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By Blood alone waiting room edition.


I didn't realise they also reworked the Far-Eastern Collapse.
If Kerensky fucks up the Manchu's still take over the West, Republicans run off to Transamur and Vladivostok and then either become one of two different flavours of authdem, Ukrops spawn in the north, but can either be SocDem or Banderites who are now properly set to reactionary.
Harbin proper gets to keep some of the south now, Its either led by Gastev who calms down his autism a bit and becomes PopSoc



What's wrong with >>13224


It full at 601


What's that ideology?


populist socialism


>le epic spaget man quote
>ayn rand leader in China
Is this some alt history mod or what retarded shit is this?
Oh wait it's from red flood. What's the deal with that? I am still feeling residual frustration even though my initial understanding was incorrect


>>le epic spaget man quote
>Oh wait it's from red flood. What's the deal with that? I am still feeling residual frustration even though my initial understanding was incorrect

Three essential events happen in the RF timeline.
>Russia beats Japan in the Russo-Japanese war and entirely annexes and colonises the majority of Manchuria - So Rand isn't leader of 'Manchuria'/China, She is a potential leader of 'Yellow Russia' for instance.
>The Fiume endeavour somehow survives legitimising De-Annunzio's SchizoBabble as a legitimate ideology
>WW1 lasts for like 3 more years (I think till 1921), Europe and as a result Africa, India and the middle east are in absolute shambles. This leads to several more places getting absolutely fucked and D-Annunzio level schizos taking over, Like Yugoslavia, France, Poland and Georgia - These countries are basically the most interesting/wild cards of the mod atm.
Oh yeah and the Northern expedition failed.



Roo playing Roo path in Make America Again when?


Another pretty significant diversion is the SPD not moving right with WW1, which leads to Germany becoming a multi-party socialist democracy


File: 1655965245614.bmp (36.15 KB, 176x70, shield_URO.bmp)

Can anyone identify the coat of arms on this flag? It's from HOI2
I'm assuming it's Habsburg related since it's for an Italian state that gobbled up much of Austria but it's also a country that may or may not have undergone a communist revolution so why it would have a royal coat of arms on it confuses me


All of this is ofc, before Levi's treacherous betrayal of Austrian Proletariat that ousted him and allowed for more orthodox or hardline factions to take control…..or Socdems


isn't that just the russian empire eagle slapped on the italian flag ?


Personally I think it's the Habsburg coat of arms though why a socialist republic who have that on its flag is beyond me


File: 1656323716448-0.png (240.43 KB, 969x362, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1656323716448-1.png (91.46 KB, 964x293, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf based pacifica


I bet he was quietly seething at that reply lmao


M-L paths are fucking boring though


yeah, it's all just a variety of "gulag repression bunkers militarism 100" like tyumen and irkutsk, maybe some bland militarist statelet, and a sprinkle of "heckin wholsom utopians that like to get drunk and shit, but also they're hard to play as" like you know who i'm talking about
(i haven't actually played tno since toolbox theory, but i'm pretty sure they haven't stopped abusing these tropes even after 57 leadership changes)


tno only has one ml parth right now though


you know what I mean


File: 1656441556370.png (168.46 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)

I think he confused the two screenshots, the DLC name is from a Tortellini quote



Here we xan see the fatuousness of fascist theory. Blood is the lubricant of history not its motor force.


I like the main menu song they use in Red Flood


File: 1657173415570-0.jpg (107.43 KB, 736x595, Rasputin.jpg)

File: 1657173415570-1.png (112.27 KB, 411x597, ChadPriest.png)

>Holy Russian Empire Red flood Raz - Not the SchizoNazi


Based and Anarcho-Orthodox pilled


What is the best way to pirate mods from Steam Workshop now that https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/ is dead


use skymods for hoi4,steamcmd is fine too if you want to manually download them but HOI4 doesn't allow to download from it.


So from trying Red Flood for a bit and looking through all the foci and country descriptions for lore i seem to have gleamed this.

So the 'not fascists' took over France and said that any parties that didn't sign their charter would be banned, The French section of the Internationale (Which didn't go class traitor during WW1 in this timeline) split over this with half of them staying and becoming the 'FNAG-(PSF)' and work with 20th century schizo man, And half of them ran off to Madagascar, which is basically now like 'Free-France' in TNO but for commies.

Also the 'National-Syndicate' which we can assume are either Sorelians or Ultras by that name are also working with the FNAG.

Is France eventually meant to have a path for each of these parties considering the party leader names are unqiue?


They'll have a rework out which will add a path for every faction of the FNAG yes, although from the look of it maybe America will be out first considering they're already remaking post collapse California


Embedding error.
Is there any way to ensure/increase the chance of the 'reichstat' collapsing before they empty out the continent?

