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of course most /pol/tards side with caser's legion but looking at it almost every single faction is awful one way or the other, The NCR is literally a reboot of America that is in the middle of a manifest destiny, House is a egotistical maniac and probably appeals to Musk bros and Yes man is just a libertarian wet dream
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No anon new Vegas isn’t painful enough

Pip boys freeze time along with looting
VATS is an overglorified aimbot
Bullet sponges are everywhere and the player is also one of them making fights always one sided often to the player
You’ll notice how limited the field of view for NPCs really is pretty quickly by setting your actor distance to max



>even fallout 4 that tries to make it look like nature came back has shitty weed

It's two games now and no one has told any environment artist at Bethesda that 200 year old skeletons wouldn't be in the same place with a stogie in their hand and their clothes undisturbed

I don't know why they didn't just set both of their games after the bombs fell. Nothing in those games requires such a large time gap lol.


Also in Bethesda games skeletons stick together in a human shape somehow post-death


Conflicted, I like wasteland look and feel but messed up lore is never good.


That’s not really the fault of Bethesda as much as it was the fault of the original authors. Say what you want but the guys at the studio weren’t the guys that thought making the enclave pointlessly evil was a smart idea they just make the games.
Download istewie tweaks ini mod, and the disabled vats mod, ctrl f and search for the settings for exp and quest popups, enemy NPC markers and combat music, disable all those settings and replay the game. Believe me you’ll get jumped alot due to the lack of audio and visual feedback informing you about what your enemy is doing and if they’re even dead


Pointlessly evil? They're the ones who started the war in the first place!


Personally I always thought that twist was utter garbage because it obliviates the games central ideas even more than enhance anything because destroying the enclave in 2 would be the end of fallout as a franchise while the word reverts back to normal as if literally fucking nothing happened and nothing would be learnt because the story was forced rather than being the natural byproduct of geopolitical tension that readers could’ve invested their time into understanding


The raiders are the biggest problem honestly

Obsidian and Bethesda really make these guys look far more stupid than they’re, these people can take over towns, build bases, craft and fend off for each other they shouldn’t be looking like a bunch of bdsm kids on fucking crack especially not in a place as dangerous as the Mojave, obsidian really should’ve given them more respect when designing them


Actually I’m not even gonna stop at how goofy as fuck raider designs are but how often ignored how people transport things in new Vegas is

Like fuck you see wastelanders hauling around their junk everywhere on Brahmins and you go “well shit that makes sense” then you go out and see raiders carrying fucking hundreds of rounds of ammo and entire fucking miniguns out of jack shit no where while every aspect of raider society from how they defend themselves, how they transport things, how they feed and nurture each other is all ignored man. It’s fucking strange considering how much the RPG elements were mastered in this game all to know that raiders truly get their asses handed to them in the one game where they really should’nt have been. Fucking fo4 treats these people with more respect


Thread re-designated to Fallout General.


The map size

Yes it makes sense from a game developers perspective to make the maps smaller in every new title because having large worlds filled with nothing in them is boring as shit, but
And I fucking repeat this
Do not take this out of context
<out of personal preference I prefer the larger open spaces
Why? Because it genuinely makes these games feel larger, even if most of those areas are small levels in between the actually fun gameplay I’d like having cool shit to do in those regions like building thinks, hunting, getting lost in the map etc. I know it’s not for everyone and there’s legitimate reasons beyond game design why this isn’t implemented like floating point precision but that’s what I’d want


Here’s what I think of it

It’s the shittiest revolutionary game of all time

Revolutionary because it defined most aspects of what’s associated with 3d open world shooters which gave us far cry, the outer worlds, metro, stalker etc

Shitty because not even ID tech and modders could save how unbelievably fucking shit, clearly unfinished and blatantly broken the core gameplay is. It’s so fucking janky and distracting to the point where it’s frustrating to put up with and makes you forget about the RPG mechanics of the game

If you like it you either love it out of nostalgia or like the RPG mechanics. If your new to old fallout games play this only for the main quest and try your hardest to ignore the sway, bullet sponges, and constant recycling of assets because underneath all that shit is genuinely a heartwarming RPG


>Revolutionary because it defined most aspects of what’s associated with 3d open world shooters which gave us far cry, the outer worlds, metro, stalker etc
did it?



It’s that old and most RPG and exploration mechanics like fast travel, discovery, survival shit etc was indirectly or directly based off this garbage. Still wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone because the design decisions made for it are so hilariously awful it’s amazing they’re not bugs like attaching weapon sway by default making aiming in the game literally impossible for the entire play through in a first person shooter game, or making the game a massive waste land with not much in it like in fallout 2 but using a genre defined by fast paced gameplay and linearity in level design, or making food not even like uncooked raw food I mean just generic food normal people can eat irradiated for no fucking reason beyond tediousness. It all feels like an even bigger chore to play with than fo4 because at least bethesda learned their lesson with new Vegas and fo3 and fixed the horrible gunplay to being just mediocre


This is seriously what Bethesda thought was an acceptable standard for the game to be in

During a time where left 4 dead 2 WAS FUCKING COMING OUT?????


Far Cry and Stalker both pre-date Fallout 3 as well, so I also question this statement.

Unless there are some clearly defined "things" that Fallout 3 did to "revolutionize" the industry, you can hardly attribute much to it.

There's more to say about its status among RPGs than there is to its status as a "revolutionary game".


Fallout 3 really just popularized open world sandboxes, but you are right it's real bad. The main gameplay is FPS, but the engine handles camera rotation using what must be some kind of int variable instead of a float, because you can see that the crosshair moves in tiny discrete jumps instead of smoothly. It was also so unfinished that they didn't do a proper pass for LODs and there's several places where you can see an entire building appear suddenly when you arrive within about 50 feet of it.




