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Post general thoughts, comments and marxist or any analysis on the show.

Ep 1 and 2 is out, Ep 3 comes out today.

Never seen GoT and enjoying the show so far, decent political intrigue so far.
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>fascism is when feudalism
>fascism is when fiction with no good guys


No. Dude. Dragons are like Tigers or Alligators. You can "train" such animals so much before they only follow their instincts. I think you're honestly pretty retarded thinking Dragons are equivalent of loyal dogs. In the books Dany constantly struggled to have dragons obey her so much so she had to "punish" them which did nothing by the way. The tv show had a bit of that but understated how "independent" dragons are and pretty much do whatever they want.


There’s no real mode of production depicted but the story is basically the mind fantasy of a fascist that believes in a “might makes right” order in the world


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what was your favourite fanart or meme?

Also Boros is illterate? How, Is that some Baratheon trait?
Did the dad die


According to the guy's theory is that since the prophecy was lost and the targaryens stopped serving it, the dragons lost their magic


daenyrs with her might still loses in the end tho?


There could be any number of reasons. I thought he was blind at first but idk. Jaime Lannister is dyslexic and told Brienne about Tywin abusing him over it.


abuse like how, damn
did he treat any of his kids right? no wonder they went full targ


He was yelling at him and making him read the same shit over and over to try to get him to read it correctly, which he couldn't. Don't remember if he hit him or anything though.


I think it'd revealing how in Imperial and or feudal organizations of society that there is more "meritocracy" to be found as opposed to feudal and imperial era "free cities" or in other words "communal city states" as they were known in the real world history. It was only until the industrial revolution that merchant society expanded so wildly and made it possible to get rid of nearly all feudal arrangements. This shows how much importance the steam engine had in pretty much all societies on earth. Even America, one of the few rare republics, imagined itself at best as a nation of small holding farmers or yeomen, which was the ideal conditions for even serfs and other peasants of their time. The industrial revolution made it possible for waged work and the splitting of society into just two classes. This is why in ASOIAF it's preferable to make it "big" in a feudal society than try and make it in the merchant "free cities".


>It was only until the industrial revolution that merchant society expanded so wildly
This is a rather anglo centric view on history tbh.
Venezia and Genova both cucked the Byzantine Empire at one point in the High Middle ages and it never really recovered from it, roughly at the same time the Hanse was a very strong political and cultural force in Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands & Flanders, the Baltics and all the way to Novgorod in the East. I'm sure in other parts of the world similar capitalist political entities existed during the Middle ages and before, e.g. Phoenecians. Also, the so called industrial revolution was a gradual process in technology and economics spanning over several centuries which eventually helped to strenghten the power of the bourgeois class under feudalism and facilitate bourgeois-liberal revolutions, eventually enabling bourgeois capitalists becoming the most dominant force in formerly absolutist feudal societies in Europe.

This. They made him kill the Strong bastard at such an early age in a kinda unfair fight, now he looks like a villain which he isn't. I'm glad Corlys is back and i would have prefered an epic sea battle with him defeating the triarchy over Rhaenys' stupid dragon scene at Aegon's coronation in ep9 and in ep10 the boring coronation of the smug princess, who displays now an implausible, drastic change in character, as she now seems to resemble more Viserys rather than Daemon.


Every nation you named were still largely feudalistic in terms of it's social economy largely based on tribute and taking percents of the serfs production. Just because the Netherlands and such had merchant economies doesn't mean it was the dominating politico-economic system. In many ways you're the anglo-centrist here with your assumptions. Genghis Khan had a large merchant and trade economies but their official and generalized political system was based on tribute and feudal production. Most economies in the world were agricultural producing societies with a political system of tribute to their land lords from the west all the way to the far east. The industrial revolution was what truly changed everything with regards to political systems. This is what Karl Marx was getting it with regards to his quote "hitherto". Industrial society made clear these contradictions in a non-linear way which anti Marxists and vulgar Marxists use as a gotcha to say that Marxism is class reductive when it isn't.


