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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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What's so hard to understand? It's a national inter-bank automated wiring system, like Fedwire in the US or Interac in Canada


do you guys use paypal for international transcations?
is there a better alternative

i heard they close your account for random shit, chargebacks, elon musk 🤮🤢


what's a wiring system, i've never had a bank account


do people use this for like regular payments like a candy purchase

ive only heard of wire transfer in old movies


So are Credit Cards >>> Debit Cards?
If you don't get addicted to shopping and are responsible with it?

You get

>Porky's money to play with

>If any farud happens, porky has to worry, your actual money is safe still and can use to buy food
>You get benefits

<Easy to get money lust and fall into debt trap

I don't have a job but some money, if I get one without an annual fee, I'll get one because I don't see myself as spending what I don't have

I just want the additional security that my debit card doesn't offer


Credit card churning is a legit way to make free money. Sign up for cards with sign up bonuses, get the bonus, close the account and move onto the next card. There are lots of tutorials on the web about credit card churning.


Wiring is a name for transferring money directly from one account to another over a long distance and in a short amount of time.
It comes from the days of telegrams which helped facilitate long-distance banking.
Wiring is used for personal transactions or larger business transactions mostly; if you're buying something retail you'll probably use a debit or credit card where there's a middleman like Mastercard or Visa handling all of the details, or something like PayPal or Stripe.


bing points, you get like 5 bucks of an amazon card if you help the interns fake searches

>one of the searches today was "italy's first woman pm"

i immediately searched her name with fascist as well

that'll show 'em


doesn't it make your credit history bad if you constantly open and close cards?

but I have definitely thought about doing this myself, just too lazy




Anyone here ever worked on freelancer sites like Fiverr or Upwork?


I've used them, and they're exactly what you expect.

Honestly? They're not going to be a "living" unless you manage to leverage them into social media/audience.

So if you're thinking about it, just do it for the experience and be proactive. Create a portfolio and reach out to people you want to make stuff for, give them a freebie/gift.

And minmax your price, like $300+ for good work you create, and like $13 for cranked shit your just AI or copy. 30% payment upfront always to filter out the scammers.

You want fewer but better customers/clients that you can, in the long term, pivot or leverage into getting off those sites.


The only way I can think of making fiverr profitable is just finding some free programs online to do a task for you in like a minute or under and then listing it as a service on fiverr.

Like just saying you'll edit their photos and bulk feeding them into a photoshop preset or something.


Does anyone know what the limit for refund scams in Amazon is? I know if you file a police report you have better luck, you can score a free ipad or something that way.


Thank you anon. I'm gonna give them a try. I'm just looking to make some money on the side, as I live in a third world country with high inflation and can barely make it to the end of the month. Turning it into a full time job would be a long term goal but I don't know if it's plausible.
Yeah, that would be interesting.


Remember, if you're going to do business you've got to think like a real capitalist i.e. Don't believe the bullshit they say is business', look behind it as any good commie should.

gl anon :D


What market socialist small business are you running out of the Yugo kiosks


A cafe and promote it with the gimmick that it's so small


book café. offer coffee, cookies and pamphlets


International newspaper shop


Ive seen a lot of ice cream shops run in similar sized places.


How do we survive the upcoming depresssion? Im scared anons. Most likely we'll all lose our jobs and I dont have enough savings or unique skills to survive. Im guessing all our labor would become surplus cubed with all the competition that will flood the market.


On a personal level it would be smart to get a better job. No one has "unique" skills, you just need to find something to do that isn't "unskilled".


It's a good organizing opportunity.


>How do we survive
>Im scared
>I dont have enough savings
So is it "We" or are you going to continue being an atomized lone individual who doesn't engage in collective struggle and offer mutual aid solidarity?


charity begins at home


Ive never had anyone help me outside of pure parental obligation or a job they were paid for, communist or otherwise.


Then be that change.


why, what would I get in return? The keyword in mutual aid being mutual. Otherwise it's charity and fuck that noise. There is noone doing real mutual aid in burgerstan, once it collapses it will just be a dog eat dog hellscape.


>what would I get in return?
And there it is.