Basically the reichstat has two 'endings' in the files.
If the 'devastation' hidden ticker gets all the way to 3, then you get the 'African devastation'
But if it stops at 2 or 1, then your meant to get 'The end of the reichstatt' where the implication is that the African partisans successfully overthrow the natsoys BEFORE they can genocide half of sub-sahara.

The ONE time i have ever gotten it in my game since the 'Greater African Reichstat' was given content was to play as them and intentionally fuck up early.

I've seen some people say that getting the Pro-OFN S.A.W ceasefire was meant to increase the chances of it collapsing, but this hasn't been confirmed.
But i guess that would make sense, since most people playing burgerstan, when they get the 'Pro-OFN ceasefire' usually just ignore it and continue blitzing towards Leopoldville.


Helping the OFN win seems intuitively like it would increase the chances of a better outcome for the Reichstat.

But if you want to ensure a certain outcome you can set it in the pre-game, I forget which button but there's an interface where you can pick who you want to win each election and what political path countries should go down


Getting the pro OFN ceasefire DECREASE the chances of it happening,it's much easier to actually deal with the rebels when they are less of them,the fastest way for it to explode under the AI is germany winning the war,and then the AI goes down the insurgency tree first,making the rebels pop up before they start having an economy.
custom country path is a mod.


Can't you do that in TNO? I swear you can just like in Vanilla


So wait,
Does completing the G.A.Rs focuses that ‘improve the local situation’ (I.e genocide) like ‘empty out etc’ and ‘find the rebel’s’ actually make the ‘stability’ tickers degrade faster?.

I thought they just ticked down in line with the devastation stage (Stage one - 0.1% Stage two - 0.2% Stage three - 0.3%)


if huttig goes down the right tree (of the three ones in the middle,not the south africa one),yeah he explode faster because the SS starts having secong thought about the whole destruction of the continent and you lose manpower,and timed decisions that fuck you over appear (I think that's what I remember ?),if you want to really destroy africa you can even fuck over the boers until they explode in a civil war again,and if oberkommando sudafrika win,they also explode when the devastation occurs.
Truly a gamer moment.


Honestly considering they give you CIA/Abwehr decisions for absolutely pointless bullshit like giving Franco 5 million dollars to build his Dam with or rigging the Brazilian election. You would think they would give you something like a 'Destabilise the Reichstatt' (Which is either a continent sized slave plantation run by Nazi's in the eyes of burgers, or essentially a province in a state of revolt in the case of Germoney) decision which just deducts 20.0 points on the stability tickers every completion.

That would be a good 'realistic' way for a player to ensure the 'End of the Reichstatt' even if they got Pro-OFN ceasefire

Also both Goering's unique foci and the Generic germoney 'reichstatt cabal' decisions are broken and do literally nothing.


just don't accept the ceasefire lmao.


File: 1658406215547.png (306.29 KB, 927x827, ClipboardImage.png)

which way soviet man


Looks like it's Ustinov gang


why is this game's tutorial so fucking bad? Am I just supposed to watch 12 hours of playthroughs to get even the most basic gist of how to play?


1.wait till you open up vic 2(I can't win an equal war to save my life,even with 30 stacks) or hoi3.
2. what's the problem exactly,what templates to choose, (I still have that problem) when do you switch from civ to mil,how much you should put in each equipment,what to do with pp ?
even if the tutorial was good,it wouldn't be updated with the meta anyway.


1) Build nothing but interwar tank chassis, artillery, and infantry equipment
2) Always research better artillery and build it immediately
3) Research flame tanks (think they're in support companies), turn your interwar chassis stockpile into them, change your chassis production over to them
4) Make an infantry template with some artillery, to 21 or 22 width whatever
5) Add interwar flamethrower tank to template as support company
6) Deploy your guys on the frontline
7) Make the funny battle arrow
8) Declare war and press go


How the hell do I get/maintain naval supremacy? What’s the easiest way? I hate having to micro fleets. Trying to invade Europe from Amerika and its like whack-a-mole with the supremacy levels per region.


>I can't win an equal war to save my life,even with 30 stacks
You must not be building proper armies or totally neglecting your military techs. 4 inf 1 hussar 5 artillery is the ideal setup until you can run tanks and planes and the like.
Setting up a frontline (because the AI will swarm through any holes and make a big mess) on favourable terrain (mountains, behind rivers etc) and letting the AI suicide into you is also a good strat


Wonder what MIC means in Dmitry and Nikolai route Means for the Union tbh.


