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So a buddy of mine works as a security contractor—Mall Cop or Night Watchmen tier stuff. Anyways, he's a Socialist, has a pretty materialist worldview, and has been a skeptic of most idealistic woo-woo for as long as I've known him.

Recently he's been experiencing some genuinely creepy stuff in one of the locations he's been assigned to, and apparently some of his coworkers have too. It started off with weird one-off occurrences: hearing footsteps running behind him only to turn around and see nothing there, hearing doors slamming open and closed on the floor above him, getting an experience of someone breathing behind him. Recently it's gotten a lot worse. He's experienced some strange hallucinations: a black dog running across his path and disappearing into a wall, figures looming over his shoulder or peaking at him from behind corners, and even strange figures staring at him from behind second-story windows. It's spooky stuff, he can't explain it, and neither can I. Not helping things are the weird occult graffiti at his workplace: pentagrams and stuff.

Everything from Ghost Hunting to Occult Philosophy has been a guilty pleasure of mine. And seeing as we don't have a thread on sp00ky shit, I figure I might as well make one.

Consider this the start of the /x/-files! A place to push the boundaries of Socialism to the outer limits of the universe. Everything from Ghosts to ESP to Magic or Cryptids and what their impact on the Socialist movement could be. Questions like:

>Do AyyLmaos exist and are they Comrades?

>Can we summon the specters of dead Revolutionaries for advice?
>Are the Bourgeoisie literally Demons?
>Can Occult rituals stir the global proletariat to action?
And so many more.

>/x/ occult library
>Parapsychology in the USSR
>Soviet Scientists successfully tested ESP experiments in the 80s

I'll add more as we find some interesting stuff.


Have you ever experienced anything seemingly supernatural or Paranormal?


File: 1625496403984.png (435.4 KB, 612x455, paranormalscream.png)

What non political conspiracies/paranormal stuff does leftypol believe in? Are any of you UFOfags? What exactly is it in human psychology that wants to believe in bigfoot, etc. and other such things where people are willing to believe in paranormal phenomenon? And if such a thing is built into human psychology can the vast majority of people ever escape an idealist mode of thought?


I do believe that gods were aliens, honestly
Also religions were like communism+progressivism but they changed later.


UFOfag here. Little grey men with big eyes from outer space. I don't have any evidence and have never seen one with my own eyes. But one reason is just because my mother saw one of these UFOs when she was a girl and swears it was from out of this world, and she's not a crackpot, doesn't believe in bigfoot, and isn't religious. I believe her.

There are also enough sightings and people who told stories on their deathbeds from events back in the late 40s / 50s to make me think it could very well be true. There is one case where dozens of UFOs flew over D.C. in 1952 and it caused a lot of alarm at the time. I think the military compartmentalized the subject into the private aerospace / MIC world with extremely strict controls to totally classify it, and then encouraged making the UFO subject seem "goofy" and a source of ridicule. Why? I dunno. Maybe they tried to figure how to exploit technology if they had it. Maybe they were worried about people developing the perception that our rulers are not all-powerful.

Why is this being talked about now? I dunno. Probably several reasons. I think one reason is advances in military radar technology like AESA along with radar interlinks that connects planes to ships to ground- and space-based radars to create a common "picture." Pilots saw weird stuff for a long time, but either dismissed it, or they would face ridicule, or if they were persistent that they did see something, would get visited by men in black suits and given a stern warning not to discuss it. But now with the radars, these military people are seeing this stuff all the time and they have confirmation from their systems that their eyes aren't lying to them, and people talk to each other, and one thing leads to another.



File: 1625500186071-0.png (162.71 KB, 396x325, 1625227047379.png)

File: 1625500186071-1.gif (1.26 MB, 457x251, shape-shifting.gif)

File: 1625500186071-2.jpg (99.45 KB, 1125x978, 6k8gDO2.jpg)

Also it's interesting to read up on Hillary Clinton's visit to Laurance Rockefeller's ranch in the 90s. Rockefeller was into UFO stuff and funded little research projects and apparently handed her a copy of Paul Davies' book about the philosophical implications of the existence of extraterrestrial life. I always thought that the weird, quasi-hippie UFO freak Hillary was a more appealing image than Wall Street warhawk Hillary.


>>182734th_international4th International


whats this book about


File: 1625502257696.png (3.31 MB, 1500x1946, 1592143414338.png)

Hallow Earth
buddhist cosmology


>Mind control tech
>All religions are corruptions of the same universal truth
>Scalar reality
>Planet earth attacked eons ago by a disconnected, cancerous energy that created the food chain on purpose and upgraded certain species to kill and eat the planet alive


>>Planet earth attacked eons ago by a disconnected, cancerous energy that created the food chain on purpose and upgraded certain species to kill and eat the planet alive


>>Planet earth attacked eons ago by a disconnected, cancerous energy that created the food chain on purpose and upgraded certain species to kill and eat the planet alive


how the fuck is hollow earth gonna be real though the pressure and lava at those depths would stop anything from living other than maybe certain bacterias


None, it's a regurgitation of religious obscurantism of the medieaval period.lenin_capLenin Cap


religion or conspiracy theories?


The existence of the collective consciousness or some type of undiscovered medium for information exchange.


I believe in the spectre of communism haunting Europe


Helen Keller was a fake and a fraud.


UFOs, ghosts etc.lenin_capLenin Cap


File: 1625520770450.jpg (67.5 KB, 1242x672, drqyh3eewm651.jpg)

God ghosts and UFOs and other paranormal shit used to fascinate me so much when I was little, used to watch ghost shows and UFO documentaries all the time. They were scary as fuck but they also opened up a whole world of possibilities, extraterrestrial life especially, so they were super exciting to think about for my young brain at the time. But now that I'm old and I know those things are complete bullshit that is being paddled by schizos, life has become a lot more boring and lifeless. Convince me bros, help me believe in this shit again
>Inb4 someone links Posadas


I know exactly how that feels anon, I wish I could go back to when I held some belief in ghouls and goblins and cryptids and stuff


UFOs are confirmed real the only thing we don't know is what they are for sure. Maybe they're not aliens and they're time travelling tourists or something


>What non political conspiracies/paranormal stuff does leftypol believe in?
None of it. It's all nonsense.


>image 3
Is that a UFO going through a portal or a suppository into someone's asshole?


i think its supposed to be a portal


The pressure and lava are only 100km deep layer to repel potential invasions of the inner Earth civilizations. The only routes to the inside are closely guarded secrets that only a few enlightened individuals (Jesus, the Buddha, Muhammad, etc.) have managed to discover. UFOs are merely the observation crafts from the inner Earth civilizations who monitor us to determine if we are ready to be uplifted.


Marx was one of the enlightened, communism is the process by which humanity becomes worthy to join our brothers in the inner Earth


it never really replaces the excitement of the idea of something totally paranormal, but keep yourself learning about the world, reading stuff, and stop and smell the roses. Look at things closely, give yourself time to think, and engage in changing and playing with the world. That brings back some of the magic, but honestly it's probably for the best to not have it all back. It puts life out of your control when you believe in that shit. Anything could happen at any moment for any reason, and all you can do to interact is some weird made up ritual shit and hope it works its invisible magic. Pretty cucked. Seeing the world for what it is is empowering, and it only sucks the life out if you don't engage with the world enough. That's the tradeoff


Get into psychoanalysis. Paranormal is mundane.


File: 1625540615144.jpg (462.49 KB, 1353x1353, 1625225884954.jpg)

>non political conspiracies/paranormal stuff
OP is a square. I believe in all these btw.


incredibly based pic

>>All religions are corruptions of the same universal truth
that's fashie hogwash tbh, it's muh human nature by another name

I know the feel too. Life seemed to be so much more than it actually is. This led to to question whether too much time spent with entertainment, specially fiction, could be a factor behind the modern mental health crisis.

On the other hand, 8 Goddesses. It was pure crank fodder, and it turned out to be real.

>tfw you sigls will never come true


>On the other hand, 8 Goddesses
What are you talking about?


I've been in this rabbit hole for years and have come to the conclusion that the cover up is actually the aliens fault. Applying even an ounce of critical thought would lead you to the realization that a cover up could only be possible if the aliens themselves didn't want their presence known by wider humanity and collaborated with the military to that end.
As for how this collaboration began, what probably happened was as follows: In the late-40s or early-50s an alien craft crashed and military managed to recover it before the aliens could; the aliens realizing the military could blow their cover wide open, initiated clandestine contact, and made a deal where they demanded secrecy and unimpeded pursuit of whatever their ultimate agenda is as terms.


I’m intrigued by all the ancient civilisations stuff like Hancock talks about, although I knew fuck all about archaeology or anything so it could be nonsense, but we do keep discovering like, entire new ancient civilisations that were world powers at the time, as near as 2016 that one around Ankor Wat. Although I am aware fascists are big into this stuff what with hyperborea and everything


how is it that the only good polcomp memes are the ones divided like this


File: 1625685757601-0.png (52.03 KB, 500x323, 5349058034985.png)

File: 1625685757601-2.png (250.39 KB, 784x652, 53450934590.png)

If what you're saying is true and government / military made a deal with the aliens, and what I'm saying is true about compartmentalization breaking down within the military, then it makes you wonder whether the next step is for the aliens to make open contact.

What's interesting about the moving object here spotted over Puerto Rico >>18277 and other sightings is that these craft might be using a warp drive or something like that so light bends around the warp bubble the craft are producing, which creates the weird lensing effect. It's difficult for the naked human eye (or the brain) to comprehend because they're moving freely through time and space when we can't. It's also why they appear to change shape when moving, although when stationary that one would probably appear as a saucer shape like in this frame.


>>Scalar reality
What does this mean?

>>Planet earth attacked eons ago by a disconnected, cancerous energy that created the food chain on purpose and upgraded certain species to kill and eat the planet alive

Are you talking about Robert Moore and his 'loosh' thing.


If the universe can produce beings conscious and aware of itself as beings, does this mean the universe itself has many levels of consciousness, from the instinctual processes of physics to the more complex consciousness of the universe as a whole. Or perhaps the universe is like Azatoth, a sleeping "idiot" god that isn't aware of itself and it's dreams are the universe, or perhaps it is a mass consciousness aware of itself?


Read some Bernardo Kastrup he has theories on this

also apparently the ONLY person to ever sucessfully defend a PhD thesis on idealism


>Or perhaps the universe is like Azatoth, a sleeping "idiot" god that isn't aware of itself and it's dreams are the universe, or perhaps it is a mass consciousness aware of itself?

