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Thread for those who like to read and write including fanfiction. Share drafts, look for beta-readers, ask for writing advice, give recommendations and do all that other cool jazz. Just remember to not bully anyone else no matter how shit their taste might be.
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File: 1633400003257.mp4 (18.55 MB, 1280x720, 1616715021193.mp4)

So, might as well put this fanfiction I made on how could ww3 go:
>Ukraine launches an offensive into the popular republics and Crimea, they advance a little. Ukraine declares war on Russia.
>The Donbass and Luhansk republics welcome the Russian army.
>The Ukrainian army advances into Crimea, but gets stopped. They conquer some, but get boggled down.
>Russia's military is organizing itself hard on this, and mobilizing itself.
>A month happens with people getting killed but no advances aside from light ukrainian advances.
>The west won't participate yet, but will help Ukraine through military support and it will tell through incredible mental gymnastics that Russia attacked first.
>People are not supportive of the war going on, but they won't care because they see it as just a regional war, no one cares.
>There will be some outrage at the west supporting Ukraine but it won't escalate.
>Then Turkey and Azerbaijan, using some shit excuse, attack Armenia to conquer it.
>Russia intervenes and starts invading Azerbaijan.
>Syria and Iran, maybe even Iraq, start attacking Turkey and Azerbaijan, since Turkey occupies parts of Iraq and Syria right now and Iran is fucking tired of it's bullshit.
>Erdogan says: Assad must go!
>Pakistan is big on being a turkey fanboy, and invades Iran.
>India then goes and invades Pakistan because Kashmir and so on.
>Pakistan starts getting beaten by both India and Iran, no nukes used yet, until Pakistan gets between the sword and the wall. Then it launches it's nukes to both Iran and India, although mostly to India. Maybe a nuke makes it to Russia.
>India in response drops all of it's nukes on Pakistan
>Iran is mostly unaffected by this. I mean, its capital has been nuked, but hey, AT LEAST IT'S NOT INDIA.
>India and Pakistan are the first to completely collapse, with warlords coming out of the woods like flies, kinda like post-heydrich germany on TNO.
<"India and pakistan are the first to completely collapse" oh boy just you wait it's gonna be epicly based and posadist-pilled.
>People are fucking horrified as they wake up from the "end of history" dream as the first nuclear apocalypse just happened right now.
>Big ass riots in order to make the war stop right now.
>People get ignored and the media starts making excuses.
>Azerbaijan collapses from both southern and northern pressure as the russian and iranian military enter it's capital. A ton of warcrimes will then be discovered, and this event will be known as the second armenian genocide.
>The turkish front gets bogged down, the advances the turkish made get retaken, but the other armies can't advance as well, getting into a stalemate at the mountains of Anatolia. People die daily on that front but not that much movement is made aside from Turkey attacking again and again and the KPG getting big money from Russia and Iran.
>Turkey, also, after the indian fiasco, starts getting anti-war riots. These riots will be put down by a newly installed nationalist military goverment with Endorgan as it's president. Thousands of people will be incarcerated or killed.
>Turkey starts funding yihadists groups inside of Russia. These groups, aside from making some big incidents inside russia, will spill into other countries such as MENA countries or european ones.
>Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, knowing Iran had been nuked, gets it's opportunity, and tries to invade Iran.
>Of course, Saudi Arabia fucking embarrases itself and collapses as iranian missiles fuck up it's water and petroleum trade.
<And another one bites the dust.
>Aside from this movement from Saudi Arabia, at Ukraine, Russia organizes a counter-attack. Operation Uranus 2.0 La Verganza. From north the russian army advances and cuts off the ukrainian front at donetsk and luhansk. They conquer pretty much everything east of the Dnieper.
>Tons of ukrainian warcrimes are discovered.
>Aside from that, the Ukrainian army at Crimea safely retreats, but Crimea is on shambles. Sevastopol is now a ghost town.
>The russian army still goes on and cross the Dnieper, and in 3 months or so they're at Kiev.
>This scares the shit off NATO, Ukraine gets into NATO at the last moment, and the whole of NATO declares war on Russia.
>China then invades Taiwan to help it's ally Russia. China enters the world war.
>The NATO army is an unorganized mess. The European front has lots of nationalities put into one big army, Spaniards with Greeks, Germans with Italians, France it's not in NATO so it shouldn't intervene, but it's from the EU so it will intervene. The only people who understand each other are americans and bri'ish people.
>Aside from that, they need to get organized in a moment.
>Bielorrusia joins the battle at the side of Russia (or might not, I don't know).
>Polish troops and baltic troops are the first to arrive.
>Eastern European militaries are plagued by corruption, it's army is pretty much useless aside from european support.
>The front gets into almost WW1 borders, Russia conquers till they reach the border with Germany, The Check Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

>Meanwhile, on the asian front, Japan suddenly starts a conscription service and declares war on China. This is hugely unpopular among the japanese people, and riots start to stop such a law to come to be. Japan then gets it's own military goverment a la Pinochet, and becomes and even bigger client state for the US. This conscription law will separate the country in two.

