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Let's make a thread to discuss, review and analyze tv shows. Everybody is binging something these days.
Argue about dvd commentaries, Post your thesis on King of the Hill, Reminisce about a tv show you used to watch but don't quite remember it's title. Just about anything related to shows. Post your highscore on those Ben 10 CN flash games. Anything goes.


IIRC the author has actually said something to the effect that it's fetish material. IDK about whether it's any good as a story but I will tell you it's utterly preposterous worldbuilding. The idea that a hyper-patriarchy is possible in the future of "the west" is completely divorced from reality. It is, however, the exact kind of paranoia fuel that liberals love because it helps them fearmonger and get people to vote.


what material??? FETISH?


File: 1668669443532.png (120.74 KB, 178x261, ClipboardImage.png)

there are 12 seasons of a guy not going out of his house and marrying his landlord?

wtf britan


Well TBH Handmaid's Tale is a mild post-apocalypse where there was some kind of nuclear war in the past (IIRC). So that makes the idea of complete social upheaval slightly more plausible.


it's pretty bad but i watched all the seasons until the recent one. i think the first season is probably the best. there's some cool moments but it has a strong radlib stink in its setpieces. lot's of needle drops when a girlboss moment happens. really cringe.

uhh.. but the first season isn't that bad. see if you like it. i like the premise so i stuck with it but it gets into a pattern of nothing happening, or the same thing repeating, and the main character having ridiculous levels of plot armor.
idk about nuclear war but there's a major fertility crisis worldwide. one of the plots points has mexico's ambassador visit gilead to see if handmaids are a good idea for raising up their numbers or something. gilead is still managing to have children while the rest of the world stagnates (i think)


I dropped Silicon Valley
Lame cringe humour and not cynical enough about the industry for me, and pretty much pushes the whole meritocracy entrepreneur myth without any critique


I fell asleep during Rogue One and never watched the rest of it.


Yeah, same
Star Wars is like, not good. It’s bad


what happened with that miles teller godfather show they're making
is it a prequel or is it a show about the making of the movie?

it's fucked up how they stole or did some rights fuckery and forced the puzo family to let the show happen


it did give us that "rich people use the blood of the young" scene

but yeah i didn't even watch the ending seasons
suppose some flash forward happens where the CODE IS ALIVE


New Avenue 5 was depressing
Personally I thought either the missile would hit and the show would be over, or it would miss for some tragicomic reason. Pick a fucking lane am I right


Another theory: it still misses, and they’re stuck separated in both halves
Also, there is still the cliffhanger on what happens with the docked shuttle that didn’t make it out


I think it's more the scope of the movie that enticed people back with the first trilogy because previous space operas were ridiculously silly. Revenge of the Sith had the potential to be good but George Lucas' writing ruined it. And then the guy comes out and says that he can't write dialouge, lmao.


File: 1669567390474.jpeg (9.65 KB, 640x360, rael.jpeg)

Andor is worth watching for Luthen Rael alone, holy fucking kino. Also, his monologue in episode 10.



seeing an arthouse actor in a mainstream work is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever


Episode 12 was dissappionting. I know it was stupid for me to expect something better than that, but i hoped that manifesto guy would be more like marx, in the end it's just about "muh tyranny" and "muh freedumbs", nothing more that a fart of a porky national liberation. I guess it's still not bad compared to the rest of them where liberal status quo with "if you do violence to change the system you are very bad" is upheld, but i still felt let down.


Avenue 5 subreddit is painful
Just people trying to fawn over and identify with purposefully unlikable, vapid characters
Do these people realize you have 0 obligation to relate to any fictional character? Although they are TV watchers, so I guess you can't expect much


Also people that hate the first few episodes or even the entire first season are fucking clueless and seem to really not understand what the show is about


he was in mama mia and thor as well


Anyone watching season 2 of the white lotus? Pretty good, more ominous and less funny than season 1, and less obviously classpilled. Some real nice cinematography though.


File: 1669993620342.jpg (582.24 KB, 1519x2249, 516902.jpg)

There should be a series finale where they all get shot up and their corpses pissed on


File: 1669995779627.png (897.01 KB, 620x918, ClipboardImage.png)

>Mr. Burton, you can't cast Johnny Depp as the lead, it's a teenaged girl!
>Maybe not, but look how close we can get
by far the creepiest part of the show


Well what do you think the show's politics were in the end. At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists. A smart liberal, so to say. We don't know what freedom in that context represents anyway, it's not like communists have never ever used terminology like that.

Also that funeral procession scene was worth watching it alone, that score was beautiful and the cinematography was top-notch. Also the cops are hilarious and it was top filmmaking when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra because they might have wanted to rape her which makes you realise she is a woman and not just a monster albeit an evil woman.

The one thing I criticize about this show is that it clearly borrows from other shows and mashes it together like House of the Dragon and Squid Game..


Show sucked. Wednesday is a primary psychopath serial killer. She only hates "bad people" if they target her family, but even then, she more hates them for their incompetence. Everything she does is essentially to get people into a position where she can kill them. Remember the movie? Where you see her have a love interest in the nerd kid, and you think through the entire movie, Wednesday has actually warmed up and genuinely has feeling for this other kid, to the very last scene of the movie, where she reveals/brags when she murders people "She's not caught" and springs the trap on the nerd kid to kill him.
TV show would have been way better if at the end, it just reveals everything has been set up by her, she was the mastermind serial killer and she's just framed someone else. Wednesday TV show would need to be more along the lines of Death Note or Dexter.
Movie Wednesday despite being what a 12 year old girl? Is extremely menacing. At not point was Wednesday in this TV show anything but goth Daria.


found a lost show
none of you have ever watched this


are the main characters that evil?


Well, they’re Evangelical megachurch grifters, so


> At least the manifesto isn't stupid enough to believe in incrimentalism and plurality against the fascists.
It is no better than this. "We should resist. What do you mean "what's the plan"?. Just resist(c)(tm) and somehow it all will work because empire bad and people want free". It is a schizoid anarkiddie nonsense.
>when they make you barely feel sorry for Dedra
I was only disappointed she wasn't killed.

The only real good part was prison and showing how backbreaking labor affects people. If they had balls or brains, they would also show how tis labor is not much better outside of prison and changing the "bad" boss to "good" one doesn't really make that much difference.


Exactly I always interpreted that she saw that kid as prey. All his weaknesses are obvious for her to exploit. Also in my headcanon Gomez is actually under a spell cast by Morticia.


>and pretty much pushes the whole meritocracy entrepreneur myth without any critique
This scene blows apart that myth



It shows that start-ups aren’t valued for their technology, however innovative, but how much they can make through financial speculation


There's a better scene for this in a later season that pretty much sums up the problem with silicon valley IRL. Overall the show is full of idiot rich people being dipshits. The CEOs and other administrators in the show are generally fucking things up for the people actually developing the technology, and pretty much the main conflict in the show is business realities getting in the way of technology.


I really enjoyed Half Bad: The bastard son and the devil himself. Has anyone else seen it?


had higher hopes for it because im a big Mike Judge fan but the nonsense tech justifying their compression algorithm was just too hard a swallow as someone moderately knowledgeable of how compression works.


I am software engineer myself and i had no problems with that. It's just a plot device. The whole point was that it doesn't matter even if it is some miracle technology like that.


File: 1671495469403-0.png (868.21 KB, 1029x980, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1671495469403-1.jfif (151.84 KB, 1500x500, cavill allegations.jfif)

>Henry Cavill asks the studio to respect the source material on The Witcher
>they do not
>he acts as script doctor trying to make it closer to the books instead of the random fanfic of the showrunners
>everyone who watches the show is basically just watching for his portrayal of Geralt
>all the scenes people remember as the best scenes were the ones where he made changes, and the details people like were the changes he made
>showrunners still ignore his requests for better writing
>when his contract is up he dips from the project
>faith in the show craters overnight as they announce a random Hemsworth brother as replacement
>not long afterward, there are "leaks" from the writers/producers making MeToo adjacent allegations about Cavill and a male writer
>shortly after that, the leaker starts doing damage control about the potentially defamatory allegations that were obviously a coping a smear campaign to begin with
How does Netflix fuck up this hard? How difficult is it to hire people who will act like adutls?


I also like the extremely obvious metaphor with the horse breeding. The horses are just stock with potential to create more stocks to Jack Barker just like Pied Piper is. It shows that what Silicon Valley in reality is really isn't much more sophisticated than dealing in livestock.


yeah and his fixation on the horse fucking in the background makes him appropriately clownish for a bourg


File: 1671532289592.jpg (106.7 KB, 1000x697, 876576576.jpg)

Hopefully this goes better for him, sounds like they wasted him on Witcher.

> https://www.warhammer-community.com/2022/12/16/warhammer-starring-henry-cavill/


File: 1671532633449.jpg (163.61 KB, 659x1024, Beau Demayo.jpg)

This is the writer that was fired that Cavill 'formed a weird alliance' with..




"These definitions only include horses kept for their meat, hides or for use in farming the land, such as ploughing or drawing farm vehicles. They do not include horses kept for recreational, stud or equestrian purposes."


>all the writers have to be fans

Alan Moore is spinning in his grave


Just finished the Sopranos last night, never seen a show like this where everyone is a complete fucking asshole before.

I rate it 9.5/10


well, the witcher is fucking shit, so maybe he has a point.


Alan Moore, among other things, has a bad case of "my opinions are facts."


That’s not a case because it’s not a medical condition


Shut the fuck up. Adaptations are allowed to take creative liberties especially in a different medium and actors should shut the fuck up and do as they’re told. Dumb channer retard.


All the creative liberties they took made it significantly worse than what the story originally was. That's the real problem. The other issue is that if you deviate from the source too much you are telling a different story than the original, which the existing audience may not like (which is fair since it's different) and may also fail to create a story a new audience would like (as the original did), which is likely to hurt viewership.


>t. Netflix shill


yeah but in this case I think he's right


He's right that you can do interesting things with an oppositional reading/adaptation but the issue here is that you need actually be familiar with what you're adapting and give enough of a shit about it to actually give it any kind of treatment. The people writing the Witcher show weren't just "not fans" and "actively hated" the source material, they weren't familiar with it either and (especially in the second season) were just making up new unrelated shit. At that point the source material is functionally just branding and they are only using it to lure in a bigger audience that the studio doesn't have faith in an original product to attract.


Is the Interview with a Vampire show any good? Critics are smitten with it but it reeks like insane idpol


I'm watching it. It's decent but the lead actor is just not charismatic enough. Still believe setting it in the 20th century was a mistake, it's weird when they look vampiric with the eyes, the hair, the fingernails but wear suit and tie. The costumes of the early 19th or 18th century would be way cooler. I mean, if you gonna have a black Louis you can make him a black slaveowner, yes? Those existed.

Better than expected, decent show, can approve. But it's definitely overpraised, those Rotten Tomatoes reviews are ridiculous.


>I mean, if you gonna have a black Louis you can make him a black slaveowner, yes? Those existed.
Yeah but it's not about historical accuracy. It's about optics. A black slave owner in a contemporary TV show is too much of a third rail.


i get why you guys said king of the hill is conservative

just saw an episode where workers rights are mocked and the day is saved by hank finding a loophole to bypass regulation


oh fuck yes didnt know theres a show, i love me some gay hot vampires.


dropped season 2, first season was a retelling of great gatsby in some ways which made it pretty decent but now they decided to make a season long thing about how bad cheating is. did they fire all of season 1 writers to hire middle-aged sexually bitter Karens?

i miss armond


Is there really gay vampires? I want to watch some gay shit. Any recommendations?

I watched Heartstopper. Its the type of series I would hate but I actually liked it. And at first I hated the characters but then grew to like them. I was also watching sex ed which is gay-coded cause the main character is cute.

Any recommendations?


The vampires are extra gay its Anne Rice after all just watched the first episode. Lestat is beautiful.


Just watched White Lotus S1 and I really don't understand why this was so popular. It's not bad. It's alright. It's not hilarious, it's funny at times. The social commentary isn't terrible or anything, it's just there. A few of the performances are really great, but most are okay. It also suffers from the great sin of bourgeois Hollywood millionaires trying to critique (or give the illusion of) themselves. Weird shit, I think it's so popular because it's a kind of digestible form of liberal guilt? "Yeah, we're showing you a film that's centered around the nobility's petty interpersonal struggles, but they're kind of bad, so it's okay to enjoy the show"


That was pretty much my own reaction


i like it cause it's vacation themed
but yeah, idk even know what the commentary is about between the weird daughter and the gen x mom

like they're both ill, and too online
it's just a commentary i guess of our current times


>I love the slow pace and depressing atmosphere of these last few eps, reminds me a little of Twin Peaks S3
lol did you enjoy tp s3?


Go check out Severance. One of the best shows I've seen recently. It's kind of like a "corporate horror story," if you will.

Great writing+acting+directing. Ben Stiller is actually a really fantastic director.


>Ben Stiller is actually a really fantastic director.
He directed several movies including Zoolander and Tropic Thunder.


the season ends with endorsing cheating though


Wasnt Louis always or mixed or not fully white?


>How do they use photo cameras for moving television? That's weird
Moving television? I'm not watching the vid but I heard that they shot Succession mostly on 35mm. It's simple, they just shoot film, scan it, and cut it digitally.

>Is Succession good? The theme song slaps.
Yeah I think it's pretty good. I ended up binging the 3 seasons. Honestly kinda got tired of the theme. I have a loud woofer and the bass in the theme shakes my whole room when I have the dialogue at a comfortable level. I'm fucking tired of the Nolan 'soundtrack 4x times loud as the dialogue' shit.

>That stuff about shooting at day and lowering the exposure to make it look like night is ingenious stuff, fascinating
Bruh you never heard of 'day for night' before? Literally the oldest film making trick in the book.

