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I have never seen a show cause more butthurt on /tv/ than this. What are leftypols thoughts?


Just started season 2 this show is amazing so far.


I have seen a lot of right wing normies try to cope and say the show makes fun of everyone. But nope, the show is pretty firmly leftist just like most good media.

One valid criticism i did see on /tv/ is that the show seems to lean on black mail over and over for solving shit/advancing the plot.


I noticed that too but I don't think its unrealistic thats how things move in the corporate world.


looks like capeshit to me

I don't care if it's supposed to be serious 'n sheet, this nonsense has got to stop. you don't have to rely on characters in spandex to tell a story. US culture is turning hard to strict stylization without any of the dignity you usually get from stylization


Haven't started the show yet but I read the comic a couple months ago; looking back on it I think it's okay. It's definitely a product of the post-9/11 era. I was too young to be seriously affected by that event, so a lot of Garth Ennis' attempts at sincerity kinda fell flat for me. It's hard to take anything seriously when you have things like Jack from Jupiter getting cancelled for having orgies with trans sex workers or Black Noir's rape baby bursting from the womb of Butcher's wife, alive and with laser eyes. Any commentary on the US military industrial complex gets squandered by Ennis' own quaint patriotism. I've heard that this is more apparent in War Stories, but that's pretty far removed from the kind of setting The Boys originally took place in. As far as capeshit satire goes, I'd probably place it third next to Marshal Law and the Rick Veitch's The One.


Oh, and it shouldn't go without saying that Darick Robertson's artwork is an acquired taste. His tendency to go off-model can be jarring for some, but I think this along with his transition to digital color, it works. If I had read this at the same time I read Transmetropolitan in high school a decade ago, I would have absolutely fallen in love with it.


File: 1608526614828.jpg (187.59 KB, 1280x720, endless trash.jpg)

Agreed, I refuse to watch any capeshit on principle for the last like 4 years.



It’s funny to me to think that Alan Moore has been lambasting capeshit for decades and it’s only gotten more popular. I was never a comic reader, so this has all just started to annoy me in the last 10 years. I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to have your career based in comic books, be loudly criticizing the proliferation of super heroes throughout the medium, only to have that continuously elevated until half of mass entertainment is just capeshit. Moore must have accidentally unleashed this demon with whatever magic bullshit he is tampering with.


Garth Ennis gets meme'd a lot for his outspoken hatred of capeshit, though. He originally pitched The Boys to DC using their characters. When DC said no, they put him on Wildstorm instead (an imprint of theirs that had become known for creator-owned titles). It was cancelled after six issues because.. have either of you read it? The plot revolves around a guy joining a clandestine CIA group to get revenge against the superhero who wronged him. All of the members of this group have similar intentions and so together, they set out to kill as many superheroes as they can. There's commentary on capeshit becoming the pop culture zeitgeist (including the comics industry's role in exploiting and propagandizing certain things and people) to weapons research being used as a cudgel for US imperialism in general (similar to what the US Military was actually doing in the late 90s/early 00s). There's even a great flashback scene where the corporation responsible for the mass production of superheroes trying to field test a bunch of their "prototypes" at the Battle Of The Bulge during WW2 and failing spectacularly. There are jabs at Marvel, as well: the X-Men exist as the G-Men, and The Boys' equivalent of Professor X is a literal pedophile. There's a whole arc dedicated to their extermination by depleted uranium bullets. I'm not sure how much of this has made it into the show (again, I've yet to watch it), but if that doesn't interest you then I don't what will.


>One valid criticism i did see on /tv/ is that the show seems to lean on black mail over and over for solving shit/advancing the plot.
I mean, what else can they do? They're up against a guy who can kill everyone on earth, the only way for them to handle it is to appeal to his narcissism.

Rightoids seem to not understand satire, just like they think Starship Troopers and Warhammer40k are unironic. The Boys makes fun of liberal IdPol as well but from a clearly leftist angle, but maybe /tv/ thought it was their show because they did that.

It makes fun of capeshit. I'm not autistic enough to seriously debate whether or not a capeshit satire counts as capeshit but it's way more than just "superheroes but if they were real".


I think they sufficiently updated the comic in the show, it definitely does not feel like a post-9/11 or Bush-era product. Actually I like the show a lot more than the comics. If you think the comic was "okay" you'll probably enjoy the show. Spoiler: unlike in the comics The Boys don't shoot up Compound-V so they have no powers, putting them and the audience in a perpetual worm's-eye view, forcing them to improvise and be creative. Many of the characters are also given an actual arc instead of the cardboard versions from the comics.


I really enjoyed it and i don't bother with capeshit in the last 6-7 years.I'm just a sucker for the "the villians are off the chart strong and can kill anyone in a moment's notice" trope oh and the conservative/alt right dynamic in season 2



> I'm just a sucker for the "the villians are off the chart strong and can kill anyone in a moment's notice"

Yeah I watched some of it last night and was getting anime vibes. I guess I associate that trope with anime. Like the villains just look insanely powerful at the start but slowly become more vulnerable until the protagonist finally gets their revenge. It’s a fun trope.


Talked about it on the /tv/ thread a bit.
TL;DR: I don't like the show because it's crass and does the same edgy "superheroes revealed to be dirtbags" trope that was all the rage in the 90s. There are some parts I liked, but I wasn't all that enthused.

It makes /pol/ seethe because they're morons who think political satire is aimed at them and only them and can't bear to reflect on themselves, because they'd melt into a puddle of goo from their own toxicity.


Honestly, some of the best political satire of the period. The main political Aplot of the first series is very post-9/11, but the Bplots work so well and the second series is some of the best stuff i've seen about the relationship between the media, the alt right, traditional conservatism, and corporatism that might actually exist (remember, it's only been 4 years since that shit started). I mean there is a bit [Spoilers] where the literal personification of american conservatism starts fucking a literal OG nazi and it is just perfect. Like it somehow manages to make REALLY OTT political statements while just not making them feel handfisted, like because the characters are so well developed that even if you analysed it purely as political archetypes, you can read any interaction as metaphor and proper character development.

I am interested to see where they take the !NOT AOC char, if she turns out to be a corporate stooge/controlled opposition, I think it wont stick the landing but it is 1 million times more interesting than anything the right could critique her for. Personally I think the line will be she was a vought baby that broke the conditioning and now just wants to get revenge.


Oh yeah, and Queen Maeve's entire arc for season 2 is an amazing critique of corporate "pride" culture, it's incredible. Like you never actually get to see that shit called out for what it is.


>The Stormfront actor is Jewish


File: 1608526618101.jpg (72.91 KB, 640x960, 1489403413873.jpg)

They reduced Vas aka Love Sausage, one of the few actually good superheroes who was a great help to the main cast throughout the whole run, to a seconds-long cameo and a throwaway penis joke.


