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Was she a Stalinist? She sure as hell never did anything wrong.


File: 1634146949304.jpg (20.82 KB, 427x353, whoisit.jpg)

who's dat ?


girl from YA webnovel


bro you gonna need to provide more details, /leftypol/ doesn't exactly have a lot of overlap with the webnovel crowd


Genderbent Paul Atreides


okay, so worm is a deconstruction of the superhero genre that explores the politics of a world with superheroes and villains in it
basically, in the worm universe people may randomly gain supernatural powers while undergoing extreme stress, taylor hebert has such a trigger event and gets the ability to mind-control arthropods
she's generally pretty based, comes from a class-aware and unionized prole family, sees through the bullshit of the official porky-sanctioned hero system, fights fascist gangs and becomes a popular sorta-leftist warlord at one point



This isn't anime, it's a book.


>worm is anime
it's not even a comic book.


it sounds intriguing, would you say it's still worth reading for people who more or less have ignored the superhero genre ?


It's good. Nothing like other superhero media.

Here's the link:https://parahumans.wordpress.com/


shame the author wanted to stay relatively apolitical, would've been cool to see a red brockton bay
web novel was overall poorly written imo, but the highs in it go very high and i think it's overall intriguing enough to read as long as you're not afraid of skimming (i didnt skim and regretted it)


I don't think politics like that would be good for the story tbh. It was more about the plot and characters. The only political thing i remember were little characterizations and the racial gangs. I liked that it was very very subtle that the MC was from a lefty family etc. It didn't add anything and i doubt wildbow cared beyond thinking about a realistic character etc, and i'm almost certain he's not a socialist. But it complemented the ending, if you know what i'm talking about, but again, i doubt wildbow did it conciously.


>she never did anything wrong
she became a hero

>i'm almost certain he's not a socialist
He's pretty lib and Ward (Worm's sequel for anyone those who don't know) shows that, of course this is ignoring all the political posts he makes on the subreddit for canada. Anyway, it's insane to me how the protagonist is able to live an apartment after a multiversal apocalyptic event with a ton of homeless camps surrounding the city she's in meanwhile anti-cape sentiment is framed as irrational misplaced hatred. And also preaching about the importance of going to therapy in the aftermath of an apocalypse where the average person is barely finding food and shelter


Yeah Ward is trash.


It's a shame. I was looking forward to it coming off Twig since I really enjoyed how he wrote the characters in that one. Rain's arc was neat, but everything else felt at odds with itself. Especially the latter half of the story.


It's a shame what he did to the undersiders.

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