>Yeah it's good, I almost want to rewatch it again too, It's a dramadey like BCS
Yeah kinda reminds me of Veep with an ensemble of generally unlikeable characters always quipping at each other. At least it's not Sorkin level, haven't seen anything he did besides The Social Network but I doubt I'd like any of it. I hate that kind of overstylized dialogue where everyone sounds the same.

I think story wise they did a good job of making all the characters 3-dimensional and sympathetic even, but maybe that would be a black mark for leftypol. Makes me want to be rich too haha. When Logan rants about his "this is the real world" shit I felt that lol.


Forgot about those, but still Severance is way more stylistic and out of the lane you'd think of for him(comedies.) That said, another great thing about severance is it's very funny too despite the horror aspect. Very spooky, very surreal, but all the characters are very lovable goofs at the same time. Also it's Sci-Fi, I don't want to give away anything about it.

I'm sad I'm the first to mention ITT. Seriously, everyone check it out right now.


File: 1674368439276.png (1.15 MB, 1400x700, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone watching MILF manor? The premise is that they gather 8 horny old ladies, aged 40-60, then 8 young men who are like 20-30 and you kind of bask in the oedipal undertones while they drink/fuck/compete over women in some Mexican Airbnb. A Love Island scenario. Now, the twist is that the men are actually their sons, and the competitions involve scenarios such as "find out which man is your son by rubbing the abs of all the men while you're blindfolded".


i'm surprised nobody came up with this before tbh

next TV will be 'pedophile island' or some shit, there are no boundaries anymore, the more controversial you can be the better


File: 1674483112988.jpeg (433.01 KB, 2560x1387, average stalinist.jpeg)

>This is your brain on porn
Can you degens stop masturbating already holy fucking shit


I never said I endorsed the show dipshit.


Quantum mechanics has been a disaster for sci fi writing.


I tend to agree but can you name scifi that doesn't just use quantum mechanics as an excuse for mysticism and magical thinking. Maybe hard scifi written by people who actually understand the subject might be good.


The reason I post it in the first place was because I was watching a shitty scifi TV show where they justify magic shit as some mumbo jumbo quantum dynamics shit. Just say that science can't fucking understand it. It is way easier than inventing sciency sounding shit with insane plot holes and lose ends, and it saves the audience the cringe of hearing sciency trash.


Season 6 star trek DS9 has been really good so far. Season 5 was a slump.


File: 1675078127990.png (570.18 KB, 1004x503, govnaxis.png)

last of us isnt too bad


Really? I mean quantum computers are a real thing. I'm much more bothered by wormholes that just teleport you, visible laser beam and any sort of hyper drive/warp drive without addressing the problem of relativity of time.


Succession is interesting, but man some of these scenes could be 90% shorter




I'm sure it will be 100% dogshit like the other seasons. Who's that Tom Paris looking guy? Picards son? Clone? A new Shinzon? How many Datas/Soongs are there, my god.
I do appreciate this show for really killing any fanboy sentiments I have, I can perfectly enjoy TNG for what it is, without the weight of this turd destroying past memories or current pleasure. Picard's very existence is like a mindfulness exercise, a reminder to enjoy the present moment, experience it fully, to have no expectations for the future, and a reminder that the past memories don't change because of the future.


Go back!


I hate the trope of using quantum mechanics to just paper over shit writing. I have a theory that it makes people feel smart so they greenlight it and sprinkle it like pepper on everything.


>dude how many levels of typecasting are you on right now?


I'm watching Babylon 5 now and I must say that no leftist could have crafted a more realistically unpleasant liberal future! They have an ongoing homelessness crisis on a space station for heaven's sake! These "lurkers" are forced to live in the "undeveloped" sections of the station, while there's a vash lush garden/farm in the middle of the station that seems unoccupied and used only when important characters want to take a walk.
The show honestly rocks.


I think The Last of Us is overrated. It's only three episodes but the praise this show gets is not from this planet. Sure, it's decent, but it's not "the best television ever" as some critics are unironically saying. To be honest, the last episode with the gay couple could as well be in The Walking Dead, only with less good music. There are dozens of shows that have episodes like that. In my view it doesn't come close to other hit shows we had recently like House of the Dragon, Better call Saul or Andor. I'll agree it's the best video adaptation ever but that is a very very low bar.

I'll continue watching because it's a cool show but honestly, some of y'all need to get a grip.


Yeah except that guy is a libertarian nutjob who decorates the entire street with American flags - followed up by a line from the other guy "yeah but they weren't before". It's not leftist or a critique of the US in any shape or form. It's funny though how they chose the guy from Community for this role.


Meh, as shit as this stuff is, it only needs one good ST show that takes the franchise into a new direction. I mean, the recent shows tried that but in a bad way. We won't see that until 5 or 7 years or so, when it's ripped out of Alex Kurtzman's grubby hands.


Stop reading normalfag comment sections


I was reading the reviews by professional movie critics on Rotten Tomatoes. I mean, they do this shit for a living.


Better call Saul was great, but HOTD was basically season 7 GOT at its best, which isn't saying much since season 7 is just a "better" version of season 8 which was the lowest of dogshit.


Yeah that's not true. Just by comparing the dialog it's massively superior because GRRM actually was part of the writing unlike the later GoT seasons written by the antbrains D&D. There are legitimate criticisms, like that it was too much of a period piece focused on family drama, the stupid dragon scene by the end of episode 9, and so on, but to compare it to the shitfest that was GoT seasons 6-10 (season 5 is a little bit salvagable if you ignore the last episode and the Dorne storyline) is not fair because it had proper storybuilding.


>Yeah that's not true
HOTD was extremely predictable and tjr dialogue was some of the worst I've seen on tv close to CW levels of garbage. It was Marvel levels of annoying out of touch and all style no substance. I mean if Marvel shit is your thing I guess HOTD is for you, but definitely do not put it on any pedestal, that show was a 4/10 at best.


"It makes sense for the Last of Us show to be better than Halo, Witcher, Resident Evil etc shows because you could tell that the people creating that game were writing it like a TV show and clearly wished, the entire time, that they were making a prestige TV show instead of a game."




Aight, I've watched a lot of shit the past year, so here are my thoughts no one asked for:

The Wire: Massively revered show, owed large in part to its initial cultural impact, and as such, feels like it has objectively faded as the years went on. Don't get me wrong, it's absolutely in the higher echelon of television, but it has problems that have only been exasperated as the years progress, yet its initial prestige has clouded a lot of fans perception. First of all, the pacing in earlier seasons, especially season 1 is shoddy. Episode 1 for example is easily one of the worst paced episodes of television I have ever seen, and these issues continue infrequently throughout the second season. Many characters seem to entirely change motives off screen, while others are introduced, and removed with very little stake in the story, and some scenes are extremely gratuitous. These broad issues waned around the end of S2, but still should be mentioned. Season 5 is also pretty laughably peculiar, and a step down from the rest plot wise. But disregarding those issues, S3/S4 are excellent, and alone bring it up to worth a watch. Still, as the years have passed, I think the initial strong points of The Wire (high budget action, suspense, layered cat-and-mouse plot, characters that can actually act, etc.) that were rare in early 2000's became commonplace, and so it definitely is not what I would consider the best show of all time, like some do. Comfortably in top 15 though.

Better Call Saul: I watched this over the span of 2 years, with the final season disjointed from the rest, and I think it detracted from my enjoyment. Better Call Saul is much less frantic and bombastic as Breaking Bad, and so the period of rest before the final season reduced the energy even more. I see a lot of people saying BCS is much better than BB, and perhaps it's because I have monkey brain, but I can't see where they're coming from. BB is miles more thrilling and stimulating both consciously and subconsciously. BCS on the other hand takes a more interpersonal approach, with most of the run time comprised of talking. This is not inherently bad, and does not make BCS bad in the slightest, but I will take BB's constant thrill and cat-and-mouse plot over it any day.

Six Feet Under: An HBO golden age show I rarely hear about, but thought it was just as good as the other offerings of the time. Its almost solely character driven, but makes it work in an extremely entertaining manner. You actually somewhat care about each character, as they curate them in a sympathetic and realistic way, and so even a simple conversation between the leads is engaging. The "death of the day" aspect of each episode is also very creative and conducive of entertaining plot threads. It slows down a bit in the later seasons, as it feels like characters start to retread arcs they already completed, and just meander, but I feel it ended before it became genuinely annoying. The ending is also very satisfying, albeit blunt.

True Detective (S1): Probably the most overhyped show I've watched, but still good nonetheless. Performances are the highlight and saving grace of the entire thing, as both leads are immensely believable and entertaining. The plot is where the show kind of falls off though, as the mystery is never allowed to mull on, nor satisfyingly converged and resolved. Every episode seems to introduce a new aspect to the mystery, yet solve it before the episode finishes, even extending to the finale, which was laughably akin to a "monster of the week" type show. Nothing felt lasting, or all that impactful, and the trope of "child molester cult with ties to businesses" is not as enthralling as it once was.

Fargo: I've only watched seasons 1-3 so far, (season 4 seems to suck), but this is definitely one of my favorites, which surprised me, considering I despised the Fargo movie. S1 maintains a high the entire time, with likely one of the best pilots in television history. I particularly like stories with a cat-and-mouse dynamic, as aforesaid, so this season is my favorite, as it establishes multiple converging threads from the start, and constantly has they intertwine and confront one another. My only nitpick is the stuff after the flash forward felt a little rushed, especially regarding Lesters delve back into voyeuristic killing, but other than that, it was amazing throughout. Season 2 was a small step down, simply for the fact that the characters felt less real and fleshed out. You barely get to know the main characters, as they seem very one note for most of the runtime, and the villains seem bland and underutilized as well. The plot, however, is the same quality as the former season, and elevated it significantly. Season 3 was far more cerebral and relaxed than the previous 2, but I enjoyed it about the same as S2 for its characters. Season 3 is sort of the antithesis of season 2, wherein the characters and plot inverse in quality. Ewan McGregor killed it along with Mary Winstead, and the British villain guy is genuinely vile, which I feel not many shows capitalize on with their antagonists.

Andor: Like a good little consumer I gave into the hype and watched a Star Wars show, despite my best judgement, but Andor is pretty solid. The plot, dialogue and overall direction are easily the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars, and the acting is for the most part great as well. Some performances can be a little hammy (especially the stuff regarding police vs rioters), but overall, it's essentially in the same league as some prime time shows. Sucks that their initial vision of 4-5 seasons was axed in favor of 2, as I think that means it will have to rush through the plot development, but even if S2 is garbage, this one was surprisingly good.

South Park: Early seasons are great, but cracks start to form around season 12, and then the entire show falls off a cliff at 18. Honestly think they should scrap the whole social commentary aspect, as it feels like it's consumed every episode for years now, and personally, even in the good seasons, I never thought it was as interesting or funny as they seem to think it is. The best episodes were just kids doing dumb shit, and Matt and Trey literally say they like those episodes the most, so it baffles me as to why South Park has evolved into just being a "look at what we think about yesterday's news!" with gore. I have to assume it's because the social controversy was what jettisoned them to fame initially, but it is easily the least sustainable aspect of the show, and functionally killed it during the Trump era due to them trying to predict events to write around before they happened.

Cowboy Bebop: Probably one of the best, if not the best anime I've watched, though that isn't saying much considering I don't like anime all that much. Characters and direction are very vibrant and dynamic, plus the dialogue is a perfect blend between realistic, everyday banter, and poetic type ramblings. The story is just okay though, as it operates largely on an episodic basis, varying in quality a lot, and only having a few episodes sprinkled throughout that offer any semblance of character development, or plot progression. Not a bad thing, but not anything to praise either. Also, the music and action sequences are peak.

Samurai Champloo: I don't have much to say, because this is essentially just Cowboy Bebop, but with worse characters, and a more consistently entertaining plot. Overall worse than CB, but not by much, and definitely more cohesive in its story.


I can see Lukas, Kendall, Gerri and Tom becoming the main characters in the next season, as well as maybe Lawrence coming back, with the theme of merger of legacy and internet media becoming the focus after a slow creep ever since the Vaulter arc
Shiv and Roman are fuuuucked lol, they were complete appendages of Logan that are utterly useless to him now, and who abused Gerri and Tom when they were in a position of power


three body 2023. 30 episodes of the most faithful sci fi adaptation ever, maybe.


is it any good tho


I like basically any kind of thoughtful harder sci fi, a lot of lo fi stuff most people wouldn't sit through. I like it a lot.


Anyone here watch Babylon Berlin? Only watched two eps so far but it seems interesting


File: 1675953381993.png (1.07 MB, 1290x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

thoughts bcs gang?


kendall chads stay winning


I'm kind of over HBO. Even though their shows look impressive on the surface, it's always the same formula: Make some long-ass intro that probably eats up a quarter of the budget and then have people swear all the time, insert some scenes that are gross and add some doggystyle. Like that facility in Westworld, what workplace is this where co-workers constantly insult each other? Why do people say fuck and cuck at high court in HotD? In some shows it fits, like True Detective because it's Southern Gothic. Even the episode runtimes are always the same for every show. Last year Andor has shown that you can play fast and loose with the runtimes for dynamic storytelling.

And on top of that they are so fucking strict with the budget and the renewal of shows giving it zero time to breath or to find its own tone. CBS let a trash show like STD run for forever even though it never went anywhere, and that series does not look too cheap to produce. This leads to a situation where the stakes are so high for the producers that they feel the pressure to ramp up the plot every season, seriously how many shows went to shit because of that? Westworld, GoT, True Detective, etc.


Nice slow burn. Also neutral depiction of commies that's how you can tell it's not an American show.


Yeah I'm digging it. Also maybe I'm gay but I'm obsessed with that song from the second ep


I just find it cool that they made the crossdresser a Stalinist. Adds layers to her character.


I agree

But damn does their formula work, the high production value

what is it about


So is the hype for The Last of Us already over? The last two episodes were dogshit.

Also is it that in every episde Joel and Ellie meet two friendly characters with the most generic English names that end up dying by the end of the episde in a death that is supposed to make you sad? gets repetitive quite quickly.


