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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.


>that scene where the entire family tells off the classist jerks?
Yes, exactly. It's awesome.
>lois and her book club loiter and get chased by pigs, malcolm and stevie mess around the town and flashback to lois being pregnant
>i loved how much that show used the word pig to describe cops unironically (that episode where reese decides to become a policeman and says "mom, dad, i've decided to grow up and be a pig! LOL)
Lois is based and I've seen many people on the internet with the most retarded takes on her. That because she's authoritarian and screams a lot, she's a "sociopath" or a "psychopath" and hates her children. But if you're not a dumbass you'll realize as you grow up that she's doing her best to raise them into decent people, as decent as they can be, despite her horrendous upbringing. She's able to overcome that out of her love for her boys (and maybe also resentment towards her own mother).

I wish I could watch that scene for the first time again


is that Olivia Munn in the pink dress in the thumbnail and @2:14 of the video?


No, that's Emy Coligado


yes lois is quite different from other sitcom moms
character was actually portrayed realistically and oh man her own mom was such cunt, man

luckily because of depression and watching malcolm in the middle as a child
like frankie muniz, a lot of the scenes feel like i'm watching them for the first time

i hope he too enjoys the show again for the first time, must feel weird

what do you think was the weirdest moment on the show?
that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard


so did the anon who said he was gonna watch loki, watch it?

i did it was funny and had some lore
owen wilson's character was fun but i hate the tva

they seem like fascists, erasing a guy just for not getting a ticket wtf
obsessed with law and order shit, yuck

one thing i don't get it is why aren't the avengers time travel shenanigans considered a violation?

who and why is something meant to be
the whole loki seeing his past and future shit was depressing as fuck, imagine finding out you're not the main character of your story. absolute will breaking stuff.

owen wilson did not say wow even once
villain reveal was disappointing. not one, not two but three fucking lokis?


>that moment where malcolm's first girlfriend's parents made lenin and stalin cupcakes caught me so off guard
Wtf I don't remember that


oh it is
the new girl that moves into malcolm's school has some well educated parents

i think it might be this episode https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0640354/

it takes place in the school lunch zone out in the rain

resse gets punched by her lmao


Oh, right, Cynthia, the Krelboyne girl. She's pretty based though why does she know an Israeli martial art?
I found the clip, it's 1:6



It was a different episode btw, it's not "Krelboyne Girl", it's "Reese Cooks", her second appearance.


oh she just said communist revolutionaries not actually cupcakes
or maybe…


i like the krelboyone's second teacher, his hair was effay and that fight he did with hal in the school was legendary

>though why does she know an Israeli martial art?

i think krav maga is female focused or something
so like every american show gives strong female character's that skill trait


Hey friend! Yes I did watch the first episode, though I'm considering a rewatch. Anyhow to address you're and general points. I'm not sure we're supposed to like the TVA. For that matter Loki wasnt really supposed to be likeable until about Thor Ragnarok. About the erasing. I suspect maybe they're not straight killing people they don't like but perhaps resetting them to their OG timeline. Also, they did a bad job of addressing the Avengers transgressions. They mentioned the Avengers were supposed to have time traveled. Also, a friend told me since they put their infinity stones back, thus ensuring the proper flow of time they broke no time laws. About Loki and destiny etc, I like that the show is like loosely tackling the subjectivity of moral quandaries. But, personally I'm hoping these renegade Lokis aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto or something.


>aren't actually Loki's and maybe like Mephisto
oh no no no no
i haven't watched wandavision but mephisto has become like a big meme in the community because people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show

anyways you could be right
the french girl points towards the devil in the church in the beginning of the show
new episode in 1-2 more days

i like this show because it has a lot of lore


>people were saying he was the mastermind behind in that show
Maybe. I still think Wandavision was pretty bad.

>french girl points towards the devil in the church

Yep and he was red and didn't really look like Loki. But "evil" type gods in history seem to usually have the same look what with horns and all, so who knows? But yeah, I like it better than wandavision or the imperialism hour so far. Deff gonna watch the next one.


File: 1623838241263-0.png (175.07 KB, 1684x2382, omarsy-lupin.png)

Anyone else watching this? Based gentleman burgurlar stealing from the bourgoise and exposing the french political elite for thier crimes and corruption against the working class. It's not Soprano's/Wire level of groundbreaking prestige T.V but it's comfy af and the lead actor gives an incredible performance. Idk how to explain it but his acting just feels so real. He's funny and charasmatic but also super intense in a bond type of way. Season 2 just came out but I haven't got around to watching it yet.


wait this show is not the anime adapataion of the lupin anime show?

there's too much media today
i can't keep up with what is what


why is south park still popular?

the controversy angle confuses me because what makes it edgier than something like family guy?


File: 1623929285100.png (874.08 KB, 1190x627, 165254.png)

you watched the 2nd episode?
much better

plot is still fucking confusing as shit and i feel like it was heading towards a "tva is corrupt and the bad loki is actually a good guy taking it down from within" but now with lady loki i don't understand anything anymore, my only criticism is that i saw lady loki looked like this a few days ago and i was so let down that she doesn't look like her

bimbo loki would've been hot

that 2050 predictions was depressing, in 30 years from now, alabamians will be extinct


BBC3 has a similar show called something like things not to ask to…(autistic people, transgender etc…), although it's quite more sensationalized and SJW'ed in the case of some episodes


File: 1624011117118.webm (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, Loki theme.webm)

I hate disney
The bastards not only are trying to save their bandwidth costs by releasing the episodes weekly but they also get free press every week if they drip it out slowly

And they get to appeal to the small subsection of traditionalists also if they do this. Fucking corporate bastards think they're so clever.


Yep. I watched. The plots a little wonky. I just dont really get how variants work and it wasnt totally clear what Lady Loki did at the end. I believe she sent the charges to TVA to create fractures in time but it wasn't that clear. Yeah it's kinda weird Lady Loki is blonde i too like dark haired women better. Though, the lady Loki from the comics you're talking about I believe is actually Lady Sif with Loki's mind inside her. Comics, ikr?

They're a little clever I never thought of it that way. Also, does anyone know wtf happened to putlocker. I don't have disney plus and have watched a lot of shit free from putlocker but it seems like on nearly every search engine they've been delisted. I found ways to watch but wtf did they do to my homie putlocker?


yeah it was just super confusing, like oooo she bombed the sacred timeline? with what lol?
ok lady sif in the mcu and the comics is really really hot then

she appeared in that aos abc show once or twice i think which i still don't understand if its canon or not

putlocker is just too famous and with all it's variants running around it's hectic to find the episode
i use this site it's great mega library of all kinds of shows and movies https://www2.zoechip.com/tv/loki-42258

do you not use qbittorrent?


Lol ya real Sif is pretty fine too. Ya, I think AOS is supposed to be cannon but it seems to be such a underperformer Disney/Marvel wishes it wasn't.

Damn yo. *Pours one out for putlocker* Yeah, I got no idea what qbitorrent is. I'm a utorrent man myself, but I'm usually too lazy and don't have good enough internet to torrent stuff.


File: 1624168695761.png (169.94 KB, 1898x997, Screenshot.png)

well if you ever get better internet i recommend using qbittorent
it is open source and the premier torrent program to use nowadays

torrenting is harder than before because all those mega torrent searching sites don't seem to exist anymore


Watched the new episode of Rick and Morty
I think Morty is slowly turning into his evil counterpart just going by the effortless slaughter he commits over basically being frustrated




is the show even a comedy anymore? it looks more like a drama now


It stopped being comedy after the 2nd season, when they fired the entire writing team for trying to unionize and replaced them with women to virtue signal away their union busting.


Woah, more info on the union busting at Adult Swim. This sounds intriguing.



are they finishing the revolution arch or was that just a one off thing


Trying to find out now but it seems like it's been scrubbed from the internet. Their virtue signal tactic was very effective, nothing but hacks sucking off how progressive they were for hiring female writers.


i don't think it was the women writers
dan harmon is the culprit

he made community and that too became boringly serious instead of comedic during the sci-fi tier episodes like dark timeline and paintball

he leans into too much of this nerd crap and doesn't know how to balance comedy with it


For once
Paul Rudd didn't show that clip on conan

It's the end of an era
Does anybody know what kind of a show his new gig on HBO is going to be?

Travel or just another talk show?
I should watch conan goes to cuba
I wasn't a communist when I watched it years ago and I remember a couple of spicy anti-communist bits on there I think



File: 1624444314598.jpg (112.19 KB, 1280x720, not that filthy ningen.jpg)

I ship LokixLoki
It is fitting to his narcissism, that person he spends the rest of his life with herself

That loki is bi reveal wouldn't have felt so corporate and forced if these thousands of year old gods actually talked about it more casually rather than saying it like an actual reveal in-universe. These gods obviously won't care about straight and gay duality.

This entire episode felt like an outerworlds episode.
Also I knew it! The TVA is ebil.

My prediction feels like it's going to come out right


File: 1624598488513.png (142.3 KB, 330x336, fuck.png)

Conan did his final show today
I watched all those team coco clips on youtube since I was a teenager

Gonna binge all those Jordan Schlansky and Clueless gamer clips especially

Here's the the entire chronological playist of over 9000+ clips uploaded on that channel

All media disappears away these days. I'm gonna take it in before it goes away


IASIP is the most fucked up show i've ever watched
the episode where they sexually assualt the homeless guy and get tempted to eat human meat was the last straw

too fucked up, literally stopped watching
is that the most messed up moment on the show or is there anything worse on it?




where is that quote from


Fucking Time Nazis man

Don't wanna incorrectly call them fascists, cause there's no real involvement of capital here and authoritarianism is a meme word

But muh sacred timeline is an awful lot like the faschite muh scared white race and culture
Spooked mentality on how something is supposed to be a "right" way and no deviations are allowed just because some shithead says so

All the TVA servants are fucking rule following liberals is what they are, Blind and just existing to follow whatever the law is without thinking to question its existence and purpose

This is a good marvel show, I'm not seeing any trash america shilling like their other movies show do

Literally went through heart break and excitement so fucking fast

Everything has been right as I've predicted, including the after credits moment. Let's hope they bring it home good with the finale.

Also there's nothing wrong with fucking yourself, Fuck all the morons on twitter whining about how lokixsylive is problematic
Loki is my favourite MCU character now, He's so much like me. This show made me like the character now.


File: 1625097298114.jpg (267.97 KB, 800x800, Akira.jpg)

>So it looks like the Expanse is heading for a catastrophe like GoT. They only got renewed for another season which will be the last season, while still having more than three books to cover. Plus the actor who plays Alex got #metoo'ed for unsolicited dick pics and harassing female fans, so he won't be returning.
LMAO that's his vibe he always gives off. WTF? This is like Kevin Spacey level. That's exactly what you would think the character on the show would do. I'm still in the middle of season 5. You're this anon: >>16089 That spoiled Alex dying for me. it was my fault, I looked

Well it sucks that they're going to have to abridge the last season, but hopefully the season is good and that will be enough. It's like Akira movie vs the books. The movie follows books 1-2 and 6 almost exactly and cuts out everything in books 3,4, and 5. Still an amazing movie, even if what they left out could've been an amazing movie in and of itself.


I really like the late 2000's american family vibes

The middle and Modern Family capture that vibe in their earlier seasons

What other comedy shows capture that moment?
2007-2010 vibe


currently watching the I love the (insert decade here) series

It's good
Although I don't know how much of it is misremembered and crafted to be in a certain way but its fun


Somehow this is still not copyright blocked on youtube and the shows are up


Rescues Washington DC
Freakazoid Freakazoid

Unless something's better on TV
Freakzoid Freakazoid

Freaka you! Freaka me!


do you prefer brighter and less accurate releases of shows or darker but less clearer releases of shows

i enjoy the atmosphere of both that give me
i've seen the bright version recently and most probably the dark version when it came first on tv

i'm going back to watch the darker more accurate version with contrast but the less accurate more bright versions still have a place in my heart


File: 1625663595214-0.jpg (932.49 KB, 1920x1080, Precious Baby Boi.jpg)

File: 1625663595214-3.jpg (714.77 KB, 1920x1080, Jurassic Moment.jpg)

File: 1625663595214-4.webm (18.62 MB, 1920x1080, Glorious Grant.webm)

I fucking love this show man

It rejects the individualistic, selfish Lokis and promotes the Loki to become a communal member and learn to trust and help each other.
Just because he is the god of outcasts doesn't mean he has to be alone. I relate so much.

The show is about change and how it is never too late to change your ways and evolve and that everybody deserves a chance to do so. I can't remember the last MCU media that had such a lefty message.

I hate the cunt that is the chief of the TVA, fucking absolute annoying lib. Muh institution, Muh stability, Muh authority figures must be protected!!!1
I hope she fucking dies, She is so fucking slimy and dishonest.

I don't get why everybody is saying the main guy behind it all is Kang the Conqueror
I've never read the comics. What kind of villain would have a castle in the middle of the end of time as his place of hiding. It's so classically tacky.

Also the fucking nerds put the Thanoscopter in the MCU
Season Finale next week, That's right Season 2 in the works.


This is going to sound dumb but, I don't care since the show is not in French.


