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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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File: 1622074891976-0.mp3 (1.06 MB, The Power Commentary.mp3)

File: 1622074891976-1.png (1.7 MB, 1707x1715, >Jake "Move over professor….png)

>How many popular shows recently do self inserts? I know Gravity Falls is (hence the weak ending), but I didn't know Regular show was.
Depends on how tight your definition of a self-insert is.
For example, in The Amazing World of Gumball, Richard, Nicole and Anais are named after Ben Bocquelet's family (similarly to all the Simpsons except Bart being named after Matt Groening's family). I don't know if that would qualify. Danny Antonucci considers Ed, Edd and Eddy all parts of his personality, but I don't think that would count either. It would have to go beyond mere inspiration.
I say Regular Show with confidence because Mordecai is basically J G Quintel just using his normal voice with a bit of extra emotion. Commentary for The Power extremely-related. Plus Mordecai is an awkward art-school grad which I suspect is either JG or an exaggeration of him.

HAHAHA HOLY SHIT I just remembered. I haven't watched the new Powerpuff Girls (2016) which is apparently an atrocity, but it's believed that this guy, this crazy motherfucker, managed to self-insert himself as a romantic ship for a kindergartner.
I can't say I've watched many new shows I someone else would have to answer how common self-inserting is.


I really liked Mr Inbetween, australian show about a mob killer
These days watching Three Kingdoms, the chinese semi historical show, it's pretty good for the political aspect and some characters (cao cao is awesome), although the fight scenes suck


From what I've read, the guy in PPG 2016 was a joke from his co-workers. He didn't insert himself in the show. Allegedly.


File: 1622101800426.jpg (31.32 KB, 713x401, E0w1bEpWQAM8dxU.jpg)

Holy shit anon you found it
You're an absolute G

The site even has a torrent option to download
This is amazing


File: 1622190230932.jpg (111.89 KB, 1280x720, expanse.jpg)

Anyone watch The Expanse? Best sci-fi show I've ever seen. Best sci-fi I've ever seen period i think. Way more hard sci-fi than anything else even though it has alien magic tech and what not eventually
Also the politics are super interesting. Like UC Gundam but better. I highly recommend any sci-fi fans here check it out.


File: 1622190929562.jpg (236.14 KB, 1600x800, Mythic-Quest-Ravens-Quest-….jpg)

>anybody seen it? cringe and out of date or decently humorous?
Very hilarious. If you like video games or It's Always Sunny I think you'll like it. Rob McElenhy plays more of a Dennis than a Mack in it. I like that Ash is getting a career because I used to watch Hey Ash Watcha Playin back in the day. They kind of gave her a straight-man part in this one so she's kind of underutilized but I still thought it was cool she's in it. Cricket from It's Always Sunny is also hilarious as another eternal victim kind of character. I'd say he's kind of the second lead? Australian Asian lady is pretty good but also kind of another straight woman part. The fat White lady and the old writer guy and the Indian guy from community are also funny but they're mostly gag characters who show up, do a bit, but don't typically have much a plotline in the episodes. Black braids chick is the most under-charecterized, not much to say about her, she's like Ash but even more of a straight man.


Thinking about it more, problem is too big a cast and too many straight men. Especially since they seem too afraid to make the women characters farcical enough. Really only the fat white woman is hitting the mark but she's only a gag character. Kind of like Dee In It's Always Sunny, but they made her funnier over the seasons. They should probably bump up the gag characters and deprecate the redundant straight men female characters. Fat chick and Indian guy have the funny sociopath angle going on like Rob, and Old guy has the Abe Simpson thing going. The other three women are kind of pointless and I dunno how they can really turn their characters around based on what they've already done. Australian Asian lady has some really funny moments as a foil but not enough.


File: 1622270711479.jpg (214.02 KB, 576x432, cu536lL.jpg)

Anybody ever watch this? What did you think of it?


Yes it's good. They didn't have single fuck up so far, every season was on point, except the last episode where they shoehorned in Alex's death because the actor couldn't keep it in his pants, leaving his entire storyline going nowhere. Why not just recast him??


Why can’t leftypol get it’s on tv thread? It’s got music and games and they’re dead.


You mean board?


shut up shut up
this is my most successful thread on both sites!!!


i would take another season of malcolm in the middle instead of the entirety of breaking bad


sorry but that's the way it is


I think Malcolm ended where it had to stop (although the last episode could've been better imo)
There's rumors of a movie too.

Like I said, I'm not sure what my favorite is, but the Family Reunion episode is absolute kino, and that one scene is so satisfying and pretty based.

>Another favorite is when the family takes a vacation to some place and the boys accidentally stumble onto american army base and try to escape while trying to not get blown up lmao.

That bit is one of the funniest in the whole show in my opinion.

Another one is the Halloween episode where Malcolm spends the whole episode trying to calm his father down after he learns that a psycho murderer used to live in their house. The ending is just spectacular thanks to the buildup.

I was thinking of another particularly hilarious bit but I got distracted so I forgot lol.


we need a movie simply to see how dewey looks like now

the dude is AWOL

>that one scene is so satisfying and pretty based.
that scene where the entire family tells off the classist jerks?

