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First thread >>2278

I just watched the new Batman movie, it's about as boring and derived as you'd expect. The villain is a real psycho, apparently he hates Bruce Wayne's father because of his scam charity orphanage where children froze to death and the villain himself grew up in, and tries to publicly reveal his father's ties to organized crime and political corruption. Luckily Batman eventually teaches him the true meaning of love and forgiveness before the villain is thrown into an insane asylum for the rest of his days, and the credits roll.

I also watched Memoria, which was just as boring and I have nothing to say about.



Hidden Hitlerjunge Quex sequel.


"People still rob banks?"
90s-esque crime flick for those that are into that I guess


Snatch, kinda feels like a British adaptation of Belly in some ways


File: 1651896919012.jpeg (67.32 KB, 736x919, danoriddler forgive.jpeg)

>The villain is a real psycho, apparently he hates Bruce Wayne's father because of his scam charity orphanage where children froze to death and the villain himself grew up in, and tries to publicly reveal his father's ties to organized crime and political corruption. Luckily Batman eventually teaches him the true meaning of love and forgiveness before the villain is thrown into an insane asylum for the rest of his days, and the credits roll
Which is why the Riddler did nothing wrong
For real though I loved the movie and I'm not even a capeshit fan


dropped tarkovsky's solaris partway through
anamorphic is a dealbreaker, and dude just wants to shoot epic shots that makes me think a lot about god or mortality or whatever


Just watched pretty woman for the first time. Pretty insane movie were a rich guy gets a hooker who acts child like. He, I guess fell in love with her? The actor did well but he played the ridiculously rich guy almost villain like. The whole time it felt the other shoe would drop and Julia Roberts character was going to end up at an eyes wide shut party or being hunted most dangerous game style. Obviously that didn't happen, and they end up together. Very weird movie and interesting to watch. My favorite part is when Julia Roberts(the hooker) was picked up by hotel security the hotel manager gave her a cover story as their clients niece to cover for the guy. Who later on told the staff "no she's a hooker, get her whatever she wants". Flagrantly breaking the law in front of all these high end establishments and paying them absurd amounts of money to grovel and serve her. Which he seemed more amused by than hanging with Julia Roberts. Really weird movie, recommed watching it with a GF or wife. There's some soft sex scenes and you got a good chance at getting laid after suggesting a classic romcom.


Haven't watched any movie in like 2 years


File: 1652244541287.png (50.72 KB, 1611x191, hughesreagan.png)

the guy who directed it was a massive reaganite


>anamorphic is a dealbreaker


looks really really bad
focus all over the place, wonky aspect ratio… it’s just a bad compromise


File: 1652259622955-0.png (597.43 KB, 498x708, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652259622955-1.png (217.04 KB, 528x288, ClipboardImage.png)

Watched the Johnny Got His Gun movie finally, read the novel a long while back and it scared the shit out of me. Both the movie and the book are like my nightmare scenario, like a bad dream you can't wake up from, but that just makes them the perfect anti-war propaganda. Dalton Trumbo, who wrote both the book and directed the film, was a gommie, and it shows.
I would say the book is better, the movie felt wayyyy too fast, but I liked that they did their best portraying the surreal nature of the book. Also, Jesus Christ shows up and he's the coolest dudebro


aren't anamorphic lenses like notoriously difficult to stay focused? but the images they produce are also like, flatter and wider; which is why they've always been a favorite by certain filmmakers. I think Solaris is a beautiful film, but I agree with your general criticism; Tarkovsky is a romantic.


File: 1652315066183.jpg (506.43 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1649863272.jpg)

The Northman. Its good and yet very disappointing, in a way that almost feels intentional. Like there is next to no story (it is a proto-Hamlet), it starts with evil uncle killing protagonists father and taking the kingdom. But uncle looses the kingdom off screen, so most of the movie takes place on shitty farm where he now resides. There is a scene near the beginning of the movie that just serves to establish our protagonist as neigh-invincible and unlikable, thus defusing any tension or relatability. Characters act with no rhyme or reason to them, other than requirements of the plot. Why is Anya Taylor Joy helping Amlet? Why are they in love now? Why does 44 year old actor play a character who clearly should be in his early to mid 20s? The whole movie is schizophrenically split between serious historical drama and exciting fantastical scenes (highlights of the movie imho).


Starts off alright, shows a bunch of scenes from a bunch of different cities, and a few of the people in them (they're usually unemployed and in their 20s), then suddenly veers into nazi race war documentary #3985724023 about a third of the way through. It makes the subculture come across as gang-like and tight-knit. The producer/narrator also seems like a pseud and is clearly exploiting a lot of the subjects (he meets with some leftist skinheads in Chicago but they back out once they realize he also interviewed neo-Nazis). All in all, just a boring documentary exploiting a fascination of the time when it came out with a bunch of nonsense intellectual language about "globalization" or whatever narrated on top of it.


rewatched come and see
still technically impressive and epic in scope, but it's still very lib and humanistic
more vaguely "anti-war" than even anti-fascist or anything


>split between serious historical drama and exciting fantastical scenes (highlights of the movie imho).
This is because it is based on sagas as well and they are told in the same way with the same elements of the supernatural


Haven't seen DR Strange yet and the more clips I see the less I seek to. Just saw the Black Bolt scene that has "the smartest man" tell Wand BB's ability and they do the Matrix mouth seal scene before his power blows his brain out in a gut-churning disgusting way. This scene is beyond retarded. BB literally trained to keep completely silent at all times and has the experience NOT to panic like a retard. Moreover his power shoulda just blown his mouth open, but the visible gore'd make it not PG enough. Honestly annoying as fuck and a perfect example of this movie's retarded nature.


>Come and see
Ты чё ахуел?
>vaguely "anti-war" than even anti-fascist


godspeed anon


File: 1652832750866.jpg (115.54 KB, 486x720, 0114540.jpg)

Yeah lol only on leftypol can you see people accusing a soviet movie whose director lived trough the siege of Stalingrad as a kid of being lib.

Anyways just saw Everything Everywhere All At Once and it's a real masterpiece. Perfect blend between humor and tragedy, characters feel real, movie is wacky but authentic at the same time. Loved Raccacoonie and the dialogue between rocks. Best movie about a struggling family trying to pay their taxes in the multiverse.


I watched it (only because friends did) and that part is a groaner. "Let's tell a clearly powerful person what our superweapon is!"
Look, shallow fun, I don't regret going but I wouldn't regret missing it either.


>only on leftypol can you see people accusing a soviet movie whose director lived trough the siege of Stalingrad as a kid of being lib
I've seen redditors and /pol/ (i.e. the same people) claim that too, or even claiming the nazis in the movie had been right, so not the stupidest take at least.

Yeah, it's like the reverse of the "monologueing villain" trope.


>experiencing the siege of stalingrad when you were a kid makes you a hecking epic marxist-leninist
dude regularly battled with soviet authorities throughout his career and was a fan of perestroika, but that's just the context of the director anyways


>experiencing the siege of stalingrad when you were a kid makes you a hecking epic marxist-leninist
Imagine being such a fucking hack that you can't make a rebuttal that doesn't use pure strawmen. The point isn't that "hurr he's uber-communist cuz he survived Stalingrad" it's that he lived through hell and high water and its experiences shaped him as a man. People aren't divided into "le based commies" and "le stoopid libs" you terminally-online dichotomist.
>regularly battled with soviet authorities throughout his career
And? Soviet bureaucracy hardly was perfect and anyone that lived then can attest to that, even hardline communists.
>as a fan of perestroika
Citation? Also even assuming this, you have no comprehension of the Perestroika and the support of it. People thought it'd be a return to Lenin's ideals and supported it because Soviet Bureaucracy had become too heavy and essentially took power from the people, and they sought change. This isn't an excuse for Gorbachev and Yeltsin's betrayals, but it is an explanation as to the support of it. Hindsight is 20:20
>that's just the context of the director anyways
Yes, it has NO bearing on the film at all. A literal Belorus Partisan had been the inspiration and advisor of the film and so it had been made close to reality, nothing lib about it.


>In 1986, fresh from the success of Come and See, and with the changes brought by perestroika in the air, Klimov was chosen by his colleagues to be the First Secretary of the Filmmakers' Union following the V Congress of the Soviet Filmmakers. During the congress all previous heads of the Filmmakers' Union — including Lev Kulidzhanov, Sergei Bondarchuk, Stanislav Rostotsky and others — were overthrown in favor of "liberal" activists. According to some critics and filmmakers, the congress was conducted by Alexander Yakovlev, one of the grey cardinals of Perestroika who was unofficially presented there, consulting the activists from time to time.
>Klimov's leadership saw the belated release of many of the previously banned films and the reinstatement of several directors who had fallen out of political favor. This period is widely considered as the start of decline of Soviet cinema and the rise of the so-called "chernukha", namely artists and journalists, who, freed by glasnost, exposed Soviet reality in the most pessimistic possible light.
keep coping
like I said, it's still an impressive movie, but it is aggressively apolitical about the Eastern Front and is largely indifferent to the Soviet opposition. it opts instead for long mystical almost religious sequences and atrocity porn that seek to instill a general feeling of vague pie-in-the-sky humanism, it's very much influenced by Tarkovsky's similar stuff, and there's a good chance it was more of a commentary on the Soviet-Afghan War using the more politically correct "Great Patriotic War"


>no source
post the source, and it better not be vikipedia
Over what, you demented ideologue? I don't care about his political ideology because it has no real impact on the film. The creator the 28 Panfilovits film is a Russian Nationalist, yet his politics have ZERO influence on the film because it is divorced from his personal politics and in films that do have the creators insert their political ideologies it is blatantly obvious. The main and only influence from Klimov isn't his bureaucratic life but his personal experience of the terror and hurt that war carries, that is all that matters.
>it is aggressively apolitical
1) That's a goddamn contradiction, it not going into politics is just apolitical, it doesn't attack political messages at all, it just doesn't go into them.
2) The only aggressive part of the film is the brutality of the Nazis and their Nazi ideology
>largely indifferent to the Soviet opposition
It's not a film depicting the heroic struggle but the horrors of the war for people from the perspective of the veterans. They do not feel glory trying to fight nazis, they are just fighting, surviving and struggling Не на жизень а насмерть. Films glorifying Soviet troops in the war are for the people that did not fight or had not seen it to recognize and commemorate the heroic struggle, but this film is about the perspective of the actual war - glory has no place in this, because that is not the point of the film
>long mystical almost religious sequences and atrocity porn
<Artform symbolism contrasted to harsh realistic depiction of the realities is 'religious' and 'atrocity porn'
Блять англо-саксонская мышленость это просто полный Ахтунг
>seek to instill a general feeling of vague pie-in-the-sky humanism
No, no it doesn't you fucking clod. It is a film, a visual medium of depiction, it's not supposed to be a philosophical essay deconstructing an ideology, it is a presentation of concepts and emotions through a story. There term "Drama" is a poor translation of the term "Художествтвиный Фильм" the term used for such a film in Soviet and Russian film circles. The humanism is not defined in exact terms because that's not needed, you understand it all just by seeing it, as if you are experiencing its horror and grimness from the side, and see the main character - a child for all real intents and purposes struggle to hold on to sanity and humanity in a dehumanizing meatgrinder, and despite it all he and his allies do no stoop to the level of his torturers in their struggle.
>a good chance it was more of a commentary on the Soviet-Afghan War
You have no evidence to that and given that in that VERY SAME Perestroika there existed SEVERAL films directly depicting the harsh realities of that conflict - most notably Афганский излом and the director did not even mention Afghanistan as even a remote reason for his film, you´re just finding inane and irrelevant reasons or speculations to put down the film.


