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Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it.

To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more.


My theory is, because:
>the warp changes based on the beliefs of mortal beings
>the chaos gods were created by mortals (Khorne emerged from human wars, Slaanesh emerged from space elf orgies)
>all the chaos gods have "good" parts (Khorne has honor and self-improvement, Slaanesh is general hedonism, Nurgle is love, etc)
The reason Chaos and the Chaos Gods are "bad" is mortals all constantly choosing to be giant pieces of shit and if they quit doing that there would be no grimdarkness.


Most of the recent “official fluff” after 5th edition have been shit. Especially the whole return of rowboat.
My take of the setting is that the constant threat of extinction presents a material conditions where communism and especially cybernetic communism was destroyed following the Age of Strife and the dialectic has reverted to neo feudalism. Which means socialist worlds could only be maintained in a planetary or system-wide scale like small communes of historical feudalism.
Basically it’s fantasy with all the reactionary baggage that involves.


Isn't it heavily implied that artificial intelligence rose up and to defeat it humanity pretty much lost everything, leading to the Age of Strife? I mean, in the Imperium they have specifically outlawed the creation of sentient androids and resort to Servitors and nobody knows why.

Also, the Imperium isn't just neo-feudal. They have different modes of production on different worlds. I'm sure there are technologically advanced worlds that have a communistic structure. Planetary governors are allowed to run their planets as they see fit, as long as they adhere to the Emperor.
>Basically it’s fantasy with all the reactionary baggage that involves.
I mean, the entire portrayal of the Imperium is so over-the-top ridiculous, I feel like it was originally designed to be satire, like Starship Troopers. It's just that retarded /pol/tards can't tell when they are consuming satire, so they think it's some real shit. Also, the Tau are not bad, are they?


>the entire portrayal of the Imperium is so over-the-top ridiculous, I feel like it was originally designed to be satire, like Starship Troopers
The Starship Troopers book was serious, the movie was a satire, but yeah. The Imperium of the Man is basically "what if every negative stereotype about every government ever were true simultaneously?"
So you have the Commissars executing people for having bad politics in the middle of the battlefield to drive their human horde forward into a meat grinder, and also they're eugenicists on a genocidal campaign to massacre everything for Lebensraum. You've got the Inquisition of Catholic Europe and human sacrifices of the Aztecs. You've got creaking inefficient bureaucracies and repressive feudal lords. They've even got furries. It's all terrible.


Rogue Traders was straight up satire. It started as an off shoot from this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judge_Dredd:_The_Role-Playing_Game
Much like "nazbols" falling for /leftypol/'s nazbol gang memes, people supporting the Imperium fell for (very blatant) satire.


I always thought that warhammer was a dune ripoff? Will I like the universe if I like dune?


Warhammer is a ripoff of literally everything. Dune is pretty high up on the list of things they ripped off, tho.


File: 1608525730869.png (5.18 MB, 1884x2592, Dengoids.png)

It ripped off so much shit it went full circle and became original again. Well at least that's before the curent GW shitfuckery.
>Also, the Imperium isn't just neo-feudal. They have different modes of production on different worlds.
Yeah I know. That's what I said. I just mean that neo-feudalism is the dominant economic system. The mechanicus can be theocratic command economy all they want but without the administratum, the rogue traders and the mechanized feudalistic agri-worlds, they will starve to death. The same can be said for commie worlds basically existing like the Anarresti in The Dispossed novel, having a socialist society but unable to export the revolution outside of their system/planet.


>he Tau are not bad, are they?

are the tau actually commies though? from what i heard there more like imperialist religious fanatics


They’re more like Hindu nationalists to me. Pretty much integrating everything into their repressive caste system to the point that each caste has begun to genetically diverge from each other.


They are the best we get in this ridiculous grimdark universe.

Tau castes are not hierarchical though except for the Ethereals. Social standing is not determined by birth but within the meritocracy of a caste. They are also not racist/chauvinistic like the Hindutva people. There are even humans serving in the Tau armies, and I'd probably reckon they're treated better there than in the hyper-fascist-feudal Imperium. I would love to get more stories about human defectors to the Tau, or human worlds integrated into the Tau Empire, but that's probably not grimdark enough or whatever.

There is also the hypothesis that the Ethereals use some kind of drug to keep everyone aligned, but that's according to Imperial scholars so it's probably propaganda.


Just read this:
>One of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Tau concerns the Ethereals' control over other Tau, and how the Ethereals initially managed to unite a fractured, nomadic people constantly at war into a single people and military force. The proposed causes of this range from the psychic (as displayed in the Tau novel Fire Warrior) to the biological, that the Ethereals' diamond-shaped forehead ridge produces a set of pheromones that make Tau, and to a lesser extent other intelligent species, open to suggestion. [b]This concept was introduced after people complained that the initial Tau Codex described the Tau in too much of a positive light, and that they were too "good" for the grim Warhammer 40,000 universe.[/b] This also led to the Vespid communion helms, which have a much clearer Orwellian feel that the Vespid are being directly manipulated by the Tau thanks to the helmets that are supposedly for "communication purposes."

This fan community is retarded.
&lthurr durr why you giving us COMMIES in a good light against the EPIC IMPERIUM hurr durr heresy deteced


Retards that justifies the imperium existing as it is are reactionaries that take the setting as something completely serious and not just a mashup of everything a bunch of medieval history nerds though was cool. It has gotten worse as the retinue of writers slowly began copying Dan Abnett gritty depiction and flanderizing it.


File: 1608525748317.jpg (152.52 KB, 1200x750, humans vs chaos.jpg)

This maybe the wrong thread to say this but having shit opinis never stoped anyone before.
Old warhammer was infinitely better then warhammer 40k and still is. And the fact that it got murdered so that the bastards at GW could reboot it into high fantasy copyright wonderland is the biggest load of shit outside of the prices to start tabletop gaming




File: 1608525748841.jpg (175.56 KB, 900x600, something_shit.jpg)




Hey warhammer fantasy is still warhammer so discussion on that is still good.
The problem with old warhammer is that it’s not like 40k in that the technology don’t stagnate but still slowly improving over time. The Empire before SoC is pretty much was going into an industrial revolution already, with Brettonia being tethering on a peasant revolt. But GW is too retarded to slide the timeline forward or do anything interesting so they keep wanking chaos again until everything collapsed into a black hole of unoriginality.
Not to mention that GW themselves fucking hate the empire to the point that having the Orcs kicking Archaon’s ass in SoC was unacceptable and they had to sneakily retcon the whole thing so that chaos can win. And with no good faction being wanked to counterweight the bad guys, the result of end times was unavoidable.
On other matters, I just wish that we could get fucking updates for Brettonia rules. Superhuman knights are cool.


But there is a "good" faction in the lizardmen, albeit they're the counterweight to chaos and skaven, but that comes with the territory of GM being stupid about where to take the series. That being said it's so stupid that Nippon and other human kingdoms exist but only in texts, never any models or rule books. I personally think a "better" option is to have a Generations of warhammer fantasy. Starting when humans were primitive and the world dominated by the elves and dwarfs, then the sword and blade fantasy we all know, and finally a Industrial like setting. The industrial setting being where coal engines and rank and file riflemen wage wars like the Napoleonic era, but with the magic edge to it. Maybe a new faction of middle-class merchants or communist revolutionaries. But that might be a stretch


I could have been a good direction to go like what GW tried and failed to do with the Horus Heresy line. But where they failed is that their love for Speess Murrines were too great and the only good thing to come from that other than the wank and bad writing in the later books was the Solar Auxilia.
We could have had more exploration of the many xenos of the crusade era like the Rangdan, Laer, and the other human empires. But none of that we got.
On the side of Fantasy they could just continue to update the rules, make new variations to customize already existing units while slowly introduce the eastern factions by art books and mercenaries units. In the same time making two new lines that run in conjunction with the normal fantasy setting.
>The rise of the Empire with Sigmar and the original tribes of the old world like the Horus Heresy
>normal warhammer
>post Storm of Chaos era with the Empire becoming an industrial powerhouse and brettonia having to endure a peasant capitalist revolution
There’s an old ass thread on /tg/ when I discussed this. Basically the Empire, Brettonia, Estalia, dwarves and the high elves all become imperialist assholes after chaos fuck off after storm of chaos.

The Empire is actively colonizing both Ind and Cathay (after Cathay fell into a civil war between loyalist of the Dragon emperor and cathayan sigmarites).

Brettonia having to overextended themselves in their new crusade against Araby and their merchant class getting filthy rich through trading they and the peasants instigated a revolution where the lady got pushed away into wood elves territory, with the Holy Grail taken and used to empower the capitalist class. Most of the old knights got disbanded and went into mercenary work while the new knights being just the olygarchy ruling over the proletarized peasants.

Estalia got fully taken over by Skaven and became their proxy for expansion. Is continuing a genocidal war against the lizardmen.

Kislev got wrecked by Ogres after they banded together and formed their new tsardom. Still bitter to reclaim their lost land.

Dark Elves is fighting the Empire directly in the chaos of Cathay and preparing another invasion into Ulthuan.

Dwarf in still fighting the Vampire counts and Green Skins expanding their influence in the Dark lands. Tomb Kangs stay the same more or less but now with Araby human troops as an added option.

Chaos invasion are more frequent but still haven’t find another champion in the scale of Archaon (who is now a chaos spawn) so they keep failing.

With this we have both Ind being apart of the Empire with new units and sub faction and Cathay being their own army.


