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Is Steven Universe liberal? I think it is because it propagates the notion that you can solve issues in society by talk no jutsu.
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More like Not to Add On You're Mother's Bang List


>But's it stylized 2D of a 15 year old, so it's ok
>most of them are just porn addicted, i swear it's not like they would jerk off to anything as usual or be pedos at the same time
Aka jailbait, it's still bad.


>it's ok
I didn't say that, I just said it's a different kind of mental illness. Quit projecting your fantasies.
>2008 "Ur Mama" humor


>Quit projecting your fantasies.
No, it's even canon that she is 15

>a different kind of mental illness

From my time in /co/, it seems to be same illness or at least both at the same time there


> it's even canon that she is 15
I mean the "sexualization" of her, most people didn't see the show for porn, and it isn't blatantly sexual either.
>it seems to be same illness or at least both at the same time there


>most people didn't see the show for porn
Just like how most people don't see ben 10 or any other show with underage characters and go jerk off to them, that doesn't really changed the age. It's still jailbait

>and it isn't blatantly sexual either.

Unless you're talking about the show. then that's dumb


A character from a CHILDRENS CARTOON being A KID isn't jailbait. Jailbait'd be if she had a sexual body design, and not literal geometric shapes.
>Unless you're talking about the show. then that's dumb
Yeah I'm talking about the show?


>CHILDRENS CARTOON being A KID isn't jailbait.
But making of porn of them or jerking to them is, even when you never seen the show


And if that is totally outside the context of the show then why does it matter?


Yeah no shit, but that isn't the argument I made!?
Because it's fucked up?


>and not literal geometric shapes.
>but it's 2d
/co/fags and pornfags still would jerk to the geometric shapes
and it became something different when put them together or them as a reference ie some times a part of drawing

>outside the context of the show
it isn't, i never even said it was, if drawing of someone who is a kid then it's a draw of a kid

>Yeah no shit, but that isn't the argument I made!?
Nether was, "A character from a CHILDRENS CARTOON being A KID isn't jailbait."
I was about porn, but it cam be debated if x show was had x fetish by the writes or animators


File: 1632557498380.png (2.72 MB, 1366x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

And I laughed when people said Steven Universe was an extended fanfic.


>/co/fags and pornfags still would jerk to the geometric shapes
ok and?
>was about porn, but it cam be debated if x show was had x fetish by the writes or animators
the animators could and have done this in cartoons of the present and past, but XJ-9 doesn't have this much.


shut the fuck up already you useless rejects.


Given that it's massive numbers of references after references, not inaccurate, lel.


cry more prude, people are having fun.


>ok and?
That's the point

You had a completely different opinion and attitude from before baiter


oh no


You're bloody schizophrenic, how am I a baiter? The original point of contention is "muh gem > xj-9" and that had 0 to do with porn.

It is a good edit


File: 1632560515408.png (825.17 KB, 1400x1000, jwpwpp6zb4551.png)

>That pic and all of this sudden Jenny talk

Last post i am making as not to further derail the original topic of this thread in this communist bamboo sharpening forum but oh man do i have a soft spot for this character and the threads about that show that used to exist in /co/. Good times.

Sometimes a person just really wants to argue about something


NTA xj9 is a LQ waifu and has nothing on gem clown pussy or even xj-9's milf shortstack mom is hotter despite being 2nd worse girl

>Sometimes a person just really wants to argue about something

Which is why you have to go back


File: 1632562578311.png (978.22 KB, 1998x2257, c2lwvyh5s4241.png)

>The original point of contention is "muh gem > xj-9"
Yes, spinel >/clang/ overrated jailbait waifu, which then you went off topic, strawman and now admitted you baited like the /co/fag you are, for your shit waifu because you got butthurt and didn't want to admit you been jerking off to jailbait porn in /co/.


You're proof that "XJ-9 doesn't have this much." isn't the case.

This is why anon have bad faith on here


>>But's it stylized 2D of a 15 year old, so it's ok
its a robot made out of geometrical shapes, and even if its jailbait so what


Ooops sorry I just said it's "pedo" as a joke, didn't mean to unleash this shitstorm
I don't care if some people have Jenny as their waifu or whatever, and it makes sense since a lot of them fell in love with her when they were still young


>Yes, spinel >/clang/ overrated jailbait waifu
Cope more gemcel
>you went off topic
LOL how?
>straw man
no u unironically
>admitted you baited
Said by me never
>shit waifu
I stated otherwise, but okay hon
LOL sure
>"XJ-9 doesn't have this much." isn't the case
Ok schizo, nice boogieman
>muh pedos
Wrong board bud, that'd be /GET/

Anon, shitstorms keep chans alive, so thanks, and good point about it.
Based, I didn't lurk /co/ much but I did enjoy the show way back when it fist aired and the character is kinda memorable.

