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I have a weird fascination with this franchise, particularly its fans. How do they remain so loyal when there's been maybe one or two good games in the last two decades in a sea of average-to-terrible garbage released year after year? How did Sega manage to take all the wrong lessons away from their colossal fuckups of the mid-late 2000s?


You mean Sonic Team? Sega's got a lot of great games.


Partly Sonic Team, but with Sega I meant enforcing impossible development times to meet release targets, like not budging on the 15 year franchise anniversary leading to Sonic 06 being released as a broken mess, and Sega splitting the development team for 06 in half to work on Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Sonic colours, frontiers, the remakes, were pretty good recent titles actually. Sonic forces not so much. Part of why there aren’t many good sonic titles are just the lack of games that get released for them since the team wants more time to develop better titles. Similar to how gamefreak pretty much reworked their entire approach to new Pokémon titles and I for one am for it If it means more experimental games


Most Sonic fans don't even play most of the games, they just like the characters porn


The 2D games are good, including Mania.


Mario > Sonic


t. lifelong sonic fan


autism is when you consume [product]


as a sonic fan, I can tell you for sure that being a sonic fan is highly correlated with autism


i didnt know psychology degrees were only handed to sonic fans


good music, adorable designs



Sonic colors in 13 years old already, if it was 2010 13 years ago would by 1997 for comparison

sonic generations is also pretty old too at 12 years old

so i think the only recent sonic game that is critically having a higher score is sonic frontiers

for me its partially out of nostalgia because i've liked the series ever since i was a kid, and sonic is probably the game series i know the most about too and i also write fanfiction about it

i've also made fangames too

i also keep a list of all the sonic games i've completed as well and am slowly beating all of them

its the series that i am most attached to and i don't know if that's a good thing because that might clash with my political views but i guess there is no ethical consumption under capitalism either way


bros i think i have autism


video games gave me autism, adhd and bipolarity


oh and gender dysphoria of course


Hey buddy I think you got the wrong thread, Fallout discussion is two pages down


Busby > Mario


>they just like the characters porn
it's games or both, the it's only the porn if you're a weeb, jap otaku or a full on furry




>>27913 bubsy is an antifa super soldier confirmed


Fanworks mostly. Sega isn't as lawsuit happy as Nintendo–which is an incredibly low bar to meet, but they do manage it–so people can make fan games and stuff without getting DMCA'd, since fans will always make better stuff than a company with committees and trademark management ever will.


>fans will always make better stuff
its just this case because official sonic media suck ass
most fanfiction is shit too


File: 1684887374016.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1200, 1683185288922.png)

90% of people (over 12) that still care about the sonic fandom are full on furries

you know I'm right


I mean that's a rather intuitive observation, not sure anyone would argue naught for irony poisoning. Sonic gives young furries something easy to start drawing with, and some stick around.


A fan project called Project 06 that completely remakes the 2006 game is apparently finished now and it's supposed to be a massive improvement over the original. Anyone try it?



I don't believe you.


Who's leftypol's favorite female Sonic character


I'll break your legs now.


File: 1686011877088-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 271.41 KB, 2518x1932, bf1cb8603bb1d956db18cf8817….jpg)

File: 1686011877088-1.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 2500x3000, 387532ca497d5e0ea6e6ace609….png)

Blaze the Cat if SEGA canon.
Hershey the Cat if Archie canon.


for me, i got into it as a kid browsing the internet in the late 2000s and early 2010s. the flash animations and games were really cool, and i got dragged in by the characters, the music and the universe. it's very easy to become a sonic fan because there's been lots of them ever since the early 2000s when sonic adventure 1 & 2 released and the waves of fan content flooded the internet. you don't really stay in the sonic fandom for a lot of the games (although there are some really good ones in the series) but rather for the stuff people are making


>you don't really stay in the sonic fandom for a lot of the games (although there are some really good ones in the series) but rather for the stuff people are making
Yeah, Sonic is a lot like TF2 in that regard.


tf2 is a good game though


That was mostly abandoned by its devs, forcing the community to take care of it.


its called legacy mode


"It's not 'war.' It's called 'special operation'."


Their in the same league of non furriers jerking to furry characters (that everyone jerks off too, a furry or not) at worse. Sonic fans are the opposite to /MLP/fags, where not all furriers are zoophiles for horses, not all sonic fans are furriers. they just like games or the characters, lore or stories


Everyone is furry for Krystal.


I like the comics, don't care too much about the games.


The old or new canon?


not them but i like the archie comics after ian flynn took over but also enjoy the idw comics, even though i think archie being written by ian flynn is better because there was more variety with what could be used in the story since there wasn't as restricted by mandates as idw was

idw is definitely more consistent of a story but i think archie was more interesting because it was a really strange sonic universe but it also felt like a fully realized world but idw doesn't


>Everyone is furry for Krystal.
or lola bunny


>Blaze the Cat
1. Looks like a Greek statue.
2. Why do furfags always draw lighter fur on torsos?

>Hershey the Cat

2. Who TF is this?


>Everyone is furry for Krystal
This is furry propaganda, I do not believe you.


>I like the comics, don't care too much about the games
WTF? I like both but liking the comics exclusively? Now that's something new.


>zoophiles for horses
I think they're like lolifags. Attracted to cartoony horses but one cannot be sure if they're attracted to real horses or not… Not like this isn't still gross.

Honestly, have no idea what's going on inside those people's heads.


>Why do furfags always draw lighter fur on torsos?
Because most other Sonic characters have tan or white fur on their torsos as well. so the artist inferred it is the case with Blaze as well?


>Because most other Sonic characters have tan or white fur on their torsos as well
That's just factually incorrect. Only Sonic and Tails have fur of a different color on their bellies. Shadow, Silver and Jet's white "chest hair" isn't even comparable. Neither is Knuckles' "camel." Rouge is completely monochrome except for her head. So is the rest of the female cast, as one can see by their sportswear.


Oh well yeah, I just noticed Blaze's belly is purple in her Olympics appearance. I just haven't played that game.
Tbh I have moved on from Sonic quite a long time so most of my interaction with the series nowadays is threads like this one.


Correction: Amy has tan arms.

I stand corrected.


File: 1686175000912.png (1.41 MB, 968x518, seductive mare.png)

>not being attracted to horses
more seriously MLP is just a cute anime girls that happen to be ponies


I am that anon, but just like the other anon, my favorite was Archie as well.


>more seriously MLP is just a cute anime girls that happen to be ponies
No, they are ponies that happen to be cute anime girls. Unless we're talking about Equestria Girls of course.


File: 1686206874561.jpg (35.85 KB, 604x445, ancom twilight.jpg)

I wish I still had that 4chan screenshot of an /a/non that explains this, but it's basically just neoteny. G4 mare faces are far closer to the kitten ideal than they are horses


>not being attracted to horses
>that happen to be ponies
that you fap to. if you weren't a zoophile then you wouldn't be constantly masturbating to zoo shit and instead the full anthro or human versions


File: 1686210587665.png (287.22 KB, 450x731, absolutely disgusting.png)



>not all furriers are zoophiles for horses
>I'm not a zoo owo it just horse anizme grl
>(vomit on anything humanoid or furry related)
"not all furriers are zoophiles for horses"

don't overthink


this is such an amazingly confused post I'm going to celebrate it by posting a horse being silly


>G4 mare faces are far closer to the kitten ideal than they are horses
Well, duh. That's my point.

In all honesty, ponyfags are much closer to zoophiles than furfags are. It's just how it is. No way am I believing that cartoony ponies don't look more like actual ponies than anthro furries do.

Plus some anthros look so close to humans that by that point the distinction is arbitrary.


>this is such an amazingly confused post
becuz u zoofile


who cares even if they are.


>I'm not a zoo owo it just horse anizme grl
This is the real horse anime girl.


>who cares even if they are.
the whole fucking point of the post

>so what if I'm a horsesfucker!

then you're a full bitchass zoophile horsefucker like I already said, worse then furriers





Sega is slowly retvrning to traditional sonic.


Nostalgia pandering again. I hate nostalgia pandering.

The Adventure and boost games were perfectly fine games, they just needed more polish. But they keep fucking up in making them all the time. Perhaps that is for the best. The fans can make these types of games better anyway.

The Sonic characters should be public domain honestly.


