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Get in the hype train Communism simulator is coming in 3 days. Which will be your starting nation?
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I don't think the game properly tracks how fucking expensive private healthcare is.


Public healthcare is a flat 25% (actually translates to -5%, lol) decrease to mortality, while private healthcare is 1% decrease per wealth. So, at 25 average wealth in a country private healthcare becomes as effective as public, and socialist worker ownership grows wealth of it's pops like crazy. Add welfare into the mix and well, here you go to 30-40 average wealth by 1910 as Russia/USSR and to having gold miners and opium plantation workers up to 60 wealth due to insane profits of those things

On a side note, religious charity healthcare gives the same amount of mortality decrease as public healthcare, lmao. Nuance being, institutions like healthcare are incremental, and charity hospitals can be incremented only 2 times instead of 4 for other options, so they are effectively capped at 15%


File: 1667321605498.png (1.68 MB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)

So, did a second playthrough that died basically at the same point in time, lol

14. basically, a revision of 2 and 11 - never noticed that government buildings improve taxes in the states they are built in, not everywhere in the country. I assume construction centers also give bonuses to states they are in, not to an entire your "state". So, there's still a way to improve Russia starting game even more by having proper taxation base, lmao

15. Universities early are godly, my second choice of techs - not so much as I've lost tech game to first attempt. It's much better to focus on certain far off techs than to grab whatever's cheapest, because AI neighbors do research stuff, and you eventually get their research for free. Also, with the way economy went, I was just researching for research's sake, it's much better to grab military, ports and ships from military branch, malaria stuff, and obviously construction from society research

16. Downgrading buildings is great and useful. You want to have like half your glass factories without ceramics production attached because there's a huge demand for glass in construction. Similarly, it's insanely useful to downgrade construction sectors so that instead of steel they consume cheaper iron

17. Puppet other countries, don't annex singular provinces


I'm still mad they made it harder to forcibly incorporate other less powerful countries in your common market as a great power.
How the fuck am I gonna make money off of and impoverish third worlders now? What's even the point of competing with other Euros? Very unimmersive for a Victorian-era game.


Wut? You have 5-6 infamy reduction per year, you can puppet and annex the likes of Persia for 40 and 8 infamy - while conquering Persia piecemeal would take 20 infamy per province, and there's 8 of them. Also, you supposedly can have dominions which can attack other countries on their own, taking infamy onto themselves instead of you, but they tend to be dumb and don't do anything anyway - just look at British India


I just don't feel drawn to this game like I do with HOI4 or did with EU4. I like trying to take over the world and establish hegemony in these games and you don't get the same payoff that you do in other Paradox games when you succeed.


Yeah but since they got rid of spheres it's no longer a constant competition but about who gets to puppet the weaker countries first. On top of that the puppets and junior partners in customs unions actually get treated fairly instead of the senior partner benefitting disproportionately (which is what happened in real life).


File: 1667418509006.png (1.88 MB, 1672x983, ClipboardImage.png)

Finally played this,The performance and AI are really bad so even if you like the tedious game-play loop of building and trading while handicapped with a godawful UI, its really hard to enjoy this. After a couple of restarts on the Ottomans to learn the game,I think Im ready to uninstall until a major patch drops and DLC are released.


they got the kara boga right tho


Yeah it sucks pretty much, also it doesn't make sense that most small countries will prefer to stay in their own customs sphere where they have access to hardly any goods, rather than join a bigger neighbour's economy.


It might be more economically worthwhile to just set up import/export routes since the receiving country doesn't have to consent in any way to the trade deal, at least that is what I did while playing as minors a lot of the time. All it costs is admin and can actively make you money a lot of the time.


You can embargo or get embargoed, though


File: 1667493314596-0.jpg (47.57 KB, 640x484, Fgk6xtTacAAAhdX.jpg)

File: 1667493314596-1.jpg (29.49 KB, 610x324, Fgk6x08aUAArd2W.jpg)

File: 1667493314596-2.png (46.82 KB, 569x264, Fgk6x8EaEAA8mp5.png)

File: 1667493314596-3.png (13.15 KB, 521x128, Fgk6yDgaMAAPptx.png)

I've only seen the AI do it a handful of times and never to me, only to rival GPs, so its non-important as a minor country.


