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Without Colonel Soll, there would be no New Sordland!
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You can, but you have to use every opportunity to swing votes.


>Control the central bank
So dumb that they don't allow you to do this on a pacifist reformist run. Central bank independence is a neolib meme that DIDN'T EVEN EXIST UNTIL FRIEDMAN THOUGHT IT UP holy shit just nuke U of Chicago nothing good ever came from that place.



Definitely agree that the intensity rating of the decrees available is not proportionate. Like desollinization and media control should be much harder to do compared to taking back central bank control for example.


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>be gommunist
>respect the gonstitution
I tried doing this and the old guard deepstate fags cockblocked it by having Soll himself show up to vote down my moderate reform bill.
This is what got me too. After the constitutional cockblock I burned any remaining bridges with the conservatives and went all the way with Bludish rights, women's rights, allying with the communist countries, telling Rumburg to suck it. But the economy tanked and Serge died saving me from getting Sadat'd during the parade Then I had an impeachment coming for funding the Red Youth, and the military was still planning to coup me even though I took Iosif's side every time.

There should have been an option to get the Red Youth/communist party to make you their leader and essentially cuck the USP with Malenyev's help to protect yourself from internal threats. Especially if Contana is supposed to be controlling them behind the scenes. Seems very weird.
The biggest downside of a commie/eastern alliance run is that you have ZERO internal power base, your only allies are foreign governments and most of your ministers think you're an idiot or a traitor. Even being maximum nice to the Bludish and letting the political prisoners out they just teamed up and made the independent guy their candidate. They felt very unfinished.


The Old Guard are actually among your best allies doing a communist run. Looking back I think it's a bit of subtle meta-commentary on how nationalist goals can align with a hard left push given the right circumstances.
If you join with them in the Emergency Decree route they demand you nationalize more of the economy.
If you work against them in a reformist path Nia can root out the corrupt Old Guard and the rest will default to supporting you because they're the only people besides the communists who don't want to privatize education and healthcare lol.
And of course they're also the only faction that understands the danger of Rumberg and who are suspicious of not-America (forgot what the nation was called that was the equivalent of America) and who managed to figure out that some of the leading opposition figures were literally being financed by the NED.


Oh I forgot to add: giving Lileana (forgot her name but the pro-cop law and order person Nia has to work with in the interior ministry) extra funding to allow the Old Guard to form a Secret Police is also one of the only ways to stop inevitable Capital Flight during a communist run. Nia's anti corruption squad can root out tax evasion, but it is only the Old Guard that has the capability, connections, force, and will to completely neutralize the Oligarchs as well as to stop any assassination attempts they plan against you.

The other option would be to cut a deal with the media oligarch to form a temporary alliance, and to refrain from nationalizing the media but at the same time nationalizing all his rivals. In exchange he will keep media tame for you and capital flight won't occur because a sense of normalcy is being cultivated. Capital Flight will still occur if you renege on the deal mid-way and nationalize his assets.



Not always:

you can cut a deal with marcel and then renege on the deal with full nationalization, and then goad Aven, Tusk and Marcel into insulting you and then arresting them. Marcel tattles on the deal but Karl's a loyalist, so if you've been doing good with Lucian, it won't leak.


File: 1648198886585.png (540.89 KB, 483x1062, anton.png)

This game is awesome even if I haven't managed to finish it without getting couped or impeached


I personally loved doing a pragmatic sleezebag communist run where I sided with Coronti in a mutual relationship where he will save my ass in the media front and I'll destroy all his rivals by nationalizing everything but the media. Ended up becoming a sort of reformist Nasser type figure who got as close to the not-USSR as possible, kicked Rumburgs ass together with now-loyal general staff that was bribed with a budget bump and the help of Chairman Hegel.


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File: 1650065756215-1.jpg (1.19 MB, 3840x2160, 20220415215516_1.jpg)

Fellas, I think I may have fucked this up (I was trying to be sorta centrist and preserve the free market while taking bribes but doing welfare, it obviously didn't work)


Playing as a Dengist works really freaking well.