>Another one is the Halloween episode where Malcolm spends the whole episode trying to calm his father down after he learns that a psycho murderer used to live in their house. The ending is just spectacular thanks to the buildup

i haven't watched this yet but it sounds unbelievably comfy

the night time episodes are kino also
like that episode where the boys and hal try to defeat all the bats that somehow got into the house

others that come to mind is
lois and her book club loiter and get chased by pigs, malcolm and stevie mess around the town and flashback to lois being pregnant
i loved how much that show used the word pig to describe cops unironically (that episode where reese decides to become a policeman and says "mom, dad, i've decided to grow up and be a pig! LOL)


this is the hardest i've laughed at anything in malcolm in the middle



>that scene where the entire family tells off the classist jerks?
Yes, exactly. It's awesome.
>lois and her book club loiter and get chased by pigs, malcolm and stevie mess around the town and flashback to lois being pregnant
>i loved how much that show used the word pig to describe cops unironically (that episode where reese decides to become a policeman and says "mom, dad, i've decided to grow up and be a pig! LOL)
Lois is based and I've seen many people on the internet with the most retarded takes on her. That because she's authoritarian and screams a lot, she's a "sociopath" or a "psychopath" and hates her children. But if you're not a dumbass you'll realize as you grow up that she's doing her best to raise them into decent people, as decent as they can be, despite her horrendous upbringing. She's able to overcome that out of her love for her boys (and maybe also resentment towards her own mother).

I wish I could watch that scene for the first time again


is that Olivia Munn in the pink dress in the thumbnail and @2:14 of the video?


No, that's Emy Coligado


yes lois is quite different from other sitcom moms
character was actually portrayed realistically and oh man her own mom was such cunt, man

luckily because of depression and watching malcolm in the middle as a child
like frankie muniz, a lot of the scenes feel like i'm watching them for the first time

i hope he too enjoys the show again for the first time, must feel weird

what do you think was the weirdest moment on the show?
that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard


so did the anon who said he was gonna watch loki, watch it?

i did it was funny and had some lore
owen wilson's character was fun but i hate the tva

they seem like fascists, erasing a guy just for not getting a ticket wtf
obsessed with law and order shit, yuck

one thing i don't get it is why aren't the avengers time travel shenanigans considered a violation?

who and why is something meant to be
the whole loki seeing his past and future shit was depressing as fuck, imagine finding out you're not the main character of your story. absolute will breaking stuff.

owen wilson did not say wow even once
villain reveal was disappointing. not one, not two but three fucking lokis?


>that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard
Wtf I don't remember that


oh it is
the new girl that moves into malcolm's school has some well educated parents

i think it might be this episode https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0640354/

it takes place in the school lunch zone out in the rain

resse gets punched by her lmao


Oh, right, Cynthia, the Krelboyne girl. She's pretty based though why does she know an Israeli martial art?
I found the clip, it's 1:6



It was a different episode btw, it's not "Krelboyne Girl", it's "Reese Cooks", her second appearance.


oh she just said communist revolutionaries not actually cupcakes
or maybe…


i like the krelboyone's second teacher, his hair was effay and that fight he did with hal in the school was legendary

>though why does she know an Israeli martial art?

i think krav maga is female focused or something
so like every american show gives strong female character's that skill trait


Hey friend! Yes I did watch the first episode, though I'm considering a rewatch. Anyhow to address you're and general points. I'm not sure we're supposed to like the TVA. For that matter Loki wasnt really supposed to be likeable until about Thor Ragnarok. About the erasing. I suspect maybe they're not straight killing people they don't like but perhaps resetting them to their OG timeline. Also, they did a bad job of addressing the Avengers transgressions. They mentioned the Avengers were supposed to have time traveled. Also, a friend told me since they put their infinity stones back, thus ensuring the proper flow of time they broke no time laws. About Loki and destiny etc, I like that the show is like loosely tackling the subjectivity of moral quandaries. But, personally I'm hoping these renegade Lokis aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto or something.


>aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto
oh no no no no
i haven't watched wandavision but mephisto has become like a big meme in the community because people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show

anyways you could be right
the french girl points towards the devil in the church in the beginning of the show
new episode in 1-2 more days

i like this show because it has a lot of lore


>people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show
Maybe. I still think Wandavision was pretty bad.

>french girl points towards the devil in the church

Yep and he was red and didn't really look like Loki. But "evil" type gods in history seem to usually have the same look what with horns and all, so who knows? But yeah, I like it better than wandavision or the imperialism hour so far. Deff gonna watch the next one.