>2007-2010 vibe


Yeah this was a great episode. Honestly some of the best MCU content in a while. I've been a life long marvel enjoyer but never cared for Loki. But since Ragnarok and this show he's evolved into less of sniveling, conniving bad buy and into a far more down to earth being just trying to get this shit together. Also I'm the same annon that said I wasn't sure pruned=death. So, called it. As for Kang he's the only logical orchestrator of this all. He's supposedly confirmed to be the villain in Ant-man 3 which makes perfect sense since Ant-man's been fucking with time too and his lineage as a marvel character has always been an omnipotent autocrat that exist outside of time.


i like it okay
do you know any shows or not about that vibe era

>Also I'm the same annon that said I wasn't sure pruned=death So, called it.
Where were you saying that my guy
I thought I was the only one still posting about this show

Now you say that. I want to believe it's him too because It would be awesome for this show that doesn't seem like would impact the MCU to actually have an impact

I've been fooled so much by those ""mcu"" shows that came before disney+ that had no real connection with the movies but this one has huge production values so I have more hope that it will bridge with Ant Man 3 Quantmania

>character has always been an omnipotent autocrat that exist outside of time

I want to be him. Sounds dope.


>been fooled so much by those ""mcu"" shows that came before disney+
Ya, the mouse really fucked up there. Especially in regards to daredevil and defenders etc. I think Daredevil, JJ and to some extent Defenders were high quality enough to incorporate them into MCU at some point but the mouse lied. I seem to remember some disney guy somewhere saying the Defenders would show up in the Avengers movies. I guess they thought GOTG was more important. Oh well maybe the Defenders or something similar will get rebooted on hulu or D+ or something.

But ya, however Loki ends it just wouldn't feel right unless it puts something into place for Ant-Man 3. Unless they're planning some whacky shit all together that no one could fathom. And ya I called that thing about pruning here >>16494


File: 1625750727589.png (866 KB, 768x768, 5k8vkxl5sx971_jpg.png)

Oh you're the same guy I've been talking to since the beginning

I personally only loved Punisher show. I know he's not really the typical punisher looking guy but with the whole recasting j.jonah with the same actor in the mcu and quicksilver becoming kraven the hunter

I'd wish Jon Bernthal would return. The season 2 was really too long with the harleyxjoker type tertiary story but still

Who do you wish would return and get recasted into the MCU? The defenders?


Ya idk I only made it a couple of episodes into Punisher. It's not that I didn't like the show or Bernthal even but I just hate punisher type characters.

If anyone was going to return to MCU…at first I'd say Quicksilver but if that actor is gonna be Kraven I'm not opposed to that at all actually. So next I think i'd have to say the defenders, just bring em all back. Except for maybe Iron Fist.


I just heard someone mention "rule 34" in a fucking Law & Order SVU episode


ok you convinced me to watch

its not bad


>Mfw its late-stage Elementary seasons and I am watching them with my family and I we are not English and I am the designated translator because anglicanized zoomer and Holmes starts talking about incels or Pinochet helicopters and family asks what the fuck is he on about when I try to translate those words


I'm sorry, there is no way I'm gonna watch some more MCU crap. I don't even like Loki as a character, the way they design him feels like a rip-off from Baal in Stargate SG-1.


I can't imagine having to explain incels to my non-American parents.


Elementary as in the sherlock holme show but american?

IT's going on?

Why were they talking about that shit


i wasn't trying to do that but that's good to hear
hope you enjoy it

that implies something akin to intellectual property that is being imitated, much less properly
we do not believe in property, much less intellectual property

culture and art is constantly inspired from one another
but i understand that execution is a matter of subjective taste

so, why do you think the characters are similar and in what way is baal executed better?


Ya honestly. What similarities do MCU Loki and Baal have besides being gods in some form or another?


File: 1626261513992-0.webm (3.3 MB, 1280x720, EXPLOIT.webm)

File: 1626261513992-1.png (675.19 KB, 793x430, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626261513992-2.png (1.43 MB, 1024x799, ClipboardImage.png)

I just wanted a conclusion.
I knew I should have watched WandaVision

I still have doubts that such a big effect is going to happen on the MCU from the loki show but now it seems definite

Goofy ass conqueror. How the fuck did 31st century science make the infinity stones into paper weights?


I liked the finale. I really don't know what people see in wandavision though. Here's the conclusion in that show she wears a tiara and they reveal her magic is special Call me crazy but I think wandavisions conclusion comparatively is ass compared to reveal of big wig bad guy that rivals Thanos.


Why can Loki speak perfect Latin but not a bit of old norse?


its today! its today!
whos hype?


What is going to happen in season 2
The last episode flipped the switch a bit and leaned into the anti-authority shift more which confuses me on what its actual politics were now. Capitalist agitprop always portrays their economics system with free will stupidly. So I'm kind a wondering about that

Man I hope the show comes back before Antman 3
I want to see the real Kang. A really pompous and self indulgent king is what I imagine he is like.

How do you think he is stronger than the infinity stones

I don't know. Weird
American shows just needed him to speak some weird old language I guess

What's today


>What is going to happen in season 2
No clue. Hard to say without seeing whatever Kang and the TVA do in Ant-Man 3.

>confuses me on what its actual politics were now

I'm sure the military entertainment complex has its claws in MCU like it does everything. But I'm not positive the show tries to do anything political. I mean it can't be easy to sneak politics into a show about demi gods fighting of a multiversal war to preserve a singular timeline.

>How do you think he is stronger than the infinity stones

I do hope we get less goofy versions of Kang. I want the more bellicose versions of him to be cold, stern and scary. As for the stones I guess they aint shit to him since like the show said he was still authoring all of time up until Slyvie kills him.


File: 1626466598486.jpg (34.29 KB, 353x500, 51tgZiAELiL.jpg)

Anyone ever seen this? I was thinking about it the other day but it was pretty good. Kinda surprised people don't talk about it more. All the brits in the show are pretty based too. They're not really portrayed that way but I liked them. Does anyone know of more good spy shows like this?


oh wow more anti communist propaganda



I want to watch this ukrainan show man
Can't find it

Send help


what are you referring to


File: 1626596877251-0.png (1.65 MB, 1924x1052, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626596877251-1.png (1.74 MB, 1924x1052, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1626596877251-2.png (1.76 MB, 1924x1052, ClipboardImage.png)


What is that?


Oh loki, Yeah the finale is what gave me some anti-communist vibes because according to america foreign policy every communist leader is a dictator

Anyways I'm just gonna wait until I get more proof and just assume they were talking about hitler for now.


Anons of /hobby/, suggest me some non-lib pozzed series with a good plot to watch? (bonus points if its not about individuals, cause I'm tired of this gossip-tier lens on every fucking piece of narrative)sandinistaSandinista


The Boss's Price is Always Right and The Hillary Clinton Comedy Hour


Brooklyn 99 is ending and I'm sad. Is there anything new the could replace it and numb my depression? No old shit, I want new stuff that will keep me going to years to come.


I'm watching The Underground Railroad and this might be one of my most favorite shows of all time. What a disturbingly beauitiful, epic journey.


>>18116 (me)
I just realized the guy who made this also made "Dear White People" which I thought was a pile of trash. Welp, that is something I didn't expect.


Was I Wouldn’t Go In There the most redpilled ghost hunting show? The entire premise of the show is that it already admits that ghosts are fake and only focus on why the people believe that those places are haunted in the first place. Most ends with the explanation about the mass mental scarring of imperialism in Asia. One of the only shows that on Natgeo that talks about shit like Dutch colonial crimes in Indonesia, French political prisons in Indochina, War crimes committed by South Koreans to their own civilians and the US occupation of the Philippines.


Wow. They made a ghost show like that


>new and good
that's hard to come by these days


oh dear lord
this man is a /get/chan user

still sus


Its extremely based but I think its even with Battlestar and Stargate(politically Expanse is better).


>Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games.
I decompiled and hacked an old CN game to make it work again. It's probably in Flashpoint now.piratePirate


>a /get/chan user
No wonder it's retarded


new rick and mort is trash

"millennials like to equate thanksgiving to genocide its what we do"

i really hate this kind of posturing where serious points are made into jokes in this way


Sounds like it's written by hipsters.


That's so fucking cool


it's always been shit


how do you hack that stuff
also wtf i never meant to type that

i meant those CN adventure time games
never watched the show but the games were so dope


File: 1628063209820-0.png (363.37 KB, 960x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1628063209820-1.png (150.98 KB, 1225x671, ClipboardImage.png)

In that specific case, there were a collection of archived CN Flash games that had all their main assets (game files like code and images) self-contained, but a few were unable to launch. Sometimes they're site-locked (which is why BlueMaxima's Flashpoint has a fake browser included, to trick certain games into thinking they're at home) but this one was just not working. It loaded the loading screen and instructions, but then pressing 'start' did nothing.

When you have compiled code, you can decompile it, a process called reverse engineering. This is how game/software piracy is usually done, decoding part of the binary program back into comprehendable code (manually or automatically) and modifying it. Luckily for me, there are a lot of decent open-source decompiler programs for Flash .sfws so instead of literally messing with 1s and 0s, it will translate the file it into a readable code and show you each of the buttons, images, sounds, frames, with its scripts, animations, etc. You just lose all the comments (and in many cases, meaningful variable names), so "playerHeight = currentHeight + yVelocity" becomes "var1 = var5 + var7", but there are ways you can deduce the purpose of those mystery variables. Like if it checks if var1 < 1 to see if it triggers the "You Lose" animation, var1 is probably the number of lives left. It's like sudoku, the more gaps you complete, the easier it becomes to find the rest (unless you got them wrong). Fortunately, I think Flash games preserve some of the variable names, which made it much easier.

After tracing where the path the code takes after pressing start, it turns out the game was expecting to load an XML file with basic settings (time limit, lives, how many levels there were, is the character dead), but when you clicked start without it, these settings were unknown and the game wouldn't proceed. I just hardcoded some sane default settings (like not being dead when you start the game) and it worked without any issues.

In most real cases, it's harder than this. I've met people who reverse engineer ransomware to see if there are any mistakes in it that can be used to stop it, or to try and discover which group made it. At that stage, you might even find counter-forensic techniques trying to hinder reverse engineering.piratePirate


I have wondered about something for a while
All these zombie shows or post apocoloypse shows like the walking dead

where government and society has fallen

What kind of economic system/society do they show that people are rebuilding

Do they do shitty ideological charged episode where anarchic non capitalists societies people have made are bad?


hackerman alert


Definitely repost this on /tech/, and in fact you should make a pdf guide on this kind of Flash Game hacking for other anons here.



Probably the best and only ghost show on NG. Too bad that channel went to shit after being acquired by Disney.
Based. Those CN flashgames brought back some great memories. Especially the Ben 10 create your own levels game.


its usually wild west ancap style and theres a strong hwite man who owns something important that creates the community

but they are mostly predictive programming to create an implicit distrust of your neighbors so that when SHTF you will kill each other instead of working together


yeah i loved the ben 10 alien force one where he's a teenager now and kevin is his friend

those CN flash make your own games were dope
blue beetle one was fun too

somebody should make a thread on /games/ about all the fun web games we played and post pictures


I was googling about Golden Girls spin offs to see what order to watch in and found somebody has the entire show Empty Nests on youtube

Watch it before the copyright ghouls get it. I remember my youthful summer when somebody put all of Frasier on youtube. It was so much fun. I watched so many episodes on my phone and kept laughing.

My sister Sam is also fully on youtube I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDMsInib5rI and I think Carlin's short lived sitcom too

Drop any other shows that are fully on youtube


Seriously use invidious or other sites.


Invidio hasn't mattered for a while, they went the same way as other youtube mirrors.

There's also Golden Girl Palace, but without Dorothy and Sophia it doesn't really work out.


> they went the same way as other youtube mirrors.
What do you mean


Remember Hooktube? Invidio has been like current Hooktube since the beginning, it's almost meaningless to use.


i was looking for a youtube frontend to use that wasn't shilling rightwing ads
the other popular one always did that
what does this mean


rip sophia. i feel so bad after reading her wiki page.
The only reason I know about Golden Palace was I saw the hotel with don cheadle in some cracked video.


>what does this mean
The point of Hooktube and Invidious is to prevent data tracking and other shit that make youtube the kraken of a corporation it is. But since they use Youtube api this no longer applies and you're basically just wasting time.

Yeah she her dementia started kicking in at the end and her death was tragic. It makes the show all the more sadder. It really had a good heart and good humor.


>Finished season 2 of Snowpiercer
Jesus christ what a shitshow. Honestly the best example I've ever seen of a writer going "yo so I wanna go to point C in the story which is super awsome but I am stuck at A, uhh… yeah fuck it lets just pull off a dozen deus ex machinas, each more shitty and dumb than the last to do it, who cares about the middle of the story anyway?"


Holy fuck, did you guys see the Season 5 finale of Rick and Morty?