File: 1608526618225.jpg (336.01 KB, 1000x1544, 1598399730015.jpg)

>I don't care if it's supposed to be serious 'n sheet
lol what

It's made by someone tired of superhero shit. The original comics though, the TV show is bad.


I loved Vas; his death was kinda weak, though.
This sequence was great.


>tv show is bad


I haven't finished season 2.
Some criticism with spoilers:
I generally liked this much more than normal capeshit stuff. The profit motive of characters was good and fresh but also lacked better presentation. The CIA is "good" or has good elements that want to fight terrorism instead of creating it and mainly destabilizing third world countries. The shining light which sounds like shining path is shown as bad when they killed their parents and trafficked people, but are also liberators. This is the common trope that communists are dangerous and criminals, which is kinda lame.

Overall, I've enjoyed it.


File: 1608526626467.jpg (112.04 KB, 600x900, 1593215608836.jpg)

Yes, that's what I said.


>It’s funny to me to think that Alan Moore has been lambasting capeshit for decades and it’s only gotten more popular.
Even worse, his brand of deconstruction pretty much spawned the "serious" wing of the capeshit spectrum, a significant chunk of the entire industry. Capitalism finding a way to recuperate critiques at its most sublime.
pic unrelated


>I guess I associate that trope with anime.
Any examples ?only hxh comes to mind but i don't really watch japanese micky maus


>tired of something
&ltmake more of it but ironically and self conscious, that'll show em
we should know better by now


>an amazon original series


Tbh The Boys isn't ironic, ironically: it plays most of its stuff pretty straight.


Honestly I feel like it's pretty obvious that it's less about superheroes but celebrities the way they portray the Seven. It's more like "what if celebrities had actual power" instead of "what if were superheroes were celebrities".

I dislike edgy shit too but whenever they are crass, it kind of lands, like, you never get the feeling that they're exploitative. It's the right amount of edge that carries satire - like, the fact that Stormfront is a bona fide Nazi is actually kind of hilarious when it's revealed.


Heh, if they portray totally-not-AOC as a plant they're actually far more left-wing than I gave them credit for. Not sure if they're going for this, the reveal in the end felt a bit like a forced cliffhanger.

There is a Russia subplot in the comics so hopefully they're not going down the Russiagate road, that would be disappointing.

Yeah, and visibly Jewish, no idea why they did that.

>The original comics though, the TV show is bad
The TV show is better.


They won't do Russiagate, in part because they have Stormfront do direct media manipulation that Russiagaters thing Russia does.
>Heh, if they portray totally-not-AOC as a plant they're actually far more left-wing than I gave them credit for. Not sure if they're going for this, the reveal in the end felt a bit like a forced cliffhanger.
"AOC is a corporate plant" doesn't really land IMO, "AOC is an idealist trying to fix a unfixable system" is a better take, but that's obviously not what they are doing now. It could also be a "AOC has realised to fix things she needs to do accelerationism", which is interesting but does not reject the real AOC.


>Communist supe has the biggest dick in the universe
but yeah it sucks that they did that
i kinda feel the show is lib


Russiagate is just propaganda.

also what is AOC I thought tht was referring to the president candidate but apparently not.


File: 1608526637674.jpg (248.21 KB, 743x1074, azula3.jpg)

Azula would fit right in this band of psychos


>i kinda feel the show is lib
They're taking the shit out of libs too, especially corporate IdPol.


Yeah, there's literally a point where they just shit specifically on Joss Whedon


Really? What episode(s)?


The Joss whedon bit is episode 3 of season 2, but shit like that is peppered throughout.


Welp everything that shits on capeshit and is of quality deserves a reading.
Tx for the recomendation!
Godspeed anons!


that is true
but they are making fun of everything so even potentially themselves is not exactly out of question

the beginning made me also think that it was leftist or something i.e the concept of the show being that everything in capitalism is a commodity and how vapid it is and the first episode begins with hughie's girlfriend encouraging him to ask his boss to get what he deserves for his labor and the boys being some underground armed resistance group against the giant corporation and supes

But as the shows goes on it starts to feel lib.
Billy's killing of supes starts being developed to imply that it is toxic and destroying everything around him and hughie starts to doubts his ways

i.e the classic lib take of well killing is actually bad, reform can actually be achieved!

the entire reputation being important which causes the blackmails against politicians and supes to work aspect in the universe is also what makes me feel it is idealistically lib. in the real world several politicians got caught being friends with epistein and literally nothing happened to their reputation.

Sure the nazi cunt being stomped was based as fuck.
And of course in the end where the reformist progressive politician is shown to also be poisonous and actually just a plant for vought implies otherwise although one could argue that many american liberals do see such aoc type politicians also as dangerous as rightoids and plants for russians or someshit so this could be just a projection

It's all nothing concrete. Will have to see where the show ends. This show at it's core is anti-capitalist but I'm very confused as to what it seeks to imply the alternative or solution is. It feels cynical and I guess that's the point

Don't know anything about Garth Mcinnis or the guys who developed this show so I could very well be wrong about it being lib


It is a burger show, i don't think it can espace being lib entirely, even if the creators wanted it. Still i think the main message is quite clear. I especially liked how black capitalist didn't mind even using a nazi as long as it was profitable. That is quite commie-pilled i'd say.


Yeah, this was the one thing S02 really botched. Love Sausage was one of the best character of the books.


Looks like love sausage will show up in season 3


Given how season 3 was green light before season 2 was even released im pretty optimistic this show is going to get based now that they've established everything. I still want to know Not AOCs role and if she's really a plant for Vaught.


I hated him. He is a walking shitty stereotype.


>omg epic soviet penis man
cringe, glad he was left out.


He was a massive comrade regardless.


i read a spoiler for this comic's ending for billy butcher le tragic ending and it is moronic

in the comic billy is a massive prick so whatever

but i fucking swear the show better end with billy tearing and ending shitlander literally apart in the most gruesome hateful way and then retire peacefully somehow or at least with a happy ending

i hate that the nazi cunt survived. what the fuck are they going to come up with some weakness for the both of the Nazis??
you know what he should do is train his uhm "wife's son"
and use him like that baby he used in season 1 when he was trapped in vought labs and laser eyes garbagelander to death with his own son

kill him with his own misdeed
cheesy but kino ending

also still don't understand why the politician chick was blowing people up
is she working for vought? what is the implication???
is there another secret organization inside vought like hydra?


