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We have the social skills advice, fit threads and what not but I want a general purpose thread for encouraging comrades to get ahead.
How to be resilient in the wake of capitalism, READ READ READ, discipline, batina and such other things, how to help those around you. Also share inspirational stories

This even if fictional was pretty inspiring for Lenin, he read the thing 5 times in a summer


Idk maybe this vid helps?


Anon I know you mean well but… USE THE MOTHERFUCKING CATALOG


Oh yeah and >>19088


Bump of interest


I don't like the term "self-improvement".


Dudes how do I sit down and read theory I struggle to complete books, do I just start small like 30mins a day then increase it slowly?


Tbh those threads are dead and also really shit
Plus OP is specifically asking for commie self-improvement


Did you make this thread because of that /leftypol/ thread regarding self-improvement?
>Revolutionary Catechism
Holy based


Read for as long as you can handle, be it 30 minutes or an hour, but make sure to make a habit out of it. Also, make sure to take plenty of notes, helps me digest what I'm reading a lot better.


Yeah just do it bro, there's no easy answer. Try to do just 10 minutes of reading, without checking your phone, zoning out, build from there.


What matters is reading consistently; turning it to something that starts to fit into your agenda, rather than reading many/few pages at a time.
Instead of grabbing a phone when bored, pick up your book, which you should carry out whti yourself.


Meant "with".


revolutionary catechism is a complete meme


i want to read books but i abhor reading it on my laptop
any ways to make it better without buying shit?


>any ways to make it better without buying shit?
Without buying anything you'd need to change things like how bright the screen is, what colours are displayed etc. I even put on the night light mode sometimes as I find it's easier on the eyes
If you dont mind spending a little? Buy an E-book ASAP
That said, you'll never beat having a physical copy of a book tbh


an ebook reader I mean. I have a kobo and it's okay but might upgrade to something more.. responsive? soon. It's a bit laggy


library lmfao


It really is tbh


File: 1656877475781.jpg (168.84 KB, 900x1125, 1613860026543.jpg)

Anons, are there any scientific books, like textbooks perhaps, concerning self improvement? In the last few years I've read a lot of books about it, and the thing that perplexes me that wherever I go I often find stuff that is pretty controversial. There is a textbook called applied psychology which reviews many career or study techniques in the area of general science which I pretty much liked. Is there anything like that concerning diet, exercise, habits or/and studying? I'm a bit tired of reading journalists and not being ultimately sure if I'm reading a hack or a serious writer.

Also, how does the commodification of science influence the areas like the above mentioned dietetics, exercise science, applied psychology and so on?

I am generally quite keen on self improvement but all those mistakes and uncertainities waste a lot of my time and burn my motivation.


cute PDP-11 and meganekko


File: 1656886088589.png (5.57 MB, 4000x2960, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't know about "scientific" but if you can get past the "Bro you can get 38 times better at ANYTHING bro it's just that easy" then Atomic Habits does a good job providing you with a framework of how habits form, change, and how you can get rid of or create new ones. It's also a fast read, super short and most of the book is anecdotes anyway, plus there's little to no pure ideology to roll your eyes at unlike most "self-help" bullshit


Based thread OP, sure there will be some fags who think "muh Self-Improvement" is le fascist cause some gymbro called him a fag once, seriously Hitler thought drinking water was nice, that doesn't make water is bad


It's really is fascist guilt tripping "muh bootstraps" bullshit tbh


fascism is when there's a self tbh


File: 1656943783142.png (202.98 KB, 250x379, ClipboardImage.png)

and there it is, I expected this but not this soon, let me guess you think the Soviet Union was fascist for pursing the new Soviet Man or do you think PRC is fascist for wanting its male population to be physically fit and not to be obesseded with the online shit


Self-improvement is when the government does stuff


Self-improvement sometimes has to be forced, usually by your parents and if the parents are too soft do it then the state has to step in, maybe not force it but encourage(which is what China seems to be doing)