I'm on mr robot's season 3 and it's unbelievably annoying how Elliot and some characters are trying to undo their whole anti capitalist act. If the show ends up with them undoing the damage they done to Evil corp, I'm going to pronounce this the shittiest show of all time.


just watched squid game on netflix. people in debt need money and rich porkies make them play children's game, except you die when you lose. one interesting twist is that the players can vote to stop the game if they vote majority, but it nulls all the billions of money they could get. in the first episode they successfully vote to leave the game after seeing the horrors. however, because theyre all so deep in debt, they return to their game of their own "free will". there's subtle copaganda, especially in the ending where the main antagonist tries to show the protagonist that nobody will help the homeless dude on the street, and at the last minute a cop shows up to help. funnily enough, i thought they were gonna arrest the homeless dude in a twist, but it's implied they "help" the homeless person. it's a weird ending especially when it shows the participants learning to value this morality through their own experiences after witnessing the violence they must do for the sake of money but overall it's a show that wants to prove that people will do the right thing.


I finished watching it too, I considered it a bit classpilled because as you say the people that designed and keep that fucked up game are extremely rich porkies that just want to make poor people suffer for pure fun, literally because they're bored and they see poor people like cattle or more precisely horses that they can bet on, it's also heavily implied that those porkies are actually the guys the game participants are in debt to, as in they make people poor and indebted on purpose to get participants for the game

It's also interesting to know that there were very defined and clear hierachies among the employees, as in lower rank soldiers can't even talk without the permission of their superior, it's a literal class pyramid with the VIP porkies on top.they were able to mantain the game running and with employees willing to kill people using pure economic power


also idk if it was unintentional or not but that the fate of the pakistani immigrant worker who spoke korean was sad b/c the guy who betrayed him was not able to fulfill his promise to take care of his family. it sort of makes sense in that life and death situation to only think of your family, but it seemed realistic unfortunately


this thread is cool like a branched off timeline

i've been posting on my alternate version of this thread on the other place

i bet there's a philosophical term for this
you cut off an organism into two and they both grow into different beings

are there any shows that explore such ideas?


Mind reposting some of your takes?
>are there any shows that explore such ideas
You mean like split being of the same source?


File: 1636191922786-0.png (61.03 KB, 1794x793, ent - Entertainment.png)

File: 1636191922786-1.png (60.66 KB, 1781x586, 29Television.png)

File: 1636191922786-2.png (369.87 KB, 1129x479, 55 Television.png)

The other place made another board for entertaintment, so there was no need for general television thread anymore

People talked about stuff like Squid Games in their own individual thread, These were the last posts found
The split occurred after the Season 2 Snowpiercer post


Thoughts on Narcos?
I just finished the last season, and I don't really know what to think. I mean, it's entertaining and all but it is not exactly "redpilled" eye-opening in any way. Although I feel like the latest season did a better job at pointing the finger at the US and talking about some of the general structures behind it all instead of just going with the ol' explanation of the ungovernable banana republics and failed states and yada yada. But then again, what can you expect from a Netflix show mainly told from the POV of the gringo narcs? I suppose there's just always gonna be an innate hint of something reactionary in most, if not all, cop/crime tv series and movies - although I do enjoy that shit. Call it a guilty pleasure, if you like.
I guess at the end of the day it is "just" entertainment and not everything has to correspond to our values or world views for it to be enjoyable.
The subplot with the cop in Juárez was probably my favorite part, btw.


has anyone else watched picrel, "the longest day in chang'an"? it's about cops and terrorists in the tang dynasty
I liked it, but found the "medieval sci-fi" elements like the crude oil bombs a bit too much, and the way the cops consult the capital-C Card Index is also pretty obviously be supposed to be commentary on surveillance rather than something plausible in the setting
oh yeah, and the romance subplots were sort of forced


File: 1636944187352.png (897.57 KB, 900x514, ClipboardImage.png)

Just finished this movie, thoughts leftypol?


Its been a while since I've watched it but it didnt make much sense to me. I liked when he killed the pimp, I guess this made him feel like he could be a vigilante and save America from corruption or something.
Also the whole premise is totally inaccurate. White people never drove taxis


Oh wait, that was the end of movie.
First he attempted to assassinate a politician, considering he was a Vietnam vet who did the whole "Mohawk suicide mission" bit and just ran away probably says something about traditional masculinity or something. The pimp shootout was like his second plan, wasnt well thought out, and everyone clapped and loved him. If he had went through with his previous plans, he would have a bigger impact on the world as a whole, but would be lampooned by the media and thrown to wolves in prison.
Something about masculinity as a veneer and means to an end to his inner fantasies of being accepted by people he doesnt even know.
Scorsese is very familiar with themes of masculinity, I should probably watch it again


I don't think it's about masculinity really, I feel that's looking too deeply into the intent. The failures of his plans and their messiness is a depiction of reality, vigilantism isn't clean or usually very successful.


Except it was sucessful, in the end he was "heralded as a hero, avoided a prison sentence, and received a letter of thanks from the loli's dad, everything he could hope for in his fantasies
something something incel something something master slave dialectic


His success is messy and could easily have failed is my point.


I thought I got the link from leftypol but cant find it
I watched a chinese tv show on youtube, "Minning Town", with english subtitle, about their poverty reduction program, where you basically follow a village over 10 years. Pretty good, doesnt shy away from showing the hardship and various problems, while still maintaining that hopeful note, and some very likeable characters.



Strappare lungo i bordi / Tear Along The Dotted Line

Low-middle class ex-punk cartoonist has to deal with a tragic event in his life that brings him to reflect on the fact that the future that has been promised to him is a big fat lie. It came out yesterday.


The police car shows up because the woman that seemingly passed him by without doing anything went to the cops.
Also the show is just a watered down Kaiji tbh.


Scarface scenario. Basically Travis Bickle is a deranged twat of a man that shouldn't be lauded at all. The movie in a lot of ways is kinda like watch this proto /polyp crash n burn but lifes whack so things kinda work out for him in the end.


It's not television.


i gotta watch this shit, sounds interseting as fuck


I've never watched Cowboy Bebop so I thought it would be cool to start from the live action instead of anime and manga

And 2 minutes into this, The bad guy seems to be a guy who hates corporations? wtf is this shit


>I thought it would be cool to start from the live action instead of anime and manga
Amazed to find out there are people who think like this.


>Cowboy Bebop live action

oh no


The Live Action actually got made? I thought that'd been a joke! Anyway the anime is the only thing you should see, live-action are rarely good adaptations of anime.


Wait until you see Ed.


you're easily amazed then
what's amazing about people doing things differently

i didn't watch it, i stopped watching after the scene i mentioned, it seemed to be going the direction most marvel lib shit plot goes

>yes, injustice bad! but if you do anything to stop it? you are also bad? don't act, just protest and vooot

idk if the main manga is also the same plot as this


NTA but: The original Bebop is nothing like the Liv Action. As for amazing, it's not, it's just pretty commonly known that live-action anime adaptations are shit and so people don't usually start a series from them.


File: 1637514921091.jpg (68.09 KB, 1200x627, the-strain-og.jpg)

Anybody watched The Strain? I like it quite a bit, and there even is a hidden social critique. The master bloodsucker quite literally resides on the top floor of the Bank of America and his henchman is a literal Nazi.


is it scwavy????


File: 1638339797879.jpg (169.13 KB, 1600x1200, 71ATwCzXL8L._RI_.jpg)

finished bingeing first season
first 2-3 episodes were genuinely spooky and thriller-ish with cool characters, then it just became V for Vendetta but about the deep state manufacturing a pandemic and vaccine


File: 1638356945745.png (348.91 KB, 780x439, ClipboardImage.png)

About to watch Fall of Eagles ep 5 out of nowhere because i want to see if the rest of show is worth watching or not


>NTA but: The original Bebop is nothing like the Liv Action.
The plot he's talking about is taken straight from the anime. Spike is a bounty hunter like Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Where I think they did go over the top is having him straight up execute people. That's a pretty grim choice for a hero, especially since they're not trying to play it that way. It's just like "of course the hero of our story would execute a man he has captive!" "What's dark about that?"

I'm watching RN, cringiest thing so far in the show was BLACKMALE by far.


File: 1638386722685.png (1.54 MB, 1007x1500, ClipboardImage.png)

are there any other pandemic movies that are as good as 12 monkeys?


File: 1638386764002.png (285.94 KB, 358x500, ClipboardImage.png)

er, shows


It might be my favorite movie period.


File: 1638575632271.mp4 (20.56 MB, 1920x808, itsslop.mp4)


File: 1638839674103.png (357.62 KB, 800x415, ClipboardImage.png)

Hot Take: Pulp Fiction is a boring mess that is only liked because of the quips and meme value.


i liked it


File: 1638866155393.png (453.3 KB, 480x480, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else a fan?


Stunted growth, nuff said


rich people are so degenerate bro
succession is 4 episodes and dude taste's his father's piss

what the fuck


it's a dog shit meme flick with a shit gimmick and story


I watched a "pulp fiction in chronological order" fan edit once, and that was legitimately better than the original one. But you are also complaining that people are having fun wrong.


File: 1638976267096.png (547.55 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>complaining that people are having fun
No, I'm not. Enjoy it if you can I just think it's drastically overrated and personally boring.
Ok, you do you.


Blackadder is really good. I feel it gets a bit overlooked at times. The fourth season is really superb, in particular. Also quite sad.
Rowan Atkinson might be one of the funniest persons on the planet.
Also, I don't care what anyone says, Mr. Bean is genius and certified kino as well.


politics seeps into the shows once again
with succession doing the most unsubtle bernie stand in for their show

i'm not even a socdem but it was cringe how they did the usual "oh even the good guys are corrupt actually!"

it did kinda excite me and remind me that to rich people even just a basic politician that wants them to pay taxes reminds them of castro and stalin, and le executions

i just want to see one rich person's reaction to genuine, unapologetic communists coming to power in my lifetime
it would be a sight to behold


I don't know if I would go that far but Tarantino's at least a little over rated.


File: 1639920191731.png (920.57 KB, 1097x612, O.png)

What did Succession mean by this


someone explain to me why they show the government and department of justice pursing the rich guys in succession for the abuses that went on the cruise

is that an election thing? aren't the governments in the pocket of the rich? the government doesn't give a shit about the crimes committed or the victims

i just don't understand


It makes good TV maybe?


>There are no other shows like Babylon Berlin
>There are no other shows like Peaky Blinders



you know what i meant, like the in-universe explanation

What's so good about those shows? I watched peaky blinders for 10 minutes and it wasn't really interesting


File: 1640026586200.png (1.83 MB, 1560x762, Screenshot_11.png)

>What's so good about those shows? I watched peaky blinders for 10 minutes and it wasn't really interesting
I'm personally fascinated by the early to mid 20th century so shows like this automatically peak my interest but they need to be actually interesting. Not just "woah, look, Nazis!" stuff you know? With that being said

>Babylon Berlin

BB takes place in the 20s after the war ended in Weimar Germany. The different elements from the Reds to Conservatives is great and seeing the decadence in society and the turning point in the world is very good. It's actually a hybrid of Cop/Political/Gang/Mystery/Thriller(Peaky Blinders as well) all in one. The main char suffers from PTSD and some wild shit goes on that deals with that. IRL famous name drops such as Einstein and Dostoevsky are in the show and shit like that is sick. It's production value is also insane, from the music to the actual show. I'd say this one is quicker to get into compared to Peaky Blinders

>Peaky Blinders

> I watched peaky blinders for 10 minutes and it wasn't really interesting
Okay I did the same thing, I actually couldn't complete the first episode for like a year+. But once you actually start watching you can't stop. If Cillian Murphy said "Tommy Shelby (The Focus of the show) is the best TV character we've seen in 15 years" he has a very strong case. Thomas is one of the most in-depth and interesting characters you can see right now. It's practically about a post-ww1 Romani-Irish gangster family (like literally not even one year removed from 1918) trying to come up in the world, fighting against rival gangs, the police, having to deal with the rising communist threat and more. You see strategies and deals, killings and politics. Almost every member of the family is interesting as side chars and other side chars are very interesting as well. The plot of the show for the 1st-2nd season are very good, the rest are good too but the first two are special. It's more style than substance but the style makes up for it, like it makes sense why the creator went that way. Again just like BB the production is insane, fucking Churchill is in it.

Also PB portrays communism in a somewhat positive light.

I could go on and on but you won't get it until you watch both shows. People try to recommend Boardwalk Empire in comparison but that shit does NOT compare, PB and BB blow that shit out of the water.


the 20th century up until WWII was really really interesting. all of that just to get wiped away by american hegemony
check out berlin alexanderplatz btw


>There are no other shows like Babylon Berlin
Damn season 4 has been 2 years in the making now.
>There are no other shows like Peaky Blinders
Also taking their time.

>the 20th century up until WWII was really really interesting. all of that just to get wiped away by american hegemony
uncalled for.

I don't know which shows you'd like, maybe The Knick? It's the time period you want but it's America Also Boardwalk Empire.


Yeah I remember that dude organizer who is rallying up workers in the start

He later gets married with the main protaganists sister right?

And he then dies and names his kid after Karl Marx


So other than Succession
In the same vein and pedigree

What would you say are some other good fucking Television going on right now?

Not necessarily talking about genres or same plot lines about family or shit
Just good fucking TV, the same standard


I haven't seen Succession so I wouldn't know. As far as good dramas. Peaky Blinders and Babylon Berlin I'm still watching. I thought they were good. I liked The Defeated. I'll probably catch next season.

