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What do you think of the Solarpunk literary genre? I find it very interesting, not only because I find the aesthetics very attractive, but also because it is openly anti-capitalist and has a very strong ideological content.
But I would like to know what /leftypol/ thinks.

Do you find a Solarpunk society the ideal society?anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


File: 1622625179851.jpg (100.74 KB, 1500x706, solar_brutalism.jpg)

I don't know anything about solar punk societies, but i have a picture that combines solar punk with brutalist aesthetics, i hope you can enjoy it.


Solarpunk bunkers


What does punk even mean anymore?christian_communismChristian Communism


File: 1622627220537.jpg (49.01 KB, 804x630, punk.jpg)

I don't know either, the commodification machine turned it into a hairstyle, but i hope some knowledgeable anon can tell us what it was supposed to mean.


Nothing, it's basically archaic language at this point.



the "punk" is a stereotype of a person who does not conform to the current system, a person who does not follow the rules and is very rebellious, etc…

All these literary styles that are called punk is because they propose a way out of the current society or because they have a character or characters that fit in the definition of punk that I have given before. Cyberpunk is a style that exists as a warning of what will happen if we continue to exist within the current system, and Solarpunk serves as a platform to imagine a future outside the system focused mainly on ecology.

But it is true that during the last years the style has been reduced to an aesthetic and has lost all its political significance.anarcho-communismAnarcho-Communism


Does solarpunk even exist? Like it started as a post on tumblr and it existed just as that for a while, have any novels on this genre come out already?


There are enough of them to consider it as its own genre, but it still lacks a work that will take it to the mainstream.


<just solar technology with woketards walking around
Where’s the punk again?



The only "solarpunk" setting I can think of is Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The world's superpowers control access to all the solar power and everyone else lives in misery.


File: 1622688949125-0.jpg (6.23 MB, 4288x2848, Amazon_Spheres_05.jpg)

File: 1622688949125-1.jpg (4.12 MB, 1920x1778, aerial-reduced.jpg)

File: 1622688949125-3.jpg (149.83 KB, 1080x1350, E1asojIWYAMmh6P.jpg)

I hate it; I hate everything about it. I especially hate the greenwashed, "sustainable" architectural renderings that people jack off to in Solarpunk literary circles—as if that aesthetic hasn't already been adopted by Big Tech! OP, your image literally has one of the fucking Amazon Spheres in it! Have you seen their "Helix" design for HQ2? I'm just imagining cities using crop dusters to maintain their plant-covered skyscrapers, and residents getting mouthfuls of pesticides and fertilizer. These are monuments to the preservation of Capital's robbery of nature; simple as. One could almost be forgiven for thinking Solarpunk's anti-capitalism has always been surface-level. Its incessantly idealist, prefigurative politics caught the attention of some of the most obnoxious people I know. Their vision of the future can be reduced to a kind of Socialism with Chobani® Characteristics. I think Salvagepunk is a much more compelling alternative, although the folks at https://salvage.zone/ droning on about the "Proletarocene" will never not be funny. Still, the future won't be as green as you hope for; best come to terms with that now rather than later. Actually existing sustainable housing projects like ZEDFactory's BowZED or public housing estates like Goldsmith Street are a far cry from anything tumblr artists were coming up with almost a decade ago, and all for the better. Eco-Socialists take note.


>Goldsmith Street
Aerial view; I could almost see a 21st century Karl Marx-Hof done in this style. Red Vienna 2.0


Basically anno 2205


It's the faggiest, tumblrite aesthetic in genre fiction. There isn't even anything 'punk' about it. It's part of a trend of retarded millennials and zoomers breaking down the meaning of any genre suffix they get their hands on because they're too lazy to educate themselves on anything.


Hell yeah. Solar brutalism!


>It’s bad because…BECAUSE IT IS
This is what happens when you have the mindset of an edgy pol faggot while pretending that you don’t


File: 1622840331807.jpg (58.25 KB, 1023x1024, 1548033890809m.jpg)

who on this decaying earth had the superhuman strength to push a stick all the way into your anus and out your mouth


File: 1622842117250.png (1.73 MB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>>16135 >>16214
irl Solar Brutalism


>waaaaahhhh porky is co-opting this visually appealing aesthetic
>that makes the archeticture bourgeois
>instead we have to adopt something ugly to signal that we are really different from the capitalists
brain worms


Huh, I still like it. Looks neat.