>Epic Games Store
<heart attack
<second heart attack
Well, boys. Prepare to get Denuvo shoved up your asshole. Unless you got the game for free, of course, yarrrr.


but where is sonic adventure 1 part 2 (aka SA3)?
sonic team should retvrn to sonic adventure 1 ASAP
>The Sonic characters should be public domain honestly
based, but I think copyleft would be a better option.


>based, but I think copyleft would be a better option
Ah, yeah, of course. Obviously. Although I'm not sure that it provides the same advantages as copylefted source code. I don't think it's as much of a problem for proprietary developers as libre software is. What proprietary devs care the most about is non-disclosing the code and shoving Denuvo into their games.


>>28767 (cont.)
Okay, I've found something absolutely based. This one might work.



>>28768 (cont.)
The CC-BY-SA license also seems to have an anti-DRM clause, although I don't see any license that demands that the work can only be used in libre software, say. Something that will discourage the proliferation of proprietary parasitism.



>retvrn to sonic adventure 1
What would that entail?


3d game where you play as all the characters and ride in the president's limo


Anon they only rode in the President's Limo in SA2 as Sonic and crew were trying to track where Eggman's broadcast to the world after (pissing on the moon) destroying half the moon as a threat.


yeah I know I just think that the president being a character is funny (especially since you can kill him in Shadow the Hedgehog, how many games are as based as that)


Not only kill the President but also destroys the entire White House. I can't think of any other game that has done that off the top of my head.


> I can't think of any other game that has done that off the top of my head.
The first Command & Conquer game has you blast it from space with an ion cannon in Nod's ending.


i kinda like how this scene was released like 2 months before 9/11 lmao.


I'm pretty sure like 95% of /mlp/fags that are still into the fandom would fuck a real horse if given the chance. There's that HVOP (human vagina on pony) meme, where it's like clop (porn) artists years ago when MLP was cool almost exclusively drew the ponies with human pussies and without the horse udders/teats or "ponuts" (horse assholes) but nowadays you can rarely find pony porn without semi-realistic or outright realistic anatomy for the private regions, and in fact if such an artist exists they will get hated for drawing ">HVOP".

My take is to put it bluntly I wouldn't assume someone who faps to so-called "HVOP" porn is a zoophile, but I would assume they are if they fap to realistic horse anatomy. But here's the thing — I would assume the exact same for horse cock futafags, animal genitalia anthros/monster girls and people who use animal-themed sex toys. It's like how that one vtuber, Pippa, called Agent Kochinski Agent Kochinski a horsefucker. He talks SO much about horse cock, he literally sounds like he would suck off a horse if he could.

Thankfully I'd say at least with horsefuckers, it's hard for them to get access to real horses, ergo them doing anything in real life isn't a concern. The same cannot be said for "cunnyfags", which if I was in a schizo mood I might even suggest it's possible they're some kind of glowie op targeting 4channers (I don't know about you guys but when I was a kid more than a decade ago and happened upon loli threads on /b/ and /a/ there was no explicit pedo talk like "UOHHHH CHILD PUSSY" or actual CP being posted in loli threads, nowadays whenever I happen upon a loli thread there's like a 30% chance of someone posting actual CP).

Oh and, lastly, while they might be horsefuckers, I can't remember /mlp/ ever having a strong chinlet presence and for that they should be commended.


>HVOP (human vagina on pony)
it still fucking a horse, and knowing it just horses in the mlp artsyle doesn't change anything.

>I can't remember /mlp/ ever having a strong chinlet presence

if you mean /pol/fags then that not really ture


if horses could talk there would be literally 0 ethical issue with fucking them


>horses could talk
it's still bestiality Agent Kochinski


even the sonic thread isnt safe from people moralizing about drawings


File: 1690519307588.gif (2.4 MB, 498x280, 1662341136650.gif)

I really enjoyed the Sonic Boom cartoon. Until it got fucked over by Sega and Cartoon Network, as usual.
Sega has always been the biggest problem with Sonic. It's why the movies and all the other spinoff media ended up a million times better the instant you get them away from Sega's hands.


same phenomenon as "only gay for furries". cant be real.


This year leftypol has become completely hysterical about accusing each other of being zoophiles/pedophiles/whatever the fuck else.


>people moralizing about drawings
white girl /get/fag pls go


what does this even fucking mean lmao


lerk more white girl


>Until it got fucked over by Sega and Cartoon Network, as usual.
It already was since ROL had it's own problems during development and the rest of 3d games being mixed with gameplay and Shattered Crystal having bad dialogue. Having 2 season is the standard, but the show was somewhat lucky to have 2 seasons

>It's why the movies and all the other spinoff media ended up a million times better the instant you get them away from Sega's hands.

i disagree


Games and cartoon were made by completely different people.


File: 1690696008909.png (36.28 KB, 745x255, s.png)

>Games and cartoon were made by completely different people.
They were part of the same spin off anon.


File: 1690696137654.png (3.83 MB, 1920x1440, 1658385009604.png)

I think that the issue with Sonic is that the executives over at Sega are practicing sound business techniques, and Sonic, as a franchise, can't function with "good ideas." The Super Autistic fan base requires Sonic media that breaks most traditional rules. An example I can think of off the top of my head is how DMCV, while it is a pretty game, is pretty fucking boring mechanically, but it appeals to the autists who like being hard-carried by button mashing, and doesn't ever take itself seriously so it's exploding with cringe-kino.

As much as Sonic Frontiers sucked, the first boss fight right out of the gate is cringe-kino with the unwarranted boss music, Super Sonic emulating an old fan flash video game, and just being unnecessarily bombastic. That's good presentation because, after all, why should anyone take a blue rodent that can go Super Saiyan seriously? If the rest of Frontiers was about cringe-kino set pieces rather than trying to follow the sane business model decision of open world games, it could've been great.

The business execs are retards who are so behind the curve they think its a flat plane.


When you are helming an ostensibly creative product, just keeping everything the same forever isn't really a sound business decision. This is the same reason western comics in general are dying.


They should make a new Sonic Spinball but in a 3D world. There would be flipflapper thingies everywhere and cannons and stuff and they would all have a specific sort of shading and texture and with the press of a button you would always activate every single one of these things simultaneously across the entire game universe. You don't need Sonic to touch a lever, things don't need to make too much sense in a fricking video game. Games have made too much sense in recent times IMHO. Let's go crazy.


sonic frontiers was a move in the right direction tho


It's interesting that they're so protective of Shadow for whatever reason. Hopefully it means he won't make any more appearances


Star Wars sequels tried something like this, then failed and still gradually caved in to people demanding the old lore stuff back. What is needed is not complete destruction of old lore just for the sake of a corporate's idea of "originality", but taking the best fitting bits and putting them in a new light whilst writing a new story.


File: 1690823736745.jpg (108.3 KB, 720x954, eb8.jpg)

Yeah I really don't get people who moralize over cartoon animals that don't really exist. It's like they have the mindset of Jack Thompson who thought GTA is causing school shootings.

Looks like i have to repost this picture.


File: 1690848187630.jpg (28.87 KB, 286x473, 1651023506235.jpg)

Izuka legitimately hates everything about Shadow, despite him being his favorite character. It's so weird. If he doesn't like Shadow having friends, a backstory, or a personality then what exactly is there to like? He's got a nice design and hover shoes, but it's his personality and interactions with others that made him popular.


File: 1690851736355.png (246.37 KB, 755x442, pokemon anthro scale.png)

Tbh, the Harkness Test should specify that not only a character should be proven to be able to talk but also capable of talking with humans specifically. There is a rather regular trope in animation staring both animal and human characters that the animal characters are capable of speaking to each other but not to humans, who instead hear animal sounds ex. All Dogs Go to Heaven and other Disney works. Considering this makes it much more understandable why Harkness Test is written off in regards to talking animal/feral characters.
Izuka seems to unironically want him to be Coldsteel. Edge for the sake of edge, even if it leaves him with little redeeming qualities.


Honestly I don't even really think it needs to be able to talk, if it has human level intelligence it can clearly demonstrate consent.


File: 1690860683869.png (129.88 KB, 990x593, 1636569219805.png)

90% of writing restrictions probably can be traced back to Ken Penders just managing to offend SEGA and their staff.