Umm I liked and disliked Ozarks. I'd really compare it to Breaking Bad. It's one of those downward slide crime sagas like they all are, Godfather, Scarface, etc. So just expect every development to be them further selling their souls.


Boardwalk Empire was awful. I kind of dislike Peaky Blinders for the same reason. Way too romantic and sanitized, drooling over these slumlords.


>Inspector Gereon Rath is transferred from Cologne to Berlin for a mission, where he unravels dark secrets during his investigation of a highly confidential racket of PORNOGRAPHY?????!??!

Gonna check out both those shows

Anybody ever watched Masters of Sex or Mad Men?
I just remember that show Weeds and Earl, Those I heard were good


all tv shows are MKULTRA slop for the petty bourgeois


Babylon Berlin is great but as a German I am a bit pissed at how this show was distributed. They sponsored it with millions from our public broadcasters and millions of tax money only to then only release it on Sky which nobody fucking has a subscription for.


File: 1640132230742-1.jpg (376.9 KB, 1503x942, Lizzy-boobs-mirror.jpg)

>Anybody ever watched Masters of Sex or Mad Men?
I finished Mad Men, stopped Masters of Sex probably first or second season. It was still alright. Just felt heavily targeted at a female audience or maybe it didn't resonate with me for other reasons. And I had a crush on Lizzie Caplan from watching it Party Down and that still wasn't enough to keep my interest.


Babylon Berlin is pretty good, needs more nude Liva Lis Fries tho


>Charlotte is considered one of the hot ones
Love the show but the absolute state of the women in it.


What is the point of succession? why do people keep talking about it?


Have some more aquired taste anon. Not everything is about big ass, fake lips and french nails.


Can't help it. My first gf was a tall girl with curly brown hair and a nice ass.


Patrician tastes anon.
>Can't help it. My first gf was a tall girl with curly brown hair and a nice ass.
It's more than just the face or body. The true beauty of the body is in motion and her mannerisms and way of speaking are so cute.


Anyone see Little Dorrit? I liked it a lot when I saw it years ago. I almost want to watch The Crown because of the Claire Foy crush I developed from Little Dorrit but I'm not into royalty. Little Dorrit is like the ultimate down ass chick, you can't help but fall in love.


File: 1640311751638.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 8.11 MB, 1920x1040, cossacksguard.mp4)

peaky blinders is growing on me. season 3 now. not sure how to feel about the political intrigue stuff, the russian aristocrats turn me into a chekist, and i love how alfie doesn't take anyone's shit


I wish he went with rich lady instead of Irish lady. Irish lady never won me over.


you pampered little princess whore


File: 1640312142318-0.png (401.34 KB, 425x600, 3345 6453.png)

File: 1640312142318-1.jpg (165.77 KB, 1840x1227, Peaky-Blinders.jpg)

File: 1640312142318-2.jpg (114.93 KB, 1200x675, 6ee44.jpg)

>you pampered little princess whore
Huh? Are you offended because you feel something for Irish lady? She sucked. I like people who bring solutions instead of problems.

rich lady is hotter anyways lizzie wasn't a bad compromise


You don't have to like the royals to like The Crown, I enjoyed it and I'm a Republican, it's not always very complimentary about monarchy


I've never even watched the show, I was just havin a laff


because it's good fuckface

also it's good for us to have a show constantly be talked about that shows how degenerate and awful rich people are


>I'm a Republican
how are you a republican


he really should have been with [spoiler]nobody and stayed single[/spoiler]


I mean OK I'm not in armed revolt but I think the monarchy should be abolished, obviously


File: 1640449839319.mp4 (2.53 MB, 1280x720, headbaker.mp4)

j sakai be like


>It's more than just the face or body. The true beauty of the body is in motion and her mannerisms and way of speaking are so cute.

Yeah, you're right, I miss her……


File: 1640486929488.jpg (90.47 KB, 787x980, tom.jpg)

Did he do anything wrong?


File: 1640570459613.png (1.48 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

No, Tom is based af. He understands revolution and wants to bring the people's justice to the military dictatorship of Adama and the corrupt clique of Laura Roslin.



everyone says that the dick pic scene is cringe but i just straight up laughed at it

i wanted to see logan take out his shoe and throw at him


File: 1640951899744.png (363.61 KB, 687x690, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is this so common on acclaimed TV show drama's you think?

Is it just the nature of things? Are the writers of this show unintentionally do a little misogyny

Or does this phenomena actually say something about the way the current society is structured that it keeps happening


One thing at play is that rightoid loosers love to use entertainment to spread their shitty ideology even if the writing is ok. It only takes so much of them to take over some spaces on internet dedicated to discussions around those shows. For them breaking bad isn't a dramatization of the war on drugs with a background of crumbling society that leaves people forced to partake in illegal activities to survive with grave moral implications, it's the story of a self made man who succeeds despite the odds and his useless wife is a bitch for trying to stop him.


>For them breaking bad isn't a dramatization of the war on drugs with a background of crumbling society that leaves people forced to partake in illegal activities to survive with grave moral implications, it's the story of a self made man who succeeds despite the odds and his useless wife is a bitch for trying to stop him.
lmao. literally my right wing dad


I think the most ridiculous example is rightoids thinking Squid Game is about communism not capitalism. You have actually have to have a room temperature IQ to not get something so on the nose.


communities around tv shows are fucking awful and full of people that just want cultural masturbation


literally me


I never thought of breaking bad being about the war on drugs


File: 1641059913260.png (36.36 KB, 950x669, SuccessionTV.png)

Honestly based of /r/SucessionTV
Some Brazilian marxist was also taking about their elections and saying death to neo-liberalism in the comment section

Do you have any thoughts or insights into the political leanings or thoughts of the fanbase of your favourite show?



Has anybody ever seen this show? Severance?

A company kills and severs peoples memories between work and life

Idk why capitalism would do that? Like that would help them protect company secrets and abuse? Oh yeah

One good thing about all these companies making streaming services is that we're getting much more interesting concepts and high production shows, wouldn't you say?

Or is that not true? Is traditional regular TV still innovating and greenlighting experimental shows?
At the very least what I don't understand is why big name actors are okay working for these streaming shows but not regular cable shows for the big three like ABC, CBS and NBC


I don't really get why left wing people (or anyone really) wants to watch Succession, isn't it just gonna piss you off to watch these silver spoon fucks galivant around?


File: 1641435569227.jpg (67.29 KB, 1187x890, Capture.JPG)

So…anyone watch this? Kinda surprised no one's bought it up. The first seasons kinda rough. But at as the show progresses it turns into a cat and mouse game of ex german soldiers and CIA defectors trying to dismantle a CIA led operation that uses enhanced young women to uphold westoid boomer supremacy around the world. I think the best part is it believably shows the CIA would be depraved enough to not just do something like this but manufacture and brain wash children into thinking they had some kinda wholesome and care free all american past too. All of course for the benefit of a dying an corrupt far far worse generation. The only thing I don't like about the show in how much more animalistic they made the character, didn't really seem necessary.


Would help if you said what that is.


Raggedy white girl starring dramatically into the distance. Jk, it's called Hanna. An amazon prime series adapted from the 2011 movie


What is the problem with Michael Jackson?



>The Wire
>The Sopranos
>Generation kill
>Casualty (lol)


There are several fantastic video essays on this

But basically, Succession doesn't do wealth porn

It's all just deglamourize and rot we see of the the wealthy people

Them pissing and rotting in health, Drab, Boring, Drug fueled life

I agree as a leftist it was very infuriating to see these people but as the episodes go on you just feel better seeing how these rich people are pathetically broken and unhappy even with all their wealth

Succession is a show about watching rich people being miserable and it's funny


There are just too many shows
I've never heard of this one

We are reaching a climax of it, I'm happy we have so much but dear god it's so much


I really loved maniac, it's crazy sci fi stuff about mental illness in a cyberpunk world but not the cool kind with ramen in rainy Hong Kong. Like in this world if you don't have enough money to pay for food or public transport you can call a marketing uberized wagie that will promote companies to you, literal human ads. The protagonists are broke and schizo so they go to some pharmaceutical megacorp to be test subjects for a new and dangerous drug. Yeah I think the fanbase is more or less anticapitalist


File: 1641651878695-0.png (4.48 MB, 2048x1364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1641651878695-1.png (11.32 MB, 2255x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

What hte fuck
This existed? Jonah Hill?

This is what I was talking about >>22295
There is just so much, It's like we all live in different worlds now,


File: 1641681697359.gif (1.59 MB, 498x280, marble.gif)

silco wasnt really that bad tbh
no i dont play the game


I don't like Dexter
It is too disturbing, Like the first season 5 episodes in and it's way too gorey and messed up

And I just don't know what is the ideology of this show?

Does it want to be le epic anti-hero? or no you can't be a killer with a code

New Blood kinda seems to bring an end to it? But not really because there's seem to be talk of a S2


Why is The Americans so talked about being great?

Is it because of the anti-communist propaganda in it?
Is there? I've never watched it


>I don't like Dexter
>It is too disturbing, Like the first season 5 episodes in and it's way too gorey and messed up
How did you make it to season 5 lol? I think I watched 2-3 episodes, and I was like yeah, this is some sickshit. I'm a person who has no problem watching gore and all that but watching a scripted show where I'm supposed to sympathize with a serial killer? Lol. Get out of here. That's how I know the average person is way sicker than me, they're just pussies.


My bad I read "season 5" " season 1, 5 episodes in," got it.


idk why i watched it through to the end years ago, maybe i was just really bored and it was the only marginally interesting show on netflix at the time


serial killers are a really boring topic in general although Dexter is kind of more than just that i think


Based anon. I don't know how anyone watches this shit, even Breaking Bad made me uncomfortable.


I meant season 1 episode 4
I've watched the entire show as a kid

It's not a problem about sympathizing with serial killer, It's about the gross fucked up antagonists of the show

It just made me sad that watchman like pleading to not be cut, I just felt sick, I didn't watch it anymore

Season 3 sounds fun tho, I watched a recap and like he makes a friend with some DA who knows about his killing

oh ok lol

Oh so hi anons

I want to ask y'all this question

All these so called acclaimed drama shows especially from these HBO/Showtime
Don't they feel a little formulaic?

There's always the character has a weird fucked up fetish scene, Innocent character gets gunned down etc but

Like I guess these are real, familiar themes in real life too, and real life is not dainty and clean, but idk after a while all the plotlines just become like a game of what more fucked up twist can you come up with

It's just tiring, The writing, The character monologues

I guess it works, That's why it sells, But I'd like to see a new revolutionary drama from these cable companies that isn't the same type beat



Meh, If it was 2008, And I watched several seasons already I'd totally be into Boardwalk Empire

But seeing from this retrospective, Meh, I just don't want to watch anything beyond

Mind you, I don't think knowing all the plots and twists does not sway me towards not watching a show

I watched a 2 hour Vampire Diaries retrospective and came out wanting to watch it


i am reading this character gillian darmody's wiki again, and it really is a tale of tragedy

like just so much sadness

nucky is such a piece of shit

What the fuck was Atlantic City in the 1920s huh? Just craziest wild west shit


do you think people are stronger and smarter now?
with advent of media and internet and everything?

it's all really easily accessible,


boardwalk empire is great, it's definitely worth watching. great acting, costumes, cool period, lot of pathos


yeah maybe someday, the style is great
But i just don't think i want to watch this type of show, The tragedy and nihilistic, morally gray nature character shows, I'm not built for it until there's comedy throughout like Succession

I watched an hour of interview from the creator of the show, and he apparently also worked on The sopranos

it was quite revealing about this kind of tv show, the don't tell, show type of story telling, the subversive and amiguity,

Idk I wish for something new from modern drama shows
Was Game of Thrones also in the same vein as Sopranos and Boardwalk?


I hate dramas
I jacked off to some r34 in between yesterday

But after that, All these shows, Thinking about them, I am overwhelmed by the human condition

Sex is not intriguing to me, It feels like a tired activity, Like any other

I hate dramas so much, This is why I like to stay dumb, and not watch thought-provoking television



I love life, I really do, but man
Dramas are too much

Gonna start living to take the weight off these feels

I'll be a good person, Goodbye anons


i liked the first 1 or 2 seasons but it's just become shitty action-adventure glorification at this point hasn't it


I felt the quality drops mid way, probably around the same time it got more popular.


ye, it just became a dumb Scarface rip-off where he's "made it" but actually he hasn't and also kills off a bunch of enemies coming after him for whatever reason and shit
in the first season, it was mostly just about him trying to survive in his hood which was way better tbh


File: 1642172337066.png (171.28 KB, 600x439, 476.png)

Just finished watching S2 of Breaking Bad and just… that ending hit me like a train. I never thought a show could make me feel so depressed but goddamn…

No spoilers for the rest of the show, please. I know you're not supposed to discuss old works on the internet until you've finished them but I just had to get this off my chest. I think I'm gonna take a break from the show for a while.


what happens in the end of s2?

the teddy bear?

is breaking bad really depressing? i haven't watched it since i was 14, i thought it was exciting at best

man i can't remember why i enjoyed breaking bad when i think about it

the comedy? there's not much
the mystery? there's not much

what the fuck did i like watching it for

you're in for a ride tho, the finale is a banger, badass as fuck


>the teddy bear?
That was one part, but what I'm talking about is Jessie's girlfriend dying.


what happens with bear
i can't remember

they show flashbacks of it and some plane bursting in the air?

the kid? is this the ricin thing, whose kid was that lol


File: 1642471290452.png (1.31 MB, 1440x900, Goskinoussr.png)

Rewatching Idi i smotri for the first time in years and apart from the great critique and depiction, I'm realizing for the first time just how well put together it is as a whole. They don't make it like this anymore


oh shit posted in the wrong thread. goddamn. whatever


what is it even


Come and See


Come where and see what?