What it is (i.e. a literary movement w/ a fetish for New Urbanism and greenwashed ornamentation, as well as Chobani® futurism or the "Ghiblification" of life under monopoly capital) is very different from what it ought to be (i.e. a literary movement that seeks to interrogate the metabolic rift w/ theories of planetary urbanization all the while supporting a full-on assault against climate apartheid regimes). I think it's interesting how some of the original Solarpunk stories sometimes attempted to depict this, and mostly came from Brazil. It reminds me of a quote that often gets mistakenly attributed to JG Ballard: "The periphery is where the future reveals itself." I always saw a kinda of favela chic in both Solarpunk and Salvagepunk; but it was the latter that presented a much more grounded aesthetic commonality to me, speaking as someone who grew up in the Rust Belt. Of course, São Paulo or Rio are much denser than say, St Louis or Detroit but no matter what, it's hard to retain a childlike optimism for the future when you're surrounded by industrial blight that actively risks polluting your drinking water. I think recognizing that our world has been irrevocably structured as an apocalyptic wasteland that's gradually unfolding is a great reference point, and that the best future we can hope for now quite literally is a salvaged or repurposed one. There ain't nothing wrong with a little despair.
Moronic post. To say porky is adopting the Solarpunk "aesthetic" is actually giving the subgenre and its artists too much credit. Big Tech was getting into sustainable architecture well before 2014; it's just a testament to how utterly unimaginative and ignorant of art history these tumblr artists were. What shreds of afrofuturist influence was at last somewhat interesting; but I rarely see that anymore. Also, BowZED and Goldsmith Street look fucking amazing. Again, that's what good, actually existing sustainable housing looks like—notice the lack of lawns on their roofs or jungles on their balconies; amazing! If all you're concerned with are simple façade changes, then you might as well become a trad architecture revivalist instead. Hell, you'd probably fit in with the New Urbanists.


>Solarpunk is bad because it is hopeful and we should just accept life becoming irreparably shit
Please kys


this drives me crazy. not to put down trans people but what the hell does transgender even mean? across gender? through gender? spanning gender? they just took transsexual, which accurately describes what it's meant to, and swapped sexual for gender to create a word that seemingly describes nothing. the english language is wonderful in writing (speaking not so much) and it's being massacred by lazy idiots. i now understand why the prescriptivists has such a stick up their ass in the late 20th century.


File: 1624394394989-0.jpg (496.64 KB, 1200x1800, E4g180YXEAIQ2TF.jpg)

File: 1624394394989-1.jpg (219.14 KB, 900x964, E4g2RbjWQAQcZxn.jpg)

File: 1624394394989-2.jpg (4.15 MB, 3024x4032, E4g18BOXIAEeKOm.jpg)

File: 1624394394989-3.jpg (697.04 KB, 1200x1500, E4g11fuWUAIq7WO.jpg)



Honestly the only real problem with solarpunk is that society is rarely reimagined in these paintings, just plastered with green everywhere


Who are the great solarpunk architects?


I mean TBF they usually portray neighbourhoods that look much more communal, residences close to shops and workplaces, little or no advertising, low or no carbon forms of transport, more walkable friendly commute, and so on, I feel like you're not looking hard enough


no he's right, that's mostly dated / bad design with some green added
better than nothing i guess


File: 1624631436908.jpg (1.97 MB, 3000x2250, chinaverticleforest.jpg)

China already does this. Solarpunk is merely burgercope.


File: 1625866241489.mp4 (10.89 MB, 1280x720, o6bLuJ7LJh_hjIII.mp4)


you should write an article on this.


any GOOD solarpunk media


Can someone scrub the company/ad aspect from this please


So, soulless steel and glass shit and housing blocks?

I lived near it. Nothing but concrete, and it house a small mall.

While looking good, it's just an arcology.
>Without roots

A bit better than the regular vertical sleep factory.

Dave, from the marketing department just mashed together all the things hipsters like. Please buy our shit now.


mfw sociacucks actually believe in this xd


It's an unrealistic grift at this point, and unlike Steampunk, who don't pretend it could or should be real, or Cyberpunk which is dystopian and based on future computer technology by default - people continue to try and promote solarpunk as realistic and positive, when its neither. Any PUNK aesthetic is linked to dystopias or post-apocalyptic scenarios or some kind of social conflict, that's why it's a PUNK setting.


i like aspects of solarpunk but don't think it's cohesive or cool enough to work on its own, its best integrated into other things


This is what I imagine r/neoliberal types get off to. Completely soulless glass penises with tacked on greenery.


To the anti solarpunk in this thread, what exactly is the subversive alternative to solarpunk? It should be something that capitalism is structurally incapable of providing. The easiest thing I can think of is reactionary aesthetics, which can never be realized (this includes fascist obsession with classicism, back to the land type stuff, and even retrosoviet futurism like 2061.su ). Cyberpunk is too pessimistic to be politically useful.


