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"Our hands pass down the skills of the last generation to the next"
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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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gang shit fam, get some bros, steal a truck, ram into a shop and take anything expensive


Bump because this is good


Saw someone mention the "venture commune" idea.
Here's the rundown.


File: 1610592246278-0.jpeg (22.4 KB, 474x266, external-content.duckduck….jpeg)

File: 1610592246278-1.jpg (36.17 KB, 640x480, apple-store-robbery-kpix-6….jpg)

File: 1610592246278-2.jpg (99.77 KB, 800x597, greensboro_store_car_2.jpg)

File: 1610592246278-3.jpg (33.6 KB, 450x335, apple-store-car-crash-1-45….jpg)

File: 1610592246278-4.jpg (116.18 KB, 1020x534, Photo_Jan_13__20_18_59_ver….jpg)

Apple stores (used to be or still are?) particularly prone to this due to their open glass aesthetic and status icon overpricing.


Why do I find these pictures so particularly hiarious?


Maybe because it's the perfectly logical consequence of some completely ridiculous conditions, idk


that's pretty cool. thanks for that


File: 1611499426952.jpg (256 KB, 960x1200, 1607839040428.jpg)

Please fucking help

I recently was promoted to manager at my workplace, it's a pragmatic decision (pay, bennies, etc.) and I fully intend to crypto unionise as many of the staff as possible, start "delegating" (actually worker control/self managment), as well as ideally using my increased salary to support said staff at work (upgrades fucking accounting won't let in).

But I feel fucking shit. Like I am now the thing I'm trying to fight, like an imposter.

I'm trying to be consistent, but shit man I need that company medical care plan for my partner ;_:


Don't think of yourself like that, think of yourself like a mole, a double agent


>think of yourself like a mole, a double agent
Agent Salt reportan in ;_;7


My dude, this is the best thing you could possibly do given such an opportunity. Absolutely based.


Can you have two PayPal accounts? I want to take art commissions but I don't want to mix my safe content with my porn stuff. I don't want anyone to get hold of my personal information such as my address or first name when they pay me.


Middle managers are trash. Read Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism. The people who are against the system, yet work for it, are usually the ones who are promoted, they show they can think for themselves, but not enough to actually not work there. If you were a danger to the company, and by extension to capitalism, you'd be fired, not promoted. Just like Amazon fired the guy who talked to his co-workers about unions. But now they've turned you into an asset.

Remember Joker in Full Metal Jacket? The drafted college kid who didn't give a shit about the army. What happens to him? The drill sergeant PROMOTES him, because being a lowly grunt was just not mentally stimulating enough and it was a way to subdue his anti-establishment tendencies, by making him part of the establishment some more, not less.

You, as a middle manager, have no choice. You have to follow the orders you're given. What happens when you're asked to fire an employee (prole)? How will you justify that? How will you look a prole in the eye and deny them a raise when you know that money is theirs in the first place and no matter what raise they get still wouldn't amount to their full value of labour put in.

You are not an impostor, because you aren't "trying to fight" anything. You're a middle manager who shitposts on a leftist book binding forum. What danger do you pose?


Yes, you can have a personal and a business paypal account. What kind of art commissions do you do? I've been looking for a leftist artist to do some graphics and drawings for my local activist group.


File: 1613043127694.jpg (56.24 KB, 959x727, mfw.jpg)

Well have I got the artist for you!
>currently doing lewds because it's more consistent


File: 1613119745317.jpg (228.26 KB, 725x960, znlj7nl5ksg61.jpg)

the artist is good, but I was looking someone who does more "dark" than cute. graphics need to be gritty, not polished characters with soft, round faces. I looked through some of the stuff, and there's a lack of anger on any of them. as I said, you can see the artist is very good at what they do, just not what I'm looking for.

pic related is the kind of style I'm looking for. doesn't have to be as detailed, or necessarily skeletons, but similar tone.


He usually has angrier stuff, but I think he realised it turns clients off and, well, artists got to eat :\

He use to have a really badass "socialism or extinction" version with like a red planet with a skull on the other side


>He use to have a really badass "socialism or extinction" version with like a red planet with a skull on the other side
You mean he drew that planet/skull movie poster?


oh ok. I'll contact them, say what I'm looking for and they can tell me. Thanks.


yeah that poster is sick


If you’re a gamer and a college student and living in a dorm so that you’re not paying the electric bill, run cudo miner 24/7 and you should make about 100$ a month.


Will this kill my CPU or GPU fast? I'm poor and wouldn't like that.


honestly? don’t know


/hobby/ doing Business in a nutshell


Mining will kill your GPU, yes, because it is running at 100% 24/7. Mining cards last about a year, depending on whether you overclock them or not. Also, you'd need a good card to make $100 mining, like an RX 570 or above. So yeah, in about 3 months you'd pay off the card, make another $900-1000 before it dies. Take $300, buy new card, repeat, and you've made about $700/yr. But you've also spent time on setting it all up, running it, maintenance, etc. So you have to calculate whether $700/yr. is worth it for all the work you'd be putting it. It's not for nothing that miners fill whole rooms with cards to get a decent return.

