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&ltStar Trek Picard S01E01 is out
(check torrents)


Favourite episodes, best characters, memorable moments, etc.
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>Totalitarian Idealism
Should have expected the most retarded autistic answer would be top



New picard out
Qannon @ the end


Did they just memory hole the fact that Picard is now a robot?


I watched the new Picard episode, and it's just sad. I feel sorry for both Patrick Stewart and the other actors surrounding this, who probably give everything they can. Patrick Stewart is too old. He is slurring and looks like propped up mummy. The story is a mess. The entire series relies on memberberries.


>The entire series relies on memberberries
that's good, I'll have to remember that phrase.

probably a retcon


One character references it and it's never addressed again. They think "he's a robot but has an expiration date" is enough resolution to not bother with it any more.


Spoilers ahead.

>Picard is old as shit, yet he still gets hit on by his younger, attractive Romulan maid, who he rejects

>all his new friends, the psychotic nerd chick, the sword guy, the Han Solo knockoff, the women who lived in a trailer, are now big shots in Star Fleet
>Seven of Nine is a cold-blooded mercenary but gets bullied because she is Borg, although she herself has a hawkish anti-Borg rhetoric
>Picard gives a Biden-like speech at Starfleet Academy
>Whoppie Goldberg returns as Guinan, but she doesn't look like in Sister Act but like she just got dragged off The View - the explanation for this is that she made herself older and fatter to fit better into human society (wtf?)
>anomaly of the week happens
>some strange civilization wants to talk to Picard personally
>Spanish Han Solo chainsmokes in the captain's chair (isn't that hazardous?)
>it's the Borg
>they wanna negotiate
>Borg Queen beams on board, looks like Batman
>Borg Queen assimilates the entire fleet by ramming a tentacle in the console
>Picard wakes up in his mansion
>Q appears, makes himself older because otherwise it would be disrespectful

Who writes this shit. This is abysmal


>They think "he's a robot but has an expiration date" is enough resolution to not bother with it any more.
It also implies - which used to be a huge fucking deal in some of the episodes before - that your entire being can be reduced to data that can be implemented in a microchip. You'd think that your mind - the way it is - died because it can not live without the biological brain. It's like uploading the mind of an adult monkey into a toddlers brain (they have about the same neurological capacity), it won't work.

In TNG they had an entire episode where they debated if Data was truly alive. In ST:P, "Jay-L" just uploads his brain to a dying body (wtf?? if you wanna be mortal at least get a young body), no prob.


Also, what happened to the promise that "Picard" would be much slower in pace, more of a slow-burn with a build-up?? It's only pew-pew Star Wars-like action. It's only "slower" in comparison to STD, where it's 90% action with a shaky cam, lenseflares and characters rapidly screaming over each over (while still dropping puns).

Action has its time and place but for example, that reintroduction of Seven of Nine where she fights off unknown aliens for no reason at all (they are racist and wanna kill her bc she Borg? no idea) was completely unnecessary and unrelated to the plot.


>Spanish Han Solo chainsmokes
Purists were sperging about this as Roddenberry was anti smoking lol



She has a ton of high end borg implants that the bad guys want


It's not about to have to adhere to Roddenberry's autism 100%, sure, people can smoke. It's just that a guy with tons of macho bravado being in the captan's chair smoking a fat cigar like some American general in WWII is somewhat antithetical to Star Trek plus I wouldn't smoke that shit with highly sensitive devices around them.


Well fuck me, I actually kinda liked the second episode of Picard in season 2.

Spoilers ahead

Sure, this story has been a dozen times in Star Trek, somebody changed something in the past, completely screws up the present, and they have to go back in time to fix it. But I prefer it if they just stick to the usual stuff instead of coming up with batshit insane stories like last season. Some weaker plot pots are resuced by the old guard playing off each other, Patrick Stewart, John de Lancie, Alice Kruge. I guess the old automatisms still work. The new cast however still feels disjointed and out of place. But heads up, they might have killed that annoying sword guy who can't act. Also, the fucking Borg Queen is now part of the team. Wtf.



>>23472 (me)
(Spoilers ahead)

I didn't like the third episode at all. Even though the regurgitated plot from the fourth movie is usually it safe bet, they didn't take advantage of it at all.

