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Feel free to input in the Writing Thread >>3558
Also here's an idea
The Bavarian uprising fails to be quashed by the Freikorps, more German communists flock to the new soviet republic and defenses are fortified just long enough for the USSR to supply them with arms. The other German states, tired from war, back off after a few months after more communist revolutions break out in German cities. The Nazi party never takes off as a result and the anger that Hitler exploited so well is exploited by the communists instead. Rather than blame the jews, they blame the actual reason the war was lost/so many Germans died: the generals and nobility.

Socialist Republic of Cuxhaven
there where some more but i don't remember all

btw. Liebknecht proclaimed the Free Socialist Republic of Germany at the 09. November 1918 vid and picrel


the funny thing in the fic hilter the communists blames the actual reason for the war being lost on: the generals and nobility. instead of the jews.

and hilter manages to exploit this to gain a following


also thanks for linking me to that i will share it on the thread

besides that hell in the fic hilter the communist plas some part of the role in the barvarian uprising as one of the leaders its honestly a interesting fic


Ah, a fellow ah.com user, fucking based



yeah ah.com is pretty great except for the amount of libs there :/


like as one star sets another rises which is one of the best fics in the site, was literal peak lib fiction especially due to its portrayal of stalin

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