That's literally the position of most eastern religions ex: non dualistic hinduism


Where the Caribbean and gulf of Mexico now is was once an above sea level volcanic plateau that was Primitive-Communist in nature and the progenitors of what would become the Aztecs, Incas and MayaeurekaEureka


Because they require actual effort and thought to fill out all the spaces.


While I think the stuff is interesting on a frivolous level (I for one am a big fan of pre-Islamic Arab mythology and its various supernatural entities, including the modern phenomenon of Jinn sightings) I think it's difficult to be both a rigid Marxist and someone believing something like paranormal conspiracies. Conspiracism itself, at least in its modern American incarnation, is largely a reactionary attempt to explain away the failings of neoliberal society through either a shadowy cabal of inhuman actors or millenarian apocalypses which allow for apathy towards the future of humanity. It's why on the right, they are driven to ridiculous shit like Qanon or Judeo-Bolshevism, while on the left, the things we obsessively fight against, from capitalist exploitation to imperialism, are all basic and undeniable facts of human life. So while I think threads like this are fun, and the non-serious exploration of paranormal topics can be very interesting (especially when efforts are made to scientifically analyze the material basis of such cultural phenomena), I highly caution all of you against losing sight of dialectical materialism and scientific socialism. That includes delving into mystical fantasies of "esoteric socialism" or other nonsense of that sort, which is really just a revival of the failed 19th-Century utopian thought.palestinePalestine


>I just slapped a bunch of things together.jpg
At least the hit/miss ratio isn't *that* bad. There's quite a few hits on everything but libright. I can't see why the aquatic ape theory should be libright per se or belong on any political compass. It's just a hypothesis about why humans are different from most mammals.spurdoSpurdo


File: 1626019095529-0.jpg (29.64 KB, 640x360, 807284730_640.jpg)

File: 1626019095529-1.jpg (62.98 KB, 600x235, Gladiob.jpg)

Operation GLADIO/B is 100 percent real and confirmed by actual insiders and backed up by other legitimate sources.

ISIS terror attacks in the west were false flags / manchurian candidates to bolster the legitimacy of Mideast interventionism whilst ISIS in the middle-east were utilized as a black merc group directed to contain Iranian expansionism and topple Syria. Its not even secret that the CIA trained the first wave of Islamic terror groups to act as a fifth column against Soviet expansion and that ISIS was born inside CIA run black sites.spurdoSpurdo



Looked this guy up, interesting stuff. So his tldr is that he believes that theres some fundamental metaphysical layer or particle of the universe that's conscious and that our individual consciousness is also a part of it.

One thing of note is he called it a decomposition problem where he thinks the base layer (quantum field or we) is a derivative of our individual consciouness. However I would think it more of a recomposition problem in that if panpsychism was true our individual consciousness would be the derivative of the universal mind and more simple- not the other way around. Analagous to our human body where we have 'actors' in our body like our cells but we do not experience their inner states, yet our consciousness supervenes on them to some extent.

One thing he said is the distinction between phenomenon like a ripple on water seeming physical when really its just a byproduct of water molecules within. He said that particles could be the appearance of this cosmological mind. If this is ttue it gets very close to the notion of god in that some cismological mentality could be affecting tne physical phenomenon in our world. If we are all cosntitutive of it in some way then the universal consciousness could be very well affecting our physical actions and thus be omnipotent in a way. Similar to how our mind can direct our body to move our arm, a universal mind could direct our bodies to create society etc.


I'm something of a UFOfag too. Somedays I believe, others I don't. I don't buy any of that Bob Lazar stuff, Luis Elizondo seems like a fraudster too, but there are some legit journos like Ross Coulthart with a proven pedigree that take thist stuff seriously. The Bob Fish emails to John Podesta that Wikileaks dropped seem extremely interesting too. I heard in an interview by Ross Coulthart that there's some Wikileaks email that also confirms some high ups in military and Lockheed Martin have had meetings concerning UFOs in recent years, but now I can't find it.


thats quasi political


Hancock is an absolute crank, ancient aliens is literally "muh racial degeneration"/"How could these retarded poor blacks and browns have managed beyond teepees without Europeans"
kill yourself


ironic btw don't kys because I told you so, good channel though


File: 1626483567870-0.webm (3.13 MB, 204x360, air current.webm)

File: 1626483567870-1.mp4 (1.01 MB, 640x360, auroraborealis.mp4)

File: 1626483567870-3.png (234.25 KB, 1531x1070, drbronners.png)

File: 1626483567870-4.webm (6.97 MB, 480x360, deusex.webm)


The fact that there is anything is enough for me.

A physicist named Lawrence Krauss used to do a lot of atheism debates with the argument "a universe can spontaneously erupt from vacuum fluctuations," kind of thinking he had won. Maybe in the sense that he took a deity out of the argument, he had won. But that lingering problem of "why are there laws that allow vacuum fluctuations in the first place?" never left my brain. How could he ignore that?

The best we can do is the anthropic principle, or basically "we're here because we're here to observe that fact." Meanwhile, philosophers cringe in unison; Its not an answer.

So, the fact that there is materialism is /x/ enough for me.


one time i browsed the succubus thread on /x/ and i got my dick sucked by a ghost after i fell asleepnaxaliteNaxalite


I don't even recognize half of these but of the ones I do about half are nonsense, a quarter are plausible and the other quarter are just true.


I'm kind of stupid in that I think communism #1 but from a metaphysical standpoint I think materialism is bunk. It's good for dealing with our immediate lives but I think what won me over to an idealism conception of reality is that materialism is completely unable to explain conscious experience, which is literally the ONLY thing we can be 100% sure of.

After that shift in worldview a lot of more paranornal things became more plausible to me. It would be pretty nuts if it turns out that the whole universe is actually some weird dream of some unimaginably large conscious entity.


File: 1626931738400.png (33.78 KB, 617x675, shroom.png)


>Dr. Bronners
Why do I see this brand everywhere? Literally the first time I saw it I thought it was a practical joke.


Nice, I should start browsing /x/




*tips fedora*

Voodoo physics going hand-in-hand with voodoo economics and politics. Nothing surprising about that really. Fisher was into weird diets, Friedman thought chiropractors contribute to society. There's a book called How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World, and while the author is basically a Blairite himself, he totally shits on the Blairs and the Clintons for all the spirit voo they are into.




I can't get down with idealism but for what it's worth I don't think historical materialism necessarily requires metaphysical materialism in order to still "work" for analysis.

For example, even though the hard problem of consciousness exists, it's also observably true that humans' social knowledge/being is shaped by their (material) environment.


>Are any of you UFOfags?
i like to believe UFOs are one or both of the below
<4-dimensional in nature, their seemingly impossible maneuvering the result of a 4D object passing through our 3D observation
<unmanned observation drones sent to collect data on a planet in the process of dying, purely out of scientific interest and with no interest in intervening


File: 1649083489871.mp4 (2.44 MB, 480x480, hot n cold.mp4)

Every cool conspiracy or paranormal event I used to believe in turned out to be some easily explained boring bullshit
Why is the real world so uninteresting bros, help, I want to believe


>God ghosts and UFOs and other paranormal shit used to fascinate me so much when I was little, used to watch ghost shows and UFO documentaries all the time.

Same with me, man. I so remember watching Sightings back when I was like 6 or 8 years old in the mid-1990's.


You know what they say?
First you believe in Santa, then you no longer believe in Santa, then you become Santa.


>buddhist cosmology
explain it to me cause i am low iq


I'm sure in a couple decades Hillary simps will be saying she knew aliens existed and that her warhawking and wall street shit was to strengthen humanity for the battle to come. Like Admiral Thrawn/Palpatine fanboys or something.


File: 1665118146125.jpeg (105.68 KB, 750x696, KennethGrantCover1.jpeg)

>gigantic MEGA archive of /x/ related texts shamelessly ripped off of /x/.

Suggested basic readings :

>*Insert religion* Mysticism

Jewish — Jewish Meditation
Hindu — Raja Yoga
Taoist — Foundations of Internal Alchemy
Theravada — Knowing and Seeing
Zen — Zen Mind Beginner's Mind
Sufi — Sufism for Non-Sufis
Christian — Cloud of Unknowing


Agrippa's Three Books are a must read for theory
Arbatel, Heptameron, Goetia, Book of Abramelin, Picatrix, etc. are suggested grimoires
The PGM / Greek Magical Papyri also is good.


'Intro to Tantra' and 'Refining Gold' are both in the MEGA.
studybuddhism.com also has many resources applicable to Vajrayana.

>Golden Dawn

In order:
- Tree of Life - Israel Regardie
- Mystical Qaballah - Dion Fortune
- Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie
- Complete system of Golden Dawn - Israel Regardie

>Aurum Solis

Magical Philosophy (70s editions go from I-V, modern ones from I-III), then Planetary Magick
Their Practical Guide series for whatever


In the Freemason folder there is Martinism folder — read everything

>A∴A∴ / O.T.O / Thelema / Crowleyism

You should honestly also have a basic understanding of the Golden Dawn system.
Read Liber ABA, then go through this reading list:
Focus on Liber Resh, E , RV, O, Astarte, and HHH
For a full curriculum, 'Mystical and Magical System of the A∴A∴'

>Chaos Magic

Liber Null and Psychonaut and Liber Kaos are the 100%, Must reads. Read all the other little pamphlets and scrawls in the chaos magick folders after these.
'Condensed Chaos' is also recommended.


Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works
Angelic Spirituality
Theologia Mystica (janelead.org/resources.html)
Way to Christ first, then the rest of Jakob Böhme
Initiation into Three Worlds
An Outline of Sophiology


what is raja yoga
i've heard of kali yuga


'Raja Yoga' represents the attainment one seeks to gain from Yoga and the method to attain it in itself.
It's just a name of one of the books in the MEGA


A term made up by Vivekananda to my knowledge. It means Royal Yoga. He also wrote books on Jnana Yoga(knowledge yoga) and Karma Yoga. God I'm to lazy to look up the quote right now but on the Raja Yoga book it says something like one may find attainment through Raja Yoga or Jnana or Karma or etc, or any combination of these. Raja Yoga is specifically about Pranayama. Pranayama is control of the prana which is the life force that moves everything in existence and by controlling it you attain master of the universe. He emphasizes that some people think pranayama is about breath control, but breath control is only a preliminary method to gain control of prana. Pranayama is basically the development of psychic power. But control of psychic power is only a means to an end and why Karmic and Jnanic paths are equivalent. It's ultimate goal is to only bring you enlightment/realization of the truth of your existence which is non-dualistic identification with god/the purusha/whatever.


