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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.


I've spent some time in wantrepreneur circles and have gleaned a few small business options for the solo entrepreneur. Choose your own adventure.

1. Importing

Easy peezy go find some wholesalers or some chinafags, hire a freight forwarder if needed and slang some cheap shit on Amazon/Ebay/your own website.

2. App development

Be a codemonkey and rip some shit off github/ repurpose it and start pitching it to plebs (preferably rightoods)

3. Arbitrage

Dropshipping etc. Simple find low prices sell higher. Arbitrage out as many operations as you can.

4. Real estate

Either rehab to flip or rent and be a shitty landlord. Watch out for your maoist friends.

5. Service business

Have a skill, sell a skill. Like working a job but for yourself, bonus points if you can get an employee from the third world.

6. Hopium seller

Sell your soul and sling some bs information product to fatties.


Also if we were to structure a small business and make it as lefty as legally possible how would you structure it? How would you maintain profitability? Some things:

Big employee stock compensation packages
Heavy investments into a good office environment
Good benefits package, employee development packages.
In office daycare with plenty of remote opportunities, days off
No specialization, crosstraining for employees
Horizontal management structure
No credentialist bullshit hiring practices


Mondragon Corporation.

Based or no?



>At Mondragon, there are agreed-upon wage ratios between executive work and field or factory work which earns a minimum wage. These ratios range from 3:1 to 9:1 in different cooperatives and average 5:1. That is, the general manager of an average Mondragon cooperative earns no more than 5 times as much as the theoretical minimum wage paid in their cooperative

Seems based to me, however they should tighten those ratios a bit.

What I was thinking is there should be a graduated pay scale that increases in proportion to the company's net revenue. The biggest thing that fucks workers as the company gets larger is the PMC divide gets bigger.


More I can think of

7. Flipping
Buy electronics or some niche product off Craigslist and flip them for ramen monies. Flip cars, but you're limited in amount per state regulations.

8. Brick and mortar

Take out a loan and buy up a gas station or something. Like giving yourself a job/limited scaling potential.

9. Gig worker

Like a service business but easier to get off the ground and test ideas. Pop an ad on CL and see what small time jobs you can get cash for. Or get a tech app and start driving around people

10. Techbro

Make a startup with a few friends and create a pitch deck. Find some gullible investors and grift them. Make a bunch of 'business expenses' on their dollar and drive the company to the ground.


I do consulting for porky, charge $80/hour, give part of that money to local lefty orgs and the rest toward me creating free software part time



Based. Is it something you can grow?

I’m a contractor too and got fucked with a lot of taxes this year. After all deductions I had like 20k listed and they still charged 4k for self employment tax. Was thinking about getting more contracts and hiring out someone to do basic tasks, but the skills are kinda specific to the industry



Consulting is big bucks, but in my experience lot of specificity to it, I don't think it is easy to recommend to just anyone. Consulting is the kind of thing you get into if you have connections, or if you've found a nice niche. I worked with a guy for a while who had a degree as an economist, but he made insane money for basically doing nothing. He just had a template document and some econometric analysis he plugged data into that clients fed him, and he could pump out a document in a day that he was charging like $15k for or something. And he got many clients in any given month, it was for a business niche that was booming at the time due to a favorable government program. That niche is kind of dead at the moment, but that guy was doubtlessly making at least $500k a year if not more for like, 5-10 years.



It’s surprising how many rich boomers don’t have any clue of how basic excel works. This format can work for a lot of businesses really, there are document templates all over the internet you can modify and send as a “package” to some companies.

The newest job in this would probably be “business insights analyst” or something. It just involves knowing some basics about data and plugging their figures into Tableau or some other dashboard.

On a side note, I was wondering is there a way to possibly deduct donating to homeless or leftyorgs as a business expense? Usually the IRS wants to see if the expenses are ‘related’ to the business whatever the hell that means.



Man, general tech illiteracy can still be high with a lot of small businesses that have money to pay consultants for certain services. Even with some modestly sized businesses you can find a bewildering lack of knowledge on how to even present some basic financial documents, and of course tons of things like excel spreadsheets with every cell manually calculated and entered.

I couldn't say about deducting donations to leftyorgs though, I'm a wagie. I'd imagine not, just because it has to look like it is even thinly related to your business. I've heard people say they write off all kinds of goofy shit, but I think they're just hoping the IRS doesn't bother them since they're still small fries. It will usually still be something "business related" though. Like putting new tires on their car or something written off as related to their transportation for work.


11. Wage outsourcing

If you’re a desk jockey wagie and aren’t bothered often, hire out a virtual assistant from the third world and have them do half your shit.


Yeah probably hoping they don’t get audited. Regarding taxes it’s insane how porkies setup taxes so small businesses eat shit and are disincentivized while the big porkies write off all kinds of shit. Given that IRS admitted it audits poor people more than porkies, the system works exactly as intended.

Other than that all this expense shit just props up capitalism more by forcing consumerism onto people and businesses. Would be nice to find a loophole so my taxes don’t go to bombs being dropped on children abroad




i'm currently in school doing a computer science major. what should my next steps be?


i don't wanna be a wagie guys. :((((((



Honestly move to Cali, all the techies there get paid in RSU stocks on top of their cushy 100k salaries and bring home like 300k per year. Those fuckers have driven up the cost of everything on the entire west coast because the porkies just use it as a tax write off. Those kind of figures are more than most bizfags could make so easily.



Unless you've got a great idea you going to be a wagie my friend. But being a wagie is also part of the path out, if you can ever make it, because through wagie life you can sometimes learn enough to see the path out. You will presumably be in a functioning company, so you learn its processes and the business environment.

But in all likelihood you will remain a wagie because most people are wagies. That is why there are communists. But there isn't a detailed enough template to get you out of it, you can only see the contours of what is required in fill in the blanks. And there is the risk you lose time and money on it, though it should be noted that sometimes attempting to make a business and failing can ironically look good on your C/V, depending on the circumstances I guess. But of course you don't want a business to fail that you sank money into because then you feel like it was all a waste.



This. The nonwagie life is just glorified by rightoids, in reality there are a lot of benefits for being a wagie. Being a nonwagie means scrounging together your own monies and putting it into a business that might fail, working long hours and getting nothing in return, having little social life and no coworkers, no consistent wages, hard time paying the bills, get taxed more and have to pay all your own benefits etc. The porkies in all likelihood make it purposely difficult to be anything but a wagie to stomp out the competition and petty boon to secure their monopoly profits.

Being a wagie you can see how big business works and model your own shit after them and make a small biz that they might need. Is it necessary to be a wagie first? No, but it helps in all likelihood.



Mondragon is great, but just not a utopian dream. I think everyone knows that now for the most part, but should generally be noted in case anybody is fooled into thinking Mondragon is the best thing there could be. They spread a lot of co-op business practices to other areas of the world. I wish I worked there tbh.

But I also have posted in the past about experimental co-op business structures. I'm extremely interested in trying to expand the worker co-op sector in America, but right now there is a bit of a lull in new strategy on the part of the major associations and shit. People are leaning into federal support and trying to get legislation that gives tax exemptions for owners selling to employees, as well as grants and federal loans. I think this is a bit of an abdication personally. While it isn't unwanted and is still productive, I think there is something to be said for the notion that for worker co-ops to really succeed, they have to be able to expand at least somewhat on their own. There isn't any honor in refusing to lobby for federal and state favoritism, the capitalist sector does it too. But the capitalist sector also just independently produces far more new businesses than the co-op sector.

Everybody recognizes the problem is primarily twofold:

1. lack of education on the co-op business form, and so lack of entrepreneurship where it may otherwise have occurred

2. failure to raise capital because you can't issue real equity in the business, only various limited forms of it.

I think while they are both important, the latter is a much more enduring structural issue that needs to be addressed. Right now I'm looking into the notion of replacing an investment fund that gets equity in its businesses with some kind of capital renting co-op. This has been called the "venture commune" before, and I haven't really seen the concept mentioned or grappled with much elsewhere. Basically instead of having equity, you have a co-op that leases capital to startups, probably with some kind of licensing terms that have requirements of the lessee. The goal of the capital renting "fund" would be to grow the co-ops it rents capital too, but in order to rent more capital to them, in effect growing the size of its investment over time. It effectively has a stake in the business, by directly owning the capital but not the labor or its proceeds (it doesn't own any of the profit). But in order for this to not still be an exploitative relationship, any co-op it is renting capital to has all of its members join the lessor as a members. They effectively lease the capital to themselves, and receive any profits. So the capital renting co-op is more of a vessel that is simply supposed to have a logic embedded in it to increase its capital stock for rental to new co-ops, in effect investing in them. But every co-op that joins is not exploited, they receive those profits back equally.

