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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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Someone told me to sell NFTs because I draw. I was naturally opposed to the concept until this suggestion. Thoughts?


Fuck it, we don't live in a vacuum. And bedsides, when full socialism is achieved it won't matter anyway.


Besides ecological effects, you're unlikely to make any money, more likely to lose money on all the processing fees, if you don't have any significant hype behind you. Most artists who profited were either established industry professionals, over 50k followers twitter artists or insider traders like beeple. Then there's myriads of losers who shelled out gas fees and got suckered never selling anything. Guess who you'd be. Besides, the bubble already burst. https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/sorry-to-burst-your-bubble-nft-prices-slump-70


>tfw went to school for philosophy instead of economics

kill me.


>tfw dropped out of sci major because i mistook enjoying history blurbs in science textbooks as liking science
double kill me


How much fiat do I need in my 401k to retire in Mexico? I've been thinking 1-2 mil should be fine.accelerationAcceleration


bout tree-fiddy


Depends how you want to live, if you wants kids, and more. 1.5 MM should be enough for most lifestyles.
Shit like healthcare is cheaper, but public schools are utter trash. Public universities vary, but you probably want a private one. Housing can go anywhere from 300 to 3,000 usd a month depending on the area you want to live in, city, etc. More than 3k usd is too much IMO.
Depending on the city, you'll need a car too.

Idk, ask me anything if you want. I'll respond tomorrow.


Are ladies in Mexico hot?


man somedays i just feel like being kramer and trying to open a new business everyday

but then again i got no capital to fuck around with

i have thought about making street food and selling that because if i do it alone, i would not be exploiting anyone much really

start small with a little bit of food and then slowly invest up into the products
this is assuming no gangs exist to bully you out of money



Bros n hoes I need help. I put some chump change in ether around when btc hit $32k. I figured it would just be ethers time and now ethers worth $3300. I want to put more money in but I don't know how much. Can anyone explain to me how to calculate how much I would earn on a specific amount should ether arise to another specific amount? Need some tips here.


In general, nothing special. If you're in big cities and especially the wealthier parts, you'll find more hot people because of the effect money has on attractiveness. Mexico City has a huge "upper middle class", so I'd say that is your best bet.
If you separate your investments you can easily calculate it.


>If you separate your investments
Too much work, but thanks.


I put 10 dollars at x price
and 20 dollars at y price.
It is now at z price.

(10 * z/x + 20 * z/y) / (10 + 20)

I think that solves it.


Just do drop shitting
>pay others to post their poop


what the heck is that


What did Marx say about stocks?

Afaik he was pretty good at picking and choosing them.


I'm currently synthesising "Finding a home for products we love" by Aaron Brough and Matthew Isaac and their main point is

Don't be attached to used goods if you want to sell them for a profit. Make the buyer attached by letting them touch, look and fantasize owning it.chinaChina


That's… That's just basic sales isn't it?


One of their other insights was that knowing or caring about what the used good would be used for can weaken your negotiation resolve and make you a loss. The red point was just a summary.chinaChina


File: 1625496579727.png (1.09 MB, 1278x1086, ui1sbbjfrr671.png)


Something about mushrooms after rain and it being easy pickings wannit


Is it a public company?



File: 1625623423054.jpg (100.27 KB, 654x960, 1qp3smb44sq01.jpg)

I want to start a private security/military/intelligence company, give jobs to comrades and once things get down they'll be ready for a revolution.
The issue is that this is a big investment and I have no money.





This seems good, like a disguised militia. You can start with some comrades and contract out mallcop work. Beat any fash shoppers and confiscate their american eagle shopping bags and distribute to natives


How do you fags cope with wagecuckery if/when you know exactly the monetary amount you’re being exploited? I see my company’s financials and they are minting millions and paying me shit. Really dont feel like working for the pittance, but then I’d be poor


Literally just keep going until you can gtfo or ruthlessly leverage any advantage you can get



guys pray for me. I am down 15,000$ of my life savings and by next week I am doing the riskiest shit of my life to try and get it back from wall st pigs. How you ask? By putting the rest of my mother fucking 15k life savings into it.

My play is to wait a day before earnings and hope to god the stock tanks like a bitch over two days. I am doing all options plays so if this shit goes wrong i will lose it all like I did the 15 grand. I havent slept in days, i am prepping for this like war. If i breakeven i am quitting this shit for good. And yeah i know its classic gambler shit to chase losses, but Im 80% sure i will get it right.