I think you are confused, it is not "self-improvement" if it is forced by someone else. The whole point of "self-improvement" is that it is self-directed. That's why it is "self-improvement" and not just training.


not everyone has the drive, for a society it has to become part of the norm


File: 1657288551667.mp4 (4.12 MB, 1280x720, ssstwitter_1657282406.mp4)

I know this is Fash cringe but we desperately need something like this, a movement that encourages fitness, self improvement, martial arts, reading and doing away with bad habits, If we abandon this type of Militia self improvement


>Patriot Front


I know trash, but still I'm talking about certain methods about training is something we need to apply


I don't think that 'just get fit lmao' is really gonna appeal to anyone on the left that isn't already fit tho


In Europe there are antifa MMA clubs but they are too based for /leftypol/.


as a useless anxious little freak how can i "get" the mindset needed to go to the gym, i dont like being surrounded by people and i dont like pain either


you don't have to go the gym bruh, my uncle is 52 years old and the fittest guy I know(can run 5 miles easily, do over 150 push ups, benches 100kg) and he works out at home only
I know I'm not gonna sound like a reddit user by quoting bojack horseman, you gotta start out small, gradually increase your workouts and It gets easier, everyday a little its easier, but you gotta do it everyday that's the hard part, but it gets easier


>In Europe there are antifa MMA clubs but they are too based for /leftypol/.
yeah, I'd believe it


File: 1657385663200.png (452.41 KB, 720x877, ClipboardImage.png)

probably get accused of some shit "appropriating fash aesthetic and thus invalid and problematic


File: 1657388093343.jpg (56.29 KB, 300x360, facepalm.jpg)

>suspenders with belt


File: 1657512196111.png (390.04 KB, 800x473, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah I'm show these guys are based and all, but tese guys look kinda tryhand cringe, now picrel of the red warriors goes way harder


It's aesthetic


It… isn't.


uhhhh sweetie fashion is both form and function not form over function


Whatever fags they look great and you can die unfashionably mad



The fact that I couldn't tell the difference between arabs and people who were supposed to be French, maybe a good indicator that Nazi ideology might not be the best fit to France


the sheer burgerity emanating from this post


I'm Pakistani and most of them look swarthy and brown, for us white is white northern europeans




What does this thread think of Semen Retention? Is there a reason why most religions discourage masturbation and encourage sexual abstinence/control?


I don't believe in any of the mumbo jumbo of magical powers, but over masturbation is bad for your brain and you can start cooming to some disgusting shit, my solution is keeping some nice vanilla porn downloaded on my laptop


Masturbation can be a coping mechanism for other parts of your life not being good. Otherwise it seriously doesn't matter. Abstinence can help you be more mindful and practice restraint, which can help you be more open to delayed gratification. There are more immediate ways to improve your life more significantly than semen retention. Don't fall for that shit.


Is there a non-bread alternative to the burger bun?
Also wasn't there some /fit/ thread but full of twinks? Feel like I'm going crazy trying to find it since that was the most active fitness thread on the site.




File: 1668435438073.png (490.33 KB, 775x902, ClipboardImage.png)



Aren't 90% of people on the far right under the age of 40 either morbidly obese or extremely skinny wimpy 29 year old neets who shit their diapers if their moms tell them no chicken tendies tonight ??


the same could be said of the left, fat LARPers are present in both camps


fuck it. Rollin


How's your room looking?


like jordan peterson's. i had the slight urge, then it passed shortly after


>Meditation by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
Check out this book, highly recommended.