There are several problems with this model, but unclear to me if they are debilitating or insurmountable because it hasn't ever been tried. One would be that some co-ops will be more capital intensive and therefore be subsidizing co-ops that are more labor intensive. This, because they're paying more in rent to the capital renting co-op, and that rent is then redistributed equally to all members of every co-op it leases too. However, I don't know if this would REALLY be a problem, I think it depends on the scale of the difference. As it is, co-ops already have this problem internally in the sense that some workers are more productive than others, yet every worker's profit is traditionally treated as a function of their working time rather than anything else. So it could be arguable that one worker is more critical in their labor than another, but both receive the same profit share if they work the same hours. Therefore, you might expect some workers to feel a bit cheated in terms of profit share.

And perhaps they do, but it doesn't seem to be a debilitating problem in studies on co-ops, so I'm not sure if the equal profit distributions from the capital rental would cause much of a revolt either. It may be the case, like in general, that most co-op members just feel satisfied to be getting a profit share, to have secure employment and to be included in the co-operative culture.




you don't need any ideas to be a landlord. it seems like the easiest way to get rich



Scaling up landlording is not as easy and if you are already rich enough to buy multiple properties or are born rich you probably dont need to worry about business in general. Some smaller landlords buy rundown properties in the midwest or something and make a small rental inco,e off that to start. Buying distressed and foreclosed properties is also common.

You can buy a property and take out a loan on another though, but the bank has debt ratios that they wont let you borrow anymore after a certain point.



It has issues, but as always it mostly revolves around having capital. You can make money landlording, even good money, but it will take most people time to grow their portfolio. A big chunk of time, decades. Which is why in general most landlords are small, only one a couple of properties at most, often just rent out a unit in a duplex and live in the other one or something like that. There are a smaller amount of medium to large sized landlords that own many properties, as well as very big properties.

But for the person with low capital the kind of path to getting really big in a quick amount of time is always beating the market, which can be difficult and based in luck or very individualized insight. You basically have to know either what neighborhoods are about to be gentrified before the gentrifiers are rushing in, or you need to have a really well positioned commercial property or piece of otherwise useless land that some developer is eyeballing or some business really desires to move into. But again, all of this is largely based on blind luck, or otherwise very fortuitous moments that find you very well positioned to know something most others don't at the right time.

Of course, this can be very different with the big whales. Property developers with a lot of money that build huge buildings with the boutique and luxury shopping on the ground floor, the restaurants, maybe a gym attatchment, and then all those residential units above, these people basically create the market for themselves. They can choose nearly unilaterally what area is going to get gentrified or developed, because they're the flag that tells everyone to rush in. It is a rigged game in that way, once you have the money you start setting the terms that causes everyone else to know where to go. If you build one of these big fancy new buildings in an area with otherwise modest traffic, there is a good chance that other property developers look at it and start throwing money in that area too. It can still be the case that a big property developer fucks up and plops some brand new expensive building in an area nobody genuinely wants to move, but these guys also usually have the money to do big feasibility studies and events with the city and other businesses and whatnot to turn everything in their favor.

But anyways, all of that just to say that I wouldn't discount how nice landlording can be as a means of getting steady income or retirement money without doing any work, but it takes time to build up and you most likely aren't going to get "rich" in the conventional sense. Maybe very comfortable and somewhat secure, but probably not rolling in it.


I think for those who can, this is the way to do it.
Charge as much as you can relative to the client, then use said amount to support others.


File: 1608526615618.jpg (28.25 KB, 530x508, 1601386629960.jpg)

What are some basic Excel videos/sources you'd recommend?
I am a brainlet, and didn't pay attention in school about how to use MS Office (or rather Office Libre), and even as an adult I just sort of plunk along without actually knowing what I'm doing…


solid write up fren



I haven’t watched too many videos on youtube so I’ll list out some topics you can look up instead. The way I learned is just by downloading a bunch of different excel files and playing with them. It would also help to learn some really basic programming and data science as a supplement since the longer formulas in excel can get a bit programmerish and the data in the tables needs to be normalized.

The stuff that comes up most often at my work:

Conditional formatting
Formatting in general and making forms
Page layout view
Index Match formulas or vlookup formulas
Bar charts, line charts
Basic functions and formulas like sum, average, conditionals (if, and , or), nested functions
Name manager
Power pivot /power query
Structured references
Vba and macros (just some basics)


What do you guys think about starting a new venture to take advantage of all these closed businesses?

For example, tourism here has dropped 95% since COVID, tons of businesses are just gone, they won't come back at all. A lot of businesses need 80-100% of 2019 travel numbers to be profitable and maintain their old structure, which won't come back for years. Seems like there's an opportunity to catch the "upswing" as restrictions loosen, people return, etc. I just don't know what to do.



Yes I think right now would be a good time to buy some small business if you have the capital to do so as the sellers are desperate to sell. Would need to float it for a while till the upswing and pay the overhead, but I think when I read Felix Dennis’ (maxim billionaire dude) book that was his entire strategy- buy a bunch of businesses on the downswing and sell later after they’re profitable again.

People spend all their savings on homes and shit, this just seems like a better plan. Even marx said the rational capitalist reinvests his savings.



You can check flippa, craigslist, bizbuysell to get an idea of prices. Would need a good accountant to make sure they’re not cooking their books beforehand though, but profits shouldn’t matter much if you already know they’re tanking because of Covid.


Either self employed or form a Coop Structure.

If your self employed and not a coop, when you finally have money coming in form a Limited Liability Corperation to protect personal assets from business assets. So if you get suied it be the company getting sued and not you personally. The moment you hire a worker is when you become petite booj if your going the self employed/LLC route.


Sorry for the late replies, I forgot about this thread

>Based. Is it something you can grow?
Clients come to me spontaneously so I must be doing something right. I have some plans to branch out into electronics. Spending part of my earnings on tools in that direction.

Yeah having a niche is key. But actually what I've been doing so far is Django stuff, not my particular niche. Slaving is the web mines is likely to be lucrative for a long time, even if it isn't very interesting.

Yeah, I try to be as helpful to comrades as I can. It frees up time for reading theory too.


>It frees up time for reading theory too.

This is the main reason I want to escape wageslavery, I just want to write theory. I am that just want to grill pic embodied in couch philosopher form



Actually on recent reflection I understood something very simple that previously I was totally neglecting in other writing on that model. So another downside to the model that I was aware of but was thinking about the ramifications of was that if the coop capital fund gets to a big enough size it could have such a diverse portfolio that the average return on the capital is similar to the whole market, and so adding any other coops doesn’t really give the members more money. More members join with each coop, and if the coops are all various in their capital intensity then you probably won’t see your profit share rise anymore even as more coops come in. I figured this may just be irrelevant as well, because that is effectively the case for a lot of coops which still will grow out of the necessity of competition. Even if the members aren’t making significantly more profits due to new members being given ownership as they enter the coop, the desire to have more cash for the security of the coop itself is another driver of growth.

And while I figured the same dynamic might apply to the coop capital fund, it occurred to me to take more seriously the notion that the coop capital fund’s profits can be used for social goods accessible only to coop members. Like schools, health clinics, gyms etc. as some examples. This could have several benefits, such as generating some publicity for the model and driving more interest in worker coops on the part of people who may want to join for the benefits, and being potentially an efficient way to both use the money and keep it within the coop ecosystem. Downside is a lot of facilities like the ones mentions above would assume the coop members are all very localized to certain places. It may also be the case they’d prefer to just have the money. But I was just contemplating it because I think it would almost be like endogenously building dual power within a tight knit coop ecosystem. It would make more people dependent on the coop fund, but also experience it as a kind of self-directed community project. In a sense it could be an avenue to give autonomy and political experience to members who participate in votes on how to allocate some of the surpluses to new community benefits, and as mentioned before could generally help in building a more closed economy. Contract work could be given to a member coop, for instance.

This kind of resembles how Mondragon has tons of subsidiaries that actually serve Mondragons members, but hopefully the slightly more decentralized angle allows for the coop fund itself to continue focusing on expansion and not necessarily having to worry about the details of how all of its members operate.


Nice lists, but what if I'm a poor third worlder who has no resources to invest? Am I unironically doomed to eternal torture in this inescapable hellhole?



