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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.


File: 1660671141313.jpeg (42.14 KB, 1024x576, download.jpeg)

Damn, that Walter scene said a lot - just day after getting Hank killed, when asked about his biggest regret he is seething over Grey Matter instead of, oh, I don't know, not quiting cooking after Fring or not saving Jane or not hell, just not being cought with Gabe's book. Also I got a strong impression that he did just make shit up in his head about how he was supposedly pushed out. Maybe I somehow blanked out while rewatching BB, but the Grey Matter situation was kind of always unclear.

Anyways, think Saul basically got the best possible ending here, its just sad from writting perspective that the writters decided to salt it by dangling the 7 year sentance. Its well made, but I think there could have been better ways to have Saul end up as he did, also by finally making an attonement/sacrifice, but also with having the ending feel more uplifting than it did. Also dunno if this is just my retarded paralel, but the way Jimmy ends up really reminds me of The Namless Ones true ending from Planescape Torrment - after years of living a shitty and dead life where he repeats the same mistakes of his past over and over again, he finally takes a step forward, and sacrifices himself to at least do some good and clean a little bit of the mess he made.


>Do you know from what season they started using those cameras?
No but I'd guess they were using the best cameras they could get, right from the start. The cinematography was a signature part of BB and they stepped it up for BCS. Season 1 had a lot of scenes with low lighting, like in Saul's office or Chuck's house.

>Maybe I somehow blanked out while rewatching BB, but the Grey Matter situation was kind of always unclear.
According to BrBa wiki:
<Walt and Elliott were best friends at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and worked on their thesis together and collaborated on the scientific research that led to them being awarded the Nobel Prize ("Pilot", "Gray Matter"). Following their graduation the two friends decided to form their own scientific research company and named it "Gray Matter Technologies" after their two last names combined. The start of Gray Matter appeared to have gone slowly as Walt once mentioned the two only had a few patents pending early on ("Buyout"). At this time, Walt began dating his female lab assistant, Gretchen ("…and the Bag's in the River"). The two fell deeply in love and were at one point engaged and worked closely together with Elliott. However Walt eventually began to feel inferior to her and her family's wealth, and ultimately decided to break up with Gretchen during a vacation with her family in Newport, Rhode Island ("Peekaboo").
<After leaving Gretchen, Walt sold his share of the company to Elliott for $5,000, which he claimed was a significant amount of money for him at the time. He justified his reasons for leaving only as "personal" ("Buyout"). Gretchen eventually went on to marry Elliott and Gray Matter became a highly successful, multi-billion dollar company. Although he remained friendly with the two, Walter would secretly feel that his work was stolen from him and bitterly blamed Elliott and Gretchen for his eventual financial problems and lot in life, completely ignoring the fact that he chose to leave the company himself ("Peekaboo"). Even though he would never admit it, Walt deeply regretted his decision of leaving Gray Matter ("Buyout").
He was just a mad bitch lol.

Despite being the cringe "Crime and Punishment" ending it does fit Saul because he can do actual good work for once in his life from inside the prison, helping inmates with their cases and probably helping some innocent men get released. And he's finally among people who truly appreciate him, which was what the bus scene was about.


To be fair, the Grey Matter thing was his earliest and probably biggest mistake since it would have meant he'd never have to cook in the first place. Even in S1 Elliot offers to pay for his treatment and even give him a job there, but Walt is a proud little bitch who would rather manufacture drugs and risk losing his entire family than accept a little help. Loved his cameo this episode, dialogue felt on point and he didn't even have the Megamind bald cap from El Camino to completely take me out of the show lol.
The best surprise appearance this episode, though, was Chuck's. Really brought a tear to my eye, he might have been a giant, petty, jealous asshole but he was probably the best part of the earlier seasons, missed him a lot. His scene with Jimmy where they sing The Winner Takes It All is honestly one of the best and most heartfelt scenes the entire show,


>Despite being the cringe "Crime and Punishment" ending it does fit Saul because he can do actual good work for once in his life from inside the prison, helping inmates with their cases and probably helping some innocent men get released. And he's finally among people who truly appreciate him, which was what the bus scene was about.
He was already doing basically that in S1, though, and even all the way until the Lalo stuff he was pretty dedicated to helping "the little guy", (except when he was scamming little old ladies lol). There's a reason the inmates really liked him. But I agree this was the best ending he could have gotten, last episode made me really worried since it seemed like they were going toward a super tragic, downer ending where Jimmy's addiction to Slippin' finally kills him and everyone, especially Kim, is miserable forever. Glad they went the more bittersweet route with Jimmy actually owning up to all of his fuck-ups.The bus scene felt a little weird imo, since right after Jimmy finally accepts his mistakes and sheds his Saul persona for good he is still immediately recognized by everyone as Saul. I took this to mean that even his attempt at redemption was really for nothing since his mistakes will be all he is known for until the end of his life and he will never be able to return to Jimmy again. Don't know if that was what they were going for, I might be reading too much into it.


>Was probably his biggest mistake
Well, yes, from his point of view it is, but that's why I think the scene is great - he is still so obsessed and prideful that when his glory-chasing with meth kills the man who basically was his brother, he decides that the biggest mistake wasn't "me doing something that got him killed" or "not picking a different option in a recent failing that lead to this", no, it was "me being stupid and leaving behind the golden ticket which would have gave me enough satisfaction that I wouldn't be "forced" to get Hank killed". Really shows off how far gone he is at that point in time. Also somewhat makes me debate if he really did have a redemption arc at the end of BB, or if he just went out with a bang so he could get the last laugh.

>began to feel inferior to her and her family's wealth
>while being a noble prize winning scientist
Damn, I must have missed that. Really paints a psychotic profile for Walt, kind of reminds me of Grimes from Simpsons but way worse
Also I'll be honest, they missed a great opportunity to end the show with "A winner takes it all"

>he will never be able to return to Jimmy again
To some extent that's correct (that what he did will stick to him forever), he says as much during the trial when the topic of Chuck comes up. But I think the prison scene should be considered as uplifting - even if its not the name he likes, it still shows that he isn't going to hell on earth like how that prison was first talked about, and that he will at least have friends.


Indeed, if he fixed the Gray Matter mistake none of this shit would have happened. People also forget that Elliott straight up offers to pay for Walt's cancer treatment in the beginning of the show and you get the impression that Walt could have swallowed his pride and gone back to Elliott and Gretchen at any moment and they would have welcomed him as a business partner again. It's not just that he fucked up when he sold out of the company, but that he never tried to fix the mistake either. And Saul is similar, which was why they had that scene together. Walter was a bit more self-aware at that moment, but Saul got there eventually.

>He was already doing basically that in S1, though, and even all the way until the Lalo stuff he was pretty dedicated to helping "the little guy"
Yes and no, he was, as Jesse said, "a criminal lawyer." He was helping small time crooks get away with it or get off light rather than specifically looking for innocent people to help (since there's no money in that). This isn't made a big deal of, but there's contrast established between Jimmy and Kim about this, where Kim actually does feel compelled to do pro-bono work and help with backlogged case files (which we see again in the finale when they cut from her arriving at the Central Florida law office to after she has organized their system for them). For Saul, "helping the little guy" was just marketing, but once he was in prison there was a sense he actually started doing it (my one gripe is not showing how he acted toward the other prisoners).
>last episode made me really worried since it seemed like they were going toward a super tragic, downer ending where Jimmy's addiction to Slippin' finally kills him and everyone
Nah, I think they made the opposite point with the scene where he didn't have it in him to overpower an old lady. Walt would have cracked her skull as soon as he realized she found him out. Jimmy was never that guy, he just put up a facade of being an asshole to cope with his feelings. It would have been funny if they had had a scene where he finally gets out of prison on whatever they do for super old people, and he genuinely slips and falls on his way out and gets a real settlement for it.
>The bus scene felt a little weird imo
It was weird because of the "So that's it huh? I'm some kinda Better Call Saul?"-ness of the moment, but it makes perfect sense. I don't think it's him regressing at all, but just a recognition that in spite of the phoniness and greed he did manage to actually help a lot of people and earn a lot of respect from the "low-lifes" to contrast with how he's always seen as disgusting by the "good type of people," whether he was Jimmy or Saul.

Worth noting the scene with Walt happened very shortly after Walt watched Hank die.


File: 1660683488491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.01 KB, 720x402, 1660683414298729.jpg)



>Walter was a bit more self-aware at that moment
I got the opposite impression. At least to me it seemed like Walter only "got it" after spending three months in total isolation while slowly wasting away. In that scene with Saul, to me it felt like him spilling out all the hate and bile he felt towards the world that made him the victim, hence why his revisionism about supposedly being tricked into leaving Grey Matter, pointing fingers not at his failure to be a more decent and less egomaniacal person, but at his failure of missing an opportunity for a safer and better way to please his ego. I think this plays nicely into his scene from El Camino, where he basically flat out says that cooking meth is the happiest thing he ever did in his life and he is sad for not doing something like this sooner. So at best its only in Alaska, if ever, that Walter actually realizes his failings and grows as an individual. I'd also say that its a nice rhyming of Jessie, Walter and Jimmy, where they all fuck up their lives horribly, but realize and try to fix it at different stages, with Walter only doing it at the very end, Jimmy stopping himself right before crossing the line of no return and Jessie actually managing to save himself.


Does this come out before or after Better Fuel Huell and Better Rim Kim?


Just realized a little thing from the last episode - Saul could have easily had an even shorter sentancing if he had sold out Skyler, but he didn't.


Better Fuck Chuck is gonna be about his gold old days in the 80s


Personally I'm looking forward to Better Falter Sooner Walter Jr.


Better Gank Hank
Better Ping Fring
Better Vector Hector
Better Bike Mike
Better Mail Gale


File: 1660769451213.png (890.52 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

HBO seems to be banking on the GoT prequel. With the existing chaos from the Warner-Discovery merger, a lot is probably riding on this show for the network. Were the fans too burned by the GoT ending or is this show likely to be a success? Could it fail badly enough to kill HBO?


File: 1660779350611.jpg (119.51 KB, 500x600, 5pf8YRU.jpg)

>Could it fail badly enough to kill HBO?
Let's hope so


I hate chuck, I hate his actor

He is so annoying, I've only seen 3 episodes, but he's so ill, and I don't think his character is going anywhere other than be a burden on Saul's character

Has it released yet? A lot of stuff is coming out this weekend

She-Hulk, LoTR, GoT and SW show


Matt Smith is genius casting for a Targaryen since he looks like an inbred aristocratic incest baby IRL


File: 1660841363978.gif (1.19 MB, 237x336, ohgod.gif)


Not watching it


Definitely not watching it


Might pirate


lol absolutely not fucking watching it


File: 1660842342579-0.png (526.42 KB, 770x433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1660842342579-1.png (782.98 KB, 1906x954, ClipboardImage.png)

House of the Dragon (HotD) premiers this Sunday at 9pm. It's taking the same primetime slot that Westworld had, which just finished last week. They are trying to make sure they keep the numbers up.

He's the only one with that look though, which makes it a bit odd.
Weirdly there aren't any main cast promos with all the characters in costume on google images, so here's a couple different factions from the show. I can't wait for people to complain about how they made Game of Thrones political by having House Velaryon be black. GRRM actually floated the idea of making all the Valyrians black in the original show while they were developing it for TV.




>I hate chuck, I hate his actor
>He is so annoying, I've only seen 3 episodes, but he's so ill, and I don't think his character is going anywhere other than be a burden on Saul's character
You are supposed to hate him at this point (and also later). There is more depth to him but he is definitely an asshole and his relationship to Jimmy is central to his character. Michael McKean plays the character perfectly. Even with the rest of the cast being superb he stands out.


File: 1660842848313.jpg (41.87 KB, 1200x667, shit hulk.jpg)


dropped breaking bad after giving it a try
fucking awful acting, just as terrible writing which is almost completely fluff, gratuitous and aestheticized violence, just worthless


>gratuitous and aestheticized violence
Is this a GPT bot? Breaking Bad always makes a point to have the violence be blunt and gruesome.


did we watch the same show lol


File: 1660850469852.png (6.18 MB, 1688x2500, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't get it, how does this fit into Better Call Saul? Wtf is Vince doing?


Of course this MCU shit is on an anti homeless people bench


File: 1660853232726.png (88.34 KB, 218x238, ClipboardImage.png)

did they shop her facial expression? it looks bizarre


File: 1660864501730.png (166.35 KB, 385x481, ClipboardImage.png)

Bruh, the Harley Quinn show made Joker into the socialist mayor of Gotham.
His first act was to fire Commissioner Gordon and abolish the police lol.


File: 1660865313859.jpeg (188.54 KB, 821x1024, dreamworks face.jpeg)


they're both reddit
also not television


File: 1660912712441-0.png (2.68 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2042).png)

File: 1660912712441-1.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2044).png)

Did WW finish good? I will be watching this new one on Sunday

It absolutely is a squeakwel
The amount of random focus on her feet…


The first episode also name dropped "dialectical"

Is that what it means? Holding two opposing truths at the same time?

Is that the same thing Marx is talking about? Helgian and all that?


>Did WW finish good?
Absolutely not. Season 4 was showing signs of potentially going somewhere with its story but the final episode or two have major signs of being hastily rewritten due to the Warner-Discovery merger and anticipating either potential cancellation or hard negotiations for renewal and budget (still hasn't been renewed yet, when it had been by previous season finales). One of the most obvious aspects of this was how every single main character besides Christina Dolores got abruptly killed off within the last 2 episodes, but in a way that the show could arbitrarily bring back whichever actors the show can afford in the next season. The season's plot with Bernard was dubious to begin with given that's now how simulations really work but what the "golden path" turned out to be is riddled with obviously better alternatives.

For a show that's supposed to be global at this point (and that keeps moving back and forth between NYC and the Hoover Dam like they're in the same neighborhood), everything is extremely narrow in focus and limited in scope. It became apparent in season 3 that the production process became dominant in determining the direction of the show, with the writing trailing behind, and that seems to be more the case in season 4. We got this location and we want to have this set piece, but how do we get there? Who cares, lol. Just get there. They are definitely coasting on good will they got from season 1 and 2, hoping people will cope their way into liking whatever they drop next. Feel kind of bad for the people working on shows like this who put a lot of effort into doing a good job but are working with a bad framework. At least they're getting paid for it.