I hope joel makes the correct decision and helps the fireflies take out Ellie's brain this time.


It's a plot from a video game, don't expect Shakespeare


It's a crime drama set in the Weimar era


that shit pissed me off so bad I never finished the game


That's basically all The Last of Us video games.


>that shit pissed me off so bad I never finished the game
I think this joke is too clever for this thread.


Newer seasons are boring without Bruno. Loses the hardboiled vibe.


what, you didn't like our great hero dooming humanity to extinction


First 3 were pretty good, this 2-episode arch was.. okay. You can really see the "video game" coming out more heavily. I feel like we just hit another save point after an action piece. We went somewhere, snuck around, doomed a community (actually very similar to TWD) and we're off to fuck the next! We also encountered a new enemy type! I suspect this will lose it's critical charm quickly if this keeps up. Should have made it a movie or two instead, we're already stretching content and we're 4 hrs in.
Also, the evil resistance lady was terribly campy.


Also the political and historical thriller bits and the Armenian's money troubles aren't interesting at all



Kendall is a dumbass, just very slightly less than his siblings


Kind of.


File: 1676370113508-0.png (30.05 KB, 750x170, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1676370113508-1.png (2.37 MB, 1998x1270, ClipboardImage.png)


>nooooooo he's showing fatherly virtue!!!


Which should I watch next, Succession or Mad Men?

Or neither?


Succession obviously


>dooming humanity to extinction
Explain to me why this is bad. Protip: you cant.


No humanity, no more Terry's Chocolate Oranges


Disclaimer: I haven't seen Succession.
Mad Men is really good if you're in the right head space for it. What I mean is, it's extremely slow-paced, generally subtle, and its conflicts are essentially mundane (identity, office politics, marital problems, suburban ennui, stuff like that). It doesn't have a plot per se, instead it's mostly driven by its themes and characters (personally I consider Don Draper to be one of TV's finest, even though it doesn't seem like it initially). The first season lays it on too thick at times and is more prone to cheesiness and eyeroll-worthy quipping, but it's mostly smooth sailing once you get into season 2. The cinematography, sets, costuming, and music are top notch too. If that sounds more appealing than Succession (which is a lot less of a slow burn from my understanding), give it a shot. If not, save for it another time.


HBO cancelled Avenue 5 for not having enough family values or a clear straight man, rest in peace


TLOU is already doing a heckin anticommunism.


To be fair they were dumbasses who emphasized emotional revenge over strategy


Yeah, pretty much everywhere I look, public opinion is either, "This is one of the greats, alongside The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad", or, "This is the single most boring show on Earth", with little in between.

I'm inclined to believe the former, cause most people just have shit attention spans and only can stomach blockbuster action.

I guess I'll find out, thanks for the recommendation.


Imagine what Disco Elysium show is gonna look like when it comes out lol


Communists are depicted as shadowy underground plotters that assassinate people and not much else


Also I don't like how it treats the Nazi rise to power as inevitable aside from the effort of a few police officers of all people. Guess that's a consequence of bad historical fiction.


>"This is one of the greats, alongside The Sopranos, The Wire and Breaking Bad"
Putting Wire and BB on the same pedestal is already enough to discredit that person opinion.


Which one do you think is superior?


The Wire I hope


Duh. The Wire of course.


Eh, I think they're closer in quality overall. The wire has the best highs, but the lowest lows, (Season 1 and 5 of the Wire are pretty mediocre).


I'm here to report that Picard S03E01 still sucks, it's getting glowing reviews though. Money well spent for sure. It was very amusing though watching Dr Crusher kill 2 aliens in a gunfight, double tapping a wounded one.


Just finished Barry. Kind of a more comedic discount version of Dexter, and it tried too hard to be "self-aware" about TV shows, but all of the dramatic arcs resolved perfectly towards the ending which was thankfully succinct.


Oh, there's going to be a fourth season apparently. I'll probably ignore it.


my only interest in it is to see rlm dissect it but I think even those masochists are tired of it

not that I blame them


Would you say dexter is better


TLOU girl's face is too small for her head


They're both TV shows


It’s quite jarring


File: 1676765389586.jpg (52.76 KB, 300x346, 116y6e.jpg)

>More women who suck


That's the face right there


In the latest last of us episode:

>Tommy's wife was turned Black

>The town literally calls themselves communists

It’s like they’re intentionally trying to make 4chins pee their pants


i thought the narrative was being anticommunist


I mean it’s mainstream media, of course it’s not reeeeeeally pro-communism.
I’m just quoting them (vid rel)


Who gives a shit what your incel friends think. Dumbass incel


So a democratically elected council and collective ownership isn't communism?


I never said that they weren’t, I just said that the show producers at HBO probably aren’t actually pro-communist.


<make joke mocking incels


I can't watch it knowing that Picard is a robot. That was such an unnecessary twist and also done in a really inhumane way.


HBO has a few shows out there that make a really, really shallow social critique but it never goes beyond that. Like, you get the vibes, but they never carry to the end. Like in Westworld or True Detective.


Only because of a gay couple? Jesus. I found the latest HBO shows like HotD and TLOU surprisingly unwoke.


They are woke, they seem unwoke to you because you like the product. Things like race swapping and showing women in leadership positions and a community openly calling itself communist and portrayed in a good way without questionable morality is basically as woke as you can get. It seems to me the definition of what's woke and not woke these days is whether a person likes a particular piece of art or not.


Question: Who cares?


>It seems to me the definition of what's woke and not woke these days is whether a person likes a particular piece of art or not.
Always has been.


don't bother posting about tv ever again if you're not on your Three Body voyage. The journey is the reward. ngl it's a vibe, a long vibe. 30 episodes. Extremely wholesome.


sorry sweaty I read the book (annoying I only read it a month ago, if I knew there was a show coming out I would have waited)


Just finished Deadwood, and man, I’ll never forgive HBO for cancelling it on such a dumb ending.


File: 1677096444914.png (1.08 MB, 1024x1024, 5f359e75d694d.png)

It has an interesting thing going with the fantastical Lovecraftian elements set during the downfall of Jim Crow in the 50s with a reckoning of a legacy going back to the early 19th century, but unfortunately, at its core, it's really just another disgusting TV drama about romance or whatever, which sucks the air out of any genuine mystery or weight


It deserves credit for keeping to Lovecraft's roots by being racist and reactionary


So what’s this show about? Is it a bougie jerking off show?


>from the creator of Downton abbey



are you fr?
is this good or do i need to read books too?

is love craft the guy who had the cat with the n-word?

i think he reformed later after going out


I liked how it did its own thing. It couldn't really stick to the books as most of them are unconnected short stories, and half the time the monsters are "so horrible that describing them would drive you insane!" Shame the lead never really got his comeuppance for shooting the communist nurse in the head when he was in Korea, but I'm more surprised an American soldier was depicted as the bad guy in an American tv show, and the Native Trans character was done seriously dirty I honestly thought she'd turn up again next episode and not be able to say anything about how she was murdered because she was a siren, and there would be another subplot where Tick's dad has to try and stop them from removing the siren curse, but that ever happened :\.
It's lib, of course, like how white people and white people only get banned from magic at the end of the show lol but I don't have any other major criticisms.

I disagree with the notion that it's just about romance too; there are romance subplots, but they're woven into the story pretty damn well, and don't distract from the mystery at all.


First season of House of the Dragon is too empty
I get they're trying to do a build-up with exposition of all of the important players, but couldn't they at least add a few interesting arcs in there instead of constant soliloquys or whatever


The acting is dogshit, too


By Emma d'Arcy? Maybe. But Paddy Constantine and Olivia Cooke do excellent jobs.

Yeah it feels a lot more like royal family drama and pretty much the only location is the Red Keep. If you are into that kind of stuff the arcs are okay. But if they stick to the book, it will be a really action-packed season 2 with hitting locations all over Westeros, you just have to wait forever for it.


I always see Paddy Considine as the orchestra director in The Death of Stalin


Final episode tonight. It's everything I asked for from sci fi tbh. Detailed technical scientific discussion, the protagonists are scientists (an elderly woman and a mild mannered family guy), it doesn't rely on action but the set pieces are epic. A scale beyond grand but still rooted in reality, with lots of fucking around in mao-era mountaintop secret military installations.


I haven't watched it yet, but I have read the books and feel the same way about them. I especially like how Three Body dispels naive Possadism without becoming warhammer tier aliens=evil schlock.


The /co/ thread is dead so just gonna put this here. Started watching Primal on a whim and it's awesome, I regret skipping it when it first aired. It has the best craftsmanship and visual storytelling I've seen in a long time, very refreshing compared to other cartoons. It's really a credit to the medium. I'm only a few episodes in but each episode has been so well done I don't want to binge them.


Easily one of the best shows to come out of the past couple years, and a masterclass in nonverbal storytelling.

But honestly, skip the final episode. It drops the ball HARD and makes the show retroactively worse.


File: 1678084908249.png (84.14 KB, 949x357, ClipboardImage.png)

She looks like she has down syndrome. She's a pretty good actress. Charming despite her weird face. I think the show has been pretty good so far. Tonight's episode was pretty weak tho. Maybe the weakest yet. Didn't do anything interesting with the cult.


Why does this thread exist. People that watch TV are reactionaries


It’s not Down syndrome, it’s fetal alcohol syndrome


Latest TLOU has christoid-killing action


Second and third girl from the left are just black and Asian (Mongolian?), what the fuck dude.


Stop being racist.



Two episodes in, the third season of Star Trek Picard is actually… more or less decent? And not because of the fanservice by bringing all the old actors back. The dialogue got much better, it doesn't have those ridiculous plot devices, and Picard does not feel like "J.P." anymore. No references to the other seasons so far which is probably a good decision (besides one remark about Picard's synthetic body).

I'm still not trusting the whole thing but that together with STD getting cancelled is a step in the correct direction for the franchise.


what is a good, enjoyable tv series to watch that is
-not too terrible of politics
-not depressing
-not too disturbing
light-hearted or dramatic but upbeat is okay
looking for movie recs too >>24481
gonna stop poooosting for a while thank you very much in advance


Sounds like you'd be a big fan of broadcast TV. "The great TV" era is cable and premium channels making that kind of content you don't like.


I think it's still pretty bad. I guess the dialogue is mostly ok, that's not the real issue. But no ridiculous plot devices? Picard/Crusher's son is a pretty large one. It also makes no sense from TNG Crusher. It's not believable she would do something that shitty, simply not Picard that he has a son for 20+ years.
And further out of character stuff. It's not believable that Picard would decide to risk the whole crew of the Titan in a reckless way to try to save his son, it's not believable that Captain Shaw would acquiesce after being such a prick, it's not believable that Picard would bitch at Riker in public like that, believable that Riker would shut him down in public like that, etc. etc. That's why I hate it, it's like watching a much, much dumber and hallower version of TNG, which I really enjoy.

Ok so all the characters are trash. But the episodes are also just boring. The action is predictable, you know what's going to happen if you've ever watched TV. There's no need to rewatch this ever again, because it's so plot and action heavy (compare to something like The Neutral Zone, Who Watches the Heaver).

And beyond that, the whole fucking thing is ghoulish. They're old. Everyone's old. No one has any mojo except Riker and Seven to a lesser degree. Patrick Stewart is an effete pussy, with a warbling voice. A blubbering old man, instead of a renaissance man. Even Worf sounds old, you can hear it in his voice. It's sad to watch.


I agree with most of this, but I approached it not as a Star Trek show but just as another sci-fi show, and as such I can mildly enjoy it. I mean once they start using swear words all the time the immersion that it's Star Trek breaks anyway.

One thing that annoys me though is the camera work. Why does it have to always be shaky? It makes me sick. If you wanna make a found footage movie, make one. But when you are shooting something like this you fix your fucking camera and don't have the intern holding it running through the halls as you film a fucking hallway shot with no action. Eh, I'm still gonna watch it I am numb at this point with regards to that franchise. Can Star Trek pull an Andor? Prolly not.


Watched episode 8 of The Last of Us, I still don't get why people suck this show's dick so fucking much? Is it nostalgia for game they once played? This plot could be in a Walking Dead episode, although TWD would spread out a cannibal cult story (wasn't there something like that in there?) over multiple episodes. Also the villian was not impressing, he kept boasting about how violent he is and he lost every single encounter with Ellie, a little girl, even when she is in his own cell.

There was some interesting symbolism about Christianity but sorry that is not gonna cut it for me. There is nothing outstanding about this show, the dialogue is average, the story is predictable, the camera work is just bog-standard, the music is barely there (except recycling Max Richter's "Tribute to Nature" for the n-th time in episode 3). Why the fuck is this so hyped


Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku


Its a 5/10 show at best, gamers just like when their media gets popular, so theyre exaggerating its quality


It's on HBO lol, that's why it's hyped


I liked both of the gay date episodes actually. Frank and the Ellie and her gf one. But yeah I thought the last episode was probably the weakest so far.
>Tonight's episode was pretty weak tho. Maybe the weakest yet. Didn't do anything interesting with the cult.
But then I went on twitter and they seemed to be eating it up.

That the guy Joel killed at the school in the previous episode was the guy they were mourning at the beginning of this one was a good twist, but it doesn't make any sense because none of those guys had guns, yet in this episode, the cult has tons of guns.

The guys starving didn't make any sense. Maybe if some unexpected tragedy suddenly struck them like their food spoiled or infected got into it or something, it might make sense, but that these guys were that unprepared after years of surviving out there didn't. They can't even make traps? Also how were they such shit hunters and trackers? Then Ellie goes out and finds a rabbit and a deer in like five minutes.