Ok, this is how you do it. You take all your fleets that you start with and combine them into one mega fleet. Then, you use the buttons that allow you to select all destroyers. Put the destroyers in their own fleet under a new admiral (one that is good at spotting etc). This fleet will stay on convoy escort at all times, assign it everywhere you have convoys. Next, go back to the megafleet and press the button to select all submarines. Put them in their own fleet under an admiral that has torpedo and sub traits. This fleet will be for convoy raiding and you will put it everywhere you want to attack the enemy's convoys. Be aware that if this fleet runs into enemy destroyers it will get rekt so if your subs start dying, unassign them from the given zone if the losses are too high and use them elsewhere.

Now with the main fleet remaining, you will put that on the mode that says like 'attack naval targets' or something like that, this will make the fleet automatically move to wherever there are battles and it will fight the enemy main fleets. Be aware that this fleet will use all your oil in like a few weeks/months depending on country so you should only activate it when you see your enemy's main fleet or vulnerable capital ships (battleships and carriers). Now when the enemy fleet is spotted, your deathstack will roll out and obliterate them. But be aware you should also put your destroyer fleet on any tiles your main fleet is on so that you they have sub cover. Also air support/superiority will help a lot to destroy the enemy navy if possible.

Sorry if that was muddled, hope it makes sense.



What mod is this from?


Cold War Iron Curtain or "CWIC".



Thank you!


Wonder what Ustinov gonna do because his FP is being isolationist and he has MIC investment as his Economical policy.


Likely the military industrial buildup that will allow for the 82 candidate to be Agressive (not that the Soviet Union needed more military industry to do that, but it's a military candidate, so of course they'll build more)


I've played vic 2 cold war mod and i don't know what to do as sov union, i'm bleeding money and most people are jobless, it's also hard to put people in my sphere, what i need to do ?.


ZEBRICA IS FUCKING OUT!!! but I'm on holiday and can't play it right now


84 countries ? they want to reach KX level of lag or something ?


It already slows down considerably a couple of years in, but it's worth it so we can have Posada-chan and her wholesome global conquest (genocide optional((don't do it)))


You apply neoliberal shock therapy.
I'm not jk the only way I made profit was setting social welfare spending to 0


Embedding error.
Red Flood added a wide buffet of socialists in Russia for the new update. Who's your pick?


Ive heard the economy is fucked in that mod


They also finally accurately portrayed Mayakovsky as a communist


Better video (with country names)


How bad is France in Red-Flood to live in?


At this point keeping Accelerationism as its own ideology on the wheel seems more like a point of stubborness by the devs.
>Its for the wacky paths
<Except some wacky paths take other ideologies
>Its for technocrats
<Except if the technocrats aren't too technocratic they aren't accelerationist
>It's for schizo rightoids
<Except half the schizo rightoids are put as reactionary
>It's for looney anprim spiritualists
<But again, not all anprims get to be accelerationist


Stalin as an unifier soon.


Accelerationism in RF is basically the phenomenon as described by Benjamin Noys in Malign Velocities. As the RF FAQ goes:

"Accelerationism is an umbrella term for a variety of worldwide movements characterized by ultramodernism, revolutionary rhetoric, a rejection of both mainline socialism and liberalism, and a general technophilia. Accelerationists sit on both ends of the political spectrum, and cannot be reduced to "our version of fascism". While the term in-lore originated as an insult hurled by members of the Second Internationale, the ideology’s name comes from a variety of sources, ranging from Nick Land, who without Artaud would not have invented his own philosophy; to Benjamin Noys, who classified people like D’Annunzio and Marinetti as accelerationists in his coining of the term. It is not a made-up ideology nor do we force movements and people to fit into the label, we simply give already existing ideas and tendencies this term, and no, it is not "make thing bad so good thing happens.""

Anprims are the opposite of accelerationism and the French anprim path was removed for that reason, while Gorgulov in Russia was changed to Reactionary. Many old devs didn't really understand accel and thought it's just wacky paths, thus you have some weird exceptions but they're all actively patched upon.


there aren't that many events and you mostly have to guess,but it sounds pretty goddamn awful regardless of the paths (even the homo autism one)


Eventually when the rework drops, it'll be something akin to a one party democracy which, because of how broad Accelarationism is, can go a multitude of ways, some good, some bad, and some fucking awful (and every single one of them is their own weird thing)


