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I just beat this game, I remember seeing another discussion thread about this game but I can't find it, but I want to talk about the game, full spoilers.


it good game


What do you wanna talk about gayboi?


File: 1678205627251.mp4 (26.89 MB, 1920x1080, Mazovian_Socioeconomics.mp4)

It's a pretty good game.


Agreed, my favorite moment was buying socialist speakers


I think the old topic dropped off the catalog thanks to the schizo that makes a new topic every day about whatever random thing is annoying him


It was nice to harken back to old point and click adventures. A game of talking and words as opposed to the main mechanic being a gun or a combo. The content of said message was also pleasantly on point in the current world's zeitgeist. Communism and fascism extrapolated into caricatures that fit the world perfectly. Themes of isolation, police abusing power, and political corruption were all rotated at such a rate it never felt like it overstayed its welcome. I'm not sure I really enjoyed the ending and the lone crazed sniper man as the actual murderer. It felt out of the blue. it removed the satisfaction of a traditional who-done-it by making the main cast of characters not the one's who did it. I unno, seemed like a crazy twist that didn't have as much foreshadowing as I would have liked. But maybe I just missed out on the part where 'giant bug drives isolated war vet insane' was sprinkled in everywhere. I mean there was the who sub plot about crazy animals that seemed more like a joke than a plot point and the old men were always talking about the good ol' days.


File: 1678216083837.png (63.91 KB, 1200x800, DE_Communist_Flag.png)

Something that really clicked for me that this game was made by a communist and Marxist was not things thrown around like bourgeoisie but rather that it "made fun" of communists with the discouraging and sardonic mental discussion in Harry's head and also the small ass two man reading group who discussed esoteric "infra-mazovian" type shit and the fact that they kicked out other members for the smallest of ideological disagreements. It was a love letter to communists and it was little things like that that non-communists would not get being outside of those communities.


Incredible and legendary game. I still listen to the 3 different Whirling-In-Rags themes on repeat.


My favorite fun fact about this game is that the portrait for the Inland Empire skill is a visual representation of the Pale; that mirrors its concept of gaining insight into invisible things.


I'm sorry fellas, but Disco Elysium it the ultimate midwit filter. If you like the game, you're a midwit for (a) not being able to recognize and (b) being entertained by subpar writing. Sorry not sorry.


>subpar writing
Compared to what? Kafka? Dosto? Dumas? Do you expect every piece of literature to be as dense as Hegel?


Also a midwit filter.
Only midwits waste their time with non-great writers. Read some Plato, Dostoevsky, Schopenhauer, Faulkner, Rulfo, etc.


So the distinction between fiction and nonfiction is nonexistent?


About the pale, I'm not sure I totally understand it. It's called the "tissue" that connects the isolas but apparently it's something of a void. We know that there are oceans, I think but also apparently the world of Elysium is not a sphere but flat??


none of these are great writers, stop sniffing your farts and go read the bible.


spoken like a true brainlet who's never contributed anything to the world.
It's been many years since I've played the game but IIRC it's a "miasma" that is consuming the world and makes it devoid of life/matter? Beyond that, the wiki article is more help than I would be: https://discoelysium.fandom.com/wiki/Pale
But this thread is making me want to play the game again haha.


I'm not sure if that's what "grey corona" means, plus there's the whole stars and planets thing going on as well


I like what this guy called key and Skittles or something on YouTube said that the Pale was more representative of basically that saying beyond the pale and that that pale is human society crossing that horizon to establish something new. It's interesting also mentioned in the video that the phasmid said the Pale began right around the time humans showed up. The game obviously is post revolutionary and you assume there's no hope but the end is more hopeful and the people actually freaked out about the Pale are mostly bourgeois especially Joyce. I think the video is better at explaining it and obviously the video creator is a Marxist so.


File: 1678250754972.png (271.19 KB, 369x512, ClipboardImage.png)

This dude did nothing wrong (other than call me a libcuck because I played the boombox)
It's basically an expanding zone of nothingness where everything from physical laws to matter turns to nonsense the further in they go, and shit gets lost in there like radio transmissions, people's voices and thoughts, phone calls, etc. Basically a giant anomalous zone with a gradient of how much it affects matter and physics. But eventually you end up on the other side and into another island of matter containing oceans, islands, continents, etc.


