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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku


Its a 5/10 show at best, gamers just like when their media gets popular, so theyre exaggerating its quality


It's on HBO lol, that's why it's hyped


I liked both of the gay date episodes actually. Frank and the Ellie and her gf one. But yeah I thought the last episode was probably the weakest so far.
>Tonight's episode was pretty weak tho. Maybe the weakest yet. Didn't do anything interesting with the cult.
But then I went on twitter and they seemed to be eating it up.

That the guy Joel killed at the school in the previous episode was the guy they were mourning at the beginning of this one was a good twist, but it doesn't make any sense because none of those guys had guns, yet in this episode, the cult has tons of guns.

The guys starving didn't make any sense. Maybe if some unexpected tragedy suddenly struck them like their food spoiled or infected got into it or something, it might make sense, but that these guys were that unprepared after years of surviving out there didn't. They can't even make traps? Also how were they such shit hunters and trackers? Then Ellie goes out and finds a rabbit and a deer in like five minutes.

The cult leader seemed like he was going to be interesting, seemed like he was more compassionate with his followers, but then we learn it was just because he fell madly in love with Ellie immediately for retarded reasons. Also his whole speech was fucking ridiculous, telling her he's a fraud and doesn't believe in Christianity to her right away. Also after giving her that whole speech, he just decides after the first rejection "welp, time to eat her!" No it would make much more sense that he would be more dedicated to the wife thing after that long revealing speech. You think he would try to break her down over time. At least rape her once before eating her lol. But nope straight to the eating. Also they were making the cannibalism thing look so horrible, when there's really nothing wrong with eating people who died on there own if you're starving.

Joel and torturing those guys when he had them tied up was gratuitous and unnecessary. Also illogical. You think he would keep them alive to try and barter for Ellie. Worse was the reactions on twitter and everyone cheering for it.

Like you mentioned the Ellie getting away so easily was dumb. Didn't make sense why they did that fakeout where he stuck it down right next to her just because she told them she was infected. Why would that be a reason to not just swipe down on her neck like he was about to 2 seconds before? If anything that would be more of a reason to. If I was cult leader guy I woulda swiped her. Let my follower guy know I think she's faking, but to be safe, put me in the cage and wait to see if I turn. What was even more dumb was using the meat cleaver thing twice. The second time, he SEES her crawling towards the cleaver, but nope, doesn't even think to kick it out of the way before trying to rape her in the burning building. The whole burning building scene was dumb as hell. That's like pure movie shit, showing know concern this building is going to start coming down on top of you and you're about to suffocate before that. He's like "the doors are locked Ellie! There is no way out!" Well then why the fuck don't you go outside dude and wait for her to try and break out? Also why did none of the rest of the cult come to their main fucking building burning down? Did just none of them notice?

But everyone on twitter was really eating up the going psycho on the rapist thing. Ok whatever, could've been powerful, just the whole setup to it was so ridiculous it just had me rolling my eyes.

And Joel going from so out of it he can't even speak, to peak murdering condition in 5 minutes made no sense either. They could've staged that way better.

Also why the fuck weren't the cult eating the monkeys that were running all around the university?


I fucking hate the 'cannibal cult' cliche, it's so overused


It doesn't matter if she's a lesbian. Ellie should have a kid so that she at least passes on her immunity to the rest of humanity. If only Joel had knocked her up before he got grand slammed. Future humans would be unstoppable then.


>damn, i gotta pick this show up again
It's mostly about Harley and Ivy doing some stupid downtown rich girl shit. I mean the show definitely has it's moment, but unfortunately most of it is pretty mediocre. I don't even remember most of the stuff that happened despite the fact that iwatched it whole in the february. There is occasional interesting character development for Harley and some other characters, but Joker did more in two episodes to affect the setting and enact some meaningful change to it than Harley did in the rest of the show. I wish this show was better and had more interesting stuff like Joker arresting Bruce for tax evasion but alas.


I'm a little over halfway through Vladimir Bortko's adaptation of The Idiot. The English subtitles are poor and there are a few cast members whose performances I'm not entirely convinced by, but on the whole it's quite good so far.


Alright, great rec. I'm gonna try and torrent it and get alternative subutitles. *14 moments of spring* was one of the most memorable tv things I've seen over the last few years.


File: 1678701064300.jpg (162.41 KB, 944x1284, IMG_20230313_104954.jpg)

"Greatest story in modern history" Jesus Christ


Pandering to gamers for that TikTok Skinner box



Also, how can you read this and not understand she's joking? It's well crafted bait, but overseasoned.


i think it's wholesome


Gossip Girl reboot ended in such a classist way
the poor teacher gets caught and all the rich kids ya ya away

at least the latino kid stylist gets an brand deal and does something with her life, that was good

and then there's a post credit scene where the fox news guy talks about the "gossip girl initivate" where they talk about how much money they can make

no wonder it got cancelled


Anime honestly is some of the worst things on earth. Those japs really got their brains fried to make such trash.