>muh source
>muh definitions
>muh evidence
i thought we were discussing art, not an academic paper


Nice goal post shifting.


>Yeah lol only on leftypol can you see people accusing a soviet movie whose director lived trough the siege of Stalingrad as a kid of being lib.
Now that you mention it, "listen to my lived experience" is lib rhetoric, remember that progressive stack praxis they did at Occupy Wall Street?
>Anyways just saw Everything Everywhere All At Once and it's a real masterpiece
new cult classic indie movie just dropped, movies are back baby!


Just watched the Fyre Festival doc, which brought on a bunch of people that were involved in its organization as talking heads, and the narrative is kind of like there were a bunch of obvious red flags it was just a scam, but they apparently went along with it anyways and then acted like victims or that they were looking out for people or something. Anyways, kind of a funny scamming of Instagram rich kids. Billy McFarland is just one of those low-effort grifters that can somehow get by in a place like gentrified NYC nowadays.


I watched the new Dr. Strange
It was pretty good
Scarlet Witch was the villain


I want to make sex with her, if you catch my drift

did you get scared at all by the movie?


File: 1653315976198.png (285.34 KB, 275x407, ClipboardImage.png)

was good


Watch Everything Everywhere All at Once instead. The multiverse concept was really under utilized.

Its a marvel movie bro.


jesus camp
very nice deconstructive documentary from 2006
i didn’t like the bits where they had some talk show radio host ranting about how they’re not true christians, i think he’s just uncomfortable over how they bare the true ugliness at the core
dvd rip with english subs: https://anonfiles.com/b6Cdx2j9yb/Jesus_Camp_2006_zip



also just checked what they’re like now and they seem to just have become your standard petty bourgeois normie and even stayed in christianity somewhat, except for the bowl cut kid who took the hippy path
pretty uncanny


I watched "Old" (2021). It was pretty mediocre. Not abysmal, but just not good - M. Night Shyamalan might be one of the few directors who gets worse over time. Unlike his other movies, there was no typical twist, that revelation in the end can barely called anything like that, because you can see it from a mile coming.

The concept of aging rapidly isn't new per se, and not bad per se, but he didn't really know what to do with it. The only classical trope was lady obsessed with her own beauty going mad over aging, and then died in a horrific twisted way - that was the only really creepy scene. Other than that, the movie was surprisingly PG-13, they wouldn't even show a skeleton. Also, the main characters that escape will not be okay, imagine you are a 6 year old in the body of a 50 year old - you'd be diagnosed as clinically infantile and get a warden. The dialog was rather awkward and the ending felt weirdly anticlimatic - so they are doing those super secret experiments, but don't even have security?

If you have nothing else to watch you can give it a try. It's not bad but is just really kinda there, it doesn't really do anything with its premise.


If you are ever in the mood for a modern but classic gothic horror movie with a decent budget, beautiful gothic cinematography, evil landlords and dead peasant daughters, gipsy folklore and "tell don't show" creepy scenes that still come with decent effects and gore and body horror - give this one a try.

All-around good, classic horror movie. It doesn't really have a deeper meaning I think, but it is really good at what it does.


Saw that with my gf in fact, better movie admittedly, very funny and surprisingly heartfelt
Saw Dr. Strange with my best friend while blazed
> Its a marvel movie bro.
No, that’s specifically Elizabeth Olsen who is a stacy


Accidental Death of an Anarchist english performance

Was not prepared. Highly recommend.


I read the play it's a fun one


Anyone watched Top Gun 2 yet? It'll be naked US military propaganda, but I think it'll look cool when the jets go swooooosh


>Johnny Got His Gun




>he's a product of your profession, not mine


Rewatched on Netflix
I remember when I first watched it in theatre, the cinema has a mild crowd of boomers and fake-hip young people that probably only saw the trailer and didn’t know who Scorsese was and how he trolls people like them. It was fun watching their reactions alongside the great 3 and a half hour movie. They were not amused lol. Props to Scorsese for also taking money from Netflix.


Wish a theater near me had it. Perfect capstone to Scorsese's mob flick career tbh.


>I remember when I first watched it in theatre,
How did your bladder survive?


haven't seen it yet but I dig Scorsese movies. Even the "bad" ones like Gangs of New York. How does he troll the boomers?


It’s basically a subtle and not-so-subtle deconstruction of nostalgia for the 50s-70s


The movie opens with a Scorsese Long Single Shot with the main character doing a monologue, except instead of it being a scene of glamor and excess it's a sad and empty nursing home. The whole movie is about reflecting on where the main character is left after all his mob shenanigans and is basically holding you down and asking you what any of it was for.


Oh, and I feel like he fucks with people who probably expected a Goodfellas/Casino 3.0



so why is he deconstructing them?
is he not happy with the place the people have expected of him


His movies were always about how mobsters are scumbags who kill and get killed over nothing. Probably the most famous example is the "funny guy" scene (RIP Ray Liotta). Mobster movies are usually just romanticizing these people (since their origin involves the actual mob getting involved in film production to make the movies more propagandistic in their favor). Scorsese would usually show that these people actually suck. But the problem with doing this in hollywood is that actors are supposed to be able to give a compelling performance and have some kind of magnetism to them, so when you have these cool dudes playing these assholes it makes them seem cool, however insecure and psychotic you write them to be. I love watching these guys do their work but if I'm being honest, having charismatic and talented actors play these roles is a mistake for what Scorsese is trying to convey.


Shooting for Scorsese’s next movie, about the Osage Indian Murders, already started April of last year
He also has a biopic about the Grateful Dead in development
Dude is still kicking it


New Fantastic Beasts. Becoming even less surprised at JK Rowling being a reactionary TERF. This is literally like Queer-Coded Villain: The Franchise. Sure, Dumbledore is gay, but who does his love interest end up being? The fucking predecessor to Voldemort. There’s a clear subtext here that his love is a regretful sickness that makes him amoral and selfish. Voldemort/Tom Riddle himself was kind of cast as an asexual or some kind of libertine, which is purposefully atypical in a narrative where all of the Good characters end up in an unnecessary heterosexual monogamous romance or the other. There’s also some orientalism in this and the previous movie. Overall, just a dumb look into the mind palace of some rich conservative British woman.


Also, worth mentioning how under the radar and un-promoted these movie are lol. I only found out the first 2 even existed last year, and I found this one out when it appeared on rarbg’s recommended torrents. They also appear to be unacknowledged as valid Harry Potter lore by a lot of the fan sites.


> Some sixty or more wealthy, full-blood Osage Native Americans were reported killed from 1918 to 1931

Why and how
Do you know more

I haven't watched those movies but it's really cool that weird euro guy plays Grindlewald


you googled the wikipedia article for the murders and read it and need an explanation for why it happened?


yes, i don't want to spoil myself

was it class issue? did the poorer native americans kill them or was it corporations


white settlers


File: 1654318532066.png (805.61 KB, 1017x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

very funny stupid flick with some cool cinematography and macaulay culkin


File: 1654528416493.jpg (12.82 KB, 220x330, fresh-2022.jpg)

Just watched Fresh (2022) torrented, fuck Hulu and it was great. One of the best films I've seen in recent years. Big recommend, especially to this audience.
Themes: social alienation, nuclear family v little-to-no family, dating app anti-sociality, commodification v friendship/solidarity, sociopathy, the lumpen petite-bourgeoisie, the black market, cannibalism, proletarian feminism


File: 1654574109405.png (781.29 KB, 640x948, ClipboardImage.png)

Feels like someone jamming all of their post-9/11 racist jokes into a script sometimes, but also a funny satire of the mass pathos around terrorism at other times.


File: 1654574500442.jpg (62.18 KB, 259x384, AlexGarlandMenPoster.jpg)

This was awesome aesthetically throughout but the script was very underwheling before the final scene which was the best body horror not directed by David Cronenberg


File: 1654579184855.png (27.06 MB, 3888x5724, ClipboardImage.png)

movie about fed entrapment. kinda flat acting, terrible pacing, but it was kind of alright and not too long


Chris Morris is fucking brilliant, what are you on about


He is, I loved The Day Today/Brass Eye, but these movies kinda fell flat for me.


Awful pastiche of The Exorcist but with epic Steadicam tracking shots and computer-generated water ripples. Movies from around the late 2000s and early 2010s are gonna be remembered for being laughably low-effort schlock, even among all of the other eras of low-effort schlock. At least I hope for the future.


more aughties evangelical bleakness


File: 1655552883676.png (6.57 MB, 2025x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

is this really as poetic as people describe it as?


not on rarbg yet so can't say
sounds really cool though


File: 1655766153352.jpeg (17.67 KB, 300x424, images.jpeg)

just watched pic related; grew up religious and still have a soft spot for it tbh so very moving.


Heretical trash made by Hollywood encouraging Christians to give up their faith upon experiencing pain/suffering/death when there's an explicit bible passage saying that to do so will deny you salvation.


Japan was right to kill christoid converts



Thought it was dull torture porn to be honest.


religious people enjoy that


Christian here, I didn't.


this is the most unhinged short movie i've ever seeen
how is this oscar worthy

and why tf are all the boomers in the comment section praising this?

shit's like outta some moral, fable tale
>the smart and wise kid pulled a gun on the bf to reveal his true nature when faced WITH DEATH

<omg so true! only a bad person would swear and get angry under a gun!

what the fuck was this shite


>Christian here

nah see i thought that was the point, christian missionaries get off to martyrdom fantasies, more than they want to actually "do good" by the people they meet.

Course for scorcese personally, i got the feeling he was trying to talk about what it's like to be a christoid in Hollywood, but w/e


Watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for the first time. Very charming movie that I was surprised to learn is also based and public transport-pilled.


this is literally nonce propaganda


Project X. Basically Superbad but actually funny and clever, at points.


If you watch Chinatown for the first time after you've seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit all you will be thinkijg about is Who Framed Roger Rabbit because they have the same plot beat for beat


Have any of you seen Lord of War? I know they're not that similar, but when it comes to the arms dealer genre of movies I think it was superior to War Dogs. I know the latter is much more of a comedy, but at times they're kind of similar, though while I enjoyed both I think the former is a much better representation of the gun dealer archetype and all the trauma it brings.


Yeah, it was a good use of Nic Cage tbh. His acting lends itself well to damaged people.


What do you think of Schindler's List? It's a very well-done movie from a technical and moviemaking standpoint, but I am unsure what the message is. They are trying to portray Schindler as someone who ends up saving those Jews because of the logic of profit. But in reality, the Holocaust was massively profitable for German companies. The Jews were also portrayed as basically incapable who need to be patronized to not lambs being sent to the slaughter.