Do you speak any other languages? If you are good you can sign up to italki and teach. Howeber if you are good at english (and you sound like you are, but if you're not perfect it as it is super useful) you could also try upwork though youd need time to build a profile doing some small jobs. Once you get good at middlemanning some white collar tasks you can charge more, force your clientele to liason with you directly through your own business etc.

Ultimately you do not want to hand over control to another platform or booj website. Always wrench control away for yourself.




>Even marx said the rational capitalist reinvests his savings.
I gotta say, there are some real good bidness knowledge nugget from Marx and the gang.


Interesting. I've been doing basically this. Although I still haven't quite gotten front end.
My biggest issue is charging clients. Nobody seems to want to fork over the cash and they'd rather pay others peanuts for shoddy work :/


>they'd rather pay others peanuts for shoddy work :/

Good. Then offer them a "repair" service where you charge $ x % more to fix the shoddy work per shoddy thing and the degree of shoddy.

When they balk at that price, offer them your original offer.


> Watch out for your maoist friends lmao
For real fuck all landlords tho


As an American, what are the best financial steps to do right now in view of the incoming economic depression? Buy gold?


Not everyone can pull this off, depending on time, but online tutoring and just private education in general is quickly becoming a huge market. I've been doing this since I was 18 and slowly built up a client base with good customer service and cut-throat, low rates. Get a couple kids into Ivy League schools and your profile expands several-fold overnight. Now at 25, I mainly do education consulting, match independent tutors with clients for a flat finder's fee, and hire young undergrads to do under-the-table, untaxed wage labour for me. I lie and say it was all volunteer work, which gives them the massive boost they need for college applications anyway.


>>11511 (me)
would like to add that my overhead costs are nothing, as I work out of my own home and do almost everything online. I wake up whenever I want and go to sleep at 4am after browsing leftypol for a few hours. Seriously, if you have the brains to get an undergrad degree and don't mind grinding for a bit to get clients, this is a comfy path for STEMlords and people with worthwhile humanities degrees like english lit and history.


so many of my friends got into whatever schools by paying people to write their essays, its a pretty cringe market considering how easy anything short of Harvard/MIT is to get into if you aren't a smoothbrain


indeed. canadian medical schools and now even law schools are starting to scrutinize all ivy league applicants for this reason. we all know how bad the grade-padding is north of the border, as we get a crap ton of post-grads looking for a higher degree and employment.
that said, there is a clear line between the legitimate companies like mine and the thinly veiled professional cheaters. all of my students were exceptional because I made them that way - no flex



Thats evergreen niche, heard education is good during economic downturns. Broking is a legit model, how come you haven't gone the full headhunter route? I knew somebody who made a lot just being a recruiter for tech companies. The hard part would probably be convincing them you're taking a chunk of their salary for it


Education is flooded.
Then again, make a niche for yourself.


Bros, I have a problem with being lazy as fuck. I can't even stand working my remote job. I make decent money, set my own hours, barely do like 40 hrs of work per month, renting a house and can pay bills, got some spending money.

But I still don't feel like working at all on anything other than writing theory and my hobbies. I want to start a new business, but I really don't want to put in the work to get it up and running anymore. Am I just being a privileged baby or what? Why don't I ever have any motivation? I hate having to spend hours of my life on something I'm not passionate about just to make a "living."


Start a coop and get someone else to run it so you can focus on doing what you like.

Try to turn your hobbies into a job, but as you said you don't want to "work" which wouldn't be a problem under communism because your hobbies are in fact contributions that others can enjoy.

But we ain't there yet. So. Automate what you can, contract out and offshore what you can, get someone else on board and compensate them well, or yeah just suck it up.


What do you work as? I wish I could get a comfy remote job that paid decent. Any ideas?



How does one start the legal structure of a coop? I tried monetizing hobbies once, but I stopped because they kinda kill the passion for it and teaching etc is not the same as practicing. Fucking capitalism is so inescapable it makes my spirit full doomer.

I dont think I get along well working with others, i dont know if its the company im at but wagies get all political and stupid about their jobs.

I didnt apply for remote, i worked in a factory with boomers, made a niche for myself as the technical data guy then told my boss im leaving 'for a few months' and gave him the option to keep me as remote. Made a coworker be the guy to interface between the boomers and never returned. The factory was soulcrushing i couldnt take that shit.

Though u could check out remote.co and weworkremotely


>The factory was soulcrushing i couldnt take that shit.
How so?


>>245 Jobs


gang shit fam, get some bros, steal a truck, ram into a shop and take anything expensive


Bump because this is good


Saw someone mention the "venture commune" idea.
Here's the rundown.


Apple stores (used to be or still are?) particularly prone to this due to their open glass aesthetic and status icon overpricing.


Why do I find these pictures so particularly hiarious?


Maybe because it's the perfectly logical consequence of some completely ridiculous conditions, idk


that's pretty cool. thanks for that


File: 1611499426952.jpg (256 KB, 960x1200, 1607839040428.jpg)

Please fucking help

I recently was promoted to manager at my workplace, it's a pragmatic decision (pay, bennies, etc.) and I fully intend to crypto unionise as many of the staff as possible, start "delegating" (actually worker control/self managment), as well as ideally using my increased salary to support said staff at work (upgrades fucking accounting won't let in).

But I feel fucking shit. Like I am now the thing I'm trying to fight, like an imposter.

I'm trying to be consistent, but shit man I need that company medical care plan for my partner ;_:


Don't think of yourself like that, think of yourself like a mole, a double agent


>think of yourself like a mole, a double agent
Agent Salt reportan in ;_;7


My dude, this is the best thing you could possibly do given such an opportunity. Absolutely based.


Can you have two PayPal accounts? I want to take art commissions but I don't want to mix my safe content with my porn stuff. I don't want anyone to get hold of my personal information such as my address or first name when they pay me.


Middle managers are trash. Read Mark Fisher's Capitalist Realism. The people who are against the system, yet work for it, are usually the ones who are promoted, they show they can think for themselves, but not enough to actually not work there. If you were a danger to the company, and by extension to capitalism, you'd be fired, not promoted. Just like Amazon fired the guy who talked to his co-workers about unions. But now they've turned you into an asset.

Remember Joker in Full Metal Jacket? The drafted college kid who didn't give a shit about the army. What happens to him? The drill sergeant PROMOTES him, because being a lowly grunt was just not mentally stimulating enough and it was a way to subdue his anti-establishment tendencies, by making him part of the establishment some more, not less.

You, as a middle manager, have no choice. You have to follow the orders you're given. What happens when you're asked to fire an employee (prole)? How will you justify that? How will you look a prole in the eye and deny them a raise when you know that money is theirs in the first place and no matter what raise they get still wouldn't amount to their full value of labour put in.

You are not an impostor, because you aren't "trying to fight" anything. You're a middle manager who shitposts on a leftist book binding forum. What danger do you pose?


Yes, you can have a personal and a business paypal account. What kind of art commissions do you do? I've been looking for a leftist artist to do some graphics and drawings for my local activist group.


File: 1613043127694.jpg (56.24 KB, 959x727, mfw.jpg)

Well have I got the artist for you!
>currently doing lewds because it's more consistent


File: 1613119745317.jpg (228.26 KB, 725x960, znlj7nl5ksg61.jpg)

the artist is good, but I was looking someone who does more "dark" than cute. graphics need to be gritty, not polished characters with soft, round faces. I looked through some of the stuff, and there's a lack of anger on any of them. as I said, you can see the artist is very good at what they do, just not what I'm looking for.

pic related is the kind of style I'm looking for. doesn't have to be as detailed, or necessarily skeletons, but similar tone.


He usually has angrier stuff, but I think he realised it turns clients off and, well, artists got to eat :\

He use to have a really badass "socialism or extinction" version with like a red planet with a skull on the other side


>He use to have a really badass "socialism or extinction" version with like a red planet with a skull on the other side
You mean he drew that planet/skull movie poster?


oh ok. I'll contact them, say what I'm looking for and they can tell me. Thanks.


yeah that poster is sick


If you’re a gamer and a college student and living in a dorm so that you’re not paying the electric bill, run cudo miner 24/7 and you should make about 100$ a month.


Will this kill my CPU or GPU fast? I'm poor and wouldn't like that.


honestly? don’t know


/hobby/ doing Business in a nutshell


Mining will kill your GPU, yes, because it is running at 100% 24/7. Mining cards last about a year, depending on whether you overclock them or not. Also, you'd need a good card to make $100 mining, like an RX 570 or above. So yeah, in about 3 months you'd pay off the card, make another $900-1000 before it dies. Take $300, buy new card, repeat, and you've made about $700/yr. But you've also spent time on setting it all up, running it, maintenance, etc. So you have to calculate whether $700/yr. is worth it for all the work you'd be putting it. It's not for nothing that miners fill whole rooms with cards to get a decent return.

