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There's no proper word to describe just how cultish and odious Nintendo fanboys are. There's a weird game of telephone going on because I've seen people accusing Palworld of being made with AIs or stealing from artists when it's not and at worst they are obvious parodies of pokeymans.
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Oh. Well, that's even worse, because the closest things are Don't Starve and ICED (which was neat).


>What's this "controversy" really about? People mad that a parody is flexing on the original?
People are upset because some of the models of the knock off pokemon may have been traced or heavily referenced from actual pokemon models when you look at them side by side, and then from there it became this thing about defending artists and artistic integrity.


The closest comparison to Palworld is Arc survival, the most poorly optimized game ever developed. It's 300+ gbs of dead hopes and dreams that takes about 5 minutes to load on an NVMe, so really this game is just taking up the mantel of the niche of survival monster collector that was promised to be filled but wasn't.


>Pokémon invented copying real nature
I guess artists already starting to feel the squeeze of AI, they're jumping at anything. Good. Gooood.


>It's 300+ gbs of dead hopes and dreams that takes about 5 minutes to load on an NVMe

Well, Ark probably has multiple maps, and it's graphics look beter than Palworld. Judging by youtube, obviously. Animations in Ark look stupid like it's warcraft3, lmao


You are a retard.


its embarrassing to see alleged communists here be so emotional over some dumb IP tbh


They also plagiarized the panda from real life!!!!!!


seems like breadtuber man shared some of the sentiments of some people in this thread, in case you feel like wasting 30 mins on watching breadtube


If something is informative, it's never a waste of time. So it really depends.


well it can still be a waste of time if the information is useless


The worth of information is a relative concept that depends on your self-interests and circumstances. Of course if something is worthless to you specifically then you probably shouldn't watch it. Say, the knowledge of gardening does not interest me because I'm not a gardener and not interested in gardening.


Nintendo fans are the Disney fans of gaming. I say this as a lifelong Nintendie.


at this point I think most people understand you can like something but hate the fanbase


File: 1707460989280.gif (3.78 MB, 640x538, nintendo-lawsuit.gif)

I hate Nintendo because they do not really want people to enjoy their games, just buy their shit. Many fan projects like Project M end up being killed by their legal team, and those that are not dead end up seriously constricting themselves so as to not attract their attention. I guess this is a big part of why so many of their fans end up becoming passive consoomers, they are being fed with the carrot of brand loyalty and beaten with the stick of IP law to become so on top of other companies' state-enabled IP tyranny in most Western countries.


>I hate Nintendo because they do not really want people to enjoy their games
The irony of it all is that Nintendo, at least according to the now-deceased Satoru Iwata, wants Nintendo games to be taken seriously, and yet they crush any labor of love their audience makes. Do they actually want to be well-respected as a game developer or do they want to keep Nintendo games isolated from the hardcore gaming croud? Or do they get enough profits from the brand loyalists? How much money do the brand loyalists bring them compared to casuals? I mean if they want to remain a brand for casuals and fanboys then that would 100% explain their practices, they don't give a shit about sane people or dedicated gamers. Complaining about it is useless then, we need to let go, they won't change because we're simply not their target audience and they don't care.


>>33571 (me)
My policy is: play what you want on a console that you like from a company that you like. It is not "voting with your wallet," I just don't see any point of caring about what the companies you don't like do, it's all the Spectacle. It's like with SJWs: you're pissed off and upset at first but then you realize none of this shit actually matters. Nintendo is just one of many companies who act like this, and throwing your fists in the air in frustration will do absolutely nothing.


Fandom hatred is a spook, one is not cringe just because they're a fan of something, it's all in your head.


You can also hate the company while appreciating what their employees make. The suits don't make the games.


The Nintendo game developers are very talented, that much is undeniable. Mario Odyssey, Mario Maker and Mario Wonder are wonderful games. It is a shame they're such greedy pigs.


If anything you could be mad at Nintendo for hoarding the good developers. They have an absurd 99% employee retention rate.