If any of you know the stock market well i can lay out my plan and yall can critique it, or join in if you are ready to go balls to the wall


>I lost half my life savings
>I haven't slept in days
>I'm gambling with the other half of my life saving.
Yup you're going to loose the rest of it too
>If i breakeven i am quitting this shit for good.
That shit is designed to steal money from you, unless you hire fancy financial services that know where all the sucker traps are.
Stop now while you still have the one half left.


I’m thinking I should right wing grift. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, it’s extremely profitable and I know the talking points.


what are you thinking of doing


>My play is to wait a day before earnings and hope to god the stock tanks like a bitch over two days
This sounds mental lol. Stocks go up more than they go down. Why not just do it with a business you think will do well rather than being like FUK DA GABIDALISDS :DDD *loses all their money*


>I’m thinking I should right wing grift. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, it’s extremely profitable and I know the talking points.
If you do that pay your self a fixed wage, and if you make more money than it takes to pay your wage, use that money to pay for mutual aid and socialist propaganda. That way you'll be able to live with yourself.


dis thread though


>That shit is designed to steal money from you, unless you hire fancy financial services that know where all the sucker traps are.
Stop now while you still have the one half left.

Well im going to play it a bit safe until I have confirmation its going to tank. But I think i have the hedge fund plans figured out, this past week theyve pumped tech stocks beyond all time highs setting them up for a big dump when their earnings disappoint. Im planning on riding it on the way down. However just in case I will not buy in until I see strong sings of a dump. But you can look at amazons history and all it usjally dumps after earnings, all the companies are overvalued as fuck right now because people have just been spending all their money printer dollars on stocks. I think it will dip hard next week. Plus the fed meeting is next wednesday and if they announce a taper it will dip harder.


I know but capitalist money is just a bunch of numbers and hopefully ill be up again. Will keep everyone posted.

My plan is to do a stra gle before earnings (buy a call and a put) wait for earnings and if i see a dump i sell the call immediately and ride the put all the way down to 10-20k plus. I will watch the charts like a hawk and if i see a trend reversal I'll sell the put right away and switch to a call.

If Im right and its going to dump its possible i may get out alive. I wouldnt have even gotten into stocks if it wasnt for that bullshit GME thread a while ago here, ive been trying to recoup ever since then lol


>I think i have the hedge fund plans figured out
>ive been trying to recoup ever since then lol
If you had figured it out you wouldn't be recoooping


Maybe grifting on YouTube by duping right wingers and making money off of them and posting right wing memes. The freedom phone shit seems like a really profitable grift and I wish I was invested in that shit cuz the commissions would have been crazy.


Mate you are missing the whole point, the problem is the whole system of capitalism not individual middle managers. If anon actually does the stuff he was saying he would like furtively unionizing the workplace and shit without getting fired then that is excellent, that is praxis. Is it better for the workers to have a reasonable commie middle manager rather than an asbolute psycho abusive one that is fully accepting of capitalist ideology? YES ABSOLUTELY. You need to see the bigger picture here. Hell there was a fucking millionaire communist that supported the KPD, or consider Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, Vladimir Lenin, so many rich people, even porkies throughout history have been communists or fellow travelers, even if the vast majority were completely the other way. Are the uper strata of capitalist society worthy of particular suspicion? Yes. Is it better for anon, a communist to be a manager rather than a worker? Yes absolutely. What the hell are you doing yourself? Communists should be reaching the highest positions in society possible while maintaining their loyalty to Communism.


Who here has experience with dropshipping? I want to hear what you've learned


probably works well since they are both stupid and tend to be high earners


It's a hard hustle. There are many ways to do it. The US market is highly saturated. Other markets aren't as much. You can also do shit like arbitrage, where you sell shit on ebay and just buy it on amazon to your buyer's home.

Beware of people selling you shit related to dropshipping. It is mostly all scam.

It takes a while to understand what the fuck you are doing and not fuck it up. You should expect to lose some money right out the door.


If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?

really trying to square away that's it's okay to make money for revolutionary groups…


>If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?
Yes. We're not liberals here, we are critical of the capitalist system, not necessarily individual capitalists. Most capitalists are trash, but we like some, such as Engels.

If you have a successful business, could you turn it into a cooperative?


File: 1631640125529.jpg (131.3 KB, 660x726, a3XWxfH.jpg)

Are there any books about this?
I mean entrepreneurship and business stuff but from marxist standpoint
And if they're not then what does /leftybiz/ recommends me to read?


no /get/ is gay



fuck off newfag


No, he still gay

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