I gotta say it's charming how much of a hero's spirit saul goodman has

Like he tries to do the right thing as much as he can, He has good in him


File: 1660924744107.png (2.43 MB, 1280x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

one of the weirdest shows on tv is sex ed
i can't tell what year it takes place in


DBT is, surprisingly, a real thing though


>i can't tell what year it takes place in
I like when they do that.


why you sicko,

why do you enjoy floating in space and time, unaware of reality


File: 1661082387468.png (2.45 MB, 1400x1400, ClipboardImage.png)


finished the last episode, it just feels like manipulative shlock that everyone keeps praising as "genius" like NPCs

the first two episodes were like regular but then it kept going inside it's own ass

i don't even understand the message or the character study if it's trying to do that

i don't know the bit or if nathan fielder is actually like this irl



File: 1661217372026.png (266.39 KB, 1200x901, ClipboardImage.png)

>Princess Reign Era, we are House of the Dragon™: an A Song of Ice and Fire™ story.
>t. King J. Harris
riveting stuff tbh


they got the normies again with GoT smh


first episode of the GoT prequel was very forgettable


nathan fielder is supposed to be like an autistic guy, and you're supposed to laugh at him for being autistic, i think


To those spanish speaking
Once again the yt algo recommends this man to me, kek, so many drawers (and frankly I bet specially naive fans, since the workers had to endure being in the enviroment) learn that their "art" is shit in the sense of the execs, all in favour of putting some cash into the altars of Debt-Molok-Capitalism


The golden age of US animation is over again
insert soyjack



File: 1661464053584.png (439.91 KB, 780x438, ClipboardImage.png)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan got added to the cast of They Boys as a recurring character in season 4.
Not announced which character.


Reminder that The US hasn't animated anything for decades(2D that is). They don't even do keyframes, they just draw storyboards and leave all the animation to the Koreans. American Animation is an oxymoron.


File: 1661470016823.png (254.3 KB, 600x593, ClipboardImage.png)


<mfw watching she-hulk and bcs and continuously seeing foot fetish fanservice for the 103rd time in a row

i hate the cabal
i wish my fetish had one


i'll do you one better and not watch it all
did y'all hear how hbo and wb lost like 20 billion trying to save 3 billion? 😂🤣😭

they can only release 2 movies this year hahahaha


I was very surprised and that thought it was a cool casting until I realised this is Kripke and they both worked on Supernatural

Who do you think he's gonna play?
Maybe Soldier Boy's dad in a flashback


That was my first thought but IDK if Jensen Ackles will be back, and it wouldn't make sense for him to appear as his dad otherwise unless he got super powers later in life and became slow to age once he was already old.


the batman


><mfw watching she-hulk and bcs and continuously seeing foot fetish fanservice for the 103rd time in a row
>she-hulk foot fetish fanservice
proof? for a friend


>she hulk does foot fetish
do they even need to?
The character has transformation/inflation and green skin built into it. It should have muscle girl built in too but here we are.



yeah that would be cool

episode 1 had multiple times her being bare feet
and episode 2 again they had her take her feet out

and bcs well, i've watched 6 episodes and only the last one with mike, i think had no ff

or else every episode it's
>hahah kim, do you want a pedicure!?? 🤪


Does Amazon produce The Boys or Does Sony?


Jensen Ackles said that whenever he asks him, He'll be back in that suit for him


File: 1661574773092.jpg (206.9 KB, 1000x965, 1660955810617.jpg)

Can't have She-Hulk with an actually muscular body but showing her feet constantly is OK.


File: 1661614855133.png (446.99 KB, 590x838, 1656338262353.png)

>episode 1 had multiple times her being bare feet
>and episode 2 again they had her take her feet out
wonderful thanks, pirating now. have already watched BCS.



that was the worst show i've seen, i'm sorry for wasting your time and i'm sorry for wasting my own time.


A cartoon from the 90s had a better She-Hulk than a show with millions in budget.


File: 1661628382136-0.png (3.3 MB, 1414x1358, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1661628382136-1.png (771.83 KB, 969x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Slippin Jimmy is a nice guy
He helps the elderly

I can't wait to see what he does next, He will have a very successful and honorable career

No way it gets fucked up

Also damn if that scene of two guards throwing saul and then complaining about how they get paid shit, isn't a perfect embodiment of capitalism

They get shit on, And they still fight for their overlords


I hope it gets morbed.


File: 1661629395481.jpg (140.09 KB, 1036x1303, hulksplaining.jpg)

So I haven't watched She-Hulk because I value my time (at least a little lol) but apparently the cringe woke rant she goes on in the first episode was supposed to be cringe so that she can have character development and people bitching about it are taking it out of context because the show agrees with them that Jen was posting cringe.

It's funny how in the episode that she directs there's a prominent foot shot near the beginning.


why are people so weird about feet now

i don't mean the foot fetish people but the anti-foot fetish people

if you're not turned on by feet you're just seeing pictures of feet, something which most people already have

who cares


File: 1661630319803.gif (835.66 KB, 500x281, feet.gif)

Because being turned on by feet is funny and now that foot fetishes are public knowledge, everyone thinks about it when there's a a shot showing feet. Moreover, everyone knows that everyone knows so it's like one big in-joke where we all laugh about how some people are turned on by feet.


File: 1661630452951.jpg (39.37 KB, 300x460, jk lol.jpg)


Lmao those bastards


File: 1661650405313-0.png (86.6 KB, 670x976, 1660700479680.png)

File: 1661650405313-1.jpg (159.55 KB, 1448x518, 1660699642767.jpg)

The absolute state of Marvel.


>It was kind of uncharted territory.
>"If I'm gonna watch a show called 'She-Hulk,' I want to see She-Hulk." That kind of was the carte blanche to just write it however I wanted.
>There were a lot of things that then had to be changed at the last minute to go from She-Hulk to Jen.
>I'm not totally convinced that they know how to make television yet.
simply lol

Very revealing stuff. This is the way that CGI animators have always been treated, "trying to get the most amount of stuff, in the least amount of time, for the least amount of money." Maybe they are too confident after successfully organizing all those movies and just don't respect that TV works differently. Interesting insight into the business.



I could tell already when he kept telling saul to "work your way up" he was a conservative, shithead that he thinks it's the 1940s era of capitalism

I hope he kills himself that whiny little baby now that jimmy won't deliver him stuff


im mad that my fetish doesn't have the same amount of fanservice, also it's just funny to pretend to be mad about it


File: 1661690390616.png (949.43 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else feel like crying at this scene?
It came out of nowhere
But it was kinda weird how he was scamming all these people despite being a lawyer, Isn't the stuff he did illegal?

What if someone recognized him

A bit odd that now he's just gonna break bad, Why?
He got a job, and then I assume because of the friend's influence and getting the taste back

He is regressing back to his crummy ways?
I hope Fring shows up next season


File: 1661747941014.webm (2.92 MB, 1500x626, feet.webm)



I watched house of the dragon and saw a man's ass and some cut up flesh

Not watching it anymore
The main girl seems interesting but not enough to see that

What is so sexy here to foot fetishist, What can you jack off to here

It's just toes, The calves look more well defined than the feet


It's just a fetish bro.


File: 1661764655288.png (793.25 KB, 1319x706, ClipboardImage.png)

skyler was hot af
i can't remember if i was one of those 13 year olds that hated her because she curbed le epic hesienberg

but man i know for sure i found her hot even back then
it's so weird now the opinions have turntabled


It was over before it even began


File: 1661791392618.png (981.39 KB, 1242x1260, ClipboardImage.png)

sanest skyler hater


She was always hot and she's always been annoying. Walt being a piece of shit doesn't make her not annoying or vice versa.

virgin side pickers vs CHAD nuance enjoyers


Yeah Jimmy only ever had one real friend whose only fun in life was being le ebin prankster, and got to have one last ride with Jimmy, but Jimmy feels guilty about it for the rest of his life. Arguably it's what starts his mantra that eventually you forget (you don't). Part of why Jimmy kept going back to scams is because it was a coping mechanism that distracted him from his grief and guilt.


File: 1661801369404.png (12.04 MB, 3898x2599, ClipboardImage.png)

How's everyone feeling about the new GoT? I'm enjoying it. Cool costumers. Dragons. Matt Smith's incredibly ugly face is bizarrely enchanting? He's a really good actor and I think his ugliness helps him out a lot. But he's also so ugly you don't want even want to look at him in the face. It's like looking at a freak show, you feel disgusted and ashamed at yourself but you can't look away. Very strange dynamic.


They got Doctor Who from Morbius in it?


I wouldn't call Matt Smith ugly. More like strange looking. It fits the character. So does Milly Alcock's unusual face. Too bad she's going to be replaced when the character gets older.

Paddy Considine is honestly distracting. He's a good actor but he looks too much like some guy from the pub to really sell the "king from ancient dynasty" look. Maybe it fits him being bad at ruling lol.

It's too early to say how I feel about the show since it's still mostly setting things up. Doesn't compare too well to early GoT. There were some very strong character building scenes in the first few episodes of GoT that we aren't getting an equivalent to.


He's not ugly he's just British


Every time I see Matt Smith I am took out of it, I didn't mind him in The Crown, he seemed to fit there, but here I can't buy him as a tyrant warrior prince


File: 1661817423308.mp4 (11.31 MB, 960x540, avion.mp4)

Who in the right mind would pay some dollars a month to see Breaking Bad when you have Metastasis complete on youtube
He was made for the role. Great for him


When GoT came out the costumes were outstanding for television, nowadays for expensive productions it's kind of standard.

It feels like fan service but the chemistry between the actors feels much worse compared to early GoT. In GoT the dynamic between the actors and characters worked from episode one. Also I am mad that GRRM just decided to bury ASOIAF for good because let's be honest, HoD is gonna run for four seasons at least because everyone is gonna force themselves to watch it because of GoT nostalgia.

For me it's too much Targaryans, too much dragon shit. Why do they have to go back so far? It would have been fine to make a show on Robert's Rebellion.

However, I expect it to be better than the Tolkien show that is about to come out on Prime.


>For me it's too much Targaryans, too much dragon shit. Why do they have to go back so far? It would have been fine to make a show on Robert's Rebellion.
They are giving people the spectacle of muh dragons to try to build up an audience before they expand into a GoT cinematic TV universe. Gurm is on record about the latter part btw. He wants to do a sequel about Jon Snow for god knows what reason.


she was literally just a mom, a woman married to a kingpin

we all had heated heisenberg moment during the summer of 2013


what is something annoying she did? i don't remember

so that death is the entire catalyst? damn
i'm on s02e1 and he's got a sweet new job, i cannot imagine how he fucks it up

every time watching bcs, you just think
what is it the moment or thing that's gonna make jimmy into saul


File: 1661851964613-0.png (2.35 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2109).png)

File: 1661851964613-1.png (2.1 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2110).png)

File: 1661851964613-2.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2111).png)

I'm 10 minutes into Good Lord Bird and it's hilarious

There's a joke about John Brown being "religiod schizo that kidnapped a femboy" but I'm not going to make it

So the whole red vs blue state, "yankee" thing back then was just like a culture war thing of today?
before the civil war started,

it was like starbucks christmas cups but way more serious and real


Is it that bad? I've got it on my list.


I just saw a John Brown chop a guy's head off, I'm too scared to watch now

Idk they showed him based but depends on perspective if you think they're showing him as a lunatic


jokes on them I like lunatics


>what is something annoying she did? i don't remember
Stereotypical "nagging housewife" stuff, like talking to Walt like he was a child even though he had won a Nobel prize. The fact that Vince didn't understand why people thought she was annoying makes me think the writers were unintentionally replicating those stereotypes. Almost all the women in BrBa feel a little too much like sexist stereotypes at times.


>It feels like fan service but the chemistry between the actors feels much worse compared to early GoT.

Yeah I noticed this, also the characters just seem kind of weak, don't know if it's the dialog or direction or what


Probably the fact that the source material is written like a history book and the show has to fill in a lot of blanks regarding character, compared to GoT where you have a lot of direct portrayal of the characters, including inner monologue for the POV characters that you can use to flesh them out.


can't they get actual good writers to fill in those blanks though?


They could, but did they?


Also, writing and fleshing out a character takes time. Books that were published over decades have a lot more time to put into characters, regardless of how good your writers are.

To compare, Matthew McConaughey wrote a 450 page book about his character Rust Cohle in True Detective season 1 in order to map out his personality and character development over the course of the series. This kind of thing isn't just something you can come up with if you're super duper clever. It takes time.


I think the new LoTR show might fail,
Idk if it's because HBO has already invested in their stuff for a long time, but they produced a show like this and got 10mil viewers on second episode and renewed S2

While Netflix and Amazon are investing 30 million and 60 million per episode for their new shows respectively

Granted Stranger Things S4 was a success, but with both of these other shows, about a prequel, medivial show? Idk, only one might live

Remember that expensive marco polo show a few time ago that amazon made? I don't


>Matthew McConaughey wrote a 450 page book about his character Rust Cohle in True Detective season 1

i've heard of character scrapboooks but damn,,
legalized fanfiction,

did they ever publish it or tell us what the story is about?


>The series' characters draw from a number of real Nazi hunters through the decades, but are not meant to be a specific representation of any of them.[4] It follows a diverse band of Nazi hunters living in 1977 New York City who discover that Nazi war criminals are conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S.[5] A parallel plot element is the discovery of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government operation relocating many German scientists (many of them Nazis) to the U.S.

Hunters 2020, I'm gonna see it


File: 1661928390241.png (1.42 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)


has anybody seen it?


File: 1661968040626.png (2.29 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it true they made Joker admit on air, He is a socialist?
He's doing a good guy arc or something, what is happening


Watched Ozark Season 1. I feel like it started strong and just got weaker as it went on. Felt like it was stretched out from a 2 hr movie kind of. A lot of long family drama scenes that just aren't that interesting. Jason Bateman is an interesting casting choice as Walter White. He's almost there, but he's not it. We're supposed to view him as a sociopath with a kind of straight man face towards the world. But Michael Bluth just shines through in every scene. It's very distracting.
What else? It was long. They obviously forced every episode to be an hour. The actual plot has a bunch of holes if you think about it a bit. Like the logic behind all this money laundering and supposed motivations of the cartel is pretty stupid.


The show has not exactly been subtle about its politics. It's mostly stuck to exploring social issues but anti-capitalism has been a clear undertone the entire time.

Joker has been doing a good guy arc since season 2 or something. He fell into the vat of toxic waste again and it turned him normal, and he ended up becoming a wholesome suburban dad because he lost all his joker memories. Then he fell into the toxic waste again and he started trying to reconcile the two personas. The result was that he ran for mayor of Gotham as a socialist. First thing he did was fire Commissioner Gordon (who dropped out of the race after being convinced he was a bad candidate) and say he was going to disband the police.

That was last episode, new episode this week.

It's supposed to be extremely bad lol


So I'm currently going Babylon 5 for the first time. Man, the show is really great, some true boomer-liberal kino, which is always cool to see. However I just finished War Without End and I am really unsure about the show. For what its worth, the double-bill was amazing in how it tied Sinclairs story up and had a well done time loop. But… I think the future scenes with possessed Londo were a huge fucking mistake. Maybe the show will pull "its just one possible future card", but I doubt it, and as it stands these scenes almost ruin the show by basically setting in stone that…
>They beat the main Shadow force
>Londo and G'kar both die then and there, confirming that Londo will fuck up to prevent his visions from coming true
>This all gives infinate plot armor to basically the entire current cast
Like, okay, the show did prove that I can trust it to do great writting even when it seems dubious at first before, so I hope for some sort of twist, or that maybe Sheridan won't go to Zah'ha'dum, but again, I doubt it sonehow, and thus I feel as if all the drama and conflict has just been accidentally sucked dry.

