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So I'm not an experienced game developer or anything, but I figured we should have a general dedicated to this sort of thing, especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make.
I've been using Blender since I was 11 or 12 years old (I'm 20 now) so I'm pretty much at a level now where I can model any game asset I want. I'm also in school for Computer Engineering, and have been a hobby programmer since I was around 14 working with Python, C, and GLSL shaders, so I can script pretty much anything as well. I would say my main weaknesses when approaching a task like this are Sculpting, Spriting, and Painting, so to any drawfags/artfags with skills: I invite you to contribute on whatever projects we end up embarking on.



Blender: https://www.blender.org/
Kritas: https://krita.org/en/
>Game Development
Godot: https://godotengine.org/


all I need are good ideas to get the ball rolling with this thread


One thing I've always wanted to play, and imagine would sell pretty well, is a combination of the original Crisis in the Kremlin and Hidden Agenda to make a better version of Tropico.
The managing of populations and their needs from HA
The potential false information from the military/KGB from CITK, which would be expanded into army, navy, air force and intelligence services, and maybe the police
The ideological questions from HA and CITK, which affect gameplay and guide events (and also affect the other two points)
There are probably parts from both I'm missing that are also good as I haven't played either in a long time.

So for a typical round, you'd assemble your cabinet and it works in a similar way to how it works in HA, locking off and enabling choices and options and upsetting and pleasing various factions. Then you'd focus on your economy and trying to keep it afloat while appeasing military factions and the population, and you'd have to keep either the USSR or NATO or both sweet.

You should play a few games of Hidden Agenda, until you win at least, since it's just an old DOS game but is more interesting than most political games made nowadays, and should probably be given modernization treatment. Someone tried to do it but it wasn't very good, it was called Rogue State.


I have dozens of ideas for video games but they're mostly all far too advanced for my skill level, besides they probably wouldn't be any good anyway
Hell I've got two ideas for /leftypol/ JRPGs even


OP here. I haven't personally played any of these games, so I'll have to do some investigation to picture exactly what you're describing, but I'll look into it


>leftypol/ JRPGs
tell me more


I am /agdg/ gang but I don't think I'd be able to contribute directly as much of my time is spent on my own project.

I will, however leave this link here for those not faint of heart. This video series helped me evolve from "amoeba-brain, college-brainwashed codemonkey" into "respectably self sufficient programmer who can make games on his own".
These are long, in-depth coding sessions that touch on every general aspect of gamedev because the dev uses NO LIBRARIES, making everything from scratch instead. It's the ultimate gamedev resource, but you actually have to watch the whole thing sequentially to get anything out of it.


Interested in seeing what the bunker can cook up by way of gamedev though, hope to see some cool stuff eventually.


Soooo… watch every handmade hero devstream?
I'm not clear on it since you just linked the channel.
Unless I'm missing just a regular tutorial series they got or whatever.


File: 1608527539497.jpg (15.24 KB, 372x372, PeterMolyneux.jpg)

Well first when I say JRPG I mean something like Final Fantasy I, basically just a straightforward game you can make with RPGMaker. Also while I said I have two ideas it's more like one idea that split into two smaller ideas because there were some conflicts thematically.

It was kind of a product of its time in that my idea dealt with /pol/ using meme magic to try to turn Trump into a dark god of chaos, leaving /leftypol/ to try to gather up 7 or 8 mystical medallions to try and stop him. I also had plans for references to posters who are no longer with us. Thinking about it now it might just be cringe, but if it interests anyone at all I can continue further with my ideas.


File: 1608527539618.jpg (50.75 KB, 500x371, sbc.jpg)

It does sound cringy but I'm morbidly intrigued anyways.


Well what the hell, why not?

I was unsure whether the different player characters should represent simply differing ideologies (such as ML, anarchists, Stirnerites. leftcoms, etc.) or if they should represent different subsections of the proletariat (such as redneck miners, Mexican farmhands, etc.) To be honest I suppose a mix would be best.

Anyway the different medallions you would have to collect represent different "ideas" associated with leftism, so you'd have the Black Cat of Anarchy, The Red Star of Socialism, stuff like that. Each medal would be held by a group who has basically corrupted its powers for their own gain, so for example the Black Cat of Anarchy would be held by lolberts and ancaps. So to get the different medallions you'd essentially have to fight through a dungeon, defeat a boss, and then you'd get the medal. There'd also be some side quests to go on and that you would need to complete in order to get the best ending that would feature such exciting enemies as the KKK and esoteric Nazis, among others.

However I've come to realize that making /pol/ out to be such a dangerous threat to the world was fucking stupid and gave them way more importance than they deserved. If I did continue with this idea I think I'd make the main villain be Nick Land trying to wake up Cthulhu or some Lovecraftian shit like that.

Sorry for shitting up the thread comrades.


File: 1608527539837.jpg (29 KB, 372x372, mirror molymeme.jpg)

>I was unsure whether the different player characters should represent simply differing ideologies (such as ML, anarchists, Stirnerites. leftcoms, etc.) or if they should represent different subsections of the proletariat (such as redneck miners, Mexican farmhands, etc.) To be honest I suppose a mix would be best.
Have the characters come from different backgrounds, but make their gommie tendencies into different classes. Maybe allow to mix and match two or three classes to get hilarious shit like green posadist ML, anarcho-authoritarian and NAZBOL.


Did you get round to playing it/them?


While I don't have the time, skill and determination, one idea for a game that I really like is to do a Dwarf Fottress like autism project that would basically be Frostpunk but far far more complex and in depth.
To make a twist on the Frostpunk idea it would be set in the 1920-1930, and instead of a steampunk aesthetic have a sort of brutal Stalinist era 5-year plan new industrial cities feel. Also you'd have different faction who would be the ones making the refuge sites. Soviets, Brits, French, Americans and maybe Weimar Germany, all starting with differing societal laws, technologies and weaknesses, perhaps even completely different plans for survival. The tech would not stay stagnant, instead going from irl stuff to things like transistor computers and atomic power. Instead of graphics it would probably have visual backgrounds, while main gameplay would be through speeadsheets, perhaps similar to CitK, but not as obscure as the space Aurora4x game. The whole complexity would come from a need to plan the entire economy, including basic stuff like clothes, tools and so on, which are abstracted away in Frostpunk. In many ways the whole charm at least for me would be that the game would serve as a microscopic version of in-kind economic planning, as you would have to maintain your refuge of a thousand or so people. Hell, you could make later down techs basically be advances in automated planning, which would let the player be replaced by an AI on more and more tasks, letting one to properlly manage more, thus expand more. Stop just scrapping by and surviving and start thriving, establish contact with other refuge points, reestablish society, fuck it, end game goal - build a rocket and orbit the Earth, then develop special chemicals allowing you to slowly thaw the Earth.


I have never played an RPG in my life, but whatever. Here's my rough idea for the shitty fighting system of an RPG with an imageboard theme: Your party is seen from the side forming a line facing right (likewise with the enemies, but facing left). The one in the front attacks while crouching, the second one attacks while standing, people in the back recover. Most attacks are projectiles. Attacking happens automatically and everybody goes through animations following a rhythm. All the player does is switching positions. Under each character you see health displayed as a single digit. When you have two or more repeating digits at the end of the line that faces the enemy, your party does a more powerful attack.

The line with the friends and the line with the foes are both on the same axis, but the battle screen has actual depth to it that can matter during switching operations. The switch is a circular motion, with each of the two characters that switches positions doing half of the circle. During this, they are still shooting according to their rhythm. The enemy line also does these circular movements. Switching characters on one side can actually hit switching characters on the other side if you time it well.


How do I into gamedev?
I took programming in highschool, but never really liked it; it was make a calculator shit with no actual critical thinking being taught.
That was my experience with one college class too.
I have a copy of SICP, but never touched it out of ADD lack of commitment I suppose.
I hear it's easier to dev than ever with modern engines though cause they do so much for you, so is that true?
How much would I really need to know before trying to jump in and make something with a modern gamedev kit/engine?


>I hear it's easier to dev than ever with modern engines though cause they do so much for you, so is that true?
Pretty much. Unity and GM Studio in particular are absurdly easy to use and have endless documentation, tutorials and even "sub"-engines on the internet for whatever you want to do on them.

>How much would I really need to know before trying to jump in and make something with a modern gamedev kit/engine?

Only the most extremely basic barebones fundamentals of programming like variables are good enough to use GM Studio.


Alright; thanks for the advice anon.


Oh also;
are FOSS engines only better for people who know what they're doing?
Like Godot won't give me too hard of a time despite being inexperienced?
I've heard the engine has lackluster performance with 2d games as well, which is what I'd wanna make, so do you got any experience with that?
I may be a bit of a brainlet on this matter, but I can certainly do more than just variables.


>Soooo… watch every handmade hero devstream

I'm still 50 episodes behind but yes, I've watched 500+ episodes, and I do mean watched with full concentration, not on the side. To be fair I started when it was brand new so I didn't have to "take the dive" knowing there is already 1000 hours of footage to consume.

The good news is you will probably start making gains very, very soon in the series. For example, very early on Casey introduces a way of "managing" memory than completely changed how I think about the problem and gave me the power to reason about it on my own. If you want a shallow tutorial series there are literally hundreds of those on YT alone, but I don't recommend those as someone who consumed such content for years without improving.

At some point you literally stop looking shit up on the internet because you have the tools and methodology to solve problems yourself. It feels pretty fucking rad. For example, Handmande Hero does not cover networking, but I managed to get a prototype off the ground myself using his approach to programming. This has now become my main project.

And I'm still just a baby with so much more to learn. The better you get at it, the more fun it becomes. Hopefully by the time I'm Casey's age I'll be a lvl 250 demigod technomancer who makes worlds for fun. The only living person I'm aware of that has this level of skill and productivity is Eskil Steenberg.

If you're just getting your feet wet, sure you can go with Unity or Godot. But you will ultimately be constrained by someone else's decisions, even in the case of Godot, and you will spend countless hours reading documentation instead of actually working on your game. But hey, what do I know, I've never shipped a full game while people who can barely program push out massively successful games on Unity regularly.


don't really have any time for videogames. I'll look into it after my final exams for this semester are over



just clicked on the itch.io jams link and the first thing I see a GWU jam. never done any of these before but 3 months sounds like a reasonable time limit for a first time.


Oi comrade post your progress i was bored and made this


I would call that a wolfensteinlike but it's cool and fun, here's my game:




File: 1608527708701.jpg (44.68 KB, 960x650, dodo.jpg)

From time to time I write down ideas for video games I'd like to make if my life were more in order. One of them would be a giant evolution game.

You'd start off as a cell billions of years ago, and then be able to evolve into hundreds of kinds of animals as the era would inch toward present day. Your goal would be to survive, reproduce, and to become the dominant lifeform on the planet. Obstacles would include predators, and the fact that the world around you would constantly change with each era. There would be tectonic drift, competition, climate changes, viruses, etc. You would be able to evolve tolerance for coldness or heat, but it would always come at the cost of some other trait.

The whole idea came to me when I went to a tropical island and got interested in all the bizarre animals and biology I had never seen before. I went on a Wikipedia binge and ended up devouring information about all kinds of extinct animals from past eras, while wondering if I had missed my calling and should've become a biologist.

Realistically, I don't have the will power to make this game, but I think it'd be very original. I haven't seen anyone try to create a truly epic game about evolution with continental drift, or the other variables that you read about on Wikipedia. You just get games like Spore, or little educational games like Richard Dawkin's Biomorphs.


look up spore
also no man's sky isn't a realistic evolution simulator but I still like the feeling when go into a new planet and see what the algorithm has generated


I'm still pissed that EA butchered Spore and then killed off Maxis, dooming any hope for a better sequel.