Cyberpunk is meant as a warning. Post-cyberpunk isn't as bleak viewed but probably more often panders to capitalist sympathizing instead of building on socialist ideals as far as I am aware but i could be wrong. Solarpunk looks more interesting when it takes on some Victorian design influence like Steampunk does which actually could make sense. Makes it feel less distant to be more like an alternate path we could have taken even in the past but clearly can still do today. I think while usually meant to be bleak i think biopunk can have some positive aspects to it though it's positive aspects would be too heavy on scifi to feel reachable. Im thinking like bioengineered microorganisms that produce electricity. Usually biopunk instead focuses on the dangers of manipulating people's genes.


File: 1651544196528-0.jpg (336.69 KB, 1500x1000, Ordnance Road 08.jpg)

File: 1651544196528-1.jpg (1.35 MB, 1500x1000, MVON5228.jpg)

File: 1651544196528-2.jpg (293.37 KB, 1500x484, WORLAND--elevation.jpg)

How the fuck does this shit >>16843 inspire hope? If I lived in a solarpunk future the only thing I'd be 'inspired' to do is wear a bee suit all day, and cover my apartment with the world's largest mosquito net.
If you go by some of the influences seen in solarpunk concept art over the years that would be: Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Heatherwick, and NBBJ. All are extremely 'problematic' for the lack of a better word.
I know it's been almost a year, but why would you post this again. This single ad has had me convinced that solarpunk fans dream of Ghibli in the same sense Disney adults dream of living in EPCOT.
Someone probably already has. I'm not well-versed enough in architectural and literary criticism to write a full length article on it yet. I still might give it a try though, perhaps later this year.
A 'decommodified' edition has been making the rounds since December 2021. I'm so tired of seeing people gush about it and the Oregon travel advertisements done by Sun Creature Studio too.
We need sustainable and affordable housing blocks; in practice they look nothing like what passes for 'solarpunk' today. To use another British example, Peter Barber is another favorite of mine.


What capitalism is 'structurally incapable of providing' is the boring and mundane—that is, everyone's basic needs should be met without packing them into rooms like sardines. This became one of the main concerns of architects in the 19th and early 20th centuries (especially to those of a socialist persuasion) when the global population soared and the masses really started getting compelled by productive forces to live and work in cities. This relation, which is still new in the history of our species, continues largely unabated; and I don't think it will ever completely stop even with the prospect of imminent climate catastrophe. In my view, the most 'subversive alternative to solarpunk' is essentially: modernism, and a kind of instrumentalist one at that, for I think 'degrowth' is otherwise impossible. We see hints of this every time so-called 'solarpunks' take inspiration from capitalist fixations with 'smart cities' (see my many references to Big Tech). Their total lack of self-awareness is also why solarpunk has always struck me as a very bourgeois, Malthusian fantasy. It's not so much concerned with environmental conservation—and the violent restructuring of society that would entail, as it is in romanticizing life in the ruins of modernity. What apocalyptic crises that produced the ruins have long passed; now, there's only joy. It's like neoclassicism, but there's no ornament to speak of; all we're left with are images of people prancing around plant overgrowth. Again, it's why I mentioned salvagepunk because since the early 2010s it's served as a sort of transitional movement pointing to something more politically useful than what Eco-Socialists have been parading for generations. It's basically solarpunk but with a marxist tinge, and technically predates it by a couple years. I'd be curious see a fusion of that with Andreas Malm's recent conceptions of 'Eco-Leninism' in all honesty.


Can I have my marketing without the marketing, please? 😂
ideology doing ideologyless ideology oms


>Cyberpunk is too pessimistic to be politically useful.
To quote Fredric Jameson: "Utopia is not a positive vision of the future so much as it is a negative judgement of the present." Solarpunk is too much of the former and not enough of the latter. Cyberpunk began as a handful of stories about the crisis of modernity that, in the span of 40 years, was then transformed into an innocuous aesthetic for redditors to gawk at. Solarpunk on the other hand is all aesthetic without a defining work. People think it's punk simply due to its oppositional character (it has '-punk' in the name you see) so unlike Cyberpunk, it’s ground appears first and foremost political. But the politics it advocates for is very often retrofit. To this day, I still associate the US-backed Kurdish experiments in northern Iraq and Syria with this pathetic excuse for a literary subgenre; all because solarpunk enthusiasts insisted on vague connections between real world and aesthetic. If derivative Bookchinist nonsense is the furthest extent Solarpunk as a political project can go, then that is equally underwhelming.


>Like it started as a post on tumblr
Nah Ursular Le Guin and Kim Stanley Robinson have been writing solarpunk fiction for years


>How the fuck does this shit >>16843 inspire hope? If I lived in a solarpunk future the only thing I'd be 'inspired' to do is wear a bee suit all day, and cover my apartment with the world's largest mosquito net.
pain is merely beekness leaving the body


Is salavagepunk not malthusian and anti-modern?
I have not read the genre so this is not a rhetorical question, but this is what it seems like based on the aesthetic.