Hope I'm proven wrong. Wonder if some of you who watched B5 can share your thoughts on this episode. Just no spoilers please.


>but anti-capitalism has been a clear undertone the entire time.
damn, i gotta pick this show up again


I watched it, and while it does have a ton of moments where it seems like they're trying to paint John Brown as a 'deranged lunatic' it's overall good and carries a decently good message despite it's liberal 'whitewashing' (If that's the correct word to use). I'd still recommend it and I enjoyed it.


File: 1662022857595.png (492.51 KB, 931x524, ClipboardImage.png)

are there more scawwy headchopping scenes??
ethan hawke is so fun to watch, i wish there was a supercut of all his scenes as john brown


Yeah there's quite a bit of gore but I didn't think it detracted from it or really added onto it, it's just there. If you mean is there any more scenes where John Brown goes ham and slices motherfuckers? I believe there is a few, I think. The only one I can think of right now is him using a sword on a slaveowner.

>i wish there was a supercut of all his scenes as john brown

does this count?




No problem, comrade, enjoy.
ignore the double post, my embeds got fucked up



Is it really whitewashed? IIRC the author of the novel which the show was based on is black lol



sorry meant to reply this post


Whitewashed not in the racial sense, I mean, the historical & political sense - that's why I questioned whether it was the right word or not, sorry for any confusion.


Whitewashed isn't about race, or at least the original meaning wasn't. It's mostly America where it took on the newer meaning. It's originally referring to a type of cheap white paint used to cover things up.


File: 1662038505510.png (779.15 KB, 768x768, ClipboardImage.png)

it's slippin' time


It's funny that people are butthurt (pun intended) about this scene when it's on-brand for the kind of humor She-Hulk had in the comics. She was doing these kinds of jokes long before Deadpool copied the 4th wall breaking and pop culture reference schtick.


This is white genocide.


>She was doing these kinds of jokes long before Deadpool copied the 4th wall breaking and pop culture reference schtick

You just gave a redditor somewhere a heart attack

I've watched the scene so many times, I wish Megan Thee Stallion was real

Goddamn I've never seen the comment section of a video seethe so much, These are the same people who read comics? Where men wear tights and quip?

I cannot believe Slippin' Jimmy is real, It legit feels like an alt-universe meme that became real

That fuckin' big mouth, streaming adult animation artstyle

I need someone to make an essay on it, I'm scared to watch it



I didn't see this while watching the episode was it a post-credits thing? I don't doubt a lot of the seething is because they heckin' hate women, but tbh it is fucking cringe 'how do you do, fellow kids' shit, like if deadpool were dabbing and doing some fortnite dance from 3 years ago.

>I've watched the scene so many times, I wish Megan Thee Stallion was real
Is this pasta?

Anyone seen the new lord of the rings show yet? Is it mediocre or decent or LiTeRaL wHiTe GeNoCiDe?


Alright it's less obnoxious than when I saw it yesterday, now that I've had time to process it.
It's a humor style that works better in comic form I think.


>was it a post-credits thing?
>like if deadpool were dabbing and doing some fortnite dance from 3 years ago.
People were also butthurt about somebody doing a fortnite dance in Endgame. Idk who, just that people were butthurt over it.
>Anyone seen the new lord of the rings show yet?
Only comment I saw was /tv/ spamming OH LAWD DEM RANGS etc.
don't think anybody is even hate watching it.

>I wish Megan Thee Stallion was real
Uh… she is?
Do you not remember WAP?


File: 1662133595092.png (2.2 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (2114).png)

Single hardest opening for any show
He looks like jaboukie to me


There is no lord of the rings show, What are you talking about? No such thing

The only thing I heard from watching a breakdown vid is that they don't even have rights for the tolkeins books, so they're basing most of it on the appendix and foreword, and making Cate Blanchett's character's the main lead as they have rights for her,

They don't even mention the names for some of the characters because of this, like her brother

Ayo who was fortnite dancing in Endgame lmfao, I want to know


>Uh… she is?
>Do you not remember WAP?

Yeah, I remember Well Armed Proletariat

It's a meme, It's like when someone watches Luca and says "I wish italians were real"


Anyone watch the new LOTR? Holy shit was it boring and formulaic. Really makes you respect how much Jackson was able to convey with Fellowship, which has the same run time I think. Pop culture is so much worse compared to even 20 years ago.


Oh, it was very mediocre. The "white genocide" is that there are black dwarves and humans. There's a very on the nose plot about a black elf suffering racism at the hands of humans, but the overall feeling is one of being generic and not woke. Apparently the elfs are occupying human lands to protect against the Doom returning or something? I found it hard to follow and was on my phone most of the time.


File: 1662151451545.jpg (51.35 KB, 800x450, squid_game_netflix00.jpg)

Don't know if this conv as already been had to death here, but has anyone seen picrel? I heard some vague murmurings about an anti-capitalist critique which I'm skeptical of cause it's a Netflix thing…


File: 1662156794738.png (263.82 KB, 639x318, ClipboardImage.png)

the kind of thing somebody would make as a joke trailer but it's a real show lmao


it is anticapitalist in that vague way that a lot of shows are, it's alright overall, I wouldn't recommend watching it alone though, when riffing with friends it's alright


it is anti-capitalist a bit, but with the inclusion of the nk character, idk if it was appeasement for SK censors or a socdem approach to anti-capitalism

idk, it's a good horror drama to watch with someone


I feel like they've written themselves into a corner with the endings of Boys S3,

Blackmails where the main drive of moving the plot,
Now they've lost it all along with Craplander's main fear

How and where will it go now
yeah, lmao


this is the videogame space pirate from halo
i don't get it, he quoted stuff about revolution

the shocker does not explain hegelian dialectics well


tom chicken


the most unconvincing part of BCS is that kim and jim (hey that rhymes lol) are film buffs

I'm sorry it's just feels like the writers talking


Anybody ever watch this cute abc show that aired only 1 episode
Idk, it looks okay

TV Production during those days, what effects were the hardest to produce?


>I feel like they've written themselves into a corner with the endings of Boys S3… how and where will it go now
IDK, but I'm willing to bet that (and spoilers from this point on, obviously)

Ryan will have an arc where he realises that he kind of enjoys being evil, but will ultimately either come to the good side or have to sacrifice himself to save the Boys, possibly probably by fighting Homelander. That won't happen all in the next series tho, I expect they'll try to drag it out over the next two or three.

Also, I suspect that Queen Maeve got pregnant when she fucked Butcher, and their child will turn up in a future season. Otherwise that scene was kind of pointless.


I can't take BCS seriously if it's just going to be this stupid, rich people shit and their "ethics"

Like in the end, I'm not gonna think Jimmy's gonna pay for his "crimes" if it's just going to be crap like this

I don't see him doing anything wrong


That would be hilarious, Fight of the Supersons

It's wild how they've already started filming S4, I guess they did S3 when covid happened and got delayed until now


I sort of disliked the ending of S2 too but this finale was such a disappointment. What can they even do at this point? That Soldier Boy shit went nowhere besides giving Ackles the chance to say some funny lines.

In the comics Homelander remained a menace till the end, absolutely crushing Maeve. Now he apparently can barely hold himself against Butcher on TempV. So, the entire threat and urgency of the situation is pretty much done unless they pull out an even stronger supe but Homelander and Soldier Boy were already supposed to be strongest.

With A-Train and Deep they just did a reset on them. I guess they gonna get side quests again in S4 that will again ultimately end up nowhere.


Meh, I don't think the LOTR movies aged well.


bites you


File: 1662541940238.png (290.5 KB, 814x814, ClipboardImage.png)


your honor my client was just roughousing on an imageboard

this was not a legal threat, he didn't include "<3"


She-Hulk S1E4, "Armpit Fanservice"

Critical Support to Donny Blaze, You can't copyright magic


>That Soldier Boy shit went nowhere besides giving Ackles the chance to say some funny lines.
Spoilers for this, obviously
I disagree. The Soldier Boy shit was all about daddy issues and toxic masculinity, and he served his purpose in that sense. Butcher was turned into an asshole by his father, but has to open up to save Hughey and try to get Ryan back. That's basically his entire arc for s3.

Soldier Boy is the very definition of boomer masculinity. Has PTSD but refuses to admit it, sees any sign of affection as weakness, and if it's between men it's just written off by him as "gay".

He even turns on his own son, Homelander, because he opens up (in a weird kind of way) towards Ryan (and probably because despite being the world's most powerful man, he looks and acts like a pampered actor). I've seen some people say that he attacked Homelander because of the deal he made with Butcher, but nah.

That was Soldier Boy's purpose, and he served it wonderfully.


Soldier Boy's attitude toward affection vs sexuality is also interesting. He makes a lot of references to what might be considered "degenerate" fucking as something he seems to think is fairly normal, but he recoils from pretty much any form of affection or emotional openness. In that sense he's also depicting the way a lot of men in western society are taught to channel all their feelings into either violence or sex.


That's interesting but what does he consider sex to be? Pleasure?


Furthering the boomer masculinity allegory, he never actually stormed Normandy and saw the horrors of war, but pretends he did and touts that he copes with the horrors by not being “a fucking pussy” like the new generation.


Who is Chopped for? Top Chef, MasterChef exist

What is chopped
Anyways that comfy 2000s halloween episode gave me vibes, I really want this year to watch halloween themed TV

But I don't live in the US,
So which shows and during what time of October have halloween themed stuff?


Oh yeah I forgot about this, he's a fucking poser too lol. Another reason for him to be insecure


Yeah, I'd imagine so. Nothing to do with love or real passion, hence how the scene with him and the older ladies was treated. Pure physical sensation, none of that sissy emotional shit, as he may have put it.


>Who is Chopped for?
It's just daytime TV shit. Formulaic nonsense you can put on in the background and not miss anything important while you do household chores or whatever.


> posemaniacs
are you /ic/ fag by any chance


No, but I've heard of it, there are so many drawing boards

>one of that sissy emotional shit
I read this in his voice lol


what other ones are good, im a learning /beg/


no there's like an artwork and critique one, then the regular i one nad then there's also graphic design

really twitter also has a big art community
we on hobby also had 2-3 threads, i asked a question about drawing tablets there


what is that?


Also thoughts and prayers for the incoming A.I shitstorm into the art world


/beg/ is beginner

ic is art and critique


anyone watching primal, first season was kinda a slog but this season is really good now that there is an actual plot. animation is really well done too.


Idk but watch Halloween wars, that shit slaps


I loved the first season, as well as the second.
They’re both good for different reasons.


Primal is great.
I thought the first season was fine but I prefer a season arc. In the grand scheme I think the show evolving like that is a good idea and was probably their intention from the start. Them being able to pivot from a pretty strictly episodic season to one with a well defined arc (with more than one major antagonist, even) is pretty impressive from a writing and production standpoint. Few shows can handle changing up the formula like that. It was originally conceived as an anthology show, and I think they said they might conclude the current story and have more variety in any future seasons. I'd still like to occasionally see episodes with the current characters, assuming their story doesn't have a downer ending (which given this series it might). The episode where it's randomly in 1800s England was probably them dipping their toes in the water to see how people responded to shifting the focus.

It's also impressive how much depth they have given these characters without using dialogue. My favorite moment in the show was definitely all the character moments in the part where Fang lays her new eggs and the parts before and after where Spear and Mira help. It mostly has excellent animation, but you can tell that in one particular episode the animators were pushed to their limits (Genndy said so himself) because characters' injuries don't persist through the fight when they normally do. It's where they find the "viking" village and are forced to fight them all. They are definitely putting in the work to make good stuff, and the show has been critically acclaimed, so hopefully it gets renewed. IDK what the ratings are like.


>Halloween Wars is an American reality competition series from Super Delicious, the production company that also produces Cupcake Wars and Cake Wars. It premiered on October 2, 2011, on Food Network and it runs over the course of four weeks in October annually. The show pits five teams made up of cake sculptors, sugar artists, and pumpkin carvers against each other to produce the ultimate Halloween themed display. The winning team is awarded $50,00

Amazing, you watch it?


File: 1662956086021.png (151.36 KB, 1076x445, metoo.png)



the new lotr show is too high fantasy and GoT is intriguing but too disturbing

what is a boy to do?

what do y'all do when distressing content in TV?

Do you keep watching and put yourself through it or turn off or do you just skip those scenes?


also is the new got actually more fucked up than the old one? feels like it
this one straight up got pedo storyliness


it is amusing though reading reddit comments where everyone is like #girlboss. i interpreted it as her kind of passing on the trauma of her uncle (not)raping her


>what do y'all do when distressing content in TV?
It's fake so I don't really care tbh. Idk what to say to someone who's bothered by it except remember it's fake. That's what I did as a kid when scary stuff on TV did bother me.

>also is the new got actually more fucked up than the old one? feels like it
They said it was gonna be darker, and given the source material it makes sense.
>this one straight up got pedo storyliness
Well yeah that's medieval marriages for you. IIRC Rhaenyra is supposed to be 17 at this point in the show, but was 13 at this point in the books. They have been doing time skips between each episode so far.


Guess we gotta watch White Lotus, its winning so many Emmys



i'm not excited for the timeskip, the rahenyra actress is fine, is the actress replacing her has some big shoes to fill (looking like a weird and distinct royal)


they're doing some kind of law and order mutiverse special..


finished watching the first ep, idk what makes it got so intriguing than lotr, the politics?

that at the end, it's mostly still humans with some magical elements

so the targeryon aren't actually special race that can control the dragons but just bullshitted that into the mythos?

i thought it was going to take seasons for her to become the heir but neat
i gotta read up on valeria and balerian, did the dragons burn down their old

rahenyra is the great grandmother of danerys?


Embedding error.
the indian office remake is little stale, but i can't believe something with "disney" in the name released in the modern age was so blatantly offensive shit

surprised there wasn't a controversy in india


>finished watching the first ep, idk what makes it got so intriguing than lotr, the politics?
Haven't seen the lotr show nor will I but I assume it's cliche fantasy tropes because for some weird copyright reason they are limited in what source material they can adapt.
>so the targeryon aren't actually special race that can control the dragons but just bullshitted that into the mythos?
The Targs around at the time of the show are kind of like the Eastern Roman Empire, who survived the rest of the empire collapsing (but much fewer of them). It's not entirely clear how controlling the dragons work, but it's apparently something to do with their blood. Other than that they are just people with an unusual appearance. They have a master race meme going on since forever and especially after they conquered Westeros.
>i thought it was going to take seasons for her to become the heir but neat
They are moving real fuckin fast, but I think the book covers multiple generations so that makes sense.
>i gotta read up on valeria and balerian, did the dragons burn down their old
It's a mystery what happened to Valyria, and there are lots of theories. We know it basically blew up like Pompeii but much bigger.
>rahenyra is the great grandmother of danerys?
The family tree is probably spoilers lol. Idk.

