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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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>giftbearer version
Where do I watch this


Rewatching the original Twilight Zone at the moment, I don't think I've ever actually seen most of seasons 4 and 5. The one hour episodes in season 4 really are tough to get through.

It really is a great show, though somewhat dampened by the fact that loads of these plots have been parodied, spoofed and homaged to hell and back since they first aired.

But my god, are they a libshit product of their time. Saw an episode last night where the sky turns black over a town in America because there's a bunch of hatred because someone shot some piece of shit bigot and enjoyed it. At the end of the episode they say that similar blackness has appeared over Dallas (where JFK was shot), the Berlin Wall, a 'political prison' in Budapest, Birmingham, Alabama, Shanghai, 'the entire Northern section of Vietnam' (topkek), Chicago.

Like, yes we have a little bit of racism but it's not too bad, the commies though, are utterly irredeemable.


Found those two folders full of fanedits a while ago, it's in there, along with a lot of other stuff

Giftbearer is a version of Prometheus with deleted scenes that make the movie better but you might be interested in "Paradise" which I have not seen but is apparently a well done tight mash up of Prometheus and Covenant.


latest avenue 5 episode was great. pure armando iannuci


Watched the first episode of "Electric Dreams". Apparently an anthology show based on the works of Philip K Dick. Got under my radar until now even though I'm extremely interested in science fiction, this author and this particular kind of crazy work. So yeah this episode was awesome, it's about a person using a virtual reality system to incarnate another person who uses a virtual reality system that happens to put them in the shoes of the previous person, schizo stuff ensues.


also they missed a golden opportunity by not casting alan resnick


Good, let it rest in peace. I still made it through season 3 because there were some social critique sprinkled in here and there but season 4 was so atrocious I gave up after 2 episode. "Everyone is a robot secretly" removes the stakes from the show completely.


>Watched the first episode of "Electric Dreams". Apparently an anthology show based on the works of Philip K Dick
Thanks for reminding me about that. I started watching it and thought it was good but forgot to keep watching. I remember the first episode being about psychics tho..


Well the first movie was Cold War era cyber punk. But I don't remember them mentioning the USSR.


This might just cement the S4 finale as a worse series finale than GoT. Glad Westworld is kill though, my long national nightmare is finally over.


File: 1668125003107.png (16.18 KB, 774x273, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone else watching andor? it's pretty great, i highly recommend it, don't be put off by "star wars" (it isn't shit like the rest of SW)


>(it isn't shit like the rest of SW)


He's right, the hero does a heist to fund the revolution and also a organizes a prison insurrection, I didn't expect this.


Looked it up, it seems to be a prequel spin-off to Rogue One based around one of its main characters


File: 1668282801416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.97 KB, 2048x1104, 72949D56-D49E-4DA5-9DC2-2….jpeg)

oh and thiel manufactures nukes in the future apparently


Thoughts on making this topic sequential rather than a cyclical?


I don't know what sequential means
Like a general?


not a mod, but cyclical threads delete the first posts once you get to 500, to keep the total at 500. Sequential would mean a new one gets made each time it fills up and gives people the chance to archive the threads.


dear comrades, a couple of friends of mine recommended handmaids tale. is it actually any good? is it radlib wank, is it worth watching?


i think it might be radlib wank, i've only seen it mentioned in memes

but a future like that, now actually coming to reality, might be an interesting watch


IIRC the author has actually said something to the effect that it's fetish material. IDK about whether it's any good as a story but I will tell you it's utterly preposterous worldbuilding. The idea that a hyper-patriarchy is possible in the future of "the west" is completely divorced from reality. It is, however, the exact kind of paranoia fuel that liberals love because it helps them fearmonger and get people to vote.


what material??? FETISH?


File: 1668669443532.png (120.74 KB, 178x261, ClipboardImage.png)

there are 12 seasons of a guy not going out of his house and marrying his landlord?

wtf britan


Well TBH Handmaid's Tale is a mild post-apocalypse where there was some kind of nuclear war in the past (IIRC). So that makes the idea of complete social upheaval slightly more plausible.


it's pretty bad but i watched all the seasons until the recent one. i think the first season is probably the best. there's some cool moments but it has a strong radlib stink in its setpieces. lot's of needle drops when a girlboss moment happens. really cringe.

uhh.. but the first season isn't that bad. see if you like it. i like the premise so i stuck with it but it gets into a pattern of nothing happening, or the same thing repeating, and the main character having ridiculous levels of plot armor.
idk about nuclear war but there's a major fertility crisis worldwide. one of the plots points has mexico's ambassador visit gilead to see if handmaids are a good idea for raising up their numbers or something. gilead is still managing to have children while the rest of the world stagnates (i think)


I dropped Silicon Valley
Lame cringe humour and not cynical enough about the industry for me, and pretty much pushes the whole meritocracy entrepreneur myth without any critique


I fell asleep during Rogue One and never watched the rest of it.