The cult leader seemed like he was going to be interesting, seemed like he was more compassionate with his followers, but then we learn it was just because he fell madly in love with Ellie immediately for retarded reasons. Also his whole speech was fucking ridiculous, telling her he's a fraud and doesn't believe in Christianity to her right away. Also after giving her that whole speech, he just decides after the first rejection "welp, time to eat her!" No it would make much more sense that he would be more dedicated to the wife thing after that long revealing speech. You think he would try to break her down over time. At least rape her once before eating her lol. But nope straight to the eating. Also they were making the cannibalism thing look so horrible, when there's really nothing wrong with eating people who died on there own if you're starving.

Joel and torturing those guys when he had them tied up was gratuitous and unnecessary. Also illogical. You think he would keep them alive to try and barter for Ellie. Worse was the reactions on twitter and everyone cheering for it.

Like you mentioned the Ellie getting away so easily was dumb. Didn't make sense why they did that fakeout where he stuck it down right next to her just because she told them she was infected. Why would that be a reason to not just swipe down on her neck like he was about to 2 seconds before? If anything that would be more of a reason to. If I was cult leader guy I woulda swiped her. Let my follower guy know I think she's faking, but to be safe, put me in the cage and wait to see if I turn. What was even more dumb was using the meat cleaver thing twice. The second time, he SEES her crawling towards the cleaver, but nope, doesn't even think to kick it out of the way before trying to rape her in the burning building. The whole burning building scene was dumb as hell. That's like pure movie shit, showing know concern this building is going to start coming down on top of you and you're about to suffocate before that. He's like "the doors are locked Ellie! There is no way out!" Well then why the fuck don't you go outside dude and wait for her to try and break out? Also why did none of the rest of the cult come to their main fucking building burning down? Did just none of them notice?

But everyone on twitter was really eating up the going psycho on the rapist thing. Ok whatever, could've been powerful, just the whole setup to it was so ridiculous it just had me rolling my eyes.

And Joel going from so out of it he can't even speak, to peak murdering condition in 5 minutes made no sense either. They could've staged that way better.

Also why the fuck weren't the cult eating the monkeys that were running all around the university?


I fucking hate the 'cannibal cult' cliche, it's so overused


It doesn't matter if she's a lesbian. Ellie should have a kid so that she at least passes on her immunity to the rest of humanity. If only Joel had knocked her up before he got grand slammed. Future humans would be unstoppable then.


>damn, i gotta pick this show up again
It's mostly about Harley and Ivy doing some stupid downtown rich girl shit. I mean the show definitely has it's moment, but unfortunately most of it is pretty mediocre. I don't even remember most of the stuff that happened despite the fact that iwatched it whole in the february. There is occasional interesting character development for Harley and some other characters, but Joker did more in two episodes to affect the setting and enact some meaningful change to it than Harley did in the rest of the show. I wish this show was better and had more interesting stuff like Joker arresting Bruce for tax evasion but alas.


I'm a little over halfway through Vladimir Bortko's adaptation of The Idiot. The English subtitles are poor and there are a few cast members whose performances I'm not entirely convinced by, but on the whole it's quite good so far.


Alright, great rec. I'm gonna try and torrent it and get alternative subutitles. *14 moments of spring* was one of the most memorable tv things I've seen over the last few years.


File: 1678701064300.jpg (162.41 KB, 944x1284, IMG_20230313_104954.jpg)

"Greatest story in modern history" Jesus Christ


Pandering to gamers for that TikTok Skinner box



Also, how can you read this and not understand she's joking? It's well crafted bait, but overseasoned.


i think it's wholesome


Gossip Girl reboot ended in such a classist way
the poor teacher gets caught and all the rich kids ya ya away

at least the latino kid stylist gets an brand deal and does something with her life, that was good

and then there's a post credit scene where the fox news guy talks about the "gossip girl initivate" where they talk about how much money they can make

no wonder it got cancelled


Anime honestly is some of the worst things on earth. Those japs really got their brains fried to make such trash.


Primal is great.
The choice to go from an episodic format to having a story arc in season 2 is somewhat controversial though. Hopefully Genndy follows through on the idea to make it fully an anthology series, since it worked pretty well with the one episode like that they snuck into season 2.

As for the last episode, the first half is ok but could be turned off after Spear leaves to go sit by himself if you want to skip the badly paced conclusion and a certain questionable scene.


>TV shows
People still make and watch these? Lol


I've been told that we're living through a golden age of television


Pure cope over cable-cutting and the fact that streaming is a bunch of hedge funds in a trench coat


The golden age ended when like, idk, Game of Throne started getting bad. Now everything is rehashes and workmanlike shows by streaming companies that don't care about what they're making.


That is cope. There are several good shows out there, Severance was great, Andor was greatm Better Call Saul was great, etc.
>by streaming companies that don't care about what they're making.
The companies don't but they seem to allow for a degree of artistic freedom. 2 of the 3 aforementioned shows aired at some of the worst companies in the world. But still, TV networks censored much more back in the day.


Andor was good for a Star Wars product but nothing amazing in general, not seen Severance, as for BCS… I dunno it was alright, I watched it, but it definitely isn't as good as the Wire, GOT, etc etc, it's not even as good as Breaking Bad.


>Severance was great, Andor was greatm Better Call Saul was great
I haven't watched these but I can assure you they're complete garbage. Try not shovelling reactionary slop down your maw.


What would be non reactionary entertainment


>I haven't watched these
>I can assure you they're complete garbage
Thanks for your insight. Severance takes the living shit out of capitalist work culture and Andor has an antifascist direction.
>Try not shovelling reactionary slop down your maw.
Even if I did, since I am on this board you can assume I could see through that if I was confronted with it cuz I am not a normie baby. You could make a critique that these shows are a form of capitalist realism but you come over as unhinged.


The Wind That Shakes The Barley


How about I burn your Barley.


If you have to ask..


Anyone ever seen an old show called The Torkelsons 1991

also thoughts on the last of us finale, im not ready for joel to die

I'm interested that you didn't deny BCS is reactionary, nta
But I feel like that show is a bit libbed with how much it wags a finger on how jimmy gets things done

Like the system is still corrupt but the writers think he somehow has to pay for all that he has done in an unjust world


alright but no kissing


And what do you watch?


Jimmy getting railed is just to complete the trifecta.
Walter: ded
Jesse: got away
Jimmy: prison


Wednesday is funny it's like a fucked-up mix of Euphoria and Harry Potter


i agree with this
even though being a babygirl kendall roy supporter



after watching the ending of the video, i feel like i don't agree with the part about contradictions

i mean they're right and true, but that's just gonna be

for a system of contradictions like capitalism
i see nothing wrong in it, you can take the king's supper to spit at it him with

what are y'all thoughts on anti-cap media made under capitalism?


New Succession season premiere was boring
Had high hopes for the show but it's just constant repetition just like everything else on TV


Yeah, I remember it not being boring but that feels like ages ago.


I think it might do too good of a job at portraying the characters and their lives as hallow and unlikable. Yeah, this competing to pay billions of dollars for a media empire so democracy doesn't die in darkness and they can resolve their daddy issues ultimately doesn't matter. The haute bourgeois are revealed as empty vessels, emotionally stunted children, who don't really care about anything or do that much besides shuffle money around. Why am I watching this though


I guess it's like a modern day comedy of manners
Out of all of the disgustingly fascistic characters on the show, Tom is definitely up there
He's even more of a bloodhound than Roman, who's really just awkwardly going through the motions because he's scared of his father


Eh, for a set up episode, it wasn’t bad


i laughed at least
i don't like that they're making roman the level headed one


really tom? i mean true he's the head of ATN
and that comment about the left and all that nazi apologia he does

still feels like he's a lib who doesn't realize he's a fascist yet

it's crazy how he was the one who dissed ravenclaw the best


He's a hungry corporate grifter from the provinces


It's set in a magical high school for "outcasts" and they face racism from "normies" while they're also racist to said "normies"
The protagonist is a golden child from a rich family who works to bridge the divides or whatever
The high school drama bits are reminiscent of Euphoria, with all of the usual archetypes


arent all the outcasts rich as fuck too


The Adamses can only be the way they are because they're rich.


What is the appeal of barry?

are the munsters and addams family any different?


>What is the appeal of barry?
It's about a guy that kills people


I enjoy the black comedy aspect of Barry and the tension between him and other characters being on the cusp of making the right decision before either tragically making the wrong one or fate intervening to mess everything up.

Then there are some characters like Noho Hank that are just fun to watch.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to be invested in it though. Season 3 got a little weird in places and it kind of feels like it's running out of steam.


I prefer Other Barry




Picard and STD suck. The hopes and dreams of star trek fans now rests with Lower Decks. At least it will probably get its full 7 seasons, it deserves them.


>The hopes and dreams of star trek fans now rests with Lower Decks
Heaven help us


>Picard and STD suck
Funny because Patrick Stewart often plays a character with STDs.


Star Trek Discovery is AIDS and crabs.
I have never seen a single second of it but I am 100% confident in this review.


I can confirm it is absolutely terrible. The production value is insane. It just couldn't deliver. Its shit.


I was watching an episode of ds9 that looked like dogshit. The lasers O'Brien and Bashir had looked like spray painted water guns. The alien weapon that killed them in security camera footage was a photoshop flash effect. The sets were cheap cardboard. But its story and acting made it a fun and enjoyable watch that I'll remember fondly.

I guess I just think that it's a testament to whatever's wrong with the current television industry that original trek that looks like something you'd see on youtube will be remembered in high regard for decades to come while many times the budget of all the original series combined has been pumped into nutrek which is forgotten as soon as it airs.


Old Trek was actually trying to make interesting stories and do social commentary and it involved a lot of interaction between the creative arms of the production instead of being driven by studio heads. O'Brien's entire character is a testament to this. He was originally just an extra but the crew liked Colm Meaney so much they wanted to keep bringing him back. They gave him a name. They made him transporter chief. They gave him an episode that introduced his wife. And then they brought him back as a main cast member in the next series. Meaney was personally very proud of his ancestors' involvement in labor movements and they wrote that into the show. They relied on the actors, directors, script writers, etc to figure out character and plot details instead of just a handful of producers hovering over the shoulders of a writers' room.

A lot of this is because the shows were seen as underdogs. Yes TOS was pretty popular, but nobody thought TNG or DS9 (or VOY or ENT for that matter) would be successful and they didn't exactly have huge budgets, so the studios weren't trying to micromanage things. It's also a product of the era. TV studios don't think in terms of having a catalog as much as they used to and now focus more on having individual shows be profitable. HBO was one of the last ones with that attitude but after the merger with Discovery they started axing shows that aren't profitable. (an especially dumb attitude to have with a streaming service but I digress) Something as recognizable as Star Trek is today is expected to do impressive numbers and so they go with the conventional wisdom that more budget gets more eyeballs.

It's also reflected in the serialization of the storylines instead of having the ability to be episodic, because you have to get the audience addicted to the show basically. You want them hanging on to every episode and discussing the show online with the communityTM during their free time. The way that the older Trek shows were run was always a mystery to the executives and isn't really an option any more even if it might still be profitable if they actually did it. That's part of why a lot of entertainment has moved toward the periphery with people producing content for "democratized" platforms like youtube, tiktok, or smaller streaming services. The big studios are really only good at one kind of production and it's really only viable if you can turn it into a big sensation. Everything is trying to be Game of Thrones now, but it just doesn't work for every kind of story.


DS9 was partly serialized.

About Game of Thrones, yeah. The most annoying thing is that everyone tries to be edgy these days, like you now have people swearing all the time in Star Trek und you also have gore. I think there is one scene in TNG where someone drops an f-bomb but that worked because it was a unique moment, now it's overdone.


File: 1680741337117.jpg (134.39 KB, 1820x1024, tlyn-wejduj.jpg)

So fucking true honestly. Where's my cozy comfy Star Trek, the one that makes me dream of a better future for humanity?? Instead they give us gratuitous torture scenes and a grimdark Starfleet. Boooooooooring.
Have you not seen Lower Decks yet? Please give it a chance, it's great. If you want to start with the best episode to see if you like it, "wej Duj" S2E9 is one of the most delightful episodes in the franchise. LWD is pretty episodic so you wouldn't really be missing any context by skipping episodes.


File: 1680743949511.png (1.29 MB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

> grimdark Starfleet
Been watching TNG and I think the utopian Starfleet is a myth of the 90s, where we all pretend that the US is a benevolent, rational, good superpower without critically analyzing what's going on. Specifically I watched The Ensigns of Command, where Starfleet enforces a relocation of a colony that was unknowingly established in hostile alien space. No talk of Starfleet protecting the colonists, the only rational choice presented is to forcibly transport them away in order to comply with the letter of the law.

I also watched the last episode with Ro. Similar plot line there where the Federation is forcibly relocating people because it violates a treaty. And how do we explain all these "bad admirals" in every episode? The fact that they want to disassemble Data, that they they can't cognize him as a living thing? Sure, Picard is nice and refined, Hermann Goering was great at dinner parties too.

What I'm saying is that Starfleet is Space Nazis (America)


>What I'm saying is that Starfleet is Space Nazis (America)
DS9 was a lot more conscious of this, between things like Section 31 and this scene. TNG kind of had a major tension between the writers and Roddenberry's utopian vision. The writers wanted to have your standard TV conflicts like you describe, but Roddenberry wanted the Federation to be above those sorts of things.


I guess so but at least they are communist post-scarcity space Nazi Americans. They just aren't perfect for the plot drama, but everyone in the Federation is fed and housed and no one has to work for money. That's got to count for something right?


I hate how Section 31 is the only thing from DS9 the current writers actually want to develop. How lame.


The current season of Picard has changelings


Hmm that does sound intriguing but I'm worried it will still cause me psychic damage to watch it like the first season did.


New Succession episode was funny


Watching the Roy brats break down together is such a good fucking pay-off to the whole show
This episode and the season 3 finale, too



Last Picard episode had flaws but it was decent compared to all the other shit. Just stop with all the fucking fan service


> Just stop with all the fucking fan service
That's all the content though. There's no television show that's separate from reanimating the ghouls.