Bruh are they really just copying the same bits from burger TV in the 00s?


Ig, I haven't seen this
There was also an adaption of Everybody Loves Raymond, but that one was good and meshed both the cultural mythos well, the original creator was involved for that

They gotta unionize the dragonkeepers, Those people guys look like they get burnt by the dragons daily trying to control them
Excited to see where the show is going if you say it's going to cover multiple generations

I'm not complaining but why did he write a prequel book before finishing the actual series he started, It's fun tho
I have no memory if a woman actually ever becomes queen of Westores

btw is there a world beyond westores? other kingdoms or is it all just piratesand slavedoms


File: 1663067576726.png (2.28 MB, 1943x1093, ClipboardImage.png)

Do not look up the main squid game guy's history


File: 1663078308987.png (383.14 KB, 1024x682, ClipboardImage.png)

>They gotta unionize the dragonkeepers, Those people guys look like they get burnt by the dragons daily trying to control them
I'm pretty sure in the books they are supposed to be cool and valued members of society (for obvious reasons) but when we saw them in the show it looked like they were covered in dragon shit lol.
>Excited to see where the show is going if you say it's going to cover multiple generations
Saw somebody say season 1 should cover 25 years.
>I'm not complaining but why did he write a prequel book before finishing the actual series he started, It's fun tho
Writer's block I guess. Each book in the main series gets bigger and more complicated and he says he gets stuck. As a creative kind of person I think he's hoping to stimulate more creativity for his writing by doing other projects (which is better than just staring at a blank page until you get ideas). But he might just be procrastinating lol.
>I have no memory if a woman actually ever becomes queen of Westores
Both under Targaryen rule and after Robert's Rebellion.
>btw is there a world beyond westores?
There's 3 known continents. Essos to the east gets less well defined the farther east you go. I don't think it's defined how big it is, but there's mention of places very far east. Sothoryos to the south is pretty vague and mysterious. Lots have speculated there's more to the west (including Arya Stark in the actual show) so that's likely.


I hope if asoiaf ever finishes up they show of the other regions of the world too,

all this stuff is based on the english, welsh stuff
wonder how the other parts of this place has developed


GRRM goes full American when he describes Essos, not so sure if I need to see it. He basically describes it as a degenerate cruel hellscape where they eat puppies on a stick.


what the fuck


I'm pretty sure he doesn't


The "cooked puppies on a stick" is an actual line from the books. Don't make me dig it up.


Burgers eat veal so I don't think it's that egregious tbh.


File: 1663286521202.png (269.52 KB, 596x615, ClipboardImage.png)


What do you think it is that makes Breaking Bad more talked about or (better?) than the other 2010s dramas of it's time?

Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, don't live on pop culture anymore, Not that it's a judgement or shows a quality of a series

Is it because it had an equally acclaimed spin-off?

The only old show I still see talked like that is Sopranos, Is it pure chaos?

That both these shows still remain being talked and discussed, I don't see anything particularly special in them than their adversaries


ffs, i just..

Regardless of their eventual quality, it's just so bad, like porky is scared of their chances that they'll only invest their production capablities to things with pre-existing fanbases and IPs only

Books will be written to made into TV shows soon enough


The next generation of Art generating AI will be used to directly transform books into movies, studios and acotrs no longer needed, maximum profits!


>What do you think it is that makes Breaking Bad more talked about or (better?) than the other 2010s dramas of it's time?

Jessie Pinkman is trans


BrBa has a certain level of un-pretentiousness to it. It started out with a small team of people and a shoestring budget pretty much. Other shows like Boardwalk Empire (which is also good but for different reasons) make it clear that they think they are prestige TV. They are up their own ass to a degree an usually are about people who are supposed to be cool (prohibition era crime lords in that example). BrBa on the other hand is about a regular guy who gets involved in crazy shit because of his determination and skillset. On that level it's both more approachable and it sells an escapist fantasy that almost seems like it could really happen.
>Is it because it had an equally acclaimed spin-off?
That certainly helped, but it's worth pointing out BCS has the same thing going on. The characters have enough of a hook to them to be interesting (Jimmy being a compulsive con artist, Chuck being a legal savant but also a manipulative narcissist with a fake disease, etc) but are still portrayed as if they are real people with real problems and foibles. The point of contrast is that the other shows tend to go for a more… "Shakespearean?" approach, where the characters are supposed to be grand portrayals of human virtues and vices rather than people unto themselves. That approach can still make for a good story, but the characters lack the texture that they need to be really relatable and gripping to an audience.
tl;dr I think a lot of it comes down to audiences strongly preferring a naturalistic style.


Never really watched it but I think that it's probably a similar situation where the down-to-earth portrayal of the characters (and Tony Soprano going to the shrink) makes them seem more relatable and realistic.



Huh, never thought about it like that, The other shows like Succession which is pretty much a King Lear adaption for the modern age,

Game of Thrones too might apply to that theory, It was popular, and after it ended talk of it pretty much stopped until HOTD came back up again, I don't know much about Westworld if that theory applies

Euphoria tho… That remains to be seen, It's not really Shakespearean but is not naturalistic I would say,
We'll see in the future


>Game of Thrones too might apply to that theory, It was popular, and after it ended talk of it pretty much stopped until HOTD came back up again
That's more because the show ended disastrously and people wanted to forget. HotD might just help wash the bad taste out of people's mouths. I think you have to judge fantasy and sci fi by different standards though. Plenty of people like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. and those characters are much more "archetypes" than believable as people.


The performances certainly help BrBa. Cranston is a really good actor (and I discovered recently that he was the English VA for Isamu Dyson in Macross Plus, which is pretty neat). It also helps that Cranston has a good out of film reputation. People seem to like him, and as a casual Cranston Enjoyer™ I haven't heard anything bad about him. I'd imagine that that contributes to the show's longevity, Cranston not being a rapist or something else which puts a bad taste in people's mouths.


Bryan Cranston was Kenneth's dad from 30 rock and also in Malcom in the Middle


> macross plus va
damn that is neat. such a good movie.


File: 1663433179692.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

I am in love with her
Also I can't wait for Chuck to k-word himself

I hate that obsessive fuck so much, He's such an elitist prick
I get when Bob said that he's like Walter White

And that's why Jimmy is attracted to both of them


File: 1663450127924.jpg (64.99 KB, 908x460, y37kg0ahc8161.jpg)

Just finished the penultimate episode of S4 Babylon 5. Only 1 season, a shit ton of movies and a miniseries left, so I guess I'm at least two-thirds done.

But man oh man, I don't think I have ever seen a show - no, scratch that - any piece of media that has been fucked over so extremely hard by external factors. And despite all that, it still carries through, although it definitely carries a smell of being a little bit burnt. Just for the record, here's all the shit that went bad for the show as far as I'm aware:
>Got postponed for a year after the pilot
>Postponing resulted in the kicking out of 2 main characters and 1 semi-main character, but it was still only after the pilot so it didn't really felt as a major thing
>Main star turns out to be a schizophrenic paranoiac who constantly causes filming issues, has to leave after one season with impossibly large shoes to fill
>Replacement actor is… well some people like him but in my view he is a bit shit in comparison to Sinclair, and the rewriting of the main plot just barely manages to make everything fit in place
>The semi-main character actor replacement gets pissy over not being one of the main characters and leaves for a shitty cop show, resulting in a complete and total axing of her entire character story and plotlines, they have to wheel in the former actor to replace her
>Discounting this, there are also quite a few times of characters randomly using walking canes or just-so-happens'ing into breaking their arms that you can't stop but think that they probably all broke something multiple times IRL
>One of the main characters has to go through multiple different assistants that get killed off-screen because their actors couldn't handle the discomfort of wearing Narn makeup
>And worst of all, the entire fourth season gets turbo-fucked by ADHD storyline because the studio didn't allow for season five until the last possible moment, resulting in a clumsy and rushed "last" season that while good, clearly seems as if it could have been way better with more time

I am quite excited for what the actual last season holds. Because sadly I was somewhat disappointing with season 4, even though it was focused on the Earth arc, which was for me the most interesting story that the show had up its sleeve. Its funny, for me still the best episode remains double one Point of No Return and Severed Dreams from Season 3, and I somewhat doubt that the spooky scary Drakh and the yucky yucky Keepers are going to hold up to that, but time will tell. And War Without End still hangs over the show like a turd - because it either totally and completely spoils the end for the Centauri story, as well as for Gkar and Londo, or it is just shit writing with happy-go-lucky time travel where the future can be changed if you really want.

And finally I have to add that I feel real smart for figuring out that Garibaldi was mind-controlled by PsiCorp to fuck over Edgars many episodes before it was confirmed.


I'm about halfway through season 5 now. The last time I'd seen it was when I was a kid, back when it originally came out.

In some ways it's still really good, but in others it definitely hasn't aged well. I'm kind of interested in the reboot, because I think there's still a great story there that can be enhanced with modern graphics, hopefully not having all the production issues that the original series had, and cutting the fat from the 90s television format.

And hopefully this time they don't let the fucking fascists off so fucking easily.


I could've saved him…


It hurts, doesn't it?


>Let the fascists off
I think that was actually good writting, but kind of scuffed by the general rush to put everything in S4. Like I got a really strong vibe that President Luchenko was basically Albert Speer, or perhaps more like those FRG politicians who had ties to NSDAP after the war. She saw where the wind was blowing and couped Clark on her own terms, making sure that it will only be the hardliners who will get purged under the pretext of maintaining unity, and not so much the "I just follower orders" crowd. And Sheridan is too idealistic and too much of a bleeding heart liberal to go and try to truly uproot the government. But maybe something else happens through out season 5 so I don't know.

Anyway, I think Clark and his administration were very facinating villains. Honestly I wouldn't even call them fash, despite the obvious paralels, as they are just way too apolitical outside of very basic populist sabre rattling. They struck me as being a collection of power-hungry interest groups hell bent on using every single method of control that we can see in how all their actions are one big gumbo pot of varios IRL examples of social control - McCarthy like red scare tactics, fascist like gestapo, Soviet like consignment of dissidents to psychiatric wards and so on. And at least to me, the way Clark got into power made me think there is some liberal conspiracybrain interpretation of LBJ in him as well. And it also seems like Clark, in a sort of Hitler paralel, went too crazy and paranoid in his megalomaniac desire to be the top dog, which in the end alienated the rest of his administration - first oligarchs like Edgars, and then the functionaries like Luchenko. Because realistically, all the power structures responsible for what happened survive, and (at least this is my guess of what would happen after seeing penultimate S4 episode) only the birth of the Interstellar Alliance would make them tone down, only because being part of the Alliance would be more beneficial to their interests.


>I think that was actually good writting

It's not unjustified, but at the same time I don't have to like it. I don't particularly like how Season 5 tries to justify it. I do think it's pretty significant how the consequences of not purging the fascists is shown to be the fascists resurging a few hundred years later and triggering a war between Earth and its colonies that sees Earth nuked back to the dark ages.


>Soviet like consignment of dissidents to psychiatric wards
No such thing
Those poor souls were suffering from sluggishy progressing schizophrenia
Symptoms tending to be obsession w/ freedumbs


yo, babylon 5 is written by this same comic book writer J. micheal strayzncski

is his episodes/seasons good?

he has made some controversial comics choices, do they reflect in his show as well


Have no clue on JMS's comics, but B5 is basically purely his own brainchild. He even control-freaked most of the dialogues in early seasons, or so the story goes, up to him getting mad at actors going just slightly off-script to add in a little line or quip.

I'd say the show is very good in theory, but bogged down by production issues. Also I think its glaring that JMS in an ur-liberal, but of the old kind of liberalism. The show isn't afraid to show the real cold hearted brutality of politics or war or the cycle of revenge, but still "great man (or women) of history" save the day and bring peace and understanding. I just watched a specific episode called Deconstruction of Falling Stars, the finale of S4, and it had an entire 10min segment that was basically JMS strawmaning and shitting on non-Great Man Theory historians. Asside from that, the only other problems I saw that was from directorial side, and not the production issue side, was that S1 was a bit shit with a ton of cheesy monster of the week episodes, and that on several ocassions JMS failed to stick the landing on epic moments.

Over all, the show is great once you digest Season 1, and definetly worth the watch.


On an unrelated note, guess who just pushed out the queenie's funeral to #2 spot on twitter
Man, what an interesting time to randomly decide watching the show for the first time.



File: 1663645249820.png (1.48 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah I noticed his libby politics in the Thor comics where he was sucking off Captain America and saw politics as a spectacle

Lol, they're re-airing the B5 for a reboot, damn
CW gutted almost all of their shows a few months ago


I've only watched upto 2 seasons of KoTH and there was an anon said how the show's pretty conservative

I was reading online discourse about the show and people are arguing whether those characters would vote for drumpf or not

(Irrelevant as bourgeois elections are worthless)

But I'd think they would vote for him, would they not? Did I miss something in the show or do the characters develop even more,

Even if they learn lessons of tolerance, there are plenty of misguided people like the KoTH charactesr that would've voted, yes or no?
I would like to understand


I think they'd vote for him. Dale would be full blown Schizo QAnon. Hank a little Eichmann. The show ran from like 99-Early Obama. A simpler time.


On the whole, I'd say that, yeah, Babylon 5 is good. It shows its age in a lot of ways, in particular the PS1 era, ReBoot-esque graphics, and the way it tells its stories. There are episode guides for the early seasons if you just want to get the overarching plot and skip the standalone filler.

I'd say that its strong points are the overall cohesion of the storyline, some fun sci-fi/sci-fantasy stuff, and most of all its characters. G'kar and Londo both have great character arcs and are portrayed by a pair of fantastic actors

It's kind of a transitional work though, the halfway point between the sort of weekly standalone syndicated episode format and the sort of longform GoT-esque storytelling we have now. It was a standout production at the time, but by today's standards is seems pretty quaint in a lot of ways.


File: 1663660274024.mp4 (21.04 MB, 1920x1080, kino.mp4)

I can't fucking believe he got it from inflatable carsalesman 😭
i don't remember if he mentioned about his style in Breaking Bad


God, this intro was absolute kino.



We were going strong, 3 whole episodes without it 😔


File: 1663844310347.png (858.52 KB, 828x816, ClipboardImage.png)

My favourite was the suit he later in the episode
What music is playing in the clip

I hope the show goes a little deeper into why he he keeps wearing those flashy suits,

I want to read a good write-up on Saul Goodman's suits and the philosophy behind it


New Vince Gilligan Sci-Fi show on Apple announced, they ordered 2 seasons of it already

Rhea Seehorn (of Whitney fame) starring

Have we seen him shows other than ones set in the Breaking Bad Universe?