File: 1608525751629.jpg (245.22 KB, 680x993, 65c.jpg)


Can an empcom planet possible within 40k? A planet with socialism but still worship the emperor and consider the final goals of his vision to be universal communism?


Why not? While the Imperium is often seen as being fanatic, administratively it's not unusual for it to be extremely apathetic. Hell, they've got [b]literal[/b] medieval worlds which they haven't bothered (or realized in the mire of bureaucracy) to bring up-to-date. I wouldn't question it the least if something like that had popped up in the isolation of the Age of Strife, and neither the Big E or the Imperium since would've cared enough to interfere with their internal affairs… As long as they'd fulfill their tithes and duties, and avoid giving the Inquisition cause to turn its attention in their direction.

Declaring the Emperors vision to be "universal communism" might cause some suspicions of heresy, but assuming that everything's running fine on the planet and nothing seems to be going in any presumably "worse" direction, I think they'd let it slide. While inquisitors are often portrayed as killing planets at any available reason (or by just making one up), plenty of gray-zone fuckery is clearly being ignored as not being worth disrupting working systems for.


I really love 40k idea to canonisity of which everything is equally canon. Especially where they pretty much permit any kind of governance as long as you still pay your taxes and don’t piss off the inquisition.
Reminds me of that time entire Stone Age worlds payed their tithes with building a Luna class ship with just metal smelting which took centuries.


>Hur dur warhammer is for unironic retard consoomers only! Make your own place to hangout!
I know plebbit is trash but why are imperial players so autistic?


File: 1608525805572.png (436.17 KB, 1056x7627, Grimderp.png)

Reposting: "inmates running the asylum" problems of post-post-post-irony


I'm not a fan of WH40K and even I have no idea what you're on about.



Not the same poster but they're pointing out the retarded rightoids getting butthurt that lefty Warhammer fans made their own subreddit.


>only two minutes in
>it's already "gommunism killed 150 million people and there is no food under communism"
It's all so tiresome


i remember when i was 12 i used to watch and agree with this guy, what a faggot, did not change one bit in all those years


If you can't make a breakout channel whining about SJWs in the 2010's-2020's you can't sell a fucking bridge to an idiot. This dude just needs to quit.


I m confused by this analogy


File: 1608525877650.png (268.61 KB, 340x537, Malal_1e.png)

I'd like to see Malal/Malice make a full comeback.



JFC the comments on that video gave me cancer.


Slaanesh is from WH40K right?


Yes. You probably could have googled this.


Just confirming it here since I was lazy and the thread could use some extra traffic


Here dude.
>George C. Parker (March 16, 1860[1] – 1936) was an American con man best known for his surprisingly successful attempts to "sell" the Brooklyn Bridge. He made his living conducting illegal sales of property he did not own, often New York's public landmarks, to unwary immigrants. Thanks to this he owned 4 mansions. The Brooklyn Bridge was the subject of several of his transactions, predicated on the notion of the buyer controlling access to the bridge. Police removed several of his victims from the bridge as they tried to erect toll booths.[2]
At least he only con stupid immigrant porkies.


What are some good WH40K novels I should read?


Also why does Games Workshop distribute all of their sourcebooks as epub?


Good fun should be the Abnett books. The weekly comics they made in the 2000s and Deff Skwadron are fucking great.
The Heresy series is utter trash.


WH40K art?


Meh, the only good 40k art are from Kopinski, Smith and Blanche. Nowadays that GW is too much of a greedy cheapskate porky that only Blanche is left.
Annoying how the biggest collection of art books are porn sites.
Most fan art are either cringe coomers and reactionary grogs.


Read the Ciaphas Cain books, they are hilarious and closer to the actual tone of the game than the average 300p grimderp slog Black Library dumps each time GW wants to push a new model line.
Gaunt's Ghosts is also good, specially from the third book onwards.


hey, a setting is more interesting if its fucked up. Happy people make boring stories, im fine having them be a shitty caste system (with a cool revolutionary outcasts faction)
also, the sheer size of the setting with the "everything goes" attitude of the imperium (made for maximum player creativity) allow for an impressive range of possibilities, you can have falc in some systems of the imperium (although they also obliterated some utopic civs who didnt realize the materials conditions forced them to pay the tithe)

Overall I like a lot the idea of the warp, and the original story is damn cool, although heavily inspired from dune and shit, and its one of my fav settings because it mixes so well the ridiculous, the grim and the serious
with some heavy questions (namely, if a completely insane murderous backward system so large and complex and full of conflicting interest and spooks its impossible to reform is the best hope of humanity survival, can you do anything but perpetuate it?)
also great subversion of the great man theory, when a literal human demigod fuck up at so bad at parenting it dooms humanity instead of saving it

I also like warhammer fantasy, which was my intro to gw stuff. End times is not canon.


>I also like warhammer fantasy, which was my intro to gw stuff.
I just wish the greedy fucks at GW finish fleshing out the world before unceremoniously killing it like that.
>End times is not canon.
Storm of Chaos is still canon to me. With Grimgor kicking Achaon in the dick and saving the day of course.


Thanks, anons.


It's telling that all the 4chan warhammer threads are just lewd-posting and ERP.


Redpill me about Alpha Legion. What is their endgame. They always seemed the most interesting and nuanced Legion from an outsider.


the Alpha Legion is hard to exactly figure out, they are the spookiest spooks of all of 40k, to the point that if they are majority loyalist or heretic is an open question. There was a known split during the Horus Heresy, likely between the (probably) twin primarchs, Alpharius and Omegon, with Alpharius falling to chaos (maybe) and Omegon staying true to the Emperor (probably). Alpharius arranged for the destruction of a detachment of Alpha Legion marines on the pretense that they were traitors, when in reality they were loyalists, which is where people think that Alpharius was solidly for Chaos, but it's never outright stated if he is solidly for Chaos or just anti-imperium in some capacity. But regardless of that, by the end of the Heresy, both Alpharius and Omegon and their entire Legion more or less got back together like the Heresy never happened and have been working from the shadows ever since to achieve god-knows-what.


At least they’re 3 other threads shilling for GW or whining about “sjw”. It’s pathetic that the world building generals are all that’s interesting in /tg/.


Yo, this seems like the appropriate thread to ask this, does anyone know why Arch Warhammer is making the rounds on youtube(tm)? I dunno what to say about it other than anyone who's talking about warhammer has a recent video out that says Arch was Jesus and died for games workshop sins. Feels like stupid internet drama to me, but wanted to hear from y'all if there was anything more to it.


> Arch Warhammer is making the rounds on youtube
It is? I wasn't aware of this.
As for "Jesus Arch" I mean its overhyped, but not untrue.


>It is? I wasn't aware of this.
Yeah, for whatever reason I guess people have been reaching out and talking to arch about his persecution
>As for "Jesus Arch" I mean its overhyped, but not untrue.
How so?


Literally a talentless Norwegian hack who got famous with a stereotypical accent that he made up (most actual Norwegians fucking hate it as it’s fake as shit) reading wiki articles. He always shit and pissed himself when he got pointed to be wrong. Most of his “fans” either have never played the tabletop game in their life or /pol/tards jumping on the bandwagon.


So how did Warhammer start and how did 40K start?


>repurposing the Shadman meme


Hey Warhammer fans, could you check out this thread and confirm the warhamer related but it correct, and also do you have anything that might be relevant to add/critique?



Screencap your OP and any effort-post replies and post it here when you're done.


Tau when they are first introduced are “Lawful good” tier but also major fucking Mary Sues. People didn’t like it like that so GW decided to add in a bunch of negatives like them being a caste society, being basically actual big people in terms of their collectivism and them being perfectly fine with sterilising and / or basically enthralling particularly “Vicious Races”


Literally a parody of history and fantasy. They tried selling bootleg D&D minis but somehow lucked out and made their own game.
The same with 40k, just fantasy memes slapped together with random weapon tech that the people at GW thought was cool (the gyrojet gun was trending at the time so you got the Bolter). Too bad modern retards don’t get this and continue to defend the imperium as if it isn’t a joke satirizing on 90s edgyness.
I don’t think the “sterilization” part is even canon though. It started in Dawn of War as a single throwaway quote and the Imperilards started to use it as a gospel to say “Le spess commies worse than Spess Murines”. Relic nowadays have completely botched the franchise so any canon from that is questionable at best.
At least they’re getting the limelight in The Exodite though. Since GW is still in their Primaris wanking phase.



Even with the unironic retards larping, I think the community is still somewhat salvageable as their fan made studmff is so much better than whatever spess murine wanking garbage GW corporate put out these days.
Don’t thread yourself asshole.


>Don’t thread yourself asshole.
That can be taken in many ways


The true based faction is the gretchin liberation front.


File: 1608526387390.jpg (171.71 KB, 1920x1080, grc.jpg)


Business idea, DDR themed imperium world


Incredibly based.


Warhammer used to be great, but, as they say, you end as a masterpiece or being run long enough to become a parody of itself

The biggest fuck you for me is Adeptus mechanicus arc. Originally a smart an impactful theme of technological degradation and decay of civilization: these retards no longer comprehend knowledge and treat technological rituals as magical invocations - just like it happened in history.

Retrofitted into BASED and REDPILLED technomages that deal in the only correct way with actually existing machine spirits and divine entities, Just as planned by the Empruh


This the retcon that a “machine spirit” being a tangible thing is incredibly stupidly missing the point of the setting itself. Especially it goes against everything on the ban of AIs as the machine spirit and AI began to be used interchangeably.