File: 1608527722035.png (573.3 KB, 1752x1046, spaceshit.png)

Was bored again made this in a few hour now i'm not motivated to continue it so yeah


all you need is a mesh, there's a simple function that returns a vector leading to the proper path… it's not that hard to setup


i know how navigation work i'm just not motived to continue this thing


So I've been thinking on and off about this every once in a while. If I wanted to create a game like that, how would I even start learning the basics for designing it? Seems to me most of the games that are attempted to be created by amateurs are 2D adventure games and similar. However my vision would more be Dwarf Fortress, but with any non-spreadsheet gameplay being removed (I guess maybe sort of like the Liberal Crime Squad spinoff game from what I saw of it after googling), only being replaced with changing .png backgrounds that represent your situation.
I'd imagine the best way to go around and create something like what I have in mind is to start small. So, what kind of tutorials or guides should I watch if I wanted to create a simulation of 20ish people village community with the following features:
>Food growing and processing
>Tool creation
>Resource extraction
>Simulated housing spots
>New building construction
>Necessary items such as clothes / furniture and their production
>All done by a spreadsheet system operating in turn-based manner
>Deaths from unfulfilled needs
>Item assignment to individual villagers
If I started with something like that, I'd imagine over time I would be able to slowly expand it to the vision I previously described, and introducing more complex stuff like:
>Heat system
>Social interactions
>More and more goods production, different resources, tools, jobs
>More intricate production chains
>Transforming the village setting into my vision by renaming all the things
>Introducing backgrounds
>Random events
So, any tips how I should start this? Bear in mind that I don't have any game dev experience, only that I am somewhat experienced in C++ and will (hopefully) do programming studies next year. Also, I do have to ask, is this idea feasible to realize?


I'm not sure I get it, is there any gameplay? Or is it just a simulation?
Then there are several things here that are highly complex and do not have an ready-made answer, "social interactions", story"? Do you want to procedurally generate that? Good fucking luck.

In any case when it comes to tools there's basically two ways : more programming or less programming.
If you want to learn/practice programming you have a million choices, the most common/industry standard is C++, there's also C#, Lua… I'm not an expert myself. Then for each of these you have libraries/engines that already include a ton of pre-made things to ease up the process, Ogre for C++, Monogame for C#, Love2D for Lua, but also a ton more. Generally an "engine" has more features than a library, in that it uses libraries itself, but the line is kinda blurry.
If you want a little less programming, you can use game engines : the 3 big ones are Unity, Unreal, and Godot. They're all free to a certain extent, until you make X amount of money, but you're probably good for a long while. The last version of Unreal is extremely lenient with that, you keep all your money (if you get to that point) under 1 MIRRION DOLLARS. As for Godot it's completely free and open-source. There's also Game Maker, not free but affordable, but it's been stagnating recently.
All that said you will always have some manual programming to do. And really it's always a better choice to stick to that.

Keep in mind for all the examples I mentioned there are a million others.

In the end what you have to do is kind of cluelessly look for info on all of these possibilities, search for comparisons, ask around if they're fit for your idea, finally decide on something, and then google a million tutorials for it and follow them. There is no single answer.

There's also Tiled, which may be useful, but it's a tilemap creator, not a game engine. It also has its issues, which I personally have found annoying a number of times, but huh, it exists. And for 2D drawing you have Krita, free and open-source too, tiny bugs but it's really good (avoid Photoshop and Adobe products at all cost).

Also a sad thing to note is that there seems to be no engine that is really great for 2D. They're all focused on 3D to be cool and shiny. Even Unity, who is fairly highly praised and has been around for years, still have issues here and there in 2D that haven't been fixed.

Second final note : it doesn't really matter what you choose in the end. Apart from AAAAAA GRAFIXS, you can realistically pretty much do anything you want with any tool you want. Especially if you're ready and skilled enough to tackle programming the more complex stuff by yourself.
The only limits are time and motivation. Good luck!


File: 1608527725908.png (128.84 KB, 1416x811, theplan.png)

>I'm not sure I get it, is there any gameplay? Or is it just a simulation?
Well the idea would be that the gameplay side is you being a sort of planned economy manager, as well as to a smaller extent a "tard wrangler" for your pops who would do stupid shit (eg a pop with a certain negative trait has a percent chance with each turn to damage certain item, get in a fight (reduce health of another pop and their opinion), get a random mood drop, or a need to consume more certain goods), all while trying to survive harsh conditions. Social interactions wouldn't be anything more than randomly occurring interactions that might trigger some sort of info bubble to tell a bit of story on turn start while giving positive negative effects on mood or productivity. I am struggling to find a comparison, but I think the best way I can describe what I would want is something like the pop system from the newer Civ games, however with more complexity. I tried to mock up a quick vision of general working of the economy in pic related.
The main reason why I don't really know where to start is this. First, at least from the first look, I don't believe that at least the skeleton of this project is overly complex. However, from what I've seen, most indie game dev stuff deals with making rpg's or action-ey games. However this would be more of a manager sim, which would require, at least to my understanding, different things than the previously mentioned genres. For instance, at least for a skeleton version, I need zero graphics of any sort, only a system that changes its values based on player input, as well as naturally over time in an automated process of "pops" fulfilling their needs by reducing the existing values. So if I wanted to make an rpg or an action game, I am sure I'd find easy to follow tutorials, and almost tailor made programs to help, however I don't have a clue where should I start with getting the experience to make something like what I envision.


Fundamentally all programming is the same. If you watch the first few introduction videos to any language, you'll see they're all about the same things (variables, if, for loops, classes if they have them…). And with a decent engine you can always do anything you want, you're not restricted to a genre (except with things like RPGMaker or RenPy). It's just that they're slightly different in various ways. There are limitations, but none is absolute. It's just about you programming around it.

I don't know if you're already aware of that or not, but the thing is that everything is ultimately a number. A computer doesn't understand "need" or "want". So say if you have a notion of education in the game, what that's gonna translate to simply an "education" stat for each person, going from I don't know, 1 to 100, or 500, or whatever. And what that means is that they'll be able to do some things, or maybe enter the academy, only if the number is above a certain value. Or to make things more complex, there could be different numbers based on disciplines. Like a physicist might have 95 in physics, but 30 in litterature.
And if you want "geniuses", maybe instead of gaining 10 points from undergoing a class, they'll gain 25 or something.
Programming is just putting dumb numbers on everything. Maybe that breaks the "mystique" you could find in things in real life, but that's how it works.
Anything that seems like more advanced magic, like those AIs constructing realistic people faces, or simulating fluids, etc… is way, way beyond the concerns of an amateur gamedev. You can't hope to find the magic tutorial that explains how to do that and put it in your game.

Some of this may be obvious to you, I don't know, I'm just trying to explain some things cause I don't know where you're at.


>Also a sad thing to note is that there seems to be no engine that is really great for 2D. They're all focused on 3D to be cool and shiny
godot is way more popular for it's 2d features tho and gets a lot of shit for the 3d elements…


if the only thing you're confused about not knowing where to start with your game, you could start from anywhere, I'de say start with that system of heating that's required to survive and just try building everything from there.


Ok, so I was recently thinking back on this again, and I do believe I would likely have enough programming experience to implement the things I've laid out in the image. However I guess the main thing that is confusing me is how do I, well, create a game. I've only created console applications previously, and while I imagine I could create a text-based game only using keyboard interactions, that is not what I would want the game to look. So how do I transfer all the information that I have in my program under the different variables into something that could be represented with graphics on screen, and how exactly do I make mouse clicks into a readable input from the player? So for instance how do I handle the end turn button? Seems like an obvious first thing to learn, especially if I am making a turn-based game. So obviously end turn will be a void function that alters all the variables I have in certain ways. If I was doing a console app, all I need would be to create a logical function that compares if player input text correlates with my chosen text that should initiate end turn. However since this isn't a console app, first, I need for the end turn button to be somehow presented on the screen, and also have it be so that a mouse click when over the specific area where the button is initiates the EndTurn() function (I have no clue how to do that). So, where do I start to learn to do what I just described. I'd imagine the information that I learn while finding out how to create the end turn button would also teach me enough to create the rest of the user interface which would display all the variables, as well as other functions such as ConstructBuilding() or whatever. Though I guess I'd also be interested how one would create different menu, lists etc. that would allow for the info to all be sorted separately.


>>2149 (me)
I guess I do also have some technical questions as to how to write the code it self:
It should all be in one single c++ file, only interacting with data files to create a savegame, right?
I imagine I would end up using quite a few variables that would have to be shared each time I use a function. So is it better to stick them all as global? Or would that cause the program to slow down too much?
What type of compiler is best? Currently I am using codeblocks since that is what is most advanced and still allowed to use during exams, but I heard good things about visual studio, so should I use it instead?
And again going back to the previous post, if I am not creating a console application, what am I creating? I see whenever I create programs that there are tens of other types of programs, but I have no experience with those. DirectX sounds familiar, is that what I am supposed to use?


use an engine, if you insist on using c++, there's probably some libraries out there for easy ui programming, search the web for them.


As far as debug UI, this is all you need:

Once you want to tackle in-game UI you are probably best off making your own immediate-mode implementation. I don't think I'll ever go to retained-mode UI programming again.


I have this idea for an idle game where you progress mainly/solely when you're not playing it, thinking maybe it could be based off of The Game, or do you think that meme's too old?


does anyone have the rules for this? I wonder if it can be converted into videogame form.


File: 1613331072943.jpg (49.36 KB, 750x709, u5vg021st8d31.jpg)

I'm interested in making an open source video game and I know that will present several challenges that are very different from normal open source projects, anyone has any resources about this stuff? I've never managed an open source project before and a game will only make it worse


File: 1613332092536.jpeg (632.3 KB, 1280x768, download.jpeg)

Sounds like a nightmare from hell if you ask me.

Have you checked out Battle for Wesnoth? That's a good example of what you can expect to get with some massive effort. It's more of a game "ruleset + editor" than a game itself, as it encourages users to create and share campaigns. It's actually pretty deep and fun to play. Oh and the graphics… well how do you expect to get good art for free? Any artist worth their salt charges for their labor.

But if the intention is to make a single coherent experience for the user, which is what most games are, open source sounds like it is doomed before it starts.

Are you a programmer? Why this gotta be open source? Why not make a simple game yourself to start with?


Are you implying Wesnoth has bad graphics, rather than excellent?


>Have you checked out Battle for Wesnoth?
No, haven't dug much on opens source games since I don't care for the games but the development
>Any artist worth their salt charges for their labor.
That's what concerns me the most since artists do not have a culture of open source work, how to entice them to contribute will be the hardest thing
>But if the intention is to make a single coherent experience for the user, which is what most games are, open source sounds like it is doomed before it starts.
That's what I want to do, bummer
>Are you a programmer?
Not yet, I fell for the learn to code meme a couple of years back, I've struggled too much to learn C and the desire to make a game has stopped me form quitting
>Why this gotta be open source?
Being pedantic about ideology and hoping other hands can help but either way it seems hopeless, open or closed source I'll end up doing it all alone
>Why not make a simple game yourself to start with?
Yeah I know I have to start with something small once I can code for shit.


what genre of game? with what mechanics?


megaman clone/garden variety indie metroidvania


It's funny because the unit sprites aren't really that bad. Everything else though… the environment assets, the UI… even the total lack of animations or visual feedback betrays the lo-fi, open source roots of the game.


