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So I'm not an experienced game developer or anything, but I figured we should have a general dedicated to this sort of thing, especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make.
I've been using Blender since I was 11 or 12 years old (I'm 20 now) so I'm pretty much at a level now where I can model any game asset I want. I'm also in school for Computer Engineering, and have been a hobby programmer since I was around 14 working with Python, C, and GLSL shaders, so I can script pretty much anything as well. I would say my main weaknesses when approaching a task like this are Sculpting, Spriting, and Painting, so to any drawfags/artfags with skills: I invite you to contribute on whatever projects we end up embarking on.



Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Kritas: https://krita.org/en/
>Game Development
Godot: https://godotengine.org/
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Animals have a lot more different poses than plants do so that's probably why the thing finds it harder


love2d is a good alternative if you like lua


Animals also have a pretty specific body plan in most cases whereas plants very often do not. If you grow 10 of the same species of tree they will have different numbers of limbs and limbs in different places. If you have 10 bears they are all going to have very similar shapes and proportions.


Unity really wants to be the Adobe of game engines.


Year of the Godot game engine confirmed?


File: 1694593596942.jpg (62.47 KB, 512x497, 8cZ4TqgWjO0.jpg)

Man I fucking wish. Unity is such a piece of garbage, the faster people shift from it to non-proprietary engines with libre licensing, the better it will be for everyone.


thx, porx :)


I’m at a stage with my skills in linear algebra and calculus where I can use parametrics to define basic motion and physics in game development. What’s a good engine to use where I can put all those skills to use?


Any. Physics is simple. Programming the trig for 3d is complex.


Tan^-1(delta x/delta y) says otherwise mate. I need an engine that doesn’t run like complete shit(unreal)


Trans or Tans?


Tangent inverse, trig isn’t hard.



Any good resources on how to write a game design document?


Reject Unity and embrace Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game development


How do I learn to use vectors with video games? I’ve been studying math, from basic algebra, to integration, to completing Fourier alongside Taylor series, some stuff with parametric equations and now I’m doing vector math since I found those were some of the prerequisites for this very important aspect of game development. How do I use this field of linear algebra/parametrics for game development?


I envy you. Always thought that svg would have a good place in weg games like - risk, nuclear detention or other modern world map stuff.

so maybe try svg with a canvas & js if its something in the web (which you can natively build to electron) https://dev.to/mrlopis/creating-a-13kb-js-game-using-svg-5fjk

you could do stuff like https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178220/ICBM/

For 3D, you can use Babylon.js

Sadly, I dont know as much about other languages/native stuff like with c++ or C#

Imho, the best thing to have when writing a game is an idea you are motivated behind for months


Sounds great.


i dont expect anyon here to be able to develop this but it's criminal how bad the whole sports genre of vidya is right now. Every individual sport has been monopolized by one company and they put out horrible, micro transaction infected games. The justification I see for this state of affairs is that no one can afford to pay for licenses or something but I say just make the game about the sport itself without featuring any leagues or irl players or whatever. Im dying for an online basketball game that isn't made by 2k


Some one help me out please, I have a 2d map that I am drawing pixel by pixel making all the calculations myself with the use of simple pixel draw functions. Now I want to rotate that map. How?


Suppose you put in teams from a looong time ago, wouldn't that be in the public domain? Anyway, I agree you don't need real teams and an editor mode can be used to circumvent that.

Do you worry about pixel art becoming blurry and mushy? You can do a rotation with two shearing operations. This way, all the pixels of the original are conserved.