Primal is great.
The choice to go from an episodic format to having a story arc in season 2 is somewhat controversial though. Hopefully Genndy follows through on the idea to make it fully an anthology series, since it worked pretty well with the one episode like that they snuck into season 2.

As for the last episode, the first half is ok but could be turned off after Spear leaves to go sit by himself if you want to skip the badly paced conclusion and a certain questionable scene.


>TV shows
People still make and watch these? Lol


I've been told that we're living through a golden age of television


Pure cope over cable-cutting and the fact that streaming is a bunch of hedge funds in a trench coat


The golden age ended when like, idk, Game of Throne started getting bad. Now everything is rehashes and workmanlike shows by streaming companies that don't care about what they're making.


That is cope. There are several good shows out there, Severance was great, Andor was greatm Better Call Saul was great, etc.
>by streaming companies that don't care about what they're making.
The companies don't but they seem to allow for a degree of artistic freedom. 2 of the 3 aforementioned shows aired at some of the worst companies in the world. But still, TV networks censored much more back in the day.


Andor was good for a Star Wars product but nothing amazing in general, not seen Severance, as for BCS… I dunno it was alright, I watched it, but it definitely isn't as good as the Wire, GOT, etc etc, it's not even as good as Breaking Bad.


>Severance was great, Andor was greatm Better Call Saul was great
I haven't watched these but I can assure you they're complete garbage. Try not shovelling reactionary slop down your maw.


What would be non reactionary entertainment


>I haven't watched these
>I can assure you they're complete garbage
Thanks for your insight. Severance takes the living shit out of capitalist work culture and Andor has an antifascist direction.
>Try not shovelling reactionary slop down your maw.
Even if I did, since I am on this board you can assume I could see through that if I was confronted with it cuz I am not a normie baby. You could make a critique that these shows are a form of capitalist realism but you come over as unhinged.


The Wind That Shakes The Barley


How about I burn your Barley.


If you have to ask..


Anyone ever seen an old show called The Torkelsons 1991

also thoughts on the last of us finale, im not ready for joel to die

I'm interested that you didn't deny BCS is reactionary, nta
But I feel like that show is a bit libbed with how much it wags a finger on how jimmy gets things done

Like the system is still corrupt but the writers think he somehow has to pay for all that he has done in an unjust world


alright but no kissing


And what do you watch?


Jimmy getting railed is just to complete the trifecta.
Walter: ded
Jesse: got away
Jimmy: prison


Wednesday is funny it's like a fucked-up mix of Euphoria and Harry Potter


i agree with this
even though being a babygirl kendall roy supporter



after watching the ending of the video, i feel like i don't agree with the part about contradictions

i mean they're right and true, but that's just gonna be

for a system of contradictions like capitalism
i see nothing wrong in it, you can take the king's supper to spit at it him with

what are y'all thoughts on anti-cap media made under capitalism?


New Succession season premiere was boring
Had high hopes for the show but it's just constant repetition just like everything else on TV


Yeah, I remember it not being boring but that feels like ages ago.


I think it might do too good of a job at portraying the characters and their lives as hallow and unlikable. Yeah, this competing to pay billions of dollars for a media empire so democracy doesn't die in darkness and they can resolve their daddy issues ultimately doesn't matter. The haute bourgeois are revealed as empty vessels, emotionally stunted children, who don't really care about anything or do that much besides shuffle money around. Why am I watching this though


I guess it's like a modern day comedy of manners
Out of all of the disgustingly fascistic characters on the show, Tom is definitely up there
He's even more of a bloodhound than Roman, who's really just awkwardly going through the motions because he's scared of his father


Eh, for a set up episode, it wasn’t bad


i laughed at least
i don't like that they're making roman the level headed one


really tom? i mean true he's the head of ATN
and that comment about the left and all that nazi apologia he does

still feels like he's a lib who doesn't realize he's a fascist yet

it's crazy how he was the one who dissed ravenclaw the best


He's a hungry corporate grifter from the provinces


It's set in a magical high school for "outcasts" and they face racism from "normies" while they're also racist to said "normies"
The protagonist is a golden child from a rich family who works to bridge the divides or whatever
The high school drama bits are reminiscent of Euphoria, with all of the usual archetypes


arent all the outcasts rich as fuck too


The Adamses can only be the way they are because they're rich.


What is the appeal of barry?

are the munsters and addams family any different?


>What is the appeal of barry?
It's about a guy that kills people


I enjoy the black comedy aspect of Barry and the tension between him and other characters being on the cusp of making the right decision before either tragically making the wrong one or fate intervening to mess everything up.

Then there are some characters like Noho Hank that are just fun to watch.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to be invested in it though. Season 3 got a little weird in places and it kind of feels like it's running out of steam.


I prefer Other Barry

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