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Is skin care bourgeois?
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Probably from the petroleum industry.


is it an american thing? ive never even seen that thing on shelves in my country


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Vaseline is very common in America. Imagine bathing yourself in an oil slick on purpose.

>but the gubbermint said it was safe!

That's all the logic the average burger needs.


Also vaselin weakens condoms and makes them more prone to tearing, if you ever planned on using that shit.


File: 1651819377966.png (1.02 MB, 936x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Hell no I wouldn't I cringe when I see women using it as lube in videos. Your vagina would be the worst place to use it. The amount that is going to be absorbed into your body is going to be increased in a mucous membrane.

Like really if you want to cover yourself in an oil for I don't know what reason, why not use a food oil like coconut oil or something?


coconut oil is necessary for life
9/10 homosexuals agree


What do I do about my face being darker than rest of my skin? How do you lighten it and even the tone? I'm not sure if it's a tan or something else causing it.


thats normal, the best you can do is wear sunscreen regularly (you should do this anyway) and avoid exposure to sunlight and your tan might slowly revert


sun is the worst for skin
literally all of the problems come from it

just take vitamin d pills and wear a hat
99% sure that will make you age good, no need for creams


what's the best oil for hair? i use coconut


Use retinol and vitamin c at night before you sleep.
This shit is amazing, I look way healthier and like 10 years younger.


use sunscreen and skin brighteners, like vitamin C is a good mild one that is also good for your skin


>idek where the petroleum jelly meme came from
Petroleum companies trying to figure out what to do with industrial waste products. It can help with certain things by simply sealing things in from the atmosphere, which can prevent certain kinds of infection from getting oxygen, or to help form a seal over an injury which results in your blood clotting in the injury faster. But these are just because of the physical properties of a thick sticky substance covering the area, nothing to do with the specific chemistry (let alone biochemistry) involved.
It's actually worse lol. Petroleum jelly is the shit they remove from crude oil. It's literally industrial waste.


do people who apply so much skin creams, like get cancer or some disease from it?

or do they just waste money? I can't imagine having the skin absorb all these chemicals that I can't imagine we were used to, can be good

sunscreen, creams, moisturizer


what is retinol


Shit that makes your skin peel off


Acne wrote this post


its called purging, it doesnt happen to everyone and goes away after a few weeks


>muh chemicals
shut up hippie


My skin has never been better two weeks after stopping the use of creams, face-washes, moisturizers etc. I just wash my face once or twice a day with water, generally high pressure from the shower. Skin is nice and smooth. If that doesn't work for you? idk kys i guess lol


>Is x bourgeois?
Early /hobby/ threads are so shitty lol.


you are a fucking dumbass, transhumanist here telling you that gender dysphoria is a feeling i had since way before i even went to school and socialized with anyone or ever knew about the existence of trans people. talking about whether theories are marxist then saying your answer which is a wrong one, youre a fucking joke, you should fuck off and not type anymore, stupid fuck, no investigation no right to speak, i fucking hate you, and yeah im serious


Stopped reading that post at "Marxist biologist" lol


>Pastoid detected



I love retinol and sun block. Seriously my two most used creams. What else should I add?

Its a really old post. Don't get hooked on it.


That sounds good enough already. A moisturizer if you need one.


that tub of cera ve will last one person half a year


File: 1687480712607.png (232.27 KB, 690x700, cia glow face wash.png)

here's what i use guys


Just keep your skin from being dry all the time
Drink lots of water
Find soap/body wash that doesn't fuck your shit up
Stay away from fucked up air/temperatures
There, free dermatology barring serious disease


Also, in addition to hydration, you need your skin clear of debris, excess oil, etc
Sometimes rinsing and soap are enough but you can buy special cleansers which have chemicals and ointments to help
Salicyclic acid is a good ingredient for a deep chemical exfoliation of the face however it shouldn't be done too much, and look into micellar water which is less intense too
Ceramides and hyaluronic acid are the most common ingredients for locking in moisture
Retinol is also a good general anti-aging ingredient for people over 30, although it's used in younger people to help with acne too


I don't think mineral oil is dangerous if it's only applied on the skin instead of ingested or whatever
If you're really paranoid, you could try seed oils as moisture protectors instead


>doesn't mention sunblock
Almost perfect post.


Yeah, UV is a problem, too
Forgot about that


White hands typed this post
Ashy gross white hands


Skin cares only bourgeois if you're pale. If you're darker skinned like me you should have a good skin care routine only cause scars and dead/dry skin show up more on darker shades and look worse but healthy skin looks better in darker shades


So if you explicitly want people to work 13 hour days and then lead utterly austere lives without even the democratic electoral facade we get in the West how the fuck is anything you promote better than what people already get under neoliberalism?


Blackheads are more cosmetically prominent on paler skinned people
Dumb point in general, it's not just cosmetics it's also feel and health


>mentions normal communal living and car sharing
<fucking meaningless treatless utterly austere lives
we got some work to do


anything besides sunscreen, moisturizer and retinoids is snake oil. maybe a cleanser if you really need it


Well youre gonna need a cleanser if you use sunscreen.


Cant I just wash my face with warm water?


No, sunscreen needs a surfactant to be fully removed.



>mentions normal communal living and car sharing
<fucking meaningless treatless utterly austere lives
oh fuck


File: 1692932638867.jpg (21.5 KB, 560x315, 20230824_230329.jpg)


I use vitamin C on top of that, a brand that rips off the skinceutical formula with ferrulic acid. I also exfoliate because it makes me feel like a beautiful Chinese princess , I don't think anyone uses anything else beyond that.


i bought 7% glycolic acid toner to exfoliate with
you apply it 2-3 times a week during your afternoon or evening routine after the cleanser


you can make DIY glycolic acid toner by dissolving unrefined sugar in water and adding stuff like honey and tea water
there are more comprehensive recipes online if you search for them


pretty sure consumption isnt what determines your social position

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