File: 1698590671319-0.png (375.78 KB, 1521x1020, Untitled.png)

File: 1698590671320-1.png (111.1 KB, 1650x873, Untitled2.png)

The game kept crashing, turns out it was becauseI kept writing outside the bounds of my bitmap array, adding the the if statement made the thing worked pretty closely to what I want. but there's a second problem here now, the sprite seems to inverted when the pixels x coordinate is smaller than the negative pivot coordinate


nvm, I got it working


File: 1700405714103.mp4 (44.79 MB, 1920x1080, unknown_2023.11.19-15.44.mp4)

I've made some progress to it. I'm using allegro5, which is a simple library for 2d game programming, and managed to get these orthographic 3d projections by messing arround with bitmaps. Planning on making an xcom like game were you go through a linear campaign, story wise I'm thinking about playing as a resitance movement trying to take over a city, and satisfy >>31102 this thread. hopefully I will manage to finish the game. If anyone wants to provide some assets, some 16x16 texture sprites. would be cool


File: 1701809262396.jpg (94.12 KB, 853x480, 1671310440609.jpg)

was doing some coding in unity for the first time earlier. its a crazy feeling when you first generate a cube that turns green when you press something, i was sitting there looking around thinking "you people seein this shit??"
making a platformer in unity is so easy that every child should know how to do this by grade 4, so that by middle school they are able to code a deconstructive and contemplative roguelike


> If anyone wants to provide some assets, some 16x16 texture sprites
There's a lot of free sprite libraries out there. If you aren't trying to sell the game you could just steal tile sheets from released games as well.


>especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make
If you're still working on a game then keep working, no need to stretch yourself thin between multiple projects.


What would be the minimum requirements for the textures you require, in terms of colours and stuff that needs to be represented?


non, just the size of 16 by 16, allegro uses full RGBA scale. Artistically, I don't have any concepts prepared yet, so feel free to create what ever you yourself would like to see.



I can't program, so here is a free game idea: V A U S H simulator. Multiplayer only. Players take turns. You get a randomly selected picture (moldy bread, praying mantis, guy at dentist, etc.) and you have to say that this turns you on and give a passionate rant about how this is normal and healthy. Other players rate the speech, best speech wins.



That would work better as a card based party game. You have topics on the cards and each player has a few in their hand. On their turn, they play a card to another player, who has to give the speech. Something like that.


>download and test out some demo projects for Godot Engine (mostly official ones)
>half of them literally don't work at all, like failing to render anything at times
>most that work have critical performance issues (like 2 fps if you walk into a wall)
>some that don't have major performance problems are just don't do what they say they do, like supposed advanced character movement with blending animation that doesn't even use tweening to bridge animation states like standing to jumping and only rotates the walk/run cycle to match the direction, no blending at all
My expectations weren't very high but damn.
What is even the point of having these?
I know the engine can do better than this. This is just going to make people think the project is a scam.


Recently played the board game 7 Wonders and I feel like it could make a great video game (though I guess it might just end up being a slimmed-down version of Civilization)


That looks dope. Any update? The tiles you chose make me think gold box more than xcom.

This is the project that thought shader compilation stutter wasn't a big deal for like 4 years while every serious game engine was already precompiling them. At the same time they were pushing VR which is nauseating to have random stutters in. It's finally relatively performant for 3D, but I think the reputational damage is done. It should have had big "3D IS WIP USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" warnings before 4.1


FOSS being its own worse enemy episode #2360572


There's a revival of the Blender game engine.
1. FOSS is not a development model.
2. FOSS never was a development model.
3. FOSS isn't required to be free-of-charge (neither is its source code) and the FOSS devs aren't obligated to do any work for free either, absolutely none.
4. You can literally make FOSS in private or make proprietary software FOSS (Doom and Quake's engines).

Don't confuse the issues of the Git-based collaborative development model with libre software's development and licensing requirements, thank you very much.


The problem is with the community and culture where people tend to be petty lolberts who would rather split off into their pet project rather than actually solve problems and respond to criticism of bad software with "git gud" blaming the user for having a different use case than them.


"Submit a Patch"ism is based. Too many people go on IRC and complain about an issue. Telling them to fix themselves it combats the bizarre user entitlement in Free Software where some lusers seem to think they deserve technical support. No, all you get are the 4 Essential Freedoms.

>There's a revival of the Blender game engine.
For what purpose?