>Not Seneca


File: 1669880595940.pdf (405.89 KB, 165x255, The Epicurus Reader.pdf)

>not Epicurus


Awful meme book
Based and Marx-pilled



File: 1671225265188.pdf (13.2 MB, 255x180, sparrowsnest-6428.pdf)

Self-improvement for the workers


Thought I'd post this here, as a bump and for any anons to read to give feedback on where it can work better in terms of actually being useful advice


no its actually 95%


in my experience gardening can be great form of self improvement
>care for other living things
>literally touch grass
>creates schedules
>socializing with the gardening community(v nice people)
>way more in touch nature
>also literally improves the land and ecosystem


Agree with everything except that last line. I mean it's technically true but it's on such a small scale. Also most "gardeners" are the exact people maintaining the pesticide-riddled monoculture we currently live with


Post core Seneca and other Stoic meme texts pls


guerilla gardening is fun tho


>nothing that humans do will ever come close to natural succession.
Not true at all lol. If you understand even pretty well how succession works there are a lot of things you can do to speed it up. Nature can only do as well as what has evolved, and evolution can't come in and design things. Humans can. (ignoring that humans are part of nature lol) For example you can massively accelerate the formation of soil by pre-mulching biomass that normally would have to take years to rot first.


Dig the mulch through the soil retard bury some wood bone and charcoal in with that shit


yeah ig I overlooked that when garden its explicitly for habitat restoration and I only plant natives


That's not true. Dont be so pessimistic. Even one house can be a haven for rare birds and insects to help maintain the population



>>31354 >>31352
The more I got into the stoics the more I realized it was the most cucked philosophy to exist because of its insistence of living according to the logos. The idea that you can only control your reaction to things and not the things in themselves is mostly right, however the whole "don't worry about pain just bear it, the universe is in harmony and remember that everything is as it should be :)" encourages you to not thing about anything, to just give up on influencing the world around you. Is it any surprise that an emperor would be a fan of a philosophical system that claims his high status in society is just the state of nature? And for Epictetus, a former slave, it's perfectly understandable that he would find in Stoicism a way to justify his suffering in a way that makes it easier to bear, not too different from what eventually became the Christian response to living in misery. "Oh, I might be living horribly now, but that's just because God is testing me, everything is as it should be. I must be strong, for the reward in Heaven is great." It's a perfectly understandable thought process, though for a communist that understands the world is not in an immovable, eternal state and that suffering does have a cause you can address, it is mostly useless.
With that being said, I am convinced absolutely no dudebro peddling "Stoicism" nowadays has ever read a word of the Stoics beyond quotes they found placed on pictures of landscapes on google. I think it might be just because being "stoic" is considered a manly quality and the dudes just want to be considered manly. They take the whole "be in control of your emotions, learn to bear the pain" part because they think it's cool, but completely divorce it from its theological and philosophical basis that the Stoics used to justify it in the first place!
Marx and Nietzsche approved, read this instead. I still have some hope in my heart that someday, somewhere, they're going to find some intact copies of his writings buried in a cave somewhere or some shit instead of the fragments we currently have to work with, together with Heraclitus' works. I cry everytime


Reading is a learned skill like anything else. It takes time and dedication to get good at it. To read faster, to retain more information, to imagine the content of the message, all are things that take time for your brain to adapt to getting better at. this is why /lit/ has the meme “read more” but in actuality, it’s more nuanced than that. To get to a point where you can burn through capital or rhetoric or phenomenology of spirit, generally speaking, you’ll want to work up to it. Not only by making it a habit every day bit by bit, longer and longer, but also in the complexity of the work you read. There’s a reason an entire generation is stuck on YA, it’s because it’s easy. Those people read as much as others watch TV, but because they don’t push themselves to more complex works they never work their way up. As far as theory goes there are plenty of easier works to get through before tackling the big dogs. David Graeber comes to mind. His writing is modern, his prose is solid, and he weaves anecdotes in to keep you interested. His books are long and it will take many days to get through, but reading is more about the journey than it is the completion of something. Every word is more information than you had before. I’d also suggest getting into fiction if you are struggling to read every day as a way to build the habit and grind stats, so to say. Catch 22 was one of the funniest books I’ve ever read, and I kept going back to it simply because it was fun to read. You may also want to check if you need reading glasses. Reading without eyes that work is off putting and will subconsciously Pavlov you into not wanting to do it. When you finally get to reading those thick books I’d suggest you use the methods from How to Read a Book. Where you use the table of contents and outside sources (like Wikipedia) to quickly understand the scope and general idea of the work. It’s much easier to travel when you know the destination.
I highly suggest the book Make It Stick. Written by psychology researchers focused in memory who use their knowledge of the field to boil down the tactics and misconceptions of learning to a readily applicable form.
This is something completely about you that we cannot properly give specific useful advice on. I can try, but I think you need to do some contemplation on your self image kinda thing. When I first started going to the gym I hated how fat and weak I was and didn’t want to be around others. But I started reading books and watching tutorials on how to do things and when I looked at routines I started seeing the increase in weight as leveling up. That it was material physical fucking progress I was making. I loved it. I finally had an effect on something. Then, over time, I started looking better in the mirror. My weight didn’t change, but my composition did. It was a big boost to my confidence and helped with other parts in life, but it was the actual gamification and the post workout high that made me keep going back. I started learning from others and started sharing with others too. It was an awesome little community of people wanting to see each other get better. I know that’s a hurdle, and maybe you should just start doing easy stuff at home. Get some cheap free weights and see what curls tris and flys can do for you. Kettle ball squats maybe? I don’t really know. I hope you find the thing that psychologically unlocks your potential, because I’ve learned that physical activity is fun once you get over the hump of being an out of breath and out of shape loser. Maybe join a fencing team? Stabbing people is fun and it’s like physical chess.
Corn tortillas, street size. Cut the patty in half. Now it’s a lil baby taco.