Oh and I should say his book Raja Yoga is basically just an annotated version of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.


Esoteric STalinism
NKVD tantra
Dengist masters of Southern China
Cuban Voudou


File: 1665167414459.png (570.74 KB, 766x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Check out this esoteric mystical text, 100% must read


Who is cringier
An evola Buddhist or a free market taoist?


free Market taoist as they're more likely to be some petit Bourg small business owner and exploiting proles. an evolian buddhist sits in his fap cave all day.


Spirituality wise what is the best type of relationsip: monogamy,polygamy or open shit?


Let's All Love Lain


Chastity and semen retention.


Interesting thread, OP. I hope it takes off.
I'm sure I've heard stories of dogs running into walls before, too. Being a night watchman, are you sure the unsociable hours have nothing to do with these sightings? Lack of sleep can do that to people


Where does your friend work, why would there be occult graffiti there?


I agree with this, lack of sleep and having to work at night can fuck with you. Sometimes I like to play during night when usually people are asleep, it is a pretty unusual feeling afterwards, I’m a naturally paranoid individual so I have these moments where I will walk around my flat and it feels like I saw something with the corner of my eye or I feel someone watching me etc, this kind of paranoia and hallucination is natural and normal, your friend might need to get better working times. Also these kind of things have tendency of enforcing themselves, the more you think and believe it more likely you are to notice or think about something that feels unnatural.


Really nice OP. I don't believe in ghosts or paranormal shit, but I've seen some stuff and experienced stuff including seeing ghosts that defy explanation.


Carbon monoxide detector?


I’m not sure how much sleep he’s getting to be fair, however his coworkers have been sharing some experiences. Supposedly a maintenance guy had enough and started insulting… well, whatever was there. Guy and one other person with him both swear they heard a voice come over their radio and say
>”I’ll cut your fucking face from your skull.”
Others have sworn they’ve seen ghostly apparitions, though most of the shared experiences have been purely auditory rather than visual.

Not sure how much info he’d like me to give away, I don’t want to dox him. But from what I understand there’s some teens who do Wicca or other new age shit in the area. Most of the occult graffiti are like pentagrams with what looks like Hebrew letters in them. Occasionally he sees weird sigil-like things scrawled on the place too.

Anyways to get this thread going and some interesting discussions started, I’ll probably do a little write up on Socialist Praxis and Magic if anyone is interested. Consider it an introduction to something I’d coin “esoteric socialism.”


Modern ghost sightings are a product of the Industrial Revolution


Okay, as promised: Socialist Praxis and Magic.

The last great Western Magus, Aleister Crowley, described magic as a science and art that seeks to cause change in conformity with one's will. A broad definition to be sure, and he delighted in claiming that everything from painting a picture to gardening could be considered magic. Magic, to Crowley, was just about any intentional act. Under such a broad definition, Socialist Praxis can be considered Magic of a sort.

But, I'm sure someone is about to say, if the definition is so broad, wouldn't that make it useless? Well, not quite. The willpower someone has to conjure up to make breakfast is less than the willpower needed to write a book or build a house. In Crowley's system, using esoteric practices such as Solomonic ritual magic acts as a way of directing one's will toward specific ends.

Crowley, however, saw magic as a means of advancing an individual's will. He saw individuals as microcosms of God or the universe at large. Socialism however aims for much greater heights. It seeks to transform society by means of the active willpower of the majority of society. Which means the "magic" it utilizes is found in collectives: workers forming a union, Marxists forming a reading group, even something as simple as a street gang tagging walls with the hammer and sickle. These are all part of an active process by which Socialists seek to steer the human species towards revolutionary change. Communism isn't just ushering in a state of greater material prosperity. Still, removing artificial scarcity and the massive increase in leisure time means the human mind is no longer constrained by questions of need but of will. The transition towards Communism would allow humans to become something similar to gods.

Socialism, when combined with an Occult understanding of the world, isn't just accompanied by a change in material conditions but a phase shift in human consciousness.

So I showed my friend the thread, and he mentioned many of the sightings happening outside in the fresh air. For clarity's sake, he said its okay to mention that he works in a shopping center of about fifty stores. The activity also allegedly continued to happen during a period when the AC system was down (though he wasn't there for that), so that might discredit the "it's just structurally unsound buildings" argument. He was sick or sleep deprived for a few of the occasions, but other times he was well rested and healthy. Most nights are normal enough, and when spooky stuff starts to happen it's usually a one and done thing, but recently they massively ramped up in activity, like going from hearing some footsteps one night to just a barrage of weird shit.

Some other things that have happened:
>When talking about the haunting, a light fixture fell out of the ceiling and nearly landed on the deputy head of security
>Motion sensors within the building have repeatedly gone off with no visible cause.
>Different sets of footsteps could be heard, one which sounded childlike and the other sounded like a man in workboots
>A woman working in the shopping center claims to have seen a black dog staring at her from the maintenance tunnels
>Two defaced and inverted crosses appeared outside a wicca store's door, they freaked out and demanded to change suites.
>He can hear heavy breathing on occasion and smell cigarette smoke

I figure it's also worth mentioning that while he's still mostly skeptical. Before these things used to be one-off sounds and shit that he could chalk up to hallucinations or otherwise rational explanations, but recently it's been so fucking constant that it really strains his disbelief.


yeah this is a good idea for thread its sap af you basically can't have an actual intelligent discussion abt spooky shit online without a million """""schizo"""" right wingers shitting their pants over jews and vaccines.

>Being a night watchman, are you sure the unsociable hours have nothing to do with these sightings? Lack of sleep can do that to people

speaking from personal experience one time while super sleep deprived and overworked while falling asleep in bed I saw a black crow fly out of the wall expect it was all in slow motion and very "glitchy". Probably the strongest hypnagogic visual I ever had


Hey, OP's friend here. I might check in from time to time. When it comes to the bit about hypnagogic hallucinations, that's also where I tend to lean. The weird part is that people during the day report odd activity as well.

Other highlights include finding dark-coloured footprints inside AC ducts, seeing people disappear behind goddamn stop signs, and the trolling ghost.

Different stores also report their own unique set of behaviours, such as one store having their inventory rearranged at night and women who work there saying that something grabs their ass when they're alone. Another store manager reported having a cup flung at his head.

My best theories for those are some kind of biting insect causing a pinching sensation and maybe some sort of aeroplane or locomotive rumble causing things to fall off shelves?


>Recently he's been experiencing some genuinely creepy stuff in one of the locations he's been assigned to, and apparently some of his coworkers have too. It started off with weird one-off occurrences: hearing footsteps running behind him only to turn around and see nothing there, hearing doors slamming open and closed on the floor above him, getting an experience of someone breathing behind him. Recently it's gotten a lot worse. He's experienced some strange hallucinations: a black dog running across his path and disappearing into a wall, figures looming over his shoulder or peaking at him from behind corners, and even strange figures staring at him from behind second-story windows. It's spooky stuff, he can't explain it, and neither can I. Not helping things are the weird occult graffiti at his workplace: pentagrams and stuff.

The footsteps, slamming doors, etc. are the ghosts of his fellow workers are warning him to leave. The alienated Human Essence of his class folk still haunt that dreaded "workplace".

He must wake up from the nightmare. The slavery is clearly killing his mind, his body assuredly as well. The excessive night hours causes acute psychosis, as well as stresses the organs. This state of being is unacceptable. He will haunt his workplace as well, if he does not leave. His human essence is burning away.


>peak /siberia/ shit
Sincerely why do you not go and make that place better instead of posting this terminally online schizo shit on to /leftypol/?


Or even /hobby/ for that matter.


Why do you want to make everything boring as fuck. Let people have their fun, nobody here thinks ghosts are real.


Why make this cocksucking thread then?


File: 1692212142530.jpg (23.6 KB, 510x612, Specter.jpg)

>Let people have their fun, nobody here thinks ghosts are real.

<"A SPECTRE is haunting Europe — the SPECTRE of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this SPECTRE: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies."

Ghosts are Communists.

Jokes aside, anyone ever research Soviet findings on UFOs? I know about the Petrozavodsk phenomenon, and as I understand it there were some fairly equivalent incidents of UFO sightings in the USSR as there were in the USA.


A long time ago, the evil cannibal Puneguss raged on the Yamal Peninsula

He stole the sun from the Nenets. The cannibal smashed the sun into pieces and gave it to the greedy rich people - the tatt and the deceiving shamans - the tadibe.

For hundreds of years, darkness and cold reigned over the Yamal tundra.

But from behind the Ural-Stone white harnesses appeared: it was Lenin and the Bolshevik heroes who came to Yamal to return the sun to the people.

With a blow of a seven-footed sword, Lenin killed the man-eater, raised the Nenets to rebellion against eternal enemies and brougt back everything that should belong to the working people: the sun and rivers, taiga and tundra, fish and deer.

Now the Nenets live well. Go even to Nadym, even to Gyda - everywhere the Nenets sing about Lenin, about the communists, about their own party.

Thanks to Lenin for this.


My mom who lived in ussr swears that she saw an ufo while playing basketball as a kid. I don’t think ufos were or are that big outside of Anglo sphere, but there have been some alleged sightings, but it seems like every time an “alien” or ufo is seen or detected in somewhere other than us, uk or Australia there is some anglo involved with researching it or spreading the story. I wonder if obsession with aliens is result of colonial history. But if that is the case why isn’t there something similar in Russia on other nations who have colonised large pieces of land and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, why are Anglos the ones who seemingly imagine themselves being colonised by extraterrestrial but not let’s say the French or Spanish.


Russia was obsessed with UFO's and other schizo bullshit in the 90's, it died off since.


