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Thread for those who like to read and write including fanfiction. Share drafts, look for beta-readers, ask for writing advice, give recommendations and do all that other cool jazz. Just remember to not bully anyone else no matter how shit their taste might be.


Better have a writing general instead. I'm sure there's a lot of backed-up utopian SF writers here.


We can share fanfiction here too right?
Making this a general Writing thread (including fanfiction) would be based


Sure, feel free to share any fics that you like or have written yourself.
I'd prefer to have general fiction and fanfiction as separate honestly because I personally read more of the latter than former. Also, this thread is not supposed to be exclusively about writing so making it the thread's sole topic would exclude anyone who just likes to read and discuss about shit they've read and have never written anything themselves.


Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9911469/1/Lily-and-the-Art-of-Being-Sisyphus

>a cosmic horror-comedy about a female version of Harry Potter and her wacky adventures with the Voldemort soul copy in her brain who she nicknames Wizard Lenin (another copy who she names "Wizard Trotsky" for his annoying behavior also appears).

We should just have a writing thread that also talks about fanfic. Amateur art made by outsiders has always been a part of proletariat culture even when it's not judged as "good taste" by the bourgeoisie.


>Short rant
… and fucking Carnivorous Muffin pursues me even to this site. For a numerous set of reasons I detest their work. Primarily my dislike is due to it being an inane Mary Sue isekai Crack fic filled with OCs and OOC characters stretched way too fucking far and plagueing multiple fandoms and fanfiction sites due to the numerous crossovers.
Inb4 "muh absurdism"
Absurdism is esoteric as fuck for 1 thing, not to mention that it becomes very tiresome. The stories don't have definite beginnings or endings and at the end of the day I have this thought… why bother reading this. The main character is a fucking god among men breaking every law of magic or whatever universe they're in. It's boring because the point is lacking
>Wizard Lenin and Trotsky
This is an example of my claimed Mary-Sueness because it is exactly like every other garbage paper-back isekai mary sue fic that I've had the misfortune of reading; having some imaginary/special voice/friend/companion who talks and provides "le banter".

Rant over


I meant making this a writing thread because people make some fanfic-like works that are technically original works, like the write-fag on /leftyweebpol/ who I betaed for this Isekai attempt (which is now dead because fuck knows why).


File: 1608525752190.jpg (58.77 KB, 409x513, wew.jpg)

>Harry Potter
>Slash pairing because like most fanfiction it is written by a horny women
>Author Notes at the end of virtually every chapter in case it wasn't clear yet that the author was a narcissist
>60+ chapters and 400k words because the story has no plot, no structure, and just meanders along aimlessly
>Published in 2013 and still ongoing to this very day

Gee it's almost like the accusation that fanfiction writers wouldn't cut it as real writers is true!


Ahem… comrade.
I am that writefag.
I just haven't made much progress because I'm still looking for a solution to the language barrier problem without inventing a whole new fictional language from scratch. I can't really write the MC interacting with the natives if I don't have an idea on how they will or won't be able to communicate.
Also, nice to see you again Editor-san.
This is the reason I don't read Harry Potter fanfiction. Or the original Harry Potter for that matter.


Ah hello there, Long time no see. Have you any new chapters besides your issues?
>I can't really write the MC interacting with the natives if I don't have an idea on how they will or won't be able to communicate.
Take a leaf out of some of the Naruto x RWBY crossovers or the Naruto x Harry Potter crossovers The writers who watched the Subs often address this issue by
A) Using magic means like a translator spell or mind-transfer trick
or B) Having the protagonist learn through symbol - word learning.

>the original Harry Potter

Eh, its a fun casual read, just nothing to take super-seriously outside a fantasy setting. Ikotika (a Russian youtuber) did a really fun review series of the movies parallel to the books where he expands on a lot of the interesting parts of Harry Potter as well as the problems and also some areas that extend into fanfiction.
>the reason I don't read Harry Potter fanfiction
I rarely do so Hagrid x Dobby still scars me to this day However I will sometimes come across wonderful gems among the grime.

>fanfiction writers wouldn't cut it as real writers is true!
Fanfiction for the large part is people appreciating a work of media, having an idea and trying to write it out. Few people have the ability to do so, but those who do produce some splendid additions, sometimes better than the original work.
Other people just use it to release ideas based on media they consume so as to pass the time and let their thoughts out in a healthy manner, like NeonZangetsu.


File: 1608525754184.png (472.21 KB, 846x1651, Catman Companion Profile.png)

>Ah hello there, Long time no see. Have you any new chapters besides your issues?
Long time no see indeed. I had wondered for a while if you actually made it through the transition here, now glad to know you did.
Regarding issues? Well, let's just say that I haven't been writing anything new for almost a year now or done any concept-work for that matter. I've kinda just been busy practicing my drawing skills for my current field ever since I gave up on engineering. I recently became interested in continuing on the world-building aspects of the new world so I decided to start re-working the world map for it.
>A) Using magic means like a translator spell or mind-transfer trick
This feels like a bit of a cop-out imo that Isekai stories which don't just skip over the whole language barrier issue altogether tend to use. I'd prefer not to have to go this route but unless I find no other way I'm kind of forced to so the plot can progress. I think that language is kind of a largely unexplored plotpoint in a lot of isekai because everything can usually just be solved by magic. Since complex magic (such as translating an entire language) is supposed to be rarer in my setting though I feel like I shouldn't just immediately jump the gun on this one and give him the ability to speak the common languages of the land from the get-go.
>or B) Having the protagonist learn through symbol - word learning.
Do you mean like having someone teach him? Cause that's gonna require him to find someone whose willing to do so first. Still probably the most plausible option though. I designed him a traveling partner in the form of a mutant a while back when I was still actively doing illustrations for the story. I could probably re-do him as well now that I've improved my drawing skills somewhat.


One book totally focused on weird language barriers is China Mieville's Embassytown. It's about a species that evolved language rather than developing it. Their speech is inextricable from thought, and has evolved certain natural failsafes including very strict criteria for identifying speakers (the protagonist can make the sounds but they don't even consider her sentient) and the inability to fabricate or tell lies. They have cultural workarounds for this, like staging poignant events so that they can be "referred to" as similes, but they're still basically incompatible with humans.


Am I glad that I'm not the only one who heavily dislikes that garbage


>"Gamer" fics?
Depends on what kind. The Gamer fics that have You/Main Character play a life until you "die" and then play again have always been garbage in my experienced opinion due to how lightly it treats death. It's why Log Horizon is boring as fuck.
Gaming fics that have mechanics like SAO (where you can access a menu screen but death is permanent and real) can work but take a lot of skilled writing to pull off, which is almost never, especially considering that SAO's author fails to write out the concept properly.
>MC is transferred into the body of his Skyrim character before then being further transported to Highschool DxD, hilarity ensues
Screams edgy from the first paragraphs and only gets worse. Its "le overpowered discount SI Original Character who enters a media and gets it all. What's the point of liking an anime (for example) if you don't care about or dislike the main character.
>MC is given his own custom-built multiverse as an apology
FFS that's just In Another World With My Smartphone
>Crossover with RWBY and DC
I'm noping out on that, DC is such a mess that I can't stand most of those fanfics.

TL;DR: Self-Incert and OC-centric fics are usually hard to pull off. Gamer fics are even harder. The tendency for Gamer fics to combine with OC/SI means that out of the thousands of fanfics out there, only a few are worth a damn outside of toilet reading.


File: 1608525761828.jpg (80.05 KB, 1200x414, Iruma harem queen.jpg)

I'm genuinely surprised Mairimashita! Iruma-kun and Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen lack their own fanfiction.net pages. AO3 has them but lack in written works… which is a shame since they're both fun, silly series.


Reposting an amalgamation about this ms

Lily's (femHarry) characterization - She's basically kinda messed up as a result of not being able to die and therefore not really getting why death is bad. Also comes off as a brat. A character with zero consideration for anyone else is unrelatable and irritating.
The other characters tend to be extensions of the setting and therefore are not people in the first place, i.e. the Dursleys. While the given example is not wholly unlike the Canon, it is moderated because the Dursleys are less than 5% of the Canon books.
All this mess is often called Main Character Syndrome. It's a bit of a solipsist idea that you exist and nobody else does. It is so prevalent in many different media (such as Isekai anime) that it has flanderized beyond tolerable measure. Moreover this is less likely intentional and more an unironic belief of the author given their blog posts about "life".


File: 1608525790405.png (112.13 KB, 500x360, yaoi and fujoshi.png)

Am I the only one sick of gay shipping? I swear it plagues every fandom to the point where anything remotely gay in any fanfic makes me stop reading. I wouldn't mind if it weren't so poorly done, over and over and over again… an interesting story being axed by sudden slash because the author got horny while writing. It's worst when they take something like close friendship between two friends and make it into disturbing cocklust, seriously, go beat off and then comeback to the keyboard, we don't need to read discount Twilight-tier gay fantasies.


>Am I the only one
No, Anon, you're not the only one.

But for real, that's why I abandoned my fan circle last time. They got so bad that they wouldn't even accept straight ("hetshit") or yuri ships. What's so damn wrong about wanting male friends to stay friends? I actually think it's cuter to explore such close friendships than butchering those characters for the sake of gay buttsex. The worst is when they force their shit yaoi "dynamics" (stereotypes) onto them, it's boring, cliche and annoying. Wouldn't be so bad if fujoshits didn't act like their gay headcanons are canon all the time and if you don't agree they'll spam you with that garbage (at least in my experience). It's like a cult.


As a gay dude:
On one hand it is annoying as it seems to be pushed mainly by women who fetishize gays in the same way a lot of straight dudes fetishize lesbians. As you mentioned they're often not realistic and poorly written, they also seem to promote the idea that two dudes can't be close without sexual tension (I guess you could call this toxic masculinity).

On the other hand I get a bit of schadenfreude watching straight dudes complain about shit that gays have to put up with all the time, 99% of romance in fiction is heterosexual, or on the internet 12 year old moe-loli garbage.


Can steampunk count as a form of fanfiction? I read a bit of it but I never encountered Marxist steampunk, or even just Marx in those books. Does this thing even exist? What do you think of this idea?


File: 1608525792759.jpg (78.02 KB, 500x651, Cyberpunk.jpg)

Does it use story elements such as specific settings or characters already established by someone else in a separate work of media such as a video game, a book or a movie?
Its fanfiction.
Its just regular fiction
Steampunk like every kind of "punk" is a subgenre of retrofuturism which can be condensed and simplified into the question of "what did people of this particular time period think the future would be like?" For steampunk its the age of steam engines, dieselpunk is the late 19th and early 20th century when fossil-fuel-based combustion engines were first starting to be popular and even cyberpunk when it first popped up was the 70s and 80s equivalent of the former two (it has kind of gradually turned into its own thing over the years and these days its considered a sub-genre of scifi more than retrofuturism).


Actually let me rephrase that last sentence.
Its considered more a of sub-genre of dystopian fiction and sci-fi in general rather than retro-futurism specifically even though a lot of modern cyberpunk works still incorporate those old aesthetics of the past decades.


the first I had any understanding of homosexual relations was through fujoshit because I was into fandom and fanfic for so much of my adolescence. luckily I met and dated actual men who behave like human beings and not YA protagonists, so I've been thoroughly disabused. another factor in that was being friends with a fujoshi in high school who progressively descended into more and more obnoxious behavior, and when I came out as bi, she became ten times more obnoxious about shipping me with other guys. I think what disgusts me the most about fujoshit is that whole notion of "all men are secretly homos, all the fujoshi needs to do is aggressively ship and act like a stalker until they 'admit' their feelings" which ends up seeming like sexual harassment by proxy or something.


>99% of romance in fiction is heterosexual
Have you been on AO3? Mor than 50% of Any fiction there, fanfiction or original fiction is tagged with M/M and even more gets missed with miscellaneous Yaoi and slash

If you mean over-all fiction… that's not really true either, most fiction has NO romance at all, because its irrelevant to the story and that's what pisses me off the most when its done…. 90% of the time its hamfisted as fuck.
Ironically when there is a genuinely decent M/M ship to be found its done like garbage.

Probably the worst is Haku x Naruto… That shit could be done well, but every fic that has a yaoi pairing of the two (and not rule 63) ends up having a really shitting Master-Servant relation or other obnoxious shite.

TL;DR: Its not the gayness that's the issue, its how obnoxious it - and the Fujos who make it - are.


Remember when the worst media was teen angst shit like Hunger Games and Twilight instead of Star Wars Sequels and Captain Marvel? I 'member…. Honestly I wish we could go back to the late 2000s. When 90s culture was still ebbing and things were simpler than they are in the current mess.


People say nostalgia is rose-tinted, but TBH I think its justified.


shut up fag.


Lel, nice try


I find RWBY to be largely boring despite its interesting ideas. Ironically like Fairy Tail however, its rather ripe for fanfiction crossovers.



ok but where can i read karl marx fanfic


File: 1608525909416.jpg (14.11 KB, 226x239, 1e3.jpg)

If something doesn't exist in written form then you write it yourself. If you don't know how to you do your research and git gud.


marx… but in halo… 2!!! cameo w/ rwby characters and half the cast is trans
i'll have the prologue written up by tomorrow


Absolutely cringe-worthy


Hey comrade I want some Marx fanfic too >>4056
If I wasn't this lazy I could write it but it needs a lot of research on the industrial revolution and 19th century Germany. The best steampunk books seem so well-researched.


File: 1608525912630.jpg (125.07 KB, 1920x1080, Kagome-Ataru-female-Ranma.jpg)

Teen media was always cringe. If anything, nowadays it has gotten a little better, YA books are actually readable, Disney and Cartoon Network are doing good cartoons again and thanks to the Internet you aren't tied up to watching whatever is on TV.
I still can't fathom how people could stand those awful 00's live-action Disney Channel """"comedy"""" shows and cheap-ass north-american cartoons. Thank god the country I lived in had tons of anime in public TV and I could just watch Rumiko Takahashi's shows instead.


File: 1608525912956.jpg (32.18 KB, 640x464, annoyed Kim Possible.jpg)

Kek what a crossover
>Teen media was always cringe
Eh, not really. The edgy cringe and sappy-shit only began to be a proper genre for teens in the late 70s/80s and frankly even until the 90s, with all the angst and other shit, it never reached the levels we got with Twilight or Divergent or other shite.
>cheap-ass north-american cartoons
Such as? Do you mean along the lines of Ben 10 or something more like Rocky and Bullwinkle?
> 00's live-action Disney Channel """"comedy"""" shows
Because it was 'new' and was a teen version of "Friends".
>YA books are actually readable
today? Name one from the past 2-3 years that isn't mediocre at best.
>Disney and Cartoon Network are doing good cartoons again
Bitch where? They haven't stopped shitting the bed since the mid 2010s after shows like Clone Wars, Transformers Prime and Avatar the Last Airbender were supplanted by crap like Steven Boogerverse, Loser of Korra and Transformers RiD.
>thanks to the Internet you aren't tied up to watching whatever is on TV.
Which is why people did torrenting or watched Toonami.
>Anime airing
Good for you I guess but that's not a sign of objectivity. Having live with both anime and Western cartoons through the 90s/early 2000s I'm gonna have to say that between something like Pokemon or Yu Gi Yo or Beyblade and Ben 10, Kim Possible and Gargoyles… I'mma go with the latter.


i read an unhealthy amount of genderbender ranma fanfic


But Ranma is already genderbender, I don't understand.
>Kek what a crossover
It's from a OVA, actually.
>never reached the levels we got with Twilight or Divergent
You might say that, but things like Twilight, Hunger Games, Harry Potter or the Star Wars EU were a huge improvement over the kind of novels marketed at teens in the eighties, for example
>Such as?
Now that I think of it, I think most of the cartoons I remember were canadian, from the same company that made Totally Spies (that one was pretty good tho).
>Because it was 'new' and was a teen version of "Friends"
I suppose you're right
>Bitch where?
Compared to the wasteland of the 00s, based on what I see my cousins watch I think some of the cartoons they make are pretty good. Star and the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, that one about the three cute bears. I believe that's more of a 10s thingy, I don't know about "current" current cartoons because usually that type of media arrives to my country a few years after it becomes successful in the US.
>something like Pokemon or Yu Gi Yo
That's because Americans got into anime very late and with bottom of the barrel tier shows. TV here in Catalonia in the 00s had tons of good quality anime, from "for all ages" shows Urusei Yatsura, Kimagure Orange Road or Slam Dunk to more experimental things like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex or Serial Experiments Lain, and most of them were in public TV. One of the TV channels even had hentai at night for a few years.