There are so many instances of communist and Jewish resistence against the Holocaust, and yet Hollywood always portrays the resistence of capitalists, conservatives (Stauffenberg) or clerics (Bonhöfer).


I am just happy for Nic Cage to have finally found his niche in recent years, with surreal Lovecraftian independent productions. Really the best way to use him. Mandy and Colour from Out of Space were nice.


it's directed by the guy that did Jaws and Indiana Jones, so it's not exactly gonna be deep
i liked the black-and-white cinematography though


That reminds me I need to watch Leaving Las Vegas


>But in reality, the Holocaust was massively profitable for German companies
Could you elaborate a bit on this? In what way was it profitable? It doesn't have to be here ofc, if you want make a thread in /edu/ or something, but I'm interested in the topic so any other info or sources you have that talk about this that you'd like to drop here, I'd really appreciate it


File: 1656956248709.png (95.54 KB, 220x326, Life_(2017_film).png)

The Thing in space with Jake Gyllenhaal directed by the same guy that did Morbius, and it turns out to be the origin story for the symbiote in Spider-Man 3
Wild ride


Also it's like Prometheus in that the crew are laughably incompetent fuck-ups


Yeah I watched RLM's video on Roger Rabbit. I want to watch that at some point too.


The ending twist was amazing. But the alien would probably ended up in a hotpot landed in Asia speaking from experience.
The worst of that trope has to be Alien Covenant. It's a fucking borderline slapstick comedy.


File: 1656992501311.gif (2.01 MB, 240x266, kenanthompson.gif)

>But the alien would probably ended up in a hotpot landed in Asia speaking from experience


File: 1656996191360.png (445.53 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

I liked the concept and style of this movie but man did they not know how to handle the pacing or story in the last half.

Revisionist westerns getting a little surreal playing up the fantasy is fun and felt appropriate here. The movie's worth watching on style points alone tbh. Has lots of good production design and some creative cinematography at points. So don't think my griping is to just hate on it. It's because the first 15 minutes or so seemed too promising for what the movie ended up being.

Unfortunately, the substance is not enough to carry the runtime. There's a whole part of the movie that's a fun aside for a quick joke but goes on way too long considering how little it adds and where that part of the plot ends up going. Shoulda been a montage. The final showdown was actually kind of embarrassing. They were too focused on doing hero shots of main characters shooting random mooks to bother making most of the action coherent. Parts of the sequence work, but there are also issues with characters seeming to stop existing when they have nothing to do at the moment (as part of a scene drags on you wonder where X is right now). That's usually while they just have the main characters standing in the middle of a street blasting in all directions for what feels like 10 straight minutes. And it gets worse when after they kill the villains' mooks the filmmakers decide that we didn't have enough shots of the heroes firing guns, so the random gang from the beginning shows up out of nowhere to provide more mooks to kill. There's "no restraint" that works and there's "no restraint" that's just mindlessly indulgent. There are also lots of problems with characters making obviously stupid decisions. Worst of all, the ending actually dips a little bit into borderline racism about black fatherlessness and muh black on black crime with a very cliche twist.

I started getting hyped when the beginning seemed to be setting up some kind of New Afrika plot on the villain side but beyond (very obliquely) referencing this as their motivation it never gets brought up again. And that's unfortunate because if you cut out all the bloat the movie has, you'd have plenty of room for something that was actually political beyond "what if we did Avengers but with black historical figures from the old west?"

The movie subverted my expectations by setting itself up to subvert western/hollywood tropes but then just became a very bad example of those things. Looks nice though.


Pretty bad. The writing is awful, the story basically revolves around 3 characters who happen to be portrayed by famous stars and every other character is laughably dispensable. It's a weird choice to focus on the 2007 mortgage crisis instead of the actual recession that happened the next year, I guess because middle class suburbanites care about that more. Very very Oliver Stone JFK-esque in how needlessly labyrinthine everything is depicted as, too.


Also on Vice:
The movie starts off by saying it's an attempt to explain Cheney's life. Over half the runtime is dedicated to his term as vice president and it's basically a checklist of news stories and controversies that everyone would have heard of back then. For the time before that, it's just vague and dramatized to shit. Also it kind of falls flat critiquing the Dubya presidency when you yourself are an absolute preening neolib.


Is yesmovies dead?


This movie is basically Alien but instead of being about the Vietnam War it's about the War on Terror. There are lots of elements of the bureaucratic security state blowing back on itself, with the ending being the most heavy-handed metaphor of blow-back.


File: 1657767258034.jpg (91.94 KB, 640x947, md.jpg)



File: 1657962865129.png (200.88 KB, 260x382, ClipboardImage.png)

i made 25 minutes into the flick and gave up

wester germany 1989, thought it was going to be more about that

but the utter debauchery (no surprise) of the soldiers, selling and killing their own out of sheer stupidity and drug use made me turn off

if someone watched it, tell me


File: 1657967437410.jpg (355.48 KB, 1012x1600, frenchdispatch.jpg)

pretty good desu, one of his better films along with grand budapest


File: 1657983788969.jpg (249.73 KB, 1000x1500, thumb-1920-214466.jpg)

very funny
i like how it starts off as 2 seemingly different satires: a satire of militarism/mass media, and a satire of teen flicks, then seamlessly blends them together




File: 1657990045396.gif (603.13 KB, 220x124, tf2-tf.gif)

>fascists otw to beat ZOG and modernity once and for all by consuming product


What are some Communist kino? Specifically, movies made in AES states


File: 1658004311126.png (211.72 KB, 258x387, ClipboardImage.png)

i had no fuking idea that was kid cudi


File: 1658005005161.jpeg (51.21 KB, 680x464, whiteblackpanther.jpeg)


File: 1658026773705.png (497.65 KB, 768x438, ClipboardImage.png)

Thor : Love & Thunder was the superior viking kino of the year

They even showed Valhalla in the end


Why is his hammer gigantic? Does Marvel even have any idea what Mjollnir was supposed to be anymore?


it's not the Mjollnir tho, It's the Stormbreaker, that hammer he made in infinity war.


does anyone even like stage 4 mcu, its so fucking bad


File: 1658050486352.png (979.87 KB, 864x700, ClipboardImage.png)

This ain't your daddy's space viking
It's a Bifrost that can help inter-dimensional travel

Is a villain like Gorr part of Viking mythos?

Also he gets the "mew mew" back in this movie with a special upgrade


i hate mcu faggots so much


it sells
MCU is the 21st century nickelodeon


Yep, they finally got to them. There is this though https://yesmovies.ag/


It's some dogshit Williamson made up along with jane-Thor
It was fun


Re-watched both of these again, and the "its Rambo for Russians" rings true. The main character is a war vet that fought in the first Chechen War, in which the dialogue subtly glorifies it. Throughout the first movie, all the criminals besides the protag and his brother, are Chechens. More so the sequel's villains are all Ukrainians. The same protag in the sequel now is extravagantly wealthy and a celebrity just for speaking about his experience in the military. There's a scene early on where a literal fucking neo-nazi gun merchant is portrayed as a "le wacky but wholesome" individual. It toots its own horn by showing that Russians aren't as racist and morally corrupt as Americans are. Even more ironic since one of the Russian channels showing re-runs of this film decided to add video of the BLM protests post credits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiT4pmCEApY
I admit the cinematography for both films is decent, and I can see why non-Russian cinephiles(esp. non Slavs) that like crime dramas can easily fall for Russian Nationalist propaganda.


Accidently forgot to the remove the embed.


vatniks b like


I watched both of these movies a few months ago and both were pretty good. Thought the nationalism in the 2nd movie was obnoxious though, which is why I liked the 1st one better. But the 2nd movie does have a better soundtrack


>>27115 (me)
Also recently in Belgorod, a McDonalds was removed because of sanctions and they played Goodbye America as they removed it. The 2nd movie resonates with how a lot of Russians view the current war in Ukraine


File: 1658759086606.jpg (33.62 KB, 386x685, 6831-movie-poster.jpg)

Way better than his previous movie "Us". Basically the underlining message is that all attempts to capture the animal kingdom in The Spectacle will end either with the destruction of man or the destruction of the animals in question.


I just finished the 8 episode netflix series Resident Evil.
What a load of horseshit. Why do all new series have this same feeling of being mostly drama filled with nice effects. I love the original Mila Yakonovich Resident Evil movie saga. It's campy, showy, ridiculous. This show hit none of that. They didn't even get the "shadowy profiteers" right. The CEO was such a bland and goofy character, completely dispensable series.

Extremely badly written, very slow, nothing made sense. I know it sounds bad when I say it like this but I have a feeling that the creators were targeting a female audience, and the way they did it is so bland. The reason I say this is because female characters get the most screentime, there's a boycrush, there's a woman CEO who's also lesbian, the main character's husband takes care of the kid, he's a gentle pushover useless himbo, the main character has a female child that's a genius. It's as if this was written by a tumblr fanfic writer and that's even an insult to them. The writer wrote Supernatural.

It's like all series they're putting out they put them through this california liberal filter which is so fucking annoying and bland. Same with Star Trek Discovery. Bruh, if I wanted to see drama, I would've chosen drama.

The reviews are terrible too.


Yeah you kind of have to assume anything Netflix original is mediocre if not outright bad at this point, the streaming bubble is slowly bursting so they're very desperate to pull the CW crowd in and keep them paying.


Resident Evil is already really popular with women. I don't understand why they just didn't make… Resident Evil: The Show. Like, just go ahead and lift the story straight from the games. Lift the characters straight from the games. You know. The same games and stories and characters that have made Resident Evil popular for over 20 years and have sold millions of games, figures, movies, and other merchandise.


File: 1659181182825.jpg (20.47 KB, 338x507, poster_opt.jpg)

“Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” Assata Shakur
Solidly done cinéma vérité piece from 1971 capturing the idealistic, lofty, self-righteous New Left of the 60s crashing onto the shores of the hard, bitter, guerrilla 70s before they were eventually crushed under the weight of neoconservatism. Did a good job of showing how the hippies failed to appeal to the conscience of the tribunal which already had its own conscience made up, being composed mostly of non-judges and people like a trade union steward, a conservative housewife, a bourgeois sociologist, etc. representing the New Right which sought to set up an intellectual wall to the ideas of the New Left. The black revolutionaries' Malcolm X/Fred Hampton-esque charismatic, enunciated Black Power tirades fall flat against actual violent backlash from the state. The news crew's indignation and threats of publicity of what happened are also ignored by the soldiers and policemen who know they'll be protected.


File: 1659321620564.jpg (96.66 KB, 663x1000, 1000x1000.jpg)

>the entire premise literally proves Fidel Castro was correct about lumpenproles.
Catchy soundtrack but entirely cheesy as fuck.


>start watching Man with a Movie Camera
>despite the fast cuts, the beginning is a bit slow and lacks an engaging story yes, yes i know
>start to get bored
>*man gets run over by a train*


>Movie stops
>Real hand grabs the literal filmstock
>We're at a filmmaker's workshop
unfathomably based


File: 1659588177671.jpg (359.3 KB, 960x1440, images.jpg)

Just watched Rock 'n' Roll Highschool


how many titties were in it


this is a hilarious movie premise


seconding anon's request


File: 1660169256693-0.png (712.31 KB, 700x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660169256693-1.png (767.54 KB, 768x1094, ClipboardImage.png)

Just watched these two. Liked AP more than Control, in spite of all the depravation in it.


