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Even though the fandom is pretty dead. I wanted to see what a brony thread on here would look like since I’m a newbie

What does /leftypol/ think about this franchise and the online subculture it spawned? I feel like now that the little girls who made up the target audience are young adults I’ve been seeing more zoomers tell stories about how they were “traumatized” by the adult fandom and it’s becoming more in vogue to decry the whole “brony” phenomenon as “problematic”.

On the other hand though what’s the sociological explanation for millions of grown men becoming obsessed with a little girls cartoon in spite of hegemonic Western gender norms? I’ve read a lot of conflicting theories from academics and culture critics regarding this. Is it autism? Post-Irony? Or is there something about it that just makes it genuinely appealing?


>I’m a newbie
>posting about ponies on /leftypol/
Ya sure are lol. It's a mixed reception and the history with /mlpol/ has left its mark.


Noob to here or noob to MLP stuff? Either way sure, this could be fun. Not too familiar with current gen myself.
Why would a noob know what /mlpol/ is? It left more of a paint scratch than a mark.


I mean /mlpol/ is known to people in the community, though obviously not as much as other forums.
>t left more of a paint scratch than a mark.
It's faded with time. I remember Ponyshit could get you a ban a while ago, which is no longer the case now.


The series is breddy gud for a childrens show, at least I got that impression when watching a couple of episodes with my niece once. Can't say much about the fandom except that equestria at war is a damn fine hoi4 mod


File: 1701743105089-0.png (214.12 KB, 929x1024, ak.png)

>What does /leftypol/ think about this franchise and the online subculture it spawned?
Never watched a show. The FiM Glimmer episode is dumb if intended as a satire of socialism instead of merely of a cult, but Glim art is a fun side effect. All fandoms are hit and miss, with fun and dumb, and this is no exception.


File: 1701743219510-0.jpeg (248.66 KB, 1280x720, Glimmerbooru.jpeg)

File: 1701743219510-1.jpeg (184.25 KB, 1024x1448, glimnik.jpeg)

File: 1701743219510-2.jpg (1.25 MB, 4032x3024, snipelight.jpg)

File: 1701743219510-3.gif (5.19 MB, 600x338, soviet glim.gif)


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Uphold Cutie Marxism


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i like it


Just so you know there's plenty of uploaded soviet MLP fanart to the booru, but there's even more in the various pony-pic boorus like derpi booru. Do with that what you will.


I don't remember this pony is she from some reboot or what?


File: 1701799807665.jpg (250.5 KB, 1888x1080, glimglam come hither.jpg)

>On the other hand though what’s the sociological explanation for millions of grown men becoming obsessed with a little girls cartoon in spite of hegemonic Western gender norms?
forbidden fruit and neoteny. no one expected MLP to go horse anime
her name is starlight glimmer. she's introduced in an episode centered around a town lacking any division of labour since glimglam took everyone's cutie marks away because her childhood friend moved away when he got his. it's a cautionary tale about cults, but the fandom took it to mean gommunism == everyone equal
the show does a piss poor attempt at a redemption arc for her, compared to say sunset shimmer


File: 1701801987599.gif (1.34 MB, 648x657, izzy eyebrows.gif)

also no, she's from G4
G5 is useful for trolling G4 fans, especially when you point out the G4 designs are flat


>I’ve been seeing more zoomers tell stories about how they were “traumatized” by the adult fandom and it’s becoming more in vogue to decry the whole “brony” phenomenon as “problematic”.

Oh yes, how dare men and boys enjoy something that's meant for girls? I blame the idiotic moral purtanisim that is rampant in American social media.

Not that surprising that liberals simply are using the same mindset as reactionary christo-fascists.


File: 1701901940108.jpg (173.18 KB, 1553x1336, kimpog.jpg)

someone is writing an Equestria at War / Disco Elysium crossover thing: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/545364/a-day-in-stalliongrad


better than any other fandom i've been in
lol based


yeah, like that jenny nicholson video where she makes it clear she viewed the men in the fandom as an unwanted nuisance the whole time. and then tried to smear all of them as being homophobes because some 4channers use the word "faggot"


>ugh, what are all these outsiders doing in our hobby


What’s /leftypol/‘s OTP? Mine is Flutterdash







I'm going to repost an analysis here that I posted on /mlp/ two years ago because I remember I promised some anon that I would do so. hopefully they see it


File: 1702849086578.jpg (205.58 KB, 900x771, kvas.jpg)


The political economy of Equestria

In this short essay I will examine the political economy of Equestria. Since the show is over it is now possible to carry out a more accurate analysis than previous attempts. I wrote most of this before G5 was even announced.