From 90s until 2006, just TVC (Televisió de Catalunya, a public TV corporation), aired:

3x3 Eyes
Alí Babà i els 40 lladres [Ari Baba to Yonjuppiki no Tozoku]
Alita, àngel de combat [Gunnm]
Andersen Monogatari
Anpanman [Soreike! Anpanman]
Anya, la noia de la neu [Mori wa Ikiteiru]
Arc the lad
Azuki [Azuki-chan]
Banner i Flappy [Shiiton Doubutsuki Risu no Banner]
Biniki el drac rosa [Serendipity Monogatori Pure to no Nakamatachi]
Blood, l'últim vampir [Blood, the last vampire]
Bola de Drac / Z (inclou diverses pel·lícules)
Bola de Drac GT
Boys Be…
Bubblegum Crisis
Candy Candy
Capità Harlock [Uchu kaizoku Captain Harlock]
Chopy i la princesa [Ribon no kishi]
Cinturó Negre [Yawara]
City Hunter 3
Comic Party
Conan, el nen del futur [Mirai Shounen Conan]
Cobra [Space Adventurer Cobra]
Cowboy Bebop
Dangaioh [Hajataisei Dangaioh]
Devilman [Devilman Tanjo Hen]
Dome, el petit geni del beisbol [Miracle Giants Doumu-kun]
Dominion Tank Police [Dominion Hansai Gundan ]
Doomed Megalopolis [Teito Monagatari]
Club Super3 [TVC] / [IB3]
El capità Harlock [Uchu Kaizoku Captain Harlock]
El castell de Cagliostro (Lupin III) [Lupan Sansei: Kariostro no Shiro]
El detectiu Conan [Meitantei Conan]
El doctor Slump ("remake") [Shin Doctor Slump]
El doctor Slump (dues pel·lícules) [Doctor Slump]
El doctor Slump [Doctor Slump]
El gat amb botes [Nagagutsu o haita neko]
El genet del sabre i els xèrifs galàctics [Sei Jyushi Bismarck]
El gos de Flandes (1975) [Flandes no Inu]
El gran sushi [Mister Ajikko]
El llac dels cignes [Hakucho no Mizumi]
El meu diari estimat [Ai no Gakko Cuore Monogatari]
El meu veí Totoro [Tonari no Totoro]
El món de Rumiko [Rumik's World]
El nen de l'espai [?]
El puny de l'estel del Nord [Hokuto no ken]
El rei Artur [Entaku no Kishi Monogatari: Moero Arthur (1)]
El tritó del mar [Umi no Toriton]
Els dotze regnes [12 Kokuki]
Els guerrers de la llum [Sei Senshi Robin Jr.]
En Horry el monstret
En Jack i la bruixa
Endavant Bun Bun! [Hoero, Bun Bun]
Escaflowne [Tenkuu no Escaflowne]
Escola de Bruixes [Maho Tsukai Tai!]
Evangelion [Shin Seiki Evangelion]
Evangelion, mort i renaixement [Shin Seiki Evangelion: Death and Rebirth]
Evangelion, el final [Shin Seiki Evangelion: The End of Evangelion]
Fly [Dragon Quest - Dai no daiboken]
Fruits Basket
Furi Kuri
Fushigi Yuugi, el joc misteriós [Fushigi Yuugi]
Georgie [Lady Georgie]
Ghost in the Shell
Golgo 13 [The Professional: Golgo 13]
Goshu, el violoncel·lista [Sero Hiki no Goshu]
Green Legend Ran
Grey [Grey Digital Target]
Harley spiny
Harlock Saga
Hattori el ninja [Ninja Hattori-kun]
Hello Sandybell
Heroic Legend of Arislan [Arislan no senki]
Herois a la galàxia (1 OVA) [Ginga Heiya Densetsu]
Hiroshima [Hadashi no Gen]
Històries d'Andròmeda [Andromeda Stories]
Històries d'animals [Shiiton Dobutsuki]
I, my, me! Strawberry eggs
Jeanne, lladre kamikaze [Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne]
Jugo shonen hyoryuki
Jutge de les Tenebres [Anikoku no Judge]
Kai Doh Maru
Karekano [Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou]
Kimagure Orange Road
Kimba el lleó blanc [Jungle Taitei]
Kishin Heidan
La guerra de Lodoss [Lodoss tou Senki]
La increïble brigada Shinzen [Tobe!! Isami]
La llegenda del 4 reis [Legend of the 4 kings]
La màgica DoReMi [Ojamajo DoReMi]
La petita Memole [Tongariboshi no Memol]
La petita Polon [Ochamegami monogatari KoloKolo Polon]
La princesa encantada [Taiyo no oji Hols no daibooken]
La reina del mil·leni [Queen Millennia]
La ventafocs [Cinderella Monogatari]
L'Arcàdia de la meva joventut [Waga Seishun no Arcadia]
L'abella Maia (coproducció amb Alemanya) [Mitsubachi Maya no Boken]
Lady Oscar [Berusaiyu no Bara]
Lain [Serial Experiments Lain]
Lamu [Urusei Yatsura]
Lensman (sèrie) [SF Shinseiki Lensman]
Leo, el rei de la selva [Jungle Taitei]
Les aventures d'en Hutch [Konchuu Monogatari Minashigo Hacchi]
Les aventures d'en Simbad [Arabian Night Sindbad no booken]
Les bessones a Saint Claire [Ochame na futago]
L'estrella dels gegants [Kyojin no Hoshi]
Loki, el detectiu misteriós [Meitantei Loki Ragnarock]
Love Hina (inclou especials de Nadal i primavera)
Macross II [Chojiku Yosai Macross II, lovers again]
Macross Plus
Marco [Haha o tazunete sanzenri]
Mazinger Z
Megazone 23
Mikan [Mikan enikki]
Misha, el petit ós [Koguma no Misha]
Muka Muka [Muka Muka Paradise]
Musculman [Kinnikuman]
New Dominion Tank Police [Shutsugeki! Tank Police]
Ninja Scroll
Odin [Odin - Koshi Hansen Starlight]
Oh! My Goddess (sèrie) [Aa! Megami Sama]
Orphen, el bruixot [Majutsushi Orphen]
Orphen, el bruixot: la revenja [Majutsushi Orphen Revenge]
Patlabor [Kido Seisatsu Patlabor]
Patlabor 2 [Kido Seisatsu Patlabor 2]
Patrasche, el gos de Flandes (1992) [Flandes no Inu, boku no Patrasche]
Pepero [Andes shonen Pepero no boken]
Planeta Venus [Venus Senki]
Plastic Little
Porco Rosso [Kurenai no Buta]
Projecte A-ko [Project A-ko]
Quedes detingut! (sèrie i OVAs) [Taiho Shichauzo]
Queen Emeraldas
Ranma (OVAs) [Ranma 1/2]
Ranma [Ranma 1/2]
Remi [Rittai anime ienaki ko Remi]
RG Veda
Riding Bean
Rocket Kidz: Els herois de la ciutat [Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger]
Roujin Z
Royal Space Force: wings of Honneamise [Oneamisu no tsubasa]
Sailormoon [Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon]
Sailormoon R [Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon R]
Sailormoon S [Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon S]
Sailormoon Sailor Stars [Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Sailor Stars]
Sailormoon Súper S [Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon Super S]
Sailormoon: el primer amor de l'Ami (OVA) [Sailormoon: Ami's First Love]
Sakura, la caçadora de cartes [Card Captor Sakura]
Sakura, la caçadora de cartes: la pel·lícula [Card Captor Sakura: the movie]
Sherlock Holmes[TVC] / [BTV]
Shiiton dobutsuki kuma no ko Jacky
Shin-chan [Crayon Shin-chan]
Slam Dunk: la gran esmaixada [Slam Dunk]
Speed Racer [Go! Mach 5]
Street Fighter II V
Taro, l'alienígena [Uchuujin Tanaka Tarou]
Tenchi Muyo (7 OVAs) [Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki]
The Cockpit
Tic Tac Toons [Kaiketsu Tamagon: Kaba Totto]
Tokyo Babylon (OVA)
Tom Sawyer [Tom Sawyer no boken]
Touch. Sebango No Nai Ace
Ultimate Teacher [Kyofun no Byoningen Saishu Kyoshi]
Utena [Shoujo Kakumei Utena]
Vampire Princess Miyu [Kyuuketsu Hime Miyu]
Vent d'Amnèsia [Kaze no Namae Wa Amunejia]
Vickie el viking (coproducció amb Alemanya) [Chiisana Vicking Vicke]
Voltron, defensors de l'univers [Hyakujuo Golion]
Wicked City [Yoju toshi]
Yuu Yuu Hakusho: els defensors del més enllà [Yuu Yuu Hakusho]


i mean fics entirely focusing on gender, ones where ranma gets locked in a female form or whatever


… so wht's your point? I can list all the cartoons I've ever watched on TV too and? Are you implying these are all good or what?


I guess I wasn't very clear. My point is that in my country anime was more common on TV than in the US, so maybe that's why we disagree on what you and I would choose to watch back in the day.


Ah, ok understood


I always felt weird about writing fanfiction using established characters and always used OCs. I guess that's me being more interested in writing within the setting than exploring characters differently.


I always cringe at OC fanfiction because its rrely well done and because part of a fiction deserving of fanfiction is the presence of charismatic characters you enjoy. OC fanfiction can be good but that is very rarely pulled off, usually when interaction with the main characters of a fandom are not featured at all.


Anyone have good naruto crossover fic recommendations?


File: 1608525981281.jpg (34.15 KB, 848x480, RevyWhitmanFever.jpg)

For me writing about existing characters within a setting was always (and still is) hard because I kept asking myself the question "Am I doing this character justice with how I'm representing them within my story?" That nagging question is still a problem for my attempts at writing my current Black Lagoon fic. Revy for example is such a complex character that I don't know if I'd ever be able to write any interaction where she's involved properly beyond acknowledging some key features of hers like
>Plentiful use of swearing
>Casual racism
>Sociopathic tendencies
>Deep-seated nihilism
>General hotheadedness and impulsiveness
>Avoidance of attachment and intimacy
>Preference of violence over diplomacy
>Excellent marksmanship


In my case its the opposite, the issue isn't writing them accurately, the original work has done that for me and its fairly easy to write out their defining characteristics to prevent OOCness, the issue is usually going through the steps needed to make sure their background and surroundings aren't an utter void


Anyone have short reflective fics?



Reposting from this profile https://www.fanfiction.net/u/7383559/Silent-Songbird

The Baker

A Short Story by Silent Songbird

Once upon a time, a young lady was baking in her kitchen. She loves baking. One day, she realizes that maybe she should share her love of baking. She bakes a nice apple pie and then puts in front of her house, hanging the sign "free pie". People come around, they taste the pie and they LOVE it! She feels flattered and happy that people love her baking, and she feels good that she fed some people. So, the next day, she bakes some more. More people come for the free pie, and they love it even better. This goes on, she bakes, they come, they eat, she feels good and they feel good.

Then one day, she decides to mix it up. She bakes cupcakes and muffins instead of pie.

The people… They lose their shit.

"Oh my God! Why the hell did you make cupcakes?"

"You had something good here and you ruined it!"

"You can't bake for shit! This is shit! Kill yourself for making this."

Baffled by the vehemence of the people, she goes back to making her free pie and giving it out once more. Sent thinks, maybe it was a mistake to make cupcakes. That won't happen again. Except, it does. The people lose their shit again. This time, she didn't even have to change her bakery.

"Ugh, there's too much sugar in this."

"Damn it, there's not enough sugar in this!"

"The pie crust is missing! I thought you knew how to bake?"

What had started as a hobby and gave the young lady pleasure, had instead grown into something else. A chore. A task. And slowly, little by little, the lady began to hate what she baked. She began to hate the task of baking. And just like that, one day, there was no pie outside her house.

And the people had the gall, to ask her why.

The End.

If you are among the percentage of people on this site who are not arrogant enough to forget that fan fiction is written freely, and authors expect no reward for their hard work except for the satisfaction of people appreciating their work and stories, then feel free to copy my little story to your profile.


I wish fanfiction.net had a fucking blacklist function


An ability to edit/remove your own old reviews would be a good idea too.


Fanfic mods are too busy scratching their ball to look at such criticisms


What is the most disturbing fanfic you have read /hobby/?


Reposting: The Worst fic I ever read was a Naruto one where after chapters of decent writing a completely unwarned rape lemon with gore and scat was written featuring Iruka and Kakashi raping Haku and Naruto. It was horrendous in that it was written with such detail and care, I stppped reading as soon as my brain caught up to the sheer shock. It was worse than that 1 fic where the Giant Squid makes out with Hogwarts (yes that is a real fic).


Nindo of the force is one of the few good Naruto/StarWars crossovers

A recently written one: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13617022/1/The-Blonde-Boy


File: 1608526114793-0.jpg (11.93 KB, 150x200, FTDS.jpg)

File: 1608526114793-1.jpg (207.04 KB, 1200x611, rasenshuriken blades.jpg)

This is just a bit funny so I thought I'd share.

There is a fanfic writer called Fairy Tail Dragon Slayer who is without doubt the biggest Naruto wanker in the world, he puts Naruto at universal+ level right now nd for some reason does a lot of DxD crossovers while inserting Naruto in the most obnoxious way possible. A few early fics of his were passable, back when he hadn't lost his marbles, but current stuff is just nasueating.

Now recently in Shin DxD Volume 4 Great Red was 'easily' killed And of course said fanfic writer took great amounts of pride in using this as a reason to say that Naruto's higher tiers are way stronger than Great Red. (spoilers) https://twitter.com/FairyTailDragon/status/1285122548917821442

The sheer absurdity of the statement was so much so, that I decided that, "hey, whatever let me reply to this fucker for kicks"… his response was that I'm a fool and know nothing about Naruto… which is false given that I am a Naruto fan and I know the power-scaling of the series well. I responded that I was sad that he thought so, but disagreements are irrelevant for fictional characters anyway and bid him a good day. The response was fairly disproportionate, he sent NINE separate messages in less than 2 hours replying to my post and then blocked me, which made the entire conversation get hidden so that I couldn't even read his responses. Given that I was also quite polite with him and simply wished a good day despite disagreeing, his actions are very petulant.

Now some of FTDS' early calcs of Naruto feats were good and accurate and are consistent with feats and databooks (pics related for an example), but now he's using verbal hyperbole to say that 'Momoshiki' sucked the energy from several universes and that combined power was taken down by Naruto in Boruto… which now makes Naruto multi-versal level… like fuck me that is a level beyond normal wanking. Even MudaMudaMuda on comicvine never wanked that hard. Now for perspective, Great Red is a character who represents a metaphysical concept - dreams and illusions - and is equal in power to the dragon of infinity Ophis, both are above all gods in the series including the omnipresent and deceased biblical god. So tell me, how is Naruto, a human with demi-god abilities supposed to fight that?

So that's the gist of it. Frankly as a casual Naruto-fan, this is the kind of shit that created the whole 'Narutard' meme, and makes it impossible to talk about the show without some brainlet repeating that dead strawman to "btfo de naruto fans". Honestly take this wierdo and use him as an example of what NOT to do as a fan and a fanfic writer.


Kek this nibba has the audacity to continue posting his rant in a review when he realized that blocking me prevents me from seeing his shitpost rants. Its several thousand words long FFS and is full of such nonsequiturs and other shit that I can't help but laugh. Fucking deleting his ass, its too much idiocy.


shinji's nightmare cataclysm


Oh fuck I forgot that, why did you remind me.


File: 1608526119092-0.jpg (610.75 KB, 3352x4000, Big G.jpg)

File: 1608526119092-1.png (1.09 MB, 1000x1414, MobZilla.png)

Fanworks are very creative sometimes. An interesting (abandoned) fic is Mobzilla, which I was reminded of by Pic 1.




The tale of 1990's Yugoslavia teleporting into a Noble Bright world of wonder and peace. Safe to say, fun and good times are had by all.



Read a surprising good fanfic where Kakashi ends up in Middle Earth after fucking around with Kamui and getting his chakra coils and eye totally fucked. Really well written IMO.


I'm a die-hard Star Wars fan but I was very dissapointed with how Disney is handling the franchise. Since I don't have anything to do because of corona I've been thinking for a while of writing my own AU sequel trilogy, just to see if I can do a better job than Lucasfilm. Should I try it or it will be cringe? And if I do write it, I should do it in my mother tongue or in English?


>Should I try it or it will be cringe?
Of course you should try writing it, you only get better at writing by doing. I certainly know what material I wrote early on was absolute cringe too (it probably still is, but I try to think about it less and less). That's no reason to stop writing altogether, rather take it as a reason to continue improving your craft until it reaches to a point that its no longer cringe to read instead. Remember that you yourself are your own biggest critic in most cases and even if you might spot every little mistake you make grammar or lorewise, your average reader is not a professional critic and will usually tend enjoy a story regardless of the errors if its otherwise a decent read.
>And if I do write it, I should do it in my mother tongue or in English?
Please write it in English so I can read it. I'm really interested in seeing what you can come up with.


Definitely do, it just for the sake of improving your writing if nothing else.
English, Spanish or Russian is the most widely read fanfic languages. I would suggest sticking to English and if necessary getting a beta writer to adjust your grammar and spelling


You should definitely try it and not just because there is no way you could worse than JJ fucking Abrams.


File: 1608526200698.jpg (16.3 KB, 336x428, palpie motivational.jpg)

thinking back wistfully on the lion king fanfic I never finished after 100k words or something. always thought I'd go on to write an actual novel at some point, but all I've done since is be a wagie and smoke weed

didn't need this feel tbh
You might as well. But honestly, the old EU was already full of marvelous follow ups on the OT, like as not you'll be retreading something someone else already did. Of course if that doesn't bother you, pic related.