I've been thinking about the game more lately, and it's pretty cool how they represent ideology as having actual physical effects on the world. Being mega rich lets you bend physics, but the collective of people at the church also limits the hole in reality. There are even hints that the Mazovian theory enhancing turnip growth might be real
>assumed I would hate Joyce
>ends up being one of the best characters


I'm still mad he wouldn't let me save him by sending him to the one communist state left because it was a "degenerated workers state".
Come on.


A man of principle.


File: 1678695698521.png (2.73 MB, 3425x2157, ClipboardImage.png)

world map


Where's that from


very low quality b8


File: 1678939120087.jpg (59.18 KB, 1242x680, Screenshot.jpg)

Male romance with yuri tropes.


File: 1678965351398.jpg (150.26 KB, 943x769, EWBa_baUYAE5hwY.jpg)

Pretty sure it's fan art


All the mercenaries where pieces of shit but he only did it out of moralist digust, you could feel for what he went trough, but his ultimate motive was not good


One thing i really enjoyed about the main mistery was how much you could peek it into if you pursued the angle but not too hard that it would spoil the whole thing first time trough
>You can have a convo with Kim about how you hope there is sexy/sex thing in the case
>He says of course there is not
>Difficulty inland empire roll to convince him that somehow sex is involved
>If you can talk to the corpse of the merc he will say that communism killed him and you can keep bringing that up in future convos


Maybe the immediate motive, but seeing as he was basically the revolutionary version of a Japanese holdout, and despite his deteriorating mental state he kept his weapon in good condition, remained relatively up to date on happenings in the harbor, correctly identified and eliminated a bourgeois vampire is pretty impressive.

He's the mirror image of Rene except he does something with the dying years of his life instead of accepting his fate as an antiquated fossil. All of the reactionaries like Rene and Gary never do anything to further their worldview and neither do most of the communists, only the old partisan ever does anything concrete, and he ends up driving the events of the entire game with just one shot.


>just one shot.
One shot that had no real political motive which a commentary on crisis in general. On the surface these things seem random which leads one thing to another. You misinterpreted what was happening at the end there, the reality is that the political situation in Revachol was already volatile and this random old man who killed this guy because of senile jealousy but just so happens to be a former communist soldier is the perfect conditions for a revolutionary spark. In reality that's how revolutions happen too, usually some unrelated random thing that simply sets off a series of events that cannot be stopped.


>he ends up driving the events of the entire game with just one shot.

the union is already planning to secede though. he has nothing to do with that, just getting people killed (potentially)



The dude getting killed is what brings Harry and Kim to the scene, without them the mercs would have wiped the floor with the Hardie boys and nobody would realize why Martinaise was suddenly erupting in violence because it was being ignored by the authorities. And nobody would have found the hole in the church and realized what it was without Harry's involvement.


The mercs only tried to kill the Hardie boys because of the dead guy though?


now that Kurvitz got FUCKED by the porkies I wanna steal the int prop and make an illegal game set in that world…

also here's the novel he wrote in 2013.

Revachol gets nuked 20 years after Disco Elysium


im so mad we will never see this fully adapted into a video game




Lol, this reminds me of when I played 'White Gold' (Xenus 2) like nearly 20 years ago and there was randomly a plot related NPC in a bar in it that ranted to you about how the ideosphere/noosphere was a literal real thing and that's where ideas come from.

Then again I was a dumbass kid so maybe I misunderstood what he was talking about lol.


Okay never mind, it only came out in 2008, feels like a lifetime ago though lol

watch this intro if you want an out of body experience


Yea retard this is completely the antithesis to a materialist reading of the story, how did you even get here?!?


File: 1696392757714-1.png (478.12 KB, 484x670, 1696386673999688.png)

File: 1696392757714-2.jpg (31.47 KB, 369x512, measurehead.jpg)

File: 1696392757714-3.jpg (34.57 KB, 369x512, rene.jpg)

Just realized the portrait distortions roughly have to do with each character's mental state and people who aren't delusional have clear portraits.


>not delusional

who's the 2nd guy?


His name is Idiot Doom Spiral.

He's drunk/homeless and you meet him in the fishing village. He tells you how you crashed your car and also how he became homeless. He used to be a booj finance bro but kept fucking up


>people who aren't delusional have clear portraits.

eh I'd say nearly every character has some kind of delusion. But yes, the portrait does stylistically reflect their mental state. For example, Kim is a moralist and an adherent of Dolorian ideology, hence the halo in his portrait, which I like to think is one of the headlights of his Kinema motorcarriage.