>i read a spoiler for this comic's ending for billy butcher le tragic ending and it is moronic
spoilers for comic ending: black noir is homelander's clone; his sole purpose is to kill homelander if homelander goes rogue and, I dunno, attempts to overthrow the US government. this didn't happen at first, so he went insane. all of the events in the comic are implicitly caused by black noir so he can fulfill his sole purpose of killing homelander. billy has gone his entire life thinking his dead wife's rape baby was homelander's but no, it was black noir's. throughout the comic's run homelander gets increasingly bored and eventually decides "to do what he wants"—this includes overthrowing the US government. homelander and black noir fight in the white house; homelander dies, black noir is wounded. billy finishes off black noir by carving out his skull with a crowbar. that's not where the comic ends, though. billy can't stop butchering, and gradually kills off the the boys one by one until it's just hughie left. hughie, who's had a highly contentious relationship with the boys from the start, decides to confront billy. they meet at the top of the empire state building, of which billy is threatening to bomb. billy gets a rise out of hughie one last time and forces hughie to kill him with a piece of glass to the heart. flash forward a couple months: hughie gives one last ultimatum to vought and makes up with Annie. the end.


There was one joke that had to do with his dick in the whole comic.


if they do that twist or that tragic liberal ending in the show it would be so fucking stupid

the dickless wuss new guy ends up surviving and getting the girl while everybody else dies

"you either die le hero or live long enough to be le villain"

billy should really kill every major powerful supe or neutralize most of their powers with the exceptions of trusted allies

that is the most logical conclusion

they're all killing superheroes or actively helping in doing it
if any of them suddenly become pacifists next season or butcher ends up becoming the villain i will drop this goddamn show

i would literally have no problem if they do any other twist like
"omg starlight is actually hughie's long lost sister and he gets depressed and becomes a lumberjack"
or that "the entire show was actually a dream billy had after falling asleep on that christmas party he went with his wife to vought"
or that M.M is actually a figment of frenchie's imagination


They're not gonna go for that, because in the show Homelander has a son so that's Chekov's gun. Plus we've seen show Black Noir being too weak to be Homelander's clone, and he's taken out by an Almond Joy, and his face is fucked, he is their Deadpool knock-off.

Plus most people hated that ending in the comics.


I feel the poster missed that Butcher did that stuff because:
Butcher literally wants to genocide everyone who has Compound V in them with a gaseous bioweapon released globally to remove the threat of supes from the Earth forever; he's been planning to do so for a looong time.
The problem with that is in the comics is that V is literally everywhere; plenty of it's practically in the water as toxic waste; meaning he'll genocide most living beings as a whole; not to mention he and Hughie are V'd up in the comic too
Butcher is fine with this because it's worth the price in his mind, idk, I think it's kind of in character, but it's waaaay over the top and edgy in all honesty
So Butcher kills all of The Boys (and Love Sausage man) because he knows they'll stop him (but also because Ennis was being edgy LOL)
So he and Hughie who's not been killed yet end up facing off on the Empire State, where Butcher is threating to detonate all of the bioweapon bombs around the whole world, not just bomb the building;
I honestly hated that all of the other Boys died in this ending, and I thought it was stupid, but Butcher just being that fucking awful kind of made sense to me.

In any case, I don't think the show is going that way at all.
Butcher is if anything constantly making compromise and growing as a person, even if much of his deep-seated isn't just whisked away.
In the comic however, he was wholly without compromise.


thank god
if black noir was the guy to takeout homelander in the comics
who was supposed to takeout black noir? did he have a brain chip or something


That's understandable. The only time in the show Billy really felt evil to me was when he hammered that kid from sixth sense.

There wasn't much else to do with that character since his kid doesn't really care for him or anything but damn that scene was graphic with him begging to butcher to spare his life in exchange of him helping to find his wife but he still just kept bashing his skull onto the sinks. He had to do it to 'em.


Oh man, I completely forgot about the bioweapon stuff; thanks for reminding me.


They never explained that. Maybe they thought that a confrontation between Homelander and Homelander's clone would destroy them both, which sort of worked, in the comics you have Homelander slowly losing his mind because he is blackmailed with atrocities he didn't seem to recall, including some horrifying shit like eating (!) a family, which drives him over the edge to the point where he storms the White House, killing the President, and then Black Noir reveals his secret identity in the Oval Office but also seems like a complete nutcase, in that moment Homelander realizes he could have been a "good guy" so he immediately attacks his clone, seemingly severs his arm off with his laser eyes. The next time we see them is Black Noir coming out of the White House seemingly having killed Homelander but being half-dead himself, with a part of his brain hanging out of his skull. He then gets shelling by an entire US Army division with special anti-V ammunition, and only then Butcher is able to finish him off by destroying his brain. Butcher is strong and jacked up with V himself but Homelander and therefore necessarily his clone are ridiculously overpowered and it takes a half-dead Homelander clone being shelled by artillery having half his brain exposed to finish him off.

A brain chip or some artificially built-in weakness seemed to be a most logical contigence plan, in the comics they keep a nuke next to the room in which Homelander grows up.



Check out some of the lower star reviews there, those people are very dumb. Constantly bemoaning "leftist propaganda" in season 2 but how season 1 was political flies right past them. The main villain is literally called Homelander who wears an American flag for a cape and holds speeches on a Christian festival about how he's gonna punish America's enemies, how the fuck is this not political? Plus, they complain how the show inserts forced "diversity" into season 2, I don't think they are understanding how they make fun of corporate work culture as well? Maeve's coming out as gay is literally commodified into a candy bar, do those people think that this is supposed to praise shit like that? Also this constant bemoaning of "this show divides us" and makes things more "polarizing when we need unity", Christ, how sensitive are Americans? It's a satire what do you think satire is supposed accomplish? Also there is one guy who gives it a 1 star rating simply because they took the shit out of teachers being armed due to constant school shooters in the last episode and there one that thinks Stormfront represents the Democrats because Democrats hate people based on the color of their skin.


corporate woke culture*


comic was genius (and a lot more hardcore than the show), but, well its garth ennis so ofc its gud
only seen season 1 so far, was very good, hope it doesnt eventually become garbage weak libshit, but they handled starlight great so far


Im into european comic (am french), and garth ennis is one the very select few US comic author I actually like and buy his shit.

> I'm not sure how much of this has made it into the show
the show is much more tame, but there are still a lot of epicness, and as the plot is pretty different you wont be spoiled by your knowledge


lmfao that's fucking wild

so season 3 is going to either start introducing anti-v weapons or the boys taking the v compound themselves

does the prick have disturbing mommy issues in the comic too?


i'm watching the youtube story version of the comics because i don't have a mouse and scrolling every 10 seconds with a track pad is annoying
currently at the part where the legend guy is telling hughie about the origins of supes

the way people were complaining about lamplighter getting killed so soon in the show i thought he was alive for long in the comic but he just got shown in one panel dying as peace offering


none of the mommy issues exists in the comics, he also doesn't have a kid. This entire storyline never happens there which leads me to believe that we will get a very different ending. Also, the Homelander in the show seems to be smarter and more cunning than the comic version.

Yeah but he'll come back for a brief moment as a zombie. Vought sometimes resurrects superheroes who got killed with Compound-V which turns them in zombies who are then dressed up for a photo op to give away the illusion that they're still alive in the eyes of the public. but yeah, I've read that even the showrunner regretted that they killed off Lamplighter so quickly.