All I know is he wrote some episodes of X-Files


Currently watching sandman. The first 2-3 episodes were good. Everything since then has been really boring. Every episode is so meh, uneventful, irrelevant, and in the good moments the scenes just lack any depth, on multiple fronts. The only redeeming quality is production value. One of the episodes tries to do "quirky" with odd characters co-living in a house. It makes 0 sense in context with the series. Came out of nowhere and it just doesn't fit in with the rest of what we've seen.

Honestly I'm trying to like it really hard, but it's just not good.


Have you read the sandman comic and the Mr.Sandman song


Song yes, comic no.


Finished S2 of BCS

Jimmy's brother is the literal embodiment of shit,

An elitist, Whiny, nasally prick

Fucking no wonder jimmy's mother was calling for him instead of the failson

What happened to him? This was even before whatever freak electricity accident happened to him


Nice, Is it a good adaptation of the comic, would you say?


File: 1664038540155.png (49.25 KB, 758x569, ClipboardImage.png)

Kino and based. Fuck those stuck-up dress code standards. Suits look like shit and mocking them like this is what they deserve.

>Have we seen [Vince Gilligan] shows other than ones set in the Breaking Bad Universe?
>All I know is he wrote some episodes of X-Files
He was an executive producer on X-Files actually.

Didn't last 2 episodes tbh. Felt too much like teenage fanfic. Couldn't take Dream seriously at all.

>Fucking no wonder jimmy's mother was calling for him instead of the failson
Jimmy was the failson lol. Chuck was very successful. But as his actor Michael McKean has said, Chuck made their mother proud but Jimmy made her smile/laugh. That's how he (the actor) saw the rivalry originally forming, that he was ambitious and tried to make mom proud but couldn't be charming and sweet like Jimmy. Chuck is an Intelligence build while Jimmy is a Charisma build, and he's butthurt about it because he wasn't the favorite.


File: 1664248189181-0.jpg (142.66 KB, 1249x1334, 1653090260187-0.jpg)

File: 1664248189181-1.jpg (706.22 KB, 2048x2048, 1653090260187-1.jpg)


Every HBO show has been good, I can't imagine this one being bad
I gotta find out how to play TLoU on PC, Emulate it

If you can't make your parents happy with your mere presence, I think that makes you a failkid
Any donkey can earn dough

I'm gonna start S3 soon, I hope they show more of Jimmy childhood

>Kino and based. Fuck those stuck-up dress code standards

Exactly, Like half of the show is just all these stuck-up lawyers having a stick up their ass




Don't want to beat a dead horse but I saw this one and I couldn't repost it
>Banner: I shot myself in the mouth and the other guy spitted the bullet
>She-Hulk: Yeah but being a gringo lawyer is harder
Glorious, I don't hope it gets better since from a long time I desire the collapse of Disney


File: 1664335369559-0.png (425.44 KB, 600x600, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664335369559-1.png (300.4 KB, 715x622, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664335369559-2.jpg (275.25 KB, 1063x1750, fetching water.jpg)

The bottled water episode of Netflix's Rotten docuseries is nuts.

>Nestle and other bottle water companies pretend their industry is displacing soda etc but it's actually displacing tap water

>in a nutshell they are effectively destroying the natural resources involved in making water in order to turn it into a commodity, not just outcompeting tap water but unsustainably harvesting the water from aquifers while municipal water supplies deteriorate from lack of funding despite literally being orders of magnitude cheaper
>Nestle's donations to Flint come from this other one small town (Evart) where some fucking rube just signed over water rights (he actually appears in the show to say he's pro-Nestle, instead of not agreeing to appear like someone with a brain)
>bottled water has (almost) always been marketing hype
>started as aquifer water as an alternative to river water which was contaminated by dumping waste in rivers, but sanitation of public water supplies made this obsolete
>Perrier hired Orson Welles to shill their water, taking it from a niche market to a significant consumer product before Nestle bought them
>Spring water is big commodity but there's not enough actual springs to meet demand, so Nestle lobbies the FDA to change the definition to include water pumped from aquifers
>start pumping aquifers faster than they can recharge, which causes shrinking water supply for other people using the same sources (individuals, communities, and municipalities)
>rivers and streams are drying up now because the aquifers that feed them are being over-pumped for bottled water
>Nestle has been spreading their aquifer pumping operations everywhere they can in spite of protests and environmental protections (if one place stops them they will just find someone who will allow it), and this can still affect areas that keep the business out
>Distrust in water infrastructure is a vicious cycle because less use of municipal water means less funding for it, which means less ability to maintain it.
>Municipal water services have to contend with bad PR due to failures like Flint, Michigan along with marketing by bottled water companies that bottled water is safer
>"People say well there's no money to fix water, but it turns out there is money to fix water AND we're already spending it on water but we're spending it on water one curshable plastic bottle at a time."
>and bottled water costs orders of magnitude more than tap water, less than a penny per gallon vs a dollar per bottle
But that's just in the 1st world…
In the 3rd world, the heavily commodified water makes it harder for poor people to access water (largely because of the markup.

Lagos, Nigeria
>despite better than average natural water resources, Nigeria's capital Lagos has a water crisis. The water infrastructure is in literal ruins, making most people dependent on bottled water or generous rich people who can afford to drill into aquifers and give it away (even rich people there can't get good water from the system an rely on other methods)
>even this water is not safe due to leaching from waste into the groundwater, and people frequently get sick from untested water
>there's an entire economy and cottage industry of guys carrying water in jerry cans on carts to sell to people (literal Mad Max shit in the capital of the richest country in Africa RIGHT NOW)
>for most Nigerians, one regular bottle of water is half a day's pay
>Nestle's Pure Life™ brand specifically targets the 3rd world where they can't afford water, produced locally to be cheaper
>Lagos has a garbage crisis from all the water being delivered in plastic bottles (only 10% of garbage is recycled, while the rest just piles up and washes into the water)
>Lagos officials know the solution to the problem is water infrastructure, which they are developing (a treatment plant), but which is years behind because nobody is investing in the necessary pipes to deliver the water, and which would only serve about 5% of Lagos' population when completed.
>Meanwhile Nestle actively markets to Nigeria that municipal water can't work.

Manderegi, Nigeria
>Nestle sets up plant to pull water from local aquifer, right on top of an existing Nigerian village
>now a road runs through the middle of it with heavy traffic
>Nestle has a proomotion where they give water to the villagers for free (but only enough for half the population of the village), but they have to hike all the way to the water plant carrying water across a highway
>despite the high tech industrial water extraction happening RIGHT THERE, the villagers still have to spend an hour a day carrying water from the spigots Nestle provides back to their homes, and the provided water source is four times as far as the river where they traditionally get water
>even worse, the Nestle water plant dumps waste water back into the river the village uses as its water source, and after complaints Nestle said they commissioned an investiagtion that found the water's contents "compliant with regulatory norms" and the people continue having to drink it

And of course the trend for the long term is that water is going to become dangerously scarce, so we can't afford to be fucking around with this kind of shit, wasting huge amounts of money and resources just so bottled water companies can make huge profits.
The availability of clean water has a clear class dynamic to it and we're looking down the barrel of a future where the rich drink $80 bottles of glacier-melt water while the poor are stuck drinking water full of industrial sludge or paying through the nose in an attempt to protect their safety.


I hate TMDB
I was tracking an after documentary show for House of the Dragon for trakt.tv and it gets its data from there

And now it's just gone
Is there an alternative site?


Has anyone watched "The Great"
Is this another monarchist uwu russian royalty garbage?


File: 1664531158462.png (1016.69 KB, 928x618, ClipboardImage.png)

i like she-hulk as a regular show set in the superhero world

it asks and answers all the stupid, slice of life questions people always talk about and i love seeing all these c-list superheros


That is basically what a lot of the comics are, depending on the run.



Who gives a shit. They guy literally can't write anything of his own, he just reiterates cliches and tries to "subvert" them, but has not ability or knowledge to do so, so in the end it results in the same tired cliches.


i don't like dan harmon either
but the prophecy has been fulfilled

six seasons and a movie… i hope they somehow bring in pierce

if the plot is sci-fi bullshit or paintball, i will fucking lose it,
i hate that shit so much in community, it's best when it's actually heartfelt about real life

it's always been a show about losers and outcasts, that's where it's strength always lied
i hope the kid named finger returns


>if the plot is … paintball, i will fucking lose it
Third time's the charm
>it's always been a show about losers and outcasts, that's where it's strength always lied
Yeah, but i think it forgot about that pretty quickly.


>i hope they somehow bring in pierce
YNB won't work with Chevy Chase after he went on a racist tirade.


idk, season six was pretty grounded and about that part since all the main stars had left

jeff getting older and becoming part of the school instead of a student

fuck, the season finale hit me hard, it was sad but good

ynb is such an annoying lib on twitter but that part i get, what did he do?

pierce is such a fun character, if only chevy wasn't an ass irl
still one of the best character exit's, jacks off to death


File: 1664633536712-0.png (1.47 MB, 1800x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664633536712-1.png (2.68 MB, 2318x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rollingstones Top 100 shows of all time list\


Do you agree?
Apparently, Conan made it in

They even interviewed some tv writers for the poll



Fuck No. 1, I don't care about it, overrated

BCS sisters…. you made it in

I think I've heard of all the shows in this list, They're always very america centric
Imagine a worldwide list, I think some could get knocked off,

Like how tf is larry sanders whatever better?

Sad about Wonder Years, but man both the Savages are either creeps or moronic anti-commies


My choices would be very different and have less dramas
It would def include stuff like "The Middle, King of The Hill, One Tree Hill, Cougar Town"


File: 1664690526844.png (427.36 KB, 458x687, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone seen Los Espooky?

>A primarily Spanish-language comedy (with English subtitles), the series follows the adventures of Renaldo, a horror and gore enthusiast who forms a unique business that conjures thrills and chills for a variety of clients


File: 1664714275550.png (490.12 KB, 500x750, ClipboardImage.png)

remember like 2 weeks ago in she-hulk they were showing a fictional hate forum, and like the memes were very dumbed down and stupid,

yeah i thought that stuff was fictional but nah there are still people on reddit like froums that post like


not a parody sub, i checked
this is 100% unironic


It's equally shitty memes because it's equally fake memes, possibly even being generated by the same astroturfers alternately hired by conservative money to astroturf conservative presence on reddit or by Marvel Studios to create fictional trolls for their TV show.

>ynb is such an annoying lib on twitter but that part i get, what did he do?
IDK the details, just what people have been saying. Apparently it involved one or more racial slurs and I think he might have been on set at the time.


Archive of the link.
Bottom 50 https://archive.ph/Z7hiu
Top 50 https://archive.ph/644h2

>What We Do in the Shadows

>Reddit an Memey
>Squid Game
>The Crown
>The Underground Railroad
>Russian Doll
>Soyjak Horseman
>The Good Place
>I May Destroy You
absurd recency bias lol
Isn't a part of this ranking supposed to be cultural impact and influence?

>Chappelle's Show #69


It's what you would expect from a popularity contest, pretty messy and several weird choices


catnip for boomers


Somebody do one of those "right-wing vs left-wing memes" with this pic.


>Isn't a part of this ranking supposed to be cultural impact and influence?
There are literally thousands of mitski edits of succession

type any succcesion character with "babygirl"

i wonder tho, at what point a show leaves the "recency bias" like what amount of years or cultural impact is needed?


File: 1664791877597.png (1.95 MB, 900x1350, ClipboardImage.png)

what is svengoolie


This whole dahmer controversy has made me think of the victim's families and how they experience trauma, for eg like this month where people go around pretend to stab each other

the commercialization of actual horrific event, i feel like making up fictional, serial killers inspired or whatever is alright, but true crime adaptaion feels like it's too far

any thoughts?
on art vs real life and how far it should go in depicting it?




I agree True Crime as a genre is extremely gross, both for its flippant treatment of the victims, exploiting their victimhood for money, and of the psychological effect on its viewers, who tend to develop paranoid tendencies.


what is the material explanation for the recent trend of sweeping fascinating with the true crime genre?


Rise of podcasts and other "democratic" forms of media with low barrier to entry combined with economic instability. True Crime is content that's mostly already written for you, just need to find the material that's most suited to a story, and a community of people fascinated by the subject makes that even easier. And people pay attention because economic uncertainty means potential jump in crime and people being more afraid of their safety and being in a more fearful headspace.


i don't understand what the materialist explination there can be

but i think rampant commercialization and alienation is the main culprit

like there are youtube channels like that one vet who reads gruesome real life cases between ad sponsorships for chicken nuggets or girls doing makeup while reading such news

everything, including death must become capital


>And people pay attention because economic uncertainty means potential jump in crime and people being more afraid of their safety and being in a more fearful headspace

That's also very true, The main times I've watched such videos is to pick up on how to be safe

But that didn't work out because I just became more paranoid


How to be safe: get a gun and train with it regularly.


>world is in a generally shitty place from economic and environmental catastrophes
>people start to become interested in morbid topics as a way to cope with the state of the world

it's not the first time it's happened, true crime was really popular between the first and second world wars


>people start to become interested in morbid topics as a way to cope

how does it help to cope?

you can't get guns in india, only rich twats with connections get it


>It was made without an intended watch order. Let me explain.

>The television industry was different back then; this was even before the legendary first-ever defined-arc show, Babylon 5. And this was made as a weekday afternoon cartoon for broadcast TV, a business model that does not even exist anymore.

You're telling me Babylon 5 started this continuity shit? Not even Star Trek?
I know Cheers did continuity for sitcoms (which the show runners regretted)


>Not even Star Trek?
TNG had a loose continuity to it, but retained a largely episodic format. Deep Space 9 was B5's contemporary, and while there are little plot points scattered about throughout the season, DS9's episodes are generally standalone. B5 has some standalone episodes, but after season 1 the show is mostly devoted to its "myth arc" or whatever.


>how does it help to cope?
it's hard to explain because this may partially just come down to an individual's psychology, but it's like, reading about something really morbid and extreme I think helps to both give some perspective (worse things have happened) and also to validate your own feelings (the world can indeed be pretty fucking awful). but in times like this where there are huge existential threats both to the planet and also to everyone who isn't rich, it may be less of a coping mechanism for a particular type of person and more of many different forms of immiserated escapism if normies start to acquire an interest in true crime


DS9 had a largely serialized season 6 and 7.