It isn’t plenty of diverse threads get made all the time


I see the game as one of the first real attempts at changing how shooters were imagined to be
Most shooters at the time of fo3 d release were centered around action, co op and multiplayer especially with the rising influence of games like cod and halo


There is a lot of problems to unpack with these games. I think the jannies should eventually just combine these threads into one though.


Just did my first playthrough and this is exactly what I did minus the fact I missed Gannon's quest line completely because I forgot to go ever recruit him as a companion


>some enemies don’t have any vulnerable regions at all like radscorpions or robot enemies
radscorpians take extra damage to the tail and robots take extra damage to their combat inhibitors (and as a bonus, crippling it makes it berserk)
every enemy does have a weak point somewhere, its just that the way that DT works can really dampen damage. been a while since I looked at the formula, but DT was applied universally, so armor on your body would also work on your head, and DT subtracts damage from incoming bullets by its armor rating (up to 80%) [unless the bullet is AP, which subtracts DT by however much the bullet penetrates for), and then the resulting damage is multiplied by what area it hits - 1x for the chest, 1.5x on the head, 0.9x for limbs to use humans as an example.

tl;dr even if you get a headshot, the armor might reduce damage so much that even the damage multiplier can leave it with pitiful damage


oh, to boot, if you are using hollow point ammunition, it MULTIPLIES the DT of enemies by a certain amount (usually either 2x or 3x) which can further reduce damage, and a lot of creatures like deathclaws have inherent DT as well (like 15 DT, the same as a full set of combat armor). Generally you always want some kind of AP rounds on hand in New Vegas, cause most enemies bar fiends tend to have at least some armor.


Why are supermutants green?

In bethesdas original design they were like ghouls, they had flesh coloured skin, they were generally larger, had more shit on them and by design we’re supposed to have deeper voices and generally sharper claws and teeth

Why the nerf in appearance and colouring?


>bethesdas original design


Yeah I know fallout wasn’t originally made but the following was concept art supposed to be implemented in the 3d games

Instead we got some goofy ass ork looking dudes

Hell even new Vegas fucked them up and made them look even goofier and less scary compared to fo3


File: 1659723720576.jpg (82.08 KB, 1000x711, 14035173057308.jpg)

>Why are supermutants green?



it is true to the Fallout 1 talking head

as to why super mutants are predominately green, nobody really knows. nightkin show that the skin color can change, so it may be that their skin tones can be changed by design - the green and yellows of super mutants might be a form of natural camouflage, while the purple skin of nightkin is to help them blend into the dark for their stealth missions.

of course the truth probably died with the Master, so its all speculation unless Todd decides to throw the answer on some terminal somewhere


Fallout: New Vegas is the most glorified walking simulator known to history
Also the gamershit "community" doesn't deserve Todd Howard


>walking simulator
/v/ermin moment


>game involves walking from one location to another
>ergo it is a walking simulator


He’s not completely wrong

New Vegas tried to balance the meta of fallout 3 but didn’t go far enough

Carry weight is too high
There’s no penalties for having a gorrilian guns and stim packs on you
Every boss uses the same ai script as the super mutants from fo3 but compensate by being massive annoying bullet sponges
Deathclaws are completely unbalanced like seriously you can’t even wound their armour stats at all kind of unbalanced
Despite the introduction of more ammo types it really doesn’t feel like there’s enough nor are there enough types of guns considering the map and word size
A shit
SHIT load of assets are reused in fnv from fo3 you get the just
The games meta should’ve been retested and rebalanced before release, the gameplay once you get past level 10 requires 0 stealth or weapons other than ordinary firearms which is why gameplay can get so boring so quickly


none of those make it a walking sim, you can just say "I think it's bad"


? /v/ sucks that game’s dick
literally every major and minor quest is a variation on “get to this place and/or object”
there’s pretty much no story or gameplay besides that
not really a fault of the developers since they were under a pretty unreasonable time-crunch at the time, but yeah it’s not a fun or interesting game at all


The difference between the harsh wasteland aesthetic of fallout 3 vs the happy to the point of cartoonish aesthetic of fallout 4 is literally just a minor adjustment to the colour pallet


A modification to do that or playing around on an image editor and discovered it?


Why you wanna apply a video filter to fo4?


Sure? Maybe?


Or one to fo3 for shits and giggles


being a contrarian with dumb /v/ terms is still /v/, hell, being contrarian is maybe even the most /v/ thing possible


Mf want play with the Mexico filter.


i hate that fucking shit so much


im gonna go out on a limb and assume ascribing abstract phenomenon to /v/ for no reason is a /v/ thing


FO4's art style reminds me of Wolfenstein and pulp fiction inspired movies like Rocketeer and I kind of prefer it over FO3/FNV's grimy shit look. People who say its entirely cartoonish clearly are either too used to the grimdark shit aesthetic or have not seen the game beyond the opening scene, the entire point of which is stealthily lampooning the idyllic image of a 50's suburban sugar bowl before the facade is dropped and the Chinese start purging everything with righteous nuclear fire.


Honestly that description is fucking perfect


My issue is mostly in that it doesn't really go far enough to critique Americana or America really. Bethesda always treats the world as a setting rather than as a story itself, which is pretty ironic considering how many little micro-stories they like to put into their games as funny little props. That America ever even existed feels almost tangential to the game, and its only surviving legacy is banal aesthetics and a hellish planet, but the fact that is its only legacy is never even really commented upon.

So in the end, it comes across more as an unironic endorsement of the nuclear americana than it does anything else.


that is incredibly /v/, yes


Take your meds.

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