The eternal Penders. Why are they even working with him after all the drama?


File: 1690892618842.jpg (214.77 KB, 829x1200, EUbJlTGU0AEbRAO.jpg)



lol why's there just some normal looking dude on the top right?


there are humans (formerly 'overlanders') in the archie sonic canon, he is one presumably.



File: 1690941641491-0.jpg (78.28 KB, 680x680, 1690919401851435.jpg)

File: 1690941641491-1.jpg (145.06 KB, 680x1079, 1690917601556288.jpg)

Sonic Prime was great and it's a crime it got cancelled, but I guess the reason it was so good is because the execs didn't give a fuck about it.

I wish we could see more of Sticks in the comics or games.


File: 1690955526104.png (929.27 KB, 1280x1600, 1672612691925.png)

>Sonic Prime producer Logan McPherson has described fitting Shadow in the show as a "challenge", as his character comes with a lot of restrictions. Even the invention of the shatterverse wasn't enough to make Shadow's inclusion any easier, as he's destined to always be the edgy boy we know and love.
>“Shadow is Shadow. There's no changing Shadow. He is the ultimate life form. That's the way he is," McPherson tells us. "The challenge was how do we fit shadow in and have some fun?"
>It's also bad news for anyone who likes to see Shadow get along with his cheerier counterpart. “His relationship with Sonic…that's something that will never change. They will always remain at an arm's distance. They'll always be rivals.”

this is what happens when you get rid of maekawa, the writer responsible for making the character beloved, and replace him with iizuka, a soulless company man

sonic boom finale was brilliant, they made shadow funny without having him make a single joke


File: 1691029440358.png (991.33 KB, 1184x916, 1681579027159.png)

meanwhile at sega


>Alan: Oh, man. Writing for Shadow was a challenge in itself. SEGA did not consider him a comedy character. They told us we could use him, he could be on the show, but he was not to be making any jokes. We were like “uh, sure.” So to work around that, the joke became the very fact that Shadow is completely humorless. So edgy, all the time. It was funny that he was here, having to deal with all these crazy people.
>Greg: Shadow was a character that was very protected by SEGA. They were reluctant to let us use him very much, and when we did use him, he came with so many notes and restrictions that it was easier to not use him. That’s why he wasn’t on the show as much as fans would have wanted.
So many restrictions the writers bared him down to the horrible platonic ideal of what Sega execs want him to be. Just some angry asshole who wants to fight Sonic for no real reason.


what a brilliant business decision, I've spent so much time in the last 4-5 years wondering 'why is there no more angry birds products?'


Sega had always been run by retards, especially in Japan.

Infighting ultimately is what did Sega in, and by the time they took steps to resolve the feuding the damage had been done. It really started with Sega of Japan rejecting partnerships with Sony and Silicon Graphics that SoA was trying to broker for the Sega Saturn, but the real lynch pin was SoJ telling SoA that America "wasn't ready" for the Saturn, and that they needed a new cartridge console to transition them from 16 bits to 32 bits rather than just releasing the more powerful Saturn in all regions at the same time.

SoA got SoJ to compromise by making the cartridge system by just an add on for the Genesis (32X) but it was still a huge waste of money that really hurt Sega's reputation for cranking out hardware that they didn't support with enough software, especially since everyone was holding out for the real next generation console. They really bungled the launch of the Saturn too by releasing it without even telling anyone. They did pretty much everything right with the Dreamcast, but by that point they unfortunately didn't have enough money to support a console long enough for it to bring in a profit.

Sega doesn't understand that what made people get attached to the franchise is how earnest it used to be, despite the cringe.

Eggman having a fatherly side to him only stemmed from Flynn being Frontier's head writer. He's not a good writer, but he gets it. The Japanese translation of the game got fucking butchered because SoJ doesn't like it when the characters are even at least two-dimensional.

SoJ corrected the whole "Sonic emoting and being empathetic" so fucking hard that now the guy reads like a fucking furry Patrick Bateman, unable to feel anything but euphoria or aggression. That whole "he's only cool because he's snarky and doesn't care" mentality was only parroted by dumbfucking emotionally stunted gamers that were never fans of the series, both SoA and SoJ were fucking dumbasses for trying to pander to it.

Shadow got demoted to a shitty Vegeta rip-off when his whole appeal, more than the other two examples, was the earnestness of his character, the fact that he wasn't just a one-noted asshole.

Who the fuck cares if the furries express feelings other than WAKU WAKU and snark. The "cringe" was the appeal of it all.


I wish sega of america and flynn archie developed the games….but oh well


File: 1691425415264.png (499.99 KB, 790x552, 1644703763722.png)

>The Japanese translation of the game got fucking butchered because SoJ doesn't like it when the characters are even at least two-dimensional.
the jp version (the english script was written first) is a schizophrenic mtl clusterfuck that not even japs like


File: 1691469478432.gif (586.18 KB, 252x252, 1564665332318.gif)





File: 1691554669350.jpg (22.81 KB, 320x240, nanbei1.jpg)

>Sonic Team members were about to start working on a new work.
>That work was a completely new Sonic game.
>At the start of development, the six core members of the team went overseas to refine the vision of the video game. The destination was Central and South America.
>It was necessary to see the many ancient ruins in Central and South America with their own eyes, not through television or books.

>The “Casino Night Zone” in Sonic 2 is a masterpiece of pinball and slot machine mechanics.

>This is due to the wealth of experience gained from the trip to Las Vegas during the development of Sonic 2. Seeing is believing.

If only Sonic games past 2000 had this level of dedication (and budget!).


And now they're overworked and having to crunch all the time.


File: 1691910838719.png (20.3 KB, 877x576, 1682342379660.png)

I really liked the gameplay with Frontiers (I was expecting overland travel with Sonic to go over like a lead balloon), so if the sequel has better art direction and graphics, I feel like they could have something really good on their hands.

Swear to fuck if the next 3D Sonic game Sega puts out is something completely different again I will be very grumpy, Sega loves having each new Sonic game just do some stupid gimmick and not really fix anything from previous titles. Building off of Frontiers would be best.


File: 1691915622923.jpg (89.78 KB, 1877x319, Fy1F_aXWAAI8JjQ.jpg)

no budget


Dude, they're furries. Did you srsly not know that?


>one or two good games in the last two decades
youre tripping



I actually think 3D models fit a Sonic game more than, say, Mario.


They do. 16bit Sonic already had graphics indirectly based on polygons. Once can just look at the title screen of Sonic 3. Or the palms in the first stage of the first Sonic ever.


File: 1692575307318-0.png (491.46 KB, 1206x505, 1686352583507.png)

File: 1692575307318-1.png (24.89 KB, 844x652, sonic 100620.png)


yeah i have very little excitement for this game. It'll be better than Sonic 4 probably, but it looks bland. The trailers and the opening cutscene just have no energy to them in the way that Mania did.

I don't understand how they just totally fucked up on producing a Mania 2.


>What would become Sonic Superstars was originally conceived as a follow-up to 2017's Sonic Mania, but was abandoned. The concept was eventually revisited when Naoto Ohshima, co-creator of Sonic, expressed interest in making a new 2D Sonic installment. The title was almost entirely developed by Arzest, Ohshima's company, with assistance from Sonic Team.
>Jun Senoue, who has made the soundtracks of most Sonic games since Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994), served as the music director for the music in Sonic Superstars. He also received assistance from internal teams at Sega and Tee Lopes, composer of the Sonic Mania soundtrack, to make the music resemble the "classic Sonic vibe" from the original 2D Sonic titles.
the announcement trailer looks good actually


File: 1692848567708.gif (1.38 MB, 472x640, 1677061644330.gif)

Every person who's played Superstars has been pretty positive about it, and I'm not talking about jornos.


File: 1692950914670.mp4 (2.74 MB, 640x360, 6aTHowI5tv9fDFdH.mp4)

>Aoi Yuuki (Sticks) was on Sonic Station LIVE and her reactions are amazing
This shit is so cute. I love wholesome fangirls and fanboys.


File: 1693074875957.jpg (58.17 KB, 600x600, sonic the chihuahua.jpg)

i really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,
really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really really, really,
really, really wish sega made a good (not bad!!!) 3D sonic game

why do all the good ones have to be 2D


theres plenty of good 3d sonic games


>>30053 name one (1)


sonic 06


>>30055 that's a funny joke, but what is the game you were actually going to name


I actually liked unleashed


also the secret rings is mid,the black knight is unironically decent


Unleashed is great except for the fighting levels getting tedious.