You're better off just selling weed to friends. Buy a half pound for $600, that's 8 ounces. Sell 7 ounces for $110-120 each, leave one for yourself to smoke and you're making $700-840 on each $600 investment, plus you smoke for free, plus people will think you're cool. Just sell to friends and their acquaintances, never to strangers, don't advertise on the street and don't carry any significant weight with you except when picking up. Don't do deals in front of your door, have the person come in, or better yet, you go to them. Always weigh out like 0.2-0.3 more on the scale and you will get return customers. All you need is like 10-12 regulars and you can make $200-300/mo. I mean, sky's the limit with drugs, but it's all an ambition/risk trade off and you probably don't want to have more than half a pound at a time. If you don't have plastic baggies, it's hard to nail you for selling, even if you have a scale, so if you're caught you claim it's all for personal use, you wanted a deal on the amount cause weed is expensive, etc. Give people weed in like ripped pieces of supermarket bags, or small jars, or something else, as long as it is not those drug bags, and you're good.


>Give people weed in like ripped pieces of supermarket bags, or small jars, or something else, as long as it is not those drug bags, and you're good.
just keep the baggies separate, like in a different room, No one likes getting weed in pieces of foil or bags lol.


I work as a programmer and created some software, in a year, that pulls in 6 figures of revenue monthly. There are other labor expenses, marketing/sales, but I'm the only one who built the actual commodity that's being sold and marketed.

Pains me that I'm not creative or smart enough to make something without being told what to do.


If you can't create, copy and optimise.

Then release it for free and open source, but ask perhaps for some donations for your time spent tending to it and running costs.

Make a cool program that compares what someone is told is a good deal (say $15 and hour), versus what it could be under a left economic view.


Create some easy consumer grade program that helps people automate their day-to-day computer tasks, etc.


its a coop, so its great if you're part of it. Sadly, its against the interests of it's members to bring more people in, and in their interests to use subcontracting as much as possible.


All the episodes end with a "yeah it's shit, but we can make it better by trying!" theme

But the episode about work ended the bleakest.
Not even they could pretend contradiction between the classes didn't exist.




Start a coop?


Someone told me to sell NFTs because I draw. I was naturally opposed to the concept until this suggestion. Thoughts?


Fuck it, we don't live in a vacuum. And bedsides, when full socialism is achieved it won't matter anyway.


Besides ecological effects, you're unlikely to make any money, more likely to lose money on all the processing fees, if you don't have any significant hype behind you. Most artists who profited were either established industry professionals, over 50k followers twitter artists or insider traders like beeple. Then there's myriads of losers who shelled out gas fees and got suckered never selling anything. Guess who you'd be. Besides, the bubble already burst. https://www.theartnewspaper.com/news/sorry-to-burst-your-bubble-nft-prices-slump-70


>tfw went to school for philosophy instead of economics

kill me.


>tfw dropped out of sci major because i mistook enjoying history blurbs in science textbooks as liking science
double kill me


How much fiat do I need in my 401k to retire in Mexico? I've been thinking 1-2 mil should be fine.accelerationAcceleration


bout tree-fiddy


Depends how you want to live, if you wants kids, and more. 1.5 MM should be enough for most lifestyles.
Shit like healthcare is cheaper, but public schools are utter trash. Public universities vary, but you probably want a private one. Housing can go anywhere from 300 to 3,000 usd a month depending on the area you want to live in, city, etc. More than 3k usd is too much IMO.
Depending on the city, you'll need a car too.

Idk, ask me anything if you want. I'll respond tomorrow.


Are ladies in Mexico hot?


man somedays i just feel like being kramer and trying to open a new business everyday

but then again i got no capital to fuck around with

i have thought about making street food and selling that because if i do it alone, i would not be exploiting anyone much really

start small with a little bit of food and then slowly invest up into the products
this is assuming no gangs exist to bully you out of money



Bros n hoes I need help. I put some chump change in ether around when btc hit $32k. I figured it would just be ethers time and now ethers worth $3300. I want to put more money in but I don't know how much. Can anyone explain to me how to calculate how much I would earn on a specific amount should ether arise to another specific amount? Need some tips here.


In general, nothing special. If you're in big cities and especially the wealthier parts, you'll find more hot people because of the effect money has on attractiveness. Mexico City has a huge "upper middle class", so I'd say that is your best bet.
If you separate your investments you can easily calculate it.


>If you separate your investments
Too much work, but thanks.


I put 10 dollars at x price
and 20 dollars at y price.
It is now at z price.

(10 * z/x + 20 * z/y) / (10 + 20)

I think that solves it.


Just do drop shitting
>pay others to post their poop


what the heck is that


What did Marx say about stocks?

Afaik he was pretty good at picking and choosing them.


I'm currently synthesising "Finding a home for products we love" by Aaron Brough and Matthew Isaac and their main point is

Don't be attached to used goods if you want to sell them for a profit. Make the buyer attached by letting them touch, look and fantasize owning it.chinaChina


That's… That's just basic sales isn't it?


One of their other insights was that knowing or caring about what the used good would be used for can weaken your negotiation resolve and make you a loss. The red point was just a summary.chinaChina


File: 1625496579727.png (1.09 MB, 1278x1086, ui1sbbjfrr671.png)


Something about mushrooms after rain and it being easy pickings wannit


Is it a public company?



File: 1625623423054.jpg (100.27 KB, 654x960, 1qp3smb44sq01.jpg)

I want to start a private security/military/intelligence company, give jobs to comrades and once things get down they'll be ready for a revolution.
The issue is that this is a big investment and I have no money.





This seems good, like a disguised militia. You can start with some comrades and contract out mallcop work. Beat any fash shoppers and confiscate their american eagle shopping bags and distribute to natives


How do you fags cope with wagecuckery if/when you know exactly the monetary amount you’re being exploited? I see my company’s financials and they are minting millions and paying me shit. Really dont feel like working for the pittance, but then I’d be poor


Literally just keep going until you can gtfo or ruthlessly leverage any advantage you can get



guys pray for me. I am down 15,000$ of my life savings and by next week I am doing the riskiest shit of my life to try and get it back from wall st pigs. How you ask? By putting the rest of my mother fucking 15k life savings into it.

My play is to wait a day before earnings and hope to god the stock tanks like a bitch over two days. I am doing all options plays so if this shit goes wrong i will lose it all like I did the 15 grand. I havent slept in days, i am prepping for this like war. If i breakeven i am quitting this shit for good. And yeah i know its classic gambler shit to chase losses, but Im 80% sure i will get it right.

If any of you know the stock market well i can lay out my plan and yall can critique it, or join in if you are ready to go balls to the wall


>I lost half my life savings
>I haven't slept in days
>I'm gambling with the other half of my life saving.
Yup you're going to loose the rest of it too
>If i breakeven i am quitting this shit for good.
That shit is designed to steal money from you, unless you hire fancy financial services that know where all the sucker traps are.
Stop now while you still have the one half left.


I’m thinking I should right wing grift. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, it’s extremely profitable and I know the talking points.


what are you thinking of doing


>My play is to wait a day before earnings and hope to god the stock tanks like a bitch over two days
This sounds mental lol. Stocks go up more than they go down. Why not just do it with a business you think will do well rather than being like FUK DA GABIDALISDS :DDD *loses all their money*


>I’m thinking I should right wing grift. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, it’s extremely profitable and I know the talking points.
If you do that pay your self a fixed wage, and if you make more money than it takes to pay your wage, use that money to pay for mutual aid and socialist propaganda. That way you'll be able to live with yourself.


dis thread though


>That shit is designed to steal money from you, unless you hire fancy financial services that know where all the sucker traps are.
Stop now while you still have the one half left.

Well im going to play it a bit safe until I have confirmation its going to tank. But I think i have the hedge fund plans figured out, this past week theyve pumped tech stocks beyond all time highs setting them up for a big dump when their earnings disappoint. Im planning on riding it on the way down. However just in case I will not buy in until I see strong sings of a dump. But you can look at amazons history and all it usjally dumps after earnings, all the companies are overvalued as fuck right now because people have just been spending all their money printer dollars on stocks. I think it will dip hard next week. Plus the fed meeting is next wednesday and if they announce a taper it will dip harder.


I know but capitalist money is just a bunch of numbers and hopefully ill be up again. Will keep everyone posted.