Yeah, same
Star Wars is like, not good. It’s bad


what happened with that miles teller godfather show they're making
is it a prequel or is it a show about the making of the movie?

it's fucked up how they stole or did some rights fuckery and forced the puzo family to let the show happen


it did give us that "rich people use the blood of the young" scene

but yeah i didn't even watch the ending seasons
suppose some flash forward happens where the CODE IS ALIVE


New Avenue 5 was depressing
Personally I thought either the missile would hit and the show would be over, or it would miss for some tragicomic reason. Pick a fucking lane am I right


Another theory: it still misses, and they’re stuck separated in both halves
Also, there is still the cliffhanger on what happens with the docked shuttle that didn’t make it out


I think it's more the scope of the movie that enticed people back with the first trilogy because previous space operas were ridiculously silly. Revenge of the Sith had the potential to be good but George Lucas' writing ruined it. And then the guy comes out and says that he can't write dialouge, lmao.


File: 1669567390474.jpeg (9.65 KB, 640x360, rael.jpeg)

Andor is worth watching for Luthen Rael alone, holy fucking kino. Also, his monologue in episode 10.



seeing an arthouse actor in a mainstream work is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever


Episode 12 was dissappionting. I know it was stupid for me to expect something better than that, but i hoped that manifesto guy would be more like marx, in the end it's just about "muh tyranny" and "muh freedumbs", nothing more that a fart of a porky national liberation. I guess it's still not bad compared to the rest of them where liberal status quo with "if you do violence to change the system you are very bad" is upheld, but i still felt let down.


Avenue 5 subreddit is painful
Just people trying to fawn over and identify with purposefully unlikable, vapid characters
Do these people realize you have 0 obligation to relate to any fictional character? Although they are TV watchers, so I guess you can't expect much


Also people that hate the first few episodes or even the entire first season are fucking clueless and seem to really not understand what the show is about


he was in mama mia and thor as well


Anyone watching season 2 of the white lotus? Pretty good, more ominous and less funny than season 1, and less obviously classpilled. Some real nice cinematography though.


File: 1669993620342.jpg (582.24 KB, 1519x2249, 516902.jpg)

There should be a series finale where they all get shot up and their corpses pissed on


File: 1669995779627.png (897.01 KB, 620x918, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mr. Burton, you can't cast Johnny Depp as the lead, it's a teenaged girl!
>Maybe not, but look how close we can get
by far the creepiest part of the show


Well what do you think the show's politics were in the end. At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists. A smart liberal, so to say. We don't know what freedom in that context represents anyway, it's not like communists have never ever used terminology like that.

Also that funeral procession scene was worth watching it alone, that score was beautiful and the cinematography was top-notch. Also the cops are hilarious and it was top filmmaking when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra because they might have wanted to rape her which makes you realise she is a woman and not just a monster albeit an evil woman.

The one thing I criticize about this show is that it clearly borrows from other shows and mashes it together like House of the Dragon and Squid Game..


Show sucked. Wednesday is a primary psychopath serial killer. She only hates "bad people" if they target her family, but even then, she more hates them for their incompetence. Everything she does is essentially to get people into a position where she can kill them. Remember the movie? Where you see her have a love interest in the nerd kid, and you think through the entire movie, Wednesday has actually warmed up and genuinely has feeling for this other kid, to the very last scene of the movie, where she reveals/brags when she murders people "She's not caught" and springs the trap on the nerd kid to kill him.
TV show would have been way better if at the end, it just reveals everything has been set up by her, she was the mastermind serial killer and she's just framed someone else. Wednesday TV show would need to be more along the lines of Death Note or Dexter.
Movie Wednesday despite being what a 12 year old girl? Is extremely menacing. At not point was Wednesday in this TV show anything but goth Daria.


found a lost show
none of you have ever watched this


are the main characters that evil?


Well, they’re Evangelical megachurch grifters, so


> At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists.
It is no better than this. "We should resist. What do you mean "what's the plan"?. Just resist(c)(tm) and somehow it all will work because empire bad and people want free". It is a schizoid anarkiddie nonsense.
>when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra
I was only disappointed she wasn't killed.

The only real good part was prison and showing how backbreaking labor affects people. If they had balls or brains, they would also show how tis labor is not much better outside of prison and changing the "bad" boss to "good" one doesn't really make that much difference.


Exactly I always interpreted that she saw that kid as prey. All his weaknesses are obvious for her to exploit. Also in my headcanon Gomez is actually under a spell cast by Morticia.

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