>total lack of animations
When was the last time you played the game exactly? All the units have idle animations and attacking animations. What else do they need exactly? Wesnoth has the graphics that a game of its type needs and they are well-drawn and look nice. It's actually an excellent example of maintaining a consistent overarching style across a large open source project with many contributors stretched across time.


just use Godot. if you know python then just read the documentation to understand the GDscript API. it includes some beginner tutorials and has a pure 2D engine


I had the idea of an xcom like (TB tactics) set during russian civil war, with artillery train and self made armored trucks, with both a whole political/territory management aspect for getting missions & equipement, and some rpg elements for your forces.
Also works for a necromunda inspired game (you could even make a f2p multi game with this, people would pay a lot to improve their gang appearance, especially if they're getting attached to the characters thanks to the rpg part)

another idea was a fps/rpg, set in a not too distant future where climate, covid and encomy problems coalesce in a giant clusterfuck in europe with total breakdown of social order. We'd use a a big city like berlin or paris as the set, there would be various factions fighting there, and basically you'd be the usual super cyber-soldier roaming around there. The twist is despite your super powers, you just can't accomplish shit without the backing of a faction, and the biggest impact you can have is making/unmaking alliances and war between them, by giving them access to information about strategic resources or manipulating power relations inside the faction itself, just going in the battlefield alone fighting is fun but ultimately pointless (infinitte enemies and artillery fucking you up).
Prolly too big a scope. Its just that I like fps rpg and tried to shoehorn some of my ideas in it.

FPS/rpg alternative ; use a chivalry like melee combat and make it about being some robinhood

or go full magicka in fps form, I think its dynamic magic system really offer a lot of creativity

finally, literally not a game but gaming related, a lot of gamer could use a tool for displaying dynamic overlays on top their game, with strategic informations (maps with real time pinging/drawing). Basically the old "advanced tactical center" tool (which apprently has shutdown since) but with an overlay functionality


>because the dev uses NO LIBRARIES, making everything from scratch instead
ngl, never did game dev, but as a java/web dev, that sounds fucking stupid


It is if you plan on making an actual game.

It is less stupid if you just wanna learn how games are made. However I wouldn't go as far as using NO LIBRARIES, just no engines (in fact, that's what I did, and it worked out pretty well)


Damn son, I made that post like 2+ years ago on bunkerchan lol. I actually didn't mean to imply that I don't use libraries btw, just that once could expect to learn about literally everything from watching HMH since Casey doesn't. I use quite a few libraries in my own projects and it would be absolute hell to develop without them.


File: 1615058660085.png (106.02 KB, 250x255, 1366825450187.png)

Some posts ago I was talking about making FOSS video games and I just read about this monetization strategy:
The latest release of the game is paywalled and maybe closed source but once a new release comes out the old one becomes free.
Do you guys think this is fair? The issue is that each release must have a significant development to justify itself.

Also I wonder how can I hide easter eggs in my game if the code and assets are open?


I think it's nice. "fair" only makes sense as a marketing tactic.


You could obfuscate the code, but that pretty much goes against the spirit of open source.


Lots of patreon projects use this model but it essentially boils down to donations, most people would just wait for the free version


Yes, yes, nothing if fair under capitalism, the issue now is how to entice people to donate/subscribe for the latest version.
and deobfuscating it will be a chore later on.
I thought of just removing the code for the easter eggs and making the officially compiled version of the game different from the one people can compile from source but that's even more dishonest and an even harder job.


Realistically nothing can stop people pirating your game if they really want to, you may as well just make all versions open source even if you do paywall them


bumping this shit


So relying on donations would be the best way to go? I mean, that's basically what many indie devs on itch.io do with the "pay what you want" model


Bumping this! Hi from 4chan's /agdg/. I didn't know leftypol had a games board!
My dream game idea would be a JA2 1.13 remake with an Operation Gladio themecockshottCockshott


Sorry, didn't mean to quote.cockshottCockshott


>My dream game idea would be a JA2 1.13 remake with an Operation Gladio theme
Based, I had thought about a JA2 where you're more mercenary than objectively the good guys overthrowing a cartoon villain dictator.


You're filling me with motivation, comrade. What a great day today has beencockshottCockshott


Where would you have it? Berlin? 1980s?
The game would be hilariously nihilistic considering you'd be slaughtering civilians for no real reason as nuclear war would destroy both sides. Could be a good dry satire of American cold war ideology.


I would love to make a turn based tactics game like JA2 but it'll require a lot of assets and that's the biggest hindrance.
Wish people outside of code had a culture of openness.


I'm the /agdg/ guy >>11203
I just started working on my first game and the aim is to lay the groundwork for a future JA2 1.13 successor. I know it won't be an easy task, but I have to start something.

Feel free to contact me through itch.io (mqdev.itch.io/) or directly on the discord (besides the /vg/ general thread, there's a discord https://discord.gg/SUhkUbqd).

Because of this specific toolkit for TBS games, I chose UE4. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNiHDaJeqA16CsnxJJDjG9qgubj15jXKF
It's been used in several AAA games and the developer is extremely responsive (there's also a discord for the toolkit). I cannot overstate how much stuff the toolkit already implements. Check the tutorials if you want motivation.

Don't concern yourself about assets at this point. There's always the option of crowd-funding it once the gameplay is tight enough.cockshottCockshott


I used to browse /agdg/ back in the day, sadly I'm just a nodev idea guy, and honestly my ideas aren't that great either


File: 1627200771625.webm (2.99 MB, 1280x720, rp001.webm)

The issue with gamedev is that it's rather labour intensive. On the plus side, there's tons of tutorials and information about all the engines.
Even if you're not making a game, I would love your feedback.
If you're all ok with it, I'll post progress here as well as on /agdg/.
Here's my first, from a couple of weeks ago.cockshottCockshott


looks like it's on track


Thank you! :DcockshottCockshott


Honestly the biggest hurdle for me is graphics. Well, and I'm lazy and motivated only by grand ideas I have nowhere near the skills to tackle. Maybe I'll try making a simple idle game one day. But enough about my problems.
Damn that's awesome, it's coming along nice, good job!


>the biggest hurdle for me is graphics
In what sense? I'm a greenhorn, but maybe I can offer some answers. Are you worried about having to learn 3D modelling? Because you can always commission those later.
>Well, and I'm lazy and motivated only by grand ideas I have nowhere near the skills to tackle.
That's an extremely common problem! Games that we're motivated to make tend to be larger, but smaller games have a greater chance of being finished. What I am trying to do is a much smaller scale, simpler, version of the game I would actually want to make. That way reaching the finish line is actually feasible (which is also important for motivation in later stages of development) and I could expand the smaller, finished game into a larger one afterwards.
Thank you for your kind words! You fill me with motivation!cockshottCockshott


>In what sense? I'm a greenhorn, but maybe I can offer some answers. Are you worried about having to learn 3D modelling? Because you can always commission those later.
Yeah that and just regular old 2D sprites as well, though you have a point, I could just pop in some programmer art and take care of it later.
>That's an extremely common problem! Games that we're motivated to make tend to be larger, but smaller games have a greater chance of being finished. What I am trying to do is a much smaller scale, simpler, version of the game I would actually want to make. That way reaching the finish line is actually feasible (which is also important for motivation in later stages of development) and I could expand the smaller, finished game into a larger one afterwards.
That's actually a very good idea. I'll have to look over my notes and see if I can find an idea I can scale down. Thank you!
>Thank you for your kind words! You fill me with motivation!
No problem!


Glad I could help! You can find lots of assets (both 2D and 3D) online, some of them even free. So you might not even need programmer art for the placeholders.

A non exhaustive list:
https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/free [1]

[1] The UE4 has lots of very cool stuff (like the Quixel Megascans) and they give away free assets every month. [2] I believe this limits you to using them in Unreal Engine games, but since I'm already married to it (because of the aforementioned TBS toolkit [3]) it's not an issue for me.
I am reluctant to recommend a specific engine or tool, because of my lack of experience, but if you want to make a TBS game, I would at least suggest you check the ATBTT toolkit [3] before deciding.

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll find an idea that you can scale down. If you pop into the discord, search for mqdev and say hi.

[2] This month's haul was a bit weak, but there's often very interesting and useful stuff. Worth logging in once a month even if you are using a different engine, in case you want to give UE a whirl in the future. https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/assets?count=20&sortBy=effectiveDate&sortDir=DESC&start=0&tag=4910

[3] https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/advanced-turn-based-tile-toolkitcockshottCockshott


I forgot one of the links.
But I'm sure I am missing some. Specially for 2D. The less you worry about assets at the start, the better. Hold to your placeholders!cockshottCockshott


Regarding engines, I haven't touched any for years and only did a couple of fun shitty games as a teen in Unity (known for lots of community assets and more beginner-friendly/rapid-dev interface) and them graphics-focused work in UE4 because of its specific realistic rendering features. Since then, Godot was invented and while I haven't used it mysself, I want to see it become the best.

Basically, never pick one and invest in it just because you heard the name, once you know what you want to make, find the right tool for it and you.

Hopefully I can find those old games, one was a simple FPS where you can switch between shooting a cube, a grenade (explode on impact), a shotgun spray of 50 cubes, or a shotgun spray of 50 grenades. Pretty fun stuff despite the simplicity.


I want to make a card game, like a tcg but I have zero clue where to start. I have a lot of cards/ideas prototyped, the game exists in some form, but when it comes to coding it's always bounced off of me.


I too would love to develop in Godot, but I lack the skills to create the game I want without the extra help from UE4 toolkits.
For instance https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/ccg-toolkit
Also, remember to use some sort of Source Control and back ups. That way you can always access your games, no matter how long ago you made them!cockshottCockshott


I am actually writing a game again, shall become a trade simulator in the discovery age plus 1700s with hopefully a resoure economy like in railroad tycoon 3 (every tile has a price for every reousource and they pushed over paths or river even without player interaction)

Dont expect too much, I am keeping with my projects but one can easily take 1-2 years and I never sold anything


File: 1627246638800.png (49.1 KB, 493x347, worldmap.png)

so far you can already trvel through a whole map generated from terrain. I used not thw real world but an historial map for more fun. Should everbody ever want to make a medieval game and needs something to generate a world map for: here you go


sorry for my retarded spelling. My keyboard is barely working


sorry for my spamming but I can maybe offer a bit of assistance to people completely new in gamedev here so I keep my ears open. Keep coding guys.
And by Marx use event managers if you write games. And dont use python, I love it but its horrible for games.


>And dont use python, I love it but its horrible for games.
ffs someone else told me that Python was alright. >>10904
I'm trying to write a Snake game right now as an introduction to C++, though.


c++ is hard but if you master it you will not regret it. I cant tell you cause I dont but in terms of performance its king.

I did civ like game in python over like 2-3 years and eventually, as nice as it was I stumbled on its borders. Writing graphics stuff in opengl myself is sadly a smidge too high for my poor soul.

When you do snake and use a two dimensional array (var map= [[0,0,1], [0,1,0], etc) you are already using a grid system that you can later advance to everything from xcom to civ for later projects.

if you already do memory allocation with c++ you already know more than I do in those things, keep the work going :)ddrDDR


Nice! Do you have an itch.io page or twitter?cockshottCockshott


I do have twitter but personal stuff in my mother tongue. If I keep at it for 2 months or so I can make one tho.
I was suspicious of leftypol after the split but I am - pathetially moved - that it really seems to be something I an enjoy again. Anyway, really enough posts for today but I will give you updates.

Dont overestimte it tho, rn its more or less a cool scrollable map in javascript. Hope I dont fall on my nose with the language again :/ddrDDR


File: 1627249764519.png (13.57 KB, 160x160, venicemarket_big.png)

did some pixeling tho

Help of cause always appreciated. A person close to me like stitching and I always thought it is similarily soothing

good night comradesddrDDR


Gute Nacht, comrade! Keep us posted!cockshottCockshott


Thanks for the resources! Honestly I did purchase RPG Maker and I've been considering making something with that but that's where the lack of art becomes a problem, without it there's not much to offer to players. I have some ideas for shitty meme idle games I may make because it seems like it would be fairly straightforward. For that I may have to learn Javascript or HTML5 or something similar, make it a browser game. I do know some C++ and Java from when I was studying Computer Science.
Anyway I'll figure it out, I need to learn to talk less about doing things and just do them.