Dark-Enlightenment / Right-Accelerationism - I.e pretty shit if your a wagie, This will be scrapped in the rework as George Bataille and several other people who are ministers for him were never like this in real life.
<The rework will replace them with Bataille as one of the potential 'revisionist-socialist' second in commands to Artaud.
Return to tradition rightoids essentially - they also used to have essentially a failstate where you got absolutely awful debuffs but got like a '5x 50% research speed - mass assault' bonus where everyone in France basically became raiders from fallout and you got CORES (Not claims) on every state in Europe (Think the pre-patch 'Luxembourg doctrine' germoney)
<Rework will make them not do the Druidry bullshit, but focus on forming some sort of weird united states of Europe / Federalised Europe if they beat germoney and UK - Which depending on choices will either be a genuine federation of equals (i.e E.U.S.S.R) or just an extension of French nationalism (Neo-Napoleonic continental system)
The evil Dystopia meme faction.
Pretty much Sorelians/'National-Syndicalists'/'Corporatists' who are split between the 'Droit' who are sorta more moderate and the 'Gauche' who are like this France's equivalent of like Ultra-Left Red-Guards or something and are thus represented as 'Anarchist' on the pie chart.

You get a little more choice in terms of focus's with the Escadron, but basically the worst combination i can imagine is…
<Homoeroticism + Enfants de Patron - The meme, men are encouraged/forced to be gay and only have emotionless sex with women to have children who are as the focus suggested not considered their kids but 'Enfants de patron'
<End Feminism - Self-Explanatory, Women get the 1700s treatment
<Neo-Catharism or whatever the foci is called + Fast Messiah - To top it all off everyone in france is essentially indoctrinated into a cult.

<Rework will make it so each faction (Droit / Gauche) has their own leader, focus's etc instead of just being one tree.


Acephale will still be in, just being actually like Batallie OTL (not a cannibal ancap)


Yo, Suslov dev from 2WRW mod, if you are still here, could you explain what is happening with the mod? Seems like you guys had your own janny meltdown.


File: 1659829596027.jpg (47.25 KB, 680x620, JermaSus.jpg)



fbi.gov got couped because the lead devs fucked off and gave it to some retard that wanted to divert all the devs to his personal project and some of the devs moved with him to work on "the fire rises" another 2ACW mod,while the rest is on the BNW asia fbi.gov.
They lost control of the workshop page too.
long post on the TNO subreddit if you want more info.


>>20930 (me)
in the bad news for exemple,they basically lost any gfx work made since the last update,because nobody decided to download it or put in in a mega or anywhere else.


Having a good Kavkaz Society / Transcaucasia game in RF feels like it hinges SO SOOO much on other countries RNG. (And yes 'Git gud' i know).

If the South-Eastern-Union gets the Russian-Nationalists in charge, Black-Hundreds hold Siberia Or if Dutov survives - You might as well just restart.

When i finally finished my Mayakovsky game and got the Republic of Labour and Valour it did feel mighty cathartic though, haven't gone back to play Eurasia guy and khlebnikov yet.


Just use the path choice feature in settings lmao


Let me guess, You taking 50% attrition on all your units and 6 months to beat Kornilov in the Steppes or marching into the Siberia in winter while Moscow/Petrograd gets stronger and stronger and eventually dw on you?

My meta sorta goes like this.
>Speedrun down to the foci that gives you 5k guns to get you started on building some units, then take the first military decision to get some gun factories and the second army foci that gives you doctrine research speed boosts
>Take Armenia+NorthAzerbaijian
>Use some Armenian guns to add a battalion to your infantry, everything else into more units
>As soon as all the new units drop dw on South-East-Union
>As soon as you beat South-East Union, One more battalion, even more units
>Complete the army tree down to the focus that gives you a 50% non-core manpower bonus + Any other focus's that give shit like Division speed / Organisation / Attack-Defence / reinforce rt' to your units (I think Mirsky gives you a whopping 30% div speed and reinforce rate, Mayakovsky gives you like 20% org 5% atk 5% def, Khlebnikov gives you something really shit iirc like division attrition %)
>Declare war on Moscow/Petrograd, their army is absolute dogshit half made up of 3 battalion horse cavalry until later in the game, encircle encircle encircle,
After you beat Moscow/Petrograd you should have more then enough Army exp to basically finish either people's army or deep battle - Just spam out 30 widths + Support and walk into everyone in else Russia's VP's

I'd argue Kavkaz actually tends to become boring after you beat Kolchak/Glasses tbh


Haven't played HoI4 in half a year and I want to install the mods. Obviously I pirate this shit, but it now appears that the old mod downloader websites no longer work without a real steam account that has the game bought. Is there any workaround for this?


Has anybody else been having problems with the loading? Ever since No Step Back, the time for me to even get to the main menu has dramatically increased.
I guess having some mods (11) installed ended up affecting it. But even then, they're rather small, and i was getting this issue before running the game with them.


>one of the factions shown is literally the One State from We
Damn, HoI IV mods are wild. Wonder why they called its leader "OP-01" instead of "The Benefactor" like in the book tho.