>Russia was obsessed with UFO's and other schizo bullshit in the 90's, it died off since.
There might be a link between societal upheval and fear of paranormal activity. In the podcast Hell on Earth, they make mention of the large Witch trials that happened in both continental Europe during the 30 Years War and in England during the English Civil War. Perhaps it's not surprising that Russia saw a spike in UFO sightings in the midst of their world falling apart.


ayylmao sightings have always been burger schizophrenia. any obsession in russia was comparatively minor




File: 1692232009249.jpg (83.96 KB, 884x1200, Leninpassingblunt.jpg)

does this board have any opinions on Jacques Vallee? out of all the UFO conspiracy theories his take always seemed the most plausible. That UFO phenomena aren't literal extraterrestrials and instead some-sort of misunderstood multidimensional phenomena that takes on various forms depending on the context of human history. The reason burgers and euros only see high tech flying saucers is cuz thats there idea of what a higher entity would look like just like how old UFO sightings involved mfers saying they saw giant airships and flying castles. I don't fully buy his theories but its better than the rest of the UFO shit, even Vallee claimed they were full of feds

>pic unrel


That amount of sightings is one thing, interesting info by the way, the power of american exceptionalism, but cheap yellow newspapers and tv shows about this shit were everywhere here in the 90's. My grandma was collecting all sorts of shit related to the UFO's, cutting out articles, etc. I'm pretty sure she truly believed in all that.


File: 1692233134185.jpg (163.72 KB, 717x607, posadas pacifist.jpg)

>its not aliens
<its multidimensional aliens instead


I see you Netherlands.


Expanding the topic from just UFO sightings, supposedly ESP was also a field of interest in the Eastern Bloc. Baba Vanga was allegedly consulted by Brezhnev and figures in the Communist Party of Bulgaria for advice.

Funfact, Andrei Chernov, one of the founders of the Russian was heavily involved in Russian esoteric counterculture in the 90s and helped popularize some of Crowley's writings in Russia.


Just because fear of ufos originated from the Anglo sphere and is mostly popular there does not mean it won’t or can’t spread to other places, one of the people on this thread mentioned that ufo sightings grew in Russia after the ussr collapsed which was very likely a result of Russian being bombarded with American culture and commodities. Obsession with being colonised by space invaders is mostly an Anglo thing, but due to them being cultural hegemons it spread to other nations.



Perm anomalous zone, I remember reading a lot about Molyobka and similar zones when I was younger


File: 1692282453066.png (13.4 KB, 482x190, x.png)




UFO hysteria was pretty big in Brazil during the 20th century.

Unrelatedly, no spoopy bullshit to report today.




File: 1696149787678.jpg (134.58 KB, 1133x549, russian necromancy.jpg)

Anyone have the Korean Necromancy memes?




good pic. I gotta admit, the Cuban leaders were disturbingly enthusiastic about nuclear war.



File: 1696157028679-0.jpg (171.08 KB, 600x900, 9k=(5).jpg)

File: 1696157028679-1.jpg (74.3 KB, 612x459, Z(9).jpg)

File: 1696157028679-2.jpg (220.84 KB, 1280x786, Kheops-Pyramid.jpg)

>this bullshit is allowed
>but we can't talk about the sphinx being older than egyptologists say
>but we can't talk about an ancient, lost civilisation that could traverse the oceans and teach other peoples astronomy and agriculture
TWO "lost" civ threads were anchored and then deleted. I bet this thread will be turned into a fucking cyclical.
<reminder, they tell us first two pics are just normal hunter gatherer building techniques and third pic was built in 28 years with nothing but copper chisels and ropes, without cranes, pulleys, or wheels, and was built by volounteers during off-seasons in farming
<reminder that pyramids were tombs despite never finding mummies inside the pyramids

Here are the archive links to two threads deemed "too schizo" for leftypol, while this ACTUAL SCHIZO GARBAGE, fucking ghost /x/ bullshit is perfectly fine, apparently.




>>36756 (me)
UFOs are fucking bullshit aa well. You have the fucking CIA using "senate hearings" to bait retards like you in wasting time talking, thinking and searching for fucking aliens. lol


File: 1696157889540.jpg (120.01 KB, 1042x923, juche necromancer.jpg)


>aliens talked to bolsheviks
fucking retard


>I've heard stories of dogs running into walls before, too.
this is the kind of discourse that keeps bringing me back to leftypol.org




>without cranes, pulleys, or wheels
What makes you say they didn't have these things? Egyptians clearly had these technologies, they've turned up elsewhere (chariots, etc.).
>was built by volounteers during off-seasons in farming
They weren't volunteers, they were conscripted labourers and were paid for their work.


The thing about the Sphinx being older is one thing, lost advanced civilization is another. The Sphinx is carved from bedrock so in principle it's hard to date. There's also good reason to think it has been recarved and used to be a lion. We also know that there was a limestone outcropping there since before humans arrived (since the top of the current sphinx sits above ground level), so it could have been carved up any number of times over several millennia. It's also made of limestone which is not an especially hard rock to carve, something people could have done with even primitive stone tools.


That's a fucking lie, because I have responded. Check https://archive.is/niXSf
You can find many graves next to houses, I guess all those houses are tombs as well. How many times does one have to repeat to you idiots that if you have two.buildings next to one another that doesn't mean 1) that they have the same function, 2) that they were built by the same people.

People want to be buried next to amazing things. Why do people want to have their ashes scattered in the ocean, or off cliffs when throwing the ash in the bin is the same? People wanted to be buried next to the pyramids, that doesn't mean pyramids are tombs.


Thanks lad


Does anyone have the massive post about "The Mayan City" that changes how we know human history? It was posted as a thread here, but the thread got anchored even though it was interesting discussion, and I lost my archive link.


>What makes you say they didn't have these things?
Show me evidence of Ancient Egyptians having these things during the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is not up to me to prove a negative, you should know better than that.
>They weren't volunteers, they were conscripted labourers and were paid for their work.
OK, the point is, Egyptologists say the conscripted labourers were farmers during the farming season. Or you think Egyptians had so much surplus they could have ~50.000 people do nothing but quarry rock and build pyramids? Again, that is something you should show/prove, not merely claim.


They say the Sphinx is older because it and the rock around it show evidence of water erosion. This could have happened only at a time when it rained regularly in Egypt. Important to note is that the theory of water erosion comes from geologists, not egyptologists. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say geologists know more about rock weathering and erosion than egyptologists.


Yes, that is in fact the second link I posted here: >>36756


I agree with Schoch and the other geologists in their general dating of the Sphinx and theories about it, but I'm not gonna say it's 100% proven or anything. The real issue is that there's a serious lack of proper peer review, with archaeology/Egyptology(in particular) being full of politically-motivated reasoning. A bunch of Egyptology is basically flat earth / creationist tier because it's being filtered by Islamic scholarship that tries to fit the field into its religious limitations.


Thank you bruv


>I agree with Schoch and the other geologists in their general dating of the Sphinx and theories about it, but I'm not gonna say it's 100% proven or anything.
Of course not, more research is needed. It's unfortunate Hawass controls access to the Sphinx (and every other historical site in Egypt) and nothing gets done without his approval. If he even suspects you aren't there to confirm the mainstream Egyptology view, he won't let you get near them.
>The real issue is that there's a serious lack of proper peer review, with archaeology/Egyptology(in particular) being full of politically-motivated reasoning. A bunch of Egyptology is basically flat earth / creationist tier because it's being filtered by Islamic scholarship that tries to fit the field into its religious limitations.
Precisely. I am surprised there is such a pushback to these threads here of all places, simply because Graham Hancock talks about it, and since he was on Joe Rogan's podcast, he is a Nazi and therefore verboten. Hancock changed his mind on the whole Atlantis thing, and he's certainly not motivated by racial factors or National-Socialist ideology, he's too hippie for that. I even quoted parts of his writings that outright sound like psychedelic communism. Not that I agree with everything he says, but these types of people are the ones who are going to "think outside the box".

As an aside, it is pure liberalism and idealism to think that "revolutionary ideas" can just pop into someone's head, and don't require that a person's life and understanding of everything be different as well, to create an "environment" in one's mind where these different and "wild" ideas can appear. It actually benefits Hancock that he is an "outsider" because he has no university tenure or professorship to protect. Anyone who has been in academia knows that established professors take you "under their wing" when you show an interest in continuing their work. No professor is going to "employ" a student whose mission is to refute that professor's life work. To the point, most of academia is this way. There was the famous case of germ theory when surgeons were so insulted by the notion their hands could be "dirty" that they didn't wash their hands out of spite.

Einstein's theories were not accepted immediately, and in fact many physicists were adamant he was wrong for decades after Einstein published the Theory of General Relativity. Probably not because they thought he was wrong, but because admitting they were wrong meant they taught hundreds, if not thousands of people the wrong thing, and spent their lives doing it. Not a nice thought in the twilight of your life.

It is no wonder then, that we see these generational "breakthroughs" because the old keepers of the flame have to die. People forget that for example Einstein and Bohr were contemporaries. Niels Bohr was 20 years old when Einstein published General Relativity, he literally didn't get an opportunity to learn anything else, and would have been attracted to a new theory, being young himself (funny how that works with people).
>pic related
These are pretty much the people that revolutonised physics, chemistry, math, and science in general: Curie, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Piccard, etc. What you'll notice is that nearly all of them are in their 20-40s and are all the same generation. Maybe it's just me, but I like how the old dude looks annoyed. lol


Didn't we have an /x/ board for roulette once?


what do the AKASHIC RECORDS have to say about communism?


heres an effortpost about posadas reposted:

>Homero Rómulo Cristalli Frasnelli (1912–1981), better known under the pseudonym J. Posadas or sometimes Juan Posadas, was an Argentine Trotskyist whose personal vision is usually described as Posadism.

As you may or may not know, in leftist online circles, Posadas has been the subject of many memes and shitposts due to his association with whacky ideas like UFOs and nuclear armageddon. In this effortpost, I discuss his most notable work:

Flying Saucers, the Process of Matter and Energy, Science and Socialism (1968)

A little known fact is that not only is “J Posadas” not his real name, but a pen name, it was also a ‘collective’ pen name which was originally used by a whole group of Argentine Trotskyists.

>A History of Posadas and Posadism

Posadas grew up in intense poverty with (at least) nine siblings in working-class Buenos Aires in the 1910s and 1920s. After the premature death of their mother, they had to beg neighbors for eggs, work odd jobs for pennies, and sometimes subsisted on green bananas for days on end. The malnutrition left him with both permanent health problems and a belief that we need to consume much less than what is normal under capitalism.

In his twenties, his tireless work distributing newspapers for the Socialist Youth drew the attention of Buenos Aires’s small proto-Trotskyist milieu, and he was recruited as a union organizer. Although he was not an intellectual, his diligent attention to the tasks assigned to him made him a valuable asset among the fractured field of anti-Stalinist communists. It was only in the 1950s, when he had risen to the position of Secretary of the Latin American Bureau (BLA), when some in the movement reported Posadas was manic.