Riker's double is still out there, IDK how that only ever came up again in one DS9 episode and (I assume) was never mentioned in Picard.


New Succession episode was decent. Lots of delicious intrigue that I haven't really seen since the first season. Greg is hilarious. It's nice seeing Tom get ratfucked from all directions.


Also it's kind of satisfying how Kendall undercuts Roman at the end. Feels like payback for what happened in the birthday episode while also getting to shit on his dad.


>the only rational choice presented is to forcibly transport them away in order to comply with the letter of the law.

Because if they don't the aliens they've negotiated this treaty with will just wipe out the colonists.

ALl this "the federation are nazis" shit always comes down to people consciously misconstruing shit in order to make the federation evil.


>ALl this "the federation are nazis" shit always comes down to people consciously misconstruing shit in order to make the federation evil.
It's usually rooted in anti-communism that conflates communism with fascism.


I mean the federation are basically NATO in space, of course from the perspective of the show they are good, the same as NATO is good to Americans, if Star Trek was actually real, the federation would probably be imperialist AF


as a kendoll, it was not satisfying
my boy is growing evil


>if Star Trek was actually real, the federation would probably be imperialist AF
The federation is in regular conflict with empires who are rival factions and foils to the Federation. Imperialism is consistently portrayed as bad.
>I mean the federation are basically NATO in space
They're closer to the Eastern Bloc.


Wouldn't go so far as to say they're "Space Nazis" and I hope you're embellishing because that sort of reading isn't supported by anything in the actual show but I agree that Berman era Trek being utopian is mostly a myth. I think it's a modern myth, though, constructed in response to Nu-Trek's edginess. I don't think it was as common a view in the 90s.

Even in TNG (which is usually held up as the cheeriest and purest of the 90s Trek shows) Starfleet can be corrupt, incompetent, and shady. A lot of the galaxy outside of Federation home worlds ranges from hard-up to basically lawless.


You're dumb


Reminder that Star Trek is actually existing Posadism arising from a period of multipolarity and popular uprisings on Earth

But yeah, TNG-era Federation is just a liberal NATO that betrays planets full of colonists to the Cardies and does nothing to stop their plunder of Bajor, and actually gets pissed that the Klingons invade them to put an end to their shenanigans (mirroring the situation in Ukraine, with Gowron as Putin). Sisko takes the Maquis uprising personally and goes to the length of bombing their planets out of outrage that they violated his sacred laws and regulations. The Fed is a bunch of libs that kneel at the altar of status quo and legality.



you have a really skewed interpretation of events in the show


>betrays planets full of colonists to the Cardies
The Maquis didn't want to be in the Federation any more so they're not entitled to Federation protection. Idk what you expect lmao.
>does nothing to stop [Cardassian] plunder of Bajor,
It was out of their jurisdiction lmao. They only got involved after Bajor regained control and it became a neutral area instead of under control of the Cardassian rivals. Implying they should have gotten involved here is basically you complaining that they aren't more NATO-like, being world quadrant police. Interference would have entailed war with the Cardassians and likely would have just make things worse for all parties. Bajorans didn't like it but they were always self-centered religious bigots. If anything it's the Cardassians who are most similar to NATO, being that they are run by a deep state and use the liberal type of whitewashing to justify exploiting underdeveloped planets.


Now's as good a time as any to bring up my observation that despite the Cardassians and Bajorans being commonly interpreted as paralleling Nazi Germany and the Jews, I always felt like the occupation was more analogous to the British Raj. There is homophony between "Vedek" and "Vedic" but I don't think it was intentional on the writers' part.

The Jewish-Bajoran parallel seems more explicit in TNG's "Ensign Ro." I kind of wish DS9 had brought up the Bajoran diaspora more. I have a headcanon that the collective term Bajora (which was later retconned) as used in that episode refers specifically to dispossessed/diaspora Bajorans instead of homeworlders.


Comparing the Cardassian occupation of Bajor to the Holocaust specifically is like "read another book" but it's "remember another genocide."


Does anyone else like to watch shows they've already seen in alternate languages?

I'd already seen TNG in English, my native language. I was curious what sort of inflection Japanese VAs would lend the characters. Now I kind of want to see the whole series in the Jap dub just to see what kind of effect it would have on my interpretation of the characters and story.


>I have a headcanon that the collective term Bajora (which was later retconned) as used in that episode refers specifically to dispossessed/diaspora Bajorans instead of homeworlders.

That's a neat idea.


No story requires you to morally sympathize with any of the characters. This mentality is how you get drooling morons like >>33713.


I guess Kendall and Tom are fucked now, too
Shiv is back I guess
It really does feel like the show is ending now


New succession episode was ok, but Swedish is such a profoundly goofy language I can’t take it seriously


Raised By Wolves is too depressing and boring to watch
It's a Robinsonade given a sci-fi sheen



Kill yourself


unfortunately sweden is real
mattson was interesting and but then he just became a creep that whole racist bit about france, (the whole bit, coinciding with the currently ongoing french riots, feels very psychic

how about i hug you instead?


You will never fuck the fictional rich rapist-vibe guy


Kendall is the realest capitalist
Using his dead father's corpse, shambling it to say fake things to sell a fake product

Lenin couldn't have said it better

Don't even know what this means


I’m watching succession and mad men concurrently and while succession is good and all, mad men is really highlighting the mediocre writing/dialogue in the former.

I’m getting kinda tired of the “realistic dialogue = say “ummmm” and stutter every 5 seconds while making faces” approach.


>Kendall is the realest capitalist
>Using his dead father's corpse, shambling it to say fake things to sell a fake product
Wow that's really good analysis and critique keep us updated on any more groundbreaking developments in Marxism that you come up with bro


well succession is a comedy whereas mad men isn't, also succession is trying to illustrate the retardification of rich people/corporate society where they're all irony bros now


>The next generation of Art generating AI will be used to directly transform books into movies, studios and acotrs no longer needed, maximum profits!
Netflix has already been using "algorithms" to determine what shows to make since their first one, House of Cards.


That explains a lot


It would be so funny if Waystar's stock value tanked as a result of Kendall's hardballing and they have to sell it for pennies in the end


Are you okay?


My point was it isn’t funny enough to be a good comedy, and it isn’t smart enough to be a good drama, of which it tries to be both. Still a 3/5 show tho, better than average.


It feels pretentious, or maybe better to say the discourse around it does. It's not a bad show, I like it, but there's something in the air about how it's really saying something and I don't get that at all.


t. corn fed basic from hockey town


you are corn eater mother fucker


What's succession about and why should I watch it?


I've decided: the day I kill myself is when a streaming service makes an adaptation of the Accidental Death of an Anarchist.


Look it up and watch for yourself


It’s about rich failsons trying to take over their fathers media conglomerate.

It’s a pretty good waste of time. The plot goes nowhere, but it’s relatively short enough to binge.


ye I thought I wouldn't like it but I was convinced to watch it and it's funny, lots of richoids being miserable/retarded, and showing the hollowed out post ironic corporate world, it's a fun time


File: 1683348429489.jpg (626.23 KB, 1440x1080, 9.jpg)

what did freakazoid mean by this


don't think there's any show that SHOULD be watched

it's a fun comedy that doesn't glamorize the rich tho, those mfers are always miserable and shitting themselves


death to the cia asset dalai lama


this about sums it up


Family guy sucks. Fucking recycled animations and lazy artstyle with pedestrian "humor".


So like, what exactly is 'television' these days? Like I can tell that it's not strictly "stuff on the TV" because stuff like Netflix counts. Is it episodes? Does Helluva Boss count as a TV show?


stuff on YT doesn't count as TV IMO, unless maybe it's on Youtube Red and you have to pay for it, and it's produced like a TV show


I mean yea, this was pretty retarded. The whole point is that Logan is an acerbic asshole with massive ego issues, he simultaneously wants to rule forever but also wants to feel like he is a good father in some way and 'building a legacy'.


He's just like me


New Succession
Greg is such a disgusting weasel
I feel like Gerri is Waystar's Ebba
The amount of dirt she has on the whole company and the Roys, lol


NOOOOOO this silly cartoon show is not a masterpiece urgh the west has fallen


Greg’s actors is a pedo too, so the shoe fits




There are online allegations of him creeping on minors and following uh young Instagram models


>the west has fallen
What? What's with the /pol/ meme


Multiple people say that he’s had sex with minors, as a 30 year old man. I’m inclined to believe them because evidently he’s well known within the community as a man whore.


Try The Orville McFarlane's writing is much more refined here because it's a consistent storyline and not just random scenes mashed together like Family Guy.


Any good sci-fi show on right now? I've already watched The Expanse, Andor and all of Star Trek.


Next season of the Eric Andre Show premiering on June 4th


3 body problem 2023 or if you want a movie extravaganza Wandering earth 1 + 2. I've basically seen every sci fi thing and these were like a breath of fresh air. Amazing attention to detail.


also watching the french sci fi series Missions right now. There's not many new themes but it's good low budget sci fi.


Watching the first episode right now. I like it, but yeah the tropes from previous films are everywhere.

I always wanted to watch Three Body Problem but I fear it's not up my alley if it's just technical science without much character development.


Characters in 3 body are fully developed imo. I really enjoyed the tv series character depiction, even aspects that aren't usually my thing. Maybe it's the Chinapilling. I highly recommend it, all 30 episodes lol.


Everyone making fun of this show doesn't realize that that's exactly the joke
The middle class is full of worthless people that no one needs that should be starved to death already


It's much more refined because every other episode is lifted from tng


still better than nutrek


uh it's shot in a cinéma vérité because they're not trying to glamorize the characters


cinéma vérité style*


I started watching Mad Men with my BF partly inspired by this post, and man, the dialog is really on the nose a lot of the time. I definitely get a more 'real' feeling from Succession and feel like it's better written, the plot points/decisions in Mad Men come out of nowhere a lot of the time and it feels like they're trying to ape the Sopranos but in that show the sometimes crazy stuff feels more earned because these are mobsters, whereas here they're just ad execs/bored housewives but still do insane shit.


A key requirement of good cinéma vérité is to sound authentic/like actual improvised dialogue. Successions dialogue is the furthest thing from natural.


I can’t really think of any “insane shit” mad men characters do. The plot is relatively tame and fits the setting just fine imo


In series one:
Betty grabs a fucking rifle and starts shooting at the neighbours pigeons at the end of one episode, this is basically treated as a gag and never mentioned again, this is in a hyper conservative and judgmental suburban community mind you
Pete grabs a package off Draper's desk which just happens to be the package from his brother with his whole backstory (this felt like something very lazy that only happened to drive the plot, and also why did Pete even do it in the first place)
Peggy doesn't notice somehow that she's 8 months pregnant, I know sex education wasn't the best back then but come on


If there's one thing you can't attack Succession on, it's the realism of the acting and dialogue, a lot of it improvised


Oh yeah and I completely forgot Betty giving Glen (a literal ten year old with a crush on her) a lock of her hair, and then later finding him in a parking lot and basically confiding in him and trying to get some meaning in her life from him despite his parents telling her to stay away from him).


Let's build another India huehehueuhuhe
Mattson's whole scheme is so exposed now, Basically irl disney+


this is why we've never gotten a freakazoid movie, smh



god that shit was so funny last season


>a lot of it’s improvised
Source? The only people I see saying improv plays a significant role is redditors. Actual interviews with cast and crew seems to indicate it very rarely happens, and when it does, it’s almost always physical improvisation (like Tom kissing Greg), not dialogue.
Besides, even if a show is 100% improvised, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically realistic. If I filmed myself yelling completely random gibberish off the top of my head, does that make it “realistic dialogue” just cause it’s improvised on my part?


Okay I stand corrected lmao, yeah the Betty shooting birds thing was the most absurd thing Ive seen so far (I’m at S6).

Though I think your second example isn’t ”insane”; it’s established (in S1 at least) that Pete and Don dislike each other, having somewhat of a rivalry, and that Pete is a pretty slimy nepotite, so obviously he’s interested in a blatantly important, and unattended package that Don received, and likely doesn’t have much respect for other peoples things given his relatively silver spoon background, wherein he barely had to earn his place in the firm in the first place.

As for your third point, initially I agreed, and thought that was asinine, but I researched it and not knowing you’re pregnant until you’re in labor is relatively common. Some people legit go to the bathroom and give birth unknowingly. It happens more often than you’d think, and so I’d call it realistic.


Idk the lock of hair thing doesn’t seem far fetched. There’s nothing inherently sexual or weird about a small bit of hair.

And yeah, it’s objectively absurd that a 30 year old would confide in a kid, but I think that was kinda the point. It’s supposed to show the absolute state of Betty’s deterioration as a housewife, and how she has no volition, voice or void to vent into, resorting to her only nonjudgmental option: a tween. It echos back to how her psychiatrist told Don that she still has the mentality of a literal child. It’s supposed to be laughable and condemnable, because it is, but it’s those things in an effort to convey her depression.

Also, above all, Betty is kinda just massively mentally unstable, and that’s a defining trait that doesn’t just go away, relegated as a season 1 plot device. If she was a-ok for the rest of the show, I’d agree it was out of character and “insane” but they follow up.


I can't deny that. I'll admit that I do like The Orville. I just wish it didn't feel so much like the generic version of brand name Trek. I guess it's like nutrek being so fucking awful is more of a boost to it than any virtue of Orville's.


I guess what bothers me the most about Orville is that it does have the seeds of something potentially really great in it but I don't really expect them to ever bear fruit.


Yellow jackets is pretty good if you want some slop to watch. Premise is 'lord of the flies' but with highschool girl sports team, interlaced with their travails in the present.


Stopped watching
I don't mind slop too much, but slop that takes itself seriously makes me clock out


Also, it's about a bunch of white suburbanites in New Jersey, so I couldn't really feel any suspense over any harm coming to them


the new succ

was mid but i liked that it showed how fake capitalist democracy is and that capitalists even if they don't agree with fascists will align with them for their own goal

like to see stuff that radicalizes people, just hope they remember it


File: 1684176144746.png (143.37 KB, 259x194, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, it was pretty good. I liked Kendall's non-reactions. "Well he's bad but uhhhh… you know uhhh… maybe If I just do nothing for long enough, this situation will resolve it without me having to explicitly support a fascist". It's obvious what he wants, he just wants someone else to pull the trigger.