Ironically the same kind of rubbish happened to World of Warcraft (and HALO-5 sort of)


Best part from any 40k books. One of the things that led me to the headcannon that The “Dark Age” of Technology is just what happened after the Soviets won in 40k.
>‘Let me show you this,’ he insisted, before I left. A trio of small, beige items came out of a cabinet and were laid out on a cloth. They had been white once, but age had darkened them like bone. Their surfaces were worn, but I could still make out the trace of silver on the engine bells, and the red markings along the fuselage.

>‘Toys?’ I said.

>He nodded.

>‘Playthings. Models made for a child’s amusement.’

>‘They are of weapon rockets? Missiles?’

>‘Rockets,’ he said. ‘For spaceflight. Don’t look so surprised, Mamzel Raeside. The first steps from Terra were said to have been taken using chemical rockets.’

>‘I am aware of history, sir, even though the detail of the oldest eras is lost in the mists. But really? Vehicles this crude?’

>He smiled again.

>‘I do not think they ever flew,’ he said. ‘I think these are simplified models of possible machines. A primitive idea of flight. But I show them to you because of their age. Your employer is very fond of the oldest things.’

>‘How old?’ I asked.

>‘It can only be estimated,’ he said. ‘They pre-date the ages of Strife and Technology. I think they come from the Pre-System Age, from the first millennium of the Age of Terra.’

>‘What? Thirty-eight or thirty-nine thousand years ago?’

>‘Perhaps. Vessels like this first took our species into the unknown,’ he said. ‘They first took us Blackwards. The family name behind this business comes from that outward urge.’

>‘I think my employer will appreciate these,’ I said. ‘What price do you ask?’

>‘I will write it down,’ he said.

>‘And the markings on the side of the rocket ships,’ I asked. ‘The letters in red? What does C.C.C.P. mean?’

>‘No one knows that,’ he said. ‘No one remembers any more.’


I think the modern Mechanicus can be cool when handled correctly, the Kotov Saga and the latest Mechanicum game make them really interesting seeming without some of the based wizard stuff

I like the idea that the high end Imperial technology is so complicated it could have actual general AI in it as a simple consequence of its complexity/something in the blueprints the mechanicus isn't sure works but can't fuck with in case something bad happens, and slowly that belief had degraded into thinking even mundane items like cars and regular guns might have these "machine spirits" in them

Mechanicus is best when they're priest-scientists imo with like a spiritualist view of technology as a whole while still more or less researching and building stuff to scientific principles they understand, instead of the actual wizards they are now or the older style don't know shit about fuck just follow the blueprints style they were in the grim grim dark editions


I'm reading the first book in the series now and I love it. The only thing that sets it back to me is a part of the Canon, namely the Inquisition.

How the hell can Inquisitors exercise authority like they do in the book? The one in the book has only a small team with them and is also undercover (so there is no reason to believe that they are who they claim), but they can order around (and even threaten to kill) the protagonost, who has a leadership position in the army. How could they possibly go against the army and do that?

An individual exerts authority through an organization. And organizations hold power through force, wealth or through democracy. But the Inquisition has no army, there is no indication that they have great wealth and there is no democracy in the Imperium. So why would anyone bother listening to them? Oh they gonna order the execution of a military hero, you expect the army to go their way? Then maybe they assassinate him themselves, wouldn't that then cause the army to start a mass purge of all inquisitors? It just doesn't make sense. The Inquisition could only believably be an intelligence agency under the authority of either the govenment, church or army and the agents themselves should act only as advisors to the leaders of those organization.


The inquisition is like the NKVD on steroids mashed together with the CIA, a drugs cartel, the SAS and a few hundred other shady groups, they have badges of office that are extremely difficult to forge and an inquisitor will generally have the ear or at least a direct line to the military authority in whatever sector they're operating in should someone be obstructive, so once one turns up and flashes the appropriate badge people know they're serious, along with access to forbidden technology and knowledge along with a literal carte blanche licence to kill

They do also have an army, and the ability to shanghai imperial guard units and other military figures as required as they do in the CC books

The inquisition is more like another pillar of the government or the fabric of the imperium itself than a subordinate military or civilian intelligence agency, they are theoretically only answerable to the tippy toppest of the imperial heirarchy and while you might get away with fucking over an inquisitor and his retinue payback will be coming from the rest of the organistation should they ever find out

Them threatening Cain convincingly therefore makes sense, in that any inquisitor is invariably very dangerous on their own, but Cain is a tough guy, he could kill her if needed to, but no matter what he did he would never, ever be able to escape the rest of the Inquisition, and the fear the Ordos inspire in the rest of the imperium would probably enough for everyone in the guard other than his closest friends to flip and shoot him on sight


Based factions:
GRC and da red gobbo
Khorne (because red equals communism)
The rest of the big four chaos gods depending on what you support them for, like nurgle for kinship, slaanesh for having fun, tzeentch for ending the eternal imperial tech stagnation
The emprah (chaos god of enlightenment and order)
Be'lakor (demon of chaos undivided) (could be a god of chaos undivided one day)
Mork (because gork is too low iq to win a propa fight)
The eldar gods (like isha, dayum she cute tho)
>meh tier:
Necoho (god of atheism, boring), necrons, the empire, the eldar, the orks, the zoats, basically every mortal empire
>absolute cringe tier:


From what I gather, those 3 armies which the Inquisition directly commands are small elite special forces. They couldn't go to war with the whole Imperial Guard to exert authority over them.

Alphabet soup agencies are subordinated to the government and so get their power by democracy (indirectly through the elected government) and due to a lot of money coming from the state budget. Drugs cartels had a lot of money which they used to bribe and hire mercenaries to exert the authority.

These cases don't seem to me to apply in WH40k. If the Inquisition is a government body, are they the one who decide how much funds go to the army? Could they stop paying a part of the Imperial Guard should they disobey them? Because otherwise, I don't really see how this would work. If they rely solely on assassins to scare military leaders into obeying them, then the Imperial Guard could train their own counter-assassins and start a shadow war (which would be an intersting story).

Compare this to the equivalent in Iain Banks Culture series - Special Circumstances. They also do not have a hierarchy and is made by undercover individuals spread out throughout the galaxy who do the dirty work to further the interests of the Culture. But they got nothing on the rest of their society (and are mostly despised by it because of their immoral tactics), so they mostly work by themselves. There is a part in one of the books where a SC agent hitches a ride on a Contact spaceship (the name of their army) and the crew there tells them that they will allow them transport like they would for any other citizen of te Culture but they won't collaborate in any other way with SC scum. This setting makes a lot more sense to me.



>These cases don't seem to me to apply in WH40k. If the Inquisition is a government body, are they the one who decide how much funds go to the army? Could they stop paying a part of the Imperial Guard should they disobey them? Because otherwise, I don't really see how this would work. If they rely solely on assassins to scare military leaders into obeying them, then the Imperial Guard could train their own counter-assassins and start a shadow war (which would be an intersting story).
The Imperium’s main governing body is the high lords of Terra, basically a conglomerate of capitalist monopolies which changes from time to time based on what monopoly is most profitable with a few reserved positions for traditional purposes. But there’s always:
>the mechanicus representing the tech sector like our contemporary Silicon Valley techbros
>the imperial cult representing the religious spiritual industry
>the imperial guard and navy which represents the military industrial complex
>the navigator guilds of the transportation industry
>the inquisition which is in all intends and purposes the CIA
>the arbites which is the prison and police industrial complex
>the astra telepathica which is the only means of interstellar telecommunications
>the administratum which is the paper pushers bureaucracy
>the assassins which is just the FBI but privatized
The imperium is more similar to the Empire of Japan ultra-corporatism than the US. It’s always in the state of war economy so it’s also seems to be planned heavy but still with Rogue Traders selling death-star-sized cargo in a weekly basis between solar systems.


well, given the chaos gods are manifestations of the spiritual will of the wider galaxy of being with souls, it would probably be more weird if there wasn't a tech-god.


You are thinking about it too abstractly

No, the inquisition couldn't go to war with the entire imperial guard to assert its authority, it doesn't need to, that's not how it as an organisation works, that would be a bit like the CIA trying to go to war with the entirity of the US military

The two organisations at the higher echelons co-operate more readily than the ad-hoc haphazard way individual inquisitors interact with Imperial guard army groups or regiments

The way the very top most levels of the imperial heircharcy actually work on a day to day level is deliberately left vague both because the setting really isn't about that, its about fucking shit up with big guns or at least it was for most of its life, and to grant individual writers flexibility

Everything in the imperium is a delicate bullshit balancing act by design to prevent any one part of it being able to rebel and take over, after the Space Marine legions split and dragged the imperium into civil war the last time

So the Galactic civil administration is completely divorced from the army despite providing it with supply and financing and the army is divorced from the navy despite relying on it to get from place to place and the navy has to go to the Adeptus Mechanicus for ships who are like a weird empire within an empire that don't really answer to anyone else even the inquisition but they need the rest of the imperium so they begrudingly build everyone else equipment and talk to the Merchant Navy who are related but seperate to the Military navy to get it distributed to the Army and the Navy based on contracts sent by the administratum that due to all the extra layers of deliberate obfuscation and the massive size of the imperium and the fact that the people that the contracts are for probably don't get any input into them are usually stupidly inaccurate

The Imperium basically has no central government on the galactic level, its individual planets/systems united under whatever their local govermental model happens to be with 5 or 6 big Intergalactic monolith organisations and a few hundred other smaller ones kind of loosely holding the whole thing together with no guiding administration overtop of them anymore