He demanded that his militants conform to his own lifestyle of lite sleep and the endless production, translation, and distribution of texts. When he was denied leadership of the Fourth International in 1961, and the BLA broke into its own International, he made “revolutionary morality” central to the movement.

Non-procreative sex, especially between militants who weren’t married, was prohibited. Posadas hoped sexual desire would fade away under communism, and perhaps technology would replace sex altogether. This, too, reflects Posadas’s own sexless marriage. By the early 1970s, Posadas’s harsh authoritarian “monolithism,” his increasingly strange texts, and the major repression of his movement in Latin America led most of the youth and working-class base to leave the International. Then came the expulsions of the remaining intellectual core of the movement — serious Marxists like Guillermo Almeyra and Adolfo Gilly.

The only ones left were young militants who entered socialism through the texts of Posadas alone and had barely even read Marx or Trotsky. He believed his movement’s small size and inexperience was a virtue — for these militants could be perfectly harmonized as transmitters of his ideas to the leaders of the workers’ states that would, he thought, build communist society after the expected World War III. The communal living, submission to a charismatic leader, doomsday predictions, abusive self-criticism sessions, escalating spirals of commitment, separation of militants from their partners and families, and taking young militants as sex partners, make it fair to qualify Posadism as a cult.

Trotskyists internationally were skeptical of Castro’s revolution throughout the 1950s, but the small circle of Cuban Trotskyists were enthusiastic supporters. Some fought in the sierras of Guantanamo, and one was a close comrade of Castro, sailing with him on the Granma in 1956. After the revolution, they quickly formed the Partido Obrero Revolucionario (Trotskista) (POR(T)) under Posadas’s BLA, and were allowed to use state radio to organize their first congress.

They began to organize a strong network throughout the Cuban working class, pushing for the formation of Soviets, the nationalization of industry, and expulsion of the Guantanamo military base. The Soviet-aligned Partido Socialista Popular (PSP) quickly identified the POR(T) as a threat to the revolution. The USSR hoped that Cuba would follow its policy of “peaceful coexistence” with the United States.

But on many issues Castro and Guevara tended closer to the POR(T)’s own radicalism, defying the United States by nationalizing dozens of industries and utilities in 1960. Early attempts to suppress the Trotskyists by PSP agents were thwarted by Guevara. But after the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and the missile crisis of 1962, the POR(T) continued pushing bellicose rhetoric, against the Soviet Union’s policy of détente. Castro thus gave the PSP a free hand to clamp down on the Trotskyists until nearly every member was arrested.

Even then, the Posadists internationally supported Castro — but above all, they supported Guevara. Adolfo Gilly wrote in the Monthly Review that Guevara’s policies as minister of industry were properly anticapitalist, relying on a disciplined workforce motivated by revolutionary enthusiasm instead of the capitalistic “workers’ self-management” initiatives pushed by the PSP-run Ministry of Agriculture.

When it came to confrontation, the Posadists were impressed that Guevara often stated that nuclear war might be a necessary evil to defeat imperialism — and saw his conception of the foco guerrilla cell as a third-world variant of the Soviet workers’ council. Posadas experimented with this idea in Guatemala, where he became the ideological figurehead of the MR-13 rebels, pushing them to form armed revolutionary peasant councils wherever they went.

When Guevara resigned from the government and disappeared, the Posadists wrote that Castro, under pressure from the Soviets, had killed him. This, along with the guerrilla war in Guatemala devolving into a genocidal counterinsurgency, infuriated Castro enough that he denounced Posadas and Trotskyism in general at the 1966 Tricontinental Congress. When Guevara was finally killed by the Bolivian army the following year, Posadas called the photo of his corpse a forgery.


TLDR: Aliens probably exist, and if they do, they have a higher form of political economy and social organization than humans, higher than capitalism and possibly even higher than socialism/communism. We should beg them to fix our problems here on earth. Porky’s military is hiding the evidence, and doesn’t fund UFO research for scientists, because its not profitable, and also the existence of post-capitalist aliens would invalidate porky’s continued reign. If a post-capitalist extra-terrestrial mode of political economy exists, it is evidence for humanity’s unlimited scientific potential which we will achieve by applying Marxist dialectics to science and achieving amazing scientific breakthroughs and an even higher form of dialectical sorcery. All praise the immortal gommie aliens.

This is the essay which made Posadas infamous. He opens by arguing that life exists on other planets, since if life evolved out of common matter here, it could happen on other planets as well. He argues that there is a possibility that other species have broken the lightspeed barrier millions of years ago. The reason we have no evidence of this? Scientists are bought by porky. Essentially they have no money to research these things, they are not independent. Posadas shits on the soviets here as being state capitalists (he is a trot after all).

After this he goes on about a number of topics like harvesting the energy from earthquakes.

Unlike Mao who thinks the laws of dialectics are universal, Posadas says Historical materialism only applies to earth history and there’s no reason for class struggle to exist. Therefore aliens, free of class antagonisms, could have created superior forms of social organizations, and possibly even achieved immortality. For immortal beings there is no need to meter time like we do, since time metering only applies for mortals in a class society.

>For us, time has been, and remains, a notion that we have learnt from a society divided into classes. It was to exploit nature that our society needed to measure time. This gave rise to a division of time that has no reason to exist.

Posadas talks about how there have been too many UFO sightings for it to be all made up and although “there may be much fantasising and exaggeration going on… some testimonies are from people who seem sensible.” According to Posadas porky’s military/state is hiding the fact due to the pact that they gain no benefit from it and also they don’t want the proles exposed to the fact that the aliens have a non capitalist economic system.

>The historic depth of what makes capitalism and the bureaucracy turn away from the study of UFOs - and the existence of living beings in other worlds - is the reading they get there of their pending elimination.

Posadas thinks the aliens might actually be beyond even socialism:

>Far from all this, Socialism has no fear of being compared with, or integrated into any higher form of progress. Indeed it yearns for them! ‘We have nothing to lose but our chains’. This phrase of Marx’ can be applied to everything.

Posadas says that dialectics and historical materialism permits the existence of aliens.

>The existence of flying saucers and of beings coming to Earth is a phenomenon admissible by the dialectical conception of history. The most immediate conclusion that we are able to draw is that these beings, if they exist, possess a social organisation superior to our own. Since their appearance is not bellicose or aggressive, this means that they have no need for war, and that they come to Earth with no conquering aim. In the history of the Earth, when populations have felt superior to others, they have invaded, with a view to conquering, by means of war. The class struggle on Earth is the result of the organisation of society into classes, owners against exploited, bourgeoisie against proletariat – and now, the latter wanting to overthrow the bourgeoisie and build socialism.

>The behaviour of those extra-terrestrials, if they exist, does not seem aggressive. All the witnesses confirm having seen no aggressive attitude. They all say that they felt no fear and that their curiosity was aroused. If these creatures were like those of our own terrestrial history, they would have come with sabres, harquebuses, cannons, stones, rocks - or other means of conquest. On Earth, aggressive behaviour arouses fear. But by the descriptions we get, these beings have come to observe and try to signify that they mean no harm.

>Such behaviour testifies to a superior form of organisation by non-aggressive beings that do not need to kill in order to live.

Posadas wants aliens to come down and use their technology to make the world utopian, to eliminate world hunger, etc.

>If they exist, we must call on them to intervene and help resolve the problems of the Earth. They have come to study the people of the Earth? Let them intervene and help us resolve the problems of the Earth! The essential task on Earth is to put an end to misery, hunger, unemployment and war; to give to everyone access to a dignified life and lay the bases for human fraternity. But for this to happen, the capitalist system must be eliminated…the fundamental obstacle is the capitalist system. We must destroy the military force it has today. Destroy all the atomic weapons. Destroy all the military power of the capitalist system, of Yankee, British, French imperialism.

The call to destroy all atomic weapons is also pretty ironic given his later writings.

After the aliens help save earth, we humans can go tour their planets -

>we will be concerned to go and see how the other planets are like, how life and matter are organised, and what corresponds to nature over there.”

According to Posadas, there is no limit on what science can develop. And immortal beings who are millions of years old could reproduce by passing on their memories or something and therefore be more like changing form than dying. Fossil fuels will no longer be needed since we will be able to get energy from air. Once people’s basic needs are met under socialism unlimited progress, cultural and scientific will be the normal mode of life. Even universities will be abolished because all of society will be like a university.

In a marxist society, dialectics will supercharge our brains

>All this is important to Marxist formation and knowledge. Marxist knowledge is boundless because it does not stop just at the problems of the social, economic and political struggle. On any question, the comprehension of existence gives the confidence to look the solution in the face. There is no problem beyond the reach of humanity and all the problems of humanity overlap: About the history of humanity, of society and of matter, the more one knows and dominates, the more confidence one gains to face the facts resolutely and audaciously. With hardly any previous knowledge or preparation, a person scientifically equipped with Marxism and the dialectics can tackle any problem in any specialty. This is one vital aspect, and the other is socialist audacity, also to be found in the objectivity of Marxism.

Marxism will eventually be superseded by even higher theory:

>Marxism is irreplaceable as a method to understand the history of the world. When forms of interpretation superior to Marxism are found, it will not be because Marxism is incorrect but because humanity has reached a superior understanding. The dialectics will still be a part of that superior instrument.

According to Posadas the fact that Aliens/Flying saucers exist, if they do, is proof of this unlimited scientific potential. Also talks about how sexless reproduction will be achieved in the future as well.


Modern AES is disturbingly unenthusiastic about nuclear war. Burgerland should be turned into glass.


>Modern AES is disturbingly unenthusiastic about nuclear war.
<DPRK has entered the chat


>Other highlights include finding dark-coloured footprints inside AC ducts
This makes no sense. Do you even know what an AC duct is? lol


I think high strangeness as a fringe 'theory of everything' is boring. Who wants aliens and cryptids and ghosts to all be the same transdimensional manifestation thing? The whole fun, at least to me, in these weird phenomena is the what-ifs and expanding your sense of possibility.


It doesn't matter what it "really is" people are going to read contemporary ideas into anything they don't understand. There are a lot of pretty mundane things on earth that are still mysterious to us. Reminder that we only figured out tectonic plate theory in the 1970s. UFOs or skinwalkers or whatever are most likely a result of people trying to interpret some kind of natural phenomenon and anthropomorphizing it excessively.


>Reminder that we only figured out tectonic plate theory in the 1970s.
Show me a tectonic plate.