File: 1693086334637.png (182.42 KB, 1200x848, Fr-kNr3WYAIK8H2.png)

The Sonic P-06 remake is everything the original should've been.


i genuinely do not understand why people don’t like this animation. it looks like modernized 90s anime to me, which is like, kinda perfect for superstars being a continuation of the 2D formula, as well as just being a good aesthetic in general


Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog made me wish we got more VNs.


It was fun, but I think the charm would wear off if they kept making them. plus I would wanna date Tails and they will never allow this in canon


File: 1693190549259.png (446.21 KB, 640x480, Iizuka_SA1_Reveal.png)

>plus I would wanna date Tails and they will never allow this in canon
This is why there's not going to be a dating sim


sonic 06


at this point most of the fandom is into sonic for the characters rather than the games themselves so sure why not


File: 1693454107332.jpg (10.29 KB, 320x243, elise.jpg)

Can anyone tell me why this scene triggered game journalists so badly back then? Humans kissing non-humans is nothing new.


>why this scene triggered game journalists so badly
"it should have been me"


Western game journalists have done irreparable damage to video game discourse. It's why JRPGs were considered weird and gay for all of the 2000s. You could get away with calling Raiden from MGSR a fucking faggot, everyone would clap at you for doing it.


>What I want to propose to you is not that Sonic The Hedgehog isn't a bad game but that whether Sonic 06 is a bad game or not doesn't matter very much at all, that the question of Sonic The Hedgehog's quality, nearly 10 years later, has become one of little importance and of small bearing to the larger conversation of what this game has done. On YouTube, random cuts of the game's cutscenes hold nearly half a million views, and their comment sections are filled with inquiries into its story and quick-shot interpretations. It's clear to me, that people in the culture have become very interested in what this game is and how it's become itself. This is a game that has come to matter in a way that no other game of its tier of reputation has, and that speaks volumes at a scope that any basic 101 evaluation of its game quality can never hope to accommodate.


I don't think anyone's offended by this, I think people are cringing at this. Their proportions are wildly different, it's a massive stylistic clash, it looks goofy. Who thought it was a good idea to put some final fantasy looking ass human characters in sonic games? This is so dumb. It's like putting nicholas cage in the middle of a spyro the dragon game or something.


they shouldve used the style from sonic channel >>30061
also people definitely were offended by it, you can still see dorks calling it "bestiality" online


probably the same people crying about baldurs gate lol

reaction… reaction never changes


Remember back then when everyone ignored the second part of MGS2 just to call Raiden gay? I don't miss the 2000s.


Sonic and Sonic Team would be better off without Sega, unironically. Makes you wonder why the Sonic Mania devs decided to fuck off and do their own thing.




Yeah, and the Sonic fandom, despite all the cringe, really had to suffer for it. Mind, many games weren't great, but massively overhated.

If remember right, that was the time game journalism really started to decline in "quality", and the corruption under it bubbling to the surface, so a mascot in decline was decent target to boost ones own credibility to shit on an obvious target.

Arin Hanson/Egoraptor in the same way. A complete and utter tool with opinions so shit even /v/ would recoil in disgust, and an inability to admit his own failings playing games (I am talking straight-up refusing to follow on-screen instructions because he hates tutorials). He was during the time doing his own "serious" videos called Sequelities, and was failing because of the above.

The one thing that amazes me tho, how the fanom kinda fell off in visibility, if only cause MLP and the right-wing cringe showed how deep one can fall into the autism hole.


File: 1693865201235.png (9.13 KB, 954x176, FU6SZwoXoAAq7az.png)

I think Sonic Team is well aware of that but what can they do when Sega owns everything? As part of the Frontiers promotion Iizuka basically came out and said please can you let me make SA3 instead lmao. Iizuka is shockingly self-aware regarding Sonic and I am sure he is just as frustrated as Sonic fans are lol. They've never been a priority and Sega forces direction changes on the franchise non-stop.


Part of it is Sonic was initially meant to compete with Mario so their games invited comparison that always ended in the latter's favor, and another part is that the Sonic fanbase is an easy punching bag similar to furries. An old game on /v/ was googling "<your name> the hedgehog" and seeing who got the most cursed results.


>They've never been a priority
this is wild because sonic is the fucking mascot of the company and they treat the franchise like shit


The whole franchise really is an interesting case study into how good art that becomes financially viable can be utterly fistfucked by corporate interests and how "working within the system" is a farce. There's a reason Yuji Naka threatened to quit multiple times. Also Iizuka had to fucking beg on his knees for Sega to delay Sonic Frontiers because it just wasn't ready.


File: 1694493238220.jpg (86.79 KB, 639x480, 1651522793665.jpg)

they really had to murder sonic to get the characters to actually interact with each other


Look at this entire blogpost. The '00s and early '10s were actually awful lol.


Sega can't stop going backwards


It's cool that they made Tails, Knuckles, and Amy playable in the Frontiers DLC.

Too bad they all control like ASSSSSSSSSSSS


Amy plays great though.


She's the least bad, I guess. But to me the other two control worse than they did in SA1. I'm like actively fighting Knuckles's glide control.

Also the platforming is really bad. It's just random shit littering the map.


I hope the DLC gets further patches to gameplay. It really feels like they're setting up for a SA3.


who the fuck is in charge of business decisions at sega
>SEGA is cancelling HYENAS and "some unannounced titles under development" from its European studios
they pouring millions of dollars into this slop and then decided to cancel it


Lol, I thought HYENAS looked kinda dumb but it seemed to be in a relatively late state, why spend so much money on something just to pull the plug? What a disaster.


Also it seems that in the end SEGA paid $776 million for Rovio. So I guess they got it at a steal basically. They could have only funded like 3-4 actually good games with that money.


Final Horizon filtered casuals HARD. Kishimoto got tired of people saying Sonic is too easy.


File: 1696127974841.jpg (16.86 KB, 500x350, 1696109593636844.jpg)

This is Jimmy McGill now. Feel old yet?


File: 1696186980867.jpg (133.71 KB, 1000x1000, 1696166612403106.jpg)


File: 1696187180083.png (1.94 MB, 1568x1046, 1696168733000402.png)

Sonic Symphony rocked.


tails a cute.



I mean, if they can refine the fuck out of Frontiers's style, I'd be down. I think Project 06 is showing that something structured like 06 could work if given the proper time for development. So…yeah, fuck it. Let's go.


File: 1696391870324.png (686.34 KB, 1181x769, 1671490040378.png)

Modern Sonic is an incredibly boring character in both the comics and the games, where he either is written as a generic "can't do wrong" hero-corporate symbol or a bargain-bin Spider-Man quipster. He was best handled in the OVA were his character was depicted more so as a "caring asshole" who cared more about doing his own thing instead of showing off all the time.

I even think Boom's Seinfeld-esque straight man iteration of Sonic was a more entertaining character than most other modern iterations, but I feel like that's mostly because of how he bounced off of the rest of the cast.


File: 1696393655800.jpg (150.49 KB, 1024x1024, lynch sonic.jpg)

After Sonic Boom we need a new Sonic media directed by Lynch to cover different genres.


File: 1696478466608-0.png (638.02 KB, 932x771, 1696463054319646.png)

File: 1696478466608-1.png (156.1 KB, 1570x868, 1696467596383055.png)

File: 1696478466608-2.png (57.23 KB, 590x537, 1696007776179.png)

I legit believe Sega is going to go bankrupt (again) soon if they keep this up, and there's no philanthropist to save their asses this time. This was supposed to be their "super game" (lmao).

>Sega says as a result of this structural reform, it expects to record losses of approximately 14.3 billion yen for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024



that market strategy looks like it was created by a child

>spend lots of money

>put random buzzwords 'GLOBAL' 'IP UTILIZATION'
>create the SUPER GAME

Apparently I heard HYENAS wasn't the only 'super game' though and there is actually other stuff in the pipeline. But yeah still idiotic. The problem is executives that don't understand videogames and can't realise that you need some kind of new concept or at least a different implementation of an existing concept for something to catch positive attention.