>scrolling every 10 seconds with a track pad is annoying
Ever heard of a spacebar?


Being a Gr*ngo is being mentally diseased.
One can only lose the Gr*ngo condition by knowing basic shit and the role of Amerikkka in the world.

A comedian I follow complained that the show practically doesn't give a fuck about killing supes in S2 focusing more in having investigation plots and big reveals that doesn't alter the plot in the absolute (showing the sense of apathy that one can sense in the streets, if not recall Wikileaks, the Epstein airplane, etc,etc.)
It was a good way to show how they resurrect those fuckers in the real life comics as the Stan Lee allegory put it in the comic


File: 1608526674803.jpg (382.29 KB, 1112x1200, FLWChicago.jpg)

Amigo you've know way of understanding just how bad it is here in Burgerstan.

Let me tell you this:
There was this girl in my class in High School. She was in this thing called 'The Gifted Program;'
I believe this program has its origin in Victorian era eugenics, and it cordons off students who are tested to be high-IQ as a sort of absolute inverse of 'Special Education' for the (literal) retards.
We were in AP English class, that's 'college-level' in High School classes (i.e. normal HS level in any other country).
We got to the unit where we were learning about satire and read Swift's A Modest Proposal,
and this student who is at the highest tier within American education, who even has the IQ meme and everything, reads the work and takes it ""wholly at face value"".
Completely incapable of perceiving the satire in one of the most blatantly satirical works ever written, while in a class actively teaching what satire is; believing that Swift was, in earnest, ""advocating for the cannibalization of Irish babies as an official proposal"",
and not criticizing the fact the English may as well already be, or are already well on their way to, doing that to them given the shear monstrousness of their colonization.

Perhaps it is idealistic of me to claim, there is no statistics to back up a material assertion on the matter, but it truly seems to me that the average American is incapable of comprehending satire in any form,
I do not know if it is cultural or educational, as I cannot materially prove this either, but I believe it is an assertion that most would agree with based on shared experience.
Additionally, rightoids claim oftentimes "It was just a satire bro" when they screech nygger at any old walking-negro, but this is, if anything, a rejection of even attempting to understand the concept of satire,
done in order to smokescreen their being retarded as actually being "intellectual," even if it is not remotely so.

pic unrel.


Not a day goes by where I don't fantasize about an alternative future where Frank Lloyd Wright didn't design for suburban America. That pic looks like an office building done in the prairie style of architecture; just gorgeous. It reminds me of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which was designed by Kenzo Tange of the Metabolist movement.



damn thanks anon


it's good they really made fun of brands in the most recent season, the lgbt shit had my sides


>Not AOCs role and if she's really a plant for Vaught.
Dangerously based.


he put the D in the C, as in Democratic Centralism


Fuck the Gifted Program, all my homies hate the Gifted Program. Do you know if you talk to most any burger with knowledge of this they will fervently defend the segregation of students into different ability castes? WHICH IS ALL BASED ON SHITTY ASS IQ? GRR. People implicitly know the education system is absolute garbage for most people, but this shit gives bourgeois parents an out to identify their shitty kid as special, and be able to hoard the scarce educational resources onto a small section of the student body.
The irony is that this shit doesn't work, studies show kids will learn more by being all integrated regardless of ability, the kids who are singled out as "gifted" just learn to give up at the slightest adversity because they couldn't possibly need to struggle to learn something.
Rant over, sorry for offtopic post.


>Fuck the Gifted Program, all my homies hate the Gifted Program.



I don't remember too well, but when I was in second grade they put me in retard segregation for a day because I would ignore everything the teacher said and stare into the abyss.
Then I guess I did well enough there that they took me out and gave me and IQ test, I got a big number, and then I got put in the 'gifted' program for the rest of my days.
I don't necessarily know if there really is a Bourg element to the 'gifted' program, but it is absolutely an exercise in IQ-based segregation likely with roots in eugenics (if I had to guess)
I would definitely agree that 'gifted' did absolutely nothing to help me nor my fellow students in it in terms of developing intellectual capacity, but the program also did get more resources than the rest of the school:
great efficiency there, eh.
If you were in the program of course, you would get priority if you applied to go on any field trip or outing, which is some real IQ-based caste shit.
I always did pretty shit at half of the gifted stuff anyways and was always really bad with socializing compared to the rest of my 'fellow ubermenschen,' so I'd guess my 'magical big number' was more a side effect of a certain spectrum if you would.
Or some other manner of non-neurotypical disorder; I would say they should have kept me in 'special' for some help instead of 'gifted,' but I doubt they actually help all that much, and just serve to keep you cordoned away from the normals.

Pic unrel again


File: 1608526692049-1.jpg (84.18 KB, 534x800, ImperialHotel2.jpg)

Couldn't agree more.
That is an actual design from the man himself for the National Life Insurance Building in 1923-25 that never got built.
The few buildings he designed that weren't suburban houses commissioned by bourgs were truly splendid.
Makes me think how nice it'd be to have Soviet style mass-production of real Prairie stuff, that doesn't abandon FLW's actual style and aesthetic.
Folks here are quick to judge him I feel since he did do mostly suburbanshit for bourgs, but it was his intention to build stuff for working folk.
Just couldn't actually work out that way due to material conditions.
An architect is allowed to be a bit of an idealist damn it.
As long as they're not a fucking NAZI like a certain Herr Speer.

sage for off-topic


Respectable Ted talk anon, I liked it


Physic major Chads, could Homelander have saved that plane? Or were the passengers doomed the very moment he got onboard because he didn't give a fuck?


could have saved it if he hadnt lasered both the control panels and the people with the knowledge to use it. Sadly he is so lazy, complacent and stupid he dooms the whole siuation in seconds


I'm watching s1e5 and i've been ignoring most plotholes and odd moments and coincidences but I can't stay silent anymore. Why was there the footage of landlord dying in popclaw's apartment? Did the crew hand it to her? For what? Why was it on tv.


The Boys has installed bugs.


Hughie fudged the cameras in the apartment, including the smart TV, I'm not a tech guy but A-Train must have accidently pulled up the footage.

Now, where the real fuck up is, it's pretty damn sloppy to not come back to the apartment, uninstall everything, and delete the footage. They must have known A-Train or literally anybody at Vought would come back and check her apartment out if she would defect, right?


i've seen nazifags unironically agree with stormfront's white genocide speech, just a perfect encapsulation of these people missing the point


Am I the only one who cringed whenever she said race? Not as in the acting or writing is bad, but in character it sounds kind fucked?


They got buttmad cause the boys fucked Stormfront in the ass.


They actually took it from these rightoids themselves.
I think you would have same visceral reaction if any internet nazi said that shit irl.



at first i thought "oh they fucked up naming her stormfront", then i saw it


I'm honestly really curious how Garth Ennis came to be aware of the oldest neo-nazi forum on the internet—assuming that's what the name is in reference to.