Not that Control was bad, but i think i enjoyed my time more with the second film.


control was dumb boring schlock imo, just another corny biopic
probably doesn’t help that i don’t see what’s so special about joy division or ian curtis


>control was dumb boring schlock imo, just another corny biopic
I think it told its story pretty decently. But as a movie overall? It was ok, and just that.
>probably doesn’t help that i don’t see what’s so special about joy division or ian curtis
There's nothing really special about them, but i just like the band and wanted to know more about them, and Ian, so that's what got me interested in the movie.


read their wikipedia articles


File: 1660831342032.png (673.46 KB, 675x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

Hasn't aged well, now that people realize Aaron Sorkin is corny and Facebook is the 21st century Der Sturmer.


Watched Another World at an open air screening tonight. It's a decent enough exposé of the impersonal and dehumanizing force of capital but it has a few flaws. The dialogue is good and the actors are good but there are a few unnecessary plot threads (divorce, retarded son) that I guess were included to flesh out the main character but they ended up feeling like filler. It would have been better if those were cut out and replaced with more interactions between mc and subordinates.

Overall a good movie that I'm sure everyone here would enjoy. It's also pretty radicalizing so I'd recommend it to normies.


File: 1661256414842.mp4 (3.29 MB, 1920x1080, The_Mayor.mp4)

Immanuel Kant


File: 1661257157499-0.jpg (203.16 KB, 1280x694, mpv-shot0004.jpg)

File: 1661257157499-1.jpg (69.64 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0005.jpg)

[still watching]
Ok I realize The Boondocks already made a Do The Right Thing reference with The Block is Hot that's actually what inspired me to watch it but I didn't realize just how much they were connected.


File: 1661273520353.png (2 MB, 1000x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

Can't believe there are still teen flicks made since this was released, some of them even with a lot of the tropes made fun of in this.


The Grey Man was surprisingly entertaining


The new scream movie wasn't complete dogshit. That said, the scariest part was Courtney Cox's plastic surgery


(minor spoiler video)
The teleplay is better than the film.


Reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre but in a Balkan village instead of a Texas highway stop
Pretty bland and genre-y



File: 1661637059239.png (1.97 MB, 1280x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

A much better movie than i had anticipated, even if idealistic as hell.
The part about reactionaries getting btfo was pretty cool tho.


Just finished the 1949 Battle of Stalingrad movies, not all that great really. There are some really kino shots and sequences, but pretty much all the acting is not good, a lot of the battle scenes are really sterile and uninspired. Also because it's trying to be more of an overview semi-documentary rather than the stories of individual soldiers/civilians, there are a lot of sequences of just a couple of people (mostly Stalin) sitting around talking, thinking, looking at maps etc. and for the same reasons it does tend a little to the 'great man' narrative.


which scene, i don't remember

it's so over

that was such a fucked up movie


If you mean the:
>idealistic as hell
bit, then it is because the movie has brilliant takes such as:
>a part of the bourgeoisie is good and cares about the poor, actually, to the point they would go against their class interest and almost bankrupt themselves
>fucking propaganda by the deed (and its supposed immutability)
>trying to change the system by taking individual level actions, not structural ones
But if you mean the:
>reactionaries getting btfo
part, then i'm referring to anything related to the league of shadows, given their plan was just endless reaction.


File: 1661714178593.png (735.51 KB, 1000x1480, ClipboardImage.png)

>As drilling begins at the Watkins ranch, Bunny begins to realize his father's business methods are not entirely ethical. After a worker is killed in an accident and an oil well is destroyed in a blowout, Dad's workforce goes on strike. Bunny is torn between loyalty to Dad and his friendship to Ruth and her rebellious brother Paul, who support the workers. Paul is drafted into World War I and, when the conflict is over, remains in Siberia to fight the rising Bolsheviks. Back home, Bunny enrolls in college, and he becomes increasingly involved with socialism through a classmate, Rachel Menzies. Paul returns home and tells of his travels, explaining he has become a communist.

why did he change the plot?


I recently watched Tenet and I still think about the weird causality breaking physics. I honestly can't tell if it makes any sense, but the soundtrack is great.


> I honestly can't tell if it makes any sense
No the movie makes no sense , gravity and light would also move backwards. In backwards time mode you couldn't see shit because all the photons would be flying back into lamps and into the sun. And you'd be pinned against the sealing the moment the time reversal point activates, and if you left the time reversal room, you'd be flung into space, unless you put on non-time reversed ankle weights with greater mass then your body-weight. The people moving backwards in time would also appear as dark silhouettes to time-forward people. Time reversed people would have overheating problems, because when heat flows backwards any environment that is colder than your body temperature would cause heat to flow into your body. They would need to carry a non-time reversed heat-source to cool them self off.

There are other questions like what happens to chemical reactions that contain both forward and backward moving elements.
Information is also bound to entropy and hence the forward motion of time, i honestly don't know where to begin figuring out what happens with interactions that involved reversed flow information. If you are time-reversed and you'd try to re-read a non-time reverse book, you might unread it and forget what happens in the story.

We also have since found out that physics isn't entirely time symmetrical, so this can't work, but that is a minor gripe at this point.
The movie is still a fun thought experiment, just don't think too much about the details.


Just watched AK47
Nice flick, but with a good eye one can shed a tear for all the intromision the capitalist culture puts its grip in it.
>Officer in charge praises K as an example of "divine force"
>A good old demonization of an NKVD officer who is searching for contrarrevolutionaries who are ghosts -although normal considering a comparisson with the liberal world-
Great movie nontheless


File: 1661735614263.jpg (483.04 KB, 811x1184, the_descent.jpg)

British-produced post-9/11 narrative of familial grief with hints of orientalist counter-insurgent anxieties. Wonder if they distributed this to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, I couldn't see shit half the time.


Isn't that movie basically Russian nationalist propaganda


I would accuse the one saying that of being a fucking liberal.
It has the defect of saying not saying Soviet Union or by being too soft on gommunism (for a liberal), maybe it gets accused of it for that.


Stop misusing “liberal”. Patriotism is very liberal. It also has a pointless romantic subplot, too


Patriotism can be many things.


am i crazy or was there some buzz a few years about catherine zeta jones doing chicaog again, near the oscars?

the movie came out in 2002 but i swear there was hype going around 2013-2017 for some reason that i can't find


just watched Nope. different sense of horror. would not watch again only because i am disturbed by the digestion scene


i didn’t think it was horror at all
just an action flick with comedic and gory bits in it, just like every “horror” movie released in the past few decades


File: 1662179137841-0.jpg (354.45 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

File: 1662179137841-1.jpg (75.26 KB, 1920x1080, 2.jpg)

File: 1662179137841-2.jpg (123.58 KB, 1920x1080, 3.jpg)

File: 1662179137841-3.jpg (242.04 KB, 1920x1080, 4.jpg)

File: 1662179137841-4.jpg (303.04 KB, 1920x1080, 5.jpg)

mad god by phil tippett, a gory stop-motion vfx-fest with a dreamy german expressionist style and a frankly dumb, secondary dialogue-less plot clearly inspired by 2001: a space odyssey and stalker with religious mystic themes
not very interesting or thoughtful, but as eye-candy it's decent whatever


reminded me a ton of this from ABCs of Death 2


watching this made me realize how awful the rolling stones' music is


Saw "Beyond the infinite two minutes" yesterday (Droste no hate de bokura).
Wholesome movie about time travel that seems like a one shot and feels like a theater play. I recommend if you want something light and funny but very well done.


It's pretty effective at delivering its message that the animal kingdom can't be absorbed into The Spectacle and attempts at doing so will end in disaster


Old news by this point I know, But I've got through 3 episodes so far and I've just given up. The decision to essentially tell 2 stories at once just makes the pacing of both stories feel interminably slow. The character development of young Jade and Billie (nice Billie Eilish reference there guys, very subtle) somehow manages to be both boring and rushed, and they both come across as absolute twats. Also, who gets into two fights on their first day of school and doesn't get expelled, or at least excluded? The whole bullying thing is so fucking played out now that it was just painful to watch.

As for the "present day" storyline with adult Jade, I still don't know what the plot is supposed to be. So far we know she's a researcher, and that Umbrella is after her. Why? Why is she researching the zombies, and why is Umbrella after her? We don't yet know. All we know is that she's still trying to get back to her family at the University place. Okay, great. But if that was the plot, they'd have spent more time setting it up and explaining exactly what it was. Instead, half the time it's just her running away from Umbrella goons, the leader of which just got killed. Where's the plot, guys?

And everyone says "why didn't they stick closer to the games?" as if that would somehow have made this any better. It would by virtue of giving the show a plotline and forcing it to stick to one story, but that wouldn't have saved the dialogue or even the overall quiality of the show; it would still just be an adaption, after all. What would have made this show better is if it were just a different show. The Resident Evil films didn't really stick to the games at all, but they still have fans. I'll watch them if they're on.

So yeah, I'm cutting my losses and giving up. Instead, I've just started watching Game of Thrones from the beginning, and the very first scene of the very first episode does a better job of explaining the story than Resident Evil does in three full episodes. That's good writing.


File: 1662843986765.png (1.87 MB, 1000x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

Just watched Threads for the first time
I have a bit of an obsession with dark, depressing movies and heard this was one of the bleakest out there, and I have to say, it was worse than I could have imagined lol. The faux-documentary style really immerses you into the experience and the fact that they go above and beyond to portray the nuclear war scenario as realistically as possible makes this an extremely harrowing experience. Most movies deal with the initial blast or the immediate after-effects, and this movie deals with the longer term consequences of such an event, making dying in a nuclear fire look like the most merciful fate in this scenario. I thought it was still going for a somewhat optimistic "life goes on" ending, but nope. That final minute is one of the scariest endings I've ever seen to a movie and no doubt it's gonna haunt me for a while.
The invention of nuclear weapons might be one of the biggest mistakes humanity has ever made, only time will tell


File: 1662849726560.png (4.08 MB, 2048x1365, ClipboardImage.png)

watched Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
the movie is basically perfect in every way. just go and see it.


File: 1662852441942.webm (4.4 MB, 1200x720, zchase.webm)

another must-see is Z (1969)


Cringey pointless made for TV movie that’s a product of the paranoia of its time
Just watch its short film version


It wasn't a mistake it was a crime


[ Not a film I just watched, but this thread is best ]
I found a list of 'top 50 films to watch before 15 years old' and I'm surprised to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople on there. It's a great fun film, but surprising to see on that list. Maybe I'm sheltered but it seems a solid 13+ by normal society standards.


File: 1663025679205-0.png (704.99 KB, 580x902, 0005.png)

File: 1663025679205-1.jpg (90.85 KB, 1024x786, 1625784-1213331.jpg)

File: 1663025679205-2.jpg (93.26 KB, 1024x637, 1625784-1213334.jpg)

File: 1663025679205-4.jpg (461.49 KB, 1101x1613, w1500_50228821.jpg)

This is movie seems lost. I can't find any video clips of it nor a torrent of it, just photo stills. Its not on rutracker either. The movie is called черные сухари(Chyornye sukhari) which translates to "Black cracker" in English.