Apparently the UK taxpayer has also been on the hook for this flop through tax relief and Total War players have been getting bilked with shitty DLC to pay for it.



File: 1696480324979-0.jpg (150.47 KB, 922x2048, 1696468557630280.jpg)

File: 1696480324979-1.jpg (104.37 KB, 1080x1426, twitter moment.jpg)

Apparently Kishimoto reads all the tweets unhinged autistic Sonic fans make on twitter. Calling for someone to lose their means of making a living because they didn't like some video game is a certified gamer moment.

He seems very nice and got told off by Sega to stop interacting with people to prevent leaks from future titles.


>unhinged autistic Sonic fans
no u unhinged

>He seems very nice and got told off by Sega to stop interacting with people to prevent leaks from future titles.

>"This is my limit"
>"i'm sorry"
Seeing how twitter is acting, especially with "guys i dont think he actually reading" as a response over the negtive shit at him
I think it's the best to stays away from the toxic places like twitter and watch his JAV videos in private


Bruh, this is fucking Redfall all over again.
RIP Total War.


>The problem is executives that don't understand videogames and can't realise that you need some kind of new concept or at least a different implementation of an existing concept for something to catch positive attention.
Their job is to make money. The problem is that quality games cost lots of time and money to make. These gaming corporations have to pump out the most worthless shit as quickly as possible, or else they'd just be better off putting the cash in a savings account.


File: 1696521595646-0.jpg (78.83 KB, 1603x617, 1696467691526313.jpg)

File: 1696521595646-1.jpg (21.24 KB, 470x350, 1696467868367561.jpg)

lmao i read this shit on twitter and it legit feels like 12-year-old bootlickers, like do they even know iizuka almost got fired for asking sega for more development time? nevermind, theyd probably say sega was "in their right" to do that

i feel bad for kishimoto, hes like sakurai if his company gave him 0 budget and 0 time for development. the man cares more about sonic than sega ever did and wont stop until stop until sonic is a respectable franchise again


As long as Sammy controls SEGA they aren't even making a good video game with a budget or a direct reason to push to make Nintendo brand levels of quality products.


File: 1696620781817-0.gif (2.04 MB, 500x375, 1665546384800.gif)

File: 1696620781817-1.jpg (107.52 KB, 1130x842, 1686840881362.jpg)

There really needs to be a third Sonic Rush with Hideki Naganuma in charge of the OST again.


why the hell arent crush 40 making more butt rock for sonic games


File: 1696663298064.png (87.24 KB, 512x639, 1546189178938.png)


yup superstars is going to be 2D kino


Played the game in OP. I could never get past a certain point. But will say, thinking about it now, I could beat the hell out of this game if I had it rn. The things you had to do weren't even that hard, it's just as for some reason couldn't grasp the stylus stuff you have to do to get attack through. It was because of that I would die constantly to the first alien. I have beaten before, but the fact it took me forever doesn't help my case lol


Sonic's character design is shit. While his blue color and red shoes make him visually distinctive, his overall design can be seen as somewhat generic. Unlike characters like Mario, who has a distinct and iconic appearance, Sonic's design doesn't convey as much personality or charm.


the entirety of the 90s disagree


File: 1696736816440.webm (3.83 MB, 1280x720, 1696718793950441.webm)

cyberspace stages are the best part of the update, why couldnt 3d sonic have been this way all this time :(


File: 1696738282156.gif (2.3 MB, 192x147, 1696719077453153.gif)

i want to feel tails' soft fur against my skin


Who would not? :3


File: 1696804475368.jpg (74.01 KB, 856x480, 5tguin.jpg)

How badly?


File: 1696804525780.jpg (56.92 KB, 473x587, 1676498324235.jpg)

why you gotta be like this man?


that fox is a child


you are wrong


im going to keep my expectations low because before each game release theres always a pr statement saying "THIS TIME we are returning to form i swear guys please buy it" and then you get shit like sonic fucking forces


tempted to get frontiers because it looks like a 3d sonic game that doesn't control like complete ass


but sonic forces was fun :(


File: 1696878159192.png (13.35 KB, 598x214, 1696876788264207.png)

Everything points to it being good so I'm going to be quite surprised if they somehow fuck up this one too.


Jun Senoue is collabing with Tee Lopes for Superstars at least.


>Tee Lopes
I think that guy was involved with a few tracks from Streets of Rage 4, if I'm not mistaken


>Best song in the game got cut because the lead signer was dealing with legal issues.


Sonic games be like we'll have great music, great characters, great aesthetics, great story… and baffling gameplay.


eh I prefer this one


holy crap he has a sonic tulpa


File: 1696920288324.png (49.35 KB, 225x299, trip vision.png)

>Iizuka said in an interview that he got Kazuyuki Hoshino (Metal Sonic's creator) to design new robot versions of Tails and Amy for Superstars.
we're so back


devs on Sonic Mania/Origins team said that Iizuka is a really kind person, but the problem relied on SEGA rushing the game, we also can see that Kishimoto tries his hardest to make a good product, he cares about feedback and about the quality of the Sonic games he directs

If the problem really was the devs, why would other teams that works in Sonic games would also suffer from games released unfinished? Like BigRedButton with Sonic Boom, Headcannon with Origins, and Sonic Team with 06? It doesn't make any sense.


There's a new TailsTube btw.


File: 1697000113049.png (1017.31 KB, 877x596, he won.png)

he won


I always felt really bad when people would act like Iizuka personally is the devil because he changed Shadow's personality or a game sucked or whatever.


>Superstars got 32/40 from Famitsu

it's so over


I've never played that game but kinda wanna just for the music

We need another sonic fighting game, 'sokken' if you will


File: 1697073595850.png (Spoiler Image, 655.02 KB, 770x947, 1697069060811302.png)

Ugh Trip should've remained masked tbh.


Eh, Famitsu is overrated, especially today. Not much different from your average western gaming outlet. Also that's like 4.5 stars.


File: 1697074997862.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.88 KB, 719x554, 1697074864047606.jpg)

This is cute, though.


they give everything a 32/40, just like how ign gives 7/10


>you are wrong
also a sonic-based design with human muscle looks off


depends on the era, maybe sometime and sometime not?, so kinda?, at least it had great shit instead of being safe & bland like in the mid to late 2010's


>Sonic Team with 06?
You think Sega JP would've even learned their lesson by now.
Rushing 06 was sadding, Do they even have effective unions in Japan? It looks like Sonic Team needs it at this point since it's been effecting their games for a while now with shit, like with Takashi Iszuka in Sonic Heroes's Development, they rushed SA2 with a smaller team (if that's correct) and the game was still good and a success for others at the time (for a bit more compact and shorter game), but SEGA kept using this strategy for a long while, even when there was only one person doing one level designer for heroes at that point, 06 in a nutshell was rushed, the team was split to work on secret rings, and there were no delays after the split. Negative reviews were made right out of the gate for 06, and seeing them do the exact same thing now with 3rd party developers and somewhat doing this with not delaying forces (even after a fire and ice fan vote in 2015 saying that delays for games are ok) is concerning. Allowing frontiers to get delayed in 2021 was a step in the right direction.

They made the ship cannon in the comics?





It's a thing with the whole series.

Even the Genesis titles had short development times besides S3K which still had to be released in two halves. Sonic 2 was the first game to get rushed and it's also the first one with management problems as Naka told SoJ to go fuck themselves and developed the game in America instead despite the language barrier between the American and Japanese employees.

Heroes was rushed to shit so SEGA could have a hit for 2003, which is why it came on fucking new years eve in japan. On top of that Iizuka had to work as 2 people and barely sleep, due to one of the designers was on medical leave in the last stretch of development. Somehow with all of this shit it still sold well and pretty much saved SEGA.


File: 1697239567928.gif (1.27 MB, 654x368, 1697217882588108.gif)

Fang is best boy and I hope they use him more in the series.


File: 1697251416797.png (2.67 MB, 2702x1503, TRIPLETS BORN.png)

>People unironically think that Sonic is a "based leftist anti-authority figure"
Explain why he was born to the fucking monarchy then?


i forgot this shitty fanfiction existed


Sonic is a radical environmentalist and anti-authoritarian who was falsely imprisoned by G.U.N. (the US government) and broke out, blowing up a bunch of war machines and drones on his way. Clearly based and anti-imperialist.