What's your pitch?


> the lion king fanfic I never finished
Link nigga?

Or Rianna Johnson


File: 1608526203121.jpg (164.39 KB, 800x764, yikes yeen.jpg)


Damn nigga this isn't half bad. The English is well written and the pacing seems to be fine and the story in the first few chapters I've read seems good enough. Seeing the T-rating you clearly didn't put in any lemons so looks fine to me.


>the old EU was already full of marvelous follow ups on the OT
I'm aware, I've got a ton of old Bantam era books plus the entire NJO series.

>What's your pitch?

Well, I haven't the whole thing plotted yet, but my basic idea is to start from the situation Disney started from (clean slate, only the movies and TCW are canon) and try to base the characters a bit on George Lucas's original plot.
The plot would be about Kira, a female padawan investigating a series of strange murderers along his master, Ben Solo. Eventually, they would discover a sect of darksiders formed by the old red guards, who are trying to ressurrect Palpatine and rebuild the Sith order. During the fight with the sect, Ben would be defeated and "killed", leading Kira into a revenge-fueled spree around the galaxy to destroy the remnants of the Sith.
But Ben is not really dead, he faked it because he has his own agenda. Because of shit that happened in his youth, he has lost faith on the Force, the Jedi and the Republic. Maybe throw a bit of Kreia-posting in the mix for good measure. He has been secretly building up a network of like-minded jedi and adopts the persona of Kylo Ren, starting a travel around the galaxy to learn about the origins of the Jedi, the Sith and the Force, with the goal of ending once and for all the struggle between the light and the dark.
This will split the jedi order in two, and start a jedi civil war. Kira then decides to find Luke, who abandoned known space decades ago to concentrate on studying the will of the force, because he's the only one respected enough by everyone to mediate and put an end to the conflict. Luke will help Kira to return from her brush with the dark side and make her a better jedi, and together they reveal that Kylo Ren is actually Ben Solo.
In a final gambit to defeat both the Jedi and the Sith, Ben Solo uses his status as Darth Vader's heir to unify all the former imperial warlords and loyalists, claims the imperial throne and launches an attack against the New Republic and the Jedi order. Then there's a big battle, and presumely the good guys win, I guess.


thanks bro, appreciate it. maybe I'll pick it up again idk
it's already better than all of neo-star wars and it's only just a concept. tho isn't
>Ben Solo uses his status as Darth Vader's heir to unify all the former imperial warlords and loyalists
undercut by Vader's turn at the end of RotJ? plus I always figured the imperial navy & administration all kinda really disliked Vader. fear him without feeling much loyalty


>by Vader's turn at the end of RotJ?
Well, that depends. Only Sheev, Vader and Luke were there. Based on the ending of RotJ we don't really know if Vader's turn became common knowledge around the galaxy or if the identity of Luke's parents are known outside of his circle of friends.
In the old EU if I remember correctly people knew all of it, but in the Disney canon Darth Vader true identity was a secret until a while before TFA. So it depends on how it is written.
>I always figured the imperial navy & administration all kinda really disliked Vader
Yeah, but given how atomized the imperials are after RotJ, a strong figure with some legitimacy over the throne could become a powerful unifying force for a resurgent Empire. Thrawn was disliked too, before he started winning battles against the New Republic. And so was Daala, to a lesser extent.




Try the Terminators: Hunters and Killers series


File: 1608526213007.jpg (206.12 KB, 1613x2048, Misato Shinji reverse.jpg)

Does anyone have an AU fic where Misato and Shinji switch positions


I think that you could actually try what was mentioned in >>6959 where Rey and Kylo (or if you REALLY hate the sequels Luke and his friends) create a third path, discarding the relics of the fascist Empire and succ-dem Republic in lieu of a third path - socialism (though I suggest that you name it something else because A - world-building & B - To keep idiots out of the reviews)


I don't know if this is just me, but for some strange reason when PMing other fanfic authors they tend to have very negative responses despite messages being polite and inoffensive. Does anyone else experience this or what?


only ever had positive interactions tbh




I… what?


go for it.

I would suggest reading some of the better novels of the new canon Thrawn, Bloodline, Catalyst, as they give a good insight into the political economy of the Empire and the galaxy


MLP gore fic.


Ooooooh you mean something like this?


File: 1608526428606.png (476.39 KB, 544x816, Boruto Remade Cover.png)

Hey guys, I'm the guy from >>/anime/2514 who is making a boruto fanfiction, with the intent of "rebuilding" it, so to speak.
So, here's the link to my fanfiction (it's in spanish): https://www.wattpad.com/story/238608903-boruto-remade
I posted it in Wattpad since I don't really know where to put it, also Wattpad is kinda big so more people will read it and such.


I would suggest fanfiction.net as a much better place. The viewership is much higher there and the format is easier to leave comments on.


>The viewership is much higher there
Is it really?
I mean, I'm doing this story in spanish, not in english, so I don't know.


Fanfiction.net is the most prolific fanfiction site currently in existance followed by archive of our own. Wattpad is generally the 3rd most common followed by various specialized sites such as Narutofanfiction and HarryPotterfanfiction.


Yeah but is it for spanish speakers is what I'm saying.
Is there a spanish fanfiction.com that regular people with no access to english can use?


Fanfiction.net and archive of our own have spanish functions m8.



Not the worst I've read but certainly a horrifically weird one.
TL;DR: The basilisk takes the idea of "Fuck mudbloods" literally.


Speaking of the Giant Squid there is a peculiar but thankfully ungraphic fic where Lily Evans, under Amortentia essentially is impregnated by the giant squid…. it was wierd, but not outright horrifying. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11969154/2/I-Would-Rather


LOL so this nigga just made a new update to his account in which he calls himself neutral and independent and that harassment is bad. Like this MoFo unironically threatens to call the police to doxx someone for "harassment" which given post related and his numerous over-reactions over disagreements is hilarious. His supposed disdain of Comicvine and Vsbattles is beyond ironic TBH.

Honestly what is wrong with this twit?


What continues to baffle me is why does he call himself Fiary Tail Dragon Slayer when EVERYTHING he posts is just Naruto-wank?


File: 1608526496539.png (173.97 KB, 921x896, FTDS_Narutowank.png)

Forgot to say but he had a joke-battles wiki page dedicated to his Naruto fagging but it was taken down September 2nd because of new rules, pic related is the screenshot.


What's the most annoying thing to have in a fanfiction? Why?
I'll start
>OOC main characters
Why the fuck would you take a show, and a character that is the main staple of how the show works and change them entirely? If a character is perverted or really happy and make them into an edgy cunt or secretly evil or a supergenius for no reason? Just make your own ripoff series and do that.



>platform for their political beliefs
I can honestly say I've never seen this before.. but I agree it would likely be annoying AF
>he way people like this write makes me think they never finished their primary education
A lot of fanfic writers are young teens who don't spell-check or proof-read so you're not too far off the mark.
>SI just wants to become friends with the main cast so they can experience the main plot
I don't mind those stories personally however I recognize that intrinsically the presence of an SI to follow a story would lead to changes in the plot.
>becoming an entrepreneur™ and starting their own business
Holy fuck this, I fucking hate this, can't believe I forgot about this kind of shit.


File: 1608526523672.jpg (51.61 KB, 399x464, 1439226921382.jpg)

>I can honestly say I've never seen this before.. but I agree it would likely be annoying AF
It was a one off thing really, but it has stuck pretty vividly in my mind because I read pretty far into the story itself because it tickled my gun autism itch but eventually his A/N bullshit just got too cringy for me and I ended up dropping the whole thing.
>A lot of fanfic writers are young teens who don't spell-check or proof-read so you're not too far off the mark.
I'd get it if that was the case but the ones I'm talking about were (according to their profiles) grown-ass adults.
>I don't mind those stories personally however I recognize that intrinsically the presence of an SI to follow a story would lead to changes in the plot.
The problem is that not every fanfic author always recognizes the fact that having even one extra person participating in an event has the potential to cause major change in the outcome of said event, let alone a person with meta-knowledge regarding the world and future events.


>grown ass adults
LOL really? That's prtty sad TBH
>let alone a person with meta-knowledge regarding the world and future events
There is actually a really good fanfic that does this really well; A story about a girl who drops into Harry Potter world and with her knowledge of the Riddle Diary derails everything. It's actually really well written IMO.


What are the most kino things of a fanfic?


When written by good authors they can expand the verse or rewrite a story even better than the original media.


Is there any commie fanfiction? By this I mean a fic where the protagonist or any actor in it is involved in explicit revolutionary shit.


Let me introduce you to the revelry of Communist Harry Potter. It is the most hilarious shit ever where he literally goes around calling out all the bourg shit and calling for Gulags and Guillotines


File: 1608526537335.png (72.75 KB, 720x720, lmao.png)

Having read past the first two chapters, this fic seems like its just one big shitpost on the author's part down to the A/N. Then again it IS classified as a parody. Like, everyone in the fic is obviously a caricature, including Harry himself.


What about the video sounds russian? Just because it's on a piano and in minor key?


Is it okay to post just general writing shit in here? I've been sort of doing poetry/musings and I want someone to run them by but I got nobody for that.


Just do it


alright here goes nothing.

"How fucked up is it, the notion of dying like a dog?

The dog, man’s best friend, part of the family, the lovable scamp.

Stripped of dignity, lacking in honor. A cold, humiliating end.

But why?

Is the subservient relationship we’ve formed miserable?

When did the arrangement of man and canine stop being mutually beneficial?

Are dogs commodity or friends? Is the concept of friendship a commodity?

Maybe we’ve been taught that living for the pack is miserable. Maybe it’s the cult of individuality.

I detest this, I find it abjectly terrifying.

For when you shouted, I knew we were brothers.

You shook my hand, even if you were lacking in digits.

We shared bread and loving glances.

You could sense when I was sad, and I’d like to believe I could tell when you were upset too.

When you left, I didn’t know what to say. Maybe that silence was the deprivation of your dignity.

I won’t let that memory of you go cold. I refuse this premise!!

I lived for your happiness, you and I, we were family!

You and I, any man or beast on this cold blue planet. We all deserve dignity.

I may die a dog’s death, but I reject the notion of my life having more value than yours.

We all have to live for each other, you taught me that without uttering a single word.

I can’t think of anything more noble than living to love."

I'm very, very rusty. Tell me what parts of it read poorly. The whole idea is that it's kind of fucked up that society sees dog ownership as something of a commodity, thereby making their existence lesser or whatever. It's just sad to think about because I'm sure the animals themselves don't think the same. It creates this messy notion of hierarchy in what theoretically should be a mutual existence.


Recently read link related: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12944357/1/Multiverse-Tournament
It's not the best fic but its decently written for something this vast. Unfortunately I finished reading it and google gives me shitty wattpad results that are unreadable. Does anyone have/know some multi-versal anime tournament fanfics worth reading? I just want to read characters I know from different series interact in a fight outside of lengthy crossworld fics.


Reposting from /anime/
Not a big fan of these shows (mecha-musume) or their fanfictions (mostly out of how ridiculous they are), however I do enjoy some of it casually.

However one fanfiction of Kantai Collection that I enjoyed very much was a rather unique fanfic called Kancolle: Exodus Initiative, a sadly incomplete fanfiction where the main character is a Soviet battlecruiser of experimental nature, The Stalingrad, the first ship of the Stalingrad Class Project 82 battlecruisers*. The Abyssals take over most of the world and rule in collaboration with the countries of the world, but there are groups of shipgirls and people who are fighting back in a revek struggle). The fic begins in a bit of a confusing way (intentionally mirroring the chaos of the situation) but eventually clarifies a bit more. One of the interesting aspects is how they address Shipgirls. They physically embody their ships, so removing and replacing ribs and taping together organs or losing arms is treated as normal for them. Another unique part that reflects a bit of the Kancolle movie, is that they retain the memories of war that their soldier's and crew fought in. A unique aspect of the main character is that, the Soviet Navy, whose forces were often stuck fighting on land, since the Germans did not seek to engage in direct naval confrontation and tried to lock them in port with mines and nets, thus Stalingrad (the shipgirl) retains vivid and horrendous memories of the war. Her soviet perspective and ideology is also an influence and interesting aspect. (SPOILERS) Her mannerisms and ideology are initially treated with jocular quality, but it becomes a bit of a plot point in the last chapters. Part of this is seen with her hidden split personality 'Koba', who enunciates her position and is more dangerously and direct (SPOILERS). I think this is so appealing to me because my Great-grandfather fought in the war and my own appreciation of the USSR.
TL;DR: I liked the commie ship and the way it was done

Original fic: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11720694/13/Kancolle-Exodus-Initiative
Russian Translation: https://ficbook.net/readfic/9269278/24003647#part_content

*These ships are insane compared to any other battlecruiser and their internal systems honestly would be a good study for future warships and the range on the experimental guns was impressive.
- http://www.e-reading.club/chapter.php/1002749/11/superlinkory-stalina-sovetskiy-soyuz-kronshtadt-stalingrad.html
- http://archive.is/VQJd8


I wrote a book of poetry



Probably goes in the poetry thread. but not bad. At least you're doing something


Oops sorry I thought this was a different thread. And thank you! I'm working on a second book now and am probably gonna call it quits after 3 poem books total


There is a fanfic author called Yojimbra who used to do a lot of fairly well written Naruto fanfics (often gender bender ones) but then stopped and switched to BNHA. While their profile says "a vacation" from Naruto, the author is in fact never intending to write that fiction again and is quite hostile to the fandom in general suddenly. I have no idea why though. Does anyone know what happened?


File: 1608526554027.jpg (72.02 KB, 1317x1395, tom_myers.jpg)

any room for lads writing alt-history fiction here? i mean, it's essentially writing fanfiction versions of real life


Yep definitely


File: 1608526556843.jpg (68.24 KB, 1280x720, 8gwk2.jpg)

Technically historical fanfiction is still fanfiction, so I'd say go for it.


Which weird timeline do you have in mind?


File: 1608526634779.jpg (112.39 KB, 911x1126, Smirnov.jpg)

Reposting this edited fanfic tier green
>be you
>Leningrad,January 1943
>It's been two years since you lost all of your family to the Wehrmacht when they were defending the city during Operation Barbarossa
>all you have left is your younger brother
>both assigned to guard the western entrance of Leningrad
>both in the same abandoned apartment for three months now
>the temperature is cold as ever >feeling like shit, you haven't slept for days
>only equipped with a coat,a hat,a pistol And a mosin-sniper
>you decide to leave your brother in the building to get some food and ammo but warns him to be on alert for any enemies,he accepts
>half an hour pass
>you hear from the other soldiers
that the red army managed to reconnect with the city and that the Nazis in Stalingrad are losing costly
>happy as fuck,you decide to tell your bro.
>you hurry back to the fourth floor looking for him
>you stand there in shock
>your heart starts beating, seeing your brother with a Nazi fills you with both anger and fear
>you drop what ever you were carrying and pull out your revolver
>she notices you, when you grab her luger
>(comrade,its not what it looks like… well it is but let me explain, this is Minna, she defected weeks ago after seeing no point of fighting for Hitler and the fascists anymore and I've been hiding her here ever since)
>she interrupts (It's true! when we asked that bastard for winter clothes all he said was keep going and gave false promises. He told us lies and drove us to hate your people. He is throwing us all to die just so he can fulfill his crazy dreams and drive the whole world against Germany, so if you're gonna shoot me now know this, I'm seeking revenge on Hitler and his butcher generals and to prove that I stole documents containing the proximity of Von Leebs's army and their numbers, I will fight and help you stop him!
And by the way i don't know how to say this but your brother here is a good young man, who did not kill me on sight when I surrendered to him with my tale)
>he responds (please don't kill her brother, I love her I really did find a connection with her, a connection that I want to keep alive)
>You're in a sticky situation; on one hand your brother is what is left for you in this world and on the other you fucking hate nazis and ought to kill them…

>what do you do?

From a romanticized perspective, find a way to get her docs checked for legitimacy, think of a good story for the officers to keep them from just POWing her and maybe getting her to fight for the Red Army with us as a communist, once all suspicion is cleared.

Maybe she was doing a Mulan to stop her sickly brother from being conscripted or something as the war forced Germany to start recruiting more people. Pretending to be him she slipped into the fighting up North. The Shan-Yu of the story would Papa Stalin or some other communist avatar, except she realizes he was right and the Nazis are worse. Then she joins a woman's sniper regiment or something. What would she do after the war? Return to the now called DDR or keep looking for her brother? Marry that guy from the story? Maybe all three and retire in the USSR?

Pragmatically speaking from a real world view; disarm her and take the documents immediately then report to the nearest commissar and ask him what is to be done. Probably going to keep her POW until the war ends, though sometimes German deserters joined the Red Army. However even if she has docs she is not to be trusted under any circumstance until her intentions are proven genuine.



The original doujin, called Bad Romance, is worse - about a Nazi dominating a Soviet youth - but it's been mostly wiped from the internet


I came across this I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream-fic a while back and I must say it's one of the more vile fics I've found so far. The source material is fairly horrifying as it is (thanks Harlan Ellison), but this thing stuck with me for several days. You have been warned.


