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Is skin care bourgeois?
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File: 1687480712607.png (232.27 KB, 690x700, cia glow face wash.png)

here's what i use guys


Just keep your skin from being dry all the time
Drink lots of water
Find soap/body wash that doesn't fuck your shit up
Stay away from fucked up air/temperatures
There, free dermatology barring serious disease


Also, in addition to hydration, you need your skin clear of debris, excess oil, etc
Sometimes rinsing and soap are enough but you can buy special cleansers which have chemicals and ointments to help
Salicyclic acid is a good ingredient for a deep chemical exfoliation of the face however it shouldn't be done too much, and look into micellar water which is less intense too
Ceramides and hyaluronic acid are the most common ingredients for locking in moisture
Retinol is also a good general anti-aging ingredient for people over 30, although it's used in younger people to help with acne too


I don't think mineral oil is dangerous if it's only applied on the skin instead of ingested or whatever
If you're really paranoid, you could try seed oils as moisture protectors instead


>doesn't mention sunblock
Almost perfect post.


Yeah, UV is a problem, too
Forgot about that


White hands typed this post
Ashy gross white hands


Skin cares only bourgeois if you're pale. If you're darker skinned like me you should have a good skin care routine only cause scars and dead/dry skin show up more on darker shades and look worse but healthy skin looks better in darker shades


So if you explicitly want people to work 13 hour days and then lead utterly austere lives without even the democratic electoral facade we get in the West how the fuck is anything you promote better than what people already get under neoliberalism?


Blackheads are more cosmetically prominent on paler skinned people
Dumb point in general, it's not just cosmetics it's also feel and health


>mentions normal communal living and car sharing
<fucking meaningless treatless utterly austere lives
we got some work to do


anything besides sunscreen, moisturizer and retinoids is snake oil. maybe a cleanser if you really need it


Well youre gonna need a cleanser if you use sunscreen.


Cant I just wash my face with warm water?


No, sunscreen needs a surfactant to be fully removed.



>mentions normal communal living and car sharing
<fucking meaningless treatless utterly austere lives
oh fuck


File: 1692932638867.jpg (21.5 KB, 560x315, 20230824_230329.jpg)


I use vitamin C on top of that, a brand that rips off the skinceutical formula with ferrulic acid. I also exfoliate because it makes me feel like a beautiful Chinese princess , I don't think anyone uses anything else beyond that.


i bought 7% glycolic acid toner to exfoliate with
you apply it 2-3 times a week during your afternoon or evening routine after the cleanser


you can make DIY glycolic acid toner by dissolving unrefined sugar in water and adding stuff like honey and tea water
there are more comprehensive recipes online if you search for them


pretty sure consumption isnt what determines your social position


bad idea to use cheap south korean skincare products? i checked the ingredients and they all seem safe or at least not harmful, skin irritant in some people at worst


These are like 10usd each maybe. They're pretty good, not irritating at all. Also make sure to foam it up with your hands first, it's a foaming gel cleanser.


So, I've been taking omega 3 ( a total of 3 grams of EPA, so 6 pills). I also use a gentle cleanser (the blue cerave facial foam cleanser), obviously sun block, I use a 50 fps, and I was applying retinol serum by la Roche poussy.

Recently though, I replaced the retinol serum for tretinoin 0,05%.

And on top of that, I started applying petrolate / petroleum jelly / Vaseline, unscented, before going to bed, after the retinols. It's just a little bit. I swear by this shit. The moisturizing capacity extends even after you clean your face the next day. Amazing shit. Also helps in absorption of retinols which might make it a bit intense so be warned.

I've also been doing exercise, not eating any sugar, and generally eating better, as well as having a more regular sleep schedule.

My skin looks great.


Tretinoin is amazing, I should've tried it out years ago.


