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This is a thread for communists who are (or are planning to) study at [b]unnamed[/b] universities the world over.

The thread is to serve as a mutual intellectual support system and meta-discussion for communist students to
· share resources for picking and learning your object of study
· discuss strategies for studies
· weekly rhythms and scheduling outside of the classroom
· organizing the student-body and/or spreading artistic agitation
· all while ultimately staying safe and completing your studies



&lt posts the black flag


See this thread for more university information


Contact your local communist group (after vetting them) and let them help you start a socialist org in your school. BTW, A lot of schools have restrictions on political orgs that they conveniently ignore for right winger orgs.


> spreading artistic agitation
How do I do this?


Well, to any comrade that needs papers for "reasons". Exist https://www.sci-hub.tw/


Start a cinema club wich airs movies that are revolutionary in a sense. But not Life of young Karl Marx or Battleship Potemkin ofc. Or a classic in this country, arm a band, play common music but in protest you play the drum.
The club in my Uni aired movies about the theology of liberation or other more mainstream like Idiocracy, Hotel Ruanda,etc. Until they disolved.


Or the classic Marx reading club.


>not knowing the difference between 'communists' and 'Communists'.
Have you ever heard of Kropotkin, Malatesta and Makhno? All communists. Kropotkin even preferred the red flag over the black.
This one had a better OP.


File: 1608528099330.png (57.82 KB, 385x500, situcat.png)

Toilet stalls are a great starting point for immediate practice for messaging. Something as easy as a sharpie, or more advanced like stickers works great – for revolutionary quotes, advertising radical student orgs, critiquing, some new event…
Graffiti is only recommended in some area outside the premises, where you know there's no surveillance, perhaps on the road or electric boxes towards the nearest public transit (and make it in the middle of the night or something, but be aware that security could still be on watch over the general area (paid for by the uni) - so act with due caution if you'd do this). See the Situationist's theory of 'psychogeography' for more of this, but modify the context to the present one of abundant surveillance. I'd recommend you take the first month of casual strolling with a cap/sunglasses to self-surveil the surveillance, take a google-maps screenshot and mark out where the surveillance is most intense and where it radically decreases, taking into account windows and especially corners as well. A stencil graffiti of a communist quotation or a visible hammer and sickle makes the intellectual climate for students more liberating as they know there isn't all just 'apolitical' libs all over the place; it functions as a giant 'OK' sign those quiet. All this while never making your political views incriminatorily obvious as a 'Subversive Agitator' to potentially get you kicked out of the uni; it should all be carried out relatively secret until actions gets sprung up spontaneously, go ahead and support them, but still with some distance, acting like you just heard about it like everybody else, so as to not get targeted as 'the Leader'. Use a VPN for your devices, if things kick off don't use things like Facebook as they collaborate with authorities, but instead be the pseudonymous admin of a Riot.IM group or something and post that also in the stalls (this is after things have actually started rolling).
Bam, maybe you've just radicalized several hundreds of students for the foreseeable future, who knows.


Forcibly projecting late 60s Godard into every art student's retina on a 24 hour loop.


I hate my university, it is imperialist as fuck. I'm only going so I can become good at [STEM TOPIC] and use my skills to help overthrow capitalism.




If I'd like to take a program in university that basically allows me to sit and read obscure historical socialist/communist theory and make comparative essays on these works I'm reading for years upon years – what would that be? Sometimes I come across insanely detailed blog-posts that are like these, and at the end it's like some university dissertation.
At first I though this would go under sociology, but I'm not so sure anymore as Marxism doesn't really dominate the space to that degree anymore with all the bourgeois sociology competing for your school-work? But to be clear I'm not sure even of this.

Do you do this at uni / do you know anyone that does and could thus give me some pointers?


>If I'd like to take a program in university that basically allows me to sit and read obscure historical socialist/communist theory and make comparative essays on these works I'm reading for years upon years
Philosophy or comparative literature could allow you to do that.


Guess this the place to ask:
Anybody know some good critical theory programs? I'm looking at UC Berkeley, Irvine, CUNY, and some British programs: Warwick and Goldsmith's in particular


How would one know before-hand that the uni wouldn't kick you out when you start publishing papers citing over 9000 Margsist satanical gommunists? How can one gauge the 'lefty character' of universities? Rumours? Where are those posted outside the chambers of /pol/ / neocon ideology?


Why the fuck are all the even marginally left-wing unis so fucking expensive? Shit, man. I get that money doesn't grow on trees, but these unis don't even fucking accept federal grants.


The New School is a very expensive private uni in Manhattan, but Richard Wolff teaches there I guess.


will this get me 18yo pussy or nah?


Scummy attitude.


Don't go to New School for anything other than undergrad. Funding is a complete joke for grad students.


If I were to study web development, how broad is that field actually?
I've always got the impression that it involves the standard http(s) website coding in HTML, CSS, JS, etc. but last night I laid wondering if other projects I'm somewhat interested in too, that also are very network-heavy in scope, would be included? For example something like RSS, instant messaging, P2P?
I'm guessing the last one is a 'no' simply because it's not technically 'web', but then what is it? It's not standard software engineering since it involves very complicated networking as the bulk of what's being maintained? But does it then go under ICT? Does web development also go under ICT?