That's the spirit!cockshottCockshott


File: 1627476253544.webm (2.9 MB, 1280x720, rp004.webm)

I'm back, and I made bit of progress! It's not much, mind you. Thank you for the motivation, comrades!

I'm not posting on itch.io (mqdev) until I package it for Demo Day, but you can always check my twitter (mqdev_)cockshottCockshott


Had an idea about a FPS game where you create your revolution from very beginning, and you have to account for logistics, morale, stockpiles etc, instead of just being a mindless shooting fest (looking at you Far Cry). Figured it would have some RPG elements in it, where you evolve your character and the movement as whole (sorta like Fallout i guess? Never played). Name will be something like Far Out Alliance.

Quests (both main and secondary) will include: convincing people to your cause, kidnapping important assets, assassinations, sabotage, guerrilla, conventional warfare, building and protection of bases against enemy attacks, stealing equipment and so on.

The map will be medium-sized since i think the "bigger=better" bouj mentality is generally wrong, but will broken down in sufficient zones/areas/districts to make it feel grander.

The story will be about about the liberation of a territory from foreign occupation.

If it wasn't obvious enough, i'm inspired by the Chinese Revolution.

Sequel/DLC being a scenario where you play as reactionary who puts an earlier rebellion down.

I will never actually make this game, but if someone do, just send me a free copy plz.


scale it down by 10 times, and you have something that can be actual be done.
in this thread you enough resource to make it


You see, it's not really about having resources for it, but rather patient/commitment/will, which i really don't.

Besides that, if my miserable attempts at learning python have teach me anything, is that i detest coding and programming, so i doubt i'll find the idea of working with any other language for some 2-3 years to be bearable.


> so i doubt i'll find the idea of working with any other language for some 2-3 years to be bearable.
i feel you i do PHP and node for a living i know the pain.

but you can contribute to your project by other means like level design etc… to do something that's manageable maybe you can find someone to work with, i would have love to help you but i'm currently overworked and working on a fighting game (for about a year ?)

Or you can learn only logic type and use something like unreal engine blueprint it's more manageable.


I didn't know Todd Howard used /leftypol/


Jagged Alliance kinda, but not an FPS


This. Look into Jagged Alliance 2 with the 1.13 mod. It's ancient, but there's a reason they're still updating the mod after all these years.cockshottCockshott


I second this. ue4 blueprints are much more user-friendly, there's a huge discord where you can ask questions (unreal slackers) and tons of videos explaining every "node" (Mathew Wadstein on youtube).
I'd say give it a try.cockshottCockshott


Alright people, you've convinced me. I'll take a look at the resources here and learn more about gamedev. Thanks for all the inputs.

I'm not trying to shove skyrim into my alarm clock, so i have no clue what you're talking about.


Is developing something like Chapter Master and Aurora 4X difficult? I always wanted to see a 4X game that has almost nothing to do with expansion but more about ruling over a planet. Something like a planetary governor simulator.
The end goal would just to exist as long as possible without getting your ass replaced or killed.


File: 1627630525196.webm (2.65 MB, 1280x720, rp005.webm)

Got the clock and day counter working.

Glad to hear that! Let us know how it goes!
Some other relevant engines: twine and renpy (python!):
Twine is used for "choose your own adventure" type games, while renpy is for visual novels (for a more general one look up "pygame") while still being accessible by the virtue of being python.

Games made with each software (NSFW! I don't know how to filter out adult games on itch.io and there seem to be many of those)

I can't say anythin about Chapter Master, but 4x games must be among the most difficult genres. I have looked up some games that could fit what you have in mind. The first one is specially simple (a series of binary choices) and could be a good first game (maybe. I am a rookie too!). Te second seems more complex, although it's text-driven too.

You can find games that are similar to the one you want to model yours after with this site: https://steampeek.hu/
It shows more obscure games that won't show in a steam game's page, so you can see less successful games as well. Those might be useful as learning material (what they did wrong? What did they do well?) even if they're not great games. Best of luck!cockshottCockshott


I finished my stupid C++ snake game, I'll try to follow another tutorial to compare and learn. Then after that I'm making another simple game in C++.
Also reminder that you don't need amazing art to sell your game, even bad and simple but charming art can suffice, especially if the game is fun.


>working on a fighting game (for about a year ?)
Tell us more anon, please


This. And I would add that if you have a good game with placeholder art you can get funding (kickstarter, for instance) to buy the art, music, and all the bells and whistles.
Yeah! And post it, pleasecockshottCockshott


i'm sorry i cant show any art it's the artist game idea so i'm just helping him with code and general design (also i suck at fighting game)
It's a 2d fighting similar to darkstalkers with full pixelart with some modern effect (like parallax background maps lighting etc).
i will keep you update when we decide to show it up.

Btw those are "game" that i have posted here


Speaking of which, if I want to share a game here, how should I do it? I don't wanna accidentally spread viruses or use my personal accounts for storage.


you can host it in itch.io


But I don't want to make an account for that. I wonder if I should get a GitHub account.


Why not?
Github is owned by microsoft. Use Gitlab or any other alternatives. Source control is always a good idea.cockshottCockshott


Could a JRPG based on 2016 American politics still be fun or would it be horribly dated?


it really doesn't matter anon, just pick whatever works best for you


File: 1628202636434-0.png (177.39 KB, 1478x853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628202636434-1.png (1.18 MB, 2048x1117, ClipboardImage.png)

Any thoughts on Godot's visual scripting as an alternative to Blueprints?
yes I am trying to push Godot how can you tell?


Depends on how you portray the political aspect, the writing and the humor I guess

Alright I guess I'm gonna use Gitlab, thanks


File: 1628266261081.jpg (124.18 KB, 1280x960, FB_IMG_1556017488606.jpg)

Godot's visual scripting is good and it still lack some features like for housekeeping( like group node that you can actual see the children in the node kinda in Natron2 or blender)
and tell is less number of demos compare to Gdscript or C#

overall UE4 blueprint is a good start for someone new because of the Shittone of resources available because of how popular it's


I didn't know it had visual scripting besides gdscript! This is great news. If I wasn't married to ue4 I would definitely use Godot. I encourage everyone to use it. Cruelty Squad was made with it!


How hard would it be to update each 4 years?


File: 1628383075867-0.png (443.33 KB, 2150x1386, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628383075867-1.png (60.75 KB, 690x387, ClipboardImage.png)

>If I wasn't married to ue4 I would definitely use Godot. I encourage everyone to use it.
For sure. It's great to start seeing the "it's free so its shit" mentality get disproved more and more.
Also, the devs are based.
Unironically might start a game today just to play around with it, since the demos provide a nice template.


Well I like to believe I'm funny and could pull it off, but maybe not
Well a big chunk of the plot is about the Trump presidency and liberals' reactions to it


File: 1628393357078.png (284.93 KB, 1320x2854, IRC_join_guide.png)

You can join #godotengine on Libera's IRC besides the discord channel. It's always nice to have somewhere to ask question and get quick answers. Especially at the beginning.
Don't let your dreams be dreams, but since it would take time, I'd aim for 2024 or at maybe the mid-termscockshottCockshott


>It's great to start seeing the "it's free so its shit" mentality get disproved more and more.
Does anyone actually still believe that shit nowadays? I think the quality of free and open source projects is widely acknowledged.


Yep, sounds based, guess I'm learning to use Godot now

I used to have a friend who wanted to make a commercial indie game with me, and he wasn't sure if he should use Unity or Godot. I think back then there wasn't much documentation for this engine, otherwise he would've picked it.


I think the OP needs this too:
Aseprite is a pixel art program that's $19.99, but it's open source and it's free if you compile it.


File: 1628741431347.jpg (186.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1535640312553.jpg)

Should I learn assembly and make a game for a retro system or is it really that much of a fool's errand?
I just feel learning assembly will benefit me somehow as a programmer.


I mean, if you really, really want to make games for old consoles it might be useful. I want to make a game for the GBA.


Don't torture yourself… If you want to improve as a programmer and make games, C++ is the way to go.cockshottCockshott


Btw, ue4 blueprints are easy peasy to learn. Implemented sight radius in very little time. Trying to create a "matrix" to store faction relations data messed me up a bit, but I believe it's because I was devving for too many consecutive days.
Whatever you do, remember to make breaks often!


Honestly I feel I just want my game on a real game boy and not really learn assembly, I should not worry about optimization that much since modern computers have so many fucking layers of abstraction.
I should just focus on getting better at c++


If it helps with motivation (C++ es hard), you can check out the miriad of open source games coded in C++, like Wesnoth or Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.


Yeah I was planning on studying other game's code later on


Holy fuck, I thought this thread had been deleted since I couldn't find it in the first pages
With this last transfer they fucked up the flags as well

So I've been reading "Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" although at a snail's pace (the introduction was kinda boring), at least I'm on Day 2 now. I'm still not sure what kind of game (or tool) I want to make in C++, though.


tradegame ddr dude here. I eventually decided to go 3d and after some moderately painful time with babylonjs I now think that ogre not not even be that bad of an idea.

Nice heightmapmesh they now have now I do find not much about how to load it from a file, Pretty new feature I gues and I am also new to it, wite not to programming


I mean not ogre bot godot, sorry. I am not myself without sweet herbs :<


waste of time imo. Assembler is nice but at least going with c should make your code much better organized


if you mean a mixture of stretagy & shooter you should take a look at the arma/ofp cti mods for inspiration (and fun)


File: 1630068460771.png (79.62 KB, 805x159, bok BOOKK!.png)

Have any of you ever just fucked around with game assets? Having previously worked in a job that used game engines, I can confirm the pleasure that can be achieved by spawning a few thousand instances of an asset and raising it a mile in the air.


I've never played Warcraft, but are you assuming the game is the same size?
Because it's I assume possible for one professional graphics designer to make a tiny game with that same graphics quality, which would be far, far easier than a full game with that quality. One half is the artistic skill and the other half is doing it over and over again which takes time and motivation.
I'm skipping over the actual gameplay stuff and graphics engine stuff because I'm assuming a game engine would work.


yeah like a similar level fo 3d graphics to the early 2000s in polygon count or w/e or better, but a smaller scale game.


What do you recommend for making fighting games?




if it's 3D models,I guess you could use the unity toolset,or code it entirely in unreal engine.
If it's pure 2d,you can unironically build something with MUGEN,but you can't sell it that way.
You could also just make something from scratch in godot or gamemaker (if you're crazy) depending on what you want,I don't think there is that much specific fighting games oriented engine,and the Fighter maker community looks like its dead after all this time (you also can't sell stuff made with it legally)
Or you could do what crazy people always tell me on those type of question : just code your own game engine entirely with just what you need.


I was wondering how I could make a playable slime,that needs to roll around to move,can jump,and all of this while his body is "jello" like.
I've tried on unity,I managed to somehow make a cube move using only physics vectors,but when I try to make a soft-body for the actual character,I don't understand jack shit on how its even supposed to work,and using premade bones in blender didn't help.


>you can unironically build something with MUGEN,but you can't sell it that way.
Why not? I don't know a lot about MUGEN.


well,because the license to use it is legit only for non-commercial use,they can sue you if you try to sell stuff made with it (I think you can ask them via mail if you want to still do it,but they're probably going to ask you for a fee at best)


You are thinking of making a sidescroller like Gish or something like basically Super Monkey Ball with a liquid like Mercury Meltdown?