First of all I will address the analysis carried out by Oscar Moralde in [1]. Moralde posits that Equestrian society would become stratified, with the unicorns at the top due to their mastery of magic, a powerful force of nature in this universe. The only thing supposedly keeping unicorn supremacy in check is the "illusion" or "myth" of friendship. We now know that this view is false: it is in all three major subspecies' material interests that friendship is maintained, lest the Windigos return. If the unicorns were to defect then widespread discontent would be the result. Equestrian society would regress to pre-unification conditions, a worse state of affairs for all. We also know that friendship is literally the strongest magic there is. The many threats to Equestrian society being defeated by the magic of friendship is ample proof of this. So contrary to Moralde's assertion that friendship is false consciousness, friendship is in fact critical to the functioning of pony society. The importance of friendship cannot be overstated. Building "friendship capital" is an immensely important task within the Equestrian economy, given its relation to Equestrian defense.

Moralde is correct in noting that many episodes are centered around economic tasks. Indeed, generalized commodity production is fully developed in Equestria. There is a market where a great variety of commodities are sold, both luxury goods and essentials such as food, but most importantly that most universal of commodities: labour power. More on this later.

All creatures, not just ponies, buy things with bits, the Equestrian currency. Bits are presumably made of gold. Whereas we know that gems are not particularly valuable, gold production must be somewhat labour-intensive to be useful as metallic currency. Refining or synthesizing gold using magic should therefore be impossible or very difficult, or else the unicorns would do just that. The value of gold would drop to near zero as a result, rendering gold useless as currency. This might, again, threaten Equestria. If unicorns could easily make gold then they would not have to work, which would lead to economic stratification and discontent. It is also possible that the crown simply forbids the creation of gold, or regulates its production.

The absence of paper money suggests a poorly developed finance sector.

[1] https://www.overthinkingit.com/2011/02/24/my-little-pony-political-economy/



On the topic of food and other essentials, one thing prevents poverty-stricken ponies from outright starvation. Ponies are herbivores. They are unlikely to starve so long as there is enough grass or leaves to eat. An ascetic pony could live a "grazing lifestyle", a life of primitive communism. Secondly, the ponies' coats mean they can withstand somewhat cold climates. Equestrian winters are not shown to be particularly harsh, and if grazing was widespread then the pegasi would be compelled to provide much milder winters so as to not be unfriendly. Therefore housing is a nice-to-have rather than a base necessity. YouTuber "Kimberly" shares this view, stating that "work is not required" and that there's "no homelessness, no poverty and no ponies dying due to not having health insurance" [2].

The biggest contradiction in Equestrian society appears to be the crown. The crown's control over the sun places the agrarian earth ponies in clear dependence on it, and with their food supply the rest of ponydom as well. But we also know that the unicorns are able to control the sun themselves. In other words Equestria does not actually require the crown to function. This raises the question how the crown perpetuates itself. It cannot rule by terror, for that would bring the wrath of the Windigos. The crown must therefore act benevolent. Another possibility is that the crown rules by gerontocracy, since alicorns have much longer lifespans. This allows alicorns to play the waiting game, ensuring their dominance over Equestrian political economy. But there is another possibility: perhaps alicorns, and therefore the crown, provides a "guiding hoof" due to this longevity? This is pure speculation on my part. The retirement of princesses Celestia and Luna also puts the necessity of the crown into question. The not-uncomplicated benevolence of the crown is something also noted by Kimberly, but here I disagree with their likening the crown to the USSR under Stalin and Yugoslavia under Tito. Both Stalin and Tito answered to the CPSU and the SKJ respectively, whereas the Equestrian crown answers to nopony.

We know that private property exists in Equestria since Rarity has a landlord to whom she has to pay rent. We also know wage labour exists since Rarity, element of "generosity", has employees which she generously exploits. Rarity seeks to expand her fledgling fashion empire, to put more employees under her hoof, to accumulate more and more capital, placing her firmly in the bourgeois camp. There is some evidence of class struggle as well, as one episode features a recently crowned Twilight Sparkle breaking a strike. Primitive accumulation has likely happened historically, as evidenced by ponies like Filthy Rich.

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI-5I8bvXFo


File: 1702849158758.png (911.5 KB, 2651x2750, boop tv.png)


Private property, markets and wage labour are the hallmarks of capitalism, so it seems safe to conclude that Equestria operates under a form of capitalism not as developed as ours but capitalist nonetheless. The Windigo/friendship situation might prevent capitalism from developing fully, for the resulting proletarianization of ponykind would threaten Equestria itself. This threat might not actually be something that Equestria's bourgeoisie takes seriously. Compare this to our own bourgeoisie's disregard for climate situation here on Earth, an equally cataclysmic threat. It is possible that the crown sees this threat, and actively seeks to avoid it, but with a more hooves-off approach.

