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&ltStar Trek Picard S01E01 is out
(check torrents)


Favourite episodes, best characters, memorable moments, etc.
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yeah I don't get that part of the prime directive tbh. if the "natural development" of a culture is about to be cut short an event [b]external[/b] to the culture, where is the harm in preventing it, if you can do it undetected?

now if the extinction is self-caused then sure, let them reap what they sowed, but that never seems to be the case with these kind of episodes


The idea behind it is that by that species becoming extinct, a new, more intelligent species may arise. So while you may be saving one species, you might be preventing the appearance of another, also, because no other species will evolve to intelligence if there is a dominant species on the planet already. That's why the Prime Directive is about non-interference, and not about saving/not-saving a civilisation. You don't interfere, and what happens happens.

I think it is liberal to suggest that the act of one person or one ship's crew could significantly alter changes that have been developing for a long time (remember: quantitative change results in qualitative change). At best they can only delay the changes.

Of course, the counter to this claim is that people must be protected at all costs. Prime Directive is easy when it's people vs. nature, then you side with people and problem solved. But what if it's people vs. less developed people? Whose side do you go on then?

Admittedly, I don't remember the details of the episode, but TNG episodes with these kinds of questions are more about starting a debate, rather than moralising or telling you what to think. They present a problem, and because it is a TV show it has to have some sort of resolution, but that doesn't mean your conclusion at the end has to be the same as yours.

What about that Picard's decision not to genocide the Borg? What do you do then? Do you kill a whole species because they are "evil"? No, that would be liberal moralising. You kill them all because their internal organisation and their structure/way of life necessitate destruction of other life. But Picard let's them live… in a very liberal move. Damn, it's like appeasing the fascists. Then the Borg come back and kill a bunch of people.


>What about that Picard's decision not to genocide the Borg?
God, I hated that. Not Picard's decision but the fact that it ruined the Borg for me, the fact that they can be overpowered by handing them over an unsolvable Rubic's Cube.


Data must have had paradox-protection software. Pity that the entire Borg civilization was unable to devise something similar.




God I hate the new series of STD, they want to try so hard to have "THE UNIVERSE MUST BE SAVED!!!" stakes EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SERIES despite the fact that 1) the only series to do that well was DS9 (and that was 2/3rds of the entire show with one antagonist) & ENT:3 vs the Xindi, and 2) Star Trek works best with a 3 or 5 act structure within an episode that can, but doesn't have to, contribute to an overarching plot. Instead STD tries to do a massive overarching plot that the episodes contribute to but also still tries to do the 3 act resolution??? It's a pisstake.

At-least Picard was interesting and didn't fuck with the Lore that much at-all (although the ending triggered me so fucking hard).


I don't think it's impossible to have a good fully serialized Star Trek series, but STD wants to be both episodical and serialized so It fails to achieve either.
>At-least Picard was interesting and didn't fuck with the Lore that much at-all (although the ending triggered me so fucking hard).
I found Picard to be worse than STD.


Picard doesn't try to be Star Trek, it feels a lot more like a spin-off series á la Torchwood or the like.


Course: Oblivion is the best VOY episode change my mind.


The planet was quickly becoming inhospitable for life. By not saving them and moving them to another planet, they were literally just letting them die for no reason.


I just don't think anything beats Scorpion I + II because it's like a better, shortened TNG movie.

But yeah, Oblivion is definitely among my favourite VOY episodes. But VOY has a lot of episodes like this that nobody remembers but are actually pretty amazing. Other really good VOY episodes:
- Latent Image
- Equinox I + II (this were actually episdes the way VOY originally was supposed to be)
- One
- Counterpoint


Fair, will add these to my rewatch list.
Also ofc, The Year of Hell is really, really good. People give Voyager shit but it had some amazing episodes.


Just rewatched Counterpoint, fuck I had forgotten that one, the twist hit me again. Great episode.


So with STD we're just back in the mirror universe. This and the upcoming episodes are playing entirely in the mirror universe. They also ripped some of the aesthetic from Warhammer40k.


Ah man, so rewatching Year of Hell pt1 from VOY, and there is this scene where Tuvok is shaving, and the thing is they have just survived an explosion. And they way they show that they've gone blind is fucking great, really good directing and acting.


>What did they mean by this?
The Benkarans live in an oppressive society and are likely something of an “internal colony” in Nygean Space


bump for best thread


Roast me for it, I kind of liked Lower Decks. It wasn't super great or anything, just sort of lovely with lots of references without being too crass like Rick and Morty. It honestly easily tops STD and Picard. There was absolutely no character development for Rutherford and the Orion girl, but if they are on a somewhat promising track. It's also a good way to bring the old actors back without having them embarrassing themselves in a badly written live action show.


Oh, and Jack Quaid is totally typecast now. He basically plays the Star Trek version of Hughie from the The Boys.


Old school star trek was too brainy to appeal to modern viewers who have been raised on transformers and marvel capeshit. You could never have a viable old school ST series today


I stopped watching season 7 of TNG because the writing got so bad, that it was painful to keep watching.
Instead I started watching STD. First few moments I was impressed at the extremely high production value. I'm 13 episodes in.

WHAT THE FUCK. Are the writers just improvising the story? Are the people writing the scripts being forced to do so at gun point? Also, the asian Phillippa whatever-her-name-is is such a terrible actor. It's so jarring to see her shoot like that suburban lady from last year. Like is she really that high rank but somehow doesn't know how to shoot? Was there NOBODY on the set who noticed this?