You really think this will radicalize people? I like it but seems like a retelling of Trump.


It won't radicalize anyone, also people already know rich people are cynical
It's more about how Fox News helped create a Big Lie for Trump by calling his victory even though he probably lost in reality, making people think the election was "stolen"


Big Lie narrative*


ACTSHUALLY this is much more analogous to Bush vs Gore 2000, an election that was actually stolen in a similar method to this


They called it after the polls closed, and they're not the Supreme Court, so I doubt they have any effect or it's similar to 2000


Also there was literally a scene where Mencken explicitly said to Roman's face that he wanted to create a stolen election narrative in the event that he lost
Do the average TV watchers just like stare at the screen like a cat does or something? Is it just strange shapes and sounds to you people?


Roman is the most heavy-handed archetype of a fascist ever
An idle bourgeois that hides his reactionary impulses behind fake-witty detachment
Severely abused by his father but dismisses the violence as natural and acceptable
Has psychosexual mommy issues
Even his name references the ancient empire which the Italian Fascists sought to revive


New Righteous Gemstones season premiering in June


File: 1684399056551.png (451.07 KB, 1024x760, dr han.png)

Dr. Han is a hero and did nothing wrong.


>last week's twitter meme


Dr San was a hero and did nothing wrong


Facts are facts. They don't go away in a week.


Petit-bourgeois love their insignificant distractions


Average Succession fan will look at a scene where you get to laugh at fictional rich dipshits fucking up and go "aww that's so sad :("
Dying pig Roman


Kind of coming around to TV shows
They're like movies, but unpretentious and also it's nice to get into the characters as a sort of escapism


i mean he did look like a puppy getting kicked, orphaned in the street after his father died

but then you remember what he was right before that, stupid edgy fashy cunt

that line he says in s3, e-girl juul pods and conspiracy theories


that was the moment i decided to hate on that character


it was so fucking funny when he broke down
you knew it from the momment he was making incestous joke turned up to a 11

the lil bitch was gonna lose when CHAD EWAN DABBED and spoke, his lines were so great

Logan Roy made men's heart a little meaner and the sky's darker


is he actually pro trans, also crazy that dr.han is also the creator of the show

did anyone else see the korean version? is it good, not seen any clips


petit bourgeois is when watching tv


Anyone here watch the Americans?
Its about KGB sleeper agents, so it clearly had high risk of being lib shit but I hear good reviews.


i watched a whole retrospective on it, until about about 1 season

Can't tell if it's lib or not, I guess it goes for everyone is wrong


I like to think his masochism comes out of a sort of repressed guilt
He's a beaten dog raised by a racist piece of shit and there's so many bad things that were normalized into him


dd you watch the finale
the leaks were true…


I don't know about leaks, but Tom kind of made sense as the final winner, considering he was closest to Logan when he died. It's kind of nice seeing Kendall and Roman get ratfucked even though they'll still be rich anyways. Depressing ending to a depressing show.


Barry finale sucked, although I never liked the show anyways
Succession finale was an appropriately depressing and unsatisfying end to a depressing and unsatisfying show


I really can’t tell if it’s the writers and directors incompetence, or if shiv and Roman just simply cannot act at all, (or more likely, both) but man does the show feel amateur a lot.
Overall score; 5.9/10 better than average but held back by redundant plot, one note characters and bad actors/writing.


The characters are meant to be one note, they're repressed fuck-ups, but yeah it's not worth nearly 40 hours of your life


I liked season 1 though, when everything was fresh. If it was just that season alone, this I would be a great show, but unfortunately 3 other redundant seasons exist


The ending was pretty satisfying. Every major character fell into place perfectly. Tom putting the bidding sticker on Greg was hilariously sweet. Also, it's funny how Kendall expected Shiv to stick with him after the election thing.


I feel it was a bit of an anticlimax, the election episode felt a lot more dramatic than this. Everything prior to the boardroom I liked but that felt weak.


Endings don't have to be climactic. It's fitting that the Roy siblings would retire so pathetically.


Yeah but they clearly wanted it to be climactic when they did the “sibling switches side” reveal for the 100th time


lame ending, but ig real under capitalism
these are all people who would install fascists


like during the ending, i was feeling all these things but then i realised,

they are all rich fuckers, they've not really lost anything, like it's not that serious

honestly the ones who got out truly won


people jack off sucession way too much when after s2, where it could go some bold places

it just retreads the same step with SHOCKING TWIST! and just tom set-up for s4


first season of search party is actually pretty good.


It's a boring soap opera about a bunch of cardboard cut-outs of rich American failchildren talking like Twitter addicts with a rich CEO father that shouts and swears a lot, and a bunch of equally boring side characters. Nothing ever really happens and none of the characters do anything surprising. It's a complete over-hype peddled by people who can't accept that there's nothing interesting to watch on TV right now.


I dunno man, it's not the most incredible TV ever but it's entertaining and has some funny bits. Don't see why you're hating so much.


It's just not worth the watch. I didn't find it all that funny either aside from Roman's rocket blowing up and the Tom/Greg dynamic but those are maybe like at best 5% of the whole thing.


honestly after the finale i see it too, now
but gonna have to say a no on the TV part

there's so much, we may not be in the golden age of TV but we are in the utopian age,

there's so much TV with so much production now


it's pretty interesting. at its core, it's a psychological drama about never getting over your abusive family and the constant cycle of self-hatred and egotism that that produces. i don't get the "soap opera" angle at all.


That's because soap operas are fucking BASED and other anon doesn't UNDERSTAND.


I mean it literally is a soap opera by definition


second season was even better, im actually binging this rn


I'm just tired of shows that don't go anywhere. Like yeah, we get that you're cynical about capitalism, but that doesn't meant your show has to be about losers making the same mistakes for 4 seasons in a row.

Both Succession and Barry did this. It's like the showrunners watched the Sopranos and decided that serious television isn't allowed to have characters that grow and change positively.


That's just TV
They have a very clear commercial interest in not making the story go anywhere
They need people on the edge of their seat constantly, talking about theories or whatever


This is why I prefer movies, at least you get a complete story


Yeah this is annoying as hell. I barely remember a show that had a clean closure that made sanse and wasn't just milked to death. This is why it's important that the producers map out the series from the beginning or base it on a novel. The amount of seasons in The Walking Dead reached satirical levels of episodes which is absolutely not to justify by any means considering that the show revolved around a single theme, Walkers, which have been fully examined by season 2 already.

In general I think a show should have three seasons at best, unless there is large amounts of quality source material like in The Expanse for example.

Movie endings have been incredibly lazy lately as well. You get a big mystery box and build tup but the ending resolves nothing. Especially horror movies do this recently.


I've been rewatching Andor, and it's dawning on me how much the show benefits from 1) being capped at two seasons and 2) dividing itself into three-episode arcs. It's still frustratingly liberal, but goddamn it's refreshing in a world of TV shows that don't know when to end one conflict and move on to the next.

It's amazing to me how prestige TV seems incapable of imagining a story that doesn't just stagnate for the entire runtime then end with… nothing? The Sopranos at least had the decency to be meta about it. The rest don't even know what to do with themselves.

With Barry and Succession in particular, I wonder how much of it results from showrunners wanting to tell a story set in the dying days of capitalism while failing to have any understanding of material conditions whatsoever.


>I've been rewatching Andor, and it's dawning on me how much the show benefits from 1) being capped at two seasons
I was about to say that. I hope we see more of Tony Gilmore in the future, the guy seems to have an independent mind.
>It's still frustratingly liberal
At times, but it is very anti-fascist, it feels like they are salvaging the parts of old liberalism that are worth saving. Mon Mothma tries to work "within the system" and that goes horribly wrong, which is not something a contemporary liberal would tell you.
>The rest don't even know what to do with themselves.
Same problem with movies nowadays, somebody has a cool idea to start off a show with, some concept, but doesn't at all plan out how the fuck this should be concluded.

I am pretty sure many filmmakers and showrunners know what capitalism is (in the 50s there were a bunch of Marxists in Hollywood) but you just can't say the word. Even shows that are basically anti-capitalist like Severance tip-toe around the c-word and make it about "corporate work culture" and so on. In fact I don't know a single explicit anti-capitalist product in TV and cinema besides some Italian and French movies and stuff from the Warsaw Pact. Movies like The Last Emperor are pretty much pro-commie but still only implicitely so.


The main distinction between succession/Barry and sopranos is that sopranos has interesting and likeable characters.


I have no sympathy for Walking Dead fans because they got exactly what the comic was. It was never going to have a satisfying conclusion and that much was obvious from the earliest issues, which made it clear that the zombies were nothing but a plot device and so everything else was just a vehicle for "you won't believe what fucker up thing happens next!"

And at that point it's like, okay, there's no story, there's no arc, it's just a string of "dramatic" set ups for the next "shocking" event. It's Lost, but with Zombies.


>It's Lost, but with Zombies.
It's worse, Lost at least baited you with mysteries and had some wacky pseudo-philosophy and magic shenanigans. Walking Dead is just zombies eating people and people committing atrocities in a totally nihilistic way.


Anyone know where I can watch the last three episodes of Marx und Engels Stationen ihres Lebens? The first 8 are on archive, and imbd says there's 11 total.


The characters are fucking stupid and boring and disgusting


If you think the characters on Sopranos are likeable then you missed the point of the show in the same way as people doing sigma grindset edits of Patrick Bateman.


>Movie endings have been incredibly lazy lately as well. You get a big mystery box and build tup but the ending resolves nothing. Especially horror movies do this recently.

Well I don't watch shit movies like that, it's pretty easy to avoid sequel baiting if you don't watch the latest capeshit and so on.


What shows have good characters then?
…or I have the mental fortitude required to distinguish a bunch of fictional characters doing shenanigans from real murderers.


i've watched literally every good tv show and a lot of shitty ones too, can anyone suggest me anything?


>What shows have good characters then?


>LMAO no The characters are fucking stupid and boring and disgusting
<what shows have good characters then?


Did you think my intent behind that post was to eventually give you recommendations


Obviously not, since you're just a dickhead pseud.


You wrote this >>34449 not me


File: 1686012146095.jpeg (281.08 KB, 1100x1210, IMG_3030.jpeg)

Nah, I was just highlighting how you are unable to do anything but complain.
not me


if the sopranos characters are not likable than none are!!!!!!!!


clone high



did you try torrents or private trackers?


i cannot believe that bill lawerence was involved with that too!


Then how do you watch them? Look up the ending before? And no I don't watch capeshit.

Just look at a movie like Planet of the Apes for example, everything made sense at the end, it all tied together, today we don't get that anymore, everything is "open to imagination" which is an excuse for the writers not being able to figure their own story out.


Well I dunno, I'm not saying I've never watched a movie with an ending I consider unsatisfying, but I usually don't watch movies that are part of a franchise and therefore the director/writer usually wants to bring the story they're telling to a satisfying end.


First 2 episodes were extremely lacklustre
Maybe the effect is wearing off on me
Maybe the writers are desperately trying to imitate the previous seasons but they don't have that je ne sais quoi


I never liked it. It has a very middle school sort of humor. Just dumb pranks that don't have any meaning beyond being malicious in themselves. Also Adult Swim/Turner Broadcasting are pieces of shit that gave an insidious /pol/yp like Sam Hyde an entire show on TV.


I watched the first episode of The Idol a few days ago
The soundtrack sounds like it belongs in an Oscar-bait movie about some genocide in Africa, not about a fictional pop star that got facial'd
The cinematography is so ornamental and pretentious, and the use of film is just unnecessary
Sam Levinson is a creepy rich guy who thinks his shallow, pornographic obsessions are interesting high art, and the fact that he still gets his shit greenlighted despite how utterly embarrassing it is is depressing


is the gifted good?
i remember y'all saying there was some x-men tv show that was the best capekino out


Succession was boring
When I began watching the first season, I expected it to be some corporate intrigue thing
It turned out to be a bunch of rich failchildren blubbering at each other


Same here, stopped watching at season 1. It was too repetitive; I guess TV in general is like this.


It's pretty rare any more to see TV that changes the formula or status quo much at all. I was really surprised when The Good Place did it and it turned out to have a much better premise than it first appeared.


did it really change the premise?


No it revealed that the premise it presented originally was a ruse and the larger picture was something else. It also managed to not get canceled and tell a full story beginning to end which is rare too.


File: 1687243452063.webm (2.42 MB, 1920x1080, Free the DC Sniper.webm)


there's something epistemic about sam levinson's stuff that just makes it uniquely unwatchable
he's a person with very boring, usually reactionary thoughts that tries to make them seem as profound and "artsy" as possible


Watched I'm a Virgo and it was pretty good, but I feel it ends too abruptly.


TV shows are for white people


Eric Andre is Z gang but not because he cares about anti imperialism but just so he can dunk on all the dipshit liberals he has to work with every single day.


I wonder if the rat tail is a reference to that public access preacher. The Eric Andre Show was originally created as a satire of public access shows, too.


Why haven't more TV and streaming companies begun running sword and sandal epic type stuff since Game of Thrones got chopped
I need my escapism


the new season was so okay it was mediocre

it lacks whatever the original show had. like funny jokes.