The inquisiton fits into this by basically being the archetypal glow niggers, they get by on excessively shady bullshit and a licence granted by GOD himself (he's not a god though shut up that's heresy against GOD, or maybe it isn't depending on what planet you're on) to do what needest be done, whether that's sacrifing 15k soldiers to secure an alien artifact or executing a loyal citizen to get a hold of his business to secure more capital for yourself, they gain their funding partially through being granted part of the Imperium's taxation by the administratum, partially by just directly requisitioning whatever they need and calling in favours and partially from having their fingers in every pie worth poking in the imperium, being six hundred years old with above top secret knowledge of the political and economic spheres of the imperium and probably also having psychic powers do wonders for your investment portfolio

But TL:DR, the setting is deliberately vague at the ages, more space fantasy than scifi and is designed to be unpleasent, stupid and chaotic, the imperium is the most bloody and uncaring regime imaginable, per the opening text, at the Macro level everything is stupid and awful for comedic effect, so don't sweat small stuff like economics


File: 1608526584209.jpg (231.22 KB, 1280x911, spessmehreens.jpg)

What the fuck did you just say about the God Emperor of Mankind, you little heretic? I´ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Space Marines, and I´ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Chaos, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in Plasma Warfare and I´m the top Inquistor in the entire Imperium. You are nothing to me, but just another Xeno scum. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of wich has never been seen before on Terra, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that heretic rambling to me? Think again, fucker. As we speak,I am contacting my secret network of Vindicare Assasins across the Emperium, and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You´re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that´s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Imperium of Man, and I will use it to it´s full extent to wipe your miserable ass of the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have know what unholy retribuition you little clever heresy was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn ´t, you didn´t, and now you´re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you, and you will drown in it. You´re fucking dead, heretic.


File: 1608526965924.jpg (97.65 KB, 1280x720, furry disease.jpg)


What do you guys think about Fantasy being brought back? I think it’s better off dead as it also liberate the IP from GW’s autism.
Also catgirls in 40k finally confirmed:
>I have to acknowledge that I have no personal experience in this particular variant. I have heard the name mentioned on many worlds but doubted that was any truth to such fanciful tales. I once met a hunter in the Uris Sector who offered to sell me the carcass of a felinid but when I examined the thing it was clearly a fake: a grotesque collection of human remains and animal hides stitched together and preserved in formaldehyde.

>However, when Grekh saw me working on my notes, he assured me that felinids not only exist but are the form of humans he most respects. He tells me has has fought agaisnt them and found them to be the most efficient killers he has witnessed in a Militarum regiment. Apparently, they show a lethal cool in the face of even the most brutal opposition. When I asked if they were bestial in appearance, Grekh revealed that he finds it difficult to distinguish one human from another and that felinids, to his eyes, looked no different from me. He also mentioned that they had claws the length of my forearm, though, so I have decided Grekh is not an entirely reliable source.


Say what you want about furries but at least they aren't inherently fascist like Warhammer 40k


>weebs and furries being literally an embodiment of capitalist alienation and commodification of identity
>half are fascists already and commies being one of smallest minority
Meh I would say they’re about the same.


Lol so being furry is more 'capitalist' than 40k somehow? Even though furry is largely user-generated whereas Warhammer is all tethered to a corporation that charges out the ass for everything?


Reminder to try out unification mod if you haven't already.

faction balance is on point IMO compared with UA and campaigns work flawlessly out of the box, including renovated stronghold missions.


>what is kitbatshing
>what is homebrew shit
Bruh. Most furry identities are unoriginal as hell and mostly based upon the same regurgitated commodified crap. I like fur suits as much as the next guy but goddamn are most of them unoriginal as fuck.



>FlashGitz video makin fun of furries with 40k
>Implying that 40k-fags aren’t just as cringy taking a grimdark parody series like 40k seriously.

This is what happens when people take a parody series too seriously and are completely lacking in self-awareness.


Wtf happened here


I blame flashoids for this. They used to have a semblance of supporting the hobbyists. But ever since selling out most of their videos has lost all meaning. The Inside GW one was great though.


I'm glad that they might get better funding and visibility but worried that GW might fuck it up.


>Reminds me of that time entire Stone Age worlds payed their tithes with building a Luna class ship with just metal smelting which took centuries.


It’s probably the death of any creative freedom they have. The new version on GW’s site is only 720p with shitty non copyrighted music replacing to old ones made by some YouTuber that the corporate bean counters don’t care enough to ask the rights to. The recent Vraks animation seems pretty promising even though the lore book for it is dogshit (Imperial Armour is one of the worst books for lore scaling with regular steel leman russes, hilariously incompetent tactics by all sides because the writers were retarded, and intergalactic systems sized war fought with a few million troops).


File: 1617255464723.jpeg (66.56 KB, 640x800, DfBqThcXUAE8NHt.jpeg)

Are they /ourguys/?


Ehh, I guess they are the closest to it that exist, but if we are viewing the 40k from a more utilitarian view, its dumb to support them. Only real hope for 40k is to support the Imperium and / or the Eldar with the hope that at some point these two manage to destroy Chaos / Necrons / Tyranids. Tau are just too weak, and the setting will remain a shitfest until the aforementioned 3 forces are exterminated. Also from what I gather the Primarchs, or at least Roboute Guilliman is pretty based, where his ultimate goal would be to create something akin to FALGSC for humanity if it was at all possible, while also being rather sane when it comes to non-genocidal xenos, so Imperium might still be the best choice even if the grimdark factions are destroyed.


>Tau are just too weak
Didn't they go from being nomadic grug tier tribes to galactic empire in just a couple centuries? That's Stalin (he/him)ization on steroids, with Comrade Aun' Va's Five Millennia Plan intergalactic social democracy is guaranteed!


From a meta point of view, it's pretty clear GW meant the tau to be the ticking time bomb of the setting. Most of the factions are poised to "win" in one way or another to make them more appealing to collect, save for the eldar because their shtick is that they already won and now they're on a downward spiral. The tau are set up to automatically win if nobody else wins in the next few hundred years or so due to their incredible rate of progress.

The problem is that GW then made practically every other faction mere seconds away from their form of victory. Chaos is ripping the galaxy a new asshole, necrons are reawakening everywhere, massive fleets of tyranids are bound to arrive any day now, the orks are gathering into massive waaaughs like always, the imperium just got a primarch and a new wave of super space marines. The tau's ticking timebomb gimmick is now completely toothless in the face of that clusterfuck.


It’s just the average symptom of GW wanking their two most popular factions up. It’s an inescapable feedback loop of advertising-selling-advertising. The same reason why DC only have Batman now.
Tyranids hardly got anything. The orks have won since their birth, 40K is basically Valhalla to them, but no new lore. So it’s only the Imperium and Chaos now. The Dark Eldar recently got an update but nothing from the lore moving forward except Commorragh is bigger now.
Nah, that would be the tyranids. The most efficient faction.


>The most efficient faction.
They digest planet biospheres to build bioships, that is ultra inefficient.


damn i want to fuck their face slits


File: 1617353686348.png (5.7 MB, 3175x3503, 3xs8ei9w1pw51.png)


File: 1617364072380.jpg (10.41 KB, 325x325, 83p2l95emnq01.jpg)

>"critical support? nah i don't like D&D podcasts"


>DoW ending
Yeah, the Tau expansion was pretty fucking retarded with the retcon about how they sterilized the gue’vessa for no reason. And somehow people consider this canon while rejecting the other ridiculous shit in that series like Bolters that shoot like stubbers and Khornite sorcerers.
Speaking of which that’s also probably the first emergence of the whole movement to grimdark up the Tau so that they’re just as bad as everyone else.
Correction. They don’t exclusively eat the biosphere, it’s just that they prefer it because they’re more easy to digest and repurpose than normal inorganic material. They usually strip mine the planet, drain everything from the water to the heat of the core itself before packing up and leaving.


I like Orkz.
They're funny.


>They don’t exclusively eat the biosphere, it’s just that they prefer it because they’re more easy to digest and repurpose than normal inorganic material.
Life on planets is protected from cosmic radiation by atmosphere, its organic matter will break apart without it and become like inorganic material. They only get a small amount of chemical energy by devouring the biosphere. It makes no sense to fight epic space battles for that. They could do their trick of stealing evolved biology just by sending a probe that discreetly samples dna.
>They usually strip mine the planet, drain everything from the water to the heat of the core itself before packing up and leaving.
There is more matter and energy in stars, planets are not interesting for giant space empires. Even just mining asteroid belts is better than raiding planets.
They are less efficient than humans are now. If we didn't invent any fundamentally new technology and just expanded into the solar system with the tricks we already know. We could build a raggedy dysonsphere in a few hundred years with defenses a tyranid invasion couldn't scratch.


>They only get a small amount of chemical energy by devouring the biosphere. It makes no sense to fight epic space battles for that.
I would argue that the amount of energy consumed in synthesizing organic compounds from minerals like carbon, oxygen and other elements is what driven them to do this. Why do that when you could just repurpose the biosphere of a planet to do the heavy lifting for you? They’re a purely biological-based civilization so they may not want to transition into mechanical life (due to the whole shenanigans of chaos scrap codes).
>fight epic space battles
In reality they don’t often engage the imperials that much. Their targets are often outposts or agri-worlds with light defenses or just anywhere with a biosphere. The admech in Tyran discovered thousands of worlds near them got eaten to the core before the point of first contact.
>They are less efficient than humans are now. If we didn't invent any fundamentally new technology and just expanded into the solar system with the tricks we already know. We could build a raggedy dysonsphere in a few hundred years with defenses a tyranid invasion couldn't scratch.
I doubt we could do it in a few hundred years. With current technology I would give at least a few hundred years for fully colonizing a planet, a few thousands for building the necessary infrastructure for a dyson swarm, and tens of thousands for the thing to be completed.
On the point of defenses, it’s pretty hard to do that when most of 40K naval battles are fought in the light-minute-range with hundreds of gigatons of firepower. Our material technology isn’t really there yet.