>Not that it matters, as North Korea conquers South Korea and nukes Japan for thy Lulz.
>This makes the separation inside Japan really fucking big between the anti-war movement and the war movement. The anti-war movement will be financed by China, and it's more radical part will take the leadership, although the Chinese will fund the most moderate part that is still anti-war, meanwhile, the pro-war goverment inside Japan will become a lot more repressive. An unspeaken civil war occurs inside Japan
>The US, alongside Japanese recruits, try to conquer Korea. They get bogged down not by korean troops but by the People's Liberation Army, also known as the chinese army.
<Japan might have a communist revolution.

>Meanwhile, let's talk about the toll that this war has made.

>Firstly, about India and Pakistan.
<India and Pakistan become into warlord territory, and millions upon millions of refugees start getting out of the irradiated mess that is the Indian peninsula.
<The "-stan" countries, like Turkmenistan and so on, COLLAPSE HARD, their goverments can't handle the refugee crisis, and other goverments inside their borders start taking power. The Taliban take hold of all of the region and start their caliphate and reign of terror on their jihad. They won't conquer more than those territories, as they have a lot of other problems to tackle.
<The only country to survive this apocalypse is kazhakstan, as it's choke full of chinese and russian military to stop jihadism.

>Meanwhile, at the south-eastern countries of Asia.

<A similar story, the indian refugees come into those countries and are so much people that their goverments collapse as there is not enough food. Anarchy takes hold of the region, with warlords coming out of the woods like flies.
<The US make it's operational base in Asia the Philippines, Australia, and Japan. Most of the war with China is fought on sea, so there's nothing really important happening there. Aside from that, they try to land on Vietnam to try to make it governable again and conquer China with them, this doesn't go as planned, South China is mountainous, so the fight boggles down.

>Meanwhile, at the world.

<The indian nuclear apocalypse has made a layer of dust through the world, making it get less sunlight.
<At the same time, war is literally the most contaminant activity we humans have deviced, the US army makes more CO2 than 192 countries combined.
<Climate change really kicks in, and the poles don't exist anymore, Cuba is now 3 islands, Florida doesn't exist anymore, the Netherlands is underwater, all of the pacific islands have ceased to exist. Crimea, the land they were fighting for, now literally doesn't exist, but the war, ironically, goes on.
<The layer of dust made by the Indian Nuclear Apocalypse (INA) has made it so crops don't grow because of not having the sufficient light to actually grow, as it has happened times before when a massive volcano literally exploded.
<Also this will make a refugee crisis so hard not till now seen, more extreme than the barbarian migrations during the end of the Roman Empire, shit's about to go down.

>Meanwhile, at the American continent.

<The US probably has made some plans to conquer Venezuela and Cuba
<They enact them.
<People are pissed about it.
<Guerrilla Warfare against US occupation.

>Meanwhile, at Europe.

<Most of the countries in Europe don't fucking want to be at war with Russia aside from the Eastern ones, the most anti-war countries would be Spain and Greece IMO.
<On the case of Spain, as a Spaniard myself, this anti-war movement would be fucking gigantous. We already had an anti-war movement during the Irak war in which we participated in, and our army, compared to the rest of the european armies, although well equipped, is it because of it's adherence to NATO. During late Francoism the spanish military made drills with ww2 junkers and using gasoline caskets with grenades attached to them as bombs. The military in Spain is the most corrupt organization in this country, and getting it purged against Russia would be incredibly funny if it wasn't because they would implement a draft (as in the majority of Europe tbh) to combat Russia. That, alongside the anger against the politicians, the capitalists and the king itself, which is also the commander of troops, kinda like Nicholas the second… I don't have to tell anything more tbh. Spain, being also an enter way into Europe would have problems with refugees and an incredible instability on itself, aside that the country is run by actual monkeys, there would probably be no rationing at all, making the food prices skyrocket till infinity. Everything of that would mix on a revolutionary cocktel from which a communist revolution could arise. A liberal revolution might happen first, with a republic, and then another one, kinda like the russian revolution. Hell, even Felipe VII looks kinda like King Nicholas from Russia.
<Spain might have a communist revolution which would then spread through Europe, maybe Portugal and Greece would have it's own revolutions, and would get out of the war. France is another one which might have a revolution, Italy I don't know, Britain could have one since Britain is already going to shit the bed, even without the whole WW3 happening.
>The US will conquer part of Andalucia through Gibraltar to ensure that it bases there remain loyal.
<On other countries, I don't know how it would go like, please answer this post with your conclusions.
<Either way, the war would boggle down hard, and we would get into a WW1 era of trenches, only now with drones.
<The EU will have to make a separate peace treaty with Russia, which will stand "victorious" (saying much tbh) at the war. The EU will be dismantled and Russia will make client states at Poland and the Baltic states, taking everything else for themselves. The EU is in shambles, but at least it hasn't been nuked to death. The peace treaty was to try to avoid a communist revolution, it will happen either way, or there might be a civil war inside of the EU between communists and the other groups, comprised of "liberals" and literal nazies, from this war, the most likely winner would be the communists, since technically they would have come from the south which had it's factories kinda untouched because of being so far away from Russia.
<Either way, the EU doesn't exist anymore, it's a shell of it's former self, and there's people starving to death on the streets meanwhile a civil war turns really sour.