>those proportions


Superstars was fun.


This cartoon is non canon tho, so he is a prole.
but even then he is becoming a monarch by wanting that princess squirrussy in the archie series,


Not canon either. Sonic is an ADHD-ridden asexual anarchist.


It's cannon in my heart.


sonic is an anarcho-juche primitivist


IIRC there's no canon in the modern games about Sonic's childhood, SATAM is the best we have to go on


File: 1697840183234.jpg (240.15 KB, 1811x725, 1542763174147.jpg)

>they let Jun Senoue compose for classic sonic again


is this image read left to right or right to left


Left to right


File: 1698277502757.jpg (80.53 KB, 828x997, 1698275514314609.jpg)

he's so hot…


File: 1698278617021.jpg (100.79 KB, 1024x1024, think.jpg)



Iizuka and Ohshima are such obvious clownfuckers. It even leaked into Superstars.


File: 1698384110812.png (468.38 KB, 741x899, 1697996601343.png)

Sonic going sandbox was the best decision they made for the 3D games. Kishimoto just needs to learn to drop all the automation and forced 2D sections and just let us run around and fight robots while kick-ass lofi plays in the background since that was the best part of Frontiers.
If the storyline needs to advance, they can make it mission based and skip the collectathon.


clussy enjoyers


File: 1698392853156-0.jpg (97.04 KB, 600x600, NiGHTS.full.573895.jpg)

File: 1698392853156-1.jpg (181.49 KB, 617x761, Ben 1.jpg)

more NiGHTS uwu


Very good. I want a new Nights but I don't trust current Sega not to fuck it up somehow.


SEGA fucking over Sonic 06 is genuinely one of the reasons why I hate capitalism.


At least the fan fixes have turned it into a pretty good game.


File: 1698643682447.jpg (449.15 KB, 2756x2603, 1698635626883612.jpg)

Yet another pointless crossover, Sonic selling his image rights to anyone like a slut. And all the money goes to Sega execs instead of the teams making his games.


If only they do a crossover with Freedom Planet…


File: 1698716603904.jpg (425.9 KB, 1875x2500, 1685124001200.jpg)

electric railways are good and building the productive forces


File: 1698881083049.jpg (262.76 KB, 903x502, 1698875404927980.jpg)

Oh cool the next Sonic game is going to be a fucking exclusive for…… Apple Arcade?!


File: 1698881397270.jpg (70.35 KB, 680x481, 1698875930695391.jpg)

Apple is not only funding, but also paying Sega more money than the game actually cost to make, so Sega is basically guaranteed to make money just by having Sonic's name in the appstore, even if no one ends up playing the game


File: 1698975017713.png (199.91 KB, 1080x1193, 1698966993746038.png)



Sega haters don't believe in the Super Game that will redeem the company 🙏


Inb4 the super game is some kind of unholy abomination of play to earn that tries to set up a pyramid scheme and fails completely


I just don't understand why there isn't more character-driven stuff in general in Sonic very rarely happens like the comics notwithstanding and Murder of Sonic but other than that, it's not a common thing.


sonic games only need two things, more development time and more japanese buttrock


They have to try to square the circle between adult fans and literal babies so the games end up shallow.


File: 1699112128718-0.jpg (220.97 KB, 680x1000, 75164-4.jpg)

Its not like children's media has to be shallow plot-wise or have shallow characters. I say in games' particular case this is mostly the result of writers resorting to excessive formalism to meet the executives' fickle standards and the fact that most action video games do not have storytelling as a priority, so if there is any kind of deeper story and characterization it is often just put into an encyclopedia/codex/lore bible.
Tl;dr: capitalist approach to media production does no longer allow creative teams to go wild anymore.


Also they try to appeal more to Japanese fans than Western fans despite the former being a laughably small minority.


File: 1699116464855.jpg (74.55 KB, 888x499, 1663151812819.jpg)

Is it actually good or are people just horny for the goat?


I have look at it and it seems to be the usuial 3D Sonic fare but with gacha unlockable characters.
>the goat
Some kinda crossdressing ram? The character's name and design is a reference to a zodiac sign.


Yeah I guess I overstate the point, it's probably 90% due to retarded executives.


File: 1699157129448.png (441 KB, 675x392, 1699040726700720.png)

The IDW comics feel so fucking sterile thanks to Sega's mandates, it's no wonder the writers gave up trying to do new things.


it doesnt help that idw is on shaky financial grounds and ian flynn said nothing would carry over if the comic ends



oh damn I didn't think about the horns

first trans sonic char confirmed????


File: 1699207348634.jpg (12.78 KB, 192x324, rosechu.jpg)

>blocks your path


Thinking that the Japanese voices have been consistent and great since SA1 while the English voices have changed like three times and are wildly inconsistent from game to game and especially in other media. Maybe I should play them with the JP cast + subs.


File: 1699584825022.png (972.7 KB, 1419x1080, 1699571900655477.png)

Sonic Dream Team confirmed to be based on Sonic Adventure gameplay mixed with Mario Sunshine/64 level and mission structure and is heavily inspired by TONY HAWK PRO SKATER and is only available on fucking mobile Apple devices.


File: 1699585711737.png (3.25 MB, 1481x2048, 1699572221663707.png)


the sega scream should never have stopped being a thing


File: 1699587659796.png (329.95 KB, 1057x1518, 1699584775470680.png)

Sega will give characters large breasts, a two bedroom apartment, driver's license and a small army and say
>this character is 12 years old
I still believe originally Sonic wasn't meant to have an actual age, kinda like Mickey, who can be portrayed as any age depending on the situation and scenario, but is usually an adult.
This is further supported by the fact that his girlfriend, Madonna, was very clearly an adult, so Sonic was probably meant to be an adult too. I wonder if the need the reach the young audiences made them specifically change Sonic into a cool teenager.



I always thought he was an adult but his age was lower because it is in hedgehog years rather than human years. Which makes no sense because then Sonic would be dead at 7.


>I still believe originally Sonic wasn't meant to have an actual age
thats exactly how it was but then they tried to appeal to americans. some time ago they removed ages from their official descriptions as it was meant to be


File: 1699591594296.png (826.92 KB, 1920x1080, 1699515980586276.png)

whats wrong with fang

>A developer I spoke to at the event referenced Super Mario Sunshine as an inspiration and that very much shows (he also name checked Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, which is surprisingly apparent too).
>Levels are meant to be replayed in Dream Team and that’s accomplished in a few ways. For one, there are multiple paths to explore in any given level.
lmao its fucking hilarious that this is locked to apple arcade


File: 1699593118382.jpg (226.68 KB, 1280x949, 1699491993724561.jpg)

Sonic fans want it taken seriously like media aimed at teens or adults but they also want it to operate on rules for franchises aimed at babies. No permanent developments. Characters have inhuman traits such as "Never falls in love but isn't asexual". No aging, designs must stay the same between entries. The core set of characters is law. Sonic's characterization from 20 years ago and 20 years from now must stay the same


A lot of these are also strict mandates handed down by Sega themselves, see >>29449


>>31550 (me)
Also I'm not strictly opposed to little to no character development (something like Mario for example), but they want to tell serious stories all the time while completely reinventing the franchise every 3-5 years. Maybe they could have a mainline series without much plot and then have side games like Mario RPG and Paper Mario where they do mostly self-contained stories.


File: 1699672653134.jpg (107.15 KB, 521x313, 1699666367650774.jpg)

>Just as Sonic Frontiers celebrates its 1-year anniversary, Sega game director Morio Kishimoto and producer Sachiko Kawamura gave an interview for Famitsu , in which they discuss various details about the game’s development and the large-scale updates released following the launch.
>Kishimoto also questions, “But how do people who haven’t yet picked up the game see things? What is it lacking? What failed to resonate with them?…What did we miss when thinking of ways to appeal to players? If there’s something that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Armored Core 6 have that Sonic Frontiers doesn’t have, we want to know!”
Man… legit feel bad for Sonic Team.


File: 1699673028465.jpg (33.33 KB, 660x330, the-homer-inline4.jpg)

Wow… Is this the true power of the supergame?