Wait this is that movie by that marxist black filmmaker with horses or something ?

The photo you posted looked like some old soviet television program


cmon now that was a dad joke that you're responding to

Anyways, I don't want to watch Bojak Horseman but I am interested in learning and hearing the life lessons it seems to say

Does anybody know any good youtube video essay that summarizes the show?


Whoops Let Me Google That For You's new design may have broken it
Sorry about that lad
Try this link and remember when you see something you don't understand you can always highlight the text in question and do a web search



also you're talking about Sorry to Bother You


that spoiler happens much later on
>it's just become shitty action-adventure glorification at this point hasn't it
it has but it's still pretty entertaining, all of the rest of the seasons have a different feel to them but the quality goes down after the first two. Funny when i first watched i thought 1-2 were the weakest until i rewatched.
>in the first season, it was mostly just about him trying to survive in his hood which was way better tbh
the perfect beginning. you can literally see how skinny he is compared to later season, they were truly living in the piss and shit in the early years


oh shut up you pretensious twat


what is the first result? i didn't ask that question

googling "marxist black filmaker" doesn't give that result

oh okay


Hey mods, The thread is full now,

Can you make it cyclical now? I'm the OP across all variants of this thread


Done. First hundred threads got eliminated (full is 600, cyclic is 500) but can be found on web.archive.org.


"And just like that, A hundred posts are gone"

Did you watch that Watchmen TV show?

People were hyping it up but I never hear about it anymore, Gonna check it out

And thanks.


I hate ideology in tv so much

Finally bit the bullet and apparently the shitty new cap show's finale literally involves the rightoid and liberal coming together to beat down the dumbass anarchist kids and then the new cap giving a speech to politicians

it's literally neoliberal: the show

>talk about how x bad thing happened and how that's bad, but now it'll be good because the system has changed magically because of? talking!

>some black guy who developed the super soldier serum was tortured but now that the new cap is black, it's all okay because they made a statue of the guy who was tortured

and i will never stop hating bucky, shit character and tool for anti-soviet propaganda

MCU is the worst when it comes to do american propaganda, come to think of every Captain America movie has some kind of anti-communist rhetoric to it

Did they even mention the Red Army at all in the first movie set in WII? Fucking hate the franchise, I hope it tanks



How? How does the get on network TV? air on NBC?

One of the first episodes is some grotesque figurine of a 100s of dead bodies but showing a nipple is not allowed on the same channel?



I did not know that Succession Logan's actor calls himself a "socialist" (social democrat)

At least he's classpilled enough to shit on bill maher and say he's one because he experienced poverty and shit

I don't know wtf conservative austerity is or why women are dying there

Is it true that Jeremy Corbyn lost because he couldn't sell his political program well? As he says here?

I don't follow UK politics, Shit's fucked if now the people need to be sold on their own good will too


also the movies thread which has reached 500+


I don't really like capeshit but damn Peacemaker is a based tv show


wtf is this shit? why do you like peacemaker


its ok, only watching it because i have nothing else to consoom. Eagly is top tier.



File: 1642749427035.png (795.84 KB, 1623x730, 124230.png)

Alright enough capeshit

I thought Euphoria was just Zendaya getting fucked up on drugs but nah

The episode starts with some girl detranstioning and being in love with zendaya? wtf

it was beautiful how like the first 2 minute is literally just glimpses of the eye with a song

What is this

>The series dramatizes an alternate history depicting "what would have happened if the global space race had never ended" after the Soviet Union succeeds in the first crewed Moon landing ahead of the United States

Prolly gonna end with le soviets bad message but damn

>The comments are quarantined due to tankie infestation

fucking whiny anarchists, I didn't understand before why people hated the word but now I understand

What could possibly even be so bad about the comments?

<oh no people are acknowledging the achievements of the soviet space programs!!!1


Also anons
What the fuck was the meaning behind Therapy in Sopranos

I never watched that shit, Was it trying to say that therapy doesn't work or that it doesn't work on people like Tony?


File: 1642751306417.png (953.75 KB, 1262x546, no.png)

This show is raunchy as fuck
5 minutes and they're making gross Aquaman fucks fish jokes, and I heard about the superman bit,I get why capeshit nerds are mad
There's so much of internet memeshit in the writing, I don't really like it and the raunchy stuff
But Imma keep watching cause the blond in the intro looks hot

And what the fuck is up with James Gunn projects always with the pervy shit and 80's aesthetics?
Like we get it, You grew up in america in the 1980s


Oh my fucking god bros, I accidentally watched some in between special instead of the actual show's pilot

I was feeling so mad


meh the actual show is just lame
typical teen drama with oooh nudity


you're the one whining tankie


how am i tankie?
i am complaining about the whining


File: 1642849206824.png (1.17 MB, 1200x964, 1627887423143.png)


>yfw your country has a shark tank adaptation now

the comments are such filth
I hate entrepreneur culture so much


I can feel myself becoming a prude with each Euphoria episode

Stop it,


oh my god i understand why it's called euphoria now
its a thing about how everybody is chasing happiness on the show and how that can be bad

holy crap


Does anybody know how to watch the og euphoria show?

Also how did it air over there? I thought they were hella conservative in the middle east


it's just schlock and not even that shocking unless you're the typical middle class american, don't take it too seriously
it aired on an Israeli cable channel years ago then got dropped
the first episode is on here, with only Hebrew subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CI_0L23gj8


File: 1643380530812.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Does anyone watch Cobra Kai? It may be cheesy but it's a fun show. In terms of characters here we go.
Based main character, decent development, has honor, generally likable
Shitty character, his entire development is dependent on "muuuh I hate you dad"
Manipulative spoiled LA brat, ruins both Robbie's and Miguel's lives
Based and carries the entire show
Ok but more of a dick than he is in the OG Karate Kid movies
Gives up his badass Polish last name for a larp around an eagle
Hot af, crazy bitch who you want to pipe one night than run far away
Based and carries the show


That kid's foot position on his front kick on the right side of that poster is so wrong that it makes me wonder if they've ever even spent 10 minutes in a real karate school.


In fact, all the kids are using boxing guards on that poster as well. They're all McSenseis!


Oh nice
Lmao that's so weird that this got adapted by HBO

Never watched it
I heard there's some cringe anti-communism
Is it true?


>Never watched it
I heard there's some cringe anti-communism

There's one scene where a character has a Vietnam flashback. It doesn't make any commentary on the politics of the war tho.


it was probably just a cheap intellectual property to snag for HBO. edgy teen dramas have always been a bit popular too
speaking of which, anyone watch Degrassi? I wonder if the older series before The New Generation are available anywhere.



File: 1643508675185.png (Spoiler Image, 813.26 KB, 1200x602, screen-shot-2019-10-08-at-….png)

Hi guys, I'm the guy who was watching Breaking Bad earlier and I just finished the last episode.

I have to say, that was one helluva ride.


oh nice then
gonna check it out

it's better if i watch the movies first right?

that's so weird nowadays, like i don't think they even needed the IP to do edgy teen drama
I heard it's based on this show's director's life problems with addiction

It's like they have to adapt or reboot something nowadays

I've never watched Degrassi, I heard it's really popular canuck show, like their main teen drama or something with a rotating cast of characters through the years

Drake was on it, there was a reunion episode with his music video and jay and silent bob for some reason, they cameo'd in the show too lol idk why

The only scene I've seen of that show is one clip where thet teacher is teaching marxist-leninism

Euphoria has made me want to try out this show, Degrassi, Skins and Shameless
Really get into the nitty gritty of sad, low lifeing


My baby blue…
Did you cry?

I cried when I watched it when I was 14
Just replayed the last scene with the song over and over again


Honestly, the moment that really got to me was when Walt got to look at his daughter one last time but the ending, it felt more cathartic than sad. Like you could see what was coming from a mile away, but you can't help but feel some relief mixed with some sadness at how it all ended especially since Jesse very likely still hates Walter's guts, but in the end you know it had to happen.


yoo he has a daughter? i forgot walt jr got a sister in the end

i think jesse's story continues in some special or something

so, what was your favourite and least favourite episode

idk why but the fly episode, gus's backstory, the beginning episodes, new hampshire, the atm something really stuck out to me even after all these years


>yoo he has a daughter?
Yeah, that was revealed since the very first episode.

>i think jesse's story continues in some special or something

Yeah, it's a movie. I'll probably get to watching it sometime in the future.

>so, what was your favourite and least favourite episode

That's a hard question really, the series was phenomenal from start to finish with almost no hitches. If I had to pick I will probably say my most favorite was S4's finale the one where he kills Gus, even though I had the ending spoiled to me before my heart was still pumping HARD throughout the whole episode. As for the least I might say some of the episodes in S1 since the pacing was still a bit too slow, that and any episode that had Ted Benecke in it. Fucking hated that asshole.


not really low life-ing, they're just burnt out middle class adolescents


one of the rare cases where the hype for the show was warranted, i didn't expect to like it as much as i do. glad u enjoyed. Better call saul is good too.


also it's funny how walt is one of the worst liars ever in the show xD


oh skins is not that type of show?
shameless it is a remake of a brit one tho, yes?

it's wild how william h. macy starred in both of them

>Yeah, that was revealed since the very first episode.
what the fucking fuck, holy shit
it really has been a while

i had the ending spoiled for me too i think, i watched a jimmy fallon sketch with it on the tonight show where bryan cranston and araon paul cameo'd


yeah the earlier episodes did take a while, i didn't initially get into the show until i was stuck watching a marathon of it on TV one day,
aaah 2011, what a magical time, simpler time

is he really? lol

the music on the show is dope too, i found so many different types of music, i regret watching that junip video tho


i watched the US shameless and didn't like it at all. it's definitely not like the others though
idk about skins


>is he really? lol
if you ever go back and watch look at the scenes s3 and after with walter and skyler whenever walt comes up with an excuse or something, he's so bad it's funny sometimes.



Praise Jesus they bought back Terry Silva. I love that crazy old man.


Honestly everyone I know praised Breaking Bad but I refuse to watch it because I don't like drug dealing shows and I am so sick of all the redditors soyfacing over it.


Breaking Bad is pretty kino and my enjoyment of it is my own, I never even gave the "fans" a thought and didn't lurk on the reddit page. You do you man.


I initially hated it, cuz I thought they'd be doing a cheap cashgrab on the Karate Kid fanbase, but it turned out to be pretty good.


what's a good artistic miniseries




Bruh this guy's first role on film was Trotsky


Yeah its like shockingly good


File: 1643820019127.png (343.58 KB, 778x754, ClipboardImage.png)

That's right, Danny boy, I'm back


File: 1643824355135.png (120.56 KB, 480x277, ClipboardImage.png)

They did



not a mini-series, also american


tv is dead for the most part now, while religion is still a big counter-revolutionary force in society


File: 1644084400999.jpeg (86.94 KB, 1200x800, john_cena_3.0.jpeg)

I watch Peacemaker and honestly it's good. Don't like the over usage of the cheesy 80s music and aesthetic but at least it's funny and entertaining to watch. Last capeshit show that got me entertained was Harley Quinn: The Animated Series.


I unironically think the animated Harley Quinn series is better than anything live action DC has ever produced


File: 1644113848679.png (2.67 MB, 1440x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

What do y'all think of this show? I'm on EP 7 and its rly fucking good so far.



i gotta watch that harley quinn show, its the one with king shark and poison ivy romance right


Can someone give me suggestions if I like The Wire and Treme a lot? I have already watched every single show David Simon made and The Sopranos.


Just found that the torrents for euphoria fully HD release from HBOMAX before the show even airs

I love these people so much, They are revolutionary agents


The intro was cool but wholesome big chungus CIA fighters freeing the gommies from themselves and africa from self rule kind of ruined it for me. I really really would like such a show if it wasn't mandatory anticommunist propaganda


At least it is German and not like American Anti Communist Propaganda. It doesn't really treat the Americans as good guys either. Its kinda like The Americans except in German.


File: 1644344118421.jpg (41.59 KB, 565x318, The_Americans.jpg)

What are leftypols thoughts on this show? I'm near the end of the first season and like it so far. It seems rather free of CIA meddling. I like how the agents and other soviets in the show are just people. The central characters for example are sleeper agents but they're also patriots and though the male character specifically seems to wane in loyalty he hasn't done anything that can't be fixed yet. As for other corrupt russians the shitty things they sometimes do is usually portrayed as shortcoming of that character instead of behavior typical of communist or russians.


File: 1644349257815.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)



Good show but the ending season felt rushed and premature.