Devouring a biosphere isn't worth jumping to other stars, imagine scraping a thin layer of green pain from a billiard ball, they could grow more biology in a cosmic greenhouse. You also lack a sense for scale. Our scientific level is enough for a "lowtech" dyson sphere or swarm that has a 25 light year range on it's defenses. Every empire from the 40k universe could attack at once and it wouldn't make a dent. A guy named Edward Teller designed a 10 gigaton nuke in the 1950s, just to put those energy levels into perspective. You should broaden your horizon and read megastructure stories from Ian Banks or Larry Niven.


Pretty good series but I’m not personally a fan of it. I’ve always love the Xeelee sequence and Hyperion cantos though. While the Culture mostly have no opposition, the other books really put into perspective how an intergalactic war with FTL civilizations should be fought.
>dyson spheres
Not really a new concept to the nids since they’ve invaded Necron ones. Most current dyson swarm structures can be disrupted with enough station failures to create a blockade.
>25 light year defense
Yeah, I’ve read about that one. The Nike designer’s history is filled with idiocy and failure with his first prototype being a shitty dud with a blast yield of 110kt. And that’s only a proposal with no design drafts at all. The biggest nuke we’ve ever built by the Soviet was so huge that sticking a normal chemical propulsion system on it will have it be easy prey for point defense. The biggest thing with nukes is that to manufacture them in the trillions to be ammunition for this system is the limit in radioactive elements in the solar system to make them. You either have to turn the sun into an elemental forge or have advanced enough in material tech to build heat resistant ships for star mining of such scale.
The imperium on the other hand have rogue traders use 650 gt missiles as mining equipment and thousands of gt laser beams as actual combat weapons. That’s not even mentioning the entire proposed defense system would only works with ships with the same level of technology of us that have to slowly travel in deep space that have huge easily recognized heat signature. Something a bunch of space monsters that can warp in and out of real space at once with a few tens of light year wide sensory disruption field would laught at. Most ships in 40k have accelerations that would most likely break modern physics that somehow give them the ability to just dodge munitions traveling at near light speed.


Just for you, anon. 1 full hour of da Orks bein' propa morky.

[spoiler]Featuring an appearance by the Gretchen Revolutionary Committee in part 2.[/spoiler]

Also, two more short books with them. All together it's probably the best thing GW has ever done with W40k.


GW has also very recently released another book about the orks, bringing the grand total of full length books about the orks up to 1, to rival the six hundred thousand books released for each and every single variant chapter of space marine.

I haven't actually read it and it's by a different author then the others, so I have no idea if it's any good or not.


Holy shit, thanks!


I just noticed these were uploaded in reverse. The third is first, then the second, then the first. They are numbered in the filenames, although it's hard to see that.



If you love Orks I have just the thing for you. Still one of the best comics GW has ever put out, plus it’s entirely free.


What’s it called?



I really like everything about the Tau but I feel they’re limited by being part of the larger WH40K universe.
Any other sci-fi stories that deal with a similar species/civilization?


The Culture?


The Noon series is arguably the first one to did the trope of a big good civilization. The political entity in that series is basically a conglomeration of socialist planets that frequently sends agents into capitalist and feudalist worlds to destroy their system from the inside.


Looks like GW has basically murdered all the free content creators to mash them into another shitty streaming app. I hate how today streaming just basically became by demand cable TV but worse than every way possible.


They even have their own ultra/trot splitters


>Are the Tau /ourguys/?
1. Focus on long range weapons: yes actually existing socialist military has favored that because, when you try to be a classless society you don't have disposable people for a melee meat grinder.
2. A philosophy of the greater good, good social security, focus on scientific and technological achievement: yeah close enough
3. A hereditary cast system with a ruling priest cast and arranged marriages: No, actually existing socialist societies have been organized by merit and ideology, people with humble origin's got into positions of power more than in any other system, despite a little bit of revolutionary aristocracy. No arranged marriages.

I would say that the Tau are the faction in Warhammer that comes closest to socialism. But they are kinda imperialist too, like they conquer other solar systems and integrate other species into their empire. They are nice to species they conquer so nothing like enslaving, but still.


What makes you like 40k/fantasy? For me it’s the mashup of every nerdy aesthetic possible into one setting and the 3rd-4th editions art. The moment they stopped hiring Adrian Smith for their codexes (fucking cheapskates) it immediately went down hill. There’s still some good art here and there, but it’s just nowhere near the absolute prevalence of before.


For me it's just the art, I couldn't give less of a shit about gay wikia scholar nerds.


I have a weird relationship to Warhammer40k, I absolutely love the backstory of the universe and the lore that's established, and especially the concept of a mysterious age of technology thousands of years ago which constantly implies that some of the more magical woo-woo shit might actually just be a remnant of that time and not inherently spiritual or of supernatural nature. And that the complete religion the Imperium is founded upon might be made-up bullshit. I mean, from what we know, during the "Dark" Age of Technology humanity reached absolutely fantastical levels of technological achievement, who knows what they created. But besides that, the individual stories that are told in this universe are often more of a miss than a hit, they often have foreseeable writing and you are never really hit by a twist other than the trope of "behind this superficial evil that we are fighting is actually an even more horrifying evil".

I mean, you gotta cut the Tau some slack considering how every other faction is chronically twisted and fucked up. They are as closest as we got to the good guys, the problem is I fear that they're not gonna focus on them a lot more or even discard them, because their stupid fucking fanbase is made up of reactionaries.


There’s nothing wrong with incorporating other people’s into a greater socialist (or the closer thing there is to socialism) state. I bet you think the USSR was imperialist


The only problem with the USSR was that they weren’t “imperialist” enough. The greater good is based discounting the stupid caste system.
Does anyone have the link for the visions of heresy artbook? Can’t find it even on libgen.


The way the Tau Empire expands isn't technically through "imperialism" but is more like the way China handles its foreign policy. The Tau will establish diplomatic relations, followed by trade relations introducing tech to imperial worlds that would be considered "heretic" which starts to cause cracks within humans believing in the "Imperial Faith" and all that. Technological boons would eventually cause planetary governeurs to defect to the Tau Empire or at least confederate with them, because let's get real, the Imperium of Man is always far away taking decades to respond to a threat, so they don't feel particularly incentivized to keep being loyal to it. The Tau do not actively start aggressive wars of conquest, it's usually that they sway planets into following them, may it be ideologically or economically, which then causes a backlash, to which they react defensively.


Hi LeftyAnons,

To me, the reason I find WH40k hilarious is because it reminds me of the history of my own country (Spain). The image accompanying this post should give a general idea of the red-wine induced dankness that came from wanking Fachas from the 30's and 40's.

For example, a Carlist soldier would charge into battle believing a stamp of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, placed over the man's heart, could stop bullets. On top of that, Carlists were fighting for a cause that had been lost nearly a 100 years before. Sounds like the shit Imperial Guards/Space Marines/Sisters of Battle believe.

he Fash said the Reds had horns and a tail, just like Satan (because Hell = red = communism). That's some dope Chaos shit to me. The Catholic Church, degenerating back into the myths of the Reconquista, declared the National Crusade to save the Spanish Empire from the evil Red hordes.

Franco’s regime lasted for 40 years (but not 40,000) and, like in WH40k, the Caudillo became a mummified relic which is the beacon of nostalgic hope and pride (read: psychic powers of the Immaterium) for modern fashbois.

On the other side of the equation (Republicans), there was André Marty, who basically was your typical WH40k commissar going full psycho and summarily executing everyone because of suspected heresy.

So this is my take. Original WH40k writers took much inspiration from actual European history (mainly Catholic Nazis) and fired it into space. Part of the shit could have come from the Spanish Civil War, maybe through the literary echoes of Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell.
In fact, WH40k has fucked up my sense of humour.

In Spain, every fucking corner is named after a Jesus, a Virgin Mary, a religious order, sometimes a fashy General, etc., what I now mockingly see as valorous heroes of the Space Marines/Ecclesiarchy/Inquisition fighting For The Emprah!

TL;DR: Warhammer’s Empire will end as the butt of jokes Franco’s Spain is.


Welp GW is officially banning all fan made shit. I knew this day is gonna come but fucking wow!
With 9th edition being absolute power creep bullshit, I wouldn’t expect this gay company is going to survive for long. Literally who needs them when the 3D printer and plastic are cheaper than their own line of products (there’s also rumors going around that GW themselves, or just forged world, also use 3D printing instead of traditional molds).


What bullshit. I'm just going to 3d print their own models anyway so fuck em.


I just love that they attempted to prevent 3rd party recasters and DIY 3D printers by making the minis as detailed as possible. Which in turn only ended up making a cluttered mono-pose mess.


Dont know Anons opinions on the series, but If the Emperor had a Text To Speech Device has gone on an indefinite hiatus due to GM's fuckery


File: 1627610560775.png (110.56 KB, 275x215, unknown (11).png)


The complete hypocrisy of GW.


Welp. The lore channels are next I guess. Better start archiving all of them before it’s too late.