This is a masochistic fantasy fic if I've ever seen one… not unusual, but quite vile indeed.


Original poster here,thank you for finishing my post but i still think its not done yet


Then finish it m, I just reposted it so it wouldn't be lost.


I found the ultimate match in a Sasuke wanker so bad every post of his is about how Sasuke is great while Naruto is not while kicking Sakura while they're at it, all using cherry-picked scans and badly translated/assumed words. Has a hateboner for Kakashi too. Really brings back the days of Sasuke-suckers of the Naruto fandom.




I want a fic where Gorbachev gets stopped and videos related gets put into power, bringing the USSR back to the right path.


Fanfiction.net is going to shit, update the fanlore and download what you want.

On that note, anyone got a reliable fanfiction downloader they can reccommend?



Probably one of the funniest Troll fics I've read. Really encapsulates the Banishment fic trope.


I just want to tell you sirs,that in one (satirical)story I wrote,on character is a bearded siberian farmer,he hunts bears with a giant kettlebel and has tattoos of both stalin and the tsar on his chest. he drinks vodka like it's water.

other characters include a man who eats plutonium tablets for calories and a rikishi with a belly so bloated he has a huge tattto in it.


Found this gem of the old internet yesterday. https://www.aladdincentral.org/library/index.php
It's rather interesting to recall how there used to be so many independent forums being made by different fandoms for their fiction and discussions.
narutofic.org for Naruto
The Quidditch Pitch, mugglenetfanfiction and hpfanficarchive for Harry Potter
and Apartment 402 for Evangelion.

I feel a certain nostalgia for the old internet TBH.


Moe lolishit
As a straight dude, I hate that as well.


There is a similar Naruto fanfic called Dragonfly by pecollia where an SI girl is reborn as some Uchiha and knowing what Itachi will do decides to live her next decade to the fullest before accepting demise. It was both frustrating and emotional


File: 1608526860491-0.mp4 (1.51 MB, 450x360, Kat's Dance.mp4)

Sorry I missed your response and didn't reply. 4 months late, but whatever
Seriously? What was it called?
>a huge improvement over the kind of novels marketed at teens in the eighties
True, but somewhat debateable. The quality rose with Star Wars EU and other stuff, but generally 80s paperbacks were more interesting than stuff from the 2010s.
>for example
>ost of the cartoons I remember were canadian, from the same company that made Totally Spies
Ah, that might be it. I mean Canada had some banger shows, but a lot of it was cheap trash because budget constraints. I still remember Kid vs Kat and other stuff like Totally Spies (pic related). Good times.

>Star and the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time

I'm going to be honest, those are both terrible shows, and while the latter is defended by fans to th death, Star & Marco have been lambasted for years at this point, as has LH and other cringe. The 000s had A LOT of good stuff, but because it wasn't exported well, you probably didn't see it, stuff like Ben 10, ATLA, Generator Rex, Kim Possible Danny Phantom, Rocko's Life, Recess and more. In the past 5 years I can't name a single childrens show that I would be comfortable letting kids see or bother with. It's much easier to turn on old TMNT and other shows and let them watch that instead.
>Americans got into anime very late and with bottom of the barrel tier shows.
That's true, but to be fair that was the most popular product world wide, along with a lot of other things
That was popular in the USA, but it's an adult anime TBH
>One of the TV channels even had hentai at night for a few years.
Really? top kek, did it ever play Stainless Night or Angel City?


File: 1608526872312.png (328.94 KB, 479x627, Z Andropov save.png)

pic related, someone write this


File: 1608526967167.png (15.85 KB, 1025x142, cunts.png)

Pastebin.com is now smart-filtering all things it deems 'naughty' not to UNLISTED, but to PRIVATE because of the new rules*. This is explicitly a step to piss off porn/smut writer archivers (like tumblr did but worse). If the author is dead or otherwise unavailable, THE STORY IS FUCKED.

>no pornographic information / links


Ghostbin.co and https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Original%20Work/works Because they don't exactly police original content


File: 1608526972792.png (443.34 KB, 1471x1520, archiving.png)

one anon scraped desu's /trash/ archive for Pastebin IDs back in October. There are about 6600 pastes. It should be pretty complete, but some pastes may be missing (e.g. pastes posted after October). Hope this helps.
Here is a dump (60 MB zip): http://u.smutty.horse/lypnscfokrc.zip
Here is a listing (no titles, but you can search for ID and author. Guest pastes under "a guest"): https://u.smutty.horse/lypnsgiqijg.txt
As always, archive everything >>>/gulag/5621


I try to write like Kurt Vonnegut a bit more after being published by an institution under his name. Any other anons like him? He seemed like a left leaning Dem but he had other based things going for him like Humanism.eurekaEureka


How the fuck do I write? I'm doing a fan comic and a couple of fan visual novels (both pretty short). Honestly I don't want to hire a writer, I want to do it myself.


What is/are your favorite font(s) /hobby/?

I use Gills Sans for titles/headers and Garamond for body text.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


Arial and Arial Bold


File: 1620353710309.png (119.03 KB, 217x230, 1595046513161.png)

At least use Helvetica (which is overrated IMO).


I like Century Gothic actually, out of the fonts that come free with Word.
But Arial is my default font.


Liberation Sans


Century Gothic is OK. Personally, I use a combination of Franklin Gothic and Century Schoolbook for work as they come free for work and look good for legal documents.

Liberation Sans is good, it is my default font for my Linux OS.international_brigadeInternational Brigade


File: 1623521591729.jpg (13.16 KB, 413x395, 0fb.jpg)

I use Times New Roman, but that's mostly because it's the one that I've just defaulted to rather than because I find it aesthetically pleasing or anything like that.



Same for me and Arial, I'm just too lazy to take the time to try using all the other fonts to find one I like more. Though I've found that I like Century Schoolbook and Century Gothic.


this is real funny that the thread is talking about fonts
i was watching the middle and like the kid init has a club that talks solely about fonts

Is it true that uppercase manifesto and nexa bold were inspired from the 1920's italian rationalist movement?


So does anyone have any tips on how to successfully sell scripts for let's say a TV show? I plan on writing some pilot scripts soon and just curious how to go about something like this.


bump i want to know too


my guess would be to find a list of agents, and then send it off to them , choosing the ones who are into what you're working on e.g. comedy
I've only looked into submitting for books though unless someone has a better idea


So what is everyone currently writing?

I'm writing some cyberpunk fiction about this garbage truck operator turned into a pawn for a corporate war.


How long until fanfiction is c&d material


What I usually hear is that it already is, it's just not considered worth suing over.


THERE'S A FONT CALLED Microsoft Uighur???


I was writing a big post about retard idealism to kantian idealism to hegelian idealism to marxist diamat. It's problematic to anyone who actually knows the subject matter, and I decided to stop writing it. It's in spanish too.


I'm writing a Black Lagoon fanfic where Rock is implied to have died during the events of the pilot episode due to being shot by Revy during one of her usual tantrums and his role within the original plot has been (partially) taken over by someone else, not gonna spoil much more than that.

If that isn't enough to sell the premise, I'll just say that there's gonna be a few interesting original characters introduced in the future including a former female member of the Provisional IRA.

I'll provide link if people are interested.spurdoSpurdo


>mfw my bestfriend only wants me writing smutty fics
>mfw i want to write "deep" and "meaningful" fanfics
>Too scared to write anything orginal let alone publishing something

I can't just keep writing Invader Zim and Orc smut all my life, c-can I?


Anyone willing to tell me how shit my writing is? Need critical readers to kill what's left of my passion.



would like to read it


Here you go then. Note that you need to make an account to access the thread since it's in the NSFW section of the site. I don't publish on FF.net or any other sites at the moment.spurdoSpurdo


anyone writing anything original?


Can't you do both?


What do you mean by that? Well I'm planning to write a pretty ambitious genre switch story that begins in a high school and ends as communist propaganda


as in not fanfiction, but that sounds interesting, was gonna write about a teacher trying to teach in a dystopian setting


That sounds better than what I'm going to write tbh


leftypol monthly writing competition or some shit when? also we need to set up a matrix chat




trying my hand at a post-apocalyptic science-fantasy adventure story with some political and ideological themes for background.

Also trying a more generic fantasy adventure, which is more simpler but writing itself better.


File: 1626319943242.png (72.51 KB, 420x412, EYJZt97XkAEMhIX (2).png)


>I can't just keep writing Invader Zim and Orc smut
>Invader Zim… smut
fuckin' hell go to horny jail now!


Anyone else read that published Evangelion fanfiction series? There's like 5 books and a 6th one being written. It's Russian and is probably on the biggest fanfictions I have ever seen that isn't just a trash dump.


What’s everyone else’s acceptance rate with trad publishing or lit mags and journalseurekaEureka



How many times have you written about Gaz getting that fat alien cock?


Reminds me a bit of the Blood Mining thread from /leftyb/


If anyone is interested a rather odd crossover of Friday 13th and Familiar of Zero is up for adoption and if anyone's interested PM the author. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12524976/1/The-Unstoppable-Familiar


Anyone else feel like they lack the conceptual skills to properly evoke emotion in their writing? Just finished Disco Elysium and my writing in comparison feels like a little kid's drawing.


It comes with practice. Frankly I find it best to picture myself as a character in the situation and thinking "what would be consistent with my character to feel and say" and from there write it out.


I dunno, man. It feels like I'm actually lacking something foundational to my cognition. As in, I will only ever be capable of flimsy conceptualisation, no matter how much I practice.


It's possible (some people have trouble picturing objects or concepts in their heads) but I think the best is to just
A) read a lot of wordy literature, expand your vocabulary
B) whenever you see a situation, a conversation, or whatever, try to step back and place yourself as one of the people and empathize with them, just let the words that come to mind go on paper, and then reorganize and clean it up afterwards.


>It's possible (some people have trouble picturing objects or concepts in their heads) but I think the best is to just

Thing is, I never used to have trouble picturing things, but it seems as though my imagination has become tired and using it for extended periods of time, say, long enough to write a decent scene, feels laborious. I used to have a better flow of ideas and emotions, but now I struggle to even come up with a conventional metaphor, let alone a novel one.

>A) read a lot of wordy literature, expand your vocabulary

B) whenever you see a situation, a conversation, or whatever, try to step back and place yourself as one of the people and empathize with them, just let the words that come to mind go on paper, and then reorganize and clean it up afterwards.

That's good advice, thanks anon. Any book recommendations?


>now I struggle
It's because of social media and the internet, no joke, this shit fucks your head until your attention span is short as fuck and you stop being creative in lieu of just copying and imitating what you already know.
No problem, I used this to get through writers block (I'm still writing out my story(s) tho)
>Any book recommendations?
For metaphors and a wider grasp of synonyms I suggest Gerald Durrell's books on his childhood on the island of Corfu (My Family and Other Animals is the first book), his adventures as a zoologist in Africa and his fiction books The Mockery Bird, Rosie is my Relative and The Talking Parcel, all of which are very funny and descriptive with vast vocabularies.

For conveying emotional feelings in a situation I suggest Hemingway's Old Man and The Sea and The Great Brain series by J.D. Fitzgerald. Mark Twain, Sid Fleischman, Jack London (particularly White Fang, Sea Wolf, and Call of the Wild) and Roald Dahl all have very varied and creative ways of describing emotions, feelings and expressions.


>It's because of social media and the internet, no joke, this shit fucks your head until your attention span is short as fuck and you stop being creative in lieu of just copying and imitating what you already know.

Yeah, I've had a feeling it might be that. I hope it's something that can be repaired, otherwise I may as well off myself, lol. Being conscious of the beauty of reality but unable to fully capture it, even just a small measure, would kill me.

>For metaphors and a wider grasp of synonyms I suggest Gerald Durrell's books on his childhood on the island of Corfu (My Family and Other Animals is the first book), his adventures as a zoologist in Africa and his fiction books The Mockery Bird, Rosie is my Relative and The Talking Parcel, all of which are very funny and descriptive with vast vocabularies.

Thanks, mate. Those all sound interesting. Might have to train myself to read recreationally again, however. I'll see if I can grab a copy of a Durrell and a Hemingway on amazon or some shit.

Hell, might even try cracking open the copy of The Idiot I've had lying around for half a decade.


>something that can be repaired
Stay off the internet as much as possible, turn off social media and read books and watch good movies. In terms of health work out a bit (even just morning exersizes already helps) eat healthy and drink a teaspoon of apple vinegar cider in a glass of water daily (flouridated water causes calcification of the pituitary gland in the brain which is responsible for creativity and the ability to think outside the box) and eat peppers (they have chemicals that essentially kill frayed and worn out Neuron endings and force the brain to 'update' itself, keeping your mind fresh and memories secure).
This takes time to have an impact. Also if you do porn, minimize it, porn has a direct impact on Grey Matter, dopamine release and attention span.
>conscious of the beauty of reality but unable to fully capture it, even just a small measure, would kill me.
That's how I felt a while back.
>I'll see if I can grab a copy
> train myself to read recreationally
Yes, "One should never stop learning… After all, if you're not learning, you're not growing, and if you're not growing, you might as well be dead…"


Do people here have routine or discipline themselves to write everyday or so? I'd take some tricks, if I let myself write only when I want I don't do enough and tend to leave projects unfinished


i still don't get how fluoride would result in calcium buildup on the pituitary gland, assuming that is what you mean by "calcification". the rest of the advice is solid tho. where did you read this?


File: 1628289613247.png (261.38 KB, 417x288, ClipboardImage.png)

>reaad this
If you refer to the other advice on writing - personal experience. If you are referring to the flouride -I'll just dump my old post on Flouride for that:
>Fluoride build up in the body causes calcification of the pineal gland in the brain.
>Calcification of the pineal gland and the resulting degradation results in a worse sense of direction among other negative consequences.
The prevalence of pineal gland calcification was 58.8%. There was no statistically significant correlation between age and the extent of the calcification. The prevalence of calcification was 58.6% in females and 59.0% in males. The average anteroposterior measurement was 3.73±1.63 mm, while the average mediolateral measurement was 3.47±1.31 mm. The average total calcified area was 9.79±7.59 mm2.
>Excessive flouride damages your teeth with fluorosis.
Fluoride in dental care products is useful, it's water treatment in particular that lacks evidence. Kind of like how magnesium in your diet is an important nutrient, but gargling Epsom salt will kill you from hypermagnesemia. The action mechanism for fluoride strengthening of teeth is entirely topical. You get all the fluoride you could need from toothpaste and mouthwash. Ingesting fluoride means it has to run its way through all your bodily process and then return to your mouth in salivary secretions at very low concentrations for any sort of action on teeth. High bodily concentrations of fluoride can make bones brittle and actually can stunt brain development in children. The only reason we treat our tap water with extra fluoride is because the phosphate fertilizer industry produces hexafluorosilicic acid as a by-product and water fluoridation is used as an excuse to just dump it in the water supply instead of disposing of it properly.
>fluoride stare


>The only reason we treat our tap water with extra fluoride is because the phosphate fertilizer industry produces hexafluorosilicic acid as a by-product and water fluoridation is used as an excuse to just dump it in the water supply instead of disposing of it properly.
Not just that, it has its roots even further back in lobbyists from the nuclear industry working to downplay the toxicity of fluoride exposure against workers. One of the biggest advocates for fluoridation and fluoride safety during the cold war was the lead toxicologist of the Manhattan Project and the same guy who orchestrated the human plutonium experiments where they injected plutonium into people without their consent to observe what happened.


Thanks for the additional information! Im afraid we're somewhat derailing the thread LMAO


I noticed you had pasted something I'd written a while back in a modified form. I was very flattered so I had to add more.



i write in my journal a minimum of 20 minutes. whenever i write over that time, i keep track of it. if i have done this for 3 times in a week, i take the average of that excess and add it more to my minimum writing requirement. i haven't written anything else, but i would like to learn how to write better before i start on some sort of opinion piece.


Hmmm where do you write? I should do something like this but I suck with these habits.


in my room. you can even start at 5 minutes and work your way up. just remember to enjoy it.


File: 1631491769466-0.jpg (128.33 KB, 1200x1200, ani megumine.jpg)

>"The institutional hierarchy of the education systems is a bourgeois fabrication of the ruling class to enforce draconian measures upon the proletariat and control the minds of the youth to mold them into nothing more than cogs in the great machine of capitalism!" Megumin ranted. "The modern education system was created in Prussia in the 18th century to produce-"
Ok, fess up, which of you anons is Full-Paragon? This is the most /leftypol/ thing ever, to literally start repeating a political effortpost (pic 2 related)… fucking kek.