Oh, alright, I don't think that'll be necessary because I doubt I'll ever make a commercial fighting game.
I've never used it, how good is MUGEN compared to other engines?


>Mercury Meltdown
oh,I never heard of that.
The second answer is pretty much what I thought yes.


Is it possible to track me or know any of my personal info just from a game I've released anonymously?
I'm hyper paranoid about people finding out who I am or my computer name/IP/location, or worst of all a video game company wanting to sue me for making porn of their games with Ren'Py, even if released anonymously and for free


probably the wrong thread but whatever
1) who is your adversary? random fans and nazis? google? literal government agencies you've attacked?
2) how are you publishing it? what type of files are published and where is it? did you make any accounts?
3) if you're talking about government agencies, then maybe start caring about lexographic analysis but they probably aren't an enemy you should care about
4) are you a known artist with an art style? are you reusing a pseudonym?


Unless you mentioned something in the game to do with yourself, then the biggest risk is where you upload it to. If it was Github for example there is a chance they would get subpoena'd for the details you signed up with or an IP to correlate (assuming US or a real pussy ally).
But honestly, I doubt it would be economically worth their money to sue. You're not really hurting them, right? They're probably more worried about Chinese ripoffs or pirates or something.


>1) who is your adversary? random fans and nazis? google? literal government agencies you've attacked?
I don't think I have made any enemies yet but I'm afraid that imageboard autists (especially 4chan) and drama communities might want to harass me if I somehow enter their radar and say or do the wrong thing. There's the Twitter witch hunts too but I'm much less worried about that. Really my biggest concern in this regard is becoming popular and dumb shit from my past resurfacing.
>2) how are you publishing it? what type of files are published and where is it? did you make any accounts?
I haven't made any accounts on GitHub or any site of that sort, but I was thinking of releasing this fangame's assets separately (images in one file uploaded to a file sharing site OR posted to an art site, script on pastebin, music on SoundCloud or something, etc.) and sharing the links when relevant, even if that would take some time and effort to put together, kek
Or just uploading the RAR with the full game (or the full game sans the art, for example) to a file sharing site.
>3) if you're talking about government agencies, then maybe start caring about lexographic analysis but they probably aren't an enemy you should care about
>If it was Github for example there is a chance they would get subpoena'd for the details you signed up with or an IP to correlate (assuming US or a real pussy ally).
Not at all. The most I've done is be a leftypol user. And piracy, but I live in the third world if that helps.
>4) are you a known artist with an art style? are you reusing a pseudonym?
I'm not well known though some people might remember me from a certain site. I don't really have a presence because I almost never post art kek. Changing my artstyle as much as possible might be way too time-consuming for me but I'm half-trying, any obsessed autist with too much time on their hands could find the similarities in style if they wanted, anyway. I wouldn't mind the game being unofficially associated with that art pseudonym and players figuring it out by themselves, if that would be enough to avoid getting sued.

>But honestly, I doubt it would be economically worth their money to sue. You're not really hurting them, right? They're probably more worried about Chinese ripoffs or pirates or something.

The thing is that I've seen a couple of other porn projects related to that franchise being taken down, though the creators were making money off them on Patreon so that's probably why.

I think I'm much less paranoid now, so thanks guys. That thing about the other games that were taken down is still scary though.


File: 1638744388953.jpg (250.01 KB, 1696x1624, chivas negras.jpg)

i want to make a videogame set in a fascist Latin America
with corridos tumbados and chicano rap
with gimmicky weapons and ludicrous gibs


>but I live in the third world if that helps.
Oh hell yeah it does. For starters, most of those groups you mentioned are anglo shits who can't do much over there.
>though the creators were making money off them on Patreon so that's probably why.
Yeah, if they're making money off someone else's IP, it's a lot less ambiguous and more motivating to take it down.

>Really my biggest concern in this regard is becoming popular and dumb shit from my past resurfacing.

Don't reuse a pseudonym/username. Don't reuse an email address. Feel free to lie. If you can still log into the old account, you could be able to set false information (like saying you live in Russia, changing contact info) so even if it is associated with the old account, a company won't consider suing and an internet autist won't me able to cross-reference the details to find more history.

Uploading all the assets in one file is probably easier for the users, and involves less account creation/pseudonyms. It might be worth chucking images/etc. through a metadata remover (although that's mostly only a problem for photos from a camera) like exiftool. Scripts are plain-text so nothing hidden in them.



im also doing some new vegas modding


I'm having an idea of making a Pokemon fangame in RPG Maker, but I don't have that much idea of coding, in fact pretty much I only really have a ability at writing and that's about it.
From where should I start? is Ruby easy to learn? Should I try to do it on (and learn) another engine?


File: 1638907038344-0.png (2.08 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638907038344-1.png (1.66 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638907038344-2.png (1.21 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)


update: i put some spiders and now i feel spiders walking up my arms

update 2: expanded the cave… thing i can't scale the cave so much so idk if keep it that way or try and find a bigger piece…

update 3: fuhgeddaboudit, i'll just use this cooler cave piece but i have to figure out how to remove it's collition so you can walk inside it without problem…


>Pokemon fangame in RPG Maker
Enjoy your takedown notice


always wanted to make my own 3d engine
godot sucks, it's just an open source unity rip-off
also check these out



also, just wanna shout-out vulkan too
basically the solution to proprietary APIs like DirectX


>it's just an open source unity rip-off
How is this a bad thing? I have a full-time job and three other hobbies, I don't want to have to learn how to make an engine just to create a small free meme game.
If you can do better, then great, but general purpose game engines are cool. Even Macromedia Flash was revolutionary.


i'm not against general purpose game engines, i'm against godot specifically


Why Godot specifically?
t. the mere fact it's an open-source Unity wannabe is enough for me to like it


it is kind of the best of what it is, still doesn't make it good enough though
check out love2d, it's extremely flexible, lua is great for scripting in general, and there are even libraries for 3d rendering and stuff


File: 1639043446187.png (2.11 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you I will. I'm not in it for the money.


Neither am I but I'm still afraid
Also, they can't really touch a Chinese developer, but if you live in the "west" it's likely that they will get you


It's nothing like Unity.
Try it, it is very easy to get started.
Then formulate your opinion.

>anyone in not-/ddg/ actually doing productions

Making myself laugh.


I know this is an old post, but for future references


what is everyone up to here?
give me a quick rundown, i want to participate but i'm scared lol


still try figure out what project to do.
i'm stuck between either making a xcom like game ( a la Xenonauts with rebels guerrilla instead of alien) or first person starship adventure


Remember to think small, you need to be realistic in your expectations.



A small game with a fun little idea at its core is a lot more interesting than someone trying to rip off a AAA game with 0.2% of the budget.


Yes don't worry ,i have already made games, i'm not overscooping i'm just extremely indecisive for what to new project to start.


Aight fair enough, I just see so many stupid dum dum teams trying to bite off more than they can chew. Good luck anon.



idunno, if something has taught us all the realms deep games this year is that sometimes is ok to ask for a big plate and eat it slowly but surely
invite some people, make a feast with your comrades.


Just start. Your first attempt is going to fail, as will many subsequent ones. So there's no point in overthinking things.
Besides, this pre-production shit you got yourself caught in is just procrastination. We all do or did it at some point. Just code, dummy.


File: 1642285705303-0.jpg (103.33 KB, 1049x543, AR70 90.jpg)

File: 1642285705303-1.png (440.54 KB, 801x605, F1 SMG.png)

File: 1642285705303-2.jpg (46.1 KB, 1026x883, Bicos Amber.jpg)

File: 1642285705303-3.jpg (64.37 KB, 790x616, SteyrGB.jpg)

File: 1642285705303-4.jpg (63.32 KB, 1083x467, Danuvia VD 01.jpg)

I'm a pretty good 3D artist. I can model anything. My sculpting skills aren't that great. I can UVmap and texture but I need to practice it more. I just started animating and found it very fun and intuitive. I'm also good at drawing and music. My biggest block is programming.

I got a number of ideas but the latest one I came up with that I'd probably need programming help for.

A realistic space strategy game. Something along the lines of Hearts of Iron or something like that but set in our solar system. Try to make it as realistic as possible with orbital mechanics and fuel like Children of A Dead Earth. So you'd have to use the orbits to create shipping lanes and launch schedules based on launch windows.

Also you can build ships like in Children of a Dead Earth but you can also build space stations. So imagine you could design your own Nimitz class space frigate and you'd have a fleet of them with their own name and stuff. You could test experimental ship designs in combat and then refine them based on combat statistics you get back from fights.


programming is easy enough to learn, it's can become menial though
you just need to know what you're designing, really


Embedding error.
I don't know, the amount of jargon. Also I get really confused reading through the API reference. Like damn, this seems important, couldn't you have written a little more explaining what this does and how this works?
Also I want to learn best practices kind of stuff from the beginning so I don't waste my time writing bad code that gets the result but in a terribly inefficient way. Anyone here know about ECS? Seems like something that could be important for some of the things I want to make.

>programming is easy enough to learn, it's can become menial though

From my experience: 3d Modeling is basically like that. It's kind of relaxing. I mean people assemble plastic printouts of CAD drawings as a hobby, so why wouldn't making the original drawing be kind of relaxing as well? I was reading this interview with the makers of World of Guns and they were saying how modeling guns is braindead work and I've seen other people saying making CAD sketches is monkey work. Then again I saw this guy who does amazing likeness sculpts say the hardest part was finging good reference photos. That's how it is with the guns, you have to keep searching and searching for different angles of the gun until you can see what's happening in certain areas. Even if it's braindead work, it's taught me a lot about guns and I think I'll make better designs with my own fantasy weapons. So many concept artists just make absolute ridiculous looking fantasy guns IMHO.


Free 8 hour course on making top down RPGs in Unity. I didn't watch it nor use Unity I use unreal but thought maybe someone here would find it helpful.




Anybody have resources on making music?


The rule is that your first ~20 games will be bad. You need to start with something basic and simple that you will be able to finish above all else. Think like an old school arcade game in terms of size/complexity. Get experience making stuff and figuring out workflow before you commit to a project that you actually care about and want to see come to fruition.



Embedding error.
I've been working on trees. I tried Tree It the freeware software but I wasn't ese pecially happy with it. I thonk I got better results with the free mtree addon for blender. Not to mention tree it is broken as hell. i can't launch unless I reinstall it each time I use it.

Another free tree software to check out is another tree addon for blender called sapling.

Next one I will probably try out is sidefx houdini tree plugin. I hate rentals but houdini is a pretty cool parametric software. Blender has some pretty cool parametric stuff now so maybe I won't need it.


Embedding error.
This guy uses tree it. Definitely check out his channel if you are doing unresl dev. Excellent info on optimization and a lot of other things on this guy's channel.


Live streaming Blender hard surface modeling


Blender tip for yall: They introduced the industry-commpatible keymap stock with the program but it seems kind of wack. There's also an independant industry keymap, but I don't like either of them that much. For those that don't know. Most 3d apps use the same exact shortcuts for translate rotate scale(W, E, R) and camera translate, pan, zoom (Alt-left click, alt-middle, alt-right click) but Blender has to be retarded and not use the same keys everyone else uses. Fortunately you can just replace those and then leave the rest, I think there is only minor conflicts to be resolved with other shortcuts and you'll be good to go and you can still follow Blender default shortcut tutorials.


File: 1649652884353.jpg (376.88 KB, 2848x2926, PeterMolyneux01.jpg)

>/leftypol/ collectively designs a video game


blender is not gamedev, fun fact


btw if you’re making a 2D indie game, it’s better to try out vector graphics like in adobe flash
godot doesn’t have native support for vector graphics rendering and svg’s will be converted into a raster image during import, but there’s this library in C++ blend2d.com



I'm picking this game again, conrads. Migrating to UE 5.0.