My plan is to do a stra gle before earnings (buy a call and a put) wait for earnings and if i see a dump i sell the call immediately and ride the put all the way down to 10-20k plus. I will watch the charts like a hawk and if i see a trend reversal I'll sell the put right away and switch to a call.

If Im right and its going to dump its possible i may get out alive. I wouldnt have even gotten into stocks if it wasnt for that bullshit GME thread a while ago here, ive been trying to recoup ever since then lol


>I think i have the hedge fund plans figured out
>ive been trying to recoup ever since then lol
If you had figured it out you wouldn't be recoooping


Maybe grifting on YouTube by duping right wingers and making money off of them and posting right wing memes. The freedom phone shit seems like a really profitable grift and I wish I was invested in that shit cuz the commissions would have been crazy.


Mate you are missing the whole point, the problem is the whole system of capitalism not individual middle managers. If anon actually does the stuff he was saying he would like furtively unionizing the workplace and shit without getting fired then that is excellent, that is praxis. Is it better for the workers to have a reasonable commie middle manager rather than an asbolute psycho abusive one that is fully accepting of capitalist ideology? YES ABSOLUTELY. You need to see the bigger picture here. Hell there was a fucking millionaire communist that supported the KPD, or consider Karl Marx and Frederic Engels, Vladimir Lenin, so many rich people, even porkies throughout history have been communists or fellow travelers, even if the vast majority were completely the other way. Are the uper strata of capitalist society worthy of particular suspicion? Yes. Is it better for anon, a communist to be a manager rather than a worker? Yes absolutely. What the hell are you doing yourself? Communists should be reaching the highest positions in society possible while maintaining their loyalty to Communism.


Who here has experience with dropshipping? I want to hear what you've learned


probably works well since they are both stupid and tend to be high earners


It's a hard hustle. There are many ways to do it. The US market is highly saturated. Other markets aren't as much. You can also do shit like arbitrage, where you sell shit on ebay and just buy it on amazon to your buyer's home.

Beware of people selling you shit related to dropshipping. It is mostly all scam.

It takes a while to understand what the fuck you are doing and not fuck it up. You should expect to lose some money right out the door.


If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?

really trying to square away that's it's okay to make money for revolutionary groups…


>If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?
Yes. We're not liberals here, we are critical of the capitalist system, not necessarily individual capitalists. Most capitalists are trash, but we like some, such as Engels.

If you have a successful business, could you turn it into a cooperative?


File: 1631640125529.jpg (131.3 KB, 660x726, a3XWxfH.jpg)

Are there any books about this?
I mean entrepreneurship and business stuff but from marxist standpoint
And if they're not then what does /leftybiz/ recommends me to read?


no /get/ is gay



fuck off newfag


No, he still gay


so now that the earnings have been leaked, has anyone tried getting into twitch/youtube or content creation and streaming in general?


not me


That shit is really soul draining


koba is based, anhero dramafag




Experienced bizers please give me your tips and experience. I'm interested in trying out some biz ideas I have floating around. Money has always stuck to me and I love experimenting and seeing what works. I am thinking of trying out some ideas with low capital once I save up a bit, something like dropshipping. Basically I want to try out a bunch of schemes with little to no investment and see what's making money. Thoughts?


on what? you said nothing


what isn't though?


Nothing is easy but being an influencer is extra hard and soul shattering. You can work hard and not have to humiliate yourself regularly for money.


you don't necessarily need to humiliate yourself tho


A few people from here have dabbled in it. Koba is still doing art streams I think. But the main monetization model is pretty bad because of how it incentivizes ADHD zoomer consumption habits. I would recommend using something extrenal to the platform if you wanted to monetize, like Patreon.


My father keeps bugging me to play those fucking crypto/NFT games (Axie Infinity, etc.) instead of the games I want to play.
But I don't want to do that, should I really do it or are those crypto games bullshit? If so, why?




File: 1634150651952.png (45.1 KB, 658x662, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't get it, sorry


they're gay as fuck games made with the express purpose of keeping you playing everyday like a goddamn mmo (what they call engaging the players with rewards) by making you feel like your personal token is gonna grow in value when you sell it back to a new player,and you have to pay first before starting
an absolute joke.


>they're gay as fuck games made with the express purpose of keeping you playing everyday like a goddamn mmo (what they call engaging the players with rewards)
Sounds like my father clicking on stupid ads all day to earn a tiny fraction of 1 bitcoin every day
>making you feel like your personal token is gonna grow in value when you sell it back to a new player,
oh, I see
>and you have to pay first before starting
lol, how much exactly? I know someone who's new to crypto and playing Axie Infinity, and this person is practically rich by wagie standards so maybe they didn't care that they had to pay.


Exploitation is necessary for capital accumulation. You need to work within that logic if you want to make money from a business. Eventually you can abolish the whole system when capitalism is overthrown. Of course you can still be more self aware and less abusive than the average small business tyrant. That's my own position anyways.


wait till your coworkers complain about something - anything - and then point this fact out to them casually


>That's my own position anyways.
It's a good one that doesn't scare your average Lib, so probably good for getting them talking.


Embedding error.
These old cute cartoons about capitalism and it functions crack me up, it's a literal example of "On paper X, Y and Z is done and A, B and C happens" But the reality is much different.


Should I get into crypto?


No. Yes anon, buy the dip with us and become a fellow biz chad


My friend got a more than decent earning from it, but he was arguably lucky. I don't know. I just want some money to afford dates, trips and other material desires. I'm not looking for a wage alternative.


It unironically triggers me to hear about crypto because I basically lost billions of (admittedly not very liquid) dollars. I am lowkey overcome with homocidal fantasy everytime some n*rd brags about making 5k off of it.


Anyways disregard that. I would recommend mining or gaining altcoin through means other than purchasing, in order to avoid conversion fees that will lower your chance to break even on a risky investment. I would say just buy a little bit of everything and see what works, keep your initial investment very low and cash out part of it if you make a profit.


Invest in something more tangible, a local business or even stocks. The problem with crypto is that is pure ideology.


Exactly. I suggest Ligma.


nice, i just invested in boffacoin myself


I've been looking for the source of these for years. I think its the same one used in Kapitalism 101 videos, which appear to be deleted from Youtube. Does anyone know the name of the program?


What's boffacoin?


Where's the communist riff on these?


Embedding error.
>the communist riff
It's a cartoon about an idealized version of capitalism, investment and the like, it's not communist, it's just related to the thread.

Here's some others; I think it's a series of pro-capitalist cartoons from the late-40s or mid-50s on the same line as Make Mine Freedom by Utherland productions.
It's Everybody's Business (1954) is similar but not it either: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHDyE954l4U&ab_channel=OldTVTime
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkDUgeIOkLY&ab_channel=TheBestFilmArchives How Stock Market Works | Investing Basics | Animated Short Film | 1957


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File: 1637691151221.gif (2.34 MB, 426x240, wheresmymoney.gif)

>when the client has taken nearly a month to pay my invoice


How do I deduct taxes so I don't have to pay a dime to the shitty US state???


boffa deez nuts


Landlording is the easiest side hustle. Borrow as much as you can, buy houses and let the rentoids pay off your mortgages. It takes no time and it's possible to retire early on rent income.


import is the only smart once since you can just put up cash and make a quick return without destroying your soul hopefully
landlording is too too porky and chump change most of the time anyways, it’s more than just revenue involved


It do be like that
I just want to help fund my local group, but this boomer cunt keeps dogging me >:(


File: 1641088557580.png (974.48 KB, 974x2087, 1631637816102.png)

Start a cooperative or you're getting the fucking wall when the time comes.


This is unironically what I'm doing. But for Airbnb. It's surprisingly easy to get large loans.


If you can't get a loan, another way to make money in real estate is subleasing to Airbnb. I know a guy that does this. He rents about 10 apartments downtown and puts them on Airbnb. It's apparently easy to find landlords that are ok with this.

I don't see why you couldn't have 100+ apartments if you outsource the cleaning.


wtf based. how 2 landchad?


>Renting other people's property to other people.
This is video game exploit tier of a life hack.


Right? Scamchads stay winning


damn, this is brilliant


What are the crypto scams these days? I can't stand working, it makes me want to kill myself. If I can get 50k I would be set for life.


If you know how to code write your own coin, make an ICO and then run away with the money.


Do you actually make more money from Airbnb than renting it out? Including the time to clean the Airbnb?


Isn't this eerily similar to the housing market practice that led to the 2008 crisis?


File: 1642857062355.jpg (81.2 KB, 640x425, 1642815111316.jpg)

should I just take as money as I can from the capitalist game and send it your way?