Not enough love for all the shows that got cancelled like

Damnation (USA Network / Netflix). Period peice about a socialist agrivator and struggle against porky.

incorporated (SyFy ) futuristic setting where there is a heavy class divide and the government became privatised and facistic. Unfortunately it ended so soon in the plot it couldnt even tell where it was headed. It mainly just focused on MC infiltrating the corporate government trying to get his sister out of being a sex slave or something if i recall right.

Corporate (Comedy Central) a work life show that actually didn't just take jabs at consumerism and big businesses but also capitalism and wageslave mentality sometimes


Interesting. Guess I'll have to continue watching.


Great show, Elizabeth is based and did nothing wrong.




I want to like Jaclass so badly, all that suburban maliase
90's feel of just doing dumbshit

But other than bad grandpa, I've not enjoyed a watching more than 10 minutes of any episode or movie


bruh this abc show "brothers and sisters" with sally field and that welsh dude from the americans and some handsome old white guy with a moustache

i can't, it's too political

it has this token conservative character and oh my god it's annoying
just in the pilot it is revealed that she encouraged her brother to go fight in afghanistan because she was in 9/11

im not watching it anymore


Trailer Park Boys
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
True Detective (yes, also season 2)


Does the guy playing Peacemaker's dad know he's playing a bad guy lol

His actual bio is straight up exactly like what his bio would be, conservative boomer

God. Country. Amen Brother


What about season 3


Vigilante and Adrian are my two favourite characters

They both got such sexy and faimilar voices


I fucking hate cops so much, literally frees a super nazi because muh "justice" because she delivered an epic takedown of him by making a shitty joke

Ending of EP6 is hella epic, Fucking hell


File: 1645719584132.png (1.19 MB, 1920x907, 90.png)

Bros ;_:

Fucking James Gunn is a hack,

He always does this making me care for a cute cgi creature and then kills him off and I fall for it everytime


Fucking hell even the show ends up on Soc-dem bullshit ideioogy

The "Villains" are basically aliens that have taken over humanity to protect us from dooming our planet like they doomed their planet i.e climate change and all that

But muh freedumb!!! and human choices!!! free will!!! so the "bad guys" are defeated, fucking cringe ideology in an other wise funny show

Glad this philosphical fuck died


Also really good. People just tend to dislike season 2 and discount it when talking about True Detective.
I like all three seasons although the first is clearly the best.


There's actually a season 3? the fuck, i was joking


holy shit i forgot about this, that little fox season

wonder why only the first season was well received, star power?


I didn't watch it when it first aired, but I think season 3 was also pretty well received.
Season 1 is just better in everything from writing to setting and the mystery itself.
And yeah, it's hard to beat McConaughey and Harrelson in the leading roles.


The Commonwealth in The Walking Dead is literally a class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.


never watched it

but isn't it funny how none of these apocalypse show, the protagonists or the good guys trying to build a socialist state or a commune?


petty bourgeoise americans just want to live out their insane boogaloo fantasies


True Detective is the only TV show I didn't hate myself for watching. Is there really anything else like it or am I just gonna have to rewatch it every once in a while


I really like these new DC capeshit movies/series they've created. Suicide Squad, Doom Patrol, Peacemaker. All very good, can recommend them all. Doom Patrol in particular is really great, solid writing and acting.
Try The Terror season 1.


first season of mr robot sucked ass, not continuing
boring characters, tedious dialogue, horrific editing (i think stock footage was used at some points), everything is grey and lame and everyone just mutters quietly


could've easily just been a shitty movie too


great explanation of hegel’s dialectic


In order to help you out: what particularly did you enjoy in TD S01? At any rate, I'll second the anon who recommended The Terror S01 - that one is probably the best TV I've seen since the first season of True Detective. A different descent into hell than the one Rust and Marty partakes in, certainly, but delectable nonetheless.


the storytelling and the way so much happened in only like 8 episodes
also the brevity and lack of fan-service bloat


oh, and the "candid" americana, very aesthetic ngl


File: 1646630576069.png (2.39 MB, 1200x1777, ClipboardImage.png)

What the fuck were the writers smoking when they made this show?
I guess Ridley Scott found who he needed to make Prometheus but actually somewhat compelling. It's reminding me of L O S T except instead of 90% being character building (filler) the pace of the plot just keeps accelerating and even weirder shit keeps happening.


How's the second season panning out so far? S01E01 has got to be one of the best pilot episodes I've ever seen for a TV show, but I grew increasingly confused towards the end of the season. Not so much by the visuals—those were still very good, but by the story. It's up there with Midnight Mass in that it sorta feels like it was written by someone who never grew out of their New Atheist phase.


2nd season feels like it's happening at break-neck pace. Every episode is introducing new elements and having major shifts happen, but there's not much time to dwell on anything. A lot of the wackier stuff you see toward the end of season 1 is still there in the background and sometimes comes up again, but the show has moved on from being about surviving in the wilderness to coping with society since everyone ends up on another part of the planet with a different group of colonists.
>It's up there with Midnight Mass in that it sorta feels like it was written by someone who never grew out of their New Atheist phase.
The portrayal of the atheist faction in season 2 kind of blows up that interpretation. They are definitely both-sidesing it


Since watching the first season of True Detective earlier this year, I've also been looking for similar stuff. But nothing is really at the same level as that first season, imo.
But I really enjoyed Sharp Objects. In some ways it reminded me a bit of TD, but it is a lot slower paced. But I enjoyed the atmosphere and the setting so I didn't mind. And Amy Adams is great in it. Mare of Easttown was another really good HBO crime show. You could give those two a shot maybe.


I love Raised by Wolves, but it depends on your ability to accept it for what it is. Like some stuff is just straight retarded: burrowing through the center of the Earth, an acid ocean that everyone plays by, "devolution". But the designs are cool, I still like the plot, the weird twists (I don't care if they're resolved), the acting is pretty good, I like all blunt religious metaphors. My headcanon is that we're watching the scriptures of the Mithraics, so of course it's not logical and has a loose attachment to reality.


The reveal that the religion is some kind of misinterpretation of instructions left by non-believing precursors makes your headcanon plausible, except maybe it's the story that will be told by future messengers and then misunderstood, just like the mithraic religion was a product of misinterpretation.


That's probably just dumbing it down for the audience. Evolution can appear to happen "backwards" if the environment favors simplicity, but there have already been references to "reprogramming" humans, and genetic manipulation is on the table, so it might be referencing some kind of design that causes "devolution" to happen. The teaser for the season 2 finale makes it look like this is the direction they're going with that since grandmother has the goal of ensuring human survival, and she says that human rationality causes problems.
>burrowing through the center of the Earth
Well it isn't earth and the planet is made composed of some weird shit so who knows. They expected it to kill them after all, so that's probably a hint at something unusual happening with the core.
>acid ocean
Yeah the carelessness around it is stupid. You'd expect them to take more safety measures or any at all really. Then again they seem really stupid in general like willing to use humans as disposable bait when there are maybe 200 humans on the planet.


The show's fucking infuriating
The premise of smushing together religious mythology and imagery in a future scifi setting is a cool idea but it's undermined by bad writing, bad directing, bad dialogue, and just no coherent messaging or plot focus. They needed to either depict the humans as more lofty and fantastical to match the alien setting, or tell a more grounded story of human colonists confronting an alien planet. They split the difference and it sucks, just like Prometheus and Alien Covenant trying to smash together highbrow musings on religion and evolution with lowbrow slasher/body horror shit.
Writing is the opposite of Midnight Mass, instead of long well-crafted dialogue sequences between the characters we get some excuse for one or two people to run off on their own, some crazy alien shit happens to them, and then they just forget about it until it becomes relevant to the plot two episodes later.


I was bored and watched that animated spin off anthology of The Boys. Most of the episodes were uninteresting, but honestly I'd say there's only one or two that's outright bad. The only episode I liked was the one in the comic's universe. The last episode is pretty amusing since it's about people occupying a power plant and holding employees hostage due to the plant itself polluting the community and causing birth defects and among other issues. I've seen people unironically defend Homelander fucking up massacring the "terrorists" and most of the hostages because "it's duh ebil gommie libs holding people hostage and wanting something to be done about their communities being poisoned that's the problem." Of course, they don't see the irony in that and praising the main characters also going to extreme and violent means to fight against a megacorporation.



Has anybody ever seen this Bridgerton show? It's new trailer is trending on youtube and apparently was a "worldwide phenomena"

Never heard of it, I'm so out of date with these N*tflix shows trend

>Unlike the series of novels,[5] Bridgerton is set in an alternate history with a racially integrated London where people of color are members of the ton, some with titles granted by the sovereign.

Wtf does this shit even mean
Sounds like an utter lib show


File: 1647340735174.png (50.16 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

is the spin off show, set before or after the events of the boys s1 or s2
where are you following the discussion where psychos are jerking off homelander? 4chan? reddit?

did anybody see the new S3 trailer
it looks crazy, i can't remember if billy actually gets super powers in the comic storyline

#pls bring back the sausage big dick commie again


The spin off show doesn't seem to be related to the main show at all except possibly the last episode with Homelander, which would have to take place before s1. And even then I'm not sure if it's canon. I mainly glanced at reddit and 4chan (and of course the latter is more open about what they think).
>i can't remember if billy actually gets super powers in the comic storyline
They got powers at the beginning, but it was just enhanced strength/durability and not full on powers like the show seems to be going for.


Anyone else excited for season 3 of Atlanta? The show was pretty good at showing the social dynamics of race and culture in America so I'm excited to see how they tackle interactions between blacks and europeans.


>it looks crazy, i can't remember if billy actually gets super powers in the comic storyline
All the Boys did. But it sucks, I liked the show version much more because giving them superpowers completely removes their underdog status except for maybe against Homelander.


it barely addresses race except to comedic effect


It uses comedy as a way to ease the message they're trying to say to the viewers. A lot of quick remarks said by the characters about their situation have deeper underlying messages.


maybe but the story is just generally about their lives while they try to get some guy’s rap career off the ground because it could be a meal ticket


what the fuck did i just watch


well that's good to hear
i'm gonna watch it cause roman from succession is one of the voice actors


File: 1648245672570.webm (4.77 MB, 1920x1080, S3 Opening Scene.webm)

The first 2 episodes of season 3 came out and its kino.
Here's the opening scene to the first episode of season 3. If this doesn't show you that Atlanta is trying to depict something more than just the basic premise you wrote, I don't know what will.


oh jeez, this episode is real as shit


phenomenology is the gayest fucking thing on this earth





No. invincible is good


what's that

anybody watching Our Flag Means Death?
it's so gay (Good)


File: 1649778829570.png (Spoiler Image, 379.88 KB, 695x885, ClipboardImage.png)

are you goings to watch stranger things s4? despie it's anti-communist elements???


File: 1650074860543.png (588.63 KB, 828x823, ClipboardImage.png)


zoomers dont know invincible is from the early 2000s and was one of the first to do the now overdone what if superman bad


Maybe, probably not, Stranger Things stopped being interesting after Season 2 and even that had problems, S3 is just garbage, but at least its so terrible you can meme the shit out of it, S4 is just doing to death the concept.



who wants to watch a nature documentary narrated by a war criminal? 😍😍😍


File: 1650224431675-0.png (3.71 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_167.png)

File: 1650224431675-1.png (990.54 KB, 970x1140, ClipboardImage.png)

Yo how come one single gommie shows up in Breaking Bad and they gotta kill him after he barely had any screentime


File: 1650701458629.png (557.31 KB, 1537x1080, Scree).png)

i've never seen mad men
why is don reacting this way to the kentucky guy singing about the moon belonging to everyone

was the musical an hallucination? is the from the finale?


that's fucking sick man
he was a gommie… never realized

what did he do to get killed, i'm getting a weasel vibe from him


wait a second he worked for gus, right? lol


Noughties British TV show about government bureaucrats (loosely inspired by the Blairite government) being droll and cynical and college-educated. I prefer benzo abuse, personally. The spin-off movie is a bit more tolerable and bite-sized, and the showrunner also went on to make The Death of Stalin, which kind of shares some themes.


Phenomenology can be described as the study of subjectivity in consciousness, think Hegel or Foucault if you can. I think that anon's referring to the white guy in that clip talking about how whiteness is this thing that just historically shifts aka accommodates social-subjective relations of the moment, instead of whatever else.


If there's ever a season 5 anytime soon, it should be about about a burnt-out Malcolm Tucker hosting a middling lib podcast interspersed with how a Labour Party shadow ministry interacts with its Tory government counterpart as well as a third-party like the Lib Dems


I'm watching Kevin can F himself and this is not what I had in mind


do i need to know british politcs to enjoy it


no, it's really more like the office or whatever, but with tons of swearing and completely unsympathetic characters



anybody know where i can watch this 1998 nbc show called trinity?

it's about a working class detective in boston and his family


>Nobody could find it
It's over.

Show lost forever to time
Post shows you think are lost forever too


>the shot of the WTC
lots of TV show from the 90s are memoryholed and kept from being released, even on home video
maybe if you could find a rip of a VHS recording from someone that cared enough back then


>what did he do to get killed, i'm getting a weasel vibe from him
It was nothing he did really. He was a competent chemist and his availability meant that Jesse and Walt were not necessary for the operation to continue, so Walt sent Jesse to kill him to protect themselves from being killed to tie up loose ends.