>LQ waifu
<making this about 'le sex' and 'vaifu'
>muh gms is better
They're 1 step off from being literal shit, cope more.
>you have to go back
You go back, schizo.


>and even if its jailbait so what
>even if it's pedo porn so what
pls go /co/fag

>Anon, shitstorms keep chans alive, so thanks, and good point about it.
No it really doesn't and that's not what even anon said.
try harder

>Ooops sorry I just said it's "pedo" as a joke
if true, it all stated because post saying "nah anon was ok, to be fair" when it came to the post and then the xj9fag made bad faith bait for the rest of the time

>Jenny as their waifu or whatever

"It wouldn't be that", if anon didn't made bait all day or night for anon's shit waifu and make the same points that's already been said by all lolifags


>No it really doesn't
<yes they do, chans thrive on conflict and arguments, that's the point of the forums.
>cringe schizo
You are, cope more.
<everyone posting the character is the same person
still have yet to demonstrate any bait at all.
>ssame points
The entire thread in the past 2 days have been pointing out that there is no specific in-show fetishization of the character and nobody brought it up until you started blasting ass about 'jailbait'. YOU are bad faith.


>YOU are bad faith.

>you started blasting ass about 'jailbait

nah and nou


File: 1632639071706.png (152.83 KB, 1000x773, ClipboardImage.png)

FYI for any further posters in this thread - this is either a troll or a terminally ill /sug/fag that projects their shameful porn of Spinel onto those discussing XJ-9. Do not read, Do not Respond to further posts, only Hide or Report.


File: 1632639218212.jpg (63.71 KB, 800x530, pull away shitpost.jpg)



File: 1632639706680.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, aaf.png)

>>even if it's pedo porn so what
if its pedo to fap to cubes which do not in their composite form a morphological human then i dont care


Yes. :^)

>if its pedo to fap to cubes
but its' not, like at all anon

>morphological 15 teen in porn then i dont care



File: 1632640497993.jpg (27.27 KB, 563x601, d98.jpg)

very rude owo
i just want to say >>19824 then anon went off-topic about shapes and into the it only 2d augment out of nowhere


she doesn’t look anymore like a 15 yo than the su characters you fap to. androids don’t even age either


nah, spinel is older

>androids don’t even age either

But xj9 does.


>xj9 does
Not really, she changes parts, upgrades her mind and body and learns, but that isn't the same as getting older. Robots' society is not every robot movie.


>she changes parts, upgrades her mind and body and learns
nah. she just gets older In the show

>Robots' society is not every robot movie.

pls stop going off topic into something unrelated again


She literally does not change in age at all.
>off topic
It's on topic whiner


well it look like it was going to be shit bait like this, so i did


I don't think you know the meaning of the term




why steven universe is lib trash
>main character goes to the big bad genocidal evil
>redeems them through muh talking and muh feelings
>system mostly remains the fucking same but everything gets better because one right person just needed to go up and talk to those leaders
>nothing is changed but things somehow get better

and note the diamonds were genocidal monsters that made hilter look like a saint which is lol


>redeems them through muh talking and muh feelings
This is the part people compare to Talk no Jutsu and are wrong. Naruto failed to talk down the biggest bads, the real Maadara and Kaguya and the people he would change with his words always were those that lost fights, and did not listen until then. Additionally Naruto connected to those people by appealing to something every non-noble experienced living the life of an ordinary person or as shinobi - pain, loss, helplessness and most of all hatred - things that plagued society on a structural and political level and not just feels. More importantly he'd beat them while defending or fighting for the things he cared for and loved rather than those that abandoned all attachment

Steven… doesn't have any of that and the Diamonds can not relate at all because they experienced nothing that could be relatable to the average joe-gem. Moreover they are alien as fuck, they are literally the Ootsutsuki of SU and ought to be just as sociopathic about inferior beings. I doubt that Hitler, Keitel, Goebbels and Himmler would be moved by the words of a Half-German Jew and do heel-faced turns.