File: 1633400003257.mp4 (18.55 MB, 1280x720, 1616715021193.mp4)

So, might as well put this fanfiction I made on how could ww3 go:
>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
>Russia's military is organizing itself hard on this, and mobilizing itself.
>A month happens with people getting killed but no advances aside from light ukrainian advances.
>The west won't participate yet, but will help Ukraine through military support and it will tell through incredible mental gymnastics that Russia attacked first.
>People are not supportive of the war going on, but they won't care because they see it as just a regional war, no one cares.
>There will be some outrage at the west supporting Ukraine but it won't escalate.
>Then Turkey and Azerbaijan, using some shit excuse, attack Armenia to conquer it.
>Russia intervenes and starts invading Azerbaijan.
>Syria and Iran, maybe even Iraq, start attacking Turkey and Azerbaijan, since Turkey occupies parts of Iraq and Syria right now and Iran is fucking tired of it's bullshit.
>Erdogan says: Assad must go!
>Pakistan is big on being a turkey fanboy, and invades Iran.
>India then goes and invades Pakistan because Kashmir and so on.
>Pakistan starts getting beaten by both India and Iran, no nukes used yet, until Pakistan gets between the sword and the wall. Then it launches it's nukes to both Iran and India, although mostly to India. Maybe a nuke makes it to Russia.
>India in response drops all of it's nukes on Pakistan
>Iran is mostly unaffected by this. I mean, its capital has been nuked, but hey, AT LEAST IT'S NOT INDIA.
>India and Pakistan are the first to completely collapse, with warlords coming out of the woods like flies, kinda like post-heydrich germany on TNO.
<"India and pakistan are the first to completely collapse" oh boy just you wait it's gonna be epicly based and posadist-pilled.
>People are fucking horrified as they wake up from the "end of history" dream as the first nuclear apocalypse just happened right now.
>Big ass riots in order to make the war stop right now.
>People get ignored and the media starts making excuses.
>Azerbaijan collapses from both southern and northern pressure as the russian and iranian military enter it's capital. A ton of warcrimes will then be discovered, and this event will be known as the second armenian genocide.
>The turkish front gets bogged down, the advances the turkish made get retaken, but the other armies can't advance as well, getting into a stalemate at the mountains of Anatolia. People die daily on that front but not that much movement is made aside from Turkey attacking again and again and the KPG getting big money from Russia and Iran.
>Turkey, also, after the indian fiasco, starts getting anti-war riots. These riots will be put down by a newly installed nationalist military goverment with Endorgan as it's president. Thousands of people will be incarcerated or killed.
>Turkey starts funding yihadists groups inside of Russia. These groups, aside from making some big incidents inside russia, will spill into other countries such as MENA countries or european ones.
>Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, knowing Iran had been nuked, gets it's opportunity, and tries to invade Iran.
>Of course, Saudi Arabia fucking embarrases itself and collapses as iranian missiles fuck up it's water and petroleum trade.
<And another one bites the dust.
>Aside from this movement from Saudi Arabia, at Ukraine, Russia organizes a counter-attack. Operation Uranus 2.0 La Verganza. From north the russian army advances and cuts off the ukrainian front at donetsk and luhansk. They conquer pretty much everything east of the Dnieper.
>Tons of ukrainian warcrimes are discovered.
>Aside from that, the Ukrainian army at Crimea safely retreats, but Crimea is on shambles. Sevastopol is now a ghost town.
>The russian army still goes on and cross the Dnieper, and in 3 months or so they're at Kiev.
>This scares the shit off NATO, Ukraine gets into NATO at the last moment, and the whole of NATO declares war on Russia.
>China then invades Taiwan to help it's ally Russia. China enters the world war.
>The NATO army is an unorganized mess. The European front has lots of nationalities put into one big army, Spaniards with Greeks, Germans with Italians, France it's not in NATO so it shouldn't intervene, but it's from the EU so it will intervene. The only people who understand each other are americans and bri'ish people.
>Aside from that, they need to get organized in a moment.
>Bielorrusia joins the battle at the side of Russia (or might not, I don't know).
>Polish troops and baltic troops are the first to arrive.
>Eastern European militaries are plagued by corruption, it's army is pretty much useless aside from european support.
>The front gets into almost WW1 borders, Russia conquers till they reach the border with Germany, The Check Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

>Meanwhile, on the asian front, Japan suddenly starts a conscription service and declares war on China. This is hugely unpopular among the japanese people, and riots start to stop such a law to come to be. Japan then gets it's own military goverment a la Pinochet, and becomes and even bigger client state for the US. This conscription law will separate the country in two.

>Not that it matters, as North Korea conquers South Korea and nukes Japan for thy Lulz.
>This makes the separation inside Japan really fucking big between the anti-war movement and the war movement. The anti-war movement will be financed by China, and it's more radical part will take the leadership, although the Chinese will fund the most moderate part that is still anti-war, meanwhile, the pro-war goverment inside Japan will become a lot more repressive. An unspeaken civil war occurs inside Japan
>The US, alongside Japanese recruits, try to conquer Korea. They get bogged down not by korean troops but by the People's Liberation Army, also known as the chinese army.
<Japan might have a communist revolution.

>Meanwhile, let's talk about the toll that this war has made.

>Firstly, about India and Pakistan.
<India and Pakistan become into warlord territory, and millions upon millions of refugees start getting out of the irradiated mess that is the Indian peninsula.
<The "-stan" countries, like Turkmenistan and so on, COLLAPSE HARD, their goverments can't handle the refugee crisis, and other goverments inside their borders start taking power. The Taliban take hold of all of the region and start their caliphate and reign of terror on their jihad. They won't conquer more than those territories, as they have a lot of other problems to tackle.
<The only country to survive this apocalypse is kazhakstan, as it's choke full of chinese and russian military to stop jihadism.

>Meanwhile, at the south-eastern countries of Asia.

<A similar story, the indian refugees come into those countries and are so much people that their goverments collapse as there is not enough food. Anarchy takes hold of the region, with warlords coming out of the woods like flies.
<The US make it's operational base in Asia the Philippines, Australia, and Japan. Most of the war with China is fought on sea, so there's nothing really important happening there. Aside from that, they try to land on Vietnam to try to make it governable again and conquer China with them, this doesn't go as planned, South China is mountainous, so the fight boggles down.

>Meanwhile, at the world.

<The indian nuclear apocalypse has made a layer of dust through the world, making it get less sunlight.
<At the same time, war is literally the most contaminant activity we humans have deviced, the US army makes more CO2 than 192 countries combined.
<Climate change really kicks in, and the poles don't exist anymore, Cuba is now 3 islands, Florida doesn't exist anymore, the Netherlands is underwater, all of the pacific islands have ceased to exist. Crimea, the land they were fighting for, now literally doesn't exist, but the war, ironically, goes on.
<The layer of dust made by the Indian Nuclear Apocalypse (INA) has made it so crops don't grow because of not having the sufficient light to actually grow, as it has happened times before when a massive volcano literally exploded.
<Also this will make a refugee crisis so hard not till now seen, more extreme than the barbarian migrations during the end of the Roman Empire, shit's about to go down.

>Meanwhile, at the American continent.

<The US probably has made some plans to conquer Venezuela and Cuba
<They enact them.
<People are pissed about it.
<Guerrilla Warfare against US occupation.

>Meanwhile, at Europe.

<Most of the countries in Europe don't fucking want to be at war with Russia aside from the Eastern ones, the most anti-war countries would be Spain and Greece IMO.
<On the case of Spain, as a Spaniard myself, this anti-war movement would be fucking gigantous. We already had an anti-war movement during the Irak war in which we participated in, and our army, compared to the rest of the european armies, although well equipped, is it because of it's adherence to NATO. During late Francoism the spanish military made drills with ww2 junkers and using gasoline caskets with grenades attached to them as bombs. The military in Spain is the most corrupt organization in this country, and getting it purged against Russia would be incredibly funny if it wasn't because they would implement a draft (as in the majority of Europe tbh) to combat Russia. That, alongside the anger against the politicians, the capitalists and the king itself, which is also the commander of troops, kinda like Nicholas the second… I don't have to tell anything more tbh. Spain, being also an enter way into Europe would have problems with refugees and an incredible instability on itself, aside that the country is run by actual monkeys, there would probably be no rationing at all, making the food prices skyrocket till infinity. Everything of that would mix on a revolutionary cocktel from which a communist revolution could arise. A liberal revolution might happen first, with a republic, and then another one, kinda like the russian revolution. Hell, even Felipe VII looks kinda like King Nicholas from Russia.
<Spain might have a communist revolution which would then spread through Europe, maybe Portugal and Greece would have it's own revolutions, and would get out of the war. France is another one which might have a revolution, Italy I don't know, Britain could have one since Britain is already going to shit the bed, even without the whole WW3 happening.
>The US will conquer part of Andalucia through Gibraltar to ensure that it bases there remain loyal.
<On other countries, I don't know how it would go like, please answer this post with your conclusions.
<Either way, the war would boggle down hard, and we would get into a WW1 era of trenches, only now with drones.
<The EU will have to make a separate peace treaty with Russia, which will stand "victorious" (saying much tbh) at the war. The EU will be dismantled and Russia will make client states at Poland and the Baltic states, taking everything else for themselves. The EU is in shambles, but at least it hasn't been nuked to death. The peace treaty was to try to avoid a communist revolution, it will happen either way, or there might be a civil war inside of the EU between communists and the other groups, comprised of "liberals" and literal nazies, from this war, the most likely winner would be the communists, since technically they would have come from the south which had it's factories kinda untouched because of being so far away from Russia.
<Either way, the EU doesn't exist anymore, it's a shell of it's former self, and there's people starving to death on the streets meanwhile a civil war turns really sour.

>The US-Chinese front.

<The last front, this front has done nothing at all, and with Russia out of the european front, and coming to help the chinese, the US will resort to the last tactic possible.
<Red Telephone Incident (RTI) of 05/12/2024
<Russia, China and the US enter a mad max radiation periode, alongside japan, Australia and the Philippines.

>The aftermath.

<The only places that continues to kinda exist is some countries of South America and communist Europe, but they will enter a long, looooooooooong dark age of maybe two centuries or so.

So yea, what do you think of this Fanfiction I've just made?
Wanna add anything to it?
Or make your own?


File: 1633654738699-0.png (78.18 KB, 185x255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633654738699-1.png (8.94 KB, 255x170, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1633658992832.png (14.98 MB, 3098x2323, ClipboardImage.png)

The Bavarian uprising fails to be quashed by the Freikorps, more German communists flock to the new soviet republic and defenses are fortified just long enough for the USSR to supply them with arms. The other German states, tired from war, back off after a few months after more communist revolutions break out in German cities. The Nazi party never takes off as a result and the anger that Hitler exploited so well is exploited by the communists instead. Rather than blame the jews, they blame the actual reason the war was lost/so many Germans died: the generals and nobility.

Socialist Republic of Cuxhaven
there where some more but i don't remember all

btw. Liebknecht proclaimed the Free Socialist Republic of Germany at the 09. November 1918 vid and picrel


how do I make a piece of shit character likeable?


File: 1635432990760.jpg (37.11 KB, 350x364, consider this.jpg)

In the case of a villain/antagonist, pull a Nagato: The character of Pain is stated in series to have slaughtered Hanzo and his entire family and all associates down to every last babe. In-story he also kills Jiraiya, making it personal… and then in the final battle he reveals that he too suffered like this, and that his actions are just as justified as any other revenge, that he decided that peace cannot be achieved if you cannot bring pain to others. Naruto, having beaten Pain narrowly finally finds the things he needs to say and turns Nagato around, and the man redeems himself in death (a common theme in Naruto for that matter - Zabuza, Obito etc.).
So yeah, give your characters a compelling and sympathetic backstory (don't just exposition dump though).

Also to make them likeable assholes I also suggest quirky behaviors and them doing good things, even if grudgingly. Another example could be Darth Vader or Assaj Ventress.

For a more normal story setting I really suggest observing th Character of Berlin from Casa De Papel, see >>6635


To bring up the topic of strong female characters, video related is a good explanation as to the reasons most modern films fail to create actually strong female leads and just create toxic caricatures.

To the part about "men being the evil behind the female villain" I'd like to add the fact that historically it's been the reverse; the power behind the throne usually referred to the royal/noble women of the court and their machinations and manipulations of men.

TL;DR: Being antifeminine =/= progressive and pro-women
Being anti-feminine is just toxic masculinity but by girls.


some people think "women's equality to men" means women should be just like men, rather than, you know, equal as citizens or something to that effect


>some people
a lot of people (mostly liberals) think in this manner.


Embedding error.
Speaking of Alt History - Tintin is a great example of this, video related; The Adventures of Tintin and the Shadows of Giants

Also as an aside, I loved the Tintin animated movie and am so disappointed that it's so forgotten by people.


The Tintin movie was neat, but it didn't do anything amazing and wasn't adapting a hugely popular (in the US) property so there wasn't anything to draw people to it. Struck an interesting balance in making the comic designs more realistic.


How exactly does one "get gud" at writing? For my other hobbies (guitar and boxing) it's easy to improve and see measurable results because I go to classes and have teachers who give me things to work on and tell me if I'm making progress or not. I don't think a comparable situation is available for writing, though. The only place where I get feedback is work, where I do technical writing. But the type of writing I do professionally is very different than what I would actually like to write (and it's mostly copy and pasting anyway).


>but it didn't do anything amazing
The CGI is fucking amazing and the story is a classical adventure that I haven't seen in ages in animated media, I thought it was pretty great.

>I don't think a comparable situation is available for writing, though
There is talent involved but the main thing is just practice, same as anything else. Read the thread for some advise given to others.
>the type of writing I do professionally is very different than what I would actually like to write
Don't do literature like a textbook, essay or philosophical text (a la Das Kapital) that's a surefire method of killing your story and making it a bland mess. I suggest you start off by doing fanfiction (no need to necessarily publish it if you don't feel like it) and use an established world to create something. From there you can start to make original things.


Accidentally stumbled onto a FFN account called AlexanderMugetsu during a writefaggeneral thread and it's just one-shot after oneshot of Human x Pokemon beastiality. The sheer dedication is kind of aweing. The fact that this shit isn't badly written is the most surprising thing TBH.


Popping in to say I've been reading fanfic for over a decade. Can't write worth a damn myself, but hugely appreciate that shit. Never for a moment think your writing isn't appreciated. As long as you are sincere, the explicit quality of your writing is secondary.
Keep at it, I believe in you!


Thanks anon


File: 1638422313840.png (107.83 KB, 368x369, FAU_11DWQAAkUuG.png)

>Want to get into writing
>Want to write original works (maybe smut too)
>Never created a character before


Just base the characters off of fictional characters you like, that's what everyone else does.


File: 1638422946889-1.jpg (401.79 KB, 1263x1536, Rifts.jpg)

Unironically create a /tg/ character




>>21632 (me)
I base all of my characters off of this series in honor of bowl cut guy or whatever his name is


I miss Trevor ;_;


>Want to get into writing
>Can only create characters
>Can't write for shit


Do you happen to know any free software that makes writing fiction easier and more organized?


I don't know if this counts because it has a "Pro" version, but I used to use The Gamebook Authoring Tool to plan VN plots. (Nowadays I just make a flowchart)


>The CGI is fucking amazing and the story is a classical adventure that I haven't seen in ages in animated media, I thought it was pretty great.
It's amazing to people who actually understand the problems that it tackled and solved with is under 1% of movie audiences. I can and did appreciate it but most people won't. I agree it is probably one of the great adventure films and film adaptations of some other medium.


I'll look into this tool, looks interesting.


>most people won't
Huh, you make a good point, I guess I kind of assumed people could see that but I guess I overestimate them.


word document 2010. You can CTRL+F any part of the story and just split each chapter into seperate documents. It also allows for highlighting and footnotes for yourself.


Books or Screenplays?


Any recommendations?


In what context? As reading material, the former.


Just try, try and try again.


>Gamer fics
The recent Donghua WN "The Gamer" has made the genre really popular in fanfiction at the time of this post, and by god are they garbage - fucking insipid, uninspired powerfantasies of the most sickening people that crave to do horrifying things and justify it in some retarded way.


>spend 2 years writing book partly about stormfags in Ukraine 2014
>now they're the good guys


>now they're the good guys
Fucking how?


sell it to the russian government, might as well get a return on the effort you did on their behalf


File: 1646856091586-0.png (57.79 KB, 1064x623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1646856091586-1.jpg (54.6 KB, 669x1024, 1646848908964.jpg)

alright faggots, we did our best to bring back your loli van, bad news is, she's not a van anymore.
say something nice to her.


idk man sounds like r/collaspe the story.


lol lovie


She's new and improved


Have you ever read a fanfiction and really liked it, thought it was great and faved it, only to come back to it years later and realize that it's pretty poorly written?


I have not come back to any of the MLP fanfictions I used to read, but it is safe to assume that 99% of them are objectively garbage.


Lol yeah, probably. I recently read a couple fanfics from the Naruto and AvP franchises I liked and man, I mean the latter was not horrific conceptually, but the execution is much more childish than I thought it had been years ago.



does anyone know any good places where ppl give advice on actual writing, like other places or places with advice?


A good source is youtube and some small reddit communities that aren't flooded by liberals and idiots. Terrible Writing Advice is a kinda sarcastic youtube channel that does all sorts of writing advice in a fun and understandable manner, so you can take a look at that. There's more ITT about these kinds of things.




They got spammed by bots and haters.


so, when is leftypol gonna move their creative juices and write some fanfiction ?.


There's a familiar of zero fanfic that has her summon Che Guevara. And a funny HP fanfic that has Harry go full Stalin mode.