File: 1699674929771.jpg (83.98 KB, 708x714, 1699672940910.jpg)

we won


If Sonic was ever Sega's "supergame" they wouldn't have a shoestring budget.


comics are dead in the west. it's a miracle Sonic comics have endured for over 30 years at this point.


>comics are dead in the west.
With good reason.


File: 1699901670486.jpg (43.89 KB, 640x480, lpshen_31_19.jpg)

Sonic should be written like the Like a Dragon games.



i kinda dont blame ian for being a lazy writer with minimal motivation after he likely poured his heart and soul into reboot archie just to have it get wiped from existence


True. He was probably burnt out even with the initial reboot.


Also side note, it's mildly depressing to me, as someone who grew up reading Archie Sonic, that it would have been up to around 375 issues by now.

Speaking of, for any of my fellow Sonic autists, this channel did a series of videos on Archie Sonic. Here they are compiled into one vid.



Is the video any good or is it one of those "Here's why Sonic 06 is a Subversive Masterpiece" videos where it just covers the story beat by beat?


It's good. He goes through all the major arcs but actually goes pretty in-depth and analyzes what works and what doesn't.


IDW comics feel like they're made for literal babies. Archie had both highs and lows but that's preferable to just "content". Fucking Sega and fucking Penders.


File: 1700017760790.jpg (333.01 KB, 1920x1080, 1700012004410185.jpg)

it could be so much more man. oh well


File: 1700031866871.png (31.43 KB, 523x293, 1700031714768072.png)


File: 1700136256111.jpg (268 KB, 1118x1085, 1700133774456029.jpg)

I love Surge's shit-eating grin.



File: 1700188626232-0.png (1.04 MB, 848x614, Titan Tails.png)

File: 1700188626232-1.jpg (224.8 KB, 1416x709, Titan Tails 2.jpg)

>>31708 (me)
Just finished watching. Of all the crazy shit he covers pic related is what horrified me the most. Fucking why.


buff tails is an affront to god


What the fuck is up with these proportions?




File: 1700525988785.jpg (143.09 KB, 759x937, 1700514722488977.jpg)

the last hurrah of the the Adventure era's style before sega fucked up 06 and the rest of the series


File: 1700543118057.png (785.3 KB, 1500x1080, 1700541358094502.png)

I hope the third Sonic movie is good.


File: 1700677589793.jpg (703.38 KB, 2048x1532, 1700675993856815.jpg)



File: 1700702053309.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x2561, 1700686499074975.jpg)


God, Dream Team looks so good. They even got a sweet opening animation. Why is it locked to Crapple?!


clearly rouge would be the one safecracking


File: 1700788144264.jpg (96.14 KB, 616x353, 1700784636465165.jpg)

>Sega's idea of a funny April Fool's joke is to make a good Sonic game


File: 1700885286036.jpg (69.09 KB, 854x480, 1700879379047532.jpg)

Hesse mogging Sega of Japan again.


You know what? I’m gonna say what everyone else is too pussy to admit.
The things I would do to this flying twink hole from the heavens are so beyond human comprehension it’s sickening.
Every night, I lye awake engulfed in twisted fantasies of perversion over the things I want to do to them…
Since the day I first laid eyes on this purple non-binary cock snot inducing jester, my life has not known peace.
I have been practicing lucid dreaming for years in sheer hope that maybe someday, somehow, NiGHTS will appear and finally give in to the carnal urges that will engulf both of us..
Every day, I dream of the moment that NiGHTS will paraloop on top of my massive throbbing hole hammer. It’s impossible to even hear their name without beginning to fantasize about my cum cannon sliding between their nonexistent lips.
I don’t know whether Wisemen gave NiGHTS a pp or a bussy, but the curvature that engulfs that purple spandex is more than enough indication that NiGHTS has an asshole tighter than any mortal human could compete with.
The true reason the Casinopolis level in Sonic Adventure had a shower area was not for cleanliness, but so that Sonic could calm himself over the erotic fantasy that surely engulfed him upon playing the NiGHTS pinball game.
Just look at those child bearing hips and long, smooth, slender legs… Who can even imagine the toes that those legs lead to?
I want to make love to NiGHTS so badly it hurts… I’d give my whole life for just one minute inside them…
Please NiGHTS, my dearest… Wait for me…
I will be with you some day…


A simple way to play Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 without an emulator.

This is the definitive way to play both games & has controller support.

Sonic 1 Forever:

Sonic 2 Absolute:

Before you install these, you'll need the apk files below.

Sonic 1 apk:

Sonic 2 apk:

To install, simply make a folder and place the apk file inside and unzip the zip file and put its contents inside with the apk.

Then click the setup file and it's done. Super easy.


There's a mod that adds the original mega drive music for Sonic 1 Forever.

Simply put the folder in the Mods folder & activate it in-game mods menu.


Mario Bros. in Sonic 1:
(note: for best performance, use this mod only, but it is compatible with the original mega drive music mod)


File: 1701084903517-1.mp4 (11.16 MB, 1280x720, Sonic 3 AIR guide.mp4)

There's also the definitive way to play Sonic 3 & Knuckles.


This time you need to get a Sonic & Knuckles mega drive rom & convert it to a .bin file with SBWin
>Get SBWin here^ and use it to convert the MD files to .bin

Then like with the apk file, place it inside the folder and it should be easy from there.


Sonic Adventure 1 ez mod (for Steam)

SADX Mod Installer:


File: 1701175505533-0.jpg (190.74 KB, 1024x1024, sonicr-1650496863615.jpg)

File: 1701175505533-1.mp4 (13.76 MB, 720x404, Sonic R Guide.mp4)

Install Sonic R:
Get the RIP version here.

Unzip and place Sonic R folder somewhere.

Download the Sonic R Updater.

Install that and adjust accordingly.

Lastly, set your controls in-game and play the game.


>start reading IDW because I like Surge
>can't wait for the cool reveal
>get to a chapter where the recap already shows Surge
>find out her origin appeared on a comic separate from the main series
I truly fucking hate American comics.


What, you don't like it when the story gets torn into pieces by shoehorning in some insipid crossover event with something you don't care about?


File: 1701291910826.jpg (255.35 KB, 2048x1366, 1701278755678101.jpg)

I really really hope the third movie is good.




SA2 without Eggman and Rouge is gonna be weird.


so is shadow a robot or real in the movie?


Amy was a lot more important to the main plot of SA than Rouge.


Amy isn't even a playable character in SA2 (in 1P).


But this is a movie where Shadow is introduced and Amy plays a huge part in his story. Obviously, this depends on how close they decide to stick to SA2.



51:52 - "I love Rouge the Bat! I'll answer that! When is she going to appear? I'm not sure but I love Rouge the bat and I'd love to get her into this franchise. I think she makes a great movie character. You can't trust her but she's charming. You think she's screwing you over but she has a heart of gold. That's what movies are made of. Classic femme-fetale! She's fun. She enjoys what she does. She kind of fills the same role as cat women. Though I guess Cat Woman is now a more explicit love interest for batman. Female fans need - we need some girl anthros. I fully agree. There's all kinds of girls. You've got your Mary-annes and Gingers. Mary Anne's like Amy but the Gingers need to see themselves represented as well. That's Rouge."

I'll continue believing.


File: 1701460673801-0.jpg (634.9 KB, 1532x2048, 1701458965856631.jpg)

File: 1701460673801-1.jpg (559.8 KB, 1484x2048, 1701459579067297.jpg)

File: 1701460673801-2.jpg (354.33 KB, 1061x1414, 1701459327567720.jpg)

File: 1701460673801-3.jpg (485.34 KB, 1620x2048, 1701459124364623.jpg)


I'm going to be sad if there isn't a remix of Live & Learn somewhere in the movie.


I wonder why Sega of America has changed the voice actors for Sonic characters like at least three times with Sega of Japan has kept the same voice actors all these decades. Wouldn't be surprised if it's some capitalist bullshit yet again.


File: 1701669724429.jpg (398.23 KB, 1622x1179, 1701669058795094.jpg)

Where is Nights?


File: 1701670931690-0.jpg (128.96 KB, 640x479, 1701640283217164.jpg)

File: 1701670931690-1.jpg (459.73 KB, 1920x1080, 1701641144513888.jpg)

File: 1701670931690-2.jpg (123.61 KB, 720x405, 1701641228118288.jpg)

I don't expect this to be phenomenal but it definitely shows how much better the series would be faring if it was in the hands of anyone but Sonic Team, instead of stuff like this that actually looks like a Sonic level they want to make HIRE THIS MAN slop, I just don't get it.