What concentration do you have?


suncreen for toiling in the sun is proletarian


yep, its not worth getting cancer and skin damage for porky


>I have thai family and a lot of the skin care is about to look more pale and therefore upper class
That has just as much relation to skin care as tanning your skin until you look like Trump.
>basic hygiene is bad
wtf has happened to this site?


Finally, some actual reason in this thread, thank you, anon.


I went balls deep and started out with the maximum. Purge wasn't that bad.

Even with sunscreen you should limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible.


man people werent being metaphorical about "the glow". i finally dont look like the corpse of a hobo


>I went balls deep and started out with the maximum.
What's the maximum? I'm taking 0.05% since that's what I had available.
> Purge wasn't that bad.
I was going well but now my skin is getting flaky and itchy. I need to scale down. I use petroleum jelly as a moisturizer, works like a fucking charm, but I need to scale it back a bit.
What do you mean? Did you take my advice about astaxanthin and lycopene? Someone told me I look like I've been tanning. I do feel my face looks a bit more tanned. I'm brown so it's not as noticeable.


>>39395 (me)
So, I found a video that talks about purging on retinoids. It seems my dryness and flakyness is purging. So I guess I am purging! I was worried I broke my "skin barrier" or whatever the fuck that is.

I feel like if I keep this up, it will cause more damage than anything good, so I will temper my tretinoin use. Maybe I'll go back to retinol and do tret once a week, then twice etc.


purge is inevitable, its your skin getting used to tret, just keep going unless it lasts more than a few weeks and/or moisturizer isnt enough to keep in check


OK. Thank you comrade!


Imagine defending fascistic shit like the SCUM Manifesto and then calling yourself a leftist. It's thesis is that "men are the cause of all problems so kill men and that solves the issue!" Literally the same shit as the Nazis had about race. Peak liberal analysis


File: 1721066042490.gif (684.83 KB, 220x220, cat-cats.gif)

Is there any point in using soap/shower gel? Why isnt just water enough?


Soap gets stuff off you that water alone can't, like oils and bacteria.


it's not just that it gets stuff off. the rly important thing abt soap is that it penetrates oils, and cells have oily walls keeping them together, so soap breaks single celled organisms apart and kills them.


All righ, so should I be using soap every day? Is it good for skin health and smelling nice? Curently I use it twice a week, and shower twice a day in just cold water.



You're probably trolling, but this depends on climate and lifestyle. If you want an anti-soap take, look up Mother Dirt. There is a place and time for not killing your skin's microbiome on a daily basis, and there is a place and time for getting rid of harmful bacteria. I shower with soap at least twice a day, but I might be doing different activities in a different climate than you are. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just telling you how soap works.


>shower with soap at least twice a day
That seems excessive.


I don't know shit about skincare, where should I start?


When washing your hands, you should always use it. For showers and baths, it's up to you.


exfoliate (clear the skin to varying degrees) and moisturize (use a product with occlusives and humectants in it, and drink water)
sunscreen is essential too. get spf 30 or higher and broad-spectrum and non-comedogenic
there are also treatments for specific skin conditions
examples of exfoliation: washing with soap or body wash, loofahs, pumice stones, facial cleansers, aha or bha chemical peels, foot peel masks
examples of moisturization: anything that calls itself a moisturizer, body lotion, hair products like hair oils and hair masks and some of the ingredients in shampoos and conditioners
ive also seen "foot creams" and "hand creams" that have both exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients. they have urea/carbamide in them since it has special softening qualities against really rough skin. there are high concentration urea creams as well
you could have oily skin or dry skin or different patches of oily and dry. you might have to target them with different products or find a product that claims to work on "combination" skin if you have that


for example for oily skin, you might want to exfoliate more and not use an overly oily moisturizer
for dry skin, you want to moisturize more


File: 1721119311907.jpg (267.46 KB, 1219x931, 81B39yCqnaL._AC_SL1300_.jpg)

i use these loofah gloves
theyre pretty cheap
cover them in soap or body wash lather and rub them all over yourself

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