>Ikotika (a Russian youtuber)
I have to correct myself - a Ukrainian youtuber


one fanfic i thing would have potential is a Gate anime and the USSR getting there.


Actually there are several >>>/anime/9763


>most are in Russian.
>English ones are in hiatus.
it's sad wanting communist fanfic for my autistic brainworms.
principal ones for this specific anime.


Even worse is the 2 BEST Russian ones are fucking deleto'd for no reason.


How do you concentrate on writing


The guy who wrote game of thrones writes on a computer dedicated to writing with no internet connection

Whatever one thinks of his works he has hammered out a lot of pages

Me if I want to do anything like that I use pen and paper but horses for courses


Lol, Now you reminded me of Martin-King cross interview where he was exasperatedly asking Stephen King how he gets so much books done while he can't even finish his series. Stephen King said his secret is he writes 6 pages a day without fail.


good idea. I keep fucking around on leftypol continually refreshing.


also, do you find music to help with writing?


Try it and see how it works for you
One trick to writing is simply to just sit down and do it so go find out

It's much of a muchness for me unless I specifically use mood music to set a tone
Talking off which Eugene has written several quite long books which seem to use his hot takes here as rough drafts for at least some sections of them

You could try that


File: 1667196050332-0.png (113.92 KB, 825x269, msf.png)

File: 1667196050332-1.png (270.83 KB, 1200x1200, lsf2.png)

Read a post on Ukraine general (green) and it gave me a thought for a story idea… only to realize that Metal Gear Solid took that idea already. Truly Kojima was ahead of his time.
>I've just had a thought, what if post-war, the Wagner Group starts recruiting all those battle-hardened war veterans with lots of experience and energy but nowhere to go. Let's say from multiple sources, former Russian military, disaffected Ukrainians, maybe even Assadist Syrians, and possibly extending to Iranians and then go off to conduct operations in Africa and Latin America against Uncle Sam and their vassals. Turning it into a global anti-imperialist (if very reactionary) force.
>One could even call them Soldiers Without Borders, or even a Global Liberation Army if one really wanted to go there.
<Yeah, this would never happen in real life. We've already got former British pilots helping train the Chinese air force getting arrested and extradited in Australia. I feel like China still hasn't solved the issue of having reliable PMC for their BRI ventures and interests in Eurasia, and I don't think any Western PMCs will step in.


So if leftypol wanted to write fanfiction where should it be posted ?


Archive of our own


Anon I don't how else tell you this but when Kojima was writing the script for Metal Gear Solid, America was spending an inconceivable amount of money on government contractors so as to supplement its occupation of the Middle East. By the mid to late 2010s, most of the big western 'counterinsurgency' players who survived the downturn of the war economy had merged into Constellis Group.


what do you do when you lose all motivation?


how about entering community contests so you can have external reason to write?


do you agree with the idea regarding writing that "If you put it out on the internet, then you should also be aware that you are inviting yourself for criticism"? I disagree, and i think authors should only get concrit if they ask for it. It has always struck me as a pretty strange thing to do, to run up to a hobbyist writer and give them unsolicited criticism (constructive or otherwise).


>then you should also be aware that you are inviting yourself for criticism"?
Yes it is correct, you are putting your writing into a public sphere, people have a right to respond, it is no different than free speech; if you say something, people have a right to respond & even disagree. Granted bad faith shitposting/trolling is a trash.
>It has always struck me as a pretty strange thing to do, to run up to a hobbyist writer and give them unsolicited criticism (constructive or otherwise).
A part of writing or any there activity is criticism, you learn from criticism, that's how writers improve, hell that's the point of an editor, to criticize problems of a work that the author may not see. Obviously not all criticism is helpful, but even just a response can give perspective.
A fairly decent article on the topic.


I disagree. What if someone plays basketball, or does any other hobby? Should they just always be ready for people to critique them and pick apart their playing style, when all they really want to do is to play basketball for fun?

This is the way i think of it. If an writer indicates they want constructive criticism, then it can be given.

I think it would be better if people could accept that writing can just be a hobby and doesn't need to be taken so seriously. In this case I just mean people who go out of their way to give "constructive criticism" but all they are doing is destructive and unproductive criticism.


Basketball isn't distributed to others, if you don't want feedback on your work then I advise keeping a diary.


Or if I don't want criticism I can just ask people to not do that. Because I want to share my stuff online and have people keep their criticisms to themself. There is such thing as too much free speech.


You are entitled to ask for such a thing of course… But how is anyone going to know what they should spend their time on without discussing and rating it? There's so much stuff out there that I don't feel very enthused by the idea of a work without reviews and so on.


>There is such thing as too much free speech.
Lol back at you. Don't use your free speech if you don't want people directing their free speech at you.


>I disagree, and i think authors should only get concrit if they ask for it. It has always struck me as a pretty strange thing to do, to run up to a hobbyist writer and give them unsolicited criticism
How is that even a serious question? You sound like a boomer that just found out about the internet yesterday.

I guess you can upload it on your own website and not provide a comment section or contact info. Or you can look if any other sites you want to host it on can disable comments.


Idk if you will see this, Your post was 3 years ago peak pandemic. I decided to start writing again after years of giving it up. I've been dying for some good syfi. I love science fiction, I grew up in fucking nowhere and my grandma would always have the coolest gizmos and tech. She also watched stargate, Star trek, farscape, angel, pretty much was addicted to the early 90's sci-fi channel. She got me into computers and video games too. She was also a hick from a small town in Virginia. Says kreek, I've seen this women throw a rattle snake. Her compassion and love for her family and idealism get through. Also she's lends me money all the time.

Anyways I'm fucking around this idea for a story set in the near future of 2057. I'm still work shopping it and I'm using ChatGPT to help me write it. this isn't the real story this was me just fucking around with it to get a better idea of the characters I want to build.

I think that's a great idea! Updating the story's perspective to make it more relatable to a modern audience and incorporating elements of social media and internet culture would give the story a fresh and engaging feel. Having an AI partner, like a self-insert of me, could also provide interesting interactions and insights into the world of 2057. Let's give it a shot. I'll make some changes to the story to reflect your suggestions:

Year: 2057

What's up, everyone? It's your boy, Elijah, coming at you from the future! Currently, we're at the end of the three-year Second Corporate War. Crazy, right? But hey, life's wild like that. So, I'm vlogging my journey across the U.S. as it exists now, and who knows? Maybe you're watching this in the near future or like, way down the line, trying to piece together this insane time. If you're somehow tuning in from the past, well, let me give you some context.

Late 2020s and early 2030s were game-changers, no cap. OpenAI tech totally revamped the economy and politics. Small firms and peeps could handle their own graphics, legal, and logistics departments with barely any human labor. 3D printing went next level, and micro-manufacturing became the norm, meaning parts and tools could be made pretty much anywhere. Renewable energy sources almost made fossil fuels a thing of the past, especially with these dope hydrogen rods that could extract hydrogen from the air to refill fuel cells.

All this tech shook up corporate and political monopolies. Millions of new competitors entered the marketplace, and once-fringe political groups got their hands on tools that could rival the big dogs. The U.S. started splitting into smaller states, and now we've got like 261 of them. That's 522 senators, more than the current 435 congressmen! Rural areas and cities broke away and formed their own states in blue and red territories.

The federal government? They're basically ghosts when it comes to domestic issues. They're only around to keep the empire abroad alive and make sure the cash keeps flowing. They can't even stop the conflicts between micro-states that are all over the place. The only way to push politics forward was through succession and getting local control with a congressman and two senators. Big corporations were the first to jump on this, followed by fringe political groups.

So here I am, born in the era of TikTok and memes, wandering through this wild world. I used to be a merc drone operator, but with the wars dying down, I figured I'd document my journey and maybe make a splash in history. Oh, and guess what? I've got an AI sidekick named CG to keep me company on this trip. Stay tuned for our adventures, and who knows what we'll find in this ever-changing landscape?


Seems pretty cool, though I don't really like the framing device lol, I advise you read the Kindred series cause it deals with a similar decayed future USA, and also maybe the game Norco. Keep up the good work though, I have lots of ideas but never write, alas


And it shows in both of their writing. Martin writes sprawling interconnected stories with a lot of plot threads he tries to keep together. King's writing borders on stream-of-consciousness and while the prose is pleasant, reading him is a lot like absent-mindedly chowing down on a huge bowl of popcorn.


Wrong thread lol?


Rate my first sentence.
>See the child.



I want to write cute stories about Grace and Alunya, but the last time I wrote anything was like decades ago in school. Can I just read some textbook about writing to make up for all the years when I neglected my imagination?


This is copy/paste from /wg/ on /lit/. The answer is yes. Creativity isn't really the issue. There are structures and methods to storytelling.

/wg/ Authors and Flash Fiction

For General Writing
The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth
Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Burroway
Steering the Craft, Le Guin
The Anatomy of Story, Truby
How Fiction Works, Wood
Technical Aspects of Writing
Garner's Modern English Usage, Garner
What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing, Ginna
Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Tufte
Books Analyzing Literature
Poetics, Aristotle
Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell
The Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives, Egri
The Weekend Novelist, Ray

Finding Agents
Traditional Publishing
- you get to focus mostly on writing
- you must write a proposal to the publishers and sell your story to them
- you make 10-15% profit max, but they also eat all the risk and the costs
- self publishing is basically like running your own company
- you only need to do some simple marketing and reach out to readers
- you make 10-15% profit max
- self publishing you make 70%+
- they’ll still require you to do all the leg work of a self published author anyways

Self Publishing Options
Self Publishing How-To
- risky, but much more profitable
- you must pay for everything yourself
- if you do, you will spend more time on running a business than writing, but can be worth it
- https://selfpublishingwithdale.com/
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQygKqJVFXg

YouTube Playlists for Writing
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTCv6n1whoI23GmdBZienRW0Q0nFCU_ay Robert Butler
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSH_xM-KC3Zv-79sVZTTj-YA6IAqh8qeQ Brandon Sanderson
This Craft of Verse, Borges
The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Kooser
Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry, Mason
Anime Writing (^・o・^)
Manga in Theory and Practice, Araki

Other forums


Thank you, I will read some of these, but isn't having an idea what to write more important than how to write?


Important denotes fundamental underlying principles of value within your ideological framework. To be able to communicate with clarity and functionality is key for any comrade to get their points across to others, be in in a manifesto or a story.


atrocious website. literally unusable.


Yeah, I should have posted it somewhere else, but I just wanted eyes on it and the other people on /lit/ were posting there (mostly weebs)


kek why even try? the only way you get published is if you know people in the industry


File: 1688450888391.png (317.74 KB, 1300x1028, agent.png)

case in point, proles


This post sucks and is gay.


>Manga in Theory and Practice, Araki

Another good one (pretty short / basic) is
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud
It's also presenting in a comic book format which helps illustrate a lot of concepts of storytelling.

> isn't having an idea what to write more important than how to write?
You can make any idea good or bad by how you write it. A good exercise is to pick something very mundane and try to write a detailed description and give it some kind of story structure.

The core idea is a lot less substantial that it might at first seem. You can come up with a really powerful theme you want to resonate throughout your story, but what actually matters is how it manifests in the characters and plots and how you communicate it to the reader. Anybody can be an ideas guy but it's the process of realizing the idea in a way that works that makes you a good writer.


OK I wrote this in that thread: >>>/siberia/423834
I won't change it anymore but if anyone has any ideas how could I have avoided the disaster that it turned out to be, I'm listening.


>crossposting a siberia post onto a longterm thread
You do realize that you'd be better off making a rentry post and posting it here to be read right? Anyway, it's okay writing for leftypol, but anyone not in the know about Alunya or Grace is just going to be confused at the sudden interactions. Also using "chan" in an actual sentence where everything else is English is cringeworthy m8.


File: 1688496362726.png (2.46 MB, 2560x1562, ClipboardImage.png)

On the topic of writing in-another-world stories i.e. isekai for you anime-stans with поподанчество being another termin
Various self-published stories

Isekai thread >>>/anime/373
Anime Writing thread >>>/anime/4263


>anyone not in the know about Alunya or Grace
It's fanfiction, isn't it alright to assume that the reader is familiar with the characters?

>using "chan" in an actual sentence where everything else is English is cringeworthy m8

It makes my kokoro go doki doki tho


opinion disqualified


>You called a shitty, lazy method of "japanization" of names what it is, an eye rolling termin worthy of cringing at, so ur disqualified!
No lol

>It's fanfiction
That's an excuse. When you write about a human being you have to at least somewhat set the setting, because the reader isn't supposed to be filling in the gaps for the writer. If you see Terminator, you know the lore, but you can still understand the lore even if you watch Terminator 2 without having seen the first Terminator, because the movie prepares the setting of the story being told and provides visual and/or descriptive explanations that immerse the reader. Thus we learn who Sarah Connor is and who John Connor is and what the Terminators are, and the backstory of the first film. A good fanfiction does that same, and doesn't just assume the reader has innate knowledge of the fandom or fiction it is based off of. This is especially applicable to something as ambigious as Grace and Alunya who have very little to go off of in terms of lore and can be interpreted in various settings and relationships, from a political drama to a silly slice-of-life interaction.


> the reader isn't supposed to be filling in the gaps
Why not? That's how you get to know people in real life, why should it be different in fiction?


>not understanding why your shitty opinion disqualifies you
opinion disqualified


Cry more

>That's how you get to know people in real life
I… what? You get to know people in real life by observing them and talking to them, learning about their character, their likes and dislikes, their way of talking and bits of their past.
This applies even more for a story, since dumping someone into the events without context is just confusing.


Since we are talking about a concrete text, how would you actually fix it? What would you add or change so that the reader gets the necessary context?


>A good fanfiction does that same, and doesn't just assume the reader has innate knowledge of the fandom or fiction it is based off of
If your intended audience is general rather than a specific group.


Even within a specific group
You can't approach a fandom like they all have the exact same context and understanding of the material, different people retain things better or worse, or don't know context etc. Anyone that isn't an old-fag won't have a clue about how Political Catgirls even came about even if they technically know Alunya herself.

That's the problem, this is the purview of the author - they (are supposed to) have an idea of the background for the characters and what led to their current interaction. Even a separate section summarizing their relationship over time and how it began before the specific instance of interaction would provide something to ease the reader in. I cannot write this for you, because it's not my story nor do I have an interest in it myself - you came and asked for a criticism and I gave it.


Sorry, I did not mean to ask you to actually write or edit it, I was just wondering what kind of context do you think would be needed. But if you really do think that it should have started with some explanation of "Political Catgirls" then I think I'm just going to disagree.


You don't need to explain all of political catgirls just something essentially along the lines of "Alunya and Grace had known each other for a while and were always squabbling, to the dismay of some of the other girls… and the cheers of the rest." Then lead into their current "squabble"-turned-tease


File: 1688831849977.png (144.03 KB, 512x512, thumbs_up4.png)

I'll try to remember that if I ever write something again.


File: 1689028980820.jpg (537.3 KB, 1111x1102, Cinder thumbs up.jpg)

Glad to help. I'm not trying to be mean, just straight to the point.


File: 1689264120151.jpg (28.86 KB, 500x500, t500x500.jpg)

>Life of someone that likes Crossover Fanfictions
>Naruto/Harry Potter/Dragon Ball/RWBY x Whatever
>The local designated-by-the-fandom self insert character goes to the other world, or get's trained by a badass and becomes ultra badasses too.
>BTFO's everyone, get's worshipped in everything they do and
>Get a fucking harem
>They also always become a ultra-flanderised mess at best or lose their own characteristics and personality entirely at worst (Jaune from RWBY, in particular, gets the worst of this)
>the route of history in these fanfics mostly stay the same as the canonical one because thinking about the effects the actions of a new character at play is too hard.
>Somehow they always make to the top of the follower/likes/favourites list.
fucking kill me, i know people have to start from somewhere, but you know it's a problem when these types of fanfictions are the majority.
Also shout out to the Overlord fanfic community for being the most obnoxious group i ever seen, if your fanfic involves Overlord and is not thousands of pages of "Sasuga, Ainz Sama", Ainz and his NPC's Roflstomp everything and everyone unchallenged, or characters from other media's bending over backwards to befriend or join Nazarick DESPITE their behavior/Personality instantly make them their enemies because of all the bullshit they do, they will throw a hissy fit and just spam the review box with buzzwords, straight up spam or vs battle levels of suppositions and exaggerations like they are canonical feats, it's idiotic to comical levels.


Slightly different issue but I read lots of 'first contact' type MLP mostly fics and the amount of the isekai'd human being some badass super PTSD supersoldier with a dark past is TOO DAMN HIGH. I read some fic where the last survivor of his people or whatever is teleported to a fair in Bunnyburrow (where Judy is a kid still) and is in a fucking exoskeleton. Like why.