The above shows us that Equestria shares some traits with the political economy of our world, but overall it is very different. The necessity of maintaining friendship places a limit on exploitation within the Equestrian economy. On the other hoof plenty of ponies are still subject to exploitation on account of the existence of wage labour. Whether this latent class tension may ever blossom into a full crisis is difficult to say. Should the crown somehow be toppled this may likely be the result, and from our own history we know that the bourgeoisie holds no particular fondness for royalty and largely considers it an irrelevant relic of the past.

I probably spent way too much time on this, and I wish I could find more nerds on the internet who had make this kind of analysis that I could cite. Oh well. Yes I saw the Hallelujah Brony video but it's full of burger libness like thinking socialism == social democracy. Honestly I could write an equally long set of posts just on this video.


File: 1702852486256.png (1.75 MB, 1024x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>bro really made an essay on MLP-socio-economics
LMAO, nice effort.


thank you. I also found the one I wrote about the Hallelujah Brony video


A Marxist analysis of Starlight Glimmer's town and a critique of Hallelujah Brony's analysis thereof
by marxfag

The two-part "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" season five starter "The Cutie Map" centers around a small town lead by a unicorn pony named Starlight Glimmer. In this town every pony shares the same cutie mark, an equals sign. The equals sign represents Starlight Glimmer's philosophy, a kind of equality based on sameness, of nopony excelling in any particular skill. This is very different from the rest of Equestrian society where a pony's cutie mark represents their special talent, their place in the division of labour.

The town is very remote, with the nearest train stop also being the end of its line. It consists of just thirteen buildings, each one unlikely to house more than perhaps two families, say eight ponies. Starlight Glimmer lives on her own. This puts the population of the town at under 100. 99 if I counted the cutie mark vault correctly. This is not enough ponies to maintain a distinct mode of production all on their own.

The town does not seem to make use of money. This suggests a kind of primitive communism, the kind we see within families or groups of friends. The town's remoteness and lack of visible agriculture contrasts with other more developed parts of rural Equestria such as Appleoosa.

Communism as a mode of production, the hypothetical end state of the socialist project, is characterized by the maxim "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need". Abundance. Ponies being free to realize their full potential. We see this to some extent in the rest of Equestria, though hampered by wage labour, private property and the vestigial crown. This is in stark contrast with Glimglam's town, where each pony is stripped of their unique abilities. There is no division of labour, neither technical nor social. The resulting mediocre productivity is very plain to see. Shoddy cloaks. Bland cupcakes. Drab curtains.

This leaves the question what the town is exactly. The obvious answer is a destructive cult. The town is just the unhealthy way in which Starlight tries to cope with her insecurities. This works for the show, since we want to teach children to develop and think for themselves and not just conform to peer pressure, and to not take their problems out on others, but to ask for help instead.

Not much more can be said about the episode or the town. It is too small to maintain its own mode of production. It is too small to function as a state, an instrument of class rule. The townsponies are subjects of the Equestrian crown, as evidenced by the crown sending in its friendship police, the mane six.



File: 1702855148892.png (126.34 KB, 1400x641, equestrian pyramid.png)


Hallelujah Brony's video

Early on HB makes the argument that the town is an example of egalitarianism. That all ponies are of equal value and worthy of respect. And we can ascribe some of this to Starlight's philosophy for sure. But at its core Starlight's philosophy is one of the abolishment of the division of labour, the pressing of all ponies into the same mould. This is not the goal of communists, since it contradicts with "from each according to ability". Note that I use "communist" and "socialist" interchangably. For socialists/communists the end goal is always communism.

After this, HB gets into definitions, which is where we encounter the main problem. HB posits that there are three systems, three modes of production: capitalism, socialism and communism. Capitalism in Germany and the US, socialism in Norway, Sweden and China and communism in the USSR and Cuba. Capitalism is accurate, so let's look at "socialism".

What HB tries to say here is that socialism is when there is a mixed economy, where the state has more oversight over the economy, when the government does stuff while the economy itself remains capitalist. But this is not what socialists mean by these terms. Socialism is a distinct mode of production, "to each according to their contribution", what Marx called "lower-phase" communism. See Marx' Critique of the Gotha Programme (https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1875/gotha/). It is a tit-for-tat type of communism. Over time, possibly several generations, the need for such tit-for-tat should wither away, and a "higher-phase" communist mode of production would thus prevail: "from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs". We call that state of affairs communism. A stateless, classless, moneyless society of abundance where everypony is free to develop themselves fully. Whether this is actually possible to achieve is unknown, possibly unknowable.