Still, why would the footage be saved on her tv? I thought it the boys tapped it on their laptop, why would it move from laptop to tv? Also, in the beginning, why would Vought seek to compensate Hughie and not Robin's legal guardians like her family which we don't hear of at all? He's just her boyfriend, almost irrelevant legally.


There was a secret camera teddy bear filming everything. Nobody noticed it.
Hughie was fucking with the security webcams. Not the teddybear.
I think yes, he could've, but as you say, he was a lazy bastard and fucked shit up.
They were bribing Hughie to STFU, not for anything legally. If it were in this reality, I don't even think it would be legally binding, but that doesn't mean lawyers wouldn't pressure you to sign it anyways and threaten you if you break the NDA. Presumably, they also bribed Robin's family, if she had any.

I liked The Boys. I'd definitely recommend it. Curiously, a friend who likes cinema as well as trash avengers movies didn't like The Boys. I don't get why, this is clearly superior to any Avengers trash. For me, one of the best series I've seen this year. Granted I don't watch too many.

The political commentary was usually on point. The second half of the second season progressed a little too quickly, but I think it's fine. I liked it anyways. The characters are great, lots of character development, etc. The political commentary is also really fresh, with fake AOC, Stormfront, fake feminism, etc.


i assumed it's pretty common knowledge to anyone who knows american far right politics


>We are in a war for the culture.
Seems like a perfect encapsulation of these annoying suburbanite /pol/yps. "It's not breads and circus if the massive multibillionaire Fortune 500 CEO is a part of the volk."


>Curiously, a friend who likes cinema as well as trash avengers movies didn't like The Boys.
It's because the political commentary and the more subtle elements of satire flies over their head, but they know deep down that it takes the absolute shit out their favorites so they dislike it. It's the normie consoomer equivalent to when you try to present /pol/yps actual theory and they react like "you are trying to deceive me with those big Jew codewords!!!"


I mean, I don't think the bit about the "pray the gay away" hero being gay himself is that subtle.


I like how some time after she said this they took the boy to fucking Vought Land. This is the culture they're "defending". And "bad guys want to hurt just 'cause of what we look like" the irony truly escapes her. Guess this was intended. Watching this show honestly felt like an exercise in seeing how the writers will write themselves out of this, their presence was palpable sometimes, but it was enjoyable nevertheless.


He was completely right about trying to catch it not working. It's a common point made about superman, just like catching a falling person somehow being less destructive than hitting the pavement with the same deceleration. Planes are not designed to be caught by somebody. They hold themselves up by the landing gear when on the ground, and you need 3 points of contact there. In order to lift a plane you'd need 3 supermen to grab the plane by each piece of landing gear.

But if he didn't blast the controls they could have just flown it. Modern planes are not hard to fly, and usually just use autopilot. The human pilots are basically there in case the computer can't handle it like with self-driving cars.


File: 1608526775499.jpg (185.51 KB, 1300x956, C31NE1.jpg)

They're not that hard to fly, you only need to at least read a thousand page manual to familiarize with all the controls.


Commercial jets are literally on autopilot 99% of the time, including landings and takeoffs.


That doesn't mean you can just take the stick and wing it. You couldn't have had even protract the landing gear.


You can literally teach someone to land a plane through an intercom, Airplane was accurate.


So with Biden winning the election, and the last two seasons building on a Trump-style America, and the third season probably being about totally-not-AOC being a corporate plant, plus the return of Soldier Boy being a disillusioned cynic, this show might accidently hit the zeitgeist again with the third season.


Ugh, my homeric epics. This is what they took from me? :^)

In that sense, Moore is just an old grouch that can't own that he and Miller wrote two of the 80s best superhero comics. (Also, have anyone seen Born in Flames? The technique in The Dark Knight of having this tv news inserts seems to be have been inspired of that film.)

>Capitalism finding a way to recuperate critiques at its most sublime.
No, it's just esthetic.

Alos, brands aren't anything mystical. Just because someone is having a product etc it is not a religion. If you think it's a religion, it sounds like you're sad that the old religion has fallen aside.

And the origins of brands is just a function of larger societies. Back in the old days, you hanged your wares outside the shop. A broom maker a broom. A cobbler a boot and so on. And from that it's easy to make a metallic or wooden representation of the goods. And this was in a society where you could know pretty much everyone in the manufacturing process.

But when you can't do it, it's important that you have a brand that guarantees that the quality will be even.

Therefore, hanging goods outside the store or having a brand is nothing stranger than a road sign. But who is talking about "road fetihshism" or "reification of roads"?



Not the person you are replying to but I think the fetishism of branding is to actually treat brands as some kind of natural phenomenon of society

>But when you can't do it, it's important that you have a brand that guarantees that the quality will be even.

Right, that's why Apple's electronics is so desired & the branding so well known. Because of the quality is far & beyond anything else out there on the market.


AOC as a corporate plant almost makes me think the writer is a tankie lamo.


More like the writer has eyes.


what did he mean by this


The episode where they kill the whale made me sad.


The killing of sea mammals is a bit too edgy for my part, feels a bit like South Park. However the Deep works as a comedic relief imo.


God can you imagine the horny that is going to come from !NOT AOC being the focus of the series…


The Deep in general is handled really well IMO because it's showing what actually happens with the metoo/cancel thing. Those people don't go away, they just become jilted has-beens with a drive to try to redeem themselves and perfect material for groups like scientology. The dying animals is edgy and offputting but I think it helps keep the audience from being endeared to The Deep despite the shit he goes through. It's harder to find someone sympathetic if even when they're at the low point they're still being abusive and causing harm through their negligence.


Honestly surprised that shows like it and "The Expanse" and "Mr Robot" are even on Amazon Prime.


Amazon Prime outbid netflix on very specific shows so they can get the prestige. Remember the first major work of alt history of the Golden Age of Television was Amazon Prime…


Apparently Jeff Bezos personally liked The Expanse so he got it for Amazon.


Homelander soyjak.


The New Mutants is also trying to pull the same thing as The Boys but not as well TBH. A lot of dumb shit in it, though the effects are decent


Reviving the thread!
I watched this show this week. Season 2 was incredibly boring, I loved the butcher-MM-frenchie trio in S1 but I just didn't care after that. Hughie+Starlight scenes were also incredibly boring. I don't know why so many shows make main characters so fucking boring. At this point i'm just watching it for the Homelander, who is my new >LITERALLY ME character (and they had some decent plot twists tbf). One thing that pissed me off and what nobody ever talks about, is that fucking twink Hughie throwing away check worth 45 grand. I think since he didn't even go to the bank, Vought didn't even lose that money. He could have given it to random by-walker and instantly improve their life, pay for someone's medical debt, pay for someone's collage, lift a family out of poverty or just donate it to save some African kids but that fucker just rips it apart. How am i supposed to respect him after that?