Does anyone have a China WC guide?


>unify china
>beat japan
>beat USSR (if still exists)
>beat axis
>beat allies
>conquer remainder
>profit ???

world conquest is boring though, don't do it


only know about skymods,since the cs.rin.ru mega folder has been downed I think ? anyway you basically don't even need to edit the descriptors with skymods,and the irony mod manager will tell you if one of them is wrong.
since a WC is just you snowballing with less and less resistance (his applies for every paradox games except Vic 2,where it's nearly impossible to not get the entire world in a containment war against your ass and you get crippling debuffs),I dunno what you're having trouble with ?
As soon as you're done with the factions,don't bother conquering the rest,and don't rush the major countries unless you want to have multiple years truce with the minors,never call anyone but your puppets unless you have player-led peace conferences.


it sucks that most all strategy games suffer from either snowball effect that makes it piss easy, or some kind of crippling and unfun feeling mechanic like aggression in vicky or realm divide in shogun 2


Most of them don't actually have in mind that you will conquer the entire world anyway,Stellaris is all about surviving the endgame crisis,Vic2 is trying to unify the historical nations,experiencing historical wars and warring around colonies (which is why China is broken if played by a player,as they consolidate early and can actually "play" the game by ruining everyone else fun),Eu4 is about finishing your mission trees, doing achievement runs and just chilling/blobbing without that much resistance,while another country on the other side of the world immensely blob up and you will have to fight them eventually if you actually play until 1700+ (who does that wtf) and it's still in active dev because of its poor early design,Hoi4 is about WW2 and only WW2 until anything related to the cold war is put out,so when you're done with the mustache man/your focus tree,that's it.
Total War games are just to play a powerfantasy of suffering early to destroy everybody in late game,there is a reason why nobody plays in legendary,it's mind numbingly boring where you have to use basically a single combination of units or you will die,but some get a boner from "dominating" a AI that has massive cheats.


File: 1660876362819-0.jpg (3.77 MB, 1772x2690, Germania.jpg)

File: 1660876362819-1.jpg (102.3 KB, 543x400, Ragnarok.jpg)

>Red Flood
Goebbels or Reventlow?


Goebbels is really just sorta KPD except maybe somewhat more incrementalistic and Germany is a New/Peoples-Democracy under him instead of a Vanguard party state.
Reventlow is basically just a Vanguard-Party state, but he's just doing 'Muh ancestors :) *Looking at bust of thor*' shit the entire time.


Did you play the rework? Reventlow is basically a Commie Nazi


File: 1661483396956-0.jpg (191.59 KB, 950x1207, AndreBreton.jpg)

File: 1661483396956-1.png (958.04 KB, 1122x828, PortraitsRedFlood.png)

File: 1661483396956-2.png (5.06 MB, 3473x1937, FranceTeaser1.png)

File: 1661483396956-3.jpg (394.16 KB, 1845x947, FranceTeaser2.JPG)

From what i remember
The Red-Flood French dev basically said as a French guy the entire current France focus tree is absolute shit - and the description of everyone's ideologies laughable - And will be replaced

From i've seen in Teasers and posts about it - The New French start will sorta be like the Germany election decisions tree after the newest update.

You get a focus tree about preparing for the elections, Where you can probably take certain decisions to poomp certain parties 'influence' or popularity or whatever but then Apollinaire gets capped by a member of the #Resistance and you need to invade Wallonia, Where you get to make more decisions about how to do it and probably intentionally fuck up the invasion if you want to help the surrealists by the looks of it and then the elections go ahead.

(Once again iirc) the parties that can actually win the elections are Bretons Surrealists (Pretty much just chummy friendly commies), And the 'Carnalistes' (Rural rightoid 'Not Fascists')

From there you can then have Breton either get couped by Bataille or Valois - Or with the rightoids form a coalition with the Escadron (Futurists), The rightoids have like 4 different special-snowflake factions to choose from.


File: 1661606953696-0.png (3.46 MB, 1577x902, Screenshot (18).png)

File: 1661606953696-1.png (3.24 MB, 1580x895, Screenshot (23).png)

File: 1661606953696-2.png (3.41 MB, 449x656, Screenshot (25).png)

File: 1661606953696-3.png (2.71 MB, 263x376, Screenshot (26).png)

AAR of CWIC Nasser

It is 1964, UAR is preparing for a war with Israel, while being bogged down in Yemen. Through Compromise with Syrian Ba'athists, Nasser has kept Syria in the UAR, and pan-arab revolutions in Jordan and Lebanon resulted in their participation in the union.


File: 1661607099868.png (3.35 MB, 1145x801, Screenshot (27).png)

The Economy is growing under Nasser's partial nationalizations, but industrial growth is underpreforing.


