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Even though the fandom is pretty dead. I wanted to see what a brony thread on here would look like since I’m a newbie

What does /leftypol/ think about this franchise and the online subculture it spawned? I feel like now that the little girls who made up the target audience are young adults I’ve been seeing more zoomers tell stories about how they were “traumatized” by the adult fandom and it’s becoming more in vogue to decry the whole “brony” phenomenon as “problematic”.

On the other hand though what’s the sociological explanation for millions of grown men becoming obsessed with a little girls cartoon in spite of hegemonic Western gender norms? I’ve read a lot of conflicting theories from academics and culture critics regarding this. Is it autism? Post-Irony? Or is there something about it that just makes it genuinely appealing?
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File: 1710751250291.jpg (395.69 KB, 1200x1550, harrypog.jpg)


>chapter 6
pony harry's dream is visited by three dominant alicorn mares. definitely no subtext here
>chapter 7
pony harry and the washing machine of mystery. also pony joyce is a nerd
>chapter 8
pony harry and the dominant police chief mare. definitely no subtext. will the diversity hire pass the drug test?



File: 1710912555505.png (3.08 MB, 4000x2500, 1084325.png)



File: 1710914067067.png (325.53 KB, 820x903, ClipboardImage.png)

Used to hate MLP TBH, mostly because it was (and really remains) absolutely NOT my thing. But I've come to be rather ambivalent towards it now, the fandom isn't as vocally retarded for one thing and frankly, after seeing the fandoms for /sug/ and other new-age /co/shit I think MLP is a hell of a lot better.


File: 1710961895727.png (2.64 MB, 1240x1754, 3326222.png)


File: 1711281633464.jpg (72.47 KB, 786x718, pipp sad.jpg)

>no new episode this week
TYTsisters, I don't feel so good


File: 1711412749071.jpg (731.89 KB, 2898x2898, de reference.jpg)

two more chapters. this guy is on a roll
>pony harry is befriended by a former petty noble
>we get a glimpse of this world's ancapistan, and the daily life of a gay owlgriffon


All fanfics are bad. Or so I was told.


sturgeon's law applies
>90% of everything is crap


I still saw good examples of fan art, fan games and fan edits way, way more often while fanfics have the same posh pretentious horny writing style. Not to mention that if the author fucks up with a game or an artwork it sticks out like a soar thumb while with fanfics you have to go several pages in before realizing that you're reading cringe. Also, typing linguistically correct sentences (as opposed to worldbuilding and consistent writing) is easier to do than drawing accurately or editing without choppy transitions and botched music or programming without bugs and glitches so fanfics are all incredibly overcrowded with low-effort walls of text that are a torture to go through.


There's plenty of good fanfics.


Then why do fanfics have such an unflattering reputation?




Really? Hm, maybe I am underestimating fanfiction. I'm just scared to dive into it unless there are ways to find good fanfics. Does fanfiction.net have any rating system? Is it of any help?


>Not to mention that if the author fucks up with a game or an artwork it sticks out like a soar thumb while with fanfics you have to go several pages in before realizing that you're reading cringe.
I mean I haven't played that many MLP fan games, but in general I've played plenty of games that fell off after being good starting off. Written media is harder to write off early tho.


fanfiction.net is a terrible website unfortunately but if you sort by number of favourites then you will roughly speaking get the better fics at the top. fimfiction is a lot better IMO because it has a upvote and downvote system, if you sort by rating it's decent


though most of the fics that are most highly rated are one chapter for some reason so if you search specifically for longer fics that helps


personally my most memorable fic is https://www.fimfiction.net/story/18087/the-best-night-ever
read it years ago and enjoyed it. I also read a Helluva Boss fic with the same premise a month ago and enjoyed that, not sure if they were inspired by the MLP fic or if it's just a popular fanfic trope



If fanfiction.net is terrible then what is the best general fanfic site then? What about fan comics?