Also the fucking liberalism, fucking hell. Putting aside the fact that I realized a few episodes in that I was watching a series with the "strong female POC lead" marketing, the fucking liberalism. Their retarded understanding of fascism is that of a middle schooler (at best). "Nazis wanted to do evil things because they were mean and evil". Like seriously? Oh god, such a fucking fiasco. At least I'm having fun laughing at the retardation.

Thanks for bumping. I was too lazy to find this thread but I needed to complain about STD.


Big mistake, season 7 still had some great episodes.


The first half was good, the second half descended really quickly into trash.
I'll watch them at your behest. Thanks for the pointer :)
I'll come back to ask when I finish Sexually Transmitted Disease what to watch next.


>Roast me for it, I kind of liked Lower Decks
No roasting here, LD is the patrician's nu-trek. STD and Picard are awful.


>I stopped watching season 7 of TNG because the writing got so bad
lol what?


season 7 took a nose dive in writing quality. I'd have to see it again to cite specific examples. characters were way out of character and shit like that.


File: 1613215928649.png (34.7 KB, 565x354, ClipboardImage.png)

The Long Night has come. The United States, the great country in history, has fallen. But now, one actor, one poster, has vowed to drive back the night and rekindle the light of constitutionalism. With Kevin Sorbo, hope lives again.


What does this have to do with Star Trek?


Oh right, Andromeda, I completely forgot about that show and that Kevin Sorbo was in it.

When I saw the post I was thinking, "Why is someone posting a tweet from that guy who played Hercules in a Star Trek Thread"?


Honestly been watching it concurrently with Farscape, and man the difference in quality is astounding.


in what way?


Sorbos acting is mediocre and the plot is poorly written, its like the low rent version of farscape


File: 1613522696389.jpeg (46.58 KB, 500x692, stanley tweedle.jpeg)

Lexx is better than both. (pretend that last season didn't happen)


Characters on Farscape actually have depth, whereas Dylan is good idealistic captain Hayward is cocky wrench monkey Trance is the cooky one Tyr is the gruff warrior man (also mane the Nietzscheans are such a cool concept for a sci fi species and they just waste them).
Yeah fair, it has some interesting concepts but god its so dull.


Is it worth watching? They added it to Amazon prime in the UK too. w


STD spoilers ahead:

Oh what is this person with the technology to make large EMPs and fly? There is literally only one explanation, it's from the future.

Seriously the worst fucking writing I've seen in a while, and I like to watch shit anime and shit Sci-fi from time to time. This takes the cake.


God, the Nietzscheans are such a good concept and they are just wasted in Andromeda. AN entire sub-species of human built on geenmodding, but they don't just gene mod for the sake of it, they are a society based on the philosophical teachings of Nietzsche and believe themselves, through gene modding, to be the Ubermensch he taught of. There is such a great basis there, and they are just wasted as "backstabbing barbarian types".


>Is it worth watching?
yes for season 1, 2 and 3.


File: 1616312092577.jpg (133.6 KB, 1024x768, i wasn't quite sure what i….jpg)

The state of this franchise is what happens when you replace socialist writers with democrats


Outside of Roddenberry's socialistic/left-liberal leanings (there is no way he didn't knew of Posada considering the story of the first contact), the writers on Trek were never socialist. During the TNG/DS9 era the showrunners were even conservatives. It's really a surprise that it turned out the way it did, largely I think because the fan community pressuring them. ST was the first show that actually a dedicated nerdy fanbase that would get really angry if they deviated from specific formulas.

While there is something endearing about late 80s need culture, the current generation in my view rather acts as a fetter for the creative renewal of Star Trek. There are no "trekkies" anymore than stand out from the cool kids, today everybody goes to fucking comic con, LARPs and soyfaces over franchises. Even chads and stacys now go to comic cons. So they don't have this unique relationship anymore between fanbase and writers that works reciprocally, but instead ST became another "franchise" where shows are produced inside the machine that is modern television mostly directed at consoomers.

Just look how many trekkies eat up all this STD shit. They don't care. The Kurtzman detractors are a small disgruntled minority.
>but the first seasons of the old shows sucked too!
Yes, but even in those bad season you could see a kernel of potential, and the characters clicked. They also didn't write themselves into a corner like STD (31st century? Wtf) or Picard (Picard is a robot now????), they weaved some threads here and there but they remained flexible until they knew what worked. For example, TNG originally was supposed to have the Ferengi as the main villains but they looked too ridiculous to be taken seriously so they decided for a more menacing, mysterious enemy, which is where the Borg come from.


File: 1616412318503.jpg (57.17 KB, 1090x794, penus.jpg)

I know the whole franchise has been dumbed down but I really HATE the Star Wars cgi circus battles replacing the slow and methodical space sea-battles


Excellent post.

I watched TNG, I watched STD. I started watching the original series, it's a bit slow right now. Is there anything that gets to the level of TNG? Unironically one of the best sci-fi series I've seen.


>Is there anything that gets to the level of TNG?
NTA. DS9 is on par with TNG.


It's why BSG was great.


But that was shit.


File: 1617149518930.mp4 (9.66 MB, 450x360, Humon socialism is cringe.mp4)

Star trek was never, and never will be a utopian society.


It is if you exclude the canon-breaking garbage in DS9.


DS9 & Voy had to introduce some capitalism stuff to counteract all that gommie sharing crap in TNG


Clearly the Federation was in sharp contrast to the AnCap Ferengis, and this contrast was played out in DS9 rather endearing, but you never got the feel that in terms of the "big issues" the Ferengi ideology was ever a challenge to the Federation.

In DS9 it is implied that the Federation uses labor credits, that allows you to use the transporter and replicator on Earth.

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