Fucking love AAR. I should larp more when playing hoi4.


File: 1661620584137-0.png (3.24 MB, 657x923, Screenshot (28).png)

File: 1661620584137-1.png (3.13 MB, 1259x758, Screenshot (29).png)

The revolution spreads


File: 1661622035704.png (3.03 MB, 1581x922, Screenshot (30).png)


Well my UAR game failed because of a bug that caused me to auto fail the six day war. Gonna do a USSR run where I start WW3.


I download the Iron Curtain mod and windows said its trojan. Did anybody else experience this?


finally, instead of joining an org in real life i can finally spread the world revolution by playing as socialist bulgaria


Surprisingly fun to play when you unite the balkans under a socialist federation and fuck Mussolini up as a communist great power


Calling the Surrealists "chummy commies" is a huge misrepresentation, especially considering how much of a control freak Breton was


File: 1662213385036.png (3.05 MB, 1588x893, Screenshot (32).png)

Who do you think will win /leftypol/


Did the French Republic get exiled to North Africa? lmao


They gave up all their colonies except Algeria, Mali isn't a puppet, they are just in NATO for some reason.


Three crosses on a turd on the flag of iraq represents the Balkans?


>a turd
I thought it's a somewhat dehybrated golden eggplant, no?


How are you people getting the Iron Curtain mod to work? It keeps crashing for me once it ends loading.


Same. I think maybe the cracked hoi I have is to recent a version for the mod? Or vice versa?


File: 1662462651552.png (2.81 MB, 3495x1020, FranceFailstate.png)

Red Flood France teaser.

Unlike the rest of the resistance the 'Invisible committee' believes that the issue is that Artuad and the F.N.A.G haven't gone FAR ENOUGH in entrenching the Futurist revolution in France.

You can probably guess just by reading it, but this is meant to happen if you fail to beat Italy / Take a prolonged amount of time to defeat them.


what's the most leftist path france will be able to take?


One of the socialist factions of the FNAG probably, although they'll all be anti Socialist Germany anyway


Is Road to 56 the best "vanilla +" mod? Base is so boring but I feel like a WW2ish setting





>tfw the federation shatters and the children of the stars take over five months into it
yup,even tho it has some shitty memes in it.,there is nothing better for basic vanilla setting. (mongolia now explode every game by provoking a war witht the soviets)


Either Andre Breton or George Valois.
Breton will probably be closer to what 'Socialism' as an applied set of policies means in this world, Which is basically Luxemburgism.
Valois is a Left-Sorealian who both irl and in-game was a member of Action Française so he will probably be like the mandatory muh ebil tankie literally 1984 path or some shit basically.

George Bataille is also a potential leader, but his path will basically be fanfiction, since there's no real historical example of a 'Bataillian Socialist' or anything like that, And Bataille has never really ever been part of any Communist party's canon.
He's marked as a 'Revisionist Socialist' in teasers.


I mean, i would have agreed Valois would have been made into a shitty knockoff "Stalin" if they hadn't already changed Goebbels to not be that


Even if Zarishat is a clear sort of parady of the PRC, i still like her way more than her brother for not being a Succdem fantasy (although his story also interestingly works as an anti DemSoc story, since even if you go full Evolutionary it still doesn't change the political system to Communist)


So I played CWIC mod and to be honest it seems a lot less polished compared to TNO and with has more libbrainworms coupled to poorerwriting.

I am guessing they have a smaller fanbase and dev team tho


honestly, while i agree that the writing is poorer i don't agree that CWIC has more lib brain worms than TNO with the exception of how they despict Stalin.
both has liberal brainworms, it's to be expected for mods made by liberals, this will only change if communists or even us made a mod btw.


> this will only change if communists or even us made a mod btw.
I might be interested in doing this with Vicky 3 (assuming the game isn't shit). What is the leftypol historical point of departure? Maybe Napoleon gets mercd at Austerlitz or wins Waterloo.


i think an non serious mod for shitpost reasons would be a start.


that's because the dev team has been spreading itself too thin by simultaneously working on 3 starting dates instead of focusing on the earliest years in the scenario then working forwards from there like every other big mod does. but i think they're just now getting their shit together since they're starting to use roadmaps to properly plan their content development. also i strongly disagree that this mod has more liberal brainworms than tno. just compare the teased kaganovich three to the ones he has in tno to get an idea


There's a mod being made by communists right now! It's called Spartakus: World in Revolution


I still plan on fleshing out the Armageddon scenario from HOI2 into a mod for DH, I hope to use it to make a large number of the "democracy" paths cursed. Of course there will still be the liberalism of the original scenario and the game itself but I hope to work against it. I've got a ton of ideas. My biggest hurdle will be graphics.
Honestly I'd like to make tons of mods for Paradox game but between work and school I'll be lucky to make one.