Seems like this will be forever relevant:
>codes creep being worst than ever before with the new Orks and SoBs completely breaking the game
>monopose trash
>shit new lore
>banning everything not from them
Still play 6th edition fantasy.


funny perspective

I mean, afaik they havent really gone after anyone as much as made their new official policy "everyone has absolutely no right to our shit" and using it as a looming threat against anything they might not like
but yeah, I hope they go under. 40K would be a better setting handled by the community like star wars used to be, without the official bs


>they haven’t gone after anyone
It’s a matter of time really. Remember when they sued the Heinlein estates for using “space marines”? Or the fact that they made the primaris instead of true scale models just to copyright them.
The new guidelines are basically hanging the sword of Damocles above every content creators head. Because according to it, anything that use official artwork can be sued. And even if the content creator win under fair use, they would have bankrupt themselves wasting years and a fortune for the court procedure. GW is going full Lee Kuen Yew on this one.


This thread is the cure for the furry affliction!


File: 1644898682825.png (663.16 KB, 944x1360, w84jdcqk4k2.png)

One of the earliest vidya of the series https://imgchest.com/p/3qe4gjk4j2p


Bloodlines p54

"…violence and a general neglect from a ruling class that thought of human life as an inexhaustible series of largely expendable labour-units"




Did GW just resurrected the fucking squats?





They sure like to make money, don't they? kek


File: 1649186612070-0.png (1.1 MB, 1000x984, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1649186612070-1.jpg (55.64 KB, 731x410, squats autobots.jpg)

Yep, looks like the logo is kind of autobot like too.


That's Kinda funny, seeing how GW basically ripped off other things from other sources to make WH40k. I swear they are doing the same crap that Disney did.

>Make something from the public Domain

>Then get popular from your creation
>Start to sue anyone who tries to use the same ideas as you in order to protect your so-called "Intellectual Property".


Damn, checked


Turns out they are identical race of clones. Like a squat version of sontarans. Come to think of it, there armour is also a sontaran ripoff.


Bros, I've been passively consuming Warhammer content for the past few months and learning the lore through Lorehammer, Templin videos, and reading shit. I've always had a passing interest in Warhammer for over a decade but actually delving into the main parts of the lore has been such a euphoric experience. I'm mesmerized, I've never read a fictional universe as expansive as this one, I could get lost in the countless of articles in the Lexicanum. I've caved in and even bought Dawn of War 1. I finished it in like three days and am moving on to the expansions.


File: 1654977540506.png (2.72 MB, 1400x2148, ClipboardImage.png)

Has the siege of terra saga been concluded yet?
I know that feeling. I had my warhammer craze during 2018-2019 (even got and read picrel in like, 7 months). 40K feels like modern greek mythology in terms of it vastness and depth. Its great.

Would also reccomend:
>r/40kLore sub (>inb4 r*ddit).
Had a pretty comfy time in there.
The true warhammer wiki. Made me kek a lot.


i like this guy, he has a in interesting type of lore channel.


I feel like I'm going too fast though. I'm in a Catch-22 state where I just want to consume everything, but I'm afraid of losing the wonder of going through it all. For example, I was absolutely terrified of the Astartes and the whole "a single chapter can shift the tide of a war." makes me tremble at their might. But after playing Dawn of War (which I loved) I see them more as elite soldiers in comparison to the IG than The God Emperor's Angels and will made manifest, especially in comparison to the fucking Custodes. Maybe delving into more media and books might bring that terror back.

Also, that lore channel looks amazing. I'm thinking of reading the Ultramarines since the achievement of Primarch G and the realm of Ultramar is downright admirable. Idc if theyre overrated. Any more recommendations?


Ultramarines Omnibus*


Love 1d4chan, it's a relic of better internet times. Also, got any recommended reading?


By far one of the best speeches i've ever heard.


File: 1655087559056.jpg (6.33 KB, 197x255, download.jpg)

Winter Assault and Dark Crusade were GOAT. However you do need soulstorm to play the UA mod.
I love obscure ass corners of warhammer lore like the weird and wacky xenos. For instance the hilariously underrated Rak'gol, Thyrrus or the Randang which almost wiped out the entire imperium if the emperor hadn't released the fucking Void Dragon C'Tan on them.
Also fun fact, the Imperium has canon cat girls. Not the furry catfolk but the neko variety.


>I feel like I'm going too fast though. I'm in a Catch-22 state where I just want to consume everything
Slow down there, bucko. First of all: read (the wikis), discuss, and watch 40k lore related content. Then see what appeals to you and go consoom that.
>but I'm afraid of losing the wonder of going through it all
From personal experience, some of the biggest themes that got me pondering for a long time over in the 40K universe were:
<The question of religion and human need to atribute meaning to everything
<The Emperor and his actions, motivations, goals and personality
<Figuring out what the fuck was warhammer in the first place (this may seem ridiculous, but it took me a long time to understand that 40k's fundamental branch was a wargame; for some time it just looked to me as if all this lore rich universe wasn't attached to anything, be it books, games etc.)
Maybe you'll think about these as well for a long time. Or you might me interested in something entirely different.
>But after playing Dawn of War (which I loved) I see them more as elite soldiers in comparison to the IG than The God Emperor's Angels and will made manifest, especially in comparison to the fucking Custodes. Maybe delving into more media and books might bring that terror back.
Be prepared for incredibly inconsistency in regards to astartes. One day you'll have hundreds of them being slaughtered and dropping dead like flies due to a chapter-ending tier wars (or general alpha legion dickery), but on another, a single (or was it two? Can't remember) word bearer will kill a – weakened – custodes at the blink of an eye. Or Kaldor Draigo will be doing literally anything (such as carving his mentor's name in the heart of one of the most sturdy chaos primarchs out there. Not making this shit up).
What matters the most is understanding the general feeling of it all – i.e. space marines can do lots of stupid shit, but they're still badass walking tanks of death at the end of the day – while knowing things chance for the sake of entertainment. No one would like seeing (only) ultramarines doing everything right and being completely competent all the time because that shit would be BORING (ahem), so this formula can get shaken up.
>I'm thinking of reading the Ultramarines since the achievement of Primarch G and the realm of Ultramar is downright admirable. Idc if theyre overrated. Any more recommendations?
Never read. But if it has ADB and Dan Abnett in it, then it should be good. Just avoid Goto and Matt Ward like a plague.
Along with the one i've already listened, i remember the chaos gods' and the varied space marine chapter's (specially the most memey ones) articles being pretty funny.


>First of all: read (the wikis), discuss, and watch 40k lore related content.
I find myself watching hour long lore vids every other while I clean the house. When I'm doing work, I listen to a lore podcast. And every now and then I delve into the wiki and just randomly browse. Is that still too fast or at a moderately… decent pace?


I like reading the 1d4chan Warhammer entries


What is the most sympathetic faction?


Sounds good enough. Have fun!


I think I preferred this series back in the older iteration that had Necrons and fun characterizations of Gork and Mork.


The Necrons never went away. Do you mean the 3rd edition terminator crons?
The entire fandom is cringe. The point being no factions are sympathetic. Despite what the Imperial fanboys tell you.



File: 1655867666850.jpg (53.73 KB, 694x680, Ordinatus.jpg)

>"The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn. And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude."

– Uthan the Perverse, Eldar Philosopher


Sounds like a roman philosopher/priest pondering over why their emprie was collapsing.


File: 1667257236417.png (783.29 KB, 759x1038, ClipboardImage.png)

>Dogmatically follows ages-old book while missing its point
>Chapter is called ULTRAmarines
Can't make this shit up.


The Tau were sympathetic until Imperial butthurt caused them to be retconned


File: 1667339006782.png (361.9 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Having all of them being 'morally' questionable is far more insteresting.


No it isn't, grey and grey morality is the refuge of the nihilist edgelord.


Its all black in warhammer. I would like it if Tau remained the single good faction in otherwise cartoonishly grimdark galaxy. The setting works best when its half serious/half comedy. Dawn of War is peak 40k as far as I am concerned, on one hand you have actual story and characters, on the other you click on unit and they will start screaming at you about how much they love murder.


>I would like it if Tau remained the single good faction




orks is da bestest, da biggest and da baddest. cope and seethe simperials.


orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks



da orks!


I usually really dislike warhammer for a lot of reasons but I do like da orks, they're the only likeable faction to me and they seem to be having a good time. also some of the ork stories are really good. ever heard of Tuska deamon slaya? basically this guy was travelling through the warp on a ship when the shields went down. the daemons of course flooded the ship but Tuska and his boyz slaughtered them. apparently Tuska liked his fight with the daemons so much that nothing could compare to daemons after that encounter so he decided to dedicate his life to slaughtering demons and gave himself the name- "Tuska Daemon Killa". he then decided to travel around the warp with his shields down to lure daemons into his shit so he could beat the shit out of him and thats exactly what he did- he went around the warp with his shields down and every time he did that demons would flood his ship and he and his boyz would obliterate them every single time. it got so bad that eventually daemons would just ignore him and let him pass.


this really pissed Tuska off so he decided to take the fight to the daemons by going into the eye of terror to terrorize them. the eye was guarded by the simperials but they were all pointed AT the eye so they couldn't or just didn't stop Tuska from going into the eye. they expected things to come out of the eye, they didn't expect some nutjob to try and go in. so yeah, in goes Tuska and absolutely terrorizes those chaos worlds- he sacked them untill he arrived at Khorne's world which was empty for some reason which really pissed him off, so he and his boys started shooting up the ground. this caused Khorne's demons to come out and start attacking so Tuska resumed the usual slaughter. he was kicking the daemon ass so hard that they had to send out a demon prince who eventually managed to shank Tuska with his sword. before he died Tuska crushed the prince's testicles with his power claw. this was not the end for Tuska though, Khorne liked him so much that he dragged him and his boys to be resurrected and fight his demons for all eternity. so basically ork heaven. Tuska still fights daemons in Khorne's realm to this day. hes also probably insanely strong because of all the fighting so when, not if, when he escapes he will probably cuck the entire galaxy into submission.


