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Often when when talking about leftist fiction, it is in relation to speculative science fiction.I'd like to have a thread to discuss not only fantasy with leftist themes, but fantasy in general.So, read any good fantasy recently?
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okay i will not see it


I can't fucking find it anywhere for some reason, send link pls?


>fucking transition and site-redirect from bunkerchan to leftypol has fucked up formatting and deleted several posts
Why the fuck did you people take down Bunkerchan instead of leaving it up as a backup mirror?!


>" Whoah, is she crying ?"
<" Is she actually crying ? Dude you just made her cry, you made a succubus cry from celibacy."
>" I didn't think she would actually cry.."
<" She is in fucking tears."
>" I thought it would be funny you know."
<" I'm a man of God but even that was fucking ice cold."
>" Come on, man."
<"She's holding her tears in public, this is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen since the fourth crusade*."

*Pillaging of the Constantinople by a Crusaders and Venetians before being wrecked fighting the Muslims. This weakened Constantinople enough for the Ottomans to grab a hold of it later.


File: 1628312158400.png (764.26 KB, 750x400, ClipboardImage.png)

Since we're on about fantasy puppetry, Labyrinth is a must see classic too. Bowie is perfect as Jareth and the entire labyrinth is like Alice in Wonderland. I think it somewhat inspired the Alice in Wonderland film from 1999 (great film too).


Now I see why Tukhachevsky got purged and 100% agree with it


Fifth Season blatantly comments on our world, and isn't very positive. It's also much more interesting than your average Tolkien-wannabe.

He copies entire ideas, characters, arcs, settings, and plots from both the Eddas, Völsunga saga, and Heimskringla. Beowulf is more of an abstract influence, like it is on all English literature. Völsungs was highly influential on 19th century romantic literature by the way, so it's no surprise it influenced Tolkien in turn.
Went through a Nordic animism phase as a teen and read everything I could find related to it. Read The Hobbit and LoTR much later, and the influence (read: thievery) was blatant.


File: 1628384883499.png (689.64 KB, 864x432, ClipboardImage.png)

>Fifth Season blatantly comments on our world
5th season of what?
>entire ideas, characters, arcs, settings, and plots from both the Eddas, Völsunga saga, and Heimskringla
mind elaborating how with a specific example from both works, because beside basic tropes/storylines that are repeated in European myths, legends and literature many times, I don't see it beyond those similarities. Also I'm fairly sure that his idea of elves and such were never hidden to be directly interpreted from Norse stories from what I recall and were merely placed within Middle Earth as a neutral setting away from real life history.
>a Nordic animism phase as a teen and read everything I could find
Please recommend titles and authors I've been having a tough time finding good Norse literature outside of the basics.

Smaug is obviously a call back to Fafnir, but a gold-hoarding dragon is a story as old as dragons themselves. And the One Ring is a reference as well (Ivaldi's ring or whatever it was called from Wagner's cycle). But it's not quite 1:1 and it still takes a lot of skill to take stories interpreted from odd ballads and to rewrite it into a huge story with humor and wit and songs and multiple languages.


is dragon age inquisition any good?



>dragon age inquisition
never played it but reviews are good for it and the clips seem decent enough. This is more >>>/games/ content TBH


>5th season of what?

NTA, but i think he meant novel "Fifth Season"


Oooooh, that makes sense. a novel called that, kek


Eyes Wide Shut is the Dark Souls of movie comparisons.



Yeah but the /games/ board is mostly about gameplay and shit, meanwhile I aint really much of a videogame guy, I just got an itch to play something quest-ey because I liked The Green Knight a lot and can't think of many things quite like it


Dragon Lance was good back in the day, or at least I remember it being good.
Most things including Dragon Age are just variations on DnD ideas, just as an FYI.


I have been agonizing over if I should start writting a fantasy setting as a hobby. I've already on-and-off tried cooking up ideas for it in my head for like 6 months and its to the point that I have:
>Basic layout for the "special" feature of the setting
>A very basic geography
>Wide-strokes backstory for the setting
>A collection of "cool things" that I want to include (locations, technologies, nations etc)
However I don't really know how to start and try to tie it all up together. Also I am kinda scared I'll just end up creating a cringe nonsense that can't stay self-consistant or is filled with plotholes.
Anyone got advice?