Vicky 3 makes you realise that army welfare is much better than social welfare


File: 1667504019359.png (970.96 KB, 1071x1395, 1667439203670.png)

Ok but why is the flag so disgusting though


the flags aren't premade like in 2 but are assembled from elements stored in the game files to make one using a file to tell the game how to assemble it.
All of the flag elements are in …\Victoria 3\game\gfx\coat_of_arms
And I think that all of the game definitions which tell the game how to assemble the flags are in …\Victoria 3\game\common\flag_definitions

So if you wanted to figure out how the flags are made, you could change it if you wanted


>anarchist commune
>communist party emblem on flag
>state religion
>standard of living 0 (zero)
yup, it's dixie time


They are just falling for the free trade meme and then blame welfare for becoming uncompetitive on the world market. You just need to have high as hell tariffs if you want to give people welfare, well, unless you are like 50 years technologically on top of everyone else (and Vic3 doesn't have techs this far into the future)


>standard of living: not applicable
This makes me laugh.
>state religion: prot
This is obviously the predecessor to the Holy Columbian Confederacy in that CK2 mod.


to be honest i'm a gnostic so i think making a blasphemous sect of christianity the state religion would be a good way to help people cast off their abrahamic spooks and would be a good idea. i also dont believe that religion should be "separate" from the state because it just ends up become a lobby and megachurches start consolidating power as private companies. why should socialism nationalize all private companies but refuse to touch churches? they should be state owned. also pluralism and kathenotheism/polytheism would be the best way to encourage inclusivity by adopting the foreign gods into our own religion. yehowah/yaldabaoth was originally a canaanite god of war and thunder, but he was a god alongside ba'al, asherah and el, all of whom should be part of the christian religion. smoking weed "burning bush" and doing drugs can get you closer to god and vodou is kinda cool so we should do some of that stuff too :)


i meant heretical* sorry


>making a blasphemous sect of christianity the state religion would be a good way to help people cast off their abrahamic spooks
No ? they will just form heretical megachurches and declare themselves the real interpretation of the bible,also it will piss off all the muslims and jews in the territory,who will cling to their religion as a group signifier,gentrifying themselves from wider society (also the case under state atheism,they just lie in public,and it makes them feel more individual and detached)
>they should be state owned
I mean,the catholic churches are probably difficult to do that with because the Vatican exist (not that much since the Pope is kind of a meme figure nowadays),but I don't see why it wouldn't work with prots,don't really know what it would imply ? most churches in developped countries work off governement subsidies already.
the rest of the post is meme bullshit,but I will let you have your fun,if you can force this shit on people,you should just force atheism as a religion on them.


I haven't played Vic3 yet but this video was interesting.

This guy proved that the take an unihabited island and make your own society thing really works, and for communism too!

Jokes aside it kind of reminded me of the guy asking about Taiwan and why they're richer than China. Also Israel. Or a lot of other rich micronations. Being the advanced manufacturing protectorate of a larger empire has its perks.


Finland every game, basically


File: 1668179018463.png (60.56 KB, 322x387, 1665606276455.png)

Since Vicky 3 discussion has died down, this thread can be used for both Vicky 2 and Vicky 3 discussion.


Don't we have a grand strat general already


Imperator is honestly good now. Real shame they fucked up release so badly it took until no one was playing it to get there


you are incredibly fucking retarded


Thats true but its not very nice


imagine flying the slavers rag and expecting people to be nice to you


It's my mark of cain. Southern whites are reactionary and we do deserve genocide though. The united states south needs to be nuked tbh


File: 1669550743725.jpeg (66.06 KB, 640x756, satan and america.jpeg)

>The united states south needs to be nuked tbh
Just the South?


>wants to nuke the black belt due to performative shame


Huh. Technically black people are part of dixie. Weird.


Brrrr, disgusting. You really need to touch grass.


shay just needs someone to touch her ass and stick a dog dildo in her muzzle to shut up her silly political takes





if that is the people's will after a revolution then i shall submit to it.