With the above said, are the countries HB label as socialist, socialist? No, they are not. This is not to say "not real communism!" but rather a statement of fact. The country that is arguably closest is China, but even the Communist Party of China doesn't say its economy is communist, or even socialist. The current slogan in China is "socialism by 2050". Similarly the USSR didn't called itself communist, even though it was run by communists. The USSR did call itself socialist, or sometimes "transitioning to socialism", depending on what era we're talking about. For example Josef Stalin proclaimed at the end of the second five year plan that the union had finally achieved socialism. But in the 1950's Stalin admitted that this wasn't really the case. See part III of Political Economy (https://www.marxists.org/subject/economy/authors/pe/). Khrushchev talked about "communism by 1980", which obviously didn't happen as the USSR instead went the route of liberalization, shock therapy and dissolution. This is why it is very important to be specific with what terms like "socialism" or "communism" mean.

So this is the main problem with HB's thesis, and it is stated explicitly by him at 2:37. On top of this is the notion that Glimglam's little commune is a mode of production unto itself. But it is still under the hoof of the crown. At 2:50 HB again claims that socialism is "partly capitalistic", which it is not.

HB does provide some useful questions we can ask. What is their social structure? Who owns the means of production? What is their political system? How is the market structured? These are all useful questions, except for the last one which does not apply to socialism or communism since they, by definition, have no market.

When answering "what is their social structure?", HB claims that classes have been abolished. But not only are the townsponies subjects of the crown, they are also ruled over by Starlight Glimmer through.. let's say "powerful suggestion".


File: 1702855218801.jpg (93.99 KB, 1280x720, larson ushanka.jpg)


Who owns the means of production? We know that Equestria has private property. We see very little evidence of means of production, especially of what Marx calls fixed capital. Where does the bakery get its flour from? There is no mill. There are no fields. Where does the barber buy his combs and scissors? Does he make them himself? Where does he get the metal? HB is probably right that the townsponies own their houses in some way. If Starlight owned all of it then she could choose to evict everypony purely out of spite. But dwellings are personal property, not private property, so this doesn't tell us much about who controls the MoPs.

HB suggests that Glimglam decides what is to be produced, and this is why the choice of clothes, baked goods and so on is so limited. But this is more easily explained by the mediocre productivity caused by the townsponies' lack of special talents, the abolishment of the division of labour by fiat. When doctors are forced to be bakers, or barbers to be cobblers, the result is shoddy work. Pauperism is not socialism, still less communism.

Around 7:33 HB suggests that the town could be a fascist state. But one hundred ponies does not a state make. HB is correct to note that Glimmy doesn't have a military. This again is due to the small size of the town. Fascism arises in capitalism whenever class tensions come to a boil. It is a tool used by the bourgeoisie. It is open class warfare. And as I have already discussed, Equestrian society has barely entered capitalism. It has not had time to decay into fascism, nor is it likely to. The collective psychic gestalt of Equestria literally grows stronger the more friends it makes.

HB ends by claiming that he has made an "educational video". But since specifics are important when talking about political economy, I disagree. It's half-assed because HB hasn't done the necessary reading.


File: 1703037726425.jpeg (376.64 KB, 2064x1724, IMG_0662.jpeg)

>and I wish I could find more nerds on the internet who had make this kind of analysis that I could cite
There are a few dedicated autists out there. Here’s an actual academic paper analyzing Equestria’s diplomacy in the context of Post-Cold War American hegemony



>Sorry, sci-hub has not included this article yet
got pdf?


File: 1703930756575.png (2.35 MB, 2916x2998, fs.png)


File: 1703954692255-0.jpg (468.65 KB, 1600x1600, fluttershyASMR.jpg)

File: 1703954692255-1.jpg (43.52 KB, 811x457, rarityLGBT.jpg)

File: 1703954692255-2.jpg (32.59 KB, 580x462, derpyTwoLegs.jpg)

File: 1703954692255-3.gif (959.98 KB, 268x199, derpyVsUSA.gif)




File: 1703982017524.png (1.41 MB, 2136x4854, comfy aj.png)

>hmm I wonder how /mlp/ is doing


Used to post shit like that all time in MLPG back in 2010. These things, they do not change.


