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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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No, it's because the labor content in gold is going up as it's harder and harder to find.


actually i think it’s because of its use in electronics
scarcity is a non-factor to any serious marxist


Why? Marx figured out alchemy or something?


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Fuck off with your gold and silver, goldbug-ancap-/pol/erinos. Tinman gang.


aluminum and tin are what it’s about



Do you think this is a wave worth riding?


Does anybody here have any experience with opening an online store? I've started learning about web development, so that I'll be able to create my own website for selling things eventually. I was originally just gonna set up a shop on etsy since that seemed like the easiest thing to do for someone with little business experience, but that was before I realized how shit that site is. Do you guys think it's better to create your own website for this kind of thing, or is it best to start selling and building up a customer base through sites that already receive a lot of traffic like Amazon?


Create your own site
Sell digital goods that cost nothing to make
Learn how to game places like Amazon etc., to get you over the "starting out" hump
Spend more on data based marketing then anything else
See if you can even break even by the end of the next financial quarter
Don't forget to set up a "not illegal" tax minimisation strategy such as registering businesses in low tax states as pty ltds.


also you don't need to have an automatic payment system, you could always handle orders through e-mail or something and receive money through direct bank transfers and/or crypto


What's the best country with an upward developing economy to open a business in? I've been hitting the gym as hard as I can lately and realized fitness trainer certs are real cheap comparatively to basically anything else in health care thus I'm considering getting the fuck out of the nightmare that is America and trying to open up some gyms somewhere expat and crypto commie friendly. No, I'm not trying to be somekinda globo-gym ala Dodgeball bourgeoise swine in the 3rd world parasite. I just wanna live healthy, help the locals, take care of my self and employees and live decently away from the rot that is the west.


>What's the best country with an upward developing economy to open a business in?


China?? Maybe one of the more rural regions? You'll always be that "one white guy" though.


Any countries or regions in particular?

Buddy guess what? Not everyone you talk to on sites like this is white. You ever think of that?


> You ever think of that?
they never think of that. that's what makes it a klan chan


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small update on my stack


Looking like a good little haul to help fund local orgs when the time come.
Also kinda cool to look at and handle I'd imagine (in a tactile/kinaesthetic sort of way).


File: 1657258355882.png (262.27 KB, 499x405, 1632435938467.png)

Actually while I'm here…

Has anyone here tried to get precious metals from old defunct tech?

I know there's a period where it's re-sale value is as good or equivalent to it's material value, then a small window where it's just shit, then it tips over to collector value being greater than the raw materials.

I'm also aware that one can "value add", like taking a board and cutting it into jewellery for example.

Yet from what I've read, it's almost never worth it unless you have scale, and it's so toxic you're basically needing to get enough to fund your own cancer treatment :\

Just thinking of how to help a few groups self-sustain without having to constantly beg for donos, and before they need to start relying on other avenues that'll just probably not be worth the risk.


File: 1657269309196.jpg (191.46 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

for now it's just to hedge against inflation. also yes, shinies are nice to fondle and look at
look up sreetips on youtube
with zero chem knowledge it might be better to scrap electronics and sell the gold plated stuff on ebay


Is it possible for you to create an LLC and claim you're not self employed you work for the LLC? Or would that just put you into an even larger tax?


interesting, thanks.


itt Engels'


Engels was already from a rich family.
These fucks want to "escape wage slavery" by becoming petty bourg and kulaks.
>the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general


File: 1658246336713.jpg (264.32 KB, 1280x960, shrekels.jpg)

I got some Shrekels today


Incredible, thank you.


I've been thinking of getting some soon.


>nooo, you have to suffer!!!
You do enough suffering for both of us. If I manage to escape wage slavery, I'll send you thoughts and prayers.


the premiums on them are a bit high, as with most non-bullion rounds. else I would have gotten more than just three


Bros what do I do with savings? I have like 30-40k saved up. Its not enough to afford a house so what else do people do with theirs. Im not gonna put it in stonks because thats capitalist shit. Whats the point of even earning then if its just going to sit there.


30k is 10% down on a 600k house. You should seriously just buy a house, though maybe wait for the oncoming recession in 6-18 months

Anyone thought of making lewd games on Patreon it seems easy af and people pull in so much cash as a side hustle. The gay space only has two popular games so it wouldn't even be hard to get a niche with a sizeable fanbase. Tfw can't draw though, only write and coding.


File: 1658288455182.jpeg (22.4 KB, 450x450, 1636953877709.jpeg)

How do I invest?
What's the rich dad poor dad investing method?
Do I just walk to a hot dog cart and say "I can give you X amount of money for X% of your earnings?"


Guys I'm seriously thinking about starting a rental truck business, like just copying uhaul but undercutting the fags. Found some cheap moving trucks. Uhaul charges a 1300$ just to move one state over, with those rates I could recoup the cost of the truck in like a few weeks. All I'll have to do is rent some commercial space with a reasonable lot size and I'd vinyl wrap the truck saying 'we'll beat any quote' and I'd be in business.



You mean 300k? Theres no house near me that cheap, but yeah Ive beem waiting for the next crisis for years now


You'd need some kind of stock in return. stonks are probably easier, but if u wanted to do that real porky way you'd need a lot of capital. Then you'd buyout so many shares in the company you'd get a controlling interest. Or I guess you could do the hotdog cart way but might be easier to just do loans.

You can also do hard money loans for real estate. You lend to private developers that are trying build a house and if they successfully flip it you get a cut of their jib.


what kind of phone payment app should i use to make savings
any recs?

should i use local one so if ever a russia type happens, i will still be able to use my money?

should i use one that gives me the most savings?

or should i keep shifting and suck them all dry of the coupons?


i want to start a company that makes as much money as amazon. what kind of spin on ecommerce can you think of that could get just as big?


what? If you want banks have safety deposit boxes that you can just put cash in. Otherwise if you keep savings at home in a safe/gold etc you risk getting robbed.


>You mean 300k? Theres no house near me that cheap, but yeah Ive beem waiting for the next crisis for years now
Just go somewhere where the houses cost 300k then. My parents bought their current house for under 300k 3 years ago and now Zillow says it's worth mid 600k.


I'm going to agree with >>27124 on buying a house. or simply work less
index funds, then a fraction of that in stocks


i'm taking bout apps like google pay and apple pay

there are several of those in my country


>what kind of phone payment app should i use to make savings
Acorns in the US


scam or real? getting paid to exercise

has someone tried it


I don't know, buying stocks of a local bar or a corner store seems silly.
I don't want it to be a flat loan, I fear it'll come off as predatorial.
>index funds, then a fraction of that in stocks


It's one step closer to LaborCoin so I guess it's okay for a meme?


index funds are safu. find one with a low fee. then you can risk a fraction of that on stock


It does seem like index funds is what I want.
Once I start my new job I try to save for a small investment.


Tech companies add in thier employees' employment contract a clause regarding stock options– basically, giving them the ability to sell their shares in the company at a predetermined date. They own a percentage of the company but dont get a seat on the board of directors.


You buy in stock on the stock market through a broker.
Btw you should read "The richest man in Babylon" .


After reading about index funds I'm only interested in passive investments, the stock market is too autistic and too much hard work.
>Btw you should read "The richest man in Babylon" .
Looks interesting, I been meaning to read rich dad poor dad, how does this one compare against it?


Don't, really. The guy who wrote it admited he went for style and "feel good" over substance. If you wanna read a book about stonks I'd recommend something like "Random walk down wall street".
You wont make buck with it, it's not "get rich quick" kind of book, it's about how to be sane in investing.


Good general books recommendation?

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