>The US-Chinese front.

<The last front, this front has done nothing at all, and with Russia out of the european front, and coming to help the chinese, the US will resort to the last tactic possible.
<Red Telephone Incident (RTI) of 05/12/2024
<Russia, China and the US enter a mad max radiation periode, alongside japan, Australia and the Philippines.

>The aftermath.

<The only places that continues to kinda exist is some countries of South America and communist Europe, but they will enter a long, looooooooooong dark age of maybe two centuries or so.

So yea, what do you think of this Fanfiction I've just made?
Wanna add anything to it?
Or make your own?


File: 1633654738699-0.png (78.18 KB, 185x255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1633654738699-1.png (8.94 KB, 255x170, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1633658992832.png (14.98 MB, 3098x2323, ClipboardImage.png)

The Bavarian uprising fails to be quashed by the Freikorps, more German communists flock to the new soviet republic and defenses are fortified just long enough for the USSR to supply them with arms. The other German states, tired from war, back off after a few months after more communist revolutions break out in German cities. The Nazi party never takes off as a result and the anger that Hitler exploited so well is exploited by the communists instead. Rather than blame the jews, they blame the actual reason the war was lost/so many Germans died: the generals and nobility.

Socialist Republic of Cuxhaven
there where some more but i don't remember all

btw. Liebknecht proclaimed the Free Socialist Republic of Germany at the 09. November 1918 vid and picrel


how do I make a piece of shit character likeable?


File: 1635432990760.jpg (37.11 KB, 350x364, consider this.jpg)

In the case of a villain/antagonist, pull a Nagato: The character of Pain is stated in series to have slaughtered Hanzo and his entire family and all associates down to every last babe. In-story he also kills Jiraiya, making it personal… and then in the final battle he reveals that he too suffered like this, and that his actions are just as justified as any other revenge, that he decided that peace cannot be achieved if you cannot bring pain to others. Naruto, having beaten Pain narrowly finally finds the things he needs to say and turns Nagato around, and the man redeems himself in death (a common theme in Naruto for that matter - Zabuza, Obito etc.).
So yeah, give your characters a compelling and sympathetic backstory (don't just exposition dump though).

Also to make them likeable assholes I also suggest quirky behaviors and them doing good things, even if grudgingly. Another example could be Darth Vader or Assaj Ventress.

For a more normal story setting I really suggest observing th Character of Berlin from Casa De Papel, see >>6635


To bring up the topic of strong female characters, video related is a good explanation as to the reasons most modern films fail to create actually strong female leads and just create toxic caricatures.

To the part about "men being the evil behind the female villain" I'd like to add the fact that historically it's been the reverse; the power behind the throne usually referred to the royal/noble women of the court and their machinations and manipulations of men.

TL;DR: Being antifeminine =/= progressive and pro-women
Being anti-feminine is just toxic masculinity but by girls.


some people think "women's equality to men" means women should be just like men, rather than, you know, equal as citizens or something to that effect


>some people
a lot of people (mostly liberals) think in this manner.


Speaking of Alt History - Tintin is a great example of this, video related; The Adventures of Tintin and the Shadows of Giants

Also as an aside, I loved the Tintin animated movie and am so disappointed that it's so forgotten by people.


The Tintin movie was neat, but it didn't do anything amazing and wasn't adapting a hugely popular (in the US) property so there wasn't anything to draw people to it. Struck an interesting balance in making the comic designs more realistic.