So yeah, 2 different executions of the concept of talking to your enemy - one done good and the other bad


File: 1632823362062.jpeg (124.9 KB, 793x776, Taleb_mug.jpeg)

i think a basic thing to take from this as well is that your bad guys need skin in the game or their redemption will be frivolous. if they are far removed from the common man, it's basically asking them to be less selfish because… it's bad okay? your good guys also need skin in the game as well, otherwise it's just facile cruel optimism garbage

i think zizek has rambled somewhere about whether its possible for the bourgeois may redeem themselves. i don't quite remember where


hmmm, I'd like to listen to him discussing that, let us know if you find it.


File: 1643603457034.png (2.12 MB, 1912x1072, 1643603405487.png)

I’m gonna do a review of this trash series made by Jews and foot fetishists.

Here’s a list of the main problems:
- Way to much filler and pointless filler arcs.
- Nonexistent to inconsistent character development.
- God awful pacing.
- Plot holes LOTS of plot holes.
- Basic principles of animation and art design consistently ignored and not on purpose

Okay let’s begin this review

Filler is a major problem affecting the enjoyability of Steven universe as a show. For example the reveal of the cluster, a major point in the shows progression takes 72 episodes simply to be mentioned, within those 71 episodes prior to it most of the screentime is spent on random stories and monster of the week episodes that never develop Steven or the other gems as characters as Rebecca sugar didn’t actually write the show but merely got the story board artists to randomly draw what they wanted like what Ward did but with none of the self awareness or editing for smart writing along with the fact that Stevens personality keeps resetting itself. This fact is not an isolated incident in the show as nearly all seasons except for the last one repeatedly have this problem of having major plot point be isolated with massive gaps between them of endless filler episodes and arcs that have almost 0 impact on the story overall with exceptions like Lars.

As mentioned prior much of Steven universe is filled with filler episodes whom fail consistently to actually develop the characters of the show due to constant resets and a plot that wasn’t written professionally, unfortunately I cannot just excuse those episodes simply for being filler as even the main episodes fail to actually develop the characters with stories like pearls forced fusion with garnet being forgotten about or Steven’s empathy for mass murderers the diamonds after it was established repeatedly that Steven was emotionally immature and needed to develop as a person to understand that not everyone can or should be forgived for their actions lest more would face suffering. Steven universe fails to consistently develop its characters and its ideas on that development routinely become ignored.

Plot holes are abundant in Steven universe as a victim of terrible world building, lack of symbolism as a relief for said poor world building and a poor understanding of the hard sciences from the main writers. The show never bothers establishing why the gems and diamonds are the only other life forms outside earth much less why humans can mix with them, the show never bothers clarifying why the gem wars happened or needed to happen in a way that makes any sense as the rise of the diamonds were based off the rise of nazi Germany but without the complex series of events that led to such an atrocity as Rebecca’s communication of the rise of the diamonds was due to geological ethnonationalism and no other ideas on civilization like technological advancements on home world, gem origins, gem societies, why gems even speak English, why they even use their bodies as weapons and can’t just build tools we see like the cluster or spacecraft in mass etc, this makes events in the story like why gems are even bothering to attack earth after so many years that are major defining points that even allow the show to have a beginning middle and end completely up to personal speculation.

Animation quality in this show is bad, this speaks for itself just by watching this show. 2d animation allows for the visual communication of ideas over a set amount of time but this show fails massively on that, none of the characters move in a manner that expresses them as characters unless they hire contract animators due to the fact that the storyboard of Steven universe is made unprofessionally forcing animators abroad to work with bad planning and likewise bad animation that can’t convey things like mass, speed, emotion, sense of scale, etc because the show wasn’t made by people that understand such concepts, and this is all excluding concepts like anatomy as there’s a lot of errors including body structure of characters like garnet. The backgrounds are decent but are poorly detailed and expressive when compared to shows like avatar or most animes made before isekai became popular.

In conclusion Steven universe is a poorly written and animated show that tries to convey on meaningful ideas of growth politics and adulthood but fails to communicate on most to all of the ideas it presents even if one assumes the ideology it promotes has any merit. I would not recommend this show to anyone. Good day to you reader.

PS: As shitty as it is
It’s not star vs the forces of evil which is actually shockingly worse


> Rebecca Sugar specifically designed to the world so that both communism and fascism never exist
That’s so incredibly stupid that I need to hear her say it so I can laugh.
Is there an interview somewhere?


I can't find it but there was an interview


yeah, it had potential about a bunch of lesbian revolutionaries overthrowing the space-czar, but in the end it was all about love and forgiveness


checked lol

Ironically these race-swap edits are pretty common on /trash/ for the Bleached and Blacked threads, which acciidentally kinda created an entire guide for race-changing illustrations in edits, which porn-fags have used to extreme effect, changing entire comics.

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