I work 12 hours every single day in a factory. i only am off on sundays. i have a million chores to do today because i wont have time during the week. I need to go.


sounds fucked



I'd like to start a co-op that manufactures synths with OPM chips and stuff.


that's a very odd company

guitar instruments and anime themed chips? but okay


like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elektron_(company)
synths and samplers with tons of cool effects to musically warp sound in as many ways as you please


I feel like manufacturing synths is extremely precarious in a typical proprietary business model. Designing and building them is just extremely fucking thankless work, both to bourgeois and to consumers even. A co-op model could better compensate and insure everyone involved.


Why manufacture anything at all? Just use a FOSS DAW.


live, hands-on instrumentation
also there's no good FOSS DAW, but that's another thing


File: 1645567597521.jpg (189.18 KB, 1200x1465, moneh.jpg)

what do you guys think of buying precious metals? I've been converting crypto gains lately


It doesn't make more money though. You're also not going to lose all your money, like other business ideas.


It's a good store of value and if you're dodging taxes, then even more based.


>It doesn't make more money though
the silver:gold ratio is way off what the crustal ratio is. like 80:1 compared to 17:1. there's some debate why exactly this is, the most convincing reason to me being that silver is heavily shorted. I expect the price ratio to go back to what we'd expect LTV wise. this means one of four things:
1) the price of silver goes up while gold stays constant
2) the price of silver stays constant while the price of gold falls
3) both prices decrease
4) both prices increase
only 3 is a worry to me and seems unlikely. plus from my point of view this is basically free gold and silver
I could use it to dodge taxes, but it's more that cashing in crypto has gotten a lot harder here because of AML crap. like how do I prove that coins I bought with cash from some random guy at a hacker event years ago are actually that and not drug profits? especially since these coins have since then been mixed


File: 1645715086182.jpg (172.46 KB, 2000x1000, corp-synd soon.jpg)

Okay legit though

If I do start making money as a booj, how do I deal with the dissonance?


donate money to commies. that's what I do whenever I manage to realize crypto gainz




how do you make crypto gains??? teach me


Either go full class traitor or the Warren Buffet pill: You're a class conscious individual who merely follow his class interests.


mine back in 2010 then forget about your coins for ten years


buy them during a dip, price is low rn because of Ukraine, wait for a few months, price will rise in the summer.
I like to fancy im a day trader, whether ive actually made more money trading than just sitting on it is questionable.


File: 1645837229312.jpg (15.88 KB, 500x441, 1522178740945.jpg)

>tfw dad really has 3 bitcoins that he mined in 2011 by leaving his computer on overnight but doesn't have the password to the wallet anymore


hashcat can probably fix that, especially if he remembers part of the password


Just spoke with my dad and he says the problem is that the HD that stored the bitcoin got damaged, something with the read head. Getting the bitcoincs back will probably cost as much as the bitcoins.


you could maybe try and get an identical drive, open them up and swap the platters. build a little clean room for the operation


HDs have to be open is laboratories with special atmospheres.


sure in theory, but worth a try

also 3 bitcoins is $120k so it's surely worth trying to get the drive fixed


what happened?


> crypto collective
teach fellow commies how to make crypto grainz so we can all donate to fellow commie bros


Is now the time to buy Russian stocks? Lukoil is trading at a P/E of 1.



I hate the dumbass “marx was no money” shit. No, he specifically said the higher phase of communism that fit the definition would only come from post scarcity. That’s why Soviet propaganda was so full of space propaganda, we would kinda have to go to space for it.


>I hate the dumbass “marx was no money” shit. No, he specifically said the higher phase of communism that fit the definition would only come from post scarcity
Elaborate, so marx was a monetarist or something?


No. Don't be a retard and don't listen to him >>23312
Russian ADRs are worthless now


No. Don't be a retard and don't listen to them >>23323
Russian ADRs are worthlots soon


i think they're trying to justify the USSR's imperialism



come to think of it, hire a pro to do it. you should be more than able to make the money back


What about ones listed on the Shanghai exchange?


What exactly stock on Shanghai? If you pick stock, you have to pick based on company's fundamentals and the Russian economy is going to face tough future, it's impossible to predict what it will look like a year later. I can guarantee only one thing: the Russian economy will get fucked really hard. Currently the Russian Central Bank FORBADE non-residents to sell Russian stocks to prevent capital flgiht, thus there's a very big non-resident bubble in the MOEX stock market, the ADRs are currently worthless now because there's a big possibility that you won't get shit and Russia will just show middle finger to all foreign investors. Lots of foreign companies decided to exit the Russian market but the Russians didn't like it and forbade to sell their shares. Look up paladium, aluminium, gas companies and all the commodities impacted by closing of the Russian market.. Personally I am invested in ZIM and I advised people earlier to long the stock for several months ahead, I intend to sell 4-6 months later.


Lukoil ADRs are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This might be a way to buy the stock.


Alright that's it! I'm sick of being dirt poor! How can I make decent or a shit ton of money from being a socialist while also doing something beneficial for world socialism? There's gotta be away. One of you here has to know something.


Suck 10 million dicks for $1 a piece


what digital payment app should i use?

i'm on android so google play or should i use my country's popular app?

the recent stuff about SWIFT being banned got me thinking, what's the best e-cash app to use to transfer and get money from my bank account?


I'm getting less trusting of any payment system seeing how banks can get kicked out and accounts seized. Even Bitcoin has the problem of being useless if the internet goes down or there is a big split in the internet eg. Russia gets isolated from the rest of the world.

I'm starting to stock up on gold and silver. I don't believe it will go to the moon, this is just being a prepper.


literally be the biggest porky and extract max surplus value. Then give it all away to proles or setup systems to undermine capitalism with surplus


precious metals are the biggest grift ever considering their value only diminishes with time and in a collapse they’d be even more worthless lol


>[precious metals'] value only diminishes with time
Diminishes less than Western/Japan issued fiat money tbh.


unironically a good idea


fiat’s inflation is controlled by complex credit mechanisms, while metals are pure exchange value and will always diminish in both value and circulation simultaneously


Meanwhile in reality, goldprice.org


they’ve only been going up the past few decades because of prepper paranoia
it’s a pyramid scheme


every day this site reaches a new low.


a commodity’s price fluctuates according to its market
the graph shows a pretty clear boom and bust cycle that occasionally replenishes itself every few years


that miraculously follows inflation and has been moving up (linearly) since 1971. You can't be this daft.


No, it's because the labor content in gold is going up as it's harder and harder to find.


actually i think it’s because of its use in electronics
scarcity is a non-factor to any serious marxist


Why? Marx figured out alchemy or something?


File: 1648981756737-0.png (50.63 KB, 855x733, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1648981756737-1.png (260.75 KB, 600x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck off with your gold and silver, goldbug-ancap-/pol/erinos. Tinman gang.


aluminum and tin are what it’s about



Do you think this is a wave worth riding?


Does anybody here have any experience with opening an online store? I've started learning about web development, so that I'll be able to create my own website for selling things eventually. I was originally just gonna set up a shop on etsy since that seemed like the easiest thing to do for someone with little business experience, but that was before I realized how shit that site is. Do you guys think it's better to create your own website for this kind of thing, or is it best to start selling and building up a customer base through sites that already receive a lot of traffic like Amazon?


Create your own site
Sell digital goods that cost nothing to make
Learn how to game places like Amazon etc., to get you over the "starting out" hump
Spend more on data based marketing then anything else
See if you can even break even by the end of the next financial quarter
Don't forget to set up a "not illegal" tax minimisation strategy such as registering businesses in low tax states as pty ltds.


also you don't need to have an automatic payment system, you could always handle orders through e-mail or something and receive money through direct bank transfers and/or crypto


What's the best country with an upward developing economy to open a business in? I've been hitting the gym as hard as I can lately and realized fitness trainer certs are real cheap comparatively to basically anything else in health care thus I'm considering getting the fuck out of the nightmare that is America and trying to open up some gyms somewhere expat and crypto commie friendly. No, I'm not trying to be somekinda globo-gym ala Dodgeball bourgeoise swine in the 3rd world parasite. I just wanna live healthy, help the locals, take care of my self and employees and live decently away from the rot that is the west.


>What's the best country with an upward developing economy to open a business in?


China?? Maybe one of the more rural regions? You'll always be that "one white guy" though.


Any countries or regions in particular?

Buddy guess what? Not everyone you talk to on sites like this is white. You ever think of that?