>I would swallow Rarity's horse semen


File: 1704061962826-0.png (135.81 KB, 783x601, 1692200906527509.png)

File: 1704061962826-1.png (49.07 KB, 909x791, 1699982295891623.png)

File: 1704061962826-2.png (347.58 KB, 1600x1484, 1665607860152810.png)

>tfw nothing will ever fill the void the fandom filled during its peak


Feels bad man



I think he misses the forbidden fruit angle. boys are not supposed to like MLP. hence the G4 fandom was transgressive. but by this it no longer is transgressive imo


by this point*


Idk most people still think adults looking ponies is weird


sure but the novelty has sort of worn off


it was always hella cringe and i'm saying this as someone who got into this shit since the early days on /co/, the cringiest shit was people making a huge deal out of being a brony or whatever. this shit had massive powerpuff girls energy and thus appealed to millenial males who grew up with CN, if this had been the exact same show except centered around original characters instead of being an offshoot of a franchise that is extremely girl-coded, nobody would have batted an eye at the fanbase.


MLPG sure was a shithole.
But sometimes I miss that shithole, just a little bit.
Fond memories of gawking at background ponies for any standouts. Sad that got ruined too.


>nobody would have batted an eye at the fanbase.

I mean the brony fandom definitely went a lot further than most cartoon fans, you don't see dozens of Adventure Time conventions and tens of thousands of fan fics/comics/etc


>and tens of thousands of fan fics/comics/etc
Not sure about that, especially with adenture time I've seen plenty of fanfics and comics, but I agree on the convention thing, only other fandom I've seen do a dedicated convention for just itself is Star Trek. Usually conventions are about a genre or medium, like furry, steampunk, renaisance, comic, anime, film, ect.. from what I understand.


I mean sure there's plenty of fan works for most things but there's dedicated pony fanfic site, pony boorus (multiple), pony imageboards (formerly), etc.


True, even saw like, pony pastebin a few months ago. For sharing horse code I guess.


it looks like it's mostly used for pony porn lol



I think it's probably MORE weird now. At the beginning it was kind of absurd for a dude to be into that shit, which made it funny. So people would get into it just for the meme of it. But now, rumors of 4chan cum jars have circulated, and the hatedom has developed, so you just get written off as a sex pest if you admit interest in the show/fandom. A similar process is happening with transhumanists, imo


Embed bc I’m a regard.


File: 1704423435283.png (639.01 KB, 1484x1974, IMG_0754.png)


if you're not like "how the media portrays radical leftists" you've failed as a leftist


pony should pony pony


File: 1705886830463.png (471.82 KB, 798x510, turning point revachol.png)


File: 1706278108567-0.jpg (83.83 KB, 544x680, jammin.jpg)

File: 1706278108567-1.png (515.76 KB, 561x745, ClipboardImage.png)

[your favourite nitter site] /Louniki_/status/1749515425933660469


>RD has a horn
what a blunder


File: 1706656124544.png (86.89 KB, 512x475, the classic.png)

I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash


No, no, you don't.
>>37939 (OP)
>hegemonic Western gender norms
Anon, most people follow those very gender norms out of social pressure, not out of a genuine desire. They obviously don't give a single flying fuck about them if they are in private, and the more isolated and introverted you are, the less fuck you give. That obviously correlates with autism. Also colorful characters like in Sonic, autists seem to like that too… And some fans are into porn, yes.


File: 1706868668609.jpg (558.69 KB, 1124x1124, 1699989033352646.jpg)

>most people follow those very gender norms out of social pressure, not out of a genuine desire
I dunno anon, people seem to be very into identities and gender is a huge part of that. Women seem to be especially into it because they're socialized from birth to find gender affirming behavior as a fun hobby (make up, fashion, etc.). I've noticed a lot of feminist literature is always playing this strange have-your-cake-and-eat-it-to game, complaining about oppressive gender norms while still trying to hold onto the social benefits: ex. "I can be attractive and feminine with hairy legs", "I can be manly while short and skinny". Every human social game is this tug and pull of trying to do as little as possible while extracting maximum value from others, autists are just REALLY bad at playing this game because their minimum social effort is way lower than normies' because they don't internalize the hierarchy game as being fun, while a lot of normies do.


File: 1707075217856-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1622x1674, 1723054.png)

File: 1707075217856-1.png (Spoiler Image, 3.37 MB, 3200x2700, 2708573.png)

>No, no, you don't


Do you think people temporarily dissociate from the real world and become completely rational & self-aware when they write books or something? These women are being hypocritical towards the femininity rat race for the same reason a man who's critiquing the masculinity rat race wouldn't just write shit like "I don't care so that makes me a beta male, I guess. So what?". They both instead try to weasel around it and find a way to still be "masculine" or "feminine".