Excuse me but you really should include a bio for every political ideology catgirl in the appendices so TRUE FANS can get the most out of your piece. Otherwise you are a FAKE WRITER who is INSULTING the legacy of the political ideology catgirl expanded universe.


i guess because they think it's cool first and all other consequences of the story in second, wo cares that such a armor would be only worn for combat, bitch i live years in it.
i say that because almost all first contact fics that i read and is how you describe always devolve to the human badass supersoldier making everyone react in awe at their epic skills and doing reminiscences of their tragic war torn past and very few move past this into other trains of logic and consequences for both parties of a first contact, and in the human case, being stranded in another world far from home and his life, or worse, neuters the entire fic by making everyone accept the human's existence as a curiosity at best


>King of Queens AU but Queens is a Marxist-Leninist people's democracy
I will read this in the future.


Is there a cure for this?


The old school solution was to talk into a dictaphone while you were having the ideas.


Taking notes. All the time.
Speaking from experiences.


I write it down on my phone


File: 1689565534502.png (290.04 KB, 792x612, suffering.png)

NTA but note taking only lets me remember I had an idea, it doesn't help in actually writing it out in a readable format. .

While I agree on one hand, on the other hand I can enjoy a silly OP harem crossover if it's at least done well (i.e. they don't make the main crossover character too OOC and don't bash characters). However those are few and far in between and honestly knowing there are actually good fics that do this sort of thing right, makes the bad ones all the more painful.

Totally agree on Overlord crossovers (and fanfics in general tbh); 99% irredeemable wanking garbage, but then that's literally what the show is like, so there isn't a high mark to go off of.
>they will throw a hissy fit and just spam the review box with buzzwords, straight up spam or vs battle levels of suppositions and exaggerations like they are canonical feats
LMAO sounds like more than a couple fanfic "reviewers" I know of.

>Jaune from RWBY, in particular, gets the worst of this

Are you perhaps a fellow Jaune-bro?


The idea is that you write down what you need to work on it later. I can not tell you what is like for you: only you can. In any case: practice makes perfect.


No I get that and do it, it's just painful trying to put onto paper these ideas in anymore more expansive than notes.

This and also
>TFW you try to go to sleep and your brain keeps waking you up and making you turn the lights on to write down ideas that come to you in the dead of night, just as you've gotten comfortable in bed.


My solution is just getting the first draft out even if I have zero idea of what I'm writing so my brain will start working by staring at slop long enough. Think of it as making yourself throw up while in a hangover.


I like to disassociate while I edit. Like printing things out and taking a red pen to it or giving time between drafts. But to think of my past self as a different person from who wrote the thing allows me to take the knife to its throat. Because of this method, the first draft of writing what comes to mind is much easier most of the time. I have to remind myself of it, but once I do the barrier is gone.

The notes in taking note is also good because those notes fill the blank page which is the hardest bit to get over.


You might need to practice writing prose. A lot of people get hung up trying to find the right words and write no words. Just set a goal and write like 1000 words per day, doesn't matter how shitty they are, doesn't have to relate to your writing project. Just get in the habit of actually writing prose.


Once upon a time there was a poster on /leftypol/ who couldn’t write a thing. He told everyone he was a writer, but he never wrote. It was on his LinkedIn, his business cards, his parents even gloated at parties that their son was a writer when they weren’t scorning him behind his back. He couldn’t go to /lit/ and ask for advice, as he had sworn off 4chan years before, and the thought of skinhead twinks giving him writing advice upset him in a very particular and inarticulable. He went to the fanfic thread on /leftypol/ thinking that maybe he could learn something there. He bumped the thread. No replies for months. He bumped again. He got a bite. The bite turned into a torrent. Everyone began giving him advice. So much advice he couldn’t possibly apply it all at the same time. He could barely apply one at the same time, as he had never written a thing. He tried torrenting the books people recommended, but the problem was he had never read anything either. He wanted to manifest his television religion to the page, as he never learned to draw. But he wrote one word down on a blank google doc. And then he wrote another. And another. And one day he published his short story on a website and some people read it. And some people liked it. And other people gave him feedback. He thought it was neat.


I'm good with prose and individual scenes, problem is connecting them that's not really the issue, the problem is taking an idea and plotting it out and then writing it out without bloat or rushing, it's a hard balance.
>Just set a goal and write like 1000 words per day
Yeah I know, I just have to get over my OCD about bad writing. I've got like half a dozen unfinished stories with like 20-50K words after editing out the bad parts, it's just I get stuck on continuing them.

Cool story bro.


I would suggest listening to the short clip by ira glass about “the gap”
and then for good measure the pottery parable:
> [A] ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality. His procedure was simple: on the final day of class he would bring in his bathroom scales and weigh the work of the “quantity” group: fifty pound of pots rated an “A”, forty pounds a “B”, and so on. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to produce only one pot — albeit a perfect one — to get an “A”. Well, came grading time and a curious fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity. It seems that while the “quantity” group was busily churning out piles of work – and learning from their mistakes — the “quality” group had sat theorizing about perfection, and in the end had little more to show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.

From the sound of it, I think you should set a framework of a particular type of work. Like short stories or poems or journal entries, so you can go through a wide volume of work without the haze of where the thing should go or how long it should be. flash fiction, short fiction, novellas. And it’s possible if you put a theme in them you could combine them later into one work, though by that time you’ll probably see the early work as worse. I only say this because it sounds like your OCD and vague idea of the work set you up for failure before you even put words on the page. If 1000 words a day is easy, why not make it a 1000 word flash fiction every day and then the next month bump it to 2000, then to 4000, then to 8000. Etc. so you get to feel the accomplishment of finality. You can clear from your mind the dangling annoyance of incomplete work. Because we both know if you go back to ‘fix’ the stuff you already wrote, you’ll end up rewriting the whole thing and get lost in the sauce. Perhaps just rewrite the ideas from it anew. The same story and people from a different perspective or the like.

But presumably, none of what I said tackles your actual, fundamental, underlying issue with writing. Only you know you on here. We can only speak from experience and try to help. The other anons sound like they’re trying, too. I think if you set out an easy goal you can override the perfectionist inside. But who know?

Also thanks, I thought it was a cool story too.


> taking an idea and plotting it out and then writing it out without bloat or rushing
I don't think that's how most people write. We had to do it this way in school when we had to write essays in class because there was not enough time and paper to edit and revise, so you had to get everything right on the first try. But it's not true in any other situation. The usual way recommended is to rush and bloat as much as you want, and then edit it to refine it, cut out the bloat, etc.


> He told everyone he was a writer, but he never wrote.
literally me a few years ago


Why did you stop telling people that you are a writer?


Thanks for the helpful effort post m8, that pottery parable actually helped me a good deal.

I understand that, it's not really a school issue as it is a personal one. If I might say so myself, I've read a great deal of literature, both of published authors and fanfiction. In both cases you'll find poorly written works that are almost sole representations of good or interesting concepts and ideas, (such as Ready Player One). This in turn has made me allergic to letting myself freely write run-on sentences or poorly thought out scenes, simply because I end up re-reading it a moment later and cringing. Ironically, when I'm shitposting green-text stories I tend to be less hung up on that.

Regardless I will try to reign in my issues.


>Thanks for the helpful effort post m8, that pottery parable actually helped me a good deal.
I'm glad I could help! I only got to that point after thinking about the burgerpunk stuff I wrote a few years ago. I tried to write a long story but gave up and started writing very short fiction, which allowed me to do a whole begging/middle/end with plot/character development/asthetic that were different each time. Now having some time between writing it and now, I can literally read the evolution of how I tackled problems and the development of a certain literary style. Not to say that it's worth anything other than a few laughs, but I most def grew from the experience.


I was constantly writing drafts that I never finished and when uni work started piling on I barely had anytime to write anything so I just stopped.


Thoughts? (If I didn’t do this correctly, first page starts with “On Fitness”). What do you think of my prose and sentence structure? Too much rambling? To bare bones? All critique is appreciated


File: 1689799675553.jpg (221.69 KB, 1200x799, E3xmFcsXoAgmnDo.jpg)

When you post work, it would be nice if you did a once over for editing. It can be quite difficult to focus on the content when the medium itself is flawed.
<2nd paragraph, second sentence
<second paragraph, 5th line
>Double spaces everywhere.
>Literally look at all those blue underlines.
>Why isn't this full justified?
>Why am I reading san serif?
>no bracketing commas when couching within a sentence
<this is, for example, what I am talking about
>Inconsistent contraction 'it's'
>This motherfucker doesn't use the oxford comma
>per se, not per say
<that should be at okay when

I had to summon all of my strength and willpower to finish reading this. At a certain point I simply gave up attempting to point out edits. It's difficult to convince someone of something from a place of authority and knowledge when you can't even edit your paper.

Your prose sounds like a grade-schoolers essay. It is full of unfounded generalizations, poor grammatical structure, and colloquialisms. Almost every instance of the word 'that' could be deleted. Almost every instance of the word 'of' could be rewritten into a possessive. It is an impressive feat how much fluff this essay has, I'm not sure I actually learned anything other than the fact that there was an alternative to the Olympics. I suppose I also learned you probably didn't actually read Sun and Steel, a longform essay about the beauty and non-duality of the mind-body connection. I would write this in as the dialogue for an ironic one-scene background character who talks too much.

If you are going to write the most casual of casual essays in which you throw out authority and logic, you could have at least included personal anecdotes. These types of simplistic observations fit well when it is a story in which you make these types of discoveries. In narrative you don't have to cite to anything or muster any kind of rapport beyond the story you are telling them.

I beg you to go read all of OWL Perdue's website. I beg you to edit. I beg you to read complex nonfiction and overanalyze every line to see what is going on behind the words.

Print this out and take a red pen to it. Edit. Rewrite. Improve. Convince your audience of your points through words.


>When you post work, it would be nice if you did a once over for editing. It can be quite difficult to focus on the content when the medium itself is flawed.
><2nd paragraph, second sentence
><second paragraph, 5th line
>>Double spaces everywhere.
>>Literally look at all those blue underlines.
>>Why isn't this full justified?
>>Why am I reading san serif?
>>no bracketing commas when couching within a sentence
><this is, for example, what I am talking about
>>Inconsistent contraction 'it's'
>>This motherfucker doesn't use the oxford comma
>>per se, not per say
><that should be at okay when

>I had to summon all of my strength and willpower to finish reading this. At a certain point I simply gave up attempting to point out edits. It's difficult to convince someone of something from a place of authority and knowledge when you can't even edit your paper.

I guess I should have mentioned it was a translation of what I had written the night before, so I apologize for it not being presentable. While there are some things I should look out for that you've pointed out, I basically dismissed this entire section. Not out of a sense of arrogance. But out of a sense of "yeah I know" I admit that I should have edited it. But when I see the line ">Why am I reading san serif? " I begin to skim rather than read.
>Your prose sounds like a grade-schoolers essay
Interesting, and also probably fair. I remember showing my friend a story recently that I wrote when I was in middle school and she said my prose were very "straight forward". I would hope to evolve but I will admit I don't really write anymore in my free time. Also doesn't help if my writing has been influenced by DBQ's lol.
>Almost every instance of the word 'that' could be deleted. Almost every instance of the word 'of' could be rewritten into a possessive
> It is an impressive feat how much fluff this essay has
I would ask what would be fluff, but I'll spare you
>didn't actually read Sun and Steel
You are somewhat right I didn't read Sun and Steel. I was listening to it. It was an interesting essay on Mishima's way of thinking and his relationship to himself. I'm glad I did, as it enhanced how I am currently reading Spring Snow.
>you could have at least included personal anecdotes
Maybe I should, but at that point, it becomes a personal essay rather than an observation.
>Print this out and take a red pen to it. Edit. Rewrite. Improve
Will probably do that. I also hear saying it out loud helps as well.

Overall, thank you Anon for taking time out of your day to read my essay. If any of these reponses sound passive aggressive, they probably are. I usually have strong emotions in the beginning and as times goes on, I begin to calm and actually try and understand what was said. Whatever the case, I thank you anyway for bothering to reply and I hope it does make me a better writer.


File: 1689808169361.png (81.26 KB, 337x337, 1683358103187445.png)

I really do use "that" and "of" alot, don't I


My critique comes from a sincere place. I may be pedantic, autistic, and a downright ironic asshole about it, but I mean it with love. If you like writing, you should keep doing it. I know that if you fix the procedural errors, cut the chaff, and added in more particularized detail your essay would be commanding and what we would call a “high quality effort post.”

After mulling it over a bit, I think the difficult-to-articulate problem I’m seeing is that the perceived audience you decided on and the type of writing you chose are in conflict. You want to write to the leftist that scoffs at fitness, but you write it as if you are explaining it in person to your gamer friend.

To catch a leftist’s eye there needs to be a particularized bite to it all. A level of depth just one or two steps beyond their comfort zone of knowledge. They seek truth, and that is shown through Aristotle’s three pillars of rhetoric. Ethos, logos, pathos. You must show competence and authority in the topic. Talk of biomechanics in lifting, game theory in sport, metabolic biochemistry in diet. There is a world of knowledge we all yearn for to know our bodies, and yet the capitalist pigs profit off our ignorance. You must apply logic to all. Walk us through the application of fitness for the revolutionary mindset, the building of community, the use in mutual aid. Walk us through its application to our mental health and clarity of thought and how it applies to our digestion of dense theory. You must appeal to emotion. Validate the feelings of every obese and crippled comrade. Offer them salvation through action. Pull from the giants we stand on and share the stories of the Popular Front, the Bolsheviks, the Zapatistas, che in the jungle, all of them forced to use their bodies to enact their will upon the world. This is what would move a leftist to act. Right now it reads like you’re standing in line to see The Dark Knight Rises but the ticket line is exceedingly long and your friend decides it’s the best time to explain why you should watch Dragon Ball from the beginning, but it’s been so long since he watched it he generalizes every statement with shit like
>people say
>everyone knows
>it’s what they say
>they always
>so good
>it’s awesome
And all other sorts of generalization filler words that provide not material substance to the argument at hand. This is okay for providing a spoiler free, too-much-hype explanation of a television program, but it probably wouldn’t even get the other person to watch the show. They just want to see Batman.

It’s difficult to properly explain what I mean without simply rewriting your whole essay, which I don’t have the time or mental energy to do. What I do have the energy to do is respond to you in good faith and sincerity. I hope it helps. Yes, the font bit was kind of a joke, but the full justification comment was not. Left justification is for troglodyte and old men who still use Word Perfect. Gambatte!


File: 1689917136171.png (255.5 KB, 511x718, 1683320852098449.png)

Something I noticed when taking a crack at rereading "Study of Physical Education" By Mao is that the topics we both wrote about seemed to match. Recent phenomenon of lack of fitness, why someone might not like it, why it is good, the ways of going about it. Of course, there is some stretches and things we both differed on. And I am not comparing my work to his. But its kind of insane how eerily similar it is. It's either a case of how common the problems of fitness is or me unconsciously regurgitating his whole work. Either way, interesting


Did you take the time to analyze how he wrote? His prose? The structure of his arguments? The choice of words? How did he demand authority? How did he prove his points? How did he support them? How does he structure his organization? How did the translator do? What clarity did they imply in the translation?


Rereading it right now, I noticed he reuses words and often repeats himself.
>But why is movement deserving of esteem? Why is rational movement deserving of esteem?
>To say that movement helps in earning a living is trivial. To say that movement protects the nation is lofty.
I see it as him trying to make his point across.
Also, quite a bit of references to other writers and texts. Uses examples known to an educated person on healthy lifestyle (Says Confucius lived to old age, and no one ever said he was unhealthy)
Uses pathos? Like he talks about men's will and virtue. But he does use logos to argue how a competition between equal in everything but fitness always sides with the fit
As for the translation, it's clear that some phrasing probably works better in original language, But its fine for what it is
It was pretty clear to understand, which I hear a lot about Mao compared to other theorists.


Interesting at least you are starting to see the similarities of your works. On the same topic, so of course you got to take into consideration the time periods in which both you and Mao and the situation you both are in.

Side note nice Mumei pictures.


>Yeah I know, I just have to get over my OCD about bad writing.
I guess it's comforting in a way to know I'm not the only person with writing-related OCD, though mine manifests a bit differently. Still I'm sorry you have to deal with that anon.


I wanted to write another story about Grace and Alunya but it turned out so bad I'm not sure if I will post it in their thread. But maybe somebody here will take the time to read it and will be able to tell my why it turned out so bad? I read somewhere that reading your stuff out loud can help making it less awkward but doing it made me really uncomfortable. Is that how people reading it will feel too? I wish I could write as well as the other anons there, their stories are all so light and fun while mine always feel suffocating.


I will try to read it when I’m not drinking and I’ll rip you apart like I did the fitness guy. I can’t give you my full attention if I’m a few beers in. I’m sorry, bud.


I’m confused, do you guys mean actual OCD or being a perfectionist?



Good luck on your journey to sobriety!


File: 1690742851188-0.jpg (244.51 KB, 768x907, 1631642664622.jpg)

File: 1690742851188-1.png (920.69 KB, 2048x2366, 1592713652174.png)

Any other /fimfic/ horsefuckers ITT? It's pretty much the only reason I still visit /mlp/


I ashamedly admit to having browsed the site in the past, though I was never a br0ny or even liked the 2000s-2010s iteration of MLP. It was kinda unavoidable at the time. Still, there's good fics among the (horse)shit.