>They have an absurd 99% employee retention rate
isn't that just because of japanese work culture?


source (auto-translated)
>"The average new employee retention rate is about 70%, so 3% of new graduate employees will quit within 3 years。So I think 98.8% of Nintendo is a staggering number。
98.8 vs 70 is 41% higher retention, or 96% lower loss.


this is mostly an opinion of some dude rather than anything particularly informative, but time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time i guess


>time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time i guess
Exactly, comrade. Well-said. Time wasting is relative.


>It is a shame they're such greedy pigs.
Like any other capitalists. Nintendo isn't unique, they just use the IP laws for securing their profits instead of Den*vo or microtransactions or games-as-a-service. I think Nintendo gets more flack than other companies simply because people have an attachment to their games so it feels like what they do is more cruel than any other rotting AAA publisher.


Sega has SAGE Expo yearly. Countless Sonic fangames have existed since ever and Sega has hired fan developers more than once. Sonic-inspired games such as Freedom Planet are also allowed to sell for profit without any blowback from Sega.


They also add Denuvo to their games and were caught red-handed on wanting to implement NFTs. So they still count.


I mean TBF Freedom Planet isn't IP infringement and no court would rule it so just because it's 'Sonic inspired'.

vid unrelated


I mean you can also just pirate switch games. Switch emulators are easy to run since the switch is a hilariously weak console.


IDK, I tried to emulate Sonic Frontiers once to get around DRM and it ran at like 1 FPS


How old is your pc?


>I tried to emulate Sonic Frontiers once to get around DRM
>to get around DRM
That illustrates my point on how SEGA uses the same anti-consumer practices as anyone else. SEGA and Nintendo are two sides of the same coin in a sense that they both do shitty things but their fanbases close their eyes on them.


>>33601 (me)
btw, you could've just pirated the PC version.


idk about 5-6 years at that time

It has denuvo and wasn't cracked.


it still isn't cracked now and it's been like 1.5 years


Yeah my pc's about that old and i can't run anything newer than sword/shield. I need to upgrade but I'm low income and honestly just don't care enough about any new switch releases to bother.

Somewhat related but i was on Facebook (i know i know) and saw a post on this topic and one of the top comments was no joke basically saying Nintendo can release whatever and the people will buy it so stop complaining because that will never change. Imagine admitting that to yourself, out loud, and still thinking you have standards let alone principles. I'm not anti-consoomer but my god has burger consumer culture broken these people's brains. As if they'll keel over dead if they don't get the flashy new product everyone's talking about.


A reason to despise SEGA with all the fibers of one's being. You can say goodbye to playing on a handheld.


The Switch version runs worse than any other port.


this game is dying as expected
from over 1 million to now 200,000. and its still dropping.


numbers refer to playercount.


The devs dragging their fucking heels with updates is likely the reason. I haven't even finished the game. Once you get to the third tower the game becomes a boring grind progression wise and the recent orb glitch made me rage quit before it was patched. No surprise most folks have moved on already.


as expected, the dev abandoned his previous game. I dont expect anything different here.


They might as well just retire, imagine how much money they must have made off this game.


true but retiring will cause massive backlash. They will just fade into the background, collect more money, promise more updates, and keep milking it till the end.


well, what did you expect? There's not that much variable content. I'm enjoying it right now, but once done with the last tower and whatever's after, I will drop it for a while until the next big update happens


>be fotm
>be early access survival crafting slop
>game is only relevant because people think it's pokemon with guns
>game starts dying when people realize it has no real staying power
i can't believe people fell for this shit


well staying power is irrelevant to how good a game is unless youre one of those braindead online morons who want every single little thing to have a "fandom" lmao

also almost no game or media in general has staying power this past decade. new popular things come and go thanks to the breakneck speed of information under social media


Believe me i want nothing more for this game to succeed. I'm hoping this motivates them to put their all into this rather than just cutting the check and running. You can't deny their track record is less than stellar though so I'm tempering my expectations.


They finished their games, those just weren't successful

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