>not sure if they were inspired by the MLP fic or if it's just a popular fanfic trope


AO3 (archiveofourown.org) is probably one of the better ones. lots of filter options, little to no obnoxious javascript crap. you can even vote on fics without logging in


Groundhog Day is so famous that I'm not even surprised.


>little to no obnoxious javascript crap
Is this heaven?

Watch and learn, Leftypol.


File: 1711490850172.png (76.69 KB, 1381x405, ClipboardImage.png)

There is so much leftypol code can learn from other sites, but this ain't it. The two are comparable, considering this site is a real-time forum with media uploads.




well yes I knew about the movie of course but I feel that since this is one of the most famous MLP fics it might be based on that instead of the movie


Communism is turning every human to have ever existed, including those who had already died, into ponies.


literally the premise of TNO hoi4 mod april fools day, that resurrected/transform old russian communists into ponies to unify russia


great minds think alike. finally have a reason to try out that mod, cheers


have you played EAW?


yeah it's pretty fun, some interesting communist paths too especially considering harmonists in this setting aren't nearly as bad as the supposed democracies of our world
though i wish zebrica had a few more pony nations, and stalliongrad is in need of a rework


fimfetch admin documenting pedos in the fandom. honestly an impressive effort, and disturbing. unsurprisingly a lot of these people have an interest in child abuse


It's like with the Smash Bros scandals: the pedos seem to consistently target fandoms of media targetted at a younger audience.


Disgusting moralfaggotry, MLP foals aren't real. All pedo panickers should be thrown into the fire


t. pedo


File: 1711964053252.png (89.35 KB, 759x477, logic easy failure.png)

And you wanna fuck horses, you really think that makes you better in the eyes of the 'moral majority'?


this isn't about what the "moral majority" thinks. it's about pedos and their enablers creating spaces for pedophiles, thus normalizing pedophilia


Foals (in the MLP sense) aren't real. Even if you think this kind of content should be banned what is the benefit of such a list besides a witchhunt?


>being opposed to normalizing pedophilia is the same thing as falsely accusing women of witchcraft


>All of the users listed in this document are either involved in some way with the consumption, creation, promotion, and/or distribution of material that sexualizes children, or have shown in some capacity to not be safe to have in a server with minors.

>Some of the information in this report has been reported to service providers and to law enforcement, as some of the actions and activity discovered are in violation of service agreements or US law. At least one arrest is known to have been made.

I don't get it, is this link you have made by a single person? From all the data and names this guy colected, only one person was arrested for pedo stuff. There should be more regulations so that "foal" stuff is not considered "normal", nor desirable, but correct me if i interpreted the data in the wrong way, just one guy was an actual pedophile. MLP is kinda dead anyway, no children watches it anymore, is just a funny cartoon show of magical horses and friendship with memes, also great mods like EAW and TNO.

Discord should not allow kids and young people in there, is not safe at all


File: 1712006181307.png (180.69 KB, 500x647, harkness test.png)

don't make me tap the sign


< It's OK to fuck this!
uygha you can't fuck either they are not real what are you even on about


Right. You can fuck anything in fantasy, that's the whole point


File: 1712007681297.jpg (296.17 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

Noted. If you ever feel like satisfying your hunger, I made this guide for you.


pony harry is all but confirmed dtf with pretty much anycreature, male or female, pony or otherwise


Thank you, that's very helpful for my Stellaris mod projects.


File: 1712216014391.jpg (111.62 KB, 768x654, GKF6PPmXUAIVNuB.jpg)


File: 1712221741262.gif (1.74 MB, 640x360, rocks3.gif)

I have a hard time seeing any Pie sister except Maud as autistic


File: 1712321303891.jpg (75.61 KB, 555x602, princess porky4.jpg)

>uhm Izzy, I'm going to need a lot of these
>and I mean a lot!
>like how many can you make in a day?
>I mean it. how many?


File: 1713073118332.png (364.31 KB, 2204x1075, 1707568188427542.png)

Obligatory /mcg/ post
>Warning: futa content


>big spoon reference
I think the author of the EaW/DE crossover might actually be a communist

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