File: 1665044502405-0.png (172.17 KB, 334x506, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665044502405-1.png (258 KB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Another classic episode of she-hulk incoming
FrogLad and CGI Devil

I really hope this halloween, all the girls are dressed in green

I just checked B5's release date and it came out in 1994, now that sounds believable to me
I thought it released in the oughts

Yeah I see now how it helps to cope, especially the "worse stuff has happened" part


That was actually a fucked up ending,
The entire episode was chill and in the end they're doing a plotline about revenge porn, and letting go as a woman while being a superhero and how people see her
Came out of nowhere,

They gotta do a satisfying end to such a serious matter, It's by no means a sanitary topic but if you're gonna tackle something like this,
It better have a fantasy, fanservice end like those incels get their ass beat and go to prison for life



yo what happened with that snowpiercer show?
did anybody finish it


I watched the last season and it was really bad. Hamilton was always a terrible actor but Connelly helped carry it. The last season had no Connellly, some weird mystical plotline, a literal dream episode where they pretend they're in Egypt or something, and presumably other stuff. It was all very forgettable.


Did it explain anything about why there's snow or expand on the lore?


Mila Kunis was 15, while everyone on the show was in their 20s?
And she marries the guy that was her romantic interest

Kinda weird


File: 1665224998355.png (2.1 MB, 960x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

aye or naye?
please don't tell me it go cancelled on a cliff hanger


Fun horror comedy but I got bored after a while.
Gelt like it ran its course before the end so I stopped watching. Didn't regret watching what I did, though.


i was trying to find that h20 movie but what the hell did i just stumble into


Interesting. I remember observing the opposite with American Pie, where all the guys were teenagers and all the women were in their 20s.


File: 1665301349409-0.png (285.05 KB, 643x393, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665301349409-1.png (338.48 KB, 686x531, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665301349409-2.png (304.97 KB, 674x479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665301349409-3.png (324.13 KB, 679x504, ClipboardImage.png)


I disagree. I find myself finding my empathy when I watch true crime stuff. One forgets or it's easy to forget there's people out there with lives who go through horrible shit. It's voyeuristic sure but I find a weird comfort in hearing the story of strangers.


they need to make a new american pie

true, i also find the same, i guess it's the really alienated weirdos who only feel some kinship with the killer, and they're loudly more shown on social media because the clicks it generates


File: 1665381109658.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf was white rose
i only remember watching 1-2 seasons of robot, (until everything gets wiped and it's revealed that that wife beater is a figment of his imagination)

anyways i remember she like pees on something, shit was weird
was the characters some kind of oOoooo China boogeyman shoe-in?


File: 1665431721504.png (272.24 KB, 640x383, ClipboardImage.png)



Won by a longshot


is it the same guy from metasis?
did they also make a movie


yeah, it's a movie called "The Road" about José getting away from the police


File: 1665465896221.jpg (298.33 KB, 1920x1080, S6_E6.jpg)

Never really been a super fan of this show. But bringing dinosaurs back as capitalism ending foils for Rick to feud with over petty squabbles I think cements this as the best episode and god tier show.


File: 1665485895536-0.png (419.69 KB, 700x800, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1665485895536-1.png (333.77 KB, 700x800, ClipboardImage.png)

No way they already got costumes for Boys S4 supes

Sister Sage and Fire Cracker
No idea what they're from or like

>Naming the white charackter "cracker"

can you explain? i'm confused


>Naming the white charackter "cracker"
A ginger named fire cracker.


I don't get it


Women with red hair are hot


I dunno, seemed like a mixed bag of anti commie prop.


Maybe, but you're not really supposed to like Rick anyhow


Malcolm Tucker making a comeback at the end of the third season of The Thick of It was a massive fan-service cop-out
He should have disappeared and been seamlessly replaced by the inscrutable machinery of government and neoconservative hegemony that he was a little Eichmann for and ended up being swallowed up by himself
It would've made a statement


i guess it happens with popular actors, does a disservice to the character arc and vision sometimes


I don't even think Vince Gilligan writes the show
He just comes into shoot it


File: 1665592378481.png (2.22 MB, 1170x1814, ClipboardImage.png)

is great british bakeoff based? is there a commie on board


Acting is a technical role, not an artistic one
Honestly, they shouldn't be treated any different from a gaffer or boom operator or whatever
Star systems suck


>show is literally called "the boys"
>keeps casting girls
literally male genocide


File: 1665637802937.mp4 (10.27 MB, 1920x1080, avenue5.mp4)

Avenue 5 is amazing


whgat the fuck did i just watch


File: 1665673097565.png (5.7 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

pirate bros….

>tfw no disney+ to feel like she's glitching out of it



>they kept asking to redo and reduce the CGI she-hulk in the show
>they make an interface gimmick instead to catch people's attention and try to make more people watch the show

Couldn't stomach more than one episode (way too slapstick) but the premise of Avenue 5 is that there's a bunch of bourgie dipshits on a cruise ship (IN SPACE) that has a malfunction and goes way off course trapping them on board for a lot longer than originally intended and things start going crazy.


any Quantum Leap fans here? How do you all feel about the new series?


All I remember is the episode where he's retarded and the one where he had a Japanese wife that pissed off the neighbors by working outside with her tits out


>A Train is actually a real marvel design


File: 1665690089238.jpg (26.73 KB, 310x420, 0564703[1].jpg)

anyone checked out pantheon ?
sci fi animated show about mind uploading (in the context of current society)
pretty good so far


>Quantum Leap
I loved the original show. I'm at least glad the reboot turned out to not be a race swap but a different character. The original stil seems superior storytelling ability even though it sometimes got cheesy. The new one is better than I expected it would be but the episodic characters feel like throwaways. They spend too much time trying to focus on overarching plot so the personal stories of people needing being helped take a back seat. The modernization of there being a soundtrack to fit the style of other shows makes it harder to get immersed in what's going on and just feels like watching a low budget movie. Also I am confused how the show fits in with the original show. They do explain it's just restarting the project but with how the original series ended it doesn't really make sense unless you assume the future was changed enough to change aesthetics of the current year compared to how the original show portrayed things but not changed enough to prevent the quantum leap project from starting by Sam to begin with and somehow even the A.I is still called Ziggy, why? I guess that can pass for now though but I hope some of this doesnt go entirely unexplaoned expected viewers to make up the missing info. Feels too early to make more judgment but so far none of the stories of characters really hit me in the feels like the original was so good at doing though it never was an every episode thing so I cant tell if it will get better at this point since it still feels like it's just trying to establish things. I'm just one episode behind currently.

I only saw a preview and had forgotten to check it out. It airs on AMC? Or is it some AMC+ thing?


File: 1665938033183.png (1.42 MB, 1865x1003, ClipboardImage.png)

do you agree or not?
if you disagree, what was the peak era? or is it yet to come, future bearer?


It's all down hill from here


It was pretty good yeah, it's based on a story from Ken Liu so it was expected.


File: 1666013701276-0.png (728.94 KB, 1115x827, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1666013701276-1.png (949.39 KB, 1792x828, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1666013701276-2.png (1.01 MB, 1792x828, ClipboardImage.png)

Succession S4 stills

Break up HBO my god, they got a hold over all of TV dramas

euphoria, hotd, succession again


why do you say so? what's about to happen


economic disruption is going to put a big squeeze on all markets and the resulting consolidating is going to let to more marvelization of media



what does marvelizaton of media mean? a shared universe

that's been around since CBS, King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond takes place in and cross overs

Or do you mean cheap VFX work



how do comrades watch uk shows? i don't have a cable locisense


I'm not saying it's good, it's average at most. But I genuinely had some fun with Rings of Power and I'm not ashamed to say it.


i wish it wasn't owned by amazon, it would be so funny to see a bilion dollar project fail


anyone remember TSV uploaded tv torrents? what were they
they always had extra and included .ico in their releases


Marvelization i think is referring to a loss in quality of CGI and bad jokes with extreme levels of wokist pandering and shitting on real fans of an existing franchise


Started watching the Netflix anime called spriggan.

So far so good.

I also started watching Farzar. It was very very very bad. Not even "so bad its good" like that Neo Yokio trash, this is just boring and bland. All the jokes are so "petulant". It really feels like a suburbanite liberal wrote this shit. Not because it's woke, but because the jokes are all fucking "nudge nudge wink wink" and childish.


this >>30406 plus making everything for a ridiculously broad audience and smoothing everything out to be inclusive (not in the idpol sjw way to everyone) to everyone. Like in Marvel movies they're all perfectly sculpted physical specimens in the peak of their reproductive capability yet no sex is ever had, not even the the allusion to sex or sexual undertones, everything has to be for fuckin babies and for people who are watching it while also checking their phone every 20 minutes instead of watching the thing. Like recently in Rings of Power, they (spoilers, but cant be bothered actually doing the spoiler thing) tell the story of the creation/founding of Mordor and after building that up and making it obvious for 3+ episodes at the end of that story arch they still have a scene of one of the dudes going up to the main baddie and asking "milord, what shall we call this new land??" and the camera pans over to Mount Doom erupting and in big yellow letters on the screen it reads "MORDOR" and it's like "uuuuh if we dont spell it out for them some people may not get it cause they're not paying attention or cause they know nothing about the LOTR universe and we may lose that demographic oh nooooo" and it really cheapens the spirit of the whole story to an extent


The industrial revolution didn't even spare vampires


File: 1666603734205.png (2.4 MB, 2547x1428, ClipboardImage.png)

seriously wtf was the context, i can't remember
someone post the scene

like he's checking him for weapons but why is he making that moan face, is this just an unfortunate screenshot

i remember they showed this on conan too when the entire cast was there for an interview


watching Larry Sanders show cuz I'm bored and I've seen everything else good that HBO offers. It's pretty solid actually.


File: 1666604117694.mp4 (1.19 MB, 1920x1080, Darth Vader.mp4)

>and the camera pans over to Mount Doom erupting and in big yellow letters on the screen it reads "MORDOR
Lol what? Couldn't they just have Sauron say it? Reminds me of all the Screen Rants I was watching recently, but they somehow made it even worse.


that was lame,


what does vader mean even
yoda means like yodha, a warrior
vader is… ?


> he never saw the old flash film




its pretty funny, on episode 2 and enjoying it.


any of you seen The Commons
it sounds up your alley

>Eadie, a radical and gifted neuropsychologist, is desperate for a child. In that quest, she faces intellectual property theft, disaster capitalism and eugenics.

>about climate change and biotechnology set in the future. The eight part, character-driven thriller looks at ethical boundaries and the place of humanity in saving the planet


It's going to be Dr. Whattaburger now
The brits will KNEEL


I'm trying to think of an icon for my TV folder and I can't imagine a show that encompasses everything

What show to you is "TV"?
Something that is emblematic of it


>What show to you is "TV"?
>Something that is emblematic of it
Malcom In The Middle.




any other favourite shows?


File: 1667058725192.png (265.16 KB, 265x376, ClipboardImage.png)

Are Power Rangers x Super Sentai the only symbiotic series like this, or are there any other?
I.e Reused footage, porky finding a way to save money like this


Have you gotten to the scene yet


File: 1667089462848.png (231.43 KB, 595x523, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf is netflix doing lmao


Ew, and/or ick.


Just watched Year by Year, highly ironically enjoyable for any fellow Britfags, watch it with a friend or something that is also leftist so you can riff on it.


"Years and Years", fucking hell I keep getting the name wrong.


File: 1667192879438.mp4 (3.82 MB, 640x352, meemeemeemee.mp4)


what is it about


UK becoming a dystopia basically, it's a lot of liberal fearmongering about things which are mostly correct but in a very sanctimonious and hysterical tone which correctly identifies the problems but then their solutions are absolutely absurd and laughable. I don't wanna say too much and spoil it but it is pretty funny especially if you watched Russel T Davies' Doctor Who as a kid, it feels very tonally similar.


>"Soviet Army"
lol wut


lol yeah russia is the ussr again for some reason and it's never mentioned other than in that aside


At least Liam Hemsworth isn't a complete beefcake, Henry Cavill as Geralt is a ridiculous casting, he's supposed to be kinda ravenish and skinny


USSR was also in Blade Runner 2. its a meme that will become a self fulfilling prophecy


It's probably an homage to Cold War-era dystopian fiction and sci fi that predicted the USSR would still be around


I think that's giving the writers a bit too much credit, it's probably just the scariest Russia-related thing they could think of


I just want to believe its like the Simpsons predicting 9/11 and meming it into reality.


Cavill is good as Geralt though.




Me and my boyfriend didn't even get through the first episode so I don't really know, but aesthetically he's all wrong. Geralt shouldn't be a beefcake.


the ussr will be created again


The stories feel all over the place and they go nowhere by the end of the season, it's not even the first book, it's a collection of short stories that predate it.

Geralt is a mutant so of course he's buff.


Cavill wants that HotD casting, after it is so hyped, and Witcher kinda fizzled out after the first enthusiasm.

I sometimes watch YouTube reactions to shows to see if it's worth watching and nobody is even reacting/reviewing The Witcher anymore.


has he ever expressed interest in GoTverse?
I think he left for Superman since he's back in Black Adam


>Geralt is a mutant so of course he's buff.

Becoming a Witcher isn't the same as taking a shitload of steroids, Geralt in the games is moderately toned of course as he's a fighter, but he doesn't look beefy or bodybuilder-esque at all, he's quite skinny and fights with speed and finesse rather than raw power. I feel like that is an important part of his character.


The few things I heard from him is that he is tired of this Marvel stuff and wants to expand his repertoire. And I don't think he is necessarily a bad actor as well, it's just that Superman was badly written and Witcher mediocre writing.

No actor wants to be cast just because they're hot, especially when they're professionally trained.


File: 1667558008554.png (432.55 KB, 843x480, ClipboardImage.png)

I genuinely can't believe there are people that remember all of Grey's Anatomy and care about all the little details

Then again DB and Pokemon exist, Wild


There's rumors that Bob Odenkirk is going to get cast in Wonder Man marvel show


I really liked the first season, but the second one wasn't all that great. Something was missing.


File: 1667621260680.png (679.6 KB, 863x1115, ClipboardImage.png)

How do you think Vid Angel works?
Has anyone used it?

Sounds interesting, about being able to just vanish out scenes

Do they get rights to do it, or is it a simple skipping program that does it?

an A.I or are there actual people who watch and log a show's naught bits


The second season basically disregards all source material. Allegedly the writers all actively hate the books and games which begs the question why they took the project.


File: 1667632081657.png (174.24 KB, 421x236, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone seen this?


Westworld has been cancelled
Thinking of you westworldrunk anon


Well that's fucking retarded


Tried watching an episode but it was way too CW for my tastes.

Finally lol.
Apparently the main cast is still getting paid for season 5 due to some contract fuckery though which is kinda funny.

Showbusiness is all nepotism. Nobody actually gives a shit. It's been confirmed Cavill left the Witcher because he thought they did a bad job with the adaptation. He begged for the role because he's a big fan. The story goes he was doing a lot of script doctoring because he would refuse to act out of character.