Also, Cockshot is transphobic, fuck.


Cockshott is cyber-socialism gang, he's a fellow comrade advancing theory on economic planning. He is also a staunch advocate of the interests of the proletariat. You can disagree with him on cultural issues, but if you don't uphold class solidarity when you do that we have to wonder whether you are a class traitor.


File: 1650461998533.png (256.11 KB, 599x387, 1433636011163.png)

What if there was like a /leftypol/ game jam?
Like, pick a day and during a 24 hour window you slap together a proof-of-concept game or tech demo based on some kind of theme for the day. Then we could publish the final builds of the games and see what everyone made. Could even vooot on which one is best or something idk.


File: 1650470038176.jpg (11.42 KB, 262x299, posada.jpg)

Been having fun learning Unreal Engine now that 5 is released.

My dream projects are either of the following:

1. Make an escape from tarkov like game but set in a dark fantasy setting with melee combat ala chivalry.

2. Remake Neotokyo with a 3rd, explicitly left leaning faction


tfw I have been wanting to find a team to develop a game for me and have money for years but no one actually skilled has showed up.


you need to find uni/college students desperate for a gig


You're supposed to look for them!
Like this, for instance.

Speaking of which, are you guys active on any ciscord servers?


Bullshit lol. You need experienced people and at least 2 years of development.
A team of 5 software engineers, minimum 100k USD in the US, 60k Euros in Europe.
Then a team of artists and designers, you can probably get away with an average of 3 during the project. Minimum 50k USD, 40k euros.
You dont have the money for it.


bruh this is a game dev studio we’re talking about here, most workers are extremely underpaid and precarious. this isn’t a fucking campus start-up. that being said, that anon should also fuck off


Use your money in a more intelligent way than keeping this shitty industry alive.


you need to hire people off fiverr/upwork to work on your project for you, this can be done with relatively cheapness but you need excellent project management skills to stop it from becoming a moneysink shitshow.


I'm thinking of making a game but I have no experience in game dev. I'm a programmer with experience but its mostly in web dev, plus there are the other aspects of making a game like game design, writing story/characters, 3d art, 2d art, music&audio, and marketing. I've downloaded a bunch of books on how to draw shit, in order to make concept art for my game (I've been influenced by Metzen/early blizz style concept art). I've also downloaded a bunch of books on blender, etc.

I'm trying to get better at the art aspect of games because without art your game will never surpass a 1980s or tabletop d&d game even though certain games have figurines like warhammer 40k.

I originally thought of making a game based on space combat with an orthographic perspective. Essentially you are a commander of a spaceship and you get into battles with other species, etc. The problem is that a ton of these games have already been made so I'm trying to come up with a more novel concept. I prefer plot driven games with single player campaigns so I'd have to shill out for voice actors, etc. Luckily there are places to do this for cheap.

Basically I'm currently in the design phase and creating a backstory.

Basically the plot would be the humans are the bad guys and are like European colonial powers in the age of exploration, but like imperialist cowboys or like the southern US confederacy combined with colonial Belgium in africa. Basically think the real life "war on terror" crossed with Avatar, Warhammer 40k & Starcraft, with the humans having an evil sovereign, but with the aliens having way more tech and actually being able to put up a decent fight (both for balance reasons and lore reasons - unlike that deus ex machina bullshit ending of Avatar).

Also I want to give the game an aesthetic of horror, but I haven't quite figure out how to fit that point in. I feel like the game will have a lot of deep space battles on space stations in nebulas, dogfights in asteroid belts, etc. If you've ever played the Descent Freespace series from the 90s this is a huge influence as well.

In order to build up my game dev, design & art skills though, I want to start with some less ambitious projects, maybe prequels of a kind or side stories set in the same shared universe.


Here's an idea just make it a literal USA expy with the mass shootings school shootings and everything


>Here's an idea just make it a literal USA expy with the mass shootings school shootings and everything
too hamfisted and "preachy" even for modern audiences


>just to create a small free meme game
yeah, like we really need more of those


File: 1656354668586.jpg (90.86 KB, 627x605, 1445802493583.jpg)

>All the games I want to make require a crew and a budget
How do I deal with this feeling?


Making small and cute games


File: 1656370080982.jpg (34.34 KB, 540x297, 002_01_counterstrike.jpg)

>I'm trying to get better at the art aspect of games because without art your game will never surpass a 1980s or tabletop d&d game even though certain games have figurines like warhammer 40k.

I'd say don't worry about the art at all. Just make a playable demo of your game with stand in art. I'm an artist trying to learn programming and that's the route I am going.

A game without art is still a game but art without programming isn't a hame at all.

Also don't worry about the story either. Make the fucking game first.

Shit story + great gameplay = great game
Shit gameplay + great story = shit game


File: 1656384824659.png (1.15 MB, 1865x873, ClipboardImage.png)

A good resource for all you aspiring devs Go on Sketchfab and click these three options. All of them allow you to use them for commercial use. You can find professional quality models of most guns, cars, furniture, etc. Crazy stuff on there for free.


If you're using Unreal make sure to check out all the content Epic gives away free each month on the marketplace as well.


What kind of game should I make? What's an under-served genre in the indie market?


Make a game where you manage a socialist revolution

like 'Republic: The Revolution' but not 20% finished


make like a roguelite with hints of metroidvania and shoot'em'ups and nods towards (copies) retro themes (awful tropes from the 90's)


how good is godot engine to make games that are for examples.
Metal slug like shoot em up
Beat em up like Mother russia bleeds
Games like Crisis in the kremlin
and games with high complexity like Dwarf fortress.
i have some games in my mind and if the engine can create stuff like this i could start trying to do it.


you can make a 2d game like the first 2 with simple scripting in godot
if you wanna make a more mechanically complex game like a simulator or RTS, then you should learn to program low-level
dwarf fortress is written in C++ with SDL iirc


Make a game where you manage a socialist revolution, with procedurally generated material conditions like a roguelike with metroidvania politics mechanics heavily inspired by 90s stereotypes of communism.
And the economic controls are like QWOP.


thanks, gonna keep this in mind, gonna keep plotting these ideas of three games.


Hmm, never heard of it. Sounds kind of like Liberal Crime Squad? I played that one a little, but I don't think I even finished one game. I've liked the idea of playing a crime org simulator for awhile. I saw some drug lord tycoon in the steam charts not too long ago, I don' know how they approached it.


I'd have to go back and look at LCS again but I really liked the juice meter. That's a cool idea that could be implemented in a lot of RPGs, a notoriety meter that you have to keep doing stuff to get refilled that effects your interaction with the NPCs.


I finished Liberal Crime Squad, that game was the shit, but no, Republic the Revolution is more like… idk, it's not really like anything because like I said it was totally unfinished. I would barely even call it playable let alone fun.


I liked how the normal society is just normal society, but far right mode is basically Fahrenheit 451 with death squads everywhere, then if society goes ultra liberal your party will be stopped by negotiators and bards lol.


>tfw too autistic and unable to interact with people to ever get anywhere in LCS


>I finished Liberal Crime Squad, that game was the shit, but no, Republic the Revolution is more like… idk, it's not really like anything because like I said it was totally unfinished. I would barely even call it playable let alone fun.
Lol, ok. I started watching a video talking about the difference between what they promised and the shipped game. I dunno maybe I'll play a demo. Why don't you describe what you think the general gameplay mechanics should be in the ideal game you're picturing?


how do you accomplish anything in LCS beyond extremely minor pointless crimes?


Start kidnapping people and brainwashing them. And seducing people into sex slaves.


how does that influence the supreme court
wouldn't i need to do that to millions of people to have a difference


Your crimes get publicised in the papers and give solace to the liberal cause, people are inspired by your actions to force their politicians to enact super-liberal policies and recall the supreme court. Your sleeper agents also push society in the ultra-liberal direction, obviously the more powerful their job the more effective this will be. Best targets are TV hosts, judges, politicians, etc.

To be honest, I think that the rise of the alt right shooter combined with Trump has shown us that random terrorism is a relatively effective way to garner support for your cause (an oversimplification but whatever)


Also remember that you are only operating in a single city, presumably there are similar operations happening across the USA


I picked gamedev again. I'll post progress on the following weeks.


What's the easiest/simplest way to make a video game? Assume I'm a novice with no coding experience at all.


You literally cannot get anywhere without basic coding knowledge. My advice would be to first watch some videos on basic programming concepts, then pick up some intuitive game-oriented book on coding like Head First C# (it has some material on Unity if you plan on using that engine) and start learning from it. As for the choice of engine, you better just try your hand with many different engines and do not worry which one is better until you are accustomized to them and their technicalities enough, which would be the point when you can definitely decide on it. If its a small casual game, then for example Godot might be the proper choice.




i've been trying to work with the engine, it's probably a great tool if you want to make a regular kind of jrpg but for anything else it's just a huge pain that needs a lot of plugins to get working (shhodily)


absolute waste of time, if you really want to write something low level write it in C, it will still cock and ball torture you to write a game in that but at least it wont be uber platform specific and you can indent shit and have variable names instead of trying to figure out what you left in each register and dealing with jump statements and shit. and dont even get me started on system calls.


also I should add that most C code is very simple syntactic sugar on assembly, so you're not going to gain any increase in performance and your code will probably run slower if anything because your implementation of whatever function will probably be slower than the C implementation.

if you really want to learn more about low level stuff, take a course on CPU architecture, they will probably have you design a basic von neumann cpu in verilog, vhdl, bluespec, or something like that. You will walk away with a much stronger understanding of the inner workings of a computer and it may help you write faster code.


Is this your game anon? I may try it out.


for most retro systems up till maybe the SNES era? yeah probably
if you're doing DOS, C with the Open Watcom compiler is better


yeah i made it with no talent/skill/experience in art, music, game design or programming
always wanted to just make something unified and big


Looks like it has potential. I'll try and play it later. I don't usually play these kind of games. I played Omori for a little bit because the art looked kinda interesting and all the hype. I thought it was kind of meh even tho I played it for awhile. Not a tumblrista so I probably wasn't the target demo. Your game looks like it could be quirky and funny but can't really tell from the vid. Is the vid you? I thought all that like and subscribe shit at the beginning was serious until I went to the page and saw there was only one video. I think you were pretty funny and your delivery was excellent, but it was kind of too much shit up front when the reason I'm clicking the video is because I want to see what the game looks like.


thx anon, honestly i wouldn't say my games anything like undertale or omori or whatever. haven't even played another rpg maker game before i was just making shit me and a friend saw in nightmares and dreams or whatever we thought would be a laugh
vid was voiced by a friend but i wrote the "script" LOL, ur probs right abt the vid, shitposted a little too hard which probably scared off some people
cheers anon, have a good one


bumping this thread. still teaching myself blender


File: 1671507552243.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


set small goals for yourself
don't feel too small to take comissions you can always learn on the go and remember to always try to triangulate because apparently a lot of software requires triangulation, i still don't understand that myself but we'll get there.


i want to make a network of vidya/digital arts workers where anyone can start projects not limited to game development but likely to be the main focus for the most part.
how should i organize this so it goes somewhere?
i printed a bunch of pamphlets in my last job printer so i can drop some near the arts school for us 70% of rejects when i go do the test.
so far i have a fbi.gov server and a WhatsApp group
i plan on getting people in there and have everyone socialize around those
i have a couple projects in mind but i'm afraid they'll flop because i'm not a jack of all trades, i can try to become one but i need to be taught as much as anyone else trying to get into the industry as well. which is what i believe is one of the core usages for this network, getting people involved with other people who want to learn and stop the alienation from the medium.
we cannot expect the industry that keeps puking shit games, crunching their employees and alienating us to give us a chance.


id be interested. Ultimately id like to make a workers cooperative game studio to make vidya, maybe sneak a few leftist themes in there like Disco Elysium



i mean if CoD and other CIA backed games can get away with blatant anti-communism why can't we get away with blatant anti-capitalism?

we just need to make a good game, once i start moving i'll let ya'll know see what we can do.