File: 1701774929400.png (947.04 KB, 900x1200, 1701774408584879.png)

Because the game was bad. That's it. It's like when "critics" like a game they'll say the music is immersive but if they don't like the game then the music is actually "manipulative" or some shit.
Game journalism was at its absolute worst in that decade too.


The reason's because the Japanese VAs are based and Sonic Team never managed to make a good English localization in the past, INCLUDING THE SCRIPT ITSELF. It's obviously easier to shift the blame to voice actors, even though the 4Kids VAs were perfectly fine. Hell, some folks argue that Adventure's VAs would have been fine if it wasn't for the direction.


True but in my case it's both. Sonic is like Duke Nukem. The protagonist is based the first games are based and both had their shittiest game in the mid-2000s. Both are viewed as "dated" and "were never good" according to journos.


>Sonic Team never managed to make a good English localization in the past, INCLUDING THE SCRIPT ITSELF.
What are the differences?


The plot is the same but there was a lot of broken translation. Just look up the translation mod of SADX on YouTube.

It got worse with Colors, the English dialogue is completely fucken different, it's like Sonic Team hates the English language.


Looks like Heroes but without the team formations.


Sonic from mainline games would unironically be an eco-anarchist hippie, you can excuse his relationships with Elise as not actually being class collaborationist in nature, and SEGA says it didn't happen so it didn't happen.

Fleetway Sonic is way wilder, if anyone has a potential to go full anarchist insurrectionary it's him.


And Fleetway's Super Sonic is an anarcho-Posadist.


File: 1701812365768.jpg (24.89 KB, 564x564, 1701809610864090.jpg)

Nothing Sonic stands for is the norm in society we have failed him.
The reason so many people outside of the fandom (and some inside it) laugh at Sonic so much is to hide the pain of knowing that the things he stands for are so out of reach in our real lives.


File: 1701819331687.png (636.15 KB, 659x708, 1701818919517683.png)

i miss them


Tails: This was easier than I thought!
Sonic: You can say that again. It's thanks to you helping out with this and that.
Tails: Me? I guess so… It's true that because I remodeled the machine to understand the Wisps' language and asked what's going on, you didn't have to keep going back and forth… Uhh… you really were more awesome, Sonic!
Sonic: Thank you! Either way, we did great.


Tails: We did it, dude!
Sonic: We? I don't remember you fighting off any insane robots.
Tails: True. Well, good job to you on inventing a translator that allowed us to speak to the aliens and figure out exactly what we needed to do so we weren't running around the park looking like idiots. Oh no wait, that was me.
Sonic: Good point. Either way, we can get out of this crazy place and go home.


File: 1701861917307.jpg (16.59 KB, 462x579, d0b.jpg)


Sonic: Tails, you're so based!
Tails: No, Sonic, you're more based then me.
Sonic: No, Tails, I insist.
Sonic: I'm so based.
Tails: I did half the work, you asshole.
Sonic: Pfft, whatever, I don't care.


I'm honestly not sure if the SatAM can smoothly be added to the mainline's canon without reintroducing the problem of too many characters Archie Comics has suffered from. It's like adding them to Fleetway, there's simply no space for them unless you'll make them secondary characters or split the screentime between them and the rest of the cast which would be a nightmare in terms of writing a consistent story. Other characters like Shadow are already struggling with actually having good writing, albeit because of executive meddling.


The problem with the SATAM cast is that you can't only add one or two characters, you have to add the whole gang or everyone is going to piss themselves over it. Afaik Flynn already confirmed characters like Nicole would have to be added in their original computer form so that's one down already.

>Other characters like Shadow are already struggling with actually having good writing, albeit because of executive meddling.

Shadow is a cash cow so nobody can touch him.


Fans need to understand the American side of Sonic media made these characters before Sonic Team created a bigger ensemble cast and Archie basically had to find some way to keep using it.


File: 1701868944371-0.jpg (168.93 KB, 864x1200, 1701860350131378.jpg)

File: 1701868944371-1.jpg (556.13 KB, 2048x2109, 1701857227286042.jpg)

this is how i look when trying to explain sonic adventure's plot to someone


Exactly, the only character other than Sonic, Eggman and Mecha Sonic in 1992 was Tails. That's it. Not much to work with.


>>32204 (me)
Though seeing Mecha in any official media again would have been based NGL.


I know the plot of SA2 but even I am confused.


SA2 is the only Sonic game where Shadow had an actual personality. Every game appearance since them has him just being serious and brooding. At least SA2 Shadow could actually smile (or smirk) and crack a joke.


File: 1702010101981.jpg (46.33 KB, 739x415, GAy6wYjXkAAz9wh.jpg)

If you still have a twitter account please vote for Professor Pickle.


>If you still have a twitter account
lol, no.


Heroes and Battle's Shadow was still good and ShTH's Shadow was not as bad as people think, the modern Shadow is a pastiche of his evil route. I don't think Shadow became worse of a character just because he got a pistol and a motorcycle (the awkward swears were still funny, though him swearing while dying is more fitting).


Who the fuck votes for Cream. Absolute bores.


We need a Babysitting Cream sequel


File: 1702100045692.png (648.87 KB, 674x656, 1702099840577.png)

i miss prof pickle. i hate that they havent used humans in so long


File: 1702100480537.jpg (141.39 KB, 880x646, 1699390391204.jpg)

flynn tried his hardest to make a sonic universe that appealed to both game and satam fans and you could tell


File: 1702103156875.jpg (474.36 KB, 689x677, 1702102541227857.jpg)

Someone on 4chin's /co/ leaked the next Sonic IDW issue and it makes me wish this was what the comic was regularly like.


Not sure how Zoroark is less furry that Lopunny, this thing is covered in fur and shit.
>Who the fuck votes for Cream
People who have a trash taste.
Prof. Pickle needs his own anime.


File: 1702143803337.png (58.09 KB, 168x240, 1702139885191490.png)

Hey Ian, you sure seem to be having a lot of fun writing all the official material nowadays… But do you think I could write for the next ga- Oh, you've got that one covered already? Well okay, but maybe I could write for smaller stuff like this cookboo- Oh, you've got that too… Well, I guess I'll go back to just writing Sonic Channel stories that nobody will read because SoA never translates them… Have fun…


She's cute.


Generic cuteness is unremarkable, though I like the fact that she's a rabbit and fights with the help of Cheese, that's creative. All-in-all, I'd prefer her to Big.


bunny cunny


Cursed comment.


That checklist is so BS, zoophiles are obviously not attracted to low intelligence, this is more of an ethical form of zoophilia. For you to be considered a furry fan the creature must be physically anthropomorphic also, otherwise you just validate the stereotypes conservatives have about the furry fandom.


uygha really scrolled up hundreds of posts to reply to a 4-month old post to start some moralist discussion like we havent enough of those


I played through Dream Team and the game has really grown on me. I've gotten used to the touch controls enough to where they don't really hamper anything and the levels have gotten better as the game has progressed. The game put all its points into gameplay and presentation, the story's basic, the music's forgettable and the voice acting is bad, but it's a worthwhile trade for the best playing 3D Sonic game in at least a decade.
Since they're both mostly collectathons, it's going to be compared to Frontiers a lot and Dream Team blows Frontiers out of the water in terms of level design and gameplay.
I have gotten a few slowdowns and weird bugs, but those are probably a result of me using an older iPhone more than anything being wrong with the game itself.


Just wait another year or two for another fun SOL issue instead of boring generic melodrama… if IDW doesn't go bankrupt before.


I hope they honor the results.

Jewel should've been a student/assistant to Professor Pickle instead of this "resistance" crap. Oh well.


no game since Sonic Adventure 2 has so completely nailed adding virtual pets to a game. after a point you were just doing missions to feed your chao.


File: 1702233936150-0.jpg (133.13 KB, 1355x837, 6jfss9vi41g71.jpg)

File: 1702233936150-1.jpg (314.07 KB, 2458x3000, Fzjq7zmWAAI8J9T.jpg)

Such a lovely bug-girl.

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