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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.
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Why is The Americans so talked about being great?

Is it because of the anti-communist propaganda in it?
Is there? I've never watched it


>I don't like Dexter
>It is too disturbing, Like the first season 5 episodes in and it's way too gorey and messed up
How did you make it to season 5 lol? I think I watched 2-3 episodes, and I was like yeah, this is some sickshit. I'm a person who has no problem watching gore and all that but watching a scripted show where I'm supposed to sympathize with a serial killer? Lol. Get out of here. That's how I know the average person is way sicker than me, they're just pussies.


My bad I read "season 5" " season 1, 5 episodes in," got it.


idk why i watched it through to the end years ago, maybe i was just really bored and it was the only marginally interesting show on netflix at the time


serial killers are a really boring topic in general although Dexter is kind of more than just that i think


Based anon. I don't know how anyone watches this shit, even Breaking Bad made me uncomfortable.


I meant season 1 episode 4
I've watched the entire show as a kid

It's not a problem about sympathizing with serial killer, It's about the gross fucked up antagonists of the show

It just made me sad that watchman like pleading to not be cut, I just felt sick, I didn't watch it anymore

Season 3 sounds fun tho, I watched a recap and like he makes a friend with some DA who knows about his killing

oh ok lol

Oh so hi anons

I want to ask y'all this question

All these so called acclaimed drama shows especially from these HBO/Showtime
Don't they feel a little formulaic?

There's always the character has a weird fucked up fetish scene, Innocent character gets gunned down etc but

Like I guess these are real, familiar themes in real life too, and real life is not dainty and clean, but idk after a while all the plotlines just become like a game of what more fucked up twist can you come up with

It's just tiring, The writing, The character monologues

I guess it works, That's why it sells, But I'd like to see a new revolutionary drama from these cable companies that isn't the same type beat



Meh, If it was 2008, And I watched several seasons already I'd totally be into Boardwalk Empire

But seeing from this retrospective, Meh, I just don't want to watch anything beyond

Mind you, I don't think knowing all the plots and twists does not sway me towards not watching a show

I watched a 2 hour Vampire Diaries retrospective and came out wanting to watch it


i am reading this character gillian darmody's wiki again, and it really is a tale of tragedy

like just so much sadness

nucky is such a piece of shit

What the fuck was Atlantic City in the 1920s huh? Just craziest wild west shit


do you think people are stronger and smarter now?
with advent of media and internet and everything?

it's all really easily accessible,


boardwalk empire is great, it's definitely worth watching. great acting, costumes, cool period, lot of pathos


yeah maybe someday, the style is great
But i just don't think i want to watch this type of show, The tragedy and nihilistic, morally gray nature character shows, I'm not built for it until there's comedy throughout like Succession

I watched an hour of interview from the creator of the show, and he apparently also worked on The sopranos

it was quite revealing about this kind of tv show, the don't tell, show type of story telling, the subversive and amiguity,

Idk I wish for something new from modern drama shows
Was Game of Thrones also in the same vein as Sopranos and Boardwalk?


I hate dramas
I jacked off to some r34 in between yesterday

But after that, All these shows, Thinking about them, I am overwhelmed by the human condition

Sex is not intriguing to me, It feels like a tired activity, Like any other

I hate dramas so much, This is why I like to stay dumb, and not watch thought-provoking television



I love life, I really do, but man
Dramas are too much

Gonna start living to take the weight off these feels

I'll be a good person, Goodbye anons


i liked the first 1 or 2 seasons but it's just become shitty action-adventure glorification at this point hasn't it


I felt the quality drops mid way, probably around the same time it got more popular.


ye, it just became a dumb Scarface rip-off where he's "made it" but actually he hasn't and also kills off a bunch of enemies coming after him for whatever reason and shit
in the first season, it was mostly just about him trying to survive in his hood which was way better tbh


File: 1642172337066.png (171.28 KB, 600x439, 476.png)

Just finished watching S2 of Breaking Bad and just… that ending hit me like a train. I never thought a show could make me feel so depressed but goddamn…

No spoilers for the rest of the show, please. I know you're not supposed to discuss old works on the internet until you've finished them but I just had to get this off my chest. I think I'm gonna take a break from the show for a while.


what happens in the end of s2?

the teddy bear?

is breaking bad really depressing? i haven't watched it since i was 14, i thought it was exciting at best

man i can't remember why i enjoyed breaking bad when i think about it

the comedy? there's not much
the mystery? there's not much

what the fuck did i like watching it for

you're in for a ride tho, the finale is a banger, badass as fuck


>the teddy bear?
That was one part, but what I'm talking about is Jessie's girlfriend dying.


what happens with bear
i can't remember

they show flashbacks of it and some plane bursting in the air?

the kid? is this the ricin thing, whose kid was that lol


File: 1642471290452.png (1.31 MB, 1440x900, Goskinoussr.png)

Rewatching Idi i smotri for the first time in years and apart from the great critique and depiction, I'm realizing for the first time just how well put together it is as a whole. They don't make it like this anymore


oh shit posted in the wrong thread. goddamn. whatever


what is it even


Come and See


Come where and see what?