All of that doesn't disprove that anon's point. It'd still be embarrassing & damaging to their social prestige to write that, so you haven't proven that they really & actually want to be seen as masculine/feminine purely out of their own volition.


File: 1707088346559.png (1007.82 KB, 2700x3177, iwtci (67).png)

found this on /mlp/ a while back. sadly doesn't seem to have updated in a while


so what i gather from this is autists are the only people capable of not being socially reactionary


File: 1707226669473.jpg (669.04 KB, 1440x1080, 1665862176045047.jpg)

>you haven't proven that they really & actually want to be seen as masculine/feminine purely out of their own volition.
Yeah I realized half-way through writing it I was kinda schizo-rambling. It really depends on what you mean by "volition"; which ends up as a free will debate. If I pull my hand away from a hot stove did I "want" to not get burned because skin damage could cause cancer or simply had an involuntary reaction to pain that coincided with a longer lifespan? Do I "want" to be masculine to get laid or is it just instinct to perform arbitrarily masculine social behaviors around females? It's both; the average normie doesn't really think about it beyond how to improve their appearance to others. If they get compliments they continue the behavior, if they get insults they disengage.

I guess you could say the illusion of free will is the ultimate cope. Any past behavior can be construed in any framework that makes your ego feel better. Normies do what makes them feel good, and fitting in is what does it. Autists don't follow gender norms cuz they're smarter, they just don't get the dopamine high from social conformity and rage-cope when the things they want (sex, companionship) are predicated on following that conformity.


File: 1707255107303.jpg (56.75 KB, 725x742, acoustic child.jpg)

This image is literal autism in and of itself, how ironic.


Well it's not really 'ironic' because of course it's autists making this just like it's white people making 'big black cock' porn


File: 1707287270941.png (143.9 KB, 680x681, ClipboardImage.png)

>Muh BBC and whitey
LOL, ok burger.


I thought it was a reasonable analogy but ok man


File: 1707399578240.png (97.34 KB, 639x640, rose wtf.png)

wtf is going on with her foreleg anatomy


what did she mean by this


surrender the Avena sativa


found some G1 poop


and this follow-up


While the most famous Generation on the internet memes is Generation 4 MLP: Friendship is Magic, honestly the original G1 is better.


I recently saw Saberspark's video where he talks about how much better G4 is for not being "all pink and teacups and frillyness and stupidity" like G1-G3, which doesn't really apply to G1 as far as I remember. it's probably a fair criticism of G3, but definitely not of G1


File: 1707839100521.png (338.3 KB, 319x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Saberspark is a retard tbh. He has a few good takes but… Anyway Gen 1 was pretty dark at times and Tirac from the G1 movie was a fucking genocidal devil centaur.

Gen 4 is almost entirely teacups and frilliness, because its treated as something for young audiences and was meant to teach young children positive messages while also being funny and cute. It was a different niche compared to the original series.



>Gen 4 is almost entirely teacups and frilliness

Have you actually watched it though?


Some of it? I'm not saying it doesn't have plot driven episodes that can appear dark, but compared to the 80s and 90s, its very light and cheery.


File: 1707855303256.jpg (74.6 KB, 1099x1064, izzy tea.jpg)

>Gen 4 is almost entirely teacups and frilliness
they hated her because she told them the truth


>grimdark high fantasy with paper-thin protagonists vs fleshed out characters having tea parties


File: 1707951661614-0.jpg (43.5 KB, 524x434, pipp pilow.jpg)

File: 1707951661614-1.gif (507.26 KB, 614x670, tyt izzy spin.gif)

I've been checking out TYT lately and my impression so far is that it's slapstick


File: 1708196647907-0.gif (2.78 MB, 402x360, alicorn_facial.gif)

File: 1708196647907-2.gif (2.74 MB, 552x360, adhd_izzy.gif)

File: 1708196647907-3.gif (668.9 KB, 434x360, ptsd_posey.gif)

have some more TYT gifs I've made over the last couple of days


Microplastics have been introduced to equestria


File: 1708199283696.gif (415.33 KB, 328x360, egg.gif)

non-vegan cakes confirmed


File: 1708472000000.jpg (74.01 KB, 622x622, poseyjak.jpg)



File: 1708489689240.png (2.43 MB, 1328x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Well anons?




Yes, and?


What are ya some kind of pervert?


File: 1708572161726.png (3.81 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

…you're not?!


I'm a man who loves mares as God intended them.