File: 1696441082703.webm (8.03 MB, 852x480, booj_aint_human.webm)


So is all the supernatural stuff in this game real then? I was skimming and skipping all things related to it because Im too autistic to even roleplay taking it seriously so you can imagine my shock when these things started making an appearance in the game. Still, I remained skeptical, even after seeing the hole in the universe and the light bending man, somehow, and had some new life breathed into said skepticism by the student commies more or less echoing my own thoughts back at me (they say something about the Pale being folklore+bourgeouis psuedoscience or something) But seeing the cryptid at the end of the game was the final straw. So what do you guys make of all that?


>and the light bending man
The light bending was just Harry halucinating-


I mean we know the pale exists so yes clearly the supernatural does exist (from the perspective of our universe). Not that big of a stretch for other weird stuff to exist.


The cryptid was propably the least supernatural thing in the game


>student commies
But infra materialism is also a super natural.


I think it's ambiguous whether that actually existed or not


>The cryptid was propably the least supernatural thing in the game
I mean, it did even take the time to explain it's and evolutionary biology/niche.


Its a giant sapient mythological telepathic insect. Fairy sure would be considered supernatural even by standards of Disco Elysium world.


I thought the 'telepathy' was just Harry imagining it?


No, it's that Harry is dead broke, but Kim manages to save some of his salary, so the ratio of Light Bending Guy's net worth to Harry's is like 1000000:1, whereas compared to Kim it's merely 1000:1 which is nowhere near enough to bend light


Inland Empire for one is less magical than it appears, it seems like it can tell the future or access information you couldn't know, but it mainly tells you things you already knew before the memory destroying bender

Shivers is indeed para-natural, it is a direct line of communication with the genius loci of Revachol


Finally beat this game after putting it off, I was so touched by Kim trusting Harry enough to completely heed the warning about one of the mercs preparing to gun him down.


File: 1700767621657.jpg (7.12 KB, 192x262, 1700732727164554.jpg)

Non-alcoholics think this game is fiction and irony.


>+1 Kim trusts you
>+2 Kim REALLY trusts you


File: 1701307957929.jpeg (702.27 KB, 2000x2775, index.jpeg)

it annoys me that in fan art people depict harry as a handsome at-most 30 year old man, instead of the ugly disgusting off-putting out-of-shape alcoholic drug addict that he is in the game. like the opening act of the game is almost entirely dedicated to driving home how pathetic he is.


I mean that picture is Ryan Gosling, I think it's a joke.


Disco Elysium studio has reportedly canceled a standalone expansion to the beloved RPG as potential layoffs loom
A new report suggests that the threat of dozens of layoffs looms at ZA/UM, as the studio has canceled the development of a standalone expansion to its beloved RPG Disco Elysium.

GLHF at Sports Illustrated reports that ZA/UM has canceled a project known internally as X7, which would've been a standalone expansion to Disco Elysium. According to the report, studio president Ed Tomaszewski told staff the project was "one to two years away from completion" and might have taken "more time and effort than Disco Elysium did."

The report suggests that ZA/UM also canceled a full Disco Elysium sequel in 2022 and put development of a "new sci-fi IP" on hold in 2023. Two new projects, one of which is still connected to the Disco Elysium IP, are said to remain in development.

"With the cancellation of X7 we are proposing to reshape our team to support our two remaining games," CEO Ilmar Kompus told employees in a message published by GLHF. "This adjustment will almost certainly lead to redundancies, mostly affecting the X7 team but also our non-development teams and non-X7 projects." The report estimates that around 24 employees are at risk of being laid off.

While Disco Elysium was heralded as an instant classic upon its release in 2019, the story at ZA/UM has been fraught with controversy thanks to a messy split between the studio and some of its creative leads in 2022. Allegations of fraud and toxic management flew back and forth between the two parties, and the story only seemed more complicated in the wake of an extensive documentary in 2023 from the folks at People Make Games. Whatever the truth of the situation, reports like this don't paint an inspiring picture for the studio's fortunes.


>be Estonian
>publish communist propaganda
>it gets popular
>thank Marx and Engels
>shitstorm ensues
I'm actually surprised it's not dead yet.

Baltics. Not even once.


File: 1708127152374.png (66.66 KB, 1222x228, ClipboardImage.png)

Time to wait for Furies: Tides of Vapor.


Argo Truliik has some interesting stuff to say in this article
<The mask has slipped from the face of capital. What remains at ZA/UM is a cold, careless company where managers wage war against their own creatives, where artistry is second to property, and where corporate strategy is formed by an arrogant disdain for their own audience


The biggest joke to me that they didn't see how this would inevitably end to begin.
Some marxists. Lol.