>only know about skymods,since the cs.rin.ru mega folder has been downed I think ? anyway you basically don't even need to edit the descriptors with skymods,and the irony mod manager will tell you if one of them is wrong.
What's skymod? Explain like I haven't been playing modded HOI4 for years.

Someone right a guide for the newcomers that want to get started with pirated HOI4 and mods. Also nobody answered this either:


>How are you people getting the Iron Curtain mod to work?

I DLed the mod from the git but it crashes when you try to start a match.


>What's skymod?
it's smods.ru,a repository site to download workshop mods without using the steam command or to download mods that are forbidden to download from steam command,you can input the name or the ID number (the one that is in your search bar when you have the steam workshop open)of the mod you want to download,you then extract the folder and the .mod in your documents -> paradox interactive -> HOI4 -> mods folder.
Then you open the game with the launcher,or if you haven't picked up the cracked version of the launcher,you either go pick it up,or you download IronyModManager,put the path to your game and mods in it,and select them there. (I reccommend it especially if you're playing Stellaris and HOI4 and want to try modding/make patches to make other mods compatible,as it has a conflict solver that allows you to check what files are overwritten)
>How are you people getting the Iron Curtain mod to work?
I got it to work with the workshop version without any problem,but seeing that the near entirety of the content is WIP made me not care to actually play it.



I can always be wrong since I haven't played every faction.

One thing note though: Kaganovich isn't in cwic yet and is going to be reworked in TNO, so if that is our basis of comparison we should wait until they both cone out fully.


Apparently the VK TNO page leaked a bunch of stuff on the TNO rework, there's going to be massive changes


File: 1663016743941-0.png (661.34 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663016743941-1.png (650.43 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

he's in the dev build


From what I heard that was all fake and tailor-made bait to create "TNO doesn't understand Russia" outrage.


If so kind of sad, some of the stuff there looked kind of cool


File: 1663210608396.jpg (17.79 KB, 240x250, 1344712827790.jpg)

>WW2 sim "adapted" to be about economies
>farming piss easy
>getting resources piss easy
>countries either drowning in cash or debt



Ah that makes sense of things. Some of the changes seemed a bit too excessive. Way too radical redraws of the borders.

Imo I do think reducing the total number of Russian warlords by like 20% though. There are a few too many and likely slows the mod a lot.


>>countries either drowning in cash or debt

well that's pretty accurate to RL so…


>Ayn Rand
So this is literally just the 'Ayn Rand talking to Max Stirner' meme?
<Yeah but what about the WORKERS self interest?


not very good at these sorts of games, but I actually had fun industrializing as the northeast german american former colony in throne of lorraine, even though I eventually got blind sided by the two former dutch colonies merging through a decision, declaring war on me for a core and butchering my army


Excuse me sir, I know these games literally all just look like a map, but this is the HOI4 club, the leather club is 2 doors down


I don't see why this can't just be a general for all grand strategy games


Ok, Lets ask this question.

>Victoria 2.

Do you usually

- Try to moderate the springtime of nations / 1848 as much as possible by passing popular reforms.
- Intentionally provoke a Jacobin rising and let them enforce demands to get as many reforms pushed as possible.
- THE OLD ORDER MUST BE DEFENDED I.E let Jacobin uprisings happen - beat them - fuck liberals, all my friends hate liberals


Anyone been really following V3? How's it looking? I see them release a ton of content but I haven't watched any.


Victoria 3 is an economy management and internal politics babysitting sim. If you ever played the CWE mod for V2, and ever thought to yourself "that's dumb and doesn't work like that, but the mechanics prevent it from ever being implemented correctly", then Victoria 3 implemented that change.

Naturally, blobber memers and armchair general micromanagers that want to sit in mountains are mad.


They made some really good looking changes to the way trade and diplomacy work. tl;dr compared to the original build trade is more granular and strategic, diplomacy is more sensibly restricted (can only interact with neighbors and nations with an active interest in your region/a region you also have an active interested in, meaning you cant do gamey shit like butter up France as the Zulu just because you know theyll be a good potential ally against Britian)

they just posted an AI dev diary that looks very promising. undoubtedly there will be major gaps and flaws on release but im hopeful.