> The Codex Anti-Dühring makes it clear, there can be no tolerance for commodity production!


>Annoying how the biggest collection of art books are porn sites.
Honestly E-Hentai is the best art site on the internet. I find so much obscure art books there, often going back to like the 1970s. It's god send for classic fantasy art from the 70s and 80s.


File: 1671417048543.jpg (288.81 KB, 1280x799, more nids_2nd.jpg)

It sucks that this is the case. Copyright has been a disaster for art distribution. And those luddites dare to get mad when people had enough and use AI to create fan works.


Yeah but what about artists who will starve now that their jobs have been automated?


File: 1671438927550.jpg (50.26 KB, 1024x563, IMG_3516.JPG)

Luddites said the same about the fabric industry. To this day more clothes are made in sweat shops by human hands than ever before. People will use AI art for the mundane like advertising and macros, but like modern artisans, hand made stuff will always be more valuable if they are higher quality. Not to mention the huge avenue opened to artists fixing AI art while letting the machine do the grunt sketch work.
Artists against AIs are reactionaries.


The Luddites were unironically correct though. They were just off by a couple centuries. Even the neoliberals admit in their studies that automation is responsible for many job losses. Much of the "tech industry" are just disguised automation of workers in order to increase competitive pressure and unemployment - like how Uber destroyed unionized taxi drivers and forced a race to the bottom.


File: 1671474948178.jpg (369.59 KB, 3840x2160, hkWlbAO-1270555517.jpg)


>Artisan are right
<I'm not feudalist I swear!!!


>Acknowledging that the Luddites were right about automation destroying jobs means you have to support feudalism
wow anon please continue to show us how to play your favorite game


>automation is responsible for many job losses.
I don't think that's actually true. A socialist society would employ everybody, and the advances in automation would be used to reduce the work-day, make people work 6 hours instead of 8 to 10.
Some of the economic automation bonus would also be spend on raising the level of ambition for certain projects.
I think job-loss is a capitalist thing, not a technology thing.

Only capitalists seek to replace workers with automation. A socialist society would see automation as a way to increase the productivity of workers. Which is a more realistic goal.

What the capitalists are doing doesn't make much sense because they are trying to proletarianize capital it self. It doesn't actually end the class struggle. If they make machines that can do all the things that workers can do, they will have created machine workers with the same class interests. Class struggle transcends the substrate.

Also the capitalists aren't really investing much into technological advances anymore, so the future isn't racing towards us anymore, it's a really slow crawl.


>machine workers
??? no,they would just devalue the rate of profit by replacing labor with dead labor,since the machines are capital themselves. (or in non marxist terms,they are destroying the loop of the economy by producing commodities that nobody can buy because of no wages)
Class struggle doesn't transcend humanity or sentience,that would be twisting Marx's writing in the weirdest way I've read so far.


>no,they would just devalue the rate of profit by replacing labor with dead labor,since the machines are capital themselves.
>they are destroying the loop of the economy
It depends, if machines don't reproduce, then yes it's just going to be dead labor. Eventually all the machines will be depreciated and the hole thing winds down like a clockwork that nobody is winding up anymore.
However if the capitalists could manage to make the machines reproduce them self, the machines would stop being capital and they would become workers.
Humans are biological machines that produce all the things in the economy and they also reproduce them selves. If the workers didn't make new workers there could not be economic surplus.

>Class struggle doesn't

Of course class struggle is not limited to humans. I doubt you could make non-sentient machines that can do all the things that workers do. If you make the machines reproduce all the abilities of workers, you'll end up reproducing the mental processes that workers have as well.


Ah yes, Hegel's Master Slave dialectic is pertinent here


I'm to this day impressed with how much love and attention fans of WH40K give their series, especially in regards to fan animations


Was watching the Space Marine animation from like, 2011 the other day, and holy crap is it fucking awful.


C- amv


doesnt the whole notion of machines reproducing themselves smack of perpetual motion


No because they use external energy sources?


You mean the official Ultramarine movie? I couldnt even watch it becquse of how awful the animation was.


>the official Ultramarine movie
>awful animation


Yeah, I would really recommend watching it. I just had it on while I did other stuff which… mitigated it. Somewhat. It was hard to tell exactly what was happening to who because everyone looks the fucking same.

It's really bad. It looks like you're watching a Starcraft cinematic.


For 2010 that's not bad at all unless you're expecting Pixar tier 3D from a small company? And yeah the animation is actually pretty decent, it's not choppy, the movements aren't sudden and jerky and the textures are relatively well done. You can say the eyes are a bit off with a deadish look but that's just a limitation of the program it was made in.


Animation was absolutely not "decent" in any way, shape or form. Virtually any post 2000 video game had better cinematics than this. Even models look outdated, there is no weight to anything, half the movie takes place in duststorm, colours are desaturated, and sound design is fucked, with nothing sounding like it should.


>Even models look outdated
Not really, the textures of the human faces is a bit lacking, but its certainly better than a lot of 3D shit I saw in that time that wasn't made by a large professional studio.
>sound design is fucked
Absolute nonsense, there is some parts that could be better modulated, but those are minor issues that aren't significantly noticeable
which make sense for the setting and environments they're in.
>no weight to anything
The fuck are you talking about? Each character moves like a real person, or as close to it as the software can manage, the plates of armor shift and move, there's visible effort in the physical motions of characters etc.

Again the most criticism would be for the facial animations
>Virtually any post 2000 video game had better cinematics than this
Absolute fucking nonsense, up until the later 2000s most cinematics and cut-scenes for vidya was fucking stilted as hell, Cawadoody had some of the better animations and it wasn't good either. You're also dismissing that vidya cutscenes and cinematics are much shorter, are produced by professional animation companies with actual budgets. There's a reason that cinematic level animation didn't really appear in actual vidya until the 2010s, and that being the heavy graphics load. industry standard graphic cards and the massive rendering farms of professionals are on a whole different level compared to what amounts to a large fan-project, especially since 3D rendering is a lot harder in some aspects like graphics compared to 2D animation which can be replicated more easily (relatively) by an animator.


Dawn of War came out like 7 years before that and it's opening intro looks a lot better.


Can you not read?
>vidya cutscenes and cinematics are much shorter, are produced by professional animation companies with actual budgets.


Doesn't change the fact that the smurfs movie looks like shite you wrong faggot.


>Doesn't change the fact that the smurfs movie looks like shite
Ok and what is the relevance you caustic twat?


the relevance is that your justifications for this sub reboot piece of shit looking like crap are wrong and you should consider suicide


>All this no-argument word-salad
Take your own advice.


Tzeentch is based, praise Tzeentch, heil Anarchy, and fuck the spooked Redditor Emperor.


File: 1714326134501.jpg (59.71 KB, 736x580, Figurine.jpg)

>Why can’t communists be more like genestealers?
Just a question, because genestealers actually get shit done.

I’m not saying you should get infected by an alien parasite that causes you to birth monstrosities and puts you in thrall to an alien menace intent on devouring your world, but it seems like there’s many things we can learn from genestealers.

Genestealer pros:
- Actually overthrow the bourgeois tyranny.
- Have women treat being impregnated by genestealers as a sexual fantasy.
- Disciplined, fanatical, dedicated; willing to sacrifice their lives for the Day of Ascension.
- Work hard in order to infiltrate the bourgeois hierarchy, diverting useful resources for the revolution.
- Able to infiltrate bourgeois high society and obtain influence over elites.
- Get laid, a lot.
- literal psychic intergalactic bug soldiers
- Able to trivially spread ideology via the genestealer’s kiss.
- Tear through bourgeois battle tanks with nothing more than their own bodies.
- Able to evade detection in a total surveillance state.
- Interface psionically with each other and outside support.
- Not tear each other apart in orgies of infighting.
- Did I mention, actually get things done?





I will try to paint my first genestealer cultist this week, wish me luck.


File: 1714458941314.jpg (1.2 MB, 1227x1404, wut happun.jpg)

I love the rightoids desperately coping about the fact that Warhammer was and still is a game made largely by a bunch of lefties.

Yes, I'm sure them giving third place to a model of an Ork trukk (the Orks being a species of stupid and violent savages who are basically the setting's comic reliefs) flying the Confederate flag was an endorsement of Confederate ideology.

And I'm also sure the Imperium's slogans were always meant to be completely unironic and to be taken at face value as genuinely sound maxims and not as a clear parody of fascist propaganda.

And don't forget
>An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.
>Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.
>Innocence proves nothing.
>There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
>Happiness is a delusion of the weak.
>To Question is to doubt.
>Prayer cleanses the soul, Pain cleanses the body.
>Hatred is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity.
>A small mind is easily filled with faith.
Among many others!

And who can forget the tagline for the series
>To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.
Clearly a utopian civilization and the sort of society the creators were hoping you would take personal advice from.


