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So you might be looking at the name of this thread and thinking Language learning as a hobby? Why yes, this thread is to be dedicated to those that are learning a new language as a hobby.

Not only this but to provide resources for those that wanna get help with their progress and just talk about their language learning journey.




Found these torrents on Spanish:

Spanish 1/2:




Spanish 2/2:





That's some good stuff there, I should look for some for Portuguese both Brazillian and European variants. I need more books in Portuguese to read.


Does this thread belong on /edu/ instead?


Which one is actually good?

Also do people have good stuff for German?


Found this torrent on Russian

>Russian Language Learning Pack (Updated)



I'm more interested in techniques. It is easy to find resources related to learning a language. Probably any of those are good enough. That's not the issue though. The issue is doing it consistently and frequent enough.

I dread learning by listening to audiobooks or using the fucking duolingo app. I'm thinking of doing the italki thing, and getting personal classes for my target language. Maybe also get IRL classes.


Whats wrong with the duolingo app? Using it right now for French, BUT I had already learned this in school so its more of a refresher than anything. maybe if I was oging around the first time I'd want something more indepth


also what is some alternatives to duolingo for a duolingo fag?


I recently started Rosetta Stone Japanese course and it's way quicker. It does an immersion thing, showing just images and the language you're doing. Doesn't do the annoying gamification thing duolingo does.


Studies show language learning apps generally don't actually promote real fluency in a given language. If you want to become fluent you need to seek out french-speakers and have genuine interaction. Immersion is the only real way to properly gain fluency.


How the fuck do you start learning Chinese as an ESLfag?


Start watching Chinese dramas


any recommendations? rn im watching chinese tv but im not that interested in it


chinese paladin


The new three body problem is free on youtube if you like scifi. Actually, so is minning town. Gets slower after the mushroom arc but still pretty decent.


File: 1678697925868-0.jpg (174.98 KB, 864x1080, trans theory.jpg)

File: 1678697925868-1.pdf (12.05 MB, 255x150, Athenaze Book 1.pdf)

File: 1678697925868-2.pdf (15.33 MB, 207x255, Athenaze Book 2.pdf)



Lingua Latina for learning Latin through the "natural approach"



File: 1678699148994.png (92.98 KB, 1213x685, ClipboardImage.png)

Assimil looks interesting but too expensive and they don't have a lot outside of French for English-reading beginners


Their "With Ease" courses are still decent for beginners, from the reviews I'm reading. Some of them you can find with audio on libgen.


Fuck it, dumping Routledge's Modern Grammars, too
There are workbooks for each of them that you can find yourself on libgen


Or, well, you can find workbooks for a few of them


=Language learning torrents.=


=How to Torrent=



=qBittorrent (Most other torrent software is just shitty adware; this is FOSS)=


=How To Use qBittorrent Anonymously=

https://www.bittorrentvpn.com/qbittorrent-ip-leak/ (Necessary if you're downloading something IP protected, IDK if it applies in this case. TL;DR: Use a VPN like Nord and make it activate whenever the computer is on. No FreePN, actual software).


Anyone got anything good on learning Bahasa Indonesia?


does anyone else get a weird "click" in their brain when they switch between languages


The Ayo Berbahasa Indonesia textbook




Oh shit this seems pretty cool, thx brah


ty for the language pack torrents!


Anybody have resources for learning Lithuanian? Also, how can I access Chinese internet, and what sites would you recommend for someone learning Chinese?

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