WTF are you talking about, the Dutch were the most powerful people in the world in the centuries before the Industrial Revolution if anything
They even had their hands in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, and German and northern Italian merchants also played a huge driving force in those empires


George RR Martin is a fat old squishy liberal who spent most of his life before ASOIAF writing dumb shit like "what if the american civil war had vampires".

yes, i know, "Scatch a liberal and a fascist bleeds" yada yada but you'd have to be a clown to think the guy has explicit fascist sympathies. dude's probably never even fired a gun


booh hooo green bitch

they're all villains
The Black Queen will have all their heads on spikes

Be grateful Her Grace didn't listen to Daemon and skewer them right there and then,


>what if the american civil war had vampires".
did he really write that. is it good?


>The Black Queen will have all their heads on spikes
anon… the books


File: 1666709055770.png (1.42 MB, 740x1243, ClipboardImage.png)

yea. i haven't read it. i imagine it's goofy.


>Also Boros is illterate?
>How, Is that some Baratheon trait?
Kinda. A lot of the Baratheon lineage is known for their prowess in combat. They get their court maesters to read everything to them. Stannis Baratheon though is well-read and makes a point of correcting peoples grammar


The trend is real.

Anarchos, Trots, left-coms, etc. root for Team Black

Tankies, MLs, Dengists, etc. root for Team Green


>dude's probably never even fired a gun
He is a draft dodger with regards to Vietnam. He openly brags about how he faked his way out of the draft. Which makes him based for a liberal.

GRRM is a liberal but he does give zero shit about liberal sensibilties. He is the type of autistic nerd who would explain to you in detail why "Kingdom Come" was right to have no black people in it. I respect him for that.


How can anyone root for team green? Aegon is a rapist degenerate,


does he really?
wait what's that about kingdom come


What do you think is worse, rape or murder? Daemon didn't rape his first wife, he bashed her head in.

Even last episode he showed his true colors when he almost choked out his wife just because he got upset that his borther told her something he didn't know.

Also, it's barely Aegon who is in charge (not yet anyway) but Alicent and Otto, and they are not malicious.


Aegon as degenerate and decadent he is was reluctant to become king because he possessed enough self-criticism to know that he's not the best candidate to sit the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms. Meanwhile, every single black Targayen fuck from Rhaenys over Rhaenyra to Daemon dreams about nothing else than being king or queen himself or herself just for the sake of it (also true for Daenerys, if it wasn't for Tyrion and Jon she would not have given a single fuck about the walkers, through all GoT seasons she only cared about the throne and her nukes).

>"Her Grace"
höhöhö very nice, anarshit. You're a well-behaved underling of your reactionary girl boss mistress, aren't you


Lolwut Venezia and Genova were republics with huge imperialist navies ruled by bourgeois capitalists. Hanse cities and free and free & imperial cities in the German realm had their own constitutions, had no obligations to feudal lords, only very miniscule obligations to the emperor and were ruled by councils which consisted of elected members of the most wealthy bourgeois capitalists of the city. There was no serfdom in the cities, in fact peasant serfs who had ran away from their landlords would be considered free if they managed to live 1 year in a city. They usually would become free craftsmen and other salaried workers there.


File: 1666793507412.png (2.65 MB, 1208x1770, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not an anarchist idiot
These flags are house flags of House Targaryens but of course a fake, green supporter who despite being so against the Targs still upholds their flags and mimics it on their dogshit flags

The flags of House Black are true, and mutual and equal partnership
It also looks modern af

Pathetic wishwashing off a degen who makes his own children fight and shaves down their teeth
His Grace, The King's Consort is an Army Man first, and doesn't care for cruelty but Justice

Which showed by the last ep how he offered a merciless death to those knights
Don't compare your jag-off to a military commander

There's a reason why they had to replace the City Cloak's because despite being gone for a long time, They respect and honour Daemon more than the fake usurper, a puppet's marce, Shillgon II


File: 1666793588746.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

this will be fate of every green after the rebellion is crushed

it's jover 4 u fakes


>What do you think is worse, rape or murder?
Unironically resolving to murder in order to get rid of someone you arent allowed to divorce and who you got basically shotgun wed to is, while still evil, incomparable to being a serial rapist.

>Also, it's barely Aegon who is in charge (not yet anyway) but Alicent and Otto, and they are not malicious

"Not yet anyway" is doing a lot of work here. And Otto is no more morally restrained than Daemon when it comes to his desire for power. Also, Daemon wont be king either, he is a queen consort.


Daemon also murdered that servant to stand in for Laenor.