1. The Borg are already ruined since VOY, but the decision to make the Borg Queen a mixture between the Terminator and Cersei basically renders them comic book villians. Alice Kruge still manages to kill it, but Patrick Stewart can't keep up. Alison Pill is actually a decent actress, and I don't understand the hate she is getting.

2. The woke shit is ridiculous. Like, it#s not even implicit, it's done very lazy. The social critique Star Trek always had is bogged down to platitudes, but hey, they managed to sneak in the term "contradictions" - maybe some Maoists will like it. There is also the implication that an entire hospital in the USA can work basically illegally in one of the biggest cities of the country.

3. Even though it was fast, they managed to implement some anti-vaxx shit. Unless I am mistaken, and that this was unironically supposed to be advocating to get vaccinated, they can still fuck themselves either way. Either you are some MAGA-hat anti-vaxx boomer or some liberal fool with three needles in their twitter handle, both is cancerous.

4. Did the budget got cut? Raffi's tricorder was literally just a Samsung S20.

5. The cliche of a macho hero waking up after being injured (by the way, it's not humanly possible for your skull to not crack after a 5 meter fall on solid concrete) only to be treated by a super hot female doctor who openly hits on you is incredibly sexist and feels totally misplaced in a "woke" show like this.

6. There is literally no way the American military, or the Russian or the Chinese one, would not notice a spaceship crashlanding in the middle of California and then sitting there for days.


File: 1647624608744.png (133.33 KB, 294x295, ClipboardImage.png)


1) The Borg Queen is actually played by a woman named Annie Wersching, she does look like the old one though. Great actress. Alison Pill was good too in this one. I think the hate is because the character has been very quirky xD, with a side of murder, up to this point. Stewart is an old man and it feels like it. He did have one notable burst of energy in the 1st or 2nd episode when he dressed down minor Confederation character. That was nice, he didn't seem dead then.

>There is also the implication that an entire hospital in the USA can work basically illegally in one of the biggest cities of the country.

Askually this is fine because this is an alternative reality, the one we were introduced to into DS9 when Sisko and friends go back in time. Note the references to "Sanctuary Districs" and "UHC" cards.


Are you talking the offhand mention of "vax chips"? I didn't read it as advocation but trolling conservatives.

5. pic related

6. Yeah, that was retarded. Did they literally land in the forest of Cali?

Anyways I still liked it as of E3 but my standards were beaten down so low from Discovery and the first season of Picard.


I take back any nice sentiments in this post. Just watched E4. Absolute dogshit. If S1 was 1/10, S2 is 2/10.


Some thoughts about the last Picard episode.

I liked it much better than the last one which was too much overt political pandering. Honestly the entire plot of Rios getting caught and Raffi and Seven trying to get him like some sort of buddy movie felt like filler. It contributed nothing to the story other than giving the characters something to do and to crack some jokes.

Why didn't the Borg Queen just assimilate that French cop? If she sent him into any neighbouring village where he manages to assimilate 20 more, humanity in 2024 is fucked and earth is assimilated by 2030. Plus, there would still be a collective in 2024 far in the Delta quadrant she could contact after taking over earth.

Soong plus that android actress felt like an unnecessary and convoluted sideplot that makes me suspense my disbelief. Oh yeah, Soong has some ancestor that just happens to look exactly like him, and a daughter that looks exactly like his creation a few centuries later. The only salvagable part was the Soong and Q dialog, because of the actors. You can see they are having fun revisiting their old roles again.

Can't say the same for Patrick Stewart. This man is too old. He can't even hold a small item without shaking. He slurs. He shouldn't be doing this, it's sad. Sometimes some of his old qualities shine through, but overall he can't keep up.

Oh, and I hope they fucking don't revive Elnor. That ninja Romulan deserves to stay dead. Sorry for the kid that plays him, but that character was so totally unnecessary.


>Paramount pulling old Star Trek from Netflix to make people buy their subscription service
lol streaming is just turning back into cable
sucks that fewer normies will get to see the old Trek


>lol streaming is just turning back into cable
>sucks that fewer normies will get to see the old Trek.