File: 1674517126060.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1200, combibar.jpg)



brb creating a import business to ship in massive amounts of 4-methlypregabalin and fluorphenibut cuz I like α2δ ligands and China
>finna do a reverse opium war


why are they stamped with the symbol of Syrian Social Nationalist Party/


File: 1674536572962.png (94.48 KB, 700x400, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a Swiss refinery


I know its a meme, but should I get some lira in case the Turkish economy gets better?


Why is this thread still up? Pure amusement?


Yes I work on Fiverr. Make around $1-3000 a month.

I do mainly copy editing. The admin fees are insane (20%) and they even garnish your tips too. Very difficult to organise against it, because at the end of the day it's all about your position in the stack so if you get thrown off and have to start again, your rating and position starts again too, which means starting with low prices and having to work your way up.

Fiverr, you set up your "stall" and let clients come to you. Upwork is the reverse, clients put up a job and you and a hundred others swarm with offers. You can get work on upwork, but it's a demoralising after sending so many offers and getting nothing. Both are very alienating platforms on the whole though, but it does allow me flexibility and work from home.

As the other anon said, It's imperative to get your clients off the platform, but you've got to be sneaky about this. Posting in the chat box, "hey give me your email so you pay me direct" will get you thrown off the platform, but "can we have a quick chat on zoom to go over your order" and then during that chat, if you have a good relationship, let them know that it'll be better for both of you if you can pay direct.

Also, when you do get a regular client, you can charge them MORE for each order. If they like you, then you're taking out the hassle of them having to search for a worker each time they have a job. So, I would think of first orders like an introductory offer and then raise the price after, when they start asking for custom orders etc. This works better with serious business people than individuals.


How many hours/week do you work roughly?


>This works better with serious business people than individuals.
How so?


probably 20 or so. although I'm kinda always "on call" to answer requests from people

It's more of a general sense. The thing about fiverr is that you have people looking for high quality work for the lowest possible price. Like I said, if you're a business finding the right people is a task in and of itself. Individuals want a cheap job in and out. Businesses want that too, but if they want repeat orders will realise the value of paying more for the right person.


File: 1675651101183.jpg (28.08 KB, 400x400, Pepe-Lawyer.jpg)

Droppin a hot money minting cash cow- a lot of you anons with spare time on your hands can make bank by being a chad leftypol litigator troll.

A lot of companies will just settle for half or so whatever you sue them for in small claims. Its barely 200 or less to file and you can sue up to 4 times a year. If you sue 4 times for 10k each, you can have more savings than the average burger in a year. Some companies have arbitration/mediation clauses which are different from regular court (they are even easier).

All you have to do is gather or drum up 'evidence' which is basically just gathering all documents related to a transaction. For example if you're renting a place, plant some evidence of pests or other hazards and sue them for it after you get evidence the landlord did nothing. To be truly based sue your landlords, airBnB, banks, Google, any enemy of the left etc. For example I intend to arbitrate with aBnB for 10k after they didnt return some of my money.

If you wanna be a real chad, self study law and sue them in actual civil court and self represent for yourself to save money. They will shit themselves because hiring a lawyer costs a shit ton and will be eager to settle.

To get started go on your local courts websites and see what documents are available to file. Then file the motions, affadavits or whatever to build a case and sue the shit out of some capitalists. Report back here when you win.

If you win a judgment, freeze their bank accounts to collect whats owed to you.

If I ever end up broke, my plan is to do this full time.


very cool. thank you pepe lawyer


Am I imagining it or did we have a crypto thread? Also wasn't everyone shitting on crypto intensely after FTX? Why arent those voices saying a thing about it now? Anyhow it's having a slight moment and I wanna talk about it


GPT killed my side hustle now I have to suck dick for cash again fml :\


r u 4 real?
Maybe you could get more stable employment by being a life coach or listen to your clients. You could also make them suck your dick for cash y'know. You can only suck so many dicks.

Also know your worth. You're probably undercharging.


How do I start learning about finance? Is there a good Intro book?


I bought $10 worth of BTC, wat do?


Wait until line goes up


buy some more and order estradiol


File: 1707538426700.png (335.17 KB, 1287x881, 1632443542682.png)

I have been unable to find a job in the last seven months and more and more I'm thinking of starting a business.
I have no capital but I'm thinking of making baked goods like cake and pies but I have no idea where to go to sell them.


sounds cute, post baked goods :D

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