>Which showed by the last ep how he offered a merciless death to those knights
His literal quote:
<you will die screaming
At this point I don't know if you are just some soyfacing redditor or literally 13 or something, but this level of idiocy must be hurting your brain.

Have you read the book? I hope you do know what happens to Rhaenyra.

>while still evil
I think ending someone's life after you lure them into a false feeling of safety is worse than rape. And every single legal system in the world agrees with me on that.
>Also, Daemon wont be king either, he is a queen consort.
He tried to start a war as people could hear Rhaenyra screaming as she has a miscarriage.

Still no argument as to why Otto and Alicent won't be better for the realm instead of another insane Targaryen.


>fake usurper
All of Rhaenyra's three oldest children who she proclaims as heir are bastards.


>I Wish I Had A Dragon I Could Fly To The Kremlin
Behold this absolute liberal.



s33the, still more honorable than shillgon ii

is elden ring anyway connected to GoT
i can't believe he wrote a video game too


i want to know how someone writes such a cohesive story
HoTD and GoT just fit so well together

Did he plan it all out? From Aegons Conquest to Dany's Destruction?

It's so well planned


He's a student of history and isn't a lot of GoT just a rewrite of real history with fantasy elements throne on top?


GRRM is an old school nerd, today you would say "autist", when nerd culture began in the 70s. This means that every single action his characters take will be meticulously reviewed, and he sometimes burns entire chapters he deems to be unfit.

On the top side it means we are actually getting a coherent story. On the downside it means we have to wait years for a new book.


we need more nerds

so in terms of varys, who would that be?


Seems like popular opinion is Bagoas.

But I was more referring to the overall plot and setup being based on The War of The Roses and other things.

>Although the universe of Game of Thrones is steeped in a medieval atmosphere, several of the central in the series – Daenerys Targaryen, Joffrey Baratheon and Jon Snow – seem directly inspired by characters from Roman antiquity.

>George R.R. Martin, author of the novels behind the hit HBO series, has affirmed that the history of the Roman Empire was one of his sources of inspiration. Indeed, it was the 117km wall that the Emperor Hadrian had built in the north of England in the years 120 AD that gave him the idea of the Wall.

If I'm not mistaken he used to have this web 1.0 website that had a lot of good information about Roman history. I remember I came across it before I ever heard of Song of Ice and Fire or him because I was reading up on Roman war dogs.


Haven't seen anything since idk, the valiryan marriage and wow
The feet stuff being real made me laugh like never


I liked seeing the dragon get chomped by the bigger, monitor lizard looking dragon



It's not like Bobby B's heir. Rhaenyra is still their mother and her bastards get their claim from her. A monarch can legitimize their bastards if they want. The reason the War of Five Kings happened in GoT is because Joffrey isn't related to King Robert except very indirectly through the families being related. He has no blood from the king. It's a different scenario. It would be like if Bobby B had raised one of his bastards as a true born son.




fuck you!!!

>take history
>make everyhting bigger and more dramatic

>The feet stuff being real made me laugh like never

wait what


oh man, lil guy got chomped in one bite


Honestly Rhaenera is a dumbass. Shouldn't have sent young boys to do high level negotiating.


File: 1667385896924.png (633.29 KB, 798x580, e.png)

I see what you were trying to say now anon
Weird asf Green-Red alliance

I guess it's just some bored russians memeing


Should have sent both to the same place. A prince still commands respect. And even Aemond didn't really wanted to kill Luke. The scene was about the dragon being an unstable WMD, everyone hates Aemond now, I don't know why. At best you can accuse him of willful negligence.

Rhaenera is subpar to the top players of the game by a good amount. Her limited success comes from her strong willpower, her advisors and the sheer weight of her claim.

Partly, it's contrarianism, secondly it's the infatuation with realpolitik over romantic idealism.

But hey, the cast seems like really nice people. I like shows where I can't stand the actors, but this is luckily not the case here.


>>30858 (me)
Also, there seems to be a good axis between the actors, the showrunners and GRRM. They all said they had great freedom in creating these characters, some dialog was improvised. Also this is the only show I know where the female directors deliver the good episodes.

Really shows you what kind of narcisisstic failsons D&D were.


what are some shows where you hate the actors, spill the tea

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