There's always DVD or well *ahem* seeing your friendly man with a eyepatch and a pegleg about getting some classic trek.


>fewer normies will get to see the old Trek
They wouldn't see it to begin with given their atrocious attention spans.


>cBS taking down review videos that are negative of their shitshow products


Finished watching last Picard episode. They are absolutely botching the timeline, Rios hooks up with a doctor and beams her into his ship, and then doesn't even plan on taking her with him? Picard tells a random FBI agent his entire story?

Also, why does the Borg Queen want to stop the Europa mission. In this timeline, the collective is wiped out by the 25th century. If she plans on starting to assimilate humanity 300 years before first contact with the Borg, it makes zero difference to her whether that mission is successful or not. Even though they make the Borg Queen comically evil, Alison Pill sells it though somewhat.

That chick who plays young Guinan is buff as shit. I wouldn't mind getting a little empathic with her, if you catch my drift.

"Picard getting his way out of a bad situation with an inspirational speech" becomes a bit of a tiresome trope.

Seven is written much better than in season 1. But Raffi still annoys me, nobody cares about her connection to Romulan Legolas (who hopefully stays dead).

I dislike the ship design of the La Sirena. It's supposed to be Starfleet, right? It looks more like something Star Wars.


>Seven of Nine is a cold-blooded mercenary but gets bullied because she is Borg, although she herself has a hawkish anti-Borg rhetoric
She's Russian
The Borg are the Russians in this, I can already tell without having seen a second of that gay show.
Nobody smoked in the originals. Still would have been cool, I'm sure Riker would have been a cigar smoker.


>Nobody smoked in the originals.
Honestly I don't understand people who get autistic about this. They could have smoked as they have the ability to replicate nicotine-free cigars, just like they do with booze.


The point about the smoking is the same as TVs and radio, the point is that it's mindless consumerism - but that's a muddled message in the series.


>Picard didn't go to space to be an explorer, he went because mom dark past guilt trauma
>the Borg don't assimilate species in their pursuit of perfection, they assimilate species because lonely sad no friends
I've read fanfictions that were more intelligent than Picard S2


>Nobody smoked in the originals. Still would have been cool, I'm sure Riker would have been a cigar smoker.
They comment on smoking in at least one episode and laugh about how dumb humans used to be.


>I've read fanfictions that were more intelligent
Where can i find good trek-fan-fiction ?


File: 1651161429647.png (450.25 KB, 325x500, ClipboardImage.png)

By sifting through the trash on ffn and I guess looking up recommendations >>3558
Actually an interesting fanfic series I reaad is called Homo Simian by AReclusiveWriter and it's basically a crossover with Planet of the Apes (mixing in aspects of the original film series and the Tim Burton film) that I thought had been done rather nicely.


File: 1651163870190-0.gif (1.8 MB, 498x207, apex.gif)

File: 1651163870190-1.gif (1.78 MB, 482x226, picard.gif)

Also I'm probably just RLM-brained but I saw an ad for Apex, one of Bruce Willis' awful cash grab movies, streaming on AMC+ and it suddenly hit me that ST:PIC is effectively a geezer teaser and/or 10 hour "Redbox movie", to use their descriptor
>20 producer gangbang
>high budget that goes almost entirely to the aging star, leaving the sets and props looking cheap
>picard is mostly stationary while younger actors carry the action
>patrick stewart is such a big name no one dares try and direct him, they just let him mumble and slur his lines and call it a day


>the Borg a good now because Jurati gave the Queen a speech about emotions
Jesus fuck. I know the Borg Queen was a controversial figure since her introduction, because it kinda betrays their unique quality of being a hivemind, but at least in ST:FC and VOY it was somewhat explained as an expression of many as one. The NuBorg Queen is an absolute bitch who needs alcohol and partying to create nanobots and gets swayed by a mere human into stopping to assimilate. Also, she commands her drones now like some kind of enslaver, instead of it being a hivemind of which she is the spokesperson.

Again, the showrunners have no idea what made something about the original ST interesting and just think of it as some kind of cheesy 80s space opera.


Why is this show even called "Picard" he doesn't do anything. He is an absolute bitch who constantly has to be saved by others. But as the main character, everything revolves around him and his mental state, which makes him look like an annoying person.