File: 1663036494740.webm (15.91 MB, 720x576, 515350.webm)

Never mind, I found a copy of it but its dubbed in German with no English subtitles. Here's a small clip, and a DL link to it. For any anon who is fluent in German, enjoy.


File: 1663040107662-0.png (270.7 KB, 401x353, 0000235.png)

She sort of resembles Alunya and even has the same haircut.


File: 1663082662337.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1481, ClipboardImage.png)

Pampered incel doughboy gets his just deserts when he finally meets someone that won't put up with his shit


You mean Alunya resembles her, the latter is older than Alunya by some years.


File: 1663292360704.png (1.48 MB, 1920x816, charlie.png)

Watched Old Boy thinking it was gonna be something special or whatever. It's just a standard thriller with a twist that was coming from a mile away and camera-trick cinematography that doesn't know whether it wants to be a 70s exploitation flick or 90s music video. Awful acting, too.


File: 1663345074167.png (462.08 KB, 450x630, ClipboardImage.png)

i watched operation mincemeat, the ploy by M.I to fool nazis by giving a glydwin's dead body fake documents about an allied invasion to greece so italy would get ungaurded

I think it's a sad and somber part of history that has been given names and faces,

It's weird how these people do so much things and are fine with going unnamed and hidden and forgotten to time, I swear this would not happen today

i'm surprised official secret documents aren't getting leaked on snapchat and shit for drama


>China bad


>Movie about a virus that gets out of control because of an incompetent government that doesn't take the necessary measures to stop it
sounds more like america tbh


File: 1663688842349.jpg (395.86 KB, 1080x1350, do revenge dios.jpg)

revenge fantasy with the girlies, el classico 2022
very colourful

if there are any non zoomers, yes this his how e talk not really a little bit


>El clasico 2022
Slowly but surely, la tortuga gana la carrera

Also Snatch is one hell of a movie


File: 1663730873520.png (1.44 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

It was pretty funny, It was so good that it "inspired" some of its plot into a bollywood movie

I hated that rich guy tho, He was so creepy with the pig feeding,


File: 1664144278158.png (187.79 KB, 335x497, ClipboardImage.png)

Liked the vibes, the soundtrack, and the aesthetics were really fucking good. Gosling's character was a proper loner social autist. Kinda unnerving at times.
The story felt a bit confusing in regards to its lesser details, and i'm not sure whether that means it was poorly written, or whether i'm just mentally retarded (probably this tbh). But it was still engaging enough that i watched the first hour of it thinking it had been only 30 minutes, so i definitely got gripped by it.
The atmosphere/ambience of the movie was phenomenal, especially the moments where the main character is just driving around at night.
Also, how the fuck did he survive that stabbing at the end?


I like Olivia Wilde's direction but the script was kind of weak in this one. It's also taking part in a trend where you infuse your film with style by setting it either the 50s or 60s, which is kind of cheap tbqh. I do sympathize since the presence of cell phones makes contemporary life borderline unfilmable.


i honestly don't get the cellphone argument
sure, horror movies a little can be ruined by them, but other movies too?


People looking at their phones just isn't very cinematic at all




Bad. The editing was very shoddy, and also the scenes are just tedious death-fests that are very unsubtle in trying to tug at the heartstrings. The fact that it won multiple Oscars for different aspects of its bad editing proves those awards should be completely ignored.


scenes were*


File: 1664265853326.jpg (720.08 KB, 1928x2778, V1_.jpg)

I'm surprised this movie never gets brought up. Its pretty good, its a cocktail of Taxi Driver, The Lives of Others, and Nightcrawler. There's even a character that pretty much is a FPSRussia/WingsofRedemption hybrid but if he was a /pol/tard. The vidya gameplay chat scenes are a bit cringy since its obviously CGI. I won't spoil it but it makes even more spooky that this movie literally got delayed before the original release date due to Life imitating art.


true, especially information conveyed
i haven't seen many good implementations of text messages or digital stuff

the last one I remember is Ms.Marvel because it was used creatively, bubbly, and colorfully on the walls and streets, much like the character and fit well


This was pretty much torture porn.


Kino short documentary on youth work actions and the socialist spirit.
Subtitles available for Anglos.


Loved all the aircraft and dogfight footage. Would've been a nice gimmick if Maverick & Goose jr. captured a MiG-29 rather than a Tomcat though, but it's Hollywood after all.


File: 1665495646928.png (7.87 MB, 1973x2943, ClipboardImage.png)

how do you watch movies that have 0 seeds

which free steaming site has rare films or does anyone know any private movie tracker having openings

I want to watch "Sin You Sinners" because the poster is really hot


What part of “films you just watched” a 4 word premise confused you


im sorry, but do you know how i could catch this


Liberation Film 1: The FIre Bulge

The first in a series of Brezhnev era war bangers, this one taking place during the Battle of Kursk. One thing that stuck in my mind is part of the score by composer Yuri Levitin at the most epic Reddit moments at 43:00 when an officer charges to halt a retreat in the face of the advancing fascist tanks, and again at 1:17:00 when a T-34 charges directly into their midst and machine guns a bunch of guys.


>Also, how the fuck did he survive that stabbing at the end?
who says he did?


Sure, he may or may not have died later. But how was he still capable of competently driving away from the parking lot, despite having had a knife struck in this stomach and bleeding profusely?


Autism is powerful.



Did the t-34 say "it's t-34ing time" begore t-34ing all over those nazis?


File: 1666219848386.png (244.48 KB, 750x842, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1666645770759.png (648.4 KB, 405x600, ClipboardImage.png)

In the old days, movies used to be about sad people falling in love and then becoming even more sad. Now, they're just dogshit like this.


I finally saw EEAAO a little while back after being repeatedly bugged by my friends to watch it and was disappointed. It felt like if The Matrix had been produced by le quirky high school theater kids.


movies are still like that
also i liked the message in this one about rats, it was sweet


File: 1666673392258.png (808.2 KB, 800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Just saw The Gentlemen. It was entertaining enough to watch but overall pretty meh. It goes to great lengths to pretend it's some tricky crime film with the framing device, but in the end it was just braindead simple.

McCon-a-hey wants to sell his weed business to Jew guy, Jew guy double crosses him, so he just kidnaps Jew guy and extorts him for the money instead and then lets him go. Literally the whole plot. So he apparently could've just extorted him for the cash the whole time because that's a thing he can do, yet we waste all this bullshit time and filler inbetween. Also just doing the White guy vs, the Jews, Vs, the Chinese, etc. is boring and plaid out. Just Peaky Blinders but they never bothered characterizing him enough for me to give one fuck about him.

All style no substance.


File: 1666673510133.png (1.06 MB, 678x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Now watch the original, which was way better.


Kind of comparing apples and oranges friendo. They made fucktons of dogshit movies in the past, you've just never heard of them.


I was not expecting *that* scene you know the one


File: 1666747189384.jpg (63.02 KB, 1200x1500, ambulance-1566691355.jpg)

Watched picrel last night not knowing anything about it and had a blast. Probably helps that I love car chases. Jake Gyllenhaal chews the fuck out of every scene he's in and there's a solid amount of good old fashioned stunts and practical car-wrecking effects. It didn't feel like a 2020s action movie, in a good way.


Just watched Banshees of Inisherrin, absolutely beautiful film, hilarious and tragic. Truly is a shame that the Irish weren't able to stay united and kick perfidious albion off their island.


The farting one?


trad cottagecore bitches be like


I enjoyed this, and the paramedic was hot


So, I've started watching Antz, you know, the one that came out the same time as Bug's Life.
I had a bad impression of it as a kid, because the ants aren't particularly cute and the only part I remembered was the war on the termite colony, which I thought was terrifying.

Anyway, I've started watching and this is literally Italian fascism with cheerful music. I mean I assume it's shallow comedy rather than intentional satire but the opening feels like an analogy of worker trauma under capitalism.


Alright so continuing on there's been an all-out race-class riot in the beer hall after a based class-traitor defends an uppity worker from getting beaten.


File: 1667127959438.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.16 MB, 1920x1040, MoP.mp4)

ok i take back what I said about shallow. inevitable class consciousness plot progression kicked in, and they did it properly.


Well, my initial doubts are dispelled. Sure, like most films it had its cheesy moments and technical limitations but Mussolini finished upside down so I can't complain. 7.5/10 Worth the watch, and good messages 4da kidz.


>films himself getting run over
>films himself running people over (30:10)
ahh, the duality of man

There's definitely an effort to highlight the hectic business of the town center, but I can't help but feel it's a little bit lost on me who chuckles and walks down a city street.
>live child birth
I half expected them not to show it. American media has really ruined my expectations…


File: 1667221083474-0.jpg (88.89 KB, 960x720, mpv-shot0014.jpg)

File: 1667221083474-1.jpg (88.94 KB, 960x720, mpv-shot0013.jpg)

>Jan 1929
The Nazis had 1% of the German vote when this film was released and they were still practicing shooting them. Wise.


Is the movie All Quiet On The Western Front good? I won't read any earlier posts here for sake of spoilers.


It's good, I prefer the 1930 version but if you really don't like watching old movies the 2022 version is a fine adaptation too.


I'm watching Shin Godzilla and this whole bureaucracy thing has me worried

I feel like it's a valid critique of our system, how would a communist one bypass it or make it better?


if you come expecting the book in motion it will disappoint you, they cut out the leave, injured leave, himelstoss, and such and such, and changed a few things. on it's own, it's an alright movie, rather than lightly melancholic like the book, its more sombre and tense, one thing i do not like about the movie is around the ending which sucks because of one or two plot points i wont spoil.


A communist system would aid and welcome comrade Gojira.


i've not watched the movie till the end, is gojira sentient?

also i'm talking about the bureaucracy that people often label as a communist only problem, even though this is apparent in capitalist ones too

Also I was worried it might be a rightoid message but this is made by the same guy who made evangelion, so pretty sure it's a left-wing critique


It was just a joke really. It depends on the incarnation, Shin is basically just an animal acting on instinct, but it is clearly evolving, so who knows. In other incarnations he's clearly capable of planning, strategy, self-recognition, empathy, vengefulness, even dance. I'd say he's probably primate-tier.


his name is SHIN?? i thought it translated to "new godzilla"

have you seen shin ultraman, is it better?


File: 1667893724584.gif (34.06 MB, 854x480, D.gif)

Shin Ultraman is sci-fi kino


it also had giantess fanservice


File: 1667898034504.jpg (226.38 KB, 640x960, belko.jpg)

I was a bit disappointed, didn't know it was just gonna be a Battle Royale-type thing. Extremely cliche action dialogue ("DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT"), tonally off humour, and a pretty bad ending trying to compensate for the lack of any real pay-off or story after an uninterrupted kill-fest. The creep guy reminded me of /siberia/.