Also if you go to the subreddit, the show is mostly liked by democrats who think that they're some sort of radical leftists. Producers probably fall into that category too.


>New Mutants
I gotta say it bores the fuck out of me. I'm not really into The Boys either but it's still better. There's another similar DC TV series that has Brendon Fraser voicing a Robot containing the imprinted mind and memories of his character - an 80s racecar driver that died in a crash, but the brain got preserved.


File: 1632581179746.jpg (407.76 KB, 2048x1536, E2o8RT3WUAAgn9K.jpg)

Looks like for season 3 they'll be doubling down on the political implications.


Also, they did some funny song with the A-Train actor:


Gives you some 2005-2010 vibes.


>i'm just watching it for the Homelander, who is my new >LITERALLY ME character
That is concerning anon.
>Also if you go to the subreddit, the show is mostly liked by democrats who think that they're some sort of radical leftists. Producers probably fall into that category too.
I mean, it's reddit, but they seem to be pretty oblivious to the fact that they also took the shit out of Democratic woke politics. Producers are probably somewhat liberal but they are not too on-the-nose with it. I mean, "AOC" literally turned out to be a master villian.


>Also if you go to the subreddit, the show is mostly liked by democrats who think that they're some sort of radical leftists. Producers probably fall into that category too.
Agree with >>19863
I thought it showcased how rotten and insane capitalism/capitalists is/are, and how powerless people are. It really drove the idea that no leader can really fix capitalism, and no scandal is big enough to make capitalism collapse.

Also that everything is manufactured, from AOC to heroes to wars to public outrages. The AOC bit was really prescient, she hadn't yet betrayed her constituency as blatantly and openly as she does now.


>DEEPER Ted Cruz


I only watched the first season but it was kinda fun


One thing that bothers me is that they use touch screen phones which i don't know if there are burner phones with touch screens but regular android/iPhone phones would expose their location easily to a corporation of super heros.


New fake ad for The Boys is out. By the way, "Liquid Death" is a real company. Honestly there is tons to unpack here, I love it.


File: 1667836878157.png (72.51 KB, 420x412, Orc bonk.png)

No horny


I thought I'd post Death Battle's Omniman vs Homelander here, since its relevant and kinda a decent video


This was probably made in a lab to be as bad of an attempted subversion of superhero media as possible
I'm actually hatewatching it for that reason
The dialogue is very quippy and can be slightly funny at times


>made in a lab to be as bad of an attempted subversion of superhero
the original material was better (and edgier), but theres still plenty of good critique in it (they even critique rainbow capitalism and cooption and neutering of popular struggles)
I usually like garth ennis works and their adaptation


The original material was absolute garbage


as opposed to the neutered tv show lol?


It's less edgy but they gave all characters more layers and development. Deep and A-Train are basically extras in the comics.

It's a good show but the writers seem to struggle to tie things together very well, season three finale was such a letdown.

Also, fuck Garth Ennis. The guy is a hardcore cocksucker for the US military.


Omniman is ridiculously overpowered, but let's be honest Invincible is pretty bad compared with The Boys.

Also I get the feeling that they nerfed Homelander in the show compared to the comics.


>Also I get the feeling that they nerfed Homelander in the show compared to the comics.
Powerscaling these kinds of shows never actually makes any sense. "Who would win" is only really interesting if you are trying to come up with a story.


i like invincible but only if you read it as "what if saiyans were featured in western comics" and not as "superman but LE BAD" which makes the characterization of omniman a bit more compelling


anybody watching gen v? i like it so far


They should have just made a series about Irredeemable instead

But I just looked that up and apparently Invincible came first, so, eh, never mind I guess


It's better than I expected it to be, but they already announced s2 is in production and I'm fully expecting the season finale to just be a reset to the status quo where nothing substantial happens.


The finale of Gen V wasn't bad at all, and it wasn't a reset. Better than the usual finale of The Boys that usually fails to tie things together. They are doing their own thing while still making enough references to the main show to keep fans interested.

I haven't heard anyone of those young actors before but they are really talented. Cate might be one of the coolest young villains I've seen in capeshit in a while (well The Boys is more of a satire of it).


Also, it's often hard for mainstream productions to find the right mix between humour, gore and story - for example, Deadpool fails miserably regarding this. Gen V does a good job here.


The ending of Invincible really feels like the MC started some sort of space UN bullshit lol


iirc he's destined to become god emperor of the universe, so this is just his young libcuck phase


God I hate superhero comics.


I wasn't expecting much so I was pretty surprised how the finale turned out. Hopefully s2 doesn't end up floundering.

When it was revealed he and nolan had royal blood or whatever I was just tapped out of the comic at that point.


I was watching some of the new Invincible the other night, the episode where the dimension hopping smartman made a big machine to concentrate all his other selves into his own mind. I have some questions. Maybe they answered some in the show, but I was high so I might have missed them.

1. The secret government agency oversees teenage superheroes. Why? Why do people think this is okay?
2. The secret government agency sends an unstable teenager to investigate an energy surge? I guess in this world the likelihood is that its super science fuckery but why aren't the cops handling this shit.
3. The unstable teenager bursts right into a situation where he has no idea what's going on or why, and even though he nor anyone else seems to be in any immediate danger he starts a fight with two people for no other reason than he's in a bad mood. This results in thousands of deaths. Why wasn't literally anyone else put in charge of this?
4. Brain guy doesn't want "his utopia built on blood" and stops the procedure for no reason, directly causing thousands of deaths instead of just one which might have happened if he'd just done nothing. If he's so smart then what the fuck is that all about, especially when he had the power to just send all the blue guys away instead of just letting them beat Invincible to death.
5. How does anyone think that a massive explosion and hundreds of deaths, hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, and the destruction of all that other dimensional technology, the culprits, and any evidence of what was happening is an acceptable solution to the problem?


>why aren't the cops handling this shit.
To busy busting some union or killing some black guy is my guess


>4. Brain guy doesn't want "his utopia built on blood" and stops the procedure for no reason, directly causing thousands of deaths instead of just one which might have happened if he'd just done nothing. If he's so smart then what the fuck is that all about, especially when he had the power to just send all the blue guys away instead of just letting them beat Invincible to death.
Yeah, that was incredibly stupid, especially since he can do his portal shit to avoid unwanted attention by just putting the machine in some uninhabited dimension. There was zero reasons for it to happen in the first place.


>he starts a fight with two people for no other reason than he's in a bad mood. This results in thousands of deaths. Why wasn't literally anyone else put in charge of this?
Actually that is not true. He followed the Cecil order to stop it. He even asked what to do first.


I remember him talking to cecil, but did cecil tell him specifically to go in there, start a fight, and smash everything up, because I thought he went in, told them he was there to stop them, they were like "make us," and he was like "I was hoping you'd say that" because he's all pissed off about his dad going to get space groceries.


binged gen v a bit
kind of put off by the generic school young-folks-figuring-themselves-out angle, it's just tired as fuck with all of the usual cliches


Oh shit I had completely forgotten about that. Invincible has very strong 2000s liberal vibes.