> You ever think of that?
they never think of that. that's what makes it a klan chan


File: 1657214933239-0.jpg (147.9 KB, 1200x1274, P6302298-crop.JPG)

File: 1657214933239-1.jpg (503.08 KB, 921x1200, P6302301-crop.JPG)

small update on my stack


Looking like a good little haul to help fund local orgs when the time come.
Also kinda cool to look at and handle I'd imagine (in a tactile/kinaesthetic sort of way).


File: 1657258355882.png (262.27 KB, 499x405, 1632435938467.png)

Actually while I'm here…

Has anyone here tried to get precious metals from old defunct tech?

I know there's a period where it's re-sale value is as good or equivalent to it's material value, then a small window where it's just shit, then it tips over to collector value being greater than the raw materials.

I'm also aware that one can "value add", like taking a board and cutting it into jewellery for example.

Yet from what I've read, it's almost never worth it unless you have scale, and it's so toxic you're basically needing to get enough to fund your own cancer treatment :\

Just thinking of how to help a few groups self-sustain without having to constantly beg for donos, and before they need to start relying on other avenues that'll just probably not be worth the risk.


File: 1657269309196.jpg (191.46 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

for now it's just to hedge against inflation. also yes, shinies are nice to fondle and look at
look up sreetips on youtube
with zero chem knowledge it might be better to scrap electronics and sell the gold plated stuff on ebay


Is it possible for you to create an LLC and claim you're not self employed you work for the LLC? Or would that just put you into an even larger tax?


interesting, thanks.


itt Engels'


Engels was already from a rich family.
These fucks want to "escape wage slavery" by becoming petty bourg and kulaks.
>the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general


File: 1658246336713.jpg (264.32 KB, 1280x960, shrekels.jpg)

I got some Shrekels today


Incredible, thank you.


I've been thinking of getting some soon.


>nooo, you have to suffer!!!
You do enough suffering for both of us. If I manage to escape wage slavery, I'll send you thoughts and prayers.


the premiums on them are a bit high, as with most non-bullion rounds. else I would have gotten more than just three


Bros what do I do with savings? I have like 30-40k saved up. Its not enough to afford a house so what else do people do with theirs. Im not gonna put it in stonks because thats capitalist shit. Whats the point of even earning then if its just going to sit there.


30k is 10% down on a 600k house. You should seriously just buy a house, though maybe wait for the oncoming recession in 6-18 months

Anyone thought of making lewd games on Patreon it seems easy af and people pull in so much cash as a side hustle. The gay space only has two popular games so it wouldn't even be hard to get a niche with a sizeable fanbase. Tfw can't draw though, only write and coding.


File: 1658288455182.jpeg (22.4 KB, 450x450, 1636953877709.jpeg)

How do I invest?
What's the rich dad poor dad investing method?
Do I just walk to a hot dog cart and say "I can give you X amount of money for X% of your earnings?"


Guys I'm seriously thinking about starting a rental truck business, like just copying uhaul but undercutting the fags. Found some cheap moving trucks. Uhaul charges a 1300$ just to move one state over, with those rates I could recoup the cost of the truck in like a few weeks. All I'll have to do is rent some commercial space with a reasonable lot size and I'd vinyl wrap the truck saying 'we'll beat any quote' and I'd be in business.



You mean 300k? Theres no house near me that cheap, but yeah Ive beem waiting for the next crisis for years now


You'd need some kind of stock in return. stonks are probably easier, but if u wanted to do that real porky way you'd need a lot of capital. Then you'd buyout so many shares in the company you'd get a controlling interest. Or I guess you could do the hotdog cart way but might be easier to just do loans.

You can also do hard money loans for real estate. You lend to private developers that are trying build a house and if they successfully flip it you get a cut of their jib.


what kind of phone payment app should i use to make savings
any recs?

should i use local one so if ever a russia type happens, i will still be able to use my money?

should i use one that gives me the most savings?

or should i keep shifting and suck them all dry of the coupons?


i want to start a company that makes as much money as amazon. what kind of spin on ecommerce can you think of that could get just as big?


what? If you want banks have safety deposit boxes that you can just put cash in. Otherwise if you keep savings at home in a safe/gold etc you risk getting robbed.


>You mean 300k? Theres no house near me that cheap, but yeah Ive beem waiting for the next crisis for years now
Just go somewhere where the houses cost 300k then. My parents bought their current house for under 300k 3 years ago and now Zillow says it's worth mid 600k.


I'm going to agree with >>27124 on buying a house. or simply work less
index funds, then a fraction of that in stocks


i'm taking bout apps like google pay and apple pay

there are several of those in my country


>what kind of phone payment app should i use to make savings
Acorns in the US


scam or real? getting paid to exercise

has someone tried it


I don't know, buying stocks of a local bar or a corner store seems silly.
I don't want it to be a flat loan, I fear it'll come off as predatorial.
>index funds, then a fraction of that in stocks


It's one step closer to LaborCoin so I guess it's okay for a meme?


index funds are safu. find one with a low fee. then you can risk a fraction of that on stock


It does seem like index funds is what I want.
Once I start my new job I try to save for a small investment.


Tech companies add in thier employees' employment contract a clause regarding stock options– basically, giving them the ability to sell their shares in the company at a predetermined date. They own a percentage of the company but dont get a seat on the board of directors.


You buy in stock on the stock market through a broker.
Btw you should read "The richest man in Babylon" .


After reading about index funds I'm only interested in passive investments, the stock market is too autistic and too much hard work.
>Btw you should read "The richest man in Babylon" .
Looks interesting, I been meaning to read rich dad poor dad, how does this one compare against it?


Good general books recommendation?


File: 1660911166839-0.png (521.21 KB, 600x600, RR3217-0002.png)

File: 1660911166839-1.png (626.63 KB, 600x600, RR3217-0002R.png)

The USSR made gold and silver collector coins. They're more expensive than mass produced gold and silver coins, but they're not as expensive as most collector coins.


gold coins usually have decent premiums, especially if numisfags are uninterested in them. silver premiums tend to almost always be terrible
I also think platinum is way underpriced compared to gold, the same way silver is underpriced compared to gold. could be that gold is overpriced tho


I don't want to get a full time job, but I desire a commodity

What are my options brehs


Buy a used older model of the commodity like all us plebs do. If its obscure enough just buy and flip a few for a small profit till you can afford one


my problem is that i need money

i am of course buying an older and cheapest version of the commodity

i really want to enlist for those product testing, research, fuck ass groups but i don't know how to get in them

you get paid to just blather on how you FEEL about things


Make some money/big business already fuckers. Money is better off in a communists hand than it is a capitalists. Even if you make a trillion dollars, and donate 100b, its more than a capitalist has ever done


I signed up for the google one and occassionally they give me emails for a 100$ fuck-you money survey but I never go.

Heres the link https://userresearch.google.com/


Is this the dark marxism general?


If you're a good communist, you're good at business.


thank yuo anon


What can I buy to profit off of the most when America and the west collapses? Do I buy rubbles, yuan, Venezuela's petro crypto or something else? The west is obviously going up in flames soon, I'm just trying to get ahead of the curve and profit


Not at all.


A plane ticket to China


VGHHHHHHHH… Massive crypto recoveries…


poomp eet



has anybody heard of this system before?

I don't understand teh economic implication and goals fo the indian bourgeoisie with this
It sounds too good to be true for now, How is this different than whatever method the US Google Pay and Apple Pay

When the Ukraine War happened and SWIFT shutdown Russia, Were they still able to use their internal country's payment systems, If I use Google Pay UPI and something like that happened would I still be able to use domestic payment

Digital Payment is so confusing and feels hella insecure but it's the most convenient too,
How do anons conduct their payment affairs?


Also how does this system compare with Venom and PayPal
are they the same or worse

I heard burgers have something called "Zelle"


>I don't understand teh economic implication and goals fo the indian bourgeoisie with this
It's the same as the bourgeois of every other country, if you control cash you can control people invisibly.
Here in medellín the metro only let's you in if you have a card and with that they basically banned people on precarious situations from ever using the trains.
Now with payment services like those you mention business can soft ban poor people.


Is there any way to fight back?


Yes, jump rails.


What's so hard to understand? It's a national inter-bank automated wiring system, like Fedwire in the US or Interac in Canada


do you guys use paypal for international transcations?
is there a better alternative

i heard they close your account for random shit, chargebacks, elon musk 🤮🤢


what's a wiring system, i've never had a bank account


do people use this for like regular payments like a candy purchase

ive only heard of wire transfer in old movies


So are Credit Cards >>> Debit Cards?
If you don't get addicted to shopping and are responsible with it?