ICT is a buzzword nobody outside government bureaucracies actually use. I think you are interested in this: https://roadmap.sh/frontend


What does /edu/ think of trying to classpill people in social justice type groups in university. At my uni (burgerstan) seems a lot of left-leaning liberals and Bernie types flock to organizations that promote LGBT, Black student orgs, and other idpol causes. But I think if they are small and relatively open minded it could be an opportunity to go in and subtly promote class analysis. Thoughts?


What do you have to lose?
The worst they can do if you try to classpill them, is that they sperg out and out themselves as Radlib.
Don't reveal your Powerlevel at the very Beginning but don't compromise too much.


Tangentially related in regards to school protests of the 1970s

>On May 17, 1972, ten thousand British kids walked out of school to protest corporal punishment — and force authorities to change the law.

>themselves from school in reply to a call from the Schools Action Union (SAU): a children-led movement that existed between 1968 and 1974, and made significant gains in shifting the corporal punishment debate in Britain.

>The SAU planned from the offset to be able to raise enough funds to rent an office. They published two magazines, Vanguard and Rebel, each sold for a three pence fortnightly subscription fee. They also held film nights and “Guerrilla Theatre” performances, and eventually raised enough money to obtain a space in North Gower Street, next to Agitprop — the “radical information agency” — and the newly established Gay News. Having a place of their own meant that the students could write, organize, and discuss issues with a degree of autonomy that had previously been impossible.

>No, absolutely not. I mean, we accept advice from anybody, people who respect us we respect. There’s no person pulling strings, paying us. I wish someone was, we haven’t got any money! We’re just working, we’re school students who are fighting for revolutionary change.



It's one thing to have paddling and having your knuckles struck with a ruler, that's perfectly legit TBH, unless the teacher is outright using the edge to do damage (in which case parents get involved), but Anglos bring a whole new meaning to child abuse in schools. Roald Dahl's novel Boy, tells of many horrors, of which a bleeding bruised backside was only the most prominent.


Something similar is brewing up in Burgerstan too, y'know? Possibly in calling more attention to military recruiting programs and school cops.



I suspect this is a stupid question, but can anyone tell me why the University of Chicago has so much infamy in today's leftist circles?


Chicago school of economics


Yeah, no shit. Specifically what the fuck is wrong with them.


Their business school is full of libertarians. Specifically, they were the school behind the "shock therapy" in Chile which drastically defunded and cut social programs while impoverishing more than half of the population. They helped bring about neoliberalism.


Nice trips and thanks


I'm not really sure why they don't just cut down on the number of students so they can waive tuition and give a solid stipend. I'm going to be doing doing applications soon and didn't even have them in consideration which was a real shame.

Got a question though for anyone here, are there any leftist scholarships out there?


Idk (not that poster) but my plan is sort of lay low until getting tenure and then rev up the theory after.


it's pretty sad because many of my contacts in the us left is through the UChi maths and physics departments, which are pretty based


How easy would it be going to uni in China? As a non-native, of course.


In philosophy you can insert your pet issue into any paper if you try hard enough, like woman do with feminism lately.


Where can I read more about this?


If one knows Chinese and scores highly one can go to some good public STEM universities. Technically most people have done English classes in earlier but obviously that doesn't mean they can fluently speak the language. Getting to know the city before enrolling is a good idea too.

Don't act too entryist, though, because orgs justifiably don't tolerate that activity.


Also, unless they already are favorable to Marxism and Communism, it's probably better to start off with revolutionary works that are more relevant to the orgs' issues. Social justice is a part of any communist program, and it shouldn't be too hard to find material that's related.


anyone at York University?


>majoring in philosophy at an anglo university
bros… i don't feel too good…


I know some Chinese and am learning more, but I'm not STEM. What about philosophy grad programs?


Reminder to not speak of your exact university in particular that you attend ITT by name so as to not incriminate yourself


Is there such a thing as studying too little at university?
How about too much?
When writing up a plan of which programs I'd like to take it is becoming exceedingly long (i.e. ~10 years).
I am goal oriented with a lot of ambition but I need a second opinion.


They still teach that crap?


Not explicitly, but most facilities are dedicated to "Logic" and "Ethics" - both of which are detached from any historical context and material analysis


logic and ethics are the lowest common denominator of philosophy, so most undergrad program facilities anywhere are focused on them the most


Anyone here with experience doing a phd in another country?
I miss being in university and I always sorta wanted to do a phd, but possibilities are pretty slim where I live (in my field, at least), so I am thinking about looking abroad. I am from Scandinavia and I studied Spanish at uni, so obviously it would also make sense to pursue a phd in a Spanish speaking country, I just don't know how or where to start..


A bunch of specialized high school kids tried this in NYC as well and nothing happened



just drop out en masse. fuck school


I'm from flag related and want to study pedagogy in Estonia


neoliberal hellhole where everything is privatised, surviving on capital injections from the West because Estonia is the "pilot program" and "exemplary post-Soviet country".

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