More or less. Besides he had contact with Cecil all that time and he never told him to stop. So i imagine he was all for it. Which at least maks sense, after all being extremely paranoid is his job description and when you see shit like that, with two dangerous criminals who are also technical geniuses, you start to think "doomsday device" so it's safer to just dispose of that than to start asking questions and miss the opportunity. After the murder of their version of avengers/justice league and betrayal of omniman i imagine his mistrust and paranoia are off the charts. So i at least understand where they are coming from. The brainman on the other hand was absolutely fucking moronic.


It really does. Mostly it's a teenage drama tho.


File: 1699326931939.jpg (13.6 KB, 228x296, Athf911.jpg)

>superhero doing illegal as shit work for a secret unaccountable government entity
hey wait a minute

>Publication dateJanuary 2003

Yeah, I thought so.


The way I get it is that they were making fun of those cliches by contrasting it with gore.
>young people figuring themselves out
You mean like becoming a genocidal mass murderer like Cate? That's a bit away from the norm.

I think it's fun and I will stand by it. Sometimes it's better than The Boys.


>Hopefully s2 doesn't end up floundering.
After all the show is kinda dependent on The Boys so it sort of comes down to whether they fuck it up in season four. I hope they don't take anymore Temp-V, it makes Butcher OP and takes away the fun from the superheroes vs underdogs theme. It was fun for one season but if the Boys can easily overpower every superhero except Homelander, then what's the point of the show. They already fucked up with A-Train and The Deep by the end of season three with their storylines culminating into… nothing? And why would it be anything different, they are completely useless now. At least in season two The Deep beached a whale.

Also, Cate and Sam will be in the Seven in season four, won't they?


How is it making fun of cliches by contrasting it with gore? The mass murder stuff also plays into school shooting paranoia which some teen dramas have also done. The superhero stuff in this is just an add-on tbh.


I can't handle the time investment of a TV show, but my friend mentioned to me that the villains are apparently Patagonia wearing SV bourgeoisie, which I like


im reading the comics and theyre even worse than the show lol
billy butcher is even more of le epic cool guy, and literally walks into raynor's office and fucks her in the first issue
hughie is even more of a loser nerd with no real reason for his role in the story


>hughie is even more of a loser nerd with no real reason for his role in the story
wait for it


wait for what



oh yeah and it trivializes the war on terror and stuff like gitmo while moralizing within this basically fairy tale


File: 1705107694257.jpg (520.52 KB, 1280x1967, 1701562595160.jpg)

Season 1 is a pretty good adaptation right up until that final scene where it's revealed she's alive. Then the subsequent seasons just got immediately worse as an adaptation, and also got a lot dumber. Amazon saw it was their only real big streaming success so they immediately started to draw out the story lines, pad out the plot, and commission a whole bunch of spinoffs. It's exactly the sort of thing that all the Vought and Seven stuff in the show is making fun of. They really blew their load early.

>Becky is revealed to be alive at the end of S1

>this means she went along with the whole superrape/superrapebaby thing more or less willingly
>this also means that Butcher now has no motivation to hate supes other than "he just does"
>now the story is also saddled with the rapebaby having lived too
>and then Becky dies at the end of S2 anyways so what was the point of it all?

>Hughie was traumatized that his last girlfriend died as he could do nothing to stop it

>Starlight 200% needed his help as she was very clearly outmatched dealing with Homelander
>yet she started bitching about the power-up that made him strong enough to nearly kill Homelander and stop being useless for no reason
>they threw in "brain damage lol" to make her correct
>then Starlight gives compound V to Female because she wants powers for the exact same reason as Hughie

>Butcher never brings up Starlight murdered an innocent man to steal his car

>could drive a wedge between Starlight and Hughie
>Butcher actually thinks that’s a good thing she did even though his whole character is about hating supes abusing their power
>Starlight has the gall to complain about Hughie working with a murderer when he works with Butcher again

And on and on. Say what you want about Ennis or the comic, they ironically do a much better job on consistent character work and consistent plotting.
With all the changes the ending with Hughie and Butcher is gimped too if they try it. They didn't put enough focus on their relationship.


Best scene unironically.


the only capeshit thing i've seen that looks remotely decent, and even then it looks kind of mid


>Ennis or the comic, they ironically do a much better job on consistent character work
They are cardboard characters, that's why they are "consistent". Honestly saying that the comics had better character development is laughable. The characters in the show are way more developed, how can this even be debatable. Homelander alone, but also Maeve, Starlight, Butcher. Deep and A-Train practically don't have speaking roles in the comics.

You complain about plot holes, which is fine, but this a satire show right? And for that their writing is pretty gripping. Like, if you dislike the jokes, the story is still overall not a bad one.

I also liked that The Boys didn't have power from the beginning. It creates a much more interesting dynamic, instead the Boys being stronger than anybody except Homelander and beating everybody up, there are underdogs as normal humans having to try ingenious and creative ways to stand a chance against superhumans, with like blackmail and exploiting weaknesses.

I liked season 2 and 3 as well, except for the last episode which was shit. And season 4 looks as well.

>spin offs

Yeah but the Gen V spin-off actually worked and did it's own thing by still making references to the main show.

>only successful streaming show on Amazon

You can not be serious about that. It prolly blew up the most, that come on.


Checked and based take


Just caught up with it, and I liked it, though season 3 was a drop in quality.
Whole season is getting a weapon to killing Homelander, they find him, and at the end neither him or Homelander die – almost nothing really changed except stuff in the beginning of the season and a few stuff in it.

Overall: nothing beats yugioh gx in super hero shows.
Except in length, The Boys atleast doesn't over stay it's welcome, (but still fuck the 1h episode format).

It's much better than you think it is.
Super hero media, like horror movies, just make me dredge to watch them since of how underwhelming they can be – but this one was better than I thought.

Is the comic good?
People say it sucks because it's just a anti-hero wank fest, which makes it interesting in the sense of calibrating a comparison scale for shows that critique their genra.

Shout out to this anon who was the only person to post in this thread in 2022, only to just say, "No horny".
A shame this board is so dead.


>Whole season is getting a weapon to killing Homelander, they find him, and at the end neither him or Homelander die – almost nothing really changed
It was just the finale that sucked, also A-Train's and The Deep's storylines were nowhere. Rest of the season is as good as the other ones.

The reset they did at the end of season two and three is annoying but else can they write this when it's a show based of excessive stimulation and everyone knows Homelander or Butcher can't die before the end of the show - which goes for five seasons as stated by the producers. Next seen is about the election, just in time for the real one, let's see where they are going with this. So far the social commentary has been up to date and isn't afraid to throw heavy punches against rightoids and libshits just the same.


It's more crass, it also shits on corporations and celebrity but in a more vulgar way. I prefer the show.