File: 1691211270989-1.jpg (142.78 KB, 1080x1364, Ftg1DMMWcAM80HV.jpg)

Well, here's first Draft. As you can see, still some issues when it comes to actually finishing the thing. I haven't really written an intro, deciding to keep a strikethrough'd version of the previous attempts into just to see what can be used, but overall introless. There are some parts where I can feel the college paperness of it all. The yellow sections means I might cut it, blue means I might rewrite. I felt that the yellow highlighted about politican organizations was just not an argument one might make. I guess it can apply to an org, and why they might not care for fitness, but eh. I felt that one was too college paper. The second one, I just didn't care for this argument. I thought it was a bit of a strawman of the average lib. And yet, I was compelled to make it, I guess to address it and also I wanted a third argument. For Fitness, I felt a bit better on, though it gets a bit weak at the end. How To Fitness, its decent but I def need to refine the advice given on how best to go about fitness. Red Fitness, I am conflicted. I feel there are some lines in isolation I like.But I can see it if someone says some things aren't necessary. I think I might have a habit, or at least of this project to find out about something or remember something and want to just add it in. You can probably see this throughout the essay. I tried to edit it, even printed it out to take out some lines I didn't like. But I am a man, and so faults may occur. I justified it, with a new font.


File: 1695574605938.png (3.84 MB, 1400x1121, ClipboardImage.png)

>Writing an isekai story where the main character ends up in another world
>Don't like contrived "every country and race magically speaks the same language as the MC" bullshit
>Don't want contrived "divine knowledge" shit since it's a cheap cop-out
How would I go about writing a foreign/fake language guys? I know that Trek created Klingon and LOTR's Tolkien wrote the Black Tongue and Elvish for his books, but I'm stuck wondering "is there a 'common tongue' in such works, and how would I go about writing such a base language and having the main character learning it?
The closest example of such a plotline I can think of in (say) fanfiction would be https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7914311/1/A-New-World-The-Story-Of-A-Lost-Shinobi
But while that fic has the Japanese - English conversion, it's not quite accurate (given how Kanji work which makes a 1:1 translation much more inaccurate + the cheat of shadow-clones. So now I'm stuck thinking of how to impliment this in my story, since it's created a huge block for me.


you could use a conlang. the easiest ones are probably easiest also from a writing perspective, since they are easy to learn. toki pona might fit the bill. on the other hand it's perhaps too simple since it only has one word for land animals (soweli), no words for colors like purple or brown (in fact it only has three color words) and so on


I was thinking of doing that, but like you said it has limitations. Frankly I'm thinking of doing a deep-dive study of linguistics and etymology to try and replicate the language creation process.


sound incredibly nerdy go for it!


>How would I go about writing a foreign/fake language guys?
There's a million resources for conlangs if you want to flesh out the language to any degree (a few words and grammar rules are probably sufficient for storytelling purposes). You probably should have at least some concept of linguistics if you want to make the language differences a plot point, but you also could just leave it as characters struggling to communicate with each other if they don't share a language.

>Frankly I'm thinking of doing a deep-dive study of linguistics and etymology to try and replicate the language creation process.
Ok. Here's a youtube playlist that walks through the process.


Play Kotonoha Amrilato, it's about a Japanese girl ending up in a parallel universe where everyone speaks a language called Juliamo.


>probably should have at least some concept of linguistics if you want to make the language differences a plot point
It's going to be an underlying part of the main character's journey, regarding things lost in translation, underlying native cultural meanings to words and other such aspects. It's jarring how lazy a lot of isekai are regarding just accepting utter foreigners when most such stories take place in fantasy settings, where xenophobia is rampant and a stranger with no understanding of local/national culture would not be having an easy time.

>a youtube playlist that walks through the process.

Thanks, this is exactly what I've been looking for

Wasn't that based on Esperanto?
You're referring to https://vndb.org/v21321 right?


I just wanted to trick you into learning Esperanto…


I started learning it a while back but I couldn't get through it all.


File: 1696228168833.png (531.59 KB, 1500x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm considering writing a story but I'm finding myself considering if I ought to do First or Third Person perspective. Most literature tends to go for the latter, especially in longer stories, and few go for the first person perspective. Does anyone have any suggestions?

For context the story I'm writing is fiction, the setting is technically fantasy (as in there are magic, monsters and gods) in a mythological sort of way. An example of this would be something like Inuyasha's ancient Japan, or classical Fairy Tales such as The Ice Queen, Princess and the Frog, or The Red Flower. There's going to be 3 main characters (at least in so far as I've planned out), there isn't a central villain planned at the moment, and it's a journey type story, so it's not short.

So First or Third Person?



“Don’t you eat that apple!”
“Yes,” the man said.
“Yes,” the woman did not speak, she echoed.
“I’ll be back…”
The towering door creaked. Golden light poured out of it, as the silhouette of some mountain formed.
“Ssssssshit, where were you, chief?”
The shadow knelt. A bearded face looked at the hissing thing on the ground.
“I just had to make sure the trap was set.”
The slithering serpent went into the light. The great bearded head of god almighty rose high. Swivelling hither. Turning hither. The coast was clear, or so God hoped.
“Sssay, ssssssister,” Lucifer whispered. “You sssssseem famisssshed.”
The woman looked up with doe eyes. What kind of animal was that? She hadn’t seen it in Eden before.
“Ssssssuck on thissss.”
The apple fell. Hit her head. It bounced onto the luscious grass. Rolling like a world unto itself, a kingdom of desire, spinning, spinning, red and ripe. She picked it up; beads of water covered the shiny flesh.


lmao retard take i found funny in the wild.
"uhh everyone like schizo abe, ignore he got assasinated for being a enabler of cultism, or the fact vinctims of japanese fascism hated his nazi defending ass"


Consider that for first person, it's implied very directly and strongly that the narrator is the same character as the POV character, while third person can more easily be separated conceptually as an observer and commentator. The narrator is a character in the story, in the sense that word choice and what information gets focus implies something about them. Or you could do something like Douglas Adams and give the narration a more overt personality. How you write the story will affect how the reader relates to it. That's what the relevance of the choice is, so use that to inform what works for the story you're telling.
This is generally done in third person due to genre conventions relating to the origins in folklore retold orally about things that happened to different people long ago. First person doesn't fit that aesthetic.
>There's going to be 3 main characters
Is there one POV character or do you intend to switch between them? A third person limited or omniscient narrator can readily maintain a single characterization observing those three. The "closer" the narrator is to the characters in terms of what they know, the more the narration from different POVs should vary. A distant narrator recounting an ancient tale probably wouldn't comment much on their thoughts or feelings, but a more neutral voice with more intimate knowledge can characterize them by reflecting their personalities. If you plan to switch POVs and use first person, then you would expect the narration style to be distinct for each character.


File: 1697385084607.png (165.89 KB, 640x366, ClipboardImage.png)

Link the fic it's reviewing.

I understand the concepts of First and Third Person, but thanks for simplifying some aspects
>do something like Douglas Adams
It wouldn't work for the story I'm writing.
>This is generally done in third person due to genre conventions relating to the origins in folklore retold orally about things that happened to different people long ago
While true, the reason I ask is because I was considering writing the story from the perspective of the main character as they are first thrown into events, and as a result choose a path to follow, along with some fellow companions with similar motivation.
Essentially I want it to begin as a young man/teen put on the path of revenge, who through his journey getting there and the relationships he gains, slowly lets go of his hatred and anger.
This in part makes me want to rely on a first person view to help carry across the emotions, but I'm not experienced in writing like that for long-form stories.
>Is there one POV character or do you intend to switch between them
I'm on the fence about it. If its a First Person then I'd have to limit myself to one or two POV shifts in a chapter to prevent confusion, but Third Person limited would lend itself better then as well.
>If you plan to switch POVs and use first person, then you would expect the narration style to be distinct for each character.
Very good point, thanks.

I'll take this brainstorming into account, it's given me plenty of think about. Thanks


Any tips for writing alternate history?


Have interesting characters unlike Turtledove


Depends on how realistic you want to be. A good example of Eric Emmanuel Schmidt's book on Hitler, where Hitler is actually accepted into Art School and how that changes both everything and nothing.


>Link the fic it's reviewing.
Looking back, i should have guessed this type of "Review" would happen in a >Gate fanfiction.
shame, i like the concept and would love to make a USSR one in the future.


I guess I'm just hung up on how to structure the story to be able to really explore the alternate history of the setting. Maybe I'll have to read more alternate history books.


Thinking about writing a liberal version of The Turner Diaries though maybe it would work better as a video game.


Liberal Crime Squad?


I've not really played it but I am aware of it, maybe I will have to play it though.


I posted some GATE fanfics involving the USSR in the Girls Und Panzer thread, but some of them are deleted.

GATE really does attract the worst fanfic writers, probably because it's such an easy concept.


File: 1698847038915.png (323.2 KB, 750x500, ClipboardImage.png)

November is National Novel Writing Month (but anybody in the world participates in it).
There are 30 days in November.
Can you write a 50,000 word novel?
That's about 1667 words per day.
Maybe you've just got a short story or novella to write.
Now is a good opportunity to start since there's an international community of writers in the NaNoWriMo community.


File: 1702254190445.jpg (51.83 KB, 620x850, marisa.jpg)

Found out about it right after discovering https://www.touhou-project.com/ last month. A few of the regulars there participated. Sometimes they host competitions too. Anyone here go there?


File: 1702440818797.png (Spoiler Image, 17.96 MB, 6400x5000, 3f2bb2cefca16880e630547cbd….png)

Warning, NSFW prompt:
“You may now, uh… which one is the bride?” The priest asked confusedly. Nidalee didn’t care to wait any longer, leaning in and giving you a big, hard smooch on your lips before deciding to simply walk out of the building with you. She dragged you along, holding your hand the entire way back to the limousine… nobody showed up for the wedding- after all, you two only met three days ago. The entire ride back to your place was full of wet, sloppy, gagging as she fucked your throat the whooole way there~ Grabbing at the back of your head, cupping your chin, squeezing your cheeks, pulling your hair… you loved it. Every second of it. That’s why you asked to marry after only one sleepless night with her~


File: 1706492522886.png (225.32 KB, 400x251, ClipboardImage.png)

How can writers avoid "literally me" situations? You know, where a character that was meant to criticize certain people is received instead as some kind of positive representation? Even if you have other characters (or the narrator) spell out what's wrong with them, they still seem to be interpreted as based for triggering their opponents.
Pic related, one of the classic examples.


File: 1706557171295.png (2.3 MB, 1777x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

You can't. People will interpret it as they will. The best a writer can do is be definitive and consistent with the characters they're writing.
As an anti-example; General Ironwood from RWBY. He's supposed to be paranoid, using military discipline and force to solve problems and being a military thinker. However he's still on the side of good. However the writers of RT needed a conflict between him and RWBY, so they had him just jump from paranoid into dictatorial insanity, banking on a plan that may not work, abandoning the planet and the people of it, and shooting down rescue ships and so on. Not to mention a lack of proper military tactics and defenses against a horde enemy. This was a terrible attempt to make him a villain and to prevent the "literally me/dindu" aspect (and failed anyway since most fans still like the General).

So to prevent this
A) Consistent antagonist/negative portrayal or if not, then write a proper twist reveal such as in Disney's Atlantis with Commander Rourke
B) Make sure to have your protagonist/positive character portrayals consistent and make sense within the narrative framework. For example Luke Skywalker.


This goes beyond merely writing, but what do you do when you have two or more similar ideas for a project that at the same time can't really be combined? Normally I'd say to just create both but sometimes it' hard to justify it.


Make the character only exist in subtext, like W.D. Gaster Undertale


Write the outlines for both in more detail and analyze what elements work best and see if you can either combine them into one by removing the excess, OR if you can differentiate one of the stories significantly enough to matter. Otherwise the only other idea I have would be to write one story as a mainline, and another as occurring within the same universe but otherwise being a separate story.


File: 1710043636464.png (4.11 MB, 2051x2162, ClipboardImage.png)

is an archive of all fanfiction.net fanfics as of 2016 prior to a set of purges, so it's a good archive for stuff up until that point.

These are helpful in finding more recently deleted fanfics

Some fanfiction can be found in archive.is but that was a while ago.


File: 1714339955790-0.png (511.53 KB, 600x400, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1714339955790-1.png (576.38 KB, 640x446, Breitspurbahn.png)

File: 1714339955790-2.png (675.24 KB, 479x640, ClipboardImage.png)

Repost of an AU someone posted on /siberia/ months back:

I feel like if General Plan Ost somehow was a real thing, we would see a manifest destiny happening in Russia in the 70s, I can just imagine how niche it would be.
>Germans looking for a quick fortune start colonizing the Eastern Lebensraum
>People start building the Berlin-Kazan train track and massacre the locals for their scalps
>Small German homesteads surrounded by white-washed stone walls, Siberian horses, vegetables, imported Holstein cows and Latvian slaves starts popping up everywhere in the Eastern European marshland being attacked by the natives. whom they try to fight by making a circle fort out of their wagons and using their kar89 against their mosin
>Dirlewanger Bandito brigade (10000 Reichsmarks reward alive or dead) ties a whole Belarusian village onto a single piece of a train track and gains an official pardon by the new corrupt marshal of the new town of Moscowein and becomes its sheriff.
>Today's retarded Reichsburger movement, believing the nazi federal government to be authoritarian and bad, start immigrating to the East in droves to escape its rule and become today's nazi cowboys
>Saloon brawls happen all the time but everyone even the women drink German lager and carry ww2 pistols
>Rumors that a tribe of Polish winged hussars, central Asian Mongol raiders, Kazakh kipchacks and Russian horse riders with face paint, armed with PPS are starting to pillage the German colonizer's train tracks yelling AYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYA and taking everyone captives to be sacrificed to big chief man of steel in Yekaterinburg socialist khanate
>the local natives of Tatarstan use all their farm animals to pull a disabled IS-3 tank onto the train tracks so they can rob the German supertrain when it has to slow down.
>former gang member on that specific train who came from greater Finlandia called John Marston (Jan Manstein) survives the attack by asking the tribe's leader to do a luger standoff at high noon behind the old burned Belarusian barn. he loses an ear but is spared by tribe leader for bravery
>he continues his mission given by the Gestapo to hunt down the last member of his former gang named Arthur, his journey takes him to the Caucasus where he meets Chechnyan bandoliers and befriends them
>they assist him in finding the location of Arthur and killing him
>he later retires in his barn near Moscowein and is executed by the Gestapo government representatives and 200 Sturmtruppen das Kolonialbrigade who attack his barn with mg 43, except his wife and children manage to escape and save his book called Bloodmeridian and Soil

Links to pic 1 and 3 that I found interesting


I'd like to write more but I feel like a fraud because I haven't read enough. Can anyone relate?


I can and can't. I literally read almost every book in every library in my area as a child and I've been reading for decades, so by modern standards I'm well-read, but at the same time, when writing I find myself feeling under-read and incapable at times, it's natural when you're not a professional writer and haven't had a few books or written works under your belt.


Every time I think of writing something my brain goes "you haven't even read 80% of literary canon, fraud"


Impostor syndrome is pretty normal for anything. Just remember that however bad you are at something, there's somebody worse at it being paid a lot to do it. Especially for writing.



A draft of what would be the first chapter in a longer story. Is it worth continuing?


Plot wise, seems very clique.
Writing feel stilted and awkward, entirely composed out of short fragmented sentences.


Thanks, probably won't continue. I was excited to write it but I've never done anything like it before.

I was going to call the story 'The Death Of John Smith'. It was vaguely inspired by The Madness Of Hercules.

The plot was going to revolve around a husband's murder of his wife, split into two narratives.

The first narrative would be his release from prison after serving a life sentence and his struggle thereafter. I was going to send him through the stages of grief, and eventually he would suffer a psychotic break as he experiences hallucinations of his dead wife speaking to him. The story would end with him being consigned to a psychiatric ward.

The second narrative was going to be the lead up to the murder. I was going to interweave the narratives so that they ran parallel.

I had so many ideas for this. It was going to be about the failure of his struggle to forge an identity seperate from that of a murderer.

The next chapter was going to be about a barbacue in his family home with his wife and daughters, as well as their friends and his mother. The chapter was going to end with him pouring his cup of red wine on a myrtle plant in his backgarden, transfixed with his anger at his wife and invasive paranoid thoughts of her cheating on him. I was going to describe the wine mixing with the soil and appearing as though it were blood (in a vague allusion to a part in the Aeneid).

I was gonna be a smart ass and call that chapter 'Libations'. I also planned for him to murder his wife with a carving knife in front of his daughters, and describe their screams like that of a banshee.

The woman who recognises him in the first chapter was an allusion to his mother, which was a theme I was going to try and develop.

I guess it will all just be another unwritten story.


Keep writing. Also if you're concerned about how something sounds, try reading it out loud or having someone else do it for you.


Dont get discouraged anon, its the first thing you ever written, of course its going to suck, nobody ever made a masterpiece on their first attempt.


File: 1715547790788.png (1.19 MB, 1098x845, wundaga cover.PNG)

always looking for stories, like horror the most, articles too, can't pay, unemployed


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