Nah, keep talking



First game I played as Korea and made nazbol empire conquering Japan and indonesia. It was insanely easy probably because the civil war in China gave me independence and so I just industrialised in peace, I didn't even join a customs union but had highest GDP per capita, literacy and standard of living on the great powers list. War with all my neighbours was trivial and it was basically plain sailing and I didn't interact with half the mechanics in the game, I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable. Second game I played Haiti and it was going well until France declared war twice, tanking my economy and the second time they just bled me dry without sending troops until I went bankrupt which was so cringe. I will destroy them in my next playthrough mark my words.


>I just built factories to increase urbanization and GDP even if they weren't profitable
True Stalinist way, Feldman-Preobrazensky pilled.


bro you literally just revealed the juche strategy to the deep state


>true stalinist
>two men who were repressed by stalin


I hate subsidies
I hate subsidies
I hate subsidies
I hate subsidies
I hate subsidies
I hate subsidies


this game fucking sucks and that's okay because a dedicated team of autists are making an open source vicky 2


>thinking vicky2 is better than vicky3
Vicky3 has problems, but it's nowhere near as janky and broken as vicky2. Vicky3's economy doesn't just permanently shit itself midgame for everyone except the great powers because it literally just runs out of resources.

Some of the systems in Vicky3 are just a straight upgrade over Vicky2. Take Westernization.

Vicky2: "Uncivilized" nations are populated by a bunch of ill tempered chimps that hate it when you give them roads, schools and land reforms that pulls them out of feudal serfdom because it goes against muh old ways. Your nation will sit permanently at near-maximum turmoil until these semi-human baboons fully embrace "Westernization" mentally and spiritually, at which point they suddenly see why not being a illiterate serf forever is actually a good thing and the turmoil vanishes. The only way around this is to embrace muh old ways and essentially trick your population into Westernizing, but it will take you the whole goddamn game to do so because your research will now trickle in at an absolute snail's pace. There is nothing you can do while you're Westernizing other than Westernize, it's a 100% waiting simulator.

Vicky3: As an "unrecognized" nation, you're a bit behind the times technologically and have a very antiquated government, typically dominated by an entrenched landowner interest group which completely dominates the state. The game revolves around slowly dicking over the landowners to get the reforms you need to modernize and eventually have a standoff with the Western powers to gain recognition.


so meiji japan lol


I dunno, Westernization (as poorly as it is framed) does make a lot of historical sense, with a lot of the lower and middle classes having a very clear realization of the prospects of capitalism leading to the loss of their societal position and monetary security leading them to want to revolt against its implementation, like a much more militant version of the Luddites. It's just that no Paradox game has any real way to model social unrest outside of open rebellion - which is especially funny considering its the fucking Victorian era, with the emergence of socialism, unions, strike-actions, ect. In Vicky 3 its just a single class of landholders which you oppose which is pretty ahistorical - craftsmen and upper-class but not landholding peasantry also had investment in the existing system and sought to uphold it, which shows how completely inflexible their "class but no politics" system is. The monolithic traits of a class in a given time completely determine their political outcomes when in reality there are always going to be multiple groups with different, conflicting interests even within the same class, something Vicky 2 models better. Also, you can speed up westernization through war, every conquest of another state brings you a lot of knowledge of westernization.

But really, the whole "Vicky 2 vs Vicky 3" discussion is retarded because everyone is comparing an idealized, modded Victoria 2 against Victoria 3, when in reality both Victoria 2 and Victoria 3 are pretty shit and are only redeemed in any real way through community modding efforts.
Yeah, it seems like "Westernization" is heavily based around the Asian experience of it. You gotta remember that in Victoria 2 basegame there are incredibly few unwesternized nations. In Africa you have all of N. Africa and Arabia, then the Sokoto Caliphate, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Zulu. In Asia you have the Qing + their substates, Japan, Punjab, various Indian minors (all with the same flavor), Korea, and a few SEA states. After that, there are very few uncivs - releasables like the Cherokee nation, Syria and Crimea, Hawaii, and some other small states. I'm almost certain there are more Westernized nations in the game than non-Westernized.

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