File: 1650164117439-0.jpg (812.5 KB, 3840x2160, 20220417032914_1.jpg)

File: 1650164117439-1.jpg (1.27 MB, 3840x2160, 20220417032045_1.jpg)

File: 1650164117439-2.jpg (1.34 MB, 3840x2160, 20220417031308_1.jpg)

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File: 1650164117439-4.jpg (1.18 MB, 3840x2160, 20220417034634_1.jpg)

Me again - much like Crisis in the Kremlin, it's much easier to pursue economical liberalism and political liberalisation at the same time. Alas.

I'm not sure what you would consider Dengism, going for the emergency powers act while doing free market?

Without de-Sollinisation, there can be no future for Sordland!


Being a reformist but close to UC. I went free market but focused east, and told my son about my red youth past/how communism is good/sent him to UC for education. Also appeased Koronti so that made it easier to worm out of any political issue in the media. (If you take his deal while doing a planned economy, this also helps prevent capital flight, just make sure you don't take any of his bribes - no car, cigar, nothing.)


I love this game. The sweet screams of porkys dragged away as i seize their "hard earned" assets…
Anyway, is here a way to win war with Rumburg without increased military spending? I'm allied with Valgsland, agreed to Iosef's plan to sell old military equipment to buy new one, and still have conscription. Am i completely fucked and here is no way out of this worst possible ending? Or is here some kind of strategy that works in my situation? I tried different tactics, but i still get blown out with their chemical weapons every time.


If you are in the communist bloc then they should be deterred regardless right? I joined ATO and they didn't do shit.


Is it possible in emergency route? I'm pretty sure Old Guard will have my head.


> You either have to go Leninist or get Allende'd.
Honestly, accurate.
I’m sympathetic towards democracy but capitalist encirclement often fucks that up.


I dunno, I've not played the old guard route


tfw playing as radical Malenyevist and still getting daddy Soll's support when declaring war on the Rum pigs solo and winning.


Yeah, he's not that bad. At least, unlike all real life fascists, he actually kept oligarchs down instead of putting them in charge of economy. It makes sense that he would agree to disagree on social issues, as long as you keep Sordland strong and independent.


Don't conscript, just upgrade your guns, take a trade deal with Wehlen without joining Beartrap, then back up Wiktor's claims at the United Nations so Rumburg gets sanctioned into oblivion. Also ally with United Contana.


File: 1650635347004.png (113.43 KB, 600x347, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1650817123736-0.jpg (1.41 MB, 3840x2160, 20220424133552_1.jpg)

File: 1650817123736-1.jpg (1.3 MB, 3840x2160, 20220424140142_1.jpg)

File: 1650817123736-2.jpg (1.38 MB, 3840x2160, 20220424152356_1.jpg)

File: 1650817123736-3.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 20220424162403_1.jpg)

File: 1650817123736-4.jpg (1.16 MB, 3840x2160, 20220424164808_1.jpg)

My latest game (think I'll stop now for a bit but wanted to try an emergency powers run)

Ahh, sounds good, I never even considered free market/CSP or planned/ATO, I figured they wouldn't let you join. Personally I don't think taking bribes really does that much, Paskal resigns from the cabinet before the election but it's not that big a deal, on the other hand having personal wealth doesn't mean that much either so you can always just not take them (if you start as wealthy and invest in Armatech you get a shitload of money anyway).

Can now confirm that you can join CSP in old guard route, even with extending the emergency to the election, all you need to do is agree to tighten immigration and fully nationalise Bergia Steel and HOS and they will continue to support you (obviously might be a bit different depending on smaller choices you make).

Nice, Soll was more positive towards me in the cinema restroom on this route than I've ever seen him before, he just loves emergency powers I guess (go figure).


coming back to the game after a long time and Im really struggling with the economy tbh
Does it matter which company I use to build the first mega project when encouraging a planned economy? having to spend an extra budget point to have it complete on time is lame. Also, is making a deal with Agnolia worth it? If I recognize their claim to the island, does that prevent me from allying with UC down the road?
Ive gone from increasing the budget across the board to only increasing law enforcement and healthcare, hopefully my economy doesn't implode this time


I dunno if it cuts off UC, but for sure it cuts off Heligoland (or whatever) trade deal which isn't worth it IMO, I think it's best to just agree to the steel price that Agnolia wants, you still get some of the trade benefits from the deal.


