flag.png)

File: 1652121681367-1.png (259.66 KB, 4320x2592, flag1.png)

reminds me of these flags I made for some transbian anarchists a couple years ago


oof I'm just realizing the layers are slightly off in each; before anyone asks I don't remember what the "L" stands for either


File: 1652121977469-0.png (53.96 KB, 1689x596, gun.png)

File: 1652121977469-1.png (782.63 KB, 8333x8192, rafvectortr.png)

File: 1652121977469-2.png (115.97 KB, 2000x1966, 2000px-RAF-Logo.svg.png)

oh cool I didn't realize I still held onto these


kriss vector is absolutely a meme gun but it looks cool


these are fresh


prolly lesbian army faction or something


Fucking sad if true


I don't care.


These are so beautiful


File: 1654120954802.png (2.74 KB, 576x424, newchechnyamap.png)

I guess if this is the place for maps, I'll put my New Chechnya map here.


I really like this one.


File: 1655927308908.png (315.27 KB, 636x595, konata cry.png)



why are you crying anon


why wouldn't he cry


flag maker is kill

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