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Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it.

To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more.
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Looks like GW has basically murdered all the free content creators to mash them into another shitty streaming app. I hate how today streaming just basically became by demand cable TV but worse than every way possible.


They even have their own ultra/trot splitters


>Are the Tau /ourguys/?
1. Focus on long range weapons: yes actually existing socialist military has favored that because, when you try to be a classless society you don't have disposable people for a melee meat grinder.
2. A philosophy of the greater good, good social security, focus on scientific and technological achievement: yeah close enough
3. A hereditary cast system with a ruling priest cast and arranged marriages: No, actually existing socialist societies have been organized by merit and ideology, people with humble origin's got into positions of power more than in any other system, despite a little bit of revolutionary aristocracy. No arranged marriages.

I would say that the Tau are the faction in Warhammer that comes closest to socialism. But they are kinda imperialist too, like they conquer other solar systems and integrate other species into their empire. They are nice to species they conquer so nothing like enslaving, but still.


What makes you like 40k/fantasy? For me it’s the mashup of every nerdy aesthetic possible into one setting and the 3rd-4th editions art. The moment they stopped hiring Adrian Smith for their codexes (fucking cheapskates) it immediately went down hill. There’s still some good art here and there, but it’s just nowhere near the absolute prevalence of before.


For me it's just the art, I couldn't give less of a shit about gay wikia scholar nerds.


I have a weird relationship to Warhammer40k, I absolutely love the backstory of the universe and the lore that's established, and especially the concept of a mysterious age of technology thousands of years ago which constantly implies that some of the more magical woo-woo shit might actually just be a remnant of that time and not inherently spiritual or of supernatural nature. And that the complete religion the Imperium is founded upon might be made-up bullshit. I mean, from what we know, during the "Dark" Age of Technology humanity reached absolutely fantastical levels of technological achievement, who knows what they created. But besides that, the individual stories that are told in this universe are often more of a miss than a hit, they often have foreseeable writing and you are never really hit by a twist other than the trope of "behind this superficial evil that we are fighting is actually an even more horrifying evil".

I mean, you gotta cut the Tau some slack considering how every other faction is chronically twisted and fucked up. They are as closest as we got to the good guys, the problem is I fear that they're not gonna focus on them a lot more or even discard them, because their stupid fucking fanbase is made up of reactionaries.


There’s nothing wrong with incorporating other people’s into a greater socialist (or the closer thing there is to socialism) state. I bet you think the USSR was imperialist


The only problem with the USSR was that they weren’t “imperialist” enough. The greater good is based discounting the stupid caste system.
Does anyone have the link for the visions of heresy artbook? Can’t find it even on libgen.


The way the Tau Empire expands isn't technically through "imperialism" but is more like the way China handles its foreign policy. The Tau will establish diplomatic relations, followed by trade relations introducing tech to imperial worlds that would be considered "heretic" which starts to cause cracks within humans believing in the "Imperial Faith" and all that. Technological boons would eventually cause planetary governeurs to defect to the Tau Empire or at least confederate with them, because let's get real, the Imperium of Man is always far away taking decades to respond to a threat, so they don't feel particularly incentivized to keep being loyal to it. The Tau do not actively start aggressive wars of conquest, it's usually that they sway planets into following them, may it be ideologically or economically, which then causes a backlash, to which they react defensively.


Hi LeftyAnons,

To me, the reason I find WH40k hilarious is because it reminds me of the history of my own country (Spain). The image accompanying this post should give a general idea of the red-wine induced dankness that came from wanking Fachas from the 30's and 40's.

For example, a Carlist soldier would charge into battle believing a stamp of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, placed over the man's heart, could stop bullets. On top of that, Carlists were fighting for a cause that had been lost nearly a 100 years before. Sounds like the shit Imperial Guards/Space Marines/Sisters of Battle believe.

he Fash said the Reds had horns and a tail, just like Satan (because Hell = red = communism). That's some dope Chaos shit to me. The Catholic Church, degenerating back into the myths of the Reconquista, declared the National Crusade to save the Spanish Empire from the evil Red hordes.

Franco’s regime lasted for 40 years (but not 40,000) and, like in WH40k, the Caudillo became a mummified relic which is the beacon of nostalgic hope and pride (read: psychic powers of the Immaterium) for modern fashbois.

On the other side of the equation (Republicans), there was André Marty, who basically was your typical WH40k commissar going full psycho and summarily executing everyone because of suspected heresy.