I ended up agreeing to their terms but now Im -3 in budget just before I need to spend another 2 to do nationalizations. I guess I shouldn't have invested in Bergia and Morna port? idfk


Possibly not. I find nationalisation runs to be much harder than privatisation ones.


I was straight up ready to merc that guy until he assasinate me. I'm going to get that charm from the car driver to protect me from assasins and find a way to kill his ass if possible.



If you do not pick the SSC for megaprojects, you get a slightly smaller economic recovery I think due to the "confused economic policy"


can you get 225 votes from the Assembly while doing a dictatorial constitution? I was able to get 170ish without campaign financing so I wonder if I can get the rest with it. Its the only way I can get the votes I need from the Supreme court since I need SSP for oligarchs and will nationalize HOS


No for the dictatorship constitution you need both wings of your party (USP) as well as the nationalists (NF) which will demand that you pass an anti-Blud bill so you lose the independents and you automatically lose everyone else in the assembly since the rest of the parties want to decentralize power.


Thanks for the detailed answer but lame. I guess I'll have to compromise on the SSP and have the oligarchs extradited instead


You can't use the Secret Police against the Old Guard because the Old Guard ARE the Secret Police (run by Lileas lol). The only options to target via SSP are the Oligarchs, the political opposition, or the punching bag minority blamed for everything (Bluds).


Second term dlc when


it should be noted that you can fake out the nationalists by doing the languages in school order and then giving them nothing else you promised, this requires dialog choices after the constitution is passed that are kind of tricky and almost require hindsight. your aides basically go "are we really doing an alliance with them?" and you have to be like "actually lets not". The supreme court was way harder to convince for me


Watching everyone have a hard time convince the Supreme Court makes me feel like the playerbase is genuinely retarded.

I didn't even need a guide and got the conversation with Edmonds correctly the very 1st time. All you have to do is be patient and choose all the obvious answers that try to argue that you're actually do this "for democracy" lol since it's obvious that she's afraid of a power grab. You can even sic Nia on the Old Guard with her anti corruption squad during a dictatorship constitution playthrough for extra luls because she's not going to turn down the power and opportunity just to spite you, and she works with you until she's done getting them all arrested.

The game is too easy in dialogue related moments. The difficulty comes from the dev's hardcore neoliberal bias raging against you running budget deficits and offering up free budget money every time you privatize with no negative consequences. When in reality it should be the other way around (nationalization gives you extra budget funds and lower overall efficiency, and privatization does the opposite).


>dev's hardcore neoliberal bias
>nationalization gives you extra budget funds and lower overall efficiency, and privatization does the opposite


He meant it should be like that, in game, nationalisation costs you money and causes problems, whereas privatisation gives you money and solves problems (if you do it in the right way). In some ways I think this is kinda realistic, because for a president with 2.5 years or so left of his term, privatisation would be politically useful and give short term cash, though yes it should make inequality a lot worse than it does. Overall liberal democrat is the easiest and 'best' way to play the game mechanically from my experience. This is a problem shared by many government sims though most of them at least make social democracy the optimal route (ie. Democracy series, most all citybuilders, etc etc)


>He meant it should be like that, in game,
OK, give me a reason why nationalized industry will become less efficient. Reason that isn't a load of neoliberal bullshit, because i can't think of any.

Also, we're playing as a reformist, not a hardline revolutionary. It makes sense you have to pay compensations. Hell, even revolutionaries had to more often than not. And i'm pretty sure it gives you more budget later on.


It doesn't give you more money later on as far as I remember, I'm pretty sure it doesn't give any benefits except for the fact it can be used to screw over one of the oligarchs (but you can do that in the privatisation path too and it causes way more issues with the oligarchs overall).


Because with nationalized industry socialists usually keep a lot of people employed just for the sake of reaching full employment targets even if it would make the sector as a whole less productive. It's either that or divert funds away from the sector to the general budget thereby impairing future investment.

And no it doesn't give you more budget later on it's a net loss in-game which is just stupid.



Nationalization doesn't by itself hurt economic development; Its only if you piss off both Tusk and Koronti that it does, without sticking the secret police on them that is.

You actually get an efficiency bonus from consistency if you picked planned economy.