You're better off just selling weed to friends. Buy a half pound for $600, that's 8 ounces. Sell 7 ounces for $110-120 each, leave one for yourself to smoke and you're making $700-840 on each $600 investment, plus you smoke for free, plus people will think you're cool. Just sell to friends and their acquaintances, never to strangers, don't advertise on the street and don't carry any significant weight with you except when picking up. Don't do deals in front of your door, have the person come in, or better yet, you go to them. Always weigh out like 0.2-0.3 more on the scale and you will get return customers. All you need is like 10-12 regulars and you can make $200-300/mo. I mean, sky's the limit with drugs, but it's all an ambition/risk trade off and you probably don't want to have more than half a pound at a time. If you don't have plastic baggies, it's hard to nail you for selling, even if you have a scale, so if you're caught you claim it's all for personal use, you wanted a deal on the amount cause weed is expensive, etc. Give people weed in like ripped pieces of supermarket bags, or small jars, or something else, as long as it is not those drug bags, and you're good.


>Give people weed in like ripped pieces of supermarket bags, or small jars, or something else, as long as it is not those drug bags, and you're good.
just keep the baggies separate, like in a different room, No one likes getting weed in pieces of foil or bags lol.


I work as a programmer and created some software, in a year, that pulls in 6 figures of revenue monthly. There are other labor expenses, marketing/sales, but I'm the only one who built the actual commodity that's being sold and marketed.

Pains me that I'm not creative or smart enough to make something without being told what to do.


If you can't create, copy and optimise.

Then release it for free and open source, but ask perhaps for some donations for your time spent tending to it and running costs.

Make a cool program that compares what someone is told is a good deal (say $15 and hour), versus what it could be under a left economic view.


Create some easy consumer grade program that helps people automate their day-to-day computer tasks, etc.


its a coop, so its great if you're part of it. Sadly, its against the interests of it's members to bring more people in, and in their interests to use subcontracting as much as possible.


All the episodes end with a "yeah it's shit, but we can make it better by trying!" theme

But the episode about work ended the bleakest.
Not even they could pretend contradiction between the classes didn't exist.




Start a coop?


Someone told me to sell NFTs because I draw. I was naturally opposed to the concept until this suggestion. Thoughts?


Fuck it, we don't live in a vacuum. And bedsides, when full socialism is achieved it won't matter anyway.


Besides ecological effects, you're unlikely to make any money, more likely to lose money on all the processing fees, if you don't have any significant hype behind you. Most artists who profited were either established industry professionals, over 50k followers twitter artists or insider traders like beeple. Then there's myriads of losers who shelled out gas fees and got suckered never selling anything. Guess who you'd be. Besides, the bubble already burst. https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/sorry-to-burst-your-bubble-nft-prices-slump-70


>tfw went to school for philosophy instead of economics

kill me.


>tfw dropped out of sci major because i mistook enjoying history blurbs in science textbooks as liking science
double kill me


How much fiat do I need in my 401k to retire in Mexico? I've been thinking 1-2 mil should be fine.


bout tree-fiddy


Depends how you want to live, if you wants kids, and more. 1.5 MM should be enough for most lifestyles.
Shit like healthcare is cheaper, but public schools are utter trash. Public universities vary, but you probably want a private one. Housing can go anywhere from 300 to 3,000 usd a month depending on the area you want to live in, city, etc. More than 3k usd is too much IMO.
Depending on the city, you'll need a car too.

Idk, ask me anything if you want. I'll respond tomorrow.


Are ladies in Mexico hot?


man somedays i just feel like being kramer and trying to open a new business everyday

but then again i got no capital to fuck around with

i have thought about making street food and selling that because if i do it alone, i would not be exploiting anyone much really

start small with a little bit of food and then slowly invest up into the products
this is assuming no gangs exist to bully you out of money




Bros n hoes I need help. I put some chump change in ether around when btc hit $32k. I figured it would just be ethers time and now ethers worth $3300. I want to put more money in but I don't know how much. Can anyone explain to me how to calculate how much I would earn on a specific amount should ether arise to another specific amount? Need some tips here.


In general, nothing special. If you're in big cities and especially the wealthier parts, you'll find more hot people because of the effect money has on attractiveness. Mexico City has a huge "upper middle class", so I'd say that is your best bet.
If you separate your investments you can easily calculate it.


>If you separate your investments
Too much work, but thanks.


I put 10 dollars at x price
and 20 dollars at y price.
It is now at z price.

(10 * z/x + 20 * z/y) / (10 + 20)

I think that solves it.


Just do drop shitting
>pay others to post their poop


what the heck is that

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