>titanic plates
Can't eat me dinner of it? Ain't interested. Cope and sink more sciencefags.


so ghosts are just sounds we cant hear creating fear in our primitive monkey brains? makes sense


File: 1696363235840.jpg (273.8 KB, 1050x700, hive-mind-getty.jpg)

Hive Consciousness is upper stage communism

id say Spoiler alerts, but the series came out in the 1990s

In the episode of Star Trek: Voyager, “The Thaw” (season 2, episode 23), the crew of the voyager come across a planet destroyed by a solar flare, where some of the survivors are in suspended animation/stasis, their minds hooked up to a simulated reality. Some of the crew members enter the reality to find it is controlled by a sadistic clown, who it turns out was was the holographic manifestation of the fears of five individuals who were part of a linked neural network. The Clown was created by the sleeping colonists, and is a product of their minds, but at the same time has control over their lives and the ability to kill them at any time, all whilst keeping them alive and hostage in his demented virtual-reality circus. This is a can be interpreted as a metaphor for capitalism itself. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx says
>“Modern bourgeois society, with its relations of production, of exchange and of property, a society that has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells.”
Capital itself is like an organism, a hive-mind, a lovecraftian entity which’s only goal is to survive whilst vampircally subsisting off humanity, much like “the clown”.

Hive Minds

When the question of incentives and higher stage communism comes up. Marx comes from the tradition (partly) of continental philosophy, where, from the tropes of the ancient philosophers, from the Stoics to Plato, and the neo-platonists, to Spinoza, to Hegel, there is no evidence that Marx ever abandons or disavows a monist ontology. Being is a sigma-monad, simultaneously both being and in the process of becoming. There is a reason capital is analyzed holistically, rather than a mere collection of individual parts, but unlike rationalist-monists like Spinoza and Hegel, Marx sees the one being in material terms. Unlike in eastern religions where separateness is a spiritual illusion, Marx contextualizes this in both time and space, as part of the historical-epoch of capitalism. The idea that we are all separate beings with competing interests is part of the false consciousness of the proletariat.

Feuerbach to Marx

For Feuerbach, God is nothing else than human: he is, so to speak, the outward projection of a human's inward nature. This projection is dubbed as a chimera by Feuerbach, that God and the idea of a higher being is dependent upon the aspect of benevolence. Feuerbach states that "a God who is not benevolent, not just, not wise, is no God", and continues to say that qualities are not suddenly denoted as divine because of their godly association. The qualities themselves are divine therefore making God divine, indicating that humans are capable of understanding and applying meanings of divinity to religion and not that religion makes a human divine.

Marx expands on this Feuerbachian philosophy by saying Feuerbach didn’t see something crucial that he should have: the essence of the human, with which Feuerbach was so enamored, is actually the collection of living situations in which humans find themselves. In the latter case, we can see that humans and their self-alienation has to be understood in concrete social, political terms. With regard to religion, then, we don’t project an ideal, unalienated realm in religion for nothing; we are desperately trying to deal with ourselves in an unhappy, oppressed, dismal situation.

>"The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for real happiness. The demand to give up the illusions about its condition is the demand to give up a condition that needs illusions…Thus the criticism of heaven turns into the criticism of earth…the criticism of theology into the criticism of politics." (Marx, On Religion, p. 42.)

Indeed the very theory of commodity fetishism Marx presents in Capital is itself a version of Feuerbach’s theory of religion. Taken together, this implies that the false conception of God-as-not-man that Feuerbach analyzed (properly contextualized by Marx in materialist terms) will be abolished with the rise of communism. If capitalism produces the false-consciousness of atomized, alienated individuals, of alienated social labor coordinated through markets, it follows that the higher mode of political economy is what will produce a higher mode of consciousness, of collective consciousness and conscious self-planning.

The End of Markets

Even a libertarian will not deny the validity of a Robinson Crusoe type economy, where one man decides on what to produce and when for himself, without any use of markets or trade. Higher monist consciousness of humanity is incompatible with markets, and therefore commodity production and capitalism. By definition, the mode of production of an enlightened humanity must be non commodity based.

In higher stage communism we overcome this false ontological barrier, transforming the Landian demiurge of Capital into the enlightened sigma-god of a unified humanity.


I've seen/known people who've seen and experienced weird stuff as a child. I grew up in a hispanic neighborhood where the richest family on the block were members of an esotericist cult. They got out of it, we all put up portraits of the virgin mary, it stopped.
Very interesting post. It's worth it to, at the very least, examine the layered nuances of material effects which create that which appears to go beyond what we'd traditionally call materialism.


Occultism is always counter-revolutionary. Always.


File: 1702263878006.jpg (18.71 KB, 209x293, Gary_webb_portrait.jpg)

I want to tell other socialists, especially younger ones that spreading conspiracies is a diversion from socialist praxis. It is unnecessary, but what's more it is counterproductive and enabling to reactionaries, who of course love to appropriate our conspiracies and simply plant their old scarecrow the Jew at the center of it all.

Why are conspiracy theories unnecessary to our praxis? Because even if none of them were true, even if we lived in the exact world that the bourgeois say we live in, it would still be a world of exploitation, because the latter is fundamental to the capitalist mode of production and inextricable from it, no matter how one attempts to clean up and reform it.

This was the great discovery of Marx almost 150 years ago in his magnum opus, Capital. Remember why you are doing this, remember that you are on the side of reason, of science, of the fight for the liberation of mankind.


why did you post a picture of Gary Webb when he was literally suicide'd by the CIA (literally "committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head" type shit) for exposing the Reagan administration trafficking cocaine into black communities in LA


To attract people like you lol. Did you even read my post?


Pursuit of truth is non-negotiable.


glowuyghur thread


What's your point even? Yeah if no conspiracy theories were true then Marxism would still be correct, but plenty of them are true, and conspiracies are cooked up by porkies and glowies to pursue their interests in specific situations. Why should we not want to expose such things?


I did and it's retarded to make a false equivalency between "conspiracy theories" like the CIA-Contra affair or MKULTRA (the latter of which is a historical fact but was once a conspiracy theory) and loony right-wing shit like ZOG reptilians controlling the government. the fact that the US government has at multiple points in its history experimented on its own citizens or engaged in soft genocides against them in the case of the crack epidemic isn't trivial, it deepens our understanding of how fascist states function and evolve because the US has always, despite the narratives it creates about its own history, never stopped being an illegitimate genocidal state. it merely adapted to being able to better conceal its tactics and it's valuable to understand that these so-called "conspiracy theories" are suppressed because they expose that the US government engages in naked aggression against its own citizens in the same way that fascist states are classically thought of as doing. the US just has the benefit of modern intelligence practices to conceal this and also hasn't yet collapsed, so there hasn't yet been a moment of it being revealed to the world what the US does in the same way that it was exposed to the world what the Nazis were doing in the concentration camps.


The glowie is scared something is happening right now.


>OP says "hey guys don't be an irrational schizo, use your head"
<replies go "ok but what if I didn't because of past times the bourgeoisie were punks"

I think I'm done here


What really sucks is that all we're left with today is variations of Pizzagate-tier shit instead of talking about the many inside jobs American feds did on their own population in the past decades leading up to 2001.


good, go away fed


Schizos are wreckers. You will never get successful praxis from jerking off to vibes


pizzagate-shit is just more exciting to small brains.


That isn't what OP said, they said "don't spread conspiracy theories," apparently without any concern for whether or not they are true (and they often are). If they said to not get carried away, base your views in evidence or at least rational speculation, etc that would be different.


File: 1702267496952.gif (1.54 MB, 500x281, 1701366096987.gif)

The successful culture warring of “conspiracist” as a strictly right winger phenomenon / inevitable “pipeline” (always with the pipelines!) to inherent phenotypical fascism has to be one of the greatest accomplishments of the behind the scenes movers & shakers

You do not have to “love terrorists” to recognize the well documented fucked up practice of intelligence agencies preying on mentally ill Muslim youth to trick them into terrorist stings they’d never have done otherwise & so it’s worth it to suspend that disbelief further. You don’t even have to make definitive statements (which imo is the biggest problem that plagues conspiracy as social media brand types)! Just have an ounce of bullshit detection and a willingness to suspect the evilest organizations in the US Govt might do evil shit.

My pet conspiracy? Part of this red/blue dichotomy hat trick is specifically because right winger conspiracy theorists have been cultivated in a petri dish that makes misdirection a lot easier. Makes lefties nervous about coming off as a nut & righties into shock trooper nutjobs.


I meant that. Don't do it. It's a waste of time. Many people know about all the conspiracy theories and the information is right out in the open. Does that do anything to mobilize the working class? No, only organization.


>Does that do anything to mobilize the working class?
I would say that educating people about the way the ruling class has and continues to literally conspire against them is an important part of mobilizing people.


I believe there's a lot of Sinister Glowie Shit and it's enough to make anyone paranoid, but I do think a focus on it is a form of escapism from taking responsibility for the world, because everyone are just heckin smol bean dupes to the cabal. People in government are responding to the demands placed on them by the logic of capitalism. A Lacanian thing:

>Ok so capitalism depends on the working of what Adam Smith called the "invisible hand." I'm sure you know about all that but if you don't… The basic idea is that no one human authority figure - king, queen, president, prime minister - is actually in charge of society. That's because what really decides everything is not human & doesn't, actually exist: the forces of the market, working invisibly, sort everything out.

>Lacan reckons that what we all want is a fullness of being that entirely fills up our basic lack. Libidinally, that takes the form of the mother/ object of desire. The social/ political equivalent of this is The Authority Who Knows Everything. I think he's saying that capitalism works by stimulating that libidinal desire. We think that a phone/babe/TV/yacht will fill the lack. But of course it never does, so everyone in capitalism is dissatisfied all the time.

>In many people this produces paranoia: I'm aware that I lack what I should have, and this seems like a pattern. (Because it is.) It's almost as if there's some hidden power that's keeping all the Good Stuff for itself, and making sure I don't get any. Who or what is responsible for taking this fullness of being from me?

>Partly, I think it's the powers that be. But I kindve know that they're not the REAL authority. Which is correct - see above. (Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you etc.) So I feel - again correctly, as above - that the REAL authority is elsewhere. (Because, for Lacan, it's a deep rooted conviction that there must be an absolute authority for everything somewhere, the must be The Answer, there must be someone who has the gift of plenitude, of satiety, of perfect fulfilment.)