How exactly does one "get gud" at writing? For my other hobbies (guitar and boxing) it's easy to improve and see measurable results because I go to classes and have teachers who give me things to work on and tell me if I'm making progress or not. I don't think a comparable situation is available for writing, though. The only place where I get feedback is work, where I do technical writing. But the type of writing I do professionally is very different than what I would actually like to write (and it's mostly copy and pasting anyway).


>but it didn't do anything amazing
The CGI is fucking amazing and the story is a classical adventure that I haven't seen in ages in animated media, I thought it was pretty great.

>I don't think a comparable situation is available for writing, though
There is talent involved but the main thing is just practice, same as anything else. Read the thread for some advise given to others.
>the type of writing I do professionally is very different than what I would actually like to write
Don't do literature like a textbook, essay or philosophical text (a la Das Kapital) that's a surefire method of killing your story and making it a bland mess. I suggest you start off by doing fanfiction (no need to necessarily publish it if you don't feel like it) and use an established world to create something. From there you can start to make original things.


Accidentally stumbled onto a FFN account called AlexanderMugetsu during a writefaggeneral thread and it's just one-shot after oneshot of Human x Pokemon beastiality. The sheer dedication is kind of aweing. The fact that this shit isn't badly written is the most surprising thing TBH.


Popping in to say I've been reading fanfic for over a decade. Can't write worth a damn myself, but hugely appreciate that shit. Never for a moment think your writing isn't appreciated. As long as you are sincere, the explicit quality of your writing is secondary.
Keep at it, I believe in you!


Thanks anon


File: 1638422313840.png (107.83 KB, 368x369, FAU_11DWQAAkUuG.png)

>Want to get into writing
>Want to write original works (maybe smut too)
>Never created a character before


Just base the characters off of fictional characters you like, that's what everyone else does.


File: 1638422946889-1.jpg (401.79 KB, 1263x1536, Rifts.jpg)

Unironically create a /tg/ character




>>21632 (me)
I base all of my characters off of this series in honor of bowl cut guy or whatever his name is


I miss Trevor ;_;


>Want to get into writing
>Can only create characters
>Can't write for shit


Do you happen to know any free software that makes writing fiction easier and more organized?


I don't know if this counts because it has a "Pro" version, but I used to use The Gamebook Authoring Tool to plan VN plots. (Nowadays I just make a flowchart)


>The CGI is fucking amazing and the story is a classical adventure that I haven't seen in ages in animated media, I thought it was pretty great.
It's amazing to people who actually understand the problems that it tackled and solved with is under 1% of movie audiences. I can and did appreciate it but most people won't. I agree it is probably one of the great adventure films and film adaptations of some other medium.


I'll look into this tool, looks interesting.


>most people won't
Huh, you make a good point, I guess I kind of assumed people could see that but I guess I overestimate them.


word document 2010. You can CTRL+F any part of the story and just split each chapter into seperate documents. It also allows for highlighting and footnotes for yourself.


Books or Screenplays?


Any recommendations?


In what context? As reading material, the former.


Just try, try and try again.


>Gamer fics
The recent Donghua WN "The Gamer" has made the genre really popular in fanfiction at the time of this post, and by god are they garbage - fucking insipid, uninspired powerfantasies of the most sickening people that crave to do horrifying things and justify it in some retarded way.


>spend 2 years writing book partly about stormfags in Ukraine 2014
>now they're the good guys


>now they're the good guys
Fucking how?


sell it to the russian government, might as well get a return on the effort you did on their behalf


File: 1646856091586-0.png (57.79 KB, 1064x623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1646856091586-1.jpg (54.6 KB, 669x1024, 1646848908964.jpg)

alright faggots, we did our best to bring back your loli van, bad news is, she's not a van anymore.
say something nice to her.


idk man sounds like r/collaspe the story.


lol lovie


She's new and improved


Have you ever read a fanfiction and really liked it, thought it was great and faved it, only to come back to it years later and realize that it's pretty poorly written?


I have not come back to any of the MLP fanfictions I used to read, but it is safe to assume that 99% of them are objectively garbage.


Lol yeah, probably. I recently read a couple fanfics from the Naruto and AvP franchises I liked and man, I mean the latter was not horrific conceptually, but the execution is much more childish than I thought it had been years ago.



does anyone know any good places where ppl give advice on actual writing, like other places or places with advice?


A good source is youtube and some small reddit communities that aren't flooded by liberals and idiots. Terrible Writing Advice is a kinda sarcastic youtube channel that does all sorts of writing advice in a fun and understandable manner, so you can take a look at that. There's more ITT about these kinds of things.




They got spammed by bots and haters.


so, when is leftypol gonna move their creative juices and write some fanfiction ?.


There's a familiar of zero fanfic that has her summon Che Guevara. And a funny HP fanfic that has Harry go full Stalin mode.

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