Usually keep reactionaries empowered for sweet sweet state capitalism until socialists/communists show up.
Diplomacy, trade, and the economy look good, warfare looks very not good. Only time will tell if the sort of micro-genre shift (or maybe focus shift is a better term) will be successful or not.


afaik people really hate the warfare system


or the lack thereof


I always thought the warfare system in the second game is a meme,it's why in multiplayer they make a bajillion rules to not have it become a shitfest.
in SP you litterally have to use the retarded IA by putting yourself in a mountain and cycling units into it to get a massive defender bonus,and that's it,the more the game goes on,the less you can even try to be on the offensive because of the machine guns nonsense,and you can't even setup a territorial defense because they're just going to attack from neutral and ignore your line.
half of the units are also completely useless,and a 1v1 war with equal troops is just praying for better rolls and making mil techs,because you're both using the same templates.


File: 1664297587622.png (3.54 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

New Grand Strategy game dropped about managing first contact with Aliens. Different human factions to to control the globe.
I tried it and bounced off of it after like 20 minutes. UI makes Paradox games look brilliant. Very unclear how to actually play.


I played the demo, gonna try get a torrent tonight - what are you stuck on?


Honestly the first part. Just assigning agents was unintuitive and I wasn't sure when they finished the first task how to reassign them. Unsure of the research, mission goals, any of it. There was supposed to be a tutorial but it didn't pop for me.
Probably gonna sit on it for a couple months and wait for them to tighten everything up as I like the premise. I'm sure lots of people will bitch.


What drives history then?


y do they keep fixing the tree stuff and then making it more retarded and tno liberal-esue?


There is a tutorial and it was pretty good from what I remember, you played as Resistance yea?


Does the new peace conference system alleviate the AI border gore problem?


File: 1664379435395.png (721.99 KB, 1000x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

Forceful imposition of class interests.


And who imposes that force? People. And force is half the story if want your government or system to be stable those under it have to believe in the legitimacy of that system.


This might be a bit off-topic, but wouldn't the Marxist reply to this just be that people (or more broadly, classes) use force as a direct result of their material conditions and class struggle? It seams to me that it makes much more sense for force to be the conduit through which class struggle is expressed rather than than the engine of history itself.


The history of the human species presupposes people, yes.
>those under it have to believe in the legitimacy of that system.
That's usually solidified afterwards. See: the bourgeoisie governments of Europe during the 19th century.
That's what is was getting at, the two aren't mutually exlcusive (though under Simone Weil's terms, it would be force by itself).


File: 1664416647523-0.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664416647523-1.png (1.29 MB, 996x865, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664416647523-2.png (2.13 MB, 1403x987, ClipboardImage.png)


does France still gets balkanized if they don't take vichy via the decisions or since they have claims they actually get their country back ?
also British Occitania.


They should have just copied the way KR does annexations.


gee billy, how come your mom lets you have five czechoslovakias?


File: 1664470477528.png (1.41 MB, 1472x714, ClipboardImage.png)

Pretty sure they do. I saw an image of liberated Brittany on the sub, but can't find the post now.


Ok I felt really compelled to play this for the first 15 hours or so but now I just feel drained. The game is long as fuck and mostly has nothing happen. I should have thought about that it's made by the Long War devs of all people before playing it. Of course it was going to be overly grindy and long.

I'm gonna go back to xpiratez.


>Second image
Something you'd see in TNO when you get to the end of the EsoNaz or Ultra-Militarist germoney routes and europe implodes in on itself.


File: 1664710955175-0.png (499.45 KB, 860x1009, Toga12.png)

File: 1664710955175-1.jpg (310.23 KB, 900x1389, TogaCoverbloody.jpg)

Since there's now some total overhaul mod for each autistic fandom, I want a mod where i can make Toga! empress of Japan.


she's cute


How about a dark, dystopian, gone wrong, unpoggin MHA mod where Japan has like collapsed TNO Russia style with each 1A character + League of Villains members in charge of a statelet


Horrible idea since theres only like three ideologies in the My hero universe
>basic moralfag democratic hero ideology
>nihilist kill everyoneism
>TNO spartanism
Still no functional DSR path so the mod automatically sucks
Last time I used it was when hoi4 was in 1.7.1. I don't think any of the mods are updated which is why I never use smods.ru. Use topmods.


>nihilist kill everyoneism
*Himiko-Toga Thought.
>TNO spartanism
That guy with the face-paint that writes a shitty violent school shooter manifesto because he can't breed + his followers that team up with LoV/AFO.
>>basic moralfag democratic hero ideology
"Nothing will fundamentally change, and you WILL. BE. HAPPY."" t. Deku


Here is my summation of By Blood Alone, a potentially very good update that fails because of lack of polishing. Which is inexcusable do to the fact you have to pay for it.


File: 1664821007087.png (382.88 KB, 640x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Anon, please, just go to cs.rin.ru. I can help you.

Unique IPs: 108

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