CW bros… sisters..

Roswell, Legacies, Dynasty all canceled



>and kept from being released
#9114023794734 to hate capitalism today

capitalists can't even capitalize correctly


How could they do this to us fellow gamers, how are we supposed to identify with the master chief if he gets pussy??? 🤢🤢


I don't play the Halo games, so I don't know what is going on, but why exactly are the game fans upset, its the not the usual "sjw Marxism" shit complains cause its a masculine white man kissing a white woman, what exactly is the issue ?


haven't ever watched Atlanta(just a couple scenes online) but I'm never gonna watch it cause I have a bad impression OF donald glover, he's a black incel masquerading as a woke dude
imagine say a white guy making songs about how much white and black girls don't want him and that how attracted he is too asian chicks, in multiple times for half a decade and ends up marrying an asian woman, how fucking scummy would that guy be considered, well that's Donald glover, before becoming a woke bae, his songs were filled with proto Incel lyrics about how he was considered a loser and women(especially black women) didn't want him and how asian women have better attitudes then both white and black girls

For example, on Kids (Keep Up), he raps
>"Finding you is like finding Asians I hate/But they say I got a fetish, nah, I'm skipping all of it/Black or white girls always come with a set of politics"
This is actually one of the more tame examples of his fetishization of Asian women and his defamation of black women, If he just offhand mentioned liking Asian women in this one song then it wouldn't be a huge red flag. However, he talked about this on SO MANY of his earlier tracks. He talks about it on "Bonfire". He talks about it on "Freaks and Geeks". He talks about it on "Not Going Back". There are countless other examples of this- if you listen to almost any of his songs pre-Because the Internet, you can easily find references to this mindset. He essentially built up this self-fulfilling prophecy of black women not being interested in him through his lyricism, because what self-respecting woman would want to date a guy who characterizes black women as only wanting to date guys that act like thugs and a guy who understands that as the only reason for them not being interested in him.


It is a boring show for the most part even though some stuff is great. Same people complained endlessly about casting some black dude as Keyes who was white in the games so even though it's not the "sjw bad" thing it's in the usual reactionary gamer trend. My theory is that some fans are angry because their hero shows individuality, has some agency and has sex, therefore they can't identify with him anymore, but most importantly, they'll turn any possible controversy into a full flegded one because black people and women.


The ayy lmaos in Halo want to genocide the humans because basically the humans existing proves their entire religion wrong. The woman is a human who is with the aliens (as a high ranking figure) for some reason, which is about as big a contradiction as you could have in Halo. The absolutist genocide against humans is kind of the central defining feature of the faction and the plot of the series.

Master Chief having a romance with her is just cliché hack writing to heighten the drama or something by turning it into Romeo and Juliet in space. I guess some people were giving the show some benefit of the doubt for deviating so strongly from the concept until they saw that this is the payoff for that.


Wasn't much of the appeal of Master Chief that he was anonymous? (also agreeing with other replies)


File: 1652487125375.png (Spoiler Image, 493.63 KB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Yes, he is designed to be generic. He's even described as being average compared to the other super soldiers, not especially good at anything but good overall except ambiguously that he is luckier than the rest. You never see his face in the games and he barely talks. There's only a couple times he takes his helmet off in the games, and his face is still hidden by the camera angles.

The show has him take his helmet off in the first episode (at a nonsensical time) and keep it off a lot including when he's in fights. They started having him in scenes without even the armor, and people started joking that they were going to escalate that until they gave him a nude scene at some point. Which eventually they actually did.


>They started having him in scenes without even the armor, and people started joking that they were going to escalate that until they gave him a nude scene at some point. Which eventually they actually did.

It's almost like the creators of the shows have a narrative about a brainwashed soldier progressively becoming human using the armor as an allegory. They want to exterminate white people and gamers


Yeah some cash grab adaptation is definitely doing high-minded social commentary and isn't just badly written. The only reason someone would think it's bad is if they're racist.


There are many (3) reasons to watch a tv show:
1) I like it
2) I like to despise it
3) I don't know what I'm doing with my life

I generally hold in the utmost contempt people in 2) because they don't want to realize what they are doing, maybe their grandfather abandoned them and they are 437 years old virgin, I don't care, it's still fucking stupid.


Going to bat for culture industry dreck shat out by a media monopoly against people saying it's a lazy cash grab is retarded and cringe regardless of the reason you do it.


im litearlly gonna kill myself
btw did anyone see the other show this brother of liev schriber was?

it was some show called "defending jacob" it was on apple tv+


i don't think it's that high minded
seems like a good story telling idea


i think this is because of actors not liking to hide their face or something

can't remember the last capeflick movie where they never show the actor's face


it's fanservice for romance mouthbreathers that want every last fictional character to be in some monogamous relationship for them
the gamers are right for once


he had this scene in Atlanta of a black girl randomly telling a white girl who came with a black guy that’s she’s stealing our men and some other cringey lines. even in above clip, he makes monoracial BW out as either as aggressors or gold diggers


>can't remember the last capeflick movie where they never show the actor's face
Dredd did it and it didn't do well despite being pretty decent for a comic book movie.


im 3 minutes into this halo show and holy crap, i'm excited and scared

this is some good tv kino so far


this show is UNSC military propaganda but whatever

spartans are cool


they got Shabana Azmi in this? wild


we're all gonna make it brahs :)
if master chief can do it, so can we


File: 1652517931371.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1350, ClipboardImage.png)

class consciousness and taking off capitalist indoctrination :)))


red team


File: 1652525057710.png (114.45 KB, 300x331, ClipboardImage.png)

do not google communist masterchief
fallout tier anti-communist cringe posts


If only there were some recent sci-fi action adventure TV series that proved that you can have a masked protag and still be wildly successful.


which one was this?


>he had this scene in Atlanta of a black girl randomly telling a white girl who came with a black guy that’s she’s stealing our men
there are so many real world accounts of that actually happening though.


Lol. I haven't watched Atlanta beyond episode 1 or 2 but that scene posted was ridiculous. I guess we expect fiction to be "larger than life" but that scene was ridiculous. Like people yell detailed conversations to each other from across the room at parties while sipping Champaign. The dialogue is so stilted and expository. Has the surreal feeling of a comedy sketch show like Key and Peele or something. Doesn't feel like it's actually supposed to be in anyway be a representation of reality.


what are you talking about

btw can anyone who has watched this show and the expanse

tell me which one has more grander effects?
cause this show is just wildly out there

like this must've been expensive to make no? feature movie tier effects


never forget black ice


okay i realize you're talking about the mandalorian
i didn't watch that

why is it a rule, that they can't unmask him in that show?

did george lucas write that in


I think a number of Hollywood libs might have gotten caught in the dragnet during the commie witch hunts. That might be the main reason.
That said, libs be kind of dumb.


Also, Commies were often associated with culturally progressive identity issues that a faction of liberals promoted. Being gay was a signifier of communist ideology, for instance. It’s kind of like how you see /pol/lyps swing by here occasionally and call everyone a transhumanist except a little more sophisticated. Since identity politica are the only issues a lot of libs care about, they see the attack on communism as a veiled attack on themselves.


Probably fan autism that got promoted to canon because the entire existence of Mandalorians was based on Boba Fett, some guy who appeared for like 5 minutes total in the original movies and had like 5 lines. People thought he was cool because of the only identifiable trait: the armor. So of course the whole concept of the Mandalorians is about how important the armor is and that they never take it off.

But yeah I guess doing a show about a guy who wears armor all the time does prove the concept. Halo armor is a lot more recognizable, especially after the absurd hype Halo 3 had (2007 was 15 years ago). It's probably a worse marketing choice to not have the actor wearing that helmet all the time.


File: 1652556325117-0.png (1015.64 KB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652556325117-1.png (910.44 KB, 817x1222, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1652556325117-2.png (2.56 MB, 1152x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

cause most of those successful black men who go after white women are usually colorists and self hating, notice how his self insert's gf in the show is super light skinned, its pathetic and means said guy is mentally colonized and cucked

look up at the famous successful black entertainers and athletes, If not marrying white women they go for super light skinned women, they they have light skinned kids who marry white people
picrel Muhammad ali's grandchildren, sami davis jr grand daughter, Charles barkey with his white grandkids

there were tons of black women they could have been with, but they choose to worship whiteness and now their progeny will be white


they live in the US, they generally grow up in more diverse, assimilated communities as a result of civil rights, and most people in the US happen to be white
do you want to regress towards more segregation or something


>i've always found it so odd why libs mock america's rabid anti-communism

>isn't it in their interest to keep it going? i was watching the middle and there's a joke or two about it two


lots of people that would on a level obviously be against communism got caught in the crossfire, and there was a ton of it
it was irritating to them


File: 1652585452054.png (94.23 KB, 229x346, ClipboardImage.png)

hating your own blackness and being mentally cucked into bleaching your bloodline is not assimilation. its self hatred and ultimately serves white supremacy

here's an example of what I was talking about
>Severine Brock's first language was Ga, yet it was not surprising when, in 1842, she married Edward Carstensen. He was the last governor of Christiansborg, the fort that, in the eighteenth century, had been the center of Danish slave trading in West Africa. She was the descendant of Ga-speaking women who had married Danish merchants and traders. Their marriage would have been familiar to Gold Coast traders going back nearly 150 years. In Daughters of the Trade, Pernille Ipsen follows five generations of marriages between African women and Danish men, revealing how interracial marriage created a Euro-African hybrid culture specifically adapted to the Atlantic slave trade.

basically the children of white colonialists despite being lower on the totem pole then regular whites, still served white supremacy, same shit applies with these rich and successful black men


im confused

are you against people dating people of different colours


>he's a black incel
>white and black girls don't want him
>how asian women have better attitudes
Ok. But what if he's right about a lot of that? I think there's obvious reasons why white incelism is more laughable than incelism of any other kind. Or maybe the problem is we all just dismiss and mock incelism a little too much.


I have nothing against inter racial relationships if their based on mutual affection, if its based on racial fetishists and or despising the women of your own race, then its fucked up
bro, this is literally the exact talking point of most incels who lust after asian women, doesn't matter the color of the Incels, all of them are pathetic regardless of race, difference is that non-white Incels will compare the historical oppression of their ancestors to not getting laid


>non-white Incels will compare the historical oppression of their ancestors to not getting laid

<the sultan of bijapur cut my third uncle's nose and now i can't get laid >:^( because i am a nosecel now


>pathetic regardless of race
Yeah, they know that. That's their whole problem basically
>historical oppression of their ancestors to not getting laid
Cause the need to be desired and not treated as lesser than isn't a normal human want or something

I didn't mean to put asian women on a pedestal. I just meant that Glovers right to critique white women


here's the thing with asian Incels that I can somewhat sympathize with, they were never really taught the principles of dating and a dating culture never developed organically , in 99% of the cases they were arranged marriage by their parents, dating culture was exported from the west and its has had many consequences
however Glove whole thing is that white and black women are too political and don't want him cause he think he's a nerd

>you're going to go through life thinking that girls don't like you because you're a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won't be true. It'll be because you're an asshole.


why are TV shows so focused on themes of family
i think it’s because nuclear family obsessed suburbanites are the only audience they have anymore


>they were never really taught the principles of dating and a dating culture never developed organically , in 99% of the cases they were arranged marriage by their parents, dating culture was exported from the west and its has had many consequences
this is nonsense. there’s no such thing as “dating culture” and dating doesn’t need to be taught or some shit


What a poorly chosen quote. Zuckus has had far more success with women than I. If anything that dude proves incelism right


he's widely mocked by everyone and there are millions of memes calling him either a robot or a reptilian
what are you on about, the vast majority of marriages in my country were and still are arranged marriages, dating exists as a nebulas idea we see in tv shows but not be able to practiced IRL, If I were to move to a western country I wouldn't know anything about dating


>i think it’s because nuclear family obsessed suburbanites are the only audience they have anymore
They are certainly the most insecure people who need to be reassured that what they are doing is important and not against their own interests. Always makes me think of that Bill Hicks bit "Look at my furrows of worry! Look at my big bank account and family! This has to be real…"


you mean traditional family archetypes or just any type of family like workplace? i.e cheers, b99, community

i dunno i guess it's cause we need a family? we're social creatures after all, it's a good message to show, how we always need help of others to grow and change and become better


because everyone has a family


Master Chief is pretty strongly implied to be asexual in the Bungie games. This is arguably LGBT+ erasure.


[monotone] oh noooooooooo


File: 1652756322075.png (424.92 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)



>How could they do this to us fellow gamers, how are we supposed to identify with the master chief if he gets pussy??? 🤢🤢
He's a spartan, he isn:t supposed to be kissing f*males


Halo, SEX mod when?


Malcolm Tucker is 100 million vuvuzela conforimed


yea, his armor was supposed to jerk him off, why need F*males when you get that.


File: 1652852170285.png (34.09 KB, 836x700, FS6lyFbXwAEOAYi.png)


LMAO this is great


based uncut bro, masterchief
(what is this comic? of two lesbians?)


File: 1652880860992.png (262.71 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

This show always looked to me like it was peak "school shooter"-core but apparently there's a plot line where the main guy becomes a socialist politician. Is it actually based?