TrueAnon core


File: 1668148795604.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>capitalists are more evil and less human than literal demons. they will kill anybody who gets in their way without a second thought.
>they have already killed lots of workers who were in the way of their goals
>the profit motive drives capitalists to put as many people into private prisons as possible (slightly paraphrasing actual spoken lines in the movie)
>"second chance" programs are a scam facilitating the school to prison pipeline
>capitalists created the rust belt and now want to finish the job so they can turn everywhere into a prison / company town
>organized religion (The Catholic Church in particular) licks capital's boots
>the bourgeois state is paid to do what capital wants
>the downtrodden working people have to physically defeat the capitalists and drive them out so they can build a new society.
>the bourgeois do and don't care about race - anybody can be bourgeois and resurrecting past biases is merely a piece on the chessboard to them, but white porky will totally turn on black porky the moment the chips are down.
Damn, Jordan Peele completely forgot how to be subtle with this one. This was like getting beat over the head with a mallet.
Partnering with Henry Selick (Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) does a lot for his allegorical social commentary - it works much better with the highly stylized presentation and Selick's more humanized characters and stories. There's more understated things going on about religion, race, gender, and postcolonialism too.
Also, does that statue in the ending remind you of anything?


Hilarious ass terminally online movie


demons aren't literal because they don't exist


North Korea Freeze tag moment


Abstract entities


the movies is also about how awful it is when everything is hyper-commodified and what ever other social media effect is where everyone talks about everything like a psychologoist and is really mean to each other

Also Todd & Aaron from Mega 64 multiple cameos, it's really funny


Demons are literal in a fictional story about literal demons.


dropped tenet about a third of the way through
holy shit my patience for action thrillers with grey palettes has gone through the floor sometime recently


Wakanda Forever had way too much crying


File: 1668367893868.png (2.26 MB, 1012x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

A mix of live action and adult animation with a confrontational, polemical Black Nationalist message.

It starts off before anything else with a grotesque sambo cartoon caricature standing in front of a still photo of a lamplit street at night. The cartoon stares at the viewer for a short while before uttering "fuck you". Another sambo jumps out from behind it to tell a cynical joke to the viewer about how much of "you white folks" jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge, and how of 1 of only 2 of the black people that did, they were pushed. It laughs bitterly and walks off with its friend. This is pretty obviously meant to be a confrontation between 2 apparent opposites in American society, with the dynamic between depicted and audience highlighting it very awkwardly via cinematic form. Also, the joke hints at a percieved difference in deaths between white and black, white people dying of ennui and black people dying of violence, showing starkly different social or psychological conditions between the 2.

A side-profile of Scatman Crothers singing "I'm a uyghur man" while the title credits roll comes after that, after which the live-action story kicks off in a rural Gullah-esque community in the South centering around a prison break plan. While the prisoners wait on their friends to break them out, one of them starts telling a story, which starts the animated story which takes up most of the runtime.

Interspersed are animation shorts centering around a curvy, tall blonde white woman symbolically representing America seducing a black sambo character before either killing or maiming it.

The whole movie is a fever dream adventure through a cartoonishly racial worldview that never lingers long enough where it has to actually say anything beyond pushing racism as a universal constant, is very dated and confused in its social polemic to the point where it could be the complete opposite of subversive, although at least not taking too much of your time, with a quick pace and short runtime, just under an hour and a half, if anyone ever decides to watch through it. Which includes me, unfortunately.


Just finished watching House of the Devil. Decent film, very 70s, good lighting, very slow (to its benefit) but stops being scary when the danger is revealed at the end. I also feel like more could have happened in it, but maybe not. Excellent music too, both diegetic and non-diegetic.

I also spotted this during the credits.


I watched Black Panther 2 the other night, someone had a ticket they weren't able to use so gave it to me. It's pretty shit even for a marvel movie, I was bored out of my skull for most of it. But they were fairly honest about modern France and the US's imperialist/colonialist designs on Africa, which is rare to see in a product for general audiences.


I watched Thor: Love and Thunder yesterday, and I thought it was alright. A lot of people seemed to be saying it was somehow worse than the other Marvel films because it was "too comedic" or not serious enough, which I actually disagree with.

They are all action films with comedy awkwardly and sometimes inappropriately shoved it, whereas this felt like a comedy with some action and some drama, and I think it mixed those elements far better that most other Marvel capeshit does. There were no moments where the dramatic tension was undercut for the sake of a stupid Whedon-esque 4th wall-breaking gag, which was a huge improvement.


The film literally goes out of it's way to get you to feel Chadwick Boseman's absence, his charisma is most of what made that first movie watchable. Without someone equally charismatic to replace him the film becomes a boring slog like you say.


I thought the costumes looked like shit, like plastic.


The Banshees of Inisherin was great, however somewhat ruined by the boomers laughing loudly in the theatre


File: 1668892650140.jpeg (593.3 KB, 1300x1925, pig.jpeg)

I saw Pig, starring Nicholas Cage, yesterday. Best film I have seen in a long, long while. You think it's going to be a film where a dishevelled Cage hobbles around killing people to find his pig, like a cross between John Wick and Hobo With A Shotgun, but it ends up being a quiet, contemplative meditation upon the nature of grief. Only real criticism I have of it is that the dialogue is very quiet in places. Only 1hr30 long though, and every scene counts. Watch it, if you haven't already.

Yeah, looking back they kind of did. I didn't really notice it at the time though, so it never bothered me when I first watched it. I'm probably not going to re-watch it either, so I guess it doesn't matter!


File: 1669860131021.png (5.46 MB, 1500x2222, ClipboardImage.png)

It was funny


I'm watching the 1954 version of 20,000 leagues under the Sea on my phone at the moment.


Just watched The Northman. If you're some kind of neo-Nazi who jerks off to vikings, I have no idea why you would actually like The Northman. The Norse pagans are treated as the most vile, brutish savages imaginable. Absolutely no attempt is made to romanticize the Norse, and in fact it's the opposite. They're simple-minded and casually violent savages enacting bloody rituals to dark gods between orgies of violence, propped up by innumerable captive slaves kidnapped from their frequent raids in mainland Europe. Iceland, where most of this movie takes place, might as well be a chunk of frozen Hell that bubbled up from the darkest abyss of the ocean. The movie is set in the twilight years of this culture, Scandinavia is going to start to Christianize in about a century, and the movie's attitude honestly seems to be "rest in piss, you won't be missed, the Church can't come soon enough".


The Truman Show was good. I wasn't expecting magic from a Hollywood semi-comedy film, but within that realm it exceeded expectations. I did get a feeling that it could easily have been a psychological thriller with the same script, and apparently the spec script was more like one.
I wonder which themes are intentional, some obvious ones include satire of the media spectacle, but potential themes lying there are defiance of the Abrahamic God or of utopianism. Of course, it has already been analyzed through those lenses and more. There is definitely a similarity to Network (1976) with the exploitative and extreme television programming.

Interestingly, it came out the year before The Matrix, and a reviewer noted it came out the year before the Big Brother reality franchise started.


>If you're some kind of neo-Nazi who jerks off to vikings, I have no idea why you would actually like The Northman.
No brwn ppl.


File: 1670846610508.png (147.83 KB, 220x326, ClipboardImage.png)

really good




There's no brown people in a movie that treats the culture its depicting as the most vile, bloody and brutish savagery imaginable.


Reactionaries love vile savagery though.


New Avatar was about what I expected, Cameron hasn't lost his touch for directing action


File: 1672136030032.jpg (3.35 MB, 1382x2048, ESotSM.jpg)

Finally got around to watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind last night, and it was great. Wonderful cinematography, strong performances by both the main and supporting cast, and the writing and premise are fantastic. Technically a sci-fi picture too, and in a way it's the best handling of sci-fi elements that I've seen in a long time due to it simply providing a basis for the story to happen (and giving an excuse for tons of visuals and special effects otherwise alien to quirky rom-com dramas).

The film follows the story of a man named Joel, played by an unusually sombre Jim Carrey, who meets a colourful stranger named Clementine, played by Kate Winslet. Finding out that, after a breakup, Clementine has had Joel erased from his memory, he endeavours to do the same - only to realise partway through the process that actually, the memories are worth keeping. Unable to tell the technicians (played by Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood, Kirsten Dunst, and Tom Wilkinson) that he has changed his mind, he begins desperately leading Clementine through his past in a bid to keep her from disappearing completely.

Despite the tumult of the story, there is far more levity than I was expecting, juxtaposing nicely with the bitter moments and helping to make the relationship(s) seem more realistic. There are also moments where Carrey's comedic leanings are allowed to come through; they aren't so distracting as to take away from the film, in fact working quite well, but if you don't like Carrey's comedic roles, you might just find these moments annoying.

One point of contention is the fact that Clementine plays somewhat into the manic pixie dream girl trope, being impulsive, completely emotionally open even upon their first meeting, and coming on to Joel tremendously fast at the start of the film. Joel for his part is emotionally closed-off, seemingly incapable of speaking his mind, and is somewhat incomplete as a person - very much the opposite of Clementine.

Due to the memory-hopping of the film mixing scenes from the beginning, middle and end of their relationship, we get to see the downsides of this trope as it would exist in real-life, and are made to empathise with both characters.

Ultimately this is a film with relatable characters and a touching, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes heartwarming story, which is perhaps why people still talk about it today.

I could go on, but I don't think you need to hear an anon talk about a film which came out close to 19 years ago. At least I can now say that there's a rom-com I like!


I think people put too much weight into Fletcher's monologue near the end
Neiman is just as pathological as Fletcher
He is a servile sort of narcissist who's desperately looking for a "deserving" father figure to affirm what he sees as his craft and tries to find it in the demanding though mediocre and academic Fletcher
They both end up psychologically feeding into each other, turning into a vortex that consumes them both


Watched Glass Onion and it was great. Had weaker acting and mystery than the first movie but a far superior plot and central theme. Seriously the central theme is so delicious when watching the denouement of the film. The protagonist or 'angel' in this film is far better written and explored than the first one. It is worth watching the film just to see them perform their role to perfection.

Such a shame that comparison to Musk really distract from its central theme. While I do recognize and agree its politics are rather revolutionary, it isn't really isn't that important to the central theme anyway. In fact the people claiming it has 'Eat the Rich', anti-capitalism vibes are kinda wrong, it has a more anarchist protagonist becomes a literal smashie, pro-violence that its central theme does support.

I love to talk more about but maybe I should make a new thread to discuss its spoilers?


File: 1672642242033.jpg (4.8 MB, 1500x2222, white noise.jpg)

Just saw this.

All the characters talk and act like they're aliens that learned English from slam poetry. The main plot about a deadly toxic cloud that is released over their town just abruptly ends and is replaced by a plot about the wife selling her body for drugs that are supposed to not fear death, her husband goes to kill the guy who gave her the pills, but fucks it up and gets shot himself, then they go to a hospital that is a catholic church for some reason staffed by atheist German nuns who say they only pretend to believe so the world isn't destroyed. Then the family has a weird dance number in the grocery store while the credits roll.

I don't even.


Yeah maybe it warrants its own thread, lots of discussion about it given that it's topical and more topical than they probably could have expected.