>And - to repeat - it's clear that Macron, or Queen Elizabeth, is not offering that.

>So what the paranoid citizen in a paranoid-inducing capitalist society is looking for is an authority figure who KNOWS who's stealing, hoarding all the good stuff & denying it to me. But this authority figure has to come from outside the system, because the system is obviously corrupt and unfair - why else does it never give me, or anyone I know, what I want & deserve?

>Right wing populists now appear: Orban, Trump, Johnson, Modi, Bolsonaro. They are all outsiders, and they KNOW who is to blame. They know who your enemy - the enemy of the people - is. They know where the real Authority is. But they're not Jesus themselves- far from it. And the fact that they're far from holy themselves is the proof of that. They are not that light, but they know where and who the light - or, in this case, the robbers of the light - are. They say stuff like "draining the swamp" or "taking back control" and the paranoid person feels a huge surge of conviction and certainty. They KNEW all along they were right about these secret powers, and here's this guy saying "yes, yes, you absolutely were." (And the paranoid is right. There really is an invisible force denying them and making them unhappy. And it isn't possible to pin this on any one human being, because the force that's making them unhappy is the ahuman forces of the market. And a market which exists to satisfy desires which are by definition unsatisfyable. So capitalism is organised to give your search for meaning and happiness a double whammy. All the time.)

>The populist right winger/ fascist wages war against the forces that are keeping you from your greatness, but there's a slight catch. The forces can never be defeated. The war can never be won. Because what sustains the Trumps of this world is the existence of a light-and-life denying group that they are fighting.


>you are on the side of reason, of science, of the fight for the liberation of mankind.
euphoric /r/atheism thread which ironically has a similar ideology as Richard Dawkins, a Jeffrey Epstein guy


Lmfaoooo the idealists are maaad


Conspiracies exist, it's just that right wing "conspiracy theories" are dumb fanfics with overwhelming antisemitic and anticommunist sentiments. You want actual conspiracies? Look at G20, G7, World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, Group of 30, Atlantic Council, Bilderberg Group, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, Council on Foreign Relations, and the CIA, US State Department, and so on. The rich conspire against the working class ALL THE TIME.


>lists a ton of antisemitism




Same shit, look up Finders cult, CIA internal matter because the US government is responsible for almost all sex trafficking directly or indirectly.


best post explaining it.

the term itself was introduced as a psy op to divide and discredit.


>porky: literally conspire to keep proles down all the time
>OP: don't theorize on porky's conspiring!
reminder that "le deranged tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist" is literally a CIA meme created to cover up shit like MKULTRA and CIA involvement in the JFK assassination


You can be arrested, tried in a court of law and imprisoned for a variety of conspiracies


fat glowy hands made this thread


>nobody posted the parenti clip yet


Awesome reply, the only good one in this thread. Thank you.
To everyone else, the amount of wilful misinterpretation of what I said is honestly fucking disappointing and a demonstration to me that there is a lot more reactionary retardation on this board than I thought.


>a demonstration to me that there is a lot more reactionary retardation on this board than I thought.
Are you saying there's some sort of conspiracy going on?


>please believe bourgeois propaganda about le ebil USSR who killed gazillions of their citizens in a manmade famine, purged gazillions by mistake, and even then still lost 100 troops to 1 holy blonde aryan Nazi supersoldier


Come to think of it, do you guys ever heard of communists/socialists in 20th century ever having to defend purges/famines/losses in the war/etc myths?

They didn't, because nobody believed this nonsense, and neither should you. And guess fucking what, it's much easier to talk about communism when you don't have to bow to anti-communist lies and slander


My thread appears to have triggered a LOT of reactionaries that use this board, resulting in them spamming incoherent replies to it.
Obviously to any intelligent people reading, you already know that a lot of left conspiracies are true. In fact, most of them are public record. Even if they are true, it is pathological to engage in conspiracism, and the development of this thread serves as its own example of that. Pathological how? Not because it is "dangerous" — again, most conspiracies from the left are true and simply omitted from bourgeois history books, the same way one might avoid speaking of family drama at the dinner table. This is why they were called "The Family Jewels." It is pathological because it has demonstrated itself to be a waste of time, and only a diversion from program and organization, the true lifeblood of proletarian revolution.


all your posts in your own thread are just you jerking yourself off, cool


>you already know that a lot of left conspiracies are true. In fact, most of them are public record. Even if they are true, it is pathological to engage in conspiracism

>It is pathological because it has demonstrated itself to be a waste of time, and only a diversion from program and organization, the true lifeblood of proletarian revolution

Go on, organize around people who will claim that you are a homophobe because Castro did something, and another person in the group bemoaning holodomor victims, and another one cutting his dick off because Red Army raped gazillion German women, even elderly


except bourgeois governments and their intelligence agencies have actually done conspiracies in the path and they call people speculating on their actions "conspiracy theories" to discredit them


File: 1702325315482.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, glowing_one.png)

>no conspiracy is real


I've found filtering all incoming news / theories / opinions through "is this information actionable" pretty much covers this.


Why is this picture scary to me?


ok and? Just believing in them without clear evidence still isn't rational.


File: 1702331233831.jpg (24.85 KB, 320x324, glowing brightly.jpg)

This is too complicated to be /pol/bait, but is the right sort of superficially sensible, but is otherwise fallacious bullshit the feds like to do. Go BACK Langley.


>trve cvlt communist proletarianism praxis is when you something something complex coherent intelligent academic phd praxis please ignore actual conspiring capitalists practicing imperialism, that's a pathologic structural waste of time. also jeremy corbyn is a structural reactionary and didn't do enough against anti-semitism within the left
ok faggot, that's bait and i replied


>imperialism is a conspiracy


>it's pathological to expose the things porky does to workers
ok faggot


File: 1702366659904.jpg (154.18 KB, 1200x1194, EsM28QbW8AIAEw5.jpg)


There is a difference between a conspiracy theory and understanding the systems that influence our society. Consider the Propaganda Model of US media (Manufacturing Consent). It's openly not a conspiracy theory, it doesn't claim there is any group conspiring.But it does put forth an explanation for why the US mass media (and the model is useful for other countries too) has the intrinsic pro-bourgeois bias it does.
See also, substantial evidence from former CIA members (,etc.) of their ingrained influence over journalism. Again, it's less about conspiracy, but rather trickery (for unwitting agents) or powerplay (agents who understand the CIA are planting the stories and what may happen to they if they don't comply).
Contrast with a conspiracy that all the booj are connected and plotting to censor and recuperate the left because of their booj class solidarity and control of the government and CIA. That approach of assuming a conspiracy without proof, isn't helpful - rightoid conspiracies have in fact existed (see: The Business Plot in 1933) although actions are more often than not a result of material conditions and systematic factors, than a huge number of individuals conspiring.


What is this stupidity, you think hollywood didn't hypersexualize their movies before the 2020's? What was Playboy then? Who put up all these beer ads with nearly naked women on them? Hypersexuality didn't happen because of malicious actors promoting them, it happened because marketing graduates discovered that sex sells


>nuclear families
capitalist spook and also part of what destroyed the communities you pretend to care about


File: 1702374497647.jpg (8.31 KB, 233x216, thinking monkey.jpg)

What do you mean by "conspiracy theory" exactly?

I ask because both "society is secretly controlled by shapeshifting reptile humanoids from outer space" and "I don't think the government is telling the whole truth about the war" are both labeled "conspiracy theories."


Please go back and take your bots with you


Idk what the deleted post said but I hope they don't believe "hypersexualization" is still a thing lol.


Well, I mean, yes. Liberals will accuse you of spouting "conspiracy theories" if you talk about imperialism because the official line of the Western powers is that imperialism doesn't exist anymore except for when their enemies do some kind of bad, unauthorized geopolitics. Anything that falls outside of this official line is called a "conspiracy theory" by liberals.

That's why its important to define what you mean when you're talking about so-called "conspiracy theories." Avoiding literally anything that might get you called a "conspiracy theorist" by liberals would mean not acknowledging the existence of Western imperialism and not suggesting that the CIA does anything ever.


>sex sells
and so does alphabetism
>nuclear families are capitalist
Imagine leftypol's retardation, conflating a literal FUCKING economic system with a societal concept. This is why I became disillusioned


>part of what destroyed the communities you pretend to care about
<nuclear families destroh communities they care the most about!!!
No, retard. It's leftist egoism and identitarianism tthat did. At least Qtards have functioning social skills wtf


>I hope they don't believe "hypersexualization" is still a thing lol.
Why do you think it isn't? Genuinely curious.


They're alphabet tanks in denial


theres moral panics all the time now and films with actual sex still get bizarre reactions from critics and audiences alike? one of the biggest criticisms of marvel movies is that theres all these muscular men and busty women in spandex but it still feels incredibly sanitized



If you want to own le alphabet tanks have you considered not being a puritan over sexuality? If people stop making a big deal out of it then "hypersexualization" loses its purpose.


Just dropping into this thread to say op is dumb as hell.
That is all.


File: 1702399537394-0.png (7.25 MB, 4000x2667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702399537394-1.png (2.43 MB, 978x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

>theres moral panics all the time now and films with actual sex still get bizarre reactions from critics and audiences alike? one of the biggest criticisms of marvel movies is that theres all these muscular men and busty women in spandex but it still feels incredibly sanitized
Eh, That does not seem a compelling reason to me and at risk of sounding rude i don't even think you have a firm understanding of why there is a critique of hypersexualization and what it means. American culture is still heavily hypersexualized and it still should be a concern. I mean, look at the outcomes for that place… The first woman is famous for sexually shaking her bum. they export this shit.


what are the dangers of a woman shaking her ass


>"economic system"
>"societal concept"
<thinking you can separate these things
marx, read it


File: 1702400302254.jpg (67.91 KB, 721x720, GBGXzl-W8AEWyVn.jpg)

I'm tellin' my wife, you know, these zoomers, they hate sex! They don't read nudie mags, they don't go to porn theaters, they don't get any at all! She says to me "neither do you!"


What's the literature on "hypersexualization"? When does sexualization turn into "hypersexualization" or are they separate concepts? All I find when searching for the term is radfems thinking anime is turning people trans or conservatives saying the liberation of women is leading us down a slippery slope that's going to turn everyone into pedophiles. Also pop psych articles about people who have too much sex.

Maybe "sex sells" because everyone has been so repressed in the past century.