>However I don't really know how to start and try to tie it all up together.
Try writing a story to give you a reason to incorporate specific elements of the setting and help focus which parts need more development.


Its servicable. First I played it I had the "just left the Star Wars movie theater" vibe of it being the best of the franchise, but a year later now I think Origins still blows it out of the water. In short, hopefully not too spoilery:
>Too few story missions
>Main antagonist is a bit of a meme, Low-Key spoiler: He is hyped up as being super duper bad dude but just comes off as a push-over who only sets cool things in motion around him, while himself staying as a joke
>Gameplay is neither as in-depth as Origins or as fun as the LIDL-WoW combat of DA2.
>Apparently you have to do a bit of grinding of low quality side content in order to progress, I can't say since I was a completionist and did all of it before the main missions, which lead to me having way too much mission-starter points)
What good it does have:
>Very strong characters, basically all but 1 companion were great, while Varrick is probably best companion in an RPG period
>Very good story in everything else aside from main villain
>Good mission design in the few main missions, including some awsome moments as well
>Amazing DLC content (If you ever play the game, you activate the last DLC through your mission table after the last main campaign act, while the other two are integrated in the base game)
>A very strong final ending that still has me hyped for DA4


Guessing you are the guy from /games/ who started the "Games like Green Knight" thread. I recommended Dark Souls 2 there. I really think Dark Souls games would be right up you alley in terms of story, adventuring and style. As much as those are memed for their difficulty, I'd argue they shine the most in terms of story, and I fully endorse cheesing and cheating your way through just for that.


I have just started reading it and can recommend it. Good stuff.



ill give em a check, ive always loved the look of the screenshots ive seen


good rundown comrade, ill also check them out


Embedding error.


Anyone looking forward to the Wheel of Time adaptation on Prime coming by the end of the year?

Start with short stories first. Trying to write a massive epic from scratch is not a good idea.


File: 1629930878038.png (648.84 KB, 810x648, the green smirk.png)


I really dig these songs

Ah fuck it, I'll give her a shot. What's the worst that can happen?


Embedding error.
While the show is pretty cool, I'm not a raving fan of Samurai Jack, it just wasn't my thing, BUT it had a lot of good moments that did stick with me. Video related (the magic worm) was one of them.

The final question seems simple, just ask something inane like 2+2 and deduce the answer by the lie, but that misses the point of the riddle. In the classic riddle, the traveler doesn't need to know which brother lies, he needs to know which path to take. The person in the riddle gets one question. Knowing which one is the liar doesn't help you find the right path or the magic worm, because you don't get to follow it up with any more questions so you don't know what the truth teller or liar would say.

So you ask what the other person would say.

Take the path riddle. Fork in the road, west or east, and two brothers, one liar, one truthful, to ask one question. Let's say west is the correct path.
If you ask Liar what his brother would say, he would lie. Truther would tell you west, because that's the correct path, so Liar would lie and say, "My brother would say go east!"
If you ask Truther what his brother would say, he would tell the truth. Liar would tell you east, because that's the wrong path, so Truther would tell the truth and say, "My brother would say go east!"
Now you know that the liar would tell you east, and the opposite of what the truther would tell you is east, so that proves west is the correct path. If you just asked them, "What's 2+2?" One would say "4!" and one would say "38!", so you would know which one speaks truth and which one tells lies. But you just blew your only question, so you can't use this new information to find the correct path.


Watched Green Knight yesterday becsuse it was recommended here. Honestly, it might just be that I just watched it and its fresh in my mind and all, but I think it might push out Stalker as my favourite film of all time.


Neato, sounds fun.


neat continutation idea: I imagine he's forced to apologize by saying she's a most deplorable temptress of the darkest pits of hell and she ends up becoming so smitten with him that she joins the party just so that she can seduce him. Her attempts don't work out, but the paladin doesn't want to upset her again so he begrudgingly lets her keep attempting, creating a weird romantic comedy.