Game idea I had in the shower.
>take the "time moves when you move" mechanic from Superhot
>give it to a monster in a horror game
>instead of responding to you moving, it responds to a heart rate monitor the player wears


>people tend to be petty lolberts who would rather split off into their pet project rather than actually solve problems and respond to criticism of bad software with "git gud"
I understand this. Even Stallman doesn't like criticizing the quality of libre software, saying that it's always better than proprietary software. While I agree with him on most issues and get where he's coming from (the need to discourage the use of proprietary software and encourage more contributions) some libre software is still… bad. It just is. If we want to fight against proprietary software we should admit that the quality of some libre software is less than satisfactory. And there needs to be more forking and fixing done. Obviously.

And that's why I'm not trying to fight the BSD fans or the Alpine fans, even though they may absolutely despise me for being a "Stallmanite." It's a shame, I have no ill will to them or their projects. Yes, I may call the OS "GNU/Linux" and I may prefer copyleft but that does not mean I hate them or their systems or want to force them to do the same. I think what the Alpine and FreeBSD devs are doing is great, and maybe theirs are indeed more polished systems, I'm not much of a technical person despite reading a lot of docs so I can't really adequately compare GNU/Linux and other Unix-likes, this is my greatest weakness.


>there needs to be more forking and fixing done
Not a viable solution. "User friendly" GIMP forks have come and gone, yet Krita blew them all away in usability with greenfield development and a central vision. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is better than polishing a turd.


>Sometimes reinventing the wheel is better than polishing a turd
Tell that to Sonic and Skyrim modders.

Sometimes polishing a turd can lead to making a diamond. You can't just throw whatever potential the software had into the trash just because the OG developers didn't do a good enough job, that's such a wasteful behavior that is symptomatic of the ecologically unsustainable consumerism we have these days. The thing FLOSS does right IMHO is that even if the software is a mess, the devs still try to make it the best they can, I appreciate the commitment.

I'm not saying that starting anew is always bad, and I'm glad that Krita is doing great. But I'm of the opinion that you should at least try fixing things, plus libre software benefits more overall if we don't constantly splinter like Trotskyists and try to contribute back to upstream at least, and forking is less of a splinter compared to starting anew, at least the upstream has some recognition. But if you're sure that this effort is hopeless and fixing the upstream will be more effort than making your own software from scratch then be my guest. It surely didn't stop Sonic fans fixing '06 though so it all depends on your level of passion and dedication IMHO.


Unrecord, Bodycam and this project vid related.
My questions are:
How hard is it to implement photorealism and how terrible is the performance compared to normal graphics?
What are the different methods to achieve the photorealist style?
When and how will it hit mainstream?


>How hard is it to implement photorealism and how terrible is the performance compared to normal graphics?
It's very easy. The performance is good as long as you're not doing dynamic lighting and reflections.
>What are the different methods to achieve the photorealist style?
Like I alluded to, you can prebake all the lighting as long as it's static, meaning the lights don't move or turn on or off.
>When and how will it hit mainstream?
It already did a long time ago. You can pick up unreal and start making photorealistic levels right now.


Prebaked would break immersion, stuff like Bodycam has dynamic and it really adds to it
Unreal Engine is crazy atm, always releasing something new


File: 1718069942086.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Prebaked would break immersion, stuff like Bodycam has dynamic and it really adds to it
I'm sure it's 99% baked. That's how games do. You can still have a mix of dynamic and baked lighting because the dynamic light is just additive. Like for example this daytime level: All of that sunlight is going to be baked unless you need to have the sun actually progressively change time of day. Even then I think they have some kind of technique to transition between baked lightmaps.


this is for their weird social media feature
this is the correct link https://gamejolt.com/help-docs/Shop/sell-games


The next jump in photorealism I think will be implementing these AI filters.

Anyways if you want to learn more about photorealism techniques and Unreal(both Bodycam and Unrecord are Unreal) there are a million tutorials out there. Unreal also gives you access to the Quixel library which has tones of photoscanned assets which is half of the work getting photorealism.

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