File: 1672809852077.png (242.42 KB, 330x566, ClipboardImage.png)

Went into this not knowing what to expect and was VERY pleasantly surprised. Sure the animation is great and it's a worthwhile interpretation of the story with memorable performances, but there's more to it than that.

It's not just the old father/son and becoming a member of society thing that Jordan Peterson cries about. Del Toro sets this version of Pinocchio in fascist Italy and makes an overtly anti-fascist film - both in a literal and thematic sense - that calls into question the core ideas of the original version of the story. Probably the clearest moment of this is when Candlewick explicitly refutes the moral of the original story to his father's face, when his father is acting as the trainer in a fascist youth camp that replaces Toyland.

An aspect that sticks out regarding the themes is that the film is clearly trying to raise questions in the audience's mind rather than to teach a lesson, that the whole idea of a conscience gets subverted from doing what you're "supposed" to do to questioning what you're told. This may not seem that remarkable but it's done subtly enough (mainly by skepticism and breaking rules being a good idea most of the time) that most of the audience probably didn't notice it (but your brain did). All of this works very well with the particular setting and politics chosen for the story.

I knew del Toro was a pretty cool guy about politics having seen his other work, but the (mundane rather than supernatural) twist he put on the story fits the material perfectly and elevates this adaptation.


File: 1672825272182.jpg (164.71 KB, 800x1200, redhead alien.jpg)

>here's your watered down American version of "Parasite" bro.


Just watched this gem
When I think abut it, the end means Jane erased the mind of her coworker/companion to put the simulation of Douglas in his head, basically she murdered him without anyone capable of noticing, kinda dark. Also loved how the cynical cop accepted his situation "Yeah I know I'm in a simulation and you're the real deal, just leave us alone and keep the machine on"


Tyler getting his cooking roasted was hilarious. Also, this is a pro-cheeseburger psy-op.


File: 1672862203639-0.jpg (173.89 KB, 1278x852, ezgif-1-eff1838de1.jpg)

File: 1672862203639-1.jpg (81.95 KB, 563x676, ezgif-1-67eac4e4e9.jpg)

Also, I love how this Nicolas Hoult guy is getting typecast as an overbearing adult incel guy the past few years


Peterson will hate this movie, because at the end Pinocchio doesn't become a boy, he becomes an adult.


> While I do recognize and agree its politics are rather revolutionary


hank mccoy doesn't deserve this! (he also played kind of an incel in that)


Wow this was really bad


I watched this movie with my family on Christmas. Bad idea, it's a real tear jerker. I probably would have more to say if I had read or watched any other version of Pinocchio beforehand lol.
>Del Toro sets this version of Pinocchio in [spoiler]fascist Italy[/spoiler] and makes an overtly [spoiler]anti-fascist[/spoiler] film
From what I know about del Toro, he really loves setting his films in [spoiler]Fascistic Catholic countries during World War II. Although he has some spiritual beliefs of his own and Catholicism influences his work, I know he hates the Catholic church with a passion (due to his Catholic family being strict and how the Church collaborated with fascists), which is why he often criticizes it.[/spoiler]

But I don't know why anything Peterson has to say is relevant in any way. If he publicly shat on this film I missed it, sadly.


Peterson has a big thing for Pinocchio in general, specifically because of the lesson. He cares about it so much he incorporates it into his Jungian psychology as a major element. He wouldn't like this movie because it defies the normal moral lessons quite explicitly.

>From what I know about del Toro, he really loves setting his films in

I believe his family fled Francoist Spain before his birth in Mexico.


Fuck me, I forgot that you spoiler shit with double asterisks on here. Whatever

>Peterson has a big thing for Pinocchio in general, specifically because of the lesson
I see, that's a weird think to fixate on.
>I believe his family fled Francoist Spain before his birth in Mexico.
I didn't know that, now his work makes way more sense.


File: 1673463370120.png (2.3 MB, 1000x1484, ClipboardImage.png)

I liked it. I think it does it a good job, of course, of making fun of the hypocrisies of bourgeois culture. Like when the Russian woman is forcing the staff to "have fun" and not being capable of understanding their class position. I thought the stuff with the Marxist (who goes out of his way to say he's not a communist???) captain a bit ham-fisted and too long. It just wasn't that interesting listening to the random quotes and kind of preachy. Maybe it's more appealing if you aren't familiar with this stuff already. And not blaming billionaires personally (they are after all simply agents of capital, determined by their class position, and have a good heart, this is said explicitly) feels like a bit lame when you consider the high-culture that financed this film it being displayed in the Palme d'Or.

I really like after they get stranded on the isle. Very materialism-pilled. The cleaning lady ascends to be the boss and reproduces a form of domination because she's the only one capable of developing and using the means of production (fire and fishing poles). The actual ending I think is great, it's revealed they're really just on a resort isle, the cleaning lady is about to bash in a bougie bitch's head (she's been sleeping/raping her model bf) and the bougie bitch says something like "I can help you, I can give you a job, you can be my assistant". A great tragedy, the boug's horizons are so limited that their idea of "help" is to make someone a wage slave. And what's the woman going to do? Bashing the bougies head in won't solve anything, she'll just end up a murderer and get arrested. She's forced, rationally, to accept this degrading offer of "help" because that's the way things are.


Deadpool 2: the existential horror of a 2 hour+ movie that's always inexorably crawling towards the plot points and devices that it spends the entire time mocking in some attempt at self-awareness


Just rewatched Casino in its entirety. Boring piece of shit, but the pay-off at the ending was worth it.


Montage with House of the rising sun and Joe Pesci getting whacked is always worth it.
Great stop motion movie. Only behind Mad God


Decent satire of the consumerist petty-bourgeoisie's pathological obsession with savagery and violence and death


unfortunately the movie basically gives the message of 'yeah fight club was cool lmao'


File: 1674756237210-0.png (10.57 MB, 2024x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674756237210-1.png (46.76 KB, 952x285, ClipboardImage.png)

Just watched this shit. Was a tolerable enough slice of life film throughout the long as runtime. Plot = non-existant. The narration that randomly cuts in like 3 times was lazy and stupid. The main character was kind of intolerably Mary Sue.

BUT WORST OF ALL was that fucking ending. Holy shit. I actually turned it off. I swear to god Quentin Tarantino just needs his violence against women quota for his movies. Is this supposed to be a revenge porn against the Manson family like Django was for slave owners and Inglorious Bastards for Nazis? Just why?

I swear to god next film, he's going to buy the rights to Mark Wahlberg's 9/11 fantasies.

Lol I was looking up the ending on twitter to see what people thought and it seems everyone including WaPo were doing articles like these:

How true to life is the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ ending?

And the rest of the responses were slobbering over it. I swear to god everyone in America is an absolute retard.


>Just why?
Probably because Tarantiono was a big fan of Sharon since he was a child. Probably should have googled this shit it's not like it's a state secret or something.

> just needs his violence against women quota for his movies

You mean against the one who in real life continuously stabbed pregnant Sharon who begged her to spare her child? Yeah, i guess.


We need to have a discussion about woman-on-woman crime.


>Probably because Tarantiono was a big fan of Sharon since he was a child. Probably should have googled this shit it's not like it's a state secret or something.
How would I have googled a fact I didn't know unless I wanted to read every stupid interview he did on the movie I didn't like in the first place. Still it's no explanation. I guess it's just confirming what I already said, which is that the Brad Pitt character was so self-insert, Mary Sue, that it had me gagging throughout the entire movie. The DiCaprio part was entertaining enough I guess. Also all the Sharon Tate parts were so shoehorned into the movie it was ridiculous. I saw trailers for it before and I had no clue it even involved the Manson/Tate thing.

>You mean against the one who in real life continuously stabbed pregnant Sharon who begged her to spare her child? Yeah, i guess.

Don't really care. Definitely don't care to see some graphic revenge porn about them.

Like I said, I guess that's his thing now, doing graphic revenge porn fantasy for every real world villain. I hope he does the Mark Wahlberg 9/11 story. Will be some satisfying real auter kino shit. 🤮🤮🤮


File: 1674761746930.png (373.1 KB, 702x367, ClipboardImage.png)

I hope he redoes Inglorious Bastards where they have a 10 minute scene of Jews raping Hitler with there uncircumcised penises. We all know Hitler deserves it and it is definitely something that millions of dollars should be sent putting to film and shown in theaters everywhere.


>Brad Pitt character was so self-insert, Mary Sue
how was it a self-insert if tarantino was never a stunt double, you mean a self-insert for his ideas? I thought the movie was better than inglorious bastards but more for the vibes than anything else


Lol 1488
The thing is
Everything depicted in the Northman is actually based to the psychotic atheist fashoids of the modern day, and arguably all fashoids to ever exists
Fascists worship violence, murder, cruelty, and domination of the “weak”, the only gods they would worship are brutal and cruel, this depiction of the Norse is likely how white nationalists think white people should live


Note I am not saying the creator of the work has these beliefs, just that to actual fascists these factors up the appeal, they are blatantly hypocritical as well, they would view it as proofs of subhuman savagery if it was a non-European culture


>How would I have googled a fact I didn't know
You could've started with "Why Tarantino made this movie" google search and take it from there. 5-10 minutes spent would have brought you the result. Guess reading is ain't for everybody.
I don't think you understand what "self insert" is.

>Don't really care.

Well it is a conincidence that no one cares about the fact that you don't care either. Go fuck yourself, troll.


Quentin I don't care about your personal feelings for some B movie actress from half a century ago.
>Well it is a conincidence that no one cares about the fact that you don't care either. Go fuck yourself, troll.
Troll? Who am I trolling Quentin fans? I just gave my opinions on a moving you fucking faggot.

It's Mary Sue like Twilight or any bottom tier garbage like that. There's never any stakes to the character. It's just every situation he's in he's the cool guy that just wins immediately that everyone loves and thinks is cool(and then gets to save I guess Quentin's high school crush)


Most of all, if the movie was all about Quentin's Mary Sue stopping the Manson murders, the movie should've actually been about that instead. Maybe have some more scenes with the Manson family beyond that one scene where Brad Pitt goes to the ranch where nothing happens(except some more stupid Mary Sue torture flick action.)


File: 1674860126582.jpg (88.68 KB, 263x353, 4913480149.jpg)

My second Bertolucci, ironically the other Bertolucci I watched was the Conformist, both are about failsons when you think about it



rude, he turned out ok in the end


Tarantino is a golden example of why "cinephiles" shouldn't make movies
You can religiously frequent cinemas and video stores and be as much of a scholar of genres as you want, it won't make you an artist


Uncut Gems was a bleak but accurate portrait of the US petty-booj after the Great Recession


File: 1675398172278.jpg (87.75 KB, 1330x703, media_Fn-XlewWAA0yGx0.jpg)


>no Goncharov


The Northman was mid. Kind of like a Nordic saga with the skeleton of a noir. Probably fascistic.


Oh, and I feel like the awful dark-lit cinematography burned itself into my retinas or something.


>They're simple-minded and casually violent savages
Historically accurate at least


I know this is old now, but I have to call it out.
>Threads wasn't based on a short film
>If it was, this wouldn't be it
>thinks that this is less cringe than Threads (a no-effort campaign ad for Lyndon Johnson, a man famous for being peaceful)
>Thinks that the paranoia of the time was unjustified
literally what the fuck are you talking about?