OG Picard was very altruistic and didn't make things about personal drama, which is what made him a good commander.

All those liberals today hide their toxic personalities behind dozens of alleged mental illnesses, and that is the target audience this shit is taylored for.
>I've read fanfictions that were more intelligent than Picard S2
There are a good dozen fan fictions about the Borg, their origin, their purpose, but of course it's just about feelings.

I am not sure if Picard is just too old and doesn't really recognize what is happening here, but the interviews I have seen from him he is a bit of a libshit, so he might be in on everything.
>high budget that goes almost entirely to the aging star, leaving the sets and props looking cheap
Every other ST show would have been stunned by such a budget but the way "Picard" manages to spend it is awful. Every episode looks like that there is something really expensive, but then the actual cool stuff people want to see polished looks like it was done on a micro budget. Like that fleet last season in the finale, where they just copy-pasted the same ship model.


What truly frustrates me is that all this shit will be considered "canon" by the brand Star Trek, making any good ST show that tries to reconnect with some established lore completely impossible in the future.

Honestly, even JayJay had the decency to create an "alternative timeline" that doesn't rape the original world building.


I like star trek discovery ,its my first trek so my opinion doesnt count but i am half way through season two and its good ,season 1 was way worse though.
Outside the musk cringe its not too bad
My question is where did the whole star trek is falgsc came from?
The federation seems like a un type organization and the klingons have a weird class society despite being able to develop super weapons


The 2 last shows of the star trek franchise STDiscovery and STPicard are very different from all the previous shows. The old trek displayed a very optimistic version of the future. Humanity had solved all of it's social and economic problems. Even the interactions between people with strong disagreement always remained cordial. Serious conflict in the show came from outside, either from hostile aliens or a hostile environment.
The recent installments of Trek are very dark, and nothing of the optimism remains, People behave more like they do today, than they would in a quasi utopian future basically nobody suffers any serious hardship.

Many people consider Discovery and Picard as generic action scifi, only star trek in ascetics and name. i kinda agree with that

The animated series Lower Decks still feels like old star trek (in a good way) and the non-trek franchise show The Orville does too. You could also watch the old trek shows, it's worth it imho. Most old trek is standalone episodes and the story arc is concluded at the end of the episode. So mind the different viewing experience and adjust your expectations. If you can do that you'll probably enjoy it more.


DS9 broke with the "no conflict" rule and benefitted from it, and also had some grimdark elements. Although tbe conflict they had was always solvable, it was more like getting used to different alien culture that are not in the Federation, but they all stuck together by the end.

In STD and Picard it's not even about learning from strange cultures, but it's all about everyone's feelings. It's individualism and centering the world around your own mental issues. Even Picard, a character liked by everyone as a very altruistic and upstanding person, looks annoying here.



STD was so painful to watch, holy shit.
The production value looked really expensive and well made, but everything else was trash.


What a disappointing ending. The Borg are libs now. Space Legolas is back. Seven and Raffi have a lesbian relationship now. Picard marries his housekeeper.

The season had one good episode, episode 2; and that's it.


I liked the first episode of Strange New Worlds. It has its issues, but so far it has been much better than STD and Picard.


What did you like about Discovery?


People said the same about Picard S2's first two episodes and now it's regarded as even worse than S1. I'm torn between wanting to give SNW a chance and being extremely wary that they're already doing
>remember Spock
>remember Kirk


Second episode of SNW wasn't too great, they didn't explain the mystery box that was the comet. But not a bad episode eother, it felt like average VOY episode. The show also has some pretty great visuals. Actors are mostly on point. I think the chick that plays Uhura is my favorite, even though she looks nothing like OG Uhurua and they gave her another tragic backstory which is what they do for every character I guess, she has an interesting acting style.

From the preview it looks we are getting some Twilight Zone transporter freak accident with low key horror elements. I am looking forward for it.

Well it's ab episodic show with an overall main story around Pike's vision. The problem with STD and Picard was that they wanted to write a completely serialized space opera, and failed miserably by setting up multiple mystery boxes but didn't what to do with it. Jurati becoming the Borg Queen? Picard becoming a robot? It's like they write themselves into a corner everytime. But you don't have that danger with SNW, I would hope.