The fault lies not within their red stars, but within themselves.


I imagine when you get that investor turn up and he once in a lifetime opportunity to work on a passion project you start ro tell yourself all sorts of things how you'll do it different and who can ve trusted and so on.


also harry is in his 50s


lol the voice acting


>Another one bites the dust
>t. Capitalism


He’s technically in great shape for his age because he’s an ex-gym teacher


None of my gym teachers were in good shape.


File: 1708282130552-0.png (483.65 KB, 1021x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708282130552-1.png (211.89 KB, 993x539, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1708282130552-2.png (1.05 MB, 1033x1321, ClipboardImage.png)


This whole fuckup could easily be a chapter in the Disco Elysium universe funnily enough.


Kim points out that Harry is unnaturally good at running which he attributes to him being a gym teacher in the game. I think at least his cardio is great canonically.


>>30831 The Deserter's words hit me like a train. Him saying "It was real. I'd seen it. I'd seen it "in reality"" and the rest of that quote got me teary eyed as a newer lefty.


Yea I cry at that last (penultimate? Or is the last scene with the cops more of an epilogue? It feels there for game reasons more than story reasons) scene every time.
Not that uncommon for other arts but something for me very rare that video games have been able to achieve.


I vaguely remember a character talking about the songs that sprang up during the World Revolution, was it the Deserter?


For a moment, there was hope.


Kim is a reason-oriented individual who incorrectly believes himself to live in a mundane and explainable world, so he does tend to come up with these kind of rationalizations. Harry clearly possesses abilities beyond that of ordinary humans; he is, after all, a miracle.


He's more than a miracle.

He's Hobocop.


for some reason I never thought about the paris commune when thinking about Disco Elysium


I really wanted to like it. But it reminded me how much I hate reading novels.
I really had my heart set on screwing with the NPCs and wreaking havoc. But I gave up after getting lost in the bosses office.
I think I lost the game to an uncomfortable chair.


>I think I lost the game to an uncomfortable chair.



thats how i died the first time too. but then i became obsessed with it after that happened lel


Finding all the weird ways to die is one of the best parts of that game. I died the first time when I got too into being hobo cop.


>thats how i died the first time too. but then i became obsessed with it after that happened lel
Lmao exactly the same.
Tbh I thought it was gonna be low quality meme shit just from seeing memes on this site, never thought I'd get so in to it.


File: 1711584269591-0.jpg (45.63 KB, 474x493, GIa95hNXYAAAI86.jpg)

File: 1711584269591-1.jpg (45.61 KB, 461x429, GIa-LE_X0AEa6A3.jpg)

putting all your points into empathy is a good way to turn it into one of the most depressing games ever


Wow, it's just like real life.


I did this aktually.



You: I'm sorry you have to sit here on the ice, feeling miserable. At your age –or at any age –in this weather… waiting for it to get dark.
She looks you in the eye, her pupils wide, surrounded by a ridiculous amount of make-up
You: The people who build this world intended it to be better for you, but they failed. It is easier to live in their failure with this by your side." (Tap on the tape recorder).
The wind howls. She remains silent.
Empathy: It's real. Tell her.
You: It is not a childish fantasy. It can be a real weapon against what's coming for you now
Acele: "What is…? "Her shoulders shake a little.
You: Nothing, if you got this. Don't be scared.
Acele: Okay.
Her teeth rattle. She takes the device from you and places it in her lap
Acele: "I'll stick to it"


File: 1712092068283.jpg (49.89 KB, 1124x820, FF0z58wX0AEyX-G.jpg)

Has there been any right wing critique of this game? i genuinely want to know how rightiods feel about this game



>helped me get over an ex
>got me to finally finish Planescape:Torment
Good game, glad I avoided spoilers on 8ch and went in thinking it was genuinely copaganda… which I mean it might win her back right? I need more games like this.


>what ex?


Yea playing this only a year ago I was like damn, so could have has this spoilered by the Internet, glad I never did.
Ioved planescape as a kid, think it contributed to my love of this game.

The game now has a microtranshumanist store in its menu..


File: 1713825130992.png (221.75 KB, 1860x896, Anon explains Pale DE.png)

I honestly think Disco Elysium (together with Sacred and Terrible Air) might be THE defining piece of art for the neoliberal age.

It's really awful that Kurvitz et al got fucked out of their IP, and I sincerely hope they can one day get it all back, but at the same time I'm kind of fine with never getting a sequel. Le Retour will have to happen in real life.

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