So this is my take. Original WH40k writers took much inspiration from actual European history (mainly Catholic Nazis) and fired it into space. Part of the shit could have come from the Spanish Civil War, maybe through the literary echoes of Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell.
In fact, WH40k has fucked up my sense of humour.

In Spain, every fucking corner is named after a Jesus, a Virgin Mary, a religious order, sometimes a fashy General, etc., what I now mockingly see as valorous heroes of the Space Marines/Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition fighting For The Emprah!

TL;DR: Warhammer’s Empire will end as the butt of jokes Franco’s Spain is.


Welp GW is officially banning all fan made shit. I knew this day is gonna come but fucking wow!
With 9th edition being absolute power creep bullshit, I wouldn’t expect this gay company is going to survive for long. Literally who needs them when the 3D printer and plastic are cheaper than their own line of products (there’s also rumors going around that GW themselves, or just forged world, also use 3D printing instead of traditional molds).


What bullshit. I'm just going to 3d print their own models anyway so fuck em.


I just love that they attempted to prevent 3rd party recasters and DIY 3D printers by making the minis as detailed as possible. Which in turn only ended up making a cluttered mono-pose mess.


Dont know Anons opinions on the series, but If the Emperor had a Text To Speech Device has gone on an indefinite hiatus due to GM's fuckery


File: 1627610560775.png (110.56 KB, 275x215, unknown (11).png)


The complete hypocrisy of GW.


Welp. The lore channels are next I guess. Better start archiving all of them before it’s too late.


Seems like this will be forever relevant:
>codes creep being worst than ever before with the new Orks and SoBs completely breaking the game
>monopose trash
>shit new lore
>banning everything not from them
Still play 6th edition fantasy.


funny perspective

I mean, afaik they havent really gone after anyone as much as made their new official policy "everyone has absolutely no right to our shit" and using it as a looming threat against anything they might not like
but yeah, I hope they go under. 40K would be a better setting handled by the community like star wars used to be, without the official bs


>they haven’t gone after anyone
It’s a matter of time really. Remember when they sued the Heinlein estates for using “space marines”? Or the fact that they made the primaris instead of true scale models just to copyright them.
The new guidelines are basically hanging the sword of Damocles above every content creators head. Because according to it, anything that use official artwork can be sued. And even if the content creator win under fair use, they would have bankrupt themselves wasting years and a fortune for the court procedure. GW is going full Lee Kuen Yew on this one.


This thread is the cure for the furry affliction!


File: 1644898682825.png (663.16 KB, 944x1360, w84jdcqk4k2.png)

One of the earliest vidya of the series https://imgchest.com/p/3qe4gjk4j2p


Bloodlines p54

"…violence and a general neglect from a ruling class that thought of human life as an inexhaustible series of largely expendable labour-units"




Did GW just resurrected the fucking squats?





They sure like to make money, don't they? kek


File: 1649186612070-0.png (1.1 MB, 1000x984, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649186612070-1.jpg (55.64 KB, 731x410, squats autobots.jpg)

Yep, looks like the logo is kind of autobot like too.


That's Kinda funny, seeing how GW basically ripped off other things from other sources to make WH40k. I swear they are doing the same crap that Disney did.

>Make something from the public Domain

>Then get popular from your creation
>Start to sue anyone who tries to use the same ideas as you in order to protect your so-called "Intellectual Property".


Damn, checked


Turns out they are identical race of clones. Like a squat version of sontarans. Come to think of it, there armour is also a sontaran ripoff.


Bros, I've been passively consuming Warhammer content for the past few months and learning the lore through Lorehammer, Templin videos, and reading shit. I've always had a passing interest in Warhammer for over a decade but actually delving into the main parts of the lore has been such a euphoric experience. I'm mesmerized, I've never read a fictional universe as expansive as this one, I could get lost in the countless of articles in the Lexicanum. I've caved in and even bought Dawn of War 1. I finished it in like three days and am moving on to the expansions.


File: 1654977540506.png (2.72 MB, 1400x2148, ClipboardImage.png)

Has the siege of terra saga been concluded yet?
I know that feeling. I had my warhammer craze during 2018-2019 (even got and read picrel in like, 7 months). 40K feels like modern greek mythology in terms of it vastness and depth. Its great.

Would also reccomend:
>r/40kLore sub (>inb4 r*ddit).
Had a pretty comfy time in there.
The true warhammer wiki. Made me kek a lot.


i like this guy, he has a in interesting type of lore channel.