File: 1667873763038.png (119.8 KB, 759x747, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah they did
Here's a list of .torrent files in a pretty old one of theirs (the readme mentions Windows 7)


>begs the question why they took the project.
Publicity of the brand maybe? It's like Prometheus, cool movie (especially the giftbearer version) but why take alien if you want to make a semi mystical story about panspermia and uplifting??


well prometheus is different because that's still ridley scott, but you are probably correct. seems to be a pattern lately of taking a brand and then deviating wildly. kind of stupid though since you could just tell a new story in the same setting and be tangentially related and fuck things up less. like do witcher but follow another witcher instead of geral or do halo but follow another spartan besides master chief…




chuck mcgill will never see heaven
manipulative piece of shit


>giftbearer version
Where do I watch this


Rewatching the original Twilight Zone at the moment, I don't think I've ever actually seen most of seasons 4 and 5. The one hour episodes in season 4 really are tough to get through.

It really is a great show, though somewhat dampened by the fact that loads of these plots have been parodied, spoofed and homaged to hell and back since they first aired.

But my god, are they a libshit product of their time. Saw an episode last night where the sky turns black over a town in America because there's a bunch of hatred because someone shot some piece of shit bigot and enjoyed it. At the end of the episode they say that similar blackness has appeared over Dallas (where JFK was shot), the Berlin Wall, a 'political prison' in Budapest, Birmingham, Alabama, Shanghai, 'the entire Northern section of Vietnam' (topkek), Chicago.

Like, yes we have a little bit of racism but it's not too bad, the commies though, are utterly irredeemable.


Found those two folders full of fanedits a while ago, it's in there, along with a lot of other stuff

Giftbearer is a version of Prometheus with deleted scenes that make the movie better but you might be interested in "Paradise" which I have not seen but is apparently a well done tight mash up of Prometheus and Covenant.


latest avenue 5 episode was great. pure armando iannuci


Watched the first episode of "Electric Dreams". Apparently an anthology show based on the works of Philip K Dick. Got under my radar until now even though I'm extremely interested in science fiction, this author and this particular kind of crazy work. So yeah this episode was awesome, it's about a person using a virtual reality system to incarnate another person who uses a virtual reality system that happens to put them in the shoes of the previous person, schizo stuff ensues.


also they missed a golden opportunity by not casting alan resnick


Good, let it rest in peace. I still made it through season 3 because there were some social critique sprinkled in here and there but season 4 was so atrocious I gave up after 2 episode. "Everyone is a robot secretly" removes the stakes from the show completely.


>Watched the first episode of "Electric Dreams". Apparently an anthology show based on the works of Philip K Dick
Thanks for reminding me about that. I started watching it and thought it was good but forgot to keep watching. I remember the first episode being about psychics tho..


Well the first movie was Cold War era cyber punk. But I don't remember them mentioning the USSR.


This might just cement the S4 finale as a worse series finale than GoT. Glad Westworld is kill though, my long national nightmare is finally over.


File: 1668125003107.png (16.18 KB, 774x273, ClipboardImage.png)

anyone else watching andor? it's pretty great, i highly recommend it, don't be put off by "star wars" (it isn't shit like the rest of SW)


>(it isn't shit like the rest of SW)


He's right, the hero does a heist to fund the revolution and also a organizes a prison insurrection, I didn't expect this.


Looked it up, it seems to be a prequel spin-off to Rogue One based around one of its main characters


File: 1668282801416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.97 KB, 2048x1104, 72949D56-D49E-4DA5-9DC2-2….jpeg)

oh and thiel manufactures nukes in the future apparently


Thoughts on making this topic sequential rather than a cyclical?


I don't know what sequential means
Like a general?


not a mod, but cyclical threads delete the first posts once you get to 500, to keep the total at 500. Sequential would mean a new one gets made each time it fills up and gives people the chance to archive the threads.


dear comrades, a couple of friends of mine recommended handmaids tale. is it actually any good? is it radlib wank, is it worth watching?


i think it might be radlib wank, i've only seen it mentioned in memes

but a future like that, now actually coming to reality, might be an interesting watch


IIRC the author has actually said something to the effect that it's fetish material. IDK about whether it's any good as a story but I will tell you it's utterly preposterous worldbuilding. The idea that a hyper-patriarchy is possible in the future of "the west" is completely divorced from reality. It is, however, the exact kind of paranoia fuel that liberals love because it helps them fearmonger and get people to vote.


what material??? FETISH?


File: 1668669443532.png (120.74 KB, 178x261, ClipboardImage.png)

there are 12 seasons of a guy not going out of his house and marrying his landlord?

wtf britan


Well TBH Handmaid's Tale is a mild post-apocalypse where there was some kind of nuclear war in the past (IIRC). So that makes the idea of complete social upheaval slightly more plausible.


it's pretty bad but i watched all the seasons until the recent one. i think the first season is probably the best. there's some cool moments but it has a strong radlib stink in its setpieces. lot's of needle drops when a girlboss moment happens. really cringe.

uhh.. but the first season isn't that bad. see if you like it. i like the premise so i stuck with it but it gets into a pattern of nothing happening, or the same thing repeating, and the main character having ridiculous levels of plot armor.
idk about nuclear war but there's a major fertility crisis worldwide. one of the plots points has mexico's ambassador visit gilead to see if handmaids are a good idea for raising up their numbers or something. gilead is still managing to have children while the rest of the world stagnates (i think)


I dropped Silicon Valley
Lame cringe humour and not cynical enough about the industry for me, and pretty much pushes the whole meritocracy entrepreneur myth without any critique


I fell asleep during Rogue One and never watched the rest of it.


Yeah, same
Star Wars is like, not good. It’s bad


what happened with that miles teller godfather show they're making
is it a prequel or is it a show about the making of the movie?

it's fucked up how they stole or did some rights fuckery and forced the puzo family to let the show happen


it did give us that "rich people use the blood of the young" scene

but yeah i didn't even watch the ending seasons
suppose some flash forward happens where the CODE IS ALIVE


New Avenue 5 was depressing
Personally I thought either the missile would hit and the show would be over, or it would miss for some tragicomic reason. Pick a fucking lane am I right


Another theory: it still misses, and they’re stuck separated in both halves
Also, there is still the cliffhanger on what happens with the docked shuttle that didn’t make it out


I think it's more the scope of the movie that enticed people back with the first trilogy because previous space operas were ridiculously silly. Revenge of the Sith had the potential to be good but George Lucas' writing ruined it. And then the guy comes out and says that he can't write dialouge, lmao.


File: 1669567390474.jpeg (9.65 KB, 640x360, rael.jpeg)

Andor is worth watching for Luthen Rael alone, holy fucking kino. Also, his monologue in episode 10.



seeing an arthouse actor in a mainstream work is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever


Episode 12 was dissappionting. I know it was stupid for me to expect something better than that, but i hoped that manifesto guy would be more like marx, in the end it's just about "muh tyranny" and "muh freedumbs", nothing more that a fart of a porky national liberation. I guess it's still not bad compared to the rest of them where liberal status quo with "if you do violence to change the system you are very bad" is upheld, but i still felt let down.


Avenue 5 subreddit is painful
Just people trying to fawn over and identify with purposefully unlikable, vapid characters
Do these people realize you have 0 obligation to relate to any fictional character? Although they are TV watchers, so I guess you can't expect much


Also people that hate the first few episodes or even the entire first season are fucking clueless and seem to really not understand what the show is about


he was in mama mia and thor as well


Anyone watching season 2 of the white lotus? Pretty good, more ominous and less funny than season 1, and less obviously classpilled. Some real nice cinematography though.


File: 1669993620342.jpg (582.24 KB, 1519x2249, 516902.jpg)

There should be a series finale where they all get shot up and their corpses pissed on


File: 1669995779627.png (897.01 KB, 620x918, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mr. Burton, you can't cast Johnny Depp as the lead, it's a teenaged girl!
>Maybe not, but look how close we can get
by far the creepiest part of the show


Well what do you think the show's politics were in the end. At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists. A smart liberal, so to say. We don't know what freedom in that context represents anyway, it's not like communists have never ever used terminology like that.

Also that funeral procession scene was worth watching it alone, that score was beautiful and the cinematography was top-notch. Also the cops are hilarious and it was top filmmaking when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra because they might have wanted to rape her which makes you realise she is a woman and not just a monster albeit an evil woman.

The one thing I criticize about this show is that it clearly borrows from other shows and mashes it together like House of the Dragon and Squid Game..


Show sucked. Wednesday is a primary psychopath serial killer. She only hates "bad people" if they target her family, but even then, she more hates them for their incompetence. Everything she does is essentially to get people into a position where she can kill them. Remember the movie? Where you see her have a love interest in the nerd kid, and you think through the entire movie, Wednesday has actually warmed up and genuinely has feeling for this other kid, to the very last scene of the movie, where she reveals/brags when she murders people "She's not caught" and springs the trap on the nerd kid to kill him.
TV show would have been way better if at the end, it just reveals everything has been set up by her, she was the mastermind serial killer and she's just framed someone else. Wednesday TV show would need to be more along the lines of Death Note or Dexter.
Movie Wednesday despite being what a 12 year old girl? Is extremely menacing. At not point was Wednesday in this TV show anything but goth Daria.


found a lost show
none of you have ever watched this


are the main characters that evil?


Well, they’re Evangelical megachurch grifters, so


> At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists.
It is no better than this. "We should resist. What do you mean "what's the plan"?. Just resist(c)(tm) and somehow it all will work because empire bad and people want free". It is a schizoid anarkiddie nonsense.
>when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra
I was only disappointed she wasn't killed.

The only real good part was prison and showing how backbreaking labor affects people. If they had balls or brains, they would also show how tis labor is not much better outside of prison and changing the "bad" boss to "good" one doesn't really make that much difference.


Exactly I always interpreted that she saw that kid as prey. All his weaknesses are obvious for her to exploit. Also in my headcanon Gomez is actually under a spell cast by Morticia.


>and pretty much pushes the whole meritocracy entrepreneur myth without any critique
This scene blows apart that myth



It shows that start-ups aren’t valued for their technology, however innovative, but how much they can make through financial speculation


There's a better scene for this in a later season that pretty much sums up the problem with silicon valley IRL. Overall the show is full of idiot rich people being dipshits. The CEOs and other administrators in the show are generally fucking things up for the people actually developing the technology, and pretty much the main conflict in the show is business realities getting in the way of technology.


I really enjoyed Half Bad: The bastard son and the devil himself. Has anyone else seen it?


had higher hopes for it because im a big Mike Judge fan but the nonsense tech justifying their compression algorithm was just too hard a swallow as someone moderately knowledgeable of how compression works.


I am software engineer myself and i had no problems with that. It's just a plot device. The whole point was that it doesn't matter even if it is some miracle technology like that.


File: 1671495469403-0.png (868.21 KB, 1029x980, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671495469403-1.jfif (151.84 KB, 1500x500, cavill allegations.jfif)

>Henry Cavill asks the studio to respect the source material on The Witcher
>they do not
>he acts as script doctor trying to make it closer to the books instead of the random fanfic of the showrunners
>everyone who watches the show is basically just watching for his portrayal of Geralt
>all the scenes people remember as the best scenes were the ones where he made changes, and the details people like were the changes he made
>showrunners still ignore his requests for better writing
>when his contract is up he dips from the project
>faith in the show craters overnight as they announce a random Hemsworth brother as replacement
>not long afterward, there are "leaks" from the writers/producers making MeToo adjacent allegations about Cavill and a male writer
>shortly after that, the leaker starts doing damage control about the potentially defamatory allegations that were obviously a coping a smear campaign to begin with
How does Netflix fuck up this hard? How difficult is it to hire people who will act like adutls?


I also like the extremely obvious metaphor with the horse breeding. The horses are just stock with potential to create more stocks to Jack Barker just like Pied Piper is. It shows that what Silicon Valley in reality is really isn't much more sophisticated than dealing in livestock.


yeah and his fixation on the horse fucking in the background makes him appropriately clownish for a bourg


File: 1671532289592.jpg (106.7 KB, 1000x697, 876576576.jpg)

Hopefully this goes better for him, sounds like they wasted him on Witcher.

> https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/12/16/warhammer-starring-henry-cavill/


File: 1671532633449.jpg (163.61 KB, 659x1024, Beau Demayo.jpg)

This is the writer that was fired that Cavill 'formed a weird alliance' with..




"These definitions only include horses kept for their meat, hides or for use in farming the land, such as ploughing or drawing farm vehicles. They do not include horses kept for recreational, stud or equestrian purposes."


>all the writers have to be fans

Alan Moore is spinning in his grave


Just finished the Sopranos last night, never seen a show like this where everyone is a complete fucking asshole before.

I rate it 9.5/10


well, the witcher is fucking shit, so maybe he has a point.


Alan Moore, among other things, has a bad case of "my opinions are facts."


That’s not a case because it’s not a medical condition


Shut the fuck up. Adaptations are allowed to take creative liberties especially in a different medium and actors should shut the fuck up and do as they’re told. Dumb channer retard.


All the creative liberties they took made it significantly worse than what the story originally was. That's the real problem. The other issue is that if you deviate from the source too much you are telling a different story than the original, which the existing audience may not like (which is fair since it's different) and may also fail to create a story a new audience would like (as the original did), which is likely to hurt viewership.


>t. Netflix shill


yeah but in this case I think he's right


He's right that you can do interesting things with an oppositional reading/adaptation but the issue here is that you need actually be familiar with what you're adapting and give enough of a shit about it to actually give it any kind of treatment. The people writing the Witcher show weren't just "not fans" and "actively hated" the source material, they weren't familiar with it either and (especially in the second season) were just making up new unrelated shit. At that point the source material is functionally just branding and they are only using it to lure in a bigger audience that the studio doesn't have faith in an original product to attract.


Is the Interview with a Vampire show any good? Critics are smitten with it but it reeks like insane idpol


I'm watching it. It's decent but the lead actor is just not charismatic enough. Still believe setting it in the 20th century was a mistake, it's weird when they look vampiric with the eyes, the hair, the fingernails but wear suit and tie. The costumes of the early 19th or 18th century would be way cooler. I mean, if you gonna have a black Louis you can make him a black slaveowner, yes? Those existed.

Better than expected, decent show, can approve. But it's definitely overpraised, those Rotten Tomatoes reviews are ridiculous.


>I mean, if you gonna have a black Louis you can make him a black slaveowner, yes? Those existed.
Yeah but it's not about historical accuracy. It's about optics. A black slave owner in a contemporary TV show is too much of a third rail.


i get why you guys said king of the hill is conservative

just saw an episode where workers rights are mocked and the day is saved by hank finding a loophole to bypass regulation


oh fuck yes didnt know theres a show, i love me some gay hot vampires.


dropped season 2, first season was a retelling of great gatsby in some ways which made it pretty decent but now they decided to make a season long thing about how bad cheating is. did they fire all of season 1 writers to hire middle-aged sexually bitter Karens?

i miss armond


Is there really gay vampires? I want to watch some gay shit. Any recommendations?