>it's just a anti-hero wank fest
And that is what makes it BASED.


>It's more crass
To rightoids leftism is "when SJWs" so saying that rightoids think The Boys makes fun of "leftism" is fundamentally misunderstanding the level of their political ignorance.


They could've at least committed to more changes.
Like how the fuck did Mave survive? Soldier boy was pushing it, but mave got blown up.

I was enjoying season 3,(until half way in which I was kinda getting bored), but the ending sucking just hurts the season in retrospect, (at least for me).

(Also, I didn't know it was going for 5 seasons, so that's nice, especially with following up on the commentary).


Maybe when I go through vagabond I'll check it out.
I don't think I'll prefer it to the show, but it'll be a nice source of inspiration for anti-hero hate.


Just started watching. It's already made pretty clear how it is merging satire of superheros in art/culture and cops, and the Vought International presentation/speech is making me sick in that way an effective critique should. It feels like an Ancapistan private security force wet dream.
I'm not going to pretend the premise, the concept of superheros as powerful corrupt figures or copaganda is novel in itself, but they're exploring it well and that's good to see. And of course, modern high production eye candy and sugar is fun.


How the hell did they manage to get Assad to act the landlord?


How did they manage to copy Captain Jack Sparrow in something so gritty?


/co/ 2006-2018
>wow Totally Spies is just an excuse for writers inserting all their fetishes
/co/ 2019-present
>wow The Boys is just an excuse for writers inserting all their fetishes


I mean are they necessarily wrong? /co/ may be full of idiots, but that is one thing they got right.



How was it possible to cast AOC as an actor in a superhero film?


That's also one thing /co/mrades never said. I made it the fuck up. It's a literary technique often called 'humour'.


Actually /co/ has said both things, it's like the oldest joke on the board, pic rel.



watched the s4 trailer and it really pisses me off how much this show loves to do this michelle obama "when they go low, we go high" shit


>It feels like an Ancapistan private security force wet dream.
In the comics that's basically the end goal, to make Homelander their F-35.


>Is the comic good?
It has its moments. It's kind of fascinating now because of the social stuff it was responding to at the time. Personally I thought the ending was the most underwhelming part, with the ride to get there being pretty fun. If you like seeing awful people get their just desserts and criticism of superheroes and the comic book industry, you should give it a read. There's also Marshall Law which has a similar premise.


Hughie's trans friend as a concept was so funny to me for some reason.


The show is about the "blue collar" CIA taking on corporatists. The show is incoherent pablum for children


>>41936 (me)
It goes without saying but /tv/ is incapable of true happiness and a useless barometer


At least the comic showed one of the MCs constantly plowing the CIA bitch.


he's a CIA wetworker in turn so really he's also her bitch and it's a verse situationship


The Boys season 4 just launched with the first three episodes. Will watch it tonight, heard good things so far.


Watched it, it seems like the show can't survive anymore without being self-referential to its previous seasons, which is the death of every satire. The memes and political jokes feel like the script was written two years (which it was). There are some cool ideas here and there, most notably that A-Train and The Deep finally get some character development, and for some reason the super smart black chick seems interesting, depending on what they are going to do with her. Ryan's dynamic between Homelander and Butcher is tiring to say the least, so is the rest of the tragic personal backstories of the boys team, it honestly feels like filler because they hardly do anything, besides one little thing in the third episode but everytime you just wait for the next scene that involved The Seven which are infinitely more interesting.

They ramped up the shock value and depravity even more. There is a scene where a bunch of /pol/tards form a human centipede by rimming each other while jerking off to a fascist female podcaster.


At least the comic was consistent and wrapped up every storyline neatly. *shrugs*


The comic was also pretty primitive with less political commentary and with cardboard characters or no characters at all.


Agree, feels kinda disjointed and all over the place.
I enjoyed the scenes with Ryan though. For one, they actually move the plot, for another they are quite good, lad is pulling his weight acting wise.
Generally, writing is wonky and a bit confusing.


It really feels like they have no clue what to do with Hughie, Kimiko, and Frenchie's character for these past 2 seasons.


>butcher and homelander: the show
>deep, a-train and ashley for comedic relief
>fill the rest up with hughie's, frenchie's and kimiko's tragic backstore
>anthony starr finally gets his emmy and we can move on to more interesting spin-offs like gen-v season 2


Watching this show as a non-american makes me really hope Trump gets elected in November.



The show is a display of how much the US elites detest Trump and his supporters. Their meltdown if actually wins despite 8 years of their multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign against him will be beautiful to watch.


The first three seasons fired shots against both sides, libs and rightoids, for some reason the fourth season so far is a pure libfest.



>There is a scene where a bunch of /pol/tards form a human centipede by rimming each other while jerking off to a fascist female podcaster
Haven't seen it yet, but this sounds kind of funny.


File: 1718527599275.png (631.49 KB, 1089x1083, trump blackstone.png)

Trump is elite tho.


Agree, sadly. The comic is superior solely because of how the Boys take out Stormfront and the way the plot handles Love Sausage.


File: 1718531174228-0.png (393.99 KB, 1080x1591, biden wall street.png)

File: 1718531174228-1.png (75.38 KB, 660x772, 405479138.png)

>for some reason the fourth season so far is a pure libfest
It's election year and libs are stressin'.

The elites mostly back Biden now because he is the stability candidate and is far too senile to oppose them.


it's one /pol/tard who has the ability to multiply


File: 1718563691787.jpg (462.35 KB, 750x847, Trump 2.jpg)

Old data.
Trump is elite. Quit backing the elites.


Trump is a liberal.


>$141 million donations
The bulk of that sum will have been small dollar donations from MAGA supporters.

Anyway, my point is can you ever imagine Amazon producing a show which potrays Biden and his supporters the way S4 of the boys portrays MAGA people and Trump? I highly doubt it.

Yeah I meant in the American context.



File: 1718572087573.jpg (377.68 KB, 610x1039, Pedophile elite.jpg)

> bulk of that sum will have been small dollar donations
Proofs? Even if I were to generously say half of that was smol dollar, that leaves about 70 million unaccounted. Trump is elite.


File: 1718572716146.png (59.18 KB, 1059x288, ClipboardImage.png)

>Proofs? Even if I were to generously say half of that was smol dollar, that leaves about 70 million unaccounted
They made $50m in one day alone through online donations.
>Trump is elite.
Someone should tell that to Jeff Bezos and the New York judicial system.


File: 1718577130955.jpg (341.11 KB, 750x876, Paulson Trump.jpg)

>The Trump campaign said…
I’m not taking what that billionaire pedophile elite says at face value lel
That’s also still not the “bulk” of the money raised. I expect as most people would that number to be over half the amount raised.


I'd assume big money donations will be even less for Trump this time. He used to be elite but very very few companies and capitalists are still backing him.

You do realize that someone may not be elite but you can still oppose him, right?

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