I feel like I'm going too fast though. I'm in a Catch-22 state where I just want to consume everything, but I'm afraid of losing the wonder of going through it all. For example, I was absolutely terrified of the Astartes and the whole "a single chapter can shift the tide of a war." makes me tremble at their might. But after playing Dawn of War (which I loved) I see them more as elite soldiers in comparison to the IG than The God Emperor's Angels and will made manifest, especially in comparison to the fucking Custodes. Maybe delving into more media and books might bring that terror back.

Also, that lore channel looks amazing. I'm thinking of reading the Ultramarines since the achievement of Primarch G and the realm of Ultramar is downright admirable. Idc if theyre overrated. Any more recommendations?


Ultramarines Omnibus*


Love 1d4chan, it's a relic of better internet times. Also, got any recommended reading?


By far one of the best speeches i've ever heard.


File: 1655087559056.jpg (6.33 KB, 197x255, download.jpg)

Winter Assault and Dark Crusade were GOAT. However you do need soulstorm to play the UA mod.
I love obscure ass corners of warhammer lore like the weird and wacky xenos. For instance the hilariously underrated Rak'gol, Thyrrus or the Randang which almost wiped out the entire imperium if the emperor hadn't released the fucking Void Dragon C'Tan on them.
Also fun fact, the Imperium has canon cat girls. Not the furry catfolk but the neko variety.


>I feel like I'm going too fast though. I'm in a Catch-22 state where I just want to consume everything
Slow down there, bucko. First of all: read (the wikis), discuss, and watch 40k lore related content. Then see what appeals to you and go consoom that.
>but I'm afraid of losing the wonder of going through it all
From personal experience, some of the biggest themes that got me pondering for a long time over in the 40K universe were:
<The question of religion and human need to atribute meaning to everything
<The Emperor and his actions, motivations, goals and personality
<Figuring out what the fuck was warhammer in the first place (this may seem ridiculous, but it took me a long time to understand that 40k's fundamental branch was a wargame; for some time it just looked to me as if all this lore rich universe wasn't attached to anything, be it books, games etc.)
Maybe you'll think about these as well for a long time. Or you might me interested in something entirely different.
>But after playing Dawn of War (which I loved) I see them more as elite soldiers in comparison to the IG than The God Emperor's Angels and will made manifest, especially in comparison to the fucking Custodes. Maybe delving into more media and books might bring that terror back.
Be prepared for incredibly inconsistency in regards to astartes. One day you'll have hundreds of them being slaughtered and dropping dead like flies due to a chapter-ending tier wars (or general alpha legion dickery), but on another, a single (or was it two? Can't remember) word bearer will kill a – weakened – custodes at the blink of an eye. Or Kaldor Draigo will be doing literally anything (such as carving his mentor's name in the heart of one of the most sturdy chaos primarchs out there. Not making this shit up).
What matters the most is understanding the general feeling of it all – i.e. space marines can do lots of stupid shit, but they're still badass walking tanks of death at the end of the day – while knowing things chance for the sake of entertainment. No one would like seeing (only) ultramarines doing everything right and being completely competent all the time because that shit would be BORING (ahem), so this formula can get shaken up.
>I'm thinking of reading the Ultramarines since the achievement of Primarch G and the realm of Ultramar is downright admirable. Idc if theyre overrated. Any more recommendations?
Never read. But if it has ADB and Dan Abnett in it, then it should be good. Just avoid Goto and Matt Ward like a plague.
Along with the one i've already listened, i remember the chaos gods' and the varied space marine chapter's (specially the most memey ones) articles being pretty funny.


>First of all: read (the wikis), discuss, and watch 40k lore related content.
I find myself watching hour long lore vids every other while I clean the house. When I'm doing work, I listen to a lore podcast. And every now and then I delve into the wiki and just randomly browse. Is that still too fast or at a moderately… decent pace?


I like reading the 1d4chan Warhammer entries


What is the most sympathetic faction?


Sounds good enough. Have fun!


I think I preferred this series back in the older iteration that had Necrons and fun characterizations of Gork and Mork.


The Necrons never went away. Do you mean the 3rd edition terminator crons?
The entire fandom is cringe. The point being no factions are sympathetic. Despite what the Imperial fanboys tell you.



File: 1655867666850.jpg (53.73 KB, 694x680, Ordinatus.jpg)

>"The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn. And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude."

– Uthan the Perverse, Eldar Philosopher


Sounds like a roman philosopher/priest pondering over why their emprie was collapsing.

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