>claims solarpunk doesn't inspire hope
>posts the ugliest fucking buildings ever

>we need housing that's more sustainable

>posts picture with a fucking LAWN


I see quite regularly solarpunk being mentioned around here, but can anyone link actual solarpunk works?



See this is exactly what I've been saying; even Solarpunk's supposedly foundational fiction is retrofit. I having nothing against Le Guin and Robinson (big fan of the former), and there's nothing wrong with identifying your influences or precursors; but come on, man.
No, Salvagepunk's big claim to fame has always been its desire to reintroduce considerations of class conflict to these post-apocalyptic environmentalist stories. I'm aware that some Solarpunk short stories apparently do this, but that's never been the emphasis.


You either need to try harder or stop being so fucking dense.


>It's not so much concerned with environmental conservation—and the violent restructuring of society that would entail
This sounds like operating on false hope that things can more or less continue as they are and that the violent restructuring of society is (A) avoidable and (B) not already something happening constantly under capitalism.


>even Solarpunk's supposedly foundational fiction is retrofit
That's how genres work. Nobody who writes the foundational material for a genre goes "hmm today I will write a story in a genre that doesn't exist yet."


My point was that Solarpunk enthusiasts love to claim that the subgenre is much older and more developed than it actually is. Cyberpunk grew out of the New Wave science fiction that was being produced all throughout the 1960s and 1970s (Le Guin being chiefly among them). It had a real immediacy and continuity to it (and within a single generation!); where is that in Solarpunk?


I thought I was being clear in that I think the violent restructuring of society for eco-socialist ends isn't avoidable.


Solarpunk isn't a genre, it's an aesthetics tag for social media. It's a vibe. It's closer in concept to some zoomer's goblincore mood board than it is New Wave sci-fi or its actually-culturally-relevant forerunner cyberpunk.


What absolute shit architecture design from aesthetic to efficiency. The housing blocs of the soviets and even brownstone housing projects in the east coast is more efficient than this absolute shit. At least the "solar punk" is inspired, these houses are nothing but over expensive rich people's real estate to just make money.


Peter Barber is literally recognized for his novel social housing designs you moron. Also again, Solarpunk's approach to the built environment isn't inspired by anything but the most mainstream 'starchitects' fuck you.


this is just modern architecture with hanging gardens added on top of them, not sure if it’s novel enough to have some special label for it


Solarbunk gang


Anarchists co-opting solarpunk is good. It enables a pretty aesthetics (yes, with rare exceptions its an aesthetic and its appeal is being an aesthetic) to be an entry into the recognition of green-washing and issues with capitalism.

It's like Bernie Sanders.


It is neoliberalism complete with bourgeois psychology brainwashing trying to get their wage slaves to be "happy" with "positive thinking": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solarpunk
< themes of do it yourself ethics, convivial conservation, self-sustainability, social inclusiveness and positive psychology are often present.
<Self-sustainability, in which a person or organization needs little or no help from, or interaction with, others.
Literally just neoliberal individualism for DIY anarcho-redditors alone in their apartment pods. Hard to think of anything less communist than this anti-collective-struggle response to crisis like a dying dog going off to die alone.
>literary genre
Sci-fi is idealist, not materialism for people learning actual science, a word not used a single time in this thread. You can tell it's a technocrat redditor genre because they don't care about plants and fungi/bacteria who already have perfected solar extraction over millions of years. Why reinvent the wheel? The answer is obvious: $$$$$$$
>very strong ideological content.
Zizek disgusted
>the "punk" is a stereotype of a person who does not conform to the current system,
<the word 'punk' meant prostitute in Shakespeare's time and now means prison bitch
a utopia dreamed by rape victims? No wonder its so dreary lol
>called punk because they propose a way out of the current society
Solar power is such a normal, non-edgy part of ruling class capitalism that Obama did corporate subsidies for some grifters. Is it "edgy" to demand we extract exponentially more rare earth minerals from the periphery for the imperial core?
>Cyberpunk is a style that exists as a warning
Literally used as a how-to guide for every Silicon Valley neoliberal. Solarpunk must be a guide for imperialist resource extraction.
>the style has been reduced to an aesthetic and has lost all its political significance.
Liberals have been saying "solar power will save the world when the market improves" since the '70s, it was idealist utopianism then.
>what exactly is the subversive alternative to solarpunk? It should be something that capitalism is structurally incapable of providing.
Very easy answer:
<collective struggle
<class consciousness
<literally just any politics outside of individualist consumer aesthetic subcultures


>You can tell it's a technocrat redditor genre because they don't care about plants and fungi/bacteria who already have perfected solar extraction over millions of years. Why reinvent the wheel?

Because we can't live inside a literal plant

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