The Bear is weird bourgeois propaganda about learning to find your shitty food service job endearing, but I can't stop watching it every once in a while


If I worked in a kitchen like that one I'd fucking kill myself


space force is funny

they show that the american general tries to start war with china in space by forcing their astronauts to die


figured it be some shit like that
what exactly happens there and why is it so intruging that you keep watching?

with got it was politics, what is there here in the bear?


demons would literally change how afterlife works before thinking of changing capitalism


File: 1688793239382.jpeg (9.43 KB, 240x210, IMG_3215.jpeg)

Black sails is good


Basically they work in a shitty restaurant that serves generic Italian-American cuisine. Most of it is focused around the navel-gazing personal problems of the head chef, a member of the family that owns it that comes back after working in Michelin tier restaurants. It shows kitchen work being shitty, but at the end of it all, they have some pep talk and learn to roll up their sleeves and get back to work. Also the personal drama mostly revolves around the family that owns the place, not the workers themselves though some bits and pieces are shown.


I like Silo , good slop for this piggie



waht kind of reactionary ass show says carpet bombing a country as a quip twice

unless they're going for some huehehe they're skrulls
it's shit as fuck


Succession would have been a nice 2 hour long movie
The TV format should just be killed, it's basically useless in the streaming era


it reduces the time spent trying to decide what to watch at least




That would mean having 30+ hour movies


tbh the show could have dealt with capitalism as a subject but the core topics about the afterlife etc would apply to any system. biggest issue with it for sure is how it uses the discourse about culpability to essentially launder the crimes of capitalism, which was unnecessary to the point of the show.


This Righteous Gemstones season was schmalzy as fuck
The Montgomerys were boring antagonists


File: 1691292475110.png (86.06 KB, 1200x630, ClipboardImage.png)

Finally watched Game of Thrones. Thought 7 wasn't even that bad and had its moments. Stopped watching in the middle of season 8 episode 2 because it was getting painfully bad.

Think I'm going to try and finish it since I got this far.


Finished it and got to episode 3. God episode 2 sucked so much ass. It's funny the reviews on IMDB were all like 10s or 5s and 1s. The dialogue was so so bad. But apparently that resonates with some people.

Episode 3's battle was so shit. Not just because it was dark like everyone was complaining about but the structure of the battle made no sense. They just sent all the Dothraki in to charge the zombies by themselves. Besides being the most retarded strategy it felt fucked up that Daenyrs got the entire Dothraki horde murdered in 2 seconds. She genocided them.


i thought season 8 was alright. i mean the whole show is just cheesy sword-and-sandal shit with cheesy dialogue so i didnt notice any difference.


>Think I'm going to try and finish it since I got this far.
Don't, it's not worth it. I watched it all late last year, and I stopped after the penultimate episode. I know how it ends because of all the complaining people did about it back when it first aired. They were all right, though: the first 2-3 series are fantastic. It becomes generic slop after that, and stops being entertaining in series 8. Even the actors didn't seem to think much of it.


Do it. The entire appeal of GoT was le realism and how it didn't follow all the tired old fantasy plot beats, and the end of the show delivered on that in spades by giving all the beloved characters and storylines baffling and narratively unsatisfying resolutions.


true. fandoms are so fucking stupid


File: 1691550944499.jpeg (63.3 KB, 386x347, IMG_3589.jpeg)

Black sails is great, watch it if you haven’t. Was massively overshadowed by game of thrones due to concurrent runtimes, but imo, was way better. First couple episodes are not great but once it picks up, it maintains its high throughout.

I like pirates though so maybe I’m biased


idk i think i just accept now that HIMYM will always be special to me

it's such a dorky show, the clock is always 4:20
but i accept it, i'm a 2010s kid

it was nice


I watched a show that I knew got cancelled. But I didn't expect to get so invested and attached that when it ended on a cliffhanger, I slowly got upset.
I realize now how much I miss this fictional character with whom I fell in love with, and I will never see closure besides fanfics.


I just finished S4 for the first time, and a lot of people are telling me to drop it now, as the next seasons suck.

Are any post s4 seasons still good television, and just overheated due to a disappointed fan base, or are they all genuinely garbage?








File: 1692877991380.png (189.3 KB, 284x352, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey its me Frank Underwood the most epic high iq politician ever who is also edgy and cynical
All evil people in history knew they were evil and just played a role
rather than actually having political beleifs that justify theit class position


I mean I think a lot of powerful people definitely are self aware to some extent, I find it very hard to believe that all neocons and neolibs actually believe the BS they peddle


What happens in politics is that you get cold with time and your idealism weakens , that means that you think: "We need to win the bad guys even if i dont morally agree with the means we have to use" or at worst the idea that you are better than the alternative even if i am not the most truthfull guy


No body thinks he is in the wrong side of history


it's more that nobody thinks what they're doing is totally wrong,and they find ways to explain/excuse it "I was forced to" etc,they don't necesseraly think what they do is morally good.


Fincher is one of the most individualist directors in hollyweird
I think basically all of his films are about particular persons who seem interesting in a jaded, postmodern world
Now he's onto serial killers and the whole psychological cult of exploring their minds
It wouldnt surprise me if he was a REALLY bad guy irl
I still like his stuff tho. He is a sleek voice for the age.
But like you say, le great man theory, but great man is also evil man, hate the game not the player bro



like two years too late but Midnight Mass was very good


just cut out the unnecessary filler stuff which is basically most of the runtime of any "tv" show nowadays


semi-related but also no more subscription-based distro
just let me pay once like old-school box offices or bandcamp style stuff if i wanna support


Anyone itt watch the shield? Is it copagana, but still enjoyable like the wire?


finished vice principals
very silly and demented subversive take on fictional high school media focusing instead on the adult authorities who are depicted as extremely prickly and paranoid and dysfunctional


i like review


At least it's not the drinking autist or whatever his name is


Im pretty meh on pirates but yeah great show. And that hurdy gurdy intro beyond slaps


File: 1698552206950.png (14.19 MB, 2426x3000, ClipboardImage.png)

Speaking of CBS shows:
>One main character is a staunch union man
>Another main character is a Marxist-Leninist
>One episode features a literal kulak as the main antagonist
Why is the King of Queens so based?


they remade watchmen??? lol


Make it sequential, we can make a TV-thread 2 and 3 and so on as time goes on. I avoid posting on this thread precisely because it's cyclical.


It was a very woke HBO sequel. Think Lovectaft Country or Westworld but Watchmen.

It was alright.


Season 5 is still watchable, for the rest you can Wikipedia instead, not worth your time.


There is a complication of actors that imply they all hated season 8.


I think most politicians are completely cynical. Just like a businessman or a wall st trader is only looking after their own personal accumulation of wealth and power. I don't know if I would call that evil per se. I guess how most people look at evil is some highly motivated sadism, hurting people just for the sake of hurting them at a society wide scale. I believe everyone in a position of power in this world is highly amoral. I don't thing the idea of right or wrong means anything to them might makes right, right of conquest, etc.


Yeah, when fans were trying to get the 8th season remade the best they could come up with was

>um that's, uh really disrespectful to the um the crew that er that worked so hard on it


or just download the books off of libgen and brace yourself for a cliffhanger :)


i know that episode was so awesome

sad how tho in the later seasons you barely hear any politics or at least the good kind

granted there's like a tucker carlson cameo where doug wakes up screaming, but i know that wasn't how it meant to be

i think there was some commie writer that left the show


File: 1698971640715.jpg (38.17 KB, 640x480, [pauses in italian].jpg)

>comedy show has an episodic format
>blogposter tries to frame the necessary return to status quo as a nihilist theme of futility, because all their schemes and quests are unsuccessful failures
I guess Ed, Edd and Eddy must be a piecing nihilist satire too.


Prove that it's not.


I started watching "I'm a Virgo"
going crescendo so far, Boots Riley is really based


lmao zizek makes an appearance


I mean death of the author and all that. The real point to be made is that the Sisyphean nature of episodic TV is determined by the medium a la Marshall McLuhan.


what's marshall mcluhan


this is true
tv is effectively static while superficially spectacular


loki bros from last season where you at
it's going good, last episode was the best

gen v
entertaining, but does it rub anyone else the wrong way, the way they make fun of corporations

like it doesn't fee real, feels like amazon is laughing with me at it, ik they'll make profit, but there feels like a lack of shame here


It's called recuperation.

I don't blame the creators though, the way even the most shallow critique can be uttered usually can only happen on the very platforms you ridiculing. Don't get too Adorno brained, socially aware content on Amazon, Disney+, Apple+ (Severance comes to mind), etc. is not necessarily a bad thing and "the worst thing ever" as Adorno said. Radical thinkers in the 18th century always had benefactors from the nobility, recuperation was a thing before capitalism as well.


aamzon just pays for it, its not like the writers are bourgeois or whatever. even we as communists still have to sell our time to our bosses


File: 1699596403701.png (137.89 KB, 1448x815, ClipboardImage.png)



ngl, the way the keep cock blocking the only commie character from the boys into a gag

has me miffed, soc-dem writers!!

what did adorno say


curious as to what the most anti-disney, disney media is


>Season 4 of For all mankind kind just dropped

What does everybody else think of this show?

ngl, i actually kinda like it


I was hooked from the first episode. I love realistic space stuff in general. I love the scenes of inside the ships, of space, of the switches, lights, etc.
>DPRK puts the first man on Mars
That was a nice touch.


Not a great start.
>Soviet Union is still portrayed as gray, dilapidated. People are suspicious, everything is "totalitarian", anticommunist propaganda.
>Asteroid push with the cables was dumb. It was a forced scene because apparently they have to start off every season with an accident.
>Americans re-elect a gay, mixed-race, republican woman. Americans elect Al Gore. omg muh best timeline
Previous seasons had anti-communist and jingoist elements, but they seem to have turned it up a notch. I wonder if people complained they were to generous to the Soviets.


progressively stupider as it goes on. disappointingly lack of any commies as characters or discussion of the larger world (which isn't coherent). very soapy. can't bring myself to give a fuck after s3 tbh


not using him is less bad than turning the character into a COMMUNISM BAD message at least


Well I finally watched the first episode of The Boys, I was surprised by how bad it was, the writing felt incredibly lazy and the characters were incredibly over the top. There was no subtlety whatsoever in any of the points delivered. Did the writers have so little faith in the audience that they had to make every superhero a creepy rapist?


Yes, it's very heavy-handed. And it doesn't get any better, it just becomes another stereotypical Manichaean superhero story except the baddies also happen to have superpowers.


Watching House MD. Man fuck tritter. Kill all cops.


i like house, if only doctors actually cared for his patients like this fictional character does


Other people have talked about how cop shows are "copaganda," and part of me wonders if House might not be "docaganda." House and his team are hypercompetent with virtually access to mind boggling levels of medical technology and 9 times out of 10 the patient walks away from being turbofucked with no apparent long term complications or medical impacts on their life. The cost of all these procedures is never touched on either. Like if any one of these patients that House treats would walk away with bills at less than a million dollars after receiving this incredible level of care I'd be shocked.

I don't really watch other medical shows though so I don't have much of a frame of reference, but it does seem like the kind of thing designed to give american hospitals a glow up as these institutions that are committed to saving people instead of deathtraps where they will just as soon leave you to die on the curb if you don't have insurance.


This is a good point. I doubt that the creators of House were like getting paid by the medical industry but they probably just internalised the idea that doctors are supposed to go the extra mile to help people, whereas we all know they are in reality usually apathetic and disinterested.


File: 1701185934153.gif (5.3 MB, 270x176, df9.gif)

I like the Boys. I have always felt that superpowers would eventually detatch you from understanding human basic needs and desires, and no matter how hard you try to uphold your principles, average people would become like ants to you. And now someone actually made a decent show about it.

It is pretty heavy-handed I guess but most of the superheroes are not generic Bad Guy. One of the Seven grew up poor and is addicted to drugs, another one is in an abusive relationship. In the first episode Hughie is just running into the ones who defend the system, the most reactionary element. It's also over the top to emphasize at the beginning that the show is not Marvel or something.

But if you just didnt like it then you prob wouldn't like the rest of the show either way


I wouldn't call it heavy-handed. The "superheroes" are basically celebrities with powers, which i guess they would be in capitalism. And that is more or less what the life of a high profile celebrity looks like, bar the superpowers ofc.

I explores the topic of propaganda and the difference between reality and the picture that media of the ruling class paints us. I would say that some of the writers are defintely some kind of lefties if not outrigth commies. The fact that everything is about the money is shown pretty clearly including black CEO being willing to tolerate literal nazi just because it's profitable.


In the comic it seems less like its about the powers alienating them from society so much as all these corporate systems that insulate them in order to keep the money flowing. Like, Homelander isn't a psychopath because he can fly, he's a psychopath because he was raised in isolation in order to be a corporate product. They do a whole bit on the not!X-men where the whole "school" is one big massive pedophilic grooming operation where all the students are both victimized and victimizers, and defend the system because doing so means keeping all the wealth and power flowing.

The real "power" in The Boys is the influence the corporation has. Most of the powers people get are basically useless, and without the corporation backing them they'd be turbofucked. The whole climax of the book involves Homelander leading a revolt against the US government, which slaughters pretty much all the rebel supers, including Homelander.


Yeah the comic, despite being just as in your face as the show, still pulled off its messages better.


this shit sucks so bad it's basically a "look how progressive we are!" episode. they can't allow trans people to just exist, they have to be explained and everything has to point to them so they can tell you how cool they are for having a trans character in the show



They're milking it to death, aren't they. Satire only works when the satirized stuff is more present than the satire or the satire will be satirized itself.


The show does a vastly better job of portraying corporate influence than comic. By a wide margin. Comic seemed to forget what it was about less than halfway in. Which is pretty typical for Ennis works, let's be honest.


Agree. Also the characters are not as cardboard like the comic ones, the other Supes besides Homelander are barely fleshed out in the comic, the show is occasional funny but not as crass as the comic, but still punches the boundaries for a major TV production. Actually, the less I see Ennis' influence on the show it has its best moments. Gen V holds up well so far and is almost completely without his influence.

Let's not forget Ennis produced a load of Amerifat shit and has a hard on for the U.S. military. The writers of the show however seem like self-aware left-libs.

Ennis hit the Zeitgeist because The Boys was released after 9/11 but you can't do the same shit in 2023.