My favorite indie game developer has turned into a weird reactionary conspiracy theorist.
It's a shame because his game design lectures were really good.

Any recommendations for game devs who talk about game design theory in depth? And I don't mean like clueless essayists who talk about game design I mean people who have shipped a game.


You'll just be like the Disco Elysium devs.
>Make good game
>Get tons of buyers and awards
>Have your IP stolen by a corporate entity and all your co-workers fired because it's more profitable to kill your entire team than to allow you to continue to produce subversive media


It sucks that to my memory Dead Cells does not contain much lefty themes despite being made by an anarcho-syndicalist coop.


File: 1672326177613.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


i'd stockpile guns and move into a guerrilla controlled zone with all my team first
we'd make games in our free time after we hoard grain for the day.


File: 1672326305209.png (44.26 KB, 1179x199, ClipboardImage.png)


welcome to the club; i basically grew up with Dante as a role model, how do you think i feel about this?



also this guy looks pretty based and he makes videogames



i bought for cheap his Godot course on how to make a boomer shooter but i got bummed halfway through and i'm still stuck somewhere not doing anything besides looking at theory…


File: 1672329569684.gif (2.87 MB, 540x304, stare.gif)

>hoard grain


File: 1672330532460.png (46.1 KB, 268x188, ClipboardImage.png)


idk what the word for "pick up crops" is in english


Also do not forget the former Bayonetta voice actress being ousted as a TERF too.



bruh so glad she's fucking out, being honest i'm not a huge fan of their voices

Bayonetta well, i'm not a huge fan of brits in general

and Dante tbh i miss the original Dante, i hope he comes back for DMC 6 instead



gringos call voice cracks bad dubbing we call it passion


yea, you can only do that shit if your group owns the private property so no one can push you off, in any other place you get purged.


Didn't his current VA get canned after he got accused of sexual harassment and was a far right schizo? I know he was the voice of Ken too and there's another guy doing his voice in street fighter 6.


Toady has officially shipped a game now.

harvest or reap


Are you talking about the Domina guy? Yeah shame about him turning out to be a retard.



he was deffending a sexual predator and crying over far right schizo points

yeah, that's why i stick with the classic one


Looks nice



have you seen a team of classic mediocre game ?
its 30 (more like 40) ppl and 3-4 years of work (more like 5)
and thats basically will only make you few cups of tea in profits

if that was 3 preson they would likely develop it more than 100 years (you can do a simple calculation, although incorrect)

so yeah its a team work for anything that isn't tetris basically


OK but tools have advanced. Blender allows average devs to make graphics equivalent to ~2000-2005 AAA games, stable diffusion AI allows instant texturing, game engines that port across desktop, mobile, and console engines, written in garbage collected languages, a bunch of free online assets and even more paid from asset stores, plus a bunch of video and written tutorials online. All this compared to the 80s/90s where making a video game meant you had to roll your own game engine and be a C++ master or read a 1200 page thick book written by japanese hardware engineers.

Being an indie game dev has literally never been easier.


File: 1672905098637.png (715.51 KB, 454x1199, 1629044840359.png)

so what ?

also reqs. are also bumped so its draw (acually not, since modern content is much more hard to create than say NES)

with few devs you get Flare quality game (and its pretty much 3d tetris)

so that was constant, single or small team projects simply will never be popular apart from niche few projects

even those 30-40 ppl team firms/studios all went bankrupt because making yoba in unreal is more simple (just tweak whatever garbage you need and add homo/pedo/crappy content for boomers then it probably sells)


surprised this thread doesn't mention pico-8 or puzzlescript
lots of fun, and good places to "break in" to designing a game for the first time



"Puzzle" is a bit too broad here. It's really a script for defining sokoban levels, although you can add your own art and storylines and play around a bit to create something akin to an old-school JRPG.


>Being an indie game dev has literally never been easier.

there's also never been more competition


But video games are so wide open that it's not too hard to find a proper niche instead of chasing whatever the current popular trends are.


I won't disagree that people should attack a niche rather than trying to emulate the AAA, but sadly a lot of indie devs do not have any imagination themselves.


sucks to suck



Any suggestions for someone with little to no artistic capabilities?


video games are basically multimedia art so you're kind of fucked


roguelike or text adventure


spreadsheet simulators


Oh yeah, anon could try out Inform (https://ganelson.github.io/inform-website/) or Twine (https://twinery.org/)


Inform and Twine are similar in that they let you create an interactive text storyline with puzzles and forking plots depending on decisions
They differ in that Inform prints out what the player is supposed to be experiencing, and lets them type out whatever their character's response is and try to interpret that
Twine is more basic, it just prints text with hyperlinks that the player clicks on to carry out an action


File: 1673979630461.png (386.38 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

this post immediately and violently thrust into my minds eye the image of jonathan blow. the worst part is, i know i got the right dev.


File: 1677342930778-0.png (117.59 KB, 1516x572, code_map_germany.png)

File: 1677342930778-1.png (760.02 KB, 1153x768, dialog_classes.png)

File: 1677342930778-2.png (1.02 MB, 1852x962, dialog_army_fullui.png)

Still at my trade game bullshit, since i posted the start a year go

in the likes of this gem i found in my dusted torrent folder https://www.myabandonware.com/game/machiavelli-the-prince-2aj


and should i get too lazy and comfy, heres the code


Apparently a new version of Godot just dropped.


Pretty based that they added Vulkan support.


It's making me finally want to learn to gamedev, but I feel like all my ideas are too large in scale. It's hard to want to make a small project when all your favorites are these huge games that took a group of developers years to make.


Maybe you should try work for a studio first?


>also reqs. are also bumped so its draw (acually not, since modern content is much more hard to create than say NES)
As someone who does low level coding on old hardware for sport: this actually isn't true. As the other anon pointed out, the development technology has matured to a point where you are helped tremendously along the way by the programming environment itself. (Not to mention the external resources being much more wide spread, more accessible, and much, MUCH more informative!)

What you, and others also, seem to conflate is making games and becoming rich off the hobby. That is not possible for everyone, but that goes for virtually every creative hobby (except maybe machining).


>everyone can rich off machining

real shit???


Don't be an amateur


More to the point, let someone else pay for you to learn the trade (if you can)


Do you really think they're going to hire some random dude on the basis of him solely being an idea guy? At the very least he'd probably need a Computer Science or maybe some sort of Design degree, though that might be a stretch. But more than likely he'd need a portfolio to get hired in which case he's going to need to learn gamedev himself anyway.
Besides, even if they do hire him, they're not going to let the new guy create his dream game right off the bat.
My point here is, to everyone: just like make game.


Well IDK how the business really works but does everyone involved in gamedev really have a full CS degree? Isn't there some entry level way to get in and learn on the job like QA?


Well I'm not too versed on how the gamedev industry works either, I'm just sharing what I've gleamed from people who are, or at least claim to be.
You may be able to get in through a QA position I suppose, that I'm not sure about. But it'll probably take a while if you can.


File: 1679290732782.png (107.93 KB, 615x680, b2f.png)

>Idle/clicker game based on the "Billions Must Die" meme
Would this be even worse than the Kyle Rittenhouse game?


>My point here is, to everyone: just like make game.

Game developers tend to have bullshit degrees. Old hats used to have CS degrees (in the 80s, by the 90s it was already a rarity), and it's only relevant for engineering positions like engine or hardware developer; RnD.

QA is worthless for applying. Might get you a foot in the door at the specific place, but that's it.


If I ever manage to move to a country where ADHD is recognized, and stimulants aren't illegal, so I can actually finish a game, I will make one with no white characters.
It won't be pointed out in game, or acknowledged at all. In all aspects it will be just like any other game.
Except there won't be whitoids in it.


i'm sure people have already done that


Wouldn't that actually subvert the genre because you would eventually run out of people to kill? At a certain point you can't help but halt the expansion the genre is built on. It could actually work as a deconstruction of the genre and the ideology tbh.


universal paperclips already subverts/concludes it enough imo


Come to any country in fennoscandinavia, we can diagnose ADHD on a dead person


Good, the more whitoid free games out there, the better.
Didn't you guys recently vote for a bunch of reactionaries and do a 180 on the whole welcoming brown people thing.


Yeah I wasn't sure if the game should end once you hit 8 billion or if you should be able to advance onto other planets and universes.
I think though the game should start to freak out the more people you kill, kind of the way Cookie Clicker does but worse.
Ultimately it's a shitpost but I feel it may be challenging to make it correctly, more from a design aspect rather than a technical one.


Idk, we still get brown people


What is the easiest engine I could use to make the simplest game?


File: 1680233213991.png (480.49 KB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

try to recreate some old arcade style games in a barebones engine like pygame


easiest would be godot, you still need some basic understanding of programming but it's easy to setup and get working, and the development process is relatively fast for smaller projects


That was Sweden. There was no 180, the migration policy was always strict just not as strict other yuroop countries. Clopped up reactionary claptrap, that was, and you are a retard for regurgitating it uncritically.


i've been working on pseudo-code for a cyberpunk rpg (pic related). the vision is a frozen synapse style real time tactical rpg structured by a microprose style procedurally generated open world simulation/rpg. so far i've only been able to map out the general skeleton of the combat system. most of the open world remains purely conceptual at the moment. the issue i'm having right now is anxiety about feature creep. i'm worried that my aims are overly ambitious and that by the time i get ready to turn this thing over to someone to code it and/or learn to code it myself it's going to be a horrible unimplementable mess.


>frozen synapse style real time tactical rpg
real time isn't the right word. the game will be turn based, but each character's turn is planned and executed simultaneously according to a priority queue rather than each character preforming their actions strictly serially.


How do you break into gamedev? All of the job openings I've come across require either a compsci degree or experience.


How do you even want to get into something but you're not even curious how it works




If you want to get directly into the field without prior experience or education then they usually don't require too much of the testers, and those jobs can sometimes lead to actual developer jobs. But you should definitely at least be doing small scale gamedev experiments as a hobby if you want to get a job doing it.


so i've stopped making games in recent years and have only tried using godot a few times, would joining a game jam be a good idea right now if i don't have a grasp on basic features of godot?


I wouldn't do a game jam without knowing what tools you were planning to use and being able to use them. Maybe look up some public event to use as inspiration or a springboard to get you motivated to learn by doing. If you don't have a grasp on basic features your goal should be to learn those rather than trying to produce something. In that context a game jam could be useful to you by providing a prompt and structure (time limit mainly) to try to push yourself to learning/using features. But that's more appropriate if you are already kind of familiar with your tools.

There's a bunch of tutorials or Godot out there though, which are probably better if you're just unfamiliar with it.


We need a realistic gardening simulator


Would need to account for some pretty complicated stuff like fluid dynamics through porous materials for soil drainage.



Any good resources on the software development process? Like software versioning and alpha and beta testing? I'm a complete noob when it comes to this.


they mean whatever you want them to mean
earlier version release = lower version number
later version release = higher version number
alpha means features are being tested and added, beta means those features are being tested for bugs


Yeah usually the project or team figures out its own system for it, and how much you increase the version number just depends on what was added in the current update.