C’mon, comrades. Self help threads are just people sharing personal experience and info they have found that helps them become better at the things they thing are important. What is important is defined by your ideological predispositions. We are all comrades, we want to be smart and strong for all those that can’t be.



Really interesting shit! I'm reading the wiki article. Apparently he believed in an "atomic swerve" that meant that the universe wasn't deterministic which allowed for free will. This is something that people have argued today, regarding quantum mechanics. I disagree and think that physical determinism is compatible with "free will", but seeing the argument made eons ago is really something! Also everything he says about how to achieve a nice life, my god! Very good shit. I will need to read this.


>Make It Stick


Great post. Thanks.


I don't have a copy on my computer, but I assume it's on libgen or something.
Gambatte, Senpai. Anything you have found helpful over the years or have current issues with?



File: 1698830638522.png (922.68 KB, 750x1550, ClipboardImage.png)



we have a winrar :D


That's a reference I've not heard in a long, long time.
What book chapter are you reading anon?



I guess I'm going to have to start polishing up my Spanish again.


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File: 1709269247610-2.jpg (294.71 KB, 898x1377, RCO007_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-3.jpg (442.56 KB, 884x1416, RCO008_w_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269247610-4.jpg (201.37 KB, 926x1424, RCO012_1468855357.jpg)

Original Bane is my biggest motivation. He was meant to be a parallel of Batman rather than just a dumb muscle guy he's now portrayed today. Born the son of an exiled revolutionary and forced to endure his father's sentence before he was even born, he chose to make himself the ultimate man, both physically and mentally


File: 1709269308009-0.jpg (224.27 KB, 909x1376, RCO013_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-1.jpg (507.32 KB, 913x1375, RCO016_w_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-2.jpg (308.26 KB, 909x1381, RCO018_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-3.jpg (328.14 KB, 921x1388, RCO019_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269308009-4.jpg (302.36 KB, 892x1384, RCO022_1468855357.jpg)


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File: 1709269443634-1.jpg (298.61 KB, 896x1381, RCO024_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-2.jpg (333.02 KB, 895x1381, RCO025_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-3.jpg (333.31 KB, 903x1382, RCO027_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269443634-4.jpg (313.25 KB, 895x1375, RCO032_1468855357.jpg)


File: 1709269727494-0.jpg (283.45 KB, 891x1384, RCO033_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269727494-1.jpg (332.5 KB, 889x1385, RCO036_1468855357.jpg)

File: 1709269727494-2.jpg (558.03 KB, 892x1375, RCO037_w_1468855357.jpg)


It's funny how Nechayev is popular with both Leninists and anarchists at the same time. Leninists aren't even nihilists wtf?

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