Is the furby trans?


>the show is occasional funny but not as crass as the comic
Yeah like how MM recharged his powers


Is it just the specific torrents I'm watching or is the sound in the new Fargo season fucked up? Awkward overdubbing, barely any background noise which also seems to be dubbed in


File: 1701637750720.png (997.7 KB, 960x941, ClipboardImage.png)

>My chosen pronoun is the definite article.
>I am always "the Meep."
That's not even what pronouns are, holy shit.
>My chosen pronoun
>I am always
Bro neopronouns in fantasy/sci-fi races isn't a new trope either. How do you fuck that up?


Watching Vigil season 2 at the moment, nothing groundbreaking, but it's pretty neat that it so blatantly talks about the UK military-industrial complex's major influence on UK politics and our helping out the Saudis to kill their own dissidents and Yemenis across the border.


Finished The Devil's Plan a couple days ago.
Pretty entertaining but I'd say The Genius is better. TDP's structure is kind of awkward, there's no built-in elimination stage like with Genius so the eliminations are more unevenly paced.


I'm liking Scavenger's Reign a lot because anything in that genre will suffice tbh. I'm also resenting it's creators a lot because it seems like they're just using software to animate the best elements, themes and concepts from the best sci fi comics of the last 25 years. It's like they just did it first. The resentment of the comic appreciator in it's purest form.


That's just beep the meep
The Beep of all the Meeps
it isn't a full circlejerk, just awkward dialogue from a writer or two jerking themselves.
it could've been more of joke, but the first lines from the doctor was just off.


File: 1703270857111-0.png (1.85 MB, 1440x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1703270857111-1.png (205.65 KB, 680x495, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1703270857111-2.png (160.97 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)



New season of Fargo is kind of nice


Watching Manifest. I guess it has some nice ideas but Jesus Christ this is a slow burn


Have you gotten to the episode with the Plane's Pilot?


Silo is pretty good. It is really slow mid-season but it feels like not plotline was abandoned or was filler, after the first two episodes which are an absolute banger and are the best sci-fi I've seen this year. Not sure whether I agree with the ending, would have liked it more if there was indeed a lush green surface but then they had no reason to keep living underground. The dialouge can be a bit dry at times, but the cinematography and music are top-notch. I usually do not like Rebecca Ferguson because she is so emotionless, but it matched this role perfectly. Granted, she is a Mary Sue in this show, but I can overlook that. First I was hesitant to watch it because it's a show that plays exclusively underground, and my experience with shows and films recently is that directors can't fucking film in the night, you can't see shit, but this show was well lit and at now point in the show was I unable to see.

It has a bit of class character as well. The low class lives at the bottom, but does all the work, e.g. keeps the system running, not unlike proletarians. Police is made out of fascist dicks wearing blackshirts.

The way I would describe it is as a dystopian sci-fi mystery thriller. There a lot of mystery boxes, but it sort of all makes sense in the end. It reminded me of The Expanse but underground, and even of Severance (well, it's another AppleTV show). Ngl, Apple+ stepped up their game massively those last two years.


>open laptop
>go to libgen.gs
>download Silo comic
>connect laptop HDMI to tv
>turn the lights down
>connect wireless mouse to laptop
>retire to couch and maximize comic on tv screen
It's as immersive an experience as most tv or movies. The art style of the Silo comic in particular is one of the most memorable of the last 10 years.



The Last of Us

"this is a commune, We're communists"


is the show pro-israel like the game?


Are you thinking of world war z?



File: 1705210691781.jpg (912.15 KB, 2700x1800, 1558849334769.jpg)

This show was funny as hell. Sadly it seems no Tick show lasts. The Tick has always been at the edge of being mainstream but for whatever reason he always seems to trip up at the finish line. I wish the Amazon series had gotten another season, I find myself really enjoying the premise of just having superheroes doing everyday shit and getting into random shit along the way.


I watched The Curse and really liked it, didn't really know much about it beyond the premise. It went places I wasn't expecting for a comedy about petite bougie libs making shitty "eco-friendly" houses in a low-income community they think they're helping.


Watched it since last week. Good show, disappointing ending. Without getting into spoilers, ending on the biggest cliffhanger, it feels pointless.
>There a lot of mystery boxes, but it sort of all makes sense in the end.
I totally disagree.


The Venture Brothers is kind of its spiritual successor, which is kind of funny since the writers worked on the animated Tick show way back when.


May I ask why? As I said, I personally would have preferred a different ending but all the plot points established during this slow burn and world building after the very packed episode 1 and 2 come together in the end - and I can appreciate that, because many shows these days fail to do that. They open up plot lines and then they are just forgotten, never got that feeling in Silo, remember that there is a second season and it's based on a completed series of books.


The mentioned rules are never made clear to me for example (the one about magnification and about any type of sane transport). But all in all the world just doesn't make sense to me. Forcing people to use stairs just slows down any organization, makes social stratification more rigid (it's capitalism pretty much). As for the magnification I looked up the book series but it didn't make it much better for me


File: 1705835862596.png (4.95 MB, 1280x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

Watching this now. I think it's preddy gud. Would recommend for all hard sci-fi lovers.


Should've ctrl-f'ed first.
>progressively stupider as it goes on.
>can't bring myself to give a fuck after s3 tbh
Oh no, I'm not there yet. That sucks.

>disappointingly lack of any commies as characters or discussion of the larger world

>Previous seasons had anti-communist and jingoist elements, but they seem to have turned it up a notch. I wonder if people complained they were to generous to the Soviets.
It's an American show, what can you expect? I thought them framing the first season around the commies forcing them to do gender equality was better than you could probably hope for. Sucks to hear it gets worse. I didn't read your spoilers.


now that the venture bros got cancelled (RIP) i wish edlund, doc and publick did a collab together


You never know. I'm still kind of holding out hope of some kind of VB continuation. Metalockalypse finally got its finale, even if it took 10 years.


gtfo. The first couple of episodes are interesting but it quickly devolves into Russians are evil and North Koreans are weird and probably evil. I know because I am a corridors and spacesuits addict.


I've just finished reading The Boys and I think I have to disagree. Sometimes it detours into how fucked up or silly the kinds of superhero conventions we see in comics would be irl, but the overarching theme of corporate evil and its effects are there pretty much from beginning to end.

After reading through Preacher, Boys, and Punisher Max, I think his works from 95 to 2012 have several themes that he doesn't really stray too far from
1. America the place and America the concept
1.a) 9-11
2. Corporate Evil and its related corruption
3. Vietnam/American Militarism
4. Atheism/Hypocritical spirituality
5. The hollowness of Machismo

9-11 seems to have REALLY done a number on him, but it's hard to tell how much of that is unique to him and how much is just the culture at the time.


lol what, the show never seems to know what it is trying to do, as over the top as the comic was ennis was pretty consistent all throughout it


hey at least ennis didnt become a fashy lib like miller did after 9/11


>the one about magnification and about any type of sane transport
The way the Silos are designed is basically a gigantic social experiment. The lack of elevators is to underline the class divisions between the sections due to the lack of accessibility. Someone from the top level has to visibly walk down like a rich person visiting the working class (engineers).

The magnifying thing is pretty obvious? It's so they don't detect their shitty photoshop. Even though the image is true in substance, it's still faked to a certain degree. It's like double faked so people clean but it's still a big stinking lie.

In season two you'll see the origin of the Silos which started off as a preventive measure for an apocalypse by the US government but in typical American fashion they already have tons of social engineering in mind, and then after 100 years it evolved it's own dynamic but the American politicians who created this are still in full control


it's just fiction
the drama would be completely different if you had to factor in some real world stuff like almost complete lack of public healthcare in the US


You are right but people don't rail against "docaganda" like they do copaganda because doctors aren't shooting unarmed teenagers. They do still fuck up a lot though, and there's plenty to shit on about hostpitals. If anything the doctor shows are less problematic for gassing up doctors and more for ignoring the whole lack of free healthcare aspect of the system. Sometimes this shows up in the stories, but it's rare.


It's Capaganda to make you believe that Capitalism is a functioning system
>just go to the hospital and a wild autistic doc will dramatically fix everything bro


> The cost of all these procedures is never touched on either.
In universe it's a teaching hospital with its operating funds being based on porky grants and such iirc, so that handwaves that little hangup for the poorfag patients.


Yeah, he was already hanging by a thread but 9/11 fried his fucking brain


i really want to watch this crap but i don't know if i want to spend my time actually doing it

someone give me a run down on the story


The new Curb Your Enthusiasms last season (third time's the charm) promo image has the therapist hanging himself

They're really over doing the "thing" bit, just making up unspoken social customs too much now

The writing and irony is good enough, they don't need to do the "i can't believe you're a celery chewer" or a "peanut butter spread" kinda asinine bits


File: 1706785911782-0.png (129.67 KB, 330x473, cuck macedonians.png)

File: 1706785911782-1.jpg (648.03 KB, 2402x1014, actual macedonians.jpg)

What is wrong with producers and directors of historical shows always to overdramatize that shit that didn't happen to make it look epic, but refuse to show shit that did actually happen that looks already pretty epic?! Honestly. Shoutout to Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings wearing a Metal/Goth leather coat in later seasons and 15th century armor.

Take the new Alexander series from Netflix for example. There is supposed to be this epic battle at Issos, and what did they give the Macedonian phalanx? Baby spears that barely are as long as a man stands tall! The Macedonian phalanx was carrying a sarissa which was over six fucking meters long. Imagine how epic that would have looked, but no, we can't have cool things appararently.


It's Netflix, what did you expect? Everyone that works there is just picking up paychecks, you can't expect people to have passion. But yeah it does annoy me a lot when writers/directors change what actually happened, but just change it to something worse because they're lazy and don't care about history. I just watched Napoleon a few days ago and it was really bad with that shit.


It's laughable sometimes, like most Hollywood swords and sandals shit, but Oliver Stone's Alexander 2004 tries to be technical during the battle scenes.


"Reality is unrealistic" is part of it, but a lot of it is just budget. Most productions use shared resources. There are companies that make costumes for like Roman pieces or WW2 pieces. Some errors are just common because it's the same work. Some errors are because people copied someone else's work and copied the errors. Some of it is intentionally doing what audiences expect to avoid people complaining that it's not how they think it should be.

Your specific example is a safety issue though. You are not going to get TV production insurance to sign off on getting a phalanx of extra wielding those huge sticks. Even prop versions of spears that size are still going to be dangerous if you clothesline someone with it. They typically use rubber weapons for shots where you don't need to see it solidly take or give hits. You can't make a rubber spear that long without it bending under its own weight.


File: 1707080820505.jpg (58.29 KB, 851x851, angry catte.jpg)

Just finished Twin Peaks Season 3, I honestly hated it, I didn't really see anything redeeming about it, apparently critics and audiences loved it though so I don't know.

Too lazy to write my own thoughts so I'll just say I agree with everything judasbooth says in this page





Anyone watching the Curb finale? I can't believe they got conan


GoT was basically just a soap opera, especially after most idealistic characters were killed dragged through the mud early on. The choice of genre actually makes a lot of sense, because under feudalism politics were all about familial alliegences and vassalhood (i.e. sucking up to the right person). Conversely, political power lacked bureacratic traits and didn't rely so much on forms impersonal expertise such as economic management, science and technology or mass manipulation through media. Also you will feel less guilty about peering into the personal lives of the rich if the show is set in a world where even they have walk through mud and horse dung everyday while having the life expectancy of a heroin addict. The ending was so bad because they threw out all the drama, killing primary substance of story and replaced it with a generic fantasy showdown against a non-human manichean evil.


I hated how they never explained the night king or what he wanted or why any of this was happening like it was. This whole conflict is built up to be so important but the central figure to the whole thing is just a big evil question mark that gets rubbed out making everything leading up to that point meaningless.


The Night King wasn't in the books, he was just a device the showrunners invented to have a BBEG. That's why he wasn't thought through at all. They did take the name from an unrelated character in the backstory/history who's only very loosely similar to the character in the show.


night king rule34?


also tv is a cyclical medium
there's no clear beginning-middle-end besides the one within each episode, unless it's a miniseries or a pretentious prestige series
i get they probably decided tv was the best format since the books are a bit dense and tv allows for more total runtime than feature films, but yeah it was a bad calculation in the end, i think


Why did they even include him then, he just shows up and dies, no mystery, nothing.


To be charitable, maybe they had some kind of idea for him (doubtful) before they got handed Star Wars and bailed as fast as possible.


better call saul should have just been a mike ehrmentraut spin-off
i want to strangle saul's munchausen suburban mini-hitler brother to death


finished 4th season and my opinion has flipped
getting kind of tired of gus fring and cartel shenanigans, and saul's personal development is picking up again after constant depressing nothing arcs


Rediscovered Embed rel recently and had a real laugh.
>THE BEST OF: Spike (humor)

I need to rewatch Buffy.


There's kids in the hall
Whitest kids you know

And what was that another show where literal kids interviewed adults, asking them shit like "will you survive the revolution?"

How many more sketch are there like this from the 90s with the title kids


wonder showzen


im at s2-3
i hate him too, can't wait for the inveitable scene that i heard about him

i heard about the ending too, hate it, seems libby to me

i just saw buffy eps in New Mutants (2019) made me laugh

the lesbian kissing one and the silent creepy gentlemen


>And what was that another show where literal kids interviewed adults, asking them shit like "will you survive the revolution?"
Like >>41471 said, although the interview segments were called "Beat Kids" so that half-counts.


I finally finished watching Schitt's Creek. I could've swear that show finished after the pandemic

Well, the thread's about to be over too :)
What a bombulating experience


Wow. How did they train these kids to say that stuff

Was the entire show just kids


File: 1714501982202.jpg (172.42 KB, 1600x2400, fleabag.jpg)

Was expecting some comedy in this but it just a drama with incessant fourth wall breaking. All the "comedy" boils down to lady doing funny face.


every annoying woman online loves this show

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