You get

>Porky's money to play with

>If any farud happens, porky has to worry, your actual money is safe still and can use to buy food
>You get benefits

<Easy to get money lust and fall into debt trap

I don't have a job but some money, if I get one without an annual fee, I'll get one because I don't see myself as spending what I don't have

I just want the additional security that my debit card doesn't offer


Credit card churning is a legit way to make free money. Sign up for cards with sign up bonuses, get the bonus, close the account and move onto the next card. There are lots of tutorials on the web about credit card churning.


Wiring is a name for transferring money directly from one account to another over a long distance and in a short amount of time.
It comes from the days of telegrams which helped facilitate long-distance banking.
Wiring is used for personal transactions or larger business transactions mostly; if you're buying something retail you'll probably use a debit or credit card where there's a middleman like Mastercard or Visa handling all of the details, or something like PayPal or Stripe.


bing points, you get like 5 bucks of an amazon card if you help the interns fake searches

>one of the searches today was "italy's first woman pm"

i immediately searched her name with fascist as well

that'll show 'em


doesn't it make your credit history bad if you constantly open and close cards?

but I have definitely thought about doing this myself, just too lazy




Anyone here ever worked on freelancer sites like Fiverr or Upwork?


I've used them, and they're exactly what you expect.

Honestly? They're not going to be a "living" unless you manage to leverage them into social media/audience.

So if you're thinking about it, just do it for the experience and be proactive. Create a portfolio and reach out to people you want to make stuff for, give them a freebie/gift.

And minmax your price, like $300+ for good work you create, and like $13 for cranked shit your just AI or copy. 30% payment upfront always to filter out the scammers.

You want fewer but better customers/clients that you can, in the long term, pivot or leverage into getting off those sites.


The only way I can think of making fiverr profitable is just finding some free programs online to do a task for you in like a minute or under and then listing it as a service on fiverr.

Like just saying you'll edit their photos and bulk feeding them into a photoshop preset or something.


Does anyone know what the limit for refund scams in Amazon is? I know if you file a police report you have better luck, you can score a free ipad or something that way.


Thank you anon. I'm gonna give them a try. I'm just looking to make some money on the side, as I live in a third world country with high inflation and can barely make it to the end of the month. Turning it into a full time job would be a long term goal but I don't know if it's plausible.
Yeah, that would be interesting.


Remember, if you're going to do business you've got to think like a real capitalist i.e. Don't believe the bullshit they say is business', look behind it as any good commie should.

gl anon :D


What market socialist small business are you running out of the Yugo kiosks


A cafe and promote it with the gimmick that it's so small


book café. offer coffee, cookies and pamphlets


International newspaper shop


Ive seen a lot of ice cream shops run in similar sized places.


How do we survive the upcoming depresssion? Im scared anons. Most likely we'll all lose our jobs and I dont have enough savings or unique skills to survive. Im guessing all our labor would become surplus cubed with all the competition that will flood the market.


On a personal level it would be smart to get a better job. No one has "unique" skills, you just need to find something to do that isn't "unskilled".


It's a good organizing opportunity.


>How do we survive
>Im scared
>I dont have enough savings
So is it "We" or are you going to continue being an atomized lone individual who doesn't engage in collective struggle and offer mutual aid solidarity?


charity begins at home


Ive never had anyone help me outside of pure parental obligation or a job they were paid for, communist or otherwise.


Then be that change.


why, what would I get in return? The keyword in mutual aid being mutual. Otherwise it's charity and fuck that noise. There is noone doing real mutual aid in burgerstan, once it collapses it will just be a dog eat dog hellscape.


>what would I get in return?
And there it is.


File: 1674517126060.jpg (1.17 MB, 1600x1200, combibar.jpg)



brb creating a import business to ship in massive amounts of 4-methlypregabalin and fluorphenibut cuz I like α2δ ligands and China
>finna do a reverse opium war


why are they stamped with the symbol of Syrian Social Nationalist Party/


File: 1674536572962.png (94.48 KB, 700x400, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a Swiss refinery


I know its a meme, but should I get some lira in case the Turkish economy gets better?


Why is this thread still up? Pure amusement?


Yes I work on Fiverr. Make around $1-3000 a month.

I do mainly copy editing. The admin fees are insane (20%) and they even garnish your tips too. Very difficult to organise against it, because at the end of the day it's all about your position in the stack so if you get thrown off and have to start again, your rating and position starts again too, which means starting with low prices and having to work your way up.

Fiverr, you set up your "stall" and let clients come to you. Upwork is the reverse, clients put up a job and you and a hundred others swarm with offers. You can get work on upwork, but it's a demoralising after sending so many offers and getting nothing. Both are very alienating platforms on the whole though, but it does allow me flexibility and work from home.

As the other anon said, It's imperative to get your clients off the platform, but you've got to be sneaky about this. Posting in the chat box, "hey give me your email so you pay me direct" will get you thrown off the platform, but "can we have a quick chat on zoom to go over your order" and then during that chat, if you have a good relationship, let them know that it'll be better for both of you if you can pay direct.

Also, when you do get a regular client, you can charge them MORE for each order. If they like you, then you're taking out the hassle of them having to search for a worker each time they have a job. So, I would think of first orders like an introductory offer and then raise the price after, when they start asking for custom orders etc. This works better with serious business people than individuals.


How many hours/week do you work roughly?


>This works better with serious business people than individuals.
How so?


probably 20 or so. although I'm kinda always "on call" to answer requests from people

It's more of a general sense. The thing about fiverr is that you have people looking for high quality work for the lowest possible price. Like I said, if you're a business finding the right people is a task in and of itself. Individuals want a cheap job in and out. Businesses want that too, but if they want repeat orders will realise the value of paying more for the right person.


File: 1675651101183.jpg (28.08 KB, 400x400, Pepe-Lawyer.jpg)

Droppin a hot money minting cash cow- a lot of you anons with spare time on your hands can make bank by being a chad leftypol litigator troll.

A lot of companies will just settle for half or so whatever you sue them for in small claims. Its barely 200 or less to file and you can sue up to 4 times a year. If you sue 4 times for 10k each, you can have more savings than the average burger in a year. Some companies have arbitration/mediation clauses which are different from regular court (they are even easier).

All you have to do is gather or drum up 'evidence' which is basically just gathering all documents related to a transaction. For example if you're renting a place, plant some evidence of pests or other hazards and sue them for it after you get evidence the landlord did nothing. To be truly based sue your landlords, airBnB, banks, Google, any enemy of the left etc. For example I intend to arbitrate with aBnB for 10k after they didnt return some of my money.

If you wanna be a real chad, self study law and sue them in actual civil court and self represent for yourself to save money. They will shit themselves because hiring a lawyer costs a shit ton and will be eager to settle.

To get started go on your local courts websites and see what documents are available to file. Then file the motions, affadavits or whatever to build a case and sue the shit out of some capitalists. Report back here when you win.

If you win a judgment, freeze their bank accounts to collect whats owed to you.

If I ever end up broke, my plan is to do this full time.


very cool. thank you pepe lawyer


Am I imagining it or did we have a crypto thread? Also wasn't everyone shitting on crypto intensely after FTX? Why arent those voices saying a thing about it now? Anyhow it's having a slight moment and I wanna talk about it


GPT killed my side hustle now I have to suck dick for cash again fml :\


r u 4 real?
Maybe you could get more stable employment by being a life coach or listen to your clients. You could also make them suck your dick for cash y'know. You can only suck so many dicks.

Also know your worth. You're probably undercharging.


How do I start learning about finance? Is there a good Intro book?


I bought $10 worth of BTC, wat do?


Wait until line goes up


buy some more and order estradiol


File: 1707538426700.png (335.17 KB, 1287x881, 1632443542682.png)

I have been unable to find a job in the last seven months and more and more I'm thinking of starting a business.
I have no capital but I'm thinking of making baked goods like cake and pies but I have no idea where to go to sell them.


sounds cute, post baked goods :D


File: 1709371335067.png (3.16 MB, 1706x1706, floppy ig.png)

How the fuck do I monetize a website with 6-7k weekly readers? bruh im unemployed



I approve of this thread, more classpilled petty boogies.


File: 1709374018204.jpg (86.08 KB, 946x944, 1694325581922123.jpg)

I remember reading this comment a couple weeks ago and being filled with unease.

And then I got laid off.


>And then I got laid off.
dang :(




don't worry anon, just try keep applying for jobs and get back on the horse.


sweet bro time to turn that beer money side hustle into a grindset while putting off dr. appointments!

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