I watched Heartstopper. Its the type of series I would hate but I actually liked it. And at first I hated the characters but then grew to like them. I was also watching sex ed which is gay-coded cause the main character is cute.

Any recommendations?


The vampires are extra gay its Anne Rice after all just watched the first episode. Lestat is beautiful.


Just watched White Lotus S1 and I really don't understand why this was so popular. It's not bad. It's alright. It's not hilarious, it's funny at times. The social commentary isn't terrible or anything, it's just there. A few of the performances are really great, but most are okay. It also suffers from the great sin of bourgeois Hollywood millionaires trying to critique (or give the illusion of) themselves. Weird shit, I think it's so popular because it's a kind of digestible form of liberal guilt? "Yeah, we're showing you a film that's centered around the nobility's petty interpersonal struggles, but they're kind of bad, so it's okay to enjoy the show"


That was pretty much my own reaction


i like it cause it's vacation themed
but yeah, idk even know what the commentary is about between the weird daughter and the gen x mom

like they're both ill, and too online
it's just a commentary i guess of our current times


>I love the slow pace and depressing atmosphere of these last few eps, reminds me a little of Twin Peaks S3
lol did you enjoy tp s3?


Go check out Severance. One of the best shows I've seen recently. It's kind of like a "corporate horror story," if you will.

Great writing+acting+directing. Ben Stiller is actually a really fantastic director.


>Ben Stiller is actually a really fantastic director.
He directed several movies including Zoolander and Tropic Thunder.


the season ends with endorsing cheating though


Wasnt Louis always or mixed or not fully white?


>How do they use photo cameras for moving television? That's weird
Moving television? I'm not watching the vid but I heard that they shot Succession mostly on 35mm. It's simple, they just shoot film, scan it, and cut it digitally.

>Is Succession good? The theme song slaps.
Yeah I think it's pretty good. I ended up binging the 3 seasons. Honestly kinda got tired of the theme. I have a loud woofer and the bass in the theme shakes my whole room when I have the dialogue at a comfortable level. I'm fucking tired of the Nolan 'soundtrack 4x times loud as the dialogue' shit.

>That stuff about shooting at day and lowering the exposure to make it look like night is ingenious stuff, fascinating
Bruh you never heard of 'day for night' before? Literally the oldest film making trick in the book.

>Yeah it's good, I almost want to rewatch it again too, It's a dramadey like BCS
Yeah kinda reminds me of Veep with an ensemble of generally unlikeable characters always quipping at each other. At least it's not Sorkin level, haven't seen anything he did besides The Social Network but I doubt I'd like any of it. I hate that kind of overstylized dialogue where everyone sounds the same.

I think story wise they did a good job of making all the characters 3-dimensional and sympathetic even, but maybe that would be a black mark for leftypol. Makes me want to be rich too haha. When Logan rants about his "this is the real world" shit I felt that lol.


Forgot about those, but still Severance is way more stylistic and out of the lane you'd think of for him(comedies.) That said, another great thing about severance is it's very funny too despite the horror aspect. Very spooky, very surreal, but all the characters are very lovable goofs at the same time. Also it's Sci-Fi, I don't want to give away anything about it.

I'm sad I'm the first to mention ITT. Seriously, everyone check it out right now.


File: 1674368439276.png (1.15 MB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone watching MILF manor? The premise is that they gather 8 horny old ladies, aged 40-60, then 8 young men who are like 20-30 and you kind of bask in the oedipal undertones while they drink/fuck/compete over women in some Mexican Airbnb. A Love Island scenario. Now, the twist is that the men are actually their sons, and the competitions involve scenarios such as "find out which man is your son by rubbing the abs of all the men while you're blindfolded".


i'm surprised nobody came up with this before tbh

next TV will be 'pedophile island' or some shit, there are no boundaries anymore, the more controversial you can be the better


File: 1674483112988.jpeg (433.01 KB, 2560x1387, average stalinist.jpeg)

>This is your brain on porn
Can you degens stop masturbating already holy fucking shit


I never said I endorsed the show dipshit.


Quantum mechanics has been a disaster for sci fi writing.


I tend to agree but can you name scifi that doesn't just use quantum mechanics as an excuse for mysticism and magical thinking. Maybe hard scifi written by people who actually understand the subject might be good.


The reason I post it in the first place was because I was watching a shitty scifi TV show where they justify magic shit as some mumbo jumbo quantum dynamics shit. Just say that science can't fucking understand it. It is way easier than inventing sciency sounding shit with insane plot holes and lose ends, and it saves the audience the cringe of hearing sciency trash.


Season 6 star trek DS9 has been really good so far. Season 5 was a slump.


File: 1675078127990.png (570.18 KB, 1004x503, govnaxis.png)

last of us isnt too bad


Really? I mean quantum computers are a real thing. I'm much more bothered by wormholes that just teleport you, visible laser beam and any sort of hyper drive/warp drive without addressing the problem of relativity of time.


Succession is interesting, but man some of these scenes could be 90% shorter




I'm sure it will be 100% dogshit like the other seasons. Who's that Tom Paris looking guy? Picards son? Clone? A new Shinzon? How many Datas/Soongs are there, my god.
I do appreciate this show for really killing any fanboy sentiments I have, I can perfectly enjoy TNG for what it is, without the weight of this turd destroying past memories or current pleasure. Picard's very existence is like a mindfulness exercise, a reminder to enjoy the present moment, experience it fully, to have no expectations for the future, and a reminder that the past memories don't change because of the future.


Go back!


I hate the trope of using quantum mechanics to just paper over shit writing. I have a theory that it makes people feel smart so they greenlight it and sprinkle it like pepper on everything.


>dude how many levels of typecasting are you on right now?


I'm watching Babylon 5 now and I must say that no leftist could have crafted a more realistically unpleasant liberal future! They have an ongoing homelessness crisis on a space station for heaven's sake! These "lurkers" are forced to live in the "undeveloped" sections of the station, while there's a vash lush garden/farm in the middle of the station that seems unoccupied and used only when important characters want to take a walk.
The show honestly rocks.


I think The Last of Us is overrated. It's only three episodes but the praise this show gets is not from this planet. Sure, it's decent, but it's not "the best television ever" as some critics are unironically saying. To be honest, the last episode with the gay couple could as well be in The Walking Dead, only with less good music. There are dozens of shows that have episodes like that. In my view it doesn't come close to other hit shows we had recently like House of the Dragon, Better call Saul or Andor. I'll agree it's the best video adaptation ever but that is a very very low bar.

I'll continue watching because it's a cool show but honestly, some of y'all need to get a grip.


Yeah except that guy is a libertarian nutjob who decorates the entire street with American flags - followed up by a line from the other guy "yeah but they weren't before". It's not leftist or a critique of the US in any shape or form. It's funny though how they chose the guy from Community for this role.


Meh, as shit as this stuff is, it only needs one good ST show that takes the franchise into a new direction. I mean, the recent shows tried that but in a bad way. We won't see that until 5 or 7 years or so, when it's ripped out of Alex Kurtzman's grubby hands.


Stop reading normalfag comment sections


I was reading the reviews by professional movie critics on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, they do this shit for a living.


Better call Saul was great, but HOTD was basically season 7 GOT at its best, which isn't saying much since season 7 is just a "better" version of season 8 which was the lowest of dogshit.


Yeah that's not true. Just by comparing the dialog it's massively superior because GRRM actually was part of the writing unlike the later GoT seasons written by the antbrains D&D. There are legitimate criticisms, like that it was too much of a period piece focused on family drama, the stupid dragon scene by the end of episode 9, and so on, but to compare it to the shitfest that was GoT seasons 6-10 (season 5 is a little bit salvagable if you ignore the last episode and the Dorne storyline) is not fair because it had proper storybuilding.


>Yeah that's not true
HOTD was extremely predictable and tjr dialogue was some of the worst I've seen on tv close to CW levels of garbage. It was Marvel levels of annoying out of touch and all style no substance. I mean if Marvel shit is your thing I guess HOTD is for you, but definitely do not put it on any pedestal, that show was a 4/10 at best.


"It makes sense for the Last of Us show to be better than Halo, Witcher, Resident Evil etc shows because you could tell that the people creating that game were writing it like a TV show and clearly wished, the entire time, that they were making a prestige TV show instead of a game."




Aight, I've watched a lot of shit the past year, so here are my thoughts no one asked for:

The Wire: Massively revered show, owed large in part to its initial cultural impact, and as such, feels like it has objectively faded as the years went on. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely in the higher echelon of television, but it has problems that have only been exasperated as the years progress, yet its initial prestige has clouded a lot of fans perception. First of all, the pacing in earlier seasons, especially season 1 is shoddy. Episode 1 for example is easily one of the worst paced episodes of television I have ever seen, and these issues continue infrequently throughout the second season. Many characters seem to entirely change motives off screen, while others are introduced, and removed with very little stake in the story, and some scenes are extremely gratuitous. These broad issues waned around the end of S2, but still should be mentioned. Season 5 is also pretty laughably peculiar, and a step down from the rest plot wise. But disregarding those issues, S3/S4 are excellent, and alone bring it up to worth a watch. Still, as the years have passed, I think the initial strong points of The Wire (high budget action, suspense, layered cat-and-mouse plot, characters that can actually act, etc.) that were rare in early 2000's became commonplace, and so it definitely is not what I would consider the best show of all time, like some do. Comfortably in top 15 though.

Better Call Saul: I watched this over the span of 2 years, with the final season disjointed from the rest, and I think it detracted from my enjoyment. Better Call Saul is much less frantic and bombastic as Breaking Bad, and so the period of rest before the final season reduced the energy even more. I see a lot of people saying BCS is much better than BB, and perhaps it's because I have monkey brain, but I can't see where they're coming from. BB is miles more thrilling and stimulating both consciously and subconsciously. BCS on the other hand takes a more interpersonal approach, with most of the run time comprised of talking. This is not inherently bad, and does not make BCS bad in the slightest, but I will take BB's constant thrill and cat-and-mouse plot over it any day.

Six Feet Under: An HBO golden age show I rarely hear about, but thought it was just as good as the other offerings of the time. Its almost solely character driven, but makes it work in an extremely entertaining manner. You actually somewhat care about each character, as they curate them in a sympathetic and realistic way, and so even a simple conversation between the leads is engaging. The "death of the day" aspect of each episode is also very creative and conducive of entertaining plot threads. It slows down a bit in the later seasons, as it feels like characters start to retread arcs they already completed, and just meander, but I feel it ended before it became genuinely annoying. The ending is also very satisfying, albeit blunt.

True Detective (S1): Probably the most overhyped show I've watched, but still good nonetheless. Performances are the highlight and saving grace of the entire thing, as both leads are immensely believable and entertaining. The plot is where the show kind of falls off though, as the mystery is never allowed to mull on, nor satisfyingly converged and resolved. Every episode seems to introduce a new aspect to the mystery, yet solve it before the episode finishes, even extending to the finale, which was laughably akin to a "monster of the week" type show. Nothing felt lasting, or all that impactful, and the trope of "child molester cult with ties to businesses" is not as enthralling as it once was.

Fargo: I've only watched seasons 1-3 so far, (season 4 seems to suck), but this is definitely one of my favorites, which surprised me, considering I despised the Fargo movie. S1 maintains a high the entire time, with likely one of the best pilots in television history. I particularly like stories with a cat-and-mouse dynamic, as aforesaid, so this season is my favorite, as it establishes multiple converging threads from the start, and constantly has they intertwine and confront one another. My only nitpick is the stuff after the flash forward felt a little rushed, especially regarding Lesters delve back into voyeuristic killing, but other than that, it was amazing throughout. Season 2 was a small step down, simply for the fact that the characters felt less real and fleshed out. You barely get to know the main characters, as they seem very one note for most of the runtime, and the villains seem bland and underutilized as well. The plot, however, is the same quality as the former season, and elevated it significantly. Season 3 was far more cerebral and relaxed than the previous 2, but I enjoyed it about the same as S2 for its characters. Season 3 is sort of the antithesis of season 2, wherein the characters and plot inverse in quality. Ewan McGregor killed it along with Mary Winstead, and the British villain guy is genuinely vile, which I feel not many shows capitalize on with their antagonists.

Andor: Like a good little consumer I gave into the hype and watched a Star Wars show, despite my best judgement, but Andor is pretty solid. The plot, dialogue and overall direction are easily the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars, and the acting is for the most part great as well. Some performances can be a little hammy (especially the stuff regarding police vs rioters), but overall, it's essentially in the same league as some prime time shows. Sucks that their initial vision of 4-5 seasons was axed in favor of 2, as I think that means it will have to rush through the plot development, but even if S2 is garbage, this one was surprisingly good.

South Park: Early seasons are great, but cracks start to form around season 12, and then the entire show falls off a cliff at 18. Honestly think they should scrap the whole social commentary aspect, as it feels like it's consumed every episode for years now, and personally, even in the good seasons, I never thought it was as interesting or funny as they seem to think it is. The best episodes were just kids doing dumb shit, and Matt and Trey literally say they like those episodes the most, so it baffles me as to why South Park has evolved into just being a "look at what we think about yesterday's news!" with gore. I have to assume it's because the social controversy was what jettisoned them to fame initially, but it is easily the least sustainable aspect of the show, and functionally killed it during the Trump era due to them trying to predict events to write around before they happened.

Cowboy Bebop: Probably one of the best, if not the best anime I've watched, though that isn't saying much considering I don't like anime all that much. Characters and direction are very vibrant and dynamic, plus the dialogue is a perfect blend between realistic, everyday banter, and poetic type ramblings. The story is just okay though, as it operates largely on an episodic basis, varying in quality a lot, and only having a few episodes sprinkled throughout that offer any semblance of character development, or plot progression. Not a bad thing, but not anything to praise either. Also, the music and action sequences are peak.

Samurai Champloo: I don't have much to say, because this is essentially just Cowboy Bebop, but with worse characters, and a more consistently entertaining plot. Overall worse than CB, but not by much, and definitely more cohesive in its story.


I can see Lukas, Kendall, Gerri and Tom becoming the main characters in the next season, as well as maybe Lawrence coming back, with the theme of merger of legacy and internet media becoming the focus after a slow creep ever since the Vaulter arc
Shiv and Roman are fuuuucked lol, they were complete appendages of Logan that are utterly useless to him now, and who abused Gerri and Tom when they were in a position of power


three body 2023. 30 episodes of the most faithful sci fi adaptation ever, maybe.


is it any good tho


I like basically any kind of thoughtful harder sci fi, a lot of lo fi stuff most people wouldn't sit through. I like it a lot.


Anyone here watch Babylon Berlin? Only watched two eps so far but it seems interesting

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