>what are the dangers?
This hypersexualization is nothing but a vehicle to commodify women, often young, as almost exclusively sexual objects?
It comes out of Baudrillard, 'hyper' like 'hyperreal', a product of postmodern society and also used by the intersectionalists (black feminists of the previous generation) to make the point that it also erases and stigmatizes marginalized groups (in the context of the USA) of people who do not adhere to such things.


What makes the commodification of sex so different from literally all the other commodification going on under capitalism?


>wage labor
<i sleep
>wage labor, sexual
<HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn't say the commodification of sex you retard i said the commodification of women as sexual objects.
Honestly learn to read.


>the commodification of women as sexual objects
So… sex work? What makes sex work different from all other forms of work?


Lol…. You might be legitimately retarded anon. There is no saving you with all the books and university access accounts in the world.


You didn't mention a single book. Baudrillard never talked about "hypersexualization".


the fact attractive women can acquire social and financial capital through sex work in a way thats not generally open to men (or open at much worse rates) is fairly textbook *female* privilege. that feminists attempt to turn it around shows just how identitarian feminism is now

to be anything other than a neet shut-in requires reducing yourself into a marketing object, selling yourself as meat and you cant explain why its exceptional when it comes to sex – there isnt even actual sex in your example – because to do so youd reveal yourself as the closeted christian you are


Is you're complaint unironically that he does not use the exact word despite this being what his works are precisely about? You cannot possibly be serious..
..I said it comes from Baudrillard, hyper like hyperreal anon… if you do not understand that there is a body of work that comes out of Baudrillard that Baudrillard did not himself write i dont know what to tell you sincerely.


All fixed, fast-frozen relations, with their train of ancient and venerable prejudices and opinions, are swept away, all new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify. All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/ch01.htm

It develops out of the pairing family, as previously shown, in the transitional period between the upper and middle stages of barbarism; its decisive victory is one of the signs that civilization is beginning. It is based on the supremacy of the man, the express purpose being to produce children of undisputed paternity; such paternity is demanded because these children are later to come into their father’s property as his natural heirs. It is distinguished from pairing marriage by the much greater strength of the marriage tie, which can no longer be dissolved at either partner’s wish. As a rule, it is now only the man who can dissolve it, and put away his wife. The right of conjugal infidelity also remains secured to him, at any rate by custom (the Code Napoléon explicitly accords it to the husband as long as he does not bring his concubine into the house), and as social life develops he exercises his right more and more; should the wife recall the old form of sexual life and attempt to revive it, she is punished more severely than ever.

The legitimate wife was expected to put up with all this, but herself to remain strictly chaste and faithful. In the heroic age a Greek woman is, indeed, more respected than in the period of civilization, but to her husband she is after all nothing but the mother of his legitimate children and heirs, his chief housekeeper and the supervisor of his female slaves, whom he can and does take as concubines if he so fancies. It is the existence of slavery side by side with monogamy, the presence of young, beautiful slaves belonging unreservedly to the man, that stamps monogamy from the very beginning with its specific character of monogamy for the woman only, but not for the man. And that is the character it still has today.

This is the origin of monogamy as far as we can trace it back among the most civilized and highly developed people of antiquity. It was not in any way the fruit of individual sex-love, with which it had nothing whatever to do; marriages remained as before marriages of convenience. It was the first form of the family to be based, not on natural, but on economic conditions – on the victory of private property over primitive, natural communal property.

Thus when monogamous marriage first makes its appearance in history, it is not as the reconciliation of man and woman, still less as the highest form of such a reconciliation. Quite the contrary. Monogamous marriage comes on the scene as the subjugation of the one sex by the other; it announces a struggle between the sexes unknown throughout the whole previous prehistoric period.


>All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life, and his relations with his kind.
top 10 phrases that go hard of all time


File: 1702414922673-0.jpg (156.12 KB, 1440x1047, 1567356175-789988-earth.jpg)

File: 1702414922673-1.png (46.51 KB, 189x205, ClipboardImage.png)

Who else Zionist Marxism-Neoliberalism Gang?



anthropologically false
keep coping burger


While I haven't much cared to learn what indeed happened with the US 2020 elections, I believe that Trump lost and there was no shenanigans beyond the classic American ones. But I still like to shitpost on how the democrats stole the election and banana republic and shit in the belief that this issue is dividing the great satan even more.



File: 1702438778545.mp4 (13.59 MB, 1280x720, gary webb RIP.mp4)

why did you post garry webb in your OP pic?


read marx


Why the fuck does one care if reps or dems win? It's same shit especially if you don't even live in burgeristan.


>conflating a literal FUCKING economic system with a societal concept.
A societal concept that definitely just spawned out of the fucking ether and definitely was in no way, shape or form influenced by the economic conditions of the society in which it formed. If anyone here is the retard it's you, I'd suggest typing "Marx base superstructure model" into the search engine of your choice. Also, [spoiler]have sex[/spoiler].



I missed this when it happened earlier this year, but it's an example of where I think left-wing conspiracism goes bad. Randi Nord, a reporter MintPress News and at least a former member of the Workers World Party, was arrested for vandalizing a synagogue in Detroit with a swastika and the word "Azov" (and had also harassed a Jewish family with a baby) because she – after apparently confessing to the police – wanted to a commit a bunch of hate crimes to blame on Ukraine.

I mention it because MintPress is a bit more on the conspiracist side (and because it is also fairly close with Iran which encourages it) with articles about 9/11 truth and so forth. But people who fixate on conspiracies can end up coming up with false flag plots themselves.


fuck this, OP

1. conspiracy theory mindset is a form of proletarian consciousness in resistance to the dominant narratives, it might be counterproductive but the heart is in the right place when people always assume the worst of the capitalists and imperialists and their dogs in government

2. the actual horror of capitalism is the violence, the corruption, the war – and the way the ruling class enforces bourgeois rule is ultimately through subversion, slander, assassination, breaking their own rules, and so on. Conspiracies make up the whole of the appearance of our oppression. Marxism lets us see behind the appearance, to the class dynamics, and not get stuck on individual persons, crimes, and agendas. U can't deny the actual manifestation of the horror of capitalism in the attempt to overcome it. Knowing the mechanics (like e.g. economic exploitation, competition, falling profit rate) going on behind the scenes only lets us say definitively that the conspiracies will keep happening no matter who is in charge, so long as they are in charge for the same reasons (being rich or pandering to the rich), and gives us some solid guideposts to hold to in extricating ourselves from this system.

(and if we lived in the world the bourgeoisie say/think we live in… honestly it would not be that bad, but more importantly we just dont live in that world, because that world is not possible… the reason why is the class conflict! Which gives rise to the myriad conspiracies of the ruling class. Not understanding marxism is thinking that we could live in a society of exploitation without the particulars of maintaining and enacting that exploitation, and its irrational externalities.)


You have been scammed into buying a poorly built house in a suburb because some marketer 100 years ago accidentally left their poorly veiled kink mixed in with their legit propositions.


but every so often we do get proof of bourgies, along with intelligence agencies, cult leaders/religious personalities, politicians, and so on conspiring. So there's no reason to a priori assume the default is that no direct conspiring takes place. We know it takes place, we know there are sub-conspiracy levels of interaction between rich and influential people ("networking", lobbying, conventions, etc.) also regularly take place and those are out in the open. We know that criminals try to keep their crimes from being public. All this together, we could assume that conspiracies are relatively common and we just don't know about it every single time.

Also depending on what you consider conspiracy… essentially all businesses (all large ones at least) engage in it if you consider intentionally trying to counter unions a conspiracy. It requires bourgeois praxis being shared between them, it requires some level of clandestinity or obfuscation of what they are doing, to the employees, its often illegal or in a gray area, and it's directly in the service of maintaining bourgeois rule and profits. Same with all policing of activists… isn't this directly conspiracy to maintain the bourgeoisie as the ruling class? Even if the pigs don't realize this purpose explicitly. But it has all the elements of a conspiracy.


File: 1702691904663.mp4 (3.78 MB, 640x640, fbi_say_the_line.mp4)

>You do not have to “love terrorists” to recognize the well documented fucked up practice of intelligence agencies preying on mentally ill Muslim youth to trick them into terrorist stings they’d never have done otherwise


Y o it’s even worse now. These reports of FBI entrapment wouldn’t surface nearly as prevalently as they did back then (which they were not broadcast widespread back then). The media was owned by a mixture of different corporations, millionaire families, and petit bourgeois during the GWB era. You also had a lot of popular independent websites operated by entrepreneurs during that time which was before the internet was heavily commoditized and monopolized. We live in an era where about 5 mega-corporations and investor firms own 97% of all legacy and new media outlets. If the FBI did the same thing today then it might make it into a Trotskyist rag website if you were lucky, but you couldn’t expect The Atlantic to report on it unless it served the interests of the bourgeoisie. This late-stage capitalism just gets more decrepit by the day.


Bumping this thread, it's relevant again


Related to this thread >>>/edu/8394


I watched latest interview with Bart Sibrel and was doing a re-read of how the yanqui's faked the moon landing

Which got me wanting a re-read of David McGowan's Wagging the Moondoggie which always makes laugh
<First of all, of course, we have to account for the space taken up by the various components of the ship itself. There is the framework and the, uhh, let’s call it the ‘fuselage’ of the craft. And we will need a lot of very sophisticated navigation and guidance and communications equipment, all of which took up a whole lot more space back in the ‘60s than it would today. And then, needless to say, there is the power supply – or rather multiple power supplies. For the descent stage, there is the reverse-thrust rocket that allegedly allowed the craft to make a soft landing on the Moon. And then for the ascent stage, there is a powerful rocket to propel the random bundle of sheet metal into lunar orbit. There are also additional rockets to allegedly stabilize the vessel in flight (the random clusters of what look like bicycle horns).
<Before moving on, I need to emphasize here just how sophisticated the lunar modules actually were. These remarkable spacecraft – and I understandably get a little choked up here talking about this, because I am just so damn proud of our team of Nazi scientists – managed to make six perfect take-offs from the surface of the Moon! And understand here people that they did that, amazingly enough, with completely untested technology!



Jannies will remove my posts for being off topic but keep this shit


>The moon landing was fake.
>Democracy is fake.
>Human rights are fake.
>America's freedom is fake.
>The Ukrainian genocide is fake.
>The Israeli genocide by Hamas is fake.
Anything else fake, /leftypol/?


why care?


Go away


I wonder if schizos will still deny it when we see the burgers walking on the moon in live 4k in a few years, well they think the space station is fake so probably

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