Wait this is that movie by that marxist black filmmaker with horses or something ?

The photo you posted looked like some old soviet television program


cmon now that was a dad joke that you're responding to

Anyways, I don't want to watch Bojak Horseman but I am interested in learning and hearing the life lessons it seems to say

Does anybody know any good youtube video essay that summarizes the show?


Whoops Let Me Google That For You's new design may have broken it
Sorry about that lad
Try this link and remember when you see something you don't understand you can always highlight the text in question and do a web search



also you're talking about Sorry to Bother You


that spoiler happens much later on
>it's just become shitty action-adventure glorification at this point hasn't it
it has but it's still pretty entertaining, all of the rest of the seasons have a different feel to them but the quality goes down after the first two. Funny when i first watched i thought 1-2 were the weakest until i rewatched.
>in the first season, it was mostly just about him trying to survive in his hood which was way better tbh
the perfect beginning. you can literally see how skinny he is compared to later season, they were truly living in the piss and shit in the early years


oh shut up you pretensious twat


what is the first result? i didn't ask that question

googling "marxist black filmaker" doesn't give that result

oh okay


Hey mods, The thread is full now,

Can you make it cyclical now? I'm the OP across all variants of this thread


Done. First hundred threads got eliminated (full is 600, cyclic is 500) but can be found on web.archive.org.


"And just like that, A hundred posts are gone"

Did you watch that Watchmen TV show?

People were hyping it up but I never hear about it anymore, Gonna check it out

And thanks.


I hate ideology in tv so much

Finally bit the bullet and apparently the shitty new cap show's finale literally involves the rightoid and liberal coming together to beat down the dumbass anarchist kids and then the new cap giving a speech to politicians

it's literally neoliberal: the show

>talk about how x bad thing happened and how that's bad, but now it'll be good because the system has changed magically because of? talking!

>some black guy who developed the super soldier serum was tortured but now that the new cap is black, it's all okay because they made a statue of the guy who was tortured

and i will never stop hating bucky, shit character and tool for anti-soviet propaganda

MCU is the worst when it comes to do american propaganda, come to think of every Captain America movie has some kind of anti-communist rhetoric to it

Did they even mention the Red Army at all in the first movie set in WII? Fucking hate the franchise, I hope it tanks



How? How does the get on network TV? air on NBC?

One of the first episodes is some grotesque figurine of a 100s of dead bodies but showing a nipple is not allowed on the same channel?



I did not know that Succession Logan's actor calls himself a "socialist" (social democrat)

At least he's classpilled enough to shit on bill maher and say he's one because he experienced poverty and shit

I don't know wtf conservative austerity is or why women are dying there

Is it true that Jeremy Corbyn lost because he couldn't sell his political program well? As he says here?

I don't follow UK politics, Shit's fucked if now the people need to be sold on their own good will too


also the movies thread which has reached 500+


I don't really like capeshit but damn Peacemaker is a based tv show


wtf is this shit? why do you like peacemaker


its ok, only watching it because i have nothing else to consoom. Eagly is top tier.



File: 1642749427035.png (795.84 KB, 1623x730, 124230.png)

Alright enough capeshit

I thought Euphoria was just Zendaya getting fucked up on drugs but nah

The episode starts with some girl detranstioning and being in love with zendaya? wtf

it was beautiful how like the first 2 minute is literally just glimpses of the eye with a song

What is this

>The series dramatizes an alternate history depicting "what would have happened if the global space race had never ended" after the Soviet Union succeeds in the first crewed Moon landing ahead of the United States

Prolly gonna end with le soviets bad message but damn

>The comments are quarantined due to tankie infestation

fucking whiny anarchists, I didn't understand before why people hated the word but now I understand

What could possibly even be so bad about the comments?

<oh no people are acknowledging the achievements of the soviet space programs!!!1


Also anons
What the fuck was the meaning behind Therapy in Sopranos

I never watched that shit, Was it trying to say that therapy doesn't work or that it doesn't work on people like Tony?


File: 1642751306417.png (953.75 KB, 1262x546, no.png)

This show is raunchy as fuck
5 minutes and they're making gross Aquaman fucks fish jokes, and I heard about the superman bit,I get why capeshit nerds are mad
There's so much of internet memeshit in the writing, I don't really like it and the raunchy stuff
But Imma keep watching cause the blond in the intro looks hot

And what the fuck is up with James Gunn projects always with the pervy shit and 80's aesthetics?
Like we get it, You grew up in america in the 1980s


Oh my fucking god bros, I accidentally watched some in between special instead of the actual show's pilot

I was feeling so mad

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