File: 1708572528343.png (48.9 KB, 400x317, ClipboardImage.png)

>I'm a man who loves mares as God intended them.


four hooves good
two hooves bad
let's not even talk about >no hooves


File: 1708873975010.jpg (39.11 KB, 510x490, it's all flover.jpg)

>tfw the return of earth pony magic tanks the local flower economy


File: 1709828450648.png (310.96 KB, 800x821, IMG_7665.png)


File: 1710481839704-0.jpg (351.9 KB, 3005x974, GIlNhQBbgAAu7Zg.jpg)

File: 1710481839704-1.png (414.28 KB, 2710x1654, GIlNl0jaMAI3tZG.png)

File: 1710481839704-2.png (198.22 KB, 2546x788, GIlNngtbgAIMZSA.png)

File: 1710481839704-3.jpg (239.92 KB, 2539x1208, GIlNpHUbgAAfgMf.jpg)


this artist's rainbow dash is my spirit animal


Nice, I like it.


File: 1710619574006-0.mp4 (1.48 MB, 576x1024, Download-2.mp4)

File: 1710619574006-1.mp4 (183.99 KB, 576x610, Download-6.mp4)

File: 1710619574006-2.mp4 (2.39 MB, 576x1024, Download-5.mp4)

My favorite pony tiktoks before the app shuts down


saw this thread by accident and now i'm converted these ponies are cute as fuck


When are you actually watching the show(s) THOUGH


thought the first one was going to turn into the glass of chocolate milk meme


The fandom is better than the actual show TBQH


File: 1710659488387.jpg (19.85 KB, 526x547, dug.jpg)

>tfw have a thorough knowledge of the characters but never watched a single episode


Still a secondary DOE


watching the first 2 seasons and then watching abridged series (mentally advanced series, friendship is witchcraft, ultra fast pony) is kino


i've watched season 1 so far. this is pretty cool. if something bad happens im shooting my tv with the shotgun


File: 1710751250291.jpg (395.69 KB, 1200x1550, harrypog.jpg)


>chapter 6
pony harry's dream is visited by three dominant alicorn mares. definitely no subtext here
>chapter 7
pony harry and the washing machine of mystery. also pony joyce is a nerd
>chapter 8
pony harry and the dominant police chief mare. definitely no subtext. will the diversity hire pass the drug test?



File: 1710912555505.png (3.08 MB, 4000x2500, 1084325.png)



File: 1710914067067.png (325.53 KB, 820x903, ClipboardImage.png)

Used to hate MLP TBH, mostly because it was (and really remains) absolutely NOT my thing. But I've come to be rather ambivalent towards it now, the fandom isn't as vocally retarded for one thing and frankly, after seeing the fandoms for /sug/ and other new-age /co/shit I think MLP is a hell of a lot better.


File: 1710961895727.png (2.64 MB, 1240x1754, 3326222.png)


File: 1711281633464.jpg (72.47 KB, 786x718, pipp sad.jpg)

>no new episode this week
TYTsisters, I don't feel so good


File: 1711412749071.jpg (731.89 KB, 2898x2898, de reference.jpg)

two more chapters. this guy is on a roll
>pony harry is befriended by a former petty noble
>we get a glimpse of this world's ancapistan, and the daily life of a gay owlgriffon


All fanfics are bad. Or so I was told.


sturgeon's law applies
>90% of everything is crap


I still saw good examples of fan art, fan games and fan edits way, way more often while fanfics have the same posh pretentious horny writing style. Not to mention that if the author fucks up with a game or an artwork it sticks out like a soar thumb while with fanfics you have to go several pages in before realizing that you're reading cringe. Also, typing linguistically correct sentences (as opposed to worldbuilding and consistent writing) is easier to do than drawing accurately or editing without choppy transitions and botched music or programming without bugs and glitches so fanfics are all incredibly overcrowded with low-effort walls of text that are a torture to go through.


There's plenty of good fanfics.


Then why do fanfics have such an unflattering reputation?




Really? Hm, maybe I am underestimating fanfiction. I'm just scared to dive into it unless there are ways to find good fanfics. Does fanfiction.net have any rating system? Is it of any help?


>Not to mention that if the author fucks up with a game or an artwork it sticks out like a soar thumb while with fanfics you have to go several pages in before realizing that you're reading cringe.
I mean I haven't played that many MLP fan games, but in general I've played plenty of games that fell off after being good starting off. Written media is harder to write off early tho.


fanfiction.net is a terrible website unfortunately but if you sort by number of favourites then you will roughly speaking get the better fics at the top. fimfiction is a lot better IMO because it has a upvote and downvote system, if you sort by rating it's decent


though most of the fics that are most highly rated are one chapter for some reason so if you search specifically for longer fics that helps


personally my most memorable fic is https://www.fimfiction.net/story/18087/the-best-night-ever
read it years ago and enjoyed it. I also read a Helluva Boss fic with the same premise a month ago and enjoyed that, not sure if they were inspired by the MLP fic or if it's just a popular fanfic trope



If fanfiction.net is terrible then what is the best general fanfic site then? What about fan comics?