>Because with nationalized industry socialists usually keep a lot of people employed just for the sake of reaching full employment targets even if it would make the sector as a whole less productive. It's either that or divert funds away from the sector to the general budget thereby impairing future investment.
Look, if you have to cover for high unemployment and budget deficit — you obviously have a full-on economic crisis. And yes, governments frequently try to remedy a crisis with nationalizations. By buying failed porky companies, usually. And trying to present cause as effect is exactly that: a neoliberal bullshit.

I see. I must have really botched that capitalist
run then.


No that's not what I'm saying.
The neoliberal approach (what you're describing):
>Nationalize a company nearing bankruptcy because the CEOs donated to your political campaign and have the taxpayer fund it until it's profitable again whereupon it will be privatized again (examples: British Tories and the Railways, American Democrats/Republicans and bank bailouts)

The critique of certain socialist approaches:
>Nationalize SUCCESSFUL/market leader companies, and then saddle them with additional employment targets (lowering productivity), as well as using the company money as a slush fund to be diverted to general national budget expenditures such as Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, etc. (which hurts the enterprise as a whole because there is less to invest on active development of services/products, a rainy day fund, development for new services, etc.)

You don't have to be in an economic crisis for the above to still be true. Socialist governments generally WILL mandate a certain amount of ""useless"" jobs in random sectors to ensure they reach their 100% employment goal, and since budget balancing is hard for literally everyone, even central planners will give in to the temptation of funneling money from the most productive enterprises into the general budget to mask or counter deficits. I'm not saying that doing this is bad or incorrect, but I do think socialists have to be realistic about certain drawbacks of state enterprises and the respective dangers.


Also this ties into my critique of the actual game because nationalization would imply that governments can take money from the newly nationalized enterprises to plug holes in the annual national budget but the developers are such neoliberal retards they didn't even think of this very basic point that all socialist countries have exploited before. There is zero reason to not also give additional budget funds on the nationalization path for Suzerain besides ideological bias.



It would be good perhaps if the game was clearer/gave the option on whether the nationalization was with or without compensation.

Maybe with the trade off being that with compensation doesn't trigger capital flight but has a one off costs budget cost whereas without is free but causes capital flight.


File: 1659492894812.jpg (976.92 KB, 1532x859, suzerain.jpg)

this is my latest game, by my reckoning the only way to have your cake and eat it too on the left wing agenda is going full dictator. What i wonder about is if a similar run is possible where i nationalize koronti's stuff and still get re-elected


File: 1659561153079.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Just confirming that you are correct. I even got the Bluds on board this time and spent 4 wealth points on lobbying and it only made a different of 10 votes in the Assembly. Good thing I had the ACP this time around
Everything was going well until that Graf lady challenged me for leadership of the Party, I think I pissed her off by letting Iosif keep the Gendarmie but it couldn't be helped because I defunded the military and didnt want to piss him off further.
Graf won the election, so I joined the commies and got BTFO (I assume it doesnt help that I raised the election threshold to 15%) and retired. Pretty sure i could've just stuck the ACP on the opposition (or is it the old guard) instead of the oligarchs to prevent that, but now I want to know how to win the elections after leaving the USP


i pirated the game specifically cause of this thread
played it over the past day or so
it was okay, being able to larp as a dick takter was interesting, and i'm glad it didnt railroad into NOOOO NOOOOO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS PATH OR BAD ENDING
i dont think there's much replay value, though, and i most likely wont play it again


Lileas is pretty nuanced she's probably the most far left Sollist and she's also religious so there are many minor things you can do to up her approval and stop her leadership challenge even if you go full Commie.
Funding her Ministry, allowing for creationism to continue to be taught in schools, veto-ing the anti-Blud Religious Harmony Bill, building the highway in the poor region instead of cucking to the oligarchs and their railway, etc. all gain approval from her.
On the other hand if you just want to stop the challenge without conceding a few things you can either sic the ACP on the Old Guard which gets rid of not only Lileas but every Old Guard in government, or start the war with Rumberg (which cancels not only the party congress but also any military coup attempt because of imminent attack).

You can win the election as an independent party after losing the ladership challenge. Winning the war against Rumberg pretty much makes you a shoo in. Otherwise getting economy to max and enough of a large voter bloc will do the trick.

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