File: 1623838241263-0.png (175.07 KB, 1684x2382, omarsy-lupin.png)

File: 1623838241263-1.jpg (83.32 KB, 1024x645, LUPIN-PART-1-NETFLIX-DOWNL….jpg)

Anyone else watching this? Based gentleman burgurlar stealing from the bourgoise and exposing the french political elite for thier crimes and corruption against the working class. It's not Soprano's/Wire level of groundbreaking prestige T.V but it's comfy af and the lead actor gives an incredible performance. Idk how to explain it but his acting just feels so real. He's funny and charasmatic but also super intense in a bond type of way. Season 2 just came out but I haven't got around to watching it yet.


wait this show is not the anime adapataion of the lupin anime show?

there's too much media today
i can't keep up with what is what


why is south park still popular?

the controversy angle confuses me because what makes it edgier than something like family guy?


File: 1623929285100.png (874.08 KB, 1190x627, 165254.png)

you watched the 2nd episode?
much better

plot is still fucking confusing as shit and i feel like it was heading towards a "tva is corrupt and the bad loki is actually a good guy taking it down from within" but now with lady loki i don't understand anything anymore, my only criticism is that i saw lady loki looked like this a few days ago and i was so let down that she doesn't look like her

bimbo loki would've been hot

that 2050 predictions was depressing, in 30 years from now, alabamians will be extinct


BBC3 has a similar show called something like things not to ask to…(autistic people, transgender etc…), although it's quite more sensationalized and SJW'ed in the case of some episodes


File: 1624011117118.webm (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, Loki theme.webm)

I hate disney
The bastards not only are trying to save their bandwidth costs by releasing the episodes weekly but they also get free press every week if they drip it out slowly

And they get to appeal to the small subsection of traditionalists also if they do this. Fucking corporate bastards think they're so clever.


Yep. I watched. The plots a little wonky. I just dont really get how variants work and it wasnt totally clear what Lady Loki did at the end. I believe she sent the charges to TVA to create fractures in time but it wasn't that clear. Yeah it's kinda weird Lady Loki is blonde i too like dark haired women better. Though, the lady Loki from the comics you're talking about I believe is actually Lady Sif with Loki's mind inside her. Comics, ikr?

They're a little clever I never thought of it that way. Also, does anyone know wtf happened to putlocker. I don't have disney plus and have watched a lot of shit free from putlocker but it seems like on nearly every search engine they've been delisted. I found ways to watch but wtf did they do to my homie putlocker?


yeah it was just super confusing, like oooo she bombed the sacred timeline? with what lol?
ok lady sif in the mcu and the comics is really really hot then

she appeared in that aos abc show once or twice i think which i still don't understand if its canon or not

putlocker is just too famous and with all it's variants running around it's hectic to find the episode
i use this site it's great mega library of all kinds of shows and movies https://www2.zoechip.com/tv/loki-42258

do you not use qbittorrent?


Lol ya real Sif is pretty fine too. Ya, I think AOS is supposed to be cannon but it seems to be such a underperformer Disney/Marvel wishes it wasn't.

Damn yo. *Pours one out for putlocker* Yeah, I got no idea what qbitorrent is. I'm a utorrent man myself, but I'm usually too lazy and don't have good enough internet to torrent stuff.


File: 1624168695761.png (169.94 KB, 1898x997, Screenshot.png)

well if you ever get better internet i recommend using qbittorent
it is open source and the premier torrent program to use nowadays

torrenting is harder than before because all those mega torrent searching sites don't seem to exist anymore


Watched the new episode of Rick and Morty
I think Morty is slowly turning into his evil counterpart just going by the effortless slaughter he commits over basically being frustrated


File: 1624266277703-0.jpeg (1.74 MB, 2048x1118, E52A5659-A54E-4EDD-AB36-2….jpeg)

File: 1624266277703-1.jpeg (779.38 KB, 2048x1133, 515F6AD8-1E89-41BE-8524-D….jpeg)



is the show even a comedy anymore? it looks more like a drama now


It stopped being comedy after the 2nd season, when they fired the entire writing team for trying to unionize and replaced them with women to virtue signal away their union busting.


Woah, more info on the union busting at Adult Swim. This sounds intriguing.



are they finishing the revolution arch or was that just a one off thing


Trying to find out now but it seems like it's been scrubbed from the internet. Their virtue signal tactic was very effective, nothing but hacks sucking off how progressive they were for hiring female writers.


i don't think it was the women writers
dan harmon is the culprit

he made community and that too became boringly serious instead of comedic during the sci-fi tier episodes like dark timeline and paintball

he leans into too much of this nerd crap and doesn't know how to balance comedy with it


For once
Paul Rudd didn't show that clip on conan

It's the end of an era
Does anybody know what kind of a show his new gig on HBO is going to be?

Travel or just another talk show?
I should watch conan goes to cuba
I wasn't a communist when I watched it years ago and I remember a couple of spicy anti-communist bits on there I think




File: 1624444314598.jpg (112.19 KB, 1280x720, not that filthy ningen.jpg)

I ship LokixLoki
It is fitting to his narcissism, that person he spends the rest of his life with herself

That loki is bi reveal wouldn't have felt so corporate and forced if these thousands of year old gods actually talked about it more casually rather than saying it like an actual reveal in-universe. These gods obviously won't care about straight and gay duality.

This entire episode felt like an outerworlds episode.
Also I knew it! The TVA is ebil.

My prediction feels like it's going to come out right

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