Checked and based summary


File: 1649718796148.png (1.11 MB, 900x1167, 1646603994027.png)

I'm trying to deprogram my tastes from the trappings of pop fantasy but it's been difficult. I was never interested in the usual race essentialism or great man politics but I still cling to worldbuilding/pseudorealism and magic systems.

It's like part of me can't enjoy a story unless I'm able to suspend disbelief and think of it as its own little internally consistent world which still operates like a world even if the rules differ from my own. Anything too mythic, surreal, weird or allegorical kills my interest, which is a shame.


Thought it was pretentious as fuck, especially after I learned the actual green knight story it was clearly attempting to "deconstruct".


Youtube algorithm popped this out on my reccs and I've glad to find such an interesting fantastical animation


Please Elaborate. I remember the original story and haven't gotten to see the film, so an outside opinion 'd be interesting to hear.




why should i watch this reaction video


It's the reason why that animation was probably favored by the algorithm. Skip to around the 29 minute mark if you don't believe me.


I don't quite see your point. Yes its a 3d character animation but how is that relevant to it getting recc'd to me? I haven't indulged in Nostalgia critic for a long ass time.


Ironically this is literally a minor thing in Fenoxo's Trials in Tainted Space that has Steph Irson do this kind of thing and get into sexual situations in each episode


Because Nostalgia Critic's review of The Wall was horrendously bad to the point that it garnered a bunch of attention.


Oh really? I honestly had no idea. Can you explain it to me? I don't think I've seen The Wall, let alone the review (in full) so please elaborate on his mistakes.


NTA but The Wall is a very famous and well regarded film / rock opera about very heavy and significant subject matter (post-WWII rot of liberal society), and the Nostalgia Critic's "review" of it is an obnoxious long-form parody of the movie and songs. But it's not just a Weird Al kind of parody - it's extremely disparaging of the content it's parodying, the original The Wall.

But it's bewildering because the people involved seem to have neither the talent to pull off the musical parody of anything nor even enough of a surface level understanding of the original material to be able to construct a parody of it that makes any sense. It's a little shocking how bad, confused, and ill-conceived it is, and it became a bit of a meme because of this.



Oh you mean like Pink Floyd's stuff? and damn that's cringe-inducing.


>Oh you mean like Pink Floyd's stuff?
>and damn that's cringe-inducing.
It might be the current high water mark for internet cringe.


Yeah, anyhow thanks for the reccs, gonna check it out.


Is it chddy to think black hobbits native to the north is weird?
Immigrant I get but native should be too mixed out by third generation, unless hobbits practice jim crow


No it's a reasonable question as it doesn't make narrative sense, following the world-building. The only reason it'd be 'chinletdy' is if your reasoning is "hurr blacks in de shire is bad" or some /pol/shit like that.


I think it's weirder for hobbits to be diverse per se than to have black hobbits. Black hobbits per se isn't necessarily odd. I vaguely recall descriptions of hobbits being brown, or maybe specifically their hands/feet looking brown. People tolerate drow being pitch black in the underdark even though logically they would be extremely pale.

Hobbits all having dark skin for some reason would be one thing, but having a small and famously sedentary group of people be diverse makes no sense at all - where do the different phenotypes come from? I guess you could have an explanation but there is a weird trend in fantasy lately to completely ignore actors' and characters' ethnicities even when it raises obvious questions. If you want black hobbits just make them all black or change what hobbits are so it makes sense. Occasional black halflings in D&D is fine because the lore is totally different and they live all over the world, but for what the lore is in Tolkien it's weird to have significant diversity in an area that's roughly equivalent to rural England.


In the Silmarillion, Men came wandering out of the east when they first encountered Elves iirc. I think proto hobbits also had a similar wandering period before settling down in the Shire. If I was writing the show, that's how I would explain it at least, that this community has picked up different hobbity folk in its history of travel. IIRC, Smeagol isn't a hobbit either, but his people are related to hobbits. I'd imagine that this group is also made up of not quite hobbits, before settling down into what will become the hobbit community.

Or you can just say that Eru works in mysterious ways.

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