>>32400 (me)
I should point out too that the bit about Johnson was sarcasm


File: 1676305127540.jpg (126.19 KB, 250x361, CarlosPoster.jpg)

Just watched this, kino soundtrack.


Get the 2 part Soderberg directed Che biopic if you liked this. 4 hours of intense atmosphere.


File: 1676425908937.jpg (113.18 KB, 660x654, 2010movie-3732041121.jpg)

I unironically loved that movie although it could have been edited better. I was very surprised about the treatment of Americans in this warming cold war. It's revealed that HAL killed the crew on orders from the White House, that the fascistic defense department is trying to acquire the space org, and also that the US is on the verge of triggering WW3 by blockading central america. Meanwhile the soviets, who were unjustly isolated from the monolith findings go to some lengths invite American scientists in their expedition to go study it, and the best thing is that they don't act like cartoonish evil fanatics but competent scientists who are very human.


File: 1676945456728.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.35 KB, 1280x720, 340A65F4-A877-4D54-AD42-3….jpeg)

Tokyo Gore Police.

Pretty much a cross between Robocop and Hellraiser, as you’d expect.

Not bad, but it seems like it could have been a little shorter and tighter, or else done more with the premise somehow. A society that has completely normalized violence and almost perfected biotech and body modification, and is also completely commercialized and privatized. I dunno.

As to what its about, something along the lines of “commodification of sex and violence is bad.” I don’t think this one is too deep.


File: 1676975395033.png (1.03 MB, 1013x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

Anti-Suburb Aktion


The Killing (1956), one of the inspirations of Reservoir Dogs - spoilers:
Good film, the jumping between timescales and narration seemed unnecessary and smells of book adaptation, and some bits are slow, although overall definitely worth the watch. HOLY SHIT, GEORGE SOMEHOW WENT FROM PATHETIC SIMP TO S-TIER BAD ASS IN ONE MINUTE FLAT. Coming in with a pistol blasting to cut his punchline short, then, face filled with shotgun, goes home and kills his bitch wife with no warning when she doesn't call an ambulance for him. that fucking parrot lol


Title reminds me of Tokyo Ghetto Pussy


The 10 second scene of a Jew emptying an entire magazine into Hitler's face as they massacre the entire core of the Nazi regime wasn't rewarding enough?

It gets a bad wrap because le edgy taxi driver literally me bait, but it's a solid satire of (among other things) alienating corporate/capitalism life and violent middle-class reaction to it, and despite the obvious restrictions of successful Hollywood (especially product placement), the movie was solid.
Ending is based and Pol Pot pilled


I don’t think that means what you think it means


i didn't need to see that


File: 1677537558398.jpeg (62.12 KB, 450x678, shutterisland.jpeg)

Was decent.

If he snapped out of it at the end, why not just commit suicide instead of lying and ruining the psychologists' hard work?*


Just watched Network (1976) and have to say it was pretty damn funny found myself actually chuckling which is rare because i never really get into movies like that. plus its a critique of mass media a la Debord-lite so fully recommend it 8/10


The PLA looked cool in it


I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the other film thread >>1660 but what is a good, enjoyable film to watch that is
-not too terrible of politics
-not depressing
-not too disturbing
light-hearted or dramatic but upbeat is okay


File: 1678392940900-0.png (1.36 MB, 800x1131, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678392940900-1.mp4 (15.63 MB, 480x360, sieranevada.mp4)

Based granny spotted in the wild
An entire half hour of the movie is some dudes sitting around debating whether or not 9/11 was an inside job. 10/10


Come and See (1985)


>Come and See
>not depressing
>not disturbing
is this bait


Just saw The Wind that Shakes the Barley and it was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. Lots of scenes of imperialists getting wacked, pro IRA, pro socialist ireland.



>no civil liberties for the fascists and serf owners tho!
is this movie boomer propaganda?


fuck the king

granny should have gone for the throat


How's the latest D&D movie? I want to watch it but I'm afraid it tries to be like Marvel shit too much.


based babushka making dumbfuck monarchist cry


She dropped truth bombs so hard that those people are now probably added to Victims of Communism list.


Crimes of the Future was decent
Shame it bombed at the box office but they could have spent some of that budget on better set design and costumes IMO


You can tell it will be shit just from the poster


Definitely going to be shit.
It's just Hasbro (owner of WotC) trying to bring in a bunch of new consumers to jump on their 6e mobile game "integrated virtual table top" after everyone who actually knows what a TTRPG is bails out for alternative systems.


>after everyone who actually knows what a TTRPG is bails out for alternative systems
Tbf D&D has always been a hot mess and treated as a paving stone to find better games later.


TTRPG's suck




Just watched 'God Bless America', a truly deranged film that exposes the dark underbelly of American culture. No not because the movie was good but the fact that anyone thought this disgusting piece of misanthropic filth had anything interesting to say.


Airplane! is still really good


My favourite bit is this


I just recently watched the first Matrix. A lot better than I expected.


lol yeah, that's a good'un


Watch the Animatrix next, the Second Renaissance is kino and Kid's Story and Detective Story are also good.


Watched Jesse Eisenberg's directorial debut with A24 forgot the name. It was shit.


Bodies Bodies Bodies has a hilarious ending, although its predictability kind of dampened it
Watched it because Conner O'Malley is in it, and he did not disappoint


On the one hand it is insane that this movie can exist, on the other hand it isn't surprising at all, when you consider how many people love movies like Falling Down for all the wrong reasons.


File: 1683051853230.png (644.54 KB, 748x768, ClipboardImage.png)


Aren't things already shitty?

Opinions aside, any predictions on what this will affect? The 2007/2008 strike changed Breaking Bad with a certain character surviving instead https://www.avclub.com/the-writers-strike-of-2007-08-changed-breaking-bad-for-1798239848


and you thought shit was badly written now


Any movie like Breatheless? I watched it some time ago when Godard died, and was enchanted, the love story, the editing and cinematography, all had a sort of dream like feel, but it was so short though, I feel like I ate two spoons of the best ice cream, and haven't been able to find another cup. I've been watching other godard films, I've liked some, but they don't fill my lust for movies like breatheless


I just realized that in Pirate of the Caribbean, the protagonist literally admits he's a rapist (not cryptically or anything, actually using the word "rape") very early on and he's still the good guy.
But yeah if you didn't steal the film then don't pretend you're watching it properly.


Jack Sparrow or Wiliam Turner? The movie has two protagonists. And during what scene?

If it wasn't a kids movie I wouldn't even be mad. Pirates were rapists. Historical fact.


>Pirates were rapists. Historical fact.
Uh oh somebody fell for the Royal Navy propaganda. Pirates were violent to be sure, but on the whole were more civil than the colonial forces they fought (and were often defectors from), were more politically progressive, and indeed more diverse in ethnicity and gender than even the most woke pirate media would have you believe.

>Jack Sparrow or Wiliam Turner?

It's Sparrow, and he's using the stock phrase "rape, pillage, and plunder" which IIRC in context is him sarcastically riffing on the pirate stereotype. He's also definitely not the protagonist, in the first movie, more like a mentor or Han Solo guy. Pirate flag anon might have a bit of 'tism.


>Pirates were rapistt. Historic Fact.

Oh no better not mention the Pirate Republic of Nassau and the Pirate Code. Which was the Code of Ethics between Pirate crews in how they would elect their leaders on the ship to sharing all the plundered Booty Equally amongst themselves. A lot of the Pirates were like the Anon here mentions >>34010 that they were usually Ex-Sailors or Merchants who were tired of getting fucked over by Inequality on the ships.


"rape" doesn't necessarily mean sexual assault. if by "rape, pillage, and plunder" he's obviously describing theft.


Bonnie and Clyde would be the most obvious recommendation if you've seen the rest of Godard's films. See if you can catch the visual references.


Well, that was absolutely horrendous…and I watched Salo, Serbian Film and Human Centipede Part 2 without even blinking. Ask me about it anons, please… it might help me get over it


Okay then, Martyrs 2008


So what is it about?


It starts as the story of a little girl that got kidnapped and held in a dungeon in which she was horribly tortured for a long time and she escapes from there. But then once she grows up she finds the people who did it to her and goes back to kill them. Anyway, it turns out they were part of a weird cult that believed that by inflicting extreme suffering on people for a very long time that might in some rare cases force them into a state of spiritual transcendence (martyrdom) which enabled them to see the afterlife if they suffered a lot until the very end. And the purpose of their cult is to discover that knowledge. This guy explains it pretty well if you actually want to know about the movie without watching it: https://youtu.be/7xC-QXApqko


Serbian Film and Human Centipede aren't even comparable. they're just shitty shock movies. Martyrs is just a legitimately good (and difficult to watch) film.

if you want more I'd recommend checking out other films in the New French Extremity genre. Inside (À l'intérieur) (2007) is one of my favorite films of all time. In My Skin (2002) is also really good although I haven't seen that one in a minute.


I watched Martyrs a while ago and it didn't really impress me that much. It was standard shock schlock, too.


maybe I need to rewatch it because it's another thing that I haven't seen in a few years, but I remember it being way more of an actual film than Serbian Film or Human Centipede. I mean honestly Human Centipede in particular is just total garbage.

as far as worthless shock shlock goes I've always liked the August Underground series, but there are also a few of that type of movie that I haven't seen yet


It was better written that I thought. Such a shame that the 'Maybe the real treasure were the friends we made along the way' line wasn't dropped when the plot is basically it.


New Ari Aster was disappointing
Feels like he's still in film school


I watched A Generation (1955)

it was bretty gud and marxist-pilled. Would rec.


A few moments were hilarious though
A battered Joaquin Phoenix mumbling and crying while some angsty suburban princess screeches at him for no discernible reason


File: 1684134861155-0.png (2.5 KB, 257x60, hereditary.png)

File: 1684134861155-1.png (2.34 KB, 245x62, midsommar.png)

File: 1684134861155-2.png (2.58 KB, 257x63, beau is afraid.png)

Also lol


wtf is beau is afraid, can you run me down?
i am afraid of beau is afraid


Who watched Suzume and thought it was kinda dumb?


It was boring because it feels like Makoto Shinkai can only make the same movie over and over again.


Three hour tragicomedy about a neurotic failson and his mother


File: 1684377131118.jpg (113.81 KB, 1000x1000, tetris movie.jpg)



Can someone explain to me what 10 year anniversary edition means?
Because I just pirated it.


>xi pilled chinaboo
>trust the plan
>damn these war movies and scifi are big, detailed and the production vales are awesome
>"a family dramedy about a mayoral working group that goes to the country to bring prosperity to the villagers"
>I will do my duty and watch this
>They are a threat to the rules based international order and must fall
>maybe I need to step outside my genre ghetto


Recently watched this. Brutal movie.

Also "Bitter Rice"


Went ahead and watched this, damn everybody is in a worse place at the end.
Watched the Seventh Seal, pretty good, it even has a Looney Tunes esque scene where Death cuts down a tree a guy is sitting in to kill him.


maybe the last movie from the last movie director, schrader's latest just didn't hit hard enough after first reformed and the card counter.

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