File: 1652624355706.png (251.35 KB, 599x823, ClipboardImage.png)


So that last episode of SNW felt weird as fuck. It certainly would have helped if we actually cared about that first officer before, we don't know anything about her, and now she's revealed as an augment. I was hoping for some creepy freak transporter accident not some fucking light disease. Spock/Pike dynamic works well though.


>>25176 (me)
Also this reference to lockdowns and shit was an unncessary reference to COVID.


They are scientists they would've called it "quarantine protocol" not a "lock-down" that's the word used by prison guards when they have a prison riot.
Lock-down is when security.
Quarantine is when biology.
The reference to COVID would've been slightly less on the nose with the Q-word. But it could've been worse they could have made everybody wear sunglasses as light masks. It's not wrong from them to put that in the episodes, but reference to real-world events should not be literal. What bugs me is that the quarantine didn't work, everybody on the ship got the light virus anyway. That's sending the wrong message, quarantines do work. Once they figured out that it was the special light they should have been able to track all the infected and beam them into a quarantine zone, and have medi-personal in protective gear tend to them. There was a missed opportunity to rise above current politics and have a criticism of an ill prepared society that failed to contain Covid.

Another problem was that the Doctor had no reason to suggest a quarantine after he did not find any biological pathogens. The next logical step would've been to suspect some kind of environmental hazard. At least have somebody re-tech the science-scanner and look for funky particles emanating from the planet or the giant storm cloud.

Star trek has always had energy-life forms so it does make sense for there be a light disease even if that's probably just science fantasy. Chimera antibodies jumping over to other people that's science fantasy as well. Better would've been to make it a retro-virus. There are some scientific speculations about bioengineering the immune system to create ad-hoc retro viruses to fight infections. That would be a cure that can jump to other people. As a scifi writer you don't have to make up pseudo science gobbledygook, there is an neigh infinite trove of scientifically plausible speculations as footnotes in scientific literature already that will fit almost any plot. Maybe somebody needs to aggregate it and make a website with a plot-devise generator for writers.

This episode gave Officer Second In Command the super-powers of super-strength and super-healing. I'm not sure how wise that is. Like overpowered technology, it could create plot-holes in the future, like the crew struggling to overcome adversity that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

>So that last episode of SNW felt weird as fuck

It was an OK episode, the only thing that they fucked up is the framing around augments.
They could have made an argument that star-fleet should not be discriminating on the bases of genetics, because that's a arbitrary criteria and the basis for judgment should be about what a person does, and what principles they uphold.
But they chose to combine an aristocratic superiority-complex with a persecution-complex, the subtext is that BIO-humans are bigoted against GMO-humans out of resentment of their betters, who managed to use biotech for good instead of creating the Overlord Ubermensch that did a eugenics war. Basically Augment-idpol.
What the Captain did was correct, defending his officer because she was one of the good ones is correct, she was defined by her actions, and outlawing the practice of eugenics is correct as well, because what Kahn did was bad. The philosophy of star trek has always been that good people are good because they DO the right thing, and what they ARE, is irrelevant.

The main point in this episode is to rehabilitate genetic engineering. Technology is neutral, good or bad outcomes depend on the purpose and people that wield it. The concept of people terraforming them self to live in different biosphere is interesting as well. Could be a set up for a changeling origin story too.
The planet with the dead civilization, was a warning to not be too eager to change your self to fit the expectations of others. Also the doctor didn't download the updates for the teleporter, and that's bad. It's blunt but true, when you live inside of technology, updates that patch glitches are a matter of life or death.


File: 1653596179743.png (10.18 KB, 1183x1200, G siluette.png)

Episode 4 of strange new worlds was pretty good. It's a fun episode of outsmarting the lizard people with submarine themes. It has fun with physics with a realistic explosion near the event horizon of a black-hole getting smeared out along the accretion disk. They do ignore time slowing down near a black-hole but Starfleet ships do have space-time manipulation technology so that's excusable. They are doing ensemble tv show character balancing, the hero from last episode gets rescued by the people she saved in the previous episode. They're still leaning in the TV-trope of tragic character backstories tho. I wish they'd play more than this single note.

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