I mean TBH I think the rightoid freaks are a bit 'stopped clock is right twice a day' in that the Imperium is being whitewashed to make it more marketable, the original actual antifascist satire is being lost


>Warhammer was and still is a game made largely by a bunch of lefties.
Liberals are not leftists. The original creators may have been leftist, but the company? No. Rick Priestley literally left the company before 2010 because of how it started to focus on making money and marketing rather than making a good game.
>Posting a 4chan collage-pic of an Eceleb liberal
Can you not? Go back.
This change is just performative white-washing. The lore literally says there are no female Custodes and explains WHY, so retroactively changing this is retarded tokenistic pandering, especially since, in doing so, you lose the entire Roman-fascist satire that The Imperium is about as >>41704 mentions, OR what we get are literal savage gay fascists. Good job!

Also Games Workshop has made a lot of retarded changes to WH40K lore over the years and it's almost never been liked by anyone, even when it had nothing to do with gays and women, the ONLY reason it's getting any attention now, is BECAUSE of the idpol involved. Not every game or movie or whatever needs to be inclusive, this is a bourg marketing way of thinking. There is media that is primarily aimed towards specific interests of girls or boys, men and women, gays and straights. You don't expect a man to go to chick-flick and demand more action-hero men to be involved, or for someone to play a gay VN and demand there be a straight option.
>giving third place to a model of an Ork trukk (the Orks being a species of stupid and violent savages who are basically the setting's comic reliefs) flying the Confederate flag was an endorsement of Confederate ideology.
<complaining about Orks on /leftypol/
This is JUNGLE GANG territory, newfag.


File: 1714491199392.png (234.14 KB, 1000x1000, 'old on now.png)

>You don't expect a man to go to chick-flick and demand more action-hero men to be involved, or for someone to play a gay VN and demand there be a straight option
companies would probably make more money if they did this though


File: 1714493587712.png (1.15 MB, 640x1137, ClipboardImage.png)

LOL no, they wouldn't, not in the long-run. There could be a few niche releases with such 'expectation-subverting' content, but if you start applying it to the whole genre it loses cohesion and interest. You see this pretty obviously with Star Wars, people weren't uninterested in female MC's but when every new story is wanking women off and poorly written, people lose interest, which is why Rise of Skywalker made poorer figures than Last Jedi and why subsequent Star Wars TV-shows have been hemorrhaging money.

Just as an aside, an example of what I mean by Games Workshop fucking up the lore is what they did with the Necrons in the 5th Edition. The old Necron lore was pretty good, tortured souls serving eldritch gods who took advantage of their suffering, cursed to fight forever or until destruction while trapped in unfeeling metallic bodies. Turning it into discount Space-Egypt Mummies that USE god-fractions for battle, even thought it undermines the C'tan being arrogant bastards that got most of themselves killed because of it.

Like I haven't really indulged in WH40K like others do, I was more in it for the stories and whatever rather than the literal table-top aspect, but I've lost interest because of the changes. Sure, not all the changes were awful, but most were.


this makes me realize no one suggests adding male sisters of battle


There you go.


no one wants more moids but every trve male wants space marine amazons.


people do that usually when female space marines are mentioned.


>femboy sisters of battle
yes please


Now I want to see that just to witness the trainwreck that would be GW way of handling it.


1) The chinlets first started getting mad at GW because they released a statement saying that fascism was bad and the Imperium is supposed to be villainous.

2) Custodes aren't space marines. They're not even related to them, they're an entirely different thing. There has never been any lore that contradicts the possibility of female Custodes because the Custodes are created by mysterious and highly secretive achaeotech from the Dark Age of Technology and *don't* use the emperor's geneseed.

3) Le jungle meme wasn't about Warhammer orcs, but LotR orcs, due to bad early Eastern European translations of Lord of the Rings actively attempting to turn the novel into a Cold War allegory.


>chinlets first started getting mad at GW because they released a statement saying that fascism was bad and the Imperium is supposed to be villainous.
<implying that everyone that liked or played as the Imperium is a chinlet and not just someone roleplaying a tabletop game.
<implying people only got mad at GW for changes to the Imperium
They said fascism is bad, but they didn't just say "it was villainous" because that's redundant; EVERY side of WH40K is villainous in some regard, there is not a single faction of actual good guys because every race or faction is some sort of fucked up,. That's the ENTIRE point, it's ALWAYS been the point. Also /pol/ literally did not care, they embraced the "bad guy" narrative because it's the narrative they get anyway, so it changed very little for them.

People have been getting mad at GW for a long time and for many more reasons than "muh Imperium", I later give the specific example of the Necrons, and that change being wildly unpopular, along with other changes in the 5th Edition that had nothing to do with inclusivity or political 'goodness' of the Imperium.

>Le jungle meme wasn't about Warhammer orcs

Actually yes it is, idiot. Also it's ORK's if you're going to be playing at semantics.
>LotR orcs, due to bad early Eastern European translations of Lord of the Rings actively attempting to turn the novel into a Cold War allegory.
That's not why at all, and you're wrong about the translations too, muddling The Last Ringbearer and actual translations. The Jungle Gang meme comes from Josep Borrell's statement about "Europe is a Garden" and that the (evil) third/second world countries are the untamed jungle savages trying to invade it. The orc part of it comes from memes about liberals claiming LOTR orcs are black people (which is retarded, see the LOTR thread) and an earlier /pol/ post on 8ch/leftypol/ about how the Alt-Right sees its fight with communists and 'subhumans' as "humans vs orcs" which wasn't LOTR specific and actually has massive WH40K influence, there's LITERALLY a screencap of that post on the booru and in the fantasy thread.

>Custodes aren't space marines.

Where did I say that? Are you just copy-pasting this from reddit?
>There has never been any lore that contradicts the possibility of female Custodes
Yes there is; Custodes are the SONS of those deemed traitors to the human race by The Emperor. They received their position as a form of repentance for the sins of their families, a practice similar to some Ancient monarchist societies about taking the sons of enemies and making them servant-warriors, sometimes being castrated (the Custodes are incapable of reproduction if I remember correctly). The Silent Sisterhood is the female counterpart to the Emperor's other, male-centric hyper-elites.

Furthermore the Custodes, Thunder Warrior, Astartes and Primarch projects are linked to one another and none ever came up with female subjects because the entire point was to create super-soldiers of extreme power, and in the case of the Custodes a basically an asexual comrade-guard to the Emperor. A male body is biologically more powerful than a female's in the physical sense, making a female Custodes pointless, not to mention the fact that the process to create the Custodes or any enhanced project is so physically taxing that only a small percentile of the human population is physically eligible as a CANDIDATE. It's why the Sisters of Battle aren't about overwhelming physical strength relative to the male-centric groups (they're still strong, but they won't be beating a Space Marine in an arm-wrestling contest). Further-more as you literally confirm my words, the Imperium is fascistic; do you see a lot of openly fascist governments pushing for gender equality in their military forces? The Nazis were almost prohibitive, with what few female troops they had being extreme exceptions that confirm the rule of a male-only military. Do you understand why its contradictive as hell to both claim that "it's a parody of fascism" and then simultaneously pander to gender-equality that contradicts said fascistic narrative? As I said it's literally promoting a Gay/Female Nazis narrative, so if that's a good thing to you, then you do you.

Edit: Did some extra research to be sure
>The Emperor's Decree from Old Night during the Age of Strife: "These men are my bodyguards, their lives forfeit to the guarantee of my physical safety. Of their loyalty to me there shall be no question nor doubt. I, and I alone, shall have the authority to stand in judgement over them. No other commander shall they have in battle nor in service. None shall bar them from me and none shall hamper or stall their mission. So it is decreed!"

Finally, with the exception of the matriarchal command structure of Genos Regiments and Sisters of Silence, the Emperor had a strong male bias in his elite, top-tier fighting forces, as befitting a FASCIST EMPIRE.


>genetic engineering so advanced it can create demigods but it can't bridge differences in muscle mass between men and women


>Custodes are the SONS of those deemed traitors to the human race by The Emperor.
Pretty sure this have been retconned a couple of times already

to be fair , the entire setting is retarded.


>it can't bridge differences in muscle mass between men and women
Why waste the time and resources for the extra step required to do this when it's easier to just take male candidates? It's a fascist regime, not a daycare center, retard.

>Pretty sure this have been retconned a couple of times already
The Emperor's Decree I posted is actually on the wiki article for them. I don't think this has been retconned before. Then again I haven't played WH40K since the 5th edition and haven't been following for quite a few years either, so it's possible. Still stupid and still a retcon and directly contradicts the statements that "there's nothing in the lore saying there can't be a female Custodes".


>Why waste the time and resources for the extra step required
No one knows what the steps actually are, because Custodes are made through highly secretive archaeotech.

What we do know is that, unlike space marines, the process of creating one of the Custodes actually starts in late infancy rather than late puberty, when the difference in muscle mass between males and females would be negligible.


>Why waste the time and resources for the extra step required
Something the imperium famously never does! You might as well argue against the gold armor or get offended by female members of the imperial guard.


My point is that a highly patriarchal empire isn't going to go for females because they won't see the point of it and again the point stands, the lore on it is that they are the SONS of traitors and are called MEN by the Emperor so the claim that there were always women in their ranks or the claim that the lore does not contradict there being women in the Custodes ranks is untrue and IS a retcon. The company CAN retcon it, but they cannot legitimately claim that it "isn't actually a retcon" as they and their defenders have attempted to. Furthermore, it's a tabletop game, literally nothing is stopping people from playing it how they like, including making a female Custodes and ignoring the lore (as people have been doing for Space-Marines and others for years anyway, it's been done before. The company knows this so the only reason they're making this a public retcon announcement is for liberal clout and Edrama, successfully so.

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