School shooter core? More just typical liberal gangster-fetishization like The Godfather. It's pretty good though. I watched all the episodes.


Yeah all I've seen of it was people posting "sigma male" edits of scenes with dudes threatening to or actually killing each other.



That, it also has a female audience of women with daddy issues who want to fuck creepy old men but not fat guys


I have "watched" all of it and its total garbage. Quotations because I just browsed leftypol while family member watched it because they like it, but I did hear enough and caught enough glimpses to know what I was dealing with.

The schoolshooter-core is an apt description, but that is just one ingrediant in this shit stew. Other ingrediant is "ripoff-Sopranos"-core, mainly that of Boardwalk, by which I mean its clear it looked at Sopranos, said "wow, ebin morally grey gangstas", completely ignored the satirical and comical nature of Sopranos and made a new mafia TV show out of it. And the final ingrediant is the reddit-ID, aka like Breaking Bad, where its clear that the show is trying to make its pissfuck asshole main character into super epic figure so that the redditors could go "yeah, if I just threw off societies chains, I'd be so like him!". Oh and then the final-final ingredient is seasonal rot, lots of it.

And as for the MC being "leftist", no, no he's not. While I didn't follow it attentively, here are some things I vaguely remember in order:
>Sells out his sisters commie husband
>Cucks out to anglo feds to crack down the IRA, kills one of the IRAs chief opperatives
>Becomes a rotten and corrupt labour MP
>Buddies up with Mosely
>Literally says "you end up at le same point if you go too far left or right and I'm just a man in the middle"
>Only turns on Mosely because he personally fucked him over


only his sister was based and she was treated like shit like every other female character in it
dropped it halfway through the season with the italian vendetta guy because it just became a really long shitty action movie


he also worked for a mysterious secret society of british industrialists and their former russian aristocrat friends and did some killings on their behalf


>dropped it halfway through the season with the italian vendetta guy because it just became a really long shitty action movie
Yeah true. And also just killing characters just to be dramatic.
>only his sister was based and she was treated like shit like every other female character in it
At least she stayed based and they didn't have a corruption arc for her if I recall. Killing her hubbie was the first shitty death they did. I heard it had something to do with scheduling conflicts.
That reminded me of how dumb Michael was all that season. They just started shit for no reason and with no plan and then they just get fucked. Seems like he was acting retarded on purpose.


no archetypes, literally just like the entire cast is members of a family, all of their interactions are centered around the fact that they're in a family
nope, there's a certain type of person that just stays home all day and only has their family to interact with and i think that's who this stuff is for


like the patridge family or that archie show? yeah, idk

back then in the 60s they were all pushing the narative hard, muh american family values and ree communism

thankfully it's dead now


>only his sister was based and she was treated like shit like every other female character in it

is his sister also commie or??

>>Sells out his sisters commie husband
>>Cucks out to anglo feds to crack down the IRA, kills one of the IRAs chief opperatives
>>Becomes a rotten and corrupt labour MP
>>Buddies up with Mosely
>>Literally says "you end up at le same point if you go too far left or right and I'm just a man in the middle"
>>Only turns on Mosely because he personally fucked him over

no wonder the reddit, cringe centrist crowd loves it
is it still worth watching for cinematography and other stuff?

also can someone post the commie meme about this scene? i love it and can't find it


He took off his helmet




>plot line where the main guy becomes a socialist politician
which character are you talking abou btw?

is it the dead communist guy's kid?


Arthur becomes a Labour MP


*after he helps the government arrest communists*


*Tommy, fuck


Master Chief, and all the other Spartans, are chemically sterilised and removed of sexual impulses as children by the UNSC's evil child soldier training programme, this is stated clearly in the books.

Of course, they can just run roughshod over the books if they really want to, but it's pretty lame that they have done so just so they can have generic 'lmao he fucks' type shit. IMO it's more interesting to have him be a horribly abused psychopath.


As I said, its Boardwalk meets Breaking Bad. Take the grim early 20th century mafia setting from the first one and stick it together with the MC being a marry sue edgy powertriping fantasy of BB. I think the first seasons with the IRA were better, but the last one had me in stiches when it decided to pull one of the most cliche "insert sad and tragic big character moment here" tropes which would be well worthy of the finest Turkish soap.


He tries to kill Mosley at least.


his plot is so stupid and you can see the assassination attempt failing from fucking space


Well, it is like putting the titanic in a story, we know how it is going to end.


> pull one of the most cliche "insert sad and tragic big character moment here" tropes which would be well worthy of the finest Turkish soap

what is it? cmon don't leave us hangin'


From what I've heard recently, labour is basically just the other lib party

Green is where it's at


Halo is based on books? lol

Based Chief overcoming the plot and books to lay down some pipe


>Master Chief, and all the other Spartans, are chemically sterilised and removed of sexual impulses as children by the UNSC's evil child soldier training programme, this is stated clearly in the books.
Game, book, and show canon are separate. Bungie deliberately did this with Reach by contradicting the book version of those events as much as possible, but yes sexuality is affected by the augmentations. You are overstating the effects, however, because several Spartans are shown to have sex drive and sexual orientation, including at least one who has had a kid IIRC.

This also varies depending on which Spartan program we're talking about. Some have more extensive augmentations than others, if we want to get pedantic. None of them are castrated, chemically or otherwise, as far as I'm aware, but some of the hormonal treatments do partially suppress their sex drive to a degree. That doesn't change the underlying sexuality that somebody has, and as a counterexample to Master Chief (a Spartan-II), fan favorite Sergeant Johnson (a Spartan-I) clearly fucks, even getting a sex scene in one of the books. Nobody was bothered by that because it fit the character.

>Of course, they can just run roughshod over the books if they really want to, but it's pretty lame that they have done so just so they can have generic 'lmao he fucks' type shit. IMO it's more interesting to have him be a horribly abused psychopath.

I agree but the thing is they could have done basically the same storyline for MC but with some other Spartan. There were lots of them. The kind of characterization that works for a quasi-blank-slate FPS protagonist is very different from what works for a TV show protagonist. I think they actually do show another character running away, which is from the books. Why not follow that guy? You have the whole setting to work with, so why put the same characters in focus? They're clearly trying to tell a different kind of story and appeal to people who aren't already interested in the franchise. It would make a lot more sense to have Master Chief, Cortana, etc appear in the show occasionally as background characters to establish a connection to the world and flesh things out. That would also serve as an advertisement for the rest of the franchise - "If you want to see their story, go play these games or read these books." Seems like stupid decisions happening at the production level. If you adapt the story but change the fundamentals of the major characters, it just feels like fanfiction and creates schisms between people who know/like the different versions. Then again, they have the Prophets cooperating with a human who in the games the Covenant would regard as a literal demon, so it's obvious they don't care about writing.

They also obviously just don't give a fuck in general tbh. In the first episode with the fight against the elites, you see the rebels using two gatling guns when the aliens first get there, having no effect but then as soon as Master Chief picks one up, suddenly it chews through a bunch of them in no time. And then there's all the bad/unfinished CGI like the unpainted plasma pistol (which is the focal point of the shot with that error) or the fact that you repeatedly see the MC actor awkwardly covering the display on his assault rifle so they won't have to render the ammo readout in post-production. They just don't care lol. The fact that a clearly half-assed show is being politicized because "gamers" shows how happy people are to gobble up whatever some "entertainment news" rag shits out.

>Halo is based on books? lol
No, there were several novels made as "expanded universe" type material. Not that uncommon. How much they relate to the game is debatable, with Bungie clearly wanting to distance themselves and actively trying to retcon the books.

>a marry sue edgy powertriping fantasy of BB
How is Walter White a Mary Sue? He's a massive retard who succeeds mainly through people underestimating him for being a nerd or being unwilling to kill him because they need his chemistry skills. He certainly thinks of himself that way, but he is making dumb mistakes from start to finish, and this is explicitly discussed by other characters.


Anyone else think Wonder Showzen (and PFFR in general) is kinda weird politically? Kinda feels like their response to neoconservative hegemony was to go "haha illiterate poor people" conveniently ignoring the fact that the core demographic of neoconservatism was/is well-educated upper middle class types just like them.


>or being unwilling to kill him because they need his chemistry skills
his "chemistry skills" amount to shit any teenager with a shed lab and access to common industrial chemicals could prepare


Its a double cliche. First his little daughter dies from TB randomly and for no real reason (appart from drama points, of course), then he gets "you only got 1 year to live begauze ganser XDD" prognosis, which turns out to be manufactured by that wascally Mosely and this is all just so we could have a montage of him getting ready to kill himself after destroying all his swag before divine providance shows him the truth and we get a "tune in next season" hook. Also all of this happens at lightning speed over like 3 episodes.


that's so stupid
so like convince somebody they have cancer in hopes they kill themselves? lol

stupid af writing


Nobody gets dicked over harder than those people who make novelizations of movies and shows

They just get retconned and nobody remembers these books



Gonna start watching Daredevil

They just announced the writers for the new D+ series on Variety

What is the chronological saga for all the netflix shows?


File: 1653031492588.png (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, lensglare.png)

lens glare in this random shot lol
no idea how it got past the editing room


spooky. maybe it's a hidden message the /leftyschizo/s can decipher


it's just shitty cinematography
he does get spooked in this scene though


wow he's literally me


>And the final ingrediant is the reddit-ID, aka like Breaking Bad, where its clear that the show is trying to make its pissfuck asshole main character into super epic figure so that the redditors could go "yeah, if I just threw off societies chains, I'd be so like him!"
yeah, he just comes across as some kind of like socialite with a gun. only characters that actually come across as mobsters are alfie and arthur and billy kimber and jimmy mccavern


>Nobody gets dicked over harder than those people who make novelizations of movies and shows
Nah it's the VFX artists who get the worst, easily. Their field only appeared after the industry had gotten unionized so they tend to be hyper-exploited because it's harder to get away with it for any of the other jobs. A big part of the reason so many movies are CGI shitfests is because it's often cheaper to contract a VFX studio (often reneging on the contract or just outright refusing to pay) than to do traditional production for a scene.


So in True Blood, Vampires are basically the Mutant/Civil Rights discourse race

And man that shit is so hammy
In one of those scenes, The guy is playing a good guy in a re-enactment vs a Vampire Rights Voter

And he tears the American Flag in half and pretends to stab the progressive person

This shit was after Obama


Yeah that's true
Those writes just get ignored

But those VFX straight up get sweatshopp'd

What is the politics of BB anyways?

I don't remember much but the plot does start literally with a guy having to sell meth to pay for his healthcare lol


found the clip
stupid people are so stupid

you can literally herd them like sheep
one phamplet away from being a religious zealot despite all that character development



Goofy as marketting
They even got Mike Londaly Pillow Guy, I'm sure he will pop up in some commerical this season

Snyder Quote Retweeted it


>What is the politics of BB anyways?
Vaguely "apolitical"? Pretty sure Vince Gilligan has talked about the healthcare system and war on drugs being problems, but the show itself doesn't really explore that side of things much. It shows drugs hurting people, but doesn't really examine why things are that way. Better Call Saul does more of that, but still not too much. Both shows do an alright job of being burgerpunk, because they don't really try to pretty up or romanticize things (partly because they had a very low budget initially).
One thing that might be a turn off is that while the show depicts scummy and corrupt cops, there's a pretty strong pro-police undertone to it.

I would argue that BB is passively pretty racist and sexist though. It's kind of hard not to notice that almost every prominent woman is written as a nagging harpy and that there's a pretty clear disconnect in the way that USanos and Mexicans are portrayed in terms of drug dealing, drug use, etc (haha wacky stoner vs unhinged killers etc). It feels Vince and everyone else writing the show are unconsciously replicating certain stereotypes. I don't think I've ever seen someone else mention this aspect of the show though. It's not in your face but it's there.

>I don't remember much but the plot does start literally with a guy having to sell meth to pay for his healthcare lol

Actually he has insurance that pays for it. His reasons for going after the money are so that his family will be taken care of after he's gone, not to avoid medical debt. But that's just an excuse as he admits at the end of the show. He does it because he was bored with his life and he enjoyed doing the chemistry and being an outlaw.


File: 1653363254403.png (1017.96 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1717).png)

why is she so cute 🥺
masterchief is so mean


is thay ghislaine maxwell?


> burgerpunk
lol, new core
<don't really try to pretty up or romanticize things

>there's a pretty strong pro-police undertone to it.

yeah i've felt tht too, with hank dying being one of the showest big moments, and basically anything showing cops doing good work is basically coppaganda

i think i've heard people complain about the racism and sexism too but not many
it's true tho, i can't remember any women characters that aren't like that

even jessica jones is like naggy

>spoilered text

damn that's deep, i forgot about that scene
one heck of a mid life crisis
i loved that scene where he tells walt jr. this outside somewhere in the desert in the finale, what a calming monologue it was

did any of the post-bb media showed what happened to his family?



>did any of the post-bb media showed what happened to his family?
You see they are in witness protection in the last episode. IDK about anything beyond that.

Oh yea btw found out that the sex scene apparently happens while covenant lady is a POW under MC's supervision so the libs cheering at this for making gamers angery were cheering for a war crime.


did she like consent?

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