>not sure if they were inspired by the MLP fic or if it's just a popular fanfic trope


AO3 (archiveofourown.org) is probably one of the better ones. lots of filter options, little to no obnoxious javascript crap. you can even vote on fics without logging in


Groundhog Day is so famous that I'm not even surprised.


>little to no obnoxious javascript crap
Is this heaven?

Watch and learn, Leftypol.


File: 1711490850172.png (76.69 KB, 1381x405, ClipboardImage.png)

There is so much leftypol code can learn from other sites, but this ain't it. The two are comparable, considering this site is a real-time forum with media uploads.




well yes I knew about the movie of course but I feel that since this is one of the most famous MLP fics it might be based on that instead of the movie


Communism is turning every human to have ever existed, including those who had already died, into ponies.


literally the premise of TNO hoi4 mod april fools day, that resurrected/transform old russian communists into ponies to unify russia


great minds think alike. finally have a reason to try out that mod, cheers


have you played EAW?


yeah it's pretty fun, some interesting communist paths too especially considering harmonists in this setting aren't nearly as bad as the supposed democracies of our world
though i wish zebrica had a few more pony nations, and stalliongrad is in need of a rework


fimfetch admin documenting pedos in the fandom. honestly an impressive effort, and disturbing. unsurprisingly a lot of these people have an interest in child abuse


It's like with the Smash Bros scandals: the pedos seem to consistently target fandoms of media targetted at a younger audience.


Disgusting moralfaggotry, MLP foals aren't real. All pedo panickers should be thrown into the fire


t. pedo


File: 1711964053252.png (89.35 KB, 759x477, logic easy failure.png)

And you wanna fuck horses, you really think that makes you better in the eyes of the 'moral majority'?


this isn't about what the "moral majority" thinks. it's about pedos and their enablers creating spaces for pedophiles, thus normalizing pedophilia


Foals (in the MLP sense) aren't real. Even if you think this kind of content should be banned what is the benefit of such a list besides a witchhunt?


>being opposed to normalizing pedophilia is the same thing as falsely accusing women of witchcraft


>All of the users listed in this document are either involved in some way with the consumption, creation, promotion, and/or distribution of material that sexualizes children, or have shown in some capacity to not be safe to have in a server with minors.

>Some of the information in this report has been reported to service providers and to law enforcement, as some of the actions and activity discovered are in violation of service agreements or US law. At least one arrest is known to have been made.

I don't get it, is this link you have made by a single person? From all the data and names this guy colected, only one person was arrested for pedo stuff. There should be more regulations so that "foal" stuff is not considered "normal", nor desirable, but correct me if i interpreted the data in the wrong way, just one guy was an actual pedophile. MLP is kinda dead anyway, no children watches it anymore, is just a funny cartoon show of magical horses and friendship with memes, also great mods like EAW and TNO.

Discord should not allow kids and young people in there, is not safe at all


File: 1712006181307.png (180.69 KB, 500x647, harkness test.png)

don't make me tap the sign


< It's OK to fuck this!
uygha you can't fuck either they are not real what are you even on about


Right. You can fuck anything in fantasy, that's the whole point


File: 1712007681297.jpg (296.17 KB, 1920x1080, Untitled.jpg)

Noted. If you ever feel like satisfying your hunger, I made this guide for you.


pony harry is all but confirmed dtf with pretty much anycreature, male or female, pony or otherwise


Thank you, that's very helpful for my Stellaris mod projects.


File: 1712216014391.jpg (111.62 KB, 768x654, GKF6PPmXUAIVNuB.jpg)


File: 1712221741262.gif (1.74 MB, 640x360, rocks3.gif)

I have a hard time seeing any Pie sister except Maud as autistic


File: 1712321303891.jpg (75.61 KB, 555x602, princess porky4.jpg)

>uhm Izzy, I'm going to need a lot of these
>and I mean a lot!
>like how many can you make in a day?
>I mean it. how many?


File: 1713073118332.png (364.31 KB, 2204x1075, 1707568188427542.png)

Obligatory /mcg/ post
>Warning: futa content


>big spoon reference
I think the author of the EaW/DE crossover might actually be a communist

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