In addition to this >>28783 you also do smaller increases in version depending on how much you change.
If you were on version 1.8.12 and you just release some bug fixes, then it could become 1.8.13.
If you added some new features it might become 1.9.0 or if you overhauled major systems maybe it becomes 2.0.0


Have you seen this: https://infinigen.org/ is an open-source thing that generates photo-realistic landscapes (arctic, forests, beach, underwater and more) from scratch, meaning no pre-baked models nor pre-baked textures that repeat within a scene or across scenes. It also makes crummy animals apparently. (Is this part objectively worse programming or are humans just better at spotting the oddities with animals?)


Animals have a lot more different poses than plants do so that's probably why the thing finds it harder


love2d is a good alternative if you like lua


Animals also have a pretty specific body plan in most cases whereas plants very often do not. If you grow 10 of the same species of tree they will have different numbers of limbs and limbs in different places. If you have 10 bears they are all going to have very similar shapes and proportions.


Unity really wants to be the Adobe of game engines.


Year of the Godot game engine confirmed?


File: 1694593596942.jpg (62.47 KB, 512x497, 8cZ4TqgWjO0.jpg)

Man I fucking wish. Unity is such a piece of garbage, the faster people shift from it to non-proprietary engines with libre licensing, the better it will be for everyone.


thx, porx :)


I’m at a stage with my skills in linear algebra and calculus where I can use parametrics to define basic motion and physics in game development. What’s a good engine to use where I can put all those skills to use?


Any. Physics is simple. Programming the trig for 3d is complex.


Tan^-1(delta x/delta y) says otherwise mate. I need an engine that doesn’t run like complete shit(unreal)


Trans or Tans?


Tangent inverse, trig isn’t hard.



Any good resources on how to write a game design document?


Reject Unity and embrace Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game development


How do I learn to use vectors with video games? I’ve been studying math, from basic algebra, to integration, to completing Fourier alongside Taylor series, some stuff with parametric equations and now I’m doing vector math since I found those were some of the prerequisites for this very important aspect of game development. How do I use this field of linear algebra/parametrics for game development?


I envy you. Always thought that svg would have a good place in weg games like - risk, nuclear detention or other modern world map stuff.

so maybe try svg with a canvas & js if its something in the web (which you can natively build to electron) https://dev.to/mrlopis/creating-a-13kb-js-game-using-svg-5fjk

you could do stuff like https://store.steampowered.com/app/1178220/ICBM/

For 3D, you can use Babylon.js

Sadly, I dont know as much about other languages/native stuff like with c++ or C#

Imho, the best thing to have when writing a game is an idea you are motivated behind for months


Sounds great.


i dont expect anyon here to be able to develop this but it's criminal how bad the whole sports genre of vidya is right now. Every individual sport has been monopolized by one company and they put out horrible, micro transaction infected games. The justification I see for this state of affairs is that no one can afford to pay for licenses or something but I say just make the game about the sport itself without featuring any leagues or irl players or whatever. Im dying for an online basketball game that isn't made by 2k


Some one help me out please, I have a 2d map that I am drawing pixel by pixel making all the calculations myself with the use of simple pixel draw functions. Now I want to rotate that map. How?


Suppose you put in teams from a looong time ago, wouldn't that be in the public domain? Anyway, I agree you don't need real teams and an editor mode can be used to circumvent that.

Do you worry about pixel art becoming blurry and mushy? You can do a rotation with two shearing operations. This way, all the pixels of the original are conserved.


File: 1698590671319-0.png (375.78 KB, 1521x1020, Untitled.png)

File: 1698590671320-1.png (111.1 KB, 1650x873, Untitled2.png)

The game kept crashing, turns out it was becauseI kept writing outside the bounds of my bitmap array, adding the the if statement made the thing worked pretty closely to what I want. but there's a second problem here now, the sprite seems to inverted when the pixels x coordinate is smaller than the negative pivot coordinate


nvm, I got it working


File: 1700405714103.mp4 (44.79 MB, 1920x1080, unknown_2023.11.19-15.44.mp4)

I've made some progress to it. I'm using allegro5, which is a simple library for 2d game programming, and managed to get these orthographic 3d projections by messing arround with bitmaps. Planning on making an xcom like game were you go through a linear campaign, story wise I'm thinking about playing as a resitance movement trying to take over a city, and satisfy >>31102 this thread. hopefully I will manage to finish the game. If anyone wants to provide some assets, some 16x16 texture sprites. would be cool


File: 1701809262396.jpg (94.12 KB, 853x480, 1671310440609.jpg)

was doing some coding in unity for the first time earlier. its a crazy feeling when you first generate a cube that turns green when you press something, i was sitting there looking around thinking "you people seein this shit??"
making a platformer in unity is so easy that every child should know how to do this by grade 4, so that by middle school they are able to code a deconstructive and contemplative roguelike


> If anyone wants to provide some assets, some 16x16 texture sprites
There's a lot of free sprite libraries out there. If you aren't trying to sell the game you could just steal tile sheets from released games as well.


>especially since I'm interested to hear peoples' ideas on lefty-orientated videogames that would be cool for me to make
If you're still working on a game then keep working, no need to stretch yourself thin between multiple projects.


What would be the minimum requirements for the textures you require, in terms of colours and stuff that needs to be represented?


non, just the size of 16 by 16, allegro uses full RGBA scale. Artistically, I don't have any concepts prepared yet, so feel free to create what ever you yourself would like to see.



I can't program, so here is a free game idea: V A U S H simulator. Multiplayer only. Players take turns. You get a randomly selected picture (moldy bread, praying mantis, guy at dentist, etc.) and you have to say that this turns you on and give a passionate rant about how this is normal and healthy. Other players rate the speech, best speech wins.



That would work better as a card based party game. You have topics on the cards and each player has a few in their hand. On their turn, they play a card to another player, who has to give the speech. Something like that.


>download and test out some demo projects for Godot Engine (mostly official ones)
>half of them literally don't work at all, like failing to render anything at times
>most that work have critical performance issues (like 2 fps if you walk into a wall)
>some that don't have major performance problems are just don't do what they say they do, like supposed advanced character movement with blending animation that doesn't even use tweening to bridge animation states like standing to jumping and only rotates the walk/run cycle to match the direction, no blending at all
My expectations weren't very high but damn.
What is even the point of having these?
I know the engine can do better than this. This is just going to make people think the project is a scam.


Recently played the board game 7 Wonders and I feel like it could make a great video game (though I guess it might just end up being a slimmed-down version of Civilization)


That looks dope. Any update? The tiles you chose make me think gold box more than xcom.

This is the project that thought shader compilation stutter wasn't a big deal for like 4 years while every serious game engine was already precompiling them. At the same time they were pushing VR which is nauseating to have random stutters in. It's finally relatively performant for 3D, but I think the reputational damage is done. It should have had big "3D IS WIP USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" warnings before 4.1


FOSS being its own worse enemy episode #2360572


There's a revival of the Blender game engine.
1. FOSS is not a development model.
2. FOSS never was a development model.
3. FOSS isn't required to be free-of-charge (neither is its source code) and the FOSS devs aren't obligated to do any work for free either, absolutely none.
4. You can literally make FOSS in private or make proprietary software FOSS (Doom and Quake's engines).

Don't confuse the issues of the Git-based collaborative development model with libre software's development and licensing requirements, thank you very much.


The problem is with the community and culture where people tend to be petty lolberts who would rather split off into their pet project rather than actually solve problems and respond to criticism of bad software with "git gud" blaming the user for having a different use case than them.


"Submit a Patch"ism is based. Too many people go on IRC and complain about an issue. Telling them to fix themselves it combats the bizarre user entitlement in Free Software where some lusers seem to think they deserve technical support. No, all you get are the 4 Essential Freedoms.

>There's a revival of the Blender game engine.
For what purpose?


Game idea I had in the shower.
>take the "time moves when you move" mechanic from Superhot
>give it to a monster in a horror game
>instead of responding to you moving, it responds to a heart rate monitor the player wears


>people tend to be petty lolberts who would rather split off into their pet project rather than actually solve problems and respond to criticism of bad software with "git gud"
I understand this. Even Stallman doesn't like criticizing the quality of libre software, saying that it's always better than proprietary software. While I agree with him on most issues and get where he's coming from (the need to discourage the use of proprietary software and encourage more contributions) some libre software is still… bad. It just is. If we want to fight against proprietary software we should admit that the quality of some libre software is less than satisfactory. And there needs to be more forking and fixing done. Obviously.

And that's why I'm not trying to fight the BSD fans or the Alpine fans, even though they may absolutely despise me for being a "Stallmanite." It's a shame, I have no ill will to them or their projects. Yes, I may call the OS "GNU/Linux" and I may prefer copyleft but that does not mean I hate them or their systems or want to force them to do the same. I think what the Alpine and FreeBSD devs are doing is great, and maybe theirs are indeed more polished systems, I'm not much of a technical person despite reading a lot of docs so I can't really adequately compare GNU/Linux and other Unix-likes, this is my greatest weakness.


>there needs to be more forking and fixing done
Not a viable solution. "User friendly" GIMP forks have come and gone, yet Krita blew them all away in usability with greenfield development and a central vision. Sometimes reinventing the wheel is better than polishing a turd.


>Sometimes reinventing the wheel is better than polishing a turd
Tell that to Sonic and Skyrim modders.

Sometimes polishing a turd can lead to making a diamond. You can't just throw whatever potential the software had into the trash just because the OG developers didn't do a good enough job, that's such a wasteful behavior that is symptomatic of the ecologically unsustainable consumerism we have these days. The thing FLOSS does right IMHO is that even if the software is a mess, the devs still try to make it the best they can, I appreciate the commitment.

I'm not saying that starting anew is always bad, and I'm glad that Krita is doing great. But I'm of the opinion that you should at least try fixing things, plus libre software benefits more overall if we don't constantly splinter like Trotskyists and try to contribute back to upstream at least, and forking is less of a splinter compared to starting anew, at least the upstream has some recognition. But if you're sure that this effort is hopeless and fixing the upstream will be more effort than making your own software from scratch then be my guest. It surely didn't stop Sonic fans fixing '06 though so it all depends on your level of passion and dedication IMHO.


Unrecord, Bodycam and this project vid related.
My questions are:
How hard is it to implement photorealism and how terrible is the performance compared to normal graphics?
What are the different methods to achieve the photorealist style?
When and how will it hit mainstream?


>How hard is it to implement photorealism and how terrible is the performance compared to normal graphics?
It's very easy. The performance is good as long as you're not doing dynamic lighting and reflections.
>What are the different methods to achieve the photorealist style?
Like I alluded to, you can prebake all the lighting as long as it's static, meaning the lights don't move or turn on or off.
>When and how will it hit mainstream?
It already did a long time ago. You can pick up unreal and start making photorealistic levels right now.


Prebaked would break immersion, stuff like Bodycam has dynamic and it really adds to it
Unreal Engine is crazy atm, always releasing something new


File: 1718069942086.png (1.03 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Prebaked would break immersion, stuff like Bodycam has dynamic and it really adds to it
I'm sure it's 99% baked. That's how games do. You can still have a mix of dynamic and baked lighting because the dynamic light is just additive. Like for example this daytime level: All of that sunlight is going to be baked unless you need to have the sun actually progressively change time of day. Even then I think they have some kind of technique to transition between baked lightmaps.


this is for their weird social media feature
this is the correct link https://gamejolt.com/help-docs/Shop/sell-games


The next jump in photorealism I think will be implementing these AI filters.

Anyways if you want to learn more about photorealism techniques and Unreal(both Bodycam and Unrecord are Unreal) there are a million tutorials out there. Unreal also gives you access to the Quixel library which has tones of photoscanned assets which is half of the work getting photorealism.

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